Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 18, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 18, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Cltv A flairs* Im Eo.\UD ok Ma Vl)ft AMD Al UEKMF.N, | * May 1 >. 1S64 I The Joint Standing Committee <»ii living « ut New Streets, reported that they had lai J * c; a -11 ■ between Atlantic amt Munjoy Mri«:N, to be called Wilson street. Also, that they bad !aul out ft c • tinuation ot Mayo street, to its i l.*icih.n with the uurtbvu-i hue ot Lin coin t Al- , that they had Uid out a continuation cl J « \ sin et •o. that they had established the lines of Poplar street. The reports wore accepted and orders ps^-sed es tablishing ti e same. The Committee on Drains and 8« v. **rs reported in favor of bui.diug a sewer in rear el Lanca*»tir ilalJ. Accented. Petitions presented and referral—Of William T Hilliard for a discontinuance of tie* old continua tion of Franklin strict, between Middle uid Com mercial street; of Edward w aito and other?, for a lamp on Watcrvflle stri**it; of Levi Weymouth nr <1 others, for a plank walk on the north-east *He of Congress street, from drove to Lowell stie.n.L and a cross walk from Lowell to Portland strci -: of Bark er k Flint and others against • bridging” ( omnu i , cial street during business hours, lor the inrpo-« ol uuloadiug cars Orders vassal—Directing tin- Committee on Lay ing Out Now Streets, to straighten tie* north-w e t \ - If line of Congress street, between Casco aid 4*nk streets, on condition that the .nvm of abutting lands will relay the sidewalks ami repair t L«* gutters; directing the Committee ou Draitsand m-wit- to | build a sewer < Centre street, from Free at re t in , the rear of Lancaster Hall; to place a brick sidewalk on the west side of Winter street The remonstrance of ham'i F sprin/ and othe . , against allowing the Horse Kailrotd Company to 1 lay a double t ack through Middle street, w as n oiv evi and pla< ed ou Hie. James H. Herrick was appointed rpccla’ Police- i man, without pay. W. B. Stiii-on and W. S. Larrabc«\ pn .■ ented bills for arrests of deserters from Camp lieriy. Laid ou the table. In the Board of Common Council, the President being absent. Cilbert L. Bailey wa< clecL.d Pi -j- | dent pro tern. Adjourned to Monday, June 6th. Municipal Court.—May IT. Edward Lee, of Westbrook, for larceny of a hand wagon, the property of John BuzzeJI, I was sentenced to thirty days imprisonment in ' the Couuty jail. John Benson, for drunkenness and disturb- | ance, was obliged to pay a fine of three dol- | lars and costs. Joun l- rates ana william fame, lads aged twelve and fourteen years, pleaded guilty to throwing stones iu the streets. This offense has become such a grow ing evil, and so many complaints having been made about it, the Judge imposed a severe line of five dollars each and costs. Benj. Goodenow w as brought up char# ! with drunkenness and disturbance. He, be- ! longing out of the city, was l»l oil' by paying the costs. Pertlay Lydan and Patrick Conley, were j brought up, charged will; drunkenness and ! disturbance. The evidence against them did , not sustain the complaint and they Were dis- I charged. S. J. Court—April Term. DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. Tuesday,—In the case of Peter I!. Hall vs i Isaac Sands, the Jury returned a verdict ler j defendant. No. 318. Joseph Howard and others vs. i Daniel W. Lord. Assumpsit for services as counsel for defendant. The defense is “never ! promised.” Not finished. Howard A 8trout. Shepiey it Dana. U. S. Sanitary Commission. The following are the subscriptions made ■ yesterday at lire Merchant's Exchange for the relief of our wounded soldiers. Tire w hole ! amount subscribed up to last evening is $4,500 41 : James T McCobb 823; Titos Asotice' 1 0 Mittun ilizgios (Scarhorrn, III- Wooobut v, Cash. Ut-ury Trewtban, Clark Blake. Cadi (J it) R .1 1) ! Lariabec. Alexander KilwurUs,Thomas llanm mil, (Cape Elizabeth) 85 each. K P Nason 82; Cash. 51 It Coololge. Ca-h, $3 each. Cash Caeh. A friend, John A M>, Win T lia.; ings,1'U S Navy,” 81 each; Parley si The Opera.—Der Frieschulz w as perform ed last cveniug before a very large and lasli iouable audience. The hall was w ell filled, better than the evening previous, ami tic music was more pleasing to the masses. Por tions of this opera are very line, and the prin cipal solos were exceedingly well performed. The citizens of Portland thank this company for the rich musical treat they have afforded . them. We hope they may visit us again at •oiae future day. At this late hour we have not time to give even -an outline of this per formance. Before we close tBis brief note, we must speuk of the Incantutimr scene, vv hieh was admirably worked up. The rain of lire was splendid, and called out roars of applause. | The whole scene was grand and terrible, and the audience became much excited and gazed upon it with wonder and astonishment. Unwilling to Leave.— A debtor who | has been confined iu our jail for some five or six years, was discharged last week ■— his friends having settled with the creditor. Upon being informed that he was free and at ’ liberty to leave (he jail,lie. refused to j o. The ; jailor informed him that ids boar d would not hereafter be paid, and that lie mutt leave the premises. The debtor son ow fully took iris depar.ure. • Improvement.—The old Plummer house ' on the corner of Kofe and India street*—one I of the oldest houses in the city—is being taken j down. The lot on w hich it stands, and the lot adjoining, have been purchased by Mr. J. McGlincliy, who intends to erect on the lot three stores, probably brick, which will im- , prove the property in that location exten- I OKI'UAN Ahyli'M. — Wo understand the subscription ol $7,000, made conditionally some eight mouths since, hy an individual of this city, in aid of the Female Orphan Asy lum, will be withdrawn unless the additional sum of $20,000 i» subscribed by the first of July, 1M04, the money to draw inter, -t from that date. T^k IIotki. Meeting.— Our substantial citizens, it is hoped, will remember Iho meet ing this afternoon,at 3 1-2 o'clock, to hear the proposals of lion. John M. Wood, relating to the completion of his magnificent hotel. Port land demands this improvement. Wo hope the hall will he well filled. Lawks’ Levee.—It will be reincnibmd that the Levee hy the ladies of«tho llnivei salist Society, is to come ofi' to-morrow after noon uud evening, at the City Hull, at 3 and 7 o’clock, P.M. Poppeuburg's Baud will dis course some of their choicest notes. KT“We learn that Mr. Samuel H. Stevens, has resigned his position as Mail Agent on the Boston route, having received an appointment to a situation in the Custom House. 0“We are requested -to remind the High Street Congregation that their Parisii meeting occurs at quaiter before eight o’clock, this evening. Portland Council, No. 1, IT. L. A., will hold its regular meeting,this (Wednesday) evening, at So’clojk, at the usual place. 2#“Tbc Lewiston Journal speaks in tho highest terms of eomraendfition of the tem perance lecture of John S. Wl^te, Esq., of this city, given iu Lewiston on Sunday eve ning. or* The Democrats are already preparing to dfpp “ Little Mac'’ with a view to jump tin to Grant. "Any port in a storm.” Grant • can do a good deal, but he has not miraculous power, and nothing less than a miracle can put life Into the Democratic parly. Giant will lend himself to no such work of doubt ful patriotism. By ft!,Mil'll TO 1 UK Dortiand Daily Dress. - — FilOM T1IW AIIMY OF THE POTOMAC. REINFORCEMENTS GOING FORWARD RAPIDLY. ’ ( APTURK OF 00 WOFXDED FED - eh \i. moors. N'i.w Yurk, May IT. ^ he Cnii.niereiu! A■! vhrti.-i r’s special Wash in gi'iH dispatch of this afieinooii says:—“The Star a adv i i . i.-om t hi arm . of Ihe Potomac spi ah of tin extreme itilliculty of discovering the • ' ct , o-iiioti o! the i i.eyiy, who are very c.i.u.i-.ii. and have availed tie niselvcs of the cover-ol t ie it. .. cu lls to conceal tlieir op eraii ■! s, tin ir | ■ :.< g only being seen. The r‘ :i h r di -1 •: ,-s in a flighliul condition, <I.■ I.i\ i r tie- progii'.s ol reinforcements going to (.!: el. hut In ibi time ihey must have J*'111' * him in i ufueieijt nuinhers to term a very l an I- i: i- adilltion to hi- army. It is be lievi <i tie :-i!!f.ueeinei:ta are leaching Lee. not in any great degree commensurate v iili his needs, and them is r.o doubt, from the weakness shown by the Confederates at olio ; points in the Confederacy win re they are Iji-ii pr. «sed, that pretty nearly the ex tent of ns resoun es in the way of lighting He n had l>e. ii hunied up to Lee's support previous to Grant’s advance, leaving very little reserve for him. A IKltiuiore letter reports the passage till ! j.1, ti,.-r« during the past week of a great tier, (in,at. lb i -,V"i n t'OeO and “si >00 passed through jes teid . The Sth \. Y. cavalry, 1500 strong, stationed for Rome time at lialliinere, has gone to : he from. There is not the slightest grain of truth that Stuart’s cavalry has made a raid within our Washington, May 17. A dispatch from the Army ol the Potomac, dated at noon to-day. says: 1\ was very quiet along the lines yesterday, i wept seme skirmishing in I lie centre hy (Jen Bur:-side's n.aii, and the throwing of a lew shells Item liirney's division to feel the ene my, wnicli however, elicited no respouse and |>'hei sliarji'hoo i r- held their ground. Dur ing this tin-e a division of the 20th corps was scot to take p—e-sirm of two of our hospit als which we abandoned on ."Saturday last, with about 500 wounded in them. The rebel cavalry had been there and helped themselves to such articles as they wanted and had cal culao d all the 0( .mis prisoners, hut we were just in tine prevent this and brought them all away. A surgeon who was left in charge of the hospitals on tiie Wilderness battlelielcd, re ports the capture of £00 of our wouudeil at that f lace and llu-ir transportation to the re bel lines. Our wounded were suffering for the want of everything, even bread, and no surgeons were there to dress their wounds. H- inforcemculs are arriving rapidly. The roads are improving and movements of im portance may soon be exiiected. OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. .S..oo’e-.e of the Expedition under lien. Runts. GEH. SI GEL REPTJLSID WITH THE LOSS OF 5 PIECES OF AETILIEEY. GEN. MILKMAN Sill,I, IMMURC JOHNSTON. Washington. May 17—0 P. M. / Major (ten. Dir:—Dispatches from Gen. Butler, jus*, irevived, repo-1 the success of the I xpeditiou under Gen. Ivaut* lo the Danville Toad to destroy the iton bridge across the Appomuttax. On Monday morning tiie enemy, under the cover of a thick fog, made an attack upon Smith siine, and forced it back in some con fusion and with considerable loss; but as soon as :1, ■ fog lifted, Gen. .Smith re-established ids oiig-mil lines, and the enemy was driven back lo his original lim s. At the same lime Hie cm my made an attack from Petersburg on Gen. PuU t's n tces guarding the rear, but weie h andsomely repulsed. The troops hav ing U i on iue, s-ant duty for live days, three ol which were in a rain storm, Gen. Butler retired leisurely within our lines. We hold the railroad between Petersburg and Rich mond. Prisoners state that Bragg and Davit were present on the field. I):-,.etches from Gen. Sigel, received this evening, report that on Sunday lie fought the lorei s of Echols and lmboden, under Breck inridge, at Newmarket. That the enemy's lon e, were superior, and that he gradually withdrew from the battle-field, and tecrossed Shena 1 having lost five pieces ol m tfllery, about raw i killed and wounded and fifty prisoners, but bringing ail his trains, and nil the wounded that could be transport! d lrom the battle -field. He states that in consequence of the long line and the train that had to bn guarded, lie could not bring more than six reghnents into the light beside- the artillery and cavalry, and that the enemy had aboat 7.obo infantry, and that Ids retrograde movement to Strasburg was f-t!Vcted in p< rfect erdur, wiliiout any loss of mati rial or men. lie gives no list of casualties, but Lieut, t I. L.nroln, ol tiie 114th Mass., la leported lo be wounded pnd captured. N'o report ol any operations by Ihe army of tin* 1‘ i to mac iias been received to-day. A dispatch from Geu. Sherman reports his advance upon Johnston as progressing to bis satisfaction. His supplies aie abundant and our animals are improving oil tiie grass and grain fields which now afford very good pas turage. (Signed) E. 11. -Stanton. 1 liV) '. i'ngagetnent go-.Tg cu between cur Fleet and tbe Hebei Fcrts. New York, May 17. Tli" sterner Fulton report* when off Charles ton liar, 1 Uh iust., u geueral engagement was going on between our fl»et and the rebel forts tind butteries. All tbe monitors appeared to be or gaged; ubo the new Ironsides. Fort I’utuam, on Gregg's Point, seerm d to be di recting her Are principally on Sumter, which w replied To by Fort Moultrie and Battery Simkltis. The contest was iplrited, and seemed general. The Fulton eh ist d a blockade runner bound out Item Wilmington on the loth for five and a half hours, and then abandoned it. I’assensvl'S by the Fulton state that the en gagement off Charleston was of a terrific char eter. TI." i;aU*rirs on Morris island was directed against Sumter, as was also the 'iris of several of the monitors. The attack was to have i ei) unde a week previous, but .the reii ilsite preparttllbria bad not then been eumpleti d. Sumter been effectually re paired, ami it was thought that the strongest tire came from it. The attack is believed to have !. a made under orders Horn the Navy Department. Ironi 11 tishhiylon. Wasuinutos, May 17. On lb arrival of the bark Templar at Ma lininas on lbe 17lit ult, from rortugas. It wus discovered that three men wem concealed in t, heel . the vi • , !. who gave their names as John Wilson, Charles Mason, and James Mack, and ptoud to be escaped convicts from the United Statu-. Tim men were placed in jail at Mata: . , , by the ti. ft. Consul. Appli cation lor tbe r ii i Jiiiou was made by the l'. S. Consul Central at Havana, to the au thorities on the Island, who promptly acced ed to the request, and the convicts were sent to K'-y West. Some newspapers Imre erroneously stated that the House yesterday passed a bill grant ing lands to the People's Pacific Itailroad Co., to aid in tbe construction of a railroad by the Northern loute. It waa rejected by 10 ma jority. Tlie Alexandria (Va.) Journal says that yc.*b rday afternoon, fifteen officers and IJtlO men, all of them skeiiaddlert from the army, were lurwai .ied to Belle Plain, to be returned to tin ir regiments. Tbe officers were inarch ed in the ti ar of their men and some of them were handcuffed together—a sad, hut just ex ample. XXXVIH CONGRESS—first Session. Washington, May 17. SKNATK. Ou motion of Mr. Grimes, a resolution wa adopted that tin- Secretary of the Navy he re quested to communicate to Ilia Seuate the proceedings and limliug of the Wilkes court martial. . The bill equalizing the pay of soldiers in the army was taken up as unfinished business,and tlie amendments ot the Military committee to tli»- House bill generally adopted. An amendment to tiie Seuate committee’s amendment, fixing the salary of Hie Judge Advocate General at $5,000, and that ot the Assistant Judge Advocate at S3,500, without any other rank or pay, was adopted. Mr. Powell ntlered an amendment, provid ing that the soldiers shall be paid the <quiva leut of their former pay in gold. Rejected,— ayes 0, nays 23. * Mr. Powell offered a proviso that tlie pro visions of the bill shall not apply to negro sol di* r-. Rejected,—ayes f>, nays 20. The Rill was then passed. Mr. Harris, tro.n the Judiciary Committee, reported tlie hill to authorize tlie Secretary of the Treasury to stipulate for the release from attachment or other process, property claimed by the United States, with an amendment providing that nothing iti tlie bill shall be con sidered as recognizing any right to enforce ► aid seizure or attachment, or as waiving any objection to any proceeding to euforeo such claim. Mr. Henderson offered a resolution direct ing the Secretary of tlie Treasury to commu nicate to the Senate a statement showing the full amoGiit of the public debt, w itli details thereof, and copies and full reports of banks, associations, dec., doing banking business. The Senate, then considered the bill to ex pedite fin; public printing, providing lor the transmission by heads of departments to a joint committee of Congress, on or previous to the 1st of November, of their reports and accompanying documents, said committee to select the portions thereof desirable to be printed for popular distributiou. The amendment making it the duty of heads of departments to furnish the superin tendents ot public printing witli copies of their reports on or before the third Monday in November, was adopted. \\ ilhout further actiou the Senate ad innniPit HOUSE. The House acted upon the report of the committee of conference on the disagreeing amendments to the navy appropriation bill. Among those agreed to were:—$75,000 for completing the hospital at Ware Island; $15, 000 for the purchase of a cemetery for the navy and marine corps near Philadelphia; al tering the appropriation of 1803 of $75,000 for a floating dry dock and navy yard, so as to give $25o,no6rach for dry docks iu New York and Philadelphia, and apply the balance to enlarge the sectional dock to receive the largest vessels now built. On motion of Mr. Hire, of Mass., the Scc rctary of the Navy was called on fbr ail the proceedings ol the court of inquiry iu the case of Com. Wilkes. The House then considered the contested election cases of Segur and ('handler ot Vir ginia. whom the committee declare not en titled to seats. Mr. Segur spoke In his own behalf. Mr. Chandler also advocated his claim to a scat. By a vote of 03 against 23, the House de cided that Mr. Segur was entitled to a seat Ironrihe 1st district of Virginia, and also that Mr. Chandler is not entitled to aseat from the 2d district of Virgiuia. Adjourned. ll< ablutions of Ameriean llraldenta of fntlno’ New York, May 17. Later advices from Peru state that the American residents of Callao and Lima held a public meeting in the latter city on the 27th of April, at which Mr. K. U. Squire presided. A series of six resolutions were unanimously adopted, stigmatizing the seizure of the Chin cha Islands |jy Spain as a flagrant act of per fidy, a grievous outrage on the rights and sov ereignty ol Peru, a gross violation of interna tional law. and maintaining that Pent does, and of right ought to, hold the Guano Islands iu trust lor the general interests of mankind; discerning iu the action of Spain the inception 01 an attempt to introduce monarchical forms of government in South America, as Franco has done in Mexico; declaring that past ag gressions and impending dangers impose upon the American Republics the duty of combin ing for mutual defence and protection; ex pressing sympathy with Pern, and upholding the Monroe doctrine. Copies of the proceedings of the meeting have been sent to the residents of Peru and the United States. Vnrioua Itetna, New York May 17. The Harper's Ferry bridge, on the Balti more & Ohio railroad, was washed away yes terday by a freshet. The repairs w ill con sume several days. The citizens of Baltimore are volunteering rapidly for the 100 days regiments. One million dollars was handed over to the Sanitary Commission to-day, as a portion of the proceeds of the fair. Nearly $100,000 are yet to come iu. The Commercial’s Washington dispatch says it is not generally believed here that Gen. Grunt intends to keep his army planted lielore Spotlsylvauia Court House any length of tune. Arrival of Foreign liar fraud a. New York, May 17. The Russian corvette Voriag, from Bermu da, and the French gunboat Tissipton, from Fortress Matiroe, have arrived. Financial. Washington, May 17. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan, as re ported at the Treasury Department to May 14th amounted to nearly $800,000. New York Market. Nkw Yoee, Mav 17. Cct&on—L&2c bettt r: sales 2060 bales at 87c ior middling uplands, and 86c Tor low middlings. Flour—receipt- bbls; sales lfi,1 00 bbls, In* (Judiog extra State for all June at 7 25; tttate and Western 10c higher with rather more do’iig; Suptl Stale 0 tvarj*7 v0; Extra do 7 loa7 20; choice 7 26u, 7 35; Hound lloop Ohio 7 66&8 557 choice 7 *Vi(d s &)• Superfine Western 6 S6&7 00; Extra do ll&^&o; Southern 10 high* r; »aie*> 13u<> bbls; Mixed to good 7 46,1(1:7 90: * ancv and extra b 00® 10 75; Canada 10c , higher; sales 900 bbls; common Extra 7 1C\&7 26 ; extra choice 7 "6^8 3). Wheat —la2e higher, with a fair export demand ►ales 119.0 0 bushels; Chicago spring 1 63al 62; lia cine Sfriug 1 61; Milwaukee Club 1 57val t.2: Amher Milwaus-e 163; Winter Red Western 1 6^a 1 GO Ainbtr Mich’gsu 1 70& 1 72; l\ inter bed State'ltd Corn—excited and 2;et3e higher; sale# 48,0uO bush mixed Western old 1 46u 1 4“ in store Oats—quiet; ►alts at *7ft89jc for Canada; 39j$9?c lor State; 9>ai*lc for Western. iteef— dull and unchanged ; sales 150 bbls. 1'ork—opened dull at about 'tsterda) ’• prices and closed more active ar.d lower; Kales 290 bbls; mess 26 U0; c Id do 2b 60^25 76; new do 26 60(£ 2710, clos ing at 26 62]; prime 23 00@24 CO for old and new , prime moss 27 (0. Card— active nud firmer; sales 2450 bbls at 13]«, 14*c. the la’ tir an extreme at close. Rutter—in good demand ; ul io 2^36c ; Mat* 34@ 34. the latter for choice in tiikins. Whiskey—firme r . *-a « s 1250 bb’s at 1 vifiRal 27 for Star*- and 1 3*' for Weatern. liice—lull at ll j 0,11].; for Rangoon. Sugar-dull; Muscovado at 17]®;ISc. C oflee—dull. hio1 asses—quiet; sales 29 bbls and 55 half do Mus covado at 7Sc. Naval Stores—quiet. Petroleum—firm • sales 152J bbls crude at 33c, aud 200 do refined in bond at CSc. Tallow—firm and in lair demand ; sales 183 OX* lbs at 13] al3|c for Western and 13l,&13..>c for prime city. Freight* to Liverpool-quiet; cotton per steamer l d : flour Is 4d. Wool—firm. Stock Market, New York, May 17. Second Board.— Stoe> s lower. United States 6-20 coupons....107 Treasury 7 3-101 bs,..112 United States one year certificates new. 9«] American Gold,..177 Cumberland Coal Company preferred.81] Quicksilver Mining Co,. 73 Pacific MrJi. 231 New York Central,...1834 Erie.113] Erie preferred,.108 Hudson.162 Reading.187 Michigan Central.148* Illinois Central scrip,.130] Michigan Southern. 90 Michigan Southern guaranteed.187] Cleveland k Pittsburg.114 Galena k Chicago.1814 Chicago & Rock Island,.Ilf] Toledo & Wabash. 72] Chicago ft Noith Western. 6* Gold closed this afternoon at 1 77]. Chicago Market. Chicago, May 17. Flour active. Wheat firm and advanced 3® 4c; sales at 1 241*1 25 or No 1, arc! 1 24bad 24] for No 2. Corn firm and advanced 4&5c; tales at 1 (*8(g>l 09. Oats firm at 68t«T»8]e Receipts—6,000 bbls flour, 28.000 bushels wheat. Ct,000 do corn, »2,000 do oats. , Shipments—22.* 00 btds flour, 01,006 bushels wheat, 1 12 80J do core, 64,000 do eats. | THOUnirrg on Personal Religion, being a Treatise on the Christian Life in its Two Chief Element?, Devotion and Practice. By Edward Meyrick Goal burn, D. D., Pre bendary of St. Paul's. With a Prefatory Note, by Geo. A. Houghton. D. 1)., New York: D. Appleton A Co. I vol. 1 _ino For sale in this city by llall L. Davis. Dr. Goulburn, the author of this wo k, i* one of the most disiiuguhhcd divines of the church of Lug land. Uis leading thoughts are the power of at taili ng, through Cod’d grace, a real though gradual growth iu *aucti.) ; the possibility of making the homliest acta of comroou life contiibute to this growth: and the expelieucy iug to such topics more room’han they g neraby occupy ia Christian teaching. This ad mirable v oiuine Las passed iu Eng land to tho tith edition. History of the Romans under the Em pire. By Charles Merivalc, 13. D. Vol. 4. New York: D. Appleton tfc Co,- For sale in this city by llali L. Davis. The present volume of Mr. Merivale's It aroed. ju dicious, instructive ami well-written hist, ry is devo ted to the reign of Augustus, including a narrative of the events of bis long principiale, an account of the organization of the province*, a general view of the great divisions of the ancient world, and de cryptions of the drily life of the Roman citizen. The manners, customs, amusements, education, ideas and literature of the period are tie it d at length. Tiie First Three Books of Xenophon’s Anabasis, with Explauatoiy Notes. By James R. Boise. Professor in tho University of Michigan. New York : D. Appleton «v Co. For sale in this city by Hall I4. Davis. Tho editor of this volume inform* us that it was prepared at the buygeslion of several eminent clas sical teachers, and is intended exclusively for those who are preparing for college. His aim has been to ac'ustom the learner to the constant use cf his gram nar. The notes and tho copious Greek vocabu lary at tho end indicate that the volumo has been edited with care, labor and thoroughness, and the book appears admirably adapted for its purpose. „iT o. '>■ " neeici s inicrnaltenal circus is in Massachusetts, on its way east. S3T< •eu. Sheridan, in his recent raid in's rear, was near enough to Richmond to hear the bells and 6ee the gas lights in that city. £y"Tbc drouth is prevailing in South America to an alarming extent. The Saco Democrat learns from a correspondent that at a place called “ Estancia del Tatay,” which is owned principally by Portland men, vegeta tion is so sparse, that the resident manager lias been called to remove 35,000 sheep to a place twenty-live miles furthat in the interior. ;|T”Tlie Saco Democrat says the journey n#n cigar makers in tlie employ of Mr. Wm. E. Abbot, of that place, struck for higher wages last week, and also requiring as a con dition of their continuance to work for Mr. Abbott, that he should discharge a negro boy whom he had in his employ. Mr. Abbott pro fessed a willingness to comply with their de mands so far as their wages was concerned, but refused to discharge the negro boy,where upon the men left in a body. SPRIN G MILLINER Y ! M RS. COI/BY is ao<v opening at her spacious aud attractiv e rooms, Uo. .1 Free Street Block, A rich and fashionable Mock of FRENCH NILMNEBt GOODS. Portland, April 20,1861. cdlw.odtf GUN?, RIFLES. REVOLVERS, Aud all the Accompaniment*. F I « II I VG TACKLE! The Jiett Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. eodtf NEWM IL lTneIrY’I AK -TO OFKW ON HON'D A V, APRIL 4lh. z¥r*| Tie subscriber, having leased the new store, No. 2# Free street, 2d door 1/om Center St., has just received a line assortment of the LATEST STYLES OF SPRING AND SUMMER GOODS. which she is prepared to manufacture to order and sell at the lowest cash picices. A good assortment HEADY MADE BONNETS al«ays on hand. ill O lr im IUi GOODS in store and made to order Having had eight yearn experience in manufac* turing millinery goods, I trust I shall be able tc please all who may favor mo with their custom. ▲ share of patrouage is most respectfully solicited. MAKY A. hKll.IJM.S Portland. April 2,1804. apr2 d2weod4w Now Ri-ii<ly—Price” 7.» I’eiUtT PEOPLE’S EDITION OF Parton’s IliTLEII \YM ORLEANS. Ouu volume, octavo, pap^.r, price 75 cents. min tue viewoi meeting tno extensive popular demand tor this i emarkable beck, this edition has been prepared. I lie page and type art- similar to those ot Harper's Magazine. borne of tie bus Im poitant docuiue* ts aic omitted, and iu some instan ces the account has been condemn d, \ et never so us to interfere with the interestcr completeness of the story. L uqueslionatly this bo< k stands preeminent iu in terest among a!i yet occi-ioned by the reb*liion. Its subject ai d author combine to render it fascinating. Eileen editions have been called lor as »a*t as th*y could be printed It l*a» been most warmly com* meudod by the loyal press oft he country, and scarce ly less so by a portion at least ot the Englishpress, by whom It is acknowledged to bo a complete vindica tion ol lieu. Butler from tin- malicious charge a winch envy aud hatred have brought against him. It coutaiu* au am cdolal sketch of lieu. Butler’s brilliant aud rciuurkable career at the bar of Massa chusetts: a history of the secret movements in tho ( harleston convention ; conversations between Gen. Butler aud the leading secessionists at Washington iu December 1*0): the real plans of tho traitors. Gen. Butler invited to Join tbeui. his advice to Bu chanan: his efforts in preparing Massachusetts ter war: the celebrated march, v a. Annapolis, to Wash ington ; his night march to Baltimore; col ision with Gen. Boott: his course at Fortress Monroe, the his tory of the ( mtrab'Muh: Ins advice to the Ad minis trut on on how to take Richmond; the truth about Great Bethel; the Hitters* Expedition; the secret history of the Mew Orleans Expedition. the adven tures of the General in getting to 8hip island; a full account of the capture of A>»r Orleans, the landing of the troops in the city; a compute narrative of succeeding civn's, with a large 1 umber of highly interesting narratives aud anecdotes nev er before published; the recall ot General Butler. *ud Hie explanation given of it by th« Government; h h present opinion* upon the great issues before us. Kdi.iou in J.irgo type,crown, Svo.,cloth,t*>2 page *, price ¥2.50 People's fc.dition.8vo.. paper, 75 cents Germ an Kdition ¥1 UO. tent by mail on ree.lpt of price. For ra’e by Afasou A' ITamEn, Boston, and bv ail Booksellers. Publish*d iy Mason Brothers, 7 fier cer street, N. Y. maylTeedlw n bum; to.Vaiadje ti v, -at NORTH BR1DGTON, MAINE. mHE Summer Term at this Institution w»ll com X merce Tuesday, Mav 24tb, under the routinued care of Mr. Hilton. IQoMAS U. MEAD, ap29 Tk F k vrSw Secretary, Nitvigmiim Tannin — n v — T. B. PARSON S, * — AT — No. 12, Deer Street, Portland (1 ENT LEM EN desirous of instruction in Practi X cal Navigation will find an experienced teach er. Ho is tho only experienced Ship Master in the State, who teaches Nav igation, and is especially aT> Sointed to qualify Ensigns and Mates for the l 8. [avy. mch24eod3iu Hotel Aeeoiiatiioriiitioiis. C11TIZKNS of Portland feeling an interest in tho y subject of impro- ed Hotel Accommodations iu thiscit , are requeued to meet iu the New' City U ALL. at 3 80 1*. M. on Wednesday, I he 18th mist., to he*r propositions, and to deride upon tho best menu* lor earning out the same. J. M WOOD. Portland, May 17th, lbtH. ma>17d2t i MISCELLANEOUS. FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY. Great & Unreserved Sale -OF H.OttP SKIRTS' —AND— FANCY GOODS! Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, 166 Middle St., Portland, Me. VET Kit thirteen yearn of experience in the whole salt- an I retail Fancy Good* trace, we are satin tied (and coanult no otliore) that the beet policy In quick returns and .ight profits.” Acting on the the a bore policy, we now offer our who'e and entire stock, < with a lew exceptions) at a great reduction froiu our former prices. READ! READ!READ!READ! “The Peerless,” Forget it Not! 20 Hoops, clasped on every Spring, .75 35 '• '• •• *• 125 40 “ " “ •' i.3i OI«l Fogies, quote Voiir Prices : “rrhe Morning Star!” 18 Hoops, sevon tap*s claspml and gluod, .88 .. <• ,88 .. “ 1.10 30 •• ■■ " “ ■« JOr. LOT LADIES' Heavy Wire Skirts, 45 cts. each. Hosiery, Gloves, And Sun TTmbrellas! I.iulie-.’ Cotton Hosp, from IN to loots. Children’*5“ “ “ 13 to 31 cts. OLOVBS! LADIES, the Best Assortment in Portland fr; m 13 cents to $i 00. SUE UMBRELLAS—Oil Boiled Silks, from $1.38 to $2,00. Yankee Notions at out usual low prices CORSETS, CORSETS! WARttASTED W U AI. KRONE, OWLT f 1 00. La dink, call and »ee us! we Lave not failed, clear ed out, or soM oat; but will be foetid at our old stand, No. 166 Middle street. Dahlia Skirt and Fancy Good* store, where we, as heretofore, continue to manufacture our justly celebrated »klft, to which thousand* of ladie* in Portland and vicinity can testify. Fit/.obkald & IIod»do«, Dahlia Skirt* and Fancy Goods. No. 16) Middle street. Port laud. Me. N. H. Corsets and Skirts made to order. ___ tnay&dlm JUST RECEIVED ! 1YMA.VNS k ttttMV HAVING refitted their store aud received a large assortment of ELEGANT STYLES -OF C L o T II N ! ARE PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Custoners. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, lu (ircBt Variety, -AT • >r> Middle Street. majMf Sprinir iV Summer Stock FASHIONA BLE GOODS, -Vvtu COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. Purchased from tho best assortments, for cash, lu New York, and Boatou, may be fouLd at the store of WILLIAM C.BECKETT Merchant Tailor, NS, 137 Nli'ldlt* Street. Some of these Goods, which have been recently imported, differ much in color, teature aud finish' from the styles that have continued in vo^ue for a year or two past, and are considered very elegant Besides these and othor Googls,—comprising all the varieties for fashionable wear, at the same place may he found a good supply of Slnuduril G» ritian, r renek. ami Kii|li«h Itrondclotlt- a< d Doe *ki«t», tor genteel suits; together with styles of VfstiNgs selected with a view to suit all tastes. All the new stvles tor Gentlemen'* wear, whether for Dress Suits or a Business Outfits received iu their seasons, together with plates of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing. tar^The best trimmings always on hand. No. 137 Middle Street.JK maylldGw M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, NO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, apl4 PORTLAND, ME. dtf U. S. Christian Commission, ■,»<lies' Aiivilimy Society. milK above organization, will bold it. fir,t regular A meeting at the room, of the Voting Men', Chris tian Association,Temple strut, on Wednesday I’. M . at 3 o'clock. All ladies interested in the object, of Ibis Associ ation are requested to be present. Ooutributionain Money. Warm Blankets, Shirta, Drawers, tjuilts, Vests, Brandv, Wiue. Condensed Milk aud Food, Dried Apple, Bandages, Lint, Ac., are now urgently needed, anil will be received aud forwarded at once, if sent to the above place I-. BANCROFT. Kec'y. Portland, May 17, ItWI. mayl7d2t RUFUS DUNHAM, Manu'actur. r and Wholesale 11 (rf B RITANN IA IgL-JmC Plated Ware, ^°rt *fr*e*» Portland, Portland, May 17th, 1904. nsayl 7dtf ENTE RTAIX MEATS. Universalist Ladies’ >S o «• i a i I ^ <»>«*«' ! TWsmrSattr*-** New City I-Ja.ll, Thurslay Afternocn and Evenine and Friday Evening, Mav 19 aud 2) Daora open at 3 1*. M. and in the evening at 7 o’clock Aiimdta ce. 1*. W i:,cta; iu eveuiug 26 ctx. Reaenl iumu lor sale. Auhtrv * wh-pond an 4 other attractions, 1 lif* Bund of l?ili C. S. liiidiUr} Will 'urnidi music for the occasion arpeiriug in public ou this occasion lor the first time since their r_toHrn maylOdtd \i:\V OPER.V HOUSE ! ! LANCASl'Elt •IIAI.L. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTH ELS! OPEX EVERY EVE.MYU. An Entire Change of Programme. YANKEE CIRCUS, THIS WEEK A<lmUj!on 23 eoniK; Referral 8e»t.5o cent,. bPltAiiUK, I ,, . »pll »r )1 BI.ANCUAKD, J MERCHANDISE. Corn anil Iiyv. '10*0() BUSHELS Southern Yellow Corn, IDO4) Bushel* Bye, in store ae«l lor sale by WALDRON A TRUK. maylld2w* Nos. I aud 5 Union Wha*f. Sugar and Molas***. *JQQ UUDS. i CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U* WTCfl. ) GAB. 371 I11IDS superior Mu'cocado, aud 3* TC8 Clayed Mo!a*>< *, j1 BULS from tsiorr* Morcna, Now lauding and tor sale by THOMAS ASEN'CIO & CO., may9tf Custom House Wharf. Southern White Seed Corn, Vnui t c.u siim kh ran uy EDW'D 11 BURG IX, No. 120 Commercial street. May ?, 1864 may'JJ3w Wood, Palm Leaf anti Mulatto. 2 ^ 1111DS M ALA DO, 2284 BUNDLES PALM LEAF, 142 MAIS. *21 10X8 GKANADILLO WOOD, 8 L< >G8 CEDAK, Cargo British schooner Ann Leonard, for sale bv llOl'llN t EATON. No. 1 Central Wharf. Portland May 3, 1365. ma>5d3w ftierra .Horena Molasses* OOXHHDS 9jO') I CIIOK ESIKKKa morksa 30 TIERCES t MOL 183Kb, 10 BBLS ' Now landing from Brig "C. M. Kennedy" rilos. ASEXCiO A ri) , MayS.—tf i H Wharf. Nails. X/k/kl | CASKS NAILS. aborted now "\/v f landing per Sch “Emma Wadsworth ” and in store, for sal** l»y MERSEY, r LETCH HR & CO., ap30 d3w 169 Commercial Street. bTTtt v.m* 7.1 TIBS BITTDR lTOK PALI BV J. M. KNIGHT & SON, NO. U I.tMK STltKKT. Portland. April 18.1864 dtf Mti*roviulo Simm. O UHDS 1 Ma*cov»do Sugar, oi super, r I J qua!itr, now landing from Hark 200 BBLS ) "Linda Stewart.** Irum Guautan ama, for sale by H . I. ROBIN SON. aplOdislin No. I Portland Pier. Muivtitado MoIusms. IXfk IIUDS. \ Superior qua qy Muscovado tlv j Mola*»t«.now landing from Sch. ‘23 Tierces ) “ rredonia/' from Gardena.*, for 8 Bbls. sale by II. I. Kobint-on, apr21 lmodis No. 1, Portland Pier. Scolfll CailYUSK. 14^2 k BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor * sar k Sons. Leith—a sail cloth of su}H-rlot quality-just received per "Jura’*, and for sale ly MuGILVKUY, KYA.N A DAVIS. mch25dtf 161 Commercial Street Mutit’ovudo Sngar. fk 4 HMDS Muscovado Sugar, pr me quality. • now landing from Brig' J . U. Dillingham! from Cardenas. !> or sale by II. |. Kuhinnon. apr2I lined is No. 1. Portland l*»cr. 63 Removal. ' 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commission .Werchanls, And dealers iu Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Co nmercial street. Port la:.d. May 10th, 1804. inayl utf K. L. H OHS C A < O., MAUufacturcr.4 k Wholesale Dealers in Boots and. Shoes, NO. 48 1-2 UNION STKEET, K. I. ilom\ rcrtltod, Mr. I J. Uttlrfirld, Lib.uun, K> . ( 1 OS1 LAND. _ inaylldlm ■cc Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! -A.t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 154 and 151 Exchange St., Opposite the luteruaUoucl House. msyTdti Caution to Purchasers of Cat hind Organ*. 1 he will# deaaajid for our ( abiiit Okuaeb las induced dea'cia in some tasee to advertise quite dif ferent in trumonts as Cabinet (Iroaii, tnd »n oiher« to represent to pare has; r» that harmonium* and othir reed organ* are the same thing. Tuts i« not trims. The excellence* of the Cam sir Os mans which have given them their high reputation, arise not merely from the inferiority ef their work manship, but also iu largo measure from essential DirrEBinrcEB in const*iction, which lting pat ented by ub, cannot be i ns it at* d by other maker*. From these ari*e their better quality' and volume of tone and capacity for expression. Fveiy Cabinet Oruan has upon it* name board in fu!l, the words, •MASON & HAMLIN CABINET ORGAN.” When a dealer represents sny other imtiumut ts a Cabinet Organ, it is usually a mere attempt to sell an inferior iLstrument on which he can make a larger profit. Prices of Cabinet Ouoax* $Uo to $256. Ware rooms, No. 274 Washington street. Bo. ton; MASON & HAMLIN. No. 7 Mercer street, New York, MA SON BROTHERS. Henry S. Ei>waki»b, Sole Agent for Tor land, 343] Congrea-street. rnayl7d2w Hie w Stliool House. SEALED proposal* will be received until Satur day at noon, the 28th iust., for furnishing the material* a&d treetinga MhooL heuro (in thetofvn Of Falmouth, District No. 8, near (■ T. R K. lApot) according to plans and speciiicatioo, prepared by Geo.' M Harding, Architect. Proposals may be tendered for a building of trick or wood, and they may be left at the office of .Mr. Harding, where the plau-ican be examined, or with the committee The right to reject any or all proposals cot de w ed satistactorv. i* hereby reserved. li. M. STONE. Building Committee. Tor Maud, May 11th, 1864. may l tdrk Copartnership. rnilF subscribers have this day farmed a c •; ir.‘ Ri northip under the firm name of Twitchell |5r * fcChatupiiu, and having purchased the stock and leaved the store recently owned ami occu|od by Davis, Twitchell % Chapman, will cjuiuut- the wholesale Grocery, Flour and Provision badnesaia all its branches. THUS F. IWITCHFLL, JOHN u rwirciiFLL. JAMES P. CHAM LIN, *2 Commercial Strict, Thomas It lock Portland, May Pi, 1861 mylddfcwJw l icion Cu«cw>.~Pouiial. rilHF unrouditional Union m« u of Pownal are re R quested to meet at the town Hentctn Powcal, i»u Saturday, the‘lift inst. at 6 o’cock 1*. M lor the purpose of selecting Delegate* to attend the district souvention to be holdeu at Saco. May 36th Per Order of Towu Committee’. Pownal, Mty 10,1864. mayUdtd AUCTION SALES/ m 2>Air»:\ ALCTNiMKEK, 1J EThangnSt. < lolliiiijj.DrjfaowtK, I'anrjr <iood«, Ac., at Aiu-lioii. ON Wed ue,day, Thursday aid Friday.Mar 18 |» il'id 3U, at »} A M. and T| I’, M.. Over. Sack and r rock Code. I*aiit,, Ve*»,. Wo I M.iria, I'hi , aUlria Ulov’<'ul *r*, UjEf.. Cutlery Xloclejy and At-,, larc-., (loo!,. CuttonH. Lloeua. Weoiena liatm-k trliitr, lickiuga. iieninu.Canibrii, i rarh. Doyltea. Napkins. table Lioeo. klaida Bt.lpee, At ■ i*?1*’ *.ud Uooda; lot of K* manta with which the tale wi.l commence. mnylOdtd At Auction. I I",1 7* .'?d.'-*nd ,Vo Clark afreet, and lire ■ Honee Lota, will be told on krloay, lay - tn, at 3 o clock, on the premises Malo will commerce w ill a valmb'e Lot on7Kl'.ti55t neir , th* head of < lark street, hiving a frent < f 120 feet on Pme >tre3t; ioitneCWtrlv art#-r til J I - «a -ortli Valii.iklu ICc-nl Estate ut Aoclioa la ('ape £li/.ab«t|i. Vyi. .Iintln-llnt auction on Wednesday tUB. i ISu^jsnus: contain# Fire trres of Lmml in a vem iTumanaUAi,llorT t T ? abbut HoustMiioieru in its stvie hni t „/ *w v . ° »*toiy M “if U;rr‘"‘lfMy #ul,hpd: »lino swb'e shSTn'c' I h-'situation is uot Px r> t4*d Lv mv in #ifa°*°/_r?® .V for the -plendid vJ « U eoi^ndL*, .T*?, the harbor and the -orrounding country ' X> Connected it in a Hold oi twSSiimU in » high stale of cultivation th.. i.. of which I. in na“l?n5 hall to two and a half ton. of bar toTe , * e® *lhw Held t-mostly fenced wtth a «fc,.iutUI ,f£. iiu W e hare never Invlt. d tl e public to a inorJ de.i rablo property OSUIde thu city limit, Titfe eWr -ale poaltfre, the owner wishing to leave tb. I or pini,-ular, enquire ol ,Ut® maylVdt 1 ilKNKv BAILEY A Co.. Auet Aduiiuistralor'H Sale Heal Ear ate sit Auction. I in LI. bo sold at public auction, on Tuos ’mv dune till at lo o’clock A M , on the oremirca house tnd lot No. f»4. Franklin street, below Coo ttrew afreet. The lot I. « Icet front, runnfe. b«k about 95 feet. I It ■ hou-e conuin, eleven Hniahed rprtn, of water lu the cellar' there u a barn and wr.nd’house itttcl vd. ..ST.£K?*KIf 1L8LKY. Adminiatr tor 1IKNKY lUIhKV A t'U Auctioneer* Tori laud, Slay 18th, 18M. xVsm EDWAHD ■. PATTEN, Commission Merchant & Auctioneer, removed to 'he eptcious store 18 Exchange 8tre-t, four doore below Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise ot every description. for public or private rate Hal** of Ileal hutate. Vessels, Cargoes. stock* and Met. chaodtse solicited. Cash advances made with prompt sale* and return*. mebli dly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JUST OPENED No. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street, POlirbA.ND, ME. 1 shall be in the constant receipt of, and will Mil •vary afternoon aud evening by public auction the following lines of goods in quantities to suit: * Woolen* ol u II description*, Drees Goods in vunety, Linen, crash Towelling. Cover*. Are,Table Cut Irry, Plated Ware. Jewelry. Yankee No- ’ tion* aud Fancy Good*, Commencing Tuesday, February 16th. GEO. L. PEIRCE. A no lion and Commiasion Msrchant. W I’. STnwaaT, Auctioneer- febladti TO THE AFFLICTED / «>*t. W.M. OEM1MU, Alodical Electrician, To. 11 C lapp's Block, i C•OHSMROPCOSaRMSS AMD ELM STREETS WOL'LD r< -pectfully announeato the citiiens ol Port'and sud vicinity, that be baa permanent ly iocat-d In ibis city. During the elevVn months that vehave been in town we have cared some ol the worst form* of disease in persons who bava triad other form* of treatment lu vain, and earing sa lients in *o short a time that the question I* often naked, do they stay cured? To answer this question we will say that all that do Hot ,tay eu’ ed. we will doctor the second time lor iiutking. Dr. D. ha* bean a practical KleetricUn fer twenty one year*, and is also a regular graduated physician tie t.icity is perfectly adapted to chronic rfueases in the form Ol nervous or tick headache: neuralgia in the bead, neck,or extremities!; consumption when In the acute stages or where the lungs are not’ hilly involved; acute or ehronie rheumatism, -crotuln bin diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, eurvmtur* ot the spine, contracted muscles, distorted hmbs pal*, or paralysis, St. Vital' Dance, deafness slam-’ tnc-ing or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, iadlgaa t4.11. oon-uj a’ioa aud liver complaint, piiae—we curs every case that can be preeented; asthma, bronchi tis, strioturee ol the cheat, and all forms of fomal# complaints. Blootrioity The Rheumatic* the goaty, the lame and the laay leap with joy, and move with the agility and ela*Uo t ity of youth; the boated brain it cooled; the frost 1 bitten limb* restored, the uncouth deformities re move«i; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to strength; the blind made to see, the deaf to hear and the palsied term to move upright; the biaadskes ol youth are obliterated; tbv iccidanit of mature Ufa prevented; the calamities of old age obviated. an active circulation maintained. LADIES Who have cold haads and feet; weak stomacht ianm aud ucak backs; nervous and sick headache ii£Xin<r*»*nd hwinuuing in the head, with indites! tion and oonstipation of the bowels; pain in the side «nd back ; leocorrhoca, (or whites); falling af the womb with iuternal saneers; tumors, polypus, and all that long train os diseases will find in Electric ity a sure means of cure. For painftil menstruation too profhs” mtfnatrcation, and all of thoM long Una of troubles with young ladies. Kiectricity is a certain •ipccidc* aud will, in a short time, restore the sufferer to th* rigor of health. *SYm Have an Kiectrojl'htmical Apparatus for axtracMo* Hinerai l*oi#on from the system, such at Mercury, Antimony. Arsenic, Ac. Hundreds who are troubled witlistiff Joints, weak backs, and vari ous otberdilbcnlties, tbs direct cans* of which In cine cases out of ten, I* the effect of poisonous dru* I inn bs restored to a itural strength and vigor hr tbs nse of from live to eight Baths. Oiflos hours fiom s o’siock a. a. to 1 ». a. 1 11 , 1; and 7 to y r. a. Consultation Froa. tyls Isodt d. wTolark. t' n.v lhu ix I C K ! Silver Street Ice House, and osier No. :t‘i E\c-liunge street. VLL order* promptly attended to and customers supplied with the l>e»l i|nality of ICE. Print/ let/or /».• Sruoa. ISBI. 1) Iha a day, from June lit. to Oct. let. ft >•) i5. “ ;■ ■■ *•«" -0 “ lU.CM Forty rent* per 100 lbs. To those who take Ice for the season, it will be de livered tarlinr thau 1st June and later than 1st Oc tober, at the same rate per mouth as daring the set -<*011 When not wanted for tbo full will be 1 livend at the rate of 92 00 p.r mouth lor 10 lbs per day. Notice of c^an^eot residence. If given at the ol Ice instead of tliv driver, will always ureveut dn tppoiBtmtat. Auy cu-torn* r h aving town for two weeks or more sf one tima. by giviug notice at the office, will be en titled to a proper doductk u. Complain’* agaiust the drivers, for neglect or care leanness or »nr ether rau*e. must be made at the ol tice, and will be attended to promptly. Portland. May 13,1S64. may 13*17w A Rare Chance ! \\'AN TED one exclusive agent for Portland t» Saco. Lewietonand Salmon Fall., tor an en tirely new invention, dentuuded by every conaau,. er of Lias The most ikey. ical convinced ol rating .0 tier cent on tltcir g*» bill*. Kttail price 75 coat, including an* Burner, I'nlltnhcd talcs guaranteed' Agantr now making frein *30 to 350 tier week. Cali on or add rein 11 ALL ft liOODELL. at Waahingt u street, lOifice No Hi Boston May 13th, Wl. tuaylieodlw IVfslbronk ‘ t tmitiiry ami Female ColIcKiafc liistifiifc. ’ IH1K Summer Term of this InMitalion will com L m *nc»* WKt>3iitai»AY. May l*th. and continue eight week* <-< M STEVENS, Secretary Slovens' Plain*. May #, 1S«4. maylM'Jw Dissolufion. J3UK eopartneiahlp heretofore .Mating under the I Iirm ua,us.If,.. Tnltchell L t'.f?.. ' ihw day ulssolvtd hy mutual rnu.enl 1 ul *J>*will besettled at the old stand by oith r partner, 1'lt Ki > KKICh DAVIS, fil ls. K rwiTCHELL. Portland, May H,, myU.lhwSw Diwaoluliou. JTIIE copartner.hip herotolbre existing between X the suoferiber* u tin. day dlsaolved \y mutual aontent 7 The ailkire of the Iirm will bo rattled by either partner at the .tore ol Mesar* Twitahell Bros 4 i hamplin, d t omm. clal street, Thomas Block JOHN y TWITCHEI.L, PWU^,JUyU,WAMHF.^Ci«

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