Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 10, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AXD TICIXITY. IT. S. Commissioner's Court. WM. H. CLIFFORD, ESQ., COMMISSIONER. \esterday, William P.^parks, of Bath, was brought before the Commissioner charged with aiding a deserter from the U. S. army to es cape. Ue pleaded nolo contendere and fur nished sureties in the sum of l.r>00 for his ap pearance at the June term of the U. S. Dis trict Court to be held at Bangor. S. J. Court—April Teim. DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. Monday. In the case of Ralph Day vs. Conway Insurance Company, the Jury were unable to agree upon a verdict. They stood ten for the plaintiff and two for the defend ants. No. 3i4. Daniel C. Emery vs. Piscataquis Fire and Marine Insurance Company. Action to recover $1,000 lusuarnce on the building known as “Winn’s Machine Shop,” ou Union street, which was destroyed by fire Xov. 14, 1802. The defense is that plaintiff was not the j owner of the properly at the time it was in- j sured or at the time of the alleged loss, and | that misrepresentations aud concealments | were made at the time of effecting the insur ance. Not finished. Geo. B. Emery. John Rand. From Louisiana.—A private letter from Adjutant Gould ot the 30th Regt.. dated Al exandria, (La.) April 26th, says that in the engagement on the 23d, the 13lb, loth and 20th Me. regiments were not engaged. He refers to Col. Fessenden’s wound, but gives no particulars; says the 30th Regt. have done well in three fights, and the regiment that tights well cannot be coughed down. He says the 30th lost from 00 to 120, two Lieutenants among the rest. Capt. Moses reported killed, in uuhurt. We quote a paragraph: “They say the papers make a great success out of oar expedition. If so they lie, for it has been a complete failure; though we, have the glori ous cousolation that the rebels have not whipped us once, and save in the temporary check at Mansfield have not made a show of success by their arms.” Dramatic- Entertainment.—There will be another dramatic entertainment by the Portland Amateurs, this eveuing, at Deering Hall, the proceeds of which will be given to the Home for aged indigeut telltales—a chari ty that commends itself to every heart. We hope that a crowded house will bring some thing handsome to the treasury of the iusti tution. The play of the “Serious Family,” is to be performed, and the character of Amina dab Sleek, will be sustained by Mr. Chase, the worthy Superintendent of the P. S. and P. Railroad. He will represent this character truly, and not burlesque it, as is too often done iu the performance of the play. It will be worth the price ol a ticket to witness his personation of it. Melancholly Accident. — Lawrence llalcrew, employed in the stable connected with the jail, undertook, on Saturday, to lead out a colt. The animal, in frisking about, drew the halter out of Ilalcrew’s hand, and in attempting to stop the beast, he fell to the ground. The colt leaped over his body and struck at bis heud with one of her hind feet, breaking the skull just over the right eye. Drs. Foster and Goodglc were called and did all in their power for the relief of the sufferer, who was taken home to his family. He lin gered until Sunday morning, when death en sued. The deceased was about 30 years of age. He leaves a wife and four children. Farnsworth Manufacturing Co.—-A corporation was organized in this city last week under the above title for the purpose of manufacturing woolen goods at Lisbon. The following gentlemen were elected Directors: B. B. Farnsworth, II. J. Libby, Win. Chase, J. N. Winslow, and John W. Monger. B. B. Farnsworth was elected President and II. J. Libby, Treasurer. The capital stock of the Company (*50,000) is all taken up. The erection of a large brick mill has been commenced, and it will be in operation next autumn. Shovel Factory.—The annual uieeliug of the proprietors of the Shovel Factory was held yesterday afternoon. The old Hoard of Directors—Messrs. Samuel E. Spring, J. T. McCobb, N. O. Cram, J. U. Coyle and A. D. Brown—was unanimously re-elected. Subsequently the Hoard elected S. E.Spring President, X. O. Cram Treasurer, and A. D. • Brown Superintendent. It was voted to increase the capital stock to *100,000. Portland Turnvf.rein.—We are pleas ed to learn that there is quite a revival in the affairs ol this society. The interest in gym nastic exercises is rapidly increasing, and the regular drills are fully attended. The gov ernment have introduced some new features, such as singing, chess, <Sc., and it is designed to add oilier amusements as soon as practica ble. This institution lias furnished a large numlier for the army and navy, many of whom hold positions of trust aud responsibility. Al KLlcnve.—We regret to learn, as wc do from the Advertiser, that though the re mains of a lovely child of Hon. F.O.J. Smith were seut home from Brooklyn, N. Y., hut a few days since, for interment, another chili of the same gentleman, lying critically ill in the same city, has been pronounced past recovery by physicians of the highest emiuenec. Mr. Smith aud his family will receive the sympa thy of the whole community in their bereave ment. sir- The programme of Sprague <t Blanch ard’s Minstrels for this week is the best ol the season. Father Hemp’s Old Folks is a new feature, and attracts great atlcutiou from the audience. “Take-it-aud Leave Man” is very funny. If you want to laugh call in at Lan caster Hall any evening this week. Friday evening is set apart for a complimentary ben efit to the mauagers. Railway Traffic.—The receipts on th Grand Trunk Railway for the weekending May 30th, were #110,235 38 Corresponding week last year, 80,022 77 Increase, #30,212 01 There was an increase during the week ot #7,150 00 in passengers, aud #23,052 71 in Ireight. VT The Director of the Grand Opera, now I at the Boston Academy, desires to give two operas—Faust and Der Frisch utr—in Port land, on Monday and Tuesday next, with the entire Grand Opera, consisting ol seventy four artists. Subscriptions will be opened for the purpose at Paiue's music store, to-morrow (Wednesday ) morning. Wc are informed that the #20 credited ; by the Christian Commission a lew days since to F. Mersey, of South Paris, was the pro ceeds of a concert given by a Singing School, under the direction of Mr. F. B. Farringtou, of Harrison. IW The bookstores in this city, by agree ment of the proprietors, are to be closed dur ing the summer months at 0 o’clock P. M. BY TELEGRAPH rorui Portland Daily Press. The Rebel Army Retreating to wards Richmond! URAXT IX HOT PURSUIT. LONGSTREET MORTALLY WOUNDED 1 rath of Col. Went, ol Ike Oth Maine. Washington, May 9. To Maj. Gen. IJix :—A bearer ol dispatches from Gen. Meade's headquarters has just reached here, lie slates that Lee’s army commenced falling back oil '.be night of Fri day. Our army commenced the pursuit Sat urday. The rebels were in full retreat for Kichmond by the direct road. Hancock pass ed through Spoitsylvauia Court House before daylight yesterday. Our headquarters at noon yesterday were twenty miles south of the battle field. We occupy Fredericksburg. The 22d Xsw York cavalry occupied the place at R o’clock la-t night. The depot of our wounded is established at Fredericksburg. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton. SECOND DISPATCH. To Maj. Geu. lHx:—Dispatches have just readied tiere direct from Gen. Grant. They are not fully deci|thered yet. He is on to Kichmond. We have taken 2 000 prisoners. (Siggjiij Edwin M. Stanton. Washington, May 9. The Star publishes an extra this evening.— There is no fouudaliou for the report that the rebels are evacuating Kichmond. nor that Pe tersburg is evacuated. The following is a list of casualties so far as received at the present time: Krig. Gen. Al exander llays, of Penn., killed ; Brig. Gen. J. is. Wadsworth, of New York, killed; Brig. (Jen. Webb,of New York, wounded; Colonel Wilson, of -42d New York, wounded; Colouel Stone, of 21 Vermont, wounded; Col. Stone, of Pennsylvania Bucktails, injured by a fall from liis horse ; Col. West, ol 9th Maine, kill ed : Lieut. Col. Tyler, wounded; Lieut. Col. West, wounded; Maj. Dorlin, of JHth New York, wounded. At the latest dates received by the Wat De partment, Gen. Hancock was rapidly pushing by the left to Spottsylvania Court House.— Heavy cannonading was heard from that di rection yesterday at Acquia Creek. ISpotteylvauia Court House is the shire town ol the county of the same name, and is situated on the l’o Kiver, a taibulary of the Mattapouy, and is forty-four miles north-west of Kichmond.j An oflicial report of (Jen. Lee to llic rebel authorities at Kicbmuud, transmitted by Geu. Butler to the War Department, states that the reliel loss iu killed is not large, but that many are wounded. Gen. Lee also slates that lie oualy wounded; also that Gens. Pegratn and Stafford are wounded, and that Gen. Jenkins is killed. Gen. Jones is also killed, and his body is reported to be in our possession. Dispatches from Gen. Meade to Lieut. Gen. Grant have just been received by the War De partmcut: Our army was in lull pursuit of the enemy towards Richmond. We have two thousand prisoners. Our forces occupied Fredericksburg at eight o'clock last night.— The hospital for our wounded was established there. The Supplies, nurses, physiciaus aud attendants have been ready for two days, and have gone forward. The wounded are now estimased at about 12,000. Philadelphia, May 9. The Evening Pulletin lias the following: Gen. Longstreet w as shot by a builet in the neck, aud is said to be mortally wounded. Failure of the Expedition of den. Steele. HEAVY LOSSiB IN MEN AND ARMY WAGONS. BATTLE WITH PRICE AT SABINE PASS. St. Louis, May 9. The Democrat of this morning publishes the lollowiug:—The expedition ot Gen. Steele towards Shrevesport has ended with his re turn, under rather exciting circumstances, to Little Hock. A gentleman conversant with the facts has arrived here, and communicates a statement to the following purport:—Gen. Steele left Little Rock with seme 12,000 iul'antiy aud 3000 cavalry, the latter under Gen. Carr. Ar kadelpbia was occupied without difficulty, aud a force moved forward to Camden. A sub sisteuce train of 180 wagons was cut off aud captured by the enemy, together with the es cort of 480 men, w ho suddenly found them selves in the hands of a superior force aud made little resistance. At Camden Steele soon fouud the cavalry, about 8000 strong, in his rear, and 240 wagons dispatched Dorn Camden towards Pine Bluff for stores, with an escort of 1000 men, were captured by the enemy. The steamer Aleuts, with twenty tons of ammunition lor Steele, was sunk forty miles below Little Rock by coming in collision with another steamer. The pilot was put un der arrest on suspicion of treachery, but sub sequently released. Gen. Steele could tlud no store to subsist his troops on, and bad to re duce their allowance to quarter rations. As the movement of Gen. Steeie w as to be co operative with the main of Gen. Banks, which bad failed, there remained no course but to return to Little Rock. Gen. Price undertook to retain Gen. Steele at Camden, while OeD. Murmaduke set oil for Little Rock. Gen. Steele, to act for the safety of the capital of Arkansas with its Union population and mil lion of dollars worth of Federal stores, and lor the rescue of his army, broke through the lines of Gen. Price, and set out to get to Little Rock in time to save it from Martuaduke, who was also making every exertion to reach and •'“ft « r;auir. .11 onuilic 1 II ! became necessary to give Trice battle, which was handsomely done. The rebels were well mounted and in tine condition. The fight was protracted and bloody, lusting for three or four hours, aud resulting iu the complete re pulse of the enemy, and leaving Steele to re sume his exciting race with Marmaduke. Marmaduke approached Little Hock, throw ing shall* into the city on the afternoon of the 1st. Shortly afterwards Carr's cavalry came up, ami these joining the troops at the post, compelled Marmaduke to relinquish Iris un dertaking. lie made little resistance, as the main body of Steele’s army was rapidly ar riving. The Arkansas Legislature was in session, and prohatily not one of its members would have lieeu spared by the exasperated foe. During the entire inarch from Camden our troops were constantly skirmishing with the enemy, who hung upon their rear aud flanks, strenuously endeavoring to iui|iedc their progress. There were no ambulances for our wouuded men. aud they had to he left in tire house* of residents on the road. The captured escort of 1(100 men was composed of the Mttlh Iowa. Til Indiana aud 77th Ohio regiments. Only forty-five succeeded In es caping. Our informant represents fsleele's cavalry as deplorably deficient in horses, our men be ing compelled to use unbroken mules in many instances, or try aud use them to serve In the place of cavalry horses, lien. Trice’s forces are still lingering in the vicinity, stripping the desolated country auew. Rrport of Committer on thr Contlu* t of the War. Washington, May it. Mr. Wade, from Committee on the Conduct of the War in the Senate, ami Mr. Gooch, from same committee in the House, have sub mitted a report upon the condition of the re turned prisoners at Annapolis, from an exam ination made at the request of the Seeietary of War. It is proved beyond all doubt iu the estimation of the committee that tlie rebel authorities have determined to mTiject our soldiers and otiicers who fall into their hands to physical and mental sulferiug impossible to describe, many presenting now the appearance of living skeletons, literally skin and bones, some maimed for life, and some frozen l>y ly ing without tent or covering on the bare ground at Belle Isle. The general practice is shown to be the robbery of prisoners as soon as taken of all money, valuables and good clothing. The food allowed was totally Insuf (icent to preserve the health of a child. It consisted usually of two pieces of bread made of com and cob meal, badly cooked, with about two ounces of meat unfit to eat, and occasionally a few black worm-eaten beans. They were obliged to sell the clothing re ceived from home to buy food to sustain life. Those in the hospitals were little heller fed ; worn and neglected, wounds remained for days undressed. One witness, when asked if he was hungry, replied .—•‘Hungry ! I could eat anything in the world that came before us.” They were submitted to unmerciful and murderous treatment by those iu charge of them. They were shot and killed for violat ing r ules of which they had no knowledge, When they arrived at Annapolis theii cloth ing was bo tilled with vermin that they had to be destroyed, and repeated washings tailed to relieve their heads and bodies of the pests. They are now dying daily, and the physiciaos iu charge entertain no doubt that their eman ciation and death are directly caused by the biural and merciless treatment received while prisoners of war by the rebels. The testimony shows that the treatment re f Jived at Columbia and Dalton was far more uinanethan at Kii hmoiid. The committee cannot resist the conclusion that these inhu man practices are the results of a determina tion on the part of the rebel authorities to re duce our soldiers by privations aud exposure to such a condition that they never will be aide to lender effective service in the field, the result like the massacre at Fort Pillow, of a predetermined policy. They deem it evident that the rebel news paper stalemnnts, claiming for prisoners the same treatment received by their own sol diers, are glaring ami unblu-hing falsehoods, aud say no one for a moment can be deceived by such a statement who will relleet that our soldiers who. when taken prisoners, were •tout and healthy men in the prime and vigor of lile, yet they have died by ' hundreds under the treatment they have received, although required to perforin no duties of ihc camp or match, while the rebel soldiers are able to make long aud rapid marches aud stubborn resistance in the field. They refer with pride and satbfactian to the uncomplaining fortitude and undiininhhed patriotism exhibited by our brave men under all their privations,even in the hour of death. The chairman says:—‘ There Is another tiling I would wish to state; all the men, with out any exception, among the Ihonsauds that have come to this hospital, have never in a single instance expiessed a icgret, notwith standing the privations and sufferings they have endured. But since they entered their country’s service they have been the most loyal, devoted and earnest. Even in the last days of their lives they have said that all they hoped for was just to live and enter the ranks again and meet their foes. II is a most glori ous record in relation to the devotion of our men to their country. I do not tliiuk that their patriotism has ever been equaled in the history of the world. _______________ * TIIIlliF DAYS LATER FROM El ROPE. Arrival of the steamship Hansa. New York, May 5. Steamer Iiausa, from Southampton 28tb ult, arrived here at 8 o'clock this evening. Steamers Hibernian, from Portland, Africa, from Boston, and liecla, from New York, bad arrived out. The Alexandria had been given up to her owners. The Alabama put into Cape Town for coal and supplies, March 29th. Seunnes destroyed during his Indian Ocean voyage seven ships, lie reckons his damage to the Federal ship ping at $5,000,000. The captain ol steamship Bohemian has had his certificate suspended for one year. Garibaldi arrived at Plymouth on the 20th. The stock of bullion iu the Bank of France was unusually low. The Mexican stock was strengthened by the news that the U. S. Senate dismissed the recent resolntion of the House of Hepreseu latives against recognizing the new Mexican monarchy. The Confederate loan advanced two per cent on the news of a fresh rise in gold and symptoms of a dispositions on the part of some hold members in Congress to bring up th™dea of recognizing the Confederacy. France and England have despatched a na val force to protect their subjects in Tunnis, where disttubauees have occurred. THE CONFERENCE. The Conference and all the accredited Plen ipotentiaries met at the treasury on the 25th ult. It is believed no decision on the armis tice question had been arrived at. England was represented by Earls Bussell and Claren don. The Memorial Diplomatique says Claren don has returned to England, having formal ly engaged to support energetically the armis tice demand which the French representative made at the first sitting of the Conference. France and England are mutually bound to declare war against the power that refuses to agree to a truce. The armistice will be based upon the tile paesiditus principle. Russia will not send a second Plenipoten tiary to the Conference, unless it he called to a general Congress, when GortzchakofT will go to London. DENMARK. All is quiet. The King has issued a proc lamation to the army, saying that the suffer ings and losses of the last few days will not he in vain, but will bear fruits in‘the struggle against injustice and violence; a struggle the aim of which is Denmark’s existence and its independence. The enemy had advanced into Jutland and occ-pied Hersens, strengthening the batteries in Alsen Sound. The King of Prussia had visited Fieusburg. An engagement took place on the 24th ult, off lluggeu Islaod, between a Prussian gun boat and a Danish iron-clad frigate. The Prussian vessel set the Danish vessel on lire, hut the Danes extinguished the flames. The Chamber of Deputies passed a resolu tion that in future Ministers take an oath of allegiance to the people and not to the Prince. • XXXVIII CONGRESS—First 8<*sion Washington’, May y. senate. The report adverse to tlio proposed change in the South Hunt of the Treasury building, was adopted. A substitute was reported from tlie Com mittee on the Facitlc Railroad lor the hill now before the Senate. The hill appropriating fciOO.OUO fur the erec tion of a branch mint at San FraucUco, was taken up and passed. fcThe Rank hill was discussed until the ad journment. Adjourned. IlOl'SK. A resolution was adopted requiring that the Naval Committee inquire into the expedien cy of locating the pfoposed navy yard on the west side ol the Hudson liver,opposite Youk era. Mr. Rice introduced a bill to regulate the disposition of pti/e money. Referred. The Missouri election case was takeu up. Considerable debate of a personal charac ter ensued between Mr. Dawes and Harris, growing out of remarks made by tha former, relative to past political movements. The latter was called to order by the Speaker in the course of his rentalks. Mr. Harris denied that the language in his speech for which the House passed a vote of censure, was iulcuded to aid and comfort the enemy. Mr. Schenek, of Ohio, iu allusion to Mr. Harris, said the only reply he desired to make was the reading of the vote of censure which was read by the clerk—tiis object being that said vote might follow Mr. Harris’s speech on the record. Mr. Gooch, of Mass., from the Committee on tlie Ccnduct of the War, made a report on the ill treatment of our prisoners in reliel hands and 4000 copies were directed to be printed. Adjourned. Proclamation Sj/ the President. Executive Mansion, ( Washington, May 0. ( To thefriend* of Union anil Liberia: Kncough is known of Hie army operations within the last live days, to claim our especial gratitude to God, while wliat remains undone demands our most siueeie prayers and reli ance upon Him, without whom, all human ef fort is in vain. I recommend that all pat riots in their homes and in their places of public worship, and wherever they may he, to unite in common thanksgiving ami prayer to Almighty God. 4 Auraham Lincoln. Items from Southern Sources. New York, May 9. Richmond papers of the 4th are received.— They contain little relative to army affairs. They report the arrival at a rebel port of four blockade runners w ith 8.000,000 pounds of ba con and 600 bags of coffee. They give aiso extended accounts of the Red River campaign,claiming to have defeat ed our expedition completely. Tue same papers also state that the present advance on Vicksburg was a mere raid of rebel cavalry. 30 % Christian Association Fond. l’lrrsBCRO, Pa., May 9. At the second meeting in connection with the great national subset iptiori for the Chris tian Association, the sum of 420.000 »•»« sub scribed on the spot, and will be further in creased to $30,000. Commercials, Per steamship Hausiat New York. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, April 50th — The sale* for two dayt were 20.0X) bales, including 0.000 to speculator? aud export* ra 'I be icarket ma? littn and unchanged. LIVERPOOL P.KtADSTUFFS MARKET. April | 73.— Hicha'daon, Spence & C and other?, report Flour quiet and nominal. Wheat firmer tut steady, corn quiet; mixed 28.-. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET. Beef •Ready. Pork quiet and steady. Bacon quiet. Lard inactne Tallow quiet auo <a.cier Butter dull. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE M ARK ET.- A?hes steady. Sugar quiet and steady. Coffee no sale-*. Ro-iti inactive. spirit? Turpentine quiet and steady. Petroleum still ad\a> ring; salt.-* at 2? -1 d a,2- 6J. LONDON MONEY MARKET. April 2C.—Console clu*ed at 91]a91J tor money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinoi? Central rai.’ road J3al*2di?: Erie Railroad JFw Fork Market. New York. May 9. Cotton—a shade ea-ier; sale? 500 bale? at 83£83jC for raiddddng upland? and 78g,8 c for low middling*. Flour—receipt? 20 017 bbl?; sale? 3,0 0 bbl? : Mate and We-tern dull aud lower; Super State G 60a 6 79; Extr&G95a-7 0 ; choice 7 (-5a7 16 ; Round Hoop Ohio 7 30 a7 60; choice 7 55 a8 27; Supertine Wetter u 6 00®4'.0: Extrado69>a7 25; Southerndull and lower; aaJ*»? 45') bbia: Mixecfto good 7 4Ka7 76: Fancy aud extra 7 80^.0 50; Canada dell and KXo, 2dc lower; sa!e?S60 bbl?; comraoD Extra 6 9.®; 10; extra good to choice 7 l5aS4'» Wheat—dull and nominally 3&6c lower; Chicago spring 1 >i£l Milwiukee Club 1 5<-aI 6ti: Am ber Milwaukee 1 »’*4a 1 66: Winter Red \\ extern 1 68 £171: Amber Mich gau 1 72«1 78—no aale?. Coi u—rii ra with a lair demand ; ?ale« £9,0j0 bu*h ; mixed Western old 1 39 iu store. Oat-*—dull and 1 £2c lower, sale* at 87;fl8:)c. Beef—quiet and unchanged: ah-201 bb.?: Coun try ra*?? 9 00. Pork—du’l and lower; pair? 1000bfcl«. I ard—very/u’l; aale? 250 bbl? at 13' a 14Jc. Butter—?t*ady ; Ohio 25£35; m»»c :j.Vn->■>. \Vhlakey—firmer but very irregnla and un.‘**t led; aa e?2«0j bbl? at 1 24] £l 27 for Mate and l 27® 1 80 fo- Weaterii. Rico—du>l at ill all c for Rangoon. Sugar —dull. Naval Store?—dull. Petroleum—dull: sale* at 37 a38 forcniie, 67 * £ 584 l* r n-Jnei in bond, aud 64a 65c for retiutd fV«-o. Freight- to Liverpool—qoi* t Wool—Arm with a fair demand. Stork Markrt, New You*. Maj 9. Second Board — Stock* dull and lower United States 5-20 coupons.10f>| United States 6-2J registered.ltH . United States one yea i certificates new . 9 t Tennessee 6's. r.St American Gold..ICoj Ouickxilver Mining Co. t*4 Cumberland Coal Compauy preferred.C4* New York Central.1284 Erie preferred.106j Erie.lovj Hudson.136} Harlem.2T6 Ki*ading .1261 Michigan Central. 1*2* Michigan Southern..88| Pittabnrg. Fort Wayne k Chicago.106 Alton k Terre Haute.68 Illinois Central scrip,.132 Galena k Chicago.1141 Cleveland k Toledo..l««i Chicago A Rock Island.107j Chicago, Burlington k Quincy,.127 Chicago & North Western.. . 52 U. S. Saxitaby Commission.—I have re ceived from cilizeus of Ellsworth, $07; New Gloucester $2; Miss Greenwood $2; Bucks port $20; Mt. Vernon $11 50; Mechanic Falls $21; China $50; E ias Blodgett, South Car tilage $1; lor use o( U. S. Sanitary Commis sion, and not before acknowledged in daily papers. W. II. IIaim.v, Agent. Bridget O’Brien was drowned in the canal at Lewiston, while attempting to cross on Saturday last. Bath appropriates this year $10,500 for schools, ami raises $07,462,03 by assessment upon [Kills and estates. * ff~ Enough could be saved from the need less expenditures of the people in the loyal States iu four years, to pay our entire nation al debt. JV Mr. John Given has been appointed Depot Master at the L-. wiston station of the Maine Central Railroad, Mr. A. P. Winslow having resigned. JUST RECEIVED ! UMAANS X: tUIMt, nA ViN<. refitted their »torc and received e large •Mortment of ELEGANT STYLES -OF C E O T H N ! AUK FHFl'AtiFti TO 8how Them to Their Custoners. Alin, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, lu lircui Variety, •*•> NTiddle Street. ma>9tf It E AT O A' A 1^ ! WILLIAM 1*. IIWTtlUH, lias removed b:* Melodeon & Organ Manufactory, F torn I* tdeial str« et to 1 he large and ctamcdltti rooms over K A Merritt's stjre mi Temple street; eutrauoe No.6, Warercoin* and Manufactory on the tjird floor. mayldlvv Wanted ! AT ttAHNIMS Eating House, Temple St. I^ROM five totwenty gallon* of p od Cream per day through the sej-ou, for which the highest price will be paid Farmer- and milk-dealors will do well to givothi. thvir earliest attention. mayldlw Houses anti jloi for Sale. A two story Wool* km Uotrex. No. IT l ore I ill! stieet, near ‘-Portland compauv Works," containing 13 finished rooms. Convenient for two families 1 iped lor lia* with li.\tun s. I as in abundance of laid and a it water the Lot is about 30 by 70 Let. Te<nu satisfactory. Apply to JollN C. l'UoClKR. may*M3w 1 inn street. For Sul**. STOCK and Fiaturr* of Grocery store Xo. 70 York street, now doing a good business Kent of story low tifcO. S. 1HIRSTON, in a> ltd tf Notice. fllilK Merchant* and Boas Stevedore* of Portland. 1 are hereby notified that the longshore men leel the necessity, on account of the un stead iue-s of their work and the high lates paid for eveiy article of consumption. tostuke or the following wages, viz: To men stowing ea-go, S3 ceut* p<-r hour; to n*n on the wharf 30 cts This is demanded for every hour they work mayTdSt* Notice. \S 1 am »bout to leave this ci»v 1 cannot without tendering my most sincere tliauns to the citi zens oi Portland, atid mure particularly to my con stant custom* rs w l;o lave .-o liberally bestowed their patronage, ar.d shall ever feel grateful. I am. w ith respect. your mo t obedient aud humlde servant, my7 <S3t O. <J k KobT. PORTLAND DRV DOC K COMPANY. fllllK tir*t as-essment of Two Dollars per Share A upou the * api al Stock of this C'ompauy, is m»w due. and payable at the i*flice of the Treasurer, No. 117, Comraercia1 St. Per order of Director* C M 1> tv 18, Treasurer. Portland April 80, 1861. apr80edistf MERCHANDISE._ Sugar and Molastes* i{00 UUUS I CHOICK MlScOVAD<> 8U 10 TCH. ) gar. 371 HHDS Superior Mu co.ado, and 8' TCS Clayed Molataes, 11 BBLS from M«rra Morena, Now landing and lor sale by THOMAS ASENCIO A CO , may&tf Custom Uous*. Wharf. Southern W hite Seed Corn, A RRlVfcD and tor «ale bv 1\. LOW'D 11 RL KG IN, So. 120 C >inmcrcial «trcet. May 7, 1864 ma>9J3» Wood, Palau Leaf and Malado. 111103 MALA DO*, 2234 BUN DLLS PALM LEA*, 1 ii MAlS. 21 IONS GRANAD1LLO WOOD. 3» LOGS CLOAK, Cargo British schooner Ann Leonard, tor #ul* bv uopiini Eaton, No. 1 Central Wharf. Portland May ?. 1803. may6d3w Sitrnt Morena Molasses* QO ~ HHD8 00») ( CHOICE SIERRA MORENA 30 TIERCES i MOLASSES. 10 BBLS ' Now landing from Brig “C H . Kennedy THUS. ASKS CIO A CO . May 3 -tf C. II Wharf. Apples and Potatoes. | ^ BBLS Bald win Apples, 20* bbls Bunett Apple*. 1 OJ bu.-liel* Potatoes. For sab- by F A SMITH. may2 d2w 19 k 21 Silver Street. Kailf. | CASKS NAILS, aborted »i/es, now OvUR w landiug per 8cb ' Kimna Wadsworth " aud in store, for sale by MERSEY, rLETCHER A f O . ap3C d3w* U9 Commercial Street. Refined Sugar** iM)0 BBLS Crushed,Granulated aud Powdered Bbla Coffee Sugar* For sale bv UERSEY. El.ETCHER * CO , apAOdSw 169 Commercial Street. u ytTerT TO TUBS BUTTER KOR KALB BY J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. ^ LIMB HTRKKT. Portland. April 18,1864. dtf Muscovado Sugar. ! 4>4J*7 HHDS 1 Muscovado Sugar, of superior J I J <|ua ity, now lauding from bark 200 BBLS ) "Linda Stevvar*," from Guantan *mo, for •*!<• by U. 1KOUIS80K, Muscovado MoIusm s. | XO HUDS.i Superior qua'ity Muscovado [ Mola-mcs now landing from >ch *23 Tierces ) “Ircdoma,” from Cardona#, fcr 8 Bbls. sale by II* I. Robinson, npr21 lm »ii# No. 1, Portland Pier. Scotch Canvasft. Ifc^/ABOLTi—from the factory of David Cor* *ar lb Son#, Leith—a #ail cloth of superior quality—Just received per “Jur»", and for talc by M<HJlLV£KY. KYAN A DAVIS, inchl6 dtf 161 Commercial Street -- - Muscovado Sugar. I HUBS Muscovado Sugar, pr me quality. • "*3: now landing from Brig “J. 11. Dillingham." from Cardenas. >or#aleby H. I. Robin.on apr211 media No 1. Portland Pier. FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY. Great & Unreserved Sale —OF— HOOP SKIRTS’. -AND— FANCY GOODS! Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, 166 Middle 8t., Portland, Me. 1 FTEIt tklrtef u years of experience in the whole sale au » retail 1 ancy flood* tra e, wo a-e satis fied (and consult no t> her#) tliar the best policy ‘ Is quick return# and ight profits.” Acting on the the above policy, we now offer our w bo'e aud entire stuck, (with a cw exceptions) at a great reduction from our former prices. READ! READ!READ!READ! “The Peerless,” Forget it Not 1 20 Hoops, clasped on every Spring, .76 35 - “ “ •• 1.25 49 “ “ “ •• 1.31 Old FokIcs, l(uulc lour Frkes! “The ATorniny; Star!” 16 Hoops, .even tapjo olanxsd »nd glued. .68 20. •• sa .. •• 1.10 20. - 1.80 _ roil LOT LAMMS' Heavy Wire Skirts, 45 cts. each. Hosiery, Gloves, A.n<l Sun ITmbrellax! Liuliet* Cotton llo**?, Iront 18 to t5cD* Children’*4“ “ “ 13 to 31 ct*. GLOVES 2 IjAltlES, thr Best Assortment in Portland frim 13 rents to 91 00. SITU r MB BELL AS—Oil Boiled Sills, from 91.38 to Yankee Notions atom usual low prices CORSETS, CORSETS! \V A It it A N r K L> Wll AlKttONX, ONLY f 1 00. La disk, call and see us! we have not failed, char* el out, or sold out; but will be found at our old stand. No. 16fl Middle street. Dahlia Skirt aud Fancy Goods store, where we, as heretofore, continue to manufacture our justly celebrated skirt, to which thousand* of ladies iu Fori laud and vicinity can testify FiTZOSftALD & 11oi>*don. Dahlia Skirts and Fancy Goods, No. 1 HI Middle street Portland, Me. N. H. Cornels and Skirts made to order. luayMlin ASiiiiiii.liairix's Nalc. PFRSUANr to a linen * e lutui t he Hon. John 1». Waterman. Judseof Fronato tor the county of Cumberland . the ndmiuMrrPrix ot the estate* of the the late Wward B. Jaox, ol Wertorook, in said county, drees *ed, will *•• l at j ubtic falcon the prem ia**, on I hur-dav, the trth day of June a. D 1-m14 At 8 O'clock r M . alt the interest « t which the said L H. Jack db d seized iu the following described real estate The homestead of the decease I, situated in said Westbrook, upon the northerly s:de of the rond le tdin* from Deerin*’» Bridge to Saccarapa. con sisting of a bouse, barn and about 3 acres land. Terms cash. S \K \ tl V JACK, Administratrix Westbrook, May 7, 18*51. mayVeodlm ENTERTAINMENTS. NEW Ol'EIt t HOI sc T LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD'S MIN8T11E1.S! OPEN EVERY i;Vt\|\G Father Ktmp'* Old Folk*, and Take-it and-Leave-Man, Every Evening this met Adutuslou ii cents, Reserved Scat# 30 cents J. SPRAGUE, i„ •Pll'f H BLAHCUaRD, 1 ■“•<*'* ~ MILLINERY. NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Hoods! MBS LBi!BE~T80x has taken the New Store, No. 31 free Street, earner *■: Center, and has selected a Superior Anortmmt of MILLINERY, Which she will bo pleased to off».r to her friends and the public, on and afier the 5th lust. **• h. ▲ good assortniA‘nt of MOURNING Conetantly on hand ■ I bree or four good Milliner* can receive steady employment by iu 4uiring a-* above. ap4 deodtf NEW MILLINERY! jfrv -TO OPKX jjjl ON MONDAY, A I* It 11. tlh. The ’*ubmriber. having Iv«r»-.j th* new More, No. 2/Free utrecr, 2d door irow Center St., ha* just received a due assortin' nt of the LATEST STYLES OF HflUNO AND SIMMER GOODS, which #he it prepared to minufacure to order and sell at the lowest raait as. A good assortment READY MADE BONHETS always on hand. 1| OTBNIHD goods fn store and made to order , Having had eight year* experience in manutac* turing millinery good*. I trust I shall be able to please all who may favor me with their custom. A -hare of patronage is roost respectfully so'irited. MARI A. HKil.LlMsS Portland. April 2,1S64. apr2 dZweodaw SPRING MILLINERY~! MRS. COLBY t*now opening at her spacious and attractive rooms. No. .1 Free Street Block, A rich and fashionable stock oi FUC.H'H III FLI \CRV GOODS. Port laud. April 2o, 1804. nllw*o<itf t K £11 O V A I. ! PAINE’S MUSIC STORE lias been removed to No. 163 Middle Street, Store formerly occupied by J. Burleigh ti doors be low former etand. PIANO V O II T BS , RAIN’ and SC2T UMBRELLAS, and PARAbt’Lb of every descriptions. UM/l/iSLL (S and PARASOLS repaired as P>u*l DRUMS, all sizfs, made ant repaired. ■JP Two a*-tta sec >n J htimi Bras* Imc um-ut- for sap* at a great bargain. W.M PAIN A. pa»>aodlw 143 Middle Street. SILK HATS,---NEW STYLES, At HARRIS', Opposite pusl Oliti'P. FuK A OIHABIK HAT, |aKE The Broadway Hat, At HARK IS'. FOB A BEAUTIFUL, USE HAT. BUT THE FRENCH HAT, KOR A LIGHT 11AT, GET TUB Ventilated Gossimer Body. FoK A NOBBY. (STYLISH AH Tit EE. BUY ATM DOS’* II4T. At HARRIS', - - - Opposite Post Office. HP*The Conform«lcr we n«* gives per.'ect UN. apl». dtl BBT l II £ 13 ! •; >4 T ! Try one of Miller * Patent Kiaatic Cushion HATS! You will like it. F or salt %t S S "W S , npandTw M» IPPMJt 8TEFAT GINS. RIFLES. HE\rOLVEHS, Aud all the Accompaniment* I' I 9 H IH ti TACKLE! The lint A««or tine tit in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. eodtf _ PEAR TREES. The tree* of extra <iuality _art* for sale \ ery low to clear the laud aire*a> ftu.u lor building*. ■ OOO Bock Haplfh 1*2 to IN ft liiuli, 108 Bore thexiiiuis N to IO •* MOO Norway Spruce 51 to N " 500 Bosch, OOO Fcur Trees, it ml 5000 Currant*. The Htock of Fruit Trees comprise* all the beat aorta shown at Horticultural Exhibitions. Trees of the celebrated HowhLL I‘k\h cau be- *upili<d. Nur*ery at Morrill's Corner. May 3. Tue* Tbs 4k Bat.fw J W. ADAMS. PEAR TREES! Attention is invited to ray st. ck of _I'FARS, both oil /• iraud <is « * >/. a» .upoiior to any olfere 1 for m v«ii iai* ; a-t It embrace* nearly at) the sorts de»crib. J and in the last report of the Sme ary of the Board of Agriculture (a copy cau be sout by mail on receipt of ten ceufa m postage stamps, to any one de-trii g to have it and who may uot be able to obtain one toors easily, through a member of the Legislature) a* adapted to culture in Maine. IIARDV (5RAPKI For open culture—beat early sorts Cl'BBAItTS, MASPBERRJMS, kc.. ke. fjr*6end for a Catalogue. S. L. (ioiNlale. Saco. April 28.1984. apt21* 42 w • NOTICE. MRS. C. W. JORDAN HEREBY inform* the public that the same work will be done at herstore, which has previous* ly beeu done at the Needle Women*' boon.*, giving employment whenever it is iractrcatle ro the ante ola * ot searo-treuses She ha* acoir* d the services ot Mr* Gerrish. w ho for the na-t three year* ha* superintended the work at the “Rooms." and will endeavor to * uit her patrons bv obtaining the most approved styles in Adult- md Childrens' hi Particular attention will be pall to au Infant's De partment. Orders received for Embroidery, iron •• diately, and also plrin sewing */ 'At work is Hite t, 0‘it no cutting will fee tt *if f ill tA* >ir$t 4m June. Order* from other plac- • promptly « x» cutad \lr*. .1 still coi tlnues to stauip auy p ttmn <Jh anv fabric, inelud’ng Alphabets, fatte ns enlarged, diminished, or designed A Good Assortment of Worsted and Worsted Goods. Uo iery Gloves, Braids aud Fancy Goods Portland. April '*8,1884. a.-r2*coL'2w ADCTIOW SALES. Valntilil* Mamiiird and Dwarf rear Trer-i, ni Aaellaa. 11’’E -hai! self on Wedur-pday. May 11 at 1l» ; l A. M at office, a .mail hut very cboka,nf£Lt ot 1 ear lreoa—frt«li iuil id prime order—sncft aa Bartlett. bkkie. Madeline. troan Dial. Deebeaa Bel.e l uc a-ivr Souii Bjn de terser, 18 varieties of Standard, aud 18 Dsar.— the finest Jot o Pear tree* Wr ever ottered la ort aud ( an be examiueu ox au> utue beroie rale. We waraul mean aa true to tn»ir i uuie» mihuUd HENRY UtlLEY ICU..iM«u e j. *■ M. FAME*. AUCIIUNKLR. UiukH|i St. : f °Hon«. I lu> nUbing (.ood-.Ac , at AmiIu. i f Tbui-day. May hub. at b, A M udl.Y * ,, 1 ••‘f*1’a ’i»rtmHU| ufCJ|tou -birur g-auoaueet in^j ticking*, aript*, driuan, ilanutJ* iiieiis im ou good*, fine tin*,, tuftki'i, camiric- dreMgtod* of j r«riou> ?*«iaa. broad clotb.c*sf*Jf« JL? ! pn"'!. *N»Wl<. print.. wilh a ger-^ll m^ntol dry fo.ds, r»ucy arilaha, niroiehlng goods. A «o Die tm'ance of. c'otblng dealer's met eon listing o» com!*, pants, mil, »tirts, coll.™ iju,f * »« __may 7dfd E M FATTEN AL'CUuNLLR. U ks cti.ugeSt Ileal E-iiiic on Danlorib Street at Auction, ON »V L LINKS DAY, Mas U'h, at d o’clock, ft, on the pmoii.e,, Jo o.nlonh street. tbo daalru hie two story Dwelling and I jud Lot forty.sevea tert on U ah for to street, by one hundred and two tcet deep; pa-sere way in rear of lot. building* la good order «nd bouse tilted with gas, furnaee. and plenty hard aud soft water It bav a frea policy off InnniMtf. I*o-se«<tiou given iin mediately, f or particular* call on the Auc ioner. Exchange __mayO-ld fifth Great Sale of Damaged Good*, from the wrecked BteamerBohemias. tbo benefit of whom It may concern*, will open on Wedu*«da", May Utu. at lOo cicek A. M.t at HO. 8 Uill,» link, t «»mmereial street, con fii<tiug ot Broad c. loibs. Ca-ainierea, 1 we* 4#, 1'rinfa. bltaDasu and unbleached lotions, bilks. 1 (Lena, la ior»’ Trlmmiugs, Hosiery . < arrets. Ladiea I are sols, Call* i f. Faney liorxl-. Mechanic*' Filar. Ac l he*e goods were raised by the Divers, nd «« think iu better order tbati any b fore offer* d bv a* Open for examination at 8 o’clock, morning oi mU taay&dfd itKN1:V BAILEY k CO.AwcVbs. ' Auction Sale. ON* SATURDAY May 14. fit 3 o'clock la the af> t'Tioou tt.e FA RM oi tbe subscriber at krte* i'orner. conni ting of about 26 acres of Lsnd. and a good Orchard ai d a good two storied House, with stable and buildings with bard and soft water, wi.l be «r id at Public Auciion, Holers si oner di»Lo»ed of at piivste sale. For tort her particular* 1 nun ire ct tbe 'utsrriher on the pre ois s. JOBKPli FOLUTK*. Freeport, May 4, 1864 ma 4dt«3b EDWAHD SI. PATTEN. ‘ Commission Merchant k Autti«ae*r, Ho. removed to 'bs spacious a toco U Exchange 8tr«*t, four door, bokrw Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive eODsignineBts of Mercbaadlao at every description, for public or privaio sale. Salto of Keel Estate. Veaaels. C argoes. Stocks aad Mer chandise solicited. tub advances mace, wlvb prompt sales aad returns. mcblS dly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JUST OPENED Ho. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Stmt, PORTLAND, MIL I shall bein the constant receipt nf, and still Mil •very afternoon and evening by pa bile aaetion, the following line* of goods la >,naatitles to salt: W oolens ol all description*, Dies* flood* in variety, Linen, a rash Towelling, Covers. Arc,TableCatlery, Plates! Ware, Jewelry. Yankee It*. lions ansi Fancy Uoodi, Commencing Tuesday. Febraary Wtb. CKO. L. PEIRCE. Auction and Com mission Marcbaat. W. r. Stswabt, Auctioneer- feblddtt TO THE AFFLICTED I DK. W. NTbEniNd, ^Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp*i Block, COILS EH OECONORESE AND ELM ETEMM1E WOULD rcapcctfUlv &ulgubcc to the c Ultra* ol fertljs'l ihil kicuiily, that he h*« peiuMfet* lr locRtcu iu ttua city. Daring tbe eleven month* that have been ib torn we bate cured some o| tbe worn furui* of iIiwsmi iu yenoni who ksvt tried other foruut of treatmeait in vain, aid curing pa tients iu so short a time that the question la oftea ••k*d, do they stay cured T To answer this q—11 nn we will say that all that do not • tay cured, wo will doctor the m>cob<1 time for nothing. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician far twenty* one years, and is also a regular graduated phvelelan Electricity ix perfectly adapted to chn>olo dWeiooo in the form or nerronaor sick headache; bwnxnlgte In the head, neck,or cat re mines; comm loptlon, when in the acute stages or where the lungs are not telly Involved: acute or chronic rheumnlmm, sc rot aim. Uf dDvaaes. white swellings, spinal diseases, curvatnro of the epiae, contracted mnsclee, distoetod limbs, palsT or paraJynla. St Vitas' Dance, deafMa, etas m« ring or he»itanoy of speed*. ^>spcpeia, tndlgae t^o, constipaUon and liver oovnlajnt pile*—woernw every case that can be p reseated; asthma. Irene li tis. stricture* of the cheat, and ail term# e! mate complaints. By Electricity The Rheumatic. the goaty, tbe leme sad tha lag, leap with joy. end move with tbe agility tad eleerte ity of vohth; tbe heated brain ie oooied; tbe bwl bitten limt. restored, tbe uncouth deiormttMe re moved ; fuintneM converted to vigor, aeakaeee ta strength. tbe bl Inti made to see. tbe deaf ta bear eac the palsied form to move upright; tbe bleaaiebee at yonth are obliterated; the occsdealr of wataaa tile prevented; the caiamitiee of old age obviated, sad an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold hands and Met: wear — lame sud weak becks; nervous and sick headache* d.uinese and swimming in tbe bead, with indlgee tion and coneilpation of tbe bowele; pain la tbe ode end back; leucorrhma, (or ebitee); falliag of tka womb ulth Internal eancers; tumors, poly pas. sad all that long train os disease# will gad la Iliegrte ity a sere means of care. For painful meoetraaMoa too profuse menetruation, aad all of tbuaa long Ilea of troubles with young ladies, KleotrMty iaaeerMla specidc. and will, in a abort time, restore tbveedbrer to tbe vigor of health. KF~ n't Karr ass glecfro-dkeasicsi diyerslei tag u ttracting Mineral Poison irvm the Syrians. seek ee Mercery. Antimony. Arsenic, he. Hundreds who are troubled with stiff totals, weak basks, and vari ous otherdlfBcuIttee, the direct oaaee of wkick, la nine case* oat of ten, le the effect ol pcteoaaae drwm, van be restored to e. Ural strength aad vlgar by As use of from ff re to eight bathe. Oflcr hoars from 1 a stock a. a. ta 1 r.l.ili «; and ! to 8 r a. Coc-altation Free. |yl4 taadt Hantin^’s AlelotlconH l- tsacii-w. JPEO mm #8WA8 IS I.OOit AS THE HEST AND CHEAP AS THE CHEAPEST. W ari'-rootus No, .1 U., PORTLAND. Person* tie* iron* of purchasing wi 1 fad It f>r their advantage to call a> d examine for then ttlvee. maytdlm Irr Crraiu ! Ice Cream ! ! A_t Mrown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 15*3 and 131 Gick«i,« Hi., U|>f»'.it« th. 1 itirraaijoaal H.uh m*fUu Th<* I hrapetl A|mjr |H|)K collrclliif *11 c)*mm of el*i*u anti*. non r the war i« that of the “MA1NK WAB CLAIM ASSOCIATION," iu which the expend are controlled by ndisinter ested tuxecu ivv Lowmittee. Apply in pernon. or by letter, to GEORGE V. KMKlO . over the Portland Poet Office, Si etory dawly M. G. WEBB A CO., “ Wholesale Dealers in Flour, \0.S| COM JIEKC1.4L STREET. apl4 PORTLAND* ME. dtf NftrCti Yarmouth Academy, At T AH MOUTH, iU. r|t 4K ntner term will commence May IS. Hoard * I eu» he iiad with the T«-achera, in * Kn.-te l bail ** For Particular*, a dre»« tb<- Principal. E S. Hoyt trw 4 JAS. BATE*, Heey May 4,1*6!. mayteodaww IHriso Instiluiicp Company. fit UK tub crilr * to the-Capital Mock of thaDtri I hj liiHiiraiic*- Company are repeated to call at tneir otbee. No 2H Exchange Creel. ter tht»r iv. tin MM inaccanUm- with the* hirt»rand By-Lora JE 1 EMI All DOW. Secretary * Portlaud. May 4. IMA. mayidiw Fry churn Academy. fit HR Summer Tr'tn of this Institution a til coa A mcac* a e*4nefday May 2hth, and continue t#n week* b P SNOW, A M . Ptincipal D B SKWALL. Secretary Fry.tu f, M»j 3,1*4 w*>^i<it*irt.

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