Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 25, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 25, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Municipal Court.—May 24. There was a large crowd at the Court room this moruiug to see the womau who had been ■hop-lifting on so extensive a scale; and also to be present at the examination of Mr. Brad ley whose ale was seized last week. The lat ter case was not called up. John Murphy, Arthur Duffy aud Thomas Franklin, the young men who were arrested for creating a disturbance on Saturday night were adjudged guilty, and fined five dollars each and the costs. They all paid up. Marcia ltichards was brought up on a com plaint charging her with the larceny of one piece of black silk and two pieces of dress goods, all of the value of $120, the property of Woodman, True & Co. She pleaded guilty. For want of surities In the sum of $500, she was committed to jail for her appearance at the July term of the S. J. Court. There are Beveral other complaints to be broughtagaiuBt her by other merchants in this city. William McKenzie was arraigned for as sault and batter y on police oflicer A. Mont gomery. lie pleaded not guilty, waived an examination and furnished surities iu the sum of $100, for bis appearance at the July term of the S. J. Court. J. O. Donnell Escj., for the defense. Michael McDeunett aud Mary Bowman pleaded guilty to a complaint charging them them with drunkeuess aud disturbance. They were tliued five dollars each, aud costs. Com mitted. Militart Case. Last Friday 1st Lieut. Jacob C'. Main, formerly of the 8th N. II. reg iment, and a man named Jacobs, were arrest ed in Boston by order of a Frovost Marshal, charged with enticing Patrick O'llagan aud George W. Ackley to desert from one State foi the purpose ol being enlisted in another. They were held in custody in Boston until the arrival of Constable lluse from this city when they were delivered to him nud brought here Saturday uight. Mr. lluse also brought O’Hagan and Ackley as witnesses and all the parties were lodged in our jail. Monday, Messrs. E. <fc F. Fox, counsel for Main, obtained from Judge Ware a writ of habeas corpus, directiog Main to be brought before him, and summoning the others as witnesses. The writ was served upon the deputy jailor the jailor being absent. It was returnable at 11 o’clock Tuesday. At that hour it was found that the Provost Marshal lor this District had taken the parties from the jail aud into his own custody. Their Counsel endeavored to find them but could not. Iu the afternoon Main was allowed to see his counsel. He iuformed them that he had been refused the privelege of sending for them. It was then learned that they were to be taken to Augusta last evening. It is said that Ackley has once before en deavored to enlist but was rejected by the ■urgeon. U'Hagau claims to he an alien who has been but a short time in this Elate, and has never enlisted. , All the men were taken to Augusta in the train last evening. __» Capt. Joseph E. Walker, of Co. D, 7th Maine regiment, whose death has already been announced, was a son of Mr. Natbl. Walker of this city. He was instrumental in getting up a company when the 7th Maine regiment was first organized, aud has been with that gallant regiment ever since. Capt. Walker has sustained the reputation ot being a brave officer, with overflowing patriotism and gen erosity. He leaves a widow to wouru his early loss. Capt. Walker was wounded iu the engagement at Epottsylvauia on the 12th inst. and died at the hospital at Fredeiicksburg on the 17th inst. For the Soldiers. The Martha Wash ington Society of this city have recently for warded two Htses au'9 one barrel ol articles to Miss M. G. Pearson, General Hospital’ Annapolis, for the sick aud wounded soldiers. This excellent society has contributed largely in this and other ways to the cause since the war commenced, and wilt continue the good work to the end. They meet every week to make garments for our brave boys in the Held ‘imd hospitals. We commend this society to the benevolence of the public. They need more funds to help them in their noble and patriotic labors. Third Parish.—An informal meeting was held at the Vestry of the Third Parish on Monday evening, to ascertain the feelings of the members in relation to extending to Kev. Mr. Walton, of Albany, an iuvilalion to the vacant pastorate. Almost every one present —and there was a very respectable number— expressed a very favorable opinion of Mr. Walton. There appeared to be a great unan imity of sentiment, anc not a little enthusi asm in his favor. The Church will probably give him a call. Opera House. It is rumored that parties have purchased the McCobb property, cor ner of Free and Oak streets, for the purpose of erecting an Opera bouse thereon. The lot is sufficiently large and elect a neat and commodious edifice, with plenty of stage room. The location is a good one. We hope the rumor may prove true, and that such a building may be put up as the city needs for proper operatic aud theatrical entertainments. Godey’s Lady's Book. The Publisher will accept our thauks for the Juue number of this magnificent Ladies’ Monthly. It stands at the uead of the light popular literature of the country. Aside from its high literary merits, it is a paragon of mechanical and ar tistic taste. The Juue number baa been re ceived and is for sale by Halt L. Davis aud Messrs. Bailey A Noyes, Exchange street. Sprague & Bi.axcuakd’s MinsTUKLs. --This excellent company continue to be well patronized. Their entertainments are varied and accusing. We notice that Harry Baker, the favor.’t® halladist and tenor singer, lakes a benefit l’riday evening, on w hich occasion be will offer s.’me extra attractions to which we shall refer hereafter. Quarterly Meeting. The Cumberland (F. W. B.) Quarterly Meeting commences its session at Casco Street Church this (Wednes day) morning , at 0 o’clock. Religious ier vices at 10 1-2 A. M. aud 3 P. M. At 7 1-2 meeting of the Sunday School Uuion; singing by the children and speeches by speakers from abroad on the sabbath school work. y Persons having U. S. Seven-Thirty Notes will he interested in the advertisement or the cashier of the First National Bank, which appears iu our ctMimns this morn ing. . _ Hydbooonia. Persona afflicted with Na •al Catarrh, are invited to look at the adver tisement in another column of this newly dis covered remedy for the complaint. Dr. Pratt will be in the city fonr day’s this week. gy Mr. Albert Poppenburg, leader of the U. S. Regiment Band, has kiudly volunteered his‘services on the o^tasion of llarry Baker’i benefit, Friday eveuing. gy Portland Council, No. 1, U. L. A •will hold its regular meeting at the usua place, this (Wednesday) eveuiug, at eigh •O’clock. BY TELMAPB TO THE Portland Daily Press. THOM THE ABHY OB' THE POTOMAC. A Rtbsl Attack Handsomely Repulsed. OEX. LEE FALLIXG BACK. LARGE CAPTURES OF PRISONERS. GEN. SHERIDAN AT WORK AGAIN. Washington, May 24—10.30 P. M. To Maj, Gen. DU:—A dispatch from Gen. Grant, dated at It o'clock last night, states that the army moved from its position to the Auua, followed closely by Lee’s army. The Gth aud (lib corps marched by way of Harris’ store to Jericho Ford, aud the 5th succeeded in etl'ectiug a crossing aud getting a position without much opposition. Shortly after, how ever, they were violently attacked and hand somely repulsed the assault without much trouble to us. We captured some prisoners. Everything looks exceedingly favorable to us. Another dispatch, giving in detail the move ments of our corps, aud speaking of the rebel assault on Warren’s position, says he was at tacked with great vehemence. I have never heard more rapid or massive tire either of ar tillery or musketry. The attack resulted In a destructive repulse of the enemy. At the position attacked by Hancock the rebels were entrenched, aud a considerable force between the creek he bad crossed and the river, aud made a pertinacious resistance to his onset, but before dark he had forced them from their works, and driven them across the stream. It is also said that in these engage ments the slaughter of the enemy were very great aud our ioss inconsiderable. The rebels charged against our artillery and suffered se verely, especially from canister. A dispatch from Geu. Grant, dated this morning at (j o'clock, lias also been received. It states that the eneumy have fallen back trom the North Anna and we are in pursuit. Negroes who have come in say that Lee is fallimr back to Richmond. Other olficial^dispatches from headquarters say that Warren, Burnside and Hancock are pushing forward after the retreating army. Warren captured a good number of prison ers.last evening, hut has not the time to count them or ascertain bis loss. Hancock in storming the riflle pits this side of the river last evening, also took between 100 and 200 prisoners, and drove many rebels into the river, where they were drowned. Warren also captured some official papers, amongst them an order calling out all the boys seventeen years of age to garrison Rich mond. Ambulance men aud musicians are al so ordered to the ranks. Sheridan was this morning at Dunkirk, and will be at Milford to-uight. No dispatches have been received to day from Gen. Sherman, aud uoue are expected for several days. Dispatches have been received to-day from Gen. Butler, relating briefly to the respective forces. Admiral Lee, in a telegram dated the 22d, to the Secretary of the Navy, states that last night {Saturday) the enemy attacked the ar my and were handsomely repulsed. A dispatch from Maj. Gen. Canby, dated the lSlh, at the mouth of Bed River, states that Gen. Banks' troops had arrived at Semmcsport yesterday, and will reach Mor gansea to-day. The army is in better condi tion than was expected, and will soon be ready to resume offensive operations. (Signed) Ktiwis M. Stanton, Secretaro of War. Headquarters Army Potomac, t May 21—3 P. M. ( Gen. Hancock, with the 2d corps, by a forced march entered Bowling Green to-day at Guineas Station. They found some rebel cavalry with a battery of artillery, which they soon dispersed. Our cavalry pursued them, Inflicting some loss, while that of our owu was very light. The army is in good spirits and confldeut of victory whenever the enemy appears. Headquarters Army Potomac, I Guineas Station, May 22. I The advance of the army under Hancock arrived at Milford yesterday, and met a force of the enemy, said to be 13,000 strong, and drove them through the town, pursuing them some distance. Our loss is unkuown. Au attack was made on our headquarters train near Guineas Station yesterday after noon. The 114th Penn. Zouaves with the 09th Penn. Vols. formed a liue and drove the rebels, consisting of the 9th Virginia cav alry, across the bridge. One man of the Osth Penn, was killed and two or three were wound ed. Several prisoners were taken. Headquarters Army Potomac, 1 May 22—10 P. M. ) Gen. Hancock is seven miles south of Bowl ing Green, aud occupies the bridge over the Mattapoiiv. Out cavalry had a good deal of fighting, hut drove the enemy ail the time. Our positioa is now deemed important, aud Richmond is in greater danger than ever. Gov. Seymour on the Seizure of The World and ilounutl .of Commerce. New York. May 24. Governor Seymour's letter to District At torney Halikin, relative to the seiznre of the World aud Journal of Commerce, says:—“It is charged that these acts of violence were with out due legal process, and without the sanc tion of State or national laws. If this be true the offenders must be punished. If the owDers of the above named journals have vio lated State or Nalioual laws they must be proceeded against and punished by those laws. Any action against them outside of legal pro cecdures is criminal.’' The Governor argues the matter at length, and concludes:—“In making your injuries and in prosecuting the parties implicated you will call upon the sher iff of the county and beads of the police de partment for any needed force aud assistance. The failure to give this bv any official under my control will be deemed sufficient causo for removal.” From Cope of Hood Hope. New Yobb, May 24. Cape of Good Hope advices of April 7th state that the Governor proposes an imposi tion of tonnage duties. There were several mercantile failures in Cape Town and Fort Elizabeth. The wool season was over and the stock was light. The Governor, who had shown much luke warmness in the matter of the sale of tue Sea Bride, one of the Alabama victims, has been reprimanded by tbe Home Government. The India Times says it is difficult to de termine whose properly Sernmes has been de stroying. If it turns out he destroyed Eng lish property it will make the English the laughing stock of the world. JTron. Waahiiwion. Washington, May 24. The lamp on the lighthouse on Blackstone Island was completely destroyed on Thursday night by rebels from tbe Virginia shore. A small light is now burned there. The liappahauoock river is clear of torpe does to Fredericksburg, but guerrillas are on the banks watching for a chance to do mis chief. Transports can now reach Fredericks burg with army supplies or to convoy the wounded North. Several gunboats are at Fredericksburg. The Richmond papers of the 10th announce the arrival at Libby prison of 1,100 prisoners. Ctias. E. Mix, chief clerk, lias arrived from the North-West. He failed in bis mission to make a treaty with the six nations oi Indians for their surrender of certain lauds in Kansas, owing to divisions among their leading men. The Loon to the State of Maine. State House, Augusta, Me, i May 24lh, 1S03. ( The loan of two million dollars to the Slate of Maine is all lakeu, one and a half million at a premium, ami tbe balance at par. The whole amouut of bids reached nearly three millions. Various Items. New Yoke, May 24. The 1st Massachusetts regiment left to night for Boston by the Fall River route. The quota of this city is understood to be so nearly full that a decision has been made by the authorities not to draft. XXXVIII 00NGBE88—First Seeiion. Washington, May 24. SENATE. The Brazil steamship bill was passed. The Currency bill was taken up, and sever al amendments liom the Finance committee agreed to.—Adjourned. HOUSE. The committee on Flections -reported in fa vor of J.S. Todd as delegate from Dacotah.— Laid over. The Senate amendments to the National Currency bill was taken up. The Senate had amended the 12th section, which provides that share holders shall lie held individually responsible, by adding au exception that the share-holders of any bank ing association now existing under State laws, having not less than live millions capital actu ally paid in, and usurplus of twenty percents urn ou hand, both to be determined by the Comptroller ot the currency, shall be liable only to the amount invested in their shares, and such surplus provided for in this act.— And if at any lime there shall be a deficiency in said surplus of twenty per centum, the banking association shall not pay any division to share holders until such deficiency is made good. And in case of such deficiency, the Comptroller of the Currency may compel banking associations to close business, and wind up its affairs under the provisions of this act. The House concurred in the above, 68 against 34. An amendment was adopted, authorizing au exchange of bonds deposited with the Treas urer by the bauks for other Uuited States bonds, as security for circulating notes. The amendment fixing the rate of interest the same as in the States where the banks may be located; and where there is no fixed rate, then not to be over 7 per cent., was adopted. All the Senate amendments were acted on, and those disagreed to were sent back to the Senate for further action. The bill for the incorporation of the News Boys’ Home in the District of Columbia, passed after a lengthy debate involving to some extent the supression of the New Y ork World and Journal of Commerce. The Reciprocity bill was then considered, Mr. Davis, of New York, speaking agaiust giving notice for the termination of the treaty. Adjourned. From the l’entnsnla. Fortress Monroe, May 23. The steamer Thomas 1'owell, lieu. Butler's dispatch boat, has arrived, aud reports every thing quiet. There had been uo hostilities since last Saturday night. From the best ac counts it appears that the rebels received se vere punishment for their attempt at a night surprise. They had to bury their dead under a flag of truce. Two hundred and forty-nine wounded were brought to Hampton hospital last evening, all wounded since the 10th iust. Three thousand four hundred wounded have been brought from James river since the army first landed. From California. San Francisco, May 23. The steamer Golden City sailed to-day foe Panama with 010 passengers aud $918,448 iu treasure. The mass meeting last night iu behalf of the Christian Commission was large. There is to he one to-night for the Freedmen'a As sociation. The Custom House authorities seized the cargo of the Chinese bark Ceres, among which large quantities of opium were found concealed in tin cases of the size and shape of *88*- _ Fire. Philadelphia, May 24. The umbrella frame manufactory of George W. Oarr & Co., corner of Pith and Willow streets, was destroyed by fire this afternoon. It consisted of four buildings, each 150 feet long a id four stories high. Loss $30,000; mostly insured. (ien. Hunter *# Command. New York, May 24. A dispatch to the Herald, dated at Cumber land, Md., to-day, says Gen. Hunter arrived aud assumed command of the department ou the 21st inst., headquarters in the held. Financial. Washington, May 24. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan to-day, as reported at the Treasury Department, amounted to $761,500. JTetr York Market. Nkw Yore. May 24 Cotton—£S$c bettt r; Rale* 2150 bale* at 94c lor middling upland*, and fc6c for low middling*. Flour—receipt*-bbl*; tale* 8,800 bbls; State and Western a shade firmer; bui>< (line Stale 7 CiOfft (ft" 16; Extra do 7 v5a7 85; choice d » 7 40$7 50; Kouud Hoop Ohio 7 66 a7 70; choice 7 70&8 40; Su perfine Western 7 00ft7 1 Extra 7 25ft 7 40; South ern a shade firmer; sale* 1200 bbl*; Mixed to good 7 66ft8 (/); Fancy and extra 8 10ftl0 75: Canada firm er: sale* 700 bbl*: common Extra 7 25ft* 40; extra good to choice 7 46ftH 26 Wheat—active aud 2ft3c higher; sales 215,000 bushels Chicago Spring 167ftl 66; Milwaukee club 1 tiOftl 63; Amber Milwaukrel 64ft 1 65: Winter Red Western common 166&172; amber Michigan do 1 73 ft 1 76 Corn—quiet; sales 21,000bushels ; mixed Western new 1 4- ftl 41. Oats—dull aud drooping; sales at 84ftS7c. Beef—quiet; *ale»200bbls. Pork—active and firmer; sale* 4675 bbls; mess 22 75; old do 27 25; neardo 3<> OOtftdO 25. chit fly at tlie former rate; prime 23 75 for old and new; prime mess 27 V (a27150. I.ard—without change; sale* 1000 bbl*. Butter—firmer; Ohio 28ift38c; btst* 35ft 41. Whiskey—dull aud lower; us es 400 bbl* at 1 26 for State and 1 27 for Western. Rice—lull at I lfftlljc for Raugoon. Sugar—steady ; sales 240 hhds; New Orleans at 20c lor clarified; Muscovado I64ftl7c; Havana lG|e. Coffee—dull Molasses-dull. Naval Stores—dull. Fish—steady. Petroleum—firm • sales 4000 bbls crude at 38-a39c, 2000 do refined in bond at 61}ft62c, aud 260 do re fined Lee at 66jft69c. Hides—dull. Tobacco—firm with a fair demand ; sales Kentucky 81<&82 Freights to Liverpool—dull; cotton per steam r 3s3d; flour per neutral vessel l»4jd, grain 6d for wheat iu bulk. Stock Market, N*w York, May 24. Second Board.— Stocks firm. American Gold.1Q5 United State* 5-20 coupons..106J Treasury 7 3-lOths,.Ill United State* one year certificates new. 9-J Cumberland Coal Company preferred.. 784 Quicksilver Mining Co,. 79* New York Central,.184) Hudson...149 Erie,.lief Reading.166) Harlem.281 Michigan Central...146} Michigan Southern.100} Michigau Southern guaranteed..142j Illinois Central scrip.132* Cleveland k Pitt»burg.....116} Galena k Chicago .187 Cleveland k Toledo,.160 Chicago k Hock Island.117} Chicago, Burlington k Quincy.I'd Pittsburg. Fort Warts k Chicago.117} Chicago A Ninth Western.64) Gold closed this afternoon at 1 85)^1 86). ETA writer in the Bangor Whig nays that the Maine Gth, with the olh Wisconsin, took in recent engagements, 6 piece* of artillery and 1000 prisoners, and carried two entrench ment*. gy* “Perley” says Gov. Cony has adjusted the quotas of this State at the Provost Mar shall General's office, and Gilds that the State has now to her credit seven hundred men above all calls. jjry- A correspondent of the Bath Times says the Maine 3d has lost about 170 men in the late engagement. The officers on duty were Maj. Morgan, Lieuts. Hall, Fuller, Hud son, Crawford and Small. jr The funeral of Nathaniel Hawthorne took place at Concord, N. U., on Wednesday last. It was attended by a large concourse of mourners, among whom were Emerson, Long fellow, Agassiz, Lowell, Whipple, Holmes, Hilliard and Fields. £V The death of Capt. J. W. Cbanning of the Maine 7th, is reported. He was wouuded In one ol the recent battles. Capt. C. had seen much service, was iu many hard-fought battles, aud was a very popular and efficient officer. IT- The 17tb Me. Uegt is now under com mand of Lt. Col-lChas. B. Merrill <ff this city, C ol. West having been wounded in one of the recent battler. ET Seventeen persons wero baptized by Ilev. Mr. Moulton, in Saco, on Sunday last. SyMr. Abraham Forsskol an old and high ly respected citizen of Saco, died at his resi dence in that town on Saturday last. ~y We learn that land has been purchased in Saco for lbs location of a manufacturing establishment. The Saco Democrat says Wheeler A Co.’s ciretls was compelled to go to Biddeford on account of there not being Hotel accommo dations in Saco. Cry A new depot is about to be erected at Auburn. It is to be built in tbe most approved style. |ry It is now expected that the Newfound land seal fishery will be about au average one this season. ar* It is estimated that 25,000,000 pounds of maple sugar were manufactured tbe past season—worth, at tbe low price of 15 cents a pound, $3,750,000. Cy Gen. August T. Kautz, the leader of tbe expedition against tbe Hichinoud and Wel don railroad, is a native of Ohio, and a gradu ate of West Point. ty* Tbe Ohio delegates at large to the Bal timore convention are expressly instructed to vote for Mr. Lincoln, aud to resist a postpone ment of the nomination. Cry The new steamer launched from the ship yard of Messrs. Tobey A Littlefield, Portsmouth, on Saturday, is to be called the “General Grant.’’ Cy The Hockiand Democrat complains that Portland Soldiers’ Claim Agents are send ing circulars to soldiers’ friends—the circular being almost tbe first announcement that a friend has been killed. s* HYDROKONIA, ' \ Tub Safb ErriciEBr, a*d Ratio** ^ \ AL TRBATMKB OF NASAL CATARRH. Entered according to Act of OongrtgH in the ye*r ei/hteen hundred and *ixt>•three, in the C lerk'• Office of the Distri t Cou t o! tb<» State of kl*s*a chnsetts, by * DR. S. CLESSON PRATT, Principal of Treat oat Kte and Ear Iusiitu'e. Bos ton. Lecturer on Disease* of the Organsof Special Sense. Author of the MeJIcal Specialist, Atmis* teria, etc., etc. lilDKUhUMA Comprises a combination of specific remedies for the loctl and constitutional treatment of Nasal Ca tarrh. filte ring both in use and effect from all other modes and practices for this alarmingly prevalent and dangerous disease. It has been thoroughly test ed iu more than three thoLsaud cases in this city, and v hen persistently used, the result has been al ways the same, via: to heal the local diseases, whilst It changes the diathe. is, or constitutional tendency ■pon which the catarrhal tecrction depends; for be it remembered, that Fatal Catarrh, is as really a consumption of the blood and fluids of the body (on ly in a less degree) as when has reached the lungs. DR. S. CLESSQN PRATT, Of the Tremcut Eye and Ear Insti ute. Bouton, will l>9 in Portland, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday, and Friday. Way 9 lili, 25th, 26 ih and tilth in»t. PROFESSIONAL ROOMS • -AT THF Freble House RECEPTION 1IOIKS DAY AND EVENING. Persons making immediate application may re ceive pro e**ional attention fre-j of charge. £7“ So exhorbitant ices iu alvauce. inay24d8t* 3D. W. CL AR 3K3. DXALKK IN Silver Street lee House, and Office No. 3*2 Exchange street* ALL Orders promptly attended to and customers supplied w ith the best quality of ICE. Priced/ let for ihe Season, 18»54. 10 lbs a day, trom June 1st, to Oct. 1st, $6 no 16 “ • •• •' “ 8.00 20 " “ •• •• •• 10 00 Forty cents per 100 lbs. To those who take Ice for the season. It will be de livered earlier than 1st June and later than l*t Oc tober, at the same rate per month ns during the sea son When not * anted for the full sesson, it wfll be delivered at the rate of £2 00 p*r mouth for 10 lbs. per day. Notice of ebangeof residence, if given at the of fice instead of the driver, will always prevent dis appointment. Any customer l«*a\ ing town fertwo weeks or more at one time, by giving notice at the office, will be en titled to a proper deduction. Complaint* against the drivers, for neglect or care lessness or any other rau«e, must be made at the ol flee, and will be attend* d to promptly. Portland, May 18,1864. may 1347* Ice Cream ! lee Cream ! ! -A_t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 152 and 151 Exchnnge St., Opposite the International House. may?dtf Portland C'lnsfticRl and Coituit^f clal Academy. TillK Summer Term of this schoc 1 will commence . on Monday, Mat 3*). and will coutiue ten Wteks. The subscriber auuounces with stuslactiou that h« has secured. tor the use of hi* seho 1, Umom Hall, with thu two ante rooms connect'd with it. Thin I* on Free street, nearly opposite the Church, and will make one of the most oomt rtabie, healthv aud at* tractive school-rooms iu the city. He wi l be assist ed by Mi■•st- Mary L. Hey wood and Hannah Rob bins. These ladies hare had much successful expe rience in teachiug, aud have been lor several mouths past employed in the school. The unexpet ted suc cess with w iioh this enterprise has thus tir met, has encouraged the proprietor to provide for it iu the most liberal manner, and the public is assured that no pains will be spared to render the Academy still more worthy of the rapidly increasing patronage which it has eatoTed. Pupils of both sexes are re ceived, and ihe best school-room accoramodati ui* are now offered to ladies. Ttrin*, flO.'JO per term. J. 11. HANSON. Portland, May 18th, 1884. may 1932 w VS. MOTHSr Th9 dense vapors evacuating from Arc stifling to inject life. This compound Cam phor will surely kill moth*; its ingredients of Frank incense Vetiver. Ac., produce quick death to all in sects breathing through their skins. Cheap, iin dent, aud of sweet odors. L>o not risk your valua ble Furs, and nice Wooleus without it- Sdd by all Druggists, town and country. Each packsgt tears the address of the makers, HARRIS k CHAPMAN. may24d3w Bostou. LOST. I AST evening be weeu Union and Hampshire sts , J on Middle et , a pocket took containing a rma I sum iu Dill-*, aud a large amount of notes aud other paper. The finder shall be suitably rewarded on returuiug it to the subscriber. Pera ns are caution ed aga-ust purchasing ant of the uotes or checka as payiueut of them has been stopped y 3 EDWARD THURSTON, may 24 II w A Desirable Bri< k House Tor Sale. TafO. 148 Cumberland street. Tbo very desirable 11 three story Brick Rouse, recently tne residence of Rev. Dr. Dwight. 'Ihe house is well built aud fluished throughout, and conveniently arranged, aud iu all resptet* one ot the best locations ou Cum berland street. The lot is large—42 lett front 147 ft. deep. For terms inquire of JOHN C. PROCTOR, Lime st. may <418 w Kit'lliircKoii'* Wlitirf Co. rf ill K annual meeting of Stockholders of the Rich JL ardsou Wharf Company will be held at the of flee of llenry M. 1‘aysou, Exchange street, on Mon day, JuiiOfltb. at 4 i* m.. fer the choice of Dilect ors, and any other business w Inch may come before them. Per Order. W U. ttlEPHENgON, Clerk. Portland, May 21,1864. may 28 ad tfl ■ ■) I II ill .11 L»— MERCHANDISE:. Sierra Iflorcna molasses. QQD llilDS. ) MOL ASSES, just landing from OOo J brig “Mat.lna ” A superior 40 TC8 ) article tor retailing. For sale by JOHN D LORD. may23d4w# No. lj Union Wharf. Sugar and Molasses. JJOO HHDS.j CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U 10TUS ) GAR. 371 H11DS f?u|M-rior Muscovado, aud 3 TC8 Clawed Molasses, ll BBLS from hiirra Morena, Now landing and tor sale by THOMA8 ASENCIO k ( O , inay9tf Custom House Wharf. Southern White Seed t orn, V It It IVED and for sale by LOW’D U. Bl'RGlN, * No. 120 Commercial street. May 7, 1864 ma>9d3w Wood, Palm Leaf and JVlalado. II11DS MALADO. 2214 BUNDLES PALM LEAF, 142 MAPS, * 21 TON8 GRANADILLO WOOD, 3J LOOS CEDAR, Cargo British schooner Ann Leonard, for sole by MOPHNiEATON, No 1 Central Wharf. Portland May 3, 1866. rna>6d3w Sierra Morena Molanc«. QOKHHDS , 00*> / CHOICE 8IER1IA MOBENA 30 Tl ERCES i molasses, 10 BBLS > Now landing from Brig "C. U. Kennedy " TIIOS. ABESClO A CO.. Miy3.-yf C. II Wharf. Scotch Canvass. ~| ()/\ BOLTi—from the factory of David Cor AAav / sar A Sons, Leith—a sail doth of auperior quality—just received per "Jura'1, and for aale by MotilLVEHY, EVAN A DAVIS, mcb2odtf 161 Commercial Street i » — nc—— 126 Exchange Street. 126 TTu^h M. Pliinney, WOULD inf rm his frinds and former customers that he has taken the Store No 126 Exchange \ Street, where he intends to carry on the Move and Furnace Business, In all its branches. STOVES, of nil kinds, of the newest aud most approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Waie. PT'^ conl hand Stoves bough*, or taken in ex change for new. Stovim, Hahoir, FuBKAcaa. and Tin Ware repaired at short notice, in a faithful manuer. Grateful for former patronage, he hores by striet attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generous thare of public favor. ma>23dtf SPUING OPENING! A. D. REEVES, TAILOR* DRAPER 98 Exchange St., WOULD respectfully inform bis friends and the public that he has recently opened a Splendid Assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, Which he is ready to make up in the most Fashion* able style, and at the Lon fit Cask Prices. Thk La oiks arc respect lully reminded that hid ing Habits, Zouave Jackc's. and Fancy Waists are cat and made at this establishment in a style which canuot fail to p ease them. Military aid Naval Okkickis are here fit ted out in true Rejulati m Style. To Kitting out Bovs in the rargt coming and durable garments, special attention is given. Dress Coats, Pasts, Vests, and Business Suits, Made to order and warranted Good Fits. Mr Rkkvks assure* his customers that bis work is made not only in the highest s’ylo of feshion. but in the most thorough and work* am ike mannka. Thk Public are invited to visit thG Emporium ok F a an io*. and see it the facts do not fully come up to this M AMKK8TO. maylbdlm JUST RECEIVED I YYOYJLYNS k YYiVNYY, HAVING rdfitted their store and received a large assortment of ELEGANT STYLES C Ju o T H 8 ! ARE PREPARED TO 8how Them to Their Custoners. Also, Clothiug & Furnishing Goods, In C«reat Variety, -AT 95 [Middle Street. may fit f Plrn-ant Suburbau He-ort. c^vpisicTItotjse, WEST BROOK. This e’egant suburban Watering Place, located upon a pleasant eminence near Ca t isicTond. but JJ mile* from Portland, hav ing been plac d in the most ample order by <__hbe suH-criber. he most re-p<ct Mill v solicit* thu attention of the public, and cordially invites a call from his old friends. The house is plenaut, retired an i quiet The furniture and furnishing* are all new, and the rooms o >sy and sightly. The table# are supplied with all the delacacies as well as the substantial* of the sea son, and the service of one of the very best cooks in New England have been secured. Extensive sheds aud a due -table roomy stalls are among the conven euce* ol the establishment A nice Balhiug House sutli ient for the loeommo dation of several bathers has been erected with steps presenting into tea feet of water, aad the whole se cured from nbiervat on by a (Mating screen Smoking Arbors grace the bank* of the Pond and invite the indulgence of the lounger. Hoping Mr a share of the public patronage the un dersigned prom'srs to spare no effort for tlis en er tammentof his guests. GKO. W. MUIU'H. to West t rook. May 21, 1834. ma>21dtf $300 BOUNTY. \ . S- IVA\ X . WAN T E T> \ Fur U. S. steamer PONTOOSUC, NOW IN PORTLAND. 25 Seamen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 Landsmen and Boys, Cooks and Stewards, 10 Firemen, 16 Coal Heavers. Apply to Naval Rendezvous, foot of F.xchange st., JOHN P. HEATH, Commanding. may Ud tf M G. WEBB A CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, M). 81 COUNEUCIAL STREET, »pH „ PORTLAND, ME. dtf^ 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commission merchants, Aud dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Commercial etreet. Portland May lOih, 1864. maylOdtf risliin- M'hooner for Sale, OF about seventy tons burthen, uow ou the stocks at South Bristol, and ready for launching; built by the most app oved modal*and finish, and of the best materials; and will be sold at a fair price if ap plied for soon. NAlllANlKL FOSTER, may24 3tAw4w* South Bristol, Me. ENTERTAINMENTS MEW OPEIIA HOUSE ! ! LANCASTO HALL! SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVEN I NO. An Entire Change of Programme. BO-HE-MY-At^NA, This Week! Admission 25 cent.; Reserved Seats 60 cent*. J. SPUAtiOE, 1 „ msylT f II. BLANCHARD, j »»n»*ers. CIE C XJ B AJD HIPPO I) Tt O M E , Organiz ■! In on-? Co’or*il Ffch'Vtloa for tho •cXSjU of i ** Introduction of t!-.i recently IlycdU* 1 SELF - PaOPELLIIlj HOAD CAP.RIACl ExhibiUng the woo^rnns norrltt cfnn or^nnry r carriage DRIVEN OVER THU < OVMuM llluil V \yt* WITHOUT TDK AID (>/ HORS KsJ 0*1 o.UUt DRAUGHT ANIMAL*! Reinr. I-y«i,d <*n-u.lh • t. simple, us f«l tsnd Ingenloi 4 p'ecoof m*-cha..ktn ct. r but into pracllral iw- 1 h • Meehankal C ir i/e v II bo cxliiUUHl to tt eCTrc os c.utlieuco,f iJiaa axpx.uiUo*i of tbo machinery. fnUJa. THE SCENES OP THE ARENA, Comb'rrM! with the Paring Sj « fib- T'ij»-wv»cr.-no, aro most happily 1 lustraud by tuo fur-tau.tu SHERMOOD FAMILY, (Including Uw Inim'tablo T>t* Jxskins', tbo World cck-brM. J SIIOWLKS FA I f/« , Ami a host efo hcr artists <f r: chle--. t xct l oc-v ADMISSION 15 CENir, Ko IIai r Tntca. Doom open at 1 1-2 nn*t A 1 j. I’erfortiwore rr.c n; at 2 1-2 and T 1-3 o'clock. 1*. M. She Grand fouibined FxhiMtlnr* < f th ■ Tw* r -»t crVi.rated Circus Troupes lu the LniUd biat> *111 U> gives al Portland, cornor of Ureen and Portland Strerl*, On Saturday & Monday, May 28 & 30. Re»(>rv»d Sr»fn 50 Cent». may34dtd U. S. 10-40 BONDS. These Bonds are issued under the Act of Congress Of March 8th, 1864, which provides that in lieu of so inuoh of tbe loan authorized by the Act ef March 3d, 1861, to which this is suplementary, the Secretary of the Treasury is authorized to borrow from time to time, ou the credit of the United States, not exceed ing Two UuMosiD Million 1>ollabs during the curreut fiscal year, and to prepare acd usu« therefor Coupon and Registered Bonds of the United States; and all Boods issued under this Aet shall be Ex mm ft from Taxation by or under any State or muuici pal authority. Subscriptions to these Bonis are re ceived in United States notes ot Motional Banks — They s'oto hr redkkmro in coin, at the pleas ure of tbe Government, at any period less than ten nor more than forty years from their date, and until their redemption fivn ram vent i ntbrebt will bk paid in coin, on Bonds of not over one hundred dollars annually, and on all other bonds se mi-annually. Ibe interest Is payable on the first day of March aud September in each year. The semi annual Cou pons are payable at those dates, and the annual Coupons on the 50 and 100 dollar boods are pay able on tbe first of Maroh. Subscribers will receive either Registered or Cou pon bonds, as they may prefer. Registered Bonds are recorded on the books of tbe l. 8. Treasurer, and esn be tranferred only at the owner's order.— Coupon Bonds are payable to bearer, aud are more convenient lor commercial use. Registered Bonds will be imued of the denomina tions of Fifty Dollars (960). One Hundred Dollars (9100), Five Hundred Dollars (500), Oue Thousand Dollars (91.001), Five Thousand Dollars (95,000), and Ten Thousand Dollars (910,000); and Coupon Bonds ol the denominations of Fifty Dollars (950), One Hundred Dollars (9100). Five Hundred Dollars (9500), and One Thousand Dollars (91,000). Subscribers to this loan will have the option of by paying the accrued interest in coin—(or in United Mates nous, or the notes of National Banks, adding titty per sent, for premium,\ or retire them draw ing interest from the date of subscription and de posit. As the** Bonds are exempt from Municipal or 8tate taxa’ion, their value U increased from one to three per cent per annum, according to the rate of tax levies in various parts of the country. At the present rate of premium on gold thej pay over eight per cent, interest in currency, acd are of equal convenience as a permanent or temporary in vestment. It is be'ieved tbat no securities offer so great in ducements to lenders as the various descriptions of U. 8. Bonds. In all other forms of indebtedness, the faith or ability of priratc parties or stock com panies or separate communities only is pledged for payment, while tor the debtsot the United Mates the whole property of the country is holden to secure the payment or both principal and ieterevt in coin. The Bonds may be subscribed for in sums from •50 up to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus made available to the smallest tenter and the largest capitalist. They can bo converted Into money at any moment, and the holder will have the benefit of the interest. The fact that all duties on imports are payable In specie furnishes a fund for like nayment of interest on all Government londs lergtly in excess of the wants of the treasury for this purpose. Upon receipt of subscriptions a certificate of de posit there or, in duplicate, will be issued, the origi nal of which will be forwarded by the subscriber to the Secretary of the Treasury, at Washington, with a letter stating the kind (registered or coupon) and the denominations of bonds required. Upon the receipt of the original certificate at the Treasury Department, the bonds subscribed for will be transmitted to the subscribers respectively. Subscriptions wi 1 be received by the Treasurer of the United States at Washington, and the Assist ant Treasurers at New York. Boetou and Philadel phia and by the First National Bank of Portland, Me., First National Bauk of Augusta, Me., First Na ioual Bank of Bangor. Me , First National Bank of Bath, First National Bauk of Brunswick, Me , and by all National Bunks which arc depositaries of public money. AH respectable banks and bankers throughout the country will furnish further infor mation on application, and adoid evjrjr facilty to subscribers. may20dfcw2w* "BURGESS, FOBESr^CoT MiiurAcruRiss or Japan* White Lead, Zinc, Fuiuls, Alltl Ground Colors*, AMD DKALAU* IV Drags, Medicine?, aints, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Odor Fmctorp, A'o. *J» Munjoy St., Otter A Salrsrevnis, 80 i'ouiwrrrial St., (Thoma* Block ) Hknky U Bukoi**, miRil [\l\ IIB Chablks 8. Fovxa. rffiHIJf, II. maylfidtf AUCTION SALEST House :tud LoiorUMdM^Ucii^ W*Jftj1 -» M -ction on Thnr,d.y“* • on Sherbrooke?.*, ?Yn“d i!? f'T''ll’ liW tll lloto hkri A. . i* H a er, an excellent cellar wllb cemlnVL«*mi ®°0 brick cittern. A good Unwind IIJJjThSj'h'SLj and couvetifut in and about the boutc.y * * * h A V.ni1 w'i Lul *<Jj““‘iugoi, Ibu corner ufBher brco* and Vtatarville i iee.», graded waled and fenced I it.’e clemr-uim. eery usd m.,19dtdHEW“T BA,LfcY * tO., AncUorcere. Damaged Woods at Auction. ( i27, at 10 o'clock A. M.. at bio I from .be ’* ••“Jl Invoice of Goodl LhJJoII . i*iked *>e.! Bohemian. cou.i.tlcg of oneetiiigt Lln«m«, Tailor*' rrimming*, Uotiery Urea. Gnoda, Merchandize. Miae.IJan.OM Film, aY. ma>3;,dtfHtl'8Y J*A,LJtV * CO . Auctioneer. WHouse and Lol ut Auctiou.^" kali.ll aell on Friday. May 2r. at 3 ocock ». f ouae ‘Vim brt?a*ifc r y bllf °r * end hal f atory ^ , ^rick baneireut, t- o.4*4 on Manjor streaC The faouae lain very go., I order; gocd water hardy dnepr »id healthy neighborhood and >ery d.a ruble fortlua chua of teeementa for occupancy. Ti e lot i. n gocd on. ibT. t A hi lOfeet. enlo poeiUee. the owner being n non rea/1 dent and destroy* to changa thi* nronartr litln clear—terms caav. propart j. ntii UKMUT BAILEY ft CO.. AaeOonear* Va'uable Store Portland Pier At Auction. ('Is Tueadny. May 31. at 3 o olock r. a., on the VS pr.mi.ea, we aii.1! tell at auction the thr. e ttorr woooen store Jio. « Portland 1 ier, with the land nudtr it, nod iie wharf privilege. Ibiaalur. wan hontatly aud iailbjyily bailt—very I eavy timber— iaiu good gen.rarrepalr-and apparently round at *.“afi ,Tb* wb,rf >* ®ue ol the bert In tbe eity ; aub ! !n J*i •Uectore —in excellent iep.ii-e.n 11 *‘Jy locat, d and abundance of wtAr than Jn.iTr *" If?* p'operfy to threat money In or?p,r,7i Portland to difbcnlt donbted ' Sil" po*i' T‘’' BOpoatponoment—title an ■iy»?5"EY BA,LRY k CO" Aocrioanna. Valuable Heal Etude at AmciIom In C'«pe Elizabeth. \\rK *hal! sell at auction on Wednesday, June 1. r i. »'*o'olockP M , «n the premises, a beantl ful residence about ore half a mile from tbe city contain* «rr Acre, of Laud to a .err high atats it cultivation There ia on it about two hundred. Pear, Plum and Apple I raw. Currants, tieotbertlrs, he. The Bolld ng. ou it are new There la a la o eiary Hoose. iiioieru in it. style, bni t of Ibe bet nateil al» and thoroughly Bnlsbrd ; sHneStab'e, Shed he. The situation is not exceed d by any In this vieini iv for the • plendid view it commands of lha illy, the harbor and th<- nr room ling country. Connected with ii is a Held o twmtyeiffkt mtrti. '“* cullivation ; the largest proportion of which is in irno. land, and ents from one and a halt to two and a hair tons of hay to tbe sate. 1 hit ■•*2 i* mostly fenced with a lubsianttel itou wail. We hare never invited ti e public to a more desi rable property out ode the city limits. Title eiear— *ele positire, the owner wishing to leave the state. I-or particular* n*qa*re of uayI7dtd HENBr BAILEY h CO.. Aaet'ra. Administrator’* Sale., BY virtue of a linens* from the Judge of r robot. of ( umberland Coaatv. I shall sell at pablte auction oa Tuesday, June 21, 1864, at two o'e-ock P. M. on the premises, the lollowing derciibed teal M t.?U.b’lon',D* ln ,M **<»<« o 1 Math Dseriag. late of Bridgton, ia said county of Cumberland, deceased, and described in tae ia entory of said i state aa fol. I®*™:—"Par. a of lotanumbered eleven ia the loarth and tilth range of lota,ln BiidgUn.eontainicg i boat thirty seres, purchased of B. K. ( araley ' Bald land is (Hasted about oie half milh from the village ol H. Bridgton. ou tbe toad laading to Bwaden, and ha# on it 8 mowing llelda, containing about to ties acres, marly walled In,—about aiae aores pastur ing—and the falsecn oovered with a Baa growth of wood and limber. Term, of ..le one half cash balance In oas year with interest, and good persons) security. _ „ LKVI CRAM, Adaunletrator. Bridgton. May i», 18B4 BmaylihnBw Guardian * Sal* of Real Estate. PL'ESC ANT to license from tbe Hon. John A. Waterman Judge of Probate for Cumberland County, I hereby give notice that 1 shall ofer for •ale at public auction on Tneedny, Jana 2Blb. A. D. 1664. at twelve o'clock noon, oa ibe pro tubes, nan eighth part, in crmuioa and undivided, of a certain lot of land with the dwelling honaeea Franklin ft Portland, formerly the property of Parker Ileley.da eea'Cd. ana numbered M on aaid street. Said one eighth part being t e chare of my wards, Jamos llenry Haley, sad Lydia biddings Carr 1 la lev in laid property. listed at Portland this 13th day af May, A. D. 1866. JOHN J. ADAM*. Oaardiaa. Ai the same time and placa. the retaaiaiog aevsa eighths of said property will be ogfcted ler sale. Tha bouse lias eleven flniahed rooms. Tha lot is .boat 42 by 96 feet HKNBT BULEY A Cl>„ Anti loosen. Portland, May 201b, 18B4. llwBn* EDIVAHD fl. PATTEN. Commission Merchant k Auctioneer, Has removed to the ap. clous store IS Exchange Street, four door* below Merchant's Exchange. Will reoeire coaeignaicata of Merchandise ef every description, for public or ptieeieeaie. Sake of Beal Estate. Vessels. Cargoes, Stacks and Mer chandise solicited. Cash advances mads, wPh prompt sales and ratarns atshlldly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JEST OPENED No. 80 Fox Block, Exehnngo Street, PORTLAND, ME I shall beta the constant receipt of. and will aril .vary afternoon and evening by pabtie auction, tha following lines of goods ia qaaatiuea to salt Woolens Of all descriptions, Dtesa Good* i* variety. Line*, crash Towel ling, Cover*. Ac,Table Gallery, Plated Ware, Jewelry. Yaakee Ho tloaa and Fancy Goods, Commencing Tuesday, Febiaery l«th. CEO. L. PEIRCE. Auotlon and Commkaloa Merchant. W. P. Btbwabt, A act! oncer- Uhl* dtt TO THE AFFLICTED l »R. W. lTi>KHN«, jVtedical Electrician, Mn. 11 fiann’k CORNER ON CONG RUSS AND ELM STREETS WOULD raspeoMBH* announce to tho e'.'-lsaaa •, Portland and vicinity, that ha haa pet man ant It located in thU city. Daring tha eleven month* that » e hare been ia town we hare cared some ol the worst forma of disease in parsons who bars tried other forms ol treatment In vain, and caring ra tion!! in ao abort a time that the question la often naked, do they atay cared ? To answer thu quration we will aay that all that do not ttay cued, no will dootor tho aneoud time tor nothing. Dr. D. baa been a practical Uoouiclan tar twenty ono year*, and la alao a regular g r ad Dated physician Electricity la perfectly adapted to chronic diseases In the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgta in the head, neck.or catremitiee; consumption,when in the aoatastages or where the luugs are not tally Involved; acute or chronic rheum at km. moo tala, htp dliieaasa. whiteawelliaga. iplual dleeeeea. curvature of the apiae. contracted ntuaelea, dwturted limbs, palsy or paralysis. St. Vitas’ Daaos, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy of • perch, dyspepsia, ladlgss tgpu. coostipation and Hear complaint, pilau—we earn every ones that can be presented: asthma, bronchi tis, strictures of tha chest, and all forms af female complaints. By BJlootrlolty Ths Rheumatic the gouty, tho lame and the levy leap with joy, and move with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the hosted brain la oooled; tha frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re mured: taintneMconverted to vigor, weakness to atrvugth: the bliud made to see, the deaf to bear and the palsied torn to move upright; the blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the accidents of mature Ufa prevented ; the calamities of old aga obviated and an active oirmlatiea maintained. LADIES ffho have oold hands and foot; weak stomach. • ! lame and weak backs; nervous and sick headache ! ; tininess and swimming in the head, with indices, tion and conetipation of the bowels; pain ia thedda and baek: leucorrhcsa, (ar whiten); tailing of tha womb with internal oancera; tumors, poirpaa and nil that long train as distance will tied In Kleetrte ' ity a sure moans of care. For palatal menstruation too protate tanuetraalicn, and all of those long Ih a of troubles with young ladles, Electricity la o oortaiw specific, and trill. In a short Umo, rasters tha eatakrw to the rigor of health. W We hare an Rltctro-C%tm4cal Apparatus fas irtrsoting Mineral Poteen from the system, tech aa Mercury. Autiinony, Arsenic. Ac. Hundreds who ire troubled urtthstiM Jointa, weak basks, and sari. out otherdilficaltiee, tbs direct causa of which la nine cases out of tea, b the efibet of poieoaoaedrnn. pan be restored to n-tnral strength and rigor hr th. use of from five to eight Botha. Ofllce hoar* from 8 u'nlook A.8. It i |.i.;U 8; and T to 8 r. a. • Consultation Free. lylilaadt RUFU8 DUMliT Mmufactur r And Whokaaia Dealer ia B RITANN IA —AWD— Plated Ware, *Vo. 21$ IWf ttrtti, Portland. — -Vaia«, m Portland, Mav 17th. ltfcM. mayl7dti Aetibrtmk Mrmtiiary and I'rinole Uollrfilnlf Institute. rnilE Suromor Term ot tkl* Ipatitotlon will cow* 1. ra^nce Wedsefday. May 18th. and oontiaua ciatlit week* G M STKVEaNS. Secretary. Plain*, May 9,1964. maylwd*2w

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