Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 7, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINWY. Religious Notices. fteligiout notice* of three licet or lest, free, all e&oest of this amount will be charged ten cent* a line, ten word* constituting a line.— [Pcblisuhrs P*£99. # IS^Rev J **. Walton, of A'biuy, N. Y , will yreieh at the Third Parish Church to morrow k# Sabbi’b School Concert at the West Congre gational Church to-morrow evening, conuaetc Lg at 7 o’clock. Citv friends iuvited to attend. arc. B Page, of Mass , styled by the Phrenolo gist Fowler, the most eccentric man living, ditiiple of the late Wm. Ladd, will speak to-morrow after noon, at 6 o'clock, at the termination of the Horse Railroad, near Deeriug’s Bridge, wiather permit ting Subject—'"Love and litod Will." Invitation genera!. HFIav. Samuel Longfellow, of New York, will lecture in Mechanics' Hall, to-raorr w afternoon , and e ening, at Sand 7 o’clock. Subject—Alter- 1 noon, • Truth.” Evening, "Natural and Spiritual.j Children’* Progressive Lyceum, at b o’clock A. M. Conference at lOj o'clock. %3T“ Kev. Mr. Cruft, of Boston, will preach at Park ■♦reet Church to-morrow. BST^Rev. James D. Normandie, of Portsmouth. N. H.. will p each at the First Parish Church to morrow. jJF'raer* wid be no service* at Chestnut street Church to-morrow. Sabbath School as usual. "The Sa*ration rtf little Children, atul Ike Coti v»nion of the You’h." This will be the subject of Rev. Heurv D. Moore's sermon in the Central Con gregational Church, to-morrow afternoon, at 3 o'clock. ef The Washingtonian .Society hold meetings every Sunday evening, at Sous of Temperance Hall, M8 Congress street, commencing at 7 o’clock. Tho public are in vi ed. tF Klders U«ncock, Day and Prescott will preach at Temperance Hall, Co tigress j-tree*. to-day ami to morrow. at lOj o'clock A. M , 3and 7J P. tf df Rev. B. Freeman wdl preach at Pine **trevt Church to morrow at 10 A. M . and Mr. J. S. Cush man at the usual hour in the after noon. K. J. Court—April Term. DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. Friday—On motion of A. A. St rout, Esq., Mr. Eugene P. Morse, of Bridgton, was ad mitted to practice as Counsellor and Attorney in the Courts in this State. The case of Ira C. Kimball, executor of the last will and testament of Ira Crocker, vs. Philander Coburn et ala., was argued by Mr. Butler for defendants, and by Mr. E. Fox for plaintiff. Before the jury retired, the protnissors ou the note were called and defaulted. The jury returned a verdict for the defendant Coburn, the surety. No. 77—Ralph Day vs. Conway Insurance Co. Action to recover a policy of insurance for $3000 on the paper-mill at Sacc&r&ppa, which was destroyed by tire May 26, 1*60. The defuuse is that plaiutiff did not own the property at the time the policy was issued; also that there was a violation of the war ranty. Not fluished. The case was tried at the April term 1862, and plaintiff recovered a verdict of $32t«Ul<. Exceptions were tiled by defendants, whiuh were allowed by the full Court, and a new trial was ordered. John Its ml. K If IluvuU Rktiuxkd.— A lad named Henry Wil liams, about eleven years of age, son of po liceman William*, of tbis city, had been mi-s ing eighteen days. HU parents could obtain no information at all about him, and feared he was drowned. Thursday night the lad re turned home safe and sound, though very much fatigued with the jaunt he had made. It appears that when the 31st Maine Kegimeut left tbis city the lad stowed himself among the soldiers, wearing a uniform coat loaned him by one of them. He went with the regi- i tnent to Alexandria. From Alexandria to ! Bristow Station—a distance of forty miles—he j marched with the soldiers. There he got sick j of a soldier's life, and concluded to return i home. Secreting himself ou board one of the I ears at Bristow Station, he returned to Alex- j undria, and footed it from that city to Wash ington, where he fell in with two invalid sol- j diers of the flth Maine, who were returuing 1 home. They took charge of the lad, aud by ; interceding with the conductors of trains got j him through to Boston. At that city be got on to the morning train fur this place, but was put off by the conductor at Lawrence. When j the afternoon train came aloug he told the j tramp,and it will he a lesson to him. JSl’RAGgK A iil.AXl llAKIlV lilXltTEELS.— This popular troupe are doing an excellent business, considering the opposition they had this week. Their singing is excellent, and will compare with any other company that lias visited the city fo$ many years. As Ethi opian delineator* they are particularly good, and their hits, jokes and burlesques are witty iu the extreme—hut while acknowledging the merit of the burlesques, we must give partic ular prominence to J. B. Sprague’s Jfacfcbetb To-night is the last jicrformance of the trage- j dy, and must lie wituessed to be appreciated. Give them a good house, for they arc worthy j of it. BtTTKRr.—We have heard a fact which j shows how seme people manage to butter | their bread. A gentleman, a while since, not ! a thousand miles from this city, who has a tooth for a nice article, sent to Oxford county for a firkin of very nice butter, and it came in due time and was found to be. in quality, all that could be desired. The cost in the coun try was 32 cents per pound, and the expense of bringing the firkin to the city was 40 cents. The same morniug the hikiu arrived, a pro vision dealer sent bint & sample of butter just received, the price or which was ODly.fl/ty-flfe ] centa per pound ! or cents profit! sar We notice tliat Kev. Samuel Longl'el- ! low, of Brooklyn, X. Y., ia to speak to-iuor row afternoon anil evening at Mechanics’ Hall, before Ihe Spiritual Association. Mr. j L. Is a native of this city, son of the late Hon. 1 Stephen Longfellow, and brother of the poet. J As a clergyman of the Unitarian denomina tion, he has risen to eminence in the city of Brooklyn, where he lias been settled as a pas tor lior many years. He will attract a large audience in his native city. The.vtki:.— Wyzeinan Marshal, with Ids Company from the Boston Tbealie, closed their performances here last evening, to the largest and most brilliant audience that ever graced a dramatic representation in this city. We hope the unparalleled success the wot thy manager has inct with here, will in- i tlttce him to visit us again as soon as possible. Certain it is, that he, with his company, will ; be gladly welcomed. Ai’PolMMENT.—Ml. J. W. Colcord, who for some years has been connected with the editorial department of /ion's Advocate, has received au appointment as clerk in the Post Office in this city. The cashier's window is now kept open for the sale of stamps during the opening of the mails. It is found to be a great convenience to the public. Kpiouim:ax. -A fat iainh was brought into the city a few days since—very nice to be •ure—the fore quarters of w hich sold for a." and the hind quarters for t!5 cents per pound! With green peas at five cents apiece it would have made a dish sufficiently dainty for au alderman. To the Fhost.—A squad of .Id men, in cluding the Camp Berry Band, under com mand of Capt. Abbott, left Camp Berry last evening and embarked on board the steaiarr l<tf Boston, bound to tbeir regiments In Vir gfnis. EfWf are requested to say that the Me. chanics’ Library will be open this afternoon #ud evening for the delivery of books. BY TELEGRAPH ro m Portland Daily Press. --«+ • » FROM FORTRESS MONROE. Latuiiuy of Gen. Butler at City Point. Qeu. Beau.egard tt Peter burg 30,000 Men. Waibuiotii.v, May 0. Official dispatches received at the War Dc- • Imminent announce the advange of Gen. But- I ler with his command and his successful land ing at City Point. The Government lias received information, by way of Fortress Monroe, that Beauregard i* at Petersburg, with a ibree of 30,000 men. The Onward inorement of the Army Rebel Cavalry Force ordered to Join Lee. j f HELLING OF REBEL CAVALRY. \ Washington. May (j. Information has been received here that our army lias pa«»ed safely through the wilder ness, but notluug further was known this morning ot the onward movement. Rumors prevail of lighting, but they are founded on mere conjecture, as it is known that up to 7 o'clock on Wednesday evening none had taken place. There are troops re maining on this side of the Kapidan, but it would not be proper to state their eyact loca tion. These include some, if not a!', of the colored troops. Much of the roliiog slock ol thg railroad has been sent back to Washington, as there it no further use lor it. Yesterday afternoon, at 2 o’clock, informa tion was received by Gen. Burnside that a large ibree of rebels were moving south by way of Thoroughfare Gap. This was com niuuicated by signals, and Gen. Burnside at once sent off a large force of cavalry, who came up witli the enemy as they were pass ing through Thoroughfare Gap. A volley from our men brought So the ground a lieu tenant with the name of H. Marchanil marked on his shirt, who is supposed to have been an aid to or Stuart, as orders were found upou his persons signed by order of Gen., directing Imbodeu and his cavalry and all the cavalry force in Northern Virginia to move at once and join Lee. These aie dated May 4th, and it is supposed the cavalry retreating was not only that, of Imboden's, hut of all the rebel cavalry in Northern Virginia except probably a few gueriilla bands and marauders who could not in time receive the notice. This information shows that the statements telegraphed to New York of the defeat of 'inji MIC WIUIUUl foundation. The Primrose, of the Potomac flotilla, which ! arrived liete to-day, report* that* lew days j ago a party of rebel cavalry was seen near Matthias, when the Primrose and the Teaser 1 opened an them w ith shell, causing them to j take shelter behind the wall* of old buildings, i from whence they wete driven by oue of our shells knocking the wall down. Philadelphia, May 0. The Builetiu has the following special Wash ington dispatch, dated OlbThe army of the Potomac has passed the wilderness, which in cludes tlie old Cliaocellorsville battle ground east of Lee's army, and pushed on until it reached an open plain northeast of the wil derness. -Our informant suu-s that Gen. Grant took that route in older to flank Gen. | Lee. He also stales that the theory enter- . tained by otlicers there was that Gen. Lee is still in in* woiks about Orange Court House. Many lielieve that it will be found that Gen. Grant has flanked Lee, and is between h:« army and Richmond. The llrmoral of lien. Perl, from the Deport men# of \ofth Co rot inn . Wasiiixto.n, May ii. The following is au extract Irom the com munication addressed by (>eu. Butter to lien. Peck, from which it apiwars that the adminis- i tration of the latter a as in no wise disapproy- , ed by Gen. Butler: " Usadquarters 18!/* Army Corps. Fortress ‘ Monroe. May :’></, l*tH —< h-neral:—Your note I of the ‘.‘4th of April reached my band to-dav, . aud l hasten to reply. Your being relieved ; from Ncwbem by me, in no manner implies any censure upou your action, or disapproval of your administration, and was determined upon many days before the order was actually sent, aud Iicfore it was Jjuowu or believed that there would be any demonstration upon your 1 command by the enemy. That order was de- 1 layed by the necessities of the service In other i movements of the department, which are sole ly subjects of explanation. With sentiments of respect and esteem. I have the honor to be Very respectfully, Your obedient servant, (Signed) Bexj. P. Botlir. Major General. Prom the above it will ire seen that the fall j of Plymouth on the 20th ult, had nothing to do with Gen. Peck’s change from North Caro lina, and that no censure is imputed to that ofllcer. Prom the Iteil Hirer—tiunlmnl Eamt/mrl and , Two Tranlpouts Destroyed. Cairo, 111., May <5. j A gunboat from Red River brings news that i finding it impossible to get the Lust port off, and beiug attacked by the enemy while en deavoring to lighten her, Admiral Porter or dered her destroyed to prevent her falling in to the bauds of the enemy. The iron-dads Port Hindman aud Joliet and two transports sent to relievo the Last port were attacked while returning by the en emy, who lined the hank of the river ou both sides, and fired upou them from a 12-pouuder battery. It was found necessary to destroy the transports, which were burned. Several I of the crew ol the iron-clads were killed ard wounded, among them Sylvester Poole, of i Newimrt, Ky., executive ofllcer of the Last port, who had charge ol the sharp shooters on t)if> Knrf IlinHmnii If., was stroalr #i.„ back of tile head by a 12-pouud ball. I'rottt n nahinjton. Washington', May 0. I'euding the investigations under the direc tion of the .Secretary of the Treasury, and also by the congressional treasury department investigating committee, Uansoni A. liislcj, Ka<|., supervising social agent of the Second Agency, has been directed to take the over sight of the operations of the printing divis ions of the National Currency Bureau. Win. Clark, meauwUle, continues in cbaigc of the woi k. lu addition to those States heretofore an nounced, a draft lias been ordered In the de ficient districts of Vermont, New Hampshire, Pennsylvania and New York. Serious fears are entertained for the safety ot Chaplain Nath1. Frost, l". S. N., who, ill April last, was ordered hy the Navy Depart ment to the hast Gulf Blockading squadron. His last address was Boston, Mass. Antiripalitt lllark on I irl.tbur; Moan,hit Colton Market. Cauio, HI., May rt. j The latest advices from below represent ! that the enemy have appeared on both sides of the Mississippi Hirer. Our pickets had been driven la a: Vicksburg, and an attack on that place was momentarily expected. Natchez and Memphis dates of the 4ih re port cotton Arm. Enquiries numerous and ! offers readily taken at ruling rates. Receipts ] trilling. Middling to strict middling88 a 70c. Good 71 a 73c. Fair T'.c. The steamer Eagle, ftom Memphis,has pass ed up for Cincinnati with eight hundred bales of cotton. fariov* Itrone. New York May ti. Gold closed this afternoon at I 71. The schooner Amelia, of Machias, laden with iron, Eii/shell.port for Boston, was 4 run into on the evening of the fid Inst., when opnosite Hedlow's Island, hy the steamltoat John Potter. The schooner stink Immediate ly In about eighteen fathoms of water, the crew having barely time to save themselves in the yawl. The John Potter proceeded on her course without stopping to render assiat •nce. XXXVIII OOX6&E3S—First 8rssion Washington, May 0. SENATE. Mr. Foote, from the Committee on Tensions, , re|>orted back the bill in relation to the com- j peusatiou of pension agents, with an attach ment on the adaption on which the passage of the bill was recommended. Mr. Cowan reported back the bill to amend an act entitled “An Act to promote the pro- j gress of useful arts.’' The bill grants *dx I months extension to patentees in which to pay their lee. The bill to amend the charter of Washing- | bon City was called up. A debate ensued nn til the morning hour expired. The National currency bill was then taken j up and the amendment offered yesterday by j Mr. Sumner on the circulation, deposits and j capital stock, was rejected. An amendment, offered by Mr. Chand- I ler, establishing clearing houses at New 1 ork, Philadelphia and Boston, at a rate of discount not exceeding one quarter of one per cent, was adopted to the currency bill. During the debate on the currency bill. Sen ator Sherman read a letter from Secretary Chase to Senator FeRsemien, Chairman of the Committee on Finance,stating his reason why the National Bank should be subject to exclu sive national taxation. The Senate adjourned until to-morrow with- . out taking any action. HOUSE. Mr. Dawes, of Mass., from tiie Committee on elections, reported two resolutions which lie over for the present. One declared that Mr. Blair is not, and the other that Mr. Knox, the contestant, is entitled to a seat In the House. On motion of Mr. was re solved that wiien the House adjourn, it be un til Monday. Mr. Garson, of X. V., called up the resolu tion of the Committee on Flections, declaring that neither Mr. Loan, the sitting member, nor Mr. Bruce, the contestant, are entitled to a seat as Representatives of the 7th District of Missouri. After some debste an understanding was ar rived at by unanimous consent, that the set ting members should speak on the subject. Mr. Baldwin, of Mass., from the Committee on Printing, reported in favor of printing 40,000 copies of the report and evidence con cerning the Fort Pillow massacre. Agreed to. A protracted debate ensued, but no ques tion was takeu. Adjourned. Itnllroail ArrMenl—limit of #</«Ulan. Louisvili.k, May o. The Journal has received the particulars of the accident on the Louisville * Nashville Railroad yesterday morning, near South Tun nel, in the vicinity of Gallatin. The con struction train left Nashville early yesterday, and came into collision with the down traiu for Louisville, containing the 10th Indiana cavalry. Roth locomotive were completely demolished. Three soldiers were killed and eighty seven wounded, some of them fatally. Morganlleld, Ky., advices say that Capt. Brown, commanding a squad of Union cav alry, overtook Bennett's guerrillas attempting to cross Green River, made a charge on them, killed Capt. Cook, a notorious guerrilla, and captured ten horses and several shot guns. There is no news from the front. Convention of liltoff t rled Politician!. New Yoke, May 0. The papers contain a call for a National convention, to he bchl at Cleveland, Ohio, on the Gist, of May, for consultation in respect Vo the Presidential election. The call de clares that the “ one term principle ought to be adhered to” and that the callers “do not recognize in the Daitimore convention the es sential conditions of a trnly national conven tion.’' 1 n cr.ti.tat ion. of the Committee on the Con *furt of' thr M nr. Haltimoke. May To-day General Wallace and Messrs. Wade Hooding, Gooch, Julian and Udgl, the Com mittee on the Conduct of the War, visted the hospital in Annapolis for the purpose of ex amining the veteran soldiers from Richmond as to their treatment by the rebels. Several were examined, who contlined the reports al ready published of the inhuman and cruel treatment received. Ordor ior the Movement of thr Army of the Pototnnr. Hkahi^i ariers Army ok Potomac, I May, 4, rt P. M. ( Tiie orde.r to march was issued from Gen. Meade's headquarters yesterday morning, anil was disseminated through the army by two o'clock in the afternoon. Co n u trrfei ti ug ti rrruha eke. St. Louis, May ti. Yesterday three citizens of St. Louis were arrested by the U. S. detectives for counter feiting greeubancks to the amount of $10,150. j and tour plates, used in printing the notes, were found In their possession. They will be sent to Washington for trial. Cnfounded Humor. Washington, May 0. The report of Gen. Burnside having been defeated, is unfounded, ne is not in a posi tion to have the enemy attack him. Finauoiat. Washington, May ti. The subscription to the 10-40 loan, as re- i ported to the Treasury Department to-day, | amounted to $1,050,000. Heu, York Market. New Yore. May ti Cotton—dull and lc lower; *aie* 150 bale* at 85(2 80c tor middddug upland# and 81®6tc tor low mid dling*. Flour—receipt* 18.148 bbla; *ale«4,0j0 bbla; State and Western very dull and 10c lower; Super State 6 9 *% 7 60; Extra? 15%7 30; choice 7 350,7 40; Round Hoop Ohio 7 67<j7 55; choice 7 80S,K 7 >; Super tine Wwurn 6 St^%7 06: Extra do 7 15%7 4*; Southern declining; aalea 80o0 bbla: Mixed to good 7 6£*%7 9-»; Kaucy| aud extra 7 UogiO 75: Can an a dull and 10c loner; aalea 4000 bbla; common Extra 7 2/.%7 45; extra good to choice 7 5Q%8 09. Wheat— dull and nominally <§3c lower; Chicago spring 166&169; Milwaukee Club IMC8; Am ber Milwautee 1 69 £1 71; Winter Red Western 1 73 %17d; amber Michigan 17 o l H2; sale* 16 000 fcnah Amber Michigan at 1 S3, and 14.000 do No 1 Chicago •priog, to arrirt at 1 £5 Corn—firm with only a limited supply ; -ale* 2.600 ; bushels; Mixed Weaurn old l&Oinatorc; Southern 1 new 1 401 Oata—actire and l%Sk higher-, aalcflit 88®V2c. Beef—quiet; aalciT.CK) bbla; Country u»*$* 9 6o Port— firmer with better d< matid ; aalea 3980 bbla; meae 27 0>%27 25: old do 27 00; new do 28 75%U8 00; prime 23 0>%*4 b?i for old and new . prime mear ! »• 02 |S37 7b. Card—without material chaage; nale* 7.50 bbla at ]1<£14L the latter price an extreme. butter—acarce aud firmer; Ohio nominal; State 35 a 40. Whiskey—quiet: aa'eotf ' bbla at 1 ‘J*a \ 22 tor State and Weab-rn, closing at the i liable price. Rice—dull at 1C all j j for Rangoon. ColToe—dull. Mol*—e*—dull. Naval Store*—quiet. Petroleum—dull: aalea at 37a'18 forerule, 6«i2T 694 f.»r refined iu bond, and 64%65c tor refined free. Freight* to Liverpool—quiet; cotton per steamer id. wool —arm with n fair ilcoiann. H>ock M<*rktt, Niw York, May 0 Becoiul Br'trd —Stock? dull ai d lower Cleveland ft 1'ittnburg.100; Galena ft Chicago . 1114 Cleveland ft Toledo. ..I'o* Chicago ft liock Island.KM Miiwaukiuft l'rairie DuChien. 18 Pittsburg. Fort Wayne ft Chicago..10*2] Michigan Southern.. S6 Chicago ft Noith Western. 48] Alton ft Terre Haute. ... f.4 Illinois Central scrip,.1504 Michigan Central.i*29j Reading.l*2/> Hudson.1*21 ‘ Rrlt preferred. 106 New York Central.1*28 Uulck&iiver Mining Co. ttf* Cumberland Coal Company preferred. (2! Canton Company. 81» American Gold...171] United State* if* 1881 registered. .113] United sta’cs 6-3*) registered . 100 United States coupons. 106i Treasury 7 3-101 hs..iCW; Unite I States one year certificates new. 9 Mls«ouri 6'9,. 70 '/“The Courier has opened its columns to j au anonymous correspondent to attack the daily morning offices of the city. We care nothiug for thie. We shall not pursue annoy- I mous writers. We will only say that we have j the facts, documents and records to prove nearly every one of hU statements reckle>j*!y false. It !• a sufficient reply to his coarse personal aiferk upon the editor of the Picm, to say that when the strike occurred he was out of the city, had no agency In meeting It, and knew nothiug of It till the hands in the office had arranged to return to work. John H. >J (imly. By the last steamer from Liverpool, the l'ar don of John W. Moody, by Her Majesty, Queen Victoria, was received together with the following letters from John Bright, M. P.* and John De Costa, Esq., of Liverpool. Mr. Da Costa is a well known Merchant and Ship Broker of Liverpool, wits v, horn most of our Ship Masters are well acquainted, and has been unwearied and untiring In Ms f ll'orts to procure the Pardon of young Moody : 8 Waterloo Hoad, Liverpool, i April 12. lt>04. j t\ C. M<mly, I’urtlvivl, Mr., ( . >. Dear Sin:—The etlbrts made in behalf of your nephew, have at length been successful. I enclose letters from Mr. John i! ■ ight, M. P. for Birmingham, and from the Horne Secreta ry granting him Her Majesty's Pardon, on condition of Ills leaving the British posses sions. On receiving your letter w ith a copy of tire Petition of the Mayor and Corporation of Portland to the Prince of Wales, 1 wrote to Mr. Bright to have it presented to the proper authorities. Mr. Blight kindly handed the petition and my b-tter to the Home Secretary, and his intercession has had the desired effect. At the present time there is no other man in this country who could have made the ap plication with the same result. Mr. Bright being a person who seldom asks a favor, and his well-known character lor honesty, gives importance to any request he may make. Yotirs respectfully, John De Costa. I Hanover SritEKt, London, I April II, 1804. ) Dear Sin:—I have much pleasure in send ing to you the reply I h«ve just received from the Secretary of State in lire Home Depait ment, iu the case of John W. Moody. J will thank you to inform the family of J. W. Moody, of the decision of Sir George Gray. I atu, very respectfully yours, John Uriuht. John De Costa, Esq., Liverpool, S Waterloo Hoad. Whitehall, April", 1804. .Sir:—The Secretary of State for the Home Department having considered your applica tion in behalf of John W. Moody, I have the satisfaction to acquaint you, that lie has frit warranted under all the circumstances in ad vising Her Majesty to graut him a Pardon up on roudition ol his leaving Her Majesty's Do minions. i am, air, 1 onr out. art., 11. IVadoisotox. To John Bright, Esij , M. P. Eastebx Bank.—The lolloping note, dated May 5th, is from the Cashier of this Bank. He writes to us as follows: “I notice tint the Portland papers advise the refusal of alt bids uu the Eastern Bank, Baugor. “as the counterfeits can be told from the geuuiue with the utmost difficulty.’ Notv this may be ail right and proper, and the I test advice that you can give, but I fail to sec it iu that light. There are no counterfeits on this bsnk ex cept .fires, and I can te.U tiie couulerleit as far off as Portland is from Baugor. The coun terfeit fires are a miserable imitation of the genuine, printed on miserable paper, not such a« is used by any bank. The number of the bill in counterfeits is put iu with a pen. while the genuine are engraved, and the President's signature is engraved, while that of the Cash ier's is a miserable imitation, liut the whole thing can be put into a nutshell. All onr notes, of every denomination, have checkeil ba'kn-**green backs’’—while the counterfeit has none, aud I never saw a counterfeit bill in my life that bad a checked hack. Any bill, therefore, purporting to be on the Eastern Bank with a ]/taii 1 back, is counterfeit, while all notes with checked or greeu backs are good as old gold. Very respectfully, your obt. servant, \V. H. Mii.i.s. WATAiiviLi.r. Cm.i.M.k.—Our correspon dent, “Fuller,’’ writes us from Watervilie, that the Prize Declamation of the Sophomore Class in Watervilie College, occurred ou Wednesday evening, 4th inst., at the Baptist Church. The Augusta Cornet Band furnished excellent music. We have not room for the full programme. The speakers were Samuel Bell, Watervilie; Frank Dudley, Baugor; Frank W. Tolman, Harrison; Silas T. Whit tier, Cornville; Boswell S. Hinds and George W. Hunt, Benton, Hizeri P. McKusick, Den mark, an i 1‘rauk W. Bateman, of this city. The 1st prize was awarded to Bell, aud the 2d to Bateman. After the exercises the Band serenaded the Professors of the College. Wab News.—Look nut for ail sorts of sen sation dispatches about these times. Great events are (lending, au.l tire intense interest of tbe public will be taken advantage of by un principled knaves for speculative purposes.— The report of a great victory or a great de feat will affect the stock and gold markets,and millions may be lost and won by such a fluc tuation We shall receive our regular dis patches from New York to-night, and if a great battle should have been fought we will take pains to let the public know it to-mor row, though we shall not disturb the Sabbath stillnes by cries of au extra for sale for any trifling consideration. We shall do so if the news should be of sufficient importance to justify the departure from our general rule. Hastings 31 eloleons AS (lOOO AS TUB BEST AXft CliBAP AS TUB CHBAPKST. Ware-room* Ho, .1 Temple Si., PORTLAND. Fernon* desirous o'purchasing ari 1 fad it f r their advantage to call at d examine tor thru wlvis. mayidlm NOTICE. MRS. C. W. JORDAN UI.KK i'A inform.- tin- public that the rami* work will bo d jut at her store, which ha* previous ly been done at the fu'cedlc Women*’ boon.*, giving einplo) meut whenever it i* | racticuble. to the *au.e cla * of AtfMtstrejKfN She nas secured the serv ices ol Mrs. Ucriiiiti, aho for the past three year* ha* superintended tlio work at the •• Kooms." «ud will eudeuvor to »uit tor i*atr« n* by obtaining the ino»t approved style* in Adult* and Children*' (ia*nient». Particular attention will be paid to au Intant’a De partment. <>rd« rs received for Km broidery, imme diately, and also plrin -‘rwing. it the trnrL is id,"/, but wo cut tin;/ Wilt b‘ ,r HU the tint Monday in Jttne. Orders from other plao* s promptly txecuted. Mrs. .1. still continue* to *tamp any pattern on any fabric, ii»elud*ng Alphabets, patte*us enlarged, diminished, or designed. A CJojd A vijrtmeut of Worsted and Worsted Goods. Ho-iorr. Glover, Braid* and Fancy Goods Portland, April lUd4. a,.r‘iheod2w It K 31 O V AG ! WILLIAM F. II4STINCJS, Has remov ed h-s Molodeon & Organ Manufactory, From Federal street to the large and romtmdious rooms over E. A H srritt's store ou le tuple street; entrance Ko.S. Warerooui* and Manufactory tn the Viird floor. inayldUv Tilt* 4 hPtft|M>wl 130It collecting all class** of claim- ariring from the war is that of the ‘ MAINE WAK CLAIM ASSOCIATION” in which the expense* are controlled by a <Ji*inter ested r.xecu ive «. omiuitte*. Apply in person, or by letter, to GKOKGkk F. FMLilY. over th* Poilland P»*t OifW <11 tory. dawly •SH Knviini, ¥ OSTor sto'eu frem the -*:ib«c il*r Tue*d*y t ight, MJ Mar 8d, either on *t .miboat wharf or ou boatd the *b am. r tv twee . Portland to.) bo-to... a p. eket Be >k. containing US.lUO i he uhoru reward » ill be paid t.» whoever will re»nrn »h- lost prom rtv to this i dice <.r to t*. E. Wt'M'WOUfU, mn 6U8t“ Par son a Arid, Me. Book Card <fe Fancv Printing sitArx.* uivciko 4* THE OFFICE OF THE f*El MERCHANDISE. Wood, 5*;Um Lfiil and Hainan. J ^ HUD 3 MALA DO, £2 4 BUNDLES PALM LEAr 142 Mai?, 21 IONS OKAKAD1LLO MOOD, 8) LOOS CE'JAK. Car,"* BritiCi schooner Aun 1 eonarC for sttle by ItOi'llNi Kill N, No 1 Central M’harf. Portland May ?, 1845 ma>6d3w SiiiTu Hartiia .Tlola%»t-s. 0‘)-HIIDS «>»>•> / CHOICE SIF.RP.a MORENA M TIERCES ( il )I. »BSES, 10 BBI.S > . Now louitmg from Bri* “C. II. Kenred)” mos. ase x. io a co . _M8y3.~-tf __ C. H M-harf. Applvs n«td Pot:ito««. BBL3 Bald win Apple®, 200 bb!» Riw'Ptt Apple-1. 1 i)) bushel® Potato* s. For rale by F. A. SMITH may 2 d2w 19 % 21 Silver Street. .“Ifkl | CASKS NAILS,' aborted ai/e*, now ! oo'/* " landij* per ftrh “Emma M'ads worth'" I aud in store, for sal* by HRRiKY, fletcher ft co . ap3T Ci3w 169 Couuneiclal Street. Itffinfd Sugar#• BBLS Crush'd, Hranu'ated and Powdered Bb!« Coffee Suynr*. For tale bv 1IKKSEY. Fi ETcHFl: * CO., apflO d2w 169 Commercial Strobt. Oianee County Batter. “I| | TIBS for aa’e by THOMAS SHAM'. 9 No. 113 Commercial St. _ __ ai»Je9d3w tf«urovado Sugar. lv| kHHDS Choice Muacovado fcujrur tow land " in* from Bark Sebra < rooker,and tor ®ale by HoPllM a A ION. No. 1 Central Wharf. Portland, April 26,l&H. apr26 2w Yellow Corn. |( 1A BUSHEL'S car^o ichooner Win. Car* OV"v/V/ roll, now lnnoiug aud for eale by F.DSV H. Be*RUIN, ap*5 d2w 12 ) Commercial Street. II I I _l_ K II ! 7.1 TUBS BUTTER VOB •ALB BT J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. Li LIMK STREKT. Portland. April IS. 1864. dtf Herrins;'. Herrins • • r,/UW| BOXES 8CALKD IIERK1KG sow vFvr" f landing and for nale by tiF.BSKV 1'I.KICIIFK * CO., April 18 —d8w * 159t ommercUl Street. HYii'icovado Siiuar. li It L>$ » Mu-sovado Sugar, of *uperior I J quality, how landing from Bark 2o0 BBI.y ) Lindabtewar.," irons tiuantan •mo. for *alc by H. I R0BI.N8u>, apl9 dialui No. 1 rortland Bier. Mii«cuvndo MoIhssus. IK |k 1IUDS.) Superior quality Uu-^ovado *J t* | ttoia«*e* now landing Iron deb. 23 Tierce* ) •• 1 redouia/' from Cardena*, for 8 BbU. Male by 11 I. Robinson. apr2l lm ilin No. 1, Portland Bier. Scoluh < auvuM. 1i)A BOLT8—from the factory of David Cor mm V" «ar k Son*, Leith—a aai! cloth of superior quality—ju*t received per “Jura", and for sale by MctiJLVKUY, HYAN k DAVIS, mch?6 dtf 1«1 Commercial Street MuMOvado §ii|iar. (| 4 ITHDS Mn*covado Sugar, pr me quality. . *"4: now Dudiog from Brig "J. U. Dillingham." I from Catdenaa. For sale by H. I. H obi n ion. apr2I 1 media No. 1. Portland Bier. — FERTILIZERS. ! 1 BU)'(' Lot s SLl’hU 1U08 LIME, i J.CVJU 100" LLOYDS' " 900" LODI FOL’DKETTE. 15' “ LITTLEFIELD’S TOL'DKKTTE tor .ale At manufacturer', price, by KRNDm * W UITNKY. Portland Feb. 8,18C4. fsb9 dDYm | FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY, j i ! Great & Unreserved Sale —OF— HOttV S KUY’V S ’. -AXD FANOY GOODS! . ! Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, J i 166 Middle St., Portland, Me. VFrtlC thirty n v* ar- of experience in the whole pa!** an i retail Fancy Good* tra>’6, w> a-e aatia lied (and coukult no o here; that the best policy • I* quick return* and -ight profit*. ‘ Acting ou the the alx»\ «• policy, we now n&r our wholv and eutire stock, (with a lew exception*) at a groat reduction from our former prices. | READ! READ!READ!READ! ‘‘The Peerless,” Forget it Not! 29 Hoops, cU,pei on every Spring, .75 35 - *• •* “ 1.25 40 “ “ “ - 1.31 j 4>l«l Foglofc, Quote Your Price*! | - ! “Tho AToming Stov!’' J j 10 Hoops, ,ev«Q tap-s clasped and glued, .08 . I ao •• " " *• •• .88 25 •’ .. •• i.10 »o. •• JOE tor LADIES' Heavy Wire Skirts, 45 cts. each. Hosiery, Gloves, ! -A-iitl Sun Timbrel las ! I.ndies* totliiu Hose, from 14 to 45 cts. Childrrn’sJ“ «* “ 11 to 31 cts. GLOVES! LAl*IAS, Ike Rett tment m /*or»%?*•«! ./tt to II rtmtt to #1 4*). Sty I VI! DELTA' Oil thn'rA Mitt, rrt.Msl.M !■> ttjm Yankee Hotioas at out usual low price* CORSETS, CORSETS! W ARRAl FkO W HALBROlU, 0*LT fl 00. I.*t>ift I*, call and»ee «•' we have tint fal’cd. clear t J out, or *o!d out; but will bo !o> x:d at cur old fciau4. No. 1M Middle .treat. Dahlia 8kirt aud Fancy Good* at ore, where w*\ a* h »rotoft»re, continue to manufacture our justly oeVbrated sklif, to which thousand* of ladled iu Portland and vicinity can testify. FmuaKALI A UoMfeOK, Dahlia Skirt4 and Fancy Gooda. No. 16) Middle street Portland, Mt*. N. h. Cnaatf and bkirta made to order. maySdlm • ENTERTAIN MENT8. AMATEUR THEATRICALS J TOR THE P.KKl'tiT OP THP WIDOWS WOOD SOCIETY, j ON — I > ilondaj Evening May 9.h, Will be represented at : i DJLE1UNG HALL, THS POPULAH PLAY 01 DON C j€ S A R DE BAZAM, ] And the favorite farco of I'DUK 1’ILLICODDY. Admission to th*' Gal’ery, 2.5 c-n'i. gca?«inthe lower p .rt tit tin* house, i) cent*, beats can be t b- 2 tallied ol Edward linns, Jr ^■ToMc^kT oco“; p,rform*~Uve.<T ■! KEW OPERA HouseT? | J LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS ; MINSTRELS! OPE A EVERY EYEM.Hi, 1 GO AND SEE MACK-BITH I ■ Admission 25 ceu*«; Ke»<>rvi.-d Sea s 50 ceu*a. * , J. SPRAGUE, l „ ! J •pll *f II. BI.A.N’CUU HD, I “‘"•K’*1* THE (aLiCin OF 1-luTlKKS, I ! l For the benefit of the Maine Camp Hospital Aaaoeiaiion, *111 be open for exbibillon on THL'kSDAT’, M«y I Sth, over iho Store of Olexvelxnd * Oe«ood. Middle birt-ct. rho room will be oi>en t tin •> i o’clock A. M. till 12J, »»>d from 2 P. >1 until 5, ai.d the exhibition »i 1 continue thre- weeks dingle admission, 15 cents ; Season ticket*, Su cti to t>« find at the door l’ortland. May 2, l«j&4. <*lw SILK HATS,---NEWSTILES, At HARRIS', Opposite I'om O0irr. FOE A DURABLE HAT, TAKK The Broadway Hat, , At IIAARIS’. FOR A BEAUTIFUL, FINK UAT, BCT THE FRENCH HAT, fok a light hat, get this Ventilated Gossimer Body. FOR A NOUBV. bTVLISU ARTICLE. BUT j Am do vs hit, At HARRIS', - - • Opposite Post Office. HT-Ihe Conforinsttr we bh eire* per.eet fit.. »p!8 Jtf 1 n« E T THE K1 BEN T ! ML | Ire one of Miller'* Patent Elastic Cushion HATS! You will likt it. l arikle a S H A -W S , »p3U(Uw 1*1 MIDDLE STREET. WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS, MANUFACTURER'S BLOCK. UNION STREET, J. L. WtNSLOW, Agent, M VSDF AOl l KKH OV Steam Engine*. Steam Boiler*. Shafting Pulley*, Gearing, anti all ki«U* of Machinery Also Low and High Pre*«urc h'miii Heating .\p* puratm tor raetoiit*. Public Bui drag* auJ Dwelling lloute*. In th.« Ut par.rnent toe e* dUhhmebt ha* been nncom'nowlv »nc Steam Cock*. Valve* vvnUtl»*. an<t *t am. Wat. r and Gas Pips* and connection* fUmUhed at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and laihfu'ly Done. In conn c'ion with the above r«t ildUhiuent 1« an Iron Foundry, » itb a large *«scr’mcLt of patts- n*. and a Pianiug Mill, where wood p aoingo* all kim!» maybe don* ma*2d'.f PEAR TREES!! fttien*ion 1# iuvtted to my stec* of PEAR*?, both on /»*■«»/■ and ye*r «w root, a. to any offered for reveo yta». • a-t It embrace* m*arly ail i lie sort* descilb. u and tit"rtu in the )a*t repott of the Score ary of the Board ot Africa!tare (a aopjr can be *e«t t»v mail **:j recr n t of tea cent* in i»»*ta«e *tamp». to any one d have It aua w ho may not be abl* to obraittcr.e wore easily, through a in*inb‘r of the i.rpi**!ature) as adapted to culture in Main* . IIARDY GRAPES For open culture—test early sort* CUMRAXT3, RA'iMK/lMg.1. Ac., ft. MTVer.d fora Catalogue. N. 11 n.iit i L> Snco. April 28,Wt. up 2»< 2w* PEAR TREES. . The follow ng tree* of c \tr» quality are 'or sale very low toe'ear the land Sireadv sold tor building*. lOOO lto«k Ua|tl<'% 14 to IM n Iliuh. IOO Hor»e <lu->.tiiin* kio to •* 400 Vuruay S|>i-ur«.' 3 <u H •* 300 Host'-. 600 IViir Tree*, mid 3000 Currants. Thesto^k el Fruit Tries comprise* ail the beat *ort**lio<vu at Horticultural Kxbibl-ice#. Ttees of the celebrated How aLL PK \h can te su^j lieu. Nur-1, v lit Morrill's ( * r..- r May 3, Tues Th» ft Sat 2w .1 \V ADAMS. Loan lo the .Male ol Maine. TftKArrr.KR’s Orgies. i Augusta. May 2. lSdl J I N’c >u(<* aiify with a Rcso’vp of tbs Leg.*!aturv ft approve I March IJ, lb»i*. authoriziug a loan of 1 hreo Million Dollar*, proposal* w; I be rtet-ived at this otbec uutil flvj o'«‘oek 1’ M tt e tan nly- oun 1 day ot May current, torsions of Two Mil. I> t Inr*. reimbursable in twenty-five yesr#, for wli»**h bowl* of the Stnte wil< be i*au«‘d in sums ol nve ns*, d ed dollar* aud one th >usaud dollar*. ta ring in t *rc*t at the rate ol six per cent )ear v aou \ a* v tie m. mi annua! y The bond* will be by nod da‘ed June 1. 18;* wi-ik eoup>us attnehsd for th« aeiui-aanoslint»i. - . j able, both prtucipsi aud it «rcl, at the Mid .ft Bank. Most Os. • he ui >i ev on «aiil loan will b- r*c« iv- 1 a t office, SnflTolk Hank. IWwtos. or tither i t > . i sik iu Bangor, I * Persons desirous oi taking sat part of it. not !**» than live hunut-d co' ~<*. a * r*< u* • • MON r - l Ukte, ar Augusta. spec t*i ■ • itw k i rts# Those person* whoso pr'penal* may be SOSSpted w id he immediate.\auo'ill- t \AtHAS DANK. Tr«a stsr. May * -dtomaj21 WE 8TR1VE TO PLEASE ! fIVIK sib.»orib*r-«, thankful for past pstroMgs, ft t*t« 'his opp »rt iaitr ot thanking their patron* and so! cit a <*• utinnsacc ol the »aSM*. Tftty sou d al-»iu «> ro th> puhUj gvu rally that having se cured the »e v ces of se\ ersl Ar-. t c'a*« mo fctu t>, ttiev ** i confident «her are able to furnish a larp-r a M rtmeut of t a-r*. Ac Ihsi bewe. !!*♦' to*low ing kinds in addition to ill- eomiuor variety nsuaity kept in a tint class Baker*. nny tsfo iud«\.i stair ?r on hand, and w It bed Itvered in auv part of the city. fhe-*c Cakes. Diamond Cake «, Wilson's Own, Lafayette Cases, Lite*In Cakts, i’s« iy, ft c , k *. . RROOK8 Ac 1MIINM.\ , Corner of fine an J Brackett Streets. P.8 8ee placards to he had at Bakery or f ©in ] Carts. ina>2dlw I'ry.lmn; Aeadewy. fll HR Summer To* m of this Iv tbution will coir X tunica neiday May 26'h, sxd coatinua I*n v e. k* b. P. SNOW. A M . Principal. D. U SiaWALL. Secretary. Frj-ftn-g. M»y 3. l-CI m.yM«Uw*w Oirl.o limiiruii. e < ouipany. rilQK nhterlbcr. to it? C«rit*l v teck of H e Dl'l 1 go Iu»ur«uc Company .re rfqnwtod lo nil at their oSicf No. 23 Exchange .trecl, llor Ihelr Critifi- i c» i>i lo aceonUoev with Hit' li>rt.r«nd IU-La*, JRkKMIaU Daw, Secretary. l Port!|pd May 4, 1#W. m'ay!dlw • AUCTION SALEsT ' : :! v ’ ' ; •'’NEE!:, !2 E^ch*iij« aib l. al INiiue comer or Voik an4 Bracket »trra I. at tnuion. )N »» » F. M. on the promla*. ' wr II ho Sold the one More Wooden Xiweiiin* i.d 1 i i' Mens, In thorough order eontaioielgnt ■ hi: u nl *'m! gw . »J b iuo nunidaied x *«,lu lac % Ale. Lot rui..itiu* abcut hnv ax Luu r*-ii !•* t tor particulars mil ou J. f». White ni'-u »' h«’f cr 0.1 ih’# Anc*.0L#«r. I xoba®f#st iua;4<rd h- M. FATTEN, ALCIIONELK. 1. Exchange it. Itfiievh >!<l furniture at Auction. JNitile“Jr:y‘ ?*' ' *'}■ ’ A M «< office. th« fern « '• Toqu.,h ng houaeScdpiog ■ eh ^*rt ‘ 1 Ext,n.let,, t eid. w o.k ai_il .ro t. II luVe!!?'** WV. Oil sod Mr. v .Ip l». l oiea,i-. L.auke'S Minus, lOrmr .Moiea. Wate/ScT Alto, ®w lame Llrca. Wor-i?d »■ ringe aai T*m*u Ctifc u., two show UK,; a <„„„ otT.bir anl oiayCdtd M. PATTEN, ALCriONkERTlVEaebnng* M. ottona, Linen* W onica. Clot blig, f UI«, nl-hing C„od-, 4c,,ai Auction. 'aV Thtinaday Mai 12'h, at 10 A U and Jj P M. -c a erg.-, aii,in merit ofc ttoo ehlnli g-aou abeet -if', ticktair.. »*r:pe», deans., flannr le. ,ln*i a. ita 0 good... ttoo liueu bdk.’a. eannric , dieragr odt nf snona kind,. -il*caa. broad cu t ,, c.-.jaicree, aet l!ir- r.ij'l.itr, ahawla. printa, with a general a wort* lent oi dry good., Unsy .r ial a, luroiabiug goeda. A'so. the hu'airee of t e otbmg dealer'. atoek eon laiing o< cont-, j suit, teats, sbiru, collars, I vary ovea, he. ruayTdtd 1 M PATTEN ALCTIOSEEK, 12 E>change 81. it«»l Luiait* on Dnnfonh street sit % net ion. [AN WEDNESDAY, Mar lPh. atto’eldek.P M OB the premi-e-. SO Uainonb itrnt the dealt ,!<• two eery Dwelling ai-d Laud. Lot forty-aeren tet on ll-ntbrth afreet, by or:o hot dit-d and too ect deep; pa-age way lu tear ol lot. buildligatn ;oodo her. lio, ,e dtted with gaa, turoace. and ileuty hard aod .oft water It t aa a f re policy eg d»u a ne 1’oaacM on given immediately 1 ,-r pariicainra ou the Aue loner, Exchange fifth Great Bale of Damaged Goods, from the wrech ed St earner Bohemian. 1^0U it® bcuefit of whom it may coucerst will opoa on * edu® da . Hay lit®, at 10 o’e.csk A. Il., ll .NO.IOah1! B>nI, < "mmurcial street. com-* 't-tina ot Broad a lorta. Caa*itn*rc«, 1 weeds. Prints, ”t» M4aud urbuachrd fottous. Miks. Liu®m_ lalcirV f i iinndti^*. Hosiery. fart at®. Ladies 1 aim* uN, Ostlcrc. Fancy oood*. A® . Ac TImm® ffvcdS were ra'stnl by U ® Direr*, and w® hiua lu b *tt«r order th»n any b* for® o0®rtd b* N. J|>en for examiuafi n it it o'clock, morniDji oi sal*. uaySdtd ilB&BT BAILEY A CO . Aoct'ia. BY HEMiY BAILEY A CO, ArcTTOSBSll*. Btirk House him! Lot on Llnewta «trv«*t. nt.% union. ON Thorsdav, May 12. at 3 o'clotk P. M , cl the P omi-os, wc »b«ll vII a three story briek boosa •“ Lr, oiii stjeet intheb’ick block near tie York nut Cumberland Depot, and now »erupted by Br. A Atb'tr. The house Is new aud fiti Led ffcr- tank* >ut. with ga« and other xuoderi. Imt rnTcmrnta. faia Posit ie l<rms easy, for particulars clow Ira at I L. rroetor.on Lime str* et. or maoUtd HLMtY Us ILLY ACo .Aoctior etfU. Auction Sale. 4 ON SATURDAY Mav II. at 3 o’clock in tba if ter. Oou tie HUM oi tie subscriber ai free p*~rt Corn* r, const ting of stoat 25 acres of Land aud a good Orchard a< .1 a food two stored heart! with stai/le ana bulidiuts. with hard aud aof water will te a Id at Public Auction, unit** sooner disposed of at private 4»aie. ' For further particulars inquire ef the «ut*crfber on tb- premie s. JOnEPIi I’oUHTKft. Freeport, May 4, l*** bis 4dW* ED W AMD n. PAITtS, Commission Merchant & Auctioneer, Haa removed to the sptcioua stork IS Kxchuu»c« 8tre* t. four Uoora boloW Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise of •very tle-criptkn. for public or pi Date safe. Hah a of Kea) Estate. Vesathi,« argot*. Mocks and Met* ebandlee solicited. Cask advances rnaoe, Wtfk pruuipt sales and return a. mchlt dly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! Jlsr OPE VED No. 86 F*x Block, Exchange Street, POKTLANU, ut 1 .ball Lein the c-'H.UbI receipt of, and will «*U e ery • f’.rni.on lid ettmea ty patillc auction, Ibe IaUo«ll.c lifcl, of ,oo0> is c.OSDIItlw to nil I tVoolru-oi all description*, Ditn Rootll in variety, on, • ia*b Towelllnr, 4 over* Ac,Table Cnllrry. Plated \t nre, Jew. liy. Yank.e No tion* ntnl I «ti, y Hoot]*, Commencing ToooUy, Pebra.ry 16th. CEO. L. PEIRCE, Auction »od vonimk-w* Merchant W P. Sts VAHT, AucUodow r.bl6 dU TO THE AFFLICTED I i>k. tv. .V.~bExui«, .Medical Iillectrician, No. 11 Clapp’* Block, CORN MM OR CON iiRRSS AND MLJt 8TBAMTM WOULD respectfully hlloulcc to the cftiaub* of 1’ortiaL 1 and dean;, that be has permanent* iv located in thw city. During the eleven month* tbnt v ehave beta iu town we have cured soma af the worst forms of d !<«**« iu perrons who kave triad oilier lornn of tr> atuivut In vaiu, nd curing pa* Ucau iu «u short a uuie that the question in Oltaa asked, do they stay cured * 1o answer thlr queetion we wiil say that all that do not tay cu ed, we will doctor the svxond time icr netting. Dr. D. bn* be«n a practical Ki.cmclan for twenty hue and is Mao a regular graduated phydrin* Kiectricity is t eriectiy adapted to ckronle amenta* lut’i tor«u of nervous or sick headache; In the brad, ueck.or extremities; oonaumj In the a u- or where the lungs aj Involve.! scut.- i r • hrunic rbeomatiem, i d. A-. - ni.iiiiwrUiuy. vptiud diseases, i_ i f th-v in *, coniracted muscles, distorted | o or ; irs: M Vita*’ Deuce, denfntwa,stam m nng nr h^iuncy of speech. dvApefwia. in ltgii coiuttpaiiou acd U?er comr-lalnt, pike—weeutu every can* that own be pretested; asthma, tirnaohl Us, strictures of the ch«rt. and nil forma of tamnla joupldwk. By Blootrloity The- Rhcumniic. tbe gouty, the lint aad tiia last Dap with Joy, aud more with the agility and trlatthr Ity of youth; the heated brain i» cooled; the frost bitten nn'bfl restored, tbe ui.couth lierormitiee re> moved; coMerted to rigor, vetkaea tt nrcu*‘? tiic blind made to see. the deaf to bear tad ; t t< -n tn mc\e upright; tbe bl ;• u •. »rc • . ,.<>*vM; tbe 'Kcidmit of I [rerented * -a: amities of old age ob? sa active dreulatioa maintained. LADIES W’ho have told hands aad feet: weak i ' • w. u ■*<». i itTtfti and slab i_ tieaineee and swimming in tbe bead, with L ou and eoMtipalio* *.? the boweb, palatal tbal lad back. i*a-orrbma. .or white*); af Iba w iab with *nt. real earner* tumor*, iinltm aad ill that long train o« iImims wtli bad la liutrte Ity a sure means of Mrs for paiafbi ■ laotraaftaa Loo prolate ru usimatloa. aad all of tbuee long daa If trouble* with y* aag ladks. K.ectrseHy la a MlWia ipscidc. mad wi.i. 1a a toot Umm, restore the mMrer to the '’law of taith »»V kae««o l orko-^faira/ 4ypwaM lag utaniBf kiimra* r»two the ww»a. setb m Merc**, r a Ai'in.s? Are* ale. be. Bland rods wbe ire tec. ikied mhastUf >cu»te. west* baeba, aad t«h otbf rdtbea tins. tbe direct eaaee of wbApb. lb fiw oae-* cat of tea, b ti* * Mat af patMbtbt^bgk iae be i«kr*4 u> a. teral strength aad vtgar by Ma l»* • i from As* te *«M bathe. C ee hearsf’om • e*«deeb A ». lo 1 P. *.» Id 1; and? u* s r « ('••laititaa Vr««. tyl4 leedt FOR ' LAND I>Kl DOi K ( UiPART. IIHR lr»( as *««»»*••{ l«o Dollar* per Share epon **-, • • api ml k eek of ible« owpaay, bate 11*. and payab * vt He free oft hr ftvsfiisi |e. LIT, ;sam ta St. Fore derer I ir*m«e* r H DaVla. ir*a«arev Fatluf Aprllb. Idi. MrCUMtf M. i>. WEBB A CO’ Wholesale Dealtrs in Flour, m si (Oi«IUCItL MU GET, »pl» CORTLAND, MR. 4«f IMKVH IPATIOH. Portland Mutual Fire Insuranoe Company. TM * C •>»; *"> »»*1 ixsue Folloesto be free after lb* .ivmnii oi -i*i. < ight nr ten Fremiuius ar the option it the insured him! a*, rates as low a* any otbar 'ompany. I he iwie ot Free Foioiee render* it at Ik least cv>4ilf u -t superior to the participation OOMDltS. OQoe No. 103 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDER. Fro*. EDW ARD SHAW. See. F b 1* .1* a tr PoiUtml Shovel Ittuuul act tiling font pm»y. II3 £ a-taai mco Ing of the stockholder* w|‘l be h Id st the ctfio* of the Company. Baas ‘tract. on Mo dsy May P»h. 1-04. *t 3 o*e»o kP.R, For the ‘holer of hirec’ors for»be eneulr great To itct-nu n» upon an 1lcrease if the capital ♦ook. For tbe transaction oi any other business that l a> legal y uc-me before tbe m»ctinp. apdo N. O. CRAM Trsaivsf,

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