Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 2, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 2, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. *• J. Court—April Term. n.vriK, j., presiding. Saturday. Thomas Tennell vs. O.M. Mar rett. Action of account agaiust defendant as agent of ship Chevalier, of which vessel plain tiff was owner of one-sixteenth part. De fendant avers that his accounts, as ship’s hus band have been settled with plaintiff's broth er. The case was tried before Judge Davis, without the invervention of a jury. Uis decis ion was, that defendant was agent for plaintiff, aud as such, must account to him for his pro portion of the earnings of the vessel. E. & F. Fox. Evans & Putnam. Court adjourned to Mouday morning, at 9 o’clock. Municipal Court.—April 30. George H. Jewett pleaded guilty to a com plaint, charging him with drunkenness aud disturbance, aud paid a tine ol' three dollars and costs. Thirty-Second Regiment.—Six compan ies of this regiment have already proceeded to the seat of war. Companies G, H, I, and K, which are at Augusta, will go forward, in all probability, this week. Companies G and H have been mustered in, aud the other two will be in a lew days. Capt. Geo. U. Chad well, of this city, is com mander of Co. U, one of those mustered in. lie is one of those iudefatigable men w ho “never say die.” A graduate of the old Port land Light lutantry Company, he was among the foremost in volunteering to put down the rebellion; and he enlisted in the First Maine Regiment and served out the three months lor which that regiment enlisted. Afterwards he went out with the 12th Maine, and after fifteen months service in the gulf, was sent home, invalided, taken down with bronchitis and fever. Having recovered from this, he has again offered his services, which have been accepted, aud this week he will go for ward with his brave baud of soldiers. We congratulate tbe company upon having such a gallant commander to lead them, aud have no doubt Capt. C. will make his mark. Suc cess to him and Uis brave comrades. May lie _a .1 .sL - J .. __• • Thkatbk. — Our Portland theatre-going public are to enjoy an opportunity the present ■week seldom afforded in this place. Mr. Wyzeman Marshall, the Lessee of the Boston Theatre—the finest and best managed theatre probebly iu America—is to open at Deeriug Hall this evening—as will be seen by his ad vertisement—for a brief season of five nights, with a company which cannot be surpassed. Mr. Marshall not only brings with him the talented Corps de JJramatiijue of the Boston Theatre, but—a thing never before done lor the entertainment of a Portland audience— be has effected an engagement with one of tbe most biilliant star actresses now dazzling in the theatrical firmament — M’lle Marik y.oK, the beautiful Cuban Sylph, whose beau ty. grace, personal charms, artistic display and dramatic power have fascinated the friends of tiie Drama iu Boston and other large cities. Tbe bill for ibis evening is an at tractive one — the cast one of surpassing strength. Si'raoue & Blanchard's Minstrels.— This popular troupe arc meeting with great success, and are performing nightly to crowd ed audiences. The troupe coutains several excellent performers, and even taken as a w hole, it may be ranked as a first class Corn panT- Their, delineations are particularly good nod their jokes and burlesques are witty in tbe extreme. The vocalists are good, and tbe ballads suug iu a pleasing style. This evening they' perform tbe Travestie on Mac beth, original with Mr. Sprague, and we un derstand it is excellent, being interspersed with many local hits. We advise ail of our citizens to embrace the present opportunity to hear one of the Best bands tbat have grac- I ed the Boards in Portland for some time. Tbat the ball will bo crowded to iu utmost capacity there can be no doubt, and those who go early will doubtless secure tbe best seats. Mr. Marshall is an old Manager aud under stands tbe secret of success, and notwithstan ding the great streugtb aud talent, and neces sarily great expense of bis company, be puts his tickets at tbe usual price for suclt enter tainments hi this eity; fifty cents for Par •quette or lower floor, and half price for Family Circle or Gallery. Picture Gallery.—It will be seen by no tice in another column tbat tbe Gallery of Pictures, exhibited for the benefit of the Maine Camp Hospital Association, is soon to be opened. The object is a most praiseworthy one, and we hope our citizens will do them selves the honor to see to it that it is well patronized. We are requested to say that tbe pictures which have so generously been loaned to the ladies uf tbe M. C. H. A. will be called tfor to-day or to-morrow. Mat-Day Fair.— Tbe grand May-Day Festival, by the children, will come off this afternoon and evening at the new City Hall. The programme of tbe entertainment is a varied one, embracing tbe coronation, songs, choruses, braiding of the May-Pole, Ac. In the afternoon children will be admitted for ten cents; in the evening the admittance will be 25 cents. It will be a beautiful and interesting aUair. ana me nail should be crowded bom afternoon and evening. Floral Exhibition.—The Portland Horti cultural Society will give their May exhibi tion of flowers,at Mechanic's Hall,on Wednes day afleruoou and evening. Premiums arc wjflered for the best specimens ol cultivated 1 wild flowers, and there will undoubtedly be A splendid display. The admission fee is fixed at the low rate of 15 cents for adults, and 10 cents for children. Real Eh i at k Sales.—Henry llailey A (Jo. sold at auction on Friday, the dwelling house and lot, corner of Gray and Winter streets, for $3,U(X). Granville Chase was the purchas er. On Saturday ilr. Bailey sold the house and lot corner of York and Tyng streets, for $2,300. Robert Evans was the purchaser. jyTo-day, at 12 o’clock, E. M. Patten will sell at auction, on the premises, a valua ble piece of real estate on Widgery's wharf, which is well worthy the attention of capi talists. We refer to his advertisement for a description of the property. Strike.—We Joarn that the long-shore men, who have been recatviug three dollars per day for discharging vessels, have struck for more pay. They demand four dollars per day of tea hours. Steamship Nova Scotian, Capt. Gra ham, sailed from this port for Liverpool at 4.46 P.M., Saturday, with a full cargo and twenty-two passengers. jyThe American illustrated papers for this week have been received at the book and periodical store of A. Robinson, No. 51 Ex change street. £^“The total value of foreign exports from this port last week amounted to $1116,13(128. 11V TELEGRAPH i TO T UK ! 1'ortlaud Daily Press. XXXVIII CONGRESS—First Session Washington, April JO. kknatk. Mr Sunnier introduced a bill fur the greater efficiency of civil service. Ordered to be printed. The House bill fur the relief ot settlers on land claims in California, was, on motion o( Mr. Uardiug, taken up and passed. The Senate Igil, granting lands for railroad purposes, as amended by the House, was passed. The .Senate then t ink up the special order, viz , the National euricucy bill. T lie amendment of the Senate committee, taxing hanks, was passed without amendment. The bill was then reported to the Senate. The'principal amendment ol the Senate Finance Committee to the bill, as reported, is the following to the 41st section of the House bill:—"In lieu ot ali other t»xes, every asso ciation shall pay to the Treasuicr of the l ulled States, in the months of January ami July, a duty of one-half per centum each half year from and alter the first day of Jan. 1804, upon tlwaverage amount of its nous in cir culation, and a duty of onc-qnatter of one per centum each half year upon the average amount ol its deposits, and a duty of one quarter of one-half per centum each half year as aforesaid on the average amount of its cap ital slock beyond the amount invested in U. S. bonds. After prescribing the manner of collecting llie tax, and affixing a penalty of £2<ki for each default of payment, it is provid ed that nothing in tiiis act shall he construed to prevent the market value ol' the shares in any of the said associations held by any per sons or body corporate from being including in the valuation of the (lersonai property of such persons or corporati ■ in the assessment of all taxes imposed by or under State au thority for Stale, county or municipal pur poses, but not at a greater rate than is as sessed upon other moneyed capital at the hands of individual citizens of such States, and all the lcmedics provided by the State laws lor the collection of such taxes shall be applicable thereto. Provided, also, that noth ing in this act shall exempt real estate of the associations Irorn either State, county or mu nicipal taxes to the same extent, according to its value, as other real estate is taxed. The Senate tbm adjourned, finding itself n muwih m 'juui itiii« HOUSE. Mr. (iatfield introduced the resolution to which Mr. Ancona objected yesterday. Mr. Holmes, ol Indiana, suggested that tlie committee consist of nine mi-mb* rs, with leave to report at any time. Agreed to. The resolution was than adopted. Mr. Stevens, of l'.t, reported from the Com mittee on Ways and.Means the Senate amend ment to the army appropriation bill. Among the amendments was one, which was adopted, appropriating *15,000 for the purchase of ar tificial limbs for soldiers and sailors. " The next amendnimt was read, which the coramiltcn recommend a concurri uce, and is as follows:—Thai colored |mt»<>iis mustered Into the miiita’-y service shall receive the same uniform, clothing, arms, equipments, ra tions. medical and hospital attendance, pay and emoluments as white soldiers fioui suit after the 1st of January, 1804, and every per son of color hereafter inusteied into the ser vice shall receive a bounty not exceeding 8100. Mr. Elliot made a statement, to show that inauy contrabands were earning more than was required lor tlicir support. The tqieakcr here announced the following gentlemen as tlie select committee to investi gate the charges against the Tieasury De partment, viz:—Messrs. Garfield, Wilson, DaWson, llrooks, Davis, Stewart, Fenton, Jenks and Steele. Tlie consideration of the army appropiiation bill was then resumed. A protracted debate ensued, w liich was par ticipated in by Messrs. Elliot, Uolman, Clay, l’ryo, Stevcus and Kelley. Mr. Dolman offered an amendment to in crease the pay of soldiers to *20 per month after Jan. 1,1804, with a corresponding In crease ol pay to non-commissioned officers. Mr. Stevqps said that the amendment was pertinent to the pay of the regular army. The Speaker sustained the objection. Mr. Holman took an appeal from the decis ion, when the Speaker was sustained by lay ing the appeal upou the tablo—yeas 1)5, nays 25. Mr. Schenck offered an amendment to the pending Senate amendment, making the equalizations of pay commence on the 1st ol May, instead of January. Disagreed to— 58 against 05, Mr. Holman moved to strike out the word “pay.” Dejected—52 against 83. The House then agreed to the Senate’s amendment about equality of pay, etc., by yeas 81, nays 49. The Senate's amendments to the bill were agreed to. The House, at 4 1-2 o'clock, took a rccesa -until 7 o'clock. KVKXIXO SESSION. The evening session was devoted to speech making. The attendance was very slim. Messrs. Thayer and Yeamau spoke. Ad journed. J'rutn the Soitthicrst, New Yoke, April 30. Steamers Columbia, from New Orleans 23d, via Havana 2tlth, and Merrimack, from New Orleaus 24th, have arrived. Among the passengers in the latter is Gen. Andrews. Also a number of other officers and 220 sick aud wouuded soldiers. Gen. Weitzel is a passenger in the Columbia. Advices from Alexandra. I,a., are to the min. Squads of guerrilla* aud rebel cavalry bad made their appearance on Red liver, between Grand Kcore and Alexandria, and fired on several boats, but no damage resulted. There has been no firing below Alexandria. A battle was said to be imminent nbove Grand Kcore, la-tween the opposing armies. Our advance pickets bail come upon the rebel outposts, ami brisk skirmishing ensued, and sharp shooting was going on constantly. A general engagement might lie brought on at any moment, for which our troop* were fully prepared and anxious. Gunboats slatkmul at [be mouth of the Red river report Gen. Steele in possession of Shreveport, aud was throwing up foitifica tions. Seven hundred contrabands had been brought to New Orb-aus from Red river. 1’a-eetigers from Red river state that the impression prevails that the rebels will do all iu their power to avoid n general engage ment, though picket firing might bring it on. (iur army was not yet prepared for the ad vance, which must eventually take place, and there would not probably Ire a battle for a short time to coine. Deserters state that the rebel loss in the late battle cannot fall below 7000, aud will probably reach lit,000 In killed, wounded and prisoner*. Gen. Itansom, wounded in the late battle, left New Orleans 24lh for home. Prize sells Madeline, captured in Alcliafa taya Bay, aud the Maria Abbot, captured off Verwentu river, arrived at New Orleans. From Washington. Washington, April :jo. Tlie bank bill will pe passed by the Senate on Monday with local and State taxation, al though earnest resistance is being made to it. Private John II. Thompson, of Co. C, 1st Ohio cavalry, was shot yesterday at noon, near Alexandria, lor desertion to the enemy and robbery. This man was captured w ith a : party of guerrillas in l.oudou comity last : September, where he had been a terror to the j inhabitants for months previous. He was ! scarcely twenty years ol age. The Secretary of State, iu a letter to the i House Committee oil Commerce, says that he ! has reliable information from Canada, France, Swltxetlaml, aud even China, that arrange | mi nts are iu progress lor shipping large quau i titles of tea*, silks, velvets auil other rich 1 good* to Canada, with the intention of at tempting to smuggle them Into the United I States undej the prospective high tariff. A special order issued by the War Depart i ment this morniug requires ail enlisted men now in this city on detached duty to report forthwith to their regiments iu the field, un less they can produce proper medical certifi cates of physical inability aud unable to per form the duties of the field. THItEl' IIUN LATER FROM El R<M*E. Arrival of the Europa at Halif.x. IlALII AX, Aptil SO. Tim steamship Kuropa, Capt. 11< ckh y, from Liverpool at ■'! o'clock 1“. M. April 10th, ami Qfeenstown 17th, arrived here this morning at 3 o'clock. An Antwerp dispatch ol' the ltitli iast., says the robe 1 steamer Florida,recently from Brest, put into Bermuda, where she we« well receiv ed by the English authorities. Front Bermu da she arrived at a port in Portugal, where she was relused coal, and opliged to leave im mediately. According to last accounts she was iu ;f Spanish port. • tiliEAT BMTA1X. The Alexandria correspondent of the Lon don Times affirms that it is quite certain that the late Viceroy of Egypt did give I.aird an order lor the construction of ttie notorious Mersey steam rains. The Shipping Gazette says the officers of the customs at Liverpool still retain posses sion of the gunboat Alexandria, but it is stat ed that the owners have been notified that the crow n is ready to deliver her up on the usual application being made. Parliamentary proceedings on the loth were unimportant. _ Mr. Childers is the new Lord of Admiralty, vice Stanslleld resigned. Queen Victoria was unable to itold her pro jected state reception on the 10th, owing to an acute attack of neuralgia. Garibaldi coutinued to receive the greatest attention in London, and the popular enthusi asm iu his favor is unabated. His visit to the Italian opera was a perfect ovation, both in side and outside tile theatre. It is remarked that at the Duchess of Sun derland's brilliant assembly in honor of Gati baidi, llte diplomatic body were couspicuous by their absence, the only representatives present being the United Bates and Turkish ministers. «■ Garibaldi was to dine at Lord Palmerston's on the 16th. He is also to dine w ith the re finrm clnli FRANCE. The Emperor received the Karl of Claren don on tue lflth. and the latter alterwards had an interview with Drouyn de, 1’Jluys. Paris Humors assert that Clarendon will certainly succeed in establishing much more cordial re lations between England and France. He would remain in Paris until the 18lb. MEXICAN AFFAIRS. The Emperor and Empress of Mexico quit ted Miramar on the 14lh, amidst enthusiastic cheers and salutes from the batteries. They were expected at Home on the Kith, and would set out for Mexico on the day following. Tne Family agreement between ibe Empe ror of Austria aud Maximillian is to be com municated to the Austrian Iicicksrulh. Max iniillian’s renunciation for himself and heirs of the tight of succession to the Austrian crown is said to be unconditional, and not de pendent on the stability of the Mexican gov ernment. THE ’.VAIl IN SCHl.KSWXO. ,.. ^ siege of Duppel steadily progresses.— The Prussians had connected their intrench ments with a new parallel, and w ithout loss. The Duppel position holds out bravely.— The Danes are determined to hold out to the last extremity. The Danes auoounee the blockade of Dant zic and Pilau from the 10th. Danish ships arc reported to be making captures at the muutb ot the Elbe. THE CONFERENC E. The Federal Diet, by a large majority, have resolved to send a representative to llie Con ference, and Karon Von Keust was almost unanimously chosen. Count Appouyi, the Au-Irian Ambassador at London, i~ Austria’s first represeusaliva, and Karon Bugleben the second. Count Watehbroceister, the Swedish ambassador at London, will tepreseul Sweden,:tud Earl Hus seii and Clarendon will represent Euglaud. Latent via Queenstown. Lirerpool April 1 Gth, I‘.M.—The Bank of England to-day raised its rate ot discount to 7 percent., which had a depressing influence on the market. London, Sunday Mornimj, April 17f/t.— Consols alter ollicial hours yesterday were 01 .7-8 a !H 3 4. The market was firmer ail around. Gen. Garibaldi bad a magnificent reception in Hie Crystal Palace yesterday. From 2o, 000 to 30,000 persons weae present, including a large number of the aristocracy and mem bers of both Houses of Parliament, and of the legal, scientific and literary professions. The Italian committee took the most prominent part in the proceedings of the day. A flag of Italy was presented to Garibaldi, bearing the words’'Home and Venice". The General addressed the representatives of the Italian working-men with an animation and eloquence which contrasted strongly with the few and simple phrases of his previous address. The Italian Concert then followed. The cho rus of the Garibaldi hymn was sung with great fervor. After the concert the sword oflercd by the Italians of Loudon was presented to Garibaldi, jin accepting the sword he said:— “I thank you Ilaliaus for this beautiful pres ent. I promise you I never will unsbeath it in the cause of tyranny, and will draw it only in support of oppressed nalionalties. I hope yet to carry it with me to Home and Venice.” Ljrciliitu Hare hetween the I niou anil Ilrbol Armies in Arkansas. St. Louis, April 30. Advices from Camden. Ark., say that Gen. Steel’s army is there. Gen. Thayer joined Gen. Steele at Llkiu's Ferry, on the Little Missouri river, where the rebels were driven from a line of breast-works commanding the river bottom. Gen. Steele flanked the enemy at Prairie du Aira, which was fortified with a line of rifle pits and epaulments for guns in barbette, and Price skedaddled after a brisk fight, towards Washington. Other skirmishes occurred during the march. Our total loss was less than 2»>U. Price supposed Gen. Steele w as going to Shreveport via Washington and moved his command from Camden to Wash ington, after the fight at Prairie du Arra. Gen Steele pursued the rebels towards Wash ington aud then suddenly turned and pushed tor Camden. Price discovered his mistake and pushed for Camden also. A desperate race ensued and although heavy skirmishing occurred all the way—Marmaduke being in front, and Dockery in the rear w ith cavalry aud artillery—Steele caine out victorious anil entered the enemy's fortifications. Camden is strongly fortified, having niuc forts and all its approaches well guarded, and can he held against a largely superior force. Gen. Steele lias about 20,000 troops and reinforcements and supplies are going overland to him. A large rebel transport was captured below Camden. i font yctr nra hum. Nkw York. May 1. Ww Orleans ailvicen mate that Stone | ha- been superceded by Gen. Dwight as chief ' of Gen. Banks’staff. Geu. Stone, under or ; ders from Washington, is reduced to the com rnond of a regiment of regular-. Financial. Washington, April GO. The subscription to the HMD loan, us re ported to the Treasury Department to-day, amounted to $834,000. Com mereial. Per steamship Kuropa. at Halifax. LIVERPOOL COP!ON MARKET, April 15.— Sale* for the week were 85.000 balm, of which 17.000 were to speculators and 23,600 to exporters. The I market clos' d booyant a* Mi advance of -cjjd on American, And *j» Id on Kgvptiau, and with only a | alight improvement on Surat*. The Mite* Friday were 7.000 hales, including 2,000 to speculator* ai.d »xporters. The market closed quiet ami unchanged. LIVERPOOL liUKADSIT FFS MARKET.— lt.char<l.Mja, Spence & ( >.,aud others, report 1-lour dull and declining Win at very dull ; Red Western 7.* 9d o ft* ;td; Red boutlui u 8i 3'$oa8» 4J. Corn quiet; mixed 28*. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET.-Beef declining. Pork dull. Bacon heavy. Butter very dull- Lard inactive. Tallow Gd lower LIVERPOOL PRO DECK MARKET.—Ashes easier. Sugar irregular. Coffee—no sales. Rice firm. Liu-eed Id higher. Linseed oil still advarc log K irin ; sales small. Spirit* Turpentine quiet. Petroleum buoyant; refined 1* lld»t2s: crude Ida f d Latest via Queenstown. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, April 10th._ The rise of discount caused a depr< sting influence in the market. The sales to-dav were 6,000 bale*, including 2,000 to speculators and exporters. Mar k t closetl quiet am! unchanged. Breadstuff's—quiet. Provisions—dull. LONDON MONEY MARKET, April lG.-Consols closed at 91„ «$9Q for money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 16*fcl 8 dis: Erie Railroad G7&G9. |>7« ip XMT'*. NEWPORT. Ar 1st, brig* J W Woodruff, and Olive, Boston for Philadelphia ; tch Harri-t Smith, j Portland tor New York. Commas Steli Rockland for dot Sarah Matilda, J.iiU-c Philadelphia. Netc York Murhrt, New York. April 30 Ashe*—steady at 9 00 for Pots and 11 00 tor Pearl*. Cotton—a shade Elmer; sale# 17 K) bales at 834® 84c for midddiinj* uplands and 80c lor low mid j dling*. I Flour—receipts O.120 this; sales6,0 0 this; State i ami We tern heavy and 5; lower; sup Niue State i « 10® 7 60 Extra 7£6®7 6d; choice 7 66®7 75; lio .n l Hoop Ohio 7 71XA8W); choice 8 0$O/Vu0; Miperfine Western 7 160*7 4); Extra do 7 45a7 85; Southern dull; salesOOObbl*; Mixol to good < 75®3 1ft; »• %ucy and < x‘ra 8 15ail 00: Canada heavy aid 6c lower; nale* 459 bbls; common Extra 7 60®i 70; extra good to choice 7 7 6® 9 (». Wheat—heavy and nominally lower; Chicago spring l>al,4; Milwauk* e Club 171 a! 74; Am ber Milwaukee 1 74a,l 78; Winter lied Western 1 78 ®1 82; Amber Mich gan. 1 '8®1 88. Corn—dull auu nominal at~lo8®139 for Mixed Western in store. Oat*-dull and heavy ; sales at 854®:6ic for Can ada; 8<>®87o.for State; 86a,88c for Western. Heel—-quiet; sales 30) bbl*; Country iness 9 06® 1*01); prime 6 00®7 00; repacked Chicago 10 00® 18 00: prime mess 26 0J. 00a28 Pork—higher; sales : 660Xbls; mess 26 60; old do 19 0oa26 25; new do 28 00; prime 28 60®14 26 for old and new. prime men* 27 « 0 Cut Bloat* inactive; sale# 26pkg*; Shoulders 114# ®12c; Hams I5al64c. Bacon— dull and ui:c!.ang< d I ard—; sales 30J old* at U®14 c. Butter—firmer; Ohio nominal; .State 3oa3?c. Whiskey—unsettled and firmer; sa,e» 43uo bbls at )|16@1 18. kice— dull at Pjc for Rangoon. Sugar—quiet: sales 70) hhds; Bluscovado 17(®174. Coffee—firm and quiet Bfolaasea—qoiot: Males by auction ICO bbis New Orleans at 86?*, 1 01 j. Naval Stores—quiet. Spirits Turpentine—820®3 26; crude do nominal. Ken in - ?6®42 Tar—19 (X>a23 00. iron—quiet; sales Scotch pig CO 00. Leather—steady. Oil*—very firm with a fair remair ; Linseed 1 C6; Pttrob urn quiet and firm at 374 for crude, 67* §684 for refined in bond, and <5a67 fo'dn Lee; Lard 1 l4 *£* 1 20; Sperm 1 70; Whale 1 J4®1 16. li :den—quiet. Lead—quiet; Spanish 12.a 12). Tobacco—quiet; sale* Keutucky 84(^80. Fre ghts to Livtrpcol—quiet; cotton per neutral Wool — l^nn with a fair deinaLd. NOTICE. KIRS. C. W. JORDAN UF.BKBY informs the public that the same work will be done at her .-tore, winch has previous I ly been done at the Needle Women*’ booms, giving employment whenever it is practicable, to the same cla h ot searastipetfea. She has secured the services ot Mrs. Gerrisb, w ho for the past three year* has superintended the work at the “Booms,” and will endeavor to suit ter natrons br obtaining the most approved styles in Adults and Childrens’ Garments. Particular attention will be paid to an Iiiiant* De partment. Orders received for Embroidery, imme diately, ami also olein sewing (/’ the work is fitted, but no rut tiny i rill he d'tne l til the first Monday in June. Orders fiorn other places promptly executed. Mr#. J. still cou till ties to stamp any pattern on any fabric, inc luding Alphabet*, patten* enlarged, diminished, or designed. A Good Assortment of Worated and Worsted Goods. Hosiery. Gloves. Braid# and Fancy Goods. Portland, Apr.l 28, 1864. ' a,<r28 cudlw PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -AND BACK PAY : Are obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharged; and tho friends of deceased tol her* who are entitled to the same by BIBOS I). vnuitiLL. Allortcj ami Counsellor, at \o. 117 Middle Slrnt, -AND Licensed Agent for all tho Departments at Washington. Portland, April 23. 1804. ap25 eodCm Spring and Summer Goods! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 94Exchange St., Haring relumed from Sew York and Boston witli tho iiKUT aasortmout and newest srvLits of I'n^'lihli, I'itiii-Ii, (ii'rinaii, Scolcli nntl American linilui, Embracing all the dm: raid* STYLES, SHADES ami Ely tall to te* louud in the market, suitahle for BUSINESS SUITS. ENGLISH WALKING COATS, Spring OVERCOATS and DltESS Stil l S. Nice Vesting, Amy and Navy Cloths. Every pain, will hr taken to givoentireiatiefactiou in Ell lINtt, workman.htp and price.. CLOTHS FOR BOVS’ M EAR. Particular attention given to Cutting At Manufacturing lloy’.CIolbing melt 9vod3m GUNS, RIFLES. REVOLVERS, And all the Accompauizcents. FISHING TACKLE! The Best Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 37. eodtf FANCY GOODS HOUSE, Wholesale. H. MERRILL. No. 131 Middle Street, ( up stairs,) Portland, Maine. Silk, Twi<t, Buttons. Bindings, Threads. Piiia, Needles, Cutlery, Ktlgings Stationery, Lacings, Tape, Plastics, Bolts, Combs, Susptnders, Toys, Ac. DRESS AND TAILORS' TRIMMINGS. inchl eodSrn T A It St A W ONiSON’S Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, FOR VESSELS’ BOTTOMS. To Owners unit masters of Vessels. Thii superior article is offered with the fullest con fidence. When applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS it will be found a perfect substitute for Copper Sheathing, and a (OMILki K PltKSFB VA11VK from WOBMS, BABNACLEH. GRASS, Ac. Ves sel* trading to the West India and Southern Port* will tind it particularly or their interest to uae tie Patent Mkta llic or ( <>» j»*n Paiut. 1 he proprietors mil! in every cine guarantee, not only that their Copper Paint is *u: erier to an v now in ***«• but also to any that has been heretofore of f red to the public. Printed directions for use accompany esch can. For sale, wholesale aud retail, by the lfanufac tuiers Agents, LYMAN & MARRETT, Sliip Oliandlors, No. 11-> Foiuiiiereiul Street. ap»)Jt»w3<n l'ORTLAN D. SILK HATS,- - - NEW STYLES, At HARRIS’, Opposite Post Ollier. Foil A Ul K.iHLK HAT, TAKE The Broadway ITa/t, At II VHK1S'. FOR A BEAUTIFUL, FINE HAT. BUY THE FRENCH HAT, FOR A LIUHT HAT, (JET THE Ventilated Gossimer Body. FOR A NOBBY STYLISH ARTICLE, BUY All!DON’S II vl* At HARRIS', - * - Opposite Post Office. UF The Confurin*tcr we use given ter cet lita. aplC dlf Ct m T T II B B 10 ts ! Try one of Miller*i» Patent Elastic Cushion HATS! You will like it. For Kale »t S H A "W S , ap30 d4w 13*5 MIDDLE STREET Sozihont,—Thin preparation for cleansing, beau* tifving and preserving tin* teeth, i« not warrant'd to make new te*th grow in the place of old ones, but it doc-a accomplish all that it promim-s —Xion g /(erald ami iC^sleyon Journal, Ilogton. me It 16 It MILLINERY. NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goods! MR*v A ItOBKICTSOX hrs taken the New Store, No. 31 Free Street. c oner of t enter, %cd has selected a Superior Assortment of MILLINERY, Which she will ba pleased to offer to her friends and the public, on and afier the 5th Inst. PS. A good assortment of MOURNING Constantly on hand t hroe or four good Milliners cau receive steady employment by inquiring as above. ap4-decdtf NEW MILLINERYI -TO OPKM OHf MONDAY, A PHIL 4th. The subscriber, having leafed the new store, No. 24 Free street. 2d door from Center St., has just received a iiue assortment of the LATEST STYLES OF SPUING AMI SUMMER GOODS. which she is prepared to manufacture to order and sell atthf lowest CAiu puiceb. A good assortment READY MADE BONNETS always on hand. MOIinNIHG GOODS in store and made to order Having had eight years experience la manufac turing millinery goods. 1 trust 1 shall be able to please all who inay favor me with their custom A share of patronage is most respectfully so icited MARY A BK 1 CLING8 Portland. April 2,1864. apr2 d2weod4w NO. 27. REMOVAL. NO. 27. ,Hi»* II. E. VAIHI.V, having removed Irom 124 Middle Street to the new store NO. 27 FREE STREET. solicits the continued patronage of her friends and the public. Constantly on hand the newest and most fashion able varieties of MILLINERY GOODS! HAIR WORK! Mi*«s V. will attend as formally to the manufacture of all kinds of Hair Work, such as FrtxetU. Hands, Grecian Braid-. Ac. apl8d4w SPRIN G MILLINER Y / MRS. COLBY hi Bow openln* at her «paciom and attractire room,, No. 5 Free Street Block, A rich and fashionable stock of FRENCH MILLINERY GOODS. Portland, April an. IS04. edlwrullf MERCHANDISE. Nails. T(\/\( k CASKS NAIL8, assorted sizes, now . ♦ y" w ImdisgiK-r 8ch "Emma Wadsworth'" and in store, for sale by H HUSKY, FLETCHER k CO.. ap30 U3w 169 Commercial Street. HTCottrifr and Price Current copy Kefinttl Knpirn. f JOO Crushed, G ranu’atcd and Powdered Bbls coffee Sugars. For tale bv HKttSKY, FLETt HER A CO., apSO d2w 169 Street. Courier and Price Current copy Orange County Hatter. “I/ k TUBS for sale by THOMAS SHAW, Ov _ No. 113, Commercial St. apr29d3w iTIsutovado Sugar* «urum kaion. No. lCentral Wharf. Portland, April 23,1864. apr23c2w ^lignr un<t MolaKM s IQ A “■!» ) XfT-* PRIME GROCERY SUGAR, 6o BOXES) amd 64 HHOS prime Clayed Molaasas, per brig "Model," from Caroeuat, now landii g aud fer sale by CHASE. BROTH Elia A (O, •pE d I w Widgery ’ s W harf l layed Molasses. 4 »*»» III1D8) tuperior clayed Molasses, per Tr/'y [brig "Renshaw," now landing 63 TRC3 ) and for ale by CHASE BROTHERS & CO., ap26 dl w W idgery '* Wharf. f'ardeim* Molasses. V Cargo of prime Cardenas Molasses, now land ing aud tor sate by Morris, gkkene a sawyer. ap23 d 1 w 90 Commercial Street. Yellow Corn. r.aHA BUSHELS cargo schooner Wm. Car • roll, now landing aud for sale by EDW H. Bo KG IN, apt5 d2w 12) Commercial Street. \\ U T T E K ! ti5 TUBS BUTTER rua hali my J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. ^ 1.IMK ST UK IT Portland. April 18. W>4 dtf If erring ! Herring !! ff/WWk BOXES SCALED IIERIUNG now tIUl/' f lauding and lor sale by ilKRSKY FI.ETCHFR A CO , April 18—d3w* 1391 ommercial Street. IHitscovacIo ^itigar. HUDS) Muscovado Sugar, of superior ?)□ 4 [ quality, now lauding from Bark 2>k) BBLS ) ‘ Linda Stewart,*’ from Guantan amo. fur sale by H. I. ROBINSON, apl9 dUlin No. 1 Portland Pier. MiHCovudo Molasses. 1 fCQ MUDS.) Superior quality Muscovado 1 •J*" [ landing from scb. 2.1 Tierces ) "Tredonia," from Cardenas, for 8 bbls. sale by It. I. Robinson, apr21 Imodis No. 1, Portland Pier. .Tltiscovfulo Kugur. (|| 11II 1*8 Mu-ovado Sugar, prime quality, now landing from Brig "J. U. Dillingham," from Cardenas, lor pale by If. I. Kobineou. a*. r2l lmedis No 1, Portland Pier. Deck Plank. 2~i\ M2* 3aud 3j inch SEASONED WHITE *)y) PINE DECK PLANK for sale by 8.C. DYER, aprldlm* No. 3 Central Wharf. Scotch Canvass. 1sW| BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor 4m - * har k Sons, Leith—a nail cloth of superior quality—just received per‘ Jura", and for sale by MuGlLVKKY. RYAN k DAVIS. mch23 dtf 161 Commercial Street. GREEN HOUSE AND BEDDING OPT PLANTS, I Respect fully iulorin the public that 1 have on hand a large assortment of Green House aud Bedding-out Plants, for Spring sale, of superior quality, viz: VbuhioaS, 1 *aiilib*. Pblauoohi umh. 1‘amhkm and RoSCS- Abo. a line collection of AtTait Plan rj, Ac , Ac.. Ac A selection may alwai* be found at Randall A Wi ituey'*. Market Square. Order* left there will be promptly attendee to ALHKKT D1RWANGKK. Florist Coraer of North aud Montreal Slrett*. Portland, Me. apiSdtf Portlnifed Nli«>\rl TOuiitifarliii in*; Company* riUlK annual meeting of the stockholder* wiU be X. held lit the office of the Company. Beach Street, on Mocdav May 9th, 1*0-4. *t U o’clock P M, Kor the choice of Director* for the eu*uitg year. To determ ue upon aa increase if the capital stock. Kor the transaction cf any other busiue** that saav legal y ccme befoie M e meeting. BpSO N. O. C KAM. Treasurer POH T LAND DID DOC K COMPANY. fllilK flr»t a**e**ment of Two Dollars per Share X upon the < *pi al Stock of this Company, i* now due. and payable at the office of the Treasurer, No. 117, Coinmercia* St. Ferorderof Director*. C. M DAVIS, Treasurer. Portland April 30, 1801. aprdOedistf Luton Hoarding School for Hoyt. Till; Summer Session of this School will com mence the Stcvnd Monday in May. For Particular*, Addre** UK. KATUN, Principal. Kent*'* U ili.Vie., April 4th, 18G4. D4w | entertainment" I^BTLAJie TIltATKi;, D ^ H 1 N g H ALL. LMMeindKmnagM', ffriH.s Mabwhil 8uge kUuagw, ^ Sr. J. u. Hulley Positively for live \i^h«s Only j VriZEnAlTnAKSIULL Takes grutl plt-a.urt- in •nuouiuiug to the citizen, of Port laud and vicinity, 1 Lathe has effected an en gagciu* nt, fer thy above period, with the beautiful acoompiiahf d and fmain at lag beuuuse, Actrtrs and Paiiomimist, M'LLE MARIE ZO>\j The beautiful Cuban 8> Iph, who will uike her first appearance in Portlanu, supported by the entire Corps de Dramaticu* of the BOSTON Til EAT* E. rhiAcharn lug Actreu, unrivalled in her deliuoatioa ef Dramatic < r«.ation, mode famous ty Mad.(e leste, wtu appear iu the over-popular Military Drama o* the KELaC H ft) t \ . produced iu the same atv le which characterized ita re| refutation at the Boatou andpubiic^ WO° UnifWi*1 pr*^ frt m bcth fres* Monday and Tuesday Evenings, ■May 2d and 3d, 1864, W ill be pirfjruud the gnat Military Draua »f the FRENCH SPY, Oa, THE PAIL OP ALtilEU*. RnKai Sr. Alme, a Trench Laueen Hamkt a Wild Arab boy, with characterise Da nor Math lle Dk Mkuiqju, a French Lady. M LLE M A lllE /OK; f reuch—Marshal Bouruiont, Mr J Biddies• Col D’Courcy, N. T. DaVbnport. (apt. Didier, f* M Davis; ( apt. Mortier, J. Taylor; 8crg. Dub urg 2. M»,CurJl*s Tony Banvard W. Scafian; Marie. Mias Blanche iireyr Madame Dubourg. Miss Emma Hall: Soldier, \nauditr*. Ac. AJyeiincs—Mo barumed, Mr. E Lay: Achmet Boy, W. a. 11am h iu; Murad, W. M. Danvers; Orasmiu, Mr F O Savager Ibrahim, w. Wicben. Ineldental to’the : m1 ;n^ra^ Hattie ' cene, inc’udiug Zoe’s iii,mi table Broad>irortl Combat, which has proved tbe most reiriiic sword Fight ever attempted ty any female on the *t«g.*. Ttte power, eudurauce and execution of M’Jle /.«>e in this combat is beyond comprehension. WILD AftAB HA a i E- original with/>e. ro conduit* with the laog aide Fare-, entitled OLT OX A srutK Mizzle, Mr W Scailan. dr*Admission. Parquette 50 cents; Fami y Circle zo cents. Doois open at 74. penormance will com mence at i J o’clock. ap3b FLOKAL EAIIIHITIOA ! THE MAY EXHIBITION -OF THI PORTLAND HORTICULTURAL SOCIETY, Comprising Rose*, Fuschia*. Pelargonium*, and other tj reeu House Plants, and the Early Wild Flowers, will lake place at MeehanicN' Hall, -OK WEDXESD.41, TUV 4lli. Printed List-* of the Premiums mav be obtained of the Treasurer, Samuel Roiie. No. 19 Middle Street. Exhibitor* are specially requested to have their specimens at ibe hall on WkiuntSDiv Mohnino, so that they may be properly arranged before tLe hour of opening Ticket- tor adults 15cent*, for childreu 10 cents. Exhibition to open at 2 o clock P. M Per order, S. B. BECK FIT, Secretary. »p2* dtd YEW CITY H Cl,I,. MAY DAY CORONATION! There will be a GRAND MAY DAY FESTIVAL At the NEW CiTk HALL on the afternoou and evening ot MONDAY, Iff AY 9d, AT 3 AXD 8 O’CLOCK, T. M. The entertainment will commence with the en trance of FLORA AND HE ll I’ll AIN. consisting ot thirty young ladies dresacd iu appropr ate cos tume After the coronation, the May 1‘olt will be Hraid'd by the (ju'en and k*r Subject*. ► or further particular* see pro oiKaei. Tickets ot atini *«iou 2~> cents vach. to be had at Bailey k Noyes’. Crosman k Co.’s and at the d or. In tbe afternoon children will be admitted for Id cents; Adult*2»cents. ap25 dtd New City Hall. THREE NIGHTS ONLY, Tuesday, Wednesday Si Tliusrday, May M, 4th A 5th. -1HK C.ARTEKZOl AYETROl PE -AND IKK FEMALE BRASS BUB! Will give throe of their popular entertainments as above. The performances of the above named troupe are pronouuced by both press and public to be the moat novel, original and unique exhibition now tiavelling. Doors ope n at 7, to commence at 8 o’c'oek. TICK ET8 25cent*. Reserved Neat* 9cents. • p2S dCt L. M W. STEERE, Agent NEW OPERA 1101 SE ! ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S MINSTRELS! OPEH EVERY EVENING. GO AND SEE[MACK-BITH I A<1 minion 25 eenti; He-irwil Seal! 50 cent.. J. BPKAUUE, t Ul, ...... aptl tf H BLANCUaKD. I The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instrument* of their class in the world. 1 Nearly ail the mo*t prominen1 artist* in tLe country have given written testimony to this effect, and these instrument* are in constant u*e in the concerts of the most distinguished artists—as Ciottschaik and others—a* well a* iu the o era- iu the priucipa! cit ies. whenever *uch instrument* are required. Price *» *6 to 9100 each. These instruments ntav he found at the Music IssMsf tht IlhiStH they will be sold at the manntaclurers’ pi ices. II. S. EmVAHDS, No.C-tOJ Stewart's block, Congress 8t. aprlddkf A. & S. SHURTLEFF & CO., NO*. .VI A VO UIOOI.F, STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturers and Dealers in men s Boys ana xouths Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women's Misaas and Children’s Goat. Kid , and Calf Balmorals, Rubbers Shoe Stock, Findings, do. YITITH our superior facilities for manufacturing, j \ y aid a larg. e la 1 he '’U we are able to sell as lowr ns iu Boston or elscwheie. j Dealers are respect felly iuvited to call and ex- ; amine our stock before purchasing, gy Orders by mail promptly atlt-iided to. Portland, April 23,1804. dfui < \ \ \LKi UOK8I8 \> AH TIC D ASHIPTANT QUARTtKMj ST SB '8 CVTH K, 1 Augusta. Maine, April 28, 1804 I ])EK80NS hfcving Horns lor ►ale, •uitable f* r the Cavalry Service are invitid to «*t!er them to the undersigned. Stating the number of ho raws andthepno | Each horse will b< i n ►pec ted at Camp Coburn, and uiu»t ouutim to the following standard : To te from 141 to 1*> hauds high; from 5 to 9 years old, compactly built, full tl«*'h»d, bridle-wise, perfectly sound, ana of sufficient sue for Cavalry purposes. R. HRINKEKUOKK api‘£>lw C’apt. and A. Cl M Dresser’s ! Dresser's ! no EXCHANGE vi lli KT, ABOVB TUB rt>8T OUFK'S. Is the Place to buy your Jewelry! »p36 d3»* Evergreen Cemelcry. THE SunGrintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will be at his office, iu New CPv Bai.ding entrant e on Mvrtle Street, from 12 o’c’ock M. to 3 o’clock 1*. M., every day. except Sundays, to attend to any calls iu connection with said Cemetery. Orders may be left at the office at any time. •p2§ dtl II. C. BABB. Superintendent. AUCTION SALES. .."SiSa^S ( AN M"'"lay. Mo'dcck A. M w,. .hall ..nee lUa .ale ut kuroitore m iiZ Ualol, Bim, There am Hcdatcid.. u,<i* xjMiir.rk e. and Hiding, bolka.,. r£d? 1 ItVtSSl' Bn eau-. Mirror, ai.d storm, Carpe “iT r.. tv, t iaied and MlV,r WaET.&u?"? US; .vufcraarrk KUW M BAI TEN, AIXTIONEEK. 12 Exchange hi A u'.ioblo IMat at Auction. O' ' *V i■ jam-?W,** V1* S*; ,'c*k °" tile prirnir r> ston. Ur xt*Lflow j. **»»«««to etroug, thoroorhlr built'* arena, a I ha »t rv la anil /u,„. W«, 7,^ '/ d ,* !<» <-u'“ feet w,d«. »„d *i, tttt *0" „ 1 ‘;h .‘•“"law. Mure So au i about « fort in Mdit lutheTi ‘id^JaS^t on# of the b-at tlui.hed Counih,v* m01J" Thir l .tor/ aocapid a. a Sri | of, Tv ,h* Ci*T ta ..titled'to ail the .lun.'f fo 'l S £SH»ur “ «. aLuoMTS __* _ aprST dir * M BATtF.N, AUCTION IKE, I2~Exckaage Bt. House uiitl f.tiiMl on simmer Street at Auction. /AN inmday. May Sd. at3 !• M , oo the prenieea .if] :"'urnner. neat l« thcrorf.r of Fianklm ttreae’ will b ■ mid a t wo .tore a oooea daedlcg and laod. Lot eou'ain. al nut 3 00 feet „J'or ranieu’ar. call o„ the A cello* err Sale poa tire. No poatpou, meat. apSudld EDUAHl) »l. PATTEN, ( oiiiiiiissioii Mere hunt A Auctioneer! Baa removed to the apacioua .tore IE Exchange Stru t, four do, r. below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive conaigEir.Dtx of Al.rchaedUe ol every deecrtptioo for public oe piitaie aaia. Sana of J.oal Estate, VeearL, ■'argute. stock, aud krr* nolicited. C’Mli ftdvftbcttf iljui?, w|Th prompt sale* aut! rt tun.n. nu hl2 dl> Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JlIT OPCAED Mo. 86 Pox Block, Efehange Street, POHTLANn MV I •ball be in the constant receipt of, and will sell afternoou anti evening by puttie a action tha following line* of goods in quantities to soft: * Woolen* ol 811 description*, Dim* Good* in vani ty. Linen, « >a*h Towelling, C over*..'kc,Tablet ull.-ry, IMated Ware, Jew-Iry. Yankee No lion* and I ancy Good*, Comrutucin* TuM.iajr, Fi braary l«lh. CEO. L. PEIRCE, Auction and Comnuasion Merchant. W. P. 8tbwaut, Auctioneer* febl6 dti TO THE AFFLICTED I »tt. W.jTDtMUU;, Modicul Electi'ician, Vo.ii Clapp's Biork, vottsss orco.viiftKss and elm .streets WOULD r. apMtfolly iwouwto tte eltlrea. ol l’»r'.l*nd and ,ic1ilitv. that he ha. permanent ly located lu thU city. During tlic eleven month, that »ehave been in town wt* have cored some of the wore: form* of disease iu persona who bare tried other torm* of treattn< nt hi vain, and curing p*. ticuts in so short a tun. that tin. question is often aalud, do they stay cared * To answer this question we will say that all that do nut »tay cu> ed, we will doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. D. has ho«u a practical klecirictaa for twenty one years. and is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic Murasirt in the foi-m of nervous or sick headache: neuralgia in the bead, neck,or extremities; consumption when * in the acuu Mages or where the lungs arc not’ fhlly Involved; acute or chronie rheumatism, scrofula, hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseased, curvature ol the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsv or paralysis. St. Vitas’ Dance, deafness,stam mering or btwMkncy of-patch, dyspepsia, indigos t4>n, con-tipaticn and liver complaint, piles— wc earn every case that can be presented; asthma, Lronchi ti*. stricture* of the ehest, and all forms of Ramin complaints. By Elloctrioity Thu fthcumatlo. the gouty, tbe lime and ths laxy leap with joy. sod move with the agility and elastic ity of vonth; ths heated brain is cooled; the froat bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved . faintu*«** convorted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the Uesf to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes oi youth are obliterated; the acrid**t§ of mature ills prevented; the calsmitiee of old age obviated, and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have oeld hands and feet: weskma ost chs lame and weak backs; nervous and sick headache; dixiint-s* and swimming in the h*ad, with indiges tion sod constipation ox the bowels; pain in ths sids and hack; leucorrfcma, (or whit**)* failing of tha womb with internal eaucers; turn or*, polypus, and all that long train oh dtffeme* will find in kieetris Ity a sure m> axis of cure. For painful menstruation, too profhse menstruation, andal! of those long lina of troubles with young !adie*, Klectricity is a certain specific, sud will, iu a -hurt time, restore the saflkrer to th« vigor of health. ■JT fre Aarr <in RUctro^CAmical JfparxUuM tor extracting Mineral Poitou frvm tbe sv-um, such as Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, Ac. Hundreds who arc troubled with stiff joints, weak backs, and vari ous other difficult**, tbe direct cause of which, in nine eases out of ten, is tho effect of poisonoas drags, ean be restored to nstaral strength and vigor by the use of from five to eight Baths. Office hour*from 8 e’alook A.U. to 1 f. M.; 14 I; and 7 to 8 r. M. (.Vn-aitatioa Free. lyldlsedt PEAR TREES! Attention is Invited to my stack of __PKARS, both on /»» ir and quince root, as .upvnor to any offered for seven years rast. It embraces nearly all the sorts described and flgnrad in the last report of the Hecre ary of tbe Board of Agriculture ta ropy can be wot by mail on receipt of teu ecu's in postage stamp*, to any one desiring to have it aud who may not t>*able to obtain one mora easily, through a member of the Legislators) an adapted to culture iu Maine. HARDY GRAPE* For open culture—best early sorts Cl RRANTS, BASPBMRltlMS, Ac., At CF Send for a Catalogue. *• L. Goodale. 9sco. April 29. 1994 api2V d2w* M. G. WEBB A 00~ Wholesale Dealers in Flour, so. *i cangEUciiL street, •pH PORTLAND. MU dtf NiWTLR’S " NEW FRUIT STORE, orange*. Lernor*. I'iga, I rune*. Citron, Current’, Sardiue*. Pioklet. leppersnucc. ketchnp, John Bull Sauce, TauiaruuL*, Laura Jeiley. Cur rent Jeiley, kast^rry Jeiley. Nuts of all kind*. Plain and Fancy Confection trv. of every description Fancy Toilet Soaps, Plain tnd Fan cy Pipe*. Smoking and Chewing loba-eo, Foreign and Lki nuetlc Cigar*. IN CANS F*«a hea, Tomatoes, Straw bor nes, Hasborrios. fto, The above good* wilt be fold as low as oan he bought in the city. \Vhol«ale or retail. tptXl gwd S‘Wy"^ PICTURE FRAMES O F A I. I. KINDS M A M*f Ai tl’MICD BY R. J. D. LARRABEE & GO, *Q. 0» EXCH4NOB STREET. Old Oil Paintings Mounted on New Oanvui, KetoncM and Varnished by one who ba* had long experience in the bu ineesfti England. OLI) FH A IVIES KIOILT. MATERIALS FOR WAX WORK. A large variety of choice Lag ratings, Pictures fVatn»d in all *tyi s. Order* lor Wax work will receive prompt atten tion K. J. i> LAKKAhEEACO. No. O Exchange Street. Portland. April 25. dim I'lUing Saloon lor Sale. sub-icrib r • cTer* for i>ale the batting Uoase 1 No. 11 A Id Exo laugeStrert. thoroughly dtted up throughout tor a /irsl i /ass EaUig lituse, with «ufllcietit ro in* iu the second utoiy lor a family, fhis tiouAO, from it* favorable locality, has a large patronage *ud a good run of regular custom. Tn« suiter bor D con p< lied by ill Tua fh to * tlfer the tfaud. tog. thi-r wltn all the furniture, fixtures, etc , a* it now stands, tor »aie on i«A»ouab:t» trim* l». L WELANDEB, ap2o<ltr 14 a lt> Exchange Street. UemoTal. THE New fiy tnua ium i* removed to No. 44 Free Sir. ct Block, where Mr Bradford wl 1 meet hw diue* u* \t WednceJay- the Juvenile C-asa at S o'clock, the M«.ter and Mi*-** ( lass at 4) o clock, aud Adults Class at 7$ o'clock, 1'. M Now i* the timt to join. aptSfitf

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