Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 24, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 24, 1864 Page 4
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$ROUS._ C»ar and ihe Church. In the days of the Revolution, old Ctesar Watker, a gentleman of color, living in Bris tol, was sexton ol the Episcopal, or, as it was thou more guuuraiiy culled, tbu Church ol Kugland, in that place, \lyhlle the British oc cupied Rhode island thqklbade a descent up on good old Bristol, auiHplag oilier acts of hostility burnt the churc§P>'Be»i>re the arriv al of the euemv, however, many citizens had fled from what they supposed lobe impending danger, aud among the rest was C'te>ar. Uli, how the old fellow ran! With his knotty bead thrown back, aud his hyes looking like lull moons, he continued hia flight lor the deep woods, aud did uol stop until a distance Ol many miles was placed between himself aud the red coats. Tneu lie Imlimf a most emphatic Ethiopian *• Whew “ .Jj Ou the next day, however, judginj^flat the invaders bad decamped, the old darkey ven tured stealthily hack. When within a mile or two of his native town, ho was met by a clti seu who startled him with the solemn intelli gence that the •'regulars" had burnt the Church oi Eug and. Surprise, mortification aud rage were at ouce depicted ou Caesar's counte nance ; but a sense of the improbability of the statement seemed dually to predominate in his miud, and he exclaimed 1 *‘I knows heller; dr Hiujlnh t ould uebber burn de Church oh Uts informant still a:'irinif i trophe had actually e forth in a rage lu wbii Ide play ed no inconsiderably church's glory was his own “You doesn't ything whatebrr about It! liow burn de church? Oat aui im guide 1 eg in u y pocket.'" Upou^eac rn. however, the awful reaiud^Pins lurced itself upon his ComtHRension. The church was in ashes, and the “pomp aud circumstance” of bis sextonship Were goue forever 1 “ What do you t iluk now, Caviar?” saida person at liis elbow ; “they haveu’t burnt the enurch, hey?” With an air of mortified dignity, and in a tone which seemed to say that the least said Is the soonest mended, the indignant Caesar replied: “/•e nujfln at all to »ay about it!"—[ A.mer. Union. Lord Chedwoutu and the Spirit of Bis Friend. — The following circumstance wiu given on good authority In the Metro politan (English) Magazine in 1S30. Similar Instances are on record: Lord Chedworth—father of the late lord— had living with him the orphan daughter of a slater of his. a Miss WriglU, from whom Mrs. Crawford heard this circumstance : Lord Chedworth had aome lamentable doubts as to the existence of tbe soul iu an other world, lie had a great friendship for a gentleman who was as skeptical as him self. One moruing Miss Wright observed, on her uncle's appearance at the breakfast table, that be was very thoughtful, ate little, and was nuusuully silent. At last he said: "Nolly,” lor thus he familiarly called her, “I had a strange visitor last ulgbt. My old Irieud B-came to me.” "rCrvf’ssid Mi ■« Wright. ‘DilLe come after 1 went to bed ?” "Hit spirit did,’’ said Lord Chedworth, sol a irmly. 4aOb, my dear uncle ! bow could the spirit of a living man appear?” said she, smiling. "He is dead, beyond doubt,” replud bia lordship. "Listen, and then laugh as much as you please. 1 had Dot entered my bed room ma iy minute* when be stood before me. Like you, 1 could not believe but that I was look ing no the living man, and so accused him. But he (the spirit) answered, ‘CUedwnrtli, I died this uight at 8 o'cl >ck. I came to tell you there la auolUer world beyond the grave; there U a righteous God that judgetb all.' * “ Depend upon it, uncle, it was only a dream.' * But while Miss Wilgbt was yet speaking, a groom ou horseback rode up the avenue, 1 and liu iiediaiely afterward delivered a letter to Lord Chedworth, announcing the sudden death o' hit friend. Tbe effect that it bad upon the mind of Lord Chedworth was as happy as It was permaii‘nt; all hla doubts ware at ooce removed, and forever. A Cool Joee. — A ceuilemnn in Mor moutb, in this state, recently furnished tie following anecdote for the Boston American Union: There are two fun-loving individuals resid ing in this place, whom 1 will designate as Oeorge sod Kibby. They were never known to meet without one's trying to get up a Joke at the other's expense. At a town-meeting, held here one day last December, Kibby was chosen moderator — a great honor, as he thought. Ah >ut twelve o'clock that Digbt. which was horrible cold, Oeorge rode up, on horseback, to Kibby’a door and rapped. Kibhy came down stairs, shivering iu the cold, having nothing ou hut bis shirt and pants, wbeu Georg* sang Out: “Kibby, were you choseu moderator at our town-meeting to day ?” "Yes, I was,” he replied. “Well. then, do for God's sake, modern's the weather; if you tlon't we shall alt fret to death!” shouted George. Without waiting for a reply, the wag put ■purs to his horse and was soon well on his way home. But he declares, till the present day, that he heard a sound coming from KibHy'a door-way that souoded like a man ■wearlog. Great News! Important News! Bradt <£z> Co., N«- 20 Market 8q laie, Hltl lately arrived ta Portland, and are now rea y to exhibit to Ilia dtuene til this city aud surrounding towue. tbeir sntlrely sew aud elegant •lock of <A»» Fixtures, Of tba eery latest styles, eouris ing of Pallor and Hitting Room Ch<tndeliera, Disisg Room sad Ilsll Lights, Rtors Pendent*, H tat kt tr, Pitrttbld, die. Alas a vary fine aseortmsat of Kerovene I.ampe, Gas aid Lamp xiiadt*. of the latest lmpinvemuts, t»l >bes, l hmneye. and all sor's of ties y tiim b, Lamp aadaad banitin Trimming Also on band. ■haw • Patent Oita Cooking Apparhtus, Of all kisds They will eell all of the above gooda at i be eery lowest notion and blew York price eoa S was •'articular al'en’ioa will bwpaid In Gsa PlTtlHa, Karstaiso naoai *o»n.1 (Lldi»oo'( baidvl .1 v, Lunev and Bronte oraaneuu > f a I desarlpikns, in lbs vary highest st>l»ol toe art, and wll wg'rant all taetr work is be perfect. Ptwasa call ah era Leave year ordere for Gas Pitting or Repairing at the stors M Beaut. H Wuitiiit. Port and. May 10. IBM. meylOdtf Coal aud Wood! LOWEST PRICES FOR CABM, DBUVBBBO TO AX F PART OP TUB UTT, AT BHOBT XOT1CB. Oar Goal It of tba vary BUT qaality. sad war raalad ta giea satis motion -A Lao. TOR BALE Ail Kindi of Hard and Son Wood. Tba Pablta art iaeltsd to give as a sail, as ws art hosod ta glvs *stlsfaction ta all whs lave- as with OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RAMDALL ft McALLISTIR aaaao ly___ To nmmmractnrera, Ship Bnllitrr*. AROpar*oasds*lrou» of Real Ketsts Investments, followiBF pro* ertj • * <>fT> rrdfti food bargaiua. fi Uo immmc pric • fro n #16 rt to #6000. 100 «>u • LoU »f ortcftR fro n S8m> to *3000 •TOO Fe*tof water front 9 litahle for vhirvs* Ship ywrdt, Mftfiiifctuniif Hite-, fronting <Je p water tri b I aft soring of w«ter d acent thereto and a P»rtl>n of it jmIIlit***ug the <jran « Trunk Uuil »-e«d, which freight mav berirpo lt**d ->n thep-a-ni**,.#. iwehi 3«n • tJLTV 74 Middle st FOR L%lfD DRV DlM K COMPANY. THF fr*t ai fMwpntof Two Dollin per Share upon *h*«'api a1 Stock of this Company, la now ?«a. Bn4 parable at ill® of the Treasurer, J»c. 17, Corantroia* St. Per order of l*in c*ors C. M DAVIS, Treasurer. Portland AprU 10, lSBi. aprIOsdutf --— -- __:___ HOTEIiS. Splendid Pleasure Resort t THE WHITE HOUSE, (YORMBRLY W1L80K HOUBB.) % J.T MILLEK,.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hotel has recently been pnr* [Chased by Mr. Miller(ot the Albion) and has been thoroughly re titled, renovated and re* paired, and numerous excellent alteratkns _____ uade. It is located on the £accarappa road, kuuut . .r miles from Portland, atl srding a benutilui drive over a good road, and just shout lar enough for pleasure. It ha* a line large I>ancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys, lu close proximity to the house is a warm and roomy Stable, ooutaiuinjr twenty nice stalls. There is also a well sheltered tintd, IOC loot long, for hitching honMB The choicest Suppers will be got up fur sleighing and dancing parties, who will Hnd It greatly to their pleasutv and advantage to reeort to the V* hite House. No effort will be spared lor the entertainment of fJMtf, dsollMJtf HALLOW ELlTh O USE K E O PEN E L) I YEW FURNITURE ft FIXTURES! 8.0. DENNIS, Proprietor. If" The public are specially Informed that the spacious, convent* nt and well known Hallowill tineas. in the c»-ntt r of UaUowrll, two miles from Augusts, and four ml'es from Togus hpring, has been refurnished, and Is open for the reception of company and permanent board* re. fcvery attention will be given to the oemfort of guests. ST A BL INQ, and all the nsua) conveniences of a popular hotel, are amply provided Hall *wei . Feb 1 1864. mcb26 eodtf TIIKAJltttKJAN HOUSE, Hanover Street .... Burton, -18 The Largest and Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. ooKly PROPOSALS - for Rations and Fuel for Light House Tenders. Collect or*s Orrir*, » Superintendent o/ Liuhts, Portland. Me., 1 May 15, 1804. ) Ci KA LED proposals will be received at His rtfee uuu. 12 .’clock M , on Wed nerd y the 16th day oi Juue, 1804, lor turui biug aLd deliveiiug hatiou* and Kuei ioi the Light House TcLder* iu the 1st Ll^ht-liuun- Uistr.c , and lor ai y rei t-f light vessel aud L.>gh.-bou»e IVude' that may herallvu lor, tor oue y«a>, irotu tne U day ot July, 1864, to iho 80 h day <>i Ju it, lsti&. iuclu*i»e. I no i atiou* to be of good aud ap^roed quality ; to be delLereJ alongside ot the Ltg.idt ju?eTetid< r or other \es*tl provided lor the put p>»»* , at, lie , in good a> u sutluieut package*, birrUs, boxes, aud casts aud in goed oi* der, ioi awh >.ig .t*.-* *m;I, once a qUAitei, fieeof ex pense to the L’mted Maes, agioahie to spicitira ' tiuu* and tauie (marked - ) attached th« reto, # j wnich will .orui a part of the conn act. copus rtf’ whtc\ may It had by aj plying at \ his oflce. All idds iuu«t be *eaieu aud endoi»«d Tronoftls for Kaiiot/sauU IT »«1 tor nag bt *•*••»!•,” and iLen p aced iu another eov« lup. anu if t or olrtcUd to th e office, prepaid it sent b* v ail. tty ordered the Llfh -houa** Boart!; 1. WASdhtilsN, in , bupenute; dent of Lights. majl9 74126 STATEMENT OF THE .Etna Insurance Company, OK HAKTFOKD, CONN., On the 1st day of November, A. D. 1868, as required by the Laws of the State ot Maine. Ihe Capital Stock is.#1.600.000 and with the surplus is invested as follows: Seal estate, uumcuinht red, #87,968 18 Cash in hand, on deposit, and lu agents’ hands, 216.960 66 (Jolted States Stocks, 612,847 60 State ana city Stocks, and Town Bonds, btfll.460 00 Beck aud Trust Company Stocks, 1,1-47,270 00 Mortgage Bouds, 831,9-4) 00 | AllanUo Mutual Ins. Co’s sorip, 1862-8, 16,886 60 Total Assets, #3.026.879 74 Amoant of Ltahiiities for Losses not due or adjusted, #176 4)1 • Amount at risk, estimated, 116 bib.-,7. 0 lUUb. A. ALEXAJ4DMK, Fresidtnr. ( Luckts J. liARDMM, Secretary. y... Hartford, Jiov. 7, 1*68. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, Vo. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. (UcSdtr rTSvnwff miT?^i55 HA VK now bu^p before the public for nearly a year They are u*ivereai<y pronounced the neatest and best fitting collars extant. The upper edge proa. uts a peri* c curve, free from tb« augies noticed in all otnei collar*. ihe cravat causes no pucker* on the Inside of the tuiu-doauco lar,—they aieAS BM'*OiH IN8IDK Ad OUTsiUE.-aud therefore perfectly free and easy to the neck. r Ihe uarotteCollar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge . u Bon *1I>KS. These Collar* are not stmplv flat piecea of paper cut in the form ot a ooiiar. but are koldio ami Bit APB »» TO PIT TUB Mtik. 1 he) are intdc in -Novelty” (or turn-down stylejlu every half size from l'i to 17 inohea.andm "Eureka/’ (or Garo.te, ■ from 18 to 17 inenes; and packed in “solid size” iu neat blue cartons, containing )Q0 each; also in smaller one# of 10 each,—the latter a | very handy package for Traveller!, Array and Navy | Officer* tar EVERY COLLAR is stamped "Gbat’i Patxut Uolpkii Coll as.” Hold by ail dea>ers iu Meu'a FurniaMng Goods. The Trade supplied by iJATcli JoilNBoN a C o. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Men's Furnish ' ing Good* aud Umbrella* 81 Dsyovmkikk nt Hoe tow. Mahs. mrh22eod3m THE BOSTON FI KB UUIl k And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works. 804 : federal street, office aud Warehouse 18 Liberty • I hi’ur-reand 7 Hatter) inarch bt, manufacture Hie I ; Brick, ail sha|x-s and size*, fur furnace* retjuired to : aianu the tuo-t iuten-e heat ata i Furnace Block* j and blabs. Locomotive Fire Blocks. Bak<r*'Ov<n and <«reen-hou»e 1 ilea.C*ay R-tort* and nt-ce ssajy j Tiles to set them, Fire C’emout, FireClay aud Kaolin. The undersigned will give the r special attention l that ai orders tor the above man tciureare execu • ted with promptness. JAMES E MONO ACO. Sxllixo AoaxTS, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, iscbll eodfirn A.lmlntfelinirtx'a Sale. PURSUAN i to a Iwi-iii® from the lion. John A Waterman. Judve ol Probate tor the county > t • uni truat ikmtita tr tkc Uie .at« ltdward ft*. Jack, ot Westbrook. iu said county, drreased. will >e I at j ublio sale on tbeprtm i*es, on i hursday, thetfth day of Juue a. D le-4 At 3 lock r. If . aJ t»*c luteieei« t which the raid F. B Jack died seized in the follow lug ue»cilt«d >«al estate. Ths homo-trad of the decease I, situated in said We«>brook upon the ».oru erl) sde ot the road le-ding H orn Deenog's Ur dge lo haccsrapa, con sLting of a no iae. Laru »nd about 8 aert* land. Term* cash. K\K\ti F J AUK, Vluun snail la. Westbrook. Mav 7. 1*61. m»y*eodlui Diwwoliitlon. THF. eopartoeiship heretofoie existing under the firm ugtii - nt D*vl«, Twitch* it A map man la this dav diMotv d bt mataai • on*eat Ihe busiuoes ot tt.e firm will be ••■tiled at the old stand by either partner FREDERICK DAVI*. TM 'h * TWrrcBFLt* EuBKiDG ► I'U « t'M AN. Portland. May 11 1*4* mvl-dAwSw IHwwulutton, fflHE c<>parrnev-hit> he tiefor# a.i^tlag between A t» e suoacrlbors is this day di*«o\*d by mutual •onsent The *tfa rs'of ihe firm will b* ae»t!ed by either partner at ft* store «» Mea-rs. Twitchsll *'roa A Chaotplin KICobibi dal *rret. Ih-mk- Block JOitN q i WITCH El.L, J AMah P < II a Por'tand. May 12, 1864. my'6«JAw2w C ip artiif rwliip. TIlK subscribers have this dav farmed a copart u*r»hip uu<W the firm name ot Twitch'd Hr • j A Cham In a-.d ha* iug | urchs-ed the stock and . Joh ed the at* re recently owied and occupied by ! Da is, Twitch*!) % Chapman, will ooutn ue the i wholesale Grocery, Flour and Provision bu-it ess in allItabranchoa. THO* E iWMCHKLL, JO n g r Wire HELL, „ JAMf.H P CHAM LIN, 82 Commercial Street, Thomas Plook. Portland. May li. 184>. _ mvi*daw3w TO SHIP BVILBEKfl. P H. A: J. H HUOKINS, J^IQM MISSION MERCHANTS and wholesale and " 1 retail dealer* In Ship Tiif«¥tt a*-i>Pl*!«r. Have f.»r-ale at their Wharf, Ckrthal s^rakk R.*t Ho*T'*k 2.v)tnnn Lncimt ana Oak Trervail*, , X'tOO Hmkmatark Knrr* p'aned Alto Wmitk Oak Plamk and I'iMbkr.Chkhthut Hoabi . *» and Plaxk Whitu Hibb Dbck-Plabk. Ac. Particular at- j tentiou paid to Furnishing Oak Plank by the Cargo. , mcoildSm | FQR SALE & TO LET. VALUABLE REAL ESTATE t'OK SALE. Good Location for a Hotel. IThat valuable and centrally located House mud Lot, No. 81 India street, tor so msojr years owned and occupied by General 8amu 1 el Fessenden, is offered lor sale. The Lot 1- 7U leet on India street, cxtendiL*? back 171 feet—containing nearly 12 UUUfeet ot laud. The House is three stoned, is in good repair, and con tains fifteen rooms, besides many closets and other cjuveuience*; has gas fixtures throughout; it also ha* a large flow ot PURE Ay DEDUCT WATER, which is very desirable; also a large Wood House and Harn. This a good piece of property upon which to make improvements. It may be fitted for a El RSI (LASS HOARDING HOUSE, or a SECOND CLASS HOTEL. Its near proximity to the terminus of the Grand Trunk Railway and to the wharves of the Boston and other steamers, makes the location a desirable one for a Hotel. This lot might be improved with prodt to any me chanic or other person having means,by the erec tion of Tenemen s. its large depth affording ample spaoe lor a block ot eight or ten buildings. For fhrtber particulars »nquire of WM.U. J>i.KR 18, Argus Office Portland. Doc. •. 1968. decll MWFtf H0U8KS AID L0T8 FOB SALE, SITUATED OK Franklin, Alden, Washington, Montreal, Fox and Numner Streets. PRICES FROM tl.OOO TO 92,600. ▲Iso, TWO SMALL FARMS, in Cape Elizabeth. Terms liberal to suit tbs purchaser. Enquire of ELBRIDOE GERRY, af-23 dlw eodtf No 69 H gh 8treet. Farm for Male. IN Cape Elizabeth, 24 miles from Portland Bridge, about IOO acies of well p oportiouid mowing tillage . aetuic, w* od and t mber About «Ou cords hard and fco.t wood. Cuts 40 tons Lav, Barn most uew. 38 by 00, Lumber lor 14 6t*»ry house-on the direct road to rortlaud, extending 60 rods back, well located to cu. into ten acre lots, and will be if requested. Fences stone wall mostly new. Prioe d7o per acre, 25 per cent cash; balance can remain a number of )ears secured by moitgace. (or par ticulars enquire of SCOTT DYER. mth90 cl4ui For Male. 11EN and three-fourths acres of Land, near Wood . lord’s Coiner. West brook; p'le* and terms easy. Also 60 cords Wood, one Mowing Machine, 1 ox or double Horse Wagon. 1 rjdiug Wagon 2 Hay K«cis,2 Huflx'O Robes, Plows. Hakes, hoiks &ho> e s. Hoe*, i hams, ) okes. lia) Caps, Harnoser GOtO B icks, Ac. For partivulais iLquire ot Jehu Read near 1 lie prrm ses, or of the subsenb r at Cbenety It Read's, 29* Ccugesi street, Portland. J .41. READ. Portland, May 19.1864. majlddhmlw* Valuable Keal Eniate lor Male. YYTB have for sale a very desirable Hou*e, cen v f traliv and pleasantly located, tlnisheu and furnished trona garret to od ar; every hiug in and ai>ou» the house in tierfect oid-r; will b* rold with the Furuiime, which is ug«*>d taste and in fi*eo> dir Immediate possession given, ihe hou»» and luroiture esn be ex»mint'd at any tin.o and iblor mation give by oaliing on HENRY BAiLET ▲ Co., Auctioneers, maylddid Building Lot* For Sale. TUE subscriber offers fjr sale two acres of land at (Steven's Plains, Westbrook, in 1ms to suit pur cnseers, and at pric s tb« t cannot tail to be satisfac tory. These lots >r« situated in a very pleasant locality, and *he facilities ottered by the liorm* Kil road for passage t*-ai.d from tli ci y. will render them teiy dcniiablc lots uri le-irt. nre. k nqair* of K. liU.N H A M, No. 218 F jres’r-fCt. Portlind. May 17ih. 1864. mt)17dliu For Sale. THE ^aoa property, so called, on Windham IMF, in Windham, oontaiuitga out ten seres. lh«-rc are out lie premises a goo • T«*o Sidy Dwelling iiotise and Urs, with oth« r ou -buduiu,*. The property is pioa-antiy si nated and the neighborhood unexceptionable, roric ra« Ac., apply to L>fc.t>i.oia a j a< hs< N, Portiarr* ‘lay 18,1834. 5Sf Exchange ct. maylSdti For Sale. A SQUARE block of land, of about 78000 acre* of wood land, ou the south side of the river St. Lawrence in Canada East It is into receded by two conaiderab e livers with eligible klul tits. Well wooued witu every description ol tiroLer, sucb as Sine and spruce in large quantities, and maple, erch beech, tamarac anu bass wo dt« any amouLt. Enquire of A 11. T. M ACH IN, * ortiand Portland. Feb 1864. feb26oodtf Houses and Lot for Sale. A two story Woodkk liou*-x. No Fore .feet, near' Portland *om,ai.j Works,” co taluing 13 tlni*hvd rooms. Convenient Lr two families 1 iped tor t*as with flx'uns. haa iq abundance of Laid and s tt water; the Lot is about 30 by 78 ftet. Te; ms satir factory. Apply to JOUN C. FKoCl F.R, mtyPdSw Lime street. For Sule or to Let. CLIFF COTTAGE, cont.tnia* over 10 i I rooms,largt stable and sboda—situated two aud one-half miles from Portland, and the finest situation in Cape Elizabeth for a vs J_\ tering place, and summer boarders. For par tic mars enquire of GEO. OWEN, ap7 dtt 81 Winter Street. Portland. House For Sale. A TWO etory wooden house. No 18 Adams street, JjL 11 finish <4 rooms, convenient for two families; plenty of good water. For particular! tuquire of 11. J. WILL* HD. Portland, Msy 14,1861. mayl4eodif To Let. TilK rooms over the etcre of the subscribcr.corner 01 Fore and Exchange streets, now occupied by Stephen Berry as a printing office . Possession gives 1st of January. Applv to d*c»dt! _ BENJ. FOUG. For Hale. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new, can be used for one or two dorses. It has Pole and 8hafts complete. For price Ac., call at No.4 Free Street Portland apr | eodtf To Let. STORE now occupied by at. Poaseeeion given immediately. Also, a Front Ofloeln Hanson Block. Jan* dtfU J L1HBETACO. To Lrl. ONE STOKE in Galt s Block. Apply to H. T. MACHIN. apttdtf Dirigo Insurance Company or rua i/rr or Portland. Olllce No* as Eirbange alrcof. Capital $200,000 II11 Company is now prepared to issue policies on ml kinds of property insurable against fi.e, at cu<reni r*toa A. k. slil'aTLfcf, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. DnnwiM J. B Brown. K A. spring, D W Clark, J. B. Carroll, Jonn Ltnch, H I Robtuson. Tboptixs fit. John Smith. If. If Payson. C. M. Haskell, Audre* ap’iog, N. O. t ram, riiilip II Brown, II * Jn.e, Jere Do*, G W Woodman, li J Libby, H. J Itobinton, J N WU.tow, A C. Chase. AKah Looanf. Wm Moulton. Portland. May 4, 1844. maj&dtf MAINE INSURANCE CO., Maine. THE M.lne Comp.nv In.urt ...last low ur d.m.,*' by Fire. Building. M.rchas. diM and FarDiiare. on term* d. r.turabl. u It c.n any aolront Company i'olloia. iMued for One, Three, or fire rear. J L CUTi.EE Troddent. J. H WILUAM8.8eoret.ry. EDWARD SHAW-Agent, Ho. 108 Middle Street. —linedly FAR ITi'IFATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Compsny will Issue Polices to be free after the payment of six, eight or ten Premium* at the option of the insured and at rate* as low as any other Company. The Issue of Free Policies renders ft at the least equal if not superior to the participation companies. Office No. 102 Middle 8t. CHARLES HOLDEN. Pres. EDWARD SHAW, Seo. F»b 18 d%wtf. CITY pF PORTLAND. THE oommPtft* on -*ighw*ys Ac., wi'l receive ►ea! d proposals for furnishing ten thousand ton* H*-a Ida d paring atoi e> ouing the mouths of May June md luly—equal quantities each month. The parties proposing will nl-asc late what portion of s%:d-no es—I le*« than the whole *raourf--th* y will furnish as above Prop^pa's w 11 he rccei’ed mii i! 'une 3d, 18t>l The committer reserve the right to reli ct any or all proposals not deemed lor the in* teresi ol the city. Per order. J. E. DONNELL, Chsirraan. April 18th, 1964. ap20 d A a td RAILROADS. PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC R.R. SPRING k slmmeiTaurangement, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 ngil2!B»ig3P Passenger trains leave Sko* began for niESHtft’rt auu and Boston, at 8 45▲. M , An gu« a, n.vw A M and Bath 12 10 P. M. Anvnsta for Portland ana Boston at 6.80 A, x.; Bath tt.Su A. Portland for Ba‘h, Au-osta. Waterville,Kendall's Mills ana Bkowhegar, at 1.10 P. M. Portland tor Bath and August* 8 16 P. M. Passenger* for «cation*on tho Androscoggin Rail road will charge cars a* biuLswick. Tne I lo M. traiu f on Portland connects at Kendau s Mills with MaJu» Central Railroad for Baugor, Ac , arriving same evening. Stages leave Ba b tor Root laud at 9A.M. and 8 Btiges leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P. M. Stages bate bkewhegaa at 6 10 P. M for Anson, • Through Tickets for all the stations on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, can be procurred in Boston at the Eastern or Boston and Maine stations. » H CLBUMAN.Baperinteadent April 18, 1864 ap28tf t ort* A CuiulM-rlHM* Kallrwid. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and nfter MONDAY, April 1th., 1864, trains will leave as follows, until further notice : Baco Hiver lor Portland at 6 46 (Freight Train with Passenger Cart) and 9 16 a. u , and 3 80 r x. Leave Portland tor Baco Hiver, 7.46 a. x. and 2.00 and 6,20 p. x. The 2.00 r. x. traiu out, and 5 46 a. x. traiu into Portland,will be freight trains with passenger car* attached. Mage* connect at Haccarappa daily for 8outh Winuham, Windham Center and Great Falls. At Gorham lor West Gorham, Btsndisb. Steep Jails, Baldwin. Sebago, Tiidgtcn. Hiram. Liming I ton, Cornish, Deumark, Brownfield. Lovel. Frye burg, Conway,Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and Jua ton, N. H. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonney Ea gle, South Liraington, Limingtou and Limerick At baco River lri-we*kl>, lor Hoiiie, Limerick, Ossipee, Newdeld, Parsonsfield, Kilngi.xm, free dom. Madi-on, • atou, torn ;*h, Porter, Ac Fares 6 coins less when tickets are purchased in the Office, than when Laid iu the Cars. DAN. CARPENTER. Supt. Portland April 7,18*4. dtf MAINE CENT HAL. HALL ROAD. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. Traiu Iwre Portland, Grand Trank WSl*gmsuttnn, for Lewi,ton and Anbara, at 7.40 a. M. For Ban,or and Intermediate rtatiou at 1.10 r.a. RETURNING—laave Lewtaten at 6.30 a. M.. and arrive In Portland at 8.80 a. ■. Leave Bangor at 7.36 a. M., and arrive In Portland at 3 00 r. M. Botk three traiu connect at Portlaad with traiu for Boeton. Freight train leave, Portland nt 8 A. ■., and ra-. tarningie dne inl’ortland at 1 r. w. ftagee connect with train, at principal etatiou, dally for moat of the town. North end Earn ot thia Une. C. M. MORSE.Sop’t. Watnrrtlle. November. 18*8. deo!4 GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canada. WIN TICK ABKaNGKMKBT. rjMBK On and after Monday. Nor. », UK, HmUNHr trains will run daily, (Sundays exoepW ed) until farther notice, u fbllows: Up Trains. Lours Portland for South Purls at 7.40 u. a. Wot Island Pond at 1.10 r. a. Down Train*. Lour# Island Pond (Or Portland, at 6 A. a. Lours South Parts (Or Portland at 6.44 A. a. The Company are not responsible tor bus gigs to any smonnt exceeding MO m value, and that per sonal, unless notice to given, and paid tor at the rate or one passenger tor every N00 additional valaa. C. J. BRYDGE8, Managing Director. B. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nov. 4. J-SJ8 aovt PORTLAND, SACO A PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April 11th, 1844. rnamn Pcseengcr 7 rains will leave the Sta mBK Don, Caual street, daily, (Snndsys ex ocfcted i as lollowe: Leave Portland for Boston, at 8 46 A. a. aad 1.(6 r. a. Leave Boetoa for Portland at 7.80 A. a. and 8.C0 v. a. Leave Portsmouth tor Portland, at 10.00 A. a. aad 4.8) r. a. Those trains will tabs and leave passengers at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston dally. FKANC1S CHASE, Superintendent. Portland, Oot. 30.1W8. oe31 edtf STEAMBOATS. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. Ono of the following flr*t*cJa*a steamer* of this Liue vi* — i'ernviao, Hibernia, North American, Jura, Bel* ■■■SiifiiD, Nova Scotian, Moravian. Da* niDcus, Miti wail from Quebec, kvikv Saturday Mosul no, for Liverpool via Londonderry. T leNohTH Amihk an, to sail from yuebce Sat* urdar moruing. May *21. Also the oteam^r* ST. David 8t. George. 8t. Andkiw St 1'nTrick. tri monthly from Quebec for Glasgow. Prepaid and return t'cket* issued at reduc *d r*to*. For passage apply to H. A A. ALL AN. Montreal, or to J L. FARMER, maylCdtf No. 10 Exchange street Purtligd. International Steamship Company. East port, Cal ah & St John. two tripTper week. Oo and after Monday, March 28, the anpenor eea-going Mearner NEW BRUNSWICK. Cam E. B _VYieciteeter. will leave Kaiiroad Wnari. i sot of State .Street, every M<>nda\ at ft o’clock I* M he hteamer NEW ENG LAN D, Capt K. Kixld, every Thureday at ft o’clock ft*. M , for aaetport and M John, N b . ooanectiag at ICattport with ■ iearner Qoeen, for Robiaeoa. St An dreweand taiais. and btaee eoaehee lor Ma* chia*. and at si. Juba with steamer* fur freiiw* Icton aad with steamier lor Dtgby, Wind •or aad Halifax, ai d with the K ft M A. Railroad for bhediac and ell way notice* • Returning, wl I >eave 8t Joha evory Moaday aad Thareday a. ft o'clock A. M , lor Eastpuri. ft’urtlaad and Boston Ttnongh ticket* procured of the Agent*and Clark on board Steamer*. Freight received L1J ft o olock r. M . Moaday* aad Thareday*. mayddtf C. C. EATON. Agent. Portland anil Boston Line. a itu a a (jA i*i r<ivn Voreat City, Lew u ton tn4 Montrenl *WMm WUl, ISUI fkiA«r wotKM. raa a* follow.. Uwi Atlkatio Whirl Portlud. ki.ry MuikUt. Taawda., W*dn.*4»y, Tbareda. aad Frill*,, M 7 u'ulook P M , ud lodi* W har«. Hoatva, •very Mood*,. laaada., Wwlnwdtp. rbanda. ud Frida. *17 o'clock P. W. Far. la Obi*.(1.M “ oa Dnk. 1 U Fratght tkk.a a. o.u*]. Th* eodipaay ar» uot ru.ooB.lbl* tor baggag. <• key uuiiii •kcwcdlug *40la .kla«, kod (bki poraos kl, uleu actio. Ik gl.*k kod pud lor kt th. rat* *f oa* pkMengtr for ..... WOO kdilUokkl .kl*e. Fob 1«. IMS dtf L. H1LUKU8. Agral. Portbawd and N«w York Slramrri BKMIWKKKLY LINE. _ Th. .pl.udld kkd fk*t Stekauhlp. , "LOCTSl POINT." Cnpt WiLLwrr, Ct. ii "Potomac," Ckpuio s***. . .iaHi WOOD, will,kLtll fWrtb*. a otic, raa M follow* Leave Brown* Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY. at 4 P M . and leave Pier 8 North River. New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at 8 o'clock, P. M. Tbeee vomoI* are fitted up with fine accommodation* for paeeengers making this the moot speedy, safe and comfortable route for travellers between New York tad Maine. Passage 87,00, iuolading Fare and State Rooms. Goods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Snebee, Bangor, Bath, Angnsta, Eastport and 8t. obn. Shippers are requested to send their freight to the steamer* e*early as 8 P. M., on the dny that thep leave Portland For freight or peesage apply to EMERY A FOX, Brown s Wharf, Portland. H B. CROMWELL A CO , No. M West Street, Hew York Dee 6. 1861. dtf Notice TOE sr*t meeting of the “Cross Patent Lantern • U'trd Wanufac*urina Crmjtany” will be held at the counting room of W. K. P. (>e**, ou Tues day, it 10 A M Mty 81»t 1864. for the purpose of organ.zlug said oorpoiatiOk. W. R. r cross, C. H. BREED Portland, May 18th. 1864. maylftd15t Th. I'heapnt Agency FOR collertlnr *1’ Masses of claims arising from the war 1* th t of 'be “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION/’ in whioh the expenses aro controlled by a disinter ested r.xccu ive • omnut'ce Apply in person, or by letter. »o GEORGE F. EMERY, over th* Portland Post Office 8 I stcy. dmwly Evergreen Ufitirippy. THE Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will i>e at hi* office, in New CPv Rui ding entrance on M*rt> *»tr--#r. from .*>’ook M. to 8 o’clock P. M., every day, except Sunday*, t» attend to any calls in oounect'on with said Cemeter . Orders may he left at the office at any time. npA6 dtf H. C\ BABB, Superintendent. I MEDICAL. Good Now* lor the Unfortunate. TUB LOBO SOCUBT PUB DISCOVERED AT LAST. Cherokee Remedy CHEROKEE INJECTION. OOMfOUKDID VIOV BOOTS, BABBS ABD LBATBS CUEROEKE REMEDY, th* great adiaa Die atls. cure* all di >a.H of tbs Urinary t gaas, sack as Incontinence of tbs Urine, lnflamatiou of th# skid nays, blue* In tha Bladder. Stricter#, (.rexl, •sleet. Oonorrbea, and 1s especially recommended in those cases of floor Altai,tor la Females) where all I he old nauseous medicines have tailed It is prepared in n highly concentrated form, th* doe* only being from one to two teaspooalBle three time* per day. It it diuretic and alterative in Its action ; purifying and cleansing th* blood, causing it to flow in nil its original parity and vigor; that removing from tha system all peruieioas onuses which have induced dis ease. CHEROKEE IFJKCTION Is intended as an ally ar assistant to the CHEROKEE REMEDY, an should be used in conjunction with that medicine in all catctof Gonorrhea, Gleet, Floor Altai or Whites. Its effects are healing, soothing and demulcent; re mi viog nil scalding, heat, choadee and pain, instead of the burning and almost unendurable pain that Is sxperieuced with nearly all the cheap quack injec tions. By the ate of the CHEROKEE REMEDY and CHEROKEE IXJECT1 OX—the two medicines at the lame time—all improper discharge*arc removed Bad the weakened organs are speedily restored to fall vigor and strength. For fall particulars get our pamphlet from any drug store in th* country, or write ns and wc will mail free to any address, a full treatise. Fries. CHEROKEE REMEDY, 42 per bottle, or three bottles for 46. Frio*. CHEROKEE IHJKCTIOS, 42 per bo a or three bottles for 44. Boot by Express to any address on receipt of tbs pries. Sold by all drigglata, everywhere. DR. W. R. M ERWIN It C*., eoLa ruornirront, No. 59 Liberty*t., New Tork. Ch.Urokee Cure ! THB OtUT INDIAN MEDICINE, COMPOUVDKD FROM BOOT*, BAKU ABB LBATBB. An unfailing cure for Spermatorrhea, Seminal Weakness, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases caused by self potation ; such as Loss of Memory, Universal Lassitude, Pains in tbe Back, Dimneaso! Vision, Premature old Age, Weak Nerves. Difficulty of Breathing, Trembling, Wakeful nets, Eruptions on the Face, Pale Countenance, Insanity, Consump tion, and ail ths diretal complaints caused by de parting from the path of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extract, and one on which ali ran rely, as it has be- n used in our practic* for many years, and, with thousands treated. It has not failed In a single instanoe. Its cnrativa powers have been sufficient to gain victory over the most stubborn ease. To those wbe have trifled with their constitution until they think themselves beyond the reach ot medical aid, we would say, Despair not • the CHER OKEE CURE will reetore you to health aad rigor, and after all quack doctors have failed. For tall particulars get a circular from any Drug •tore lu tbe eountry, or write the Proprietors, who will mail free to any oue desiring the same a tall treatise in pamphlet form. Prioe. *2 per bottle, or three bottlee fer $6, and forwarded by expreee to all parts of the world. Bold by all respectable druggists eveiywhere. DR. W. R. MKRWIN * Cs., SO LX raOPBIBTOKA, feb8 eodfcwly NO. 69 Liberty 8t.. New Tork. Elixir f Elixir DR. WRIGHT'S REJUVENATING ELIXIR 1 OB, ES8ENCEOF LIFE. Pairiitito non Pea, Tsurtibli Extbac-t., oobtaibibo auraias ibjobioo, to tbb MO*T DKLIr‘ATB. rPHE Rejuvenating Elixir I, tha result of modern "*■ discovert** iu tbe vegetable kingdom, being to entirely new and abatract method of care, Ir res (-ac tive of all tbe old and worn-oat system*. Tbia medicine has bean tasted by tba moat emi aant madloal man of tbe day, and by tliam pronoune *d to b* on* ol tbe greatest medical diaooveriee of tbe age. On* bottle will care General Debility. A few doeee cere lly.terice la female*. Oae bottle cure* Palpitation of tbe Heart. a few doeee reetore tbe organ* of generation. From on* to tbre* boulaa reetore* tbe maaline* bad fall rigor ef yoatb. A few doe*, reetore tbe appetite. Tbre* bottle* cure lb* wont aaa* of Impotaaay. A few doeee ear* tba low-epiriud. On* bottle rector., mental (rawer. A few dore. bring tbe rare as lb* aback. Tbla madreta* reetoree to maalr rigor aad rake health tbe poor, debilitated, wera-dowt, tad 4* •pairing derote* of re areal pleeeere Tba ball are, rear,, led yoatb, the avertaekad awn •f beware, tba rtatim af aerroa. depraaeioa. tba ■dirldanl eaf-rlagftom general debility, ar ft am wrelaare of a reap, twgaa. will alt gad ImmedMde ] and permanent reUefby tW am ef Una at Ire mac* af Life fife M p—t. belt:., ar tbre* battle, fer ftt. and fefwarded by Expmt, a. r.awpt af meaty, la My ad dram. Md by All Draggwta everywhere. DB W B MEIWIJV ft Oo.. ■OLE PBOPBIEToRS. Be. B Liberty at.. Raw Ter*. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR. HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE. For the removal of Obstruction*, and the Insnrano of Regularity in toe Recurrence ot the Monthly Periods. They core or obviatethose numerous diseases the, spring from irregularity, by removing the irregular ity itselt. They cure Suppressed,Excessive and Painfhl Men struation , They euro Green Sickness (Chlorosis). They oure Nervous and Spiual Affections, pains in the back and lower parts of the body, Heaviness. Fatigue on slight exortiou. Palpitation ot the Heart Lowuees of Spirits, Hysteria, Sick Headache, Gid diness, etc., etc. In a word, by removiug the Irreg ularity, they remove the cause, and with it all the effects that spring from it. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they con tain nothing deleterious to any oousiitution, how ever Selicate—their function being to substitute strength for weakness, which, when properly used, they never fhil to do. All letters seeking information or advice will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions accompany each box. Price 91 per box, or »ix boxes for 96. Bent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of price. Bold by all respectable Druggists. Dr. W. B. M ERWIN ft Co., BOLE PROPRIETORS, No. 59 Liberty-st.a New Tork. feb(k odfceowly Steam Engine for Sale. A SECOND HAND 10 Oorre Power Uorizontal Steam knifin'*: 6 inch cy inder, 3 foot stroke, with pump attach' d Balance wheel ft feet diame ter. Has hd about six months, and Is in perfect order. Will be sold at a great baigain. WOOD, BISHOP k CO. Bangor, May 19,1694. mayl9dlw MEDICAL. Lyon’s Periodical Drops TilGREATFEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! All BBTTEM TH AM ALL Pills, Powders dr Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! Bare to do Qoodand cannot do lam. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female RemeOy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! A** BCTTU THAR ALL PILLS,POWDMRS ♦ QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. A Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARM BKTTBR THAN ALL PILLS, POWDERS AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are Sure to <lo Good and osnnot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great FeauUe Rcaedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS au iirru mi all Pill*, Powder* and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS • UU TO DO GOOD AMD CANNOT DO BAKU Lyon’s Periodical Drops TEI QBIAT flEALE BIMIDI Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than nil Pills, Powders, And Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sere to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Bottle. For ule by Ail Droggifta. At wholaaalo by W. F Phillip*, U. U. Bmy A Ce., Portland. nitlMdly Female STRENQTHENINQ CORDIAL. Tbit Medicine I, of long tried efficacy for correct ing nil duordcra incidental to tbe feminine ten. That tho afflicted may feel cured that tide Cordial le trail- valuable and worthy tbeir coottdeoce, - not ooo of tbooo iier, t compouodt purpoeod to destroy healthy aotion. I add a tew teetimonial, from phys ician, woom all, laeorlngthe Electric and He termed practice ot Medicine, respect. DK WILLAKD C. GEOICUE,formerly Professor in tbo Worcester Medical College, nnd President of the Eloclrlc Medical Society, Mass., tpoake el it ia tbo following terms: "I bore need the Female Strong!tuning Cordial similar to that preparation by DK. GEU W 8WkTT. 106 uonover Street, and I regard it as one of the beat Medicine, for Female complaints that oa* be found.” DK. J. KING, Author of-Woman Her Dte ewu aad tboD Treatment, ’ mys: "This Medicine appear, to exert* apoeile ia*u «nc* on tbo LiUi na. It ta * ralnabla agent la all de raagementa of tbo Female KeprooucUv* Organs." DK 8M1TH, pr.videut of lb* Mow lurk Am elation of Botaak Thyaiciao* •*«• •• No Female If la oolicaU health, tbond omit the timely aee of thl, valuable Cordial. I sue murk ot my vucousala midwifery to tha us* of this Medi cine." MOIHEKS AMD MARK1KD LADIK8; The following from Dr. FAT to worthy your ao ttuai " At* general remedy for Fvmaia Complaint* this ' Cordial * a vsry vaJaabl. one. bat by the I'rofeo ntOB It Is eeloemed men big hi > foe lie good reoult during CooSnomeut ia to'iovlag tho grunt enfeelug attendant upon childbirth I nuhnowmdge with tie It with that much uf my auuuuua in midwifery w d*u tilth* no* of thi* modieia* It Mrooglhon* both molbor and child, la each eu*,, I fallow tho dt rnvtton* of Prof King, by nlkiwioo my potfent* to no* It a few weak* p*w> inn* In ooala-moat. a* by tho • marry it impart* In tha otarta* sorrow, opeum tho labor will ho vary mill feotuiatod. mf r*ami tho *ora#a whwh naiv lemnlo* Ur* tiokfe to ||o woman if *ho knew tbo great valaoof ihi* itroagvk ouiii* cordial would <aiA* no* it." I bar* ruoai’ed a a moron* tuuttmoalal* from dif treat paitaof tho ooaatry whtr* aasd haooiag tha good M ■* oapahfe ofdmag. I w II aarvaat ovory aoeu* of my J' Cordial'' ta b* till* tailor; is It* ra •alt* Tho lotto wing Ifainai laduta Ik no* aShoU*** ta wbfeb tha Fimmlt iOrongUunong t mm ba* proved taouiaabfe : laflia**iuoa ta Eaortioa. Wakofblaaao, Laooai mm, Doamotoa of hpirtm. rrowbUag. Lorn of fewer rata la tha Bach. Alton*** Chafe aad Flaotuaj of Heart, Dragging non, at tan at tho lowr Part of th* Body. Haadaaho. I aaaaav. Aob lag Alow* tho thigh*, laiolofoaoo of It*hi aad Bound. Pal* Coaatoaaoe. Don* go a* at of ho Momaoh and Booth, Diffloalt Bruathmo. My Norm, he . he It fe * tpoel** romady ta all Ctarta* Dfeaaam, C blivet* ol Genoa afehnuou. Irrogalamy. fuafal Boa* 1'rofu.e or Sappromiea of I e* tomary Dfe r bar gw*. iMMVketw White* Arirrha* or Xiloor at* Btafe *1 ta* litor**, ktonlily, B*. No hotter long ooo numbly It pal •• than thi*, aad uowo fern likely to do harm, aad It W oomi in I wholly ot regulable ago***, aad *arh aa wo bar* kaowa le b* valaahfe. aad have need tot many ’’pRICE, Ou Dollar For Bottle, or sth beetle* for *6 should year drnggi*t not bar* It. taad dlraotiy t* o*. aad whoa in bottle* or mor*ar* ordered w* will pay all eapoamw, aad bar* It sscarsly puked from observation. Be sure and got that prepared at tbo Msw Eaglaad Botanic Depot 106 8t Boston GEO W SWKTT. M D , froprlstor. H. H. HAY, Afeat, Portland, mchksodfm OKA FTS A WILLIAMS. Scocaanons to J. W. IIUNNEWELL ft Co., No. 6 0 7 ft 8 Commercial Wharf. Boston. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Drugs, Medi cines, Paints, Oil*, Dye Stuffs, Manufacturers ar ticle* snd Chemicals Manufacturers of Cor al Var nishes, Japan ftc. Agents Air Forest River Load Mystic Lead Co. French sad American Zinc. Druggls”*. Perfumers and Liquor Labels. General Agents for J. L. Hunnewe'l's Universal Cough Rem edy Tolu Anodyneand Electric Pill*. mcbfileod&n Far C'sag be* Colds mad Consumption. THE Vegetable Pulmonary Balsam is the most highly approved medicine ever discovered. It has stood the best qf all tests. Time, having had an nnpreoedented sale of nearly forty years. It Is recommended by onr best physicians, oar meat emi nent citizens, the Press, tbs Trade, in tact by all whokuowit. For certificates, which can be to almost any extent, see wrappers to each bottle. The proprietors will cheerftillv refund the money it not ent rely satisfactory. Price 60 eentaand It the large bottles much the cheapest. Be cart/SU to get the genuine, which is prepared only by REED, CUT TER ft CO.,Wholesale Druggists, Boston. Boldin Portland by dealers generally. a. H HAY, Druggist, oornsr Middle and Pros streets. Wholesale Agent. dee* MW Ordinance Against Dogs. Citt or PonTLAVO. UitstuL's Orricn, I May fid. 1861. J 8acTion 1 —No dog shall be permitted to go at large or loose in suy s'reot 'ane, al'ry, c- urt or trav eled wav. nr in any uuinHossd « r public pGeeinthte citv. until the owner or keeper ef such dog. or the head o the family, or the keeper of the house store, shop, office, or «th* r plsce where such dog Is kept or harbored, shall have paid the City Marshal two dollars for a licese for such dog to go at )ar»e. Nuo 7 —In cast- any dog shall be found loose or going at large, contrary te any of the f« regoirg prov Globs. »he owner or keeper thereof or the head of the family or keeper of t» e house, store, office, or other pace where such dog Is kept or hat bo red. shall forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding ten dollars, may 6<12in JOHN 8. UKALD, City Marshal. MEDICAL. HOKIS TUtTIHOMAM I m MRS. MANCHESTER 1« constantly receiving unsolicited testimonials 01 Uo aefooiskiag am performed by her. Among many reoently reoeired are the following, which are oommeaded to the aotiee of the afflicted. Mr*, idea Chester may be consulted at No. 11 Clapp’s Block, Room No. ft. A CASS OP SPINAL DISEASE CURED This Is to certify thet I went to see Mrt. M inches - ter last Mnreh with a daughter of mine true bled with •plnal disease, for which she had been doctored for five yean, and by n number ol physicians of sii hinds; and she has had twenty-one applications el electricity applied, bat all to no egeot; bit sha con tlnaally grew worse. 1 same to the conclusion, no the last resort, to go and see Mr*. Manchester, and dideo; and to my great surprise she told me ths tret sue oi the disouse, and how she had boos from time to time, which aneonragad me to try her medicinee. I did eo. and now my daaghter ie able to be around the boue all of the time. She also rides tea or If teen milee without any trouble or luooeveniaaoo.ead I think in a abort time she will bo restored to perfoet health. Since my daaghter bee been doctoring, I bare hoard of a gnat many cases that Mrs Mancbs s tar has oared. 1 think If any person deserves pat* ronago, It it the one who tries to preserve the health of the afok and suffering; and I know that she aeoi every effort which Use in her power to beaedt bat yatiaata. Sanaa L. laisare, Quouaa laienta, Aaav K hniuava, Kama In an*. Inaieiti, Maim*, parser Mb. ONt ON THE 9ERA TEST CVRMS oa RECORD. Maa. Manoaarrna—Dear Madam. -Tbiaking a statement of my ease may be of service ta ethers similarly afflicted, 1 hasten to give H to yon. This it briefly my oaeo-I was taksa stok about lfl month* ago with ike Liver Complaint la a vary bad form. I applied to fosr didereut pbysioiaae. bat re eoived ao beuedt until I culled oa you at that time 1 bad gives ap business, and was ia a very bad etata, bat after taking year mediciau for a short time 1 be. gas to rue over, aad to two months I was satlruly well, aad had gained Several pounds of flesh, aad eaa Inly my that by yoar skill I am a perfectly beai hymaa. Joeava Davis, jfoerea t Maim* Dtp**, Portiamd, M*. A REMARKABLE CURB ORA CASE ORDBO a T CURED B T MRS. MAttCHBSTKR. Thie ii to oertify that ! have bora cored of the Dropey of Afteea yearn standing by Mrt. Manckw tar. I bare baea to pbytloiani In Boa to a, Haw Tort aad Philadelphia. They all told ae that they oonld do nothing for no, enleea they tapped aee, and aa enrad me that by Upping I oonld lira bat a abort time. I had nude ap uy Bind to go home and lira ae long ea 1 ooald with the disease. end then die. Ota ay way hoaae 1 eUyed orer night in Portland with a (Hand of Bine, and told them what By Bind waa n regard to ay diaeaee. They Anally penaaded me to go aad aee Mra. Maaoheeter. She examined bo and told bo ay oaae exactly. I waa eo maoh aatoniahed to think that aha told a* correctly, that I told her that 1 would take her Bed*, elate, not hairing the leaat faith that they would eee any good, or that I ebould get the alighteet relief from auy eourte whatever; Anally! took the Bad* etna and went home. In one week from the time 1 eoaaenced taking the aedicine, i had over three gnllona of water pace ae in eeven boara; aad ay fel low ruflfcrore may be ensured that it was a great relief to bo. I had not been able to lie down In bed ah eight before thie ftar two yean. How I eaa lie do' with perfect eaee. 1 hare taken her medicine eight months, and am ae well aaaay man oonld v. u to bo, aad no eigne of dropey. I would advise . that are eiok to go and eonsalt Mrt. kfanohtef.'j •ran If they hare been giron up by other j ’.y date a e. 1 have sent her a number ef oasee of hit-. diseases, and she has cured them also. Do and Be youraelvee. I had no ihlth, but now ay fhith cannot be (baked In her -kill u telling and oaring diaeaee a. Hannon, Sanaa E. Hannon, Hast A. Hauuou. Bam for, Afahto. April Id. Omen Hocus- From A A. H. till IP. U. aaelT lehoemi odly DH. J. V. UIIGHEI can an focud at nu PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS,' No. 1 Temple Street, WHERE he can be consulted privately, aad with the utmost confidence by the adlKted, at all hour, daily, from 8 a. a. u » r. a. Hr. il those who are eufibrlng under the adliction of private diseam, whether arieiag from Impure oeanectioa or the terrible vice of ecil-atese. Devoting his entire time te that particular breach at the medical pro feed oa. he frets warranto.; U Dean aerraainw a Clink in all Caena, whether ef . n standing or re owelty ewe tree led. entirely remevia the drege of diecaet from the syctem, aad Baking perfect and rSSMA.VK.n Ct’RR He would call the alter t we ef the aAUated B h feet ot has long eunding aad well earned refaSastau famishing cwHBcat aeearuace of hie shut and .we CACTI OH TO THE PTEUC. Every la’eiiigeat aad thinking Bees kwew knee their sHcacy eeiahtmhed by w. tested • « pa ne ace la the bunds at a regular), edwenitd stgW esuw whom ,reparetary .tody Aa hem tar ell the dateew he meet ltd Ail yes the ccuatry H Eeeded WISH Cr aeetrume and ewre-nlte, purpvr'ieg te be the U the woe 14 whsah are set only eneleae. bwt H wuye mjertew. The enluetnnate shewtd he rearm tun B edeetUg beejAyWaCae. as It H a lemeasahB Sit laccutrevertatio fact thee many eyphsHtte ay ease are eesede mseeeubie w-.:,h r.»w- 4 rettnadeae by Bwlireetmial from taexp. rteuend physteBas la general yeweeter: Be te H a patwt new rwhi awaoedad ay the beet typhtlegraph se. shat the -tw-ly aad mam i - ■ ATB CUHTUCWCB. aMM> a Is the solitary • W at J SWth. us ths -uug ta« utsti af ■kwiaast isstacsss Is snow yams. at at rot am ast wot a is seaeos. TVs Mo sad Asto. sad I sssstt Is sad >irsas fnstrstiss that mas Mss Impart < stria a. art Da aoS watt far Urn nswamilua tkai a sars ta Mi lets. 4a ast wan for laMsktly T'ois. Mr Dtaabted I tmks. Mr Uas ad lady aad lawplsaloa mow MAST TWO Ct AM DA CAM Ta STITT TO rmiaar vmeafftejfmeience. Toaag Baa toss Ha l with amtoatora ta else*. a complaint g- oi-rsli} the reewtt of a bad habit ta jroath. treated sefeatthcany, aad a perfect ears war Slated ar ao charge mg da. Hardly a day passes bat wa are eoesaited by aaa or more yoeag msa with tbr aboys disease, soma sf whom are as weak amt emaciated as though they bad the consumption aad by tbair friends supposed ta base It. All sack a tsaa > Seld to tbs proper sad aaly correct coarse of treatment, aad ta a shoal time are made to re>otce la perfect health. MIDDLE AGED MEW. There are many men at the age of pi or B) whoars trosbled with too frequent evasuatisns from tha bladder, often accompanied by n slight smarting or baraing sensation. and weakening the ryslem in a manner the patient cannot account for. On exam ining urinary dap- alls a ropy sediment trill often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or ntbnmen will appear, or the color will be of a thin milkiah hue, again changing to a dark and tnrbld appearance There are many men who die of this dlfflcslty, ignorant of the cause, which to the SECOND STAGS OF SSM1SAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect care in loch cases, aad a Mil and healthy restoration of the urluary organa. Persons whocannot personally consult the Dr., aan do an by writing in n plain manner a description of Ibeir disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. Alt correspondence strictly ooofldeutial aad will be returned If desired. Address. r DK. J. B HUGHES. Wo. i Temple St., [corner of MiddleJ Portland, lotted Stamp for oirealar. Eclectic IHediral Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. Dl. HUGHES particularly Invites all Ladies whs need a msdlca) adviser, to call at his rooms, Wo. i Temple Street, which they will find arranged for their especial accommodation. Dr. Ct-'s EclecticKenovatlug Mcdlcinesarsunritai led in aOeacy and superior virtue in regulating all Tamale Irregularities Their action is specids aad sartain of producing relief in a short time LADIES will andit Invaluable in all cases of ob ItracUoas after all othar rumsdlse have been tried la rain. It is purely vegetable. nothing iw the least Injurioat to the health, aad may ba taken with perfect safely at all times. ■eat to any part af the ooaatry with in 11 directions, by addressing DH HUGHES, ■a. I Temple Stract, aoruar of Middle, Portland. B. B.—LADIES desiring may aonaalt one or theta »wa asm. A lady of experienoe ta constant attend toes. teal dbwly

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