Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 26, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 26, 1864 Page 2
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. THE DAILY PRESS. POBTIukKD MAIM Tkindar Hdniu. *•» *®* ls®*’ _—— The circulation of the Dally Press is larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. Tnsi—(7.00 per year if paid strictly in ad panes a disoouiu of $1.00 till bt made. If Bu4ii( Matter on all Fear I’xti. Grant’s Flank Movement. «s ItIs now generally believed that Lee will tall back on Richmond, if he can do so with any degree of isfety to hii army. He may make a stand on the South Anna, the last river towards Richmond. Flank movements are generally considered not only difficult but also dangerous in lace of a powerful enemy. This movement of Grant shows that ho feels strong and able to take care of his army in the open field. Gen. Sherman Is “marching on” towards Atlanta. AU his movements arc character ized by good generalship and pregnant with momentous consequences to the rebels. Gen. Batter remains in his intreuebments, and is probably waiting for further demonstrations on the part of Grant. No doubt he prevents Beauregard from reinforcing Lee, and that is ooe of the main objeota of this expedition The war news has an encouraging look. Meeting ot the School Committee. The monthly meeting of the Superintend ing School Committee was held at their room on Monday evening, 23d inst., Joseph C. Noyes, Baq., in the chair. Bills for incidental expenses were received, and those which were duly certified, allowed. The resignation of Abby M. Bailey, Frincip&i of No. 4 Primary School, was accepted. She commenced teaching in this city twenty-one yean ago. The hours of the High snd Willis Schools, until the close of the present year, are to be from 8 o’clock to 12 1-2 o’clock. A resolution was introduced fixiug the hours of the High and Willis schools, alter the 1st of September, from 9 to 12 A. M., and from 2 to 5 P. M., which resolution was laid on the ta ble until the next regular meeting. A resolution to re-district, so as to equalize the attendance at the different schools, was referred to the sub-committees of the Park and Centre Street Boys’ Grammar schools with instruction to provide temporarily for the re lief of Park Street School, and to report a a plan for the future. A motion to dispense with the services of a Music Teacher was laid on the table until the next meeting. The committee of estimates recommended an addition of $50, in most cases, to the sala ries of eack of the Teachers of the Grammar, Intermediate and Primary Schools—of $25 each to the salaries of the teachers in the Willis School. The salary of the Principal of the High School was fixed at $1,200 — the assistant master, at $700—the assistant mis tress, $500, and each of the six assistants, $300 —the music teacher $500—the Island teach ers $500. The report of the committee was accepted, subject to the approval of the city Council. The whole amount of estimated expenditures for next year, is $39,218, being an excess of $3,435 over the current year. The school year commeuces in September. Letter Iron the ;8tate Capital. Augusta, May 25, 1804. TV Ike RdUor qf the Press: Maine has lost more heavily In populatioi to bar sixe, than any loyal State in the Union daring the late battles, if not, ludeed, mon than any other at all events. The loss in some regiments, In both officers and men, is fright fal, bat with not more than a single exception they hare all behaved gloriously, aud like al Maiue troops heretofore, have reflected dls Unguished honor on the State which they rep resent. The Maine State Agency at Washington, b doing all in its power for our wounded sol diers. It is a pity that at this time of all oth ers, the Agency should be so short of funds ea to be unable to purchase the actual neces saries of life for the suffering wouuded, when our people have always contributed so liberal ly to the Sanitary aud Christian Commis •iodis. ,i Adjutant General Hodsdon is collecting the likenesses of officers of Maine organizations, for an Illustrated Roster. The pictures &z c preserved in mammoth albums, each page con taining twelve cartel de viiitei. He has hun dreds already of these photographs, and is en deavoring to obtain those of eveiy other per son who is, or ever has been an officer in any Maine organization during the rebellion.— Friends of deceased officers are solicited to forward pictures of them for preservation in this collection. It will be a very interesting and valuable assortment when completed, and will grow more and more so as time advan ce*. If the editor of a certain evening paper in your city, was as well versed In the geography of Virginia as he is in abbreviations, he would know that the names of the four rivers which unite and form the Mattapony, are each sylla bles of the name of the latter, so that the riv er Ny is not the New York river, as he, for Mveral days past, has persisted in calling it. The death-warrant of Spencer, who mur dered Warden Tinker, has been made out aud forwarded to the sheriff of Knox county.— Friday, June 24th, Is the day fixed for the ex ecution. There has been for a long ti me a correspon dence going on between the State authorities and the Adjutant General at Washington in relation to a discrepancy between the records, by which Maiue has received credit lor (184 men lets than she has actually furnished. The authorities at Washington persisted in deny ing the accuracy of auy records but their own and consequently refused to allow the number claimed. The importance of a little red tape and of scrupulous exaction and care In having an accurate record of everything kept in the State, as well as of the successful manner in which this has been done, will be evident to every one when he learns that the superior correctness of our •State records have been proved to the satisfaction of the War Department, and that tho 084 disputed men have been placed to the credit of the State. A portion of the soldiers wounded in the late battles for whom Governor Cony has ob tained permission to be sent to this State, are expected to arrive hero this afternoon under charge of Hon. E. W. Stetson, of Damaris cotta. The barracks here are rapidly being fitted up for their accommodation aud it is expected that at least live hundred will be sent here. The Governor is still absent in Washington where It is not unlikely he may prolong his stay, if he can be of sufficient service there to warrant it. The disinterested authorities of this city recognizing the principle of saving at the’ spigot and wasting at the bung, allow carria ges to run against one auother in the dark ness of the evening, when even the usual, Mint gaslights would prevent such collisions, and oost the city much less than to pay dam ages on injured persons and broken vebicies. r Yours truly, Uklios. ... jjar.i»^.■■■■ ■ - Casualty* |„ the He. 17th, May .rith and 6th. The following list of casualties for the 17th Maine, forwarded to us by the Chaplain of the Hegiment—Ilev. J. L, Lovojoy—is the most complete of any report from that gallant corps. It purports to refer to the severe actions of Thursday and Friday, May 5th and Oth, in tho “Hatties of the Wilderness.” PIU.D OFFICERS. Col G W West wounded, nmj C V Mattocks prisoner. COMPSSY A. Killed —Corp John W Cloudman. Wounded. Sergt Gwi T Jones slight, corp Alonzo W Sawyer seriously, corp Then Dalihanty slight Private*—A II Andrews leg. It C Allen Keiuusly, Alonzo J Barker, John Karl seriously, C R McDonald shoulder, Horace O Marston leg, John Potter arm, Franklin Skillings seriously, Geo W Wilcox wound ed Missing —P*tate*.—Josiah Carter, W II Chick supposed pmouarTc II Douglaaa, B W G Gowyer, II 11 Sawyer. COMPANY B Wounded.— Sergt D » Saunders head, corp B A Rob erts leg. Private*—W S Axtell shoulder, M W Bates side, Joeiah t ookfciu side, John Doughty hip, Joeiah II Mean shoulder. S S Parker arm. all slight. Missing — Privates —Giles G Berry, supposed prisoner, G W U Roach, do, Luther Tripp COMPANY C. Rilled.—Cbrp J L Fuller, do CT Pratt, do J R Bart lett: private*—C # Brown. W L Faunee. Wounded — Corp Joeiah Duran foot, do 11 GrafTam arm, privates, J A Allen leg, W J Beverly arm, L M Day ankle, C F Dunn arm. John Hawley do, K M' Pennell leg, James Maddeu unknown, C F Penley hand, G F Perkin* leg, John Stan ley shoulder, G F Sawyer hand, C W D arren leg, W H D’oudward arm, Daniel Young leg. ' COMPANY. D. Killed— l*tSergt F D'hlttemore, corpMIchaeFBweney, Private—Frank McDonald, Wm Sibley. John Pearson*.— Wounded—Corp Geo Lothrop, corp A G H’inter. Private —-Tristam Warren. John Holt C 11 Patten JG Mason se verely,** P Roger*, T L Mclntire severely. J Rounds, P M Russell. W II I.ane, K Field*, Gilman Farmer, A Duu Up. _ COMPANY E. Killed—private* LA Simpson. W J DTiitney. Wound ed—1st Sergt C F Vaughn, since died, corp Wm M Lor Injr private* A 8 Alien, J M Adertou, J D .Jnthoine. Ho race Decker, K Kmery, L F Goff, Henry llall, F 11 Hale, Pinion Jordan Samuel Milliken, Edw M I’ond, J M Ride out. Missstng— 8crgt Herbert 8oule, private G U Grao ley COMPANY F. Killed— private*. Pnlomon Farr. Arlando Milliken, Isa ac Parker. Wounded—('kpt J A Perry *ide slight, lieut H I. Bartlett leg, 1st sergt 11 8 Warren slight, do 0 II Dy er hand and thigh severe, corpO 0 Carter arm and side, private* John Augusta hand revere, Joseph Burgess leg slight, G K Clifford, knee, revere, John 1* Frink hand Flight, Wm Gannon arm, James II F Knapp foot, R L Libby, leg, Melville Morton thigh, K P Newhall wounded and uiuuing, L A Pratt, alight. Missing—C II Moore. COMPANY O Killed— private ^ L Duunell. H ounded—sergt 8 H Roberts head, corp J 8 Manson foot, do C II Morrell abdo men. private D'arren Konnady left knee alight, T J Bragg back. Lafayette Plaistel neck, CH Ham atelomen. More* McPheters hand, O J Getebell leg. B F Huff leg. K B llans com arm, R F Dexter leg. G WillFngford leg, 8ilaa Wihler foot. Jason Lauder unknown, Joseph Kills hand. COM WANT H. Killed—James Bhnnnon. Woundcd^lnt Lieut Wel lington Hobbs face, 2d lieut J 8 Hobbs load, rergt T II Jordan,corp II N ilrarkett. private A Reade,WT llanscotne 'Royal T Hatch. Charles A Warren, T D Rand, C Leigh ton. John Oti*, Cyrus Chaplin leg. Missing -private O M Leary, Frank Adams, Charles Sanborn, Ch§ Chute, D Libby, Joaeph Sergeant. company I. Killed.—2d Lieut N W Parker, private Daniel Brown, corp A H Smith, private L G Whitney, D A Wentworth, CKGoodw.n. Wounded—Lieut G A Whidd»n slight, *«rgt C J Goodwin do, corp J \V Kendrick wrist, corp Walter Round* head, privates F 11 Loring, Fdwin Small, F Mr Kenney, .lame* Oago<*d, Johu Simpson seriously, A J llarmou, Ch* Lisbon, John Sawyer, J W Jose. Alonzo Marble, Geo Peters, John Wood*, G F Tasker, J f Sweet sir. M*#sing — private* John K Allen, Stephen Aryant, J M Brown. COMPANY K. Killed—2d Lieut BenjDoe. 'Wounded—1st Lieut K C Adams eye, rergt Harry Crosby leg. corp Eliah Hall Care, privates C Fitzpatrick leg, C Gould side, John Cotton fiand, E llutrhinsou abdomen, W F Snow neck, Benard H'ilson foot, G F Read arm, 8 D Sawyer leg, Thoa Jack son wrist, Nathan M Woods anu, John II Conley leg. Jas Brown breast, John Hcmiek finger. J/»s#iny—private Wm Gould, Andrew Murray In addition to the above Hat are'_tbe follow ing. Chs //opkins Co E lioad, private Libbv ro B head, corp Gunphell eo C breast, fatal, Wm // Chicken A arm, J 1* Wyman co G bowels, fittal. Johu //olden co R killed sergt Usher co / shoulder, rergt Staonl co K l»owels, died, corp Billings co/'leg, side, private U Cobb co 11 foot, A A Kimball co B hand, corp A P Stile* roll leg, Ch* // Morse co F hand, K R Tharn co F elbow. G H Brown co K leg. Johu // Roberts col right arm severe, prisoner, ROW Foster co B thigh, D 8 McGary co D contusion, Chs W Thomas co li hand, D D' //askell co // right thigh bro ken, Henry Day jr co F hand, F E Morse co H leg. corp D'" in fie Id 8 D'aterbouse co Pmre, Chs // Tuck co F wrist El ward F Woite co I shoulder, Alden B Walker co B left *i«le, Daniel Smith co B do, Samuel L Tibbett co B hand, Mathew McKcnzire co B rigtit leg. sergt Chs L Collie rc F left knee, Oliver Plowman co E rigtit arm,Edw C Dun can co K right arm, 8ames Chamber* K right chest, Chat H Moare co F left hand, Ilando Hooper co B chest, Johr G Hatntnon co G left arm. Luther B Fanner oo F hand, Chs A Neweomhco F chest, sergt G A Parker lung, coloi sergt Edw Parker killed, do Edw Emery nock and leg. eorj Davis co C hip, Andrew J Grace, co K right arm, 1st lieui John N Morrill 1m ‘M iln S(i>nh«*n Onffun hi-til ulivlii corp Cbs A Gammon po K bark, rapt 8 8 Kir hard, frart. jaar, severe. a ret K M Lowco A brad, C Croeeeo K iirad, evntt Goo K Fickrtt bruised by shell, E D Anthoiue ro K neck, severe. Casualties in the Me. Hth—Official. Head quarters 10th Corps Hospital, ) 3-sajck Tows, (Va.) May 18, 1804. J To the Editor qf the Prrn: The following are the casualties in the 8th Maine Vols. since the commencement of active operations in this Reg’t, up to date: fit. Col. Henry lloynton wounded by shell in the lumbar region severely. Company A. Wounded—Capt E It Reynolds gun shot foot slight, 2d licut-Keyes do both legs severe, privates Amos H 1’enly do contusion, E P Fos ter (missing) do side slight, O P Ford do face severe, Jason Gill do leg, John Gilman do knee, C L Horn do arm, Nashland Mardcn do breast severe. Mining—A F Hardy, John Scribner. Company B. Wounded—Corp Spencer W Young gun shot head slight, sergt Justin 11 Swett do side do, privates Wilbur W W obber do side und arm do, Abe) Olsan do leg, Ezekiel Elliot do both legs severe, Thomas Marland do breast prisoner. Miiting—Charles W Moore, Erastus Boble. Company C. _ H ounded—Lieut C F Monroe gun shot scalp slight, corp 0 li Camwell do arm do, Lewis Ryder do foot severe. Mining—1st Serg Wallace Smith probably prisoner, corp Belance Young do, musician G W Bean do. Company B. Wounded—Serg H Martin gun shot left leg, privates C H Walton do neck slight, A P Wal ker do finger, W Berry do breast severe, O L Richardson wrist. Company E. Killed—Lewis Beaubier, Wm H Hayward, -Tarr, Almon 8 Grice. Wounded—Sergts C B Webster gun shot contusion right arm, Wm A Brown do hand slight, corps Arthur Worm wood back, Patrick Connor breast dangerously, privates Frank Beal gun shot arm, Owin Barker do severely, John Bewitt do head do. Geo W ftugin shoulder and hin do, Calvin P Graves dft neck slight. Enos Hutchins, arm contusion, Freeman *R Miles gun shot breast mortally, Joseph E Rus sell do arm slight, Lee Strickland do face severe, Otis Whitmore do shoulder do, Sam A Wilson do arm do, 1 hos E Elliot leg contusion, Frank Hafford gun shot left hand slight, Aaron Mar den do shoulder severe, Andrew Oaks do foot do. Company F. U'ounded—Corp Francis Hurd gunshot arm slight, Wm Sherwin do left leg below knee, Oil Blaisdell do shoulder severe, Moses Bragde’u do leg, Simon Huntress do arm, Albert Junkins do shoulder, Wm Junkins do side, Clias H Robert do leg, Edward B Vaughn do scalp slight, James tarr do arm. Mitting—Capt A It Willis wounded and pris oner, serg Sylvester Hatch, privates Chas H l'.dgeooinh, M S Goodwin, Geo S Jay, Horace Junkins, Charles (Juirnby, W p Rankins, Geo Howe, Lyman L Stuart. < ompany 0. killed Private James I'risked gun shot heart. IVounded—Curp Alex Iiarbee gun shot side slight, private L A Watson do arm. Misting—2d Lieut Horace Watts, G L Stew art gun shot hip, It H Giles, Samuel Griffiths, Dennis Headley. Company H. H'onndtd — Corp Jesse Kimball gun shot head slight, privates Richard Carter do, Alfred P Pendleton do groin severe, Geo H Perkins do thigh, Mathias Ripley do arm. Musing—Oliver Metcalf, Hiram II Marr. Company I. Killed—Charles Small. Wounded—Sera Wm H Norris gun &hot leg ' prisoner, corp John ^ Young prisoner, Daniel Larrabw* gun shot leg, Isaac H Bartlett do head and face severe, Sam II Bartlett do leg, James Ludwig jr. do left leg slight, Joseph Wy man do wrist. . Mining—Corp Henry Wunndl. Company K. H'oundrrf—Scrg II It Sawyer gun shot head slight, corps 1) R Rubier do head do, A 0 Rig tv iVVT11*1 (fvtT?> 11 F Hinkley do thigh do, » II rolsom do side, privates G W Richardson do wrist severe, W 11 Norcross do neck do, James I egan do abdomen do. Many of the wounded were taken from the held, and hastily conveyed to the landing for transportation to Port Monroe, hence in all cases the nature of their wounds could not be fully determined. Vours hastily, H C Levensalbb, Surgeon 8th Me. Vet. Vols. Gokiiam. The following are the Delegates chosen by the Union men of Gorham to the District Convention at Saco today, viz: Chas. A. Slackpole, Klijah P. Lewis, Jefferson Ma bry, Charles K. Jordan, Hubbard Wilson, Geo W. Parker. Letter from Rev. Mr. Lovering. The following letter written from Freder icksburg, May 19tU, by Itov. Jos.F. Lovering, chaplaiu of the 17th Regiment, to Rev. Dr. Boeworth of this city, will be read with in terest. We commend his suggestion* to all the friends of the sick and wounded soldiers : Rev. and DeakSib:—I have a few min utes to myself after a very weary day’s work among our brave aud Buffering wounded. * * • Concerning the Maine Cauip Hospital Association in whose work yon are Bpecially interested, let me say that it is worthy of the highest commendation. Mrs. Mayhew arrived here on the morning of the 12th inst., in com pany with our State Agent, Mr. Hayes, and Mrs. Sampson who has been stationed as you know at Washington. Mr. Hayes has beeu very efficient, laboring in every possible way both In active personal ministry among the wounded and in facilitat ing the work ot others. Mrs. Mayhew and Mrs. Sampson, joined like two sisters in their Samaritan spirit, have shown the most inces sant and zealous sympathy aud the most con stant and painstaking tenderness. Of course I do not write all this from my personal observation merely. I might per haps appear partial in my judgment if unsup ported. Indeed I have only had yesterday and to-day’s experience among the wounded in this city. My work has been in the front close by our brave and heroic 17th,and there I should be now if so many of the dear fellows were not here needing all the help I can give them. But, I know it will please you to learn that belore I knew that Mrs. M. or Mrs S. were here, ♦heard the boys speaking in the highest terms of them, and by their descrip tion and after acknowledgment I knew that it was your agent of whom they spoke. Dear Sir, let me beg of you to use all yonr influence to stay their hands. How long the battle will rage about them we cannot tell, but hold up tbeir bauds full of wine and oil, aud the great agony that follows war as a black shadow shall be alleviated if it cannot be escaped. Allow me to say to you, what 1 have said to others many and many a time — ‘the Maiue Camp Hospital Association is a Providence.’ It is a noble Christian blessing. It brings the great love of home close to those who battle tor home, and lays a cool hand on the feverish brow aud gives strength to the fainting spirit. It is a noble auxiliary to the Christian Commission, which gives its bounties upon bended knees, praying the Lord Jesus to bless the soul, while all physical necessities besides are satisfied. I believe you have had some witness of the terrible effects of war amonf the wounded at Gettysburg. Without some such experience you could lorrn no conception of the terrible condition of those in this city. It is the hab itation of suffering, the most distressing — even because it is borne so nobly. O that our prayers could be more constant and fer vent for these brave men, God Uelp them to endure—God help those at home to send com fort and health. God help us, who are here, to be faithful to our work. Casualties in the eleventh Maine. The following clipped from the Boston Jour nal, 1s the list of casualties in the 11th Me., Col. H. M. Daisied, from May 13 to the 17lh. The regiment is with Gen. Butler: Kilted—Charles 1‘ Milton. Co B; Geo W Goodey, F; Walter A Crowell, E; Wm C Drake. K. Wounded—1st Lieut* Archibald Clark, left leg am putatod; Clia* A Kostca, K. breast, severe; Wm itraonou. 1. chest, mortal; 1st Beret Cba* O Lamson I, left side, slight; Nathan J Could. U. eye. slight; Lewie W Campbell. B, arm, slight; Merges Se th A Kamsdell, it, side, severe: David B Bnow, I, left shoulder, slight:: Carp Joseph 11 Crosby, B, right breast; Marshal B Btone. 1, left side, severe; C. Bachelder, Jr, K. eye. slight: Augustus D Locke, K left arm. severely; Wm Libby,C, hip, slight; I'liel neas Whatman, A, hand, severely; iieury G Bry. ant, B. wrist, severe; Daniel S Brown. B, right shoulder, slight; Wm Davie. B, left side, slight; Emanuel Kovgulo, B.head, severe; Jonathan B Au nts, D, head, slight; Geo 1. Butler, D. check and breast, mortally ; Alonzo Carver, D, right shoulder, slight: ( has H Mansell, E, E Mason, E, tide, mor tally Moray Mullikeu, E, head, hand severe; Hen ry B Btanhope, K, side, severe; Wm Clark, E. hip, slight; Wm H Hurd, E, left arm severe; David K Lowell, E, loft arm amputated: Geo W Haskell, V, ankle slight; Kathl Hooper, G. finger, slight; Ellis A Arises. 11. arm. slisht. Jas E Dunnhev. II. hand •evere: Llvweliyn J Livermore. IJ. wrist severe; Juntas E Huff, I, chin, slight; Wm II Dunham. 1 none slight; (icorgc W Kirmc, 1, Anger. ■ light; Ih&sc II. Peters, 1, haitd, .light. John Wilson, I, arm slight; Win IIConaut, K. right knee, sever©; Frank A Vninn, K. Itift thigh t’verely; Geo Bussey, K. leg slight; ltavid T Smith, K, leg. alight; Thom as Kelley I, riHnt leg amputated ; Geo W S oung, I, right foot, slight; Geo U Downs, K, leg, slight; WalterU Smith K, leg, slight. Bandage* for the Wounded. To the Editor of the Bouton Journal: In The Journal of May 20, Dr. W. T. G. Morton who visited the late pattle-flelds, says: What mu need more than anything else, are bandages of old cotton or linen, as they have nothing but new cloth, wlitch is rough upon the wounil and will not absorb moisture. Can we lie upon our comfortable beds at home, while husbands, fathers, brothers aDd sons are thus suffering and do nothing to re leive them ? Let ns each give one sheet im mediately for baudages, even though wc iie on bare mattresses ourselves. Think of pine troughs for a bed, with rag ged wounds, amputated limbs, aud rough bandaget, then freely give, aud tlod and the soldier will bless. A Woman. TVill the Editor of the Press please copy the above notice, and add that citizens will be cal led upon At their houses Saturday for anyeold cloth which they may have to send to Fred ericksburg. E. .if- We invite the reader’s attention to the splendid card of our enterprising friends, Messrs. Bailey A Noyes, which appears in our paper this morning. They are youug, en ergetic and persevering business men, who are determined to secure success by actual merit. Their stock of School Books,' Station ery, Boom Papers, Ac., is equal to anything ever offered iu the state, and as Blank Book manufacturers they have few if any superiors. To this branch of their business Mr. Bailey gives his persoual attention, and as a practi cal book Under he if hard to be beat. We are glad they have set an example in the way of advertising which is calculated, if followed up, to satisfy the people of the State that they have no need to pass by PorLlaud in order to supply their wants. Those who give them a call will be pleased with the esthidiihmeot, its proprietors and their gentleinenly clerks. The Press announces that it has “received a list of casualties in the 17th Me, Kcgt., and will put iu type to-morrow.” Wouldn’t ue^t week do just as well?—[Courier. Delightfully refreshing iu a paper the same number of which contained nearly a column of casualties in the Maine 16th, communicat w wui papn, »uu siuieu irom me morning edition, without a sign of credit! We never keep back important information an hour beyoud our ability to publish It. It would be too much like keeping back impor tant dispatches received two hours lie fore go ing to press, In order to afford sensation for an extra edition, aud to worm an extra fee from an excited public. 23P” Clothes-line thieves are depredating in Bangor. J. II. Nevens of Starks, has obtained a patent for improvements in pumps. San Francisco was quite badly shaken j by an earthquake on Friday. M%j. S. P. Jones of the 7th Maine, se verely wounded in one of the late battles, has arrived home at China. HT" A large number of wounded Me. sol diers have arrived at their homes during the last few days—others are coming as they are able to be removed. jy— The Bangor Times learns of the death of (Jen. Isaac Ilodsdou of Corinth, on Tuef day morning last, lie was horn in Berwick, lie has h eld many civil and military oflices, and was i m estimable man and neighbor. Ilia age was >2 years and b months. ays the Whig, the body of a man was picked u p in the Penobscot Boom, at Oldtown, Tuesday 24th. It was ascertained to be the body of a man from Ilarveytown, N. B., who fell fro ni a pier at Mattawamkoag, and was drown jd about two weeks since. BY TELEGRAPH -TO THX EVENIIVCl PAPERS. -—--*4V# Fight at Milford Station —A Rebel Battery Captured. New York, May 25. The Herald's correspondent says of the light at Milford Station, that French’s battery en tertained the rebels while the cavalry force flanked the position, when they beat a hasty retreat, leaving behind a battery, six officers and sixty men, besides quantities of delicacies, wearing apparel, Ac., sent up from Richmond the day before. The World’s correspondent says of General Grant’s last movement, “ Gen. Hancock mov ed on the night of the 20th, flanked the right wing of the enemy, and formed a line of bat tle south-west of the Mattapony River, in a commanding position. The country therea bout indicated that it had not suffered from the desolation of war. Much corn and fodder of last year remain. As secret as the movement was, it was known to the rebels before hand, and only the day before got off their wounded and army supplies from Milford Station. Milford had always been an important depot. At midnight the rebels were driven from an intrenched position. We captured six com missioned officers and sixty men belonging to Ewell’s eorps. Lee in a Tight Place. New York, May 25. The Herald’s correspondent says General Grant occupies the railroad between the rebel army and Richmond, over which Lee has transported all the supplies for his array. Lee must cut his way through the web in which he is entangled, and march his army Richmond ward, or he must crush the Army ol the Potomac where it lies. Another correspondent says it Is now a race to see who shall first reach the next line of rebel defences, supposed on the North Anna. Lee is a trifle ahead. On the afternoon of the 21st Gen. Wright was attacked, but he soon put the rebels to flight. A dispatch from “ Carleton ” to the Boston Journal, dated Headquarters, 24th, states that the whole of Grant’s army is across the North Anna River, and the rebels repulsed in all their attempts to stop us. The impression is that Lee is really making for Richmond, hav lng given up all hopes of stopping us short of that Farioue Items. New York, May 25. The Tribune says Gen. Sigel has been ap pointed by Gen. Hunter to command the re serve division guarding the Baltimore A Ohio Railroad. The Times’ correspondent with Gen. But ler, dated Monday morning, states that a rebel party were shelled from working in front of our lines Sunday. The rebels refused to exchange Gen. Hick man, but were willing to exchange any other Brigadier. Boston, May 25. The prize steamer Tristram Shandy, from Wilmington for Nassau, captured on the 15th by the Kansas, arrived at this port to-day. She is British, iron, side-wheel, and baa a cargo of 450 bales of cottou and 111 boxes of tobacco. Schooner Chas. Ferguson, from Philadel phia for Lynn, foundered in a squall off Block Island 22d. Crew perished. Important from Orn. Sherman's Command. New York, May 25. Extensive details of Gen. Sherman’s opera tions in the Tribune show that after several days’ fighting and mano-uveiing.on the morn ing of the 0th inst. the rebels were found to be in full retreat, his supply trains burning but his artillery carried off We have 4,000 prisoners and hundreds more are coming in. Gen. Hooker has crossed the river near Rea aca, and Schofield near Pelton. Stoneman, with his cavalry, is pursuing Johnston, engaging them with artillery, ltesaca is now our depot of supplies, and is to railroad communication with the rear. Front the Peninsula. Fortress Monroe, May 21—5 P. M. Thi» morning Geu. Gilmore went on a re connaissance at 3.30. lie met the enemy in some force, and after an engagement of an hour and a half succeeded in completely rout ingthem. The rebels have made nine attacks npon our iutrenchments, aud were repulsed each time. ST“Quite a party of ladies and gentlemen inade^ trip from Bath to this city on board the new ship “Thomas Lord,” just launched from the yard of Wm. M. Keed, Esq., on Mon day. The ship was in tow of a steamer. SPECIAL NOTICES. SAVEL’S Patent StorktnifHeel Protector. IMPROVE THE ISSUERSTA-VUISG! Wo would call the attention of the citizens of Port land, to this little article of comfort and utility. The Ladies are especially invited to examine its merits, as labor-saving in a branch of industry not particularly agreeable to them For sale at the Boot and Shoe Stores. The trade supplied by Bused k Tushy, or by may6dlw TAYLOR k LAMB. Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. DA VIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12, 1864. mayI2d6m The Patent Belle Monte Skirts. A full assortment of these oelebrated Skirts in the new style at ANDERSON'S IIOOPSKIRT AND C ORSET DEPOT, uoh28dtf Under Meehanios’Hall. THOMAS G. LORING, DRUGGIST, -AHD PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Csrasr ef Eiehss|e k Federal St’a. A perfect ft guaranteed. The poor liberally con sidered. mohltidtf Slate ef Malar. Executive Dbpartmket i Augusta. May 20, 1864. I An adjourned session of the Executive Council, will be held at the Council Chamber, in Augusta, on Wednesday,the eighth Day of June next. Attest: EPHRAIM FLINTJE., may23dtd Secretary of State. Removal. OAU^MT k CHASE, Flour Dealers have re moved from No 63 to No. 67 Commercial street, where can b« found at all times a good assortment -L VIrt««w Portland, May 9ih, 1864. mayPdSw “Buy Me, and 1*11 do you Good.*' ITaeDr- Lang ley’s Root and Herb Bitters For Jauntlico. Co 'tivenen. Liver Complaint, Uu mon, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Piles, Dizxiues*. Head ache. Drowsiht *s, sou all diseases arising from dis ordered stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to whieJu aJl persons are su bject in spriag and summer. They cleanse the systcLV reaulate the bowels, re store the appetite, purify the blood, and give sound ness of mind and strengtJr of hodv to all who use them. Sold by all dealers in Medicine ^ery where, at 25, 50and 76 cents per bottle. GKO. C. GOOD WIN A 00., 87 Hanover Street, Boston, Proprie tors. ap2 dim Beautiful Women. Or I will warrant to any person using my Pim ple Banisher a beaut! ftil complexion, it will re move Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Morpbew, Ac., in from one to four weeks, imparting to the skin a beautiful white, bia»td appearance. Morpbew, or that yellow deposit so often seen upon tbe taco and forehead, vanish by Its use like dew before the morn ing sun. Address Dr. J. B GOODNOW, P. O. Box 184, New BedJord, Mass., enclosing SI, and stamp. maylMAwlm 1 mrrRK Breath.—Among all the disagreeable oouiiei^uences that follow last the decay of the teeth, an impure breath must be the most unpleasant and mortifying to its possessor, and it is the most inex cusable and offensive in society. How often its pos sessor experiences a distant coldness sbowu even from ttie best of friends, or perhaps the one most foudly cherished, from this source. You are ignor ant of the eause yourself, the subject la so delicate— your most intimate friend will not mention it. Whv not remove this one great barrier to your healih, beauty and happinrsa at once, by using that Justly popular Deutifric, Fragrant SOZODOhT. the most convenient, pleasant and efficacious gem for the toilet thu world has ever produced. Sold by Druggists everywhere at 76 cents per bottle _ _ mchl9 It Buy Your Stationery AT DRKSSKK'S, 99 Exchavok stabbt. Note Paper selling for 6, 8, 10, 12, 16, 18, 20 and 26 cents per guire. Portland, May 10. may!6d8w* SPECIAL NOTICES. A. a. TIIAY F.K, m. D., PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, No, 4 Brown Street, PORTLAND, MS. m»y23d2w CLARK7^ distill,ei> restorative FOR THE HAIR, Eestores Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND IS A HOST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. -0O0 CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Restores the Color. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Eradicates Dandruff. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Promotes Ita Growth. CLARK’S RESTOKATIVE, Prevents its railing off, CLARK S RESTOKATIVE, la an unoqualled Dressing. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is good lor Children. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, la good for Ladier. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Old People. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is perfeotly harmless. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Oil. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is not u Dye. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Beautifies the Hair, CLARK'S RESTOKATIVE, • Is splendid lor Whiskers, CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Hair in its l’laca. UK ARK'S RESTORATIVE, Caret Nervous Headache. CLARK'S RESTOKATIVE, Prevents Eruptions. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Stops Itching and Burning. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Head Cool. CLARK'S RESTOKATIVE, Is delightfully perfumed. CLARK'S RESTOKATIVE, Contains ao Sediment CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Gam. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Polishes yoar Hair. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prepares your lor Partita. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prepares you for Bulls. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, All Ladiaa used It CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Kn T b.Ii, will Hn wIlKnal I* CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Cotta bat «1. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, 0 Ii Said by Druggist* and Dealers Everywhere. Price SI per battle.—6 bottles tor *6. C. G. CLARK ft CO. Proprietors. W. F. PHILLIPS. Portland, General Agent. March 3.1864. mch3 eodly A TfitKo or Butmr ie a joy porbver.—The living breath of the loveliest flower that blossoms in the garland of nature and wafta its sweet perfume on every breese. has its exact counterpart in the breaths of all who nse that unequal! r«l and jnsUy popular Dentifrice. Fragrant SOZODONT. It puri fies and sweatees the breath, cleanses, beautifies and preserves the Teeth, hardens the Gums, and gives to them that roseate cast so much coveted: most de licious, conven ent, efficacious and beneficial prepar a ion for the toilet ever given to the public Sold hy Druggistsovery where at 75 esnti per bottle mch22 It Boctcu^Stock List. Sales at the Brokers’ Board. May 23. 3,060 United States 6-20’s.107 6.000 .do .106/ 25.000 United States Currency Certificates .... 9«] 26.000 do (Jan). 98} (By Stephen Brown ft Sons.) 8.000 Maine State Sixes (1880).. 101 i 1.000 Bangor City Sixes (1876).. 103j L!L_ . H _ ■■■ i _MARRIED. In this city, May 22, by Rev H D Moore, Henry N Moriue and Miss Martha W Jordan, both of this city. In Web,ter, May *2, Artemu Boobwr.of Weboter, and Sarah I Gain,ha. of Braaawtck: nth. June. T Small, of Li,boo, aad Miaa Loanna Nowell, or W. _DIED. In Util city, May 24, Mr, Olive, widow ot John Clark, formerly of Cape Elizabeth, aged 64 y, an. HT1'unaral thi, fThurwIar) afternoon, at 2 o'ei'k. from her late residence. In Itrldgton, May 22, of brain fever, Addle Au gueta, daughter of Edward A. and Auguata Uibb,, aged S year, S month, Thla little girl w.i a lovely child, poaaeaacd of great Intellectual endowmenU, quick to leuru, and full of nervou* power and sprigbtlmosa Alwnya cheerlul and happy. ,he became a great favorite with all her acquaintance, and eepecially her achoolmatea, who (iucorely mourn her ,uddeu death And the A«ar( smittm parent, can say, ,be "Liv'd to wake each tender pamion. And delightful hope, inspire; Died to trv our reeignatien. And direct onr wishes higher." Cow. "'"g".";1 11 IMPORTS. WINDSOR NS. Sch Tallent—120 ton, nlazter to master. HILLSBORO NIL boh EtIIh,—174 ton, coal to Keroaene Oil t o. SI ANDREWS NR. Sch Esther—2300 cedar poata and Ft cart. A K* \f nmll SAILING Of OCR A N STEAMSHIPS. 0T1AM1B VBOK FOB 0AIL0 Asia.Liverpool.Boston. .... May 14 Kedar.Liverpool New York . May 17 leutonia... MouthamntonNew York. May 17 City of Baltimore Liverpool. ...New York. May 18 Australasian..'...Liverpool.New Y'ork.. .May 21 Europa. Liverpool.Boston.May 23 City of Limerick .Liverpool.New York.. May 24 Sax on is.SouthamptonNew York May 81 Evening Star.New York.. Havana.Mar 28 Germania.New York. Hamburg .... May 28 City of London. . .New York Liverpool.May 28 Persia.New Y'ork..Liverpool. ...June 1 Glasgow.New York Liverpool. June 4 Ainenoa. New York Bremen ... Jane 4 Caledonia....New York. .Glasgow .. .. June 6 Asia. Boston.Liverpool.June 8 City of Baltimore. .New Y ork Liverpool_June 11 Loudon ........ New York . Liverpool... .June 11 Australasia.New Y'ork.. Liverpool.... Juue 15 MINIATURE ALMANAC. Thursday*.May ?G. San rises.4 28 I High water.. 2 43 San sets.7 26 I Length of dare.14 58 Thermometer.3 o’clock A. M. 48 deg. MARINE NEWS. PORT OP PORTLAND. Wrdue.dar.Mar *5. ARRIVED. Steamer Lewiston. Knight, Boston. 8eh Tallent, (Br) Merriam. Windsor NS. Sch Eclipse. (Br) Barrill. Hillsboro Ml. Soh Kstner, (Br) Clark, StAudrews NB. 8oh James Power. Mayo, Portsmouth. Sch Searaport, Burdin#, Rockland for Boston. CLEARED. Steamer Potomac, Sherwood, New Y'ork—Emory fc Fox. Sch Ivy, (Br) Lake, Parsboro NS—master. Sch Harriet Baker, Wobber, Baltimore—R G Y'ork fc Son. {BY TKL. TO MBBCHAXT8* XXCHAXOB.) BATH—Ar 26th, 2 PM, U 8 steamer Portland, Ship Avon,(of Boston.) Howes, before reported, was bu. nt on the 20th of March, in lat 14 40 N, Ion 33 W, by the privateer Florida, Morris commander. The ship was laden with guano, from Howland’s Island, in the raciiic.aud was bound to Queenstown, for orders. Capt liowes continued in the Florida until April 4th, when he and some of his crew were transferred to the barque F Milly, from Mauritius for London. Ten of tbe Avon’s crew jained the pirates. Accounts from Melbourne, of March 24, state that a suspicious steamer, supposed to be a Confederate privateer, has been seen recently off Cape Otway. This tfa.* very much discredited American tonnage there. Ship Jack Frost, Emery, which has been trading between Melbourne and Ottago NZ, is much out of time, and it is feared she had foundered. DOMESTIC PORTS. 8AN FRANCISCO—Ar 23d inst, ships Gardiner Colby, McLcllau, Boston; Nesutam, Lunt, do via Rio Janeiro. BALTIMORE—Ar 22d, sch Dirigo, Cook, from Fortress Monroe. Cld 21st, sch Willie, Staples, Mayaguez, and sailed next day. Ar 24th, sch Albert Clarence, fm Portland. Cld 24th. sch Engineer, Portland. PHILADELPHIA-Ar 21st, brig Koret, Elliot, fm Sagua; sch Velma. Stanwood, Cardenas. Ar 23d, »ch A J Russell. Hodges, Portland. Below, ship Westmoreland, from New Orleans. Cld 23d, schs Romeo, Foss, Belfast; Adrianna, William*, Augusta. Cld24th, barques T Cashing. Ames, Boston; Har vest Moon. Hagsn, do; schs W U Mitchell, Reno, and John Snow, for Boston. Ar 23d barques Evelyn, Patterson, Cienfuegos; Ada Carter. Kenny. New York; brigs Chaa Miller, Brewer. Matanzas; Itasca, Rose, New Orleans; J M Sawver,; Geo Amos,Coombs, New York*, sch C II Rogers. Langley, Pars Cmvalio; E Moore, Allen, Femaodina. Cld 23d, barque Winslow, York, for Cape Haytien; Brilliant, Colburn, New Orleans; brigs Geo Amos, Coombs, and Roamer, Bowden, Boston; Tangier. Sawyer, and J Crosby, Parker, Newburyport; schs Romeo, Foss. Belfast; Adrianna,Williams,Augusta; Abaco. Pendleton, Cambridge NEW YORK—Ar 23d, steamer Locust Point, Hoff man, Portlaud; brig Essex, Bain, Salinas; schs F Hatch, Whitman. Baltimore; Ottoman, Billings, Philadelphia for Boston. Cld 23d, ship Garoliae, (Brem) Hong Hong: brigs Leonard Berry, (Br| Kingston. Jam; J W Harm, Davison, Cienfuegos; seb Nautilus, Davis, Elizabeth port; T S Grier. Bonsall. Camden. Ar 24th. ship Compromise. Caulk ins. fra Liverpool; barque Urania, Cooper, fm Table Bay CGH 46days; schs Julia A Rich, Lelaod, Machias. Ar 2ttth, ship E P Page, from Liverpool. Cld 24th, steamship Hecla, lor Liverpool; ships Prima Donna. Herriman. San Franeiroo; American Eagle. Urquehart. London; barque Fanny Ealer, Perkins, Now Orleans; brig Stockton, Hicbboro, Pictou; schs Benjamin, Cram, Eastoprt; S T King, Clendenuin. Calais. Sid 23d, ship C Hrinnell, and others. STONINGTON-Ar 2Sd. schs Ceylon. Sylvester. Rt John NB; President, Hall, Elizaoethport; Avon. Park, Bangor. PROVIDENCE—Ar 23d. schs Carrie k Willie. Emery, Philadelphia; George A Emily, Harris, As Calais for Pawtucket. Sid 25th. schs Cabinet, Burdick; Hattie M Mayo, Ward; Mary Elizabeth, Chase, and Marion, Prior, New York. FAST GREENWICH-Ar 23d, sch Royal Oak. Benson, Calais. FALL RIVER—Ar 23*1, sch Spy, Rogers, Bangor. BRISTOL—Ar 24th, sch Andrew Peters, Lord, An Ellsworth. WARREN—Ar 24th, sch Commerce, Maliins, from Elizabethport. PAWTUCKET—Ar 24th, seb Elizabeth. Brown, Philadelphia; George k Emil*. Harris. Calais. NEWPORT—Arfrih brig Triad. MitcludlfCalale for Philadelphia f schs Diadem. Black, Bangor ; Ann S Salter, baker, Elizabethport for Boston; George Warren, Preble. Machias fur New York; K D Arey, Wheeler, Bangor for Hartford. NEW BEDffORD-Ar 23d, sch J C Hart. Bnaker. Gouldsboro. DAN VERS—Ar 19th, schs Maria Lonisia, Snow, Boston; 20th, l^eonora. Spofford. Bangor. BOSTON—Ar 24th, ship Loch Lamar, Loriag, fm Saa Francisco, Jan 27; sets Althea, Godfrey, from Philadelphia; boundary .Johnson, and *> M French, Jones, do; A J Dyer, Rogers, and Rising Sun,Smith, Elizabethport: Elizabeth, Orcutt, Rondout; E G Buxton. Titeomb. Saco. Cld 24th, steamship Africa, for Liverpool; ship Dolphin. (Br) Humphrey, Valparaiso. A r 25th, barque Suliote.Panuo.Fhiladeldhia; brigs Elmira. Norton, do; sch Zina, Bradbury, Machias. Cld 25th.schs Damon, Pitcher. Washington; Alle gan. Jones, St George; slocp Aiida. York, Roc sport SALEM -Ar 24th. brig* Sarah Goodenow. Crow ley: Altsratta, Bibber, and Orrison Adams,Hopkins Elizabethport; Whitaker. Warn, PortEwen; schs Hattie Coombs. Drink water, do; Calista. Ameebury, Philadelphia; Oregon. Pratt, aud Juno, Mil s. New York for Portsmouth; Idabo. Lambert, Frankfort for Norwich; Nictous. Cottrell. Cherrvfleld. Ar 22d. sch Henry Crosby, Smith, Newturg NT. FOREIGN PORTS. Ar at Melbourne March 10, ship Fairfield, Paine, Philadelphia. Ar at do March 8th. J W Paine, Burke, Otago NZ (and sailed lH:h for Bluff Uarbor.) uij r— iikini. a .ki„ r Mitchell, for Calcutta. Arat Port Chalmers, March 4, Anglo Saxon, from New York. At Shanghai'. March 25, barques Hiawatha. Ryder, from Foochow. ar 7th; Lillie, Knowles, from do. ar 9th: Nestor, Cloutman. from do, ar 15th; Pacific, Morse. 459 tons, sold for 810,000. Sid Mch 17th. barque Penguin. Breton, Foochow, (gets 82950 fordo and beck, with 25 lay dare; 21st, ■hip Sarah Newman. Cobb, do. (gets 86500 fordo and back, with 36 lay days; 17th, barque Harvest Queen. Ellery. San Francisco. At Foochow March 25, barqno Benefactor. Berry, for New York; Forest Belle. Percival, for Tein-Tsiu; Rover. Stover, for Shanghae Bid Mch 12, ship Moasooo. Merrill, for Shaaghae; 13th. barque Lizzie Boggs. Dizer. do. At llong Kong. March 30. ship Derby, Allen, for San Francisco, igets f 10 per ton); Helios. Webster, fordo; Cfcra Morse, Lawrence, chartered for San Francisco, at $3 per too; John L iMnmock, liar* ward, fordo, Idg; Gen Nowell. Milllken : k at hay. Stoddard; Malay. Hutchinson,and Shirley, Mullen, one; barque* Benefhctrcss, F.Jdridge, and Marin Bartlett, Gilchrist, unc. Sid Mch 15, ship Sea 8erpent, Pike, Manila, to land for New York or Boston, (gets $10 in gold per ton of 40 feet for hemp or sugar. At Manila, March 23, ship Ocean Eagle, Chism,for New York. Sid Mch 9, barque Panama, for 9an Franeitco. Arat Singapore. Moh 25. ship Archer, Creseev. tm Hong K<*ng. and sailed 27th for Calcutta); 2Mh. Passed Aujier March 14. ships Keeolate, McGil* very, from t an tali for New York Cld at Palmero 27th ult, barque Edwin. Lindsey, New York. Ar at Gibraltar 28th n1t, barque Indian Belle.Trim blo. Messina, (and sailed same day for Philadelphia.) Ar at Liverpool 13th inst, ship Thatcher Magonn, Dunbar. San Francisco At Buenos Ayres 9th ult, brig Eaglet, Terry, from New York, 46 days passage. Per steamship Asia, at Halifax.} Ar fm New York 10th. Kddystone, at Folkestone; March 20. Australia, at Wooeung Arr from San Francisco March 16, Napoleon, at llong Kong. Arr fm Callao, Shooting 8tar, at Havre. SPOKEN, May 6. lat 47. Ion 27, ship Australia, To wart, from Liverpool for New York. May 16, lat 86 06. Ion 73 10, barque Columbia, from Philadelphia for New Orleans May 14. lat 85 12, Ion 74 02, sch J Freeman, trom New Bedford, 4 days out. May 3), la 37 86, Ion 74 16. sch Dacotah, 26 days from ('ientuegoe for Portland. May 23. of Fishing Kip, barque N M Haven, from Portland for Cardenas. N E W A D V E RT18 E M ENTS. 3gm REDUCED RATES 1 IMPORTANT TO TRAVELERS -TO TUI West, North Wait A South Wait I I). W. LITTLE, IS Agent for ail the great leading route* tr rhie*. go, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit. Galena, Oskosb, St. Paul, LaCrosse <.re«n h»v’ QuiECT St. Lout., Loul.ville, C»iro.‘ I-iott.T, from fyHtanS to -,lt the prineip.1 c.tiw end town, in the loyal 8!^,,, end ( uidu. et the w. ; », ‘ "Aa rni needful information oheerlul y granted. Travelers will *iQd ft greatly to their advantage to procure their ‘.nket* at the Uaion Ticket Office, 31 Eickaife Street, {VP STAIRS.) W. I>. L1TTLH, Agent. ty.Passager§ for California, by the Old Line Mail Steamer and Panama Railroad, may he eecared by earlv application at this office. Ticket* to .V«*afreo/ and yutLxc and retarn Aria the Grand Trunk Railway) may ha obtained at This agenoy ou favorable terms. mayRdtf The Misses Bailey’s Home School. TI1UE Misses Bailey haring purchased the place in X New Glouces er formerly occupied by ine Rer. there u*00' ** * ®°*^iuf Hchool, propose opening Home School for ttlrls and Uoy«, '“,7^ch V?*-‘dv,\n,Vr** emroful bon. tr.lDm. will be united with thorough instruction in all th* branc ies taugbtin Seminaries of the first class. 1 ho long experiences of one teacher as Principal ofa Home Sohojl in Virginia, and the reputation of the other a* a successful teacher of many yeare standing, in Portland, will, itis hoped, procure pa tronage and iuture success. A of experience will be at the head of the Home Department, and par particular atten tion to the physical traiuing cvf the pupils. For Information see circulars or inquire ef Mies A. M. BAILEY', No. 68 Spring street UKirxEKncita -Rev /. \%r Ohlckering, D. D.: lion. John Neal; Charles A. Lord; Hezekiah Paek ard; Joseph Libbey. New Gloucester. May 1«. 1S64. mayttdtf THE subscriber hereby gives public notice to all coucerued.that he has been duly appointed and takeu upon himself the trust of Administrator of the estato of SAMUEL H KING. late of Portland, iu the County* ceased, by giving bond as the law directs; be there* fore requests all persons who are indebted to the said deceased’s estate, to make immediate payment; and those who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the same for settlement to MARQUI8 F KING. Portland, May 17,1884. mayMeodftw* l NE W ADVERTISEMENTS. NOTICE V -TO THI BOOKSELLERS! — AMD — Country Merchants of Me. # Wholesale Book Store! —A HD— PUBLISHING HOUSE. * BAILEY AND NOYES, BoolueUers and Publishers. Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, An mw telly prepared to Supply tli© Trad©! -AT THE Lowest Wholesale Prices. By .pedal contract, rerently made with the See toa and Hew York Publisher., we in enabled to eapply coy end All of the School Books, Cnd la thi. State, on The Most Liberal Terms. Haring pare hated the STiumri Plate, frow O. L. Iaimu A Co.,of tbie city, we .hall late tan pahlleh the ralaeble Seriee of Scbool Boone heretofore pulh.hed by them. Thi. nr lee, togeth er with oar former publication., will wake the fol lowing Llet:— Morton’s. Wald and Quackenbos’ Gram mar, The ProfaoaciTo Grammar, By Weld ft Qaackeaboe. The Progressive Parsing Book. By Wald a tfaackaahoa. Weld's Bow Grammar. Wsld’s Grammar. (Old Edition ) Weld’s Parsing Book. Weld’s Latin Letsons and Reader, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson’s Arithmetic. B. ft N , alao pabl.ah Hiuiau't irn-Aiar lab Siatn on Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Elffht Parti, with printed copiea at tha haad of aaoh pare. In aaaet imitation of the Aalhor'l Una tiral atyle of PENMANSHIP. We anil apodal attention to thaeo I¥ew Writiug Books, A> they an admitted to ho the moat practical Copy Book# tear offered ta tha pwhlic; and thay an naw haiaff rapidly iatradaeed. harinx tha full tadorn meat of the SiptniUsAit if hUie 8<Mi if tW Stole if Use. Beeidee tha ahora llrt wbleh wa pnbliah. aarHpaa lal aoatracta an 0>r tha rellowiDi hooka Progressive Seriea of Retders end Spoilers. Hi Herd’s Bsriesof Reeders ft Spellsrs. 8 srg *nt's Series of Readers ft Spellers. Colton’s ft Flteh’s Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Green loafs Soriae of Arithmetics. STATIONI3 RY —AID ROOM PAPERSI ft FULL STOCK •Always On Hand ! *• B.—Boohaolloro or Couatry Dca'ort who ut ■ot oomiag to tho city, may writa to ui ttatiaf aboat what amount they purctuuo at a time, and wo will •ood thorn a LIST OF PRICES. II wanted. Bailey <5z. Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 56 and 5S Exchange Street, ^Portland, Is/Ie. mayMdBm

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