Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 6, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 6, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND "" -L-—-' ' -" VOLUME m. PORTLAND, ME., FRIDAY MORNING. MAY (i, 1804 WHOLE NO. 67a PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor. 1« published at Ho. 83| KXClf&NGK 8TBEET, by N. A. FOSTER dr CO. TM PobtlaSD DAILY PtHSit published at *7 00 E?r,7e".;. if p»jl*,»triotly in advance, n discount of •l.Od will be made. Single copies three oents. Tm Maibb State Pkhmr is published every Thors 4ay morning,at 42.00 j>er annum, in advanoe; 42.26 If paid within fix mouths; and 42.60.If payment be delayed beyond the year. Kutea of Advertiaing: One Inch ofspaoe in length of column, constitutes a "mjUAUE.” •1.60 per square daily first week ; 75 oents per week after , three insertions or less, 41.00; oontinuiug eve« noth" day after first week, 50 cents. Half square, three insertion- or loss. 76 oents; one 4100; 60 cents per work alter. Under head of Amubsmknts, 42 00 per square ptr week; three insertions or less, 41,50. None km, 41.76 per square first week, •1.00 per square after; three insertions or loss, 41.25; half a square, three insertions, 41.00; one week, •1.26. • Advertisements inserted in the Maihb 8tatb Tanas (which has a large circulation in every part of the Skate) for 60 oents per square in addition to the above rates, for each insertion. Lboal Notiobb at usual rates. Transient advertisements must be paid forln ad vance . Baeimwp Notiobr. in rending columns, 13 cents per line for one insertion. No oharge less than Hitv Q»nt« for each insertion. tyail communications intended for the paper •h>Bld be directed to the •'Kdilur qf tht Prut,*' and those of a businem oharaoter to the Publiihen »“Job PuiKTiao of every description executed with dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. 2 COMMUNICATIONS/ Letter from the National Capital. Washington. D.C., May 2,1864. To the Editor qf the /'rest: We are on the eve of very great events, events in view of which the transactions <J this city, ttie debates and votes in Congress, the political maneuvers and current gossip of the day, ail sbriuk into the comparative trifles they are. The fate of this nation rests on no oue captain, on no one army. There is a power behind General Grant and the army of tbe Potomac, which, rising out of defeat would replace them if they were sttieken out of ex istence, and some way and some time vindi cate the majesty of the Republic. Nothing iu history is more sublime than the grim, al most unanimous determination of the Amer ican people, in the face of all unknown disas ters and delays, at length iu God’s good time to rescue their common country in all. its length and breadth from these home-bred usurpers who have attacked it. The time seems near at hand. The great battle, soon to be fought iu Virginia, will go far to determine the length though not the result of this war. While we listen for the souud of the cannon, It makes little difference of what trifles we talk or write. The Ilou-e of Representatives seemed to have a dim sense of tins fact, w hen they adjourned the other day to see a body of troops inarching through the cily to (he front. The House, generally in advanced the Senate in the dis patth of business, is unaccountably behind, this session. Not even the previous question can confine its attention to the business of legislation; lor tin- previous question simply cuts off superfluous debate and cannot shut out su|>erfluous propositions. A committee ol nine was actually appointed last Friday, to ascertain whether Secretary Chase was act ing in good faith when he retired from the Presidential contest. This investigation was ordered in consequence of certaiu loose asser tions by Frank Blair and Janies Brooks, which should have been left to sink into oblivion, or turned over to the newspaper press for dis cussion and investigation. Meanwhile the Senate resolution providing for the constitu tional abolition of slavery, still sleeps upon the table of the House. An order issued by the Provost Mar shal General last Wednesday, indicates that the Vetcran Reserve is to lie restored to its intended footing, as a corps of honor. This it has long ceased to be. By culpable careless ness, It bad been allowed to degenerate into a refuge for cowards ami shirks, known iu the army as hummers, till the very name of the Invalid Corps became an offense and the tirst step toward reform was necessarily the change to the present denomination. There were brave and deserving men in the corps. I met three within live minutes the other day, two officers and a private, each of whom had lost an arm. But so many of the other class had been smuggled iu, that few good soldiers were willing to be associated with them.— The new order,requires that every man en listed for this corps hereafter, shall he exam ined by a ItoanLof enrolment and found not fit for duty in the field, meritorious and de serving, and honorably discharged from ear vice in the Held for disability. An odd sale is in progress to-dav at tbe store of Messrs. Lewis A Co., on Seventh St. There are offered—three housewivta and one Child at Ilotne (prime lot), two pairs of South Carolina lighting gaffs, one gilt-edged and clasped Kev of Heaven (warranted), one set of teeth (imperfect), artificial eyea, storm detectors (for lamilies). radical regenerators | recommended by the Missouri delegation iu Congress), Guesses at Truth (for beginners), and no end of jewelry and patent medecines— all taken from the dead letter office, and du ly advertised in the daily papers. Moral— B “ careful about the direction of letters and parcels sent by mail, subscribe your lull name and address, and pay tbe postage. H. W. R. SAWYER’S NEW FRUIT STORE, No. 43, Kxelian^e St* Orange*. l.o mo no. Figs, Prunes, Citron, Current*, Sardines, Pickles. Peppersauce, Ketchup, Jobu bull Sauce, Tamarinds, Gauva Jelley, Cur rent Jelley. kasberry Jelley, Nut* of all kinds. Plain and Fancy Confection ery, of every description Fancy Toilet Soip*, Plain and Fau cy Pipe-*, Smoking and Chewing Joba*co, Foreign and Do mestic Cigars. IN CA.N8- Pta-hea, Tomatoes, Btrawber lies, KaaOerriea,&o. The above goode will be fold as low as can be bought in the city. Wholsale or retail. 1*. Raw'yer. aprllSwd J. V. CHENEY’S MELODEON & ORGAN NTarmtactory, No. 133 1-2 Middle Street. MELODEONS of all size* and etyks on baud and manufacture d to order. Tlie combined power and sweetness of tone of hi* Kxcki.biok Oku an, render it suitable for a chirch or ]»arlor, and the best substitute for a pipeorgau that can to obtained. The following is one of the numerous tc stinc otitaia la hia possession From IP. K. (Jouhl, CanUv r (\f' International /tank, Portland. Portland, May 23, 18&J. For many y* ars 1 have had frequent opportuni ties to notice the many good points in the Mclodeons made bv Mr.J. D. Cheney, of this city, and a* the result. 1 have urged my friends who w ere lot* tiding to purchase an instrument of this class, to procure one of Mr. Cheney. W. E GUI LD. fcF The Combination I atre is applied to all our Jnsfruno ntt Persous ordering by mail will get us good au Instrument as th ugh selected by them per sonally. No charge for Packing. Rkpauuko and promptly at eud<d to Portland. May 3, 1^6*. mayldawlm* GREEN HOUSE AND BEDDING OFT PLANTS, I Respectfully inform the public that 1 havo on hand a large asHortment of Green House and Bedding-out Piauts, for Spring sale, of superior quality, viz: VkbbknaS, Dahliks. Pblaroobi Ums, Pannes and Rhks Also, a liuo collection of Auter Plante, Ac., Ac., Ac A selection may always be found at Randall A Wi.ituey’s, Market Square. Order* left there will be promptly attended to ALBERT DIR\fANGER. Florist Corner of North aud Moatrt Hi Street*. Portland, Me apilOtf MISCELLANEOUS. V. $V00. tt. TOK understood being Licensed by the Uuitod JL States, are prepared to procure Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of l av and Prize Money lor Sol diers, Seamen or their heirs. Bills tor Board and Transportation of Heoruit* or Dial ed Men collected. All demand* against the State or United Mates at tended to. Having an agent both at Washington and Augusta, and having had largo experience, we 1'eei safe in asserting that any business entrusted to our care will be faithfully and promptly executed. We have also au ageut iii New \ ork to atteud to the payment oi Prize tnoBty. Advice tree. Approved Claims cashel. MANLKY & SAWYER. Office^2) Kx hange, St., Fox Block Portland, Mo. J. H. MANLIY. W. B. HAWVKK. References. •Hon. SamV Cony,Governor ol Maine. Hou.J. L. llodsdon, Adjutant fien of Maine. Hon. Wm Pitt Fessenden, U. S. Senator. Hon. hoi M. Morrill, U.S. Senator. »P13 dfcwtf WILLIAM A, PEARCE, PLU31BER! M A K Kit OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 121 EVC1I4NUE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Waitn, Cold nntl Miowrr Hatha, Wash Howie, liras* dr Silver 1'laled Cocks, INVERT description of Water Fixture, for I)wel* U liug Hou»e,, Hotel,. Public Building,, Shop,, Ac , arranged and »et up in the be.t niauuer, and all order, hi town or country faithfully executed. All kind, of jobbing promptly atteuded to Countantlv on haud LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD and BEER Pt.’MPSof all dccription,. apOdtf • • or In* in Seminary. milK 8uminer Term of this Institution will com X mr iicc ou Tuesday. May II), 1804. and coutluue ten week, For further ptrticutar, inquire of the Principal. J. A. WATERMAN, secretary, (iorham. April SO, 1804 luxy2 dkwlw PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! -AMD BAOIt PAY ’. Are obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharged) and the friends ot deceased soldier* who are entitled to the same by BVRON I>. VERRILL. illorm irnl CouBocllor. tl ,\o. 117 liildle Slrcot, -A.VI» incensed Agent for all the Department* at Washington. Portland. April 23. 1*34. ap2o ©orttJm Spring and Summer Goods! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 94Exchange St., llarlug reiumod from New York ami Bo.ton with the bkbt aMortmeut and nkwkbt btylib of Enuliwli. I'rcucli. (icrtnnn. Scotch and AmericHii Cloths, Kmbracinp all ibc dcalrabl* STYLUS, SHADES ami 11XJSH to be louud in llie market, euitable for BUSINESS SUITS. ENGLISH WALKING COATS, boring OVERCOATS and DRESS SLITS Nice Vesting, Army and Navy Cloths. paio* will he taken to give entire satisfaction I in FlTTlSQt workmanship and price#. CLOTHS FOR HOVh* U KAK. 1‘artiealif attenUon garen to ■ Cutting Ar IfMafhdurinp Boy’* Clothing inch 9cod3m NO. 27. REMOVAL. NO. 21 Wi** II. E. V.tR.\LV, having removed lrom 124 Middle Street to the new store NO. ST FREE BTItKET. solicit* the continued patronage of her friend* and thv public. Constantly on hand the newest ar.d most fashion able varieties of MILLINERY GOODS! HAIR WORK! Mi#* V. will attend • * formally to the manufacture of all kind* of llair Work, such as Kri/ett*. Bands, Grecian Braid-, Ac. apl8d4w The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the l*e*t instrument# of their class iu the world. Nearly all the most prowineu* artist* in the country have given written testimouv to this effect, and these iuHtrumeut* are in coustaut um- iu the concert# of the tno*t distinguished artists—as GotUchalk aud others—a# well a# in the o, eras iu the principal cit ies wb«*never such ins'rumeiits are required. Price # 't> to SI 00 each. These iunlrumsut* may fe found at the Music Hoorn# of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ price*. II. 8. HOWARDS, No.?49J Stewart's Block, Congress St. aprlSdtf A. & S. SHURTLEFF A C0~ NOS. 31 & 30 VIIDDI.E STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturers aud Dealers in Men's Boys’ and Youth's Thick, Xip and Calf Boots, Women's Misses and Children’s Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Hubbers Shoe Stock, Findings, &c. WITH our superior facilities for manufacturing, v ▼ and a large experience iu the business, we we arc able to sell as low as in Boston or elsewhere. 1 dealers are respect fa llv invited to call and ex amine our stork before purchasing. IF*Orders by mail promptly attended to. Portland. April 23,1K64. dftn PICTURE FRAMES OF ALL KINDS X AJfCrACTUKKD BY R. J. D. LARRABEE & CO, NO. Oil KXCHANCE STREET. Old Oil Paintings Mounted on New Canvass, Ketouched and Varnished by one who lias had long experience iu the hu in ess in England. OLD FltAItlES KECalLT. MATERIALS FOR WAX WORK. A Large variety of choice Engravings, Pictures framed iu all styLs. Orders lor Wax work will receive prompt atten tion K. J. !>. LA It KABEE A CO. No. «jy Exchange Street. Portland. April 25. dim Keep it before the Public ! II O T T L A ROLLS Of a superior quality, ever evening, Sunday except ed, ami HOr BROWN BUEaD every morn ing. second to none iu the city. BROOKS & PHINNEV. fITUE following kinds of Cakes are made to order X at the shortest possible notice: Ladles’ Fingers, Oueen I>rops, Naples Biscuit, It rmit Cakes, .fudges Biscuit, l»let Brea- s, Oovmuors Biscuit, Composition Cakes, Union Biscuit, Pound Cake, ICatilic Biscuit, Frosted Cake, plain or or Tunbridge Biscuit, uamenttl, Shrewsbury Biscuit. Washington Pier, Camperdown Biscuit, Ac., Ac. BROOKS A’ FIIIVXEV. N B -The above name articles arc ruado from the host material!-, as the subscribers are doteimincd io make their establishment second to none iu the city. mav2dl w bkivuTOY ACAMUlir, -at NORTH BR1DQTON, MAINE. fllHE Hummer Term at this Institution will com A me* ce Tu< sday, Mav 24th. under the continued care o! Mr. lliitou. 1HOMABH MF.AU, ap29 I’AF Aw3w ttecrvtary, WANTS, LOST,FOUND REWARD. IWfll pay Fifty Dollars reward fo aur person who will give information leading to the recov ery of the property stolen lrom the btable of C apt. J. B. Coyle, in Westbrook, on the n>ght of the 22d inst. 1 will also pay Fifty Dol ars to any person gir ing such information as will lead to the detection of the thief or thieves JOHNS 1IKALD, City Marshal. Portland, April 90,18G4. apr3*> dtf Lota. ON Saturday, Anri! 30th, in the South Paris car, or at DauviHc Junction, a Poitruonic contain ing nine dollars in bills, about one dollar in cirr* n j cy, and several pictures and papers of value to tt.e loser. Will t *e find* r please retain enough of the money to compeu-ate for the trouble, and return the rest by express or otherwise to L. C. Pennell, 41 Brown street, or to Mr. Loriug at the Press office, mayftdlw (ggj WANTED! 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drawers. Also good Pant Hasten* and Finishers wanted in the shop to make ARMY PASTS. None but good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms iu FREE STREET BLOCK, over the store otto door north of Tolford’s. No work giveu out or taken iu Monday foreuoons or Saturday afternoons. feb‘29 dtf 8. W. HUNTINGTON. Wanted. V SOLDIKK on furlough in this city, has under his care an active intelligent contraband, about 16 years of age, tor whom he wishes to provide a home, with a fami v where be will be taught the ru diments of a common education and receive religi ous instruction and moral culture, lie is accustom ed to farm work, but wilt readily b arn to make himself useful i u anv other bdiine<s. For particu lars address • ‘Contraband.” Box 1823 P. O. Port land, Me . or enquire at Drake A Davis', 880 Con gress street, Portland. ma)5dla* Wauled. SITUATION wanted in a Dry (»nod* or t.rocory store, having had five years' expeli^noe iu drygoods, and can give good reference. Addre** tVM L HUBBARD. In care of Bex No. 15od (i. W. Cobn k Co. ma}&d8t* Wanted.! Second-Hand Candle Boxes, At No. 90 Portland Street, Portland. |an7 dtf Wanted Immediately. RARK opportunities for bu-ineas are offered at 199, Congress St. If you want and mean bus iness. don't uegleet for a tingle day to investigate. apnSdtf K. CHAPMAN, Jk Wnnlfd. 4 Female Pantry Cook at Darton'aOyater Saloon. 283, Congress Bi. aplhtf liiroriiiiiliou Wiiulral. VBoy named Henry Williams, about 11 year* old, liaviug mi when ha went awav dark pants, light greyish jacket, and a new dark cloth cap. and having dark hair and blue eyes,—-lost home with hi* books to go to sc'.ool on the morning o' the 18th, since which his parents have heard nothing from him. Any information concerning him will he thankfully received If left at the City Marshal’s Office, or at No. 34 ( lark Street. ' np23dtf FOR SALE, Cheap for A WHEAT VARIETY OF CRILDREHS CARRIAGES, »*rd Cage* Rocking Horne*, T.ndieit H oik and Traveling Basket*, Xwy cry ntnioiCS) i*OKT MON AIKS. LADIES' RETICULES AND BAGS. DRUMS. VtOLINS, GUITARS, VIOLIN STRINGS, WRITING EE8K8, WORK BOXES. Ac —BY— W. I>. ROBINSON, 20 Exchange St. mchl4*rm BOUNTIES & PRIZE MONEY. %IOO Bounty for Soldiers wounded in Battle. WE are prepared to obtain a B< unty of 9100 for soldiers di*charged on account of wounds received. Bounty of 9100 for So.diers discharged on •Mat of ir iinils rtoviwnd •» i-attlr okWiM (9 papers on file are correct) in three treeLs tine BpeciaJ attention given to the collection of Trize Money, and claims against Government. SWEAT A CLEAVES, CounaellorN nt Law, / mcb8 dtf No 117, Middle St., Muasey's Row. CRAFTS A* WILLIAMS. Spcobbaor# tj J. W. BONNE WELL & Co., No. It 6 7 k 8 Commercial Wharf, Bostor. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Medi cines, Paint*, Oils, Dye Stud's, Manufacturers, nr tide* aud Chemical*. Manufacturer* of Cot al f'ar nishes, Japan Ac. Agent* for Forest Hirer Lead Mystic Lead Co. French and American Zinc, Druggist's, Cerlumer# and Liquor lAshets. Get oral Agent* for J. L. Hunuewell'* Universal Cough K«%n edy , Tolu Anodyneaud Electric This. mch24eod3m REM O V A L . DR. NEWTON HAS removed his residence to No. 87 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Office a* heretofore, No. 116 Exchange Street, la Noble's Block, up stair*. Office hours from V* to 10 A. M., from 2 to 3. aud from 8 to # o’clock 1’. M. Dr. N. will continue, iu oouneclion with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES OP P KM ALES ooSltlkf Dresser’s ! Dresser's ! OO EXCHANGK STREET, ABOVB Til K POUT OPP1CB, Is the Place to buy your Jewelry! ap26 d2w * T Alt It A WO\*«\* Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, FOR VESSELS’ BOTTOMS. To Ou’ikts anal Masters or Vessels. Thi* superior article is offered with the fullest con fidence. When applkd to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS i* will be found a perfect substitute for Copper Sheathing, and a COMPLETE PKfcSkKVAT1VE from WORMS, BA UN ACLKS, GRASS, be Ve* *el* trading to tlie Went India and Southern Ports will find it particularly or their interest to uae t. e Patent Metaluc oa < oi fee Paint. The proprietor* will in every care puarantee, not only tha* their Copper Paint i* Hujerier to any now in uae, hut also to any that haa been heretofore of f red to the public. Printed direction* for uae acre in pany each can. For aale, wholesale and retail, by the Manufac turers' Agent*, LYMAN & MARRETT, Ship Clinndlors, No. 115 Commercial Sirefi, apSO 2taw3m PORTLAND. PEARL ST GARDEN! Plants, Flowers, & Seeds, Mrs. HI. FKASEK, Florist, NO. 52 PEARL ST., Offer* for aale a large aaaortiueut of Garden Roots, Herbaceous Plants, Shiubbcry and Flower Seed*, Of her own raining. Alao Dahlias cto Roses, SOME IICNDKED VARIETIES, Which can be purchased lower than at any other Garden in the State. Price of Flower Seed* only three cenl* per paper. HJ^cut Flower*, Usenet*and Wreath* from April to November. xuay3d2w MISCELLANEOUS, j A SPRING SUPPLY FASHIONABLE GOODS, -FOB COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. obtained during the last week in New Y ork aud Boston, may be found at the store of WILLIM C. BECKETT, Ifl e r c li a n t Tailor, NO, 137 Middle Street. % 8ome of these Goods, which have boon recently imported, differ much in color, texture and iiuish from the styles that have continued in vogue lor a year or two past, aud are considered very elegant. Besides these and o her Goods,—comprising all the varieties for fashionable wear, at the same place may be found a good supply of .Standard Gentian, French, and Enrli*l, Hroa«!clotli» a d Doi »kiu«. lor geuttel suits; together with styles of Veatina* selected with a view to suit all tastes. Also, excellent goods for Spring Overcoats, Eng lish Walking Sacks Paletots, and other Business Coats, with plates of the latest styles of Cutting aud Finishing. ry No. 137 Middle Street. mch2h dGw PORTLAND RIDING ACADEMY. Now open fjr ihc Spring and Sonmer. Hoping a large number of our citizens will avail themselves of toe great advantages now ofl'eied 1 htiu for a thorough equestrian training the Subscriber will hold hiiiMtdi iu readiness wild his beautifully Trained Stud of Horses, to wait upon them at ins School on bouih Street. Saddle Horses lor the road as usual. J.W. KolUN.So.N, Proprietor. • i4H m ~U.S. UY-AiY LOANT FIRST MTIOXAL BA.Mi -OF - PORTLAND, OKsiovvrr.o kcfomtouy -OF TUB UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive" subscriptions for the new “TEM FORTY LOAM,” which is dated March 1,1*64. bearing interest at five per cent, a year, payable in coin, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after ♦en years, and pay able in forty years from date. Interest on Bunds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on alt other Bonds'semi anuually. Bonds can be had in sizes of $60, $100, $600, $7000. WM, EDW. GOULD, mein'll dtf Cashier. Uiicity lor Sale. A Massachusetts built, 'arge. easy Top Buggy is for sale at Dr. iUPLKY'6 stable in Temple tree" ipaud&wtf BAH fV AWn NOYFS 1) i: ALKRS IN P AP VAV U AAGYXGS, WE purchase our Stock of Room Taper from the largest Manufacturing Establishments in the Uni’ed States: carefully selecting from their large stocks, the kkw pattern* only,—and such as are adapted to this market. This year the sly les and designs arevery beautiful, and we have a fine a-sort mm t, appropriate for every style of roow». Wc invite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, before pdrehasing elsewhere. The) are bought here for cash, and we can afford to sell at a faiu prick. HAILEY AMO MOVES, HookHellerH atnl Stationers*, 56 1 58 Esrltnagr Hired. Portland N B Country dealers will find it to their advaut> J I age to give u a call, if iu want of Boom Tapkb. inch26 2ml A w NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY Sr. CO.j CommiHsiou Merchant, B7 Tchoupi- i tonls* at.. New Orleans. La Keforeuc4s: Baker A Morrill, Boston: Franklin JSimw h Co.. Boston; | Wise a Russell, Boston; C. Nickerson A Co., N. 1.; Rich A Co., bt. Louis. Partiou'ar attention givento Consignments of cess c/s, Lumber, Huy, (kits, 4*c. tnch23 a3tn FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, MO. HI HUDDLE NTH LET, (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Field - WITH - Divisions, Brigades A, Regiments! -OF NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOR THE SPRI N.(j. Ladies of Portland aud vicinity are respectfully : invited to oall aud see th** many beautiful *t> les ot Foreign end Domestic Dress Goods JIST RECEIVED! Also, the great variety Hoiimc FiiruiMhinx Goods ! Such a* Brow n aud Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, Table Liuous. Drilling*. lickings. Denims. Stripes, Ac Also, just receiving, the latest styles ol handsome .Spring Balmoral Sltlius And the most fashionable >'/‘RING S/I A WLS, A complete stock of CLOTHS AND C ASSIMKH KS, FOK BOYS’ AND MEN'S WEAK. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant assortment. W e are just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any of the new aud desirable Spring Cloaks. Warreuted to suit. FfiCCBTWANGEK A /r\l)U{, ( F O X BLOCK), NO. si MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Maimx. I*. S.—Ladies need not ask for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but sound aud fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprl tf UK FED .V TD KEY, NO. 50 UNION STREET, Manufacturers aud Wholesale Dealers in Boots, Shoes, Rubbers, Shoe Stock and Findings. Importers of Serftv*. LastiiiKS mill Guswliiiiit*, And the only M uiutkcturorsof KID AND OOAT STOCK in the State. Having had large experience, and be ing importers aud manufacturers, enables us to sell the same articles as low as they cau be bought In Bostou. We havo always taken especial pains to Rive our customers REL/AHl.E HOODS, aud he ave none have given better satisfaction Couutry dealers are invited to examine our stock before pur chasing. Particular attention given to orders re ceived by mail. feblO dk w3m BUSINESS CARDS. BftAVtilf* M Oll.TON \ KOLERs. Wiiolvmalb Dbalkub la Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, ROBERT RRiLlV.) U m MOULT' n, [ PORTLAND, MR A. O. ROOKRS. \ may 3d if W. W. CAIUl & CO., Having taken the Fruit Store formerly oooapied b> O . H A W Y K H. \o. S Exchange Street, Are prepared to oifrr to the trade a largo and well selected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit ! Wholesale and Retail Orsiges, Spruce Guns, Lozenges leuosK, ('unary Seed, (undies, Limes, Lemon Syrup, Honey, l*runes. Cocoa Nats, Figs* Citron, N*ut*. all Isluds, Dates, Olive*, Ralsius, Tobacco, Sardine*. Cigars. Fancy Candles of all description. oct9 dtf F, M. CARSLEY, CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, No 51 Union Street, 18 prepared to do all kind* of CABINET JOB* BING in a prompt and satisfactory manner. Book and Show Cues made to order. KC*Fmrcttara Made. Repaired and Varnished al SHOUT NOTICE. Portland. May 29. lish. tf IRA WINN, Agent, 1STo. 11 Union St., Is prepared to furnish STEAK ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sizes and patterns, St(4n ripe lid FtiinfM, till Gearing Shiftily hJley»,tt Liumt Uousn Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in building FoRTirZOATIOMS. Iron Stairs and other Architectural W ork. House*. Stores, and other buildings, fiUed with Gas and Steam in the best manner. In oonnoction with the above is an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of Patterns, to which the attention of Machinists, Millwrights,and dhip-Build ers is invited—and all kinds of Castings furnished at short notico. gyurders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly exeonted. ocSdtf SILVER’S SEWING MACHINESI WOODMAN, TRUE A CO.. AGENTS, Not. H a»d U.Middle Street. Trimmla, ttlwtyt emkead. ■ohlStf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, BEKTIST, Esrausjfcxp.Drs. Baoov and Brsslib Portland, May 26,1963. tf Dr. 1. II. HEALD HAVING disposed of his entire interest in his Office to Dr. S.C FERNALD. would cheerfully reccommend him to his former patients and the pub lio. Dr. Peru a ld, from long experience, is prepar ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the "Vulcanite Bass," and all other meth >da known to the profession. Portland. Mav 26. ISAa tf JOHN F. SHERRYj Hair Cutter and Wig .'Baker, No. IB Market Square, Port1 'nd, (up stairs.) KF^Beparate room for Ladies’ and Children's Llaii Cutting. A good stock of Wigs, Half-Wigs, Bands, Braids Curls, Frixetts, Pads, Rolls, Crimping Boards, Ao. %e . noentantlv on hand t*22'6ftdly WOOD AND COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAPJ30AL. $9.50 PRIME LOT CHESTNUT COAL 69 50 f> TON, SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEU IG 11, HKZlLToN, SUGAR Loaf, OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN JOHNS. DIAMOND. WEBS TER aiid BLACK HEATH. These Coal* arepf the very b«*«t quality, well screened and picket), and warranted to give satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. OBVlcu CoMMKaciAL St , head of Franklin Wharf 8. ROUND* A SON. ftl>18 dly W AKKEVS lIPMffii FIRK AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AMD Gravel Hoofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. HKHSEYi Agent, Jau'iti dtf No. 16 Uuion Street. ALBERT WEBB A CO., - D1AL11I ia - Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD or MKRKILL’8 WUAKF, ('•aaisrelal Siratt,* - Partlaad, Mu* t Ja23tf Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Makers ami Ipliolsterers, 308, Cons'eas Street, 4 UK prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet and t’p x\. holstery work, at the shortest notice. All kinds of Ftiriiluirr, I.oiiugrs A Itliitlrrssca —constantly on hand— N. B. The public are invited to call and examine. n» *h4 dtf BOOTS AM> SHOES ! tv. tv. I.OTIIHOP, 88 Middle Street. Whore can b« found a large assortment ol S^HI 1.adits', t.cuts’, Mi sues. But s’ and Youths f fdshtouab!- HOOTS. SffO/tS and RUB ^^^HH/iSot th* best manufacture and at rea sonable price* Boor* and Buokb made to measure from the bast French and American stock -nd on the latest style lasts. WM. W. LOTHRUl*. rnch22 (12m JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODXAN 1ILOCK, mchlTd&wtf Ikmi-lk Stiiuct SJeoteh CnnvHN, -row BALI BY JAMES T. PATTEN & C0.f Hath. Me. .1, Vi , HOLTS Superior Bleaotiftd 300 do All Lony Has •liov- ,. w k ernmout ouutraot," 800 do Katra All Long dax Arbroatli. 3oo do Navy Flee De lvtred la Portland or Boatoa Hath, April 10. IMS apll dll HOT E LS._ Splendid Pleasure Result! THE WHITE HOUSE, (VOUMBRLY WILSON HOUfiS.) J. P. MILLER, .PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel has recently teen pur chased by Mr Miller! ot the Albion) and bas [been thoroughly refitted, renovate 1 and rc [;■[.mred, atnl numerous excellent alt. iati»ns i ■— J ^made. It is located on the Saecarawu r* r-1. about four miles from Portland, affording a beautiful drive over a good road, and Just about iar enough for pleasure. It has a line large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys. In close proximity to the house is a warm aud roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stall*. There is also a well sheltered Shed. Iu6 feet long, tor hitching horses. 'The choicest Suppers will be got up for sleighing and dancing parties, who will find it greatly to their pleasure aud advantage to resort to the White House. No effort will be spared for the entertainment ot a. dcoltfdtf HALLOWELL HOUSE It E O P E NED! NEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! 8«G. DE.\3IN, Proprietor. 8^- The public are specially informed that the spacious, convenient and well known if aliowbll the cent, r of HaJlowell, two miles from August*, and lour mi es from iogus spring, has h**eu refurnished, and is open for tre reception of company and j>ormanrnt bosrdtr*. Every attention will be given to the comfort of guests. STABLING, and all the usual conveniences of a popular hotel, are amply provided. _ Hallowef . Feb. 1 1864. mch26 eodtf TUE AMERICAN HOUSE, Hanover Street .... Boston. The Largest an«l Host Arranged Hotel IN SUV KNULAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor, oelttly CAPISIC POND HOUSE NOW OPEN, Three >I lra front I'orlluud. GEO. W. MIRTH. aprl2dtf REMOVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH HAS KKXOVKD TO HEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Retail Dealer in Clothing,Cloths, Tdilors' Trimmings, -AND GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, Rios. Ill A 113 Middle Mrrri. JOSIAH BVRLEISH, Agent for Grover X Baker's celebrated Seeing 3Iiu*1uih»h, Not 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his lrieuds that he may be found at Bur leigh's, No. 141 k. 143 Middle street. where he will be plea-ed to wait upon hb former customer*. Portland. March 24. 18C4. dtf NOTICE. rpilK Subscr.bcr with pleasure announce* to hi* JL old Patron* and the Public, that a he ha* se cured tu# service* oi a FRENCH COOK AND CONFECTIONER, who lias hid thirty vear* experience in the best and largvst houses in NklW YOKK, BOSTON and other cities, that he is prepared to furnish IYtdtUvy *r Other Parti*s, and T smilie* w ith every de*rriptfon and variety of articles in his Line, vis. • Boned Turkeji. Bird*, Meat of all kind*. Every Variety of Ice Crruin, Jellies, Salad*. Charlotte Ru**e, fake, Pa*try, Or f oufectiouary, either plain or fancy. Experienced "Waiters, who are competent to take charge of Wedding or other Parties, will be furnished on application. All Orders from the Country will r«*cei e prompt attention. N .B Please bear in;mind|t hat HAltS l .4/ buy * and uses the best Material that the country afford* Call and examine. I. UnruuiM, f otlimiii Itlork, Temple Street, I'ortlaud, Mr* inch23 dtf .Vi\iguti,iu TaiiKlit T. It. PARSON S, — AT — No. 12, Deer Street, Portland (1 BNTLEUKN dexiriut of instruction L» Practi W cal Navigation will lint! an experienced teach er. II-is th« only experienced Ship Master in the State, who teaches Navigation, and is ♦special!* ap noiotci to •iiiaiifjr Ensigns amt Matt* for the l* S. Navy. mch2 «o«13m SHERIDAN & GRIFFITHS, (Successors to Joseph Gray k Co.,) PLASTBIIER8, flllt i lINlUTiT SfCCCO k UlSTIf tt'IKMLS ARK now prepared to furui-h the public with Center Pieces and all kinds of Plaster Orna ments as cheap as any other establishment in the State, and at the shortest notice We will also give prompt attention to repairing Plastering, Whitening, \\ hite Washing and Color iug Please leave your orders at No. 6 South street Opposite the Riding School. tcb‘J5 U3m T HE EES tT~ Rc-opt-negl. f|VlE Photograph Galleries. No. 80 Middle street, X Portland, having been thoroughly refitted and supplied with all the latest improvements, are now open for the accommodation of the public. Tne proprietor is prepared to suj ply Lif former customers and all who may give him a call, with pic tures ol every description, executed in the tut man ner and at reasonable CJX* Particular attention given to oop; ing. A. 8. DAVI8, Proprietor. Portland. July 30.\W dtf "JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS. 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, . . BOSTON Are propared to order at favorable rates, COLT N ESS a ud GLKMGAR N Of K. PIG IRON, Also, BAR. SlIMKT.t BOILKR PLATK IROK, of English gild Sootch M.uufhcture. We sh.tlcoutinue to receive. In aiidltiuo to our Amcrio.u Brick, a r«,tutsr supply of ■MULISH, SCOTCH, fc WELCH HKK BHIl h mchll eotiflm MISCELLANEOUS. ELECANT CLOAKS ' —AT— POPULAR PRICES! LEACH & ROBINSON, 84 MIDDLE STREET, Wi»U to aunt'iiiice to their friend* and the 1 idles of Portland aud vkiuity, that they have opened the *e oud storv over their store for the exclusive manufacture aud sale of CLOAKS, CAPES. - AND — MANTILLAS! We have just received Elegant Cloth Gaxmenta, From the celebrated Uluses of «#• IUIH, A t C. CAM A C*., Canal et., New York, which together with oar own uihmTacture, will die* play the choicest congress of CLOAK MERCHANDISE •Trr bdbrel Id Hum, which will b« told at th* Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Country Dealers will hnd a (. hoioe assortment of Ldidta*' Cia incuts, (lotlis. Milks, TaMela, Bullous, ud ORNAMENTS, Constantly on hand. This department of oar basin?** will he conducted with special reference to the wants of the C l.oSKftf ht TLHS All the popular styles will appear early and wfli ha uab bited iu FINE, MEDIUM — AMD — Low Cost Fabrics. With superior facilities for manufacturing, wahope to merit the continued patronage of our manda LEACH A ROBINSON. * aprUdltn SPRING & SUMMER OPENING! A. D. REEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER, NO. 98 EXCHANGE STREET. Hat just returned from Boston and Maw York with n gUOH ANI) FASHIONABLE ARtoKTHKirr or Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Of every variety and style, tincluding many of the most unique patterns of the seaeon.) which he par* Hto—isue*^T can ef«w “ LOWEST CASH PBICES f lie ioYtte* hi* old trieadi and customers, and the public generally, to call and exatnlaa liia stock. Having enlarge d his store by the removal of hie work-room above, he has accommodations more ex teusive for the display of his goods. April 8, 1364. gif J. W. MIKES, rarchu*er lor Barter. Aecoaml or LOL’KOKAtN. HKRDS, PROVISIONS, UlO, BLTTKR rod WESTERN PRoOCCH g-nr rally. Particular rttcation riven to shipping hr anloknnt nnd ohenpwt ronlce No. 151 SOOTH WATER ST. r. o. Bos in. Chicago, lUlaoto. Rnmunmn- Mi-asre. Mavnard k Sou; H k W. Cblckenng: C. H ('tiraKlngt ft Co.; 8 U.Bowdlaar * Co ; Ctiarie, A it,,n.. Hsllett, Darla k fin., nl Boston. Him. Ca»ln.r Elliot Bsnk.Bn.ton. J.M. Bacon. K»,., President Newton Bank, .Inwtna. O. B Collin; Warren till, a Son,. Haw York Cttr . Jjrl ‘63 dir Con l ii ii cl W oodl L0WE8T PRICES FOR CASH, OBLIYBRKU TO .CVT TART OB TUB CJTT. AT SUORT XOTICM. Our Coal Is of the very BK8T quality, nnd war* ranted to give satisfaction. -ALSO. FOB 8ALB All hLludw of Hard and Salt Wn4. The Public are Invited to give as a eaU, aa wa art bound to give satisfaction to ail who furor aa with their cun tom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STRUT. RANDALL * McALLIBTER _»■«*) __ M. , Silver Plater, ADD VABUFACTOmn U» SILVER WARE, d.’IH Congre a 8t..O|ip. Coart HooM.PortladdJf*. All kind-* of W A HE, such U KdItm, Fork* SpoouK, 1'ike Buketi, Cutor*, lo., p*ated in t0% beat manner. A No. Rt PAIRING and RK*KIN13HINU 014 SilverWare. JaxdN dda TO Slllt* UllLDDRS. I*. S. Jfc J. U. HUCKINS, pi.M MISSION M Kill'll ANTS. and wholMOi* and \o> mail d»,li>r> la smr Tmaia add Plana Have l»»r ,al« at lhair Wharf, Cutoai Botiai ! K»»T l'.oari"*. S&v.iuO Locust and Oak Treenails S.OOII Hackmatack Knees, ylauod AUo Wiite Oak PiAHKin.irnuiH.l'Htwsu Boauh and Plaek j White Ptna, Uicb-Plaek. do. PartlraJar at tt-ntion paid to Kuiui.hiug Oak f lank hr thaCarao iuch34 43m ' To .WnuuDtt-turer*, Ship Builder*. 4 N O t" r»on- of Beal Fatale Inreatmaata. ! A t he folioh tag property I. offered at good targaia. ■A) lloiuee at pno-» from dlBU) to fBOOO. l'W **ou e Lot, at price. from 0300 to MOOO 3000 Keet of water front luiuhlo for whwraa Ship , yard,. Mauuficturiug Sin,, troutiag deep water »*!h hoe opring of w.tor .djacent thereto aad a i portion of It aiUoialng the (Irand I raak Ball Boad from which freight m»y bedeponed onthapromiom mehll 3m U08BS GuULD. 74 MMdIa St. TO MERCHANTS. rilQK undersigned having greatly increased their A facilities for matmfactaring MOOTS AND 81IOF.8, 1 and having large experience in tnai i>ranch, would call the attendon of the trade to the same. We j eli*aI1 in future be much better able to supply the de ' in and* of the trade then heretofore, and are coni* ■ dent that in the quality, both of ouratock and work wecsu giv* satiiitaction, as wenianufactureeznreM* ly for the retail trade. 1 bone buying for caah will iud it to their ad van tag*, to look at our stock which couskta In part of RCRHKHS, SOLE amd WAK l.KA THKR, KRK St H and AMR RICAN CALK, firemen Aip, Lnmtmtfi and J»dot Calf, (Ioat amd Kid \ SI'St^r’9M "’***• **>« amlUhos Maekiasra and Fimdtngt t'J alt triad*. 9 Mr.KniiusD Librt, late of the firm of Me*arc C baa. J Walker h Co . baa associated himaelf with us. reiving on hia many year* experience in manufacturing,wc arecoLthient iu making the above atatemeut*. TT LEK k LAMB Portland. Feb. 1. I‘<64. feb6 dim. Notice. \\r 11 ERE A S l*aac A Dav to. a boy that haa been vf living with nit*dince he waa au infant hue left my house the fifth dav of thia month, thia i* to Nta notify all peracuathat 1 ahail pay nodebteot kia oon. t. acting after thia date. CALVIN P. DAVIS North Yarmouth, April 18,1944, apl9 dt*« '

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