Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 21, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 21, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Religious Notices. Religion* notices oftwenty-iivc wordsorlcts, free Ell excess of this amount will be charged ten ctnti a line, eight words constituting a line. This ruli hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—[Pvblisukr! Paxes. tS*" Prof. J. C. Zachos is expected to preach ai Park street Church to-morrow. iM The Anniversary of iho Second Palish Sab bath School will be held to-morrow afternoon. Ad dress by Mr. Brewer, of BoBton. Hr*l heodore D. Weld, of Boston, will lecture in Mechanics' Hall, to-morrew-, at 3 and 7j o’clock Children’s Progressive L} ccum at V A. M. Cottier ence at 10j. 5-8*“ Hit- Washingtonian Society hold meeting! every Sunday evening, at Sons of Temperance Halt B8S Congress street, commencing at 7 o’clock. The public are invi.ed. t-VMr. Samuel Morrison will preach at the Third Parish Church to-morraw. 1 if Rev. Dr. Shelden, of Waierviile, will p each at the First Parish Church to-morrow. CV" Rev. William Johnson, of Boston, will preach in tiie Abysiuian Church to-o orrow. "Row, Speak to this Yount/ Man.” The habit* oj daily life a ml the fountain of character—Th* sub ject of Her. Henry D. Moore's second sermon it. young men in Central Church to-morrow, at 3 o'clock. a# Rev. Mr. Hartshorne, of Bangor, will preach at Chestnut street Church to-morrow at lOj A. M. No services in the afternoon. iy Rev. D. B Randall, of Lewiston w-,11 preach at Pine street to morrow. Service# at the usual time. The Lady Lung. A report lias been quite generally circulat ed in this city, that the steamer Lady Lang has been chartered by the Government and will not be put on the Bangor route. We have it from the best authority (Capt. .Spear) that tbia boat has not been chartered to the Gov ernmen land will not be with hut consent The delay in putting her on the route is nol from auy fault of the owners, and they are doing all they can to get her ready as soon as possible. The principal cause ol delay has been in consequence of the necessity ol put ting in a blower, a necessity that was not fully seen until after the trial trips were made, and then there was some difference of opinion among parties interested, on that point The public may rest assurred that the boat will be put on the route and kept there during the w inter, as well as the summer months, un less the necessity of the Government should demand that she be taken possession of for military purposes. C'apt. Spear is expending $10,000 on the wharves at Winterport and Camden, so as better to accommodate the public and the boatduiing the winter months. On account of the delay in putting on the boat to Bangor, freight is now sent from here to that city, by way of Boston, and from Ban gor by the same route. It is a satisfaction to know we are to have a good boat, tinder the management of energetic business men, and under the command of an experienced and gentlemanly Captain, to run on the route be tween this city and Bangor, aud that when once put on it will continue to run, unless military necessity or accident may interfere with its arrangements. Municipal Court.—May 30. The Court proceedings this morning indi cate a better state of public morals than our city has usually bad the credit of maintain ing. But one victim was brought in and be for an offence of not a very heinous character! It is well known to lawyers and should be known to all who have cows or cattle of any deacription, that there is a city ordinance making it a finable offence to allow cattle to run at large and that it is the duty of the Police officers and otbets to see that the law is enforced, and of the Judge, when a case is brought before him and clearly proved, to flue the owner or owners, ahd in default of pay ment to commit the offender to jail. William Haley was up for allowing his cow to go at large in the public streets, contrary to the city ordinance made and provided, and fined $5,00 and cobI. Committed. Oub Abtist Agajn.—It will gratify the lovers of the fine arts in Maine, to learn that Frank Simmons lias produced another work, which clearly shows the rapid devefape incut of his superior genius for statuary. It is a model in plaster for a statue of the late Dr. Judson, the distinguished missionary to Bur mah and translator of the Bible. It is half life size, representing him as seated, in study costume, with the bible in Burman, in hit hand, and other works lying by him. The likeness is striking; and the fact that it is so and was taken from the portrait, shows the artist’s peculiar skill in this direction. The entire combination is original and very happy. The drapery is well selected and finely man aged. It is designed to place it upon a suita ble pedestal, with bas relief ou its several sides, which shall represent the great periods in the Missionary enterprise, and the promi nent events in the life of the great translator. It is truly a great conception and what we have already is a pledge of its final achieve ment. It may be seen at the Picture gallery in the rooms of Cleveland & Osgood. sar-a will be seen by our obituary depart ment, that Mr. Albert B. Hilton, of the firm of W. S. Kilborn & Co., carpet dealers, died in this city, on Friday morning last It was currently reported that Mr. II. was attacked with small pox and died of that disease, but we are informed that a post mortem examina tion confirmed the decision of his physician, that it was a case of inflamation of the brain. Mr. Hilton was highly esteemed by those who enjoyed his acquaintance, and his loss will be universally lamented. Appointment.—Daniel 8. Jones lias been oppoiuted Mail Agent on the J baton and Maine Railroad, in place of S. H. Stevens, re signed. This appointment is a most excel lent one. Summer Ci-otiiino.—Aug. K. York, Mer chant Tailor, No. 103 Middle street, has just received au elegant assoitmentof cloths for gentlemen's summer ware, which those in tending to purchase, will do well to examine. gy Theodore D. Weld, of Mass., will lec ture at Mechanics’ Hall, to-morrow afternoon and evening. This gentleman is a deep thiuk er, a true writer, and au eloquent speaker three qualities essential to a good lecturer. JJ”A lady in this city lost a pitree yester day, containing a large sum of money for her to lose, just received from her son, who is a soldier. If left at this office the lady wilLget it. ^ Ey-The steamer Forest City having been put in first rate condition, has taken the place of the Montreal, on the Boston route. The Montreal is to undergo thorough repairs. Sy“A seizure of liquor was made yester day by Deputy Marshal Wentworth on the premises of J. Bradley, Jr., the Grand Trunk Depot. cy-ln the S. J. Court, on Thursday, ou motoin of L. B. Dennett, Esq., David A. Drummond, Esq., was admitted to practice in all the Courts in this State. Ey-Sprague* Blauchard's Ministrels were out ou horseback, with music and flags, yes terday. They made a Hue appearance. EyThere will be a meeting in behalf of the Christian Commission, at West Congrega tional Church, to-morrow, at 7 o’clock. ' BY TELEGRAPH' TOTHK Portland Daily Press. OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. Attempt of the Enemy to Turn Grant's Right Wing. ‘■15,000 Veteran lieinforcements Sent l-'orwaril. GEN- SHERMAN AT KINGSTON. Great liattlc Fjrjwclcd at Atlanta. The Blockade of Red Eiver to be Railed. Washington, May 20—0.30 r. M. This afl< rnaou we have dispatches dated at half past eight this morning Iroin Geu. Grant. Last evening an effort was made by Ewell's corps to turn our right. They were prompt repulsed by liiruey’s and Tyler’s division and some of Warren's troops that were on the ex treme right. About :W0 prisoners fell into our hands, besides many killed and waunded. Our loss foots up a little over 500 wounded and 150 killed and missing. G#n. Grant says that probably our killed and missing are over stated. Over 25TXX) veteran reinforcements have been forwarded to Gen. Grant. The condi tion ol the army and his contemplated opera tions are entirely satislactory. The army is abundantly supplied. Under idstructions from this department to Col. Schriever, commanding at Fredericks burg and its vicinity, nine persons are in cus tody who are suspected to have been engaged with Maj. Slaughter. The Major had made his escape before intelligence of the outrage reached Fredericksburg, and the sick and wounded who could nut be transported over land will be brought here on water transports. Dispatches from Gen. Sherman, dated at Kingston at ten o’clock last night, say that during the day he bad pushed a column be yond that place in pursuit of Johnston as far as Cassville. and there was skirmishing in the latter part of the day with Hardee’s corps.— The cars were expected to reach Kingston to day. A hard tighter Atlanta is looked for. Xo reports have been received from Major Gen. Duller to-day. Maj. Gen. Hunter lias been placed in com mand of the Department of West Virginia, including the Shenandoah Valley. The latest dates from G-eu. Cauby ho was at Vicksburg. The lied Kiver was reported to be blockad ed by the shore batteries of the enemy at dif ferent points, but measures had been taken by Gen. Canby which were believed to be ade quate for clearing the river of all such ob structions, and enable them to reach Alexan dria. w here he will take command of the army. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, • Secretary of War. FROM GEORGIA. Continued Sucretut of (Jen. Sherman KINGSTON. ROME AND CASSVILLE. IN OUR POSSESSION. -Johnston Reported at Atlanta. Nashville, Tenn., May 20. Geu. Sherman is iu possession of Kingston, Rome, and Cassville, and the line of the Eto mah. The army had heavy skirmishing with the enemy ail the way from Resaca. The railroad and telegraph have been re paired to the present position of the army. The troop* are in good condition and spirit*. Johnston is believed to be at Atlanta. The prospect is excellent for the most important success to our arms. Rebel prisoners to tbe number of 513, cap tured at Resaca, arrived here yesterday and to-day; among them are thirteen ofliccrs. be longing to Polk's,Hardee's, and Hook’s corpai They will he sent North to-morrow. Hugh Traitey, a native of Pennsylvania, was hung to-day by order of the military com mandant. He. was charged with bushwhack ing and murdering Uniou citizens. He was captured in White County last year, where he was acting as guide to the rebel Gen. Wheel er. He betrayed no emotion on the scaffold, and avow ed that he died a true rebel soldier, and was not guilty of shedding innocent blood. FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. The If ounded on the Wildemes» Battlefield— Speculative Report •— Attack on the Right Wing of the Army. Washington, May 20. Despatches from the Army of the Potomac, dated last night, say that a Chaplain came in yesterday Irout the hospital of the 2d corps, on the Wilderness battlefield, and re;>orts that over 400 wounded, belonging to that corps, are still in the hospital there, and that they were entirely out of provisions and medical supplies. Representations of the facts were made to the Commander to-day and it is re ported that they will be brought off. It is said that Lee will uot recognise a flag of truce, unless it conies from Gen Grant, us he considers him tbe Commander of the Army of the Potomac. The report that a larga number ol wagons had been captured by guerrillas, was false It arose from the circumstance that over sixty wagons, loaded with supplied, ligil disappear ed, but it was found that they had gone tow ards Washington in couipauy with some artil lery, Thu mistake caused much anxiety, as the supplies were wanted at the front. An attack mas made last night on our right flank by the enemy, but Warren’s corps met and drove them back. The attack caused some Interruption to transportation on the roads, and the teams returned to Fredericks burg on the double quick. None were cap tured as reported. It is useless for the friends of those who have fallen in battle to come to the front at this time to procure their bodies, as the re quest is denied in all cases. All the dead are carefully buried, and their names are placed u|ion boards over their graves, so that their friends can And them after the army has ad vanced. Prolmble Pi vary. New Yobk, May 20. The Brooklyn Eagle has the following:— On Saturday last about twenty bundles of hay, supposed, from the manner in which they were made up, to have come from Long Island, weru washed on Manning Island. Subse quently some pieces of a vessel from the deck, which bore marks of having been chopped with an ax. To some of the fragments of wood and hales of hay there were some bits of cot ton attached saturated with blood. Those persons who examined the pieces of wreck found on tho beach are of opinion that the captain, ollicers and crew of some vessel have been murdered in Long Island Sound, and after plundering the vessel of all moveable articles of value, the piratua scuttled the ves sel and then rowed to the shore, where they broke up the bout in which they ellected their landing and escaped. Brilliant Victors/ of (Sen. Arerill. . . Philadelphia, May 20. I he Cincinnati papers give an account of a brilliant victory by Gen. Averill: Gen. Averill reached a point within four miles of Wytheaville, when he encountered tho enemy, 4,000 strong, under Sam. Jones, fought him four hours, driving him, killing and wounding many, and capturing sonic pris oners. The rebels, under cover of the darkness, re treated. Our loss was 120 killed and wound ed. Near Blackslmry Gen. Averill destroyed the railroad most elfectually to a point lour miles east ol Cbristianburg. At the latter place we captured two 3 inch guns. From Florida. New Yobk, May 20. Tne ITerald’s Key West correspondent states that the town of Tampa, Fla., has been taken possession of by our troops. There were no rebel troops there, they having been sent to reinforce Lee. Forty prisoners and a block ade ruuner were captured, and the forlitlca tions destroyed. I FIVE DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Steamship Peruvian. Port au Basque, N. F., May JO. The steamship Peruvian, from Liverpool afternoon of May 12lh and Londonderry 13th, fl'or Quebec, was intercepted oil' Port au Basque at 7 o’clock this evening. The steamship City of Baltimore, from New York, arrived at Liverpool on the 11th, and tlie Maxonia at Southampton on the same day. The steamship Nova Scotian, from Quebec, arrived at Londonderry on the 13lh. T he rebel cruiser Florida destroyed the ship Avon, of Boston, on the 29th of March, in lat. 14, ion. 34 W. Capt. Avon and family and live seamen of the Avon arrived at Plymouth on hoard a vessel from Mauritius. The Avou was bound from Queenstown with guano. Ten of the Avon’s crew joined the Florida, the captain of which appeared determined to de stroy every American vessel in the same vi cinity. In the House ol Commons on the 11th Mr. Baines moved the second reading of the hill reducing the franchise in Borough to six pounds for house holders. After debate the measure was defeated by 277 to 210, amidst loud cheering from the conservatives. Queen Victoria had a state reception of Cabinet Ministers, officers of State, Ac., at Buckingham Palace on the 11th, and in the evening a state concert was giveu the Queen, being represented bv the Prince and Princess of Wales. Tne British channel fleet had left the Downs and returned to the westward. Mr. Gladstone made an important speech in the House of Commons on Mr. Mr. Baines’ reform bill, going so far as even to advocate manhood suffrage. The liberal journals are jubilant over Mr. Gladstone’s position, and regard this defeat as the commencement of a great reform victory. The Morning Post lias a special telegraph from Heligst of the 10th, which says that in the naval engagement there 170 killed and wounded on the German side, while tire Danes had 53 wounded and only one killed, and their ships were uninjured. The German squadron was at Cuxhaven. The Danes had left for Norway. It is officially announced at Vienna that Post Capt. Tigcltof, who commanded the Austrian squadron, has been appointed Vice Admiral, in recognition of ills brave exploit off Highlands. The. Danish Ministers of Justice and of the Interior have resigned, being dissatisfied with the suspension of the blockade having been agreed to. _ 4 4L.. T \ - t.. I headquarters says the whole disposable force ' of the Danish combatant* is ODly 24,000, while the Austrian and Prussian forces in Denmark numbers 80,000. The allies compelled 2000 of the inhabitants to assist in demolishing the fortifications of Frederica. The Vienna Post Zeitung says the confer ence has agreed to commence negotiations on the 12tb. Peace prospects are not unfavora ble. The Italian Parliament had been debating the foreign policy of the Government, and strong denunciations were uttered against the continuance of the Papal Government at Rome. No action was taken. Twenty-three millions of the new Austrian loan had been taken at 77.10 by the Anglo Anstrian Bank. Baring Bros, and others bids at 76 were declined. It is reported that six innocent young Poles at Opatow, while walking the Btreets, were arrested and hanged on the same gallows without trial. The April mails from the West Coast of Africa had reached Liverpool. The Kmperor of Mexico reached Madeira April 29lli, and sailed again on the same day for Vera Cruz. The King of Dahomey, with a large force, attacked Pabbekuto, and was repulsed with a Joss of 100 in killed. XXXVIII G0N3RES8—First Session. Washington, May 20. SENATE. Mr. Sherman presented a petition from the Board of Trade of Philadelphia, praying for a modification of the joint resolution of tlie29lli of April last, imposing the additional duties of 50 per cent. Referred. Mr. Wilson introduced from the Military Committee a bill to promote the efficiency of stall officers of the army. The House bill to authorize the establish ment of oceau mail steamship service between the United States and Brazil was called up and debated at length. Without taking action on the bill the Sen ate proceeded to consider the Pacific railroad ill, A petition from Mr. Kricsson, builder of the mouitors Dictator and Puritan, asking for re lief, was received aud granted. A bill granting the usual pension to Julia A. Ames, widow of a Sergeat ill the 6lli Mass, regiment, killed in Baltimore on the 19th of April. 1861, was passed. Mr. Wilson, introduced the following reso lution : ltexolced—That the President of the Unit ed States is hereby authorized, on and alter the passage of this resolution, to call out for a period not exceeding one year, such a num ber of men as the exigencies of the service may require, according to the provisions of the act approved March, 1863, entitled "An act for enrolling and calling out the national forces, and for other purposes.’’ The resolution was referred to the commit tee on National Affairs. A message was received from the House, announcing that it had agreed to the report of the coherence committee ou the Montano bill. The consideration of the Pacific Railroad bill was resumed, but without final action the Senate went into executive session, aud after wards adjourned. HOUSE. Mr. Washburn, of HI., introduced Mr. E. C. Ingersnll, as the successor of the late Owen Lovejoy. He was qualified and took his seat. The House passed a number of private bills. Mr. Holman, of Ind., offered a resolution that when the House adjourn to-day it be un til Monday. Agreed to—yeas 70, nays -40. The House considered the bill appropriating $0,500 for damages sustained by Prof. Arms, in consequence of the burning of his building at Auaudale, Ya. Alter debate the bill was passed,—yeas 0;!, nays .‘10. Mr. Cox, of Ohio, here rose and asked leave to iutroduce the following resolution: Ite&otreil—That the forcible seizure by the military authorities ot New York, of the olH ces of the New York World and Journal of Commerce, and the suspension of their papers for the innocent publication of a forged State paper is an act unwarranted by the circum stances connected with said publication, an arbitrary outrage upon the Constitutional rights of the citizens, and deserves the repro bation of every friend of public liberty and private rights. Messrs. Washburne and Farnsworth,of 111., objected to the introduction of the resolution. The House adjourned till Monday. O/JIcial from Gen. Grant. Washington, May 20. An arrival from Gen. Grant’s headquarters, as late as 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon, says that all was quiet during the day tip to that time. Arrett of an Editor. Cincinnati, May 20. Sam Medary, editor of the Columbus Crisis, was arrested at Columbus this morning, by a U. S. Marshal, and has been brought to this city. Block Market, N«w York, May 20. Second Board. —Stocks "toady and dull. Cleveland ft Pittsburg.. (i&icna ft Chicago.123 Glevelaud ft Toledo.152J Chicago ft Hock Island.. Chicago'Burlington ft Quiucy.128* Milwaukio & Prairie DuChieit.70* Pittabarg. Fort Wayne ft C hicago.iis3 North Western.C3 Illinois Central *cnp,. jj.ii Michigan Southern. ... 77.7.7. 777. ii* Michigan Southern guaranteed’.**..i.-i Reading. ^.!i!t U udoon. j*6 Erie preferred..liio United State" 5 20 coupon*,. »fv> Treasury 7 8-10ths... .*. . . . . . . . . .1111 (Jutted State*oue yearoertiticates new ut) Quicksilver Mining Co,... Kew York Central,.-V.............. Harlem.77;.Ajl* Gold closed tbia afternoon at 1 82-... Commercial. Per steamship Peruvian off Port flfi hasque. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, May .10.—The sales ol Cotton for three days were 52,000 Dales, in eluding 2100J to speculators aud exporters. Tho market has been excited and prices are ]&ld higher, closing quiet and less firm. LIVERPOOL BREADS TUFFB MARKET.— Richardson, Spence 8c Co., aud others, report Flour heavy and nominal Wheat dull and 2.a,td lower; red western 8*&8s6d. Corn heavy and 6d lower; mixed 28a 6d. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET. - Beef quiet and atiady. Pork quiet and firm. Bacon dull and unchanged. 1 ard iuactive at a decline of 6d ; sales at 43s tor line new. Tallow dull. Butter nom inal. LIVERPOOL PRODUCE MARKET—Ashes quiet aud steady. Sufl'ar firiper aud 6d@ls higher. Coffee steady. Rice quiet and steady. Roeir— small sales. Spirits Tur*entire fiat. Petroleum steady at 2a 4d V gallon for refined. By telegraph to (jreencastle. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, May 13tb.— Sales for the week were 92.390 hales, of which 27.940 were to speculators and 17.810 to expor era. The market closed buoyant at an advance of ]d. The following authorized quotations:—New < )i leans fair 29]d ; midd ing2 ]d; Mobile fair 29]; middling 28] ; Uplands fair28?; middling 28d. 1 he sales to-day were about 1,000 bales. The stock in port is estimated at 322,600 bales. LONDON MONEY MAKKK1, May 13.—Consols closed at91]a91] for money. AMERICAN 8ECUK1 l'lES.—Illinois Central rail road 3Xg.29 dis: Erie Rail road 5l(a,60. A*etc York Market. Nkw York. May 20. Cotton—l(»2c better; sales J950 bales at 9l&92c for middling uplands. Flour—receipts-bbls; sales 9,800 bbls: State and Western less active aud 5% 10c lower; Superfine State 7 UU<g&7 16; Extra do 725 0:7 60; choice? 46^ 7 60; Round lioop Ohio 7 55«,8 40; choice 7 7828 40; 8upertine Wes tom 7 00ft7 6*>; Extra do 7 8&&7 60; Southern dull, easier; salec 1200 bbls; Mixed to good 7 66a8 00; Fancy and extra 8G5&10 75; Canada 6c lower ; sales 600 bbls; common Extra 7 90@7 40; extra good to choice 7 50 u.8 20. Wheat—heaver and lc lower; sales 76,000 bushels Milwaukee club at 1 00 and 17.50J do poor Winter red at 1 63]. Corn—very scarce and firm; salos 7,600 bushels; mixed Western old 1 5*» in store Oats—dull and drooping; salos at 8*>^c8c. Beef—more active and a shade tirtni i ; sties 1800 bbls; Country mess 9 5»Va 13 00. Pork—firmer; sales6600bbls; mess 2812]@3325; old do <6 6-00.26 60; new do 27 IXK&28 00; prime 23 00 %'24 <X) for old and new; prime mess 27^0@27 25. Lard—epeued firm and closet heavy; sales 4490 bbls at 13J«14L Butter—in fair demand; Ohio 25o,35c State 34 38. Whiskey—firmer; sa’es 2800 bbls at 1 2&&1 29 for State and 1 fcCo.1 30] for Western. V Rice—dull at 11] o,U]c for Rangoon. Sugar—dull; sales 100 hhds. Coffee—dull. Molasses—dull. Naval 8 to res—quiet. Petroleum—quiet: salos 1000 bbls crude at 39c, and tfOO do refined in bond at 69 a, 00c. 1 allow—steady; sales 48,000 tbs at 13]1$13jc for Eastern. Western aud city. Freights to Liverpool—quiet. St. I;<*uis Market. 8t Lons, May 20. Flc«r quiet and unchanged. Wheat firm; sales of choice at a slight advance but market is notquotahiy higher. Com advanced and buoyant; mixed 136; white l 27j£l 30. Oat steady and uochauged. Wills* key advanced 1 18{&1 20. Major General Sheridan. Geo. SUer iilan who is now in command of the cavalry of the army of the I’otomac, and has already distinguished himself by hi9 vigilance and military skill, was a native of Ohio and a ca det at West Point at the age of 17. After oc cupying several positions he became Colonel of the 2d Michigan Cavalry and was in Col’ Elliott's famous cavalry expedition, which made a circuit of over a hundred miles round Coriuth, and destroyed the Mobile and Ohio Railroad at Booneville. lie distinguished himself in the presence of the enemy after they retreated Irorn Corinth. On the 1 lib of June he was appointed to the command of the cavalry division of the Mississippi, and sta tioned at Booneville, where on the 1st of July be defeated Gen. Chalmers, who attacked his brigade of two regiments with nine regiments. This success secured for him a commission as Brigadier General. Gen. Sheridan was in command of a division at the battle of Stone river, and distinguished himself in a most re markable manner, for which he was made a Major-General, bin appointment receiving the continuation of the Senate in March, 1S63.— Gen. S. has been iu every battle fought by the Army of the Cumberland, and be rendered signal service in the engagements at Mission Itidge and Chickam&uga. Meyerbeer.—The musical world has lost a great composer iu the death of Meyerbeer, who died at faris the 2d of May. He com menced his musical career as a youthful piauist and was afterwards a fellow-pupil with Von Weber,the author of Her FreUchutx, re cently performed in this city. Among bis first compositions of note, was an Oratorio called “God and Nature,” which was well re ceived. Some others that followed were not popular. They lacked that spirit which was afterwards infused into his compositions. After hearing Rosini’s music he learned in what he was deficient, and therc-afterwards devoted himself to the study of melodies, still he never obtained the easy and flowing style of Belini, Rosini aud Donizetti. The Huguenots, Robert lo Diable, the Prophete, and several other operas of his composing, obtained a wide popularity. Several of them have been brought out in New York and were well received. It could hardly l>e other wise when Lagrange, Steffanoni, Medori, Marini, Formes, Brignoii and other celebra ted Italian artists interpreted these operas to a New York Audience. ty* Among the receut casualties at Charleston is that to Miss Anna Pickens, an accomplished daughter of Ex-Gov. Pickens who, refusing to leave the city, braved all the hazards of shot and shell in order to minister to the wounded. Ou tho 24th of April, while engaged in this humane work, a shell from a Union Battery burst near her, iuflietiug a wound which she survived but a few hours.— She was to have beeu married ou the evening of the same day that saw her a corpse. Iier betrothed, wishing her to die, if die she must, as his wedded wife, proposed to have the cere mony performed before she expired, and the last word she ever uttered was to pronounce, in a scarcely audible toue, the word “yes” ■that made her a wife. Such is one of the pain ful incidents of war. Maj. Gex. Edward Johnson. This offi cer who was captured by Hancock in his grand and successful charge on Thursday, is represented by the correspondent of the N. Y. World as a tall and robust looking tnan, rattier beyond middle age. He formerly held a commission in the Sixth United Stat s In fantry. He appeared dejected and excessive ly fatigued. The same authority says when Gen. Stuart one of his Brigadiers, was taken to the head quarters of the 2J corps, Gen. Hancock gen erously offered his hand, but the rebel captain, with very questionable taste, indignantly re fused It. Westminster Review. The April num ber of this British Quarterly has been received from the re-publicatioa office of Leonard Scott & Co., New York. Contents—1. The Basin of the Upper Nile and its Inhabitant*; 2. Strikes and Industrial Co-operation; 3. The Abolition of Religious Tests; 4. The Prerog ative of Pardon and the Puubhmeut of Heath; 5. New Zealand; t>. Taine’s History of Eng lish Literature; 7. The Philosophy of Roger Baeon; 8. Contemporary Literature. @3 Removal. S3 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Coniwiteii o n Merchants, And dealers In Country Produce, have moved to No 63 Commercial street. Portland, May lOili, 1864. maylOdtf Kirliiiioiitl Musi Fall ! E »E prepared for ttcuHKAT mst bev tour Ci-HTHiKu at the hew stoke, Blue Front, 124 Middle St, Portland. ■aylOdtt "mi ,v' rent, aneous. SPRING ?WNIS6! A. D. REEVES, TAILOR It DRAPER 98 Exchange St., WOULD respectfully inform hia friendsand the public that he hat recently opened P Splendid Assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, Which he i* ready to make up in the inoat Fashion able Style, and at the Lowest Cash /‘rices. Thu Ladika are respectfully reminded that Fid in g Habits, Zouave Jackets, and Fancy Waist* are cut and made at thia establishment iu a'style which cannot fail to p ease them. Military and Naval Officers are here fit* tid out in true Regulation Style. To FirTiKtf out Boyb in the meat becoming and durable garments, special attention ii given. Dress Coats, Pants, Vests, and Business Suits, Made (o order and warranted Good Fit*. Mr Rkkyea assures hi* customer* that hia work is made not only in the highest s‘ylo of fashion, hut in the moat thotough aud wokk^m.iki: manner. The Public are invited to vfflt this Emporium of Fashion, and ace ii the facta do not fully come up to this Manifesto. may l&dlin JUST RECEIVED I ROIAANS k DOM), HAVING refitted their store aud received a large assortment of ELEGANT STYLES -OF C LOTUS! ARE PREPARED TO 8how Them to Their Cnstoners. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, In Great Variety, — AT 95 IMiddlo Street. may9tf $300 BOUNTY. 13. S JXAYY. W A N T ED \ For U. 8. steamer PONTOOSUC, NOW IN PORTLAND. 25 Seamen, m 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 Landsmen and Boys, Cooks and Stewards, 10 Firemen, 16 Coal Heavers. Apply to Naval Rendezvous foot of Exchange st., JOHN P. HEATH, Commanding. maylldtf d. w. clark! HR A I Kit 171 Silver Street lee House, and Office Ho. HU Exchange street. 4 I'L Orders promptly attended to and customers XY supplied with the best quality of ICE. Price qf let for thr Season, 1864. 10 lbs a day, from June 1st, to Oct. 1st, *6.00 26 . “ “ 8.00 2o " “ " “ “ low) Forty rents per 100 lb«. To those who take Ice for the season, it will be de livered earli. r than 1st June and lator than 1st Oc tober, at the same rate per mouth as during the sea son When not wanted for the full sea-ton, it will be delivered at the rate of *2 00 pir month for 10 Ibe. per day. Notice of changeof reaidence, if giren at the of fice iustead of the driver, will always prevent dis appoiutmeut. Any customer leaving town for two weeks or more at one time, by giving notice at the office, will be en titled to a proper deduction. Complaints against the drivers, for neglect or care lessness or anv other cause, must be made at the ot fico, and will be atteedtd to promptly. Portland, May 13,1864. raayl3<17w Ladies’ Christian Commission. A ®^0IETY OF LADIE8, under the above name, 2\. has been formed in this city, for the purpose of ren-loriac all possible aids and com orts to our sick an<l w junled Soldiers, by co-operating with the U 8. Christian Commission. All Ladies intetested are invited to become mem bers of the Cotnini siou. Donations of mot ey, flan nels, handkerchiefs, partly worn muslins or ging hams for the lime, bandages, lint and ail hospital stores, may be left at the looms of the Young Men’s Christian Association, temple street, every atitr uoon. and will be immediately forwarded. Work will bo ready for delivery at the above placo and time ou and alter Monday, May 2b L. E BANCROFT, Sec'y. may20J3t BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., XAKl’FACTrRER. OR Japan, White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ctromul Golorp, ARC OKA LIRA IK Drugs, Medicines, aints, Oils 4 Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, No. 29 M no joy St., Ollier A Snlrsrovuia, 80 I'auiiuerrial Si., (Thomab Block.) IlKNUY II. lU’KOKBB, IAM1AKH III' CHARLEd 8. h'uBAS. NRlLl.lD. M. mijlSdtf M. G. WEBB <fc CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, VO. St COMMERCIAL STREET, apl4 PORT).AND, ME. dtf RUFU3 DUNHAM, Mauufkcturer and Wholu-alo Dealer in B RITANN IA —AMD— Plated Ware, No. 21$ Fore street, Portland, Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1864. ma>17dtt A. S. THAVKK, Rl. D., PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, No. ‘A 13 row it Street, PORTLAND„ MR. may 19 HYDROKONIA. maylDdSt* H. L. 1IOBSE A CO., M.inufacturord k Wholenajo Deakri iu Boots and. Shoes, NO. 481-2 UNION STREET, R. L Morse. Portland, Mr. I .,nDT, iVn J. Uttlellild, Lebanon, Ky. ) 1 DKTLAND. maylldlm Ice Cream ! lc.e Cream ! ! -A-t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. IS? aucl 154 Eiclianse St,, Uppo.iu the lut< roAiiou.l p,m«e. in.yTdif 1 LTT^tainments. NEW OPERA HOUSE t! LANCAS'^R HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! ©PEN EVEKY EVENIN’©. An Entire Change of Programme. YANKEE CIRCUS, THIS WEEK AiimiMlon 26 cent.; Reserved Sea**60 centa ■I SPRAGUE, I :najrl7 'f 11. BI.ANCUARD, I Manager*. MERCHANDISE. 4'om uml Bye. 10008HEL8 Southern Yellow Cora, . 1000 Bu.helr Rye, In .tore and for .ale by WALDRON A TRUE, mavllt]2w- No.. 4 and 6 Union Wharf. Sugar and Molasnes. 300 I111DS.| CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U 10 TC8. I GAR. 3il HIIUS Superior Mufcov-ado, and S' i'CS Clayed M<>lap«»«#, 11 BBLS from sierra Morena, Now lauding and female by THOMAS ASKNClO fc CO., may9tf_Custom Homw Wharf. Southern White Seed 1'oru, ARRIVED and for »ale by EDW'D H. BURG IN, No. 120 Cammereial street. May 7, 1*84 may9d3w WoimI, Palm Leaf* arid Mai ado. HHDS MALA DO, 1884 BUNDLES PALM LEAF, 142 MA IS, 81 IONS GKANAD1LLO WOOD, 30 LOGS CEDAR, Car#o British schooner Ann Leonard, for sale by HOPIIM EATON, No. 1 Central Wharf. Portland May 3, lotio. may5ddw Slrrra Tlorcnu HIola»Mh>. qo KURDS , O0»r | CHOICE SIERRA MORKNA o0 TIERCES 1 MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ' Now lauding from Brig "C. II. Kennedy" ruos. ASESCIO k CO . May 3—tf __ C. U Wharf. Scotch Canvass. 16>/"k BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor " .ar k Son,, Leith—a .ail cloth of superior quality—Just received per "Jura", and for ,ale bv McGILVERY. RYAN k DAVIS, mch26 dtf 181 Commercial Street U. S. 10-40 BONDS. These Bonds are issaed under tbe Act of Congress of March 8th, 1964, which provides that in lieu of so much of the loan authorized by the Act ef March 3d, 1961, to which this is snpleinentarjr, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to borrow from time to time, on the credit of the United State*, not exceed ing Two Ursu>xki> Million Dolls bs during the current fisaal year, and to prepare mi.d issue therefor Coupon and Registered Bonds of the United States; and all Bonds issued under this Act shall be Kxkmi’t raosi Taxatios by or under any State or munici pal authority. Subscriptions to there Bocdsf re re ceived in United States notes of National Banks — They a eTo he redeemed ix coi*. at the pleas ure ot the Government, at any period not lem than ten nor more than forty yezrs from their date, ard until their redemption nra pub < eht ihtebebt will be paid m cotx, on Bonds of not over oae hundred dollars anuuaily.and on all other bonds se mi-annually. Ibe interest is payable on the first day of March and September in each year. The semi anneal Cou pons are payable at those dates, and the annual Coupons ou the 6o and 100 dollar bonds are payable ’ on the first of March. Subscribers will receive either Registered or Cou pon bunds, as they may prefer. Registered Bonds are recorded oo the books of tbe U. 8. Treasurer, and can be trauferred only at the owner’s onlar.— Coupon Rond* are payable to bearer, and are more convenient tor commercial use. Registered Bonds be issued of the denomina tions of Fifty DoIlarsTSSO). One Hundred Dollars (•100), Five Hundred Dollars (500), One Thousand Dollars (#1.000),Five Thomand Dollars (#6,000), and Ten Thousand Dollars (#10,000); and Coupon Bonds ol tbe denominations of Fifty Dollars (#60), One Hundred Dollars (flcO), Five Hundred Dollars (#500). and One Thousand Dollars(#1,000). bubicribers to this loan will have the option of having their bouds draw interest from March 1st, by paying tbe accrued interest in coin—(or in United States notes, or tbe notes of National Banks, adding fitty per c.nt. for premium,) or receive them draw ing interest from the date of subscription and de posit. As tbeae Bonds are exempt from Municipal or State taxation, their value is increased from oae to three per eent. par annum, according to tbe rate of tax levies in various parts of the couutry. At the present rate of premium on gold they pay over eight per cent, interest in currency, and are of equal convenience as a permanent or temperary in vestment. It is be'ieved that no securities offer ro great in ducements to lenders as the various descriptions of U. 8. Bouds. In all other forms of indebtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock com panies or sepasate communities only is pledged for payment, while for the debtsoi the United States the whole property of the country is holdca to secure the payment or both principal and lrtercet ia cola. ihe Bonds may be subscribed for in sums from •50 up to any magnitude, on tbe seme terms, and are thus made available to tbe smallest lender and the largest capitalist. They can be converted into money at any moment, and tbe holder will have the benefit of tbe interest. The fact that all duties on imports are payable in specie furnishes a fund for like payment of interest on all Government bonds largely in excess of the wants of the treasury for this purpose. Upon receipt of subscriptions a certificate of de nai of which will be forwarded by the subscriber to the Secretary of theTrta-ury, at Washington, with a letter statiug the kind (registered or coupon) and the denominatious of bonds requited. Upon the receipt of the original certificate at the Treasury Department, the bonds subscribed for will be transmitted to the subscribers respectively. £et*cription* wi 1 be received by the Trea»urtr o/tk4 States at Washington aud the Assist ant Treasurers at New York, Boston and Philadel phia and by the First National Bank of Portland, Me., First National Bauk of Augusts, Me., First Xa ioual Bauk of Bangor, Me., First National Bank of Bath, Me.. First National Bauk of Brunswick, Me., and by all Xati>ual Banks whieh are depositaries of public money. All respectable banks and baukers throughout the country will furnish further infor mation on application, ami ailord every faciity to subscribers. may&MA w2w* New School .11 iisic liuok. THE SILVER BELL. Dosigned lor Schools, Academics, Select Classes, sud the Social Circle Containing about ‘A.0 ol th most beautitul aud popufikr Songs of the Day, Duetts. Trios, t^uaricts, 11 vinns, iuues. Chant* aim Places for Uonc rts aud Exhibitions. Arranged with Ptauo Forte Accompaniment. Also a complete ccur»< of Elementary latslructiwu aud Exercises lor prac tice, by i'HAKLES lie I LEU, Teacher of Mu*ic in the Public scoojI* of Boston. The following is s portion ol the couLut*. vis: “ w hen Johnny Com •> Matching Home,” “Annie ot the Vale,” “Vacant Cuair,” “Jemmy Boker.” (known as ‘ Johnny Schmoker,”) “Maidtu’s Prayer,1” “Tenting on th© Old Camp tirouod,” “Soldier’sChora* from I aust. ’ “Book ot Liberty,” “O 4 FHeads aud old limes. ’ “Near the Bauk» of that JLoue Uiver,” “Twenty Years Ago,” “Kitty Clyde. ’ “Ever of Thee*.” “Mother Dear, O Pray lor Mo.” “lie Loeth All Thing < Well,” Faded FTowar*.” “Birds of B:au tv,” “Break it'iy to my Mother,” “Bonuie l)uudee,'' “When this* War is Over.” Price 45 cts Sent pre-paid by mail on receipt of the price by the Publishers. HEN KY TOLMAN A t O ,2»l Wash ington street, liodou. For sale by all Book and Mus ic Dealers. May li#, 1854. mtyHOdSt For Sale. mfll Data property, so called, on Wi'idhaui Hil1, 1 in Windham, eoutsiningabout ten seres There six on the promises a gooj Two Storv Dwelling Hoax* and Baru, with other out-buTdiu**. The property is plea«autly situated aud the neighborhood unexceptionable. r or terms. Ao.. apply to DEBLOlS A JACKSON, Portia I:-* 'lay 18,1864. fa# Exchange fct may lSdtf Ayrshire Cow. tlOK Sale, oue pure breed Ayrshire Cost-lately calved. A rare bargain at the price, 9150. Also two Bull calve* of same breed at »3u and $50 each; the latter particularly well bred Address. S. L. UOODAEK. Kaco. May 10th, 1864. jnaylld2w* AUCTION' SALEsT Houkc and LofofLaud W at »o'ekck“ *ictl;-“ ®» Th“”d»7, May 2etb! Wa‘*r, an excellent cellar wltli*?’ ***?* *0,t 8on brick cietern. A good ,t* ble ■«« *»d and convenient in and »£»„t IbehCSn* ,h,E* b^»du;u^i^;.*;°;r*i----fbbcr fenced. 'I itle clear—trim* ei.v •«* ^jmt****'' BA,LKr * CO..,.,. House and Lot at Auction. W ^'*,1*U**11 en Friday, May 27, atgo’ccck r mayHidld'1^"'111 HAII.Ef k C'O., A action lira. Valuable Real Es.-ir at Auction In Lope Ml’/jibe<h. WWi&V «°JLw*d"^' i-r1 fui reatdonee about one' half £ nSl, The Ht-ild SKa'oi^rc'uV™0'^; u^Vwry Ho«0^ moieru in it* style, bai t of the Wet •i« ftod thoroughly finish'd; n line St able, shed kc Th'^siinntion is not txceedfd by any in tb s vininiJ *|,e *P‘«cUid viiiw it command, of the citv th<* harbor and the surrounding country «nC°»Cl<d With if ** • ®«M o. twentf+iokt a< re a ••»«« « cultivation ; the lined uoMdka of .which is m grass land, and cut. From itSTamfl Wl1.® two aDd * bill ton. of hay to the tore I hi. tteW i. tno.tly fenced «IUi a ..6."n,tali5f \J£XSt v-eSS&jsk .b. .uu. u“*>lll>l‘l_UfcSUv HAILEY k CO., kuefre. Administrator's bale. BY Tirfaeefa Heesee from tbe Judge of froba'e of Cumberiend f ounty, l .hall cell at oabtie auettonon I neiday. Jan. 21. 17*4, at tw,‘ cock C M. on the preruucthe lutlowiug dmeribe d real ea Uto betongiac fa the eat ate ol Maik Deer mg lata of Bndgfon.ln (.id county of I'amberland. la e",ory.of ■»><* 'Hate a. loll Barisof lo.4numbered eleven in the fourth and tilth range of Bridgtcn.contait. eg . boat thirty acre*, p-rrebamd of lI K t ar.lev ^ naid L‘i"n ’Vridlroe 0E® o*!f “i1' frbm *^e village ol n Bridgton. on tba rond lending to gaeden and baa on it 2 mowing Held., containing nbcut tv» elve ‘“—bout niee «“.PLt.t v^*."»dtobSM“OT"^ »' on‘ Bridgton. May HlJM* C *A*'iiHfilEK' OiiiiKliuii s Sale of Kent Estate. IJlHlSUAhT to license from the Hon. John A. X Waterman Judge of Probate for Cumberland County, 1 hereby give notice Hiat 1 shall offer for !»i® ** Public auction on Tuesday, Jnoe 2f th A D i »ttwelv° o'clock noon, on the premises, one eighth part, in common end undivided, or a rertain p ' V » w,,h d welling house on Krasklinlt Portland, formerly the property of Parker] Islay do ceased, ana numbered 5l on said street. **5r‘ t.m^ n”® P** share of my wards, ^n-Hd0r7oJe‘r/.'““1 X*di* “*«•«• Cat, JJated at Portland this 13th day of May, A. D. 187;.n JOHN J A DAM g, Uu.Vdlae. At the same time and place, the remalalug seven eighths of said property will be offered ier ulrTbt s?TJ a?‘a!!?”* rou»». The lot is shoal ^liK.XRY BULKY A CO., Auctioneer* Portland, May loth, Mtsi. nV5£ EDWARD ii PATTEN, ~ Commission Merchant £ Auctioneer, removed to the ■picioua store IS Exchange Street, four doors below Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive ccnRignmeaU of Merchandise of svery deitcriptioD. for public or private *aJe. Sales °l VwmJm, ('trgoes, Stock* snd Mar chaodixe solicited Cask advances made with prompt sale, and returns. ” mch’jdl" Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JEST OPENED Ho, 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street, PORTLAND, ML I shall be In th?constant receipt of, and will sell every afternoon and evening by public suction Id tho following lines of goods in quantities to salt: la Woolens ot till desc ription.. Urea Good* ie variety, Lisei, t rash Towel Iim, Covers. Ac,Table Cattery. Plate! .1* Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No tioaa aud Fancy Goode, Commencing Tuesday, February nth. GKO. L. PEIRCE. ▲ notion and Commission More bant. W. I*. SrawAET. Auctioneer* fsbll dtl TO THE AFFLICTED I 1»K. \Y. \7DETtI\li, JMedieal Electrician, No. 11 Clapp e Block, coaxsr oscoxasmss axd mlm stjlmmts WOULD respectfully ennoanca to tha eitlaaaa ol I Portland and vicinity, that ho has permanent* I ly located in this city. During the eleven months I that » e haw been ia town we nave cared some of I the worst forms of disease in persons who have tried Rl other forms of treatment la vain, and earing na* I tieuts in so short n time that the qaeetion it oItem I asked, do they stay cured 7 To astwar tha question we will say that all that do not stay owed, we will Hi doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. D. has been a practical Use triclan ftr twenty. H| one years, and is also a regular graduated r hyeletaa tiectriclty it perleotly adapted to chronic diseases io the form of nervous or tick beadaelw: neuralgia I in the head, neck.or extremities; consumption,when I S in the acute stages or where the lungs are not faihr 1 Involved: acute or chroaie rheumatism, scrotula, him r diseases, white.wellinge. spinal diseases, curvaiuw E»S ol tha spine, contrasted muscles, distorted hmhe. I palsy or paralysis, St. Vitas' Dance, deaf neat, stam- f menngor hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indigee- HSl , constipation wa«i liver comp? aint. piles—we car* j I every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi. 1 tie. strictures of the oheet, and all fbrnas of female H complaints. tiy Elootrlolty The Rheumatic the goaty, the lame and the lasy 18 leap with joy. and move with the agility and elastic- r ity of yoath; the heated brain is poulad; the frost I bitten limbs restored, the aneonth deformities re- I* moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakness to I strength; tho blind made to see, the deaf to hear an4 E the palsied turn to move upright; the blemishes ok I youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature life I preveutt d; the caiaaities of old age obviated, an* I an aotive oircalstion maintained. LADIES Who have ooid hands and feet; weak stomachs; £ lame and weal t acks; nervous and sick fefeftt ’ I dixztniMS and •wimming in the head, with indiges- | tion and constipation or the bowels; pnin in thealdn I and back; leucorrbma, (or whites); foiling of tha KEwj womb with internal esneers, tumors, polypus, and M all that long train os diseases will lad in Liectrie- El ity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation. L t ‘o profosc menstruation, snd sll of those long Un« F'., of troubles with young ladies, Electricity Is a certain; I specific, and will, in a short tims, restore the saffhrar f 1 to the vigor of health. kJf* Wt hare ah XUctro-Chemical Apparatus lor extracting Mineral Poison from the system, such an B Mercury. Antimony, Arsenic. Ac. Hundreds who Bffi are trouble*! with stiff Joints, weak baeks, and vari- E ous otherditScnlties, the direct cause of which. Us E nine cases out of ten is the effect of poisononadrugs, i can bo restored to natural strength and vigor by the I use of from live to eight Baths. Office hours from 8 o'clock a.h. to 1 r.i.i U if • ; and T to 3 r. u. Consultation Free. |yl« Isedt PorUnnd (In^iinl and Commfr- f rial Academy. f|1UK Summer Term of this schoc) mill eommecco H JL on Monday, Mav <*>. and will contiue ten weeks. B 1'he subscriber announces with satisfaction that he B ' ha* *>?cured. for the u*e ol his school, Union Halt., E with the two ante rooms couuected with it. This is I ou tree street, many opposite tho 4. Lurch. snd will make one of the moat comf. rtable, health? and at- M tractive school-rionis in the city. He will be ssaiat.PI ed by Mhss* Mary L. Hey wood and Hannah Rob- E bins The** !s«1;«m have had much successful ex pc-I rwnoeiu teaching, *ud have been for several months! past t mploycd iu the school. The uuujnud mic-1 1 cess with whisk this enterprise ha* thus far met. has I encouraged the proprietor to provide for it in iksB nine? liberal manner; and the public Is a«>ur*d that I | no pains will be spared to render the Aro.>nr stillEG more worthy of the rapidly increasing pstrvnaguE^B which it has euloved. Pupils of both »?xc» a re ie-lEyH c< iv ed. and • he be.-t school-room accommodation« art-now oil ‘red to la lies. Terms, flO.ju per term. J. H. HANSON. Portland. May 18th, 1334. mayltfcilw 7 Slraiu Engine for »alr. VSfcl U.Nl> HAND 10 Horse Power ilwumiuP Stem Engine; 6 loch cylinder, 2 foot .trok. gfiHffl with pump attached Balance wheel 8 feet diam. 1S3§ ter Via* run about rix month., and i. in ruftrnK order. Will be .old at a great bargain. WOOD. BISHOP* ro. m Bangor, May 19. 1SH. mayI3dlw J XV t-» lit rook Siniinnrt mid It-ual^^ CollPRtaU- luwlilute. rrH E Summer Term of this Institution will comt^j 1 m nee Wni'Utfinv. Mav 18th. aud couti»uEl5«5 eight weeks ii M STEVENS. Secretary. Stevens' l’la;ns. May 9. 18di._ma?I0d2w 1 Wanted. PARTIES haring largo or .mail capital to Inrt^^^R would do well to call »t T.9 Cougre.a •treeSRH Bare opportunity lor a paying buaioew. offered W9B tur; JOdlw fc. CHAPMAN, Jr, KU

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