Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 11, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 11, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. PORTLAND MAIN* Wednesday Morning, May II. ISO*. - . ----• -- ’ " The circulation of the Daily Pres» is laryer than any other Daily paper in the State, and. doable that of any other in Portland. eroo per year if paid ilrictly in ad aanet a dttoouut of <1.00 mill be made. OT Rending M alter on all Four Page*. Union Convention ! is. citizens of tlie Kir. Congressional District who are uncondlUorally loyal to tkcCoverumcatof ibe United Stales, and who unconditionally sup port all ita saeasures for suppressing the Rebellion, and who are reeolved to spare no endeavor to main talnoar National Unity, both in principle and ter ritorial boundary, are invited to send Delegatea to a Convention to pc held at SACO, on Thmadny, tlie ‘26th Bay oi May, At 11 o'clock A. M., for the purpose of selecting Two Dbliqatks to Tint tales Katiosal Cox* TKXTiox, which meets at Baltimore tlie 7th day of Jana next. The baaia of Representation will be one Delegate te each town, and one additional Delegate tot every a*venty-Bve votes thrown for the Union Candidate tier Governor in 186A. A majority fraction of seven ty-fire will entitle a town to an additional delegate. John Ltxch, I'orUand. j nxwALL n. Gaos#, N .Giouce ter, Uuion Joan D. Lixoolx. Brunswick, | Joss A. Wittsssa, oosHsa, 1 District Dab'l STtareoa, Blddelbrd. I Gao H KwowtToa. Allred, I Committee. M ¥. VimwosTH, Jiitttery, j mayddawtomav 2<i ▲ Valuable Canadian Book. Henry J. Mono an. Ksq., lias sent us a Book of500 pages of which be is Editor, print ed by John Lovell of Montreal. It is entitled ‘‘The Relations of the Industry of Canada with the Mother Country and the I'nited States.*’ The typographical execution of tlie work is very neat and quite creditalile to the printing house of Mr. Lovell. It has been said by Englishmen in ) ears past, ‘‘Who ever reads an American BookBut we have never asked the question, “Who ever reads a Canadian Book We have no prej udices of that kind; and we assure our Cana dian neighbors that we read their books with pleasure sad profit. 1 rue, we of the north, in our present struggle for the life of our listing have not had the sympathy of all Queen Vic toria’s subjects in British North America, however much we might have desired or de served it. But we feel much pleasure lu re cognizing the fact that some of their journals and some of their public men have taken a just and unprejudiced view of the rebellion and fully understand its obiecl aud aim. They ■ea in it a determination to tight for elavciy and against Freedom. It is indeed strange that the people of any civilized country in this enlightened nineteenth century, should sympathize with a slavehold ing population, aud it excites our spec is I won der that the subjects of Queen Victoria, eith er In Canada or on the “fast anchored Isle.’’ should esteem human bondage so lightly as to sympathize with a rebellion whose sole object is to perpetuate such a wicked institution. But we return from this di gression to the Book before us, the con tents of which are made up from the speech es and letters of Isaac Buchanan, Esq., M. 1’., and from various other sources. Hurltanan is a name which has hut little music lu it for our ears. We have an “old public functiona ry” of that name, who has fallen so low that none can reverence him, hut we trust our prej udice* do not extend to the Canadian orator and member of Parliament, whom we judge to be a sharp, ready debater and an adroit and clever statesman. In bis speech at Toronto, in answer to the toast, “The internal improvements of the Prov ince,” he bore down heavily upon the Brown Dorian Government, and the Macdonaid-Si cotte Cabinet were unmercifully excoriated amidst roars of laughter, that plainly indicat ed the current of public feeling iu Canada West. He advocates Canadian manufactures with much power and good sense, aud repudi ates the idea of sending so much money “home" for manufactured articles, which might be produced iu the Provinces. “The low, radical statesmen of England,” he says, “interfere too much witli our respon sible government in Tariff matters, and the. ministry countenance them. The life-blood of the Province has to pay for the excess of im ports over exports.” No doubt manufactories scattered over that country would greatly low est the Canadian farmers. Canada West is a magnificent country, its soil ami climate are excellent, and the occupation of its numerous water falls would give employment to tbons ands, and greatly advance her agricultural in terests. The true policy of Canada is to pro mote the prosperity of her farmer-. The ob ject of Kugland in retaining territory ought to be to bless it and not to blight it. England cannot long expect to dry up Canadian tears by throwing dust into their eyes as the barba rians did to a poor shipwrecked mariner ou their coast. He thinks Lord Elgin bribed the Americans by sharing with them the Provincial Fi.-luery and Navigation rights to give the Canadians the Reciprocity Treaty. The farming inler est of Canada is greatly favored by this Trea ty. He believes that if there is an end put to this Treaty, it would be better for Canada to be annexed to the United States, lu sucli a crisis the most loyal men are those who speak out most loudly and plainly. We should prob ably open our arms and receive them when they solicit such an embrace. l...I,.- nr»i— .....— •r of England would greatly benefit tbe Can adians as well as the working classes in Eng land, Ireland aDd Scotland. Britain ought to yield tbe principle of centralizing, and estab lish an American Zollwein—llnt Is, throw down nil custom houses between Canada and the United States. England, he thinks, can never get free trade with us, but its equiva lent would be found in tbe continuance of tho Keclproslty Treaty, thus virtually deuiolisb ing these custom houses. Such a state of at - fairs would glvs the Canadiaus all the com mercial anvantages of annexation. But the question Is, would it give us such advantages ? No doubt such a Zollverien as exists among the Germau States would benefit our neigh bors, but as at present advised we shall probably keep our custom houses awhile longer at least. Canada ought to demand of England two things, he says—First an American Zollvcreiu —second, to be made neutral territory in time of war between this country and England.— That would be really comfortable for our Can adlan neighbors in such a crisis, but we think annexation would be preferable lor us, ali things considered. We have not time or space to give uuy thing like an extended view of this work, such an one as Its merits demand. It contains a fund of Information upon very important questions that concern not only Canada but also ibis country and England. Productive labor is tha only true riches of any country, and this subject has been well and wisely discussed in this volume. It is a true saying that “as w ith a family, if a nation would become rich it must sail more than it buys.*' This is the funda mental principle on which the whole system of political economy must be based. All na tions struggle to keep the balance of trade In their own favor; at least such is a wue poli cy. It has been well said by oue writer that the the "Vaukee who would feed au English man with his bread, will be obliged to butter it well with duties." A few words more, and we must close this aiticle. In the present crisis through which our country i» pa-sing, our importations are altogether too excessive. The balauce of trade is too much against us, and consequent ly the precious metals must continue to com. maud ^premium. A remedy for this maybe found in curtailing our expenses, and cutting short our extravagant mode of. living. The womeu have the power, if they would but ex ercise it, of relieving our couulry of some of the burdens which are now piessing it down. ,Silk«, satins and other expensive fabrics,might, in sonic good degree, be dispensed with, but Fashiou is a hard tyrant to overcome. We may almost say, it rules the women, and the women rule the world. The Bohemian. In the case or the libels agatust goods re covered from the wreck of steamship Bjhe mian, in which Messrs. Fessenden A Butler, Drummond, E. A F. Fox, and Ingraham were counsel for libellants, and Messrs. Sheplcy A liana for claimants, Judge Ware yesterday delivered the following decree: Thu Bohemian, a steamship ol about 2200 tons burthen with a full assorted cargo and nearly 20-J passengers, iu her voyage from Liverpool to l’orllaud, went ou a rock near this p irt about 8 o'clock in the eveuiug of the 22d of February last. There is some question on what rock site impinged, hut whatever it was it broke quite a considerable hole in iter bottom through which the water poured iu toireuts. She Ailed fast ar d the water soon reached and extinguished her Ures. Site quick began to settle in the water and was soon lirmly fixed on the l?dge from which she never moved. The first care of the master was to save the lives of lie asiengers. These were put into the boats • he ship. Uufortuuately, by some mischance, one was swamped by the side of the vessel with about forty pas sengers and all were lost. The two other boats arrived safely on land, Hindi was not more than a third or a fourth of a mile ftom U'licro lilts talilii Ini/ On the 2b 1 the vessel being firmly seated on a rock with a large hole in her bottom, it was hy the master deemed impossible to nav igate her into port with tier crew, as it mani festly was, und he discharged them and deter mined to rely on aid from the laud, informa tion of the disaster was immediately dis patched hy tlie Telegraph to the insurers in Boston ami a company of divers was sent down to take the cargo from the vessel aud bring it ashore. A Telegraphic dispatch was alsoseut to the insurerrfand owners in Canada, and they forth with entered into negotiations with a company in New Vork for saving tlie vessel and cargo. The New Vork company thought it more advisable to take the vessel into the harbor being prepared lor that pur pose, ami a bargain was finally made with them. Some time must necessarily he occu pied in making their preparation and coming to Portland, aud tho vessel lay last on the ledge from the 22d of February to the 0th of March, when a violent storm arose on the evening of that day, which completed the catastrophe. The storm commenced in the earlier pait of the night aud increased towards nioruiug. First the mU/.an ina-t weut by the board and afterwards tlie two other masts. The vessel was broken asunder, ho that her forward part fell down and the whole other tipper hold was to the violence of the sea. The wind increased to a very heavy gale and blew directly on shore, aud on Mon day the 7th the water flora the vessel to the shore Was full of a wild confusion of boxes, esses, halts and fragments of a ship. The greater part were in a place called Broad Cove, but many of the goods were scattered up the hay towards Portland aud many went west toward Ssco. Somojrenl ashore towards the city and some were taken up at sea as far as Saco harbor. ^ Tho shore all around the cape is a firm ledge aud the boxes and bales that came from the ship mixed with fragments of the wreck instead ol being lauded high on the shore, were borne on the water by the approaching waves aud carried back on the returning watei vo that the goods when they were saved were saved alter the billow btoke, by the salvors venturing into’ tbe water ou the returning tide. To save them in such a state of thing* was not only a work of great labor but of considerable danger. .Some of the salvors were taken hy the water from their 'feet and were saved front being carried to sea by those near them, one nt !ea*l was badly wounded. The goods in this way were washed on the pointed and craggy rocks, were rapidly torn and rendered nearly worthies*. It was ah object therefore to save them H|K>ed:ly. Many were *aved in Broad Cove and in the vicinity, some farther towards the town aud some on the other shore a- lar west as Blddelird. But many were sunk in tlie water and fished up from the bottom. In saving these there was no great danger when the storm was over, but it was not without much labor aud care. It is scarcely necessary to add that there was a large collection of people on the shore, who began to collect Monday morning ami increased during that aud tbe following days, who were engaged in saving tlie goods on the shore aud after the storm abated in fishing them up from tlie bottom of the water. These came and worked in companies and claim a salvage on tlie parts which they saved and which have been kept separate. N'ow can it be necessary to add that any lorce that could tie assembled by tbe master, he having dismissed Ids whole ship crew, with all that could b.' added hy the ollicers of the customs on this sudden emergency were entirely inad equate to tlie saving aud protecting of the goods. An objection in made in limine to the al lowance of any salvage in tiie«e cases ou the ground that the owners prohibited any foreign interference in tU ■ business. But the cargo ot tli ■ vessel was very large, amounting to something like a million of dollars, variously assorted and belonging to a great number of consignees and then1 was no general repre sentation of the owners present but tbe mas ter. lie from necessity was tlie agent of ail interested when no other was present, and it Wits ourluinltr It is. ilnl v in tliiu 11 n t- i. I.wl n u 1 amity to save all that he could. From him there was no prohibition in the curlier part of tire time generally understood. On tire con trary the salvors were encouraged by persous whom they had a right to suppose were inter ested in saving the cargo to proceed and save what they could, and any lorce which the captain could bring was entirely incompetent to the service, so that the question of tire right ol tlie owners in a case litre the present is in fact not presented. There was undoubtedly considerable pil lage by persons on the shore who do not claim as salvors. In so large unassorted car go suddenly scattered on a rocky shore for fifteen or eighteen miles, and so large a collec tion of persons assembled of all descriptions, some from mere curiosity and others from motives less laudable, this would be expected as a natural consequence, llut the only im peachment of theenlire honesty of those who claim as salvors, is the alleged breaking open and plundering from the trunk of a passen ger. Oapt. Slone of Kennebuuk. This came on shore Monday and was then stove at the end, but nothing was lost from it. After it came on shore the trunk was broken open and its contents plundered. If it had been constantly in the possession of the original salvors as they acted in company, there might he ground under the circumstances for hold ing Mitchell's company responsible for the contents, though the individual that commit ted the larceny might not be known. But they were taken out of the possession of the salvors ai d put under the guard of men ap pointed by the master or other persons, and whether the trunk w as rilled when in the care of one or the other, is left by the evidence in entire uncertainty. It would tin refine be un just to charge the loss on them, aud more es pecially as in every other respect they appear before the court of entire integrity. The goods saved, scattered us they were, were not either technically or substantially derelict. Tuey were not abandoned without the hope of recovery, and the master of the vessel whose duty it was to protect them while any hope of saving them remained; was present. A salvage cannot lie therefore awarded on the goods as legally derelict. But the salvors have high merit. These goods, though not abandoned, were beyoud the im mediate care and supervision of the master, aud were in the process of rapid destruction by the force of the water on the pointed rocks. They could not be saved by the mas ter nor by all the force that he could collect, and ic this situation the salvors volunteered to aid him. It was a service of no inconsid erable danger to life and limb, and for the time it was continued, of great labor and hardship; aud from all this they are entitled to a reward both for their fearless gallantry and their persevering labor. Hut above all, they richly deserve a reward for scrupulous honesty. The goods being so dispersed and unavoidably bevoud tile coutrol and supervis ion of the nia«ter, and the weather at the tame lime being so tempestuous, there was the fairest aud most tempting opportunity for Irauds and plunderage, but among all those who claim as salvors there has been but one imputed act of dishonesty and that unproved; aud i think traceable to too hasty suspicion, for I do not believe from the testi mony that any of Mitchell's party had any concern in rilling the trunks. Considerable difficulties necessarily arise with respect l» the costs aud charges in these salvage cases from the ship. Seventeen libels .have been (lied by differ ent individuals and parlies against different portions of the cargo, a part of w hich was taken when washed ashore, part from the bot tom of the sea. anil a part atloat ou the sur face of the waters. These lielonged to differ ent owners, and as some of them wete saved in the otiginal cases, and some of these cases or boxes were broken and the goods mixed w ith others, to separate them aud apportion the expenses to each, has been found imprac ticable. A large purt also of the testimony which has been heard.applies as much to one part as another, aud this testimony was taken on a general agreement to be used as tar as it was applicable in all the cases. Under these circumstances it lias been found that the only feasible course, and perhaps as equitable as any that could have been adopted, has been to charge the whole expense of saving the goftds to the whole saved. And in a salvage so irregularly and hastily made, where the principal object was to save them speedily, any attempt at au exact separation would be fruitless. On the whole, I have come to the conclu sion of allowing about 5tt per cent, after de ducting duties, arid all costs aud expenses are paid. Though these goods were not technic ally derelict, they would nearly all have been lost but for the exertions of the salvors. In this mournful calamity the owners can receive but a small part of what they might reasona bly expect if their goods had arrived safe.— To the salvors this will be, I trust, deemed a reasonable compensation. ( ultivutiun ol Flowers. A visit to Dirwangcr’s Floral Garden on Munjoy Hill, will show to any one how much the energy, perseverance and skill ol one man can do in making the bosom of Mother Earlh radiaut with most beautiful flowers and the air ragraut with their sweetest perfumes. Five years ago, Dirwaugur first began to spade up this hard, rocky soil, and prepare it for seeds and roots. Now quite a spacious area is high ly cultivated with a great variety of flowers. It is {ileasant and inspiring to walk under his glass roofs and witness the thousands of flowers unfold their glory aud beauty, which this Florist has so skillfully cultivated and so tastefully arranged, llow richly does Nature reward the skillful and industrious worker!— A sweet temper and a kind heart must be the natural and legitimate result ol such labor. It ■eems to us that the old depravity which is (aid to be iubereut In our natures, aud which has been so much talked about for' the past eighteen centuries, must jield to the cultiva tion of flowers, and give place to better and holier emotions towards Him who made the earth and established its laws. We thank this Florist for making oue spot on Munjoy Hill so beautiful and interesting. Where the land and water prospects are so flue and beautiful as they are on this hill, a garden of flowers seems to be in good keeping with the graud eure of the surrounding scenery. If any of our readers are troubled with the blues and feel vexed with worldly cares, we advise them to walk among Dirwanger’.' flow ers and look away upon the ocean, and gaze upon the green and beautiful islands that dot this expanse of waters in our harbor, anil if their spirits arc not quieted within them aud their hearts made better, then, we fear there is no hope for them. OltlCIXAL AX It SELECTED. ar t he Baptist society in Bath, Rev. Mr. Matthews’, are putting a new orgau into their church. Judge Rent presides at the term of the S. J. Court for Liucoiu county, which commenced at Wiscasset yesterday. A large number of Assistant Surgeons are wanted to enter the service immediately and remain for a short time only. iiT~ Hon. E. I). M. Sweat has our thauks for a copy of the II. s. Navy Register, for the year lsix. Iff A steam fug just built at Bath, has beeu sold to government, to be used for tow ing purposes at the Charlestown Navy Yard. EyRev. Dr. Baldwin of Troy, N. Y., pas tor of a very large and wealthy Baptist socie ty, re I used au increase to bis salary tendered him by his congregation. Ey* “ Artemas Ward” is writing au account of his travels in California, Nevada. Utah and other parts of the Union, which will propably he published by G. W. Carleton. Ey'ilf- A. A. Hanscoin, who has been ed itor and pioprielor of the Saco Democrat lor over 21 years, lias sold out to Messis. Isaac B. Noyes Jt Co. EJT" A five years old steer was slaughtered in Providence on Tuesday, which weighed when dressed 1J59 pouuds. The Journal says the animal was the smallest of a drove of six,all raised by one mania Maine. sstt be representatives of the New York press have failed to Cud out Ge'u. Grant's plans. He will no doubt inform them iu the course oi the coming week, w hen lie intends to stiike. Men of money will learn from our advertising columns that the State Treasurer wishes to effect a State loan to a large amount, though it will be accepted in comparatively small sums. Dr. Dio Lewis is lilting up the Lex ington Hotel for Ihe reception of ladies and gentlemen who seek health iu the movement cure and recreations. \Ve have no doubt a correct system of diet and exercise will be found more successful in tlie cure of disease than dosing and drugging. going over the length and breadth of our city a day or two since, we saw a home to he let. There could he ho mistake about it, as the card, with the “To Let," was at the window. Why it should be vacant with hun dreds looking for houses we could not under stand, unless the condition on which it should bo occupied, were such as to debar all who w ish to hire. Perhaps the family must lie childless and consist of only man and wife. The story recently circulated that President Lincoln gave to Mrs. White, his w ife's sister, a pass to go South with contra band goods, is contradicted. The pass was precisely the same us that given to oilier hr dies permitted to go South, allowed her to take only ordinary baggage, did not exempt her trunks from examination, and Gen. But ler found no contraband goods or leiteis in her baggage. She did not insult or defy Gen. Butler; nor was there anything iu her words or actions which led him to suspect that she was either a rebel spy or emissary, or that she was violating any of the rules under which persons are sent through the lines. ^ —— - — ...—- --- Casualties in Maine Regiments. A dispatch from Rev. E. B. Jackson. Chap laiu ol Armory Square Hospital, Washington, to Mayor McLellan, states that 250 wounded men of the 3d Maine iiad arrived. Capt Ilersey and Lieut-Col Burt are killed. Capt Gilchrist, (? Getchell) had a leg shot off; Acting Adjutant Johnson was wounded and taken piisoner; Maj Morgan, wound in the arm; Capt Worcester, two wounds, se vere; Col West, 17th,slight wound; MsJ Mat tocks, taken prisoner; Lieut Doe, killed. ! Fourth Regiment—Mai Gray, Capt E Lib by. Capt Worcester, Lieut Conant, killed; Michael Sweeney, Newton l'arker, Frank Me ; Donald, Thomas 'Faulty, Tolman Mclntire, (.'has Vanhorn and John Pearson, of the 17th, dead; F J Whitman, 17th killed. Th following is a partial list of the killed ! and wounded in the Battle of the Wilderness, May 5th and (itli: Capt Getchell, 3.1 Me; Lieut Webber, 7th, I wounded in leg; Capt Nickerson, 7ih, leg; ) Maj Matthews, 5th, severely; Lieut Crockett, ; 4th, severely; J C Chandler, 7lb,arm;JW Pomeroy,7th, thigh; M King, Jr, 7th. both legs, flesh; L S Thurston, 7tli; A C Petteu gill, 7th, leg; (IT Uodson, Vtli, abdomen; A M Stevens, 7th, thigh; A Crockett, 7th,thigh ; W II Atherton, 7th, thigh; II O J King, do; J Mai mo, do, thigh; T II Wilcox, do, toot; T II Goodwin,do,leg; ii DCowan,do,thigh; C II Waterhouse, do, ankle; O Robinson, do, thigh; J Boyle, do, abdomen; J Durant,do, elbow; Tims H Brooks, do, leg; Chas Jagtr, do, arm; Geo Brown, do, abdomen; A Green, do, ankle; J H Hutchinson, dodo; Capt Lib by, 4th, killed; Capt Gregory, otli, wounded, sevire; Capt Getchell, oth, severely; A Wins low, 7th, stomach; T Melody, 7th, leg, flesh; J Green,7th, hip; Charles E Plummer, 7tb, do; J Wells, do, foot; J Graham, do, lung; Geo Bickford, do, abdomen; S Ilannalord, do, hip; J I.ear, do, abdomen; J Smith, 17th, thigh P Frazer. 17ih, elbow ; T G Tbomp* son, 17th; C E Washburne, do, in elbow; C Wolf, 17ib. two wounds, arm and leg; CU Uodsden, 17th, hip; J Bushnell, 17th, thigh ; Witt B We a ton, 3d Me; Henry Pollard, do; Frank Phillips, Ulh; Jos II Plummer, 3d; II Decker, 12th; Orville Blunt,4th Me Battery; Harry Crosby, Geo C C Soule, Sutn'l Jordan. Jos It Anthem, Win Leland, Isaac Rounds, J II Warren, John H Cotton, Jas Brown, Thi s Jackson, all of 17th Me; Patrick Russell, 3d ; J S Hill, Corji J F Stone, Corp II A Caiergin. E W Jackson,H B Perkins,all of the 4th Me; A D Alexander, 30th; B Francis Philoes; Si mon Jordan, 17lh. Review ol the .Market, For Uw week ending May 11. 1864, pre pared ex pressly lor the l'RKfta, by Mr. M. N. Kick. Note.—We wish it to be understood that our quo tations represent prices of largo lots from first hands, Uhie** otherwise stated, and that in filling -mall or ders, higher rates have to be charged. ASHES—Prices remain firm at recent alvancrs, and we continue to quote Pearl Ashes ll all jc, and Pots 9<g9Jc p lb—sales moderate. APPLES—Dried apples are very scarce, and prices have advanced We row quote cored and sliced 104 ' @11*0 p lt» In Green Apples stocks are getting re duced. Baldwins are ab« ut our of the market: a (ew lots not strict! r sound ar«; svlMeg at ah ut 83 60 &8 *5 P bbl. Sound Kmsetts are firm at 95 p nbl BREAD—We notice a recent advance on all kind* of Bread and now quote Pilot Bn. ad 8 7 - "o 7 50, Ship Breud p lt>, and Crackers 84 25 a, 4 60 p bln. or 45c p 1UU. BI (’ARB SODA — We notice a recent advance on Soda, and now quote 8faj8*c %» lb. BUT TER—continue* to entertain a downward ten dency, as receipts an-amply. Good table Butter is < floriiitf tieelv ut 2Su<>Oc. aud ( oitntry ball 25j Store Butter is nominal at 27x9,27c p lb. as stocks are meagre. BEANS—There i* a steady inquiry and prices maintain previous firm revs. a!th u<Ji rales are mod erate. e now quote White Pea and Marrow Beans 92 50u.2 G2. and Blue Pod* 8237 a.2 50 p busk. Bo\ ii HOOKS—There is a yteady moderate busi ness iu Box tf honks, without any material cl anpe to notice in the market, aud prices rule at about : for best pine boxes Tor *1 ipping. Heaters are, how ever, not offering over 66« Oc as tha snpplv it ade quate to present demand* shipments are moderate COOPERAGE—The mark* t|n-mains dull and with out any notioeablo * lunge City made Mulaiua Shook-are in better demand aud mote dim at cur quotations. C ountry Shooks an- nominal as there is no demand Hoops are ia bett r demand as the stock i* light, lietdiug* are iu good sap* lyr, ami the market is heavy at prestnt quotations. CI1KE8K—has farther udvanced as good dairies are scarce and in good demand at 19a20c. Country Cheeses are held at about 17 a,18c p ft.. COFFEE—The market continues very qneif, and although 1 te extreme quotation* arearked by hold ers, th'«re i* so iittle doing that they are now rather nominal at the following quotations : — Java 50ar.2c ; Rio 46 a 18c. uud Cape 4" o42c. COAL—The Coal market is exceedingly firm and prices huovant at an advance in this market at >13 ptoufur White A-b, I.* high a- d Fraukliu. We now quote Cumberland Ccal $11 p ton. - Cordage. Manilla has again advareed ‘». and the tua'kvt i* firm and buoyant at ;2j a 23c. Amer ican Cordagq 18 <f 1.8-. Ku*ia llcmp 7:: .u 23c; do Bolt Hope 22 « 2?j: and Manilla Bolt Rope 231 a 24c perp. ‘ Candles an firm and steady at recent advances aud we cuntinno to quote mould 17c in large lots and 174c for small lot*. Cxmkvt. We notice som-* advance on Cement a* the season for ths demand is fairly open and prices are firm at 195 « 290 per cask, best braud* *re firm at our extra price. C uban Tartar. Puro crystal* have advanced, our quo ation- are now 75c. Pulverized remain nonittia' at 42 & 45c per p. DRY (iOODS—We notice a great advance on both foreign.aud domtssic Dry tioods, our quota tion* having been thoroughly revised up to she lat ent hour of gJing to pres*. The advance on foreign good* Is produced chit l! in consequence of the new tariff increasing the duties Wit le the ncial advance* for domestic fabric* is a:tiibut<d to the excessive d-matid. which greatly exceed* tfe sup ply. J others ex] ciidUCe much uiMcolty ii: tew g abb to supply the want* of the trade l. r many cla-.-i* of good- Wgit buy era have m< t the advance leadily, : while deabrs have n t been solicitous to sell even at I present prict-. DRUGS AND DYES—The market has bo-*u active j with a brisk demand lor all » he h ading articl- und price* lor the most part have ruled regular. Indigo. Manilla fine, ban recently advanced tix >1 6»>u2 III; Maddox l%ltc Kbub’ard i* firm at $3 Sale* ot Saltpetre and Vitro] have been made at an advance. Opium ha* farther advanced and we now quote •*« 81500 ^15 50 p lb. Camphor has advanced to 1 06 "a) \ 70 Borax has advanced, an t we now quote 42 a, 4*>c. Alcohol and Fluid—we now quote* Alc >hol36u o.2 60, and Fluid 2 15 u2 70, the latter being for pure, I ii Dye w >ods we note an advance on Hynernic. Red Wood and lied Samltrs. Other Dyewoodsar. wi h out any change DUCK—The Portland Duck Co are still eugaged on contract* to the lull capacity of their mill*, aud prices are nominally unchanged, aud we continue our last quotation*as follow*:—Portland No 1 Cotton Duck 91 21 p yard : No Id, 7"c; Navy superior, No 3, fl 11; No 10, 7dc; Raven* Duck G‘ic. FLOUR—t*a* boon srrivlug qtiPo freely the past week, and with (lie Ihrther slight teduc ion in ^oid, together with the fact oa.ial navigation i* now fairly open, and that more lit era! supplies will *o,u come forward, t*»e market has been quiet and prices depressed, a decline of about 25e having takeu place since our last repo f. We adjust our quof it on* ac cord sixlv, which take iu theraegv ol tirice* r. ui.y «l in the transaction* ot tno wetk. FKUITS-Wc notice in idvtuce 4.11 Ka: in*, and now quote bunch-box #1 6 '*<4 75 anil layer* #4 76a 6 4* box. < unant.- me iu demand a? full price*, orjrg h and Li muna have again advanced, aud the market 1* buoyant at $ »&*&«> 60 per Box hr Lem on*, aud 6 Ou <4 *) 60 lor Oraugts Peanut* are Ur in atari advance ot 25c: we now quote 8 50 ti 3 75 k> bushel. " v PI3U—There is a very active demand for nearly all linds offish and price* have undergone a further decide! ad vane.*, and there have bteu (urge Miles at our eX'r'ine quotation* during tfe werk. K t tkaare light, aud *0 great is the demand th%» th highest price* are readily rea izvd for 'argelotj. Drv t od an 1 Pollock are very firm at 2&g50eadvance. Mack erel are also higher and quick aalti at quotations, bevoral large lots Mali have been -old during the week within our quotation*. GKAIN—Corn ha* ru’ed quite 'toady throughout the week wita moderate -ale* at 1 45a 1 48 u r Wes tern Mixed aud 1 42 a 1 40 tor Southern Yellow, which a>o the closing prices lor tl c week— slinks light, liv e i* very scarce at higher price*; we now quote 1 5f»sl 60 |> bushel Oat* remain sternly mid quiet at former prioe*, with quite a *to6k in ders at this time. Barley i* quiet and north ui .* t pievicu* price* Shorts are held at 999&40 and Fine i ced r40@4S 4> ton. GUNPOWDER—Prices remain steady and quirt and wc continue to quote Blasting ¥00,54, and Hide and Sporting HIDES AND SK 1 NS— Both dry and groin ilidr? litre undergone a tleoid d advance: we now quote Bueno* Ayres 31^0,82; Western ‘^10; Slaughter l a 10: Calfskins are excited ut d puce* unset!ltd ; we no w quote 26&90s |? !b green. Salted hides and Sheep pelts rtma*u ftsady but firm at previous quo ia'ioi h. HAY—prices are firm and steady at $23 fr ton for pressed. L ose Hay has bteu selling moderately at quotations. Thtro if quito a steady demand for btraw at 3V 4* ton. IKON - We notice a further alliance on all grade* of Iron, aud the market i* him and buoyant at our quotations, a* follows: c inuiou 74c: teumd 8c; swede 10c Norway H(izl2c; Cast Steel 3l.a35; Ger man d)25a27e; English Blistered 15, and boring 14 (S 17c \* »f» LEATHER—The market lias eiiteitained much buoyancy lor a week pa»t, and prices har e a>i\aue<d 2a <c |> lb. We now quote New York Light 53a 84; do Medium* 35(«37c: Heavy 84^36; do Klunghtn 50 v«55c. American 1 all Skin* have advanced to 180 tail 6 • |> lb. LUMBER—High prices for all kinds Lumber con tinue to prevail. Ibare is a great scarcity of sea soned Lumber. Sjruce Board* are in active Ue ■ maud for shipment. We now quota No. l's and 2*s clear Pine 988@40 fc> M ; No. 3 #2*$S0, and No 4 fill ^21; Shipping $23.aj25: Spruce#17^20: Hemlock 10 'ft 12 4* M. Spruce Scantling aud Timber are scarce at 814@14. Joist are also very scarce and firm. Hacktna lack Timber $10a,20 ton. Clapboard Heart Extra are selling at $33; Clear do »30fa,3l; No. 1. $l&i|l&; Sap Clear #24 a 25: do 2d* $20a21: Spruce Extra are worth §17 00 (£*> U0, aud No. 1 $12^18. Shingles, Extra Pine are quoted at 94 50£5 00, aud Clear Piue S3 6Q@3 75. Extra shared Cedar Shingles are worth S3 87^4 00; do 2d S 83 2583 5) P M Laths, Pine are selling at 31 60.^2 25. and Spruce at 81 37@1 50 %> M Our quotations for box shooks and cooper age will be found elsewhere. LARD—has further advanced, and the market is si.onz ai;d buovsut at l&ul&Jc p lb—stocks very limited METALS —We notice a recent advance for both Rig and Sheet Tin, and u^w quote Hanca 68&6O0: Straits 64 866; Char I C 31660317; do I X $19 50 <&'*', and Coke fl6(al&5<>. MOLASSES—The market early in the week was buoyant at some advai ce ovc r our quotations of last week but the mo e ample receipts reused a re* •cti- u ami the market b came depressed and pric s at the close of the week had a drooping tendency. Dealers were generally ho’dlng it our quotations, but more free to make nonces*! »n®. W*< heard there was a cargo rale of clayed at 77c, but were not ad vis.d of the particulars. N AILS—Cut Mails have again advanceJ and prices are arm #7 00(2?7 60 j c-r cask AVAL SlUlDCS—Turpentine remains firm and steady at recent advances and we continue to quote 3 fO»3 75 per *>al. Resin is also higher and i, now held tii m at $44 00348 00 per bbl. OILS—Linseed Oils continue to hive an advanc ii g tendency, and we quote raw 81 6881 70, and boiled $1 73{£l 75. Qllve ei« has advanced to 879) gal We also notice a further advance iu Nr cats toot oil. u hich we now quote «1 2581 86. Portland Ker osene oil remains firm but quieT at 70c, 72ic and 75c D gal Whale oils are unchanged but prices buoy ant. P AINT3 —>»o*rly nil kinds Paiuts and Lead have undergone a furih *r advance. Portland Lead iu oil we now quote $15 60816: Cumberland do $151*50) 15 60: French Zinc $12 2 *0,12 75; American do $11 <b.M 60; Pure Dry Lead 166); Litharge and Red Ibc t' lb. PRODUCE—The i’roduce market continue actives with a good demand for all kinds, exceeding the supply lor many articles which has had a tendency to a nance pric •«, Potatoes are quick at an advance and wo row quote $2 7 *«r> 00 j> r bbl. or 95c <0*1 06 l.) bush. Eggs remain qmet and steady at tne de cline no*iced in our !a-t. and we cotr.inue to quote 18820c dozen. Hu ter is more abundant and still has a drooping tendency. Beef has advanced, and we now quote fre sb ^ carcass 12313c. PROVISIONS—The market fer Pork has ruled very firm throughout the week at our advanced quo tations We now quote Portland packed Extra Clear $308-31, Clear $‘29a, 0, mess $27 a27 70. and prime do *25 8264 t> bbl. City smoked Hams 171818*, and Western 17<£l~c |> bbl. Heef is Urm am* steady at the change noticed iu our last. RICE—The market is very firm, especially since the passage through the Ilou-e oi a Tariff bill en hancing the duties, 60 for 60 days to come, and prices are higher. We now quote 10] 811]c i> lb. 8UG Uti—The market opened strougeirly in the week, but gradually subsided, ami there has been b>s4 activity towards the close, the advance having lost. The maiket closed weak at about our quotations ot last w».ek for refined, which we con tinue as fr Mow*. for crushed, g*anulated and pow der d at 24] a-25c R%w .Sugarr tuaiiitaiu the appre viation. PoitLnd Sugars are lower and prices con tinued toenttrain a d wnward tendency at the close of our report. .The factory prices jesterday were or A A lo], and yellow* fc. SALT—is in very light supply, scarcely sufficient to meet in mediate wants, and under an active de mand prices have advanced to $4 7*0*5 50 1> bushel for Turks Island, Liverpool and Cagliari. SOAP—We notice a recent advance on Soap of all kind*. lx-at he A Gore’s priors are now as fol lows:—Extra No 1 ll]c; Family R); Oleine 11] ; Soda 11], and Gram* 11c. o» iv. r.o— w mi « uiiirr ut mana, lucre is more toi e to the taft' kit, and lor tr.e idokI part prices tend upward. We notice a recent advance on Nut meg*. w l.icli we now quote at 14<-u 1 46, aud a alight advance ou C!o>»s, which we now quote at 66c k» tt*. Pepper ha* undergone seine decline, aud we now quote 42£4fc tb. STARCH— A recent advance has taken place on Pearl Starch, which ia now tel ing in this market at lda.hq »> !h, and Portland 7 q-7jc. TKA8—Price* have advanced since the pas-age of the new tariff, and although the market h» qniet and •ales Sigh?. p> ice* are firm a* the advance We now quote cho ce Oolong 116(a,lrt0; commo-i do 110&U6; Souchong, Augoi aud lower grade* 86'a 1*6; and Ily son 86*4.110 per lb TOBACCO—Tho market is without material change to r.ote aud price* remain nominal. We no tice by t!»«• circular of Messrs 1. A ii. Messenger, N. Y.. that the greater portion of the sale* record ed thi« mouth were effected >u the list fortnight, since which, owing to the unsettled ponttiou of onr national and monetkry aflaii*. together with the spasmodic action in the precious nn-tals. the market ha- been quite torpid . I he demand for inanu'ac turod has been moderate, and at 1be ©toso of the mouth was quite dull, owing in an emiuent degree, to the want of action at Washington in making the addi’i nal tax ot 2 t c?* fl lb as reojut wended, be youd the present excise The supply of Tens and lla’f Pounds continu* light, while Navy Pounds are iu excess and dull at from 62; to 70 ets." SPECIAL NOTICES. Removal. GAUBKRT A UHASK, Flour Dealers har| re moved from No. C3 to No 67 Commercial street, where can be fo'iid at all time* a good assortment of choice Flour Portland, May 9th, 1C6I. na\9d3w The t*:ileot Hellc Monte Skirt a. A full assortment of those celebrated .Skirts in the new style at AND K R SON'S HOOP SKIRT A N D CORSET DEPOT, mcb23 dtf Under Mechanics’ Hall TIIOM kS G. LORING, DRUGGIST, -A 5 D PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER. (’•rarr of Ex change A. FrdrrolSl’a. A perfect fit guarantied. The poor liberal!r con sidered. inch26dtf VERNATELLA. Iu farther statement of the virtues of the Verna* tella, the following little incident may be fonnd somewhat illustrative: THE HONEST MILKMAN. A Milkman was passing through the street ©no foggy morning, with the uaual array ef Cim iu the back part of hi* wagon, when a feilow ou the side walk going ia au opposite direction accosted hiiu thus: "I *ay. Milky, ain't you afraid the dampre-s will get through your fans this morning?” “Oh, ao.” say- the milkman, '*1 gave them a coat of Ver uatclla before 1 left home." The fellow pa*«ed on, reflecting upon the diuger of attempting jokes on country men who read the newapapt rs. Although the those use of the VoruateUa is some what novel, and iu tact not recommended excepting to very honest milkmen, yet. for the Sole* of Boot* and felioes, we do recommend it iu the highest terms; aud it ia our candid belief that it will sure more live* than all the patent medeciuoj ever com pounded. Warranted to make the Soles v a tor-proof and wear one-thi d longer. Especially intended for Ladies’ use, 1 ut equally applicable to men's; neatly applied with a brush attached to the stopper of each boltie: having au agreeable pci fume; not toiling the nicest carpet; saving the frequent use of Rubbers; preserving health and (rroiongiug life. Youth, with her uiautle of rose* bright—the maid of summer’s milder bloom,—the fair daughter of autumnal years— the imperial matron —the tender loving giv:.dniama, treading the odorous pathway of the Vcruatilla, make the roses brighter, summer swee’er, autumn fairer, the queenly graces of ripen ed wjitixnhojd tnore queeuly still, and the totter iug step* of the venerable and blessed one stronger am! firmer. Gaboon manufacturing to., Ml. See large advertisement, my 6 dlw FAMILY DYE COLORS. Patented Oct. 13,1803.) A Saving of SO l'er Cent. Black, It LA i K lOltSlLK, Dark itii k, Light Blue, 1 IlKNHIl !'■ 1. U »-. CLAKii Brown, Light Brown, Dark Brown, Sm fk Brown, For Dyeing Silk Woo'en am! Mixed Good*. Shawls, .Scarfs. DreiKM, Kibbou*. Glove*, Bonnet*, llat», Feather*, kid Ulov-s Children's Clothing, and all kinds of Wearing Appar* 1. ( ii kiii:v, 1 Cm MHON, Dark Drab. Uoht 1>rar, Fawn Du*», Li jut Fawn Dear, Dark Green, Light Green, Magenta . For 2o cent* yon cau color as many rood* a* would cost live time* that sum. Various -hade* cau be produced irom the same dye. fho proems is Eiiaple aud any one can u<c the dye with perfect success. Direction* in Fnglish. French and Ger man, iu*ide of each package. Maiak. Maroon, orange, Pink, Koval Turtle, Purple, Salmon. Scarlet, Slats, Bolvkrimo, VIOLKT, Leather. For further information in Dyeing, and giving a per'ect knowledge what color* are Lest adapted to d>e over other*.(with many valuable recipes.ipur chase liowe k Stevens’ Treatise on Dyeing and Col oring. Sent by mail on receipt of price—10 cents, j Manufactured by IIOWF. & STKVKN8. ‘141 Broadway, Boston. For sale by druggist* and dealers gene? ally. may 3 dim Look ! Look!1 8RND ms Si by m*il. and I will send in return Twelve Gold Ptat«d Dollars, maxing a • eat vest chaiu Address DUE JbKK’S one Dollar Jewelry 3 -ore, 99 Kxehinge Street, box 132 Portland Me. api21d3w 9 Da. J. W. Kbllkv. Associate Founder of the Analytical System of Meoicine, and tucceesor to his Father, the late Dr. J. Clawson Kelley, will 1 o in Attendance a' 21 i Cotigroa street. Tuffa\tu and •# f luemlay, the 10th a» d 11th of May. The sick are invited to cal*. Office advice free mayWlw* 1 ‘‘But He, and I’ll do you Good.” Ueo Dr. Langley's Root and Herb Bitters For Jaundice. Co-tiveue Ur. r Complaint, Hu “or*. IndiKMiion, l>r»pep,ia, Kile e. Liizzmew, U. ad ache. Dro*riu. u. and al, d scale, arieiur from dl» oruered .lomacb, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all peraoua arc ,uhje } to .price and lummer. Ir.ey cleanse the lyitem, regulate the bowel., re • toro the appetite, purity the blood, and lira round ness of mind and strength or bod to all who ute them So d by all dealers in Medicine everywhere a* 25, 60 and 75 cents per bottle. GEO. c. GOOD WIN 4 CO., 37 Hanover 8treet. Boston, I’rtprie* tori ____ d»m 1 saru like Pearls and Breath or Svkit ***a obtained by tue use of that popular Dentifrice, Fragraut “bozrdODt," u composition of the choic est and recherche ingredient)*, the throe most imyor tant requisites, cleanliness • iiicacy and convenience b-iog present in the high at possible degree of jer i'ectiou It removes all disagreeable odors, scurf and ta-tarou* adhesions, insuring a pearl like white nem to the teeth: give* toue to the bieath and a cool delicate aromatic fragrance lo the inouth, which makes it really a toilet luxury, it aeoasi to be in gn at favor with the ladies. Sold by Druggists everywhere, at 75 cents per bot tle. mch2l dlt tfThe Post Office is directly opposite Harris ffat,and Cap Store. teb29tf Dost on stork List, Sales at the Brokers’ Foard. Mat 10. • 11.000 Ame icau Gold,.pj9 15.600 .do.i«|*i 6.000 .do.>3 168 600 United States 7 3 lOtfcs (OetL II » 1000 Unit'd S'a’cs Currency Certificates 981 1.000 Uuiced states Coupon Sixer, (1*81). 113 .1181 1.8«>» United Stat - 7-30* (Cct; p<4 S£0 * do . UO (Aug) endorsed. If9 31 000 United Slates 5-20’s. 104 52S.<**> io«i • (small;. loot *00 .do. lo*| v 10,00) Rutland 2d Mortgage BouUr b60 371 i 89 Eistern Railroad ..Iflfjl 1 6 Western Railroad. 16> , SAILING OF OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. ■£■*■** . ^«OM rOR SAILS City W ashington. Liverpool-New Y ork. April 20 .Liverpool.New York April 23 CHy Manchester ^Liverpool. .. New Y ork. April27 North American Liverpool-Quebec.April 28 City of Cork.Liverpool... .New Y ork.. April 30 Afr»ca .Liverpool. ...Boston . April 30 Germania.Southampton New York A1 ril 30 Citv of London Liverpool.New York May 4 Persia.Liverpool.New York. May 7 Asia. Liverpool.Boston.May 14 leutonia.Southampton.. New York... May 17 Australasian.Liverpool.New York.. Mav 20 Europa . Liverpool Boston.. May 22 Saxouia.Southampton.New York. May 31 Bremen.New Y'ork.. Bremen. .. May « Edinburg.New York.. Liverpool.May 7 Damascus.Portland.. .Liverpool.May 7 Europa.Boston.Liverpool May 14 Bavaria.New Y ork Hamburg May 14 City of Washing n New Y'ork . Liverpool.May 14 Belgian.Quebec.Liverpool.... Mav 14 Scotia.New Y'ork. . Liverpool. . .. May IS l!an«a. .New Y’ork. . Bremen . May 21 Germania.New York.. Hamburg.May 2s Teutonia..New Y'ork Hamburg June 11 Matan/as New York New Orleans' May 11 Morning Star,.... New Y'ork Havana. Mav 14 Geo Wasuiugtoa New York. New Orleaus May 21 IMPORTS. ST JOHN.N B—Brach Fleet wiog, 1738 box Shook a, order. MINIATURE ALMANAC. Weiilira Inf.. May I I riMe.4 41 | High water. 3 8 Sno -ela. .7.13 I Length of day,. .M 31 Thermomefer. .8 o'clock A . M 50 teg. _lUAKiurn. In thia citjr. 8ih. hf Keg l»r C bickering. Joaejih II Ktiuuda an i Mix Annie* Waliace. t»>tb of thia cilr. In Hath. 3HI» nit, hr Key M Heard. Mr Jag Breen anti Mia. Mary Klweil, ail of It In Kntau, Ala, John I* Clark, of h'litnw. and Miaa Syrene B It tigho. dauglite.-of John llughea. of Bath. In llaugor. .Martin 1.1,ray and Mix Mary A Km r aon, both of Sedgwick. _MED. In Nobleboro, Korenro M Jonea. aged 31. In North Walduboro, Margarv W, wife of John Orff, awed 59 year. 8 month. In Charleston, Mt*v A bigai', daughter of Jamra C and Mary Jane I'age, aged I year. Itr month.. MARINE NEWS. PORT OF PORTLAND. Tneedier May lO. AKKIVKD. SU-amt-r Lewiston, Kuight, Boston. Steamer New England. Hold, St John N B for liofttou. Hr sch F leef wing, Coridand, St John NB. Br sch Francis Harriet, Ingalls. Grand Menan NB for New York. Sch Elizabeth, llaupt. Waldoloro Sch l.tica. Thorndike. Rockland Sch Mary Ann. Tliompaton fa’ais for Fall River. hch Gau Jacksou. Dawes. Calais for Motion 8ch Bellow, Was*. A Id non for Boston. Sch Eliza* eth, Gray. Bangor for Portsmouth Sch Laurel, Loud, Bristol for Kockport. CLEARED Brig Sarah B Crosfej, Crosby, liavana, Rulus K j Wood. Sch Henry. Dobbin, Washington DC. O Nickerson. Sell Black Bird. Cobh, Washington DC. J B Fisher. Sch Samuel Fish, Davis, Wa-hiu/tou DC, J B Fisher Sch M B Mahoney. Macowber. Alexandria, A Hunt [BY TEL TO MKitrtIAUTfi' KXCHASOK.) New York May ldfh— Ar brig Mary from Rio Grande. She reports April 21st, lat J4 23 N Ion 53 45. w»s hoarded by pirai* F lorida, who reuori d hat ing three weeks previous ship Avon of llovtou from Chi na for New York. Iguaiiehrri - At Fast Maohias 5th inst, I rum the vard-of 1* S J Talbot k Co. a brig or 221 tons, built by Master James Small. She i, well built, has a poop over all, and is true-nailed through the cei ing and wedged inside. She is intendi-d tor the ( uba trade, under the command of Capt Jerome Talbot, late of brig Caroline. The A2 bark St Maiys, 278 tone, built at Falmouth in 1H4«. has beeu sold for fK>J0, to go under the Nor wegian dsg. DOMESTIC PORTS. BOSTON—Ar 8th, Br bark I'ndiue, Glovor. Cieu fuegos April IS; schs rioneer, Kelley. , Leo pard. Matonev, Perry. Cld brig Lillian, s'waaey. Machias, to load for Ma tauzas: sch White Sea J»u«h. Alexandria Ar loth, schs Aruo, Knight, St John NB; Hiram Cook. Calais. Cld brig J Mclntiyro. Marshall. Machias. to load fort uba: A Milhkeu, llaskell, Calais HOLMES’S UoLK-Ar 7th, *cln Sax in, (of Ban gor) iapley, Clioj tank River Md. for Boston. Night ot the 2d in it, white at auchor off Tangier Island, was struck by a squall, and obliged to slip noth chains to pr veut going ashore; Margaret. Stahl. Baltimore for Hath; Kizabeth, Turner, E.izabethport for Gar Ar MU, sch* Juliet, Phil brook. Newcastle Del for Frank hurt; Ida Baker. Portland for Philadelphia; Ellen Merriman. Ilnmi ton. do for New York. Sid *chs Ids and Ellen Merrirau NEW ORLEANS—A r 29th ult. sch faocv, Trav i rs Matamoras: bark Saxunviile. Jordan. Philadel phia ; fobs fan* ie. from Matamora*; Lilly, from do. lowed to sea 2lst, barks Ct plus Starrett, 24th, Jaa I E Brett. GEORGETOWN DC-Cld 4th, ach Fi ra King, Ulei dennin, Calais. BALTIMORE- Ar 7th, brig Ct man the llopkiur, liamor. Arccibo 21*t ult. NEW YORK — Ar7th. I rig X C llirr.*. Leighton, Jeaeeport; schs llorcet Sutler. Calais; Ai.iau, Dewev. Rockland: W II M tchell, Kuon, Machias Ar9th. barks Orlaudo. Cardenas; Capella, bhang hae; brigs Moonlight, Matauzas; < eKstina. Santa Cruz. PROVIDENCE—Ar 8th. sch-* Sarah Moore, Her rick. and Oraloo. Beck, ( alais; Adriaau, (new of Bath. 160 tons) Williams Augu*?a. hid 7th, ach Mary A, (of Rockland) Merrill, New Y'ork. NEWPORT—Ar 7th. w»ha Sa*ah Moore, Herrick, and (Oraloo, (of Deer IsJc) Peck. Calais tor Provi dence Sid Till, brigiHudson, (of Searsport) Griffiio. Ma ehia-p.Tt for Philadehth a: schs John Snow, ('ole. Mac bias for New York; Abaco. Pcndlettu Bangor tor Ui<eratraw ; Romeo. Fuaa, do tor Philadelphia; Henry t a«toff. Albro, for New York. Ar 9th. sch Jane Fish, (ol St George) Harris, from St Georg** NB for Stonington SALEM—ArTth, ach* E ,za Elen. Bogarl, Boston for Bangor; Agnco’a, Murch, Ellsworth FOREIGN FORTS. Arat St Jago 19th ult, bark Morning Star Sterl ing, New Y ork. Ar at CieuRieos 27th ult. brig Denmark, Staplea, StIJago; bark Ellingwcod* Filing wood. N Orleans. In iM»rt 1Mb, baik Anna Sherman, New Y'ork. Cld at Havana 39th, brig Ge. rge Burnham, Thorn ton Portland In fort 3d inst, bark Finch Penn r Renter. for New »ork. ready; brig Sarah, Kennedy, lor do do. Ar at Matauzas 29th ult. bark Gertrude. Chase, Portland; Soth, P C Alexander, Merrviuan, Key West. Sid 29th. hark Gertrude. Portlard; 30th, bark Clia Edwin, Tibbetts, New York; Br brig ^’uindaro, Morse, do. Ar at Liverpool 24th. North American(s) Portland. Ar at Sagua -7th ult. barks Lamplighter, Morris. Key West; Almira Coombs. Drinkwater. Havana; 3Jth, sch fanny Vance, do Ar at St John Nlt 5th, »ch Kreconia. Roberts, ffm Portland. SPOKEN. Mav 5. lat 3*1 40. Ion 74 15 ach A Middleton, Jr 8 days from Sagua for Bristol Rl. 1’iiion Cnnciw—PowmI. milE unconditional Union men of Fownal are re JL «)uested to meet at the I own ID use in fowasl, on Saturday, the 21st Inst, at 5 o'cock P. M tor the purpose of selecting Delegates to attend tlb district convention to be holdeu at Saco, May SGth. Per Order of Town Committee. Powaal, May 10,10G4. maylldtd NEWJVDVERTIS EM ENTS. GUAM) OPERA! Two Nights Only, Most Positively. Lioiies Gbotib. M.DBBtr. Ca*l Aibcudtz, Musical Director. BY kind iav) ation of several of tho musical citi *«u» of Portland, the DJiector 01 tho grand Opera, at p eseut purlormiog ia Poston Academy ot Music, u <i.iirou> of giving Two <>ua&d out*. aiio pKuroax amjcp, iu tLi* cit>.at Deering Hail, — ON — Monday & Tuesday, May 16 & 17, Most positively tho only per for mane* s that can to be given. •,ti*l‘?.Pi*eCu0r to a*turc the eifizvr* of tbit p.acu that theentcitaiuineiifg will be g.\* n upon the “*•* aud c ,fM> »t« *tak. iKe tame gi^en at the Academy of Music, New York, 1 hila felpbia and Button. And upm the evenings mentiuned tbete will be the only graud Operatic peiformaucet that can ake place apoa tho Am« Ctutii.*nt( thu« givine the only Optra iu America upon these dates ia this city. It is hut just th t thw public ■' oul'J nutlet -far d fhat this. Man moth Opera Troupe wou'd onide into not h * ti an fifteen of the ordinary grand Cone rt Troupe* with winch tlu public is fami'iar. The aritat* euga/* d in tLe *ev eral departments are is* the agrega'c Seventy-Four Clais c Musicians, Ki her of which is entitled to appear a* a star in grand < oooert. The fol.owing Is the Operatic prin cipal* : Mad. Bertaa JoHAkxaa*. Prima Donna. M ile Marik Frkdarici, Prima Doani, from Vienna. M'sle Pauline Camssa, Prima Soubreite, from Tarl-. M ile La Rochjk, Contralto, from Ilambnrg Herr Fraiz Uixmer. Tenor tulu-to, from Berlin. Herr Treo. Harklxarn. Tenor Digraaia from Brunswick. Herr Zirbheix, Secondo Tenor. Herr LUimujh &trikroke, Prima Baritone, from Prague. Herr Kror ieli», Second Hantone. Herr H xur x am a. Basso Profunda, from 2oyal Italian Opera.Louden. Herr Art j» GRatf, Bawo Herr Carl LtnMiNa, Bae*o. Tho <'per»« K'Kted »re the two street tsroritei of New York. Button and rhll»de!pl,im.| F^TJST Grand OperainS rets, by Gcnved, *r d *he fraud Fanf-re Miliraire given en* ire with 75 artist*. DER FREI9CHUTZ Grand Ooera, In 4 sot*, by Von W-b*r. Tbe Grand Incantation r reLe given with the Scenery, Proper tie* Mid Wardrobe of the NY. Academy of Uneiv. Admission to all part* of th» boose 91. Secured Seats 50 ct* extra. AM AT E U R DRAMATIC Representation ! FOR TUB US BEFIT OF THE Portland Provident Association. • On Wednesday Evening, May 11th, Will be enacted at DEERING HALL, «ri»8U'l I,HAT FLAT OF Ivl o N E Y ! After which the favorite farce of box and oox. Admi.iioa to the CalVry, IS c at«. pc*)« in tba lowrr pirt of th« hou.e, 60 cent,. Scat, caa be . b tained of F.dward Dana. Jr. Door* open at 7 o'eiuck; ptrformaiM to com naeuca at 8 o'clock. may6-td Spring A Summer Stock FASHIONABLE GOODS, —r*a— COATS, PANTALOONS AND VEST8. Purchased from tho be*t assortments, for cash, iu New York, and Boston, may be foned at the store of WILLIAM C.BECKETT Were ha at Tailor, ^•5 i 137 Middle* Bireet. Some of these Good*, which hare been recently imported, ditt'er much in c«.W.r, texture and finish fr».m the style* that have continued in vogue tor a year or two past, and are considered very e.iyaut Beside.* ando her Good*, -comprising all tho varieties for fashionable wear, at the »acu* place may ^ found a good eopply of Sinn<l» rd Giriam, Frenrh, and Esgliah Brendcl«th«a d !)•«•■ nkina. lor genteel null*; together with style* of Vwotiagaselected with a view to su tall taste*. All the new diIt* tor Gentlemen's wear, whether for Gres* Suits or a Uii*in«M Outfit* received in their « 'Mom, together with plates of the latest style* of | Cutting and Finishing WThe best trimming*always on Land, gr -Vo. 137 Miildle StH-Ft. +1 ma> lld6w PATENT HIM HUE PIPES. BOtIBLE TIBE BRIAR PIPES The** celebrated j ipc*. which have oblaired aj mo«t ur.iver *1 u.*e throughout the army, an a where ever they have been circulated aic now for ti»e tlr*t time introduced into this Stata »hi^reiio .• betweeu the*-* and other* is impli ed ia their title. By the ase of two tuoe* instead of one, the *m»ke i* kept «utiro'y separated from the nicotine and sa iva, thus not only rv-udering the «moke more delicious and hai mi***, but preserving the pipe for year* trow all offsksiieness. They are uuivvtsally acknowledged to be the most LaxerUas, Krsasmiral uuU Healthful Plycs in I'sc. For sale ia l’ortisnd by J. K. i.unt k Co., Crose maii k Go , C. Day Jr., I*. G. Lortng. M E | hornp sou. Augustus Kobin.on, W. D Hub .■* n Short k Waterhouse. G. k C L Urll son, lawyer. Bolt, and all l obaceonifU, DruggGts, and Fancy Good* deal er* 1 he trade supplied bv Davis, H0\ttrfc Co, »>le •gouts for M*ii.e and the Canadas. Cortland, May llth. 1»>4 mav lleodlw UAAIVAS bur f Lli Oc OriU Q AliiLB, OR IQ IXA L BS TAB LISU MRS T J. a- flTa. isr t , Wholesale Dealer la all kinds of COFFEE, SPICKS, MaineratiiM A Cream Tartar, Sett Ottfee and Spice Mile. 13 and lu (’•»> ter eel, Portland. Me. Coffee and Spices put op for thj trade, with any address. In all variety of packages, aid warranted as renrvseote *. Coffee roasted and ground f?r the trade at short notice. O'"-All g. ods entrusted at the owner 's risk. __marchliHlrf $300 BOUNTY^ V. s.~Sayy. a— WANTED on board the steamer TOIfTUSUC, low in Portland, 25 Seamen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 Landsmen and Boys, Cooks and Stewards. Apply to Naval Kt ndervces, foot cf Exchange st, JOHN P. 111.A 111, CoiDraaiidiug. maylldtf PortliUHl Company.—stockhold ers’ jrlcfiiwg. V SPECIAL meeting of the Stockholder* of the Port laud Company will beheld at their « Acs ou Fore street, on Wednesday. tue 26th day of May current, at three o'clock P. M. l*t--To see if llii-jf will act epl the act of the legis lature of Maine, ot Feb. AHh. 180ft. to loerease the capital stock olthv company. 2nd—To cobsIiIt h. w much of the additional stock shall be issued and ou what terms. 3d—To amend the by-laws of the ot>mpany. 4th—To see if they will authorise the conveyasce of a partof their land to theorem! trunk Kailway Company JOSEPH C. NOTES. Clerk. Portland. May 11, 1*^4. maylldtd Corn mill Kye. 4000BUSHELS Southern Yellow Corn, 1000 Bushels l»v«\ instoreat'd for sale by WALDKON A NtUC, maylld2«* Nos. 4 aud 6 Union Wharf. Ayrshire Cow. FtOH Sale, one pure breed Ayrshire Cow, lately calved. A rare bargain at the price. $150. Also two Bull calves of same breed st #80 aad $50 each ; the latter particularly well bred Address, S. L. GUODALE 8aco, May 10th, 1864. mavllalw*

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