Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 18 Mayıs 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 18 Mayıs 1864 Page 4
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THE MARKETS. Portland "Wholesale Price* Current. Expressly corrected for the Pttxs* to May 10 by Mr. M. N ltlC'H. Ashes. re»n *> »-.naiiii Put.• # *»1 Apples* Croon 1/bbl. ...6 00*0 00 Sliced 4> tt).10**111 Cored 4* lb .10** H* U ucured 4# tb.o* 00 Breed. Pilot 4/ 100 tbs. 9t *.i Ship. 6i C3^i Crackers per bbl.f4i *4* Crackers, 4* 100 ■ .40 *4‘JC Butter. Family plb.’6 «2B3 Store ..18 *21 Beaus. Marrow 4> bush*300*820 Pea.3 00 *3 20 Blue Pod.2 50*2 ;a Candles. Mould 4* tb.17 *17* Sperm.37 *3b Cheese. Vermont 4* tb.20* 2 Kew .14*17 Cuul—(Retail.) Lehigh. *13 Chestuut.11 * Colter. Java 4* .62 *63o Cape.42 i* 44 Rio .• 43 * 4b C'srdage. American 4* tb -18* 19 Russia Hemp. 22*23 Manilla.22**23* Bolt rope, Russia 22*23 do Manilla. 22* * 23 Cement. 47 bbl.«1 95*200 Drugs and Dyes. Alum 4Mb. 6* 6c Aloes.37 * 4<j Arrow Hoot.17 *40 Borax .42 (*45 Brimstone (roll)... 6**0 Bi-Carb. Soda.Hj*9 # Su phur.6**7, Camphor .170@1»6 Cream Tartar.46 @90 Logwood ex. . .. . . lb@17 Magnesia .82 .@42 Indigo, M'la.tiue 10O@a 10 Madder ., ..18o@19 Opium.$15 @<16 60 Khubarb.8 2o.@ 86U Alcohol.. .2 66ft 1 70 Fluid.2 16 @2 70 Saltpetre.17 @33 Vitriol.19 @20 DfewowU. Harwood .2>@ Brazil Wood.18 @ Camwood.6@ 61 Fustic, Cuba.3@ “ Savanvilla 2* @6 Hype rule.5@ 0 Logwood, Camp* achy.2}@ St. Domingo.2/ w Extract Log wood. 1 14® Nic Wood . @ Poach 44 . 4j ;@ Ked 44 . 4 @6 Sapan 44 . :@ Quercitron Bark. 2J@ Ked Sanders.7 @10 Duck. Haven* . @ 62c Portland, No. 3 1 12@116 44 No. 10. 7Q@73 Navy,S’r, No. 3 1 11 @1,14 44 44 No. 10. ?2 @00 Flak. Codvarge $*qut9650.ft7 00 44 small ... .6 25® 6 76 Pollock .4 00 @4 75 Haddock, .none Hake,.*76 @8 26 Herring,Shore4»bl 460@6 do Labrador . none, do. Scaled pbx 40 @46c do. No. 1.85® 40 Mackerel p bbl., Magdaliue ..18 @26 Bay No. 1 <1760@T8 00 Bay No. 2—1350@14o0 Bay No. 3.none Shore No. 1 1650@1800 44 44 2 .12 oo@ 1400 Fruit* Almonds—.Iordan p Itv, Soft Shell.26 @28c Shelled . 42®4*c Currants.18}® 20 Citron, new.38 @40 Pea Nuts S3 6G@3 75 Figs, common... 25 New Eleme .... ® 26 Leraons,f» box S660@600 granges—box S6 u0@6 60 Kaiskis, Bunch p box 4 60@4 75 Layer.4 76@5 0o Dates. .14 ® 16c Prunes new.20 @ 22 Fluur—Portland insp Superfine ... *7 60@7 <5 Fancy.8*<io@8 2' Extra.8 00 @8 37 Double Extra .8 76@9 26 Extra Superiors* 7;V@10 87 Western extras 8 00@8 60 Ohio extra—8 60@8 76 Canada No 1 8 25@8 5<» St Louis KavlirndB 10@lli South n,10 OOvftlotO; Patapsoo Family 11} @lv>*| Corn Meal .6 50 &>f< Buokw’t Fl’r *760@8 Erl I Grain. Kve.1 66a&l 60 Oat*. 7**80 South Ye!.Coro. .1 50a!62 Corn, Mixed.... 1Kmi 66 Barley.ll**@i *A> Gunpowder. Blasting.*5* 61 I Bide and Sporting.0j@ A Hay. PretM'd ^ netT.922 ®28 Loose.28 @24 Straw.80 Hide* andShim. B. A. Hides. 81@ 32 Western. .26 @ 26 Slaughter Hides . 9@T0c Calf Skins.26a3‘ Calcutta Cow— Slaughtered . .1900110 Green Salt.1 85@20<> SheepFelts,Gr’n.l 70*1 76 Hope. First Sort, 1863... 20 @25 I row. Common . „.6* @7* “ Bwdned ....<§» I Swede.. 10 Norway .11*12 ; Caat Steel. 34@36 Gorman Steel-25 ®27 ! Kuglifh B is.Steel.22 @23 Spring. 14 @ 17 Sheet Iron, Eng!..8@>»2 Sheet Iron,Russia.22 a.‘lu do. Rus im’t. .16 @17 lard. i Barrel. ^ tb.16 @15* I Kegs. *> tb.14 @15] lifHthrr. New York, light. 88@34 1 do. md. wts .. 86 @»7 do. heavy . ...34 @36 I do. slaughter .60 @66 28[ er. Calftkins 130*10 Leatb @ 2 Wax uiySI'ler Lend. Am. Pig*> 1001b $13®14 Sheet and Pipe 15j®l«>a Lime. Hock laud, cask . 115® 120 I.umber—From yard. Clear Pine,No. 1.$88 ® 40 do. No.2. .87 ® 30 do. No. 8. .28® 301 Shipping Lumber.$23 ®26 Spruce.917® 20 Hemlock.10® 12 Box Sh'ks.(pino) 60 ®02c t’lapb’da, b ext $14 ®1G do. P " ...80 ®32 Shingle*, Ced ext 3 87®4 do. “ No.l 2£® 3 do. ext. Pine.44® 6 Laths, Spruce. .13<®1 30 do. Hue.1 60® 2 25 Hod Oak Staves . 25 ®30 Mol. Hhd. Shooks k llea<**,city. 2 25® 2 35 Sugar do. city 212j®2 25 do. do. c'try.l o*j®l 25 t.reen Co'yaa’u . 80® 1 00 Country Hi If Mol. H hd. Shook*. .150® 1 76 Slash. . 10t>®l 20 Hooi*«.$25 ®35 ilackmetack Tim ber, tuu.10®20 Moluaaea. Port Hioo.900®000 Irlnidad. 00 ® 00 Cuba clayed. 72®75 ■ do. do.tart".. .70®75 do. Muscovado" 80®90 New Orleaus. none PortlandSyrup.hhd* Hi® do. bbl* ® 04 Nail.. Cask.$7 00@7 50 Nam I Store.. Tar(foreignhbl.$31®31 Pitch (Coal Tar). $3p® 68 Itosin .44 ®448 Turpentine pgal. 3 60®360 Oakum. American.114 ££13 Oil. Portland Kerosene llluiuinat'g Oil 70® 76 Sperm Winter. .212@220 W hale, ref. Wint 1 8Q@1 36 Grand Hank and Hay Chaleur #36 @ 37 Shore. . .32 @84 Liuneed. .. .... #1 70@1 72 Boiled.1 75(0(1 77 Lard Oil.13&@1 86 Olive Oil.215ft2 30 ( aator Oil. .2 45 @2 60 Neat*foot Oil... .126@136 Onioua — p bbl.#0 0O®0 00 pbush.#0 0«@0 00 Pn iala. P’tl’d Lead,inoil#lG 60@17 Cumbs rlaud L'd.HValfl 60 Pure l>ry Lead 144 @164 French Zinc, “12 25a 12 7* Ainer. Zinc, “ 1100@1160 Rochelle Yellow . 3@ 4 Kng. Yen. Red—3$@ 4$ Litharge.. @17 Red Lead . @17 Plaatr* « Per ton Soft. @3 00 Hard. @300 Ground.,.700@760 Provision.. Ch'go Mesa Beef *18 @184 Portland do 18 50@19<»0 P’tl'dext. do. 3000@2060 Pork.extra clear 31 @32 Pork, clear. . . SO @ 31 Pork, me#* . 28 60 @29 f 0 Pork. Prime-2G60@27 Round llog*.none. Ham*...none. City Smok'd llamel 7 $@18 Plod urc. Beef qu’r p lb 11 @14 Kgff*, P do* ... 10 <r!\ Potatoes, phbl #3 m»@326 ChickeuB.22® 26 Lamb. .10® 14 rurkie*.22 @26 . none Veal.0 @11 Rice. Rice p !b.10j@ll$ R. n ui • Portland distilledl66@l 68 Salerntaa. Saleratu* p lb ....8® 10 Salt. rurk’f Ir., p hhd. (8 bus.)....*4 75 @4 60 Liverpool. 4 76@&5o Cadiz .iioue Cagliari. 4 75@6 60 Gr’d Butter Salt .28 @ Starch. Pearl.10® 104 Potato.7@ 74 Shat p 100lbs #9J@10 Prop S @1«4 Buck. @177 Soap. Family do.10® No. 1. lft$@ 00 Soda. 11$ @ oo CHeine.114 dll Castile.14 @30 Crauc’s. 11® Spicea. Cassia p lb ...76@78c Cloves.6 54 (a) Ginger,(Race)-46@ 47 (Huger, (Africa) 46 @47 Nutmegs.1 46@1 60 Pepper. 46 a 47 Pimento.£6 @ 30 Sugar. Portland A.none do. A A ...16^ @no do. Yellow.... If,j Extra Yellow_ none Muscovado. ifavana Drow n »» wti do. White 23 a 2’J STew Orleans. 23 a 24 'rushed . 24-To 25 • ranulated. 24 J a 25 *o wdered.21 j "a 25 Tea.. fyson.36 a 91 10 t’oung liyson 1 OCfa.112 Jolong .1 10p l 16 do choice 115 @1 30 Jourhong.86 @96 Tobneeo. ’sft 10’s be>*t br’ds. 70076c do. medium 65 @70 do. common. 60 @65 lalftbs best br’ds 76 @8Q do. mod. good. 70 @76 do. common. . 65fc; 70 Natural Leaf, IKs 91 a 1 25 favv'pouuds .. 75@ 80 \V osd. lard, retail ..*9 50®10 ioll. . “ .0 %« Vnr ni-h. i'urnitwe—J3 00® 4 00 oach.8}® fi Umar.2 SO® 000 Wool. “eec. 66®00 ‘tilled.72 ®82c Exrhnaitr. .ondoo—«0d 1 91 ®1 93 Portland I)rr (Ms Market. Expressly corrected for the I'kkss to May 17th by M.N.Kloa. COTTON (KH.DS. laches. Pries Heavy Sheetings.87.40 &, 42 Tin* " 80.81 he 87* .40.35 jjj 40 " " 5-4.42* iS 47* Medium " 87.274 m 321 Light •• 37.22* s 26* Shirting.27 to 30.17* « 22* BLKAI HKD SHEKT1NU. Good Bleached Sheeting.3d........35 (h> 40 “ “ " .87* S 42 Medium “ .30.‘26* m at Shirting.27 to 32.Is mj 221 DK1LLINQ. Heavy Grilling.80.371 ® xu. Medium 30. 32* a 27J COTTON FLANNELS. IIsavy Cotton Flannels. 42* m 46* Medium..27] « 37 STRIPED S1IIKT1NI*. Heavy Striped Shlrttng.*,.40 @ 45 Medium •« •• 27. 27* § 32* TICKING. Heavy Ticking .42 <g <6 Medium •• .35 jg w COTTON A DEB. * Heavy double and twist.671 fa 754 DENIMS, Heavy Denims . 46 @ 55 Medium •• .2 '* a 87* CAMBRICS AND TUI NTS. Colored Cambrics.17 fa ig Bast Prints, 221 f 24 Medium •• 17} a »• DELAINC. DeLaines .fa 54 CRASH. Cr"h.i3* a 17* gATTINO, WADD1NO fcc. Cotton Batting. 20 fa 30 Cotton Wadding. .46 @ tSVlb Cottou Warp.Wc p Wieking, unbleached. 65 ® 100 *• bleached 80 fa loo WOOLEN WOODS Kentucky Jeans,.45 fa 574 Satinets . 66 fa 87, Union Meltons.76 «. 90 All Wool do.87| fa 1 12i Black Union Casiraere*.85 fa 100 Black all wool Cassinicre*.1 124 fa 1 26 Black Doeskins.1 124 @ 1 26 Fancy Doeskins 112 fa 2 26 German Black Doeskius.1 76 fa 2 76 German Broadcloths. 2 60 fa 5 00 Overcoating, all wool 6 4 2 60 fa 6 00 „ _ uuiou6-4 2 00 @800 Repellaut, 6-4. 1 76 fa 1 874 ... . ..'VOOL ELANNKLS. Blue Mixed Twilled Flannel*. 46 fa 66 »<=»rlei ;; •• .46 <§66 Dl— * .474 fa 674 Whit* plain. •• .46 1 7o Frinted “ . 45 fa 66 - .1 —L— Freedom Notice. THIS mav certify that fora valuable consjdera ’ion. 1 have given my son. Elbridgo K Wood bury, bis time during hi* minority to trade and act ‘or himself. I shall pay no debts of bis contracting nor claim his earnings EDWARD H WOODBURY. Witness, Edward F. Flint £ape Elizabeth, May 16,1864. [mayl7d8t* FOR SALE & TO LET. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE I’OK SALE. Good Location for a Hotel. MThat valuable aud centrally located HouM aud Lot, No. 31 India street, lor so many years owned and occupied by General Samu el Fessenden, is offered for sale. The Lot i- 70 leet on India street, extending back 171 feet—containing neartv 12 000 feet of land. I he House is three storied, is in good repair, and con tains tineen rooms, beside* many closets and other conveniences; has gas fixtures throughout; it also ha* a large flow of PUKE At^L'EDICT WATEK, which is very desirable; also a large Wood House aud Bam. This a good piece of property upon which to make improvements It may be fitted for a blRSl CLASS HOARDING HOUSE, or a SECOND CLASS HO TEL. Its near proximity to the terminus of the Grand Trunk Railway $nd to the wharves of the Boston and other steamers, makes the location a desirable one for a Hotel. This lot might bo improved with profit to any me chanic or other person having means, by the erec tion of Teneraen s, its large depth affording ample space ior a block ot eight or ten buildings. For further particulars < uouire of WM. U. JEHK18, Argus Office Portland. Dec. 8. 1868. decll MWFtf HOUSES AND LOTS FOR SALE, SITUATED OH Franklin, A Idea, Washington, Montreal, Foi anti Sumner Slr«et*. PRICES FROM f1,000 TO «2,500. Term* liberal to snit the purchaser Enquire of ELDR1DGE GERRY, ap23 dlw eodtf No. 69 High Street. Farm for fcal#*. TK ('ape Elizabeth, Si miles from Fort I anti Bridge, J. about 100 acres of well proportioned mowing tillage Pasture, wood and timber. About 600 cords hard and solt wood. Cuts 40 tons Lav, Barn most new. 38 by 00. Lumber lor 11 Story house—on the direct road to Portland, extending 60 rods back, well located to cut into ten acre lots, and will be if requested. Fences stone wall mostly Dew. l’rice H76 per acre, 26 per cent cash; balance can remain a number of years secured by mortgage. For par ticulars enquire of SCUlT DYER, me ft 30 d4ui Building Lois For Sale. fpUK subscriber offers for sale two acres of land at X Steven's Plains. Westbrook, in lots to.auit pur chaser-, and at prices that cannot fail to be satisfac tory. These lots are situated in a very pleasant locality, and the facilities offered by the Horse Kail road for passage to aud from the city, will render them very desirable lots fcr a residence. Knqaire of K. DUNHAM, No. 218 Forestreet. Portland. May 17th, 1864. maylTdlra For Nali*. 4 SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acre* 11. of wood land, on the south side of the river St. Law ranee, iu Canada East It is interceeded by two considerable rivers with eligible Mill sits. Well wooded with every description oi timber, such as pine aud spruce in large quantities, and maple, berch. beech, tam&rac ana bass wo~dtoany amount. Enquire of 11. T. MACH IN, Portland. Portland, Feb. 1864. feb26eodtf Houses mid Lot for Male. MA two story Wooden House. No. 17 Fore street, near ‘ Portland t omi any Works," containing 13 finished rooms. Convenient for two families Piped tor Gap with fixtuns, has an abundance of hard aud suit water: the Lot is about 3U by 79 feet. Teitns satisfactory. Apply to JOHN C. PKOCTKK, uiay0d3w Lime street. Hons.* Tor Mala*. A three story dwelling house with brick basement, situated On the corner of Monument and War ren str eets; has twelve finished rooms, and is well calculated for one or two families. For terms ap ply to Edward Shaw, at the office of the Mutual Fire Insurance Company, 102 Middle Street, orto N. F. DKEKING. mchl&dtf No. 8 Exchange 8t. For Male or to Lot. CLIFF COTrAGK, containing over 10 rooniH,large stable and sherds—situated two aud one-half miles from Portland, and the fiuest situation in Cape EJirabcth for a wa _ tenug place, and summer boarders, kor particulars enquire of GEO. OWEN, ap7 dtf 81 Winter Street. Portland. House nnd Land for Male. IIHE northerly liouve in the three-s«ory Brick Block. (No. 19) Myrtie street, recently occupi ed by Kev. Win. U. Clark. Immediate possession given Wid be sold at a bargain it applied for soon. For terms, Ac., iuquire of JOHN C.PROCTER. apr2Q tf Lime Street. House For Sole. 4 TWO story wooden house, No. 18 Adams 8tree*, uLw 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families; pleuty of good water. For particulars iuquire ot B J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,1864. ni&ylteodlf To Lot. THE rooms over the store of the subscriber,corner oi Fore and Exchange streets, now occupied by 8tepben Berry as a printing office. Possession given 1st of January. Apply to dec29 dtf BKNJ. FOGG. For Nale. STOCK and Fixtures of the Albion Kesturant, No. 117 Federal street, it not disposed of before the2 th of May. will be closed on and after that date. ma>3d2w G.B .MlLl.KK. For Nnlo. / kSK Express Wagon, nearly new. can be used v/ for one of two Horses, it has pole and Shafts complete. For price Ac., call at No. 4 Free Street Portland. apr l eodtf For Saif. AT to Story Brick House. No. Soring Street. Inquire at No. 113, Commercial St. Portland. April 30, 1864. apr30d1W To Lot. KJTORK wow ocoupled by us. Possession given immediately. Also, a Front Office in Hanson Block. J*n8 dtf11. J LIB BEY A CO. To Let. ONE STORK in Galt’s Block. Apply to li. T MACUIN, ap22 dtf American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW YORK. C’apiial #200.000, In.urr Itnililmi;.. Merrlanndiar. Houu* bold I'nrailarr. Rfali, lrior>. Via* aria on ihr Mua-Ua. and othi-r l‘rr aoaul Properly hi laa U» eai rrira. SAMUEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR,Seoretar. EDWARD SHAW AiiCDt, 102 Middle Btmet. oct27 lyood MAINE INSURANCE CO. Angusta, Maine* rllK Maine insurance Company insure against loss or damage by Firo, Building*, Merchan U*e and Furniture, on terms as favorable as it can >e done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued 'or Oue, Three, or Five years. J. L. CUTLFK, President. J. U. WILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SlIAW-Agent, No. 102 Middle Street. oelleodly OKA FT8 & WILLIAMS? Successor* to J. W. HUNNKWELL k Co , Ho. 6 6 7 k 9 Commercial Wharf, Boston. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in brugs. Medi ants, Paint*, Oil*, Uye Stuff.*, Manufacturer*, ar icles and Chemical*. Manufacturer* of ('opal Var liehe*, Japan Ac. Agents for Forest Hirer Lend ttystie Load Co. French and Jmeriean ifinc, druggist’s, Perfumers and Liauor Label*, (ienerai Agents for J. L. Huunewell’s Universal Cough Item id y. Tolu Anodyne aud Electric Pills. tnch23eod3m For Cough*, Cold* and ConsumptloM. rUi: Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is the most highly approved medicine ever discovered. It ias stood the best} of all tests, Time, having had an unprecedented sale of nearly forty years. It is recommended by our best physicians, our most emi nent citizens, tfie Press, the Trade, in lact by all arho know it. For certificates, which can be given to almost any extent, see wrappers to each bottle, rhe proprietors will cheerfully refund the money il not ent rely satisfactory. Price &0 cents and If: the targe bottles much the cheapest. He cartful to get the genuine, which is prepared only by BRED, CUT TFIi A CO., Wholesale Druggists, Boston. Boldin Portland bv dealers generally. U II. HAY, Druggist, corner Middle and Free streets. Wholesale Agent. _deoH^olfitp Notice* rpilF Stockholder* of the Portland Steam Packet A Company ire hereby notified, that their annual meeting lor the choice of officer, and transaction ot other business that may legally come before them, will be held on Wednesday. the Kth day of June 1*04, at 3 o’c’ock P. M at office of Company on At lantic Wharf. WM. KIM BA LL. Clerk Portland, May 12, 1864. may 12dtojum8 Ayrshire Cow. Sale, one pure breed Ayrshire Cow, lately calved. A rare bargain at the price, g 150. Also two Bull calves of samo breed at *80 and tr>» each; the latter particularly well bred. Address, S. L. UOODALE.Saco. May lQtb, 1864, maylld2w* RAILROADS. PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC R.R. SPRING k SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing; Monday, April 25, 1864 T4 E***enger trains leave Skowhegan for port a|1(i aD(j jj06|0„ a( 8 45 A. M , Au gu= a, ii.ov A.M.aud Bath 12 10 F. M. Auvusta lor 1’orilaud and Boston at 6.80 A, m ; Bath C 3u A. M. Portland for Ba*h, Aua asta, Waterville,Kendall’s Mills and Skowhegur, at 1 10P«M. Portland for Bath and Augusta 8 16 P. M. Passengers foi latiouson the Androscoggin Hail road will chat at*cars at Brunswick. The l Id *\ M. train f-oui Portland connects at Kendall's Mill-* with Maiuu Central Railroad lor Bangor, Ac , arriving same evening. Stages leave Ba h lor Rockland at & A.M.aud 3 P M. Stages leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P M. Stages leave Skowhcgau at 6 10 P. M. for Anson, Solon, Ac. Through Tickets for all the stations on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, can he procurred in Boston at the Eastern or Boston and Maine stations. B. li . CUSHMAN , bupetintendsai April 18, 1SG4. ap23tf l urk A Cumberland Kailroud. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after MONDAY, April 1th., 1864, trains will leave as follows, until further notice; Saco River tor Portland at 6 45 (Freight Train with Passenger Cars) and 0 16 a . m., and 3 30 v. w. Leave l’oitland loi Saco River, 7.46 a. m. and 2.00 and 6,20 p. m. The 2.00 f. M. train out, and 5 45 am. train into Portland,will be freight traiuB with passenger cars attached. stages connect at baccarappa daily for South Winuham, Windham Center and Great Falls. At Gorhaiu for West Gorlium, St-mdish. Steep * Falls. Baldwin, bebago, Bridgion, liiram, Liming ton, Corniah, Denmark, Browntield. Lovel, Frye burg, Conway,Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and Ea ton, N. H. At Buxton Center for West Buxton, Bonncy Ea gle, South Liumi£ton, Liinington and Limerick At baco River tri-weekly, for Hollis, Limerick, Ossipee, Newlield, Parsonstkld, Ettingcam, Free dom, Madison, r aton, Corn'sh, Porter, Ac. l ares 6 cents less w hen tickets are purchased in the Office, than when paid in the Cars. DAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,18«4. dtf_ AUINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. ARRANGEMENT. Trains leave Portland, Grand Trunk Station, for Lewiston and Auburn, at For Bangor and intermediate stations at 1.10 r.K. RETURNING—leave Lewiston at 6.20 a m., and arrive In Portland at 3.30 a m. Leave Bangor at 7.26 a. m., and arrive In Portland at 2 Ou r. m. Both these trains connect at Portland with trains for Boston. Freight train leaves Portland at 8 ▲. V., and re turning is due inPortland at 1 p. m. Stages connect with trains at principal stations, daily for most of the townp North and East of this line. C. M. MORSE,Sup t. Waterville, N ovember, 1S63. deoil GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canuda. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. mhe On and after Monday, Nov. 9, 1863, trains will ruu daily, (Sundays except ed) until further notice, as lOllows: Up Traias. Leave Portland for South Paris at 7.40 a . ■. For Island Pond at 1.10 r. n. Down Train*. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 6 a. m. Leave South Paris for Portland at 6 46 ▲. M. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding *60 in value, and that per sonal. nnless notice is given, and paid lor at the rat* of one passenger lor every additional value. C J. BRI DGES, Managing Director. H. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nov. 4. 1868. nov6 PORTLAND, SACO Ar PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April 11th, 1864. r^Mmmwwn Passenger Trains will leave the Bta Bon, Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex cepted; as follows r Leave Portland for Boston, at 8 46 a. m. and 3.C0 T. M. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 A. w. and 3.C0 r. m. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 a. m. and 6.30 p m. These trains will take and leave passengers at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FKAHCIfi CHASE, Superintendent. Portland. Oct. 30.1S63. oc31 edtf STEAMBOATS. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. One of * lie following But fiin steamer# of this Line vix:—Peru\ inn, Hibernia, North American, Jura, Bel gian. Nova Scotian, Moravian. Da mascus, wi*J sail from Quebec, every Saturday Mormnu. for Liverpool via Londonderry. Tae Noatii A m iuicaji, to sail from Quebec Sat urday morning. May 21. Also the steamers St. David. St Georor. St. Andrew. St Patrick, tri monthly from Quebec tor Glasgow Prepaid and return tickets issued at reduced rate*. For passage apply to H.k A. ALL AN, Montreal, or to .1 L. FARMER, fuaylbdtf No. 10 Exchange street Portland. International Steamship Company. Euxtport, Calais A St John. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. On and after Monday, Marcb48, the superior sea-going steamer NEW BRUNSWICK, Cant. E. B. __ Winchester, will leave Railroad Wharf, tool of State Street, every Monday at 6 o'clock P. M . anil the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt E. Field, every Thursday at 6 o’clock 1*. M., for r.astport and St. John, N. B , connecting at Eastport with steamer Queen, for Robinson,St. An drews and Calais, and with Stage coaches lor Ma cias*. and at bt. John with steamer* for Freder icton and wiih steamer Emperor lor Digby, Wind sor and Halifax, and with the E. A N. A. Railroad for Shediao and all way stations. Returning, will leave St John every Momlay and Thursday ai 8 o’clock A. M., for Kastport, Portland aud Boston I hlougli ticket* procured of the Agent* and Clerk on board Steamers Freight received till 4 o’clock P. M , Mondays and Thu rsdays. mayftdtf C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal Will, until further notice, run as follows : Leave Atlantio Wharf, Portland, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o clock P. M , and India Wharf, Boston, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 6 o'clock P. M. Fare in Cabin.91.60 “ on Dock. 1.26 Freight taken as usual. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $60 iu value, and that person al, unless notice is given and paid lor at the rate of one pa longer for every 9600 additional value. Feb 18. 1863 dtf L BILLINGS, Agent. Fortland and New York Steamer* 8EM I-\VEEK~LY LINE. s» The splendid and fast Steamships ^ “LOCUST Point,” Capt.. Willett. Sj-L-jEi'a^d “POTOMAC,” Captain Shkb kiNSSaKEHI wood, will,until further notice, run as follow* : Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY, at 4 P.M. .and leave Pier B North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 3 o'clock, P M. These veeeels are fitted up with flue accommodations for passengers making this the most speedy, safe and comfortable route for travellers between New York and Maine. Passage 97,00, including Fare and State Room* Goods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Queboo, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eastpcrt and St. John. Shipper* are requested to send their freight to the steamers nearly as 3 P. M., on the day that then leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to EMERx A FOX, Brownf* Wharf, Portland. H. B CROMWELL A CO., No. 86 WestStreet, NewTork. Dee. 6.1863, dtf Notice. fit UK first meeting of the ”Cross Patent Lantern Xiituird Manufacturing Company” will be held atfthe counting room of W. R. p. Cress, on Tues day, at 10 A M. May 31st, 1864, for the purpose ot organizing said corporation. W. R. p. CROSS. ,. . « __ , c. H. BREED Portland. May 13th, 1864. mayl8d16t Tl»c Clionpvst Agenry I^Olt collecting all classes of cluims arising from the war is that of the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expenses are controlled by a disinter ested Executive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGE F. EMERY, over the Portland Post Ottice, 3 1 story. __ dawly Evergreen Cemetery. fllUE Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will X be at his ottice, in New City Building, entrance qji Mvrtle Street, from 12 o’clock M. to 3 o’clock P. M . every day, oxcept Sundays, to attend to any calls in connection with said Cemetery. Orders may be left at the ottice at any time. »p26 dtl U. C. BABB, Superintendent. _MEDICAL. aT w! 0 D ’ s A TWOO DJS UEIX1XC TOXIC BITTERS QlfIXIXE TOXIC BITTERS Ih the best Aromatic TONIC AND STOMACHIC Beer brought before the public. • —IT WILL— Improve the Appetite, Facilitate Digestion, (iive tone to the Nervou*Systrni. Vigor to every Organ of the llody. Thereby imparting Health and strength There is no remedy bo good in LANQUOR AND DEBILITY, whether geuerxl, or following acute dlieaae. Con valo.oeul. from >icbue«» will ilnd it a moat excel lent re.torative and agreeable exhileram. NO SOLDIER SHOULD BE IN THE FIELD WITHOUT IT. WHAT IS SAID OF IT: The report of the Sanitary Commission says : Dix, at the head of the Hospital /depart ment IVashingten, writes: "I would again, at this period, say that your Online Tonic is used, and that seveial Surgeons of K< gimeuts much appruvo of it.• ’ Capt. Walters. Samfbon,</ the U. 3. Army, •ays: “The Bitters did an immense amount of good among the nieii uud* rray command ;as. ior instance, a Lumber of sore throat, 01 diarrhta,, of d)sectary and chills and fever, were cured by it." Surgeon Gen. Wm. J. Dai k says: “I esteem it an invaluable remedy in various forms of debility/’ 4c. Sold by all Druggists, AND CHAS. H. ATWOOD. 19 Central Street, Boston, PROPRIETOR. • febl9 eod 3m ORDNANCE OFFICE. War DxrARTMUMT Washington, May 1. 1864. Sealed Proposals will bo received at this office until MONDaY, tte 23d day of May, 1864, for the delivery at the following arseuals. Cavalry Accout rements. United States Cavalry pattern, as herein after specified. ▲t tue New York Arsenal. 26.000 sets. Atthcht. Louis Arteual, 6,U00sets. At the h rank tori Arsenal. 10.000 sets. At the Alleghany Arsenal, lU.UOO sets. These Accoutrements are to be made in strict con formity with the regulation pattern, whieh can be aeen at th«* above named places. Each set is to con sist of one sabie-bcit and plate complete; one Car bine sling with swivel complete; out* sabre-knot; oue carbine-cartridge-box; one pistol cartridge-box or pouch; one belt-hostler lor Anuy-aize revolver. &uu one ctp-pouch with cone pick Allot which are to be made of the be*t materials and workman ship. The sabre-belt, sabre-knot, and carbine-sling are to be of BUFF LEATHER BLACKED, and the cartridge-boxes, belt-holster, and cap-pouch of PURE OAK-TANNED LEATHER. It is to be distinctly understood that this Depart ment is to have the privilege ot inspecting the work done under any contract it may award, in all stages of its progress; espeeially to examine the stock be fore cutting. They are to be subject to the final in spection at the Arsenal where delivered, before being receive*! by the Government. None are to be accept ed or paid for butsucb as are approved upou inspec tion Deliveries must be made in lots not less than one tenth (l-10th) per week of the whole number con tracted for; the first delivery to be made on the 20th day of June. Failure to make deliveries at a specified time will subject the contractor to a forfeiture of the number he may fail to deliver at that time. The Accoutrement* must be boxed in the usual manner; the boxes to be charged cost, to be deter mined by the in.-peetor. Bidders will state explicitly the Arsenal or Arse nals where they propose to deliver, and the number of sets they propose to deliver at each place, if for mor<- than one. No bids will be considered from parties other than regular manufacturers, at d such as are known to this Department to be fully comi»eteiit to execute in their own shops the work proposed for. Should any party obtximug a contract,olT-r Accoutrement* other than those made in h*s own shops, they will be rejected. and4he contract rendered null auu void. Bidders will euclosc with their bids, the written acknowledgements of their sureties, over their own signatures Each party obtaining a contract will be obliged to enter into bond w ith approved sureties for its lailh ful execution. Upon the award being made. *ucce<*ful bidders will be notified aud furnished with forms of contract and bonds. The Department reserves the right to reject auy or all bids if not deemed satisfactory. Proposals will be addressed to' ‘‘BRIGADIER GENERAL GEORGE D RAMS AY, Chief of Ord nances, Washington, D. U.," endorsed "Proposals for Cavalry Accoutrement* ’• GEORGE D RAMSAY. Brigadier General, Chief of Ordnance. 39*""Bids will also be received for these accoutre ments to be made of the Wet urained tenth, r iustead of bvf. May 6eodto May 23 Dirigo Insurance Company or rua virr of poktlahh. Office No. MN I. xi'liuiigp street. Capital 0200,000 r|1 IIIS Company is now prepared to issue policies I on all kind;* of property insurable against tire, at current rat*** A. K. SHlkllKK, President. JKKKM1AI1 DOW, Secretary. Diuefots. I. B. Brown, K. S. Spring, 1). W. Clark, J. B. Carroll, John Lynch, il l Uobiuson. Trustees St. John Smith. II M Payson. C. H. lla^kell, Andrew Spring. N. O. Cram, Philip H. Brown, II N Jose, lore. Bow. (i. W Woodman, II J. Libby, II. J. Uobiuson, J . N. Winslow, 8. C. Chase, Alvab Conaut, Wm. Moulton. Portland. May 4, 1H64. may&dtt STATEMENT OF THE /Kina Insurance Company, OK UABTX)IU>, CONN., On ttiel.t d»y of November, A. U. ls«3. aa required by the Law. of the State of Maine. rile Capita! Stock 1..*1.600,000 and with the surplus is invested as/vliows : Seal c.tatp, imiucumbered, *87,963 18 Uaeh in hand, on, and iu agent.1 bands, 216,960 56 United State. Stock., 612,8*7 60 state aud City Stocks, and t own Bonds, 669.460 UO Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,047,170 UO Mortgage Bonds. 331,960 00 ktlantio Mutual Ins. Co's scrip, 1862 8, 16.886 60 Total Assets, *8,086,879 74 Amount of Liabilities lor Losses not due or adjusted, *175.41184 Amount at risk, estimated, 116,616,479 Of Titos. A. Al.KX ANDEK, President. Lucius J. Harder, Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, *o. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. dec5 dtf PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Thin Company will issue Polices to be free after the jay ment ol nix, eight or ten Premium* at the option jf thu iusured aud at rate* a* low a* any other .'ompany. The is*ue of Free Policies render* it at he leant equal it not iuperior to the participation iompanie*. Office No. 102 Middle St. CIlAKl.KS HOLDEN,Prea. KBWAUD SHAW. Seo. Feb 16 d&w tf. Ordinance Against Dobs. City of Portland, Marshal’s Office, i May 2d, 1864. \ Skotior 1.No dog *hall bo permitted to go at arge or loose iu any street lane, alley, court or trav iled way . or iu any uninclosed or public place in this )ity, until the ew*uer or keeper of such dog, or the lead oi the family, or the keeper of the house store, ihop, office, or other place where such dog is kept • r harbored, shall have paid the City Marshal two iollars for a licese for such dog to go at large. 8ro 7- In case any dog shall be foitml loose or toingat large, contrary to any of the foregoing >rovl*ions, the ow’iieror keeper thereof, or the head Jf the family or keeper of the house, store, office, or Jther place w here such dog is kept or harbored.shall orleit and pay a sum uot exceeding ten dollars. naj6d2m JOHN 8. UEALD, City Marshal. MEDICAL. Lyon's Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon's Periodical Drops! ▲ EX BETTER TUAN ALL Pills, Powders & Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! -ARB Sure to do Goodand cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! Tlie Great Female Remedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARK BETTER THAN ALL PILLS,POWDERS is QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’* Periodical Drop* THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’* Periodical Drop* ARK BKTTKR TUAN ALL PILLS, POWOKRS .. AKlt QUACK MKDICISKS. Lyon’N Periodical Dropa Are Sure to do Good und ounnot do Hurm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The 4.reiit Female Keraedy. LYON'S PERIODICAL DROPS ARB BETTER THAN ALL Pills, Powders and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS -ARM BURE TO 1)0 GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pills, Powders. And Qnack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, -ark Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Bottle. for ul« bjr si) Druggist*. At whole*ale by W. W Phillip., H. U. Hay A Co., Portland. *ng22 cod 1 y Female STRENGTHENING CORDIAL. This Medicine is of long tried efficacy for correct ing ail disorder* incidental to the feminine sex. That the afflicted may feel assured that this Cordial I* trnly valuable and worthy their confidence,- not one of those seer* t compound* purposed to destroy healthy action, I add a few testimonials from phys ician* whom all. favoring the Klectric and Keformed Practice of Medicine, respect. DK. W1LLAHD C. fi Koltii K, formerly Professor in the Worcester Medical College, and President of the Klectric Medical Society, Mas*., speaks of it in the following terms: *• I have used the Female Strengtheniny Cordial similar to that preparation by 1>K. UEO. W 8 WKTT, l(xi ilanover Street, and 1 regard it as one of the best Medicines tor Female Complaints that can be found.” DK. J. KING, Author of” Woman: Her Dis eases and their Treatment,” says: “This Medici ur appears to exert a specific influ ence on the Uterus. It is a valuable agent in all de rangement* of the Female Keprooactive Organs.” bitSMI Hi, tr* sideut of the New \ ork Asso ciation of botanic Physician*, say* " No Female, if in delicate health,shoud omitthe timely use of this valuable Cordial. 1 owe much ol my success iu midwifery to the u*o of this Medi cine.” MOMIEKS AND MAUKIF.D LADIES. The following from Dr. FAY i* worthy your no tice : ” Asa general remedy for Female Complaints this * Cordial* is a very valuable one. but by the Profes sion it is esteemed more highly for its good result during Confinement in relieving the great suffering attendant upon childbirth. I acknowledge with Ur. Smith that much of my success in midwifery i* due to the use of this medicine. It strengthens both mother and child. In each case* 1 follow the di rect ions of Prof. King, by allowing my patients to use it a few week* previous to confin»ment, »■ by the euertry it imparts to the uterine nervous system • ••« law. " * KV >vi; IUI.WU lavtllMlOtt, KUU rimiUTfS the scrap* which many females are liable to No woman, if she kuow the great value of this Strength ening I urdial would fail to use it." 1 have received numerous testimonials from diff erent parts of the country where used, knowing the good it is capable of doing. I w II warrant every bottle of my ** Cordial" to be satisfactory in its re* suits. The following symptoms indicate those affections in which the /fMa/r MrmyfAtump L'oruial Las proved iuvaluable: Indisposition to Kxe'rtion. Wakefulness, Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits, Trembling. Loss of Tower, Tain in the Back. Alternate Chills, and Flushing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at tfie Lower Tart of the Body, Headache, Languor. Ach ing Along the thighs, Intolereuce of Light and Bound, Tale Countenance, Derangement ot the Stomach aud Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria, Ac.. Ac. It is a specific remedy in all Uterine Diseases, Chlorosis ot Green Sickness, Irregularity, Taintul ness. Trofuse or Suppression or (u*tomary Dis charge*. l.eucorrha a or Whites, Scirrhus or Ulcer at*- 8tat< ot the Uterus, Sterility, Ac No better Touic can possibly be put ud than this, and none less likely to do harm, and it r* composed wholly of vegetable agents, aud such as we have known to be valuable, aud have used for many years. THICK, One Dollar Ter Bottle, or six bottles for *6. Should your druggist not have it, seud directly to us, and w hen six bottles or more are ordered we will pay all expense*, and have it securely packed from observation, Be sure aud get that prepared at the New Knglaud Botauic Depot, 106 Hanover Bt. Boston. GKO. W.SWKTT, M. D., Proprietor. H* II* HAY, Agent, Portland* mchSeodGm Loan to the State ot Maine. Tkkahi KKii’e Orrici, i Augusta. May 2, 1 >4 ) IN onformity with a Resolve of the Legislature approved March 19, ltWI, authorizing a loan of 1 tfrcc Million Dollars, proposals will be received at this office until five o’c ock T. M . the twenty-fourth day ol May current, tor a loan of Two Million Dol lars. reimbursable in twenty-five years, for which bonds of the State will be issued in sums of five hun- , dred dollar* and one thousand dollars, bearing in terest at the rate of six percent yearly, aud paya ble semi-auuualiy , The bond* will be issued dated June 1. 1&04, with coupons attached lor the semi-annual interest, pay able, both principal aud iuterest, at the Buffoik Bank, boston. The money on said loan will be received at this 4 office, Buffoik Bank, Boston, or either of the Banks j in Bangor, Tortland, Bath or Rockland. Tcrsons desirous ot taking the loau. or any part of it, not less than five hundred dollars, are request ed t-0 send their proposals to the Treasurer of Btate, at Augusta, specifying the amount and terms. Those persons w hose proposals may be accepted, will be iimnediatelyfuotith'd NATHAN DANK, Treasurer. May 4. -dtomay'24 To Mnnufiu'tiirers, Ship Builder*, AN D persons desirous of Real Kstate Investments, the following property is offered at good bargains. t *J») Houses at prices from *1600 to #6u00. 100 House Lots at prices from ■WOO to *3000 1 2000 Feet of water front suitable for wharves Ship i Kurds, Manufacturing Bites, fronting deep water < with flue spriug of water adjacent thereto and a portion of it adjoining the Grand Trunk Rail Bead, from which freight may be deposited ou the premises « mohl7 3m MOHKS GOULD, 74 Middle St. Book Card & Fanov Printing , HKATLT aiKCUTKD J AT THE OFFICE OF TNE PRES _MEDICAL. Elixir! Elixir DR. WttIOHT’8 REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OK, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Prkpakkd from Purr Vsgbtablb Extracts, CONTAINING NOTHING INJURIOUS TO THI e- MOST DKLICATB. fllUK Rejuvenating Elixir Is the result of modern discoveries in the vegetable kingdom, being an botirely new and abstract method of cure, Irrespec tive of all the old and worn-out systems. This medicine has been tested by the most emi nent medical men of the day, and by them pronounc ed to be one ot the greatest medical discoveries of the age. One bottle will cure General Debility. A few doses cure Hysterics in females. One bottle cures Palpitation of the Heart. A few doses restore the organs of generation. From one to three bottles restores the maulines and full vigor of youth. A few doses restore the appetite. Three bottles cure the worst case of Jmpotency. A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restores mental power. A few doses bring the rose to the cheek. This medicine restores to manly vigor and robua health the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and de« spairing devotee of sensual pleasure. The listless, enervated youth, the overtasked men of business, the victim of nervous depression, ffco ndividual suffering from general debility, or from weakness of a singe organ, will all find immediate and permanent relief by the use of this Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price *2 per bottle, or three bottles for $6, and feswardedby Express, on receipt of money, to any address. Sold by all Druggists everywhere. DB. W. B. MERWIN ft Co., ROLE PROPRIETORS, No. 69 Uberty-st., New York. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR, HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, For the removal of Obstructions, and tho Insurano of Regularity in the Recurrence of the Monthly Periods. They cure or obviatethose numerous diseases tha, spring from Irregularity, by removing the irregular ity itself. They cure Suppressed,Excessive and Palatal Men struation. They cure Green.Sickness (Chlorosis). They cure Nervous and Spinal Affections, pains in the back aud lower parts of the body, Heaviness, Fatigue on slight exertion, Palpitation of the Heart Lowness of Spirits, Hysteria, Sick Headache. Gid diness, etc., etc. In a word, by removing the Irreg ularity, they remove the cause, and with it ALL the effects that spring from it. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they con tain nothing deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicate—their function being to substitute strength for weakness, which, when properly need, they never tail to do. All letters seeking information or advice will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions accompany each box. Price $1 per box, or six boxes for 16. Sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of pries. Sold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. B. M ERWIN * Co., SOLE PROPRIETORS. No. 69 Liberty-at.. New York. febtaodAeowly IMPORTANT TO ALL INVALIDS! IRON IN THE BLOOD is well known to the Medf cal Profession that THE VITAL PRINCIPLE O K LIFE ELEMENT OF THE BLOOD 19 non. This is derived chiefly from the food we eat; bat if the food is not properly digested, or if, from auy canse whatever, the necessary .justify of irou Is not taAen into the circulation, or become reduced, the whole system suffers. The bad blood will irritate the heart, will clog up the lungs, stupefy the braiu, will obstruct the liver, and will send its disease producing elements to all parts of th* system, and every one will suffer in whatever organ may be pre disposed to disease. To take medicine to cure diseases occasioned by i deficiucy of IRON IN THE BLOOD. without restoring it to the system, is like trying to repair a bedding when the foundation is gone. It is ouly since the discovery ot that valuable cpmbi nation known as PRRV VIAS S YRVP, that the great power of this VITALIZING AGENT over disease has beeu brought to light. The Peruvian Syrup, The Peruvian Syrup • a Protected 8olutioa*of the PROTOXIDE OF IKON a New Disrevery in Medicine that Strike* >1 tke Keel mf Disease, by supplying Che Hloodfwith its Vital Principle nr Life Elenirni I ON. This is the secret of the wonderful sucoess of tbsi remedy iucuring DYSPEPSIA, LIVKK COM PLAINT. DROPSY, CHRONIC DIAR RHEA. BOILS. NERVOUS AFFEC TIONS, CHILLS AND FEVERS. HUMORS. LOSS OF CONSTI TUTIONAL VIGOR. DIS EASES ofthe KIDNEYS A BLADDER FE M A LF. Complaints uikJ all diseases originating in a BAD STATE OFTMEBLOOD or accompanied by DEBILITY or a LOW' STATE OF THE SYSTEM. Being free from Aleohel in any form, its energizing ffects are not followed by corresponding reaction, >ut are p nuaneut, infusiug sthknotm. vioor and new link into all parts of the system, ahd building ip an IKON CONSTITUTION ! It is an excellant substitute for Ine or Brandy there » stimulant is needed. The following names are taken from our pamphlet >f testimonials, which will be sent tree to any id dress. lev. John Plerpont, Lewis Johnson, M. D., lev. Warren Burton, Roswell Kinney, M. D., lev. Arthur B. Fuller, S H. Kendall, M. D , lev. Gurdon Robins, W. K. Chisholm, M. D., lev. Sylvanus Cobb, Jose Antonio Sanches, M. D. lev. T. Starr King, Marceho Aranda, M D., lev. Ephraim Nute, Jr., A. A Hayes, M. D., OT There can be but one stronger proof than the estimong of such mm as these, and that is a peb on a l trial. It has cured thousands where other emedies hare failed to give relief, and invalids annot reasonably hesitate to give it a trial. For dyspknsia and all chronic disiabbs, char cterizcd by debility, if is a Specific. Prepared as heretofore by N. L. CLARK A CO. —For Sale by— RXH W. FOWL* A CO., 18 Tremontst.. Boston; . P. DINSMOKK, 491 Broadway. New York; and by all Druggists. tebl8 deed A weow 9m _^EPICAL. MORE TESTIMONIALS! m MRS. MANCHESTER 1* constantly receiving ■□solicited testimonials ol tbe asfosttshing cars* performed by ber. Among many reoently received are tbe following, which are oommended to the, notice of the afflicted. Mrs . Man oheater may be eonanlted at No.llClapp’a Block,Soon No. 8. A CASM OP SPINAL DISK ASK CUR Kit This is to oertlfy that I went to see Mrs. Manches ter lent March with a daughter of mine troubled wltn spinal disoase, for which ahe had been doctored for flve years, and by a number ol physicians of all kinds; and she ba* had twenty-one applications ol olootrioity applied, but ail to no effect; but she oon tinually grew worse. 1 came to the conclusion, as the last resort, to go and see Mrs. Manchester, and did so; and to my great surprise she told me the ■ rat a us* ol the disease, and how she had been from time to time, which eeoonraged me to try her medicines. I did so. and now my daughter is able to be around the house all ot the time. She also ride* tea or flf teen mile* without any trouble or inconvenlenoe.and I think in a abort time she will be restored to perfect health. Since my daughter has been doctoring, I have heard of a great many oases that Mrs. Manohta tar has cured. I think if any per-on deserves pat ronage, It is the on* who trie* to preserve the health of the siok and suffering; and 1 know that she uso* every effort whieh lice la her power to benefit her patient*. Bins L. Kniaurr, Unonun Knion-ru, Annv K. Kansu to, MUM a Irian. Brmumct, Maine, August 61k. ONK OP THK ORKA TKST CURBS on RBCORD. Has. Manoana-rua— Dear Madam- —Thinking a statement of my came may be of servioe to others similarly afflioted, I hasten to give it to you. This is briefly my case—1 was taken sick about IS ■south* ago with the Liver Complaint in a very bad form. 1 applied to four different physioians, but re ceived no benefit until 1 called on you. At that time I had given up business, and was in a very bad state, hut after taking your medicine for a short time I be gan to roeover, and in two months I was antirely well, and had gained several poinds of flash, and can truly say that by your skill 1 am a perfectly boat by maa. Joenra Da via. Bottom | Maine Depot, Portland, Mt. A REMARKABLE CURE OF A CASE OF DEO * a r cured b r mbs. Manchester. This Is to oertiiy that I have been cared of tha Dropsjr of Sneeo years atanding by Jfrs. Mimcket ter. I have Men to phyeieiana in Boston, New York and Philadelphia. They all told ms that they ooaid do nothing for mo, nnless they tapped ma, and as eared me that by tapping 1 could Urn bat a abort Urns. I had made ap my mind to go homo aad Urn ns long as I ooaid with the disease, and then die. On my wny borne I stayed over night in Portland with • Mood of mins, and told them what my mind was a regard to my disease. They Anally persiaded ma to go and ess Mrs. Manchester. 8bo sxamiasd ate aad told ms my case exactly. I was so maoh astonished to think that tbs told mo correctly, that I told her that 1 woald taka her modi, siass, not haring the least Ihith that thoy woald mo any good, or that I should get the ellghtoot relief from any course whatever; Anally 1 took the medi cine and wont home, la oat week from the time I oommeooed taking the medicine, I had over three gallons of water past mo in seven hoars; aad my fal low suffbrers may be assured that It was a groat relief to see. I bad not been able to Ue down la bod at night befort this for two years. New I can lie do' with perfect ease. 1 have taken her medioinr , eight months, and am as well as any man ooaid v. j to bo. aad no signs of dropsy. 1 would advise . that are si ok to go aad eoneait Jfrs. Mamekeeu even if they have been given ap by other pi > (Maas. 1 have seat her a number of oases ofoiU dtssisei. aad she has oared them also. Qo and for yourselves. I had no faith, bat bow my faith cannot bo ahokad la bar skUl la telling and curing dtaoooo. CxaaLaa s. Hannon, Sanaa B Haanoa, Maar A. Haanoa, ganger, Mmme, Afrit Id. Omen Hotrmn—Prom 8 A M.ttlllP. M. »o»l" InAnats' .illy UK. J. B. HIV HEM on aa rofBD at ato PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. ft Temple Street, WllKRE he can be consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at all hours daily, from i a. u. to 9 r. u. t»r. Li addresses those who ore -utTering under ths affliction of private disease, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of selt-abu*#. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of ths medical profession, he feels warranted in tiuau AirraaiMO a Cuuk ix all Casks, whether ofloa standing ofr recently contracted, entirely removia the dregs of disease from the system, and making perfect and PERMASKSTCVRK. Ue woald call the attention of the afflicted to h fact ot his long standing and well earned reputation furnishing sufficient aesurauoe of his skill aad sac CAUTIOUTO TOE PUBLIC. Every Intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies handed out from general use should have their efficacy established bv well tested expe rience in the hands of a regularly educated physi cian, whose preparatory study fits him tor ail ths duties he must fulfill, yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, hut al ways injurious. The unfortunate should be raunc ulab in selecting his physician, os tt is a lamentable Set i ncuut rover table tact that many syphilitio pa ents are made miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physician* la ■ VUVIII (IIWIKC , MVK II H ■ CUUHUt'U By the beet typhilographera, that the study and man agement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and successful in their treatment and cure. The inex perienced general practitioner, having neither op* port on tty nor time to make himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pnsrues one system of treatment, in most cases making an indiscriminate use of that antiquated and dangerous weapon. Her onry. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have committed an exoeos of any kind,* whether it be the solitary vice of youth, *»r the sting ing retake of misplaced confidence in inaturer years, SEEK POR AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON, The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervoaf Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Complexion. BOWMANT THOUSANDS CAN TESTIFY TV THIS B T UNHAPP Y EXPERIENCE, Young Men troubled with emissiors in sleep, a complaint generally the result of a bad habit ia youth, treated scientifically, and a perfeousure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we are consulted by one or more young men with the above disease, some of whom are as weak anil emaciated as though they had the cousuuptioa. and by their friends supposed lo have it. AH such c ssee yield to the proper and only correct course of treatment, and in a short time are made to rejoioe in perfect health. MIDDLE AGED MEN. There arc many men at the age of 40 or SO whoare troubled with too frequent evacuations from the bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting of burning sensation, aud weakening the system in a manner the patient cannot account tor On exam ining urinary deposits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of setuen or albumen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkish hue. again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. There are mauy men who die of thli difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OP SEMINAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect oure in such cases, and a frill and healthy restoration of the urinary organs. Persons who cannot personally consult the Dr., oan do so by writing in a plain manner a description of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential and will be returned If desired. Address. DR. J. B HUGHES. _No. ft Temple St., tooruer of Middle] Portland. WSend Stamp for oiroular. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DB. HUGHES particularly invites all Ladles wht used a medical adviser, to call at his rooms. No. 4 TampH^itreet. which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. Dr. H.’s Eclectic Renovating Medicines are unrival ad ia efficacy and superior virtue in regulating all Female Irregularities. Ibeir action ia specific and lartain of producing relief in a short time. ajADIES will find It invaluable in all oases of ob structions after all other remedies have ^)n tried la rata. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the least injurious to the health, and may be tut*a with perfect safety at all Mmae. Seat to any part of the country with fall direction* 4/addressing DR HUGHES, It ft Temjle Street, corner of Middle. Portland. N.B.—LADIESdertriag may consult one ofthetf >wa tax. A lady of experience In constant attend 4BM. )anl dhwly

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