Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 4, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 4, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY VOLUME 111. PORTLAND, ME., WEDNESDAY MORNING. .MAY 4, 1804. WHOLE NO *>70 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T, OILMAN, Editor, |« published at No. 82* KIC’H ANUK HI N. A. FONT K It Ai CO. Tbi Pobtlaxd Daily Paasaia publlehed at #7.00 ter year ; if paid atriotly la advance, a discount of 1.00 will bo made. Single copies three cent*. I'kb M Alsu St ATI Paaei f, published every Tbura •*.F*!-X> per snnuin, In advenoe; ti '.'l U paid within mx months; and ti Oo, if paymtui be delayed beyond the year. Huteenf A<1 vert i«l na : One Inch of spaoe in length of column, constitutes a "BquAaa.” • 1.60 por square dally first week ; 76 cents per week alter; three insertions or loss. #1.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 50 cents. Half square, three insertions or less. 75 oente; one week, #1.00; 60 cents per week ait,r Under head of Aacsaais'i-e, V! (0 per square per week ; three insertions or lees, #1,50. HraciAL Notioki, #1.76 per square first week, •1.00 P*r square after; three insertion- or levs, #1.25; half a square, three insertions, (1.00; one week, #1.56 Advertisements Inserted In the Maivb Htatb Paaii | which bus a large circulation in every part of lha Htate) for M) cents per aiuareiu addition to the above ratio, for each insertion. Lbbal Norma* at usual rates. Transient adv-rtlssments must be paid ferln ad vance Bmixass Notiubi. ia reading columns, 12 cents par line for one insertion. No charge less than fifty pants for each insertion. CS^AlleoiamuDioatious Intended for the paper ■ b mid be directed to the ■'Editor of the Pr err," and those of e business character to the Publishere. Hr*doa PaiuTine of every description executed with dispatch. Wednesday Morning, Mny t.lHfil. Mr. Fe*sonden on Soldiers’ Pay. A Washington correspondent of the N. Y. Evening Tost, says Senator Fessenden re buked the demagogues In Congress who are proposing to pay the soldiers in coin, very handsomely. He said: ‘"Let me say to my honorable friends who act with me iu this body that, with all respect and all proper humility, I counsel them not to be frightened when the question of’ soldiers' pay is concerned ; let not their hearts beat so as to beat the butlous olf their jackets. Meet this question like statesmen. The soldiers iu the field are men as we arc, and many of them better meu than we are. They un derstand these questions, and they understand the motives ot all these things. Sir, if there is a set of men iu the world who have been treated well, have been treated as well as men could be. watched over with kindness aud care, and no expense spared to make them comfortable, ulthough iu the nature of tilings that care must sometimes full, it is the sol diers in the employment of the government of the United Stales who arc lighting its battle*. Take the soldiers from my own State; they are paid a certain sum per monlb; they get all the articles necessary for their own indi vidual support without expcn-0 to themselves; the rise of prices docs not affect them ; they are supported in the Held with all that is nec essary to support Jile, at Lite exjiense of the government; they pay nothing for the food that they eat; a large proportion ot them have no families at home; they are young men, al most boys; and in regard to those, w ho have families. I suppose it is the ease in Indiana as it i* in Maine—and I presume it to be so in every State in the Union—no soldier's family is per mitted to suffer if their condition is known, but they are looked to and taken care of. And now this cry about raising the pay of soldiers, with out consideration, without study, without care, and from gentlemen, too, who are de nouncing every day this government as on the eve of bankruptcy and unable to support itself and to meet the requisitions upon it, comes with a very singular air.” GBBBBAi. Nicai. Dow.—The following res olution was unanimously adopted on Wednes day by the Executive Committee of the Uni ted Kiugdom Alliance;—-That the Executive of the United Kingdom Alliance bavin" heaid with great delight that their esteemed friend. General Neal Dow, lias been released from captivity, aud restored to the bosom 01 his beloved faintly, take this opportunity of ex pressing their deep sympathy with hlin throughout his long confinement, at Mobile aud Richmond. Whilst cordially congratula ting Mr. Dow on hit liberation and return home, the Excu’ivc devoutly hope that the great civil conllict now raging iu America may soon be brought to a peaceful and right eous issue; aud that slavery may tic utterly and forever abolished throughout that great aud kindred nation.” We copy the above from the Alliance News, the organ of the United Kingdom Alliance, Manchester, England. When a certain major-generalljfcn shall be nameless, was in command at Fort Monroe, Va., s young lieutenant, sent out with a work ing party, told his men to go to a farmhouse aud get a sheep. Not flndiug one, they robbed three defenceless womeu of their poultry, bringing hack the dead fowls on their bayo nets. The general bad the officer tried aud cashiered, and made the depredators pay the value of the poultry. The newspapers cried out agaiust the severity of the punishment, and so strong an influence was brought to hear on the tender heart of the President, that the officer was restored to his rank. If he makes half as much havoc with the enemy os he did with the old women’s poultry yurd, he will earn his restoration; hut it seems a pity that a disposition to enforce the Roman rule of abstiuenre from pillage, which is also the rule of civilized warfare, should not be sustained by public opinion.—|.-spirit of the Fair. Tuk I.ncukask ok Duties.—The follow ing in the Joint lteiolutiou increasing the Julies, which was signed by the i'resilient on •Saturday: Kt nolci J, By the Semite aud House of Kep reseuUtiv, », ice., that until the end of nixty days from the passage of this resolution. filly per centum of the rates ol duties and imposts now imposed by law ou all goods, wares, mer chandise and articles imported, shall be added to the present duties and imposts now charg ed on the importations of such articles. l‘ru ridert, That printing paper unsized, used for hooks aud newspapers exclusively, shall lie exempt from the operation or this resolu; tion. Such is Lire —Tis the way of the world. We flourish a while. Men take us by the baud aud are anxious about the health of our bodies, and laugh at our jokes, and wo really think, like the fly on the wheel, that we have really something to do with the turning of it. The suu does not stop for funeral; everything goes on as usual; we are not missed in the street; men laugh at new jokes, and in three days the great waves sweep over aur path, and wash out the last vistage of earthly foot prints. CITY OF PORTLAND. WHKKKkH U. K. Walker and others, have pe titioned the City Council to ley out a new btruet or rubiic Way m said city,—beginning at Coagresa Street umj ruuninx up to the back line of the Arsenal Ground, and whereas said petition was re erred by the city Council. Ktb Sih, 1804 and ta k sa from the hies March 81st, Phil, aud referred tot he undersigned, for them tooonsider and act up. fUe*c?fort\ N slice is hereby given to all partiesinterestod.thst the Joint a'anumg Committee uf the City Council ou laying nut new streets, will meet to hear the par ties and riew the proposed way on the 6th day ot May. IStsi, at 4 o'clock in the afternoon at Con arcs Street, opposite tho Arsena', aud will then aud there uroesed to deUrmine and adjudge whether the pub lic e luvauieuoa requires said street or way to be laid out. Given under our bauds ou this ,7th day of Ann! A. 11 . 1804. ‘ ' JACOB McLKLI.AN j STKVKNS SMITH, .._... WM II. STUART, Committee en J.NO 1) SNOWMAN, .wJ!'* ",ut c. K LA DO. Str‘’ets. WM G. SOULE. Argus and Courier copy api27 8w Oorlmui Seminary. THE Summer Term of this Institution will com mence on Tuesday. May 10, ltM. and oontinoe ten weeks For further pirtfcuiars inquire of the Frluoipal. J. A WATEBJIAN, Secretary. Gorham. AprillO, 1MJ4 luay'idAwlw MISCELLANEOUS. P. $UHL B. fllHF. undersigned being licensed by the I’uited A Status, arc prepared to procure l'eutfion*, Bvuhtiex, Arrears of Cay and t*rhe« Money lor Sol diers, stsuMtu or I heir heirs. Bills lor board and Transportation ol Recruits or Dratted Men collected. All dciuauus against the Statu or L luted Mates ai tended to Having an agsut both at Washington and Augusta, and having had large experience, we feel sale iu averting that any busiue** entrusted to our care will he lauiiiuii) aud picuiptly executed. We have also au agent iu New ^ ork to attend to the payment oi Prize uioucy Advice I«ee. Approved claims cashed. MAN LET ft SAW IKK. Office(12$ Kx liaugc, St., I1 ox block Portland, Me. 4. M. aASLAY, W. U. BiWYKk. Reference*: Hou. Sata1. Cony,Governor of Maine. Hou. J. J.. IIod-don, Adjutaut Gen ol Maine. Hon. Win. 1'itt Ferxondcii, U. b. senator, iioo Lot Ji. Morrill, U.S. Senator. »P*8 dfcwtf BAILEY AND NOYES. dealers in V AVER HANGINGS, WK parehau, oar Slock of Roou> Paper from the largc.t Manufacluriag b.tabli>huieut» la the liui-ed States; careiully .electing Irom tbtir large (tock., the kkw raTTkttKa oki.t,—aud >uch aa are adapted to tbi. market. 7 hi, year the aiyle. aud deeigu. .re.try beautiful, aud t»c have a Uue ai.urtiu.ut, appropriate lor every ityle of room. we invite tho«e in want of ftnOM fJPKJt to examine our pattern., be'ore pdrchajiug elm-where. The) are bought here furcaah, aud we can afford to sell at a fair prick. BAILEY AND NOYES, liookwi-llere rent! Stationed*, 5tl X ,)H Eichaagr (.reel. I’ortlnu.l N It Country dealer, will Bud it to their advant age to rive u< a call, if in wraut of liooH Pai-kr mch26 limit* w jTk\V O RLEt su S. D. MOODY dr. OO.j CtimmiHsion Merchant, 07 Tchoupi toulas ot.. New Orleans, La. kefiarenc* ►: Baker ft Morrill, Boston; Franklin Snow ft Co., Boston; \S ise ft Bussell, Boston ; C. Nickerson ft Co., N. \ .; Rich ft Co., St. Louis. Particular at tenti-mg-rento Consignments <f vessels, Lumber, Hay, Oats, *c. incli23 a3m JEWETT BROTHER?*, - Coinmission Merchants. 23 South St., New York. R. C. JKu nrr, 1 I. L JtWKIT. i 1‘articu ar attention vaid to purchasing Flour, Corn, liras* Meed, Provisions aud Groceries. Also to the sale of Cintsif/nmrnts of Produce. — MKKEK ro llon. Hannibal Uainlin, [ .. „ Meow,. & 1)..., J B*,‘*or' Mr Messrs- Mersey, Fletcher ft Co. I . *• Jefldrson Cooiidge ft Co., ) Portland. '* Ebon C Stauworth ft Co , Boston, Mass. * G. Adams. Kstj , Camden. Mo. Washington Long, Rtq., l a tport, He. ap201mtod JAMES EDMOND & CO. IN M KR( ||AMS, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON Are prepared to order at fhvorable ralca, COLT NK8S aud OLENtiAliXOCK PIG IRON, Abo, BAR, SHEET,* BOILER PLATE IRON, of English aud Scotch Manufacture. We shalloontinne to receive, in addition to our American Brick, a regular supply of ENGLISH, SCOTCH, ft WELCH FIRE BRICK molt 11 eod6in WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P XT M B E R! HA KM II OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 121 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, t old and Shower Hath*, Watth Howl*, liras* dr Silver Plated C ock*, INVERT description of Water Platans for Dwel Aj Hug Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops. Ac , arranged and set up in the best manner, and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of lobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of all descriptions. apU dtf R e n o v a iTT PAINE’S MUSIC STORE lias been removed to No. 163 Middle Street, Store formerly occupied by J. Burleigh, 6 doors be low former Hand. I have now <n hand a complete assortment ol MUSICAL MERCHANDIZE, PIANO F O K T K 8 , RAIN aud SUN UMBRELLAS, and PARASOLS ol every descriptions. UMtlHRLLAS aud PAUASUl.S repaired a* u»ua1 DRUMS, ail sixes, made aud repaired. Two setts *eromd hand Bsa** Instruments for saje at a great bargain. WM. PAINE. pa20 *od3w 103 Middle St rent. THE BOSTON FIRE BRIC K And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works, 394 Federal street. Office and Warehouse 13 Liberty Square and 7 Battery march St. manufacture Fire Brick, all shapes and sixes,for Ihrnaces reqwired to staua the most iutem-e heat also Furnace Blocks and S'abs, Locomotive Fire Block*. Bakers’Oven and (ireen-house Tile*. Clay Retort* and feece ssary Tile*to*et them, Fire Cement, FireClay and Kaolin. The undersigned will give their special attention that all orders tor the above manufactur» are execu ted with promptness. JAMES E MONO ICO.* A13 Liberty Square, Boston. mchll eod6ra l ily oi Portland, WUERKAS. Benj. Ufifey and otlurs have peti tioned t lit* City Council to lay out a new Street or Fublio Way in said city .—beginning at the Wes tern terminus or l.iuoolu Street, runniug through to Freble/Streot. and to be a continuation of Lincoln stieet, and whereas *aid petition was referred by the City Council, Nov. 6,1838, and taken from the flies, March 21st, lbG4. and referred to the undereigLed, lor ihein lo cone id. r and ret, therefore. Notice is hereby given to all parties interested, that the Joint Standing Committee of the City Coun cil on laving out new streets, will meet to hear the parties and view the proposed way on the 6th day of May, 18J4, at 2.3) o'clock in the afternoon, at the western terminus of Lincoln Stree*. and will then and there proceed to determine id adjudge w heth er ft, public requires said street or way lo Ik* laid out. Liven under our liandron this 27th day of April, A. D. 1**4. ' * OH Mi LKLLAX SI KVKNS SMI I'll W. II STKWAKT. •1*0. D SNnWMAK, < K. LADD. Wu. O snULK Portland, April 28. I*H4. Arjrua and Courier copy. I ; ComaiUtm on ; laying out * Now £tloots, J apr27 8w To liiulioldrrit and Vidulrrt. NOTICK i« li.-reby »iiwn lh«t tha Licensing Hoard ot th* < Sty of Portland. will meet at the Al dermens’ Room on Monday the Second Day of May next, at 3o'clock, I*. M , for the purpoftc of grant ing Licence* to Inuholders and victulem, who pro p ne to carry on said bunineaa in this City, the ensu ing vear. Por order. .1 M HEATH, City Clerk Portland, April 23, 1N>4. apr58odtd A <1 in iaiUt Tutor's* Sale1. UY virtue of a licence from Probate Court, J shall odor at Public Sale, on TUESDAY, May 3d,at 10 o'clock. A M, at the store of Morris, t^eene A Sawyer, No. 00 Commercial St., the Heal Estate of the late John I’. Dame, being the House and Lot No. 23, Waterville St. CATHARINE B DAINB, Admiuialratix ol the late John P. Daiue. apr0ood3w* Book Card <fe Fanov Printing ■ KATL1T BTKCUTICP *T the OFFI0E or THI r*i* WANTS, LOST,FOUND REWARD. 1Wtil pay Fifty Dollars reward to any person who will give information leading to the recov ery of the property stolen from the Stable of Cant. J. B. Coyle, in Westbrook, on the night of theffld lost. I will also pay Fifty Dol ars to any person giv ing such information as will lead to the detection cf the thief or thieves. JOHNS HKALD. City Marshal. Portland, April 30,18C4. apr30dtf Wwiitcd. A Situation as Copyist, by a Lady who writes rap idly and legibly. Address L., Portland, Me. apr30 eod2 w • T«»n«in<»Mt Wanted. QUIT ABLE for a small family. Apply at this Office. apr20 dl w Information Wanted. A Boy named Henry Williams, about 11 years old, having on when ha went away dark punts, light greyish jacket, and a new dark -cloth cap, and having dark hair and blue eyes,—le t borne with his books to go to school on the morning o the 18th, sirne winch his parents have heard nothing from hint. Any information concerning him w<li le thankfully received If left at the City Marshal’s Office, or at No. 34 < lark Btroet. ap38 dtf Wanted Immediately. RAltK opportunitita for bu-inc. »ro uttered at , Oonxruaa St. If you wuut aud mu&u bus iuoaa, dou't uugleet for a rlDgl? dav to tnvuftigatu. .priUdtf IS. CHAPMAN. Jr. Wanted. A Female Paatry Cook at Uartou’aOyatur Saloon. 283, CoRgruw St. aplbtf wanted]" 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Draw ers. Also good Pant Baxters and Finishers wanted in the shop to make ARMY PASTS. Non© but good workmen w&uted. Apply at the rooms in FREE S TREET It LOCK, over the store one do'*r north of Tolford’s. No work given out or taken in Monday fort-uoou* or Saturday air.moons feb-fildtf S. W. HUNTINGTON. $200 Reward. A REWARD of Two Hundred Dollar* will be paid by the owners of the Ferry Boat II. H . Day, for the appreheusiou of the person or persons who maliciously damaged said Boat, on Monday night l**t. Poutlamii, April 6, 18d4. d3u* "W anted.! Second-Hand Candle Boxes, At No. 90 Portland Street, Portland. Ian7 dtf Wanted. TO au experienced American Woman, desiring a good horn*, a situation is otTered as housekeep er in a small family where she would ho treated as ono. Bhc would be required to take charge of and do the cooking aud « hamberwork. sec to the wash w'oman. and do the ironing. The work in the whole would be light. Pay 1.50 per week. En quire 86 Exchange St. March 31 dtf FEUCHTWANGER &ZUNDER, NO, 81 niDDLG 8THEET. (POX BLOCK), Are Axitin in the Kiehl .- WITH Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! -or NEW AND FAS1IIONAULE DRY GOODS! FOB THE 8PBH.O, I-adiea of Portland and > itinity arc rcucrctfully invited to call aud t«e the many beautiful at) le, ot Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods Jist received: Also, the great t Atioly House Furnishing Cioods ! Such aa Brown aud Bleached Cotton Xhectin*, end Shirtings, Table Liu cun. Drillings, Tickings, Denim.', ritri|»es, ice. Also, just receiving, the latest styles oi handsome Spring Balmoral Sltlrts And the mo»t laehiouable S/'KIXO SNA WLa. A complete stock of CLOTHS AMI* CA8SIMEBES, FOE BOYS’ AND MEN’S WEAK. CLOAKINGS ! CLOAKINGS ! ! Au elegant assortment. We are Just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any ot the uew and desirable Spring Cloaks. War rented to suit. EE1JCHTWANtaElt * Zl'NDCR, (POX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLK 8TREET, POKTLAND, Maui. IV 8.—Ladies need not ask for goods from the a rei ked steamship Bohemian, as we have noue but louud and fresh goods, which we w arrant a- such, aprltf FASHIONABLE_CLOTHING ! Al«. F. YORK, Merchant Tailor, Having taken the elegant and commodious store NO. 104 MIDDLE 8TBEET U'ltHKK or FLUB, Invite* the attention of Gentlemen to hi* rich in voice of Foreign and domestic Cloths for Spring aud Sipuui'T wear, atl of which have just been selected hNI the largest and beat stock* in New \ ork and Bo ton, and will be made up to order and with despatch in the latest style*— FULL MA TCHED SUI TS, VGA TS, TAMS or VESTS, as may be de*ired. FURNISHING GOODS In great variety, and suited to the taste* of all. con stantly on baud. FRESH HOODS RECEIVED EVERY WEEK. 104 MIDDLE STREET. I*oitland, March 8, 1804. eod to jun 1 BREED St TP KEY, NO. 60 UNION STREET, Manufacturers aud Wholesale Dealer* in Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importer of Merges, Lasting* mid Unsseliings, And the only M tnufacturer* of KID AND GOAT STOCK In the State. Having had large experience, and be ing importer* aud manufacturer*, enables us to sell the »aine articles a* low as they can be bought iu Boston. We have always taken especial pains to Ijive our cuHtomcrs RELIARLE HOODS, aud be lieve none have given bettor eati*taction. Country dealer* are iuritcd to examine our stock before pur chasing. Particular attention given to order* re ceived by mail. feblO d&w3m FOR SALE, Cheap for Cash! A (J UK AT VARIETY OF CHILDRES S CARRIAGES, Bird ('life,, Hocking lIor*c», I, silica Work mid Traveling Burkett, Toy*, Marble*, fORT WON AIKS. LA OIKS’ KKTKTLKS ANU HAGS, DHL MS, VIOLINS, liL’II’AKS, VIOLIN STE1NGS, WHITING EESKS, WORK BOXES, &c —»T— W. D. ROBINSON, VO Exchange St. mcbKI , MISCELLANEOUS. A SPRING SUPPLY FASHIONABLE GOODS, -roR COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtaiued during the last week In New 1 ork »nd Bouton, muy he found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, Rerrliant Tailor, No, l.'i7 Middle Street. Some of these Goods, which have been recently Imported, differ much in color, texture and finish lroui the sty les that have continued iu vogue tor a year or two past, and are consideiod very elegant Besides these and other Goods,—comprising all the varieties for fashionable w ear, at the same place may he found a good supply ofSIandnrd Utrans, I- rrnrli. and Entlish llronilulotha n it l)a< ttkins. tor genteel suits; together with styles of Vestings selected with a view to suit all tastes. Also. exce.lent goods for Spriug Overcoats, Eng lish WaiViug Sacks faletots, and other Business Coals, w ith plates of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing. 3T No. 137 Middle Street. JQ mchStt dGw PORTLAND RIDING ACADEMY. Notv open for the Spring and Summer. liopiug u large number of ourcitixeus will avail thenaelvea of toe gieat ad vantages now oil* led them for a thorough equestriau training tho Subscriber will hold hitu-elt iu readings* with hit Trained istad of ilor*e«», to wait upcu them at lua School on South Street. .Saddle HorscaJur the road a« usual. J. W'. ROBIN SOB, proprietor. ap&lm U. S. VO-411 LOAN \ FIRST NATIOYAL BANK -O ¥ - PORTLAND, DESIUAtATKI) REPOSITORY a -or TH* UNITED STATES. This Bank it prepared to receive^ subscriptions for the new “TE1¥ FORTY LOAN,” wibioh is dated March 1, lw64, bearing interest at five per cent, a year, PAYABLE IN COIN. redeemable at the pleasure of tho Government alter ten year*, and payable in forty years from date. Intere*t on Rnuds not over one hundred dollars payable aunually, and ou all other Bonds semi annually. Bonds can be h%| in tires of $50, $100, $500, $KX>0. WM. EDW. GOULD, ^meb31 dtf Cashier. rfrnpta 1*^ •»<! F.rening, for a Thorough Business hducation. Located 1300. Hanson Itlock, MMdle St, Mo. 161. Scholarships good iu auy part of the United States .a© Principal has had 2D > ears experience; is always Ou the spot, and attends to hi* business, aud prom ises, as during the past 12 year*, no pain* shall be spared ia the future. Five hundred references of the first class business men, with many others of this city, will testify to the practical utility, capacious ness and completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, and citizens of other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas will be awarded tor thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett's Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards uot copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial law elucidations — Come all who have failed to be taught a business hand-writing and 1 will guarantee to you success. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in •truction given. Student* can enter any time. Sep arate room* lor Ladiee. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate account*adjusted. Ladies and iieutlemen that desire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Keeping, Navigation. Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering. Surveying, Native Business Writiug, Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching from printed copies and Text Books will bo avoided please call, or address the Principal. K. N.BROWN. Portland.Oct.2. 1863 oo29 eodfceoml TO MERCHANTS. TIILIK undersigucd having greatly increased their X facilities tor mauHfacturing HOOTS AND SHOKS, and having large experience in tuai oranch, would call tho attt utiou of tho trad** to the name. We shall in future be much hotter able to supply the de mands of the trade then heretofore, aun are court* dent that in the <|uality, both ol our stock and work, we can give satisfaction as weioaiiutactureexpri ss. ly for the retail trade. 1 hose buying for cash will find it to their advantage tolook ml our stock, which consists in part of RUBBERS, SOLE and WAX LEATHER, FREXLH and AMERICAS CALF, French Kip, Lemoine and Jodot Cal/, Coat and Kul Stock, Serges and Webs, Root and Shoe Machinery I and Findings of ail kinds. Mr.KiiMi’im Liuhy, Inte of tho firm of Messrs. I Chas J. Walker ft Co , has associated himself with ! us. and rehingnn his many years experience in manufacturing, we are confident in making tho above 1 statements. TYLER k LAMB. Portland. Feb. 1. 1861. f«b6 dim SHERIDAN & GRIFFITHS, (Successors ,o Joseph Grey Ik Co.,) PLASTERERS, Hits t mcco t misuc woskias A HE uow p-epared to furnish the public with Center 1'lcces Mid si! kiuds of Piaster Orua* ineiits a. cheap as any other establl-'ineut iu the State, ami at the shortest notice. tVe will also give prompt atteutlon to repairing Plastering, Whiieniug, W uite Washing and Color In* etr-Please leave your orders at Xo.« South street opposite the Hiding School. !ct,25 d3ui Scotch CiniviiM, -VCS SALS BY—— JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., liitth. Me. OAA BOLTS Superior Bleached 300 do All Long flax ''Gov ernment contract,” 800 do Kxtra All Long flax 800 do Navy l ino Delivered in Portland or Boston. Rath. April 10. 1HCS Aim* Worfci, Arbroath. 4033tftf iioticf. MR. AU.ii/o P ii tier has disposed onus Interest in the firm of Kin*. Butler & Thurlow. to Ly man A. Bachelder, and rttito* from said firm this day. A 8. KING. A BUTLER. UY«U8 THU BLOW. The business of the late firm will be continued at the old iraud, tiuder the name and style of KING, THURLOW & CO. No l«f> Commercial St. A. S KING. C\ RUN I 111 BLOW, M MAN A.HACBELDER. apiilHdAw lw* Notice. YlfllKRIElB Ixaac A. Davis, a boy that lia*» been yy livin* with ino since In* was an infanf. h&n left my house the fifth day of this month, this is to notify all persons that I shall pay no deb: sot hi* con tracting after this date. CALVIN e. DAVIS. North Yannouth, April 13, lft£4. apl8d3w* 14IIVK DOLLARS will be given for the detection . and conviction of any person or persons itoalin# papers from the doors of our iitbscriCers. «ee*f rUBLUUMfiJUoir mk puicgt, BUSINESS CARDS. W. VV. CARR & CO.! Baring taken the Fruit Store formerly ooenpted by O. 8AWYKK. No. 8 Exchange Street, Ar® prepared to offer to th® trade a large and woll eokoted *ioek of Foreign and Domestic Fruit 1 Wholesale and Retail Oraufri Spruce Gum, (i«ifo|ei l.emooe, Canary Nerd, Candice, l.lnac, Lemon Syrup, lleury. Prunes. Corea Nate. Fig,. Citron, Bfnle, all klade. Da tee, Ollere, Ralelue, Tebucee, Snrrllnee, Cigars. F'uary Candice of all deerrlpllan oota jtr F. M, CARSLEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERERj No. 51 Union Street, 18 prepared to do all kind, of CABINET JOB BING In a prompt and satisfactory manner. Book and Show Cases made to order. ETFarnitore Made, Repaired and Varnished at SHORT NOTICE. Portland Map », 1Mb. „ IRA WINN, Agent, KTo. 11 Union St.., la prepared to furnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of rarioua aixee and patterns, Stew ripe ut rutins, lit!(ieariw,Shilling Pillule. Cioht llouaa Work of all deecrtptl sna, and all kinds of work required in building Fohtificatioub. Iron -Stair, and other Architertarol Work. lloasos, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with tree and bu.agi in the host manner. In connection with the above is an Iron Fonndry, with a largo assortment of Patterns, to which the attention of Machinists, Millwrights.and Shlp-Bmld. era is Invited—and all kinds ol Castings at short notioa. UT*Urd«r« for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. ocSd,f SIIVGEK’S SEWING MACHINES I WOODJ1AS, TRUE dk CO., AQENT8, Wob. S4 and 46.Middle Street. Needier sad Trimmings always an heed. aahlttf ▲ CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 175 Street. Kimncu.Dra.Biuoi and BaaaLia. Portland, May 25, IMS. tf Dr. I. If. HEAJLD HAVING disposed of hi* entire Interest in hit Office to Dr. S C FKHN ALD, would cheerltail* reccommeud him to hi* lormtY patient* and the poh llo. Dr. Fxksald, from Ion* experience, is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the “Vulcanite Base,” and all other method* known to the profe««ion. ' i Portland. May 26. 1H66 tf JOHN F. SHERR Yj Hair Cutter and Wig maker, No. 13 Market Square,Port' Mid, lap stairs) EF“3eparate room for Ladies’ and Children's Mall A good stock of TOi, naif Wig*, usual, BiMtaa i Curls, FrisetU, Pad*. Hulls, Crimpia* Board*, ko. Ae.. eoDstantlv on hand 1*22 63 «lly E. A. L7 1»R. ItEWTOS HAS removed hi* residence to 2Vo. 37 MiddU Street, corner of Franklin street. Offices* heretofore, No. 115 Krchnnqe Street, in Noble’s Block, up stairs. Office hour* from 9 to 10 A. At., from 2 tu 3. and from 8 to 9 o’clock P. AI. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with *enerai IjTwcUce^ to ^iv« *pecial attention to DISK ASKS OJ> WDDD AND I D VE CHEAP FOR CASH ! S^tiO. CHEAP-COAL. $9.50 I'RIMK LOT CBKSTNVT COAL *9 50 B TON, SPK1.NU MOUNTAIN, l.Klllt.ll. Ilfc/.ILTON. BUI,Alt LDAP. OI.D COMPANY l.EU 11,11. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND. WKH9 I KK and Ill.Af'h ULA Til. Ttie„e Coals are.ol lbs r^ry bet .(utility, well screened and picked. sud warranted to give rati.taction Also ior safe best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. OrrickCoaajtaciAL 8t., bead of Kranklin Wharf , S. Hlll NUs A SON. feb!6 dly WAKUEN'S 1.11 POKY ED FIllK AND WATKR-PROOF < FELT COMPOSITION, Gravel Floolln* FOR FLAT ROOFS 11KHSEY, Agent, jan2G dtf No. IS Union Street. ALBERT WEBB ft €0., - DBiLUi I * - Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF MERRILL'S WilAKF, CaamreUI Street, - - ParilaaA, Ma. lalitf Colley, Burnham &. Co., Cabinet Makers and I pbolsterers, 368, Congress Street, VRE prepared to do all kind, of Cabinet and Up hulatery aork, at the aborted notice. All kind* of Furniture, Eouiikcs A nmirrkM'k —constantly on hand— N. 11. Tho public are invited to call and examine. n* *li4 dtf BOOTS V \ S» SHOES ! «. W. l.OTIlllOI*, 88 Middle Street. f Where can be found a large assortment ol §■1 Ladif|', <«eut.s’, Missm’, Hoy s’ aud Youths I VU fa-hionabl* HOOTS, SHOKS and M'B ^^^HL'RSot the best manufacture and at rea lonable prices. Boots aud shokp made to measure rrom the best French and American stock and ou he latent style lasts. Wll. W. LoriiRot*. mch22 d2m FERTILIZERS. RBI.S COE S SURER THOS LIME. IcVHI 100" LLOYDS. *>>•• LODI POITDRETTK, 1A0 •• LITTLEFIELDS ROUDIUETTK k or tale at manufacturer's pi ice* by KENDALL A WHITNEY. Portland Feb. 8,1864. feb9 dix.lm JOHN F. ANDEHSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COUMAN BLOCK, imhlTd&wtf Tturixknm. IStlsF- Society or Itliiine. IrOK annuel meeting i f thir Society *1,1 be held Mtbe Room.of the Young Men’.Christian Aa locistinu, in TeiupV street, on Thursday the tilth lay of May.A.D ,18:14. ALLEN liA INKS, Kicordlug’Secy. ' HOTELS. | Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (rOUMURLY wilsoh lorsi.) J. P MILLER.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel has recently been pur ichased by Mr Miller lot the Albion) and t.a« Iteeu thoroughly refitted mao aUsd and re* [paired, and numerous excellent alterations ^ located on the Saccarapna road about tour miles from Portland,affording atoautiltai forpleeaarc.®0<M* r“*d-‘nJ Ju<t tbout f»r enough It haa a Hue large Dauciug IJall and good Bowlin* All«>a. In oloae proximity to the home ia t warm and roomy Stable, containing twenty uice stalls There is also a well sheltered Shed, 106 feet long, for hitching horses B The choicest 8uppere will be got up for sleighing and dancing parties, who will find it greatly to iheir pleasure and advantage to reeort to the White House No effort will be spared for the entertainment ot *»««». dtclSdtt hTllowell house 11EOPKNEDI NEW FURNITURE A FIXTURES! ».«• DENNIS, Proprietor. tr The public are specially informed that the snacioux, convenient and well known IIallo^ll UorsK, in the c^uttr of HallowelJ, two miles from Augusta, and lour mi'ea from login. Spring, has b*-eu refurnished, and is open for t*e rectptiou of company aud p.-rman. nt board*rs. Every atteniiou will be giten to the comfort of guests. stabling, »nd all the uaual convenience, of • popular hotel arc amply provided. Hallow, I , Fob. 1 1864. mchlfieodll THE AMERICAN IIOI.VE, jNanover Street .... Boston. The Large at and Beat Arranged Hotel IN HEW KN GLAND, LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. oel«ly CAPISIC POND HOUSE ’ NOW OPEN, Three Miles from Portiam«I. <;CO. W. MI R( II aprlSdtf J. E. FEBNALD A SON., Merclmut Tiiiloi**, ASD DBA LIBS IB Gents’ Furnishing Goods, timrv just opened a piU NEW GOODS, and ean low show more than FOLK HIINDUKD stylo* of Fancy iiooda for Gentlemen's and Boys’Garments. F.legunt Filling Guimfiil* CAB ALWAYS BB MAD AT TIE TIMS AGREED UPON I aud at prtren a* law at any other home. t#~ The people are IdyiI. J to call at -SO. *7 RIDDLE STREET. mcWl jiSw REMOVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH uaa xtuuvxi. to NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale aud Retail Dealer iu Clothing, Cloths, Tailors' Trimmings, -AMD GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOS I A U BIKMM. II. Agent fur Grover A Baker’s celebrated Sewing Maeliinen, No* 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to bis friends that he way be lound at Bur* leigb’s, No. 141 A 143 Middle street, where be will be pleased to wait upou bis former customer*. Portland, March 24. 18*>1. dtf ktoticicT rilHK Subscriber with pleasure announces to hi? A old Patrous and the Public, that as he has »e* cured lue services of a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who In* hid thirty year, oxptritac* in the belt and lar*«at hou.ssiu.NldW Vokk, UO-lnN and other cities, that he is prepared to lurm-li H’eddtmg . r Other thirties, and runities with svtry description and variety of articles in his Line, viz. BonedTurkeya, Bird*, Meat of all kind*. Every Variety of lee Cream, Jellies, Salads, Charlotte Itusse, Cuke, Pastry, Or Confectionary, ! eirher plain or faecy. ICxperienced Waiters, w ho arc competent to take charge of W edding or other Partins, will be furnished on application. All Orders from the Country will rscei e prompt attention. N.B Please bear itt;mind|t hat H.iP\CU buys and ! uses the best Mateiial that the couutry affords. Call and examine. 1. Ilurnitui, Cuiltuun Uloek, Traiplc Street, P.rilnu.1 Me. mchii dtt Navigmioii Tnutilit T. Ik. PARSONS, — AT — No. 12, Deer Street, Portland. (”1 ENTLVMFN deMroui of instruction In Praeti- 1 X cal Navigation will find an experienced teach er. He i> the oulv experienced &bip Master ih the i State, who tear! e< Navigation, and is especial) v ap* j Uuluted to tjualify Ko-igos and .Matts tor the l s Navy. mcba>odam MISCELLANEOUS. elegant cloaks —AT— POPULAR PRICES! LEACH & ROBINSON, 81 MIDDLE STREET, Wwl, to annt uuc. to their friend, aud the Lad:«• of Portland and vicinity.that tfcev haveoiencd the second story over their «let« for th«j eae!uir« maun tact ur< aud sale of CLOAKS, CAPES. — A VI) —— M A X T LLLA9I We have just received Elegant Cloth Oaiment3, * rora the celebrated Boose# of «<#. 121 tu, t 6. e. .cat * CaitHl at., Now York, which together with oar own uiar.u ac: v«. Bill die play theeboieett cougrtvaof' t'LOA Ih T1I IC4 H V\DI«t; ever ofcrel iu Maine, which will ho told at Iho Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Country Dealer* will lind a t hole* afeortmen! of Ladle.’ tiaiKeut., Cloths, Silks, Tassels, Buttons, and ORNAMENTS, l on-tnntly on hood. Itia department of onr boaineaa will he conducted with vpeciai reference to the wnnta ot the l liUUKs. All the popular atylea will appear early aud BUI ho exhibited In FIHE, MEDIUM — AMO — bow Cost Fabrics. " *th **M « rior facilitit-4lor Buiuttetiirloi, vabopl to merit the continued patronage of our friend* LEA4 H Ac ROBINSON. aprlidlm SPRING t SUMMER OPENING! A. H. KBEVKK, TAILOR & DRAPER, HO. 98 EXCHANGE STHEXT, Oaa just returned from l>o*?ou aud New York with a HIGH AN1) FASHIONABLE A^aolKTSIKKT or Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Of every variety and «tyle,,including many of the uioat unique patrerna of the h«m,i wMeh he pud chawed fur coah. and cunaeiiuaBtly can glee nu ele gant ••hit oct” at the LOWEST (ASU PRICES I lie lat itat his old Iiteods and customer*, and the public generally, to call and examine hi* Mock. Having enlarged his store by the removal of tus work-room above, he ha* accommodation* more ex* tensive for the display of his goods. _4tf J. w. RVKES, I’urchttner lor Enslera Aiconal or LOUR. DR AIN. SP.KDS. PROVISIONS LARD, BUTrkUtnd WKSTKKN PRODl’CR gone rally. Particular attention riven to ahh.piag by qalekaal aad obnapaat run tee. No IS* SOUTH WATER ST. P O Boa in. ( Itirngo, IlliuoU. Karaaairoaa—Miaera Mavnard A float; H ft W. Cbtekerlnr: C II I utnmine* A to.; 8. (■ Bowdlear A Co ; i'luirica A..v.on»; Hallett. Davla R Oa.. of Boeton, Uaiu. la.hti r hlliot Bank. B-wdoo. J.N, Buoii.l*j., Prniideiii Newt..a Bank, .Vtwtoa. C. B Collin ; Warren Kill* * Soar, New Pork City ly* «3dly. ’ Coni aud Wood! -AT TB1 LOWEST PEICES FOE CAU, DKLIYKHPO TO AS TP AMT OP THE CiTT. AT SHORT NOTICE. Our Coal u ol the very BAS I quAiifty, ud WAT r»ut<d to give •Ati«.*Acuuu. -ALSO. FOB SALK All Hill.Ik of Hurd and Nall Wood. Thu Public ire Invited to give an a oaL), m wo ato bound to give satin i*ct ion Ui aJ! who ftyor with their contour OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL A McALLISTBR aet*0 ly M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, ▲ UD XAHrriiTUKU 09 SILVER WARE, 238 Congia.a Bt., Opp. Coart Uoaw.Pottlaa4.Ma. W All kiail. of WAKK. <acb aa knlvca, lorli, 8pooi'., Cako Uaakata, taalora, Ac., ptatad la tat ».! uianotr. Alio, ICKFAI ti IX U and RK-rrX/AWXU Old SilverWare. JaaMt tMia TO SHIP HITLDKRt. i*. S. A J. U. lU’CKINS, COMMISSION MKKl HANTS aod o holeaale aad retail dealera iu Suir liam jbo Plank Have fur «alr al their Wharf. ( iiitcai. Bucaki Ka t lumua.lGO.iM Iroui .in.l flat Trtnmilt' 2.UU1 Jfaatauifucb A'Beee. planed Aleo H urra Oak! I'LAaKaiidTiMBKK.CuKarai r llatuaBadPuii W b i T a I'ivl. ItK' z-I'labk. &e. 1am, cel At at tiBlion paid to Fu.ri.MDg OtU Flail lath. Cargo moh24 dSm * To .Uaiiufui-inrera, Ship BalMera, ANOpenon. de«irooa of Heal Estate loveataeata the followiaK rroperty ia i tiered at rood bargain. *) Uoutw at prion from Slfen to tiiOUO. 1*J0 Home Lot* at price* from *doo to f^UOO »M> Feet of water front ltd tabic for wharves Ship yard* Mannfsctariog Site* fronting de«p water with spring of water idjlcvtt thereto and a portion of it adjoining the t.raa d i rank Kali MoaJ. from which freight may hedepo-ited onthenreiuirftw Biel. 17Sin munis (liiL'I.O. 74 Mljilie 8t. ’ the BEST! KisoiioimnI. TUK Photograph Gallerlca. No. SO Middle afreet. Portland, having b *»*n thoroughly reitted and •upplitd with all the latent nta, art low open for the accommodation of the public. The proprietor l* prepared to -upply hi# former eurtormr* amt ail who may give him a call, with pio* turf* of every <l« rcription, executed in the beet man. Itff and at reasonable price*. Particular a;tenth-» riven to copvtng. A. 8. DA Vis, Proprietor Portland, July 30, ^ CIT¥ or PORTLAND. T,,F ,co1n>n,l?l ' «i«»»uraye he , will recede M. MuWtl protHwale for rernUhlng ten thousand itin> Sea l».a’-d paring «t >r«-* du iny the month* oi May June aud July —e^ual '(Uantitie* each mouth The par tic* praportojr \% ill | l*aae fat* what portion of *Ufd ««o*»e« -1' le*-» tha»« the whole cmount—-they will ftirn>4h %* above Propwa's will be received unul Jam- 3d. IMi The committee reserve the right to reject any or all propora'* tot dttmid for the in terest o! the city. 1\ r order. J E. DONNELL, ('hairman. April !9th.lS64 ap20 dh wtd *hk8) tor Sale. A M..iavhu.rtt. built, 'try* ru< Too Uuoav i. A for Hale at Hr ltlFLKt S ,tabl«, tr**: »p8n JA utj

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