Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 16, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 16, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. An Appeal to thoes who httve not yet given. The following dispatch was received.Satur day aud placed in the Merchants’ Exchange, where the subscription paper for the relief of our Wounded Soldiers, through the agency of the Christiau Commission, is still open. The appeal was promptly responded to by many who had uot subscribed, aud the paper is slid there for others to add. Now is the time, if ever there was one, to be liberal. Go forward today aud give of the store which God lias blessed you with, aud. aud give with a liberal baud. I'Hli.ADEi.riu.v, May 13. 77,oi>. It. Hayes. Esij. The V. S. Chrisltau Commission has over two hundred delegates in Geu. Grant’s army akme. Fifty-eight marched with the army 011 its advancement. Three hundred aud seven ty-eight boxes of battle-Ueld stores were seut lorward to day. Our noble Government and our own gallant army need every particle of aid the Commis sion can give them. In this hour of great suffering the country in answering nobly to our appeal All that we cau do is needed now. We trust 1‘ortlaud will continue to respond. Geokue II.Stuart. Prttl. V. S. ('hr ill ian Commislon. tRThe following subscriptions were made on Saturday : Ja» W Leavitt, *108: A mires .Spring *60 -Daniel W. Lord, Maiden. Maas , t’narles Staples ft ..Son, "For the Union Soldiers black or white" Chicles McLaughlin A Co, J. K. Corey ft Co., .*23 each. H X. Joss. Cash, *10, each Caaii, A A. 8., Cush, M T. 8. *16 each. O.W. Oahoon, Uapt Inman U.S. A.lsia Dyer, .John C. Brooks, Charles K Beckett Cash, 11.T. *Ctti smings. It. 11. Furbish, Rufus Doenng. 8. It Lib y. D. W. Clark, Phinoey & Jackson, H. J. Lit tie J,.’m Wm Jtoaa, KolUue ft Bond, Rtv J W.Chick ering, II J. Leavitt. Mrs K L. Uroely.Dr Wm v» end, Harris, Atwood ft Co , *ln each. L. 1) Bhepley, Cash, Capt W. It. Small 13th Me. Rest., Is muel Cebb. W. b. Jordan. WniA.llyde, Abial Soft erby. Adj J. 8. ltoothby 13th Me. Itegt. Lieut W in I*. Colman 1st Me. eavairy, Capt J. F. Laud 20th Me., M «. Whittier, ('ash, Capt Willard Lincoln Ifftb Me , P. K. Fro*t, Nanii'l Hawke*. Wm It. Clifford . M as Sarah H. Choate. Mrs K. I) t homte. Cash. Cash Capt Joshua Poland. Joeetih dlsiey, 8. M Mlllikei .Cash, 8. H* ale. Henry t. Timmons, W. H. Franc, VP. 11. Woodbury, .lobn Hutchin'ou. li. Rackard. C. W’. C’ottiy, Richard Crockett, Wm Fer ris, Charles W. smith. Wm M. Clark, #3 each. C*uh, .1, W. Vork, A Lady. John Dray, *3 each. Cipt Ezra B. Carr, Capt Wm liobaou. Cash. K. J. Norria, David Torrey. Joon Woodbery, Falmouth, A t.adv, Dren Jlmg. Cash. "J. U. I*. B.” *2 each. J A- Merritt 3.W. "Ladlrs" *U Ca*h. Mary Oliver 8 Rogers, Cash. Master Henry Wl'son King, Samuel Lincoln, J. T. Jatnosuo. Cssa *t each. The whole amount subscribed up to Satur day night was $3,7S0,00. The paper will remain open at the Merchants’ Exchange to day for the purpose of affording those who have not yet subscribed, att opportunity of adding their i names to it. Supreme Judicial Court: DAVIS, J., ritKSIDIXO. Saturday.—In order to give time for Hie production of certain papers in tlie case of Fox et. ais. executors, vs. Ptxcuix Insurance Co., Court adjourned to Monday morning. Kow — A Soi.Dikii Shot.— Yesterday, a half dozen soldiers came over from Fort Pro file, and having imbibed too much rum, com tuienced kicking up a disturbance. In Hail- 1 •ock street tbey attacked and badly beat a \nj.:ro named Henry Johnson. Johnson ob l. Vis’d reinforcements from his brethren and thi Y commenced an attack upon the soldiera aud d*»ve them to the corner of India and Midd le streets. At this point, when bricks ands tones were thickly flying, a negro named Willia » Fortune,discharged a pistol in nmong the cr jwd. The ball struck one of the sol diers in the loin. .Dr. llobinson probed the wound . foor inches and lost track of the ball, but lo ond It bad penetrated towards the spine. The mldier was taken bark to the fort aud Forte me was arrested by officers Burnham aud I Sc-kett aud taken to the lock-up. Ai*rvMi>r at Suicide.—Yesterday after - uoo o, <Jyrus Could, of Biddeford, was discov ered by some children in a stable adjoining the late residence of Judge Ware, on Federal street, the latter baing now occupied as a board ing bouse. He was covered up with hay and was groaning loudly. Information was given to the boarders in the house, who cornl lunicaled the matter to Deputy Marshal Merr ill, who Immediately conveyed the man lo thi ! Police office. It appealed ficm his eonfe: fdon that he had attempted to poison idmsel f by taking strychnine. Dr. Goodell, the Cit. / Physician, was called and lie admin istered an emetic to the unfortunate man, which re ’iered him. He was calm and com fortable l ‘St evening. He assigned no cause lor the raa > act. Accidk* r.—Mr. Devine, of Gorham, form- | erly a shi|*n aster from this port, brought a 1 barrel of cidi r to the city last Saturday, aud went with ilia team to llie rear of Deering Hall block to deliver it. His horse backed the wagon d. >wn an opening to the basement of the store c ccupied by Mrs. Cushman, and the barrel stove in the door aud rolled in where three or four gir.'s were »t work. For tunately no ouo of them was injured. The horse kicked Mr. Devine, causing a compound fracture ol the booe of the right leg. just above the ankle, which will lay him up for a long time. He was taken into Dana's apothecary store, and attend* d to by I)rs.Tewksbury and Fogg. jyTlio committee of Arbitration of the Bo» -rd of Trade of ibis city, have awarded Mr. Isaac Emerjv $524451, against the captain aud owne rs of the brig J. JI. OUihigham, for neg lect in not tilling mol.tsses casks as full as t:»y should have been, tvherebv Mr. E. suf er< d a loss of 5,500 gallons from an excess of “ou.V more than there should have been in case the casks had been properly filled. New* Books. — Messrs. Bailey <fc Noyes have r< eeived a very interesting work enti tled Ch.’mtian Memorials of the War, or Beenes an d Incidents illustrative of lteligious Kailli aud Principle, Patriotism and Bravery in our Army. By Iforatio I). Uackett, aud published by Gontd <fe Lincoln, Boston. Also, a very neat edition of Banyan’s Pilgrim Prog ress, lroin the Univ ersity Press. yy-tVe regret t 'J learn that Gen. Frank Fessenden, who so gallantly led his brigade at the battle of Cane, aud who was wound ed in the leg, has been obliged to sillier ampu tation of the limb. At last accounts be was iu a comfortable condition. We trust he may be spared to bring additional honor to himsell and the country, in the service. A Fight.—Two Irishmen, belonging in Westbrook, undertook, between ten and eleven .o'clock last night, to have a tight at the head »f Centre street. Officers Fickett aud Fioyd Interfered with their operations, and arrested llieut and conveyed them to the lock-up. jf We are requested to say that Mr. Jas. W. Buck has left at Crossmau & Co.’s, a few reserve seat tickets for the opera this evening aud to-morrow evening, which will be sold for a small premium. jy The American illustrated papers for this week have been received at the book aud periodical store of A. HobiCRon, No. 51 Ex change street. Sabbath Breaking.—Two lads, named biennia O’Connell and Thomas Welch, wert arrested yesterday by officer Gerts for violat tag the Sabbath by playing in the streets. SyTbe total value of foreign exports fron jbli port last week, amounted to *70,387 20. BY TELEGRAPH -TO bVEHIMtt PAPERS. Various I tints. Dispatch to World, 0 A. M., Friday, said Lee was in full retreat, and that 4K guns had been captured. Geu. Burney was reported slightly wound ed. Dispatch to Times said, Lee’s retreat is Ire coming a route, thousands of prisoners are being captured. The streams in his rear are very much swollen by the recent rains. Sup plies are reaching our aimy rapidly. Otir losses in killed, wounded uud mbsiug, are estimated at 4o,UU0, many ol whom art ab sent without sultlcieut reason, and caunut be counted among the losses. Geu. Graut will crush Lee before he gets to Richmond. We captured 0,000 prisoners yesterday, and 40 guns. The rebel army are retreating in the direc tion of Gordons!ills, and their wagon trains we have captured contain no provisions. Leo commenced his retreat alts o’clock Thursday evening, and Ids rear guard at day light. Gov. Uraralelte ol Ky., lias called lor 10,000 State troops for six months, lie promises to lead them in persou, and says, “ let us help llnish this war to save our Government." A wounded rebel prisoner who reports that Gen. Longstreet was wounded, says lie subse quently died on bis way to Richmond. The rebel Gen. A. P. Hill was also wound ed. Other prisoners report that Gen. Lee was wounded. Gen. Canbv and staff passed through Mem phis on the 13th en route for Red river. From ilullrr—ifln n to a Flay of Truce. New York, May 14. The Times' Bermuda Hundred correspond ent, dated on the evening of the 10th instant, stales that in the morning Gen. Butler re ceived a Hag of tiuce from the enemy signed by Gen. Buslitod Johnson, containing three propositions, viz : First—Asking permission to come within our lines to remove their wounded and bury tbeir dead. Second-Asking an exchange of their wounded. Third—Asking a general exchange of pris oners on both sides. To the Hrst of these propositions Gen. But ler replied, that the work was already done. To the second lie announced himself as perfectly willing to assent. To the third lie replied, that no exeliange of healthy and well prisoneis could be ( fleet ed until the coufedeiate authorities should ac knowledge colored soldiers to be prisoners of war. ■ Gen. Krautz galloped nearly 300 miles, de stroying tlie bridges at Stonybrnnk, Notawav and Parrots, one of which was 210 feet long. He twisted the rails so that it would be im possible to straighten them, burned the de pots and store-houses with supplies, and did injury which could not be repaired iu a month. He bad several tights, aud lost 7 killed and 30 wounded and misting. He brought iu 140 prisoners. Intercepted telegrams showed that bis op erations penned up Beauregard at Weldon, N. C., at the critical moment when bis Inrge force might have turned the tide of battle on the Uapidan iu favor of Lee. .Vrtrl from frrit. Hank*. -View Vokk. May 14. The Herald's New Orleans correspondent writing the 7th says, information has been te ceived which can be relied on, that Gen. Banks has fallen back from Alexaudiia and is now on bis way to Franklin. Tbe expedition up the Bed River was plan ned and undertaken against Gen. Bank's be lief in the possibility of in success. It is reported by refugees that the enemy has thrown forwarit 10,000 men on each tide of the Red river below Alexandria for the purpose of stopping communication by that route. It so. Banks mould move bis com mand down Teche or across to Natches. No transports went up the river for tbe past two days, though several were loaded with troops and supplies. The St. Louis Democrat. May 14, says Me Cleruand's corps was rendezvousing at New Orleans for the purpose of reinforcing Banka. Gen. Smith was to return with his troops to Vicksburg. Magrudcr with 24,001 men was reported to have joined Kirby Smith at Sabina Cross Roads, l’rice bad detached 3000 men work ing on the fortifications 7 miles below Shreve port. Mr. Derby, Surgeon in Chief will) General Banks, repoils the Federal loss at Pleasant Hill, (170 killed, 1340 wouuded, and 1500 miss ing aud prisouers. iirant Rrinforcrtf. f.o**r* Rjtai/rrofotl. The World's Washington dispatch says :— Reinforcements have been rapidly sent for ward. 12,(XX) men left that city on Thursday, and it is stated that (leu. Sigel has reinforced the army with 15,000 men. There is every probability that tbe losses in the recent battles on our side have been ex age rated aud that the reinforcements referred to above, will very nearly make up the actual losses. Capture of Dalton, Ha., by Gen. Thomas. Dispatch from Cincinnati, May 14, to Phi ladelphia Evening Telegraph, says, news lias been received that Gen. Scholtleld’s army mov ed from Bull's Gap on the 2d and 3d, and that after four hours lighting on the 4th the rebels retreated, the Union troops pursuing them in to North Carolina. The news that Gen. Tliomas has taken Dal toD is confirmed, and our forces have captur ed 5,(XX) prisouers aud 10 or 12 pieces of artil lery. I By luioponJeut Lino tu Advertiser.] Con/irmathtn of Thursday's Victory — fee's Scressltlrs — l.osses - Prisoners. Washington, May I I. TUe victory of Thursday is not only offic ially continued, but details of Lee's retreat on Thursday night, and Cien. Grant's rapid ad vance during yesterday, are at hand. The brief dispatch at hand to-night states that yesterday Gen. Grant's headquarters were on the south bank of the Po river. Information has reached us that Lee forti fied both North and Mouth Anna Rivers be fore Grant crossed tbe ltapidan. Some rebel officers say must surrender if closely pursued; others stoutly aver that lie will tight until every man is disabled.— Their statements as to provisions iu the rebel army are equally contradictory. Careful investigation fixes our losses at 20, 000, which Grant endorses as coirect. This includes all losses hy capture and straggling. Their loss is largely compensated by rcin forceinenls already received bp Migel, and enough more are ou the way to make up for our entire loss. An officer who left the field yesterday plac es the prisoners In our hands at 10.000. May 15Wi, 2 .1. M.—Rumors prevail of a great victory south of the Po River, hut at this hour cannot be confirmed. Strength of Army-~fee's Lines of Communis cation cut off’. Boston, May 14. A special to the Journal says the situation is eucouraging. On Friday morning the rebels fell back, and up to ;! o’clock ot Fiidayour advance guard failed to find them iu force. The Army of the Potomac has lost lu-avily, hut it is now stronger than when it crossed the Rapid.iu. Neither are our other armies, each operating against the rebel capital, idle. One hy one the lines of retreat from Rich mond hare been cut, and each one severed di minishes tlie chance ol receiving supplies by those iu that beleaguered city. There is authority for believing that on Fri day the only railroad leading from Richmond available for the receipt of supplies or for re treat, was the Danville Railroad. The rebels may escape over this into the regions of North Carolina, unless Grant's strategy is completed by its occupation. Mhould that road be des troyed, the rebels must cut their way through encircling armies or capitulate. Jlt-hel Gen. Stua'rt Reported Shot. Washington, May 15—12 15 P. M. In a dispatch ibis noon received from Adnii ral Lee, he reports to the Mec'rv of the Nav] tliut the Richmond papers of yesterday men thru the death of Gen. J. it. R Nluayt s|io in the battle with Gen. Mherjdan. (Signed] Fdwin M. Stanton, Secietary of >V»f rOTH * Portland Daily Press. -- FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Destruction of Hail road*. Depot*, Train* and ftupplie* Of/ lien. Sheridan- Lie Tallinn Uadi. Washington, May 14—11 4i> I’. M. 'l'u Muj. Gen. Du:—Au official dispatch from Gen. Sneiidan, dated Bottom's Cretk, via Fortress Monroe, lHih, btatis that ou the Oth he marched around the enemy’s light Hank, and in the evening of that day reached North Anna liver without opposition. Dur ing that night he destroyed the enemy’s de »l>ot at Beaver Dam, three large trains of 100 cars, twu flue locomotives, 200,000 pounds ba con, and other stores, amounting to 1,500,000 rations; also telegraph, railroad tiack lor about leu miles, embracing several culverts, and recaptured ;!7s of our men, including two colonels, one major general, and several other officers. On the morning of the lOtli lie re sumed operations, crossing South Anna river at Grand S |uim l bridge, and went into caiup About daylight on the 11th he captured Ash land Station, destroyed one locomotive u train of ears, engine house, two or three Govern ment buildings containing large amounts of supplies, and tix miles railroad, embiadng culverts, two trestle bridges and telegraph wires. About 7 A. M. resumed the march on Richmond. Found the rebel Gen. Stuart con centrating at Yellow Tavern, immediately at tacked him. and after au obstinate combat gained possession of Brockie turnpike,captur ing two pieces artillery, and driving his force back towards Ashland and across the north folk of the Chickahominy, a distance of tout miles. At toe san e time a party charged down Brockie road and captured the first line of the enemy’s works around Richmond. During the night be marched the whole of his force between the first and second lines of the enemy’s works on the Blufl's overlooking the liue of the. A'irginia Central railroad aud Mechaniesville turnpike. After demonstiat ing on the works and finding them very strong, he gave up the intention of assaulting them, and determined to recross the Chickahominy at Meadow bridge, it bad been partially de stroyed by the enemy, but was repaired in about three hours under a heavy artillery fire from a rebel battery. Gen. Merritt made a crossing, attacked the enemy, and drove bim off handsomely, pursuit continuing as far as Gaines Mills. The enemy obsenb g the rc crossing of the Chickahoinioy, came out from his second lino of works. A brigade of in fantry and a large number of dismounted cav airy attacked the divisions of Gen. Gregg a d Wilson, ami after a severe contest was re pulsed and driven behind their works. Gens. Gregg and Wilson, after collecting their wounded, recrossed the river. On the after noon oi me izin tne corps encamped at Wal nut Gorge and Gaines Mills. On morning of the 13th the march was resumed, and en camped at itottoin bridge. Tile command is in line spirits. Loss in horses will not exc eil 100. All wounded were brought off, except thirty cases of mortal wounded ; these wi re well cared for in the farm houses of the coun ty. The wounded will not exceed 250; total loss not over 350. The Virginia Central rail road bridges over the Chlckabotniny and oth er truslie bridges, one sixty feet long, one thir ty feet, one twenty feet, and a railroad (or a longdistance north of the Chickahominy were destroyed. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Washington, May 13. To Mnior Gen. Dix.—Despatches from Gen. Grant, dated yesterday evening at t! o’clock, have reached this Department. The advance of Gen. Hancock yesterday developed the fact that the enemy had fallen hack four miles There was no engagement yesterday. A dispatch has just been received from Gen. Sherman, dated near Uesaca, May 14. It is stated that by the Hank movement on Uesaea, Johnston has been forced to evacuate Dalton, and our forces were in his rear and flank. The weather was flue and the troops weie in good order. All Is working well and as tar arm as fast as possible. Our wounded are coining in from Belle Plain as fast as trans ports can bring them. Gen. Grant's army is well supplied. (Signed) E. M. Swan ton, Secretary of War. Washington, May 15—9 A. M. To Moior Gen. Dix.—An official dispatch Ironi the battle-field at Spottsylvania yester day morning at (1.30 states that during the proceeding night (Friday) a movement was made by the 5th and Oth corps to our lefi, and an attack was to have been made at daylight, hut no sound of battle has been heard Iron) that quarter. This maneeuvre, it is said, it successful, would place our forces in Lee's rear, and compel him to retreat towards Lynchburg. No cannon, or any sound of bat tle was heard yesterday at Belle Plain or Fredericksburg, which afford ground for in ference that Lee had retreated during Friday night, ami before the advauee of the 5th and (111) corps. Nothing later than (1 A. M. of yesterday has been received from the army by this depart ment. AH the wounded that had reached Belle Plain yesterday evening have arrived ' here. The Surgical report from the head quarters cl the army states that the condition of llie supplies is satisfactory, and the suffer ers are doing well. The Medical Director at Belle Plain reports everything at that point as talisfactory. The suigical arrangements have never been so complete as now. Gen. Shetidan’s command had reached the left bank of Turkey Island at 3 o'clock yes terday afternoon, and liave formed their junc tion with the for’es of General Butler. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton. Secretary of War. (leu. Mende*a Afhlreaa to the Army. UEAnqcAitTEus Aituv Potomac, 1 May 13. ) “Soldiers:—The moment lias arrived when your Commanding General feels authorized to address you iu terms of congratulation. For eight days and r.ighis, almost without in termission, in rain nud sunshine, you have been gallantly lighting a desperate foe, in po sitions naturally strong, and rendered doubly so by entrenchments. You have compelled him to ahaudon his fori ideations ou the liapi dan, to retire, and attempt, to stop your on ward progress, and now he has abandoned the lust entrenched position so tenaciously held, suffering in all the loss of i lgbteen guns, tw enty-two colonels and 8000 ptiaoneis, in cluding two general officers. Your heroic deeds and noble endurance of fatigue and privation will ever he memorable. Let ns re turn thanks to God for the mercy thus shown, and ask earnestly for its continuance. Soldiers!—Your work is not over. The en emy must he pursued, and, if possible, over come. The courage and fortitude you have displayed render your Commanding Geneial confident that your futuie efforts will result in success. While we mourn the loss of many gallant comrades, let us remember that the enemy have suffered equal. If not greater losses. We shall soon receive reinforcements, which lie cannot expect. Let us determin then to continua vigorously the work so well begun, and under God’s blessing, in a short time the object of your labors will he accoin piished. (Signed) Gko. G. Mkahe, Major General Commanding. Official Hispatrheo from Gen. Hotter. Washington, May 14—0:10 1’. M. To Major Gen. Dix :—The lollowing tele grams have ju-l reached this Department from Gen. Muller. No other reports have been re ceived since my dispatch of.lhis afternoon. (Signed) Lowin' M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Halfway House, May i4th, 8 A. M.—To Hon. L. M. Stanton:—We are still before the enemy’s work at. Drury’s Bluffs, Fort Darling. The enemy are here in force. Gen. Gilmore, by a (lank movement, with a part of his corps am! a brigade of the 18lh corps, assaulted and took the enemy’s works on their right. It was gallantly done. The troops behaved lluely. We held our lines during the night, and shall move this morning. (Signed) Rexj. F. Butleii, Major General Commanding. ileadyuurlers Halfway House, May 14(A, 10 A. M.—To Hon. L. M. Stanton, Secretary of War:—Gen. Smith carried the eueiny's llrst line of the right this morning at 8 o’clock. Loss small. The enemy has retired into three square redoubts, upon which we am now bringing our artillery to bear with effect. (Signed) B. F. Buti-ek, Major General. I FROM BUTLER'S COMMAND. Gen. Itufhr'* Movement*—The Jleheht Driven anti tort Dnrltntj lonutmt Mt do if/ht .1t Itirli on n derut Mattery—It* pulse of the TJnenty — Southern Item*. liKiiMlDA IIL'NIUIKIIS, May 13,9 A. M. At an early h>,ur this morning ticu. Butler renewed hi.- advance towards Kurt Darling.— lie reached Kingsiand Creek at noon, and formed in line of battle on the south-west side of ihe creek, with the tight on James liver.— The monitors and gunboats are teen at the mouth oi the creek, within tluee miles ol Drury's Bluff. 3 K. M.—(Jen. Butler is superinleading the concentration of his army. Yesterday iioou his advauced I'orcu captured a tebel cou rier. with a dispa tali from Beauregard at Dru ry’s Blulf. The dispatch said—Hold your position until I reinforce you.” 4 1’. .M.—iu two hours the tebel reinforce ments came. Gen. Butler has sent a force to turn the pike and drive the rebels back. Our loss was small. Gen. Ames is in a position to keep Beauregard at l’etersburg. The rebels at Drury’s Bluff are evidently not disposed to light without reinforcements. K 1’. -M.—A relied prisoner captured last evening says Gen. Lee admits a loss of 34,000 men. Nkw York, May Id. A letter from Bermuda Hundreds, May loth, says the enemy did not permit us to pass last night iu peace. When darkness closed in af ter the tearful and gallant, lighting of the af ternoon, the rebels found themselves driven across Swift Creek, and an immediate pursuit was i llectually cut otf by the burning of the bridges as they retreated. Alter the enemy bad taken position on the other side of the creek and were forming their line of battle, Hunt's battery I), 4th U. S. Artillery, opened a rapid lire from a position chosen by General Smith, whence a fulf view ol the rebels could be obtained. This lire was doubtless very destructive. About midnight the rebels attempted to re taliate and capture the guns. .Silently cross ing the river iu a boat, they cautiously climbed the banks, and forming in line about one hun dred yards in front ol the gens, they sudden ly dashed forward with a terrible yell, dis charging a full volley ol musketry. The sleeping artillerists were Aroused by the noise and in an instant were ready for the assault, i cing supported by a heavy line of infantry. The assailants were repulsed with heavy lu«s, being bayoneted and pushed down the steep bank of the stieair. At oiher points of the line there wigs also skirmishing. * Fortukns Mdnkok, May 13. The latest accounts from Gen. Butler state that thete was no fighting on the lllh and 12th. All is <|iiiet and has lieeu since the reb els fell back. During the 11 th the rebels kept #as.* ol’ eL.l.t on. I nol . 1.1. 1. any force through the day. Yesterday a rebel battery stationed on the Janies Kiver opened tire on some of our gun boats near Tut key Island. The gunboats commenced shelling the enemy, and he retired evidently in great liastc. Tie ear airy force of Gen. Kautz arrived hack on the lgtli, with 400 prisoners. They reported having destroyed several miles of the track on the Norfolk & 1‘etersburg and Wel d 'll Railroads. They also destroyed all the railroad bridges over Nowauty and Stroug C.e ks and the Nottawayll iver. It is reported that Gen. Sheridan has made a detour in the rear of Lee’s army and joined Gen. liut.’er. We expect to hear of fighting from General Butler's army by the next dispatch boat. The troops were under arms to move early yester day morning. Wilmington, N. C„ May t>. The iron clad Albemarle engaged niue Fed eral gunlsmts, sinking one of them. The Yankee raiders have burned the bridge on New River, on the Virginia * Tennessee Railroad,aud destroyed the Dublin depot with all tbe supplies, See. The Central Railroad is destroyed. Geu. Jenkins, of S. C , Is killed. It also gives the names of eighty-llve captains and lieutenants killed and wounded. Bushrod Johnson has a command in 1’etets burg. M*artlrulav» of thr Latr Xaral Kuyayrment in AJhrmarlr Soontl. New York, May 13. Interesting details of the late attack upon the rebel ram Alberinarle are contained in the Herald s correspondence from on board the Sassacus. The ram came down the Roanoke river, accompanied by two other steamers, on the afternoon of the f»th lust, the Miami and our picket boats lulling hack liefore them. One of the rel>el steamers, on seeing the Mat tabesseh, Sassacus, and Moy smensing, rang ing towards the rsm, turned about and ske daddled. Our three gunboats made for the rain and her remaining consort, the Matta besseli giving her a full broadside, followed by the oilier two, who gave her the same dose, hut no damage was perceptible to the raut. Ttie consort was captured by a' broadside from the Sassacus aud was anchored. The .Sassa cus was then got under full headway and run on the ram, striking her fairly amidships on the starboard side, forcing her side dow n bo that the water flowed over her deck. She was thus- kept, the Sassacus pushing her be fore her in hopes that one of the other vessels could attack her on the opposite side. If this could have been done sin' would have been captured, as she could uot use her gun- at all. The Sassacus kept a constant fire upon her aud put two shots into her forward port. She finally worked clear of the Sassacus and the pivot shot from her—the mu/.zle almost touch ing our bow—entered abalt the stem and passed through the vessel. The second went nearly through the vessel diagonally, from the starboard side clear through the boilor and eng ne room, smashing tilings generally. The steam filled the ship instantly, but the men kept to their posts like heroes, firing contin uously into her open ports. Hand grenades were thrown into her and our men w ho were stationed to repel boarders, po -red in such a murderous musketry tire as to drive llie rebels from their guns and compel them to close the ports. The ram retreated aril was pursued by the other vessels with an incessant fire until night. On hoard the Sassacus three were so severe ly wounded or scalded, that they died. Six were seriously aud three slightly scalded, aud five were wounded. The Inst Hours of tint. Wadsworth. Nkw York May 15. The Herald's correspondent on the battle Held, under date of May 15th, 0 I’. M.says: One of our stall o Hirers informs me that lie conversed with a rebel lieutenant, a prisoner, who gave him some intere-ting facts regarding the late (Jen. Wadsworth. The General, he says, lived three days after he fell Into their hands, and was very kindly treated, lie was conscious up to the hour of his death, and his only regret was not that lie had fallen mortal ly wounded, but that he ihould die among the enemies of the country lor which he had giv en his life a cheerful sacrifice. Official Dispatch from Ser. Stanton. Washington, May 15—10.15 P. M. To Maj. Hen. lliz :—Dispatches from Lieut. Gen. Grant have been received by this Depart ment down to 7 o’clock this morning. There had been no engagement for the last two days. Dispatches from Gen. Sherman down to N o’clock la«t night state that his forces had been actively engaged during the day, with advantage on our side, hut no decided result. Nothing lias been beard of Gen. Butler’s operations since Ills telegram of last uight heretofore published. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretaro of War. Jicturn of (Jem. Sltrritlan. Mon note. May 15. , Gen. Sheridan arrived at James liver yes terday afternoon, lie bail a lieavy fight, in which lie was v< ry successful. He got inside the rebel works around Richmond and could have taken the city, but was Ignorant of Gen. Butler’s position. Our men could see the gas lights in Richmond. They took !MX> prison ers. Gen. Sheridan reports that the rebel Gen. J E B Stuart was mortally wounded. Funeral of Urn. Snltjirieh. Wf.kt Cornwall, Conn., May 15. The funeral of Maj. Gen. Sedgwick was largely attended to-day at his lute residence.— There were a number ot distinguished persons present. Arrival of Itrti l Vrisonert. Washington, May 14. d a. m. 10,000 rebel prisoners leached Belle l’luig yesterday and will arrive here to-day. f>,lj(X) more are on the way. The rebel dead remain unfurled, and together with their wounded, which have fallen into our hands, they num ber 35.000. .ju^g From ft'iithington. WisUl.wrox, May 15. It is understood that arrangement* liavi been entered intered into between our (iov eminent and tliat of Spain lor the purpose o; rendering up slave traders who escape from Cuba to Hie United Slates and from the United States to Cuba, in this connection the arrest of Col. Jose Augtiisto Arguelles U significant. The Treasury Department lias given the following notice to the holders of the three years 7 3-10th notes failing due after August litJi and October 1st, 1801:—That the three 7.30 notes issued under the act of July 17th, 1801, are exchangeable at any time before or at maturity for mx per cent. I> aids of the acts of July 17til and Aug. 5 li, 1801, when pre sented in sums of not less than $500. The three years notes were issued bearing date of Aug. loth and Oct. 1st, 1801, and become due after Aug. 10th and Oct. 1st, 1864. Holders of the notes of either date* aie notillcd that they may be presented for immedtate ex: liange lor six per cent, bonds, with full coupons drawing interest from July 1st, 1804, up to which dale interest will be paid without delay on the three years notes, at the rate of 7 30 loo per centum pr r annutnTue interest foimd to be due on the three years notes up to July 1st, 1 Mil, will bu transmitted by Hie U. S. Treasurer's draft, payable in coin. The six per cent, bonds, which are exchanged for the principal of the three years notes, will lie is sued, drawing interest from July 1st, 1864, the date up to which the throe years notes are settled, anil will lie transmitted as fast as they can he conveniently prepared. Parties wish ing to exchange tile three years in the above maimer must send them to the Treasury De partment in sums Of $500, or its multiple, en dorsed “Pay to the Secretary of the Treas ury for redemption,” which endorsement must be signed by tho person on whose account they are to lie exchanged, by letters stating the numbers, denominations and dates of the notes, and the kind registered^- coupons and denominations of the six per cent, bonds wanted in exchange. The six per. cent cou pon bonds are of the denominations of $500 and $1000, and the registered bunds are of the denominations or $500, $1000, $5000 and $10, 000. When registered bonds arc ordered, parlies must state at which of the following places they wish the iutcrest to be paid, vi/.., New York, Philadelphia, Boston, Baltimore or New Orleans, From Georgia—The flight of .John—H- fte etr net inn of Itnilroutle -Capture of Dalton. New York, May 15. A special dispatch to the Times from Cin cinnati, dated to-day, Itas the following: • ‘‘Details of the news from (Jen. Sherman’s army up to Thursday, have been received. The enemy’s position was held liy the corps of Howard. Schoiileid. Palmer, and DonL-er and severe skirmishing had occurred I or sev days, resulting in a loss to us ol almut 300 in killed, wounded and missing, the greater number lieing only slightly wounded. The loss fell chiefly upon George's division of Hoooker's corps and Wood's division of l'alin er’s corps. It became fully developed that Dalton almost, If not altogether, impregnable to a front attack. The flanking movement by McPherson was admirably conceived and executed. Johnson had no alternative but to take flight from bis stronghold on the mountain. Kilpatrick at the bead of a division of cavalry, reached Johnston’s rear and destroyed the railroad back of Hessco, Sunday night. John Morgan is in command of a rebel brigade. A'fount of the Hattie on Friday The Rebel tlen. dohnson Reported hilled. N't:w Yohk, May 15. The Herald's 5th corps correspondent says that the fight continued through the afternoon ot the 12th inst., and terminated before night fall with victory for our troops. The tight was more tenibie than in the morning. We added largely to our prisoners and punished the enemy more severely than on any previ ous day. We have over 3u0 prisoners, while we have not lost over half that number and only three spiked guns. Kvery battery in the service was engaged, averaging over 500 rounds each. Gen. Wright and two of his stall were slightly wounded by a shell. The wounded in tlie 5th corps sum up over 300 in to-day’s fight. The 9th Mass., which leftCnl pepper Court House with fiOO muskets, has but 93 men left. The 2d Vermont, which had 530 muskets, lias tiotv but 1:10 left. The 4tU Michigan, which had 277 at the first light uumbers only seventeen. The rebel Gen. Johnson, of nill’s corps, was killed yesterday. Prieonere Captured, Includin'/ 400 Ojflerre. Washington, May 13. Midnight. To Mnj, Gen. T)ix: A di-patch from the Commissary of pris oners at Detleplaiu, just received, announces the arrival ol 7900 prisoners, including about 4U0 otlicers, with Maj. Geu. Johnson, and Brig. Gen. Stewart. (Signed) K. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Relo le Short of Supplirs. Times dispatch from Headquarters, Tues day. states that the rain hail ceased, that the weather was clear, and that the rebels were out of supplies, their rations, according to the statements of prisoners, beiug exhausted last night; and if Sheridan's destruction of their communication has been as complete as be lieved at Headquarters, they will be able to get no more. Obetrnetione in .la'nee Rirrr. Washington, May 14. Gen. Butler has removed the obstructions from the Janies Itiver, and our gunboats are going towards Itichmoud. A chart showing the location of the Torpedoes was found on the man who was shot while attempting to explode a torpedo a lew nights ago. Butler has used it to good purpose. Financial. Washington. May 15. The subscriptions to the 10-49 loan.a* re ported at the Treasury Department to May 14tli amounted to 148,9t>4,900. Net* York Market, N*w Yoke. Mar 14 Asliei—steady at 9 50 for Pots and 11 75 for Pearls. \ <puju—steady ; sales 1060 bale* at 85o for middling upland*, aud 8i(®82c for low middling* Flour —receipt* 13.4 .3 bbl*; sales 5,2 «0 bbl*; State aud Western dull and about 5c lower; Superfine State G 05® .a6 75; hxtra do 01 0a6 95; choice 7 l*>® 7 10; hound lloop Ohio 7 9Qj%7 35; choice 7 4 Or® 8 2 ; Superfine We* ter u 0 tOfiO 75. Lxtia do 696®7 15; Southern dull ami drooping; sales 500 bbls; Mixed to guoa 7 2 i®7 7l»; Fancy and exira 7'5® 10 5); Canada dull aud i*c lower; sale* 450 bbls; common Kxtra G 90®/ uO; extra good to choice 7 Oi ®8 25 Wheat—dull and l®2c lower; Chicago spring 1 5».®1 51: Milwaukee Club I 58® 1 50, Winter Hed Western 1 dial G3; Amber Mich gau 1 04®1 fib; sale* 700O bushels Chicago Spring at 1 55, uu outside price, aud 14,500 bushels Wiuter Hed W cstern at 1 (tt. Corn—firmer; *ales21,0u0 bushels; mixed Western l 42} $1 s3) in store. Oats—higher bat very quiet; sale* at 87 a 90c for Canada; S9®9nc fjr State; 9)®91c for Western. Beef—quO-t amt unchanged; Mile* 80) bb!a; Coun try mess 9 5ba 18 00; prime 0 00®7 00; repacked Chi cago jGiA)a l9oO; prime mesa Ot)u27 0J. Pork—dull and lower: sale* 16<> bbls; mess 20 50; old do 20 25; new do 27 75$2. 75; prim** 23 UUqj 24 37f for old and new; prime me** 27 U»®27 25. Cut Meats inactive; sales Shoulders 11; $12*; Hams 15 a 15} c. Bacon —dull and nominal. I ard—very dull; sales 150 bbl* at 13}®jl4c, Butter—in fair demand ; Otdo25$83; State 30$ IK the outside for choice iu firkins. Whi-kev more setiv<■ and firmer; sa’es 8500 bblc at 1 23$120 lor State aud 1 23.® 1 .*fi tor Western. Woe-lull at lljalljcfor Kangoon Sugar—heavy: »alts' 130 hhds; Muscovado 10!® Vic. Coffee—dull Molasses—dull. Naval Stores—quiet. Spirits Turpentine—3 15; crude do nominal.. Ko*in - $(k$4aJ Tar—17 00t®SH) 00. Iron— <juiet; sales Scotch pig CO 00>$G2 i-O. Leather—quiet and steady. Fish—dull and drooping. Oils—Linseed at 1 filial G5; Pttro'eum dull at 37' 38c for crude, for refined in bond ; Lard h 1 15$ 1 18; Sperm at 1 67 a I 70; Whale at 1 18$ 1 14 Lead—quiet; Spanish 12]® 12}. Tobaooo—quiet; sales Kentucky H,'$2-* fallow -in lair demand; s*lc* 2 0 0U0 lbs fair tt prime city|and Kastern at 18j®13jc Freight* to Liverpool—quiet aud steady; cottoi per steamer f i; grain (Id for wheat iu bulk. Wool—dull and unchanged. It. Is. MOUSE A CO., M-inufacturers % Who (sale Dealers in Boots and. Shoes, NO. 4S1-2 UNION STREET, K L Mone. Portland, Me. [ i»owTt nm > J, Littlefield, Lebanon, Ky. i may Hdlm Hoard. SUITS of Hoorn*. with Board, oau be obtained b; applying immediately at SO Danforth street. May u>u. lusjiaju ENTERTAINMENTS. GIV AN1» OPEUaT] Two Nights Onlyjfost Positively. Leonard Grover. A'aoofGrj er*4 • :l> ti, . ~ Manager. md<Jr„v«,-,Th it™. w,‘,hln n,'.M Ca.l A«.o*«*.01*fdro,h,f.riS Directorof BY kiud invitation ofmrert! of the ma,lc*| aiu zona ol Po-tlmil. tli i Director ol th-i grind P «’»« Performing n Acad "mi ot Mimic, Hd-imua ol giv , Tv , <;RV,„ ATI J 1 EUT.iaMi»c*», in tlij, Cily.nt Deering Hall, — ON — Monday & Tuesday, May 16 & 17, Moat positively tho ouly perfor.nanc a th»t cm t« ba given. On Mon lay Evening, May Ittih, Will bo performed A. XT « T! (jrand Opera in 5 act*, by Gounod, an I »h=» grand Faulare Militaire giveu on i-e with 75 artist*. 0pera of *• Al;8r was brought to awrt'hl*. "" Unnd German Opera Company, ’ bylhero ** beeu perlormei entire ,,, tty country TAUS1 :• rendered by the following very strong KaUaT. as orig nally sung by him. ... „ M Frans Himmer MABuriKUtTA, as c rigmally sung by her. . M ile Frkhkrici MarHiSTopaKLKS, hi* greatest Assumption, Herr Jos. Hermann* siebkl, Madame Hertha Johannsen \ ilbhtibk. M U kin kick Htkiabcek Martha, MaaameL* Komhb M Linman GUAND FANFARE MII.ITAIHE In tho Fourth Act, with FULL MU,ilAKY HAND EXTRA roVBR HL CHORUS and ENTtHB GRAND OttCH AS Tit A Act 1—Fm«t: Tho A'chvniiat; Mopbiatoph lot; Aiaionoi Marghoritm; I ho Compact. H Act 2—Hie hermeet*. Art 3 — 1 he t > arden. Curse boldleC# Chorus and Valentine's Act6 Repentance. Death and Apotheosisef Mar fhenta. Conductor, Carl Akk uciz Doors open at 7. Opera commences at 7J o’clock Admission to ai parti ot the h >u*e 9\. Secured Seats 50 eta extra—at ♦'•ins’* Music .Store, where, also Dollar Tickets can be had, and in the overdue at Deer lag Hall. m* 16 Universalist Ladies’ Social L e v c <» ! TUE 1;»iv*raat.ipt L.hhks’ Social Cik lb will hold a Fair and Social Levee, at ISTew City Hall, Thurslay Afternoon and Evening, and Friday Evening. May 19 and 2) Doors open at 3 P. M and in the eveuing at 7 o'clock Aomtiar ee. P. II 15cts;in evening 26 cl* He realiu* nu lor rale. Arclitry. Kish-pocd and other attractions, Hie Bund of 17.Ii |J. s. Infantry Will urnish music for the ocAtioo; appearing in public uu this occasion ior the tirst time since their return. maylOdtd NSW OPBfA moss ! I LANCASTER HALL. Jot* Sprague’* Benefit! THIS KVBSiNQ. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EYENIN©. An Entire Change of Programme. MACBETII, T0-H1GHT. Admission 26 cents; Referred Sea’s 60 cents. J. SPRAOUE. i .. apll »f II. BLANCHARD, \ »*“»***•• JUST RECEIVED I WttLLlNS & ttttMI, HAVING refitted their store and rtceiXa a large assortment of ELEGANT STYLES -OF C o T IX S ! ARK PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Custoners. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, In tircai Variety, J -AT 95 NlidiUc* Street. mty9tf 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commission Merchants, And dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. «33 CoTunercia! street. Portland, May lo.h, 1804. maylOdtf $300 BOUNTY” V. s. WAVY. W A > T K 1> \ For U. 8. steamer PONTOOSUC, NOW IN PORTLAND. 25 Seamen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, ■ 5 Landsmen and Boys, Cooks and Stewards, 10 Firemen, 16 Coal Heavers. Apply to Naval Rendezvous, foot of F.xchango st., JOHN P. HKATU, Commanding miylldtf SILK HATS, - • NEW STYLES A.t HARHIS', Opposite Pom Office. FuR * UVKAHLK HAT, TAKE Tlie Broadway ITa/t At II V it KiS’. FOR A R^ALTIHL, FINE IIA I , BUY THE FRENCH HAT, FOR A LIGHT HAT. GET TUB Ventilated Gossimer Body. FOK A NOBBY. bT\LI8H ARTICLE, HUY AH I DO VS HAT, At HARRIS’, — Opposite Post Office. IfThu Conform^Ur we use give* per ltd fits. aplO dtf For Cough** Cold* and ( on«uiu)>iioa. 11 UK Vegetable Pulmonary balsam is the most highly approved medicine ever discovered. It hn» atttod the beat of oU testa. Time, having had an uuprecedeuted sale of nearly forty years. It it recommended by our best physicians, our most emi nent oifizens, the Tress, the lact by all who know it. For certificates, which can be given to almost any extent, see wrappers to each bottle. Thu proprietors will cheerful!v refund the money il not ent rely satisfactory. Prioe 50 cents and 19: the large bottles much the cheapest. He careful to get the genuine, which is prepsrod only by REED, CCT TKR <fc CO., Wholesale Druggists, Boston. Boldin Portland by dealers generally. fl. H. HAY, Druggist, corner Middle end Free streets, Wholetdlt Agent, deo$ tsdto* auctioiT"sales. E M. PATTEN. AUCTIOM^e^ fT Cloililng, DrjGoodt, Taney o««*e, Ac., at Auction. ( 18- •* 9i A- M- and ** P M ra it^ v*'/ M Oier back and FrockVoete' I Vu Jv r Hurt* Tbiu Hurts t’»p*, Kesris' < <d are. I i .5 r.. Cutlery Ho.Lary cud Wioraa. i» Doods, Cottons, i.iueus Woolens Dsmask, Print*. lickings, lAti.uiw.ctml-rios t'rasW Dojuies Napkins, fable Linen. Holds. Striped Al w^th*wM^V^td9, “iUd KVlCr U00(1> l«i Of 1^ a/snl* ”* w^cb sale will commence. tomyl&Jtd Administrator's Mule Heal Tstaie at Auction. \\ Ju';.b,7,h,0‘d„ft .»«=*i«o, ou Tueaday, hou«,.“d lo,hNo,?lu Fnwhhji*![«,0lf 'k?'*".1" i rt-M Tt „ i .. i I11" drcct, below Coa *& i^tou,re'rJr ii"HPTHaZi¥fY.-““»*«• Portluod, May 13:b, 18H.' LO„ A ucttoaijww. TOW AH IF n. FATTEN. Commission Merchant A Auctioneer, Haa removed to the apaciouu a tore is iLxcnanjce Street, four doom below Merchant’s Ezohsofs, Will receive consignment* of MercbandiM ol every description, for public or private sale. Sales M.KtM **tVi <■ »r*ooa, block, cud Met cfiaudtse aola-ited. (cab advaaccc made with promptaalecand returui. mchlidly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JEST OPENED Ho. 88 Pox Block, Exchange Street, PORTLAND, ME. Iahall t* in (he conatant receipt of. and will eell every afieruoon and evening br public__ the following liuea of |oodt In quantltlea to antt: ** Woolen* of aII deacriptioue, Utr.t Cooda id variety. Lined, t ra.b Towelling, Cover*. Ac,TubleCutlery, Fluted Wnre, Jewelry. Yunkre Mo. lion* and Fancy Goode, Commeuciof Tueaday, February lath. GEO. L. PEIRCE. Auction and Cowmlagioa Merchant. W.P. 8t*wabt,*uctionccr- IhblS dtt MERCHANDISE. Corn and Bye. 4( )(M ) BlSHELS »"«“»•« Yellow Com. 1X(0 Bn.bel. Rye, io .tore and for .ala be WALDRON A TRUK, may IMS. • N0.1 aid 6 Union Wharf. Nogar and Molaaneo. 400 HHD8. j CHOICE MUSCOVADO SU '0 TCS. j OAR. 371 IIHDS superior Mn.eo,ado and 3 TCS Clayed M»!a.«ea. il HBI.S from Sierra Morena, Now landing nod for .ale br TIIOMaS A SEN CIO A CO., mtyinf ( u.tom Hooar Wharf. Southern White Reed Cora, A KKI V ED and fu- .ale by 1%. ELiW D U BUROIN, No. 1JU Commercial .treat. May i, I8G4_ maykdSw Wood, Palm Leaf and Malado7 UIIDS MALADO, tiM BUNDLES PALM LEAP, Hi MATS. il TONS liKANADILLO WOOD, 9) LI MiS I'EDAK. Cargo Britiah kbooner Ann Laonard, for ante br HOPHNI EATON, No. 1 Central Wharf Portland May 3, IMS. mofiMw Sierra Morena Molasses. CHOICE SIERRA MOIU1 JOT HEROES i MOLASSES. ID BBLS ' Now landing from Brig "C H. Kennedy '" TUOS. ASENCIO A CO ; May 3 -tf_C U Wharf. Apple* aad Potatoes. ) BBLS Bald win Apple.. 100 bbl. Apple., 1 a>j In.bela l'otatoea. For tale by F. A. SJUTH. marl d3w 1» A 11 Sli.or Street. Natl*. lsOTM i CASES NAILS, aaaortad urea. now irl/t/t / landing per Sch "Emma Wndaworth"* and in alere, for .ale by HEK3ET, FLETCHER A CO.. apSO d3w It# Commercial Street. b¥tYe«4 7.1 TUBS BUTTES FOB MALE MX J. M. KNIGHT A SON, NO. a 1,1 MR STREET. Portland. April 18.1864 dtf Muscovado Sugar. |>U7 USDS 1 Mu.rorado Ragar. of eaperior 0“ I [ ijuailtv. now landing from Mark Am BBI.3 ) "Linda Stowar,,*' t’romOaaatan a«i. for .ale by H. I ROBINSON, apiadialm No. 1 ro.Hand Ptor. Muscovado Molasses. 1 fill UUDS. 1 Superior quality Muaooysdo l'J«r ' landing from Sah. ‘iSTieroea ) "lrodonia," from Cardeuaa, for 8 Bbl.. aale by U. I. Robinaou, apr'il lmedia No. 1. Portland Piar. Scotch Canvass. 1 >)i \ BOLTS—from the factory of Daeld Car* l.W .ar A Sod., l.eith—a aail cloth of an parlor quality—Jn.t received per "Jam”, and for .ale hr Mctill.VEKY, RYAN A DAVIS, mch‘i& dtf 181 Commercial Street. Muscovado Sugar. 4\ i HHDS Mu*cov*do Sugar, prime quality, *"t dow Idiuliog from Brig “J. H. Dillingham/' from Cardena*. lor sale by II. 1. Kofcineww. apr21 1 mod id No. 1. Portland Bier. ID. W. CLARK. DKALKK IS I C E I Silvfr Street Ice House, and OMcc No. 3d Exchange street. \LL Onion |>rumptly tucorird to tad cutoam supplied with tbe beat quality or III. Price of Ice for the Seaton, 1864. 1<> lbs a day, lrom Juno 1st, to Oct. 1st, f6 uo 15. * 8.00 ..* *• “ ItiOO Forty cento per 100 Ibe. To those who take Ice for tbe season, it will be de livered earlier than 1st Jane and later than 1st Oc tober, at the -sine rate per month as during the sea sou When oot wanted for tb# full seas.w. It will be delivered at the rata of 82 UO p.r month lor 10 Ibe. per day. Notice of change of residence, if given at the ol deo instead of tbe driver, will always prevent dls appolntmeut. Any customer leaving town for two weeks or more at one tune, by giving notice at the office, will be en titled to a proper Deduction. Complaints against the driver*, for neglect or eaie* !eseu-*s or anv other rau*c, must he made at the ot* dee, and will be attend d to promptly. Portland. May 18.1844. raayl3d7w A Hurt* Chance! Ur ANTED-one exclusive agent for Portland, Saco. Lewieton and Salmon Falls, for an en tirely uew invention, demanded by every consum er of Las. The most skeptical oonviuced ot saving 30 per cent on their ga* bills. Ketait price 75 cents, including new Burner. Lnlimited vales guaranteed. Agents now making from 820 to 860 per week. Call on or address LI ALL A LOOUELL. 221 Washington street, (Office No 9, Boston. May 13th, 19-44. maylleodlw llotiwe For Sale. VTWO story wooden house. No. 13 Adams streo*, 11 dnith-d ro^ms, convenient tor two families, plenty ol' good water. For particulars inquire ot B. J. WILLARD. Fortlaud, Mty 14 1364. mayUoodtf Wanted. VT onco. 11 tr (60i women and twetty boys at the Factory ot th« New Eiglanu Desecatiug Com pany, opposite Portland eud Cape Elisabeth Bridge. May 1 Ah 1344 may 18dtt» Wanted Immediately. A N honest middle aged woman, Amo. ican or oot* XXL ored, to do the work in a small family. In quire at 214 Congress street, E. B. CHAMBERLAIN. Portland. Msy 14th, 1884. raayUdSt Wesiluook Memimtry and Female Collegiate Institute. ray Hi: Summer Term of this Institution will com I. iu-ucc Wudmupdat. May 18th. and oonUnne eight weeks '« M STEVENS. Secretary, j Stevens' I* It Ol, Maj », lMt. nuylMVw

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