Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 7, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 7, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. ' POBTLAHD Miklff• MtrdtT Morning, -May *, 1864 ■ ■■ —..-♦♦♦■ Tht circulation of the Daily Press is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. Tn»Y" f m per frear: if paid strictly in ad vance a discount qf *1.00 ttill be made. |y Reading Matter on nil Four 1'agea* Union ('oiuenlion ! iBv oiuieuB of the Fir* Congressional District who are unconditionally loyal to the Government of the United btates, and who unconditionally sup port all ita measures for suppressing the Rebellion, and who are resolved to spare no endeavor to main tain oar Nations 1 Unity, both iu principle and ter ritorial boundary, are invited to send Delegate* to a Convention to be held at SACO, on Thnrsday, the 26th l>ny ol May, ▲t 11 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of selecting Two Dilioatki to the Union National Con tention, which meet* at Baltimore the 7th day of June next. The basis of lleprcwntatiou will be one Delegate to each town, and one additional Delegate for every aeventy-five votes thrown for the Union Candidate for Governor in 1863. A majority fraction of seven ty-five will entitle a town to an additional delegate. John Lynch, Portland. I Skvvall a. GBoxg, N.Uiouce ter, | Union John D. Lincoln. Brut-wick, John A WaiIamak, (iOBHaM, ]■ I> strict Dan’l Stimpson, Biddelord. Gnu M Kmowlton, Aitred, i Committee. M F. W»Nfwo*iH, Kitttery, may tfdawtomayiid Treason and Traitor*. “Treason against the United States,” says the Constitution, “consist* only in levying war against them, or In adhering lo their enemies, giving them aid and comfort” Such is ihe crime of treason; those who are guilty of any of these things are traitors, and the laws of the United States fix the penalty lor such a crime. It is death l We are aware some squeamish people have been smitten willi a conviction—possioiy, j save the necks of disloyal friends—that trea- , sod consists only in acta. This is no doubt the casein time of profound peace. Were, the United States at peace w ith all nations, and with no rebellion within their own bor ders, of course there could lie no such trea son as that which consists in “adhering to their enemies, giving' them aid and comfort,’ for they would have uo enemies either to “ad here to” or to “aid and comfort.” Under sucli a condition of things treason could only be avlnced In acta; by “levying war” against the United States. But not so now. We are in the midst of war. The enemies of the Unit ed States have their weapons aimed at the throat of the nation, and, it seems clear to our mind, that he who publishes a word or makes a public speech Intended or well calculated to encourage the enemy, or to stimulate them to greater activity or to more persistency of ef- : fort, knowing that inch must be its uatural ef- 1 lect, is a traitor within the meaning of the j constitution. Have we any such traitors among us f Look i at facts. The two most gigantic armies kuown to modern history, arc now slandiug face to face between Washington and Kichmond, ready to engage in a conflict big with the in terests not only of the uatiou but of Universal Liberty and the institution of free Govern ment. Upon the Issue of the pending con flict of arms possibly may hinge our national destiny; whether this nation is to triumph over its enemies, and march onward and up ward In the pathvay of greatness and glory, giving liberty to millions yet unborn, or wheth er rebellion shall triumph, the star of Liberty be quenched in a sea of blood, and the dark and turgid tide of despotism roll over and ■ubmerge the land every acre of whose sur face hat been consecrated to Ireedotu, the act of consecration having been recorded with the best blood of the past generations. Al most every family is represented lu the con tending armies, and which ever side is victo rious, sorrow and sadness are to send their mementoes into thousands of before happy homes, hi a word, the nation is in the last great struggle with a gigantic rebellion, hav ing It by the throat, with a fair prospect of •uceess if every man does ids duly, and uo iu lereat of freedom or of constitutional liberty Is betrayed by domestic traitors. iris at such a.juncture, with the eyes of ail eivUized nations upon ns, and with the posi tive knowledge that any word published in the free States may be known at the Kebel Capital and headquarters in s single week, that a paper in the loyal State of Maine, even in the Union-loving city of Portland, (not the Argue) Insults every loyal cilireu,taunts eve ry patriotic impulse, derides the struggling nation, and encourages every rebel in arms by each utterances as these: We have now entered upon the fourth year of our civil war. And yet, we have fewer ad vantageous results to bousl ol, than have our adversaries, all things being considered. The capital of our nation, through an una bated and feverish fear of the eueuiy, when our peaple, month oy mouth, have had renew ed promises ot subjugating, from the hcimncd Ill iuicid mb iuai lajiiwi, uni wni uriti, nuu is now he Id, only as an entrenched camp-ground, rather than as a proud and defiant citadel ol liberty and safety, and political power; and martial law has supplanted the civ it power at pleasure, with the audacious tread of a ty rant’s heel, not only there, but in nearly eve ry State of Ibe L'uiou that is hft within our : precarious possession. True we have achieved by our gallant ar- ' mlea, and navy combined, many splendid vic tories over the foe. But they in turn hate | achieved scarcely less in number, or less in importance ocer our armies. Aud It is unde niable, that they have wrought out many morefacts of heroic daring and glittering chivalry, than we have done on the federal aide. Look at our vast resources of war * * and say before God aud the world, have we, in the progress made in our three years of war and invasion of the Mouth, auy thing to boast over our antagonist? ^ We confess, in humiliation aud shame, our judgment that ire hare not. Wereassert our conviction, that, ull tilings considered, we have mure to be ashamed of than (o boast of, in the results of our Inst three Tears’ history.' >s though this was not enough, the reliefs are told — for the article wc ■ juote from was written for the Richmond market, and will find its way tliero through northern traitors— that this waste and worse than waste of efforts to subdue the rebellion “is ail owing to the imbecile administration of our public affairs,” that the Chief Magistrate is ruining the nation “and building up our adversaries “ (the Rebels) as a rival and jubilant people “ in the esteem of the world.” Though this editor taunts foreign nations for not “daring to recognize their |ihc rebels) existence as a Government,” he says: The North is still a repulsed and unsuccess ful power before the world, and in the judg ment of the world. We stop here, and appeal to sensible, loyal, Union-ioving, party-disregarding men, to say in their own hearts, before God and in view of the great impending couliict—perhaps at this moment being waged—wherein these ex tracts fall short of rank, downright and undis guised and damning treason; treason as de fined in the Constitution ; treasen which in time of war consists in adhering to the ene mies of the United States, “giving them aid |gtd comfort.” We think the writer of such paragraphs—being an Intelligent mao — can be only a traitor to his country,and worthy ofa traitor's reward. (Jo into any school district In the loyal states, and divide all the truly loyal, intelligent, candid citizens into juries of twelve men each, ar.d it is our deliberate judgment that nine out of every ten of them would promptly, unhesitatingly and eonseien ciously llnd a verdict of oi ii.ty, under an Indictment for treason, on such evidence as the article from which we have quoted affords; and yet the author of it is constantly Inveigh ing against the despotism of the government, which he says denies all freedom of speech and of the press, though his daily utterances, made with Impunity, afford the most indubit able evidence that the freedom of the press was nevermore fully enjoyed: was never more grossly abused. It is well for such iraitors that Andrew Jackson is not at the head of the Government. Did he occupy Abraham Lincoln's place, where the latter has arrested one disloyal man he would have arrested a hundred; where Lincoln has simply sent into banishment Jackson would have seul to the gallows, and where the present Executive has freely par doned old Hickory would have made the weight of his power felt. O, for one month of Jackson's spirit at Washington ! O, for fiis prompt, efficient, and effectual mode of dealing with traitors. It is well for the trai tors at the North, who disgrace the name of Democracy by claiming it for their party, that they have not to deal with that old steru Democrat, for were he at the head of tho Government he would promptly do one of two things: lie would stop their treason, or he would stop their breatV Now lliiildiriK' ill Portland—Commenced or Coutemplulcd. Notwithstanding I lie high price* of labor and of all building material*, there is very nearly the usual number of buildings living erected, snd an unusual number of the first class. If building materials and labor could lie obtained as low as before the war there would be four times the manlier of houses going up that there now is. There is a de mand, aud a very urgent one, for low or me dium price tenement*, five hundred of w hich would find occupants in a very shoit time. Messrs. J. B. Browu A Sons are putting up, or makiug arrangements to build several valu able iilceks. They ale putting up a large storehouse on Maple street, running from York to Dantorili street. It is of brick, 200 feet long by SO feet wide and four stories high. There is to be au area in the center of 21 feet square, running to the roof, through which the light to a portion of the building is to be communicated. The same gentlemen are also remod.-ling the Moulton Block,on Con gress street, above the l’reble House, raising up each story and putting in a freestone front. They are also making arrangement* to build a block of stores on the Aaron Winslow lot, and it i* said they are intending to build a large block on the corner of Middle and Union streets, running to the store occupied by Mr. Ellsworth on Middle street, and to the brick building occupied by Mr. Pingree on Union strict. The mason work of these buildings is done under the direction ot Messrs. S. C. A G. M. Chase, who have in their employ about 130 men, at work on the various con tracts they have taken. Messrs. J. Dow A bon are luuoviug their Tannery from the place it has occupied for nearly 70 years, to a lot recently purchased just across the Portlaud A Kennebec railroad track. The buildings are being erected and will cover sufficient space to enable them to have ail their work done under cover. The main building which is 72 by i'2, two stories high with a large attic, will contain a fire proof boiler room aud au eugiue of about 18 horse power. Tiro old tannery from which they are removing, is probably tbe oldest in the state, having been established over 70 years ago, by the late Josiah Dow, arid oc cupied by him or his son, Gen. Neal Dow, up to the present time. Messrs. S. C. A G. M. Chase are building a brick block on Carle ton street. They are also making arrangements to build a brick house on I’iue street, for Mr. W. P. Chase, aud are building a house tor C’apt. Inman in the same vicinity on the Promenade. Messers. Winslow aud Doten are building a large planing mill in which steam power is to be used, between Fore street and Com mercial street, uear the foot of Union street. Hufus Deering i* building a brick bouse on Peering street, 28 by b.'i 1-2 feet. 2 1-2 stories high. Mr. Yeaton is building a woodcu house near the Arsenal. Mr. John Fitts is buildiDg a dwelling house on Oxford street. Mr. Muse* Colley is .building for the city near the Observatory, a large engiue house aud ward room on a contract of about $7,(NX). The house that occupied the same lot has been hauled back to Monument street, and raised and thoroughly repaired. Mr. Kyle has a house nearly completed on the corner of Con gress aud Hampshire streets. The 1*. A F. A. Railroad Co. have nearly completed a larg< building to be occupied as a depot and for mn nufact ur ing aud storing cars. It Is 104 by 30 feet, two stories high, with a stable in the rear, to be 100 by 40 feet. It is located on Spring street, near the present terminus of the road. r im_ui t >t. : ut_ -...i_t t_ at: addition to a house on Clark street. Mr. liussell Worcester is building a house ou the tame street, two .-lories high, with brick base ment, Mr. J. E. I'ernald Is building a fine residence ou Spring street, near High. It is to be of brick, ttvo stories high, 58 by 40 feet, with a basement and French roof. Mr.Spencer Hummer lias charge of tlio carpenter work, uud Messrs. Strout and McConkey the mason work. Mr. John W. Swctt is putting up a house ou the corner of Cumberland aud Myr tle streets, and Mr. A. I*. Morgan is making a large addition to his residence on the corner of Elm and Cumberland streets. Mr. John Kinsman la building a bouse ou Spring street, mid Mr. Christopher I.anders is building a two story wooden hou-e ou the corner of Gray and Brackett street*. Several houses have been commenced ou land receutly made by tilling in Back Cove. A tine addition will be made to the public biflldiugs of the city in the erectieu of the new Univcrsalist church edifice, on High street near Congress. The Messrs, blew art ure the cuntruetors, mid they are already busily en gaged upon the cellar aud foundation The building will be 11(1*feet long aud about 07 wide, of fine architectural proportions, con taining 20 s pews. The walls are to be of brick, the front mastic, with elegant lowers, spire, Ac. The cost of the building, inde pendent of the lot aud grading,and ludepen pendeot of the cost of the organ, carpets, uud other furniture, will be about $40,000, and it is ts lie completed in December. It is intended to be a One addition to theornameu tal buildings la that beautiful section of the city. lu looking about the city hastily,we are not supposed to have noticed all the buildings that have been commenced, or to have a knowl edge of alt that are contemplated. We shall give aunther chapter on the same subject, when we have more time to look around. In addition to new buildings that are being C* erected, a very large number are undergoing thorough repairs, ro that our carpenters, painters, paper-hanger*, glaziers, masons and attendants, and everybody else who can woik on a building, can find ready employment at j W9ges varying from $1.75 to $5 a day. letter irom the |Statc Capital. Ai'0VaTA, May (), InU. j To the Editor of the Trees : The following commissions have been is- I sued from the Adjutant General's Office since ! | my last: First Regiment Vacuit y.—Henry F. Blanch- j ard, of Rumford,2d Lieut. Co. G. Fifth Regiment Infantry.—Walter Foss, of | Biddeford, 1st. Lieut. Co. C. j Sixth Reginald Infantry.—John C- Honey, 1 of Amherst, 1st Lieut. Co. B. Seventh Regiment Infantry.—Still man 1’. Getchell, of Vienna, Asst. Surgeon. Eighth Regiment Infantry.—Joseph Small, ol Limlngton, Captain Co. I; Henry E. To iler, of Watervllle, 1st Lieut. Co. 1; Walton It. Hill, of Exeter, 2d Lieut. Co. I; Ebcn H. Farnum, of .Wilton, 1st Lieut. Co. A : Albert F. Kyes, of Jay, 2d Lieut. Co. A; Alexander C. Drake, of Detroit, 2d Lieut. Co. I). Eleventh Regiment Infantry. —Melville M Folsom, of Newburg, Captain Co. A; Albert Maxfield, of Casco, 2d Lieut. Co. I); Grafton Norris, of Wayne, 2d Lieut. Co. F; Charles H. Foster,of Stetson, 1st Lieut. Co. K: Geo. W. Small, of Bangor, 2d Lieut. Co. K. Seventeenth Regiment Infantry.—Edward G. Parker, of Kiltery, 2d Lieut. Co. B. Thirtieth Regiment Infantry.—Abraham N. Rowe, of Yarmouth, 1st Lieut. Co. E; Hcury N. Fairbanks, of Wayne, 2d Lieut. Co. E. Thirty-First Regiment Infantry.—Thomas Hight, of Augusta, Colonel; Stephen C. Tal bot, of East Marinas, Lieut. Colonel; Daniel White, of Bangor, Major; Joseph S. Harlow, of Foxeroft, Captain Co. K; Chas. O. Brown, of Rockabema Plantation, 2d Lieutenant j Co. K. irtirijf-.seconu isetjimenl injaniry.—.Mars | F. Wentworth, of Kittcry, Colonel; Marcus M. I.. Hussey, of Newcastle, Captain Co I; Wilinot Whitehouse, ol Newcastle, 1st J,ieut. Co. I; Geo L. Hall, of Nobleboro’, 2d Lieut, Co. I. Count Guunln.—Thomas 1’. Hutchinson, of j Machias,Capt. Co. C; Andrew J. Gibson, ol | Eastport, 1st Lieut. Co. C; Joseph F. Hughes, of East Mathias, 2d Lieut. Co. C. Tbe Belfast and Rockland companies of j Coast Guards have been mustered into the | United States service, received their three hundred dollars State bounty, and left for ! Washington, where they will be used to man tbe defences. Col. Beal, of the 2t»th Regt,, writes that in 1 the battles of Mansfield and Pleasant Hill on tbe 8th and Pth ot April, the Maine regiments j one and all behaved duely, and are highly spoken of by all the commanding officers.— | He says, “ Tbe post of honor was given to the i 2Pth to cover the march and protect the rear, audit .as done so quietly that we withdrew within speaking distance ot the rebels and j they did not tlud it out till daybreak. - * i Generals Banks, Franklin, Emory and Uwigbt : with their stall's were in the tear of our regi i meut watching us with the greatest anxiety, fearing our men would break, but they found what the Maine boys were made of, and al I though a ueie regiment, as we are called, we ; ntoul, and that is more Ilian can be said of . quite a number of old ones. 1 have since re j eeived tbe thanks of all the generals above ! named. I was desired to return to Plea-ant j Hill for a position and move at 12 o'clock.— After it became dark wo threw out pickets j ami found the enemy's some three fourths of a mile ahead. Our line under cotninaud of | Capt. Jordan, took twenty-three prisoners : and seven horses, so near their llces that our I | men could hear them talk. Col. Taylor, who ; commanded a rebel brigade, sent his Adjutant | | with another Lieutenant and an orderly, to j postliis pickets (the Adjutant riding the C»Io- j J net’s horse.) They came up near to Captain i ! Jordan’s line and made some inquiries about ! the position, and Ihe Captain politely inform ed them of ano her line just back a short dis tance and said he would show them wiierc it ; was. lie showed them the line and we were \ the gainers of three prisoners and three good j j horses, with all their rigging. We have the | horses in our possession at this time. Tbe Colonel’s U a very line one.’’ i letter from Col. Woodman, of the Second Cavalry, states that of 1131 horses for that regiment, shipped for New Orleans, 172 were lost on the passage. Tbe Lancaster had not arrived up to April 23d, she not being due there at that time. Col. Kimball arid Lieut, Colonel Ill-ley, of 1 the 12tlq Reg’t, were here yesterday. They j | deposited with the Adjutant Geueral the tlag of their regiment, which was presented to ! i them by Major General Butler, on Boston I j Common, January 1, 1802, and a State flag | presented to the regiment at the same time j I and place, by Chief Justice Shepley. Both ; i flags are very much tattered and torn. The j regimental one has eighteen bullet holes j through it. They also brought a large rebel i silk Hag, captured by the 12th at Pass Man- j chac, Louisiana, Jan. I7tlr, 1802. It is nine j feet by tire and a halt, with a gold cord and j tassels and a gilt tin lance head, and was pre sented to a Louisiana regiment by ladies of | New Orleans. With it was captured six lliir- i ty-two pounders and large quantities of mili tary equipage aud stores of all sorts. Yours tr uly, Htuos. Mktiiomst Ge.vebai. Co.nfkbe.nck— Items.—The venerable Seulo* Bishop Morris having completed his fiftieth year of minis’ 1 terial service, has been requested to preach a semi-centennial scrinou before the General | Conference of the M. L. Church, now in ses- j siou in I’hiiadciph ia. The trustees of the church in which the sessions are held, were requested by the Coulerence to suspend the Stars and Stripes j orec the church, and a beautiful flag, pro- j seuted to Dr. Llliot iu troublous times, by the loyal ladies ol St. Louis, in the church dur ing the deliberations of the body. Ou motion of llev. Col. Moody, a delegate ! from the Clncinuatti Conference, the Genera] Conference observe yesterday (Friday) as a day j of fasting and prayer to Almighty God that He will give victory to our army, and that Ho will enable our Government to reach a peace ! founded iu righteousness, ami in which tho j t ight* of human beings shall ho respected. Humous.—There were all sorts of rumors in | New dork yesterday, got up, undoubtedly, to | alleet the gold market, which opened in the morniug at 1 7<i 1-4. It commenced fallmg gradually, when a report was started that Burnside had been repulsed. Then another, that Bauks had suffered heavily in his retreat to Alexandria. These reports did not check the gradual fall iu the price of gold, and at 4 P. M., it was quoted at 171 1-4—a fall of five per cent, since morning. The gold specula tors will get up all sorts of stories. ZW 'The Biddelord Journal says a little son of Josiah Mdntlre, of that city, had the Un gers of his right hand all cut off recently in a hay-cutter. BY TELEGRAPH | -TO TBS CVUXlXtt 1MPKUK. .Hot "iii: ii It of 1 firm I At m!/ Corp*. Nkw York. May 0. Thr Times’ Washington dispatch says Cul pepper is being strongly fortified, and will be Med as a depot for stores. It is reported here to day that a strong col umu of troops under Gens. Couch and Sigel ire marching up the Shenandoah Valley, as a :o-operating column, destined over the Valley to cut the Virginia and Tennessee Railroad, while Gen. Dialer's forces, or a part o( them, strike the other railroad at or near Peters burg, thus severing ail railroad communica tions between Richmond and the South. lien. Butler took the field iu person at the head of the Army of the Peninsula yesterday, and had his host marshalled by such leaders as Getis. W. F. Smith, Gilmore, Terry ami Weitzel. The movement assumes an expedi tionary character. An immense fleet of transports and a stroug squadron of monitors and gunboats will con voy it up one ol the broad rivers to the gates or back door of Richmond, and perhaps the irou-clads may once more try the strength ot the reliel batteries that line the James, the Pamunkey. and the Rappahannock Rivers. f i'om iiiiiiii ’i. New York, May fi. The steamer Carroll, liotn New Orleans 2ffth, has arrived. The cotton market was firm; low middling 78 a 7!*; middling 82 a 88; sugar and molasses active; sales 800 bid-, at 00 a 05. Advices from Alexandria, of the 27th, re port Bank's army still there, but would pro bably move toward the Mississippi river. Admiral Porter was sixty miles above Alex andria, near the gunboat Eastport. The guns hud been taken off the vessel and her plating removed for the purpose of lightening her off. If this could not be done she would be blow n to pieces. Admiral Porter was being harrassed by the reliels considerably. Major-Gen. Iluuter had arrived at Alex andria. From t'hmttUHOoijii, New York, May «>. The Herald has the following, dateil at Chattanooga, April 28th: The greater part of tiie 20th corps U about to make a rapid match in some direction, when there will be a probability of lighting. No trausportalion w ill be allowed but barely suf ficient to carry the ammunition and ten davs’ rations, of which three will be cart led by the soldiers in their haversacks. Ringgold, Tren ton and 1 til ton are supposed to be the destin ation. Hot work is ahead. The 2d division of the 2d corps has jnst ar rived. The whole three divisions are now here. I coin irkutniit* — llrpul*r »*/ <#»/• n>*w(* trt Spbhn- Fork. <;aibo, Iil., May ft. A .learner arrived :il Memphis reports that Geo. Steele's army lias returned to Little Kock, Ark. He was followed by Price’s army and continually Uarritssed. At Sabine Fork tlie Heliels were turned ut on and repulsed af ter a severe battle, in which Hie loss was about equal on both sides. Marmaduke was report ed on the way to join Priec, when i' was sup posed that they intended to attack Little Kock. <;*•«. Hava.air at H unvntim t'uvatry ritjl. t at Satfalh, hi. NKtv York, May (5. A letter received from Burnside', headquar ters, dated Warrenton Junction 4th, locates the corps there, but expected to move on fur ther that day. A Norfolk letter ol the 1th reports that the relwl cavalry attacked our nickels a! Suffolk on Saturday, and wen badly t liras lied by the Sth cavalry, with the lo«s of a uumber killed and wounded. Pr* partition* of th* Sonitnnj Comml**ioH. Washington, May 0. The United States Sanitary Committee •harU-red a steamer at Baltimore, yesterday, and loaded her with hospital clothing, bedding, dressings. Ac., Ac., and despatched her to Hampton Koads. in eharee of an Inspector and eleven relhf agents. These preparations are in addition to it*o«i» already made in the Army of the Potomac, to provide a complete organization for battle field reliefudaptcd to the wants of the corps. (r«B. Smith OH the South Hiitr of the -ftmt‘9 Hirer. Ntw York, May it. Thu World sav» passengers wiio arrived in this city from Baltimore last Thursday, state that information had lieen received there from rebel sources, a. well as from Norfolk and Fortress Monroe, that Gen. Smith, with a very large army, had disembarked on the south side of the James River, not far from Fort Darling or Drury's Bluff as the rebels call it. Kirby Smith’* Cotton Spec ulnt ion. Cairo, III., May G. Discoveries have boon made In this city, which confirm the statement .as to the nego tiations between certain parties at the North and the rei*l Gen. Kirby Smith, whereby the Confederate (t>tton west of the Mississippi was to be exchanged for good.**, ammunition, <fcc. The names of some high and prominent officials are mentioned a* being connected with the arrangement. /Htorruption of Commuttiration. Washington, May 0. There Is no reliable Information from the army, because of the interruption of the means of communication. Humors, there fore, take the place of facts. Host on Stock last. Salem at the Huokcr*' Board, May f* MO,COO American Cold..17<'ij Mftoo*1 i i i 2,"O' United State* Currency Certificate* .. :*M 600 l mud hate* May Coupon*. ... 175} 10J0 .do. 17.'., 6U0 State* C oupon Sixc«, (1*91) . 11.; S.IKtt United Mate* 7 3 lOtL? I Aug 1 0] ■ (Met)... . llo 1000 .do (ntnaih. 100} 1,860 .do (ViidoiiD d). 10!* 2.000 do Ittf 600 l uited State* •“>-»* *.. loa 46 0W».. .do. . .PO! 1.000 .do. .. .106) 1,000 do. in. 2,0*4) . do mall .l b 8,‘M) .do. 100 6 000 Boston Ui'jr Five* (189$). IWU K (H) Ogceiitburf 2d M^it^*^e Bonds,.. 37 154 Eastern Railroad...Kfl « I'. rtlaud, Saco aud 1 •• *t*uioutb4U li 112 100 Kockiana Mining< 'ompauy . 12] 100 Canada Copper Company'.b 60 5 Look ! Look!I SKN 1> me *1 by mail, and 1 will scud m return Twelve Oold Plated Dollar*, meting u i eat vest chain. Address DUKaSKU'S Uac Dollar Jewelry b*ore,W> Eaebangc Street, lion 13*2 Portland Me. apr‘21 do* Cough* itU'l Cold*. The sud Isn changes oiour climate are sotfecc ^ t 1‘LLMON *a Y , Hun.\(HlAL ailtl AhTIINATK Amt* tions. Kxperience ha. tog proved t Uat simple rem edies oftou act -peedih when taken in the ■ n ty stages ofthe dises-e. recourse should »t cnee l l ad to “Brown's Bronchial Troches," or l.o<n >.» a. let the Cold, Cough,or irrltnticti oi tin rhuAtli m r s »t'igh*. as by this procaut on* more »erU«.*»tfa<k iitav be effectually warded oil Publiu Speak t»s nod Ni.nokkh will find them effectual Sr cha:ing and strengthening the t ulce. So!dors r-heu d have them, as they can be carried in the pocket, and ta kon as occasion reqain n. apr S. d&wlm "Duy Me, and I'll do you Good.” Lac Dr. Luu&lt y*n Koot and Herb Dittcre Tor Jaundice, < o*-tivene «, I.ivvr Complaint. Hu mors. Indigestion, Dyspepsia, l'ilt.*, Dimness. ii< ad achc.Drowrin m, and ali d scascs arising from dis ordered stomach, torpid liver, and baa Mood, to w Itich all persons art- subjt t in uprii g and summer. They cleans! the system, regulate th bowels, re •tore the appetite, purify the blood, and give found • ness of mind and strength ot hod to all who use them ^o d by all dealers iu Medicine ever; where, at 25,60 and 7» cents per bottle. tiKO. C. V«OuD Wlh k CO.,87 Hanover Street, boston, Proprie tors ap'idim VISUM AT ELLA. In answer to numerous enquiries a* to Whether or uot tbo Vkr> atblla should be e ed for the l p* per Leather, wt would say that we do not recom mend it for that purpo-e, its effect being to tough en tbe leather. Hut for thc*eoLEftC>! 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MINIATURE ALMANAC'. Snlurday..May 7. Sun rite*.4 48 i High water. 0 Sun neta.7. 7 I Length of dav».14 21 Thermometer.. .Ao’cloekA.M .*,4 rfe/. v HA Rill ED. In Windham, f>tb iuaf. by 1* K Hall. Esq. Charlen A Austin aud Mi*** Loui-t A Cobb, both of W. In Augusta, Fred Hamlin and Miw Olivia L Wheel er. In Fayettr . K'Uha Kerry. ro«>'maVer at S t he*ter ville, and Miss France- A Munion of F. In Bangor, Frederick B Lowell, ot Mendocino,Cal. and Mio Maria M Heath, of B: Ira Dunbar and Sirs Su-ian Dean. lu Oldiowu, Wo A Mavhe w. of Bradford, aud Mias Eliza A Jeflernon. of Milford. In Dexter, Benjamin F Spooner and Mi*a Eii/a J Cleave*, both of Saugerville. In Hope, George \Y McIntyre, of Camden, and Miaa Inez 1 Waterman, of H. _DIED. In thiacity. May 8. Col Samuel H King, aged &>. 747* Funeral to-ro<>rrow (Sunday) afternoon, at 2 o'clock, from hi* late residence. In Appleton, Uol»ert Linekeu. 2d. In Freedom, Mra Lola B, wife of the late Reuben Keen, aged 82 years 16 day*, lu Ya**a boro, David Howard, Emi, aged W* lu Augusta. Julian Lombard, aged 14 yean 8 moi; Mr- Eliza B Hartwell, aged 74 vr-ara 4 mo-. MARIISrS NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Friday . May f». ARRIVED. Stainer Montreal, l’rince. Bo-ton Steamer Potomac, Sherwood. New York. Steam* r New Brunswick. Winchester, 81 John. NB. tor Boston. Bark St Jago, White, Cardenas. Brig Matilda. Cousins, Cardona*. Brig Sperdawar. Atherton. Boston Brig Antilles, fhestrtip, Boston. Sch Ontario Dodgr. Holmes’ Hole Sell M H Reed. Nickerson, Boston. Sch Harriet Baker. Woblwr. PtiiiadHph a. Sch K F Lewis, Wallace. Philadelphia Sch Tennessee, Philadelphia. Sch Francisco, Kilby. Boston Sch Jeruslia Baker, Bartwricfc. Boston Sell Nellie Tarbox, Vianello,Philadelphia for Pam* bioke. Sch t led JCeed, Friend St John NB tor Phila. Sch I'ahmiroo. Gray, Bangor for PUiia>U-Iphio. Sch Rough ft Ready, Achoru, Bom to u lor Lynn. Sch K H CoNoo, Uo erts, Raugor for Lyun Sch Presto. Johuson, Machias for Be<tos Sch Undo Sam. npear, K< ckland for Hoeton Sch B radio e. Lawrence, Saco tor Bucksport S \ I LED—Wind N W—Sob J F Carver and other*. CLEARED. Hr ship Jane. Halllcld. Liverpool. 11 ft A \llen Br sch Windsor, Stuart. St John NB master Br ach John Bagiey, Willigan, Parrsboro, jid, mas ter. Hr -eh Exemplar. Darison. Hillsboro NB. master. Sch L F Smith.Cobb. Washington DC. J B Fisher. Sch Tlrroll. Higgins, Washington DC. J B Fislinr. Sch J F Carver, Hummed, Washington DC, C W Pierce. Sch Ned Sumpter, Thorndike, Philadelphia, llopli ni Eaten. Sch M II Reed, Nick,, Philadelphia, O Nicker son. Sell Florida. Kelly, New York,Orlando Nickerson. Sch Kernn ll»yi>u*k. Kel'ey. Boston. A H L onard. ach Emblem, tlardiog Ro»to|. O Xkksno*. Sell Thatcher Taylor, Lortuif, Boston, All f-eon ard. bnuarked-Al Richmond, trom the * ard ofT J Southard ft Sou. an A1 ship of Gun ton* named 'he Tommy llusacy, rnd owned by the builder*. DOMESTIC PORTS. BOSTON—Ar 5th. ach* Su-an Roes, ll< rrick. Wu* cachet; Annabeila, Bowen. Well*. Cld sch Telegraph. Nickerson. New York. Ar6th barQtic Talavera. tot Scar*port) Mernthew, Remodloa 35th alt; - ha savoy, « 'ark. KR* worth: Express. Stanley. Craahrrrv l*«o; Marcellas. Hodg kin*. Bangor Louisa. Party, Flttfton; Rochester, Hutchins. Hath. Cld schs Nelliy Xlewett, Backlln, Rockland. Vien na, Look. Addison: Victor. Duncan. Liucoinvillo via Camden: Htj /ibali, Lunt. Bangor; Grcpe Shot, j Snow. Caatine : rrioets*, Hopkii s, Buck-pert. GEORGETOWN, D C-Ar2J, sch Harriet Neal, f God trey, Calais. PillLADELPULI Ar 4th sch M M Freeman, flow** I’r riJ'-nce. Cld lih. schs < afamkeak Snow, Sandy Point, Me; M M Fresrmnu. Ho*c«. Boston. NEW YORK—Ar 4th. b*r pn PhiLne, (of Port land) Davis. Sagua; brigs Faun:* Buardman, Crv« NT. Haracoa. 33d nit; Palmetto State. Nicker«on,do 7 days: Henrietta. William*. Eliiabctbport for New Hediord; / A Paine* Jone*,Eaatnort; Parau.Clark. MncMa*; Adeline. Be* last: LG tie Gaptill. Gaptill, and Mary Elisabeth. Chase, Providence NEW ll \ VEX—Ar 5th. ach Catherine, Beal*, frm Calais NEWPORT—Ar 4tl». brig Xud«on. (of Seartport) Gridin. Machiasport for Philadelphia; ach Yankee Maid. Sear. Providence f«>r New Yoik or Rockland, according to wind. Sid 4th sch* Delaware (of Ellsworth) from Eli/ l*et hport for Salem; Pavilion, t of Trent out Harper, from do for Boston. In port 6th. AM. schs Tranche* Art he nuts, (of M» cb import) C*>i»iu, tVnm Bath for South Amboy. NJ : Gun Rock. WlUon. of nod from Lube. for Phlladel Iibla; Abaco. Pendleton, ol and from Bangor lor do; loxiua. Hunt Calais for Philadelphia; Romeo, Fit*. Bangor for do; Heogrgt* Gilman. Shaw, of and Horn Cutler, for New York; n*>rnet, Butler, Calai*. ofand for New York: Frolic, Kennedy, of an* frtm Rock laud lor New York. Ar 5th. *ch Sarah Aun, Cal*i*. SALEM—did 4th, brig Birchard ft Torroy; soh Si ak, (flora Flast Mathias) New York: Charlcstou, (from Frankfort] Fort Delaware; John K Patten (trout llatupden) New Haven. BANGOR—\r 4th. brig|Albertie. Dow, Boat n schs S K Hart, Lan-dl; fan tie Harding and Dr Kane. do. Cld *ch Mary Alice, Perry, New York. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Callao 12th ult, ship* Star. Curtis . Kate Dy er, Dyer; Otis Norcros*. Fmcrsou. aud £ Cutbiug, Plummer, all from Chine lu* for Antwerp ami aid j Meiuuoti. Pret-msu, do laodsldfor Valencia); PG lilanchard. Newton, from Fivrt. At Gibraltar 13th ult, barbie Argeau. Lindsey, (ar lilh from Me-sius', for Near York wtg wind. At t oquimbo *vt ult. ship Star* k Mripcs, Cleaves, forChincha* to load for Great liritaiu bid from Vera Cm* lSth n!t, brig bteila, Gooding, l 31 at aumi**. I Arat Gtonfargof 29d nit. Hr biigJ It Berios, Fiee ] man. New Y ork. ■ Ar at bt Jago 10th barque Morning Star, Sieiling, Now York Ar at lari Cuba, 15tb ult. brig {. a Ihompsou, N York # bid from Ha\ana ftth ult, baraue W H Wall, Cast iter. New York, brig Fannie Lincoln. llardesoo. >agua and Philadelphia; 27th. Lar<;ue Dorcas C Y eat on l’ote. New York: «i h t auuie, Vance.Bagua; 28th. brig James • avis Btap’CO. Cardonas Ctd29th, ach J A YVoodhonae. Homs, sagua ChirfrrwWth. *eh I A Wood house, NlP hlids mo .Sago a and New York at 94. per Lhd ofllO gallons gross Custom House guage of cask« delivered. 81 I from Matauras 24th ult, brtg Harriet Hallock. : Jordan. New York. I ArSotli. sch Franconia. Hall, llacbia*. 2m. h, brigs I A J Smith, Atkiuson. New York. Ar at Cardenas &itt>. bar-.ue ViUaAaiea, Hill. I Philadelphia. Kid‘Aid. brig Young Republic. Libby, Portland: 20th. brig Hydra, ilsrrimau, do JCth, barjue Or chilla. Havener. New Y ork. Arat Sagtia 2?th, bamtie Lamplighter. Merris, i Key West. 1 bid 2. th. brig Nebrit'k. San rer. New York At Reniodios 26th ult. bai'iue* Sierra Nevada. Di j ney.forbau Frauci*oo: Kllen Dye*, ebeperd f>r N * Y'ork next day. SPOKEN. May 2. Jut £4 4'», Ion 74 40. brig George Uarr.s. t. m Ylitaa/.a* for New Y ork Feb 9. lat 87 2! S. Ion MS 51, ship John Bryant, fnu 1 Caliao for Havro. Notice. fflUF. Merchants and Ross St- vederee of Portland. I. are hereby notified that the longshore men tael 1 the necessity, «»u account of the unsteadiness of tbair work and the high rates paid for evviy ariiole of 1 roosumption. to strike »or the following wage? via; ! fa m**n stofciug ca*go. 8^ ceuts par hour, to men ! on tho wharf3bcts ItiisD demanded for every i liour they work may7d8t# Notice* VS 1 «a about to leave this city I cannot without tendering my most sincere thanaa to the oiti reus 01 Portland, and more particularly to my con* .■•taut costumers who *'*ve so liberally bestowed their patronage, aud shal< ever feel grateful. 1 am. with respect. veur mo t obedient and humble servant, my7 dip D. 0. FRO&T. N*W ADVERTISEMENTS. I»r. Morn* on ('luonic Krone hit*. LUTER No. VIII. To H' Editor of thr Prtu: Sik — Having (olDlrd uat llion nfficuot, of tbe H ad, Throat,*nd;<n.r,which gt, before ami pro per* the wey for dire*»-r o» the J uogi, 1 now come to speak of Chronic Bri iichitit, the most coouoou form of pulmonary disease. Chronic bronchitis Is a iocai infUraatiou of the mucous t>r mbraue lining the air tubes, and »- simply a catarrh 0/ the It does not differ from catarrh of the u< •# in the effect-it produce# upon them -roui mgmtrw*. Thick* tiling, enlargement of the mucous follicles at U ui cra’ion take* place in the air tabes of the lungs the semH as In the afr passagse oi the uose. but the effect upou the health ia very different in the two cases, la bronchitis, thick*--uir.g of the mucous rat mbraue di in in I* hr* of tie sir fnt<s *rtl shorten t the breath. H hen tbe nose is obstructed by unhealthy se* crcriugt, or to charged by disc**.** t* »o make »t dlf •cnlt to breathe through the no«tii!#, we can breathe tnroiigh tbe mouth; but when the broocoial tubes in the ungs are obstructed or diixmti#ked >u t»*e, we can only nod relief by the cure of .hv bronehiai die ease. Mronekttis, there, is a disease of the lining of the bronchial tube# ramifying the nHurr. of 'be lungs. This liniug. or laetubrane, i« very *tn«iti»e to every external i.rtaeuce, and is Upnco liable to become irritated by »u*iden change# 01 the weather, bv impure air. by the tine particles ot matte which fill the atmosphere of workshops, or float upon the winds in da*t/ Stree *, by tbe hundred irritating causes which scat our treating in almost every place. 1 be most commm cau-t> *.0merer, 1* cold— showing itself Srst os s ratarrhof tt e arose, neat electing tb»* thr<> it an<lIrr/n t, anu last y involving tbs bronchial tube*, wbeu ths nuease is kuown a* * -cared •**-.»/*/ as the <*%SSI” or Bronchitis Ths acute symptoms usually tubside alter • snort time, but units* the patient is proper.y Utateo he does not return to his former good healtn. lie cannot taae tbe same* \er«.ise as u«ual wi hout dtseovenng that be Is ■ short of brcith.” Haiti ne is pret v well, aud it 1 he sea on be summer, lie may go until fill with out * perforation. But as the wi. ter approaches be begins to cough, a*?d the expectoration is I usd to be yellow, toe may also tiud tbe lever increased to decided hectic, with might $ treats and rapid loss of (te$h. In wbieh cass ne will probably die befoie spring, with all tbe symptom#ot con*un:pt on. Mill tin* i* not coo*uinpti->u at all; it is nmp:y a chronic rvmirrk of the Itsngs. Ills very commoner chronic bronchitis to as sume a milder form,when it sapofeeu otasa “r uter cough." It somes on each winter, aud as regulai ly subside# during the •timm' r. but at every succeeding man ire# sitselim greater seventy aid tin* recovery in ths following summer Is uot so com plete. This form of bronchitis. If neglected will as surely destroy life taud treaw-d m nixnaer, it is as csrabloas coasuuipUin itssll 'lne mucous membrane, sooner or later. • ecome alter rd in struc ture. and pours fourth a matter which has ail tbe qualities ol pus. licotic lever «upi r*e -ir- and the disease tends sluwly, but surely, to a fatal termina tion. Another lortn of bronchitis is peculiar to middle lie. m,.A rxlA mmm .t U .4... i I k. • k .. and character of toe matter cape r torn ted I'-uaJly there are two flt* of roughing in the day—one on awaking from sleep in the morning, the other in the e» eming, There is considerable diihcalty in breath ing while the paroxysms of coughing Iasi, hut it passes off a< soon as the lungs are freed irom tfie viscid seoietion. The patient is teebls, be mav, how ever, live. and at’tod to :igr»t duties lor several years. Bat the c ountenance gradua ly a*«uuses a pale blaeish tint, the body was or*.the blood becomes thin, and death ensues, apparently from the constant drain kept up by the uiecnarge from the lungs. Some patient* die from exhaustion in ftvs or six months. bet 1 here auowu others to survive as many years. lucre is etiil another form of till* disease called •tdry brsmthiiie,” tbe *e»entiai character of which consists of chronic iuflsmstio i. attended by a thick cuing of the muooe* membraus, by wbi.h the asr tub’s arc diminished in viz?, and al«o in th/ sec re tiou of e dense glntinout kind of matter, of a grt* u i*h or bimitk-white color, by which they tie »till turther obstructed. 1 lie smaller bronchial tubes are oftea entirely closed, and occasionally a tube of considerable si/c becomes *eeUH up by tt»i ina-ter. I bis affection is sa common in this edma’ethat in ■nine degree it l» probable that two oat of every three suit r Irom it. Tbe *) mpt run of drg iron* hit. is arc uot marked by severity. It is the mo.t in-id ion*of puitu* nary eompiaiuts. Hie ► abject of it is eonscioa* only of l«*ing ihort-hreothrd, when a* c* tiding an elevation or attc» pting to run When a large portion of tae lung u involved, a sense of oppress-ou is experienced alter meal* and ou very slight oxertlua. By some this oppression U »«• erred to the opposite side of the ch< st to that on which tbe di*ea*e is situated, or *o a r<-mot>* pait of the •’<>mach. After a time di# ’uJfy •>/* reaching corns# on. and continues tor several days— the patteut com pelling of tightht is in the chest, wbi b i red by cough and tbe *xpe«toratiou of a tough, Jfig like luluUiici. Tbe rough by which this ma ter ie raised, is a mere rtuping *0ort to clear the thioai, aud may t.robablj Lot occur morel hau unci: or twice • daily, ana almost onconscioesly to patients them S#T S On Ingulfing if they haveaooegh. *r»sy will, almost without exception, answer, ‘>v yet dur ing your convernation, they will periapt hack, and raise a little- jelly-like nncus, ball adt/en time#.— at intervals the cough i* more s vere axd tomes r» in pneergems. when it is too commonly rfgarded simply 'nerr si." II tae stomach Lc at all derang ed. it is utshioualde to r-gar4 it as a me. e "$i n*uk e»egb," or as beiog csu*ot bv dtunte qfthr lirrr M Whi.ein fret the derangements of the stow arh. liver, kidneys, and ol the nteiiue fuuetons which exist, are but so many cooK^uen • • of this vary condition oi the lungs. There is so- ething so grat ityiug In being a**ei«d by the family physician that taere U*‘*o .Zau;/?r of coneomptutm/' that “this cr,agh is awtorr irtde, and mil »m*n pate awnw if only left Jo itself, that it is uot •»urp.isi*g the flat tered patient entirely overlooks tbe important tact that no careful examination of tfco Ian** ha* teen made, tu determine the be a. th or disiase of iMt or* C; that tcm gratifying cpinlta. tboeiore. is udeJ oa nothing r-uaoie, sud, reduced to its in trinsic infill*, is simp y tarnp-i u g with l.ui su liie. Most comghe f/iong standing, ut a’*rLded by free expectoration, are cnu*i*d either by this eonditi n of tue bronchial tube*, or by incipient tubercle* in tin lungs Th- neglected cold which»o often proves the h-araid of eonrumpticn, is Ul aucthtr va iety of this disease. The lieoueccy of Ibis form ef Bronchitis, It* slow, Itisldmons and "ticacl^roe* ptoprt •», and ihedis s troas conae«picnc>w to which it often le ds—should awaken from their lethargy all wbo bra * dry coughs of long standing. in the vain hope or growing out of them llow* ver slight and appa rently unimportant soch coughs may setv. they lead on. by tore graJatums,to a premature grave. •iouebf^t, having its s« at ia thelaig*. roust be treated by reroedits that vrsll per rt rate the Inrg* as deeply as the disease itself . 1 he same rule remain# in this disease as In consumption. htmrdics ad miniAt* t d to the stomach, or even to tbe throat.will • not r-move th.• dnsase. although local appi cations to the throat, in mat y ca*-s. are «*efel, ami should ; be app.ied. mavauch as tbe disease often involy.s i the throat as well as tbe lungs. Tbe remedies must be applied ia such a manner as to Mach the aunt remote ramidcation of these tube*. By the method of Medical In halation, th- remedies are brought tu direct contact w th every portion of the dis*as*d surfaer and by this method alone c*n th disease be reached and < cuxo Of this there can be no pos sible doubt, a* thousands of cases testify to It* snr pn«sing lVr«ons at a i»t »uc* can be treated by letter. Your Obedieav Mvvant. C1IAS. MOUNT M D., rii7«iciau for Diseases of the Thr nt and Lang*, t'frce No.2 ftmith sties*. Cortland. We. dmay < Jtwlw. International Steamship Company. Eostport, ('Alai* A St- John. TWO Tit I PM PEK WEEK. On and aPt>r Monday, March 38, the superior — f ntiw M earner NEW bKl NSWJt k. Capr E B __ Winch** tor, will lute Railroad WbarT <*>i ol State Mreet, ev**»v Monday at 6 o'clock P. M . mad the 3ft—■ or RKvf KM, LARD, (’apt. E. field, ere*y The reday at 6 unlock IV M.. for aastport and st. John, N H connecting at Kaetpori. with •‘.earner t^ueen, for Robinson, bt An* 1 drews and i alaU. and with btace coartes fur Ma* 1 cUias, and at ot. John with *teaiue»* lor Feeder* ! ioton and with ..feaorer Ksuperor lor Ligby, Wind* j tot aud Halifax, and with the E k N\ A. aaiiioad lor Sbediac and alt way s'atknr. J Returning. wl'I leave St John every Mot day and Thursday at 8 o’clock A. M , tor ka<tport, Portland I aud Boston. freight for ( alak a Ul be forwarded by tailing vee* . sol# for the present. I rbronch tickets* procure i of the Agents and Clerk . on board Stcamei» freight received till 4 o’clock P. M, Mondays and l Thursdays may*; dtf C. C. EATOX. Ageat. Wanted! AT BAUM ATS Eating House, Temple St. 1/UoM 8ve to tweuty gailone of g <>J <rc*m per i .T day through the reason, for wukh the highest I price will be paid farmer* and »nk-dealers will do well tv rive this their earliest attend* n. m.i>7Ulw Icr frfam ! lc*c t'rcam ! ! A-t- Brown's Oyster a.d Ice Cream Saloon, No. I Vi as I 154 Kx<'U«hrc St., Opposite the International ilousj. mayTdtf j At a Court or Prwratk held at Portiaud. within and for th« County of CuinU*-riant), on the. tir»t Tuesdny of May, in the year of our Lord eighteen huu<lred and sixty.font , (Hi ARLES BAKER. Guardian at II*iriet O. J Bum tier, minor chid and heir of Ge^rg* e um* ! nee, late of Portland, decesaed, having presented hfa petition for license to «• I aud convey ceit»in real estate ot said minor, as «k-*ctiled in said i eti tioa. U «p*u Ordered, That the said Guardiau give no* tice to all person-4 Interested, by causing notice to be published three week* successively in the Maine State Press printed at Portland, that they mar appear at a Probate Court to be hold at said Portland, on the 8r*t Tuesday of Juoe next, at ten of tha clock In the forenoon, and show cause, if any they have, why the same should not be granted. JOHN A WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, Attest. 19w8w * Ll’GLNK HUMPHREY, Register.

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