Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 9, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 9, 1864 Page 3
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1'OKTLASD ASD VtCISJTT. l> S. Commissioner's Court. " Jl. H. CLIFFORD, ESQ., COMMISSIOSTEK. Wm. P. Spark, of Bath, was brought before the Commissioner Saturday, charged with aiding a deserter from the U. S. army to es cape, and for carrying him away, knowing him to be a deserter. Spark was not ready for examination, and was ordered to furnish sureties in the sum of &S00 tor his appearance before the Commissioner to-day. Failing io furnish bail, he was committed to jail. G. E. B. Jackson, Esq., Assistant l\ S. Dist. Attor ney, for Government. S. J. Court—April Term. DAVIS, J., fUKStUIMi. Saturday. The case of Day vs. Conway Insurance Co., was argued by Mr. Daveis for the defendants and by Mr. Band for the plain tiff. The jury had not agreed upon a verdict at noon, at which time the Court adjourned to 9 o'clock, Monday morning. Municipal Court—May 7. Peter Towle, lor drunkenness ami disturb ance, was flued five dollars and costs. Com mitted. Another Pastoiiai. Basin.nation.—Key. Dr. Chickering announced to the High Street congregation yesterday that he had been for some time coming to the conclusion that this, the thirtieth year of their connection, might, to mutual advantage, though with mutual re gret, be the last. He made this early an nouncement in order to place them in a posi tion to he preparing for a change of pastors, in which he promised his aid and concurrence, to be effected at such time during the year as may be desirable. This announcement was a surprise to every one of his congregation. Dr. Chickeriug's labors in Portland have been eminently suc cessful—the largest church in the State—set ting off from its members, in a body, the neu elus of State Street Church—helping to form two other Congregational churches, by numer ous members for each, and still retaining inoie familir* in his congregation than there are jieirs in the church. His uneelflsh and faith ful labors among his own people anepthose who belong to no religious association, have endeared him to a vast number and will make his departure deeply Mt and regretted. Who was in distress and he did not minister unto them? Who had sorrow and did not find a friend and comforter in him ? The blessings of mauy will go with him, and the hope that his usefulness may he cveu greater wherever his lot may lie cast. Col. Fessenden Wounded.— We learn that Col. Frank Fessenden, of the 90th Maine Regiment, was wounded in tbe leg. on the g:id of April, in the battle for the possession of Mantel's Bluff, while gallantly leading on the Brigade which he was temporarily command ing at that time. The position he attacked was as difficult of access as Tort liudson or Vicksburg, and involved tbe safety ol our ar my. It is gratifying to learn that his wound is not considered dangerous and that at last accounts he was doing well. Ilis conduct in that affair received the commendation of bis superior officers. Tobacco Manci-actohy.—An establish ment for the manufacture of tobacco is about to go into operation iu this city, the machine-" ry for it having arrived last week. It will he in the Galt Block, on Commercial street, and is owned by Messrs. Moore, Heath A Co.,of New York. The leaf will be purchased iu Western cities and manufactured here into various brands, giving employment to a force of two hundred workmen. * Fashionable Clothing.— Messrs. Rol lins A Bond, Middle street, have enlarged and renovated their store, and have put in a fine stock of new and fashionable foreign and do mestic cloths for spring and summer garments; also, a large assortment of ready made cloth ing and furnishing goods. Gentlemen iu want of good clothing, made up in good style, will do well to give them a call. Adj't Gknekai.’s Bbi'oiit.—We arc iu ■debted to Adjutant General Uodsdon fora copy of his report lor the year ending Dec. -11, ltKkl. It contains 1100 carefully prepared pages, giving the organization of and changes in the Maine regiments and artillery at the commencement of the present year. It must have cost an immense amount of labor. U. S. Sanitakv Commission.—I have re ceived from citizens of Ellsworth, $»>"; New Gloucester $2; Miss Greenwood $2; Bucks port $20; Mt. Vernon $11 50; Mechanic Falls $21; China $59; Elias Blodgett, South Car thage $1; lor use oi U. S. Sanitary Commis sion, and not before acknowledged in daily papers. W. H. Madly, Agent. sy-The Ladies’ Sanitary Committee being desirous of forwarding hospital supplies with the least possible delay, earnestly solicit con tributions of every kind that will conduce to the comfort of our sick soldiers. Old sheets aud ciotli for compresses and bandages, are particularly desired, as their supply is entire ly exhausted. BAKM'tt‘8 Patino Hoist:. — Capt. Bar num has made extensive additions to the cooking apartments and apparatus of bis saloon ia Union street, so that he is uow able to get up at the shortest notice, dinners and refresh ments for very large parties. He is constant ly supplied with all the luxuries the New Vork aaiTBoeton uuikels will afford. Improvement.— l’he brick building ou the corner of Congress aud Ceulre streets, is about to be remodeieu. Mr. Kesscudi n, who lias occupied the stand for many years, as a periodical depot, has removed to the saloon under Lancaster Hall, entrance on Centre street. Nkw Books.—Messrs. Bailey & Noyes have received the “ Ferry Boy aud the Financier,” or a Biography of Hou. Salmon 1’. Chase, written for the young. Walker, Wise & Co., publishers. Tins work will have an extensive sale. Full notice hereafter. jy-Harper’s Magazine for June, the com mencement of a new volume, is out thus ear ly. It is a rich number. Hall L. Davis, No. 58, and E. C. Andrews, No. (57 Exchange St., have received it. jgy-A special meeting ot the Ladies' Sani tary Committee will he held at their rooms to-day, May t)th, at 11 A. M. A full attend ance is requested. l’er order. tr The American illustrated papers for this week have been received at the book aud periodical store of A. Robinson, No. 51 Ex change street. jy The contract for doing the joiner work of Mr. J. E. Fernalil’s boose,ou Spring street, has been taken by Mr. Spencer Bogey, in stead of Spencer Plummer, as wc stated ou Saturday. ty-N. Fessenden, under Lancaster Hall, has received the June number of Harper's Magazine. ^y l'he total value of foreign exports from this port last week amounted to $110,070 04. I Portland Daily Press. a.. FilOli THE AKUV OF THE FOTOAIAC. SUCCESS OU OES. OB AST. Gen. Lee Dr'ven B&c'a towards E chmond. Wasiiim.ton, May 7. lj> to o o'clock this afternoon the Govern- i ineni hail received no information of more de- i chive results than was furnished by the Tri- I hune dispatch, published this morning. There fore, the reports of a great victory achieved ! by Gen. Grant ou Wednesday and Thursday, and the pursuing of the enemy on Friday, ete., arc, to say tue least, not reliable. As the down train from lirandy Station was on the way down this morning, when about three miles ttiis side of iiuil Hun, it was tired into by guerrillas concealed io the woods. A volley w.ts returned by the guard on the train. Tiie city has been intensely excited all day with the uews from the army of the Potomac, the early publications serving to excite the public curiosity concerning tiie military move ment'. The bulletins of the newspapers at tracted throngs of readers, inquiries are re peatedly made oi all who were supposed to have items ol intelligence, while extra news pa|iers continue to tie cried by llio newsboys, and purchased in abundance. Humors of de feat and brilliant victories prevailed to a limi ted extent,but both classes of reports require authenticity to gain general belief. The thoughtful, however, came to ilie conclusion that a single encounter w ould not determine the contest, and a series of battles may have to be fought belore there can be any decisive result. it was telegraphed hence by the Independ ent: Telegraph line, hut refused by the other Hue. doubtless for piudential reasons, that a great victory was achieved by Gen. Grant on Wednesday and Thursday, he driving the rebels two and a half miles witli immense loss, and that lie was following that victory ou Friday morning by an assault on rebel works. The Star, in noticing a similar statement of an afternoon contemporary, remarks:—“We should be very glad to confirm this ue**, bill have to say, after diligent inquiry, we are sat isfied that the Government lias received no such information, or any information of more decisive results than that furnished by the Tribune’s dispatch elsewhere The fact that Gen. Meads was able to stand the brunt of the Confederate onset with a portion of his command is considered a hopclul indication, aud we hope soon to be able to announce a decisive victory, but we shall not trifle with our readers by manufacturing victories for au hour's sensation.” *. *»v- u-n/iu vifiui juiluvh Ul til** 0141 IHJ lieved to be based on reliable information. During tlie day many inquiries were made of officers of tlie Government, but v.itbout the satisfaction naturally desirable on the part of those who have impatient desire* for early and complete success, and who forget that the work must be necessarily stubborn, heavy and persistent on liotli sides, owing to the great importance of tin* lesuit. The fragmentary information received from time to time shows nothing decisive, but serves to coulradiet many rumors of the previous speculations contenting the whereabouts and design of the rebels which were so confidently asserted. The statements which were received here to day, and which are entitled to belief, are that Gen. Lee made a tremendous and violent attack to piercwour centre, hoping thereby to divide our forces and to secure a victory, but Sen. Hitchcock's corps came to the relief and amid a murderous fire formed in line of battle apd thwarted the designs of the rebels. The loss wa- heavy on both sides. Gen. Sheridan was profitably engaged in another part of the firla, and seut the Cliief in command a mes sage that he had routed fttuart’a cavalry. The attack of Lee was ou our advancing columns, who, doubtless, anticipated a victory by his onslaught before ihc main body could advance to the field of battle. Tlie appearances ou Thursday were that the hostilities would be renewed on Friday. Midnight.—Tlie greatest excitement pre vails in this city to night to learn further par ticulars of the great list tie between Grant and I.ep. All sort' of rumors prevail, but no official information lias been received by tlie Government of tli* great battle up to the present time, it is said that our loss in killed and wounded on Thursday was about 4000, including many officers of distinction. Wa'Hinotox, 8— 1 A. M. it is said to night that Geu. Hays was killed in the fight on Thursday, and that sev eral other generals were wounded. New York, May s. By telegraph from Washington to General John A. IK*, New York: Wanhington, May 8JA, 'J A. M.—W'e have no official reports from the front, but the med ical direction has notified our Surgeon Gener al that our wounded were lining seut to Wash ington, and w ill number from ti,000 to 8,000. The chief quartermaster of the army of the Potomac lias made requisitions fgr svieral days' grain and for railroad construction trains, aud slates that the enemy is reported to be retreating. This indicates Gen. Grant's ad vance, and afi'jrds an inference of material success on our part. The enemy's strength has always been most felt in bis first blows, aud their having failed and our forces not on ly having maintained their ground but prepar ing to advance, lead to the hope of full and complete success: for when either party fails, disorganization by straggling and desertion commences. The enemy's loss in killed and wounded must weaken him more than we are weakened. Nothing further than my last night’s dispatch has been received from Geu. Butler. A dispatch lus boeu received from General Sherman, dated .I o'clock 1’. M. yesterday, stating that Gen. Thomas had occupied Tunnel Hill, where he expected a battle, aud that the euemy had taken position at Buzzard's Boost Pass, north of Dalton, but no real fighting yet. It is designed to give accurate official state ments of what is known to the Department in this great crisis, and to withhold nothing from tlie public. (Signed) K. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. u AnnniHfl, Bl.ty o. The Star in Its extra this uioruiug says:— Gen. Ingalls says, “ we have fought two days. The enemy are said to be rotiriug.’' There seems to be no doubt that although nothing decisive lias yet occurred, the euemy Its- been lolled iu his cuuUdeiit expectations of driving Gen. Grant hack before his operations could bo fully developed, and that Lee hat been compelled to give way. The casualties reported are Gen. Hays kill ed ; aud Gens. Getty and Gregg, and Colonel Hays and Gen. Owens an* reported wounded. Gen. Hancock is reported to have received a slight wound while rallying his men to resist A. 1*. Hill’s onset. Two of Gen. liuruside’s stair are reported to have been killed while carrying dispatches. The Star also says: “Were we at liberty to mention a fact within our knowledge, wo think we could demonstrate that Lee ha* real occa-ion to dread the strategy of our military operations, ns well as the vigor with which they are pressed. We believe that Jutr. Davis tlnds to-day in reality what lias sometimes been talked about, that it • thunders all around.’ ” The line of attack by Lee lu the lighting of Thursday and Friday, nearly at right angles with Gen. Grant’s line of advance, aud from the direction of Orange Court House, indi cates that Lee made the latter point his base aud headquarters. The forced ni trclt of a day ami night hy liurnside from Manassas, by which lie got his troops to Grant’s support on Thursday night, is said to have even surpassed his brilliant forc ed marches iu Last Tennessee, by which he surprised tin- enemy there. lVobably Lee lias by this time had occasion to feel their pres ence with Grant. Gen. Webb was killed in the battle of Fri day. New Yoiik, May $. The Tribune's letter from the army, dated Thursday night, says : “ Early this morning the march was resumed iu the direction of Todd’s tavern, which point was reached belore noon aud troops |.l iced lu line ot battle at 12 o'clock M. Ueu. Wilson, commanding Gen. Kilpatrick's former cavalryrdivision, made Ills whereabouts known by a brisk connonading several miles east ol the tavern and In the vi cinity of Shady Grove Church, where, for three quarters of an hoar, he was sharply en gaged with a large body of rebel cavalry and a considerable force of infantry, by whom he was gradually forced back upon the 2J corps. Had not the manoeuvres of the enemy pre venied, night would have found Gen. Han cock’s command at .Shady Grove Church,con necting with Warren on hi* right. By this maneuvic we wo rld have occupied the Pike running in a northwesterly direction from Gerurauia Ford, on the Kapidan. The move ment ot Lee soon revealed his real designs. Gen. Warren was ordered to attack him at once, which he did about 11 A. M. A deter mined musketry tight of an Hour ensued, in which Warren handsomely drove him front his position, with the infliction of severe loss. Griffin's division of the 5th corps led the at tack and sullered severely, losing nearly luotf in killed, wounded and missing. Finding his efforts to break our centre futile, the enemy neat attempted to interpose an overwhelming force between Warren and Hancock, the lit ter of whom, in accordance with orders, was marching his corps rapidly to form a junction with the loriner. Fortunately iiis advance, consisting of Birney's division, came up just In time to circumvent the relel General, who at 2 1 2 I*. M., commenced a terrific onslaught oil the divisions of Birney, Gibbous and Get ty, the latter of whom had been temporarily detached to form the extreme right of Han cock’s command. The tight raged hotly until some time alter dark and resulted in the com plete repulse of the enemy at all points. Our loss in this engagement does not pro bably exceed IOOO men. Scarcely any artille ry was brought, into requisition, the character of the ground rendering it useless. The bat tle Held is covered with a thick growth of un derbrush and medium sized oak trees, and it is owing to this fact that our losses are com paratively light. Our captures in prisoners is about oOOO. When Hancock’s corps retired toward Park er’s store. 200 of the 18th Penn, cavalry, un der Maj. Bienton, sent to relieve the pickets several miles Inflow, ou the Spotsylvania road, were attacked by a large body of rebel troops and driven back to Todd’s Tavern in confu sion, and quite a largo number werettken prisoners by the rebels. Washington, May S, 5 P. M. To'Maj. Gen. John A. Dix, New lork : It is believed that no fighting took place yesterday. A part of the wouudxt arrived in ambulances yesterday morning at Kappa lianuoek Station, and are on the way here by railroad. The Department will probably re ceivc dispatches by a train which will arrive to-night. A dispatch from Gen. Butler, just received, and which left him yesterday, states that a demonstration had been made by Iiis foree on the railroad between Petersburg and llich mond, and had succeeded in destroying it so ss to breakJ the connection; that there had been some severe lighting, but that lie had been successful. He heard from rebel desert ers that Hunter was d ingerously wounded.— Pickett, Jones and Jenkins were killed.— Nothing has been heard from Gen. Sherman. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. W ASHINGTON, May S, U, M. Tbe National Republican has the following: “ We are glad to slate that the result of the fighting ou Thursday and Friday is all that the most sanguine ftiends of the government can desire. The daw n of day cn Saturday exhibited no evidence of the [lfesence of the enemy. Gen. Grant with great promptness took advantage of the fact, and ordered a for ward movement, it is proper to say here that in consequence of such movements, noth ing has been heard directly from Gen. Grant, lie has more important duties to perform. It is believed by these who have the best means of knowing, that Lee is lm'e ting to the works of Richmond, not ouly to save the remnant of his own army, but to rescue, it possible, the rebel capital from failing into the hands ot that dreaded chieftain, Gen. Butler. There is little doubt that Lee will have to make good time to prevent such a disaster to Mavis’ rebel city. There are many things known to the government, all of a cheerful tendency, which it is not proper to state at this time. For instance, it would not he proper to state w hat we know about the oper ations ou the l’euiuauia, up James River, Ac., but at tbe same time, iu general terms, it is not improper for us to ste.te that everything is piogrtssing successfully. We are in posses sion of information that the relrel authorities at. Richmond,seeing the fate which awaits the city, have taken measures to remove every thing of value. Tne dead and wounded upon the field, men tioned in our last extra to-day, some of whom at this writing, have probably reached Rap pahannock Station, includes the wounded on both sides. The list ot the killed and wound ed has not reached the city and probably will not before tomorrow or next day, as the time of every one is employed in rendering assist ance to the unfortunates. Further details are momentarily expected of the two days tight, hut it is doubtful if any thing is received until the retreat and pursuit terminates. It is sufficient to say that all the dispatches from the advancing armies under (Jens. Sherman, Schofield, Hooker, and Wash burue, are as encouraging as could be asked for. New VoitK, May S. l lie Washington Jlepu oilcan s extra says that Grant hurled Ids entire army against the rebel army on Friday. Lee was driven three miles, leaving 3000 killed and 10,000 wounded in our hands. Gen. Grant is master of the field. Lee is in full retreat. Gen. Grant is in hot pursuit. Everything is being done for the wounded that lies in the power of our surgeons and ambulances. From Wnthin'fton. Washington, May 7. There was a large attendance of ladies and gentlemen at Speaker Colfax’s residence to night, it being the occasion of the presenta tion to him l>y ids Indiana friends of a costly service of silver, as a testimonial for his un swerving faithfulness to piinciple and to duty. The Commissioner of the Currency, Mr. McCullock, made an exceedingly appiopriate and patriotic speech, which was replied to by the honored recipient in a manner not less ap-, propriate and impressive, lie said he desired no other inscription upon his tomb but that he always endeavored to perforin his duty. The company were bountifully entertained after the interesting ceremonies wefe con cluded. The nomination of Brig. Gen. Edward II. S. Canby, of the U. S. Vols., lor Major Gener al was sent to tlie Senate to-day and immedi ately confirmed. He left the city to day to enter upon his new command. Gen. Canby has been ordered to the command of the de partments of Louisiana and Arkansas, and not of all the troops west of the Mississippi river, as erroneously stated. Major Geus. French and Keyes have been mustered out of tbe volunteer service by or der of tbe President. Tbe Senate a bo confirmed the following nominations as Brig. Generals:—Col, Daniel II. Itucker, Col. liobert Allen. Lieut. Col. Uufus lugalls and Col. Jno. W. Turner. The Senate also confirmed Delano T. Smith and Elisha P. Aury to be Tax Commissioners for the State of Tennessee; Charles K. Wells lobe Postmaster at Milwaukee: Medora M. Crawford to lie Collector of Internal Hcvenue lor the district of Oregon, and Abraham lien net', of Kansas, to be agent for the Indians at Kickapoo. JFViMfi/r Itint in Suramnaft. Fobtkess Momiok, May 7. Tort Itoyal papers of the 5th state that Florida, Georgia and South Carolina are nearly depleted of rebel troops, who have been sent N orth to join Lee's army. Admiral Dahlgren had arrived at Hilton Head. A torpedo wa* discovered in St. Johns river on the ;! 1 with a dead negro attached to it. A great female riot occurred in Savannah , on the 17lh tilt. The women collected in a I body with anus, and march the streets in a j procession, demanding lntKAir or ukhiu ! They seized lood wherever it could be found. The soldier* were called out, and after a brief conflict the ringleaders were put In jail. The rebel* were making demonstrations at Charleston, hut had been shelled out by our gunboats. ,s it cress uf Cm, Shuman. New Yoke, May 8. The correspondent of the Tribune says: “News has reached the government that Sher man is lighting his way through Tunnel Hill successfully and pressing upon Dalton, the enemy.falling back and leaving his dead and wounded in our hail ds." LoUIsvii.i.e, Ky., May 8. liutnors from Nashville say that Johnston lias retreated from Dalton to Atlanta. Sliei inau’s forces have passed Tunnell Hill with out opposition and are outflanking the rebels at Buzzard’s Boost. . a Important and fiuccesefnl Move ments by Gen. Under. Ths Rebels Deceived by his Movements. New Yoi»;, May 8. Tlie Herald's special Washington dispatch contains Gen. Hut let's ofiieial telegram to Lt. Gen. Grant. It is as follows: Off t'itij Point, I n.. .Vnj oth.—Lieut. Gen. Graut, commanding the at titles of tlie United Suites, Washington 1). C.:— We have seized Wilson’s Wharf I.aiidiug. A brigade of Wildes’ colored troops are there. At Fort l’owhattan Landing, two regiments of tlie same brigade have landed. At City Point Hints division, witli tlie remaining troops and battery, have landed. The remainder of both the ISlii and 10th corps are being landed at Bermuda Hundreds, above the Appomat tox. No opposition expeiienced thus far. The movement was apparently a complete surprise. Both army corps left Yorktowu during last night. The monitors are all over tlie bar at Harrison’s Lauding and above City Point. The operations of the fleet have been conducted with energy and Buccess. Gens. Smith and Gilmore ate pushing the landing of the men. Gen Graham, wilit the army gun iioats, led the advance during the night, cap turing the signal station of the rebels. Col. West, with 1800 cavalry,made several demon strations from Williamsburg yesterday morn* ing. Gen. Kurtz left Suffolk this morning wit It Itis cavalry for tie: service indicated dur ing the conference with tlie Lieut. General. The New York flag of truce boat was lound lying at the wharf with 400 prisoners, whom she hul not time to deliver. She went up yesterday morning. We are lattdtug troops dutitiv tlie night,—a hazardous service iu the face of the eut nty. (Signed) Benj. F. Btrri.Eit, Major Genera! Commanding. A. F. Puff r, Captain and A. 14. C. Tlie Times’ letter from James IUver, dated May 1th, says: . To Major Gen. Butler. I am told, is exclu sively due whatever credit shall result lr< m the inception and execution of the plan. When, lour weeks since, Lieut. Gen. Grant, the actual commander of the armies ol the United States, visited Fortran Mouroe, it was for the purpose of asc- Gaining the views of Gett. Butler respecting an advance upon the rebels by way ol the Peninsula, to be carried out in cooperation with the grand army of tlie Potomac. Gen. Grant had considered the various plans proposed with this object in view, but had committed himself to none, and was inclined, therefore, to listen attentively to what Gen. Butler might suggest. The se quel proves that tliu proposition ol Gen. But ler fully commended itself to the judgment und acquiescence of the Commanding Gene: - al. and measures were at once taken to put it into execution. Brietly the project was to advance upon Hichtuond by the James river, get a foothold as uear the city as possible on the south bank of the stream, seriously inter cept the communications of the rebel capital southward, and eventually compel the evacu ation by Lee's army of their strongly lorlitted position on thu Hapidan, thus forcing the rebels to give Gen. Grant battle or press rap idly tearward to the walls of their capital. The llrst step towards organization was made some weeks since by the concentration at Yorktowu from various posts in the depart-' inent of North Carolina and Virginia of the great hulk of the army corps. To the com mand of these troops was assigned W. F. Smith. Iu addition to these war-worn heroes from the coast of North Carolina and the posts in Virginia, nearly all the brave and gallant, followers of the 10th corps, under Maj. Gen. Gilmore, were sent to Gen. Butler to participate in the movement forming at their encampment at Gloucester Point, opposite Yorklown. That Yorktowu and Gloucester roiiu, uoiu hi me mourn i ora river, snouiu have lieen selected for the rendezvous of these troops naturally led to the supposition that the advance was intended to be made up the Peninsula That the assurance of deception might be made doubly sure, a brigade of Union troops was dispatched by Gen. Butler out as late as yesterday to White House Landing, where at sunrise, when we last heard from there, they were seriously engaged in falling timber and constructing a wharf, as If prepar ing to facilitate the landing of a large army. To aid in this scheme of mystification, all the light draught steamers were kept nutil the last moment at Fortress Monroe, whence early yesterday morning they were dispatched to York river. The work of embarking the troops, whose arrangements for the purpose had already been made, was begun promptly. Soon alter the shades of evening bad closed over the campaign grouud the last tent was struck, and the troops were all on board. Gen. Butler's orders to his subordinate Geu erals made it iucumbent for them to repair to Hampton Hoads as quickly as possible after dark, where they were to anchor for the night. At daybreak the order commanded the ad vance of the troops up the James river, con voyed by three army gunboats under Brig. Gen. Graham, and a naval force consisting of live monitors anil eleven guuboata under Hear Admiral Lee. The cavalry branch of the ex pedition is commanded by Brig. Gen. A. V. Kautz, who, with a fine body of several thou sand white troops, left Suffolk, Va., at day light yesterday morning. The |>oint at which he aims primarily to strike is Bickford, a to%n on the Petersburg Kichmond & Weldon Kailroad. The railroad bridge there, which is a strong one about :}00 feet long, will lie de stroyed if possible, and then the dashing horsemen will do other damage to the enemy's means of supply as !ar as they can find oppor tunity. Gen. Kautz has received a roving commission, and if not too hardly pressed by the rebels he may penetrate as far south as Weldon, M. C., returning when it suits his his convenience. We may not hear of him for a month, but, meanwhile, it is expected that he will make a good tecord. Starting up the Peninsula from Williamsburg, another cavalry force, somewhat smaller, commanded by Col. West, also set out at daybreak. His object was to create a diversion in our favor by keeping the reliels excited, and attack the guerrillas and garrisons of the outposts. Col. West would try to cross the Chickahominy at Bottoms Bridge, and make his way to the main body on the James river, the main ad vance taking tho advance of Gen. Butler’s boat, which reached Wilson's Wharf, a point about thirty-five miles below Bicinnond. Here a regiment of Gen. Wildes' negro brig ade have effected a lauding and are busily making preparations to hold the place. From this point up tire river to Fort Po what tan is a m clear straight reach of seven miles, which it wuum never uo w reave ru command in me enemy, who eoulil fortify the bluffs aud play the mischief with our water communications, so lieu. Butler takes possession of both these strong positions. City I’oint lias become ours without a struggle, the Union forces are se curely planted in a splendidly advantageous position within fifteen miles of the rebel cap ital, and our troops are landing as rapidly as possible. Our line will stretch across the uar row strip of land, the left resting on the James river, and then pressing over the little river Appomattax; the prolongation of the liue will reach the James river again, holding that almost insular position called the Bermuda Hundreds. Intieuehed here with both fisnks of lue army protected by gunboats, we can bid defiance to Lee’s cohorts, it Grant's sharp pressing drive them dow u upon us. The po sition is eonsidured admirable. Lee's army is now between two fires, and should our cav alry raid seriously impair his communication South, starvation will be added to his other troubles. The Herald’s extra lets a Fortress Monroe dispatch, dated Otb, 8 P. M., stating that our troops under Gen. Butler aie in possession of Petersburg, Va. Steamer Western Metropolis, from Fortress Monroe 7th inst., reports that on the 5th t lie 1st and 2d regiments of colored cavalry under Col. West, made a dash across the Chleka hominy river, aud two companies dismounted and charged into the ramp of the dibit Vir ginia cavalry, killing thirty men and captur ing thirty horses. The horses were immedi ately mounted by our troops, who pursued the rebels within ten miles of Itichmoml. On tlie Cth, our lorees, whicli had landed at City Point, moved on Petersburg, wheu the enemy immediately set fire to the place and abandoned it on the morning of the same day. The U. S. gunboat Commodore Jones, while on picket duty in James river, near Turkey Bend, was blown up by a torpedo, one of the segar shaped. Death of tien. Hast*. Pihlai>kli*uia, May 7. A special dispatch to the livening Tele graph, from Washington, says Gen. Alexander Hays was killed on Thursday, w hile deploy ing iris troops as skirmishers. Gen. Bartlett and Col. Gurney were severely wounded. Gen. Hays was a native of Pittsburg. —I ji, 11 —— XXXVIII 00HGHE88—First Session. I Washington, May 7. SENATE. The President-pro leui. presented the resig nation ol the Rev. Byron Suudeiland, chap lain. Mr. Ramsay introduced a hill making an j additional grant of land to aid in construct- i log a railroad from St. Paul to a point b.q ween ! Rig Stone Lake and the mouth of the Sioux Wood river. Referred to Committee on Pub lic Lands. At lg 1 - - o'clock the Senate went into ex ecutive session, and continued therein until quarter to live. On the reopening of the doors the resolu tion of Mr. II de, calling upon the Secretary of the Navy for a copy of the record of the Wilkes court martial, was adopted. Adjourned. Nett> York Market. New You*. May 7. Ashes—quiet at 9 60 for Pots aud 12 00 for Pearl* Cjitou—dull ai.d 2c lower; sales 600 bales at 885) 84c for middd.iug uplands and 78a«Oc for low mid dlings. Flour—receipts 14.613 bbls; *ale8 4,6 *0 bbls: 8tate and Western dull and ]>®10o lower; Super State 6«5®699: Extra7(Og72; choice 7 25*7 80; Round Hoop Ohio 740®7 60; choice 7 65*8 ,0; Superfine Western 6 65^6 80; Extra do 7 60,0.7 85; Southern declining; sale* 4 «0 bbls: Mixed to gooo 7 65 5.7 8 •; Faucy aud extra 7 86gi0 75; Canada dull and 10® 15c lower; sale* 260 bbls; common Extra7 10®7 80; extra good to choice 7 355,8 50 Wheat — dull and noiuiually lower; Chicago spring 1 600,163: Milwaukee Club 1 60®1 63; Atn her Milwaukee 1 61® 1 66: Winter Red Wet tern 1 68 71; Amber Mich gau 1 '251 78 Corn—quiet and aieady ; sals* 15,090 bush; mixed Western old 1 39. part to rrhs on Monday. Oat* —opened firm and closed heavy ; at 89® 91c for Canada; 90g91c for State; 91®92c for W es tern. Beef—quiet; sale* SO) bb’s; Country mess 9 60® 13 00; prime 8 0O®700; repacked Chicago 16 00® 18 00; prime mess 36 00®28 0). Pork—very dull ana prices favor buyer*; sales £00 bbls; mess 27 0U; old do 26 75; new do 26 75; prim » 23 00®34 76 for o!«l aud now; prime mess 27 62 j a. Cut Meat* dull; sales CO pkgs; Shoulders ll?e; Liams 16i ®l&jo. Bacon— dull and nominal I ard—dull and lower ; sale* 309 bbls at 13i®14je. Butter—less firm ; Ohio 25®35; State 35®& Whiskey—higher; sa es300j bblt at 1 21® 126 for State aud Western. Rice—dull at 1 *11 Jo for Rangoon. Sugar—inactive; sales 200 hh<ia; New Orleans 17 ®l*c: Porto Rico 16c: Muscovado If 1® 17c. Code—dull. | Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—dull. Spirits Turpentine—3 20; crude do nominal. Resin -1-65,42 Tar—17 00®20 00. Oils—Linseed dull at 1 64® 1 65; l’etro'eutn firm at 36c for crude, 66567 for retiued iu bond; Lard quiet at 1 I&®.1 18; Sperm firmer 170; Whale firmer at 1 14 ®1 16. little*—quiet. Lrad— quiit; Spanish 12;. Tobacco—quiet; Males Kentucky 8<^39. Freights to Liverpool—dull. Wool—quiet aud firm. FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY. Great & Unreserved Sale -OF HOOP SkllUSt — A N D— FANCY GOODS! Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, 1G6 Middle St., Portland, Me. VPTRR thirteen rears of experience in the whole sale an I retail f ancy flood* tra-io, we a-e satis fled (and coasult no o hers) that the text policy “I* quick return* ami .ight profits. Acting ou the the above policy, we now offer our wbo'e aud entire stock, (with a lew exceptions) at a great reduedon from our former prices. READ! READ!READ!READ! “The Peerless,” Forget it Not! 20 Hoops, clasped on every Spring, .75 35 *• “ •* “ 1.25 40 “ " “ “ 1.31 Old Fogies, tfuote l our Prim! * - "XIie IVtorniniar Star!” 10 Hoops, seven tup -a olasped and glued, .08 20 ■' . .88 25 . •• 1.10 39. “ 1.20 JO/I /.OT I.4D/MS• Heavy Wire Skirts, 45 cts. each. Hosiery, Gloves, -And Sun Umbrellas! I.mites’ Cotton llo«e, Irutn 18 to 15 ets. Children's i“ “ “ 13 to 31 cts. GLOVES! LA/f/ES, tkr Hrtt Antorlnitnt in Portland fr, ih 13 etnt* to f 1 00. SUN l MHHELLAS—Oil /toil,,l Silts, from *1.38 to *2,00. Yankee notions at our usual low prices CORSETS, CORSETS! M ABItAKTKD \V II A I.K1IOK It, 0«LY fl 00. La dish, call and see »*! we have not iaibd, clear el out, or sold out: but will be fosnd at our old slant. No. 166 Middle street, Dahlia Skirt and Fancy (joods store, where we, as heretofore, continue to manufacture our justly celebrated skirt, to which thousand* of ladies iu Portland and vicinity can testify. FiTZ<f*B.4LD .V lioDSDOir, Dahlia Skirt- and Fancy Goods, No 10 # Middle street Portland, Me. N. B. Corsets and Skirts made to order. may odlut IN otic**. FDllC Mcrcliants and llo** Stevedore* of Portland. M arc hereby notified that the long-bore men teel the neces-ifv, on account of the unsteadiness of their work und the high rates paid for every article of consumption, to strike or the following wage*, via: To ui^ii stowiug ca^go. 33 cents per bourn to men on the w harf 80 ct*. This i* demanded tor every hour they work ma>7J8t# Notice. VS I am *bout to leave this citv 1 cannot without tendering my mo?t sincere thank* to the citi zens or Portland, smi more paiticularly to toy con stant customers aim have so liberally l (stowed th ir patronage, and shah ever feel grateful. 1 am, wrth respect. your tno.-t obedient and humble servsnt, mv7c3t O. C. FROST. FOR » LAN!) DRY !)()( K ( OIIPANY. tSlliF first as essinent of 1 wo Dollars per Share a. upon the* api al Stock of this Fompany, is now due. and payable at the * Iflce of the Treasurer No. 117, Commercin' St. Feroiderof Dlrtc ors. r. 31 DAVIS. Treasurer. Portland April 30, 1301. aprSu odistf S500 Rowurtl. 103 Tor stolen from the subeditor Tuesday i igbt, J Ma- 3d, either o:i si-amboat wbarf or op board tire steamer b?t«rro i Portland and Boston, a P. cket Ho 'k. containing S2.I00 • he at*ovp reward w ill to paid t<» whoever will re;urn the loa* property to this iffloe <>r to S- K. WfcN 1 WORI H, uaay6d8t* Parsousiield. Me. Xorlh Yarmouth Academy, M i AH MOUTH, Me. rpUK summer term will commence May 16. Hoard 1. cm bo had with the Teachers, in “Rii>se I Hall." For Particulars, a dress the Principal, K. S lloyt, or JA8. BATRs, 8rc*y. May 4, 1301. tuayCcodaww Entertainments. ! AMATEUR THEATRICALS POK THE UEHLt> 1T OF THE widows wood society. — ON — Monday Evening May 9ih, Will be represented at IDTLIERIjSTG HALL, TKK POPCLAH PLAT OP DON C/ESAR DE BAZAN, j And the favorite farce of POOH PILLICODDY. Admission to the Gal'ery, 25 ccn'i*. 8ea’s in the lower pirt of the ho’n»», 5) cents. {teats can be tb tain* U of Edward Dana, Jr. Doorn opeu at 7 o’cock; performance to com* inenc,/a* 8 o'clock. mayG-td MEW OPERA~ HOISeT? . LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S MIN8TRELN! ©PEN EVERY EVENING. GO AND SEE MACK-BITH 1 Admission 25 cents* Reserved Seats 60 cent*. J SPRAGUE. I .. »pll *f II. ULANCUaKD. ) M*n***r8 MILLINERY. __ NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goods! MRS. A ROBERTSON has taken the New fctore. No. 3i Fret Stri tt, corner of Center, and has sslected a Superior Aatortinmf of MILLINERY, Whieh she will be ple&sod to offer to lier friends and the public, ou and after the 5th iust. P. S. A good assortment of MOURNING Constantly on hand • 1 hre»-or four good Milliners cau receive steady employment by inquiring a-* above. apt deedtf N E W M I L LI N ERYi K -TO OPKH ON MONDAY, APRIL ftih. The subscriber, having leased the new store, No. 2A Free street, 2d door tiom Center St., has just received a tine assortment of the LATEST STYLES OF HrKIYG AND HI'MMKR GOODS. which she is prepared to manufacture to order and sell at the lowest casu pricks. A good assortment READY HADE BOHHETS always on band. M O V H N I N O O O O D S in store and made to order Having had eight years experience in manufac* turing millinery goods. 1 trust I shall be able to platan all wbo may favor me with t!i*ir custom. A share of patronage is most respectfully solicited. MARY A. sKIi.LIM.24 Portland, April 2. 1S<H. apr2 d2*eod4w SPRING MILLINERY! MRS. COLBY Is now opening at her spacious aud attractive rooms. No. 3 Free Street Block, A rich and fashionable stock of FUEXCH XILUSERV GOODS. Portland, April 20,1804. edlw eodtf . 1 —yi | ■ ■ K K n O V A L ! PAINE’S MUSIC STORE Hu been removed to No. 163 Middle Street, 8tore formerly occupied by .1. Burleigh, 6 doors be low former Hand. I have now in hand a complete assortment oi MUSICAL MKR( HANDIZE, PIANO F O It T K S . RAIN and SUN UMBRELLAS, and TAKASOL8 oi every description*. UMBRKLLAS and PARASOLS repaired as usual DRUMS, all sirrs. made and repaired. UT*Two s»tts second hand Brae-* Instrument* for sa|e at a great bargain. WM PAINE, pa2o * od3,.v 168 Middle Street. i SILK HATST-- - NEW STYLES, .At HARRIS’, Opposite Host Oliicf. tOE A DURABLE HAT, TAKE The Broadway Plat, At HARRIS’. FOIl A BEAUTIFUL, FINE 1IAT, BUT THE FRENCH HAT, roil A LIGHT HAT. GET till Ventilated Gossimer Body. F< I A NOBBY. STYLISH ARTH UR, Bt Y ATI I DO VS HAT, At HARRIS', — Opposite Post Office. EyThe Conformntf r ne u#t* gives perlect At*. apl»J dtf __ U I, ii E T T HE HI Jilt K N T '.ML Try one of Miller’s l’atcat Elastic Cufliiou HATS! Yon will like it. For sale st s H A XV" s , 1(1),i u 136 MIDDLK OTKEHT. (iim RIFLES, HEV OLYEHB, And all the Accompaniment*. FlSllKIVt} TACKLE! Tbe Htst Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. eodtf pearTtreesj Attention is invited to my st*ok of _PEARS, both oayMH’tuI fimiei mat, a* superlo t»* any i tl ifd lor •♦•vru yiui< > ast 1 embraces nearly all 1 he sorts detcribt d and tiger'd in the last report of theSecro ary of tbe Hoard off j Agriculture (a copy can be *e.»t b. mail on receipt of ten e >n*s in postage stamps, to any oned«*siriDg to have it and w ho may not beabl** to oblaiu one lucre easily, through a member of the Legislature) a* adapt'd to culture in Maine. HARDY (JltlFKlt For oj»en culture—best early sorts Ol’RRASTS, RASPRMR/UMS, Re., ke. |p*8«Dd for a Catalogue. S. I«. («ootlI**. Saco, April 28.1^4 ap»2ii c2w * Port I* ml Shovel ’fliiuufarttiv in;; Company. f|ltlE aouuul meeting of the stockholder ti'l be ■ h**ld st the office of tbe Company. Heaan Street on Monday. May 9th, l*t>4. at 3 o\ •• k P M, For the choice of Directors for* he •Mii'ftHr I fo det> rtu ne upon an it crease « f the capital | stock. For the transaction <f any other busiuca* that | n a* legal y come before the n» t tins. apSu N O. CKAM. Trra ur«r Diri to liiktiruiH e 4 envpuny. rilHK subscriber* to the Capital Hock of the Di»l- ! 1 go insurance Company are requested to call at their office. No. 28 Exehauge s*reet, for tbe*r Ceitib cu es iu accordance with the< hsrt»r and By-La*-*. JEdKMIAli DOW, Secretary. Portland, May 4,19G4. mayldlw i AUCTION SALES. —~m—— - - i——■ U M 1'AlTEN. ALCTIOStH, llli.lMyrt, llouwelitlri Furniture at Auction. I vN Monday. May t. atlOAsM at utk«e, tba Nro* .tun- of a family Mia^ui.-Liog housekeeping Id part or Kxtonsioj-. CaiJ. v* oik ^74 kitebea 1 ibfei, do?a«, Bureau*. C hall*. ginks, Bed Erviwllf, Threr Ply. Ingrain, OH and Strew .’•rpeti. Bedsead*. guilts, Bieukan, kiiiiorc. shower-bath, lies Burnt r», Stoves, Wire. 4c. Also, l'f'" i»Mo Lfaell. Worsted Fringe and Trssel*. fash* ohft, torn Show Cate*; with a variety 01 oil.ti aril* >•«. ma>Mtd *• M PA TIEN, AUCTIONS ER, 12 Exchakgg bt. < ottona, Llnrus. Moolyo*. Clolliay, Far* nl'hlng floods, Ac , ai Auciioo. OX Thursday. May ISth. at 10 A. M aad 1. t. U. a large assort muni ofc -’.tun t him- g. and a beet mg', tickingi, erlpea, ill ume, flann. Is, -ii.tiia, lla »“ gnodc. Hue linen hdkra. cambric-, lire sgcodao1 i anour kind*, ailacias. broad cloth, ca.simcr«s aat tine's.rjuilta shawls, priun, with a general amort mentor dry good*. I.inoy ariicl.a, lamia blog goada. A w. the ba'ance of a c'oth’iig dealer'* .fork coa liatlng of coala, pants, veals, shirts, culler* t uelat* r oves, Ac. mnyidtg E M. PATTEN AUCTIONEER. 12 Eaehangett. Heal Lslnle on Danfortli Street at Auction. ON WED.Xk.SUAV, Mar Uth, at 1 o'clock,P it., ou the premise*. Su Dantonh street, tbs desha* ble two ••ory Dwelling snd Land. Lot forty-sovo* fee? on Djnfortfi ilrwt, by one hundred and two feet deep; passage way in'rear of lot, buildings ft* good order. >uii house fitted with go*. turnaco. sad o!roty bard and *oft water. It has a polio/ of iu*u>anc • Possession given immediately For particulars call on the Auc ioner, Exchange _ma>~td fifth Great Sale of Damaged Goods, from the wrecked 81 earner Boh emixB* LY)H the .benefit of whom It may oor.eers* will X up*-a on * edne-da . Bay lltn, at 10 o’c.cck A. M., at aNo. 3 Halt’s B!cek. Commercial street, cob* aistiog of Broad cloth*, Cassiniere*, 1 wet da, Print*, M< a* lied aid unbleached Cottons. Silks. 1 iueus, TadorV I rimming*. Hosiery, Carpet*. Ladies | ara s^l*. Cutlery. Fancy Hoods, Mechanic*' Filer, kn these good* were ra>t*d by t bt Diver*, aid wo tbiuk in butter order than any ti fore oflen d by ua. Open for examination at 8 o’clock, morning ot solo, may&dld HhNKY BAILEY 4 CO . Auct'ra. BY HENRY BAILEY * CO , AucTiuahaaa. B rick House and Lot Liacala street. at Aacuwa. ON Thanday, May 13, at 8 e'clotk P. M . <u iba |iruai4f«, we «htll wll a threw nory br'ck honww on Lincoln street, in the brick block near the Ywrk aud Cumberland Depot, and now templed by Mr. A At bite. The bonne nt new and Ini-1 «d tkrtagh out. with j^a* and other modern improve** ui. feaiw ponitLe. Tt rmn tuny. lor particular* tnqe&rw it J C. Proetor.on Lime ttrtef. or ina6dtd HENRY BULLY A CO,. Auctiotwcra. 1 union So Ip. ON SATURDAY May 14. at 3o'clock In thw af terLOou the FA KM wi the subscriber at Ftww* poit Corner, consi-tiug of about 26 acre* of Land, and a good Orchard and a good two ntor.ed lloue, with ntaMe and buildings. with hard and nof* water, will be n< Id at Public A action, unless sc oner dii|ots4 of at privdte sale. For further particulars Inquire ef the sulncribwr on the prewiaen. , JOSEPH POL ITT RE. ! I• • part. May 4, 1934 ma 4dta* merchandise] Wood. Palm Leaf aad Malaga. 11IIDj M U. A DO. 8X34 KI NDLES PALM LEAP, 143 MAIN, 31 I ON B (.KANADILLO WOOD, »J LOOS CEDAR, Cargo British .cuoouar Aau Lrouard. for aalo by • UOPHNI EATON, No. 1 Coatral Wharf. Portlaad May S, 188S. may M8w Slrrrn ,’Uorena Malaww. QO.x'HUOS . Ol)') I CHOICE SIERRA MOKENA 30 TIERCES i MOLkbSES. ID BBI.S ’ Now ianOiBg from Brig *'C. U. Knrsl) " TUOS. ASLNCIO A CO , May8.-lf C U Wharf. Apples and Potatoes. 'I j BRLS Baldwin Applet, 2m bbie Ru.aett Apple*. 1 U) baaliel* lotatoee For tele by F. A. SMITH. may2 d2w 19 A 11 Slirer street. Nalls. ' i il in I ASUS NAILS, aborted urea, sow ‘ laudleg per 8ch "Emma Wedewoftft*” abd In ttore. for tale by UF.RSEV. FLETCHER ft CO.. apSJ dSw 169 Commercial Street. Kefined Sugar*. •»/ w i BBLS Criuhed.Urano'ated and Fowdered 0\*Vr Soger*; Blda Codne Sagar* Koraalr bv 11 ERSEY. FLETCHER a CO.. ep30 d2w 169 Commercial Street. Orange ('oouty Batter. TUBS for tale by THOMAS SHAW, Ne. 113, Comnir.clalSt. apt 39 dSw Bl TTER\ 7.5 TUBS BETTER FOR • ALB BT J. M. KNIGHT k SON, NO. O LIME STREET. Portland. April 18. 1864. dtf 1*1uecovudo Sugar. • >o*T UUDS 1 Mm.-orado Sugar, of aaperior >) j i quality, now landing from Bark 2U0 BHI.S ) “Linda Stewart,” from r> tauten amj. for >il* by 11. I. ROBINSON, apitidulm No. 1 Fo.tlaad par. Yluacovuds Nolams. 1 “Tit IIIIUS I Superior quality Maaoorada it)*' [ Moia»«ee.uow landing Iron Soft. 23 Tierce* ) "I redonla,” from Cardura, for 8 Bbl*. tale by H. I. Robiaaoa, aprll 1 medic No. 1, Portland Fie*. Scotch Canvass. IiJf'V BOLTS—from the factory of Doetd Cer m1 t „ar ft Son*. Leith—a tail cloth wf ..per lor quality—Jnat recelred per ••Jura”, and for aalo by MotjlLVERY, KYAN ft DAVIS, mch26 dtf 161 Commercial street. Nafrovado (k | 11 HUS Muarorado Sugar, p» u* quality. t dow Imdtug from Brig "J. U. DUliagbaa,'* fruu. Cardens*. k or sale by II. I. uprll Iraedia No 1. Portlaud Flor. FERTILIZERS^ IU'JIBbl# curs slfeh rnos like, 19«)VfM0“ LLOYDS. aj.1- LODI roUDKETTK. _ 1(0" LITTLEFIELD'S FOUDRETTE. For tale at uauulaoturur’a ptioat by KENDALL A WHITNEY. Fortland Ffb. 8.18M. AM dU3m ■■ ' ■ —m^———————————■mm—m Has ting’s Melodeonsi ,|3jj cabinet mm, .13 COOD AS THK AKST AMD CUM A A AM Tint cHKAPMsr. Ware-room. No, S Temple 8L, PORTLAND. Peraonv deairooe of purchasing wl1 Cud It f r their advantvgc to call ai d examine for themaelvee. mayidlm Wanted! A T B AftNl M ’ S Eating House, Temple St. I^HOM five to twenty gallon# of g od Croum par (lay through the teaaua, lor which the highcal price will b»* put J Farmer* and ini k-d«xUrv will do well to give thta their earliu«t atteuti* u. mayTdlw Ice Cr*ni88 ! Ice Cream ! ! At "Rro-wn’s Oyster a -d Ice Cream Saloon, No. 152 aid 154 Eich«k|e St., Oppoaiu thdalutvrnational Houae. mayTdtf li S M O V A l71 WILLim P. HASTINGS. liu removed hia Melodeon & Organ Manufactory, Fmm Ftd< ral atreft to the large and com medio «a room* over K A II Tritt’j itore on Temple atrect; entrance No. 6, Warcroom* and Manufactory eti the t ird door. inaytdlw

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