Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 4, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 4, 1864 Page 2
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mm——" THE DAILY PRESS. POBTUAWD Still - + ■ ■ ...’ WnlmxlHr Morn till, Ma» I, IHfi I. -- in#» The circulation of the Daily Press is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. Tnuus—tt.oo per year if paid Itrictly in a</ aaace a discount of *1.00 uitt be tnade. trr Besdisl Mailer on all Feur Fiinen. The Battles ol Mansfield anil Pleasant Hill, Ln. The following is an official report of (be pa. t performed by the Fifteenth Maine Vols., lu the severe engagement of Mansfield, l.a., on the 8tb of April, and of Pleasant Hill, Lu., ou the 9lh; our forces beiug uuder command of Major General Banks, and the rebel forces uuder General Dick Taylor. The battles are reported as beiug the most severe ever fought in the Gulf Department. We are assured by au officer who participated in both battles, aud with whom we are personally acquainted, that officers of the Kith Corps who fought ou the bloody Held of Shiloh, represent the bring at Pleasant Hill as more severe aud deadly than at Shiloh. We hive already given the particulars ol the two battles. The following is the official report of the Fifteenth Maine, Col. Isaac Dyer, which wc publish for the bene lit of those of our readers having friends in the Kegimeut: HKADql Altl Kits 15TH Me. VET. Voi.8., I Grand Ecokk, La., April 13, 1884. j Sir :—I have the honor herewith to trans mit a report of the doings of the Fifteenth Kegimeut of Maiuu Veteran Vols., since leav ing Natchitoches, La., ou the Olh inst., uulil our return to Grand Ecore, La, ou the 11 lb inst., together with the part which the Regi ment performed in the engagements at Mans Held, La, aud Pleasant Hill, La., on the 8Lh aud 9th lusts. We struck tents at Xachitochcs on the morniug of the bib inst., aud took up our line of march for l’leasaut Hill, where we arrived on the evening of the 7lli. On the inornlug of the 8th resumed our march in the direction of Mansfield, hailing at about 3 l'. 9. having marched a distance of eight miles. At 4 a. m. we were ordered to MansUeld where Gen. Lee's Cavslry aud a detachment of the 13th Army Corps were actively eugaged with the enemy. We immediately proceeded to the ITout, making the distance of six miles in an hour aud a quarter. As we arrived upon the Held a general stampede was taking place on the part of stragglers aud others, creatiug a great panic amoug the teamsters, negroes and army followers. To such an extent did the panic prevail, that the road leading to the Held was literally blockaded with terror-strick en teamsters and Hoeing cavalrymen, render ing our progress extremely difficult. At this critical juncture the order wss given for our regiment to halt ! fir bayonets ! load ! These orders lielng promptly executed we ad vanced through the panic-stricken crowd and arrived upon the Held without further deten tion. Arriving upon the Held our regiment, with the lOoth S. Y. Vols.. was ordered into position on the extreme left of the line, where the enemy bad thrown a large force and were making a desperate effort to flank us. We took position upon the crest of a small ravine, forming under a heavy bre of the enemy. The line being established, we opened a sharp Are upon the enemy, to which be briskly re sponded. Three desperate ebons were made by the enemy to gain the crest of the ravine, bat in each instance he was repulsed aud driven back by tbe well-directed lire of our meu. We held our position at this point un til the enemy retreated from the Held, at about 8 p. u. Aiiuougn uie enemy airerieu a severe lire upon our position, so inaccurate was their aim and so well protected our line, that our regiment sustained hut little loss ; the follow log being the casualties during the engage ment, viz. t Allied—Private James P. Withain, Co. E. H'oamled—Private Cornelius Fish, Co. E, slightly in arm ; Private Joseph Carey. Co. E, slightly in hand ; Private William E. SkilHu, Co. H, seriously in left side; Private Charles Woo I, Co. I, seriously in fore arm. ruj—Privates John F. Leighton and Angus McGilvery, Co. A; Sergeant Joseph E. Latham; Privates Page F. Grover, John H. Hayden, Leemou II. Hard and Abram T. Green, Co. B; Priyal* John Iluston rnvaife James Brennan, Co. I; Privates Thomas McDonald aud George Morrison, Co. K. At about 11 P. m., orders were received to fall back to Pleasant Hill, which we did in good order, arriving at about !l A. »>., on the #th. Immediately upon our arrival at Pleas Hill, we were ordered into line of battle on the lelt of the posiliou on the eastern side of the clearing, where we remained until 11 a. m., when we were relieved by a regiment of the Kith Army Corps. We then retired a short distauce to the rear for the purpose of allowing our meu to rest, they having marched twauty-eight miles and endured the fatigue of an engagemeut without sleep or rest, since the morning of the 8th. We here held our selves in reserve until 4 p. si., when, our line being bard pressed, we were ordered into ac tion. At tbe moment of our being ordered iuto ac tion, the situation was most critical. Tbe enemy had thrown a heavy force upon the right of our line, and were endeavoring to flank us, concealed by a thick clump of woods, at tbe tame time pressing our front with des peration. We were llrst ordered into a posi tion on the extreme right, but before estab lishing our line, so severe was the pressure upou the centre of the posiliou tiial we were ordererd back lo sup|iort Hie right of the ceu tre. We arrived iu position at a most oppor tune momeiit, when our liue was being gradually pushed back by tbe pressure up on it. Tbe enemy had gained the clearing, and were seeking lo effect a posiliou behind the buildlug*. We were moving by the left llaukdown the road running parallel with our lines, and when arririug opposite the cen tre, took posiliou uuder cover of a fence in rear of the buildings tbe enemy were seeking to gain possession of, aud opened a sharp lire upon them. The struggle was a fierce one,— the turning point in the engagement,—but af ter several well-directed volleys, briskly re sponded to by the enemy, they gave way. aud retreated to the woods, closely pursued by our regiment, with other regiments of the Brigade. After retreating to the cover of the woods the enemy made a stand, but fell back after a few volleys from us. In pursuing the enemy we advanced so far iuto the woods, that tliay, in retreating were assembling on our right flank. We then formed a line face to tbe rear on the left of our batalliou. which movement was executed by the men in good order aud without confusion. The enemy then advanced and opened fire upon us, hut after several well-directed volleys from our meu, they retired iu confusion. We then filed from the woods ; and. the enemy having re tired from the field, we were ordered to the right of our original liue, where we bivouac ed for tbe nigbt. w“v- “tiv-u uums iu nimii mi; rv^i meat was actively engaged, we were subjected to a vary heavy fire from the enemy, occupy ing several important positions; yet so gal lantly did the men behave,—in every instance welting for orders,—and so successful were the efforts of the officers iu keeping the regi ment together, that our casualties are but few. They are as follows: Hound'd.—Adjutant Joseph A. Claik, se riously in right arm; 1st Lieut. John R. Coates, seriously in leg; ,‘id Lieut. Patrick Neville, se riously in ankle; Sergt. Heury S. Rich, Co. E,slightly in hip; Private Jouatban Randall, Co. A, slightly in right leg; Private lliiton B. Wright, Co. A, slightly iu left arm; Pri vate Richard Ryan,Co. A, slightly Iu left leg; Private James Roux, Co. C, seriously in left side; Private Alexander Craves, Co. C, slight ly in leg; Private Albert Hutcheuson.Co. C, seriously in neek; Private Wm. II. Ward, Co. O, seriously in right hip ; Privae John C. Lib by, Co. H, seriously in arm. During the eutire engagement, the officers and men conducted themselves in a most dis creet and courageous manner,each vicing with the other to gaiu for our arms a glorious vic tory. I have no hesitation in saying that each officer and man did his whole duty; and were I to make especial mention of peisonal acts of bravery on the part of either officers sir men, I fear it would be but doing injustice toothers equally as brave. Early on the morning of the 10th. we re ceived orders to fall back to Grand Kcore.— We took up our line of inarch at $ a. m , ar riving at (irand Kcorc at noon on the lltii inst. All of which i* respec t fully submitted, (Signed) Ihaac Dvkm, Col. 15th Me Vet. Vole. TTknuy A. Shorey, l**t Lieut, and Acting Adjutant. To Capt. O. 1*. Hkhvky, A. A. General. < asualtics in Mttine Regiment*. We are indebted to an officer in the Maine Fifteenth for the following li*ts of the killed, wounded and missing, iu the Maine Regiment* engaged in the severe battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill, La., on the Sth and IHh of April. The lists are possibly imperfect so far as some of the names are concerned, as it is very diffi cult, in the absence of the rolls, for a corres pondent, no matter how careful, to avoid er rors, particularly iu initial letters. We had no means of giving the place of residence of the sufferers, as the regiments have been en listed or reorganized since the last pub lished report of the Adjutant General.— The same officer also sent us a list of the casualties iu the Maine 2‘.Uh, Col. Beal, but as we received a full report of that regi ment from Adjutant Gould, which we have already published, we omit it iu this connec tion. TUIBTKBKTH V A INK -COL. BUST. Killed—Hergi. Crosby Mitchell and privates Wil liam ltemicK, Abijah Leonard, Leonaid F. Gill, and Thomas Joyce. W>urui*<t < apt. Johu 3. IV Ham. severely, in hip; 1st Lt. Win. 1*. Freeman, sligMly, iu hip; cerg. Ilenrr C, Chase, severely, in auklc; bergt. Green leaf T. Berry, slightly, iu iiaod ; Sergt. Geo. H. Gor don, severely, in leg; 3er*t. Win. U. W. Walker, alight!) , in hand; Corpls. Win. B. Kay,| slightly, in neck; I heron F. Hathaway, slightly, in leg; John Weymouth, slightly, in side; t/has. B. Moody, se verely. in both leg*: ('has. U. Auaras, •evenly, iu thigh; Fdwaid Preble, severely, m hij»; privat*U. P. rvoble. slightly, in breast; Isaac McBonald. »e - vereiy, in arm; Andrew II Alacuinber. severely, in leg; Orlando Maiiotit Id, severely. i<< shoulder ; Geo. M Bell, slightly, in hand : .lames IV Withain, slight j iv, iu leg; O a in.* l M Minor, severely, iu ankle; \Vui P Arnold, slightly, iu thumb ; Brooks l). Kus * sell, slightly, iu face; James U. Pcavy. sligh ly. in abdotmu: Hubert II Aleharland. slightly, iu ankle; John Staples, severely, in arm and side: Alonzo F. Batchelder, severely, iu arm: 3tcpheu Burbank, slightly, in foot Elijah Baxter, slightly, in arm. Geo. B. Fogg, slightly, in hip; H. G Laue. slightly, iu leg; Aaron Hunter, severely, in lung Mis ing —Corps Francis l.enter and William H. French; privates. AugustusO. Fish, Hmry D Jac» i sou, Frank G. Libby. John McNulty, Cha*. Hare, Leouard Graut. Marquis P. li’ltcn, (. has L. Cash man. Cyrus tieyno.d-, Mtephen L. Badger. Samuel HcaJd, William C. Jackson, Warrcu D. Chapman. John F. lament, Edward 3. Peunel, John F Brag don, John U. Hacketi Musician. Franklin B. French Total casualties, 5 killed, 80 wi undid, 20 missing. A*. KTBENTH MAINS—OOL. DYKR. Kilted. — Private, James P. Withain. Wounded—Adg t. Joseph A. Clark,severely, in right arm ; 1st Lieut John K. Coates, seriously, in leg; 2d Lieut. Patrick Neville, slightly, in ankle; 1st Sergt. Henry S. Rich, slightly, iu hip; privates,Cor nelius Fish, slightly, iu arm; Joseph ( asey,slightly, in hand ; Win E. Iskiilin, severely, in left side; Chs. Wood. severely, in ton-arm; Jouathan Kxndall, slight!v, in right leg; Hilton B. Wright, slightly, in arm; Richard Ryan, slightly, in left leg; James Hoax, seriously,’ in left side; Alexa der Gravel, sli/htly, in right lee ; Albert Hutchiuton, seriously, iu nock; Win il. Ward, seriously, in hip; John C. Libby, seriously, iu left arm. Minting —Sergt. Joseph E Latham; privates. Page F. Grover, John ii. Hayden, Leeman If. Bard, Abram T. Green, John F. Leighton, Augu* McGilv ery. Johu Huston, James Breunan. I'hos AIcDonald and George Merrison.— Total casualties—1 killed, 16 wiunded, 11 missing. Tlit HI ILTli MAIM L—< 0L. 1 EiSfc.N I'EM . Kitted —Capt. Andrew Strout; 1st Lieut. Sumuer | C. Strout. Coip. William Howie*; privates, Oscar L. Johnston, .lohu K. Lown, JohuMoono . orriu l\ McGrcgg. John lL 'l aylor, Marini* G. Elaell, David M ««i iflin and Richard J. Cook. Wunndtil.— Major H. E. Whitman, seriously, iu thigh and hand : 1st Lieut. Chandler H. Bailey, se verely, iu leg; Color serg't. Edward K. Show, n«ri- j uusly, in knee; sorgt's. Beiij. K. Beal, seriously,arm. 1st serg’t Henry Grauvllle; sergt's. Albeit 1*. Tit comb. Goo. Gieen, slightly, in leg ; Dana B. Uo s, slightly,iu hand; Corps. Ileur} M Neal, Geo. W. Randall, shoulder; Sylvester B. Strout, slight; Jas B PuLen, reriou«ly, in hand ; Thos. W. DoTley ; pri vates, Wm. H. Fuller, slightly, in hand; Luther H. Morgan, slightly, iu elbow ; Clis. Goodwin, do; Bow man Cooper, slightly, in leg; Albert Haivey, do inh-ad GOO. If. Fogs, 49; Franklin Gowt ll, seri riously, in heatl; probably dead; Turner W neasly, in shoulder;Luther 11. Morgan, seriously in head; Darin* Uoil; Jot n C Caver, slightly, in head: Wm. Dible. do: James M. Curtis, prisoner; Grauville Wait, slightly, in face: Lorenzo Wait, do, in arm; James H Logan; Wm B. Perkins: Alpbc us L. Burnell, -eriously. in baud; Horace E. Dunn, slightly, shoulder; John (\ Flint, «h in hip; John N Frtii.t, do in 4eg : N C Pollard, serionsly; Thos C. Pratt. Bussell F Kaysaoud. leg: Edwin A. Went, worth, slight; Walter N . To/u r, seriously : Kkazer li Young, blightlv, in head ; Daniel G. Taylor, pris oner; Joshua S Marshall, seriously, in leg: Arnos 11. Kenuiston, prisoner; Samuel W .Howard slight ly; Burleigh Taylor, Otis Witham, aud James E. Brown, do: henry Dver, Lewellin Tuttle, El ward Goodwiu. Levi Prentiss, aud Wm. Haye.*, slightly; John H. Jones, leg; Wm II. Garland, a ightlv, iu shoulder; Merrill B. Sanders, leg; Daniel Mawbray, U. P Sturievant, and Win. II. Heavy. Mi '*ing—{kilUd, tcvumled orjtriaoaert )—8erg’t. Wm. K Locke: Corps. Ja.*.,Miller. a-—-.* ■ -»■ »«■... oaniuei i 1 riiip. James M . B rkford, Chs. Brown. Levi Judkins, Jas. Ghin*. Jobu J. Shaw, fc. S small. Wm Gilpatriek Benj. Butler,«.oo. Camp tell. Ch- A. Cook. T. E*»ig; privates McGlyn, Hi ram B, Stephens. Isaac F. Bourne, Henry Cannier, Edwin M. Cart or. Joseph F. Grrrev, Alpheus Gro ver. Altnun Grover, Elisha F. Robinson. Edwin Sltaw, David Metieese, Iteubeu B Bean, Moses A Brig?*, Charles M. Eio-tmau, James Yates, John It. Kicker. John Skates. Phillip Toney. I hos. Z. May berry. Darius Daggett, Isaac N. Libby. Geo. C. Pitcher, Samuel Philhrook, Samuel Day. Admini Jaivis, Sylvester York. June* L White, Geo. K. Hatch. Taos. Uauv. Cli*. W. Lowell. Thos Nortell, Aaron Bragdon. John C. HuzzelJ, James Bradbury, I hos CkHtcr, Cbtrlrs 8. Fowl©*, lienvy If. Gilles pie, Gilman II Lumpkin. Almond II. ttidlou, Nelson Lewis. Charles W. Scranton. William II Mephens. Daniel Whalin, James L. Saver. John Holland, Ed wio Kel-er,Samuel Sand-*, A CnrtD, Patrick lia bility. Hiram Policy, Cita*. M Rowe, ('has. M Prince; Serg’t. Jarn« * 8. Wilber aud private Daniel Crane, probably killed. Total casualties, killed, 11. wounded, 59, missing ©*. uKirrri’UTioi. Killed, W unded. Missing. Total 13th Beg. 5 30 30 55 15 M 1 16 11 2« S 29 *• 1 2‘‘. 3 3-1 30 * 11 50 tiO 130 Total 18 131 103 252 Ifu*tinga’ Melodcon and Organ Manu factory. Mr. Win. P. Hastings who is the oldest Melodcon and Organ manufacturer in this State, bas recently moved hit warerooint from Federal street to the large and commo dious rooms on Temple street, over the stdie of Mr. K. A. Marrett, entrance No. 5, where be intends to keep on band a variety of the diBereut kinds of melodeons and organs man j u Tartu red by him. air. u. served a regular apprenncesnip at the business of manufacturing melodeons and organs, with one of the most distinguished firms in Massachusetts, and carried on the business several years in Worcester. He has resided in this city about fourteen years, dur ing which time lie has been quite extensively engaged in the various departments of the business, turning out each year, more or less Instruments, of kind and quality according to ! the demand. In his new quarters he lias increased lacili ties fur getting out auy of the various styles and qualities of melodeons. Especial atten tion is giveu to the Caiii.NET Ouuax, adapted to the use of churches and vestries, which his long experience in the business enables him to get up in the best manner. NoUtiiiiun Mon mi.v.—The May number of this rising Msga/.iue is before us. We have ouly time to glance hastily at its contents without being able to judge of the merits of ! each particular article. Its mechanical ap pearance is unexceptionable, aud the table of cb 11 tents presents a rich hill of fare, which is xs follows: A Tramp in the Shadow of Kalah diu, by a lfVigor Merchant; At the Source: a poem by K ite Putaam ; Discipline: A Story of iny Life, (concluded) by Miss S. K. War ren; Col. Hubert t>. Shaw : a poem, by Miss Hruara, of Florence; Law and Lawyers,by I. Weston: A Philosopher i i a Smock Frock, by Toby Candor; i >ur Slate Policy, by Clias. Holden; Lie-Awakes, No. 2, by Parson Gray; A Haudful of Spring Flowers, by Geo. E. Brackett; The Study of Languages, seeoud paper, by Isaiah Dole; How to grow Pears, by J. W. Adams; Editorial, Book Notices, Ac. Bailey A Noyes, Publishers, lbice fc-.Oo a year. Official dispatches from Geii. Banks have been received up to April gist, stating that his army was lu excellent condition and would immediately resume its march upon Shreveport. Cast upon the Pavement.*’ This is a common phrase in Paris, France, mi'! pregnant with meaning. It has been said by some philosopher that all the crimes of man l>egin with the vagrancy of childhood. In perambulating the streets of our city, one may see hundreds upon hundreds of boys, from twelve to twenty years of age, who have notbiug to do but to loaf round, and spend their lime iu idleness, it is sad to witness such a spectacle in times like these, when the farmers in our vicinity, aud all over the coun try, are much in want of labor. The war has drawn away large numbers who once culti vated the soil aud belong to the producing classes. Such laborers make the substantial riches of any country. It is “ Mother Karlli” that gives us food. Now hundreds of these boys in our city might find prolltablc employment among our farmers, who would be glad to hire them aud pay them good wages. And how much bet ter such employment would be for the boys, for their parents, aud for the country. Seed time has arrived, aud our fanners are desti tute of their usual force. There never has been a lime iu the history of our country when it was more necessary to cultivate tbe earth, and make it yield an increase, than now. It appears to us tiiat some enterprising person iu our city, might gather a large num ber of boys who would lie willlug to go into the country and labor upon the farms this season. Provided such help were found here, and notice given through our public journals, our farmers would gladly avail themselves of it, and furnish protltable work to hundreds wiio are now living in idleness. We throw out the hint hoping it may iuduce some one or more to interest themselves in the work and prosecute it with effect. OlllGIXAL AX It SELECTED. A collection in Ur. Tyng's church, New York, iu aid of its missionary chapel, on last Sabbath, amounted to $h,000. 8y*Jobn Ganna, of the 1st Maine Cavalry, was wouuded a week ago in a skirmish with Mosby's guerrillas,at Warrenton, Va. jy The remains of Mr. Beuj. P. Moulton, who died iu Boston on Monday, will be brought to Saco for iuterment, where his mother resides. Snch is the demaud for passage to the I'nited States from (treat Britain, that it is necessary to secure it some time in advance of the day ol sailing. {ty The Massachusetts Representatives in the Legislature, have voted to increase their pay F-,00 a day. They now have $-100 a session. The Boston Advertiser trusts the Senators will not give their concurrence to the measure. The City Marshall of Bath has notified tbe dealers in intoxicating liquors that if they do not desist, the law will b.* enforced. Vio late™ of other laws are not usually notified before-hand of such iuteutious, but are called upon with a “greeting." 8y i lie first National Bank at Bath has declared its first dividend, of seven per -cent. This institution differs from any other Nation al Bank in the State, in that it is a new bank, organized under the National Banking Law, and not a reorganized institution. We arc indebted to Col. K. C. Mason, of the Maine Seventh, for a printed qppy of the “ Instructions for the government of the officers and nou-coinmissioned officers of the 7th Me. Volunteers,” drawn from the Army Regulations, and compiled by Col. Mason, who is a captain in the 17th L\ S. (Regular) Infantry. ay Thomas Motley, the father of the his torian, died in Boston a few days since, at the ago of 82. He began his commercial life in •u;. •;*j-, mnd ou ms removal to Bostou took a high position among iu merchants He was a thorough business man of the old school, distinguished for sagacity, iutegrity, intelli gence and enlarged views. Rev. James L. Phillips, of New York, a graduate of Uowdoiu College, who has been appoiuted a missionary to Orissa, India, will give an address at the Casco St. church, ou the subject of Missions, tjjis, Wednesday evening. Mr. Phillips was born in India, and will give many interesting tacts in relation to that country. '^“Mr. Charles R. Briggs, of Northfleld, Yt., was murdered near his residence«ti Tues day of last week, by being shot through the head. He was a Deputy Sheriff, and was known to have $2000 with him ou the day of the murder, but no money was found on his remains. Great excitement prevails in North field on account of the affair. Sy A writer in the Batli Times opens the Pophain Controversy, for 1804, with nearly two columns of minion, all ou the question where the first religious serving was held ou New Kugland soil. When this question is definitely settled we would suggest another, of equal practical iui|>ortance, for the consid eration of autiquariaus; whether Popham's name was accented on the first or last sylla ble; whether it was pronounced Popham or PopAam. Then another great practical ques tion is not yet settled; whether the liret fish chowder served up by Popham's colouy, was made of cod or haddock. The Bath Times is noxious for the reputation of Portland, ami wishes to know about the reception of the l'Jth Maiue, safing the Portland papers were savage on the Au gusta people because they did not entertain some returning regiments. Kip Van Winkle is out iu his reckoning, as usual. The Port land papers said less about the Augusta alleg ed neglect lhau most other papers iu the State. The Augusta papers were about the severest of any. Portland has given costly receptions to more regiments than all other cities in the Stute combined. She gave a magnificent reception to at least oue Kenne bec regiment. Iu relation to the I'.'th Maiue, it is due to farts to say, that it was very diin cult to ascei tain definitely the movements of the regiment on its return. It was reported in New York, that it would arrive iu this city on the Sabbath, and hundreds were iu readi ness to greet, honor and feast them. But they didn't come. The next report was that they were iu Bostou. A special dispatch was sent to ascertain when they were to leave, ami the reply indicated an evening arrival.— Instead of this, they came to Camp Berry much earlier, and had actually been in camp sevrral hours before it was knowu in the city that they had arrived. The cars did not come into the city, but left the regiment iu Cape Elizabeth. More than this: they left their gallant commander behind, in Boston, to at tend to important business, and we are in formed that a special request was made by the ollieer then iu command at that encampment, —probably after consultation with the ollieer of the regimeut,—that no demonstration should be made. The regiment was well and comfortably provided for, and no man of them lias ever been heard to utter a complaiut. We wish they could have had an ovation; such au one as we know our people were pre pared to give them. It would have been no mure formal or balf-and-half demonstration. Colored Troops.—Tin* vote in the Semite to make the pay of black troops the same as for white soldiers, was carried, yeas *J2, najs 5. Maryland, West Virginia, aud Mis souri Senators voted yeas; so did McDougal, of Cal., and some other democrats. The nays were Buckalevv of l*a., Davis aud Powell, of Ky., Saulsbuay, of Del., and Hendricks, of Maryland. ty*" The Boston Courier attributes the war to the temperance aud anti-capital pun ishment agitators. We ffon’t know about the temperance agitators, hut we have no doubt a liberal use of hemp three years ago, would have had a salutary effect. At least six feet of it could have beeu profitably used at the Courier ollice. Review of the Market, For the week ending May 4. 1864. prepared ex pressly for the Put**, by Mr. 31. N. Rich. Note.—We wish It to be understood that our quo tatioutt represent price* of large lot* from first hand*, miles* otherwise stated, and that in filling small or ders, higher rates have to be charged. ASHES—We notice quite an advance on Pearls A*he«. which we now quote ll«lljc, and Pots it® 9^c p lb—sale* moderate. APPLES—Green Apple* are getting *earce, and there is quite an active demand for *out.d fruit Choice lot* of picked Kiissett* are now sePing 80 p hbi. W e qnote M 76'aG 00 p bbl, according to con dition*. pried apple*are higher aud firm at lomllc P tb for sliced aud cored. BREAD—We notics an advance on all kinds of Bread and now quote Pilot Bread 87C0&7 30, Ship Bread GJafij p It,, and Crackers 81 26@4 GO p bbl, or S6c p loo. BI CARB SODA—We notice a recent advance on Soda, aud now quote H‘ a.±.\e p ft, BUTTER—continues |to arrive freely and prices have declined fiom day to day Dealer* are ordy offering ?Go »or country daries. We quote choice table butter 2H<§*30e. and Country ball25$30c. Stone butter i* scearae and but little to bo had at 26®27c p lb. BEAKS—There i* a better inquiry and prices are gradually increasing in finances, although .ales are moderate. We now quote White Pea and Marrow Beans 82 60&2 62, aud Blue Pods 82 37 a2 GO p bush. BOX 8HOOKE—are dullof *ale,there being node mand at ttiia time. As we previously stated we doubt if a sale could scarcely be ( fleeted at GOe, although shippers are holding from 00 to flic for good Pine Boxes We qu de i&Qfi'c. Thins piiw * are as there i* little doing just now. Stock* are not large, and shipments have lx on limited for the pact two or three week*. COOPERAGE—Wc notice a continued dullness and inactivity in nearly every class of Cooperage stock. There i* very little demand and transaction* have been unimportant. Headings are dull at some decline. 8oft 1 iue ura held at JOi|22. and Hard do 2Va<27, and stock* ample The stock of Hoop* is light, with some demand, although shipment* are light and prices remain steady at lormer quotation*. CHEESE—remains scarce aud price* are firm and constantly advancing. We now quote New York and Vermont choice dairies lK.a19c. and Country 16 fftlfljc P tb. COFFEE—The mark* t is very buoyafft at the ad vances noticed in our last, although transaction are very limited. We quote Java GOo,»j2c; Rio 46u45c and Cape 4G(gj42c. COAL—The Coal market is exceedingly firm and prices buoyant in thi* market at 812 pton for White Ash, Lehigh aod Frankiiu. Cumber.tnd Ctal 10 GO (ft 11 p ton. COKDAGR—The market|(or Cordage continues to rule upward Manill* has adtauod *c since our last, and we now quote 3fauilla and Russia Hemp 22* ft23jc: American do 184.® 19; Ru*sia Bolt Rope 22; u'£i, aud Manilha do 24 a24; Cotton bail Twine remains steady at 81 2*‘«t 1 2G p tb. CEMENT—We note a recent advance on Cement the market ruling firm at 81 90(02 00 p bbl. CREAM TARTAR—Pure Crystals remain steady aud unchanged, with moderate sales at 70c, and Pul verized 40c p tb. uni —mu m.truei na* ooeu exceedingjy buoyant aud price* irregular. Dealt r* n< t inclined to operate except at advanced price*. The joint res olution adopted in (‘nngre** to increase the present duties on foreign goods 60 per cei t ha* a very firm feeling with holders and a wild speculative demand with purchaser* Cotton goods tend strongly up ward, and arts generally a shade higher than last wees. At present standard sheetings are selling at 44{c; in New vork b eached goods an- higher, aud prints are held for an advance DRUGS ANDDYrS-The market has been active with a brisk demand lor all he trading articles, and 5 rice* for the roost part ha v or u led regular. Indigo, lanilla flue has advanced tw *1 60«,2 10; Maddox 18$ldc; Hhubard is firm at f:i. bale* of Saltpetre and Vitrol have been sold at an advance. Opium has further advauced and we now quote at *12 50 q, 13 CO |> lb. Camphor has advanced to 1 t>5$! 70; Alcohol aud Fluid ars hig» erand « e now quote Al oohol 360 ($ 2 tio, and Kluid 2 15 $2 70, the latter In Dye woods we note au ad vanceon Hypertiic. Red Wood and Red banders. Other Dyewood# arj ai li mit any change DUCK—The Portland Duck Co are still engaged on contracts to the full capacity of their mills, aud prices are nominally unchanged, aud we continue our last quotation*** follow-: —Portland No 1 Cotton Dock tfl‘21 p yard; No 10, 70e; Navy superior. No 3. ¥1 11: No 10, 76c : Ravens Duck 62c. FRUITS—Uai-in* are quiet but steadv aud firm at previous rates Currants are in demand at full prices. Oranges and L«mous have again advanced, and the market Sis buoyant at SifrteyHfy) pvr Box for Lemon-, and 6 0o <«, 50 tor Peanuts are H-m »» »-* laUCC Of 2oCWC DvW quote 860 « 3 75 V bu«hel riS II — All kirds offish have an advance tendency. Stocks are light and tlu- market is qnick and active at our quotation*. Mackerel are very firm at the ad vance noted in our la*t. and we now quote No 1* jt $17 per barrel. Smoked Herring ate quitet and steady at our previous quotations. FLOUR—The market has fluctuated considerable during the week, havinc advanced and declined and finally recovered the full advance notice in our pre vious rep >rt, the m irket doling with considerable buoyancy, although sales have been light as stocks are very much roduced. aui doai.-r* are offering sparingly at our quotations. G RAIN—Corn emtinucs soma what unsettled, yet mice* in this market have ru ed quite Mead at 145 w 146 *or Wi-stern Mixed and 142<$ 146 for Southern Yellow, which are the closing prices for the week. Stocks ligft. H v e is very sc a Me at higher prices • we now quote 165 r$ 10" per bushel. Oats remain steady and quiet at former prices, with quite a stock in sioreat this time. Harley is quiet and nominal at pteviout prices. Short* arc held at f3> a 4 I «ht ton. v GUNPOWDER.—Price* remain *r«-ady and quiet and we continue to quote Blasting #5$64. aud Rifle and Sporting 8j<$6. HIDES AND SKINS—Both dry and gre n Hides have undergone a decided advance |we now quote Buenos Ayres 3E$32; Western 26<$2tf; Slaughter 10: Calfskins are « x cited and prices unsettled; wi ll ow quote 2u€80o tt> green baited hides and Sheep pelt* remasn rtsady but firm at previous quo intiocs 11 AY—prices arc firm and steady at f23 p ton for pressed. Lvoae Hay lias been selling moderately at quotations. There is quite a steady demand for Straw at $3 p toil. IRON — With the proposed advanced duths on Iron the market has bceU more or let* excited throughout the week aud price* have advauced to the following quotations : common 6/atije: refined 7c; SwedeiM: Norway lOtffelle; Ca*t Steel 31*38: Gcrma-i do 2>&22c, and English Blistered Steel 22 t» Ih LEATHER—The market has entertained much buoyancy tor a week pa-t, and price* hav e advanced 2$3C p lb We now quote New York Light 33a34. do Medium* 8fr$37c; Heavy St $36; do Slaughter &i> $B6e. American Calf Skin- have advanced to 1 30 $1 C‘ p lb *'v | ■ « IWI mi i kiHU> i.UIIIIM I CUD* tinue to prevail. There is a gnat scarcity of sea soned Lumber. Sjruco Hoards are in active de mand for shipment. We now quote No. I s and 1» clear Pine *3*q,40 |> M , No. 3 *2*430. and No 4 *30 «,22; Shipping #23q,r>; Spruce *17 £20; Hemlock 10 « 12 * M Spruce Scantling and Timber are scarce at *14aH Joist are also very scarce aud firm. Ilackma tack ftinbtr *10a20 k» ton. Clapboard Heart Extra are selling at *33; Clear do *3u<<3i; No. 1. #13a l6; Sap Clear *24 a26; do 2d* *20£21; Spruce Kxtra'are worth *17 OU £20 00, and No. 1 *12gl3. Shingles, Extra Pine are quoted at *1 00, and ( b ar Pine *3 5^>a3 76. Extra shaved Cedar Shingles are worth *3 87«4 00; do 2d 8 *3 36 £3 50 p if Lath* Pine are sell in gat *150&336. aud Spruce at *13Tal 6u V M. Our quotations for box shook* aud cooper age will be found elsewhere. LI if K-remains ouiet at previou* price*, a* the demand is very limited at tin* *ea*ou. and sale* ne light. LARD—i* scarce aud prices have a strong upward tendency. We continue previous figures Our out side quotation* are uow the prevailing price*, viz., 16J £l6jc V ft*. METALS—We notice a decided advance for both Pig aud Sheet 1 iu, and ir»w quote Hauca 5s«iioc: Strait* 64'q.66: Char I C *lG5>aL7; do I X *lti 60 £2t>. and Coke *15£15 60. MOLASSES The extreme barren ues* of K*-w l«rk, Horton and other market* producing an ac tive demand at high price*, together with the new tarill law. has entirely unsettled the market and Prici* are uoniiua Ijr 6£3c higher Although we have heard of uo sale* at our quotation* elsewhere, yet dealer* are firm at those prices, and importers are holding at even higher prices. NAILS—Cut Nails have again a fvauced and prices are firm §7 Oftjj’ 50 per cask N A V A1, S rOtt«?S -Turpentine remains firm and steadv at rt*cent udvanoc* aud we continue to quote 3 tiOgS 75 per val. Itcsiu U also higher and is now held firm at #44 (K>£4M 00 per bbl. Ol LS— Linseed Oils are firm witli an upward ten dency, and we quote raw *1 05&1 t»7. olive oil ha* advanced to #1 lf»u2 3o %> bbl. We also note a fur ther advance in Neatefoot oil. which we now quote #1 25q 1 35. Portland Kerosene oil remains firm but quiet 70o, 72 Jc and 75c |» gal. Whale oil* are un changed but prices buoyant. PAINTS—Nearly all kinds Paint* and Lead have undergone a recent udvance Portland Lead iu oil we now quote *1550a, 1*1; Cumberland do *1500(a 16 60; French Zinc *12 25« 12 75; American do *11 qll 50; Pure Dry Lead 14 5 Me 15; Litharge aud Red 15c *> lh. PRODUCR—The Produce market continue actives with a good demand for all kiud*, exceeding the supply for many articles which ha* had a tendency to advauce price*. Potatoes are quick at an advance aud wc low quote $2 75£3 00 per bbl, or 95o£*l 06 P buah. Eggs remain quiet and steady at the de cline noticed in our la*t, and we continue to quote 18£20c p dozeti Butter is more abundant and still hast drooping tendency Bcxfha* advanced, and we now quote fr< *!i |> carca s 12 a 13c. PROVISIONS—The market for Pork was some what excited immediately *ub*equent to our la*t, and prices have further advaiio <1 We now quote Portland packed Extra clear *30t«31 Clear 0, mess 327£27 70, and prime t»£23 V bbl City smoked Ham■* 17$ (*18$. and Western 17®l“c pIM. hoof is firm ana eicatiy at the change noticed iu our last. KICK --The market is very firm, especially <*ineo f he parHa^.'through the llou«e ora Tariff bill en hancing the duties .rs) |*c for 60 days to come, and . prices are higltei and tending upward. HUM- price* coutiuue to advance from clay to day. Portland divHlle t {* tirm at 81 6 »« 1 68 p gal, and in common witu all kinds of spirits is unsettled and buoyant. .SUGARS—-The final passage of llie hill for an ad ditio lal duty of f 0 -pc on the present tariff, to be in force for sixty ciavs, until a more permanent bail can be perf ctod, the market becomes unse tied and prices very buoyant. Refined Sugars steadily ad vancing to 25c. The c'osing price yesterday for crushed, granulated and powdered. Pas Sugars of all kind3 have undergone a corresponding advance. Portland A A. w hich is confined chiefly to grocers, we now quote 17ic, and yellow’ 17jc. SALT —There is a continued active demand at full prices, and stocks light. We notice the arrival of four small cargoes from Boston during the week. W’e would also note the lom of Hr brig Nellie, bound to Ibis port, uith 11,898 bushels T 1 bait; cargo sup posed total loss. SOAP—We notice an advance on Heap of all kinds l,caihp A time advanefd their prictsthis morning as folio wi —Ext rt No 111 be; Family 10c; Oleine 11$; Soda 11$, and Cranes 11c. SPICES—With a better demand, there is more tore to the ma’-kt-t. and tor tie most part prices tend upward. We notice a recent advanre on Nut megs, which we now quote at 1 40@1 46, and a slight advance on Cloves, which we now quote at 55c p lb. Pepper has undergone some decline, and we now quote 42&4€e p ft>. STARCH A recent alvance has taken place on Pearl Starch, which is now selling in this market at lO^lO] P It», and Portland 7^7$c. TEAS—Va ues for leas, as well as for most other articles of foreign import, are quite unsettled, though the full prices of the season are now obtaina ble, and tlie market has ruled firm at Mc^el05 for Cornmo • Oolong; 81 00a. 1 In for choice do; M§B0 p lb for Souchong, Ankoi, and lower grades. TOBACCO—-The market is very firm and prices buoyant at our present quotations. We notice that in New York the market for manufactured coutinnes active, with heavy sales from stocks on hand, as well as large contracts for future delivery. FREIGHTS—The freighting business has been quite active towards the closeofthe week. In « uba charters the followingengagomont* have been ©fleet ed during the week. W e are urable to give the terms of all engagements, but such as have taken up ou private term* are generally under-toed to have engaged under going rates : -Brig Model, for Matan za*. with box shocks, on private terms. brig Orto lan with lumber for Matanzas, on private terms: bark Ellen Stevens, for Cardenas, with box shook*, on private terms; bark Sebra Crocker, for Matan zas, with box shocks and lumber, on private terms; bark louic, lor a tort North side of Cuba, with boxes, on pri«ate terms; brig Remliaw, lor a port North side and return at 84 50 for molasses; brig Martha Washington, lor North side and home at 84 63$ p hbd for molasses; bark Aid. for a North port and home, at 60c f* 100 lor sugar, and 84 50 |> nhd for molasses; brig J II Dillingham, for Reme dies, with lumber, at 86 |> M, und hoop© at 88 p ML SPECIAL NOTICES. FAMILY DYE COLORS. (PAThXTttD Oct. 13,1WS3.) A Nikviiig of SO Per Cent. Black. Black koe Silk, Dark Blur, Lioiit Blur, Frknbii Blue, CURST Brows, 1 ioiit Brow*. Dark Brown, Snifp Brown, For Dyeing Silk Woo’en and Mixed Good#, Shawl*. Scans, Dresws, Ribbon*. Glove*, Runnel#, Hat#, Feather#, Kid Glov*#, ('hildreu'* Clothing, and ail kind# ol Wearing Apparil. C HIKliY, Crimson, Dark Drab, I.iobt Drab. Fawk Drib. Li art Fa w* Drab, Dark Green, LiohtGrbrk, Magenta For 25 cent# you can color a# many irood* aa would otherwise cost five time* that #um. Various shade* can be produced trotn the ram** dye. The proe**** i> simple and any one can u*e the dye with perfect success. Directions in English, French and Ger man. inside of each pa-:kage. Maize. Maroon, Orange, Pink, Royal Purple, Purple, . Salmon, S< arlkt, Slat*. SOLFKRIXO, Violrt, Lkathbr. For further information in Dyeing, and giving a perfect knowledge what color# are Cost adapted to dye over other*, i whli many valuable recipes.) pur chase Howe A Steveu*’ f realise on Dyeing and Col* cring. Sent bv mail on receipt of price—10 cents. Manufactured by HOWE A S1EVEN8. 260 Broadway, Boffbi. For sale by druggist#and dialer* generally, may 3 dim Look ! Look ! 1 SKND mo SI by mall, and I will send in return Twelve Gold Flatel Dollar#, mating a t eat vest chain Address DKKjSElt'S One Dollar Jewelry Store, 9S» Exchange Street, boa 132, Fortiand Me. apr21d3w The Patent Belle Monte Skirts. A lull assortment of these celebrated Skirts in the new style at ANDERSON’S UOOPUUItT AND CORSET DEPOT, mch28 dtf Under Mechanics' Bail. TIIOM AS G. LURING, DRUGGIST, -AND PRACTICAL* TRUSS FITTER, Corner of Excknagr k FrdrralSt’#. A perfect flt guaranteed. The poor liberally son sidered. mch25dtf Cape Elizabeth, July 1, 1663. Sir:—During my connection with the State Re form School, a# a teacher, L. F Atwood'# Bitter* Wore introduced there and used with marked success, particularly in Bilious affection*. Your*, Ac., A. P. HILLMAN. 11ANOYXR, Ml., Oct. 1, 1661. Dear Sir —I have used L*. F. Atwood’* Bitter* lor lome 10or 15 years. 1 have tried a great number of medicine* for Dyspepsia.but without effect. These Bitter# are the ouly remedy that have ever relieved tao ot thi* distressing complaint. My neighbors have also been greatly benefftted by the use ot them. JOEL HOW. |3F~Beuxire qf Omnterfeits and base imitations, some qf which arr signed F., instead ef L. F. Atwifd. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, and as a safeguard against imposition bears an extra labkl.countersigned H. II. IIA ¥, Druggist, Port* land, Ale., sole tieneral Agent. For sale by respectable dealers in medicine gener ally. Ian 16 timeodAw J “Buy Mo, and 1*11 do you Good.** Uie Dr. Langley’* Root anil Herb Uittert For Jaundice, Cost Irene *. Liver Complaint, Hu mors, indigestiou, Dyspcp*is, File#, Di//inc»».Head ache, Drew -in *#, anil ali d scale* arising from dis ordered stomach, torpid liver, and bau blood, to whioh all person# are subject iu sprioe and #utnmer. They clean#*-the system, regulate the bowels, re store the appetite, purify the Mood, and give sound ness of mi mi and strength of bud* to ali who use them. So d by all dealers in Medicine everywhere, at 25, 60 aud 75_cent# per bottle GEO. C. GOOD win A CO.,37 Hanover Street, Boston, Proprie tor* apt dim Cough* au'IVold*. 1 he sudim change* of our ciiwat* are sources cf PULNON IBV , liitoM HI AL and A STHM *71« A V¥Bi - tiox* Kxperience !»»• iog proved that simple rem edies often act -peedily when taken in the rarlg stages of the disease, recourse should ft once te I ad to **Bra ton'» Bronchial Troche*,” or Lozenge*, let the (’old, Cough, or Irritation oj the Thioat be ever s » • ighr.a* by this precaution a more ►crious attack may b’< cfbdually warded oil. Public Scxakkbh ami fit nukus will And them efkeiu»l *vr clearing and strengthening the voice. Soldiers sh u’d have them, a < they can h» carried in tb« pocket, ai.d ta ken as occasion require*. apr 8. dA wlm VER.NATELLA. In auewer to numerous enquiriee as to whether or not the V BUN at k l la should be used for the Up per leather, we would say that we do not recoin me ml it for that nur|»o*e. its tiled being to toumu BN the leather. But for the solum ol Boots aud Shoes it is mvaluable, nu iug them partectly wa TBK-ruoor. It does not lortn a coatiug on the out side, but saturates he leather, making it like cop per, from whieh the article is m part manufactured OAHOON M ANUKACTUKINO CO. Otfio*89. Federal St . Portland, Me. WYMAN A TYLLB, Hg, Water St.. Boston. VVhcle-ale Agent* m DRUNKENNESS CURED. Aud a'l heart for iutoxicatiog liquors can be sure ly, speedily aud permanently conquered The med icine can be given without tho knowledge of the person, and is a remedy. Feud stamp tor circular. L. I). tKKHVVKLL, apr20dlm Box 1306, Boston. Soiopokr —We do not often speak of the various article* which come to us for notieeand trial.but the article with the above musical nsm- is an exception, t hree or four ladies ai.d children among our itnme diate friends and relatives have used the “ Sozo dont/'andit has certainly done all that is *aki in its favor It not only removes every blemish irom the tooth, but renders them clean and white. It al so gives a tone to the breath, aud leaves the mouth with a p’easant fragrance, it is decidedly the best preparation we hai e ever used for the purpose, and we recoinuieud the kragraut Sozodont to our friend* with great conflde ice.—Bolton Satnnlau Evening Kjrj*>tas. inch 13 It CUBIC FOB OATABBR.—OB. Wadswouth’s hll Y UP is a certain remedy for this loathsome disease. There is no mistake about this. The Dry Up ha* cured thousands of cases ol Catarrh, and the sales of the article is constantly increasing. A word to the wise is sufficient. For sale by the proprietor, H. II. BURKINGTON, Providence, K 1. Also by 11. II. HAY, Druggist, A gout for Portland. ootUlood A wtim BTTo cure a cough, hoarseness, or any disease of the throat and lungs.use Howe*'* Cough rills. Sold by II. II llav, Portland, aud by druggists generally jau'JT dA w3m* CTThe Post Office if directly opposite Harris Uat and Cap Store. teblft t! I wmmMpOW——————— Boston Stock List. Saleh at the Brokerr’ Board, Mat 3 06.000 American Gold, . 1761 3 *00 do ....... 178] 1.000 United States 6-20‘*.. 1061 28.000 do. 106} 600 .. do (small) .1061 600 Ogdmsburg 2d M.jitffSgetBouds, 37} 66 Eastern Railroad .100 2 Michigan Centra! Railroad .131 _MABB1BP. In Cornish. April 30, by Rev. II Atkinton. Vinery A. Kidlon, E»q ., and Mis* Ida A. liicktord. both of r&r*ou8field In Bath. April 26, by Rev Mr Morrill, Samuel H. Bill, of Du ham, aad Mis* Eunice A Blair, of B. In Augusta. April 36. Charles E Nelsou, of Co G. 32d Reg. and Miss Sophia J. Dow, of A. _P1EP>_ In this city. May 8, widow Sarah Blake, aged 83 years 2 months. Funeral to-morrow, at 3 o'clock, at the resi dence of John liorton. Bond street. Relatives and friend* are invited to attend. In this city. April 80, Mr* Mary A, wife of John Diamond, aged 26 year*. • In this city. May 8. Mr* Deborah R, wife of Wm 1 Cross, aged 60 years. In Brownfield, Ang 29, 1863, Timothy Gibson, Esq aged 82 year*. i n BretwhM, May 2. Louis M, wife of the Into Timothy Gibeon, ag«d 77 years. In Orono, April 20, Mr* Abby, wile of Dr. Abner Plummer, aged 81 year*. Ju Bangor. May 1, Jona Gilman. Kao. aged 49. In Auburn April 29. Mrs. Pri«cillaT. wife of the late Phillip A Briggs, aged 46 year*. IMPORTS. Cardenas -Bark Albion Lincoln—871 hhds molas ses, 4“ troa do, to J B Brown k Sons; 8 bhls do, to master. MINIATURE ALMANAC. Wednesday,.May 4. San rises.4 40 | High water. 9 24 San sets..7 4 | Length of aeys. 14|15 Thermometer.3 o’olook A. M 41 deg. MARINE NEWS. PORT OP PORTLAND. T.rwtay. May 3. AKKIVKD Slewner Lewiston. Knight Bo«toi. K tenner New Knglnnd, Field. St Jobs K II far Boetou. Bark Albion Lincoln. Bibber, from Cardenas via Holmes’ Hole—signalized 2d lost, 46 miles 8E Boone Island, bark N M Haven, from Sagua ror Portland. Brig Sarah Peters. Lord. Sailivan Sch Rlmeral, Bunker. Cranberry Isles. Sob Mariner. Pers, Surry. Sch Cora), Wood, Surry. Sch i'tiea, Thorndike, Rockland Sch Ceres. Booth. Briilgport for Eastport. Vch Prudence, Coombs, Boston for Baugor. Sch Dolphin. Bunker, Calais for Portsmouth. Sch Hebe. Black wood. Pembroke for Boston. Sch Georgia. Alley, Ellsworth for Boston. Sch W A Dubonque,Crowell, Bangor for Cape Mey Sch Oriaua, Digging*. Bangor for Philadelphia. CLEARED. Sch Marcas Hunter, Orr, Washington—Orlande' Nickerson. Soh Mary Johnson, Nickerson, Philadelphia—O Xickcreon. Sch H k Dnuton. Jamecou, New York—O Nick erson. Brig Nellie,«Br) Lewis, l urks Island for Poriltid, with 11.MW bus els salt, in coming into this port through White Head passage. wont aahore alt AM. 1st last, on Spindle l*dge.and will probably bo total lues. A steam tug went to ber assistance with a lifh boat and took off the Captain. The craw had left before Wreckers are employed to save as much oa possible, at low water. fc^Tbe following vessels were recently sold In London. Ships William Lord Jr. 1247 tons, ballt at kenuebunk iu 1466. lor £9160; Loonidaa, <3*6 tons, bui t at Bath in 1863. for £4 04. (not oopperod. sold at auction); Johu Khynos, 692 tons, bant at Belfast in 1%3. for £7000. DISASTERS. Sch Mary A. (of Rockland.) MortUl. from New York for Providence, with a cargo of corn, went ashore at Steep Rocks, Hell Gate, on Friday after noon. bnt came off again at high water. Lewes. Del. April 29 -The anloading of ship Saa Crest, has been postponed on account of the boist erous weather. Domestic forte. NKW OKLKAN8—Ar Hit. Urk (i.n Ed... K-r<i, and G W Horton. Packard.Philadelphia; brigs Fan nie. Lunt; J M Sawyar, Bourne, and G Meredith. Snow. do. Ar 22<l, ship* Northampton, Morse, and Westmore land, Decan, Portland; brig TB Watson, Thomp son. New Turk. Below 23d. sch G B Loring, Denser, from Uaatan Island. Also below, ship St Peter, fm Philadelphia: bark Gennessee, from Boston Cld 22d, barks R A Allen. Magnne, Clenfuegos; 23d, J Godfrey, Lincoln. New Yora. l owed to sea 16th, bark 8 B Carlton. 18th, shins John Clark. Chase BALTIMORE—Ar 29th, brig France# Jane. Mar* tint, St John PR. PHILADELPHIA Ar 20»h.barks Andaman.Otis, Ragged Islaud; nuiio'e. Pan no. Cardenas rid 9Hb. brig H F Coltbirst. Barbadoce; sabs Wm Arthur, Haskell, and K F* Lewis, Wallace, Portland. Waterloo. Pkkerinr. Boston Ar 3d inst, bark Eliza White, Varney. from Hilton Head. Ar80th. bark Minnesota, Watson, New Orleans. Ar 2st Inst, bark Nineveh. Stackpole.New Orleans. Cld 30th. schs Spokane, Sawyer, Saco C M Rich. Brien. Boston. NEW TORE— Ar 1st. brigs Mary Stewart, Stone Messina: J W Uarris. < Hr. do 8Id 29th. bark Harriet; 30th. ship Wm Frothing haui; brigs Maggie NcNeii. Henrietta, Eastern Star; sch Sarah Ellen Cld 2d, ship Chancellor. Jones. Liverpool, brig B F Nash. Laucev, Zara; Webster kvlley Brown, lor Philadelphia. W W Brainard. Pendleton, do. Also ar 8<J inst, bark David Nickels, fierce, Sagua. off Tbrogg's Neck, schs Susan Taylor, of Brooks v ills?; Brier, of Bocksport; Sarah, of Jonesport; tilenroy, of Gardiner; Champion, of Yarmouth. Evelvn. of —. PKoVIDEXt K-Ar a»th. sch Hurd. Snow, from New York NEWPORT—Ar COth. sch Flzpcrimeut, Baker, fm Portsmouth R1 coal mine#, for Yarmouth. Ar 1st. brig Olive, Candage. Lubec for Philadel phia: sobs Harriet Smith, kelley. Portland for New York; Tantamount,Davis. Wimeoseet for Port Koval Abby Gale. Belfast for NYork. Sid 1st. brigs Olive, and J W Woodruff. HOLMES'S HOLE—-Sid 80th. bark AJbicn Lin coin; brisJ Mctntire, Abby P Eeuno.. Br; Tangent, Martha Washington. Elias Dudley, Miiwaukie. An nandale. B Young and J D Lincoln; schs Starlight, Springbok, Hattie K Sampson, Hattie Rosa; Gen Marion. Matthew Einncy, L Startevaut, Maria Jane J N Baker, and others. Ar 1st inst, brig D B Deane, know It on. Gardiner for Port Royal SC; sch E G Willard. Parson#, Port Ians for New York; Oliva Elizabeth. Hamilton, do do: Elizabeth. Orcutt. Brook-villa for do. Sid 2d. blip Tangier. Hudson. D B Donne; schs Ontario, for Portland, with hhd »books saved from bark Harracoata; EG Willard, Coral, Olive Eliza beth. N o Harris, and others. BOSTON—Ar 2d. bark Chao. Brewer, Grant. Elis abethport; seh* John Me Adam, Pearson, and A! •tuizer Watte. Gaorgetowu D C; Elizabeth Segur Baker, and Kate. Trerethen. N York; Pilgrim. Kel ley. Calais. Maine. Browu. Machias; Champion Wlulden. Bangor; William Gerriah, Perry; Catha rine McNear. Wiscasset; Day Spring, Snow, and Frmi>ciaco.|kiiby. Portland. Cld 2d. brigs Aimoro. Cook, Machine, to load for St Doiaiugo: Wacoamaw, Nickels, do do. Sid, ships Virginia, Annawan, and Magnet. rOREIG N PORTS. Ar at Calcutta prsv to March 28. ship Rational La gl« Matthews. Rio Janerio At Loudon April 18, ship Minnehaha. Burster, for San Francisco. Idg Rhine. Moors, Ocoaa Pearl. Crow*II; London, Moore.; American Congress. Woodward, and Meridian. Lambert. dUg Cbas II Lord. Smith; Debt Thompson < urination. Ed ward*, aud Brittania. Hill, disengaged, barks Chas Smith, Wilson, do, Sarah A Staples. Staples, disg. Engagements—Alexandrine. Gottenburg to Bos ton, bar iron 80s aud 5 nor cent. Young Eagle. Car diff to Montevideo, coals, 28s; Sagamore. Cardiff to NYork. rail a ay iron. 26s and 6 per cent, ship paring war risk . Union, Cardiff to New York, railway iron, 2t» aud 5 per oeut. Mary Haag*. Cardiff to Rio Ja neiro. 27s. coals. Sabiuo, if loaded at Shanghae iff, tea. other ports in China, 66s, Manila, 77s «d. Singa pore. 77s. Calcutta, Madras, or rice ports, 76s; AC Small. Loudon to Cicufbegos and bock, sugar. 80s, mahogany. Ws Meridian, chartered to arrive and to carry 600 (1800 tons) Newport to NYork. raiJr ad iron. 22* 6d and 6 per cent; Gen'l Berry , Cardiff to N York. 26s 6d. Sahino. Cardiff aud Shanghae, coals, at 47s 6d Sailed troro Liverpool 2mh alt, E P Sage, and Gay Manner!ug. tor New York. Ar at Barbadots 10th ait, hark Ellen Morrison,Mo Cartv. NYork. Sid 13th ult, brig Scotland. Francis. Porto Bioo. At May agues 13th ait, bark Golden Fleece, for N York soon; brigs W L Swan, uuc. A rat Man rani! la 1st alt, sch Sardinian, Kumball, New York; bark Wiuthrop. Moulton, do. AratStJago 13th alt, brigs Denmark, Staples, aud Resolute. Patterson, New York. Ar at Havana 23d u t. bark W U Wall, Caatner, Key West; C Davis, Buck, NYork. Ar at do 20th. bark Wind ward.(Br) Eldrldge, Bos ton ; 92d, K Uarward, (Hr) Harward, Baltimore. Cld 25th. hark W H Well. Castuer. Caha rieu Sid 22d, ship Sarah March.(Br) Meloher, Neuvitas Sid 21*t, ship Kitty Simpson. (Br) Mayo. Remedios 24tba25th. bark Almira Coombs. Drink water, do. brig Charlena, Means, Sierra Morcna. In port 26th, barks D C Yeatou. Pote; Gea Berry., Unnia.Orr; Eihk.Ii Benner. Bcuner Wind ward. (Br) Kldridge, and Jane Muss, (Bri Brush, for Boston; S B Carlton, orcutt.for Philadelphia, brigs Fannie Lincoln, Hardison, for do; Geo Buraham, Thorndike, fur Portland. Freights still continue in auimated demand for various ports of the United Stabs. Am bark Pilot Fish, (Kev West) 500 hhds molasaos, Sagua and N Y at 94 per hhd : brig Belle. 4«*> tmde sugar aud molas ses, do North of llattera*. at 98) a 6 do; bark Al mira Uoombs, 560 hhds sugar, do do at 98 each: Ap 20, bark Sarah B Carlton, StlO hhds sugar*. Sagua aud Philadelphia at 9*> per hhd brig Lilly 600 hhds moluskes. Sierra Morcna and Portland, at 94J per 118 gallons; bark DC Yoaton,800 hhds sugar. Remedios and New York, at 98 each Sid 20th ult, bark N Stover, Stover. NYork . J C Nickels, Blanchard, Baltimore brigs Cal musk Pet ten gill. Sierra Morcna Northern Belle, Lee. Phila delphia. 22d. bark Aberdeen. Cochrane, NYork. Ar at Cardenas 19th ult. bark Triuitv. Nickerson, New Orieaus. brig Caroline Eddv. Smith, do. 21st, L M Merritt. Berry, New York: Walthaiu Wvman, Key Wist. Sid 18th alt. brigs Mouticelio Moon, New Y ork. lytb, gusau Duiicau. Mitchell. Philadelphia; Matil da- Coaniax Portlaad; »ch Kate talker, (lUlliver, New York 21st. bark* M Jago. White, Portland; C B Hamilton. Ricker. Kcmcdiop . bug-* Maria Wheeler. Wheeler, New Yoik Young America, Libby, Portland Abo aid, 13th. bark Hy Ruck. Nichol-. New York; 13d. brig Paragon. Hatch. Bangor: acb Chriatioa. Drink water. Portland [By tel.) C'ld at St John NB 24 mat. ahi|* W K Lid wig, for Liverpool: C 0 Cuncao, for Peaarth Koada. ' Per steamship Karopa, at Boeton ] Sid fm Liverpool 13th, Iron aide*, Oliver, aud la* derwriter, heuvon, for New Y ork. Knt for Idg 13th. Cultivator. Ku*»oH. for NYork; Utb. Chimbora/o LevaoaaJier, fordo: 16th, Klipba let Greeley, Cutter, Boston; I bo* Harward, Call,for Naw Y'ork >dv \6 h. Saliote, Small, for New York 23d. < Id at l,ondoti 10th. Mazatlau, Jeffords, for Kio Janeiro Railed from bravereud llth Sagamore, Boutwall, Cardiff, to load for New York. Arat Deal 13th.«.olden State. Delano, fm Callao for Hamburg, aad nailed, (loot overboard March 18, Martin Clover, mate, aad two seamen. at Kalmouth 14th, Y'ouag Mechanic. Bennett, Callao tor Havra. ,2lh' Ucgeat. II ant bleu. iroiu Shield, for New York. Sailed from (Hugo* Utb. Sol Wilde#, Wade, for New York ; llth. St George, fat do. Sailed from Uth. Shamrock Logan Saa Francisco. Ar at Penang Feb 27, Moneka. Mayo. Singapore Sailed from Point de Gaile Much 1U, Allred l.c mont. Peaee. Amherst. Ar at Leghorn 2d ult, Mary E Ladd. Kilts. M York. Ar at Uanoa llth ult. Exchange, Chaney. New port E. Arat Hamburg 12tb ult, Del fthavrn, Ft eciv,Callao. 18th. Valley Forge. Crowell, do. Sailed Hit Marseille, llth ulr, H K Spearing, Rog er., Boeton. (Per City »f Wuhiugtou, at New York.) Sailed from Liverpool 16th alt. W B Diu.morr, Foeter, for New York; 18th. Te unueli. Spouagle, Philadelphia: Sophia Mckearie. Craige, Baugor Old Uth. F P Sage. Steveaa. New York Eul for Idg Ititb.Vaucoaver.Carli-la. Philadelphia 18th. Martha. King, Boetoo: J Ibompaoa, Blake, New York Ar at London 18th. Hadaon, Potter, Calcutta. Ar at Deal Uth. Arameoe Snow. Morriaoa, Callao for Rotterdam: J neie Kaetman, lor Ant werp: 17th, JLUale. Kkhardeoa, Calcutta: Caro line Tucker. Minot. Callao. Sailed from Lleboa loth ult. Minaevota, Matthew., for Boetou Sid fm Cardif 18th, Alice Veaaard. Kelley, tar New York. Pat hack to Greenock llth. A E Lovitt, Perry, Im Ardrossan for New York, leaking. Ar at Yrieete 16th alt, Maria Mortoa, Woodward, New Y'ark. Ar at Mevelna 8th alt, Fanny Hamilton, Dyer, fm Napiea. Sailed from Villa Koal 6th alt, Tauaro. Kelley, for Liverpool. Ar at Gibraltar 8th alt, Lacy A Nkdate, Ford, im Lkala. aad cld for Banton Ballad from St Nazal re 17th alt. Coarper, Sparrow, for Cadiz. Dunkirk —Ar la the roadz Uth alt, Helicon, God fray, Callao. Sailed from Moutavideo Marchs, »lor dai Mar. WI,well, New York. Ar at Rio Greade Ftb -«t, Uanaah, Allea, from New York. Sailed from Uwenor Ayers March 4. C U Soul j, Sio net, Akyab. Montevideo. March 14 Tlte C • Uazcltlaa, Key, from Naatee, arrivad here 2d it at, la dialreaz. aud left 6th for CaUao. SPOKEN. Fab 16, no tat. be. ship Lawraacc, Johnson, from Saa Fraacieco for Liverpool rah 17, lai 1» 27 8. Ion 82 46 W. ship Ellen Stewart. Lyons, from Livarpaai for Bombay. Feb 22. off St Helena, ship Martha Rideout, Foote, from Man I main for Falmouth K. March 16. no lat, be. chip J G Kkbardaoa, Ken dall. Tram CaUao for Franca. April II. o# Wkktow, .hip L'niverau. fot Liverpool for New York: at cam# lima, shine Clara Wbee er, aad BeoJ Adams, do for do. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. ONE MORE COTILLON PIRTT There will be I Mat Taitt el XXCXAXIC8' HALL, — ox FRIDAY EVENING, May «th, PLOOB lAUlllW. C. H. Rich, W k. U hopes Me Hodgkins. Music by IHoaoad'a Quadrille Bud. OT Dualai to commence at 8 o'clock. Ticuu 75 Cbbts. uo>4<13i Hastings Melodeons ffl4A,“ UBIIET m\\i .43 HOOD A3 THE BEST AMD CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. Wan-rooui Na, i Tnuplc Sit., PORTLAND Per,on, desirous at purchasing al l rod it for their advantage to call and eaamlna lor then.Kites. uajMlm RE MOVAL ! WILLIAM P. HASTINGS. Has removed bis Mtlodeon A Organ Manufactory, From Federal street to tbs lirg* and commcdious rooms over K A Merritt’s store oa Temple sireei. entrsuce Mo. 6, Warerooxas and Manufactory ox the third floor. tilw Lottie the Stale ot iXtiine. TaaAatraaa's Ornca, I Aegasu, May 1 1404. | IN conformity with a Raaolrv of lha Legislature approved March 19, 1MI, autborinng a laaa of t hroe Million Dollars, propoeaia will ba received at this uftec until Iva o'c bek P. M . tka tweuty-foartb day al May sarreal. tar a loan of Two Million Dol lars, reimbaraablo In twoaty-lie yonrr. for which bonds of the State will be iaoaed in turns of Iva has drad dollars aad oaa thoasaud dollar,, bearing is tarast at the rata of ala par cent, yearly, aud paya ble semi-annual > The bond, will be Issued dated June I. 18S4, with roapons nttacbcd for tbs scmPannanl Interest, pay able. both principal aad interact, at the Sufulk Bunk, Boston. 1 hr moBay oa said Iona will ba received at thia otter. Suffolk Hank. Boston, or either ef the Bank, la Bangor, Portland, Balk or Uoekland Persons dcstroaa of taking the loco, or any part af It. not leas than ffra hundred dollars, air refuse! ed tc acad tbclr proposals io lbs 1 rearurer ol Mate, at Aagaata. epee.fying the amount and terms. Those porsoas whose proposals taay be accepted, will be tiaauidlatelyhsaiiled NATHAN DANK. Treasurer. May 4.—dtomayM _ To Bail Broad Contractor*. TBE Portland and ? Kail Roa«l Company will receive proposal# uutil tbe teatii of thie month, tor grading that portion of tbeir road which ie* hotwewa Coagrees street, in Portland, and the intersection of the York and Cumberland Railroad, north of the 'Hale/ liou*e. ' ou the Dew ring Estate, la Westbrook. Alee, for a Stone Culvert over Deerlng Mill Fond, and other masonry, on the line or the road te be graded. Also, fir the Construction of a Sea-wall from the easterly side of Fortiaad Bridge, on or near the Commissioner's line of Fori land barber to the wharf ef the Fort laud Gas Co. Also, for tiling the dock iacloesd by said tea-wad, and their Depot Ground* la For• land. Proposals hir tbe whole or any part of said work wiil be oou*ide*ed ; the Company reserving the right ta accept any portion of such propota), as it may deem expedient. bpoclttratioas of the w ork mav be seen at theoftice of the Engineer, near the Gas Works. C. J XO YES. Enriaeer of the P. «t k U K Co. Portland. Mav 3d, i*>4 dtoMayb* A YOUNG GIRL, from 12 to U years or age. to assist in taking care of a Babe Mast be wed recommended Enquire at 32 Brown »M«ct, fna 9 to $ o'clock F M. idtf CITY OF PORTLAND. lx Honan or Mavok ana Alokhmss, ( May 2. 18*4 | ON the petition ot C. A- Donnell, for permission to erect end ue e Stationary ; team Engine in tbe build n. No. 118 bore Street: Ordered. That Mnudev the aliteeuth day or May laat., at 7J o’clock, r. M., at the Aldermen', room, be awigued a- the time auil place lor tbe cuaridera th>B of .aid petition; and that mid petitioner fire aotlce thereol by pahhebing thi» order fti one or the daily paper, of the city four time,. the «nt public,, tion to he at leaet fourteen day, beforehand, that all peraona tatcraatcd may appear and he heerd thereon Atteet J M HEATH. City Clerk Copy.Atteet J. M HEATH.City Clerk »»r* did To iBBhdMm and Hrimlet,. AN edjourm d meeting of Ike Uceenelag Heard of tbe City of l’ortland mill he held at the Al dermen’, Itoom 01 Monday the aixteenth day of May laat . at three o’elock fa the at . moon to cou ■idar aay application, that an be made lur lea balder, it Victualer.' Urrnet, tor the eurreat \ tar. Ax tbie will he the laat meeting of the Board for this year all perron, Interest d will gircrn them selves accoidingtv. Per i rder, J M HEATH. City Clerk Portland. Mar 3. 1*54 may 4 did ty Vrgui and Courier copy NOTICE. FIRS I general meeting of the Houw end Ship Painter'. Union wi 1 be held at tbeir Hail oa THDR8UAT EVENING. May 81b at 7J o'clmk. t alliter, wlabiugtu join tbe I'aton ate napectiullv milted to attend dit- Pan GAP xa i on.

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