Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 20, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 20, 1864 Page 3
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POHTZ.AXU AND VICIXITY. S. J. Court—April Term. DAVIS, J., PBKSIDDIO. Thursday.—Louisa H. Greenough vs. Hen ry Blackman. Action ol replevin to recover a quantity of boots and shoes, claimed to be the property of plaintiff. Submitted to the Justice presiding, without the intervention of a jury, with right of either party to except as to rulings at law. Judg ment for the plaintiff. In the case of Curtis vs. Hall, the vetdict was for the plaintiff for $35 50. Boyle vs. Duly. Action for amount due for services rendered in assisting in recruit ing. Judgment for defendant. The Court adjourned to June 1st. Municipal Court—May 10. Michael Woods was up for an aggravated assault upon his wife. The wife bore facie evidence of the brutality of her husband. Fined ten dollars and costs, for want of which he was committed to jail. Elias M. Eastman was up for all assauit on his wife. The trial elicited a series of aggra vations on the part of the wife, such as drink ing to excess, having in her possession the photograph ol a man whom she professes to love, Ac. Mr. Eastman and his wife,it seems, were living in the most unhappy manner, cul minating in the most outrageous language on the part of the wile and brutal assault on the part of the husband. He was fined five dol lars and cost. It is to be supposed that but a small proportion of the cases of a similar character come before the Municipal Court. Those that are ventilated show what depravity and mis ery exist in our comparatively moral and quiet city. Evans A Putnam for complainant. H. P. Deane for defence. Levke Last Evening.—The City Hall was densely filled last evening, at the Univer salist Ladies’ Levee. The occasion proved to be an eminent success. The tables were splendidly set out, and the articles on sale in the Senate Chamber, displayed upon the walls, gave to that room a most attractive appear ance. Some very elegant and expensive pieces were distributed. Peppenburg's Band has soldom done belter. The music was well selected and artistically executed. To those who were disappointed in -finding do opportunity to dance, we are authorized to aay “a good time is coming,” for the fair is to be kept up this afternoon at 3 o'clock, and again in the evening at 7 o’clock, when new and varied attractions are to be provided, and when those who desire to dance will find eve ry desired accommodation. We have never attended a more sensible fair—one freer from the ordinary catch-penny and pick-pocket machinery usnal on such occasions. To-night, no doubt, the crowd will be even greater than last evening. The 10-40 Loan.—We would call the at tention of those who are seeking a safe invest ment for money, to the advertisement of the 10-40 loan in another column. Both princi pal and interest of this loan are payable in < gold, and it is exempt from municipal and State taxes. We have uo doubt that when the war Is over, all United States securities will command a premium—as they always have done in time ol peace—and even now they produce a larger revenue than most first class investments, beside having for security the whole wealth of the nation. gy We are indebted to Hon. Selli Scam mon for some of the early products of the labors of the boys at the Reform School. Mr. Scammon, the Superintendent of that institu tion, is, as we learn, managing every depart ment with much ability and discretion, and if his own 4able is furnished with such aspara gus as was presented us, with ofticr things to correspond, we would not object to a short sentence to that institution—an hour at din ner time for iustance. SySprague & Blanchard’s Minstrels will give a grand complimentary benefit to Harry Blanchard, this evening. Let there be a rash on this occasion, and the hall resound with fun and laughter from floor to rafters. Every Saturday afternoon a performance for chil dren, who are admitted for ten cents each— cheap enough in all conscience, considering the entertainment furnished. Give Harry a rouser this evening. syA fisherman, while on his course to his usual landing place at Cape Elizabeth, when in the neighborhood of Cape Elizabeth Light, was fired at several limes by a man with a rifle. A .ball passed through his sails and came quite near him. We are not informed how near a boat may go to this Light without being liable to be fired at. 5y“We learn that the quotas (of tills Dis trict under all the calls of the 1’resideut, ara nearly full, lacking, perhaps 250 of the requis ite number. We are indebted largely to the indomitable perseverence and wise manage ment of Mayor McLellan for the exemption of this city from the liability to a draft, all calls having been promptly and fully met. New Clothio Stoke.—Messrs. F.B. Top pan & Co., 124 Middle street, have opened a store for the sale of fashionable ready-made clothing and furnishing goods. They have a large aud well selected stock of goods, to which they will make constant additions, aud will sell at low prices. $y"One of the strongest objections urged by the opposers of the horse railroad, was the liability to collision with carriages iu the street. The cars have been running tour or five months and we have not beard of any such collision. WA young woman by the name of Mary Sears, was committed to the watch-house last night, charged with stealing about $25 iu money, a cape, box and some other articles, from a woman in Cape Elizabeth, whose hus band is in the army. Mary's antecedents are against her and a portion of the property was found in her possession. Wit Is said there has been some talk and some figures made in reference to the erection of an Opera Douse. Such a building in such a locality as would be desirable,would cost from $00,000 to $75,000. Proposals lor rations aud fuel for Light House Tenders in the First Light House Dis trict, will be received by Hon. I. Washburn, Jr., Superintendent of Lights, until the 15th day of June. See advertisement. WWe learn that arrangements are being made to raise the iron from the wreck of the Bohemian. A large proportion of it is owned in Bath. Union League.—Portland Council, No. 4, will hold its regular meeting this (Friday) evening, at the usual time and place. B^“Henry Bailey «S Co., will sell a small invoice of Bohemian goods, at No. 3, Galt's Block, at 10 o’clock to-day. ESf-Land for sale near Wood’a Corner, Wwtbrook, See advertisement. BY TELEGRAPH TO TIB Portland Daily Press. ——-.—— FROM GEN. HITLER'S COMMAND. GEN. BEAUREGARD REINFORCED* Federal Troops Falling Hark to Xe ir En tren eh ni en ts. CAPTURE OF GEN. IHCKMAN. Bermuda Hundreds, May 18,1 via Fortress Monroe 19th. ( All is quiet with our army to-day. The ob ject of the demonstration on Fort Darling was merely to draw otf and entertain as many of Gen. Lee’s troops as possible, and also to at tract the attention of all the rebel forces in and about Richmond to enable Gen. Kautz to destroy the communications south of Rich mond. On Monday morning last the rebels came out ot their entrenchments and earthworks in front of Fort Darling at daylight, having been heavily reinforced by Lougstreet’s corps, and made three advances, all of which were promptly and energetically repulsed by our men. The enemy lost in these charges from 1000 to 1500 men, while our loss was very slight. Gen. Butler having learned that Beauregard was heavily reinforced by Long street’s corps, and also ascertained by the rebel papers and a courier that the bridge over the Appomattax river and several miles of the Danville railroad were destroyed, and that the dams, locks and embankments of the canal leading into Richmond were also de stroyed, decided to fall back from before Fort Darling, and gave orders accordingly, and by Monday evening our army had safely arrived behind our new entrenchments, having fftlred in perfect order, except that Gen. Hickman’s brigade was badly disorganized, and Gen. Hickman captured. This brigade formed the extreme wing opposite the enemy, and the rebels attacked this point with great despera iiwu, lumm iug iucui ubck Dtany iwo miles with overwhelming numbers, capturing a large number and killing and wounding many of them. Three of our seige guns fell into the hands of the rebels, the horses being killed. The guns being spiked. At present it is im possible to estimate our loss. Stragglers are constantly coming in. We have lost more prisoners than the rebels, but their loss iu killed and wounded doubly exceeds ours, as our men were proteged by entrencements. Several of Longstreet’s men were captured, who stated that his whole force was co-oper ating with Beauregard. OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. SUCCESSFUL OPERATIONS OF GEN. EHERMAN. Capture of Rome. GENS. HOOKER AND HOWARD OPEN ING ON JOHNSTON. Washington, May 10—10.15 P. M. To Major (Itn. IHj :—No official reports of military operations to-day have been re ceived by this Department, Irom Gen. Grant, or Gen. Butler. lieports from Gen. Sherman's command, dated at Kingston, Ga , 2 P. M., to-day, an nounce that Sherman reached Kingston and encamped there last night. This morning he advanced upon the enemy, who again retreat ed. The dispatch states that while it was be ing written, Hooker's and Howard's guns were hammering at Johnston, and the two armies were in plain sight'of each other, two miles east of Kingston. Davis's division of Cavalry is in possession of Rome, Ga. General Sherman reports the weather line, roads good, and the country more open and less mountainous. v (Signed) * Edwin M. Stanton, FROM THE SOUTHW EST. The Capture of Vatoo City-The Heboli ttad Hhipped l.a rye tjuantitieg of Cotton Cap tured— Htorkadr of the H kite Hirer-Slearn erg fired Into—Memphie Cotton Market. Cairo, III., May 18. The steamer St. Patrick, from Memphis, has passed up lor Louisville with 300 bales of cot ton for Evansville. Her dates are to yester day mornsng. In the late capture of Yazoo City by Gen. McArthur, the rebels were said to have been badly worsted, and lost largely in killed and wounded. Between 20,000 and 30,000 bales of cotton are reported iu the vicinity of Yazoo City, 6,000 or 4,000 b&les of which are owued by Union citizeus who bought them before Yazoo City was evucuated by our forces last Spring. What will be the future movement or Gen. McArthur is unknown. An officer of the steamer Commercial ar rived at Memphis from Duvall’s Bluff, reports that the rebels have erected a battery on the White River at the South Bend, near the cut off. Several boats are above aud do not at tempt to pass. Two steamers bad recently been fired into on the Arkansas River, and a lady passenger ou one of them was mortally wounded. The Memphis cotton market was quiet, but all offers were readily taken. Receipts dur iug the last forty-eight hours 322 bales from White River. Middling to strict middling 74 a 76c; good middliug 77 a 78c; fair 78 a 80c. Cairo, 111., May 10. The steamer 1 lancer, from Duvall's Hlnff arrived this evening. All was quiet along the river which was overtlowing its banks. Memphis dates up to last evening contain no news. Cotton was readily taken at unchanged prices, lteeeipts lor the pa«t twenty-four hours 245 bales; shipments 578bales. The steamer Decatur passen up to-day for St. Louis with sixty-six bales of cotton. From Wathinuton. Washington, May 19. The postal money system just established provides that no money order shall be issued for any sum less thau one dollar or more than thirty dollars, and all persons who receive money orders are required to pay the follow ing charges, viz:—For an order for one dollar and not to exceed teu dollars, ten cents shall be exacted by the postmaster giving such or der; for more thau teu dollars and not ex ceeding twenty, the charge shall be fifteen cents; and exceeding tweuty dollars, twenty cents shall be charged. Another law provides that hereafter all ap pointments in the volunteer and naval service of the United States above the rank of Act ing Master shall be submitted to the Senate for confirmation. Naval court martials have power to sentence officers who shall absent themselves from their command without leave to be reduced to the rating oi ordinary sea men. Another law provides that duriug the pres ent insurrection the President, with the con 8enl °f the Senate, is authorized to appoint Acting Lieut. Commanders ond Acting Com manders, who shall have the same rate of compensation as is allowed to officers of simi lar grade in the navy. Any person who shall have or may hereafter receive temporary ap pointments as Acting Volunteer Lieutenants or Acting Masters in the navy from civil life may be confirmed in said appointments in the navy and placed in the line of promotion from the date of confirmation, if, ui>on the recom mendation of the President, he receive the thanks of Congress for highly meritorious conduct in conflict with the enemy. Seamen distinguishing themselves may be promoted, and upon such promotion they shall receive a gratuity of $100 and a medal of honor. Capture of ISlocktulc Runner*. Washington, May 19. The Navy Department has received infor mation of the capture recently olf Mobile bar of the schooner Judson, with forty bales cot ton. She bad run out of Mobile during the night. The master and crew profess to be Union men. Financial. Washington, May 19. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan to-day, as reported at the Treasury Department, amounted to $1,160,000. JIXXVHI OOHGBESS—-First Session. Washington, May 19. SENATE. Mr. Harding introduced a bill to amend the act of Congress approved Sept. 1S.'iO, in rela tion to donation settlers on public lauds in California. It was passed. Mr. Fessenden reported from the Committee of Conference on the disagreeing rates of the two houses o« the aimy appropriation bill.— He moved that the motion for a full confer ence asked by the House be agreed to. This was adopted aud another committee author ized to be appointed by the Chair. Mr. Morrill, from the Committee of Confer ence 011 the disagreeing votes on the bill for the erection of a territorial government for Montana made a report, which recommends the Senate to recede from its amendment striking out the words “ every free white in habitant” in the qualification for voters, and inserting “all citizens of the United States, and those who have declared their intention to become such. Mr. Fessenden reported from the Finance Committee the House internal revenue bill, with amendments, which was ordered to be printed. Mr. Anthony, from the committee on Print ing, reported a resolution authorizing the printing of 1,000 additional copies of the re port of the Commissioners of the general land office. Mr. Cowan, frojp the committee on Finance, reported a bill for the relief of sufferers by the deptedatious of the Sioux Indians, with a rec ommendation that it pass. Mr. Conness presented a bill to amend the act approved February iffith, 1804, extending the time for the withdrawal of goods in bond from the warehouses in California, which passed. The Senate resumed the consideration of the Pacific Railroad bill. At a quarter to live o’clock the Senate ad journed. HotlSK. The House passed the Senate bill amenlia tory of the act authorizing Nevada to form a State government. All the amendments of the committee of the whole on the State of the Union were con curred in excepting one, reducing the appro __e_at... ot_ r «• e . . A*. I * lUUUtliO MUUl vt'Wj'Afv to $50,000. Tho bill was passed. Tbe Pacific Railroad bill was then taken up as unfinished bussness. The House resumed the consideration of the joint resolution relative to the reciprocity treaty. After considerable debate, in which Messrs. Morrill, Wade, Honton and Sumner partici pated, the iVport of the committee was adopt ed,—ayes 20, nays 3. Mr. Pike, of Maine, advocated and Mr. Ar nold, of 111., opposed the abrogation of tho re ciprocity treaty. Without taking abtion upon the question the House adjourned. Latest from Armif of the Potomac. Washington, May 19. A dispatch from the headquarters ot the Army of the Potomac, dated at 0 o'clock last evening, says an attack on the enemy's right was to have been made at an early hour this morning, but ou examining the gronnd in that vicinity, it was found to be unfavorable for the handling of the army. The plan was changed and at 5 o’clock this morning, Han cock, supported by the 0th corps on his right, advanced against the enemy’s works. The rifle pita in front were those which had been abandoned by us, but they were now tilled with rebel sharpshooters, who were soon dis lodged and driven back through a second line. Our troops were here exposed to a gall ing fire of shelf and canister, and were com pelled to fall back. Our loss in this move ment was about 800. Gen. Burnside's corps were partly engaged, and lost about one fourth of the above num l»er. The Corcorac Legion acted like vete rans and kept their ground for one hour under a very hot fire. An attack was made by the enemy on our left in the afternoon, where Warren was post ed, but our batteries soon drove the enemy back and silenced their guns. All was quiet at 0 o’clock in the evening. I.ATF.ST. May 19th, 6 A. M.—I have just received in telligence that Guinea Station, on the Freder icksburg A Virginia railroad was entered last night by our scouts. They captured the tele graph operators and apparatus, mails, Ac. The statiou and a large quantity of supplies were destroyed. FROM NEWBERN, N. C. Hebei Flotilla on tl.e (' Lea ran Hirer—The Recent Haiti ayainet .V,lettero—Injury to Rebel Ham in the hate h'nynyement—Fed eral Freer! Reported llloten i p. Nf.w York, May 19. Advices from Newbern state that there is a rebel flotilla of thirteen barges, each armed with a howitzer and twenty-five men, on the Chowan river. The results ot the rebel raids against New bern were the capture of our fortifications at Evans’Mills, tbe garrison escaping, the cap ture of the stockade at Croaton with its gar rison of fifty men, and some iujury to the railroad between Newbern and More head City. The rebels were repulsed by our bat teries and gunboats at Newbern and retreated on the 6th. The rebel ram Albemarle had nine men killed in the engagement at the mouth of the Roanoke on the 5th, and was so badly injured as to be sent up the river for repairs. The U. S. gunboat Southfield is supposed to have been blown up by the rebels. Arrival of Hounded Maine SoldUre at For tr*8$ Monro*. Fortress Monroe, May 18. The following Maine wounded men from Geu. Butler’s command, arrived to-day ou tho steamer Monitor: R P Ford, 8th Me, cheek ; Corp O W Connell, face; Frank Beal, arm; \yoip nuruiwuuu. snouiuer: nergi >v A Brown, hand; J Jeuuin*,sid«; Jesse Kimball, hand; Serpt II Sawyer, hand; Capt W H Fol som, sick, all of Sill Me; I, Uuuter, !»th Me, shoulder; A Barber, 8tli, side; E T Chap man, 1st Me Cav.arm ; Sergt John A Hill, do, leg; N Farrington, do, sick ; Sergt John Wy mau, do, arm; John Jenkius, do, sick; Fred Paine, 7th, hip; L A Watson, 8th, arm; Jas Porter, Sltli, wrist; Thos Kelly,9th; C E Ma s n, 11th, arm; J B Cliiinau, 8th, leg; J P Henderson, nth, sunstroke. *«w Fork Market. Hiw Yobe. May 19. A«hes—quiet at 9 50 for Pots and 11 76 for Pearls. Cotton—lc bett, r with, however, less doing; sales 1260 bales at 89(*90c lor middling uplands, and 80* 87c for low middling*. Floor—receipts 10,389 bbls; sale* 14,000 bbl*; Bute and Western 6*10c better with a fair demand; Super Bute 7 06**7 20; Extra do 730*7 40: choice 7 45* 7 60; Hound Hoop Ohio? 66*7 70; choice 7 76*8 40; Supertine Western 7 0 *7 20; Extra do 7 35*7 60; Southern firmer; sales 28oo bbls; Mixed to good 7 60*8 00; Fancy and extra 8 00*10 75; Canada 6* 10c better; sales 900 bbis; common Extra 7 3>*76o extra good to choice 7 56*8 3o Wheat—l*2c better with n lair export demand; sale* 168,0-0 bushels, including 11,(00 busln Is Chlca Ked State 1 r5 Corn—very firm; sales 86,000 bush ; mixed Western old 1 50 in store Oat*—In moderate request; sales at 87i*S9c for Canada; 88* 89c for State; 90*91e for Western. Beef—steady; sales 600bbls; Country meis9 60* 18 00: prime 6 00*7 00; repacked Chicago 16 0< * 19 00; prime mess 26 cu*28 00. Pork—jeciitedly firm, hut closed heavy; sales 3300 bbls ; mess 26 26; old do 26 00*26 60; new do 37 UOi* 28 DO, closing at 27 11; prime 23 00*24 25 for old and new; prime mess 27 (.0*27 25; also 2000 bbls new mess for May and June, seller* option, at 27 26* 27 60; 1OJ0 bbi* do for July, buyers option, at 30 60: lOOu do do for July and August on private terms and 60c p bbl tor the privilege ol calling for 1000 bbls new m ss In June at 29 60 Cut Meats—quiet and heavy; sales 125 Dkgs; Shoulders ll;(*4ll(e; llains 14; *16,c. ltacon—nominal. I.ard—firmer; sales 890 bbls at 134*141, the latter an evtreme. Butter—In fair demand; Ohio 2>*36c; State 31* 34. Whitkey—more active and firmer. sa'es F600 bbls at 126*128 for Bute and 1 29*1 30 for Western. Hioe—dull at 114*1140 for Kaugoon. Bugar—dull; sales 34 lihds Muscovado at 104: 300 boxes Havana lijo. Coffee—dull. Molasses—inactive. Naval Stores—quiet aud unchanged. Bpitlte Turpentine—3 14; crude do nominal. lteeiu - 80,«. 32. Tar—18 CH>a20 00. Iron—attiet; sale* Scotch pig oo 00a01 00. Fiah—dull. , a fair “borate demand Liuheed 1 63al 06: I*ttro!eum firm; Halh«260 bbls refined in bond at 60c, and 2000 do do in l*h ladelphia at free prices; crude 38^0; Lard at 1 16® 1 18; Sperm I 70; Whale 116. Hides-dull. Lead—firm; Spanish 1 21*122j. Tobacoo—in fair demand ; sales Kentucky 81(*88 Tallow—steady; sales 1960 lbs at 18**133o for East ern. Western aud city. Freights to Liverpool—quiet; cotton per neutral vessel id*6-33d; Hour Is 8d. Freights to Liverpool—quiet aud firm. Stock Market. Niw York, May 19. 8icond Board.—Stocks dull and lower. United States 6-20 coupons.106i United States 6’a 1881 coupons.114 Gold closed this afternoou at 181). AID FOR THE WOUMDED. The Lahore ol the Christina Commission. Philadelphia, May 13. i he l ill ted States Christian C'emmirsion wishes the friend, of our brave soldiers to know tbit iu kutirlpaiion of the great struggle in Virginia, tbev had a large number of delegates and wagon, and store, accompanying the army on the march, which have been present during all the ba'iles. There are ■ ow 204 delegates at work iu the He’d, most ef them clergymen and surgeons of eminent characters, giv ing their services gratuitously. Three hundred and seventy-eight boxes of choice hospital stores were shipped to-day. More stores and men will be sent forward daily. Our govern ment is doing everything iu its power to succor the wounded, and with entire appreciation of our work, gives erory possible facility Intel igence from our General Kidd Agent states that when on the way to Fredericksburg, and wher ever the wounded and dying were to he found, the delegates of the Commission w ere there, tending up wounds, giving iood and stimulants, and doing all ■O their power to relieveauflerlng. Hundreds of lives have already been saved through their instru* mentality. When the cainpa’gn began the Commission found itself with an empty treasury ; but, relying on the God of tattles and the generosity of the American people, they resolved to do their duty to the noble men who have sacridced all for their country. The emergency is great, and the victory to our arms shou d stimulate the people to meet it. (Signed) GEORGE II STUART, Chairman of the Christiau Commission. The Portland Agency Committ-e is acting under the auspices aud in full co-operation with the U. S. Christiau Commission. The Commission has sent many delegates to the army, to ba'tle-fi Ids and to hospitals, who seek in every way to aid the suffering, both by administer ing to temporal and spiritual wants. Theuare un paid volunteers. Thousands of boxes from all parts of the loyal States have been in this way personally distributed, t>“* the supply is still painfully inadequate. The experience of many mouths aud mini battls helds teaches us that the method adopted" by the Commission is pr • rlica/. ejKcient and encreueful. Will not the friend of the toldier he/p ue in this work ' cloth run, rr<. Cotton shirts, cotton drawers. Canton flannel shirts and drawers, surgical shirts and draws iwith t.n,, smug* to tie instead ol scam* at tlie aide*), large cot ton d rawer* (to wear in-door* a* pant*). Dressing gown*, slipper* (if of cloth or carpet with still sole*), sheet*, pillow-cases, bed ticks (single for tilling with straw), pillows, pads for fractured limbs, ring pars for wounds, fans, netting, to protect from flies, housewives stored with needles, thread, buttons pins, 4c., handkerchiefs, wash-rags, old linen. ' Food, KT<‘. Oat meal, farina, corn-starch, dried rusk, jellies butter crackers, Boston cracKfrs, good butter in smairjar*. jams, pickles, dried fruits. In special cases, egg*, bread, cakes, Ac., are need ed, but not generally. I hey should never be sent unless special’v called for. FOB RKVRBAOK0. Good black tea, chocolate, lemons, s.rup* All preparations of the illickl.errv are ol double value. RTIMULA STS. Good brandy. Madeira wine, port wine, cordials. Domestic wites are excellent m winter, apt tospoi! in summer. llouey may be sent to Cyru» Sturdivant, Troa*urer Army Committee, No. 8,0 Commercial Street. Store* to either member of the Army Committee. Ple»*e *eud a li-t of the eoutent* of boxer, where from, and donor* name. i Ht)8. It. HAYES, Chairman. . < i RUS STURDIVANT, Trea*., „ Ar“T HENRY liLKi.ESS, fcec’y, .Committee, ANDREW J. CHASE. Portland, W. R. JOHNSON, Y.M.C.A. mylg d3t &wlt SPUING OWNING A. D. REEVES. TAILORS DRAPER t)8 Exchange St., WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the public that he ha* recently opened a Splendid Assortment of . Spring and Summer Goods, Which he 1* ready to make op in tiie most Fashion able style, and at ths Lovett ( ath /‘rices. The Ladies arc reepecttully reminded that till ing Habits, /.anave Jaete'n, and Fancy H aiti, aro cut aud m ule at this eitabiLliment in a *tyle which cannot fail to p ent them. Militaut ahu Naval Ofek ess are here fit ted out in true Regulation style. To Kutiko out Bovs in the most becoming and durable i/armi ntt, special attention is given. Dress Coats, Pants, Vests, and Business Suits, Made to order and warranted Good T it*. Mr Rekver armre* hi* eu*tomer* that Ida work fa made not only in the higbeat * yle of faahion, but in the moat thorough and workwar like marker The Public are invited to vi-itthia Emporium o» Karhion, and see it the facta do not fully come up to this Mamikstu. inayliidlm Now Kcntly—Price »* Cents. PEOPLE’S EDITION OF Parton’s Hi. BITLEI1 IS NEW ORLEANS. Due volume, octavo, paper, price 76 cent*. With the view of meeting the extensive popular demand lor this remarkable book, this edition ha* been prepared. 1 he page and type are similar to thot-c ot Harper’s Mbga.iue. borne of the loss im portant documei t« are omitted, and in some instan ces the account ha* been condensed, yet never so as to interfere with the interestor completeness ot the story. Unquestionably this book stands preeminent in in terest among all yet occasioned by the rebellion. Its subject ami author combine to render it fascinating. Kifcceu edition* have been called tor as last as they could be printed It has boon most warmly com mended by the loyal pres* ofthe country, amlscarce ly less so by a portion at least ofthe Englishprtsa, by whom it is acknowledged to be a complete vindica tion ol Geu. Butler from the malicious cliam » whf*»> envy and hatred have brought against him. It contains an auecdotal sketch of Geu. Butler’a brilliant and remarkable cateer at the har of Massa chusetts; a history of the secret movements iu the Charleston convention ; conversations between Gen. Butler and the leading secessionists at Washington in December 19^). the real plana of the traitors Geu. Butler invited to join them; hia advice to Bu chanan; hist flirts in preparing Massachusetts lor war; thecclebrated march,via. Annapolis, to Wash* ington: his night march to Baltimore; col ision with Gen. Scott; his course at Fortre *• Monroe; the his tory of the contrabands; his advice to the Adminis trat.on on how to take Richmond, the truth about Great Bethel; the Uatteras Expedition; the secret history of' the Xetr Orleans Expedition the adven tures of the General in getting to Ship Island; a fall account of the captum rf AYir Orleans. the landing of the troops in thi city; a complete narrative of succeeding events, with a large number of highly interesting narratives and anecdote* nev er before published ; the recall of General Butler, and the explanation given of it by th« Government; tiis present opinions upon the great issues before us. Edition in large type,crown. 8vo., cloth,062 pages, price $2.50 People’s Edition, 8vo., paper, 75 cents. German Edition $1 00. fcent by mail on receipt of price. For sa?e by Afa'on y Hami n, Boston, and by all Booksellers. Published by Brothers, 7 Mer cer street, N. V. maylTecdlw $300 bounty! V. S-JXAYY. WANT E 1> t For U. 8. steamer PONTOOSUC, NOW IN PORTLAND. 25 Seamen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 Landsmen and Boys, Cooks and Stewards, 10 Firemen, 16 Coal Heavers. Apply to Naval Rendezvous, foot of Exchange st., JOHN P. HEATH, Commanding. may lid tf GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, * And all the Accompaniments. FISHING TACKLE! The Best Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. eodtf Steam Engine for Sale. A RECONI) HAND 10 Horse Power Horizontal Steam Engine; 6 inch cylinder, 2 foot stroke, with pump attached. Balauce wheel Sleet diame ter lias rnn about six months, aud is in perfect order. Will be sold at a great bargain. WOOD, BISHOP k CO. Bangor, May 10, 1804. maylOdlw MISCELLANEOUS. FOR A FEW-WEEKS ONLY. Great & Unreserved Sale -OF HOOP S KlUVS ! —AND FANCY GOODS! Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, 166 Middle St., Portland, Me. A FTER thirteen years of experience in the whole* xV sale and retail Fancy Goous tra^e, we are satis fied (and consult no othets) that the best policy “Is «ruick return- amt light profits.'’ Acting ou the tne above policy, we now offer our whole and entire stock, (with a lew exceptions} at a great reduction from our former prices. READ! READ! READi.READ! “The Peerless,” Forget it Not! 20 Hoops, clasped on every Spring, .75 35 *• “ “ *• i.25 40 •• .. .. 181 Old Fogles, <tuotc l our Prices! ’The jVtorning Star!” 18 Hoops, seven tapes olasped and glued. .88 20 " . •• .88 .. •• 1.10 30 ... .. i.go ■ion LOT LADIES' Heavy Wire Skirts, 45 cts. each. Hosiery, Gloves, -A_nd Sun Umbrellas! Ladies’ Cotton Hose, from 18 to 45 cts. Children’s“ •» 13 to 31 cts. aiiOVBS ! LADIES, the Best Assortment is Portland frtm 13 x cents to f 1 OU. SEN EMBRELLAS- Oil Boiled Silks, from SI,38 to 92.00. Yankee Notion* at our usual low price* CORSETS. CORSETS! Warranted Whalsbosi, Only 9100. Ladies, call and see on* we have not failed, clear* cd out, or sold out; but will be* found at our old stand, No. 166 Middle street. Dahlia Skirt and Fancy Goods store, where we, as heretofore, continue to manufacture our justly celebrated skirt, to which thousands of ladies iu Portland and vicinity can testify. Fitzobrald & Uodsdon, Dahlia Skirt-* and Fancy Goods, No. 163 Middle street. Portland, Me. N. B. Corsets and 8kirts made to order. may5dlm JUST RECEIVED I HOLLINS .V BOND, HAVING refitted their store and received a large assortment of ELEGANT STYLES -OF C LOTUS! ARE PREPARED TO Show Them to Their Cuitoner*. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, In <>r«*at Variety, Df> Middle Street. _ may&tf Navigation Taught — BY - T. B. PARSONS, — AT — No. 12, Deer Street, Portland. f 1 BNTLEMKK desirous of instruction in Practi ' " cal Navigation will tind an experienced teach er. He is the only experienced Ship Master in the State, who teaches Navigation, and is especially ap Bduted to qualify Ensigns and Mates forth® IT. S. mch24«od3m -A. Great Success ! Unparalled in the History of Sewing Machines. T H K SHUTTLE SEWING MACHINES Never fail to satisfy those who give them a thorough trial, and wherever introduced are rapidly superced ing al< others The? use rir-< threads with a straight needle and shuttle, making the Lock Atitch, which is alike on both sides, and for economy, durability, elasticity aud beauty, is the only stitch' worthy o use. 1 hey ire propelled by Cans, whioh produce better timed motions for sewing thau can < ossibly be obtaiued by cranks er links. 1 hey work like a “thing of lift?,’* the needle throwing out its loop, and then standing still until tJUe shuttle passes through, when both draw upon the threads together, making the stitch tight aud strong. The are capable of running at very high speed, being smoothly finished, aud mak ing live stitches lo every revolution of the balance wheel, a speed unequalled by auy other shuttle ms chine in use For these reason* the "Wksd" is acknowledged wherever known, to be the beat Machine made, and is unequalled in its simplicity of construction (being composed of about thirty pieces, which is lose thau half the number in most sewing machiues) Power. Durability, Ease ol Management, and tho great beauty and certainty of its operation. • Every Machine in Warranted. All orders or communications from Families, Tail ors, Seamstresses. C lothiers, liarnrts Makers, 4c., inlthe country, will receive prompt attention. C. W. Kohinron 4 Co., Ageuts for the sals of this Machine in Portland. 'Auentb Wanted in every locality. Address, Warren Sparrow, General Agent for this State, Portland, Me. maylddlw A. S. THAYER, M. D., PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, No. *4 Brown Street, PORTLASD, ML. may 19 HYDR0K0N1A. m.viMtt* ENTERTAINMENTS. Universalist Ladies7" Levee! New City Hall, Thurslay Afternoon and Evening, and Friday Evening. 8 May 19 and 2u Doors open at 3 P M. and in the evening at i o'clock Admit lane, p. m ljets in evening 26 cts. Refreshments lor sale. Archery fish-pond and other atlractions, y‘ The Band or 17ih u. S. Inlantry Will furnish music for the occasion: appearing in public on Ibis occasion for the tint time since their fetara-_ raaylodid NEW OPERA HOUSE ! ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MIIVSTRELN! OPEY EVERY EYEYlYCi. An Entire Change of Programme. YANKEE CIRCUS, THIS WEEK Admission 25 cents: Reserved Seats 60 cents J SPRAGUE, 1 . maylitf fl BLANCUARD, 1 M*n,*cr8 _MERCHANDISE. Corn and Kyo. 4000 BUSHELS Southern Yellow Corn, 1000 Bushel* IL-e, in stove and for sale by WALDRON A TRUE, maylld2«* Nos. 4 and 6 Union Wharf. Um.s.. __I W.l_ gOO HHD8 | CHOICE MUSCOVADO SU* 10TC8. ) GAB. 371 HIIDS bu|*crior Muscovado, ami 3^ TCS Clajed Muli'scn, 11 BBLS from bierra Morcna, Now landing and for sale by THOMAS ASENC 10 A CO , mayirtf (untom Houh- Wharf. Southern White Seed Cora, VRRIVED and for rale by EDWD H BURGIX. No. 120 Commercial street. May 7, 1864 mayS*il3w Wood. Palm Leaf and Mulado. HIIDS MALADO, 2234 BUNDLES PALM LEAF. 142 M A I S, 21 TONS GRANAD1LLO WOOD, 30 LOGS CEDAR, Cargo British schooner Ann Leonard, for sale by HOPIIM KATUN, No. 1 Central Wharf. Portland May 8, 1865. may6d3w Nierra Horenn flolnsscs. OO- HIIDS , OOt) CHOICE 8IKKI1A MORESA 30 TIKKCES 4 MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ’ Now landing from Brig “C. H. Kennedy" THUS. ASENCIO'A CO.. May*.—tf C. H Wharf KlliK. "CV’h/bi | CASKS NAILS, assorted sices, now OOlHT landing per Sch "Kinma Wadsworth " and in store, for sale by UEKSEY, FLETCHER A CO., ap*0 d3w 139 Commercial St reel. Muscovado Molasses. ~t HHD8.) Superior quality Muscovado i-lli/ [ landing from Scb. 23 Tierces ) ••Tredonia," from Cardenas, for 8 BbU. sale by II. 1. Robin*on, apr21 lmodis No. 1. Portland Pier. Scotch Canvass. -| OA BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor* “ sar k Sons, Leith—a sail cloth of superior quality—Just received per “Jura*\ and for sale by MoG1LV£rY, RYAN k DAVIS. mch26 dtf 161 Commercial Street Muscovado Sugar. (1 | nilDS Muscovado Sugar, prime quality, «J*x: now landing from Brig “J. H. Dillingham," from Cardenas. I or salt by H. I. Robim aprll lmedis No. 1. Portland Pier. 63 Riemoval. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON. Coiumini o n Merchant*, And dealers in Country Produce, hare mo red to No. 08 Commercial etreet. Portland, May 10th, 1804, maylOdtf R. L. HORSE A CO., Manufacturers A Who’esale Dealer* in Boots and. Shoes, NO. 4*1-2 UNION STREET, R. L Morse. Portlaad, Me. I J. Littlefield, Lebanon, Ky. j * ORTLAND. maylidlm Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! .At Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 152 and 154 Exchange St., Opposite the International House. mayTdtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., HAHUrACTL'KXRS OF Japan* White Lend, Zinc, Paints, And Ground Color*#, AND 1> BA LIKA IF Drugi, Medicines, tints, Oils k Varnishes. Paint and Odor Factory, An. 29 Munjny St., Ofllce Al SnlnrouuK. HO C'oiumrrrial St., (Thomaa Block.) UXNRY II. BL’Rax*A. kiinti ||n u, Charles 8. Fore*. mllLIf, «B. maylSdtf M. G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, NO. SI COMMERCIAL STREET. »pl4 PORTLAND. ME. dtf dTwT O LA. R kI DBA I BB 13 Silver Street Ire House,'aud Oltire No. 33 ETclianie street. A LL Order# promptly attended to and customer* iV supplied with the heat ijualitv of ICE. Price of Ice /or the Season, 1*>4. 10 lhaa day, lrom June lat, to Oct. lat, $6.00 lo “ •* •• •• •* 8.00 .. •* “ 10 00 Forty rent* per 100 lbs. To those who take Ice for the season, it w ill he de livered earlier than 1st June and later than 1st Oc tober, at the same rate per mouth as during the aea aou. When not wauted for the full season, it will t>© delivered at the rate of *2 0op.r mouth lor 10 lb«. per day. Notice of change of residence, if given at the ci lice initead of the driver, will always present dis appointment. Any customer leaving town fertwo weeks or more at one time, by giv ing notice at the office, w ill be en titled to a proper deduction. Complaints against the drivers, for neglect or care lessness or any other cause, must be made at the of fice, and will be attended to promptly. Portland, May 13,1984. mayl3d7w Portland Classical and Commer cial Academy. fllHK Summer Term of this echocl will comm, nee A ou M.ud»jr, Me, 30. tod will coutiue ten wet lr The subscriber announces with satis taction that he haa secured, tor the use of his school, Union Hall, with the two aute rooms connected with it. This is on Free street, nearly opposite the Church, and w ill make one of the most comf. rtable, healthy aud at tractive school-rooms in the city. He will be assist ed by Misses Mary L. Hey wood aud Uauuah Rob bins. Those ladies have had much successful expe rience in teaching, aud have been for several months past employed iu the school. The unexpected suc cess with which this enterprise ha-* thus far met. hgs encouraged the proprietor to provide for it iu tbo most liberal mantier; and the public is assured that no pains will be spared to reader the Araocmv still more worthy of the rapidlv increasing patronage which it has enloved. Pupils of both sexes are re ceived. aud the best school-room accommodation* are now offered to ladies. Terms, $10,30 per term. , , .. J. 11. HANSON. Portland, May 18th, 1984. may 1802 w AUCTION SA1.ES E. M. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER. 13Erch»n*. SI. < ■olliing.iyry Goods, Fancy Goods, *' •. ul Auction. 0N vJ ^ne«d»y, Thsnday and Friday w,, „ ,9 and Id, at M A. M. and Ti C M , r/„ “!' V- 1»i Frock»data. l'aat,, Ve.t, Wool shin, riii ih£?.4 Cap., Scarf., CoUar., Bolt., Cutlery,y'lij Al,°, lireM l.oodn. Cotton., Linen,. Woolen, rkJB!£?..Y'Zr ??J' ftckln/rr, Danima.Cambrir! Craih' Doytios, Napkins, fable Lino, Plaid* tprinc* A1 * paepaa. 1 ntoad., and Fancy Oood.Tt, witli which the rale will commence. maylbdid Da in aged Goods at Auction. ATo*tock a*“m Bl,oc.k' FrM*r- M»r *0, at 10 maylOdtlT1' BA,*-E\ fc CO . Auctieneera. At Auciiou. i rg&svss Maj 20th, at 3 o'clock, on th * premises ° SaTe* commence w th a valuabe Uton 8 . wiU the head of l lark street, havi, fJJSt^eTJfctSSI on Fine street; immediately a!t«r ?i £l 120 fet! land and other!,.t. .ill wStSTfcJF.^SVS oated and desirable an an investment> 6 °* HENRY HAILEY k CO., Aucnount, 1<W4 ’ ml^TdiS House und l ot ol Lund at Auction. WiiS! !•"..** *uotio" on Thursday, May ms I,.11.* ° *J*d r. M.. oa tbs preuiisr,, the hours »^n tt^£rrl>,rooit ownedi by £. R. Leavett It vrl-'h rtet“ ll,1l.,’'b<'d "»■■. Us,, Bard rod Soft bTckr;,:,n'nXCT"t^"-,’li'h floor end -Jf **e ?' .A sod every thins neal and convenient m and about the house. * A so a Uou-e Lot adjoining.on the corner offlher. brook and Waterville streets, graded fenced I itie clear-term* eisy ’ ’ * msyl9dtdat NR' BA'LfcY k co > Anctionesrs. House and Lot at Aacttoal~ WE ahall Mil ou Friday, May Jr, ,t J o'cock » ll*o north- rly half of n one tnd half,tor* eourc. with briok lavement. Bo 43 on Muujov .tree/ 1 he hooae Lain very ,ood order: ,ood wat7h^dj; ntiepr spect.pleasant and healtbj neighborhood and very desirable lor this class of tenements foe «£•»■■«*. The lot is good one about 26 bv iOfect. sale positive, the owner being a non r«s£ cleVrTtrm. ewv. '° Ch“** ‘hi* pr°P*r^ Y'«* m.yl!hitdUtJ,RY BA*LKY * C0 • Auctioneer,. Valuable Heal Estate at it arllsa Id Cape Elizabeth. WEnnetlonon Wednesday. Juuol. at 80 clock P. M , on the premises, a beauti jui residence about one half a mile from the eite conning PircAcrtt of land in a very high state at cultivation There is on it about two hundred Pear r‘,Apple Trees, Currants, Goosberries, (fe‘ fbe Build ugs on il are new. There is a two storv Honse modern in its style, boi t of the best materi als and thoroughly finished; a fine Stable, Shed Ac. The situation's not exceed-d by any in this vieini tv for the i*|>len<li<i vi»w it commands of the eitv the harlor and the *urroatiding country. Connected with it is afield ot iwenlk-right acret. in a high state of caltiratlon; the largest pioportio* of which is in grass land, and cats from one anJ a .“iiV* ,wo“<1 » half tons of bar to tba acre. Thin field is mostly fenced with a substantial -ton* wall We have never invited the pobllc to a more fioai rable property outside the city limits. Title clear— eale positive, the owner wisbiog to leave tho state I or particulars enquire ol maylTdtd U ENKv BAILEY A CO., Auot’rn. Guardian'* Kale of Real Estate. PI A8UART to lircDM from the Hon. John A. Watermen Judge of Probate for Cumberlaad County. I hereby rive notice that I shall ofibr for lii". Put'ltc suction on Tuesday, June Utb, A. D. *t twelve o'clock noon, on the premises one eighth part, in common and undivided, of a eertain lot of land with tho dwelling honse on franklin It Portland, formerly the property of Parker I Islay do censed, and unriiberrd 51 on said street. Said one eighth part being the share of my wardn, James Henry Haley, and Lydia Lidding. Carr Ilm ley ia said property. Dated at Portland thto 13tb day of Mar A D Jt>H-Y J. ADAMS, Guardian. At the same time and place, the remaining atvaa eighths ot said property will be offered for sal*. TAn '!"“*• ►“*> eleren finished rooms. The lot to about ■*— by fcet. ilbXKY BAILEY ft CU>, AuctioiMin Portland, May »Hh. \m. nVJw* EDWARD n. PATTEN, Commission Merchant A Auctioneer, Has removed to the apaciooe store IS Exchange Street, four doors balovr Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive consignments'of Merchandise el every description, for public or private sale Kales of Real Estate, Vessels, Cargoes, Stocks and Mer chandise solicited. Cash advances mndo, with prompt soles and returns. mchlS dly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! * JEST OPENED Ho. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street, PORTLAND, ME. I shall be in the constant receipt of, and will sail arery afternoon and evening by pabllc suction, tho following lines of goods la quantities to suit. Woolen* of till descriptions, Dse*« Goods in vttrietr, Linen, crash Towelling, Covers, Ac,Table Cattery, Plated Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No* tions aud Fancy Good*, Commencing Tuesday, February lgth. GEO. L. PEIRCE, Anotion and Comastoaion Merchant. W. P. Stswaot, Auctioneer- ibblfi dtl TO THE AFFLICTED I dr. w. nTdeimnd, !Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp's Block, CORN MR OR CONGRESS AND MLM STREETS WOULD reaped fully announce to the citisoae of Portland and vicinity, that he has permanent, ly located In thia city. During the eleven months that *e bare been in town we bnve cured come cf the word forms of dimes, in persons who have tried other forma of treatment in vain, and caring t>«. uents in so short a time thut the qaeetion i* often asked, do they stay cured ? To answer this uuestiow we will say that all that do not rtay cn>ed we all doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. D. bus been n practical Electrician fir twenty, one yean, and ie also a regular graduated physician Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic (Usances in the form or nervous or sick headache; neuralgia iu the head, neck.or extremities; consumption win ■ | in tbe acute stages or where the lungs arc not 1U1* «i solved: acute or chronie rheumatism, sc rota la. lun Iseaeas, white swelling*, .pitul diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limLs. palsy or paralysis, 8t. Vitas’ Dance, dearness ,tna . merinit or hesltaney of speeoh, dyspepsia India.*. t«pn. constipation and liver complaint,piles—weeks every earn that can bo presented; asthma, branchi. Us. strictures of the sheet, and all ferm* of team complaints. By SUeotrlolty The EheomaUo, the gouty, the lame and the luu leap with Joy, and move with tbe egilitv and elnstuw Jty of youth; the heated brain ie oooledt the from bitten limbs restored, the uneoeth delormitiee re. moved; thintoese converted to vigor, weak asm ts strength; the blind made to «ee, the deaf to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ul yoath are obliterated , the accidents of mature Ilia prevented: the calamities of old ago obviated nnJ i an active sircsiaUon maintained. * m (.ABIES Who hare cold hands and feet; weak stomach . lame and weak hacks; nervous and tiek headaah I dizziness and swimming in the head with indUn_‘ , tion and constipation of the bowels; pain in tbsehTe and back; leucorrhma. (or whitmj; (ailing of tLa womb srith internal cancers, tumors, polypus, un* all that long train os diseases will tad In EleetrEre 1 lty a sure means of cure, k or painful menstruation ; too profuse menstruation, and nil of those loe. rre* of tronble.with l.dim, EI.mrtoJ,?7. speoillc. and will, In a short time, restore the safer., to the vigor of health. VriicKM Rloctro- Otemscai .- - extracting Mineral Poison ftvm the sy.ieia.iweh m Mereury, Antimony, Areenie, ho. Hundreds who are troubled with stiff Joints, weak haoksaad yn»£ on. other difficulties, the direct ctuse of which*?, nine oaces out of ten, Is tho eShct of poisonoasdrumT can be restored to avtarml strength and vigor hi Si ■se of from lire to eight Bath* y Offlce hoar, from 8 o'clock A. M. to 1 r. B., u I; andTto 8 r. u. • ConsaltaUoa Free. )t14 )rt<t RUFUS DUMuiT Mzuufhcturer end Wbolesai. Dealer ia B RITANH IA and— Plated Ware, No. aid fort Sfreef, Portland - .Vo. e, Portland, May 17th, ISM. maylldtt Westbrook Seminary and Female Collegiate Institute. r|1 UK Summer Term oTthis lustitutlon will com. ■ meuce Wupsxshat. May ldtb. and continue eight weeke. O. M STEVENS. Secretary Stevens’ Plains, May V, ISM. mayludjw7 For Sale. riMlK Dana proiierty, so called, on Wiadham Hill 1 in Windham, coutaimog about ten acres The. are on the premise, a good Two Story Dwellin. House and Barn,’with other out-bnilding* rn! property I. pleasantly situated and the ndrl!W,.i. ‘" uuexoeptiouable. For terms, ho., apply to re.. I;

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