Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 30 Mayıs 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 30 Mayıs 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESsT POBTLJlSD HAIM* Monday Moraine, May 30, 1864. ___ .. ■ --- n*oir*uhiUon of the Daily Pres* is larger than any other Daily paper in the Slate,and double that of any other in Portland. tMBg-tr.OO par year if paid etrictly to ad aaaoe a dieoomu of #1.00 mil be made. iy a.sdlsg Matter an all Faar Pa«es. Uoa. Joshua R. (adding*. Ia th# sudden death of this true patriot and abi# state* in an at Montreal, our nation has lost one of its great men. Mr. Giddiags pos sessed strong Intellectual powers and a heart fall of noble Impulse*. In all measures de signed for th* Improvement and good of hu manity, he w*a always found the first and foremost, never trimming his tails to the pop ular breeae, hut breathieg the ttue spirit of liberty to all Ike human race. Ue acted a con spicuous part in all reforms that looked to the g good of hla own country and of the civilized r world. During his life he held many poets of honor and trust, and discharged their duties with singular ability and marked fidelity. Ia all good works ha was never found wanting. The neble State of Ohio has lost one' of her beetektisens and ablest statesmen, and human ity one of Us brightest ornaments. Tho good be bat done in the world will live alter him, and bis noble deeds will long be remembered. He never bent the suppliant knee that thrift aught follow fawning, nor shrank from doing hla whole duty through fear of not riding on the flood-tide in the affairs of men. lie al ways had faith in the virtue and honesty of the people when properly instructed and en lightod, and never hesitated one moment to advocate a good dootrine, or propose a good measure because a majority of the people might at first oppose them. He believed they would come round right at last, whatever might bs their Aral impression, and he judged right. His confidence was not misplaced He lived to witness ths great change in public opinion for which he had labored with much Mai to many years, and now he sleep# well after life’s fitful fever it o'er. •• i.»d bits*** srs those Whete bits* aaS Judg aisut »ro so well co mingled Tbat the/ r r» cot *. pipe for fortua*'« finger To soian what «toi> the pleases- Give me thet man Tbat is a*l p&imops slave, and I will wear him Ia^ny heart's oore, ay, in iny heart ol heart.” r'edlocic Seymour. “Then, upon my honor,” eaclaimed Sir Lei ceater Dedlogk, “tba floodgates of society are buret open, and Hie water; have —a — obliter ated the landmarks of the framework of the cohesion by which things are held together!” ffj are forcibly reminded of this doleful ut terance of the wire baronet, by observing the dismal alrain In which Governor Seymour en larges r-a the recent course of the Govern ment towerd the papers which published the forged proclamation. It is certainly calculat ed to Impress timid people with the idea that now, ludaed, the death blow of liberty has been struc':, th-.t the last hope of the country has departed, that the reign of tyranny and anarchy it about ts commence, and that there is nothing left lor us but to put on n bit of black crepe, and cry ' ‘Ichsbod” over the ruin of our hopes. We trust, however, that ner vout persons will not allow themselves to be alarmed by these gMotny views. There is •till life left la the body politic. Some sound Umber* the ihip of state can yet boast. It is n poor compliment ts the efficacy ef those re publican institution* about which Governor Seymour makes such an ado, to suppoee that their uninterrupted working for n period of eighty yean should not have resulted in suffi cient stability to stand Aich a shock as this. As for the set ef the pretident Itself, whether U wee regular or Irregular, legal or illegal, is not now to the point. Wise aud patriotic men hold opinions radically different in this. But admitting, for the :ske ef argument, that these who disapprove are correct, we see no occasion for each e display of wrath or anx iety. All human being* are liable to error, and no administration can be lnfoiiible. We live in exceptional and etching time*. Events are eoattaatly occurring which being without precedent themselves cannot be treated ac cording to any established rule, “lu living, energetic communities,” toys the historian Motley, “where the blood of the body politic clreulMee swiftly, there i* an inevitable ten dency ef the different organ* to sympathize and commingle more eleeely then a priori phi losophy would allow. It I* usually mere de sirable than praeUooble to keep the executive, legislative, and judicial department* enUrely Independent of eeeh other.” This is just a* true of the palled States to-day ai it was of the Netherlands la the time of William the Silent. And it la equally true that the seme vitality and^Matr *hich produces occasion al confusion, preserves each communities from injurious cousequence*. Time adjusts the working elements and secure* a dua equi librium of the teemlegly opposite forces. A free eoelety has the rlemeute of self-preserva tion la It* own breast Aud with the strength which Is horn of freedom, it has also the cour age. Never, stage the world began, was seen the apaetacls of a greet people voluntarily placing In the hands of II* ruler* such pow er* as, within the lest three years, the Ameri e*a people have wish proud confidence vested In theirs. Would they have done to bed they not knows that the power they bestowed It wee theirs to resume if abused ? The admin istration wee their eervaut, and they spared nothing to make It efficient. Tkey have been patient with failures, tolerant of mistakes, bo aauee they recognized through ell an Integrity of purpose which marl led their trust. They are safe in thus confiding, for they know themselves end their own strength. When republics have been enslaved, It is not tyrants who here done the work; it is the people tbamaaivaa. Corruptions have crept among them. The love of gain, of power or pleas ure has displaced the iove ol liberty, and made them an oasy prey. While they remain •teadfast, brave, aclf-dcnying, honest, their lib erties are secure, even -{hough the servants they have chosen to do their bidding, should fail to execute it aright. They will have atrength enough to abide such shocks, for there is notblag gives such recuperative pow er as freedom. Uow much stronger it is then despotism events have shown. Let all timid ones take courage, and be assured that the croaking* and warnings of Governor Seymour and hit tribe, who are always so much more ready to denounce the administration which <Uftndt, than the traitors who attack free in •titations, are as groundless as they are in sulting to the Intelligence, courage and con stancy of the people. Kreinox. Women Type-Setters. The western newspaper publishers, at their recent Convention in Cincinnati, passed a resolution recommending the employment of female help in the composing room, wherever It can be conveniently done. Ia our own and the Argus office in this City the effort is being made to Introduce this help, and that far with good promise of sue I——— The Monroe Doctrine. TUB EXPLANATIONS MADE TO FRANCE. The President has transmitted to the House of Representatives the correspondence con taining the explanations made to France rela tive to the resolution unanimously adopted by the House early in April, condemning the French occupation of Mexico. The most important document is the fol. lowing extract from a despatch by Mr. Seward to Mr. Dayton:— “Department of State, I “Wabhinuton, April 7. ( “Sib,—I send you a copy of a resolution, which passed the House of Representatives oo the 4th lost., by a unanimous vote, and which declares the opposition of that body to a recognition of a monarchy in Mexico. Mr. Geofrey hae lost no time in asking an expla nation of this proceeding. It is hasdly ne cessary, after what 1 have heretofore written with perfect candor for the information of France, to say that this resolution truly inter prets the unanimous sentiment of the people of the United States iu regard to Mexico. It is, however, another and a distiuct question whether the United States would think it ne cessary or proper to express themselves in the form adopted by the House of Representatives at this time. This is a practical and merely executive question, and the decision ol it con stitutionally belongs,, not to the House of Representatives, nor even to Congress, but to the President of the United States. You will of course take notice that the declaration made by the House of Representatives is in the form of a joint resolution, which before it can acquire the character ol a legislative act, must receive first the concurrence of the Sen ate and secondly, the approval of the Presi dent of the United States, or in case of his dissent the renewed assent of both Houses of Congress, to be expressed by a majority of two-thirds ol each body. While the President receives the declaration of the House of Rep resentatives with the profound respect to which It is entitled as an exposition of its views upon a grave and important subject he directs that you inform the government of France that he does not at present contem plate any departure from the policy which this government has hitherto pursued in re gard to the war which exists between France and Mexico. It is hardly necessary to say that the proceeding of the House of Repre sentatives was adopted upon suggestions aris ing within itself and not upon any communi cation of the executive department, and that the French would be reasonably apprised of any change upon this subject which the Presi dent might at any future time think it proper to adopt. “I am, sir, your obedient servant, “William H. Seward.” Boot and Shoe Manufactory. Messrs. A. aud S. Shurtleff & Co., are per haps the most extensive manufacturers in the State. They have a building, in South Paris, In which they haverecently made a large ad dition, it being now 100 feet by 31, two stories high, with a basement and attic, to be occu pied entirely in manufacturing boots, giving employment to from 125 to 150 men, and get ting out, when in full operation, from fifty to sixty cases a week. They also give employ ment to forty or fifty men in this city in man ufacturing shoes. Their salesroom and de pository are at No. 54 and 56 Middle Street, where they keep an extensive stock of boots, shoes, aud shoe manufacturer's goods—as full an assortment and great a variety as can be found In the State, and they are selling to the trade on as favorable terms as any manufac turers in New England can afford to do. They also have an office at No. 112 Pearl St., Bos ton, where samples of their goods can be seen and purchases made. The Messrs. Shurtleff have been long and favorably known as man ufacturers of, and dealers in, boots and shoes, and they have secured an extensive trade, ex tending into several of tha Western States. Their sales the present year will exceed $300, 000._ Casualties In the «th Maine. May 20th. llBAD QCA RTKUS, 1 KKTH t'OSl'r* HOSPITAL, I Near Bermuda Hundred*, May 22, 1864. ) 7Y> the Editor of the Preen. Sir: 1 send you a list of the casualties In the 8th Mfdne during the past two days. On the 24ih four companies of the regiment were sent out on picket, during which time they were attacked, and lost eighty-three men out of too hundred. Killed—John Troop, John Brown, J O Hodgkin*, Albert Varney Hiram Hobbs, True P Prescott, Joshua M Page, Seth 11 Colby, Wm L Chase, Geo W Partridge Wound'd—( apt A I) Millett gunthot thigh flesh wound, eapt Joseph Small right elbow severely, let lieut Henry ETcxier left arm ue*h wound . 2d lleut Hiram M Parker thigh slightly, oorpls W (i Karri man,both leg* left amputated.'M W Mvrick shoul der and leg severely. Geo £ Dudley bowel* mortally, privates Henry A Kicker stomach mortally, < haries A Heaid fteok sovereiy J H Diusmore arm* severe ly, Owen Keen leg slightly. Gilman Mackford do. IraM Welehdo, Martin Weed foot slightly, Wm McLain gunshot right thigh severely. Robert Smart gunshot left side severely. Fredk l'age hip slightly, Francis Sinclair right shoulder severely, liirmm G 1 Sleeper breast slightly. Cyrus Cushman leg do. ( has L Hilton head and aide do, B'nJ F Emery shoulder mortally, Alonso C llersey hand slightly. Daniel A Mlley left arm aad hand severely, ueo F Robinson leg slightly, Gao F Weeks face do, sergt L W Elliott ankle severely, corp 8 A Wheeler slightly, privates G R Alien leg severely, C If Burke shoulder slight ly, N Cole hands severely, W W Cbiek chest do, L K Clark hand do A W Daniorth htnd slightly, ('has Daniorth hip do, Cbas Gage foot severely, u K Huntington left arm do. C H Maxwell arm da. (’ W Niekerson foot and chest do. U 8 Nickerson hip do, Fran'* Smith hand do, G A Brown hip slightly, W Given hip severely, Tim Crockett slightly, 8 ft Billingtou do. 8 Barry do, II Day do, J Hubier do, John H Keys hand slightly, Josiah Nenell do, Par ker Shaw wrist severely, 1st sergt Geo Perry log anJ side do corp Mark E Hushed arm do. privates John A Chaplet right foot do, Geo E Estahrook leg slight, Hicajah fl Strout hand and arm severely, A J Townsend hip do, Jeremiah Reardon thigh do, John Hewsy knee slightly, sergt* Howard Collins arm. Stephen Danforth do. privates Aurelius Ste vens breast and shoulder severely, Alvah A Ciewly breast do, Ruel Smith back do, Wm II Smith side, David Knox lea. Stephen G Inman foot, John Thorn ton eev< rely, John Woobar leg. Wm Can well ! breast, Leander Doyle thigh severely. Augustus E V.UOHI riRIU uruuti thigh. Alfred S Varney leg, Fredk Stevens head and ear slightly. Missing—Charles Brown. Yours hastily, II. C. Livrssalm, Surgeon 8th Me. Vet. Volf. B ounded Maine Soldiers. The Chronicle of Friday reporta the follow ing wounded officers from this state. Lieut W II Higgins 6th regt Chaplain 8 F Chase 34 Lieut < ha-e 33d Lieut Col 0 C laioot 81#t. Harwood Hospital- Corpl Darius Harris Geo A Stetson 7th, Alonzo H Foss L llaesett Israel 8omm* K 1* Whitten 6<h W II Alien corpl G Fever 6th H T Fare Jos Bell 10th oorpi John L Yates J 8 iiarmond 6lh Usury A To ire not* U W lialmor Geo W Smith 31st Deo A smith o 11 ink icy <’ 8 Dyer 334 Peter lib do 1st heavy ertilery. Fairfax Semiuary Hospital — l lraan Richardson 32d corpl Joel Mabreson 7th Rlbridge G Thompson 7 th 8tanton Hospital—Deo A Hodgdon 82d Honry Hall E W Peunell I74h It D bumpers 1st Artillery oorpi Robert ( illeder 13th •orftl A. uni in Dickney 4th oorpi J H II am nor. 33d Camp ball Hospital—Nehamiah Norwood Danl W Horri Charles 11 smith 81st DouFla* Hospital— Cents Geo O Gatchell Geo A N>©3d Joefah G Nason 17th John RJohusou corpl W Park Peter Gn-ene 3d Jerome H B Larrabee 4th First Division Hospital—Danl Young 17th Mcr* eial Jeiuiius 7th. beeooet Division Hospital—N I Uanscomb 7th C P I Shelf 10th Allred McDonald 6tb sergt James 8iph i *r« 7th Wm 8 Plaisttd 7th Third Division Hospital—SergtMonroe Harry Dan j lei lioletncs sergt Jos 11 Stowe WmK K lioy7th Jos ▲ Hall 13tb Liauta Jos. E. Colby and Samuel A James, J2d regiment, who have been in hospital at Frederickaburg, have returned to their regi ment. Disabled Sick and Wounded Soldiers. Hospital Transport Matilda, I Bermuda Hundreds, May 22. J To I he Editor of the Prut: The following sick and wounded soldiers from Maine regiments, have been shipped through this hospital to Fortress Monroe with in the past week: N Wiltshire private 8th regiment, J P Fernber • on 3th, Sylvester Pra banc Sib, fcbeu Jones do, O B CiBwell corporal 8th, privates Henry Ripley 8th, JfflM 1'arr Sib, li w! 81I1 Wm Sie T.n, 8th, Vied JiltOT It!,. U M l.t cavalry, ^ A lia.k.ey do, H II do. Wm N Lord .«r*t do, V U Kofler «er*t do, private, 11 L larrington do N.woll Hulehlna do. 1) U lri.h d», John Ja.kla. do. Wm H c War oorpoial fuL.t"vV"Budd d0- CA Jmiuttt. lllh, L T bJackwoll 11th, A Clark lieut llth. Yours Ao , J. F. Faatt, Surgeon (n charge. The Grand Trunk. This corporation has become a terrible non*ter in the opinion or rather imagination jf some of our Canadian friends. The Mon treal Witness is down upon the Bill for the Amalgamation or the Buffalo & Lake Huron with the Grand Truuk. The Editor thiuks he tees iu this amalgamation au accumulation of power which is absolutely dangerous to the liberties of our Canadian friends aud neigh bors. It has already too much power for the independence ot the Press, and its influence »u elections promises to be destructive of the “lective franchise in Queen Victoria’s North American possessions. Parliament, too, is In great danger of being bought up and corrupt ed by the gigantic power this ltailway wields. Members of Parliament are corrupted and their votes purchased by free passes, special trains, and other benefits which are in the gift of this monstrous corporation. We hope and trust the management of this railway will stop in its terrible career, ere the Temple of Liberty is overthrown and demolished in which our Canadian neighbors have worship ped for so many generations. Can't their good motherly Queen do something to pre vent such a calamity falling upon those Prov inces? British North America is a great country. Great Britain is the largest of American landowners. In temperate regions alone, or regions within the temperate zone, the Brstish possessions considerably exceed the whole area of the United States. Now in view of this magnificent domain, It would seem as if something ought to be done to con trol this monstrous monopoly of the Grand Trunk, the snort of whose iron horses may yet be heard on the great Pacific shore and the rumbling of its cars astonish the residents of Vaucouvre. Now to be serious, we do not have such fears of this corporation as some of our Ca nadian neighbors seem to haTC. We think they greatly magnify its power for evil. The Temple of Canadian Liverty, we trust, will not be turned into ruins, and members of Par liament will remain uucorrupted aud true to the interests of Canada. Down this way. we consider the Grand Trunk a noble instltn tion, greatly nenenung a wiae range oi coun try, affording our Canadian friends great fa cilities for visiting the “Forest City,” and breathing the puro breezes of the ocean which can tie enjoyed on the beautiful island* that dot our ipacioua harbor to greater advantage tban on almost any other spot on the Atlan tic coast Loss of General Officers. Senator Wilson has kindly furnished the following carefully prepared list of Gen eral officers who have died since the com mencement of the war. It will be observed Ibat 38 have been killed in battle, and 15 died of diseases contracted in the service: Maine Gun. Kelli, dlod Gen. Berry, killed. Gen l'stterson, killed by Gen Jameson died. the accidental discharge m Asps chcsstts. ofhispietol. Gen. Whipple, killed. Geu. Bohlan, killed. Gen. Strong, killed. Gsn. Jackson, killed. Gen. Stevenson, killed. Gen. Welch, died. General l ander, died of Gen Vincent, killed. wounds and exhaustion.Gen. Hays, killed. Gen. Plummer, died. mabtland. ■ hods island. Gea. Cooper, died. Gen. Kodman, killed. Virginia. cobnkcticct. Gen. Terrell. kiUed. Gen. Lyon, killed. Ohio. Gen klansHeld. killed. Gen. Sill, killed. Gen. Sedgwick, killed. Gen. I^ytle. killed. Gen. Totten, died. Gen. MoCook, killed. NEW JESISY. INDIABA. Gen. Taylor, killed. Gen. Bnekieman. killed. Gen Kearney, killed. micbiuah. Gen. Bayard. killed. Gen Richardson, killad. new York. Gan. Williams, killed. Gen Mitchell, died. ILLiaois. Gsn. Sumner, died. Gea. Wallace, killed. Gen Weed, killed Gen. Farnsworth, killad. Gen. Blanker, died. Gen. Kirk, killed Geo. t’orcoran, died anttrccBT. Gen. ('hmpin, killed. Gen. Nelson, killed by Gen. Zook, killed. Gsn. Davie. Gen. Kirby, kilted. Gen. Jackson, killed. Gen. Wadsworth, killed. Gen. Buford, died. Gen. Rice, killed. maaiesieri. Pennsylvania. Gen Banders, killed. Gen Smith, died. wasuikoton tkhbitoby. Gen. Keno. killed. Gen. Stevens, killed. Gen. Reynolds, killad. Aid to the Suffering Maine Soldiers. Mit. Editor: I notice by the Courier of to-day, that the Ladies’ Sanitary Committee, after acknowledging liberal contributions for the aid of sick and wounded soldiers, make an appeal for further contributions for the same purpose, to which every patriotic heart should geucrously respond. But there is an inquiry which seems to be pertinent at this time, which is: What amount of hospital sup plies hare been forwarded Iron) this Commit tee to the ltoalon Branch of the Sanitary Commission since the appeal was made by our noble and patriotic Governor, in behalf of Maine soldiers ? It may uot be generally known that there are fifteen regiments of infantry, one of heavy artillery, ten batteries, the First Maine Caval ry and a battalion of District of Columbia Cavalry in the Army of the Potomac, being quite eighty per cent, of all the troops Maine has raised, note in actual conflict. From in formation received from resident Agents at Washington and in the field, it would seem that all the hospital stores that Maiue can raise are needed there for the benefit of her noble sons who may now aud hereafter be ly ing sick and wounded in the hospitals or on the field. Portland, May 28,1884. »r Garrison rs. Phillips. At the late anni versary meeting of the American Anti slavery Society in New York, of which Mr. Garrison is the President, Mr. Wendell Phillips made a speech in which he was severe as usual upon the administration and President Lincoln. At the conclusion of Mr. Phillips’ address, says the Commercial Advertiser: Mr. Garrison said that, after looking at the question broadly and philosophically, be knew of no mail who is more deserving of another term than Mr. Lincoln. (Applause repeated ■(■Vural liinua \ At da limn lisua Ikn ivunvila been in advance of the President. lie has struck the chains from three millions of slaves, and implored the Border Stales to abolish the institution. In consideration of this he could uot say anything very harshly about Abra ham Lincoln. (Tremendous applause.) The Attorney General had declared that every col ored man in our country is a citizen of the United States. He would not call him an old fossil any longer. (Applause.) Bei.i.r Boro. This celebrated rebel spy, has created quite a sensation in Boston. She was brought to that port on board the Grey hound captured as a blockade runner off Wil mington, N. C. She had taken passage to Nassau, hut the fortunes of war changed her destination. Three servants accompany her, a white woman, a black boy and a black girl. She converses well, and expresses her sym pathy with the South, hut in courteous terms. Tall, well formed, blonde and graceful In man ners. She will one day, no doubt, become the heroine of a novel and become famous be tween two yellow covers. Lee and Grant she considers the greatest generals of the age,and the pending contest will terminate the war in favor of the victor. Everybody wants to see her, but the Marshal keeps the treasure to himself. He is a very selfish man when so many Boston Beaux desire to see such a Belle. New York Speaks. In his admirable let ter to the New York Evening Post, recently copied m the Press, Mr. Arnold, of III., said that nearly every free State had expressed its preterence for Mr. Lincoln's re-uomination except New York. That exception no longer exists, for the late Union State Convention at Syracuse adopted the following by acclama tion: Iteiolrtd, That this convention,approving thead miuiatration ot Abraham Lincoln, and rooegnialug hi* Integrity and patriotlo efforts to mippiets there bullion wbicb h found in existence upon bis inangu. ration, hereby ex presses its preference for bis ra uominxtiou for the office of President of the United State*. # OKIOIXAL AXD SELECTED. 8y Every dally paper Id Cincinnati has been compelled to advance Its price. jy Salmon is selling In Belfast at 75 cents a pound. KT* The Maine Western Yearly Meeting (F. W. Baptist) will be held in Saco, on the 8th and 9th of June. « »'A very rich mine of plumbago has been discovered recently on the. St. Maurice river, Canada East. jy Gen. Butler haa fallen heir to one million dollars by the death of his brother— so it is reported. 6^“ The citizens of St. Louis have bought a splendid sword to be presented to Gen. Hancock. Ey The Committee of the City Council of Lewiston, lias reported against the purchase of a Steam Fire Engine. The unanimous voice of all the Dis trict Conventions, so far as heard from, is for the renomination of Mr. Lincoln. SyThe Machias Union says business is live ly at Harriugton. Three vessels are In courso of building at the village. fly Fish of all kinds are unusually plenty this season. How very kind to come to us in such numbers when so much needed. jy Stephen Hubbard, Esq., of Cape Eliz abeth, has been appointed a Justice of Peace and of Quorum, and duly qualified. UP A squad of two hundred rebel priso ners who have taken the oath of allegiance and enlisted in the Navy, were taken to the Kittery Navy Yard, on Saturday. -M The Universalist clergymen in the vicinity of Lewiston have organized an asso ciation to be known as the "Androscoggin Ministerial Circle.” fly The Union Conference will hold its session at South Brldgton, on the 7th and 8th of June. Strangers will be cordially wel comed. fly One million one hundred thousand dollars is the net sum already received from the Sanitary Fair in New York. That was never beat In this world. fcyThe W iuthcop (Congregational) church have extended a unanimous call to Key. Ed wrerH fTawsoa nf WsIa.JII. s. . iL pastor. The new steam saw mill Is In opera tion in Bethel, and willput out a large amount of lumber. John Lynch, Esq., of this city, we think is one of the principal owners. Dy A correspondent of the Oxford Demo crat says that a few days since, In the space of three hours, a million feet of spruce and pine logs passed over Uumford Falla on the Androscoggin. Sy- Sch Centre Point, Capt. Henderson, arrived at Gloucester on Monday, having in tow a whale, which was picked up about thirty miles from Cape Cod. It has been sold to Mr. Benj. Robinson for $250. jyCol. Conner, of the Milne 19lh, has a severe wound in the thigh, aud Is considered in a critical condition. Uis father, the Hon. Wm. Conner, of KendeU’t Mills, is now with him. sy Mr. Edmund Kirke, author of" Among the Pines,'’ and other works, which have met with favor, will shortly publish a book on the “Poor Whites of the South,’’ illustrating their habits, manners, condition, prospects, Ac. Sy Daniel Barker, of Weston, before Commissioner Hayden, on Monday, pleaded guilty to the charge of illegally importing goods into the United States and was bound over to appear at the U. S. District Court. gy The baggage of passengers arriving at Eastport, from the Provinces, is now carefully examined by Inspectors of Customs. The frauds practised upon the goverment have rendered this course necessary. SyThe Eastport Sentinel says twenty bolts of sail duck, ten chests of tea and a boat were seized by Inspector Robbins, on Tues day night at that place. A good night’s work lor the officer, but a bad one for the .smuggler. jy The corner stone of a new synagogue has been laid in 34th St., near Broadway, X. Y., with great ceremony. It was done with a silver trowel. Many articles to mark the present age were deposited In the cavity of the stone. sy a" Bankers’, Brokers’, and merchants, Club” has been opened in Fifth Avenue, X. Y. It is to be a sort of Brockford’s, where dining, wining and gambling are to be carried on in the most extravagant style. The annual dues are $100, the admission to the Board be ing extra. ty Farming operations in Canada are very backward, owing to heavy rains. The weath er in Lower Canada has been every thing that could bo wished for by the farmers, say the Mohtreal papers. In Xova Scotia the farmers are very hopeful. In some portions,however, they are beginning to feel the want of rain. Maine Soldiers at Chesapeake Hospital. The following were received into this hospi tal on the 24th from Bermuda Hundreds: Capt. E. H. Reynolds heel, Capt C. Perry ankle, Lieut. A. F. Keys thighs 8th regt, Lieut. C. U. Foster breast 11th, Lleuts. G.S. Col bath arm, and B. Smith 9th, Capts. A. D. Millett and J. Small 8th, U. S. Parker, H. F. Foxier GaL T 1_a A S'l--1- lltk T A QsK Died. 23d, J. Irish 9th regt. Ia Hampton Hospital, 28th 8. W. Fogg 9lh regt, O. F. Sleeper bib regt. IPICUL NOTICES. HAVEL'S Patent Stocking-Heel Protector. IMPROVE TUE UNDERSTANDING ! We would aall the attention of the citixens of Port land. to thie little article of comfort and utility. Tax Ladies are oepecially invited to examine ite mi rite, u labor-saving In n brnucb of industry not particularly agreeable to tbra. For sale at tbe Boot and Shoe Stores. The trade supplied by Ubebd ft lunar, or by mayiidlw TAYLOR ft LAMB. a. s. raiTsa,, PHYSICIAN & SURGEON, No. 4 IIrowii Ktreet, PORTLAND, MX. mnjWtlm Portland Photographic Gallery, 80 M1DDLX ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May It, 1884. mayltddm The Patent Belle Monte Slcirtf. A foil assortment of these oelebrmted Skirts In the new style at ANDERSON’S HOOP SKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, mch23dtf Under Mecbanloe' Hall. THOMAS G. kORING. DRUGGIST, -A»D PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Cerasr ef Cickta|e ft Federal St’s. A perfeot tit guaranteed. The poor liberally son sidersd. mchtbdtf State ef Maine. ExaeOTlvs lltraitmist I Augusts. May 20, 18M. ) Au adjourusd seseiou of tbe Kxeoatlye Council, will be held at the Council Chamber, la Augusta, ou Wednesday, tbs eighth Day of June next. Attest: KPllKAlM FLINT JH.. may 28dtd Secretary of State. 8 * 8PIC11L NOTICES. Removal. GALBERT fc Cilitifi, Flour Dealers have re moved from No. 63 to No. 67 Commercial street, where can be fomd at all times a good assortment of choiee Flour Portland, May 9th, 1864. may9d3w FAMILY DYE COLORS. (1'atutkd Oct. 13, 1803.) A Saving of SO Per Cent. Black, Black roa Silk, Dark Blur, Light Blub, Fbexbu Blub, Clarbt £rown, Light Brows, Dark Brown, Bmvp Brown, For Dyeing Silk, Woolen and Mixed Goods, 8haw!s, Hearts, Dresjos, Ribbons, Gloves, Bonnets, Hats, Feathers, kid Gloves, Children's Clothing, and all kinds of Wearing Apparel. Chkrry, Crimson, Dark Drab, Light Drab, Fawm Drab, Light Fawn Drab, Dark Orbri, Light Gbbbm, Magbbta. For 25 cents you can color as many goods as would otherwise oost five times that sum. Various shades oan be produced lrom the same dye. The proeess is simple and any oue can u«o the dye with perfect success. Directions in English, French ana' Ger man, inside of each package. Maizb. k * MABOOH, Orange, Pibk, Royal Purplb, Pubplb, Salmon, BOARLBT, 8LATB, BoLPBRINO, VlOLBT, Lbathbr. Tor farther information in Dyeing, and giving a Serfect knowledge what colors are best adapted to re over others, (with many valuable recipes,)par-* chase Rowe ft Stevens’ Treatise on Dyeing and Col oring. Sent by mail on receipt of price—10 cents. Hannfectnred by HOWE k STEVENS. 260 Broadway, Bostob. For sale by druggists and dealers generally. may3 dim Caps Elizabbth, July 1.1868. Sib:—During my connection with the State Re form School, as a teacher, L. F. Atwood’s Bitters were introduced there and used with marked snooeee. particularly in umou* enactions. Youra, Ac., ▲. P. HILLMAN. Uamove*, Mb.. Oct. 1,1861. Dear Sir —I hare used L. F. Atwood’s Bitter* for some 10 or 16 yean. 1 have tried a great number of medicines for Dyspepsia,but without effect. Theae Bitten arc the only remedy that hare ever relieved me of thia distressing complaint. My neighbon have alao been greatly benehtted by the use of them. JOEL HOW. HP*Beware of Counterfeits and base imitations, some of which aer signed “M." F., instead of L. F. Atwood. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, and os a safeguard against imposition bears an EXTRA 1 aml.countersigned H. H. HAY, Druggist, Port land, Me., sole General Agent. For sals by respectable dealers in medicine gener ally. _ InnlO 6meodA w 3 "Buy Me. Bad I'll do you Good.** Use Dr. Langley’* Root aii Herb Bitten For Jaundice, Co»tiveae*s. Liver Complaint, Hu mon, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Piles.DizxineM.Head aohe, Drow*iu<M, and all diseases arising from die ordered stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all persons are subjeot in spring and summer. They oleanse the system, regulate the we Is, re store the appotite, purify the blood, and give sound ness of mind and strength of boor to all whouse them. So d by all dealers in Medieine everywhere, at 36, 50 and 75 oents per bottle. GKO. C. GOOD WIN A CO.,87 Hanover Street, Boston, Proprie tors. __ ap3d«m A Word to "8KOKRRS.”^’Tis not onr intention to preach a reform against the growing and sociable use of the weed, tor it is a luxurious comfort. What gentleman, we ask, old or young, who it addicted to thie habit of enjoying himself behind a good Ha vana. particularly after a hearty meal, will dispute us, we speak from experience, for we often indulge In a good clear ourselves, but what we wish to sug gest t« try tnatjustly popular, fragrant, convenient aid efficacious Dentifrice SOZODON T. just the thing after smoking; removes instantly the unpleasant taste and odors attendant on the use of tobacco; ‘tie refreshingly agreeable and leaves the month eoo and sweet. All Druggists sell it, price 75 cents per bottle. meh23dlt Beautiful Wsdmb. HF“ 1 will warrant to any person using my Pim ple Bantsher a been ti Ail complexion It will re move Tan, Freckles, Pimples, Morphew, Ac . in from one to four weoks, imparting to the skin a beautiful white, bland appearance. Morphew. or that yetlbw deposit so often seen upon the face and forehead, vanish by its use like dew before the morn ing sun. Address Dr. J B. GOODNOW, P. O. Box 1M, New Bedford, Mass., enclosing *1, and stamp. msylSdAwlm Bay Voar Stationery AT DBKS8KS S. M E*cba*o* man. Mot* Taper MlliBf for «, V, 10, 12,16, It, 20 and 26 cat, perqoir.. Tort Ian d. May 10. may ltdtw* Boston Stock 1.1st. Sals, at thi Brokers' Board, Mat 28. •6.500 American Uold.,...186 7.000 .do..186* 12.000 United Stale. 5-20'.. 107 2.000 United .State. 7 Moth. (Oot).lilt 8.000 .do.Ill] 1.000 .do (Aug).Ill] 1.000 United State. Currency t' 6.500 Ogden,burg l.t Mortgage Bond.. 106 6.000 tigdeoaburg 2d Mortgage Bond. . »7 6.000 Kntland 2d Mortgage Bond.. 37 [By Stephen Brown k. Son..] 10.000 Maine State Siare (1880).101}<4102 -_MARRIED._ In thi. city, May 27. by Ber E C Belle., Lincoln T Staple, and Mia. Nettie A Walker, both ot tbi. city. In Anbnrn, Mny 28, Noah W Jordan and Mica Eliza K Jones. In lliddeford. Mny 32, Frederic Tibbetts end Miss Mnrthe ▲ Hearn, both of heoo. In Saco, Mav 21. Gilbert B Place, of Lewiston, and Miss Almira W Davis, of Biddeford. _DIED._ In Harrison. Hamilton Co, Ohio, Mr John J Mark, formerly of this city, aged 82 years. In Bath, Mny 26, Mrs Margaret Dougherty, aged 49 years. hilled, in battle at Spotsylvania, Ta, May 13. Jas Jameson, of Bath, aged 80—member Co D, 8d Maine Eagi men I. la Brunswick, May 25. Sam'l Woodward, aged 43 years 8 mouths In Topituun, May 22. Aagedne M Thoraptoe. aged 11 year, 8 month.; 24th, Mary I’ Thompeon, aged S years 6 months. iu «tu r nuoucg, «jru 9. «r joan n mis, iormerir of Brunswick, aged 94 years. EXPORTS. Ship Virginia, tor Glasgow—10,942 bbls flour. I4ILIHO OF OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. •mill non worn sails lyutoma.SouthamptonNew York...May 17 Kedar.Liverpool.New York . May 17 City ol Baltimore.Liverpool. ...New York. .May 18 Nova Scotian.Liverpool... ..Quebec_May 19 Bavaria. Southampton New York ... May 21 Australasian.Liverpool.. ...New York. May 21 Europe..Liverpool.Boston.May 29 Etna ......Liverpool.New York... May 25 China.Liverpool.Boston_ May 28 Saxonia.Southampton. Now York May 81 Persia. ..New York. Liverpool_June 1 Champion..New York Aspin wall. June 8 Eagle.New York Havana . June 1 I.ocust Point...... New York New Orleans June 4 Glasgow. Now York Liverpool . June 4 Peruvian.Quebec Liverpool_June 4 America. .New York Bremen. Jane 4 Caledonia..New York Glasgow_ June 6 Mstanzas.New York. Havana. . June 8 Havana.— New York. Havana. Jnae 8 Asia. Boston.Liverpool.June 8 Westminster.New York Liverpool Jnne 8 Kedar.New Y'ork Liverpaol... .Jane 8 City of Baltimore .New York. Liverpool_June 11 Loudon.New York Liverpool June 11 Australasian.New York. Liverpool_June 15 | Nova Scotian .Quebec..Liverpool . June 11 MINIATURE ALMANAC. Monday,.Mny SO. San risen.4 98 | High water. 8 40 San seta.7 29 j Length of days.15 08 Thermometer.ft o’dock A M 48 deg. MARINE NEWS. FORT OF PORTLAND. Sataralar..May 18. ARRIVED. Steamer Locust Point, Hoffman, New York. Steamer Forest City, Lbcomb. Boston. Sch C 11 Moller, Baker. Philadelphia. Sch C L Vandorvoot. Baker, Philadelphia. Sch Leesburg, Blake, Philadelphia Sch Chaliengo, Tapley, Philadelphia. Sch Ellen Merriman. Hamilton, Boston. Sch Seven Sisters, Crowley. Elizabeth port. Sch H Prescott, Upton, Boston. SAILED—windSW—Brig J D Lincoln, Proteus, and others. CLEARED. Ship Virginia, (Br) Armstrong, Glasgow—John Port eons. Brig Proteus, Mahoney, Havana—Geo K Hunt. Brig Danl ltoone, Tucker, Uavuna—Isaac Emery. Soh Talent, (Br) Merriman, Pictou NS—master. Sch Hannie Westbiook, Littlejohn, Baltimore— O.'landa Nickerson Sch J R Mather, Willard, Philadelphia—Orlando Nickerson. Sch Honest Abo, Conary, New York—R G Y’ork k Son. Sch Bramhail, Ricker, Boston—J B Brown k Sons. Sch Globe, Snowmau, Boetou— J II White. Swmdasy. May 20 ARRIVED. Soh Olive Eliznbeth, Hamilton, Boston. Ucjcjuj-On Saturday, from the yard of Mean W k ▲ Curtiss, a line light drought steamer of about 3-W tons, to be called the "Regulator ” She waa brought round to the 1’ortlaad Co’s wharf, whero she is to receiru her machinery. The R waabuilt for parties in Oloueester and lioeton.and is intruded lor the dav route botween those places •ry^5 the 18th, a good barque of about 850 tons, called the "Serapta ” The new sell O W Kimball, bnilt by B C Thom,,, at Rockland, was launched on the 21st. She is own ed by the builder. A * Ames. Mrs Olive C Kimball. R ^ Crockett, who will command her. Mr Thomas has laid the keol of a vessel of 226 tons, for Capt Robert Crockett and others. domestic ports. SAN FRANCISCO—Ar a^th ult, ship. Her,re, Howes, and Golden Fleece, Mamon. New York. Ar let iuat chip Carolina Rood. Friaad, Tart DM Co^uimbo. Boyd, Fort Madison. Cld 23d, ship Enterprise, Uinbar, Port Angelos: 7*r'lu^*. A,A FJdridge, Bennett, Honolsln; Julia Beau’ do*P **' ,’°rt An*'lot; 3otb, Adelaide Cooper, NEW OBLEANS — Ar 13th, skip Chattanooga, Hamilton, New York; baniaea Commerce, Bn Bos ton ; « omet. from Philadelphia; 11th. ships Moon tun Ware, Hopkins, Boatoa; Spark or the Ocean, , S d0,;.b»r<)M Oeo S Hunt, Woodbury, fm 1 £,h’ bri* Lagrange, fm New York. Mayflower, Goodwin, from Fort JSjJ' ..h'*** ® 8 Emery, frem Cardenas; Altarels, from Pensacola .«hl|diJ?nh-bV.'\,leScio’ H““». Philadelphia; 13th, . ia^ rr*,„ 6' Lir-worw, Boston “*• to' K»w Task; brig U*°“,' Lardenas Mth.baraae Iddo Kim ball, Johnson, for Philadelphia; 17th, Greenland, 1 nompson, do. SMS?/*?!- .u»BI'lb»l. llawkins, Nsw York. bat. from M«Yli"POr‘a0tb' Ue#,«# “", wBa r?i?f0,*5rA,'*‘h’ **h G!ob«, *» K*w York; W A Crocker. Pierce. Port RovaI m: G< -LUd 3tth. sc ha While Baa, U°n: "h T * Cld»th,brig« Hydra, llerriman, end B Cerrer, LV,7.- JiSgRi^toeto. Bose, do; sob Quickstep, Strong7do fc*rqB® Ulli",tor Boston; brig Elite M «b Amy N,W 0rto*“: ”* for „ I By tell Ar 23th, ships Alice Yen nerd Kelly fm Lradrv. Mel B»tb b«S« Ar*~». NEW YORK-Ar 26lh. sehs Ma-garst, I’oidletoe, J£eh‘“- b"“. Wright Adams. I-Jrt Ewen for Bos Friend Brawar”**00' l’r*bU' Fred Bead, CM Wrh lokl IleA nash. .J_a.. * . _ Tillie E, Anderson, Washington. * ’ ArSTth.ships Jeremiah Thompson, Risks. Llrer < ®M,antine, Creerr, do: Mclroao, baroum Guielle, Uiaok. Port 5i*“U' >•»»*««: B Coieord, toleord. Cardenas; Florence Peters, Hooper, Wee TitasT Trosator,^arrer. Cube; brigs SollerUo.llig. *1“*r Farei itaeciitiso, Gorham, he Johns PR; A B „°°k'RoyelSC; mbs Jus I Day .Taylor, g«■?*?,lof,; ™r** 8«W*. Slone. Malanias. Cyrni ^ ??T?tVr*loa*<,0“1 r*1®1*; Challenge, Hart, Boston Xi stennuhlpa Germania. Ibr Hamburg; City of London,iBr) Liverpool; ship Avror* Bar ker. do. bart^e. Sbeffl«]<T(Br> Hobbilo?'cSL Town CGH ; Alex Duff. Nenl, DemarorT OrordK Crockett RichibncU; schs Orahilla.Harener.Boe ton; D H Baldwin, Knowltoa, Newbaryport; E Arculartue, Jackaon. Philadelphia Bid Kth. ship KUiabeth Hamilton; 304b. bri* Loch Lomorad bNKW UAVEN-Ar36th. brig Elina Dudley, Nya. PROVIDENCE—Sid 27th, ache John Rngglee, Concert. Pendleton, Machiaa “k* Vendeel, Bray, Nnw Bedford <or Philadelphia; B L Coadon, Gott, Ha nokin Hirer tor Thomaeton Bid keib ioha Agaaora, aad Donna Anna. In port 27th, acha Oraloo, Bock. Eliiabathport for Baatm; ottoman. Billings, fm Philadelphia for do; Victory^ Harria faa ( hoptank Rirer Ibr do; Cnnorn, Ellen Perkins. Diadem, Spy Rocket. HOLMKS’8 HOLE—Ar 26th, brig Relict, Stroat, Joneeport for Naw York; schs MUaebaha, Leash. Baltimore tor hcnnebnnk; Kendrick Flah Wall do for Bath: Byzantium. Small, Bath for N York: P A Xclmire, Mclntlre, P E Island for do; Adeline Bprague, Bangor for Naw Haren HEW BEDFORD—Fid 27th. acha OUra Branch, Higg-na; Packet. Grant, and Monteauma, Mayo, tor Now York. PLTMOCTH-Sld 2d, sah Bank ■ Hyde, Pieros. New Haren. BOSTON—Ar 27th, barque Western Sea. Harding. Alexandria; acha AL Putnam, Cook. Baltimore; W B Fry*. Loud. Philadelphia. Cld 27tn, sobs Carrie Mtich. Briar. rhOsdalpbin; Quickstep, Richardson Portland. CtdISth, ship Washington, Norton, Now Orleans; barque Sicilian, Larender,Plymouth; brtgaCeataar. Kelton. Mac bias. Masstlan. Lelaad. Portland; acha Moro, Scott, JogginaNS; S K Hart. Lnaail, Ban gor; Tiger, Goldthwaite. Saco GUJL'CESTKB—Ar24th, sake EIRka Brooke, fm Boa tea: BeeJ Franklin. Coggta, do lor Trenton; C H Mailer, Baker. Philadelphia for Portland; La conia. Pro tor. Saco for New Bedford; Berea Me ters. Crowley. Eiisabetbport for Port lead: Forest. Canary, do for Portsmouth; Superior, Kobias.m, Rondout for Fort Knox. Ar 2Ctb, ache Jlary Ann, Bryant, Addison for Boston; J D Griffin. Gould. Salem. ROCKLAND—Ar 28th, 2 PM, V 8 steamer I’on tooauc, from Bath. FOREIGN PORTS. At Messina 7th inst, barqae Warren Ballet. Gibbe, for Boetou lOtb. At Palermo lath inst, barque Fury, Ray, for Bou ton, Idg. Arnt 8t Naralre VRh Inst, ship Shouting Star, Drinkwater. Callao. At Vera Crus 2d iuat. barque Acme, Campbell, fin Naw York, ar 27th alt. dug. Aral Aspinwall 16th Inet. brig Coats Bloc, reel. Naw York; Caroline. Brarle, do. Bid lhtb, brig Dirigo, Kumball, Cieafoegae. Ar at BarhaHoee 6th taut, ahip J Montgomery Hamilton, Callao At St Croix 12-h Inet. brig Nollio Staple*, from Wilmington, Del, for New York 14th. Sid fm Cioofoegos 7th iuat. barqae C W Roeerelt, Herrimna, New York. At Matansas 20th lest, ship John Banyan, Carrer. nac; barqae klallie Metealt, Amec, and Reehablte. (Brt Norton, tor Boston: Texas. Horton, foe Beady Hook; John Carrer, Nickels, use; brig H B Emery. Bradford; Enterprise, Uriadl*. and Stella. Good ing. for N York: c P O'Brien, Wiley; H C Brooks, Miller, and Swordliah, Jordan, asc Tbofoilrwlng are recent charters to Hew York— Barque Mallie Metcalf, COO hhde molsases at 04; brigs Enterprise. 400 hhde sugar at 061: Seotland. 600 hhds molasses at M|; II B Emery, 000 hbds molasses at 0*). For Philadolpbln-Brig C M Carrer. 300 hhda molasses at 04. Ar at Cardenas 6th Inst, brig C Matthews, Mat thew Portland, land sailed 12th for Began.) At Nenritas Oth last, ship Borneo, for Now York. Ar at Halifax 20th inst. schs J W I leering, Kenne dy, aad Saltan a, Slteaean. Boston. Bid fm St John NB 26th Inst, ship Am Cnion. Hubbard, Ltrerpoel. I POKE N. May ». 1st 2610. 'on 7010, ship Borneo, trem Nenritas for Now York May 20. tal» *7. lea 73 24. knrqas Ellon Uterus, from Portland for Cardsnaa May 20. off the Sow aad rife, brig Menaoal, ol Bears port, W dafl from Porto Klee for Portland. No date, off Nantucket, barque Sol Wild*, from Glasgow for New York v NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. HYDROKONIA. Thia word la derived from Hydro-wnter.and Konle Sprajr, end signifle# Water-Sprey, or aa Lana, ol Pari#, proaooaoea U, Water-butt. Aloa* th* word manna bat Httl*. bat a* combiard with Ih* Sanaa and facilitlea nl ear sommand It aignilra ih* only method yet dtocomred lb* «be tale, efficient had rad cel cure of Neaal Ceterrh, Catarrhal Denfueae end Throat Diaaaee*. Fereone tateraeted nr* cordially Invited t* examine th* merit* of thia practice. 0* ear Prorceeional Boeata at the Preble Hoeae, when fox the beoedt ol many petirnte to thia city, end in fe tor at othara who may deeire ear aervlcea, wa ahell remain natii Friday, Jana the third laetaat. Recaption honra (tom »to 11 A. ■ and from 9 to 6 and 7 to » r. « • and poeltivoly at no other hoar*. 8. t LES8SOS PRATT, M. D.. Physician for the By*. Nor end Catarrh. From the Prett at Bone. Dan l’nATTRBtanDinr —Thee* gentlemen *hjey the advent ear a derived from an exteaeiv* and eon a lac tty looraeain* practice in thee* epeeaniiUe* to which they tiro excitative attention, wliilat their fe ciliiiee for examining end illustrating ih* atraetnro aad dtaeeaee of th* organa of s/teciat tenet aro proba bly neaurpaaeod by nay pbyalcianain tnta oonntry - Bottoa Traatcripi. WMb their apeelooa nppnrtmant*. in on* of the moat pleaanal loonlitica in the city, with every facil ity which art end tcienc* can afford in th* uae and emkelliahament of their profoeaion. are are happy to chronicle tbeaueceee with which their ekill aad en ergy he* #o Juatiy echievod.—ffoafon Traveller. From eight veer*' praet'c# In thia at tv, Dr. Pratt hea won an enviable reputation in the treatment ol those dteetae* to which he derotee exclusive atten tion end it ie with pleeenre we chronicle the sneceae which hie atill end ability tnt Juatiy deserve — Bel ton Journal.____ mnySOdlt Notice. WB the nnderaigoed. named In the eel incorpo rating the “luteraa'Mnal Hotel ( ompeuy of Pertlend. approved 20th March, 1867, hereby give netice that the drat meeting of the corporators will be held on Tneoday, tbn Tut of June A. D . 1864. el threeo’c oek In thearternoon, tt thn Rooms of the Hoard ol Trade, to determine whether or not mid corporation will accept the charter of said Company end to transact each other huaineaa aa may properly end lawfully come before the meeting. J. H Known, TtaotaxeAwonT Don Lota, FaxiaiLia ( Mooor, S. J. smith. J. M. Wood. Portland, Mey Mth.—Id Notice. THE proprietors of Portland Long Wharf are hereby notified, that tbs anuaa! masting of said froprietors will be held at tbs Counting Room of D. . Chsse, head of Loag Wharf, on Monday. day of June neat, at 8 o’clock r. m., lor the follow* log purposes, rts: 1st—To choose a Moderator. 2u*l—To choose Clerk, Treasurer and WUarfenger. 8d—To choose a standiug Wharf < ommittoe. and such other committees as may be asooseory to man agetheafh'rs of the wharf; also to transact aay other business that may come before them at said meeting. ELI PH ALB r WEB8TEB, (Jerk of Proprietors of Portland Long Wharf. May ft)a-^dt4 NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. Letter* Bemaining Inclairaed IN the Poet OIBce el Portland, State of Maine, «Mh dny of May. 1W4 'S° oh*"" »®7 of tbeee letter., the applicant adwrrtieed lettert: give the date .of mil an, and pay one cent for advertising h.—.j J* *** na'lad Tor within one month, they will «• the I> ad Letter OtUce ’ l’*r7 of le,ter* by carriert. at the real foMoiing B^'“*),b*‘*cu”<i by "bacrwng tha . Direct lettera plainly to the atreet and ntun *<>" »J« e nnd State. at letter* with the writer’*po»t office and i0i numi*r' ■i*° ‘hem ptaldTw!“ cordmJTy 4 r*qm**‘ th»l *nawere be direeted ae , ,0 ,,r»naer. or transient visit.- ra in a T*10#e *P®ci*l add re* a may be an mVk^d,Ul the ,ower 'efi Lan<* corner, with the word ‘Transient.’ hand coraer’ m5?**** “a*,’ °“ ,b* ',pf,T rt»kt T? d. ltact •race pet ween the .tamp and ?i.^rru“»g,'<> mmrkiHa w**hoot interfering with T,i,_ . LADIES’ LIST. te lawnro Ida mr. TavlorV nH’ki’i* Jack. >n Ann* oape E 5il° H*"1 Johnson Charles m-a Tniev H.W./u . •*< hnwn Enoch S mra “•yi' ».-aater Johnson Jennie mr. ?iT^.mVSmelSH • Jordan Mary E Tlbbotta John K Kimble L T mra Tyler Jacob £ Kincaid Marv M c*d« f Ttpley John P Capt KUgbt MaT, E E I^AmAhbTfeJmr. , Looney Lillie Weeks BenJ Locke £ A mr. 2 H Llttua.ld V H mr. Wendling * Lvon. Maria E Wter l.sortie Libby Martha J Wlnalow U K Lea.l t Mary t mra Witherington Jnnme ferLow Eo£i2 LJurnemt Lanty Irwinn Ueeuoa 1 Wightman J C Lntghto* So. an p mra Week.> Joseph 24 Mcknela Almira WmaJoha Narphy Aonie mn centre |lLr«fekred a fitsiOTu?” j£P* E “hlarMeKarty Kate com et AJth K«' ola Met arty Cathmrin* mra W^f»«l*r McKay (at harms Webb WE Mil liken Charts, mn Addlton Amy W mra Mitohaal Malty Ana Allen Helen L Merrill Ella 8 Allan Mary E MeNeal Mebie Andrew. Minnie Moulton Kmn 2 Batman Annie M mn Moaltoa EliiabetU mn Bodge Amanda mn Mason Frank mfea Boyee Ann Maria mr. Moody J ulia mrs Browa Ana D mn McNabaey Martha mn Baker Anna L enmmer at Brackett Burn McDonald Mary mn wtl Batler Eli.a 8 mn low .t Barrett Elisa mn MeDona’d Margery how Fannie M mn ard hosts Bond Hattie M McDonald Nancy ssimwMtnan MCUCHIC Luunn DrU Bailey James 11 my* kettst Bennett II A mre Noyes Georgie F Braden Margaret 2 Nutting Lvdie B mn Braaier Mary nape E Neilson William mrs Bnnnon Rose Osgood Surah mn yorn et Bradbury William Mn 1‘roetor Adeline R ( roekett Amanda K Fnole Anna W Mn eepeE Curran Anna I Fierce An rust a C Crowley Celia Fotter Eli/a A 2 Ceffln Elizabeth eroee et Farley Ellen K Coolbroth Eliza mn Ferry Olire W • erroll James mn Fierce Bacbie Cartlon L Jennie Kund ett Audie Conation Mnrg’t mn een-Roee Elizabeth J mrs ter et for Marr Coakley Rleeardson Lizzie Bertha Cknreh 8 Lizaie W Cobb Sarah mn dan forth Kned Mery mn •t Ram W W mrs Dannlng Hattie BcapeK Skillings Wm mrs Dennis Hnnenb mrs Staples Eunice E mrs Duroy J B mn Siewais Nellie M Durgin John mn Stevens Isadora Drze Louie L Shed Martha C mn Dt aim ora Rhode mn Strom Mary li mrs Emery Frank mre easlomSmith min M middle et house office Snow Nancy mrs Eaton Mary E Smith Robert mrs Clark et For bee Aageeta dnnfortbstuert Sophie mrs St Bmitb Sabrina A clerk it Fagan Lizzie Thompson Charles M mn Fitzgerald Bilan Tibbetts Francis mn Fegg Mary A mn Tyler J E tan Gibson Abbr mn Talker miss principal of Gibbons t atherine for sure gram school Mark Cunningham Tyler Miriam Gagne Hanao Toiman Sarah if net y Abigail mn 2 L’pham Alice llancy A D mn Terrill Nellie L Harrie Angelina mre White Anus Loaise llollowortn Katie Walton BenjamioAnra. lleald KliaaC mn WUoox Elizabeth Hale Eat her Willis Lizse Hammonds Jennie ■ Window Etta Haley Joete M Winship Ennloe Hall Leey Wetberell I mn Harrie L A teacher Webeter M« -mda mn lleald Marr T Watson M J Hants hopnronln mn Winter Sarah M Hobart S li mn Wright Wm mn wnler Hall Samuel mn riila it Hall W mrs Teuton Mary Ann mn Irish Hattie R epring et GENTLEMEN’S LIST. 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Harris James H Snow J.wcph W Hatch Joseph KtroutJohnK Hawke. J J G cape Eliza Smith John jr Cept both Fairy 8 Smith I'eter J Ilnffisy James 1 senior a» Moel Thomas S Hyde L R Co mtssrs RbottWmS Howse Micszah Smart Wm W Holeran Marten Sargent Wui U t.ieut Hynes Michael Trefethren V Ranter Hall r K 8 Tretethn-n Banter SUir LETTERS. Capt Richard llaweaseh t hallenge I i! Boyntoa sch George s Fogg Isaac li Boynton sch George S Fogg Capt Isaac Paine sch George S Fogg >last< r Joseph Jameson sch Georac S Fogg Capt R J Cooery sch Honest Abe—8 Capt J B Webber brig J D Lincoln Edgar S Trask care of Met arty sch Msnionn— 8 Timothy 1 Fitly V S ship Northampton Alphoazo Coss sch Melbourne Capt M irson George Leach sch Gilo Capt R Sndw ship Kocbambenn B H Sylvester bark R H Knight carman Martin King ship Kiensie of Habtln, Thomas Tree as tin ship Ituchambria John E Jacobs sol Waatera light A.T DOLE, PoatmiKtnr. NOTICE. THE propriettrs of Maim Woskf a-a hereby not!dad that tbelr Annual Meeting will be held at the office of Elias Thomas, No si Exchange street. Portland, oa Monday, June dtb, 1864, at 8 o'clock r. ■„ for the choice of Officers, and tbo transaction of nnr other business that mar legally come before thorn. GEORGfc A. THOMAS. C ark Portland, May 30,1334. majWdtd

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