Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 12, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 12, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY m -; ® VOLUME III. PORTLAND, ME.. THURSDAY MORNING. MAY 12. 1804 v„ 'ZT* _! ' . * yy tiuLh mo. 577. PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor, • i tblitfhbd at No. S3* EXCHANGE N • A. FOSTER A CO. Tub Pobtlahd Dailt Pkbpais published at fT.OO per year; it paid strictly In advance, a di count oi will be made. Mingle copies three cents. I'd* HaikuStatb Panna jg published every Thurs* day morning,at *2.00 per annum, in advanoe; *2.26 If paid within six months; and *2.60,if payment te delayed beyond the y«ar. Katasof A<1 vortiwintr: One inch of space iu length of column, constitutes a “syiiAaK.” •1.60 per square dally first week ; 76 oonts per week after '; throe insertions or less, £1.00; continuing eve* ry other day alter first week. 6o cents. Half square, three insertions or lose 76 oents; one week, *1.00; 60 cents por week after. Under head of AaoPEMUNre, *2 00 per square per week; throe insertions or less, *1,60. Spmoial Notices, *1.76 per square first week, •1.00 per square afltor; three insertions or less, *1.26; half a square, three insertions, *1.00; one week. •1.26. Advertisement* inserted in the Maixb 8tatb Pbbas (which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for 60 oeuts per square in addition to the above rates, L>r each insertion. Lisal Notices at usual rates. Transient advertisements must be paid forin ad vanoe Business Notices, in reading columns, 12 cents per line for one insertion. No charge lest than liny Oents for each insertion. C^*A.lloommumoatioua intended for the paper sh>uld be directed to the “ Rdit.jr of the Press/’ and those of a business character to the Publishers. fCWrJoB PaiBTiHo o! every description executed with dispatch. P. Tracy, Traveling Agent. * ■ I i» ■ —w. IM ■mir I . .1.11 —— I ■ Thursday Morning, May 12, 1801. Correspondence New fork Times. Garibaldi in London. Eugland is full of Garibaldi. The volun teers were not allowed to participate in bis re ception, because that would have made it na tional ; hut the nation receives him for all that —the upper hundred thousand and the lower millions, lie has vi-ited Lord Palmerston and Earl Kussell, and he has breakfasted with Mr. Gladstone. Tuesday night be was all hut crushed to death at the Koyal Italian Opera, lie has hreaklasted at Chiswick belweeu two Duchesses. To day there is a grand lire shil ling concert and presentation, by the aristoc racy at the Crystal Palace, and on Monday the shilling democracy, will perform a similar cer emony. Garibaldi's portraits arc in all the shop windows. The Lancet and Medical Times have profound articles on his stiff an kle, which offers them a mild specimen of nu klessis; (this isa mild joke;) and through it ail the old Koman wears his red shirt and gray capote, and is a hero of romance, stepped out ol some sensation story-book. But L m mistaken if trouble is not brewing out of it si). The lrisbry have been wouder fully <|Uiet. There weie not more than a do zen lights, single-handed, mostly. N’otwiLh stauaiug the crowd on the uay ot the proces sion, there were only two killed—a groom and a lady, both fractured skulls. It is said that some one was sent by the government to Car dinal Wiseman, to heg that he would use his influence to prevent any distnrbance. ‘•Dis turbance."’ said bis gentle eminence; “why should we make any disturbance ? It is true tbat Garibaldi fought against Koine at one time, but since then he has been lighting against Victor Emmauual. I think that, per haps we ought to join in the reception, aud* testily our gratitude to him.” It will tic a very clever Prime Minister indeed, that gels' to the w indward of the Cardinal. Kilt the trouble I mean is this. Garibaldi is just a-headstrong, unmanageable and im practicable as ever. Almost the first tiling he did cii landing in England , was to receive a visit from Maz/.ini, who, condemned in Fram e, and expelled from Switzerland, stays here on suflerauee, but in such a bad odor, that bis fiieud, Mr. iStanfleld, could not stay in the Cabinet. The fact of Mazzini's visit was sup pressed in the government papers; but on Thursday; In spite of all droits to the contra ry, Garibaldi visited Muzzini in London, aud •pent an hour with him. This circumstance is also suppressed in ail but the ultra liberal papers. Now Lord Clarendon is in Paris, try ing to make up with the Emperor. Can lie do so with Mazzitii in London, and visited l.y Garibaldi, who is also the guest of the highest nobility and Ministers? It is evident tlmt the expulsion of Mazziui from Switzerland, or the denial of asylum there, has been brought about by French influence. England must he on good terms with Prance, or the confidence, which is appointed to meet in four days, must tail. To he on these necessary good terms, Eng aud must do several thing-. She must reiuse asylum to conspirators against the life of the Emperor. She must reconsider the re fusal to meet Europe in a Congress at Paris. Moreover she must lie prepared, the next time the Emperor propoes to recognize tlieConfed erate Slates, to join him in that lecognition, provided always, that the new Coumiander-in Chicfofthe Cnion aiinies leaves any Confed eracy to recognize. The social aspects of the Garibaldi fuiorc are curious enough. It is a struggle between the mob and the aristocracy, who shall have him for their hero. The people put in astroug claim, but the nobility have taken possession of him. No Englishman need ever talk about New York receptions alter this. The only dif ference is that New York can get up a great public spectacle, and the English cau ouly try to do so. From the A", ic Yorl: Kcmiog P„nt. The itoll ol Honor. The Secretary of the Navy lias recently awarded medals of honor to a number of petty otlicers and seamen who have distinguished themselves by gallantry iu action aud other seamanlike qualities."’ Among these are sev eral instances of cool bravery,which the coun try under whose flag they were performed, “will not willingly let die.” Thus James K. L. Duncan, ordinary seaman, when,during the engagement near Harrisonburg. La., March 2, 1804, a shell burst at the muzzle of one of the guns of the vessel, setting fire to the tie of a cartridge which hud just been put in the gun, immediately seized the burning cartridge, re moved it Irotn the gun aud threw it over ixiard. Hugh Melloy, ordinary seaman,in the same action, saw a sbeli pierce the bow case ment on me right of gun No. t, morttlly wounding the first spouger, who dropped his sponge out of the port on the forecastle.— Melloy instautiy jumped from the port to the forecastle, recovered the sponge, and sponged aud loaded the gun.while outside, exposed to a heavy Are of musketry. John Jackson,another ordinary seaman, is decorated for an act of wonderful coolness and courage. In Stoao Inlet, last August, he was stationed on the forecastle lookout, aud dis covered two torpedoes floating dow n so as to cross the bows of the vessel. He seized a boat hook, jumped on to the bob-stays, and carefully guided the torpedoes down with Hie tide. Subsequently lie volunteered to remove tile caps, which he did with skill and cour age. These arc only a few instances of the brav ery of our gallant tars; it is pleasant to know that their heroism is remarked and reward ed. \\ ill not Congress authorize medals for the army too? School Disciplixk.—Mr. Daniel Leach who lias accepted the position of Superinten dent of Public Schools in lthod£ Island for icveral years, in his annual report makes the following excellent suggestions in relation to school discipline:— Th“ besetting sin of many teachers is their proneness to ridicule their pupils, to make in vidious comparisons, ar.d to provoke them to wrath by bitter sarcasms and vulgar epithets. To succeed.a teacher must gain the confidence and affection of ids pupils. He may have the most splendid talents, the most profound and. exact knowledge, and may be earnestly devo ted to bis work, but without this, the ino..t vi tal element to success will be wanting. And this can be secured only by a kind,urbane and courteous manner in the school-room. There must be some sunshine in a teacher's sou), a warm and glowing sympathy that will excite corresponding feelings in Ms pupils. If he is cold, distant and repulsive,be can never reach the heart. And if he would enkindle any en thusiasm or enforce any z.eal into his pupils, there mu«t go forth a kind of magnetic influ ence to every member of the school; and the tones of his voice and the expression of bis countenance must indicate the kind nud sym pathetic spirit withiu. An irritable, nervous teacher. w ho is ever fretting anil scolding at every omission or neglect of duty,has no mor al power weatever in his school. The most sucsesai'ul disciplinarians are those who are calm, equable in temper, kind and digniOed in their intercourse with their pupils, linn aud decided in maintaining the right, and who can administer reproof and correction without giving nil -noe. This should be the constant aim aud 9ludy of every teacher. FASHIONABLE CLOTHINgT AUtt. F. YORK, Merchant Tn,iloi% Having taken the elegant and commodious store NO. 104 MIDDLE STREET OtUNIH OK PLUM, Invites the attention of Gentlemen to his rich in voice of Foreign and domestic Cloths for Spring aud Summer wear, all of which have Just been selected from the largest and bent stock* in New York and Bo ton, and will be made up to order aud with despatch in tho latest styles—FULL MATCHED SUITS, CO A TS, CANTS or VESTS, a* may be desired. FURNISHING GOODS in great variety, and suited to the ta.tea of all, con stau«ly on hand. FRESH HOODS /l EVE I i'HD EVERT R’EKE 104 MIDDLE STREET. Portland, March 8, 1864. codtojanrl V. $100. B. flllii: undersigned being licensed by the Uuited A States, are prepared to procure Pension*, Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money for Sol diers, St amen or their heirs. Bill* for Board and Transportation of Recruit* or Drafted Mon collected. Ail demands against the State or United States at tended to. Having an agent both at Washington aud Augusta, and having had large experience, we feel safe m Asserting that any buniness entrusted to our care will be faithfully and promptly executed. We have also an agent in New York to attend to the payment of Prize money. Advice tree. Approved r laims cashed. M AN LEY A SAWYER. Office82j Ex hang*, St., Fox Block Portland, Me. I J H. MAMLXY. w. B. BAWYKK. References : Hon. Sam1. Cony,Governor of Maine. llou.J L. Hod-don, Adjutant Pk*u of Maine. Hon. Wm Pitt Fessenden, U. S Senator. Hon. f,ol M. Morrill, U.S. Senator. *P*3 UAwtf WU.UAIU n. rtAKCt, | F L XT >1 XX K IX! MAKER Or % Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 141 E\CH41VUi: STREET, PORTLAND, MK SVhim, i'old and Shower Hath*, Wash Bowls, Brass dr Silver Platt d Coeks, L^VKRT description of Water Pixturfs for Dwel a ,iog, Hotels, Public Buildings. Shoos. Ac., nri aliped and set up iu the best manner. *td all orders In town ercouutry falthfullv executed. All kinds of JobblDg promptly attended to. t’oi.-tantlT on hand 1.KAD PIPKs, SHK.Kr LKAD and BBKR PUMPS of all descriptions. apbdtf M. 27. REMOVAL. NO. 27. JIi»« II. b. VAIC vi, v, liaviug removed from 124 Middle Stmt to the new st era NO. ar FHKli STREET, solicits the continued patrooaj;e of her friends and the public. < 'oiintantly on ha ml the newest tad most fashion able varieties of MILLINERY GOODS! EEAIH WORI3! Min V will attend as formally to the manufacture of all kinds of liair Work, such as Pruetts, Bands, tifeciau Braids, Ae. upled4» A. k S. SHDRTLEFF A CO., \OS. .'»! A Jti MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Manufacturers and Dealer* in Men’* Boys’ and Youth’* Thick, Kip acd Calf Boots, Women’s Misses and Children’s Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Bubbers. Shoo Stock, Finding!, &c. XiriTtt our superior facilities fur manufacturing, »v nod a large experience in the busine**, we we are able to sell as low a* in Ho-ton or elsewhere. Dealer* are respect felly invited to call and ex amine our stock before pure hating, jar*Order* by mail promptly attended to. Portland. April 23,1*04. dfrn R 33 M OVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH 11A • REMOVED TO i\ E W STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, | Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGHj Wholesale and Retail Dea’er in C lotliing’,Cloths, Tailors’ Trijniniugs, GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, No*, ill & in Hi,l,lie Street. JOMI.4I1 BUKLEHill , Agent for Grover St Baker's celebrated Staving MaoliinoN, No* 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will May to lii** friend* that he may k louud at Bur leigh's, Ifo. 141 Sc 143 Middle street, where he will be plea ed to wait upon his former customer*. Portland. March 24. 1864. dtf CRAFTS ,V- WILLIAMS. Spccmsor, TO J. W. HONHEWELL k Co., No. 6 6 7 k 8 Commercial Wharf, Doctor. Importer* cud Wholesale Dealer, in Druoi Urdi Pu.nts, Iti/S Dye stuff, Mnnu,,.rt«,r,,. ar tides an i Uht ' ■ il*. Manufacturer* of C»t al I'ar nig/us, Jap: Agents for Forest Hirer Lead Mystic I,eft French aud Jn,eri,,tn Zinc Druggist's, Pen men slid /.inaor £a/x/i. Generai Agents ford. I iluuntfwelPs universal Cough K«*in edy.Tolu Ano.h and Electric l*iiIs. iuch2Uod3m F.eNCY GOODS HOUSE. . o 1 o s a 1 e , H- MERRILL, No 131 Midd Street, ( up sta'rs.) Portland, Maine. Silk, Tu t, Buttons. Bindings, Threads. Pins, Needles, Cutlery, Edgings Stationery, Lacings, Tape, Elastics, Belts. Combs, Suspenders, Toy s, Ac. DHL’S s’ AND TAILORS’ TRIM MINOS, mchluodSm POU »LAND DRV DOCK COMPANY. HE first aa*eestnrnt of Two Dollars p^r Share 1- upon the t api'al stock of this Company, i« now due. aud payable at the i-fflce of the Treasurer, No. 117, Commercial 8t. Per order of Director*. C. M. DAYT8, TreaM'rer. Portland April 3U, 1861. ftprSOedfatf Rii2iO f«r Kale. 4 Mnsiachusetts buijt. 'arge. easy Top Butrgy is iV for sale at Dr. KIPLKY’8 stable in Temple tr**‘ ap'AMAwtf WANTS, LOST, FO U ND LOST. SATL HDAk , May Till, a Pocket Hook containing a small aura < >'money. The finder mil confer a great favor by leaving It at the Press oilier Portland. May 10. liiaylOdSt Found. IX this city, a small sura of mcney, which the owner can have bv calling at No 176 Tore street, ami paying for this advertisement. Portland, May 10,1951. may 10.131* REWARD. I Will pav Fifty Dollar* reward to aov perron who will give information leading to the recov ery of the property stolen from the btable of t apt. •I. H. Coyle, iu Westbrook, on the mght ol the22d in«t. I will also pay Fifty Dol ar* to any person giv ing such information as will lead to the deft-criou of the thief or thieves. JOHN S IIF.ALD. . , City -Marshal. Portland, April 30.1804. apr30dtf Hh uted. ASituuiion a* Copyist, by a I.adv who write* rap idly and legibly. Addrejg L.'. Portland. Me. apr30eod2w* Wanted! AT B ARNIM’S Eating House, Temple St. IjfROM five to twenty gallon* of g od Cream per day through the season, for which the highest price will be paid. Farmers and mhk-dealers w ill do well to give this their earliest attention. muyTdlw WANTEDI 1,000 WOM3D2ST, To make Array Draw ers. Also good Pant Hosiers and finishers wanted iu the shop to make ABM Y PAXTB. None bat good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooms in Fit KB 8TBBBT BLOCK, over tbs store one do*»r uorth of Tolford's. No work given out or taken in Monday forenoons or Haturdav aftemnons. f«b29dtf S. W. HUNTINGTON. "W anted.! Second-Hand Candle Boxes, At No.»0 Portland Street, Portland Uo7 dtf AVanfrd IiiiimHliaudy. RARE opportunities for burines* are offered at 22y, Congress 8t. If you w ant aud m'-au bus inens, don't neglect for a tingle day to investigate aprjSdtf Ifi CHAPMAN. Jr W It III Cl. A Female Pastry Cook at Darton'sOyster Saloon. IV 233, Congress Si. aplfitf HOTELS. Splendid Pleasure ttesort 1 THE WHITE HOUSE, (fORMBSLT WILSON HOl'BI.) J. P. MILLER,..PROPRIETOR. 1'hls popular Hotel has recently been pur 1 chased by Mr. Millei (ot theAlbionisDd has been thoroughly refitted, reuovated and re- i paired, and numerous excellent alteratiens ! made. It is located on the Saccarapparoad about tour miles from Portland, affording a beautiful ; drive over a good road, and just about lar enough I for pleasure. It has a flue large Daucing llall and good Bowling Alleys. In close proximity to the house is a warm and roomy Stable, containing twcuty nice stalls There is also a well sheltered bin d, ld5 feet lone for bitching horses. The choicest Suppers will be got up for sleighing and daucing parties, who will find It greatly to their pleasure and advantage to resort to the White House No effort wilt be spared for the entertainment ol «■««»• _ d.olU-dtf I HALLOWELL HOUSE II E O PEN E I) I NEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.G. DENNIS, I’ropricfor. EF" Thr public are specially informed that the •f'acion*, convenient ami well knowu IIallowbll tiol'PK, in the ceut« r of Haltowell, two mile* frorn Augusta, and lour ini'e§ from login Spring, hat been refurnished, and it open for t>e reception at company and permanent boardin' Every attention will be given to the comfort of fuei*t§. stabling, and all the unual convenience* of a popular hotel an? amply provided. Hallow*! , beb. 1 1664. mch2w eodtf THE AMERICA* H0L8E, Eaaover Street .... Boiton, The Largest and Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW KNULAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. oclfily ~ 0APIS 1C POND HOUSE NOW OPEN, Three Miles from l*or lln ml, GEO. W . MURfll ajirUdlf PEARL StT GARDEN! Plants, Flowers, & Seeds. flr*. ]fl. I ltAM lt. Florist, KO. 52 PEARL ST., Offers for sale a large assortment of Garden Roots, Herbaceous Plants, ' Shrubbery and Flower Seed*, Of her own raising. Also Dalilins cfo Hohcm, j SOME HUNDRED VARIETIES, Which can be purchased lower than at any other Harden in the State. Price of Plotter Seeds only three c« life per paper. fF’Cot Flowers, llotjuetsand Wreaths front April to November. ina>3<i‘Jvv J. 0. CHENEY’* MELODEON & ORGAN Nfan ui actor v, No. 13* 1-2 iTlitldlo Street. MKLODKON8 of all sizes and styles cn hand and mauu Pictured to order. I I.e combined power ami sweetness of tone of his Kxcklsior Okuan, render it suitable for a clinch or parlor, and tin best substitute for a pipeorgau that can be obtained. Hie following is one of the numerous testimonial* lu his poire«;ion : From If'. K. OonM, Cashier of Inlmiatitna! Baml t Portland. Portland, May 23, 18G3. For many y ars 1 Late had frequent opj on uni ties to notice the many good points iu the Melodeous marie bv Mr.J.D. Cuentr, of tl^s city, und r» the result, i have urged my friends who were intending to purchase au instrument of this class, to procure one oi Mr. Cheney. W. fel. HOLLD. ' 'I'U< Combination I'alre is applied to all our Instrument * Persons ordering by mail will get as good an lu«trumeut as though selected by them per sonally. No charge for Packing. Kki*aikin<. and I DMNo promptly at’ended to Portland. May 3, lb04. maySdavvln. * J fasting’s Melodeous AS 0900 AS TIIK ItF.ST AND CHEAT AS THK CHEAPEST. Ware-rooms No, * Temple St., PORTLAND, Persons desirous of purchasing w»;l jlnd it I r their advantage to call ai d examine for themeehet mayidliu MISCELLANEOUS. ^ LOAN X FIRST NATIONAL BANK — or — PORTLAND, DESIGNATED DEPOSITORY —or tui UNITED STATES. Thli Bank is pre^n-d to receive* subscriptions for the new “TE.Y FORTY LOAN,” which is dated March 1, \ 04, bearing interest at five per cent, a year. PAYABLE IN COIN, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after ♦ei| years, and payable in forty years frotn date. Iutercet on Bonds uut over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi* annually. Bonds can be Lad in sizes of 350. 3100, *500, 3)000. WM, EDW. GOULD, Bichai dtf_ Cashier. BAILEY AND NOYES. I> K AI.E18 1 N PAPER HANGINGS, YiTE purchase our Stock of Room Taper from the “ largest Manufacturing Establishments in the L ured Mate*; careiully selecting lroin their large stpeks, the skw patteuxb only,—and such aa are adapted to this market. Tint* year the styles and designs are very beautiful, a*d we have a due assortment, appropriate for every • li le of room. IVe invite those in want of ROOM I*A PER |o eaamiuc our patterns, be'ore pdrehasing elsewhere. Tpe> are bought here for cash, and we can afford to *411 at a pair pate*. BAILEY AND NOYES, Hookwoller* and Stntionern, ii, 58 Exrbnasr Kirrel, !'ortlnn«l N B Country dealer? will find it to their advant age to give u' a call, if in waul of Room I'aper. wch25 2md& w NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY &. CO.j Cominixsion Merchant, 07 Tchoupi ton! ip ot.. New Orleans. Li. Kelerenc* p : Baker k Morrill, Bouton: Franklin 8now & Co., Boston; Wise * Bussell, Boston ; C. Nickerson k Co., N. 1 ; Kirbk Co.,.St. Louix. CJT* Particular attention qirrnto Consignments of rrsttls, Lumber, Hay , Oats, gr. utch23 a Jim FEUCHTWANGER i ZUNOER, | NO. 81 MIDDLE STREET. (FOX B LOCK I, Al'H Auttin ill the Field -WITH Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! ; NEW AM) KASUIONAUI.E DRY GOODS! I O K T HE S I* It I NO. Ladies uI Portland aud \ieioity av«- reapt-ctfully ; invited to call and see the many beautiful itylcs ot j Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods JIST reckive d! Also, the great variety House I'tirnisliciii; (*oo«In ! Such a« Brown aud Bleached Cotton Sheeting? aud Shirting?, lable Liueux, Drilling*, I ickiugx. Dooim*. Stnpea, kc. Also. just receiving, the latest style# ul ; handsome Spring Balmoral Sltlrts Aud the luu.t fashionable SIRIKO SHAWLS. A complete .lock of <•LOTUS A\l» ( ASS1.HERE0, FOE BOVS' aS'O MEN’S WEAK. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS! ! An elfjfsnt aatortment. We are ju.t ready to manu facture to measure, at the .borteat notice, anv of the ’ new aud do.irable Spring Cloak ». Wamuted to .Bit. ■ FEUCHTWANUEIt A /lADEH. (FOX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLE STHEET, PORTLAND. Maims. I*. 8.—I-adie. need not a.k for good* from the 1 wrecked tdeamphipBohemian, a* we hate none but ! aooudaud frexh good?, which we warrant ap pucIi. aprltf WINSL0WS1MACHINE WORKS. MASUFACTI REK’B BLOCK, UNION S T R K E T, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, M.VM’KAOTI UEU OK Steam Kngitie*. Steam boiler:-. Shaftim; Pulley*. Ueariug, aud all kind* of Machinery Ainu Ljw and High Pressure tit earn ileutiug Ap paratus tor Factor!**, Public Itui'-riiug* and 1‘welling Houses. Iu tlu* Ot* par.uteiit tn«* w abliahmeut ha* been uncommon!v*ucuo**fu!. Steam Cock*. Yal/e*. Whintb*, and at fain. Water aud Ha* Pipe and connections furnished at wholesale or it tail. Uf p tiring promptly nrid litithlully l)unr. In conn etion with tha above ^UblishmiBt Un Iron Foundry, with a large assortment ot pattern*, ! aud a Planing Mill, where wood ptauing ot all kiud» j may be done. maj2dtf j PICTURE FRAMESj O !•’ A I. I, KINDS AlAKirrACTUAJCb BV It. J. D. LARRABEE & CO, NO. SU EXCHANGE STREET. Old Oil Paintings Mounted on New Canvass, Kctuuchc 1 and Varnished by one who ha* lied long t-xjrerleuce iu the bu ine** iu Kugland. 02.0 FRAMES REGILT. MATERIALS FOR WAX WORK. A large variety of choice Kugraviug*, Picture* framed iu all styl *. Order* lor Wax work will receive prompt atten tion. K. J. U. LAKKABKKk < i>. No. d’.r Kxchauge Street. Portland. April 2S. diui FOR SALE, Cheap for Cash! A UUKAT VAU1CTV O* CHILDREN’S CARRIAGES. Iliid Fug)1*, Hocking Horses, (.nil ie> Work nn«l Traveling Haskett, Toy*, Marble*. Pom MON AIKS. LADIES' RETICULES AMD uaus, drums, Violins,oiiiaks, VIOLLN 3TK1M0*, WiUTINO KE3KS, WORK DOXE8. Ac. «•- —BT— W. D ROBINSON. SO Exchange til. BUSINESS CARDS. BR AI) LEI, MOI LTOX \ KChtliS, . WllOLKiiALR DSALKBP III Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial atreet, Tbcmaa Block, It*'BEKT HR1LRV. 1 u.x MOULTON, | PORTLAND, ME. A. O. ItOOBEP. ) may3dtf W. W. CARR & CO., Having taken tbo Fruit Store formerly oooupied b. C>. H A W Y E K. No. 5 Exchange Street, Ara prepared to offer to the trade a large and woli •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit 1 Wholesale and Retail Grunge* Spruce Corn, Lezeugea Lemon*. Cauarr Seed, Candies, Limes. Lemon Syrup, Honey, Prunes, Cocoa \atu, Fig*, Citron, .Nut*, all kinds. Dates, Olives, Raisins, Tobacco, Sordines, Cigars* Fancy Caudles of all description, octfl dtf F. M. CARUEyT CABINET MAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, No. 51 Union 8treet, 18 prepared to do all kind*, of CABINET JOB BING in a prompt and satisfactory manner. Book and Shew Cate* made to order. Berarnitur, Made, Kepairod and Varnished al SHORT NOTICE. Portland, May 39,lS6i. tf IRA WINN, Agent, 1STo. 11 Union St., Is prepared to furniah 8TEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sires and patterns, Steaa Pipe »nd fUira, lit! Gearina, Sbaftinz. Lioht Uoueu Work of all descriptims, and all kinds of work required in building KoHTiyiC ATIOWP. IronStair* and other Architectnrol Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Gas and Steam in the best manner. In connection with the above !* an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of I’atterua, to which the attention ot Machinists, Millwrights,and Ship-Build ers is invited—and all kinds ot Castings furnished at short notice. OT*orders for Machino Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. oo2dtf SlitOEK’S SEWING MACHINESI WOODHAN, Tltt'E St CO., Agents, Not. 64 and 66 - - • • - Middle 8tr««t, llMdloiMd 1 rimmtBfi.lwikj, ..k..4 •OhlHtf A CAHO. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 175 Micldl StTMt. Rbveksn »*.Drs bacon and Bubulib. Portland. May ’Jb, IMS. tf Dr. J. H. HEAI.D HAVING disposed of hi* entire interest in kif Office to Dr. S.C FURNALD, would cheerfully reccomuiend him to hi* tormer patients and the pub lic. Dr Pbbxald, from long experience, is prepar ed to insert Arliliciai Teeth 0*1 the " Vulcanite base,** and al! other methods known to the profession. Portland. M*7 *J5. lHKii If JOHN F. SHERRTj Hair Cutter and Wig tinker, No. IB Market Square,Port’ tn<l,(up stairs.) CB^Separate room for Ladies' and Children's Halt Cutting. A good stock of Wlss, Hall-Wigs. Hands, braids, Curls. Kri/ethi, Pads, atolls, Crimpiag boards, fco.. % o . nnnstantlv on hand feZl'ttS dly WOOD AND COAL. CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAPJJOAL. $9.50 PRIME LOT CHESTNUT COAL *9.50 p TON, SPRING MOUNTAIN. LUlilGU, IIKZILTON, SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY LKHlGli. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH. These Coa!>* are of the very best quality, well screened uud picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Also lor sale best of IIIKI) AYR SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Omen Co*mk*cial St.. Lead of Franklin Wharf. 8. ROV.NDS & SON. tv A U IE i: VS PI i’OUVKD KIKK AND WATKR* PROOF* FELT COMPOSITION, Gravel nooflu* FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. JI KRSEY, Agent, jai*.26 dtf No 16 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB At CO., - DI ALER* IS - Corn, Flour and Grain, UKAD OF MKKBIJLL'S WHAKK, r«MMsroltl Slr**l. - - Periland, Ms. m l*23tf Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Makers anti I pholsterers, 303, Coucress Street, AllK prepared to do all kind* of Cabinet and Up holstery work, at the shortest notice. All kind- of Furniture, l.ouucrfi A Mattresses —constantly ou hand — N. It. Tho public are iavited to call and examine. n»*b4 dtf HOOT* A.\D bllOES ! W. IV. LOTH KOI*, KS MiJ.ll,' Street. Where c m bn found a larjfc a-num incut ot Uadie?*, Gluts’, M »*«*', Buy*’ aud \outh* fasb'onaM- ROOTS. SHOKS at.d Rl ii RfSBSot th* beet manufacture aud at ret' souabie price* Boor* aud £hoeh made to measure from the be-t Kr« uch aud Atnertcau ntock end nu the latest style iaal*. W^. W. LOTUKOI*. meh22 d’2m JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor anti Civil Engineer, OFFICE, ( GOMAN 1II.OCK, tnchlT UA wrtf I UUPI.E Stukbt. ^— ..... ..— Scotch CauviiM, -re* BALI by JAMES T. PATTEN & Rath, We. BOLTS Superior Bleached i •OD do Ail LonfVax “Gov- ‘ . , eminent contract." r*, ' ~*T**» •DO do Kxtra All Long tlax ArbronMi. 300 do N%vy Fine | Dvdvnred in Portland or Bo*toB . »»tk, April*), MM •,nOkl' j MISCELLANEOUS, j ^ELEGANT CLOAKS’ —AT— POPULAR PRICES! LEACH & ROBINSON, 8 1 MIDDLE STREET, W1»h to anm unce to their frieud, and the I. ad in of Portlaud and vicinity, that t)tev haveotened the ae. oud aiory over their store for the exclusive manufacture and sate of CLOAKS, CAPES. - AMD MANTILLAS! We have just received Elegant Cloth Gaimenta, From the celebrated Houses of ««. BMWI. i Cl C. DEV k W„ Canal Ht ., New York, which together with oar own manufacture, will dis play the choicest congress of CLOAK MERCHANDISE ever ctlerol in Maine, which will he sold at the Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Couutry Dealers will find a Choice astortmeiit of Ladioe' Garments, Cloths, Silks, Tassels, Buttons, and ORNAMENTS, 1'ocstautly on hand. This department of oar business w ill be conducted with special reference to the wants of the CLOSEST BL YKKS. A.i xue popular style* will appear early anu mu &e exhibited in FINE, MEDIUM — AND — Low Lost Fabrics. With superior faci'itie* for manufacturing, w«vhope to merit the continued patronage of our friend*. LEACH A ROBINSON. aprl4dlm. SPRING & SUMMER OPENIITG! A. D. RKEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER, NO. 98 EXCHANGE STREET. Has ju*t returned from Bouton and New York with a HIGH AND FASHIONABLE ANSoKTMCXT OF Cloths, Cossimeros and Vestings, Of every variety and style, (including many of the most unique pattern* of the season.) which be pur* chased for cash, and consequently can give an ele* gant “fit oct" at the LOWEST CASH PRICES! tic invite* hi* old friends and customers, and the j public generally, to call and examiue hi* *tock. Having enlarged his store by the removal of bis work-room above, he ha* accommodation* more ex* teneive for the display of his goods. April 8. 1864. dtf J. W. SYBIL Purchaser tor Eastern Account OF LOUS. (J it AI N, SRED8, PROVISIONS. LARD. BUTlKKand WbUTON PkoDUCK generally. Particular attention given to shipping by quickest I and ohcaptMt routes. No. 1M SOUTH WATkJt ST. f .o Box 471. Chicago, Illinois. Ksfieiik u-Mee*r* Mavnard A Sous; D A \Y. Cfuckenug; C. H. Camming* A Co.; 8. G. Bowdlear A Co.; diaries A.8U>ik; liallett, i>a>is A Co., of Boston, Mac*. Cashier k.lliot Bank, Boston. J.N, Baouix, Eim) , President Newton Bank, Jewton. C. B. Coittn . Warren Lilt* A Kunt. Now York City Jy* ’63 dly. Coal and Wood! -AT TUB LOWEST PRICES FOR CASS, DELIVERED TO AS Y PART OP THE CITT. A T SHOE T NO TICE. > Our Coni is of the very ULST quality, and war ! ranted to give satisxaciiou. -ALSO. FOB 8AL£ All Kinds of Hard and holt W ood. i The Public are invited to give m a call, ae we are { bouud to give satisfaction to all who favor us with ; their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL ft McALLISTER »oir20 ljr M. .FKik KSOJN, Silver Plater, ▲ VD M ANCFA (TUB Ell 09 SILVER WARE, 23SCoagro*fl St.#Opp. Court Uou>e,Portland Me I gjr*All kind* of WaKK, such as Knives, Fork*, ' Spoon*. Cake Baskets,4 aator*. Ac , p attd in the I boat manner. Al-o. REPAIRING aud RE-FINISHING Old Silver Ware. jan2U tffln TO SHIP 111 ILDKltS. F. S. A J. 13. HUOK1NS, ptOM MISSION MKUC11 AMTS.and wholesale aud \y retail dealer* in Ship I i.mbkh aiuPlasm. liavo for *ale at their Wharf, ('emtual BqtAHK, FIa«t Boston, 200,0(8) Locust and Uai Treenails, 2,(MX) Hackmatack knees, planed. Also Whit* Oak Pi. a UK and fi v uku.Chi * 1 xi r Boali.h and 1'laxk Whit* 1*i\k, Dbck-Plawk, Ac. Particular at (tent ion paid to Furtibhiug Ouk Plank by theC argo. mch24 d3m I To Alunuliu-liirers. Mi i|* BulMers, ' 4 N D p.mon* d*r*irou« of Coal Estate Iuveatznent*. .iVt h<- following property i* offered at g«« d bargain? 11 Uouie* at pric* h from |M»00 to 6600» lHO itoii-e Lot;* at price* from to S3000 20U0 F’eet of water front suitable for w liarvc* Ship yard?. Manufacturing Site*, fronting detp water with hue apring of water xljacont thereto ai d a portion of it adjoiniug theOraud Trunk Kail Hoad, from which freight may be deposited outheptt nr sea mohl7 3m MOSES GoULD. 74 Middle St. TO MERC HA NTS. fpQK nnderaigued having greatly increased their JL facilitie* Tor mauafacturiug HOOTS AND S11 OKS. and Itaviag large experience in tnai oranch. would call tliA- attention of the trade to the name. We •hall!a Situffw I« much tter able to supply the d. - maud-* of the trad/* then heretofore, and are coal .lent that in the quality, bothofouritock and work, we can give aatiafftctton, n* we manufacture-xj re - ly for th*» r*tail trad*. 1 ho*e buying fur ©*h!i w i 1 tad it to their advantagetolook atourstock which oonKist* in part of RURRRRX, SOLE and \FA\ LEATHER, FRENCH and AMERICAN CALF, t French kip, Lemoinr <4ad Jadot Calf, Goa* and K d I St*L.‘k, Serges and IVtbs, Root and Shoe Machinerf and Findings of all kinds. Mr. Knui’iD Libby, late ofth* firm of Mi war* Cha*. J. Walker k Co , ha* associated himself wi h us. aa-d relying on hi* many year* experience iu manufacturing. we arecontident in making the aho\ e statements. tYLF.U A LAMB. Portland Feb. 1.1864. feb« dim. Book Card & Fansv Printing t RBATLY BXBCOTU 1 AT the office of the cues CITY NOTICES. c,TY OF PORTLAm THE commute* on Highway# he. will r-caira »ra!,,J propo..!, for rornUhing ..-Vi,-..*-? Sea l«ia»d poring etonen during the month. of Mny June and July -equal qnantltlt Mahmoath The panic proposing wilt pi..,, t»te whnt SfJof of .aid no-ei-lt low than the whole will ftirniab aa above. Propoaai. wTu?lil?lS OQ'ii June .Id, loot. The committee reserve the right to reject »oy or all proposal, not deemed lor lheln tercet oithe city. Per order. aa» J. R. DONNELL, Chairman April lWh. H»4. ip»“hwSi FITY OF PORTLAND. UrllMlfiiS an Order paartd the City Conned May 3d .1864 to lay out a new Street .r rah- w iio Way iu .aid City, -begin niag at tha loatharty line or Canal street, and continuing on tba af Portland Bridge to low water mark, "to be a widen. ing of Portland Bridge,"—and wliercae raid ordar was referred by the City C ouncil, May *, 1861. to tha uuderiigued, for them to c.nrider .ad aet upon there fort*, ^ • .i'N.O,1l0e!“ h*r*>,)f **'«“ to all partie. intareuted, that the Jotut standing Committee of the City t oaa cil on laying out new «trcete, will meet to hear the purti** ami ' itw lb* propos'd w*y on tbo 12th dtv of Ma/, 1354. nt 2. SO o’clock iu th« Alton* oob it *h-r iioo of CauaI (ftmt And Portland Bridge and will then and there proceed to determine and adMm whether the j nolle convenience rt quire* Rid ctreet or way to be 1a d out. Oiveu under our hand*on tbi* Id day of May, A. h. 1EG4. m JACOB McLELLAH, ) STEVENS .SMITH. WM. II. STEWART, Committee oa JNO l» SNOWMAN, > '•»*•* «•* CTRL'S K LADD, I StreeU W* o. SOULE. Port'and, May S, 166* gtg CITY OF PORTLAND. ord r pa*aed tba City Council May 3d, 1864, to lay cut u continuation ut \\ a.hington st'.et from it. present teimintw ovug the location of Tnkey • Hndge to low water murk uud where.. Mid order wua referred by the Cltv Council. May 3,1864, to the uudenigned far them to co, rider and act upon, ttierefore. Notioei. hereby giveu to all part tee Interacted.that the Jotut Stanniug Committee of the City Connell ou laying out new .tree «. will meet to hear tba par ties and view the prooosed way on the 1Mb any at May, 1864, at 5 otl o'clock in tha alternooa, at tha terminus of Washington Street, and will then —8 thete proceed to determine and ujudge whathnr tha public rouvenience require, .aid .treet or way to ba laid out. Ulren under our hand, on thi. 3d day of Mar. A. L). 1864. JACOB McLELLAH, 1 STEVENS SMITH, |„ WM II. STEWART. 1 Committee aa JNO. I) SNOWMAN. > .. *•»>»»/ °V CYRUS K. LAUD, Wh o SOULE, ) Portland. May 6, 1864 dtd v * a a wi i w H l LaHlli \\'HEKEA3 an order passed tbe City CoaaoU vv Ms> 2d. 1x64, to lay out and extend Daalorth .direct fiom Us prMent terminusorrr tbe Iccatiua at Vaughn’s Bridge, sontherly, to low water mark, and whereas said order was referred by tbe Ctty Connell. Max 2d. 1864, to tbe tinderaigntd, lor them to consider and act npon, therefore. Notice Is hereby given to nil parti*a lutereated. that the Joint Mtanuing Committee of tbe City Coun cil on laying out new streets, will meettobaer the periies and view tbe proposed way on the I2th day of May. 1964. at 3.30 o’clock in the afternoon, at the southerly termiuus of liiaforth street, and will than and there proceed to determine nnd adjadga whether the public convenience requires raid street er w.r te be laid ont. Given under our hands on this 3d day efMhy.A. D 1964. JACOB Mrl.KLI.AN, I STEVENS SMI I H, I WM H. STEW AKT, I CommltUa on JNU. D. SNOWMAN, f C. K. LADD, S«» SUM. WM U. HOULE. Cortland, May S. 1964. dtd CITY OF PORTLAND. \1'HEREAS, an order passed the City CommmM, 11 May 2d. Ie64. to lay ont and sxtsod Giaaa Street from Its present terminus over Deertag*i Bridge to the uorthwesterly line of the t tty of Port land, and whereas .aid order was leferr- d by the City Couucil. May 2d, 1964. to tbe --■*—Ipit.hf them to consider and net upon, therefore. Notice is hereby giran to all par.lea iat. rmtad. that Disjoint Standing t’ommittea ortbeCMy 1'niaHI. on laying oat new Streets, will mvotto hofw tha par ties and view the proposed way on the 13th day a* May, IS 4, at 4 30 o’clock In the afternoon, at the tormina# of Green Street, and will then and thorn proceed to determine and adjudge wh, l her U< paB lie couveuieuce requ r. a said .tract or way to ha laid out. filren under our hands oa this 3d day of May, A. D. 1944. JACOB M.LELLAN, ) STEVENS SMITH. | ___ WM II STEWART. JNO D SNOWMAN, J+rm** t K I ADD. Ntw stroets. WM. G SOl’LE, Portland, May S. 1964 did CITY OF PORTLAND. la Board or Mayor sib Ainamsaa, i Mar 3. 1W4. I ON the petition ol C. A Donuell. for parmlwina to erect aud ue a Statioaary r team Engine in the build nr No. 119 4 ore street Ordered. That Moudav tbe aiateenth day of May lost , at 7j o'clock. P. M .at the Aldormea'arasa, be assigned as the time and place for the oamldara tiou or said petition ; and that said petitioaar give notice thereol hr publishing this order la one ortho daily paper* of the city tear rime*, the trst pwbttea tiou to bu at least fourteen days beforehand, that mil person. Interested msv apt ear and be heard there os. Attest ■ J. M IIKaTII. City Clerk Copy. Attest: J. M. HEATH. City Clark, may 4 dtd Ordinance A (initial Dog*. City or Pobtla*i>, M akhual! Otfics, I May 2d, 1«44. | SK1TI021 1 —No dog *ha)l bo permitted to go at large or loo*e in auv direct lane, alloy. Cv urtor trtv •led way. or in any uuiaclored er publto ptoce Idtbto eitv. until tbe owner or keeper of ••oh dog, or tho head o< the larnily. or tho k««p«r of tho bouao ■tore, shop, office, or oth+r place where »uch dog to kept or hurboreu. «hall have paid the City Manhal two dollari lor a licefto lor tuch dog to go at largo. Sue. 7 —In care any dog vhall be foatd locaa or going at large, contrary to any ot the ft refuting provisions, the owner or kc* per thereof, or tbe head of the family or keeper of the houae, store, efflee, or other p act where such dog hi kept or hat bored.aha 11 torU it and pay a utim not • xeeeding ten dollare. mav5d‘iru JOHN 8. UKALD. City Mar»hai. To lunlioldrrs and Tlctnlnt. AN adjourn* d ma ting of the IJceensiag Board of the City of Portland will be held at tho Al dermen's Room «i .Uouday. tho sixteenth day ot May Inst., at three o’clock iu the af trnoea.teeon sidor any applications that may he made tor Inn holder* or Vietualera’ Licence* for tho current roar. As tlu* will he tho last meeting of the Board tor this year ail persons interested will govern Una* selves aceoidiaglv. Per order, J. M BhATtf, City Clerk. Portland. May S. ltW4. moyi did GREEN HOUSE AND BEDDING OtTT PLANTS, 1 Mercifully inform the public that I have on baud a large a*nortmont_of Green Uoaee and bedding-out Plants, for npnag sale, of superior quality, viz: VaaitirxA*, Paulu*. Pbiaioohi une. Panska and Mostta. Also, a tine collection of Astsk Plants, do., fte„ ke. k seleotiou may always be found at Kendal! k Wr ituey’s, Market Square. orders left there wtti he promptly attendee to ALBERT PIEtTANGKR, Florist Corner of North and Montreal 8tre* ts. Portland, M»* apikuti - The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the bent instruments of their class in the world. Nearly all the most premium* artists In tie country >• have given written testimony to this (fid, and these instruments are in constant us* in the concerts ot the most distinguished artists—•• tiottscbaJk and others—a.* well as in the o era* in the priue'paJ eit i-vs whenever sich io* ruuamts are reou fed. Price 8 0 to 8*00 each These instruments may le found at the M’i* V Booms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers' price*. II. 8. EDWARDS, N j LTJ* Stewart's block, t'ongress St. aprlldU JKWETT BROTHERS, CommiNsion Merchants. a» South St., Vow York. K C. JBWHTF, I J. L JswcrT I Particu'ar attention paid to purckuiny floor. Cbm, Grasr Prorisions and Groceries. Also t) Ike Aalr of Contipnmtoit of Product. - axraa To il on. lisiiBibiJ liauiiia, I «. Boor* Her tor, Fletcher k Co. I Jefferson Cnotldg* k Co., J Portland. 44 Ksen C. Btan worth k Co , Boston, Maes. 8.U. Adams Esq .Camden, Me Washington long Esq., East port, Mo. „ ap901ma#4

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