Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 4, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 4, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND I IPIXTTY. City A Mails. In BoaiiU ok Mayor and Alukrmkk, I Tbe City Auditor presented hii account oft he ap propriations aud expenditures lor the fiiinni-ial year ending March 3i, i8t54. which was read and referred to the Committee on Aocount*. lhj City Treasurer presented hi* account a* Treas urer, which wa* referred to the Committee on Ac count*. The Committee on Public Instruction, to which wasreterrei tho petition of the Manager* of the remale Orphau Asylum, reported in favor of an appropriation of the sum of 82oj to pay for a teacher of the children of that institution. fhj same comm ttee also reported in favor of au appropriation of 8300 for tbe instruction of the children -t the A'm-house. Petits,nee Prr tented a id Referred—Of II. Trickey et als , fur a lamp post on Parris street; of J. YV. Muuger et als , that Veruon Court may he accepted bv the city and extended to Doe ring street; of E. Johnson, lor compensation for injury to hi* proper ty by the gradiug of Hrackctt street; of C. A. Don nell, for leave to jtlaco a stationary steam engine In the building No. 1H Foie street; ot A. A 8. .Spring et als., that mean- be taken hr the city to cause the blacksmith shop on L'niou street, owned by Mr Charles Averill. to be removed back to the line; and to cause that any building which may hereafter be erveted on the lot recently occupied by the ha> •tore of Mo ars. J. Libboy A Son, shall be made to conform to the line of l'uion street a* run by the city: of Joaiah Williams, for compensation for dam age done hi* property by the grading of Brackett street; of Winslow A Doten, for permission to place a stationary steam engine in a building ou Mu»sc> '• wharf. Orders Pasted—Rt«iutsting the Mayor to ccntinua bis efforts to secure the safety of property on Com mercial street from destruction by tire from the sparks of looomotivoa; directing the Committee on Public Grounds to iuquin-into the expediency and probable co*t of purchasing the lot or Huts on the westerly side of the lot now owned by the city, at the foot of Hanover street; directing the same com mittee to remove the building on the old hay-*c«)e lot. and to cause a suitable fence to be erected in front of the hay-scale lot on Green street; directing tbe 8.met Commissioner to cause Mr Avcrilt’s blacksmith shop on Union street to be moved back to the Hue ot said street; directing the Committee on Streets. Ac., to grade tbe whole, or such portion of Bratuhall street as »hey mav deem tor the inter est of the city; establishing tfie grade of Braiuhall street; directing the Committee on Laying out Streets to lay out a street from Canal street, south erly , on ihe line of l'ortland Bridge, to low water mark-also to lay out and extend Danforth street, from its pressnt terminus, over the location of Vaughan’s bridge, aoutheily, to low water mark — also to layout and extend Green street, from its present terminus, over Hearing a bridge, to the northwesterly line of the city—also to lay out a con tinuation of Washington street, from it* present terminus, over the location of Tukey's bridge, to low water mark—if they shall deem tho ssroe. or any part thereof, to be expedient; directing the City Auditor to lay before the City Council, on or before June 6th, estimates of tho receipts aud expenditure* of the city tor tbe preteat year; fixing thesalaiy of the Liquor Agent at 88d0; reconsidering the vote passing an order fixing the aalariea of the subordi nate officers, and recommitting said order to the Committee on Salaries for their revision. Petition oi William Torrey was read and laid on the table An ordinance concerning the City Treasurer and Collector was r< ad and laid on th* table. An ordinanoe. providing that the c3d section of the Revised Ordinances on Streets shall not be held to apply to any portico or window projecting not more thau two aud a half feet beyond tbe line of tbe atreot—provided that no portion thereof is le-s than eleven feet above the grade of the street or sidewalk,—passed to be engross'd - J C sterling was elected policeman in place of J IT Berrick, resigned. Wa 8 Broughton was elected Liquor Agent. A convention of both b~anches was formed, and tbe following officers were elected : Charles Farley. Assessor, ia p’ace of Jeremiah Dow, resign© 1; Henry Gal'ison, Constable; Isaac W. Scainmon, Field Driver and Fence Viewer; F. A. Hamlen, Surveyor of Lumber. Adjourned to Monday evening, May ICtb, at o’clock. Called State* Circuit Court. CLIFFORD J., PRESIDING. David V. Cotton, of Brownfield, wat ar raigned yesterday on a complaint charging him with uttering a two dollar U. S. Treasury note altered to a fifty. He pleaded not guilty, aud gave bail in the sum of 11500 for his ap pearance at the next term of the Court, to be held iu September. C. Jt. Ayer, Esq., of Cor nish, appeared for the prisoner, and G. E. B. Jackson, Esq., Asst. U. S. District Attorney, for the Government. Court adjourned to 10 o’clock this morning, at which time the case of Moffat and wife va. The City ol Portland will be taken up. 8. J. Court—April Term. DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. Tuesday—The case of John Lynch vs. Samuel Swanton 2d occupied the entire day. The defeuse set up two points1st—That the note had been altered after defendant en dorsed it, by writing over the signatures of the endorsers the words “waiving notice,” without the knowledge aud couseut of de fendant. 2d—That while the note was in possession of James Strout an agreement was made with the prcunissors, by Strout, to ex tend the time of paymcut, without the con tent of the defeudaut. The case was argued for the defendant by Mr. Butler, and for plaintiff by Mr. E. Fox. At Ihe conclusion of the arguments Court adjourned to i) o’clock Wednesday moruiug, when the case will be given to the jury. Municipal Court.—May X Michael Murray, for druukeuoess and dis turbance, was fined $3 aud costs. Committed. Lemuel Martin and Michael Murray, Jr., lads of 13 and 1(1 years of age, were fined $2 each and costs for Sabbath breaking. Mar lin paid, but Murray was committed. William Cavauaugti, lor druukenness and disturbance, was fined $3 aud cost*. Com mitted. Samuel Morrison, for firing a gun in the streets, was fined (5 and costs. Committed. Michael Wall, for violation of the Lord’s day by keeping his shop open after 12 o’clock Saturday night, was fined $lu and cost, which be paid. Michael Conley, lor drunkenness aud dis turbance, was fined $2 aud costs. Committed. Margaret Blake, for drunkenness anti dis turbance, was flued (3 aud costs. Committed. James Sheridan was brought before Court Charged with druukenness aud disturbance. Sentence was suspended for ten days. Marine Dirarteh.—British brig Nellie (apt. Lewis, fruui Turks Island, while coming iuto this port yesterday morning through White Head passage, struck on Spindle ledgg and will probably be a total loss. The steam tug Tiger went dowu with a life-boat from the Kevenue Cutter, aud took off the captain, the crew having previously left the vessel. She had a cargo of 11,818 bushels of salt,con signed to Messrs. Mc-Gilvery, Uyan & Davis Wreckers have been engaged to save all they can from the vessel at this tide. We are in formed that the vessel bad n^iilot on board, and that she took the wrongrnde of the buoy iu coming through the passage. Dry Goodk at Auction.— E. M. Patten will sell at auction, at his rooms ou Exchange Street, to morrow, a large and well selected stock of dry goods of every description. Among them are lines of linen aud cotton guodi well worthy the attention of dealeis and housekeepers. jyAbout g:,,OOH letters passed through the Post Office In this city on Monday last, keeping the entire force actively engaged from early iu the morning until midnight. This is the largest number that ever passed through the office iu any one day. New Custom House.—“Perley" telegraphs the Journal from Washington, that Collector Washburn has convinced the House Com mittee of Ways and Means of the necessity of a new Custom House in this city, for which they will recommend an appropriation. Feohai. Exhibition.—The May exhibi tion, b> the Portland Horticultural Society, will opeu at 2 o'clock ibis afternoon at Me chanics’ Hall. It will no doubt he a hand some show, and one well worth seeing. BfiVs learn that Kev. Dr. Graham, pastor of Casco Street Church (Free Will Baptist|, has received aud accepted a call to go to New York. jy There will be a Cotillion parly at Me chanics’ Hall Friday eveulug. Music by Di (Bond's (Quadrille Band. ————————w^mmm i A Brave Soldier Done ! At the battle of Pleasant Hill, Mr. Leon ard K. (Jill received a ball in his head, and fell dead instantly, while fighting bravely in the ranks. He was the tun of Daniel and Loiiuda L. Dill, of this city, aud was a wor thy and excellent young man. When the war broke out, be promptly volunteered in the 1st Maine regiment, and was out for three months. Keturniug iu October, 1801, lie en listed iu the 13th Maine for three years. His parents have the testimony of his officers, that he was respected and beloved by all tile regiment; and also, that he was not off duty for a single day since lie enlisted! His tem perance principles were triumphant through out, and lie never tasted of intoxicating liquor —a beautiful tribute this to he given ou his death,—and he resisted in this res|iect all the Reductions of a aoldiur’a life. He was the cook to his regiment, aud that class were or dered to the rear at the commencement of the light; but bis spirit and bravery would not admit of that immunity, aud he went boldly iulo battle, aud was the first two days untouched, but tell iu the thickest of the light, on the third day. lie had a wile and family, having married in this city some years since. He leaves a widow and three children to mourn the loss of a kind husbahd aud father. His age was 34 years. We delight to honor the memory of such ineu. it is they that are to save our country from the arch designs of traitors; and when they fall, away from home and family, and all the tender influences and sympathies of friends —having voluntarily lelt all these for the de fence of their land—they die as noble deaths, and their memories should be as dearly cher ished, as that of the bravest otlicer. All hon or to the private soldier, who does his duty manfully in camp, aud meets the enemy and death bravely in the field! Theatre.—Deering Hall was crowded to overflowing last evening, and the performanc es were rapturously applauded. Mr. Marshall has made a decided hit in bringing ids excel lent company to Portland, aud in aflbrdiDg our people an opportunity of witnessing the brilliant acting of M'lle Zoe. This even ing a new play, the “ Wizard Skill',” will lx produced, in which M'lle Zoe will sustain sev eral characters. We advise those who invite ladies to attend, to secure their tickets and re served seats early, as last evening every spare inch of standing room waa taken up, and uiauy ladies were unable to obtain seats. The Carter Zouaves.—This troupe had quite a large audience at the new City Hall last evening, and their entertainment was very pleasing. The audience testilled their delight by repeated applause aud frequent en cores. The Zouave drill was a handsome thing, and all the other performances were good. Another entertainment will be given this evening. — Kt~ The journeymen house carpenters in this city held a meeting last evening, formed an association, and elected the following offi cers: President, J. G. Lewis; Vice-Presi dent, A. I). Smith; liecording Secretary, J. Dow; Financial Secretary, S. U. Uilkey; Treasurer, N. N. Lunt. ^ys«*e advertisement ol youug gill wau led to assist in takiug care of a small child. HY TELEGRAPH KVENINO PAPERS. - - ———— Tiro Day* Lo4tr from Kuropr. New Yoke, Msv 3. The steamship Scotia, from Liverpool the 23d ult., via Queenstown the 24tb, arrived at 12.30 i'. si. Madeira advices of April 10 say that the Florida and St. Louis bad been there togeth er. The SL Louis was allowed six hours start of the Florida. Garibaldi quilted London on the 22J and proceeded to the residence of Dowager Ditch es of Sutherland, near Maidenhead, where he would remaiu io retirement a few days, em barking for Caprera on the 2tith iust. He breakfasted with a party of Americans at the United Stales Consul’s ou Die 22d, and expressed himself warmly in ravor of the United States in their struggle with slave power. 11c said he would go there at once aud lender his services if they were needed, but he was glad to learn that they were not. He remarked that England and America unit ed could keep the |>eace of the world. Garibaldi has issued a farewell address to the people of England, offering his heartfelt gratitude and says his primitive object was to thank Etigiaud for sympathy, and this ac complished, he said lie hoped to return again at no distant day. The Paris Temps thinks little of the reso lution of the Washington House of llepre seutatives relative to Mexico, at least pend ing the continuance of the civil war. Liverpool 24. JLafcsf.—The Africa aud Ilecla passed Cape Clear to-day. Politics unimportant. The report that the Florida and St. Jxmis were at Madeira on the Klh April, was unfounded. The Court of inquiry into the loss of the steamer Bohemian, lias been concluded, ( apt. Borland's certificate was suspended twelve months for want of sufficient caution aud not sounding. London 24. A telegram from Gibraltar 22d, says an Austrian squadron of & ships has just sailed for the German ocean. 1 J-'ire al M ih/iimjti/M, \. C. $5,000,000. Washington, May 2. The Richmond papers ol the 20th ult., con tain the following. Wii.minoton. N. C.yApril 31). A Ore occurred last night on the west side of the river which consumed the offices of the Wilmington aud Manchester R. R., 34 freight cars of the Georgia Central Railroad and ev ery building south of the depot, including the Confederate cotton press, Berry’s Marine Railway and all the cotton stored west of the Ferry, about 6000 bales. At the Ore this morning about 4400 bales of cottou, 25 freight cars, the railroad, the Uosiu and OH works, cotton press, Berry’s ! shipyard, etc., were burned. Loss estimated i at $5,000,01X1. The Confederate government loss $1,000,000. Balance falls on individuals. | There was an insurance of about 11,000,000. .Vrir (Primmj. Cairo, 111., May 1. By the arrival of the steamer Mollie Abel we have New (Irk-ans dates to the 2«th. The gunboat Petrel was suddenly boarded, captured aud burnt by Wirt Adams’ cavalry on the 23d, two miles above Yazoo City. A number on the boat were killed, and Captain McEluory aud crew are missiug, supposed to be prisoners. The executive officer, engi neer, pilot aud ensign escaped, She carried lour or five guns and was of small size. On the following Sunday a federal officer named Wooster, loruierly lu command of a colored regiment, was executed iu the same I vicinity. /fMMiomf llattlf in nn. Nkw York, May 3. it is stated iu dispatches from Cairo, that Gen. Steele aud Thayer had made an attack I upon the rebel rear and recaptured 18 of the pieces captured from Gen. Banks ut Pleasant Hill, aud that Gen. Steele’s forces are march ing down the uorth bank of the Red river, to ctfeet a juncliou with Geu. Banks. From H aiHingtun. Washington’ May 3d. At the Naval General Court Martial re cently convened in this city, Commodore Charles Wilkes, of the Navy, was tried and sentenced to be publicly reprimanded by the Secretary of the Navy, and to be suspended liuui duty for the term of three years. IOTII Portland Daily Press. ——--«•#'--- —~.. . XXXVIII 00NGBES8—First Session Washington, May 3. SENATE. Mr. Fessenden reported from the finance committee lire army appropriation bill a.) amended by the House, aud asked for a com mittee of conference. Agreed to. Mr. Sherman called up the resolution that a quorum of the Seuate shall constitute a majority of the Senators present duly quali fied. It wa9 made the special order for 12.30 P. M. to-morrow. The House joint resolution appropriating $25,000,000 for the pay of the one hundred days’ troops was passed, aud the Senate, at 2.30 P. M., adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. Schenck, ol Ohio, from the military committee, reported a bill providing that on and after the 1st ol May next, the pay of pri vates in arms, shall bo increased from $13 to $10 per mouth, aud of non-commissioned offi cers as follows: Corporals $18; SereeanU $20; Orderly Sergeants $24; Sergeant Majors $2<i per mouth. The bill was then passed unanimously, there being 135 yeas. Mr. Stevens reported from the committee on ways and means the Senate’s amendments to the Navy appropriation bill, and the House concurred in these, appropriating $7,200,(XX) lor the completion ol sixteen screw steam sloops, $4,(XX),(XX) for the purchase and repair ol vessels for western waters, aud $3,(XX),(XX) for the purchase aod charter of vessels for blockading purposes. Mr. Kice, of Mass., showed that the en largement of the Charlestown Navy Yard had become necessary by the large increase of the navy. The Senate struck out the appropriation of $135,(XX) for the purchase of laud adjoining the Charlestown Navy Yard, aud on the amend ment the committee on ways aud means rec ommended a non-concurrence. Mr. Holman, of Ind., moved a reduction of the appropriation to $00,(XX),showing that this was the value of the property last autumn. Mr. Steveus said the appropriation was rec ommended by all the commaudants who had been at the yard. The House concurred in the Senate’s amend ment by 50 to 38. The House then concurred in the Senate's amendment providig that no money appropri ated for the Naval Academy shall lie supplied for the support ol any midshipman who shall not hereafter be appointed in strict conformi ty with the laws. The House next considered the Senate’s amendment providing that the Naval Acade my shall be returned aud re-established at Annapolis before the nest academic year.— The amendment was concurred iu. The House resumed the consideration of the bill guaranteeing a Kepublican form of gov ernmentto the States subverted oroverthrowu by the rebellion. II- li -i_ r ir ii i • > avj/oiiu v me omir.ici that Una is au aboiiliou war. Instead of the part; in power being responsible for the war, it was that party which had control of the government for slaty yeare. The rebellion was inaugurated under a Democratic adminis tration, with its patronage and consent, stim ulated and encouraged by the promise ol the aid of Northern Democrats, aud now kept alive in the hope that the same part; will come to its assistance. While the Democrats bold President Lincoln to a strict account, and charge him with violations of the Consti tution, the; have no complaints to utter against the rebels who set the Constitution at defiance. In conclusiou, Mr. Perbain said that slaver; must cease with the last strug gles of the rebellion. Mr. kernau, of N. Y., considered the pro visions of the bill and opposed it, because, ac cording to his judgment, it was in violation of, and subversive, of the great fundamental prin ciples on which the General aud State govern ments stand. The Federal government has no right to interfere with the people in chang ing their Constitutions and making them laws. We can do nothing more than guarantee a Re publican form of government in accordance with the Constitution. He believed that the effect of the bill would be to crush out the loyal men in these States, and stimulate them to resistance. The question is not how much the South has sinned, but what is wise aud best for a happy aud peaceful Union for both the North and the South. We shall not save aud restore the people of the land under one government by trampling on the guarantees of the Constitution. EVENING SESSION. The bill guaranteeing a Republican form of government to rebellious States being under consideration, Mr. Gooch, of Mass , made a lengthy speech in favor of the measure. Mr. Perry, ol N. J., opposed the bill at length. After a long debate, which was participated in by Messrs. Fernando Wood, of N. Y., and Kelley, of Penn., the House at II 1-4 o’clock adjourned. Capture of Blockade Runner. Fobtrrhs Monkok, May 3. The steamer O. L. Clarke, Irom Port Royal, has arrived. She reports ou the 1st inst , oil Frying Pan Shoals, spoke guuboat Vicksburg cruising for blockade ruuuers. The Vicks burg reported as followsCaptured on the .'10th ult. the schooner India, loaded with palm aud sugars, evidently for Wilmington; also chased a sidewheel steamer the same day, but lost her at night. The propeller Arraitage was driven on to the wreck of the guuboat Whitehall, iu Hampton Roads, during the gale last night, and tilled with water. Varioa* Item*. New Vouk, May 3. Steamships Edinburg and Olympus, from Liverpool, arrived to-day. Will. L. Thayer, U. S. Consul General for Egypt, died at Alexandria ou the loth uit. Gold advanced alter the board to 1 SI, but closed quiet at I 80 3-8. Washibotox, May 3. The District of Columbia only requires tweuty-two more men to complete all the calls under the draft. Kntlro't'l Arriiirnt Hint Lot. ©/' f.i/r. Lot?ISvii,LK, Ky., May 3. The train hence for Nashville, leaving at 7 o’clock this evening, with the 37tli infantry, met with a sad accident at midnight. Wheu two miles this aide of Muinlbrdsville the axles of the rear car broke, throwing the car down au embankment, killing one soldier and wounding twenty-eight others, two of whom have since died. A brakemau had several ribs broken. The wounded were taken to Mumfordaville. Marina IHaaalar. Nicw Uavkn, May 3. The brig Elizabeth, of liatigor, coal laden, bound for Boston, went ashore on Sharks Keef, off Bradford, last night. Her crew were taken from the rigging, where they had re mained for twelve hours, by a boat’s crew from Fail haven this afternoon. The brig was niueteen years old, and valued at $17,(100. She will be a total loss. Financial. Washikstox, May 3. The subscription to the 10-40 loan, as re ported to the Treasury Deparlmeut today, amounted to $1,103,000. Stock Market. N*w Yoke, May 3 Second Board — Stockf better. United State* 6-5IU coupons,.1061 Treasury . ..IoV* Duited State* one year certificate* new. V1 > Mibftouri 6 *. 70 American Gold.. .... 17V* Canton Couipauv ..7.7.7, ..7.7..8&f Cumberland Coal Compauy preferred .tte* Quickhilver Mining to, Pacilic Mail. ooT New York Ceutral.. 1... . 1831 Kri#r .. 112I Erie preferred,.' * " ‘ I U ud*ou.... 18H Harlem......... Heading.; Michigan Central..777.138 Pittuburg, Port Wayne A Chicago,.j|n* Michigan Southern. Michigan Southern guaranteed.185 Illinoi* Centra) *crip.11* Cleveland A Pittsburg.108* Cleveland A Toledo. 1*7 Chicago A Hock Ivland.Ill Chicago, Burliugton A i^uiucy. 138 Toledo A Waba*h,. OV* Chicago A Noith We«tem. 63 NOTICE. - MRS. C. W. JORDAN HKRK.UY informs the public that the same work will be done at Uerstore, has previous ly been done at the Needle Women*'' booms, giving employment whenever it is practicable, to the >ame cla-8 of seamstress**#. She has secured the services ot Mrs. (ierrish, aho for the past three years has superintended the work at the “Rooms.” and will endeavor to • nit t er patrons by obtaining the most approved styles in Adults and Childrens’ Garments. Particular attention will be paid to an lufant’s De partment. Orders received for Kmbroidery, imme diately. and also plain sewing, if the work it ntte4, but no rutting will be it me till the fir»t Monday in June. Orders from other plac*# promptly executed. Mr*. J. still continues to stamp any |«tteru on any fabric, ineluding Alphabets, patterns enlarged. diminished, or designed. A Good Assortment of Worsted and Worsted Goods, Hoderr. Gloves. Braids and Fancy Goods Portland. April1864. apr2M t-odkw pensions] bounties -AXD BACK PAT : Are obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharg'd) and the friends of deceased soldiers who are entitled to the same by BYltON D. V Kit HI 1.1,. lllvnit}' uni Councilor, il \o. Hi liJtllc Sind, -AXD Licensed Atcunt for all the Departments at Washinglou. • Por'laml. April 1:8. HUM. a; . jili.m Spring and Summer Goods! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 94Exchange St., Having returned from New York and Boston with the bkmt assortment mud vkwut stylus of Eaitlkb. I mn li Orriiiun, Scotch mid American Cloths, Embracing all the dvwlrabls STYLUS. SHAOKS ami FINISH to br touud in tbs market, suitable for BUSIN ESS buir.-t. km.limi walking COA1S, bpriug OVERCOA lb and DUKhS SL11S. . Hie# Verting, Army and Savy Cloth*. Every pain* will bs taken to give sntireaatlifaction in FITTING, workmanship and prices. CLOTHS FOR BOVS’ t\ EAR. Particular atteution gircu to Cuffing <V .Uxanfacturin* Boy’s Clothiu* mch 9cod3m PEAR TREES! Attention is invited to ray stack of PEARS, both on pair and guinc* root, a* superior to auy offered for iieven years last. It embraces nearly all the sorts described and figured In the last report of the Sec re ary of the Board of Agriculture (a copy can be seut by mail on receipt of ten cents in postage stamps, to any one desiring to have it autl who may not be able to obtain one more easily, through a member of tbo Legislature) as adapted to culture in Maine. HARDY C*RAPES For open culture—lest early sorts CURRANTS, RASPBKRRH8, kr., kr. kW~ Mend for a Catalogue. 8. L. t.oodalc. Kaco. April 28, 1884. api29 d*2w* M. G. WEBB & CO., | Wholesale Dealers in Flour, *0. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, | _»pl4 rOBTLAKD, ME. dtf Porllmid Shovel nuiiufaciariiiK Company. THE annual meeting of the utockboldera .ill be h.ld at tin* office of the Conipauy. Henca Street, on Monday M«y 9ll>, |a64,»t 3 o'clock F. M. For the choice of Directors for the enauing year. To determ ue upon an increnae tf the capital stock. Forth* transaction <f any other busiueaa that ■ray legal y uotnu before the mutiny »■ O. CRAM, Treasurer. GREEN HOUSE AN1> IIEDDING OI’T PLANT*, (Respectfully inform the public that I hive ou baud i large a«aortmeut ot Urevu House ami ! Beddiug-out riant*. for .Spring sale. of superior quality, Vi*: V KR It It MAM, DaHLIM*. PlLAlUoU. ; uua. Panhkm aad u sk«. Also, a tine collection i of A ST K It I'LAkl'l, Ac , kc .. Ac. A selection may always be tuuud at Kamlall k Woituey's. Market Square. Order* left there will be promptly attrndeo to ALBERT PI RW ANGER, Florist Comer of JSorth aud Montreal Htretts. Portland, Me. apittOtf BRADLEY, MOl'LTON A ROGERS, Wholesale Dmalkkh m Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Th:mas Block, Ho HEIM BRALIV, I O M MOULT! n, [ PORTLAND, ME. A. O. ROORK8. \ _ I maySdtf M. C\ M A.. fpHK Regular Monthly Meeting of the Maine X Charitable Mechanic Association. will be held iu the Library Room, ou Till RgDAY EVENING, May 6th, at o'clock. May 3d -3t STEPHEN MARSH. Sec y. CAVALRY HORSES WANTED. AftSIBTAKT QUAUTIUMABTia'H Omi'K, ( Augusta. .M hi ue. Aprils, 1K«X j PERSONS having IIomen for sale, suitable for the Cavalry Service are invited to titter them to 1 be undersigned. Stating the number of hordes aud the pi ice per lioise offered Each home will lx* inspected nt ( amp Coburn, and muOflcufi nu to the following standard : To I e trom 14] to 16 hands high; from 6 to 9 year* eld, compactly built, full fleshed, bridle-wUe, perfectly sound anu ofsufticieut size for Cavalry purpoe* 11. BRINK KRIIOKE. apr291w ('apt. and A Q. M Tumiscotfu Pino Luud Co. TUE annual meeting ot this Company will be l»el»i at the Preble House, ou Wednesday, May 11th, 1864. at 4 o’clock P. M , for the choice of officers, and auy other busiuess legally coming be fore the meet lug N O. CRAM, Treasurer, way 2 • ta MERCHANDISE._ SIl'ITII Tlort'llil nolHKM'A. HHD8 . Ot)<» ) CHOICE 81 Kill!A MOKENA !»TIERCES Mil.ASSES. 10 BBLS ’ Now lauding from Brig "C. 11. Kvnnnlt ” TUOS ASESCIO k CO , May 8.—tf C U Wharf. Apples and Potatoes. "Q BBLS Baldwin Apples, 2*«» bbl* Ru-sett Apple?. 1 OJ buDiek Potatoes. For tale bv t A SMITH. may2 t!2w 19 k 21 Silver street. Kill'S. | CASKS NAILS, aborted aisea, now / lauding per Sell ''Kinma Wadsworth" and iu More, for sale by UEK3EY, rLEICHER k CO.. ap30 d3w M *‘ "imm icial Street. Hcfiiicd Sugar** BBLS Crushed,Granulated and Powdered Bbl* Coffee Sugar*. For tale bv llERSEY. Fi ETCHER * CO., ap"0 d2\v 15» Commercial Street. Orange Couuty Hatter* \ TU B3 lor sale by TUOM A S S U A W, p9\J No. 113, Commercial St. api2ttd3w nsucovtido Sugar* i i/EllII DS Choice Muscovado Sugar now laud* " "VT ing from Bark Sebra < rooker, and for sale by UOPHNI k-AlON. No. ICeutial Wharf. Portland. April 25, 18C4. apr25 *2w Yellow Corn. BUSHELS cargo schooner W'm. Cir Ml/vv roll, now landing and for sale by EDW M. Ho RG IN, ap25 d2wr 12) Commercial Street. BY ITEt! 7 3 TUBS BITTER ruR KALI BV J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. li LIMK 8TKEKT. Portland, April 18. 18A4. dtf Herring ■ Herring!! riWWI BOXES SCALED HERRING now *J v/v/" " lauding and lor sale bv MERSEY KLEICII1.1C * CO. April 18— dSw* 169< ouimerci.l Street. muscovado Sugar. *>4J*T 11UDS i Muscovado Sugar, of niperior tlO • } quality, now lauding from Hark 2t)0 BBLS )‘ Linda Stewan," from Guantan amo, for sale by 11. I. ROBINSON, apl9 dial in No. 1 Portland Pier. muscovado molasses. 1 P*C| HHD8.) Superior quality Muscovado 1 ! Molatae*.now lauding lr«»m Scb 23 Tierce* ) “I redonia/' from Cardenas, for 8 Bbl*. tale by II- I. Robioaou, apr21 lmedis No. I, Portland Pier. Muscovado Sugar. (| f HMDS Muscovado Sugar, prone quality, • " ■ now 1 sliding from Brig “J. 11. Dillingham,” from Cardeuaa. for sale by II. I. lUbin.on aprll lmedi* No. 1, Portland Pier. Scotch t'auvuss. ■| ilA BOI.Ti—from the factory of David Cor* Iw'-' aar St Sons, Leith—a sail cloth of superior quality—Just received tier “Jura”, and for aaie bf MoiilLVKBY, ItYAN k DAVIS, mchttdtf 161 Commercial Street. SILK HATS, -HEWSTYLES, A-t H ARRIS’, Opposite Post Office. FOK A DURABLE HAT, TAKE The Broadway Tiat, At HARRIS’. FOK A BEAUTIFUL, FINK UAT, BUY THE FRENCH HAT, FOR A LIGHT HAT, GET TUB Ventilated Gossimer Body. FOR A NOBBY. bTYLlSU ARTICLE. BUY AUI IFO.VS HAT, AT HARRIS , - • • Opposite Post Office. BVThe Conforra*t«r we um- rire, per.ect St«. »pl6 dtf ■ 9 «ET THE ■] Jab t : ML Try one of Miller', Patent Klutio CukIiIob HATS! Yon will like it. For sale at S II ^ -W s , apaadtw 1.E MIDDLE STREET. WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS, MANUFACTURER'S BLOCK, UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MANCrAOT! SKI OP Steam Engine*. Steatif Boilers. 8hafting Pulleys, (■earing, and all kinds of Machinery Also Low and High Pressure Kteain Heating Ap* paratu* tor Factories, Public Buildings an 1 Dwelling Houses. In this De partment the es'ahlishment has been uncommonly »ucoe#*ful. Steam Cocks, Valves. Whistle#, and bt>ain, Water and Has Pipe and connection* furnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and faithfully Done. In conu ction with the above establishment is an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of pattetns, aud a Planing Mill, where wood planing ot all aiud* may be done. may? dtf J. 1». CHENEl’9 MELODEON & ORGAN Nlanuliiotory, No. 131 1-3 niddlf "street. MILOUKONS of all sizts and ityln on band and manufxcturtd to order. The combined power and sweetness of tone of his ExcYliior Omoax, render it suitable for a clinch or parlor, snd the best substitute tor a pipe organ that can be obtained. The following is one of the numerous testimonials In his posses*it ii : Prom II . K. tiould. Cashier oj Intermitional Hunk, Portland. Portland, May 23, lt*3. For many y ars I I ave had frtout nt oppoituni* ties to uotice the many good points in the Melodeons made bv Mr. J. l>. Cheney, of this city, and sa the result. I have urged in j friends who were intending to purchase an instrument of Uiis class, to procure out* ol Mr Cheney W. K. liOl'LD. %-tr * Thf ( oittlu nut ion \ tUve it applied to all one Instruments Person* ordering by wail will get as good an Instrument as th >ugh seiteted by tberu per* sonally. No charge for Packiug. Kl>'aihim< and promptly amended to. Poitlaud, May 3, lb64. dtf 1*EARL BIT GARDEN) Plants, Flowers, & Seeds. nr». n. FRASER, Florist, NO. 52 PEARL ST, Offer* for sals a large assortment of Garden Roots, Herbaceous Plants, shrubbery and Flower Seed*, Of her own ra sing. Also Dalillas cSo Roses, SOME HUNDRED VARIETIES. Which cau he purchased lower lh*u at auy other Garden In the State. IMee of Flower Seeds only three urn Is per paper. uri ut Mower*. bo*|U9tsaLd Wi eat Its from April to November. way3d2\v I'atliitf Saloon for bnle. fllilK subscrib r otter* lor sale the Hating House 1. No. II k Itf Exchange Street, thoroughly dttqd up throughout for a first class Hating House, with , sufficient rooms in the second story tor a family. This house, from its favorable locality, has a large j patrouage aud a good ruu of regular custom. The j subscriber b compelled by ill health to offer (he staud. together with all the furuiture, fixtures, etc., as it now stands, for sale uu reasonable tei ms U L WELANDHK, ap36 14 4 10 Exchange Street. 1 ENTERTAINMENTS. floral kxhiritira! THE M1Y EXHIBITION -OP TUB PORTLAND HORTICULTURAL SOOIBT Y, Comprising Rose*. Fuschia-. PeJargouiuma anil other i»reeu House Plant*. ai.d the Early Wild Flowers, will take place at l^tooliaiiio**’ Hull, —oar * WGDXESDAl, nk\ 1th. Printed List* of the Premiums rosy Fe obtained cf the Treasurer. Samuel Rone No. 160 Middle Street Exhibitors are *p<-ciallv requested to have their tv*x itn-ns at the hall on Wkdmsiia r Uokmml, *o that they may be i roperly arranged tefore tLe hour of npeuing. Ticket* for adults 15e»ut8. for children 10 cents. Exhibition to open at 2 o'clock 1* M Perorder, 6. B. BECKErr, Secretary. • p28 dtd 3 ioSTOM THK AT K t" I> K I, RING HALL. L««e) and Mauiger, Wmatl Miimiu huge Manager, Mr J. u. Hanley Positively Last flight Hut Two! Of the beautiful aud acoomplishcd Actress aud Pautomimiat. MJLLE MARIE ZOE, Supported by the Dramatie Company of BOSTON THEATRE. Wednesday Evening, May 4.1864 Will be jxrfjrmt d the Drama of the 'W' izard Skiff. Alexia, Mile Marie Zoe; Wolfe. Mr. Lay; Col* atantice, W 11. liaiublin. To conclude w ith the Farce of the Ikich Tutok Dr O. Toole Mr. W Seal lari: Mary. Miaa Blanche Gray ; Ki>aa, Mias E. Johnson. Parquette 60 cents; Kamiiy Circle 25 reuta No charge lor reserved Mata. Box office from lo to 1 aud 2 to 6 P M IN eve City Hall. THREE NIGHTS ONLY, Tuesday, Wednesday & Thusrday, May ad, 4ill it Sill. CARTER ZOUAVE TROUPE -AMD 10l\(i FEMALE BRASS BAM! Will give throe of their popular entertainments as above. The performances of the above named troupe are prouounccd by both press and public to be the most novel, original aud unique exhibition now travelling. Doors open at 7, to commence at 6 oVock. TICK ETi 2ft cash; Reserved Seats 60 cents. • p2i dot L. M W. STEEKK, Agent NEW OPERA HOUSE M LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVENING. GO AND SEEMACK-B1TH 1 Admission 26 cents; Reserved Seats 60 cents. J. SPRAGUE. i .. apll If II. BLANCHARD. I *»“»««• HO. 21. REMOVAL. NO. 27. min. H. E. YARYEY, having removed tram 124 Middle Street to the new store NO. 27 FRKE 8THEET, solicits the continued patronage of her friends and the public. Constantly on band the newest aud most fashion able varieties of MILLINERY GOODS! HAIR WORK! Miss V. will attend as formally to the manufacture of all kinds of Hair Work, such as Prison*. Bauds, Grecian Braid*, kc. apl* d4w The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the bust instruments of their class in the world Nearly nil the most pronuueu' artists in tbe country have given writteu testimony to this effect, and tfeVe instruments are iu constant us* iu the concert* of the most distinguished artists—as Gott*cba!k and others—as well as m tbo o eras iu the priuc pal cit ies. whenever such ins*ruraetits are required. Price • to 9»00 each. These lustrum* n*» may I s ton* d at the Music Rooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers* prices. II. N. EDWARDS, No. £49} Stewart's Block. Congress St. aprl3dtf A. & S. 8H0RTLEFF A CO.. NOS. .VI a- 36 MIDDLE STREET. PORTLAND. Manufacturers and Dealers in Ven’i Boys’ and Youth's Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women's Misses and Children's Ooat. Kid and Calf Balinirals, liubbers Shoe Stock, Findings, Jto. \lfiTU our superior facilities for tranufatturing, f v and a large experience in the business, we we are able to sill as low as in Boston or el sew bete. Dealers are respectfully invited to cal! aud ex amine our stock before purchasing €9T Order* by mail promptly attended to. Portland. April 23, DtD d«ia PICTURE FRAMES OK ALL. KINDS MAScnrrovKD by R. J. D. LA.RRABEE & CO, NO. C'J EXCHANGE STREET. Old Oil Paintings Mounted on Mew Canvass, Ketouched aud Vanished by one who ha* had long experience In th« hu incus fu F.ugiaud. OLD FRAMES KKLILT. MATERIALS FOR WAX WORK. A large variety of choioe Fug ravings. Pictures framed in all stvLs. Order* for Wax work will receive prompt atten tion. K. J. 1). J.AKKABFK A CD. No. Exchaugu Street. Portland. April 26. dim keep it before the Public ! iiot t eT ROLLS Of a superior quality, ever evening, Sunday except ed, aud HOT 11HOWBI UH&aD every morn ing. second to none iu the city. BROOKS A PHIKMIV. TliF following kiudaof Cake* aro made to order at the shortest possible notice : Ladies' fingers, oueen Drop*. Nau>es Biscuit, II rmit Cake*. Judge* Biscuit, Diet Blear's. tiovMinor* Biscuit, Composition Cakes, Colon Biacuit, Pound Cake, Katirtc Biscuit, Fronted 4 ake. plain or or Tunbridge Biscuit, uamentil, Shrewsbury Biscuit, Washington Pies, Camperdowu Biscuit, Ac., Ac UKOOKM A 1*111 \*EY. N B The above name ar titles are made from I he best materials, as the subscriber* are determined iu make their establishment second to none iu the clti. ma>2dlw DresNer’s ! IIwnmi'n ! 1*0 EXCHANGE STKEET, Alova THE FOKT 09WU 9, Is the Place to buy your Jewelry! tp2ti tU. * PORI LANI* DRV OOC K t o.*l|*.\ V \ . TII1E tti*t asressment of Two Dollars per Bbare . upon the Capi’al .Stock of this Company, i* now due. aud payable at the » thee of the Treasurer, No. 117, Coinluercia' St. Per order of Dircc'ors C M DAVIS, Treasurer. Portland April 30, aprSuedutf 1 AUCTION SALE8._ E U. rirtEli A l • in in t Eli, 12 Exchange St. House and Lmul on-iimurr Street :il Anrtiou. ON 1 u.adxv, Mav SJ, al 3 K. M , on Hie premises, "Uinner, uext to therorntr of Fianklm fetrtet will b. aoM a two atorv voudeu dwelling and land* Lot contain* al out ;* 00 ft* t For particular* call o»i the Auctioneer. Sale po*. live. fli^abore ra’e a.ljjrnf.1 to FrlJay, May 8, at 3 P. Al Sale ou the pr* iniaes. ap3u dtd Horses. Carriage., Ac., at Aueliou. ey. Mav.Vh XI 111 o'clock A M , ou Lime etrgst, h»* aba-I i*t-ll a good I rick tie r*o, uxrnen .||g,er..addled—propeitr ofli.vidKeller. xi-o. Carryall. Core. ed wagon,(st age-,» xpre.s m.JV.*!:.*1"1 two "fC'md.hend lls-nr—v.. a c Ac. n"*T'lll<1 HENKY BULKY A CO., Auet ra. K. M PATTEN AUCTIONKEK, 12 Exchange 81. DressOooSs, Cottons, l.lnrns, Ac., At A lie How. ON Thuraday. 6*h May. at 10 A M and 2 P M a good Of orimeoi Dr»» C-ods, < oiion Sheet lugs and S iirlmra Linei -. acd l.ibru .rood, oi all kinds; breed Cloth?* a--nneri-. Doe >kiea 8attl ueta. Print*, Ticking-. »tri|ea. f iannela. Blankets •Shawl- llo-iety »nb a van. ! >■ o. other geode. duf KOW M PATTEN, ALCTIONEKR. 12Exchange8* Valuable Htul t;*tal**at Auction. ON MOHDaY . May ‘id. 12 o’ leek, on the premia* **• Wi igery’e YV liart. wi I boaold tl e tlueeato ry Horn in xt below P Y Vareutn’s 1 be at, re is atrong, thoroughly bu it, aid well adapt, d for Corn and h lour, West India or Klah !>u slur as Store #1 reft wide, and To feet long. Lot al out 7* teet long, an t about 65 feet in width. In the mc* i d • tory la oue of Hie beat huislivd Counting hocma in the city Hnr i atory occup" <1 a. a Sill Loft. This property o.f,:‘,. rd i** *h»rf*K"- Pur particular,. Exchaiiyr St °r kt> ’ c* ,lie Aucticneer, No. 12 The above-ale ;dj.ion,rd uutll Pridsv. Her aialb al 12o'clock. t.l E. U i'AT'lEN. ’ I- H- PATTEN, ACCT1 ONKfcIt, 12 E*.change at. Rent Estate corner of Yoik atttl Rruckci street, at Auction. ON Saturday. May Till, al 3 P. li ra the prewiaoa. will be aolil the one story H noden Dwelling ami La-a lluuaoiu thoroughorder, coutaii aeigbt finished rooms wel: an&t.geti. wltbiwo unfinished room* in thp a tic. loot contain* ab< ut fifty f|* hua* ured l*et, For particulars .all on J. H White Uuion Vf barf, or oj the Auctmeer, k\change *t * 4urtioii flair. ON UAri'IllJAV Mav 14. at So’ctook ia the af tenoou the FA liM ok the -u been ter at Free port Corn. r. confiding or aL«»ut *25 acres of Land and a good Orchard ai d a good two storied House with stable and buildings with hard sn-l noff water' will bo »■ Id at Public Aaciiou, unit-* sooner disposed of at prig Ate sale. For further particulars ii.guire rf the -ut-enter ou the prewisos. JosKPU FOLIfiTt* freTjort, May 4, 1F4 dtd# EDM AMD IQ. FATTEN, Commission Um-liint & Auction err, Has removed to the spacicua afore 121 Hxchange Street, four doi-r* below Merchant** Exchange. Will receive eoMifDinniU of UmbuidiN of avarr description. for public or private »ale Bales of Kcal k>tate Yea**!*, far goes, Mocks mad Mer chandise solicited, Cash advances made, with prompt sales and returns. mchlffdly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JEST OPENED Ho. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street, PORTLAND, MX. Iehnll be In the eunetant receipt of. and will aaU »'«v afternoon u<l evening by public auction the following linn of good, in quantltiee to ratt Woolen* of Hll description*, lire** Good* ia variety, Linen, t ta-h Towelling, Coyera. A«,TableCutlery, Plated Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No tion* aud Fancy Good*. Commencing Tuesday, February l«tb. GEO. L. PEIRCE. A action and Commiaaion Merchant. W P. Stew ear, Aactioneer* febl* dtt TO THE AFFLICTED ) l>lt. U . \. Dhtlivu, AIedica.1 Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORNER Of CONGRESS AND El.M STREETS WOULD rvopeeafoJly nnnoance to the ctuaane ol Portland aud vicinity, that he ha* permanent* !y located m tbu city. During the elevea montba that » e have been in town we have cared iom« ol the wont form, of dieeaae in pvieona nbo bar*triad oilier lorma of treatment in * hi*, and caring pa tiente in *o abort a time ibat the qucilon la olten aakt'd, do they mav cured’ To aaewer thie qwaation we will nay that all that do not Uy owed, we will doctor the necoud time lor nothing. Dr. D. baa been a practical Kl.ctrtcian for twenty* one year, and iaaloo a regular graduated phyetelea Klectridty la perfectly adapted to chronic dtocaaea in the lorm of nervoue or eick headache; neuralgia In the head, aeok .or ext remittee; coneumptton.wbeh in the acateetagee or where the Innga an ant hilly Involved; acateor chronic rhtuniatbm.ecrotnla. Lin diwaiee. while ewelUnga, epinal diecaene, narrate re ot the apine. contracted maeclea, dutorted limbo, paley or parnlyala. bt. Vitae' Dance. <teaiMm,atam ■aenng or heeitaacy of .pooch, di.pepeia, iadigea tV11 constipation and liver complaint pilaa—we can every ease that can he presented; aetbma, bronchi, tie, stricture, of the cheat, and ail forma ot lemma complain ta. By Elootrioity The Rheumatic, the goaty, the lame and Iks laiy leap with joy, and move with the agility and slastb* ity of youth; the heated brain ia cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities r*> moved; (hintup*« con\erted to vigor, weakness to strength; tbs blind made to see, the deaf to hear auR the palsied form to move upright. the blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the accnlmts of matmre Ule prevucu i; the calamities of old ag« obviated, and an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who haveoold hands and feet; weak itmieh ; lame aud weak backs; nervous and »iek headache, diuincss aud swimming in the head, with iadigea* tion and constipation of the bowels, paaa ia the side and back; lescorrhcra, (cr whites); falling af tba womb with internal aancers; tumors, polypus, and i all that long train os diseases will find in Electric j ity a sure means of cure, k or painful menstraation, ! too profYue mpustruafion. and all of those long Una of troubles with your* ladies, Electricity is a certain | specific, and will, in a short time, restore tba sufferer to the vigor of health. Iff' hors <in K;eetTA-r%emtcal Apparatus lor , extractiii*.' Mineral PoIm n fr»-m the system, sach a* Mercury. Antimony, Arsenic. Ac. 'Hundreds who j are troubled with Off joints, weak backs, and vari ous otherdifficaltiee, the direct cause of whieh. in nine cases oat of tea, is the effect of poisonous drugs, oan be restored to antural strength and vigor by tba mac of from fire to eight ttaihs. Office hours from 9 a’oloek A. U. ta I F. W.: 11 • ; and T to ir.i. Consultation Rtm# t?14 laadt SAW VI.It'* NEW FRUIT STORE. No -t.i, Exchange St Oranges, Umot*. b lg*. Prune*. Citron, Current*, Bardin*-. Pinkie*. I epperss’tce. h* uhup,John Ball Sauce, tamarind*. iiauva Jelley. Cur rent J«>ll*y. ha»L» rry Jelley. Nut* of nil kinds Plain and Penny Coufectiou* erv. ..l ev* iy description. Fancy I oil* t Ho ip*. Plain and Fan cy Pipes. mo*.king and « Chewing » oba* co. Foreign au l Du me* He Cigar*. IN CANS ml’.A'hcl, lumatoua, Blr.wbor nes. Uaat^rrTes.ko, The above good* mill be »oid a* tow a* oau be bought in the city. Whobale or ivtuii. mtaiiw.._ WE STRIVE^TO PLEASeF fllUF. subscriber*, thankful for p**t patronage, M. take ‘his or port* a tty of thauking their patron* a id *ol cu a 01 the wane. They would aba inform ths public generally that, haring curtd the re v c*** of several first dBm woikona, they eel confident they are able to fUrubh a larger a-aortrnent oft a’-«a. ftc than before. The follow tog kinds, io addition to the common variety usually kept in a fir. t class Bukerv. nt ty be fonudconstantly on haud, aud bed hremi in anv part of the city. Cheese Cake# Diamond Cake*. Wilson** Owu, Lafayette Cake*. I.inciiu Cakes. Pastry, ho , he. 11 ROOKS «V 1*11 I N N KV* Corner of Pine and Brackett Streets. P 8 See placards to ba had at Bakery or hum Cart*. osayfidlw THE <atU KV OF FICTEBKS, For the U ■i«ifit of the a»inr t'nnp lloxpital An-ocia'ioa, • iUboopoa for inhibition ox TIIIKSHAT, May r lh-* *l'‘” * l U.exvxixnd A Oa*oo4. Ji h I ii! s i r.-1. I bo rooxi will l« oy**u fox, 10 o'aiotk A. J|.. II:I I’t.auJ from * r. a uoili A. axil tao exhih.tion - i Icoetitin. iliroe vnki Sinaia xiiiai—ion, I, cant,; S*utH tkkoli, £0 cts to t*o lltii XI the iloor rortixml. Mat 1, ISM. d]w LOST* VIMALL tV III 11 IKK*, with rurly hxir.xxtwer iu< to lho I voir of • Jij>"— hi, <xi, xrr •lightly lip|.. .1 nub I’Xff. rio hair arouud lii« far* and oy«a ha> bora l artially iut tVh.nvrr mil loiuiu ixid do* lo So. ill mho ,iio I or to InieiT A Tex', Coaxtin* Kooin, will b j auilatly raarardta. May 3, 13b* 31

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