Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 13, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 13, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. VOLUME III. PORTLAND, ME., FRIDAY MORNING, MAY 13, 18G4 WHOLE NO 578 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. GILMAN, Editor. • j uliiahed st No. 82* EXCHANGE STREET, by N• A. FOSTER A CO. The Portland Daily Press is published at 97.00 per year; if paid strictly iu advance, a discount of *1.00 will be made. Singh* oopie* three cents. tm M AinttSTATis PKKBHix published every Thors day morniut^.at 92.00 par annum, in advance; 92.26 if paid withm six raenths. and 92.60, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Rtttea of Advnrtinine: One inch ofspaoe in length of column, constitutes a "sqUAKs.” • 1.60 per square dally first week; 75 oents per week after; thre<* luacrtioriH or less, * 1 X); continuing eve ry other day alter tir-d week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertion* or loss 76 oents; ono w«*k, 91.00; 6o cents per week after. Und«r boa i of Amusements, 92.00 per square per week; three insertions or less, **1,60. Hpbcial Notic ice, 91.76 per square first week, 91,00 per square after; three Insertions or less, 91.26; half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week, 91.26 Advertisements inserted in tbo Maine State # Puuee (which has a large circulation in e very part of the State) for 50 cent<$ per square in addition to the above rates, for oach insertion. Lboal Notices at usual rates. Transient ad Tsrtisements most be paid for in ad vance Business Notices, in reading column**. 12 cents per line for one insertion. No charge less than fifty oents for each insertion. ?y»All communications intended for the paper •h>uld be directed to the "Bdittpr of the Pre**, and those of a bnsinoss oharaot. rto the Publuhert. tjr*J'>R PaivTiau of every description executed With dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. * Friday Morning, May 13, 1*04. Hutlcr'a Operations against Kit-hiuoiid. The A. >r. Herald'* correspondent thus de scribes the culling of the railioad between Petersburg and Richmond: „ “Onu of the iftain objects of Gen. -Butler’s movement to this point was gaii.ed on the 7ih by our forces. The preliminary operations had already been most brilliantly and success fully carried out hy the seizure of Bermuda Hundred, and the occupation of the Peninsu la Ijing between the James and the Appoto max livers. Its occupation, and the speedy and effective manner in which it has been for litied and rendered sale against all comers, have given our forces a base from which it thrr>nt<>nH lint It tin* r**l»« 1 pmhIIhI :,iui PotArn burg—a place uo less important in many points of view. “One of the important objects of the move ment was the destruction of the I’etersburg and Richmond Railroad,one oftbe main trunk lines of communication between Richmond and the sout hern portion of the so-called Cou lederacy. The other line is that from Rich mond to Danville, on the southern boundary of Virginia, irom whence a road long project ed, was to connect it with one of the North Carolina roads, leading through the heart of the Atlantic-seaboard states. The tapping of these Richmond roads severs ail communica tion by rail between Virginia and the South. So much for tho importance of the achieve ment, and now totkc details of the operations. “The first plan to strike and destroy the railroad last night was relinquished for vari ous good reasons, aud a new one formed,which seems to have iu it, to a greater degree, the elements of success. Five brigades were de tailed to push forward and seize the road at tlie proper point,to be under the command of Brigadier-General Brooks, aud the division was to move forward at an early hour this morning. From the Tenth Corps the Second Brigade, First Division, Col. INaisted, or the Eleventh Maine, commanding; the Second brigade. Second division, Col Barton, Forty eiglnh New York, commanding, and Colonel Drake's brigade, Third division, were detailed, and Gen. Burnham's and Gen. Man-ton's brig ades. from the Eighteenth army corps. Hum's battery, of the Fourth artillery, was attached to Gen. Brooks's command. The column left the fortifications about teu o’clock, Gen. Burn ham's brigade having the iufautry advance, Onderdouk’s New York mounted rifles lead ing. “Alter the command had been united by Gen. Brooks, just without our works, Oudcr douk's regiment was seat ahead to lee! the way and develope the enemy’s position, if it should he on our line of march. It took the wroug road, aud had advanced some distance, when it came across a rebel picket, w hick it captured without firing a shot. Soou after dis covering its mistake,the regiment was brought back to the right road, aud the coUimu start ed ou iu the direction ot the proper point.— Geu. Burnham’s brigade follow ed closely alter. “Our skirmishers again met the rebels, and this time iu strength, this side of the railroad, with their front mostly protected by a swamp and their line well strengthened by artillery. No better position could have been selected for a sturdy defence than that chosen by the reliele. “Our skirmishers were soon engaged with them aloug their entire line, and as our main force came iuto action the rebels opened lire Irom six or eight pieces, and vigorously shell ed our lines and the woods iu which our re serves weie forming. Our fire quickly became rapid from the infantry, and the engagement soon assumed the character of a battle. “At about five o’clock the rebels were driv en Irom their strongest position behind the railroad embankment, which they held for a long time. The railroad was gaiued and lost by us two or three limes—once ou account of the ammunition giving out, andagain because tbo enemy bad massed at that point ami press ed us back by the force of numbers. The last time we grasped the prize. We held it long enough to accamplish the object of the move ment. The railroad bridge crossing one of the tributaries of the Appomattox rieer.with in about seven mites of Petersburg, was set on fire and totally consumed, and the rail road track was turn up and destroyed f..r some distance this side of the bridge, aud the road rendered useless long enough lor our forces to carry out other and more important operations. Our success was not gained with out some loss, but precisely how great cannot as yet be aseeitaiucd. Many ofthe killed and wounded were necessarily left ou the field, near the the enemy, massing them selves, were able to finally drive us away be fore we could get all the disabled to the rear. “At the same time Ucn. Brook's command started from camp, a brigade under General Heckman with lJrlger » Idiode Islam] battery, moved out on another road and fought the enemy with success, driving 1dm back upon Ibe railroad. When our engagement was go iug on a section of Belger's rifle guns main tained a lire at long range upon the enemy’s artillery position, aud made the enemy's right wing very uncomfortable, besides retarding in some degree the arrival of their rciuforee uients, which they poured in from Petersburg after the light began. I have no particulars of (Jen. Heckman's operations further than the above.” John Bright's I.ast Speech on America. The following genial and eloquent speech of John Bright, at a meeting of the friends ol the Atlantic telegraph enterprise, will still further endear him to the people of this country: “ I could easily rob Mr. Field of the origin ality of the statement of what would happen should 1 visit the United States. I have at times received a great many letters from gen tlemen in that country, and one of them did say there were several penalties I should have to pay, aud that he thought one of them was that nearly all llie children would Ire called after me. [Laughter.] Well, if this aud many other dreadful things which he told me would happen, are true, I am, 1 think, very prudent in slaying in this country. 1 have never lieen in America, hut for the last thirty years, which is a long time to look back to, 1 have had a very strong wish to go there,; but most of us Englishmen find we have iu the management ,ot our business, so much to do that a six months’ absence is not an easy tiling to ac complish. Englishmen are, 1 will not say more attached, but much more tied to their homes than Americans are. However, when ever Mr. Field is able to tell us that the war g SUM—uni HI---. n nil II mi.. ... n is over, that the Union is restored, aud tha' there are uoue hut freemen on bis continent— (hear, hear,)—then, if I could be only a lew years younger than I am at all likely to be, I might he induced to promise to pay you a vis it. (Uear, hear.) I Jo not know how many of the fifty or six ty gentlemen here assembled are Englishmen or how many of them are American. It is hot at ali necessary to discriminate, hut it is worthy of notice that you could not tell out Irom life other. (Hear, hear.) That is nol remhi kable, for those who were our ancestors were also your ancestors; hut it is a very pro vokiug thing that there should be people who would make us foreigners aud strangers to each other. (Cheers) 1 am sure it would be possible to go through the United States and select a number of Americans aud En glishmen equal to the tlfly or sixty now in this room, aud if you put them together yoi will find the one-half of them just as well dis posed to the oilier half as we are to each other, and just as able to enjoy the good tilings prepared for them. There would not be among them the slightest disposition to quar rel. (Cheers.) They would begin to think that all the abuse they had heard of eacli other was false, aud the lies aud shameful calumnies to whicli a great newspaper here, and the great newspaper in New York treat both hemispheres, would no longer be regard ed. (Loud cheers.) There are some persons in England who are very jealous of America. It is too big, they think, to govern itself,— They, citizens of a country that rules an em pire of If 10 millions of people some thousand miles away, have a most profound opinion that a compact population of thirty millions is really too large for America to govern.— (Cheers aud laughter.) Tins national jeal ousy is very stupid, to say the least of it. Although we are not at war, the war in America is producing unfortunate results, to one branch of our commerce in particular, and is stirring up memories whicli had better been buried forever. (Cheers.) From ail this comes—from men, some partially ig norant, some suspicious men of contracted in tellect, iguoraut of wliat makes the great and true glory of nations—a great jealousy of the United States. It was in aucient times con sidered the great glory of a State to plant powerful colonies, aud they did not glory the less in them because they became independent. (Uear, hear, aud cheers.) Thus the United States have been our colonies. They are now truly an independent nation, hut still they are our colonies. What can be rnoie contempti ble than a feeling of jealousy of the great na tion we ourselves have planted ou the other side of the Atlantic, in the lace of all we are taught in history to value as great and glori who. n t- uave anucveu wnawver glory h Involved in carrying that wliich ia good in this country to a higher point than auy other country in history ever attained. (Hear, hear.) We have lately heard a great deal of the advantages of an universal language; hut when 1 look upon the United States, with a population o! thirty millions of people, with peaee restored, with Government re-eatab'.ish ed, with sehools aud classes enough for the general and religious education of the peo ple. I feel that in tiie short space of teu years that population will grow to such a degree that even in the lifetime of our children we shall have Hie English language spoken by one hundred millionsol fjee people. (Cheers.) What a uiagniiicent contemplation that is.— (Eoml cheers.) If I chance to go further, to tiie Australian colouies, there, too, are our institutions, and there tiie English language is spoken as it is in the United Slates. Aud then if I come to our vast dependencies in the East, inhabited by 150,000,000 of people, among all of wliom tiie English language is extending its influ ence, we shall have the educated people of Iiiudostan, in the course of twenty or thirty years, should the connection continue so long, also s| caking in our tongue. (Hear, hear.)— In South Africa, too, the English language is making its way; so that this language, in which the greatest men who ever lived have writ'en and spoken, is being universally ex tended, by tiie help of commerce and civiliza tion, until it promises to l*elt the world.— ((.’beers.) This being so, I want to know why men keep up a spirit of cavil and of jeal ousy between the two nations. I cannot con ceive any uiau more thoroughly an enemy, not only to his own country hut to humanity itself, than he who leuds himself to create and keep alive this animosity between tiie United States and this more ancient English nation. (Cheers.)" NO. 27. REMOVAL. NO. 27. Miss H. I\ VAKVKV, having removed trorn 124 Middle 8tr<*t to the new store NO. 27 FREE STREET, solicits t he continued patron age of her friends and flic public. Constantly ou baud the newest tad most fashion able varieties of MILLINERY GOODS 1 HAIR. WORK! Mi.** V. will attend a* formally to the manufacture of all kind* of lluir Work, such as Frizctt*. Bauds, Grecian Braids, Ac. apl8d4w A. & S. SHURTLEFF & CO., !VOS. 51 A AO MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Manufacturers and Dealers in Men'* Boys' and Youth’* Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women'! Mmaes and Children's Goat, Kid and cair Balmorals, Rubbers Shoe Stock, Findings, &c. \\T 1TH our t-uperior facilities for manufacturing, >> and a large experience in the busioers, «t we are able to sell a* low as in Boston or elsewheie. iKalenv are reapectfolly invited to call aud tx Hinineourhtock before purchasing. ayr“<>rdem by mail nrorupUy attended to. Portland, April 2:5, 1%4. dflm REMOVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGH IIAS BKMUVKD TO NKW STORE, EVANS9 BLOC K, Nos. 141 & 143 Middle Street, j JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Kctail Dealer in Clotliiutr,Cloths, Tailors' Trimmings, -and •GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, No*. Ill A 113 Middle Street. JOSIAH BIIKLBIGH Agent for ti rover k baker’s celebrated Sewing 3faeliineis. No*. 141 & 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be found at bur leigh’f,No. 141 & 143 Middle street, where he wil be pha-e to wrait upou his former customers. Portlaud. March 24. 1804. dtf I'ort laud Company.—Storkliold m’ Itleellni;. A SPECIAL meeting of the Stockholders of tie ^ Yl*ort loud C’omi.anv will beheld at their oftio on Fore street, on Wednesday, the 2oth day of Ma curreu*. at three o'clock 1*. M. 1st—To see if they will accept the act cf the leg’i lature of Maine, of Feb. 20th, 1904, to iucrease tin *P'“* stock of the company. 2nd—lo consider how much of the additions issued and on what term*. V* Bmend the by-laws of the company. *th- I o see if they will authorize the conveyanc cf a partof their laud to the Crand Trunk Kailwa Lompauy JOSEPH C. NOVES, Clerk. 1 ortlaud, May 11,1964. maylldtd WANTS, LOST,FOUND r<ist. BETWEEN Geo. Cushman's Ccnfectionary store aud Deering Street, a Money Hag. coutricing 1 a suin of money, the tinder will be liberally re warded by leaving it at this office. my 12 dl w Wanted. AN entirely new article which every family wauts. I have it, and any party, with from ftdo/nnd up ward* to invest, can make $-1000 on every $3.0 in vested Apply at 229 Congress stre t. mayl2dlw E. CHAPMAN, Jr. Wanted I mined lately. A GOOD smart Hov about 1C or *7 yeari of age, by BItOOKS ft PUISNKY. Corner Pine and Bracket sts. Portland. May 12.1334. mayl2tf REWARD. JWill pav Fifty Dollars reward to any person who will give information leading to the recov ery of the property stolen from the Stable of Capt. J. B. Coyle, iu Westbrook, on the n'ght of the 22d Inst. I will also p*y Fifty Dol ars to any person giv ing such information as will lead to the detection of the thief or thieves. JOHNS llKALD, City Marshal. Portland, April 90.1864. aprdOdtf Wanted. A Situation as Copyist, by a Lady who writes rap idly auc legibly. Address L.;Portland. Me. apr80eod2w* Wanted! AT BAUNYMS Eating House, Temple St. UKOM five to twenty gallou* of g od Cream per Jl day through the season, for which the highest price will be paid Farmers and miik-dt alers will do well to give this their earliest atteutnu. inay7dlw WANTED 1 1,000 WOMEN, To make Army Drawers. Also good Pant Basters and Finishers wanted in the shop to make ARMY PASTS. None but good workmen wanted. Apply at the rooniB in FREE STREET BLOCK, over the store one donr north of Tolford's. No work given out or taken in Monday forenoons or Saturday afternoons. feb‘29dtf 8 W. HUNTINGTON. Wanted ! Second-Hand Candle Boxes, At No. 90 Portland Street, Portland Ian7 dtf Wanted. A Female Pa*try Cook at Dartou’sOyster Saloon. ‘Ail, Congress 8t. aplOtf HOTELS. - Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (FOBMBBLY WILflOM HOI'S*.) J. T. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. Thin popular Hotel ha- recently been pur* i chased by Mr Miller(ol the Albiou) and haa been thoroughly re titled, renovated and re j [paired, aud numerous excellent alterations J_)made. It is located on the ttaccarappa road, about tour miles from Portland, affording a beautiful drive over a good toad, aud just about tar enough for pleasure. It haa a line large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys, lu close proximity to the house is a warm aud roomy Stable, containing twenty nice stalls. There is also a well sheltered Shed, 106 feet long, for hitching horses. The choicest Suppers will be got up for sleighing and dancing parties, who will And it greatly to their [ pleasure and advantage to resort to the White House. Mo effort will be spared for the entertainment ol ««««»**• declVbdtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P L, UM B E R! MAKER O W Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 191 EXC1IANOE STREET, l’OKTLAND, UK. "'nun, Cold nnd Shower IIhUih, "’null Bowie, llruH. A Silver Plated Cock*, INVERT description of Water f ixture, for Dwtl. A llU|f Houses, Hotels, Public lllllldloirs. sheeps, kc , arranged and sit up in the best mauner, and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on han.l LEAD I’lPES. SHEET LEAD aud ltKEK PL MPS of all descriptions. ap9 dtf THE AMERICAN IIOISE, Banover Street .... Boiton, The Largest Had Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. ooldly ‘ CAPISIGPOND HOUSE NOW OPEN, Three Milea front Porilnnd. CEO. "'. NI RCII. aprl2dtf TAKK A WOAMIVS Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, FOR VESSELS’ BOTTONS. To Ownm and .tlasiers ot Vessels. Thi-i superior articleU offered with (he fullest con fidence. When applitd to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS H will be found a perfect tubtditut* for Copper Sheathing, and a ( OMPLKTE PULttkHV Al IYK from WORMS, HAILN ATLKtt. GRASS, Ac. Vm gel* trading to the West India and .Southern 1‘orU will find it particularly or their interest to u»e tie 1'ATKNT MKT4 LHC OR C Utl KI 1*4 1 NT. .... K'in Hill III l-lll J CMC ^UKIBIIItt i IIOl ouly that their Copper I’aint is -u j erier to any now iu use, but also to any that has beeu heretofore of f red to the public Priuted directions for use aceompsny each can. For tale, wholesale and retail, by the Mauufac turers Agents, LYMAN & MARRETT, Sliip Ciiandlers, No. 115 4 ommerrial Street, »I>8U2taw3a> POETLANI). V. $H>0. ». fllUE undersigned being licensed by the United X States, are prepared to procure Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of Pay and Prize Money lor Sob diers, Seamen or their heirs. Bills for Board and Transportation of Uecruit* or DraPed Men collected. All demand* aguiust the State or United Mate* at tended to. Having an agent both at Washington and Augusta, aud having had large experience, \vt feel saftTiu averting that any business entrusted tu our care will be faithfully aud promptly executed. We have also an ugcut iu New ^ oik to attend to the payment of Prize money. Advice free. Approved Claims cashed. MANUKY & SAWYKK. Office*2$ Kx hauge, St., f ox Block Portland, Me. J. li. SAMMY, w. 0. SAWYKK. Krfrrmcti: Hon. HainC Cony,Governor of Maine. iioii.J L. Hodr>dou, Adjutant c*en. of Maine. I lion Win Pitt Fessendeu. U. s Senator, lion. Lot M. Morrill, U.S. Senator. _aP*3 d&wtf Hasting’* Melodeon* AS GOOD AS TUB BEST AND CUBAP AS TUB CUBAPKS T. Warp-rooms Mo, 5 Temple St., , PORTLAND. Persons desirous of purchasing will And It f r their advantage to call and examine for themselves mayldlm MISCELLANEOUS. C. LOAYl FIRST iWTIOYAL IliYk -OF - PORTLAND, DESIGNATED REPOSITORY • -OF THE UNITE 13 STATES. This Bunk Is prepared to receive' subscriptions for the new “TEN FORTY 1.0 AN,” which is dated March 1, 1 -64. bearing interest at five per ceLt. a year, PAYABLE IN COIN, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after ten years, aud payable in forty years from date. Interest on Bonds nut over une hundred dollars payable annually, aud ou all other Bonds semi* annually. Bonds cau be had in frfces of $50, f 100, *500, SlOuO. WM. EUW. OOUIjL), mch31 dtf Cashier. BAILEY AND NOYES." DEALERS IN PAPERUAYG1NGS, WK purchase our Stock of Room Taper from the largest Manufacturing l^.tablishments in the United States; careiully selecting from their large stocks, the mew pattkuhp only,—and such as are adauted to thin market. This year the styles and designs"Bre very beautiful, aud we have a hue assortment, appropriate for every style of room. We iuvite those in want of ROOM PAPER to examine our patterns, berore pdrchasiug elsewhere. They are bought here for cash, and we cau afford to sell at a fair prick. BAILEY AND NOYES, Ho ak**»l l«*r* and Stationer*, 56 X 58 Kirkanie kiirrrt* t'oriliiml N B. Country dealers will tind it to their advant- j age to rive u* a call, if in waut of Koom Paver. rueh2o 2m<lft vr ^ N *: W O R liK t \ s. S. D. MOODY &■. CO., Cotnmiaaion Merchant* 07 Tcboupi tnnlis at.. New Orleans. La. Kefeieiic*'*: Baker ft Morrill, Boston: Franklin Know ft Co., Boston; Wise fc KussHl, Bostou ; C. Nickeraon ft Co., N. Y .; Rich ft Co , St. Louis. tF" Particular attention givento Consignmentt qf rfHHflt, Lumber, Hay, (Jots, fc. mch23 a3m FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, NO, Ml MIDDLE STREET, (FOX BLOCK)* Are Again in the Field - WITH - Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! NEW AN II FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOK THE SPlil N-O. Ladies of Portland aud vicinity are respectfully invited to call and sec the many beautiful sty Its ol Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods Ji sT received: Also, the great variety House FiiriiiMhing Good* ! Such as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, Table Linen*. Drillings. 1 ickings. Denims. Stripes, ftc. Also, just receiving, the latest styles ol haudsouie Spring Balmoral Sltirts And the mo«t fashionable SPKINO SIIA tVLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AND I’ASSIMER KS, FOE HOYS’ AXU MEN'S WEAK. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant assortment. We are just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any of the new aud desirable Spring Cloaks. Wurreuted to suit. 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No. *5 Euliangc Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and wsli selected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit ! Wboleaale and Retail Orange*. Spruce Gum, L**r*,ci l^u*n,. Canary Seed. Caudle*. Limes, iemn Syrup, Hency, Prunes, Cecou Nate, Fig*, I’Rr*a, Nuts, all kinds. Dales, Olive*, Raisin*. Tekacce, Sardines, Cigar*, fancy Candles ef all deacrlptlen. oct9 dtf f7m. carsiey, CABINET lflAKER AND UPHOLSTERER, So. 51 Union Street, 18 prepared to do all kind* of CABINET JOB BINti In a prompt and 4*tinfactory manner. Book and Show Case* made to order. KT Far nit are Made, Repaired and Varnished at SHORT NOTICE. Portland. May *». lsdi. tf IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St., STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sizes aud patterns, 8t«u Pipeail fixtara, Bill taria^ Skiftii^ Liomt Housa Work of all descriptions, and all kinds ol work required iu building FOKTl V1CAT1UN8. IronStuirs aud other Architectural Work. Housed, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Uas and Steam in the best manner. In connection with the above is an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of PatUms, to which the attention of Machinists, Mill weights.and Ship-Build ers U invited and all kinds of Castings furnished at short notice. IT*orders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. oo2d tf SEWING MACHINESl WOODMAN. TRITE * CO., AGENTS, Soi. >4 aid 44 .... . Middle Strict, flecdlatiad irlaaUicialwtya eikiil. aihllti^ A CARD. DR. S. G. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 175 Mnlttl Street. UnvBBaxuss.Drs. Bacon and Banaua. Portland, M ay 36,1863. If Dr. J. H. If FAED HAVING disposed of his entire interest In hit Office to Dr. S C FKKNALD, would cheerfully reocomutend him to his former patients and the pub lie. Dr. Kbrn ald, from long experience, is prepar ed to insert Artificial Te«*th cn the “Vulcanite base,** aud all other methods known to the profession. Portland. Mav 36.1863 tf JOHN F. SHERRY, Hair Culler and tVijf .tinker, No. 13 Market Square,Port' md, (up stairs.) i nr*3eparate room for Ladies’ and Children’s 11 all Cutting. A good stock of Wigs, Half-Wigs, Bands, Braids, Curls, Fr ze’.ts, Pads, Lolls, Crimping Boards, Ao., %e.. constantly on hand fe2*J'68dly WOOD AND COAE CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAP”COAL. $9.50 rnruK lot chestnut coal *9.k> b ton, SPRING MOUNTAIN,, 1ILZILTON, Sl'li A K LOAF. OLD COMPANY LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHN'S*. DIAMOND. WLBS TEH aud BLACK UKATII. These Coals arc of the very beat quality, well screened and picked, aud warranted to give satisfaction. Also tor sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Omen CoHMnaciAL St., head of Franklin Wharl. I 8. KOl.NDti &l SON. feblG dly WARREVti ItlPORVCD FIRE AND WATEIM’ROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AND Grnvol Roofing EOIl FLAT ROOFS. E. UEHSEY. Agent, Jan’iG dll No. 10 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB A CO., -i>xalb£h IV i Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OK MFJtUlLL’S WHAKK, I ('•■M«r«ial Street. - - Hertlaad, Me. letttf Colley, Burnham & Co., » Cdkiuet Hikers ami Ipliolslerers, 3U3, Congress Street, A HE prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet and Lfp /V liolatery work, at the shortest notice. All kinds of I’llrail lire, Lounges A Mattresses - constantly ou hand— N H.“ i he public are invited to call and examine, u* *h4 dtf 1500 i s \ \l> Algol s : ». W. I.OTIIROP, HH Middle Street. ^ I Where cm be found a large assortment ot MUM Ladies’, ii»*uts\ XI -ses’. Boys’ and Youths f mj fasblonabl» HOOTS, SIMMS and HI IT It T US of the best manufacture aud at r»*a tonable prices. Booth and BHokh made to inusnure from the bent I reuch aud Ameiicati stock ami on the latest style lasts. WM. W.LOTIlKOl*. mch!£2 d'Jtu JOHN P. ANDEKSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, COOMAN Uf.OCK, rachl? d&wtf i KuriK Stkkkt Scotch Canvas, -roa BALM BY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Hath, Me. BOLTS Superior Bleached &\JVJ 300 do All Long llax ‘Gov- A eminent contract,” ■ ** 800 do Extra Ail Long flax Arbroath, 300 do Navy Fine Delivered ta Portland or Boston. Bath. April ft), 1SU aplfldtf J M ISCKLLANEOUS. ELEGANT CLOAKS” —AT— POPULAR PRICES! LEACH & ROBINSON, 81 MIDDLE STREET, Wish to anuouuce to their friend* and the Ladies of 1‘ortland and vicinity, that t hey have opened the second story over their store for the exclusive manufacture and sale of CLOAKS, CAPES. -AND MANTILLAS! We have just received Elegant Cloth Qaiments, From the celebrated liuuses of CSV. ISO Dll, i C. C. CARY 1 CV„ Cunal nt., New Yorlc, which together with our own maaupacture, will die play the choicest congress of CLOAK MERCHANDISE ever offer? I in Maine, which will be sold at the Lowest Possible Prices FOR CASH. Couutry Dealers w ill (hid a Choice assortment of Ladies’ Gann-nts, Cloths* Silks, Tassels, Billion*, and ORNAMENTS, Constantly on band. This department of our business will be conducted with special reference to the wants of the CLOSEST BUYERS. All the popular style* will appear early and will be exhibited iu FINE. MEDIUM — AMD — Lotv Cost Fabrics. With superior faculties fur manufacturing, wtvhope to merit the coutinued patronage of our friend* LCACH& ROBINSON. aprl4dlm. SPRING & SUMMER OPENING! A. ». REEVES, TAILOR & DRAPER, NO. 98 EXCHANGE STREET, lias ju-t returned from Boston and New York with a KICIl ANI) IASI IIONABLE ASSORTMENT OF Cloths, Cassimeres and Vestings, Of every variety and style, t including many of the most unique patterns of the season,) which be pur chased for rtwA, and consequently can give an ele gant “nr out*' at the LOWEST CASH FKICEft ! He invites his old friend* aud customers, aud the public geueraily. to call aud examiue his stock. Having enlarged hi* store by the removal of his work-room above, he has accommodation* more ex tensive for the display of his good*. April M. l+A. dtf J. W. SYKES, Parch user for Eastern Account OF LOUR, GRAIN, SEEDS. PROVISIONS, LARD, BUTTER and WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to shipping by qilckest and cheapest routes. No. 152 SOUTH WATER ST. T. O. Box 471. ChiTItRO, Illinois. Rarxnxirt a*Messrs. Maynard k Sons; II A W Chickenug; C. U. Cunimiug* k Co.; S. 1*. howdlear t Co.; Charles A. Stone; Unlit ti. Davis A Co., of Boston, Mas*. Cashier Elliot Bank. Boston. J N. Bacon, Esq.. President Newton Bank, .fewtoa. C. B. Coffin; Warren Ell 1* A Kona, New York City Jyy ’88 d ly Coal and Wood? — AT TB> LOWEST PRICES FOR CASS, DELIVERED TO AN TP ART OP THE CITT, AT SHORT NOTICE. Our Coal Is of the very BEST quality, and war ranted to give satistaction. -ALSO, TOR SALE All Hind, of Hard and Son Wood. The Publio are Invited to give us a oali, as we are bound to givo satisfaction to all who favor as with their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RANDALL * McALLISTER ■■(?o ir _ _ M .1 R S ( ) N, Silver Plater, AMD MANUFACTUUKK OW SILVER WARE, 238CoQgrosa Bt.,Opp.Court House Portland,Me tT~AU kinds of WAKE, sucb as Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac, p.atcd iu the best manner. Al-o, REFAiMJNG and RR-FJXJ*UI\U Old Stiver Ware. d6m TO SHIP UHLDKE8. F. S. A J. 15. IIUCKINH, COMMISSION MERCHANT8.and wholeaale and retail dealers iu Ship Iimhku and Plank. Uau' tor calc at their Wharf, Cfc.vruAL Ssii akk, East Boston,850,000 Locust on a ihik Tretnatls. 2.008 Hackmatack Knees, plaucd. Also Wmra Oak Plan Rand ri*n*tt,Cn khtnit Boaho* and Plank Whit* Pink. Okck-Plamk. Ac. Particular at tention paid to Furnishing Oak Flank by the Cargo. uch24 d3iu To Hlanulat'lurerfi, Ship Huilttcr*, AND person* desirous of Ileal Estate Investments, the following property is ottered at good bargains. ->» Houses at prices from tHfibO to UbOOo. 100 Hou<e Lots at prices from 83lM) to 88000 2000 Feet of water front suitable for wharves Ship yards, Manufacturing Sites, fronting deep water writh due spring of water rUactnt thereto and a portion of it Adjoining tin «. r.ui l trunk Lai) Hoad, from which freight may be deposited on the premises moh 17 3m MOSES GuULD, 74 Middle St. to merchants7~ fit HE uudersigned having greatly incriased their X facilities for manufacturing HOOTS AND 8110TC8, and having large experience in tnai urauch, would call the atteutiou of the trade to the same. We shall in future l»e much better able to supply the de mands of the trade theu heretofore, anu are confi dent that iu the <|Uality, both of ourstuck and work. we can give satisfaction, as wemanufactureexprep* ly for the retail 1 rade. 1 hone buying for eash will dud it to their advantage tolook at our stock, which consists iu pirt of RCBRERS, S(H A and WrAJt E RA THRR, FREXC H and A MRR/t A V CA l. F, French Kip, l.emtdne and Jndot Cat/, (lots* and Kid St'^ek, Serges and Wgbs, Bitot and Shoe Machinery and Findings of all kind*. Mr. Edmund Libby, late of the firm of Messrs Chae J Walker A Co . has associated himself wbb us, aud relying on his many years experience iu manufacturing, we areeonddent in making the above statements. TlfLEK * LAMB. Portland, Feb. 1.1864. febo d4m. Book Card & Fancy Printing ■ SATLT HIKCUTED AT TNI OrriOE OF TNK PRIS MISCELLANEOUS. Hannon Block, nMBeSL, No. Ml. Scholarship, good in any part of tbn l'ulted Stated . ne Principal ha, bad 20 ) eara experience; la always on the ,pot, and attend, to hie business! and prom* iaee, as during the put 12 yuara, no pain• ahull be •pared In tbe liiture. Fire hundred relefeneaa of tbe Ural ciasa buaiueea men, with many otban of this city, will testily to tbe practical utility, aapaOoaw neaa and coiupleteneea of my ayetema and manner ol teaching, and citixeni of other cities have laoliScd to tbe same. Diplomas will be awarded fbr thor ough coarsea. Able A is la taut, secured. Bartlett's Plan, the founder of Commercial Ceil ages, strictly adhered to se regards not copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who bare failed to bo taught a badness hand writing end 1 will guarantee to yod mosses. Application-solicited for Accountants. Separate la •traction given. Student, can eater nay time, (op erate room, for ladies. Tuition rmnaelils Intri cate accounts adjusted. I ad lea and Gentlemen that de-ire to take leeaona, or a full, or a separata coarae, in either Book-Keeping, Nasigatkm, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil Ka rines ring, Surveying, Native Business Writing, Commercial Arithmetic. Correspond sues, Card Marking, land teachiug from printed ooptee and Teat Book, will be avoided please anil, or addmm the Principal B. H BROWN Portland. Oct 1. 1MI ocW eodheowly JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSlOH MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable raiaa, COLT KESS and GLERUAKRDCK PIO IRON, ▲1*0, BAR. SHEET, f BOILER PLATE I ROM. of Engliah and Scotch Manuffcctare. WrihAileontiDie to receive, in ad dittos to oar American Brick. * regular supply of ENGLISH. SCOTCH, * WELCH FIRE BUCK me Ml eodffin THE Borrow FIRE BRICK And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Work a, 9H Federal atreet. office and Warehouae IS Liberty Square an«l 7 Battery march St, manutactare Five Brick, ail shape* and aiiee,for furaaoee required tf ataud the moat intense heat alao Fa mace BiocJkS and Blab*, Locomotive Fire B locks, Baker a' Oven and Greeu'houae Tilea, Chiy K-torta mad aeoeaanry I dea to aet them. Fire Cement, Fire Clay and Kaolin. The undersigned will give their apodal attention that ait order* tor the above manufacture are axaon ted with promptneea. JAMES E MOM) ACO. Silliko A 111, to. 1U LiWrt, Sqiur,. Bmm. UCtlll tHMlfilD PENSIONS! BOUNTIES t — A HD BACK. PAY! Are obtained lor Wounded Soldier* t«ti‘charged) and tbe friend* of deceased soldiers who ar« untitled to tbe same by BYKON D. YE BRILL. Attwiey 111J CouKlkr, at Jk 117 IMlt Street. -AND Licensed Agent for nil the Departments nt Washington. Portland. April 23. 1364. a; 26 oodtm J. D. CHENEY’S MELODEON & ORGAN Alanutactorv, Mo. 135 1.3 MISSIe Street. MKLODKON8 of all sixes sad style* on baud and manufactured to order. Tbe combined power and «w*etne«* of tone of bis Excelsior One an, render it suitable for a church or parlor, and the b***t substitute for a pipe organ that can be obtained. The following Is one of the numerous Usiiaaoaiai* in hi* possession: From W. K. Could, Cashier ot International Bank, Portland. Portland, May a. IMS. For many y»ara 1 have had trtqaeat op|o*tni»l* tie* to notice the many good poiuts in tbe Melodeon* made by Mr J. 1) Cheney. of thie city, and ae tbe result, 1 have urged my frieuds who were intending to purchase an instrument of this claaa, to procure one ot Mr. Cheney. W. M. COULD. fFBT Thc f omhination Voir* is applied to alt omr Instrument* Persons ordering by mail will gat as good au I u*trumcnt as th>ugh selected by them per son a 11> . No charge for Packing. Kkkairino sad Tuning promptly at elided to Portland May 3,1*4. mayBdawlm* PE All L STTgARDEN ! Plants, Flowers, A Seeds. Mrs. !tl. FRASER, Florist, NO. 52 PEARL ST., Offers for sale a large assortment of Garden Roots, Herbaceous Plants, Shrubbery and Flower Heeds, Of her own raising. Also Danilas tto Roses, SOME HUNDRED VARIETIES. Which can b% purr based lower than at any other Garden in the State. Price of Flower feed* only three cents per paper. IF"Cut t lowers, lioquetsand Wreaths from April to November. maySdSw GREEN HOUSE AND BKDDINU OITT PLANTS, I tteapectfnlly infirm thn pnblio tbnt I ban* on 1 hand a large aasortment oft, re* a Hen*a and Bedding-out Pianta. for bpriug nlc. »t Bapwlor quality, via: Yaabanaa, ltmiu. Palaaoom uaa. Pan*** anil Hiaaa AUo. n flan collection Of AUTUft I'LCkT*. Ac.. Ac.. Ac. A .electiou may ninny* be found at Randall A Wi.itney'e. Market Square. erder* >*rt there will be promptly atteudeo lo » ALHKKI DIRtVANUER. Ploibt Corner of North and Montreal RtrnaU. PorllaniJ, Me. apt30tf The CabinetOrgans MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the twst instrument* of their class in thn world. Nearly all the most premium* arti»ts In tin os an try have given written testimony to this effiset, and thnan instrument* arc iu constant u*» in the concerts ol the most distinguished artists—as Lott sc balk and others-as well a* !n tuno stasia the principal oit »»• whenever Mach ins'rumeuts ars roqu rad. Trice • Vi to #Cuu each. These instruments may he found at the Mu«‘c Room* of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers' piieee. II. 8. KDWARDS, No. 849 j Stewart's Block, Congress 8t. aprUdtt JEWETT BROTHK1I, CommiMsion Merchants, 23 South St., New York. . R C.JBvrrr, | i. L Jan awr. J Partiou'ar attention * aid to purcktuinp Flour, Cbm. 6/r<ss* *red, Provis torn* and (Vroosrv«j. AM# to the so/* r/ CuiuifSSM«r« uf Proven, — aitrea to — lion. Ilanuihal Ham:ia. I u Measr*. Fi*ke A lia.*. { Banger. Me. Messrs. Ilurecr. Fletcher 4 Ce. I „ . . •' Jefferson Oiolidge 4 Co., | lortland. “ K*en C. Mtauworth 4 Co , Boston, Mas#. S. ti. Adams. Kstj , ('amdeu, Me. Washington I.oug. K»q., Kastport, Me. apSOIaseod FANCYGOODS HOUSE, WhOl.lAl*, H. MERRILL, No 131 Middls Street. ( ap (tain,) Portland, Mala*. Silk, rwlnt, Button*. Binding*. Thread*, pin*, Needle*. Cutlery, Edging* Stationery, Lacing*. Tape. Elaatic. Belt*. Comb*. Snipendnr*. Toy*. A., />»*«< ASD TAlLOHS• THIStSllMOH. aiHiiSb

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