Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 10, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 10, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. rOBTLAJTD MAT*» Tuesday Morning, May 10, 1804. The circulation of the Daily Press is larger (ton any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. rmmu»~e" 00 per year. if paid strictly i» ad aaacs a discount of #1.00 mil be made yy Reading Muller on nil Pour Union Convention ! An„ rititen* of the Fir* Congressional District who are ujd con ditio rally loyal to the Government of the United States, and who unconditionally sup port ail it* measure* for suppressing the Rebellion, and who are reached to spare no eudeavor to main* tain oar National Unity, both in principle and ter ritorial boundary, are Invited to send Delegates to a Convention to be held at SACO, on Thm»day» the* 2Ath Day of Mav? ▲t 11 o’clock A M , for the puj pose of selecting fwo Dblf.oatlh to thk Lniob National Con vkvtiox, which meets at Baltimore the 7th day of June next. The ba*i* of Rvpreseatatiou will be one Delegate to each town, and one additional Del* gate for over)* #*vtiity-flve votes thrown for the Union < audidate lor Governor id 1»03. A majority fraction of seven ty-five will entitle a tow n to an additional delegate. John Ltbch, Portland, ) SswALL m. lian»e, N.Glouce ter, \ Union John i>. Lincoln, Brunswick, | John A. Waikkman. tjonHA m, } D'«trict Uiv’L SriMraow, Bidd* ford. i Oft) U K bow (.to «, Allred, j Committee. M. F. Wentworth, hittterv, J maytklawtomaydd Gad. Bank* under a Cloud. For a long time the most serious apprehen •lon0 have been felt that Gen. Banks* pro* cod ing* in the Southwest would not redound to the beat good of the Union cause. It is well known that immediately on his advent at New’ Orleans, the policy which had been pursued by Gen. Butler, and which had reduced that turbulent city to order, was reversed, and very »oon the effect of the change was manifested In the increase of rebellious demonstrations among the people. The Port Hudson affair silenced the discoutent beginning to be maul tested with Gen. Banks’course, lor awhile, but it waa not many mouths before it was apparent that tbe men who bad been the truest friend* of tbe Union in New Orleans and in Louisiana, were not the ones who were the treat satisfied with the commanding General; but that men who h&d been strongly complicated witli tbe rebellion were his favorites, while such men as Durant and Flanders, of New Orleans,were given the cold shoulder. The thorough, un flinching, aelf-saci iftcing free state men, who were laboring to free the stale from the curse of slavery, seemed to lose confidence in Gen. Banks, while his singular policy towards the slaves freed by the President’s proclamation was sufficient to make every true mail sick at heart, lie virtually established a system of serfdom, compelling the negroes w ho had fled within our lines for refuge to go back to the plantations, and labor for their secession mas tars—accession in spirit, though nominally loyal from necessity—establishing their wages at $3 per month for mechanics, FJ lor planta tion laborers, and $1 per month for female la borers—actually less thau they earned by over work, for their own private use, while iu sla very. These things were paralyzing to the efforts oi the best friends of the Union in the South west. Then the course pursued by the Com manding General to secure the reorganization of tbe State upon a basis distasteful lo the Un ion and free State men of New Orleans, is too well known to require any words of ours to make it more apparent, while the effect of that course of action has been to nrray tbe best element of the State not ouly against the Gen eral himself, but against the State Govern ment which he has caused to be put in opera tion. But enough of this. We come to his recent military expedition towards Shreveport. The disastrous results of that expedition are now fresh iu the na tion’s memory. There l« reason to fear that instead of its being projected as a great effort of earnest hearts to put down rebellion, ami i to let the Union element* of the Stale rise up and develop* themselves, it was simply a gi gantic raid for speculative purposes—perhaps a* .SnilAa ...", A . fo. ...a. .... ... I _ t_ . t it teems impossible to explain the hundreds of empty wagons following in the rear.of cavalry, and so blocking the way that nothing but disaster could be the resnit of the slight cat reverse or set-back. But we are not left to conjecture a» to the mismanagement and ignoble issue of. that sad affair. Facts are coming to light which it ■will be very hard for Gen. Banks or his friends to 4iap°se of •*> »* to make his conduct ap pear to advantage in the eves of the Ameri can people. The prompt action of the President iu nom inating Gen. Canbyfora Major Generalship, bla prompt and unanimous confirmation try tbe Senate, and tlsc suddenness of his depart ure for tbe Southwest to supersede General Banke in military comruaud, is an indication that, whatever wrongs may have been done, Government la alive to tbe necessity ol prompt ly righting them. We close this article with the follow ing ex tract from tbe Washington telegraphic cor respondence ol the Boston Advertisei of Hay 8th; and no paper in New Kugiand •lands higher than tbe Advertiser, and the columus of no paper arc more implicitly confided in. The Advertiser's correspondent aaya: A bearer of despatches from Admiral Por ter, whose character for intelligence and truthfulness is established here, who arrived to-day, gives an even more deplorable account of General Hank’s trans-Mississippi campaign than any heretofore published. Besides con firming iu ail essential respects the statements In private letters telegraphed you a weak ago, he Adds facts calculated to dispel w hatever hopes tbe friends of General Banks may still entertain of a satisfactory explanation of his conduct. On the first day a colutnu of thirty thous and men was disposed on the march iu such position that they were easily and shamefully routed by from twelve to tltlven thousand of the enemy. On the second day General A. .1. Smith whipped the rebels alone, driving them six miles. He was in hot pursuit and eager to reap all the fruits of victory, and hopeful of reaching Shreveport, when an order came from Genera! Bauks directing him to retreat with the rest of the army. General Smith refuted to obey. A second order to fall back he also refused to obey. Finally General Banks in person brought a third order and in slsted that Smith should fall hack before day light He begged permission to stay long enough to bury his dead aud can- for his wounded and sick, promising to Ih- on the inarch an hour after sunrise, hut Banks was inexorable, aud the oh! soldier was obliged, with tears in his eyes, to leave Iris men who bad falleu on tbe battlefield to the tender mer cies of tbe rebels. He carried off two of tint twenty-three can non which the rebels abandoned, but was not allowed time even to spike tbe remain der. While our forces were retreating in one di rection the rebels were retreating in the oppo site direction. Some hours alter General Smith’s departure the rebels sent a flag of truce to tbe battlefield to ask for permission to bnry their dead and sought vainly for a long time for somebody to receive It. It may be Imagined that they profited by this un looked for advantage. A few miles out from Alexandria. General Banks retreating tound General McClernatid . ... I .. with 6000 men on the way to reinforce him. Ee ordered him to fall back at Alexandria at once, after destroying his grain and supplies. McClernand refu*ed twice to obey, but on re ceipt of the third order, set fire to part of his oats. General Smith with two thousand men took the responsibility of marching to the spot and extinguishing the flames, which he succeeded iu doing before more than hfly bushels were burned. After remaining there all night, while j marching hack again with the residue and all j the other supplier. General Bank* requested that these should tie given up to him (Banks). ' General Smith replied that they were his by right of capture, and he should keep them for his own use. No general but Banka wa* blamed in the army for the campaign. General Stone is pronounced without fault in the matter. Transaction* in Krai Estate. The transactions iu real estate in this city, for a few months past have been unusually j active. Hull. John B. Brown lias been iuves- j ting largely in building lot*, having already , purchased some of the best iu the city. In running over the records we have taken down some of the most important *ales and shall j keep our readers fully posted on all matters of i interest in this direction. We go back only ; to the flist of March, although some of the most important operations iu real ( slate look place during the months of January and Eeb I mat y. During the month of March we note | the following: John G. Hayes bought of diaries V. and Geo. H. Hanson, a house and lot on the northwesterly side ol High street, lor $.'>,426.50: Malison Hume bought of Richard < 'rorkett, land and buildings on York street, for $2500; Lewis Wight, 1 >ought oi Win. H. Williams, lot on Clark street, for $2300. Portland Glass Company bought of the heirs of Kuoch I.. Cummings, land and buil dings on the corner of State and York streets, for $5,00<>, and of Joseph Walker, land and flats on southeasterly side of Canal street, and lot adjoining for $1,600. Win. Senter j bought of Abner Lowell, land and building j on t lie northeasterly side of Pearl street lor j $3,300. Edwin P. Milieu bought of Win. II. j Stephenson, a lot ol land ou Spring street for ! $2,300. Mary E. Kiug bought of Geo. W. | kilim land and buildings ou >lie norlherlv ! side of Atlantic street lor #2,500. David Itob inson, jr., bought of David Hobuisoo, laud and buildings on the corner of Congress and Cen ter streets, for $7,000. David McAlmon bought of Elbridge Gerry, laud and buildings on the easter ly side of Aldeu street for $2500. Frederick \V. Nichols bought of Daniel Goodhue, land and buildings on the easterly side of Laurel street, for $1,400. John li. Burke bought of Caroline T.Clark, land oil the corner of Canal and .Sumner street for $14.00. Margaret Spaulding boughtof Edwin 1'. Millet!, land and buildings on Tate street, lor $1500. Morris Wheeler bought of Wrn. Early, laud and buildings on westerly side of Washington street for $1,200. John O’Brien bought of Joseph 1'. Thorndike, laud and buildings on easterly side of Adams street, for $1.(500. Nathan 1*. Woodbury bought the right, title and interest of Joseph J. Walker, iu land and buildings on northerly side of Braekett street lor $2,000. Kobert Bradley bought of Iiosea L Kobiuson land and build ings on the southeasterly side of Commercial street for $1200. Charles Stinwood bought of Margaret Spaulding, land and buildings on the southerly side of Tale street, for $1,000. Nathan L. Woodbury bought of Aaron Gibbs and others, laud on Walker street for $1,000. John G. llayes bought of Hannah C. Hanson, her right, title and interest in land and build ings ou High street lor $1,600. Cyrus A. Barlol bought of Joseph Ilsley, his right, title and interest in laud and buildings on the cor ner ol* High and Spring streets for $1,850. Nathan P. Woodbury bought of Edward L. O. Adams, Iris right, title aud interest in land and buildings on tire northerly side ol Brackett street. Correspondence ol the Press. Camp 2i> Maine, > SI mm Liver Cotton Pi-esa, New Orleans, La., April 26, 1804. r To the Editor of the Prett: Thinking that tire many triends of this reg iment, Who may not have correspondence in it, would like to hear of our wIrerr alionts and condition, 1 take this method of glancing then. All of the regiment, except Co. I, which sailed from Portland upon the ship Lan caster about tin. 5til inst . has srriveil of the companies suffered severely in the lots j ol horses on the passage, while others got through with losiug but few The following I is nearly a correct statement: Co A cartel with 100 horse* ami lost &1I " It .11 " c . 10 •• O .1.1 E " ■' .01 ■■ F .14 c .ID • 11 IS •' “ out hoard iron. " K •• '• *• horses aud lost 11 I. .ft | M . S Severed officers' horses were lost also. Every ship experienced more or less heavy weather, and several, as has been already reported, en countered very severe gules. Our men are nearly all in good health and spirits. Soon after their arrival, Companies A, D. and part of G, under command ^f Major Miller .vere ordered up the lied river to Alexandria, where they are now doing picket duty. The remain der of the regiment are quartered in the city at the above named Cotton Press, with de tachments of the 2d veteran aud IStli New York Cavalry. We are now drilling in earn est, making the most of the little time we ex pect to have before taking tbe held and en tering upon active service. 1 feel confident that when called into action the 2d Maine Cavaliy will leave a record of which our friends nor ourselves will he ashamed. East evening our officers, with the officers of the N. Y. Cavalry regimeuts, ac companied by the Hand of tbe 2d Maine Cav alry, called at tbe St. Charles hotel, to pay their compliments to Gen. Lee, Chief of Cav alry in this department, who has just returned from active service up lied river. The inter view was a very pleasant one; the General made a short hut appropriate speech, after which refreshments were brought in, which were promptly dispatched, and all returned to quarters favorably impressed with our lir>t in terview with our future commander. I shall not attempt to give you any account of tbe late engagements up lied river, as you have already, doubtless, had reports of the affair, more authentic than 1 could possibly give. Hut now having got fairly settled in the department, I will note down such items as may come under my observation, aud fur nish them to the leaders of the Press. llespectfully, yours, Tuoopkb. Jff*1There w as a latge audience at fleering llall last evening to witness the jierformance ol the Amateurs. The play of Don Cie/.ar de Bsian and the farce of Poor Pillicoddy, were handsomely performed. Mr. Gray, in the former piece, as Don Cicaar, drew shouts ot applause, and Miss Furbish, as Maiitaua, was greeted in like manner. At the close of the play, the ‘ Star Spangled Danner” was sung with great effect. *;jf”Tbe Spr;ng tt,rm 0| Westbrook Semi nary will close this week Friday. Examina tion, Thursday aud Friday. Exhibition, Fri day afternoon aud evening. d2t BY TELEGRAPH -TO TKB fcVKNlNW PAPtKk. ——«—-—— Diepaich of Mr. Stanton to dm. Dir. Washington. May 9,10.15 A. M. To Moj. Gen. Itix:—We have this morning intelligence by scout* direct from the army as late as Saturday evening, but no official re port*. Tbe general result may be slated as a success to our arms. The lighting on Friday was. on both sides, tlie most desperate known in modern times. 1 deeply regret to say that the country will have to mourn the death of the gallant Brig. Gen. Wadsworth, who was struck in the forehead by a ball, at the head of his command, while leading them against the enemy’* strong positions, lib remains are in our hands. Gen. Webb was wounded. Gen. Jones, ol the rebel army was killed. The condition ol the army i- represented to be most admirable. Their cool, determined courage has in every instance proved too inncii for the desperate fury of tbe rebels, who have been driven at ail points. There has been no straggling. At the latest accounts Gen. Hancock lu^ been moving forward rapidly on the left to KpotU) Ivania Court House, and yesterday heavy cannonading was heard at Aquia Creek or from that direction, until four o’clock. Wc have lost some prisoners. ()nc t egiment, the 17th Peuu. reserve, charged through an ahattis of the enemy, hut were uuab'.o to get back, and most of them were captured. We have also taken a large number of prisoners. The wounded had not arrived at the point where the trains wete to receive them. The medical director reports that a large portion are slight wounds. Artillery was not used oti either side the first two days. Then' is nothing later from General Butler than the date oi my last dispatch. Gen. Sherman was heard from last night.— He had been all day leconnoiteriug the ene my’s position, ami would attack him to-day. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. We«. Hatter’* Opera!ions. New York May b. The Herald's dispatch, dated Cily Point, Ya., 6th, 12 o'clock, says Gen. Butler ascer tained by recounoissauce that Petersburg was evacuated last night. A division was imme diately dispatched to Petersburg to take |>os session and entrench themselves. The Post says Butler’s official dispatch con firms the destruction of the railroad between Petersburg aud Bichmond after a very severe battle. l ae iroii-clads have advanced beyond City l’oiut several miles, and will probably come to anchor somewhere about Aiken's Landing. Washington, May 9. Gen. Butler is reported to be within ten miles of Richmond. This information comes by a boat from Alexandria, passengers from there reporting the arrival of parties from Gen. Grant’s army with news to that effect. A subsequent dispatch says rumors from Petersburg are conflicting; that the only news from there has been from negroes; that from headquarters 18th army corps the steeples of the city are visible. Orn. /,«’j Rrport of Friday's itattlr. Washington, May 9, If A. M. To Maj. Gt-n. L)ix:—This Department has just received from Gen. Butler the official re port of Gen. Lee, of the operations of Friday. He says their loss io killed is not large, but they have many wouuded. He grieves to an nounce that Geu. Longstreet was severely wouuded, Gen. Jenkins killed, and Gen. Pe gratn badly wounded on Thursday. It is sup posed Gen. Stafford will recover. He thanks a merciful God that every ad vance on their (Gen. Grant's) part has been repulsed. He states that our forces attacked them and caused some contusion. Geu. Wadsworth's body fell into their hands, but our reports this morning state that it is now in our possession, under charge of Col. Sharpe, as stated ia my first dispatch this morning. The belief here is that Gen. Grant is achiev ing a complete victory. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Various Jtrsns. New Yokk, May 9. The report that Petersburg was taksu on the afternoon of the was incorioct. There is a report that Butler had au en gagement with Beauregard, but no confirma tion has come to hand. It is reported that on Saturday Gen. Hinch man’s and Brooks' brigade advanced to the railroad between Petersburg and Richmond, and after some skirmishing succeeded in de stroying three miles of track and two impor tant railroad bridges. When our troops took City Point they cap tuied the eutire signal corps there, consisting of twenty-seven men. A dispatch to the Philadelphia Evening Telegraph say« that communication ha- been opened with Gens. Smith and Gilmore, who are near Richmond, and have been fighting. Fredericksburg has beeu occupied and the railroad i« being repaired. Reports of Helot Defeat. Washington, Mav (>. Intelligence received here this forenoon is of tin* most cheering character, modified only by cases of individual bereavement. The route of the rebel force is complete. They are flying in a demoralized condition towards their entrenchments at Richmond, leaving the killed and wounded iu our hands. The vic tory is complete. The Republican's extra sjys there is reason to believe, from dispatches already received since our first extra to day, that Lee was forced to tight at Spoltsylvania on .Sunday, and was again repulsed and compelled to re treat. Another statement is that Gen. Grant bad flanked him, and got between the reltel army am! Richmond. * .There are reports that Lee was wounded, but they lack continuation. V< stage of .T. ll. Doris to thr Rebel Congress. New Yoke, May !>. Jell'. Davis, in his message to the rebel Cou gress, says concerning the course of Europe an governments, it is enough for me to know that every avenue of negotiation is closed against us; that our enemy is making renew ed and strenuous efforts lor ou: destruction, and that the sole resource for us as a people secure in the justice ol our cause, and holding our liberties to he more precious tiiau all other earthly possessions, is to combine and apply every available element ol power lor their defense and preservation, lie ignores financial matters, and refers Congress to the Treasury report. He claims that the elficieu cv of the rebel armies in the Held Is all that can he desired. Torpedoes in James Hirer. New Yoke, May 9. The gunboat Commodore Jones was de stroyed in James river by a torpedo. Lieut. Wade and Acting Ensign G. W. Adams were blown overboard, but were saved by clinging to pieces of the wreck. The C. J. was twelve miles from Richmond when blown up. Most of the crew saved themselves by swimming ashore. Front II rst Virginia— .itlranre ou thr Tennes~ see Railroad. Cincinnati. May 9. The Gazette has a special dispatch from West Virginia, anuouuciug the arrival of Gen. Cook’s command at Princeton. This is a por tion of Gen. Averil’s command, sent out to cut the Virginia and . Tennessee railroad. The enemy, 25,000 strong, retreated and left their camp in our possession. Capture of RloekadayIlunores. Washington May 9. The Navy Department has advices of the capture by gunboat Owasco of the English schooners Lilly, Fanny, and Laura off Velas co, Texas. Eight cases of rifles for the rebels were found ou board the Fanny. /'«timate<l i,os*rn. Washington, May 9. The Medical Director of the army estimates our loss at irotn 1200 to 1500 killed and Suoo wounded. Hetreat of the Rebels from Dalton. New York, May 9. Dispatches from Nashville state that John ston had abandoned Dalton, and that Gen. Sherman was to occupy it. From Louisiana—Hattte at C t/it Hirer. New Turk, May 9. The Herald's Alexandria, La., letter gives an account of (he last fight at Cane river prior to the arrival of Gen. Banx’a army at Alexan dria. The enemy were Hanked by detach ments trom various divisions, and the crest of j a hill was gallantly carried by Col. Fessen- I den's brigade, when the rebels retired. Our losses were considerable. Col. Fessen den was wounded in the leg, below the knee; the boue was fractured slightly. Lieut’s C.C. Grow and Seavy, of the 30ih Me., were killed. The 30th Me. lost in killed and wouuded, “9 men. News from Red River via Cairo, state that the reliels had surrounded Gen. Banks at Al exandria, and demanded his surrender. From the Armies In Virginia—Gen. Lee Ttc treating— Grant in Pursuit. Washington, May 9. The Star extra says that on Thursday, Lee 4‘1I back twelve miles, leaviug his dead and wounded in our hands. Gen. Grant, accord ing to the same report, has a field full of pris oners and had advanced to Spottsvlvania Court House. A verbal dispatch was received hy Gen. Ilalieck, by an army messenger, to the etfect that the battle closed on Friday, the enemy having fallen hack about twelve miles, leaving his dead and wounded on the field. On Saturday, atI*. M . L'>e's army was in full/cheat through Spottsvlvania. and when the messenger left, Gen. Hancock was enter ing the place in pursuit. from Vorth Garotlnn. Washington, May 9. By the arrival of the steaoier Louisa Moore at Fortress Monroe, we learn the rebel ram Albermarle, which captured Plymouth, is now iu full possession of Albermarle Sound. On Friday last she was seen making for Roanoke Island. Commodore Sin'uh had arrived at Xewberu and had taken command of the naval forces in Nortti Carolina. Active and desperate work in the water* of that State was hourly expected. Jtchrt a animat*. James River, May 7. Tlie rebel iron-dads came down from Fort Dariiug on Friday. Their advance was dis covered hy our picket vessels, which immedi ately reported to the iron clads, which were dispatched to engage them or drive them back. Maine Camp Hospital Association. We did not mention in our yesterday's ap peal for the soldiers, the Maine Camp Hospital Association, which has been laboring so faith fully and successfully lor the sick and wound ed of the Maine Regiments, now nearly two years. Their able and efficient nurse, Mrs. S. K. Mavhkw, who has been busy in the Held during the w inter, is now ministering to the wounded as they return. We know that some of the trains, filled with wounded acd dying soldiers, have stood on the track at the city end of Long Bridge for twelve hours unpro vided with lood or rv fic-hmeuts, except what could be found in a few little shops on the street. Mrs. M. has been directed to visit these trains, as she. and Mrs. Katou before her, have beeu accustomed to do, aud to do what she can to relieve all within her reach. Her stores wiii soon be used up. Will not our be nevolent people, in the city, and through the State, remember this branch of the service and contribute something to its demands? Money or stores suitable fur this object may he sent to the house of Mrs. Wm. 1\ Preble, or Mrs. Dr. Bacon, who will, with their associates, see that they are faithfully used according to the wish of the donors. Any in the country who desire to do so, can furnish a box and send the same to Mrs. Preble, care oI Geo. It. Davis, or directly to Mrs. ltuth S. of L. Watson, Maine Agency, No. i'Td, Washington, D. C. Malignant Falskuood.—A scribbler in the Bath Times, among other statements equally false, says: The Portland pajiers, perhaps 1 should say the Press, opened upon Augusta aud Augusta people in a manner not only savage, but abus ive, because certain returning regiments did not rereive their full share of attention. The Press did not wait to learn whether there were any exteuuating circumstances, aud 1 doubt whether it would have alluded to them if it had known there were such. The regiment arrived here betweeu eleven and twelve o’clock Sunday night, and yet the Press covered us all over with tilth because we did not give them a reception! The above refers to the arrival of the Me. 14th at Augusta, last winter, but the reference to the Press is ns malicious as the heart of the calumniator is malignant. In relation to that and other returned regiments, the Press studiously avoided saying hard or irritating things, and wa- not one fourth a> pointed and severe as some ol its contemporaries in the City. At that tinge- the people of Augusta were excessively sensitive on the Removal question, and for this reason we carefully re trained from adding to their irritation by such a course a* is attributed to us in the above.— We have taken pains to examine our coiumus in relation to this matter, and ntaku the fore going avowal witli a full knowledge of nil that appeared in the Press touching the mat ter in question. IloHton Stock Lint. Salk# attiik Buoxxus’ Boai:i», May 1*. *7 5<*> Ameiican Gold.170 6 UU" .do. lxoj 10.000» 0 tss* .. . do. 1701 ... .do (New York check) . .. i<>y; l nit-d >ute* 7 3 loths (Octi. n• • 3ou». do (Aug) . lift# 1 IK»I rlilted Stubs ',30'I*.. . . luo, fcltt do srna: kM loo .. .do.106! •%0«)5 ... 1C6 _ SOU tutted Nat.* May Coupon*. 1*2» 27 000 United State* < urrerc/ < erfificatt* .. 1080 Ogdonsburg 2d Muitirige Bonds... r»s 3# Bo*tun and Maine Railroad, . M4) SPECIAL \OTlCE S . THOM IS c;, LOWING, DRUGGIST, -a no —♦ PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Corner olKtrliangc A PfilcrnlSl'a. A perfect fit guaranteed. I lie poor liberally con sidered. rachifidtf VERNATELLA. In farther statement of tlie virtue* of the Yerua tella, the fullowiug little incident may t«? found somewhat illustrative: THE HONEST MILKMAN. A Milkman wa* passing through the street one foggy morning, with the usual array of Can* in tho back |art of his wagon, when a fellow on the side walk going in an opposite directum accosted him thus: “I say, Milky, ain’t you afraid the dampness will get thi'jugli > our Cans this morning?” “Oh, no,” *ays the niilkrnuu, ”1 gave them a coat of Vei uatella b< foie I left home.** The fellow passed on, reflecting upon the dinger of attempting jukes on countrymen who read the newspapers. Although the abo\e use of the Yeruatella Is some what novel, and in fact not recommended excepting to very honest milkmen, yet, for tho Sokt» of Boots and btioes, we do recommend it in the highest terms; and it is our candid belief that it will save more lives than all the patent mcdecinej ever com pounded. Warranted to make the Soles water-proof and wear one-thi d longer. Especially intended for Ladies’ use, tut equally applicable to iiicn'p; neatly applied with a brash attached to the stopper of each bottle; hat iug an agreeable perfume; not soiling the nicest carpet; waving the frequent use o! Rubbers; preserving health and prolonging life. Youth, with her mantle of roses bright—the maid of summer's milder bloom,—the fair daughter ol autummfl years—the imperial matron —the tender loviug giwadmama, treading the odorous pathway of the Yernatdla, make the roses brighter, summer swee4er, autumn fairer, the queenly graces of ripen ed womanhood more queenly still, and the totter ing steps of the venerable and blessed tne stronger and firmer. caBoon manufacturing co. 1*0KTLAM', MK See large advertisement. uiyb dl w iy* 1 he l ost Othce is directly opposite Uarrie Hat and Gap Store. Jobfeni SPECIAL NOTICES. Removal. '.ALBERT Sc CHASE, Flour Dctlerd have re moved from No. 63 to No 67 Commercial street, where can le fo ind at all times a good assortment of choice Flour. Portland, May 9th, lc64. rnay9d3w The Patent Belle Monte skirts. A full assortment of these celebrated Skirtaiu the no\y style at ANDERSON’S IIOOPSKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, mch23dtf Under Mechanics’Ball C E, A. R K * S I)IS I IJ.I.Eb RESTORATIVE FOR THFs HAIRj Restores Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to i*s Natural Color, ANu IS A Moil' I.LXLRIOLS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. —oOo CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Restore* the Color. CLARK'S iCFS rOKATiVE, Kndicaiei Dandruff. | CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Promote* It* Growth. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prevents its falling off. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is an unequalled Dressing. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is good lor Children. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Ladies. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Old People. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, I* perfectly btrraless. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Contains no Oil CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is not a Dye. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Boautities the Hair CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is splendid for Whiskers. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Keeps the Hair in its Place. CKARK’S RESTORATIVE, Cares Nervous Headache. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Prevent- Eruptions CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Stops Itching and Burning. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Keeps the Head Cool. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is delightfully perfumed. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Contains no Sediment. CLARK’S K ES TO RATI V E. Contains no Gom. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Polishes your Hair. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prepares your tor Parties. CLARK S RESTORATIVE.. Prepares you tor Balls. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, AH Ladies need it CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, No Lady will do without it. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Costs but SI CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is Sold by Druggists an J Dealers Every where. Price per bottle.—6 bottles for 96. C. G. CLARK A CO. Proprietors. W F. PHILLIPS, Portland, General Agent. March o, l*)*. tnch3eodly FAMILY DYE COLORS. iPatented 0<-r. 13,1308.j A '•living of' HO Per tent. Black, Black »*or Silk, Dark hii k Light Blue, I uknhh Blub, Claket Brown, Light Brown. Dauk Brown, Srupp Brown, Tor Djeing Silk WooVu and Mixed Good*. Shawls. Scarf*. lire*-***, RiObju-. Gloves, Bonnets, Hat*. Feather-, Kid Glows, Children’s Clothing, and a;! kinds of Wearing Apj*ar« I v iiRunr, Cn IukkDh'.h, T.iutn lhtAs, Fawn Dksji, Liiir Fawn Drah, Dark Green, LiomtUbiis, MawKN i'a. For *io cent* you can color as many good* as would other*.*e ro*t five lime* that sum, Variou* shades cun he produced irom the **m>- dye. The prin ts* is simple and utty one can u«e i he dye with perlect suoce*s. Directions in English. FrtUCh and Ger man. inside of each package Maui. MA ROOK, OUARia:, Pink. Royal Purple. PL’RPLS, Salmon. fCAXUT, Mlatk, VlOLST, Lkatubu. For further information iu Dyeing. and giving a p<»r ect know ledge what color* are H *t adapted to dv over others. (with many valuable recipes, i pur chase llowe k Steven*' i reatuc on Dyeing ami »'c»l rriug. Sent by mall on receipt of price—10 cents. Manufactured by 1IOWK k hi EVENS, ‘2»ft Hr iaDwat, Horton. For sale by druggist* apd deaicry genet ally, may3 dim Cai*k Elizaukth, July 1, 1S63. Sir: —During my connection with th© btate Kc form School, a* a teacher, I.. F. Atwood’* Bitter* were introduced there and used w ith marked suecese, particularly iu Hiliou* affection*. Vouriv k c., A P. HILLMAN. Hanovkk M*., Oct. 1, 1*61. Dear Sir I have used L. i Atwood * Bitter* for some lbor 15 year*. 1 have fried a great number of medicine* for Dyspepsia.but without effect. The** Bitter* are the only remedy that have ever relieved tno ot thi* distressing complaint. My neighbor# have also been greatly benelit ted by the u*e ot them JOEL HOW IV* Beware qf Counterfeits and hue mutations, some qf which *ier signed “V.” F., instead L. F. Atwot>d. The uenuine is signed I.. F. Atwood, and a* a s<ifeguard against imposition bears an extra L.Mtai o asntersiyned H. II. HAY, !>mygist, Fort land, .Me., note Oenertil Agent. For sale by respectable dealers in medicine gener ally. — ItnlH GiueodAw 3 “Huy Me, nod I’ll do you Good/* Urc l>r. Lnngley’s Hoot mill Vnb Hitters For Jaundice, CosGvetie *, Liver Complaint. Hu* morn. Indignation, Dyspepsia. Pile#, Dir/ii^ Head ache, Drowsiu *#, and all d *ea«c* arisug fTom dis oruer«*d stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all persona are subject iu sprit g and summer. They cleanse the »ystem, regulate the bowel*, re store the appt tile, purity the blood, and give sound ness of mind and strength of bed - to all who use th**n» So d bv alt dealer* iu Medicine everywhere, at 25,60and 75 cents per bottle. GEO. C. GOOD WIN k 00.137 Hanover Street, Boston, Proprie tors ap2 dim Look 1 Lookl! SEND meSlhy mail and I will send m return Twelve G jld Plated Dollar*, making a > eat vest oli»in Address DKKSSElt S Due Dollar Jewelry S’ore, fid Exchange Street, Boa 132 Portland Me. apr21 d3w Da. .1 W Kklllv. Associate Founder of the Analytical System of Meoicine, and succtstor to hi* Father, the lute l>r. J. (,’lawnui Kelley, will Ic in attendance a- 211 Congress street. Tneiday and *•«■ Inesday, the 10 th atd Utu of May. J he si k are invited to cal'. OiRce ad vice free. ' may&dlw* 8<»z >i>ont.—This preparation for cleatting, beau tily iug and preserving the teeth, is not warraut d to make now teeth gro,v iu the place of old out-, but does accomplish all that it promises /.ion's H r i’d an t Waileyan Journal, Boston, inch 15 It ^T*if you are going to tho West, South, or North West, procure Through Tickets at Litttb’s Union Ticket Office, No. 31 Exchange Street, w here you may have a choice of routes at the lowest rates of fere, aud obtain all needful information Nov.2.1H63. TuThSfcwtf IMPORTS. 8T ANDKEWS. NR—llr *ch Utica. 2000 Cedar Post*. 32 Car Wheels, 9U0 lbs Steel, A K Morri 1. ■ ——a—n————i MINIATURE ALMANAC. Tuesday,.Muy 10. fnn f‘*«.4 42 I High witv,. 2 26 5?n **<4.7 101 Length of day*. .. 14 28 Thermometer.8 n’olnek A. M 48 lee. - "■ ... jjt_ _ MARRIED. In this city. 7th inst. by Rev A Dalton. Sergeant Wra L F rwor. 12th Keg Me Vol. sud Mis, Iheres. 11 Reynolds, both ol Portland. lu this city, 9th inst, by Kir Dr Sbailer, Jacob B Tyler, of Portland. Sergeant in the <2 Keg Me Volt and Mias llartie E Ilarn. of Brunswick In B jwdotoham. 8th inst, Mr James R Hopkins of Litchfield, and Miss Elmira F Bin all. of B In Bath, 6th, William H H Bailey and Miss Mary E Decker, both of Wteeamet: Alfred 11 Austin, of Hudson, NJ, and MU* Amaretta E Moody, of B. In Bangor. Emory T Wasgatt and Miss Lini? Tor r*us; Samuel B Kelley and Miss a Augusta Cooke, boih of Orono In Wioterport, John H Severance and Miss Melis ra Cook. In Machiaiport. James Bean, of California, and Miss Fannie llarmou, of Fast Machias. DIED. In thi* city. 8th Inst. Mr* Harriot A. A. B. Litch* field, wife of tie irgj ( Litclifiell, and daughter of the late Chss < Bennett, of Nantucket, Mass. Massachusetts papers please copy. tlT'Funerai services at No C Monument st, to-ruor row ai 10 o’clock, AM. Relatives and friends invit ed to attend. In Richmond, 8th iu*t, Edward Richards, aged 68. uneral Ties lay afternoon at 3 o'clock, from 64 Rear! a*. Relative* and friends ure invited to at tend. In Bath, 8th inst, Mr* Joint Bro vn, aged ft), lu N«*w I ork Relii t Hospital. 6th inst. James K, son of l lioma* B Reed, of Bath, a Drummer iu l o. B. 16th Me R»-r. In South Dresden, Francis Carlton, aged 30 years 9 months In Brunswick, EugeneM Whiting, ot Windsor Me, aged 16 years 2 mo*. In Topshan), I'eltiah Haley, aged89years6months; Mar ha A Blon Jel, aged 2 years 6 mouths In Macbiasport, Thomas W Hooper, aged 22 jear*. MARINE NEWS. — . — — PORT OF PORTLAND. .Vluudny.. May 9. ' ARRIVED. Steamer Che-npeake, Willetts, New York. Steamer New Brunswick. Winchester. Boston for St John N It. Br sell Utica. Maloney. St Andrews. KD Sell Alice Richards. .Stratton, Sullivan. Sch Globe, Clark, Bangor for Boston. . . .--- , - ivi Otiiun. hen Seabreeze. Benson. liarpawell. Sch Alvarado, Allen, Calais lor Boston. Sch SamariUu. Dodge Frookliu for Boston. Sch Alexandria. Hammond, Calais for New York. Sch Catharine Jane, Carter. Kdsworth for Boston. Sch Elizabeth. Merrill. Boston for Calais. Sell Red Rover. West. New York for Belfast. Sch Kockbill, Hooker. Boston for Charlestown. Sch Gen Warren, Betieou. Calais. Sch Hctaev & Eliza. Verrill, Calais. Sch Caroline C. Pcm.oy, Calais for Mvst c Sch Georgiana. Moore, Calais for Prruuiontb. Sch Seuator. Bakeman, Bangor for Saco. Sch Boxer, Sutton Bangor for Ipswich. Sch Gen Klcber. Grant do for do. Sch Mayflower. Weymouth do for Salem. Sch Ocrauica. Newbort. Waldoboro for Boston. Sch Eliza Otia, Ryder, Bangor for Gloucester. Sch Tarry Not. Cotterell. Bangor for Aniiquam. Sch Jane Woodbury, Cotterell. Belfast t\»r Salem Sch Susan k Phoebe. Randall. Machia* for Boston. CLEARED. Brig C II Kennedy. Looke. Havana I L Caine. Brig Ken-haw, Smith. Havana. Chase Bros k Co. Br sch Ida May, Outbouse. Sackvilie. nr. master. B' sch Ontario, Dodj:e. St Stephens, NB. master. Sch Puvilion. Parker. Norfolk, ( w Hctce Scl: Win G Eadie, Thurlow, Newbury port, Warren Brown. NOTICE TO MARINER*. There has been established a regular lioar.1 of Pi lots for the Potomac River, under existing laws of the State or Virginia and tin* l nit. U States. Their boat mav always be found between the mouth of the river and Piaey Point. Kates of Pilots lor coasting licensed vesselw i'nder 1.7) tons.9c per ton. Over l£0 ton*. 7s per ton. Registered vessels up ... $2 per foot. “ *' down fl .5 per foot. DOMESTIC PORT*. BOSTON—Ar 7th. sclia Coquette, Southard, Wia ca-set: Alpine, Snow. Bath. Cld. brig J I) Lincoln. Webber. Portland; sch J C Brooks, Hearse, New York: JuiiaElizabeth. Merritt, Calais Ar 4th, bark Modena, Ilurd Mea-inaMarchS Pass ed Gibraltar April 2; sobs log was* a. Potter, Ells worth: (*nc!e Sam. Spear. Rockland: Pennsylvania, Scott. Bath: Sloop Aiida. York. Kockport Ar 9th. sells Minneola. Hall, Ellsworth ; Catharine, Moore, and Abigail Haynes Fullerton, do; Glide! Haskell, and Concordia. Pratt. Rocklaud; Alpine, Scott. Bath NEW ORLEANS—Ar 28th ult. ship St Peter. Sprague Philadelphia: 27th, brig Moses Day, Loud, do: sch S T Baker. Price, Bo-ton Cld M(h, ship Sandusky. Linnikeu. New York. HOLMES’S HOLE—Ae 6th, sch- George OPIuin, Carroll. Boston for Portland Ct: George L brass, Cobb, Portland for Washington DC; James Tilden, Davis, Calais for Philadelphia: Harriet. Samautba! Arev, Vinalhaven for New York. Adrianos. Wil liams. Bath for Providence: Belle Creole. Sylvester Rockland for Portsmouth KI Ar 6th. aeba Ida L Howard, McDuffie. Portland for Philadelphia: Caueiua. French, from Bucksport for Georgetown DC: Charleston. Philbrook. Frankfort for Fort Delaware: G Horton.-, Rockland for N York: Cherub. Bailer, Gardictrfor do. M.-dford, Hopkins, Bangor ford- ; Sarah Moore, Herrick. Cal ai- for Providence: Ifockanom. Staples. Bangor for Newport John E Patten. Jones do for New Haven. Ar 7th. brig Pro eu*. Creech. Matan/a- 26th ult. of and for Portland: sch* Oeesn Wave, Turner. Ban gor for Philadelphia . Ora loo. B ake. Calais for Prov idence; Mary Shields. Wait, from Gardiner for New York GEORGETOWN DC-Cld 4th. sch Grace Girdler Clark, and E M Dyer. Rich. Boston Cld 3d. bark* Velma. Nicker*'it. and Laconia. El dridge. Boston; Bay State, Sparrow, do Aliston, Sawyer, do; Catharine Nickels, Shore. Portsmouth! BALTIMORE—Ar 6th. sch- H*a G Fogg, New comb and John Farnuni. Kelley Portland PHILADELPHIA—Ar 6th. sch* Veedovl, Brav Vinalhaveu; C II Moiier. Baker. Portland. Cld 6th, »ch J K Matthews. Willard. Portland. Ar 7th. sch* Ottoman. Billings, Buck-port: Fjank Herbert. Crowell, aed Tims Jeffcnmn. Four. Boston. NEWPORT—Ar 7th, schs Israel L Snovr, Achnrn, New York for Bangor: Unis, (.lover, do for Dan vers: llockanom. Staple*. Belfast. Ar Mi. sch Faithful. Peteraion. Portland NEW YORK—Ardth. .«ti-am*hipSt Andrew. Port land. 2d • brig Maria Wheeler lot St George Wheel er. Cardena* 12 da; bark* W K Anderson, (of Bucks port , Pierce, Saguu : Norton Stover, tof Harpswell) Stover, Matanza*: brig Wreath, Nash. Addison; ach Hattie ( oomb*. Drinkwater. Rockland Ar 7tb. bark Aberdceu, (of Searspcrf) Cochran, Ma tan/as. Cld Gtb. *ch Gentile, GetchrlL Rrckland and Port land v hi tin. /ir^eu uirit Jttantii, roruanu ; scu liar rmtOueen. Clark. tit John Nil. ArSrni hark Exile, Cardiff PROVIDENCE—Sid 7th. *cb Ladv ot lhe ocean, (of Bristol Me) Stillman. Philadelphia. l»Lot-CESTER—Ar cth. acini Marx I, «•itpatrick. Saco for Baltimore; Evirett. Rogers, Bangor tor Chelsea HATH—fid 7ih. brig K P Swett, ChidbrnirBe. Na* '»u N T; ech Oceau Herald, 'I ibbett*. Annapolis. FOREIGN PORTS. At Bumbiy March*XS. >hips Marion. Lxugh’ou. for New York: Esmeralda, York, for Ca'cotta; Cke o, Alexander, for St Thomas for order*. di*g S!«l from (iihraltar l>t ult, barks Nonpareii, and Modena, Boston. At Bueno* Ayer" March 13 atrip Mrt.ilvery. Nich ols, for Callao, diag: bark J 31 Churchill, (Argen) Heavy, for Boston; sch Helen, Young, from Boston. for sale. A* at St John NB, 4th init, blig Abby P Feuno, Webber, New York CldSd.sehi Aurora, Ke ley.and Pocahontas, Clark, Boston; 3d, ship 31 H Ludwig. IJardiAg. Liverpool. SPOKEN. May 3, no lat, kc, bark S II W'aterman, from New York for Callao* NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. AMATEUR DRAMATIC Fie presentation ! BOR THE REV EFIT OF THE INDIGENT WOMEN’* HOME. On Taeaday Evening, May ICth, Will he enacted at DEEFl 1INT( r HALL, THE POPULAR PLAT OF THE SERIOUS FAMILY, And the comic Drama of IDolicato Ground on pjms ix iris. Adm!**ion to the Gal’ery, 25 cents. Beats in the lower part of the house. 6o cents. Seat* can be t b taimri of Edward Dana. Jr Doors open at 7 o'clock; performance to com mcucjat a o’clock niayO td Universalist Ladies’ So <* i a 1 IjC vee ! THE Uiiv'irsaupt l Abut' Eociar Circle will hold a Fair acd Social Levee, at 1ST ew City FTa.ll, Monday Afternoon and Evening, and Tuesday Evening, May Id and 17. Doors oi»eu at 3 P. M. and in the evening at,7 o’clock Admittai ce, 1’. M 15 era; in evening 36 cts Ke* teal m> ut* lur tala. Anhcry, Fish-pond and other at ractions. Poppenburg a Baud will furnish music a|(■ear ing iu pubiio on this eccation lor the drat time sitee their return. maylOdtd IP——b>jas^rj—————— new advertisements. GreatNews! Important News! IvT. Bradt && Go., No. 26 Market Bq-ia'O, HAVE lately arrived in Portland, and are now rev 'y to exhibit to tbe eitiaen* ot tliia city and iurrooudiug towns, their entirely new and elegant stock of G-as Fixtures, Of the very lateet styles, con.iv ing of Parlor and Bitting Room Chaodcliera, Dioiug Room and Hall Lights, Store Pendents, Prat kev, Portable*, Ac. Also a very hue asvertinent of Kero-ene I.amrs, Jf**tn"1 V.*™1' Shades, of the !ate-t improventuts, Globes, Chimneys, and all sorts of Gs* F'TTIBtn, Lamp audaud Lsu.eiu Trimming Alto on hand Shaw a Patent (Jaw Cooking Apparatus, Of all kind! Ther will sell all of the above goods at the very lowoat Bodon aud .New Vork ton CASK Particular at’en'ion will be paid to Gas FrTTlso RaeaiKiao, Bnoxcixoand OiLMMioft handeliers’, Lsinpi. aud BroLie ornaiueuts if a 1 'essilptii is. lu the Very highe.-t sly le «l tut art. utd vttl v.a-rsnt all their work to ho perfect. Plsahb call awn art: Irsts veur orders for Gas Fitting or Repairing at the s', te M I’.UAur II Whittlei. Port and. May 10, 18C4 msylOdtf PROPOSALS FOR COA^T J3K0rO8AL8 will be received at tbeofiesol the A.. Q. M. IJ. 9. A.., Ho. Ill Federal hi reel, for WrITTE ASH COAL, for th* u« > of the Fusts aud Camps in the vicinity of i’ortlaud, uotil WEDNESDAY lltb, AT 12 O’CLOCK M. JTritaA.y M reserve.' tke right to rejjat aov snd til proposal* not deemed advautageou* to Oor* eminent. 11 KN KY IVU4.V m%jWU Capt k A. y M. U. 8 A. 63 Removal. 63 j U. liNiuai & son, Commission Merchants, And dealers in Country Produce, have movttfto No. <43 Co cmercla' street. Portland. May 10 b, 1864. maylOdlt Westbrook SemniHiy nntl Female Collegiate Inwtiiiite. Summer Fern® of this Institution will com 1- rn nee Wedkcsoav’. May 18:0. aud continue eight weeks f» VI STEVENS, Secretary. Stevens’ Pla ns. May 9, 1864. may 19*12w Wanted. Medical DmuroE* Orrn k, i Bouton, Mass.. May 7tb. 1864 I I^UOM five to eight active youug men. graduates of a respectab.e M-dical Col eg .mo serve in the Army of the United Stat *, in the o*parity of am Acting A»*Utaut Surgeon. The -*er ice to be render ed iu the South ami West; the neoessary prerequi sites will bo a preliin nary exxminat on on Hugitnr, and the practical duties of toe profession. beYore an Ar jay Medical Board, now iu .*e*eu> u at Boston. Mass ; it approved ot. a contract will be made, and entered iu?o at once. Coin pen sat i d will oe one hundred dollars, (6106) fortachaud every month’s s rvice rendered at any post or hu<pira), and one hundre«tand thirteen dollar* and eiguty-;bret esets 16113.83) per mouth for serv:c> in tne field, and tran-«portatioa iu kind feral*lied. The contract will he for not less than thrtr * or further par ticulars apply to A. W McLsrva. Su**eou U S. A . Medical Director, aud President U. S. > rm\|Alrc ical Board, No. 2 Bulfiuch street Bo**un. Mb*-*. maylorTAStw Notice. VN adjourned meeting of th#* Journsj men House Carpenters’ Assoeiatl n of Pirt.anl, will be held in Boa* of Fem^erance Mail, Congress street, on Tuesday evening. «he 10th inst. Member* arc par ticularly requested to be present, as tre adoption of the CjnHiturion and By-Law> will come before the meeting Alt house carprnteis are in i'ed to coine and join the association. Prr Order. J. DOW, Secretary. Portland, May liKh raaylndlt* H»we For Hiilr. AVALLABLK Carriage llorrc. .even fttn old, kind and aouad: .an travel hi, twelve milw per hour will he void lor n>> fault a. the owner f,ai no further t» tor Inin. Apply at 1ST Fore ,tieet. mivldtr LOST. SATCRDA1 . May 7th. a Tucket Book containing a email rum or money. The finder w ill confer a gn it favor by leaving it at the Pro efiico ,'orllauj. May 10. may I >13t Foand, IX tin, city, a vmall Mia of money, which !b* owner can have hy ea.ling at NO. 17o For* .t/eet, and |«riug for ihi. a l.erti.ern-nt. Finland. May 10,19H4 may In lit* Nolle*-. OX account of the high price* that we have to pay tor labor, tha fvivedore. of Portland have heva compelled In an advance OU the rate, or lo«d lug veaaeki. Alter the. date th* price, wlh te a. lol lawa: — Board* 7>l and 75 ct« per M; 8 antling gl per M Hoop* fill iu pe- M: Uhtl shook* 3 cU each: Bon Shook! *17 and #1*, p. r M . Bbbl., & aud t) ct, each. l»*al, SI.Ui per Mandard. All other good* to he govern 1 by th * above. J. loifi. M. "KATES - . J. IV. TARKLK. W M. HKlHV.-l. U. FAKK. 1>, lint, AN. Ray loth, lifcM. may lod.H At a t oim or Tuobatk bekl at I'ortlaud. w ithin and for the County of Cumberland, on the flrvt Ineadny of May. in the year of our Cord eighteen hundred and vWtv.four. DA* III a LI tv 111. adminivlaator of th* elate Abraham Libby, late of fownal. iu nud couu-, ty . dec-ared. hating prevented hi, petition for li Oeae* to mil and convey certain Rial L.tale of ■aii deceased. an d vetitwd la raid refition It tens Ortlrrrtt. That I tie raid Administrator gira notice to all peraou, interevted. bv g novice to be published three week, vtunemivela in tlie Maine Dime i r»*s.« priiiivu at, iiiat tnev mar ap pear at a Piobatc Court to be held at caul Port laud, on th» Hr t TucmUv of June next, at teu of the clock in the forenoon, ard shew can-* it auy they have, why the same should not be- grauted. JOHN A WATERMAN. Judge. A true copr Attest. Ww3w* EUGENE 111 MPUREY. Register. Ar a Court op I'robai k h<*ld at Portland, withia and lor tbe County of 1 itml*>rlauu. »n the ilr*t Tuesday of May. iu the year 01 our Lord eight, on hundred aud sixty-four, HENRY HARMON. kdsninistratrrof the F-taie ol Nathaniel P. Harm ?u, late of ilariison, in said County, deceased, having presented his Out account ol Administration of said Estate lor Pro bate : It ir*is Or tier*!. That the-aid Admiuutratcr give no tice to all person* interested, bv causing notice to ho 1»ubit-lied three weeks succe*-n elv in the Maine Mate ’re.**, printed at Portland, that thev way appear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the * first Tuesday o! June, next, at ten ot the clock m the fnreuoou, aud show cause, if auy tlwy hate. * hy the same should not be grafted. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy,attest, l» w3w• ’ EUG EN E IIU MPHRKY, Register. At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and lor the County of Cumberland, ou the ttist lues day of May. iu the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty-four, nOKKACE HUE W tic. Administrator cf ihc es tate of Ruben llolbrvok. !at« ot Freeport, iu said County, decea «d. hav ng presented his pe tition for I ice esc to aeli and convey crun teal es tate of said d**cea«ed. as described tn said petition. is Ortlmil, I hat the -md Administrator give to all persons interested, by cau.-iug notice to t»e published three *> ek* successively iu the Maiue • at a Probate Court to be heni at -aid Portland, ou the first ruesday>>f June next, at teu of the clock in the forenoon, and show cause, if auy they have, why the same should not be allowed JOHN A WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, attest. U w3w* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register. At a Court ot Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, ou the first Tues day of May. in the year of our Lord etghtueu hundred aud sixtv-tour. INLIPHALKT WRlt>itr, Guardian ot Melville 4 Potter aud Gilbert k Pot:or, miner heirs of Aba gall U Potter, lati of Otideld, deceased, bav in 4 presell ed hi* fourth aocount ol Guardianthip of said minor tor Probate: It m*is Ordered, That tbe said Guardian give nmics to ail persons interested, by cau-ing notice to be published three week* successively in the Maiue State Pres*. priuUd at Portland, that they may ap peal at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the ttist Tuesday of Ju e next, at t< u of the clock in the foreuoou, aud show cause, if any they have, whv the same should not be allowed JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copr, attest, 1# w3w* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register At a Court of Probate In Id at PorUand, within ; nd for the County of Cumberland, on the first T es day of May. iu the year of our Lord eight een buudred and six tv- our, SvRAii J. F. BttOWK ant olhr is, heir* of Jane M Fox. Iftteef Portland iu -aid County, deer*a m, having p eeented their petition that aiiuutmtra ti u cn the estate ot sa.d d cia*>.d,m<>y be granted to Henry Fox of »aid Portland. It *r<is Ordered. That the aaid redtioDcn give uotice to all persons iatereeted, by causing notice to be published three weeks successively in the Maine State Press, printed at 1‘ortlaud, that thee may ap pear at a Probate C’ourt to be held at said Portland, ou the first 1 ueaday of June next, at teu of the clock in the fbrvuoon. aud show cause, if any they have why the same should uot be granted. JOHN A WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, attest, 19w3w* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register.

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