Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, May 30, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated May 30, 1864 Page 3
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■■-■■Ill I ————— PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Municipal Court—May 28. Michael Paine, John Fay and Thomas Flaherty, for larceny of lumber from Cum miug's yard, were fined $2 each and costs, which was paid. The accused are lads who have been in the habit of Visiting the yard aud annoying the occupants by their petty lar cenies. East Tennessee Relief Fund. F. C. Moody Esq, Treasurer of the Commit tee appointed by the Hoard of Trade, to le celve contributions for the relief of the suffer ing Union people of East Tennessee, acknowl edges the receipt of $7,6(51.04: of which amount $6,756,50 was contributed by citizens of Portland. The expenses for postage stamps and envelopes was $20,48, leaving a nett bal ance of $7,640, 16, which was disposed of by remitting to Mr. Miller Esq., Treasurer of the East Tennessee Relief Association, Knoxville, Tenn., the sum of $7,181,16, and by the pay ment to Col. N. G. Taylor of East Tennessee $450,00. The Relief Association at Knoxville, May 2, passed a resolution of thanks to gentlemen in various cities for their zeal in behalf of the suffering people. Included in Ibis vote was the names of Messrs W. L. Southard and F. C. Moody of this city. The Cikcus.—On Saturday evening the crowd at the circus was Immense, the perfor mance fair, the order of the ring good—out side indifferent, the music passable, the trained horse excellent, the comic mule laughable, the steam carriage a cariosity, the jokes stale as usual, the “Billy Button” scene needlessly te dious, the clowns respectable, and the price of admission (85 cents) very low—provided it had been paid (o the visitors as compensation for three hours torture on the meanest and most insufferable seats that ever disgraced a pavil ion. Performances (Via afternoon and even ing. Maine Tkmpkuanck Advocate is the title of a new Temperance paper published in this city by John L. White, Esq., and Mr. Frank G. Rich. It is very neatly printed, its selections are interesting and appropriate and its editorials able and racy. The Advocate has the true ring and ought to be sustained. We learn Messrs. White and Rich are intend ing to devote their entire energies to the paper and are determined to merit success. Terms, $2.00 a year for a single copy, which is as low as it can be afforded at the present rates of printing materials and labor. Run Over.—Saturday afterneon, a* a gen tleman was driving a horse attached to a four wheeled chaise around the corner oi Fore and Centre streets, a lad backed himself directly under the wheels, one of which ran over him. The gentleman stopped his horse and jumped out to inquire as to the injury the lad had sustained, but could get no response from him except something that sounded like curses. The boy marched off, evidently very little in jured. It was his own carelessness that brought the injury upon him. Danger of Driving a IIuhsx without Blinders.—Saturday morning a horse, with out blinders, attached to a chaise, driven by two ladies, was frightened by a lady suddenly opening her sunshade. The horse backed, up set the chaise, throwing the occupants out, and then started off. He was soon stopped, but not before the vehicle was badly damaged. The ladies were unhurt. This is the third ac cident that has come to our knowledge within a short time occasioned by not putting blinders on the horse. Not in Tn* Bill.—At the Circus, Satur day afternoon.when Hr. Sherwood came tum bling into the ring, pretending to be very drunk and noisy, acting the character of “Pete Jenkins,” one of the Police, we believe it was a Deputy Marshal—who was present un dertook to arrest him. The roars of laughter that burst from she audience rather astonished the ofllcer, and it was not until some one in formed him that it was all “acting,” that he discovered bis mistake. New Books.—Hall L. Davis has received the following works. “Stumbling Blocks" by Gail Hamilton, Ticknor A Fields,Boston, Pub lishers, “Darkness and Daylight,” a Novel, by Mrs. Mary J. Holmes, Carleton, New York Publisher; “The Maiue Woods,” by Henry B Thonan; Ticknor A Fields, Boston Publish ers; “The Poet and other Poems” by Achra W. Sprague, William Mute A Co., Boston, Publishers. New Sheet Music.—“Brother when will you come back ?” is the title of a new song, words and music by our fellow-townsman, Mr E. W. Locke, author of “We’re marching down to Dixie’s Laud,” We’re marching on to Rich mond,” Ac., a copy of which has been laid upon our table. Published in Cleveland, Ohio, by S. Brainard A Co., and for tale In this city at A. Robinson's together with all of Mr. Locke’s Army songs. jy Henry Bailey Co., Auetioneeis, will sell on Wednesday, June 1st, at 4 o'clock P, M. in Cape Elixebeth, the estate of Alvin S. Dyer Esq. situated about one and a half miles from the city. It is one of the most beautiful situ ations in the vicinity of Portland, command lug a magnificent view of the Casco Islands, Harbor and the surrounding country. Launch.—Steamer Regulator was success • fully launched from the yard of Messrs. W. <fc A. Curtis, Saturday afternoon, and afterward towed round to the Portland Company's Works for the purpose of receiving her boilers and engine. She is a beautiful little craft, and is intended to ply between Gloucester and Uoatou. A Card. The Association for the relief of aged, indigent women, gratefully acknowl edges the receipt of thirty dollars, from the Amateur Dramatic Corps. E. Moujstfobt, Portland, May, 18(14. Treasurer. Wesleyan Seminary. The annual com mencement will take place at the Maine Wes leyan Seminary on the Kih and nth of June. The Augusta Hand will furnish music for the occasion. ■raiUM Dispatches.—Mr. Stanton's dis patch to Gen. Dia, and the other dispatches from the army, superceede all that was con tained iu the dispatches to the Saturday even ing papers. £31 lu accordance with the wish of many who have been kept at home by the unpleaaut weather, the Gallery of Paintiugs will be kept open until.Saturday evening, Juue 5th. £af The American Illustrated papers for this week have been received at the book aud periodical store of A. Robinson, No. 51 Ex change Street. £37“John D. Williams, son of Judge Wil liams of this city, has been appointed an Assis tant Engineer in the U. S. Navy. lty"Geu. Frank Fessenden arrived at New York, in the steamer Mississippi, last Satur day. He la expected home to-day. « B^”The foreign exports from this port last week amounted to $44,528.38, BY TELEGRAPH TOTH njjfc Portland Daily Press. FROM THE ARMY OF THE POTOMAC. Our Army <(t Hanovertown. REBELS AT HAHOVER COURT HOUSE. Demoralization ol die Rebel Cavalry. MOVEMENTS OF GEN. SHERMAN. The Enemy Driven Back Three Miles. War Dcpabtmknt, I Washington, May 9.50 P. M. t To Maj, Cen. l)ix:—An official dispatch from the headquarters of the army of the Po tomac, at M&gahick Church, ten milea from Hanovertown, dated Friday 5 P. M., has just been received. It states that our army was withdrawn to the north aide of the North Anna Thursday night, and moved towards Hanovertown, the place deaigu&ted for crossing the I’aiuuuky. At 9 o’clock Friday morning Sheridan, with the 1st and 2d divisions of cavalry, teok pos session of Hanovsr Ferry and Hanovertown, Hading there only a rebel vidette. The 1st division of the Otli corps arrived at 10 A. M., and now hold the place with sufficient force of cavalry, Infantry and artillery to resent any attack likely to be made upon him. The re mainder of the corps are pressing forward with rapidity. A later dispatch, dated 7 o'clock Saturday moruing.from headquarters Magablck Church, has alto been received. It reports that every thing goes ou finely, weather lair and cool. The troops come up rapidly and in great spirits. The army will be beyond the Pumun ky by uoon. Breckinride is at Hanover Court House with a force variously reported from 3000 to 10,000. Wickham and Thomas’ brig ade of cavalry are also there. The disnatcli further .tales th.t after aolv. tog Hanover Kerry yesterday, Gen. Torbent captured seventy-five cavalry, including six officers; that the rebel cavalry is exceedingly demoralized, and flees before ours on every occasion. A dispatch from Geo. Sherman, dated May 28th, 6 A. M., near Dallas, reports that the en emy, discovering his movement to turn Al tooua, moved to meet our forces at Dallas. Our columns met the enemy about one mile east of Pumpkin Vine Creek, and we pushed them back about three miles to the point where the roads fork to Atlanta and Marietta. . Here Johnson has chosen a strong line and made hasty but strong parapets of timber and earth. Gen. Sherman’s right is at Dallas; the centre about three miles north. The country is densely wooded and broken—no roads of any consequence. We have had many sharp encounters, but nothing decisive. No dispatches from any other field of oper ations have been received to-day. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretmry of War. Philadelphia, May 28. A special dispatch to the Evening Tele graph, dated Washington, 28th, says:—Ad vlcea via Port Royal, on the Rappahannock, from the army of the Potomac are up to Thursday night. The rebel army were busily engaged in entrenching on the north side of the South Auna river, and apparently expect ing us to attack them In their works. No battle had taken place up to the time our in formant, an officer, left. Our left had crossed the Pamunky east of Sexton’s Junction. Our whole army was in glorious spirits, and were it not for giving news of a movement before It was completed we could send you some cheering news It is believed that Lee is be ing largely reinforced from Beauregard's and other armies. New Vobk, May 20. The Times’ Washington special dispatch of last evening says a colonel, who has just ar rived from the front, which ha left yesterday (Friday) morning, informs me thst during Thursday night and Friday morning Lee evacuated his strong position on the South Anna, and with bis whole army was in full re treat towards Richmond. Our troope are fol lowing up closely. We took a few prisoners. They state that the damage done to the rail i road by Sheridan had been repaired, and that Beauregard’s army, or the main part of it, was within the lntrenchments at Richmond oa W ednesday. FROM WASHINGTON. Remarks of the President to the Delegation of baptists—Guerrilla Raids Around Ferd rri.ksbury-Arrieal of Wounded Soldiers— Hospital A rrrngemsnts — t'on/irina - lions by the Senate—One Pinanres— Use. Dr. Chesvesr at the Capital. Washington, May 28. To-day a delegation consisting of Rev. Dr. Bride, Senator Doolittle and Hon. A. Hubble, waited upon President Lincoln, and presented him with a series of resolutions adopted by the American Baptist Home Mission Society, at a session recently held by them in Phila delphia. The Resolutions endorse the course of Pres ident Lincoln, and express the warmest wish es for bis welfare, and the welfare of the coun try. President Lincoln in reply spoke as fol lows : “ In the present very responsible position in which I am engaged, I have had great cause of gratitude for the support so unanimously given by all Christian denominations of the country, I have had occasion so frequently to address something like this assemblage, that I have said all that 1 had to say. This particu lar body is in all respects as respectable as any that have beeu presented to me. The resolutions I have merely heard, and I must therefore be allowed an opportunity to make a short response in writing.” The President then after giving each minister a cordial hand shaking, retired. Parties who reached here from Fredericks uurg to-oay, report that guerrillas continue to hover around the town in considerable num b®r*« Many ol them are also to be seen along the bauks of the Rappahannock. On Thursday evening the guerrillas, sup posing Fredericksburg had been evacuated, made a dash up to where some of our troops were iu the river bathing, and fired upon them, killing one and wounding two. They soon discovered that our forces held the town, and they immediately retired. A detachment of our cavalry were sent in pursuit, but were unable to overtake the marauders. The steamer City of Albany arrived at Al exandria to day from Port Royal, with 700 wounded on board. These men were wound ed on Tuesday and Wednesday last in fight ing on the North Anna River. To facilitate the transmission of medical supplies to points developed by emergencies, and to secure the proper distribution of med ical officers and their aasistauta where their servicea are most required, and to provide comfortable and available ho-pital accommo dations lor the sick and wounded of the West and Southweat, the office of tho Assistant Surgeon General has been established at Lou isville. The Senate iu executive session to day con firmed Col. S. Griffin, of the 0th New Hamp shire regiment, to be a firlgadier General, recommended by Gen. Grant lor gallantry in tbe eight days’ tights in the old Wilderness and Spottsylvania Court House; Col. George I). Ramsey to bo Chief of the Ordnance De partment of the United States Army, with the rank of Brigadier General; Col. Emery Upton, 121st volunteers, to be a Brigadier General, for services in the eight days’ fight | Wasuinutox. May 20. The Secretary of the Treasury hat directed the Assistant Treasurers of New York, Phila delphia and Boston to receive five per ceut. legal tenders, with unattached coupons, in payment for tbe 10-40’s. The subscriptions to this popular loan continue to flow in at the rate of a million a day. and if the new inter nal revenue and tariff laws were in full opera tion, the revenue from these sources Is thought, pay the entire expenses of the government. To provide in the mean time for the pay of the army, and the expenses of the great military unovementa now in progreas, (muds of the loan of 1881 to the amount of fifty or seventy-five millions will probably be ofl'ered to the highest bidder. ^ By the recent confirmation of the Seuate, Gen. Woodbury has been promoted to be a Lieut. Coloucl. and Gen. Q. A. Gilmore to be a Major iu the regular Corps of Engineers. The President has recognized John Hits as (V.usul General of the Swias Confederation at Waahlngton. Kev. Dr. Cheever, of N. Y., preached to-day in the Hall of the House on the right of rep resentation without regard to color or race as indispensable to a republican form of govern ment, as a matter of justice to the colored race, and as a question determining our des tiny as a nation. The Hall was crowded, many being unable to obtain admittance. The Speaker was applauded at the conclu sion. Dr. Cheever, and twelve or fourteen dele gates to the Cleveland Convention, left for Cleveland to-day. XXXVIII 00NGSE88—First Session. Washington, May 28. 8KNATK. The joint resolution to amend the charter of the city of Washiugton was taken up. The amendment allowing persons to be registered as voters who havo heretofore borne arms, without distinction of color, was rejected. The resolution was then adopted. The revenue bill was then considered, and the clause taxing spirits on was discussed. Mr. Sherman favored the House proposition of taxing domestic spirits on hand. Mr. Trumbull called for the yeas and nays on the clause striking out the tax on domestic spirits on hand, and it was adopted—yeas 25, nays 15. The Senate then went into executive ses sion and shortly after adjourned. from the Peninsula. New York, May 29. The Time*’ special dispatch from llermuda Hundreds says that a reconnoissance on Thursday developed the fact that the enemy were in full force in.tbeir entrenchment* in front of Gen. Butler’s position. The Times’ letter from Bermuda Hundred* of the 27th reports a reconnoissance of the rebel position on the prevlon day on the line ol Bake House Creek by Gen. Martindale with Devens’ brigade of his division. The enemy weie found in riBe pits and entrench ments after their skirmishers had been driven hack and our forces withdrew. We had three killed and twelve wounded. Among the lat ter is Col. Dutton of the 21st Coui^, danger ously. Various Items. Nkw York, May 28. Gold reached 1.90 to-day. closing at 1.88. Meamer ueo. Cromwell, from New Orleans 21st, bus arrived. News unimportant. Financial. Washington, Mav 28. Th* subscriptions to tbe 10-40 loan to-day, as reported at tbe Treasury Department, amounted to nearly $1,000,1100. JTew Turk Market. Nkw Ton*. Msr IS Ashes—steady at9 76 for Pots aad 12 60*13 00 for Pearls. cotton—le better; .tie. I960 bales at I 04 for mid dling epiandt. and 1 01*1 01 for low middlings. Fleur—receipt. 14,105 bbls; sale. 9,000 bbls; State and Western 6c better; boperfine State 7 15**7 30 Kutrn do 7 40*7 60; choic. do 7 66*7 SoTTound Hoop Ohio do*7 BOa7 96; choice 800*8 SO; Super fine Western 714*7 SO; titn do 7 45*7 6Soma ern firmer; sales 860 bbls; Mixed to good 7 70*8 10• Faoey and extra 8 15*10 76; Canada tc better; ■ales 800 bbls; coramoa Extra 746*7 66; eatra good to choice 7 00*8 60. Wheat—lc betur for prime deecriptlous, while eommoe are heavy and declining; talas 180,XO bush Chicago Spring 1 69*1*7. MUwantae club 1 SO* 1 »7; Amber Mil waut.w 1 67*1 68. the latter for two rorr choice to arrive on Monday neat; Winter Ked Western t 70*1 77; amber Michigan 1 78*1 82. Corn—scaroe and firmer: salsa27.000 bushels : new mixed Wcetera 161, old and new do at 160, and old do 1 55, Oat.-dull; .aim at 86*87 je for Canada; 17*88 for Stale; 87j*H8je for Western. Beef—quiet and firm; sale*400 bbls; Country mess 9 60*18 00; prime 6 00*7 00: repacked Chicago i* 00 *19 00; prime mesa 27 itt*29 r>0. Pork—less active but firm; sales 8.460 bbls: mess 28 76*29 00; old do 28 60; new do Ho 6C*S0 87i; prime 94 60*25 76 for old and new; prime mees30 00 *3*60: also ItOO bbl. new mesa for July, selleis op tion, at 32 00, 1000 do for July, buyers option at 3126; 600 bbl. do for August, buyers option, at 3175, and 600 for June, sellers optiou. at 31 25. Cut Meat.—.ctrcelv so firm; sales 200 pkgs; Shoulders ll ‘«lHs: Hams 14f*14)o Bacon—dull; sales 60 boxes rough sides at 12 10 Lard—firm; sales 3060 bbls at 14i*14i. Butter—firm; Ohio 28*38c; Mate 3*430. Whiskey—without decided change; sa es 8000 bbls at 1 28*129 for State and 1 80 for Western. Mice—dull at I lie for Kangoon. Sugar—steady. Miles 1096 hhds; Muscovado J6i* 17c, aad 114 for do In bond; 282 boxes at 17*18uc. Coffee—dull. . Molamee—dull. Naval Store.-very quiet and steady. Spirits Turpentine—3 10; crude do nominal. Kesin -80*40 Tar—17 06*20 00. Irbn—dull; sale. .Scotch pig 80 00. Leather—in very m. derate request. Fish—quiet. nils Linseed steady with a fair demand <at 1 88* 1 64: Petroleum quiet and firm; salsa 1500 bbls crude at 39c. and 3000 do in Philadelphia at 38; Lard quiet quiet and firm at 1 15*1 18: Sperm firmer at 1 76* X 774; Whale firmer at 117*1 IS. Hide#—quiet. Lead—fir * ; Spanish 12;*13o. TobaCoo—steady with a good demand ; sales Ken tucky i*33 Tallow—firm; sales 120.000 lbs at 141*14jo for Eastern, Western and city. * Woul—very firm, and with a moderate demand price# tend upward. Freights to Liverpool—grain 6ji in ships bags for wheat. Tiik 12tu Maine Regiment are about to returu to the Department of the Gulf. The ladies of the Muine C. H. Association hold themselves in readiness to pack any stores .for this regiment to take with them that may be sent to Mrs. Fox, 59 Danforth street, Tues day P.M. Persons may leave money for thia object With Mr. Geo. W. Woodman, Mr. Henry Fox or Lewis B. Smith, or with either of the ladies of the Association. Officers and soldiers of this regiment and of other Maine regiments in that Department, say that they have not received any Hospital store* irom the North, with the exception of those taken with them, since they have been in the service, that they have been sick and wounded and snflering and nothing has reach ed them. Tbe M.C. H. Association is a small organi sation with no means of safe transportation to the South. It was called into being by the unrelieved<v« v,f the on the Potomac, and would gladly send cheer and comfort to every soldier of the State, and of the Army. Will the citizens show by deeds to those brave fellows returning to service that our hearts are with them on whatever field they may be called to do battle for our country. Per Order. 8^“ Byron wrote, in one of his ungallant, faithless moods: "Seek roses in December grain in chafii Believe a woman or an epitaph." The Newburyport Herald suggests that had the misanthropic poet lived at the present time he would have amended bis couplet so aa to read: Seek roses in December gra'a in chaff, Believe a woman or the—telegraph. By Strawberries are selliug in N. T. at a dollar a quart. New Daily. We are in receipt of the first number of the Concord (N. H.) Daily Moni tor, by Cogswell A Sturdivant, a small, smart, rich, racy, neat Union paper, whose daily vis its we shall aulidpate with pleasure. Loug life and Infinite success to the "Monitor.” «y Prof. Morse, the telegraph inventor, has had six orders of Knighthood conferred on him by various sovereigns of Europe. SyA pair of robins have built their nest in a grove in Newburyport,and showu their loy alty by weaving into the fabric a paper copy of the American Flag—“red white and blue.” But they were not satisfied with this demon stration of their loyalty, but placed beneath their nest a brass thimble, mouth upward, like a mortar, to serve for its defence. II Is proposed to erect lu Princeton, 111., a monument to the late Owen Lovejoy, who through the period of more than a quar ter of a century, labored for the redemption of our country from the blot and curse of African slavery. A great public meeting has been called at Princeton—the late residence of Mr. Love joy on the 1st of Juue, at which addresses are expected from President Sturtevant, of Illi nois College, Mr. Glddings, Geueral Neal Dow and others. MISCELLANEOUS. Tlie Extraordinaiy Success Which haa attended the introduction by ua of CALIFORNIA WINES, la not only a fitting tribute to the purity and beauty of the Wines themselves, but a cheering indication of a desire among the people to encourage AMERICAN INDUSTRY The wine Trade Bevlew, the organ of the Britiah trade, calls them “excellent in quality and a groat success.” Our br inda of these Wines may ho iound npon the tablea of The Most Fastidious Connoisseurs. The leading portion of the American press hare extollod their merits, and the verdict to all who use them is that They are the Purect, The Cheapest, and The Best. ▲•X FOB THI LABEL OF PERKINS, STERN & CO„ WHO ARB TUB PlONMBJt HOI SK, And the only one iu the Atlantic 8tates dealing ex clusively la CALIFORNIA WINKS. may28eodlm 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugli M. IPhinney, WOULD inform his frinds and former customers that he has taken the Store No 126 Exchange Street, where he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, In all its branches. 8TO VR8, of all kinds, of tbe newest and most approved patterns, Jturnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. OP'Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in es change for new. 8TOVMS, Kahukr, FuiXAtM, and Tih Warb repaired at short notice, in a faithful manner. Grateful for former patronage, ke horee by strict attentiou to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public favor. ma>28dtf The Misses Bailey’s Home School. It HE Eiuc> Halley having purchased the place in , . New Gloucee er formerly occupied by ibe Hev. cuton, u, a Bonrdiug School, propose opening Home School for ClrU and Boys, in which the ad vantage, of a careful home training will be united with thorough instruction in nil the branehei tangbtin Seminar!** of the Br.t dual. The long experience* of one teacher ai Hriuoipel of n Home School in Virginia, end the reputation of the other at n •uccaeeful teacher ot many years •landing, in 1'ortlnnd. will, ilia hoped, procure pn tronsge and insure success. ▲ Gentleman of experience will be at fbe head of the Uome Department. and par particular atten tion to the physical training of the papils. For Information see circulars or inquire of Mias A. If BAILEY, No. 68 Spring street. UicrxRKBCESRev J. yf. Chickering. D. D.; Hon. John Neal; Charles A. Lord; Uezekiah Pack ard; Joseph Libbey. New Gloucester. May S6. 1664. may fed tf Enlistments for Army and Navy. $300 BtU MV \ City of Portland, Matos's Omen, I May 34 1864 ( AN official intimation having been received that 800.000additional troops will be required by the 1st dav of July uext, at which date, if Oiey are not furnished by voluntary enlistment, a draft will be msde for the deficiency. 1 he quotas of this city under all previous calls have been filled and it now remains for our citizens to make all efforts and use all proper means to induce enlistments between now and the time fixed for the Draft. The State Bounty of 6800 will be paid to men ealiatiog in the Army or Navy, upon the recruit be ing mustered into the service of the United State*. State Aid allowed to those having dependent fam ilies. Farther information may be obtained at this offiee. may24dlw JACOB Me LELLAN. Mayor. OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. 8. 7-30 Notes, Can bnvt tham exchanged for six per cent, tweu *7 year bond, by leaving them with thla bank. The internet on the notce wtll be paid In coin, at the rate 7 8 10 percent, to July 1, and the bond, will be de livered here oe aoon •• they can he prepared by the Government. These 20 year bond, ere the moat de sirable of nay of the government .ecuritiee. Con version! must be made in enmi of 8000 or its multi ple. A commlnion of one quarter ot one percent, will be charged. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland. May 26 IS6L may26eodtr Maine Cential Railroad Compnav TBKiftURKR'a OvriCK, I Waterville. May 24th, 1804. j PERSON'S holding Stock in the old Androscog gin and Kennebec or Penobscot and Kennebec Railroad ( omjMpy, or Stock Bonds, now due, in And and Ken. Railroad Company, will please have the same converted Into Stock of the MaineCenDal Railroad Company forthwith, as persons holding Stock in the former Companies will not be permit ted to ride/rec or to vote at the annual meeting — Remember and Riga transfer on the back of old Cer tificates, and s-nd twenty-five cents for Revenue Stamps on e*ch certificate wanted. By order of the Directors. may26d3w J. NYE, Treasurer. GUNS, >K RIFLES, REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniments. FIKHIIKx TACKLE! Tbo Brat Assortment in the City. Q. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. eodtf TO THE AFFLICTED I mwmm., Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp's Block, CORNER ON CONGRESS AND ELM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the eitlaene ol Portland nnd vicinity, that he has permanent ly located in Ibis city. During tbs eleven months that » e hnve been in town we have cured some ol the worst forms of disease in persons who hnve tried other forms of treatment In vain, and curing on Hants in so short n time that the question is often •shod, do they stay cured? To answer this question ws will sty that nil that do not itay cu> ed.trs will doctor the sncond time for nothing. Dr. D. has boon n practical Electrician ft r twenty one years, nnd is also a regular graduated physician Electricity is nerfectly adapted to chronic -o-rrur, la the form or aervons or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, neck,or extremities; consumption,when in the neite stages or where the lungs are not" fully Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula hip diseases, white swellings, spinal dlseasea, curvature ol the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs palsy or paralysis, SI. Vitas’ Dance, deafness, stam manng or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indigos tgm, constipation and liver complaint, piles—wa sure every case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi. tic, strictaree of the chest, and nil forms of female complaints. By Bleotrlolty The Bhenmatlc, the goaty, the lame and the last leap with joy, and move with the agility nnd elastic •if of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limba reetored, the uaeouth deformitiee re moved ; faintness converted to vigor, weak nets to •trength; the blind made lo tee, the deaf to hear and the palsied ibrm to move upright; the blemishee ol youth are obliterated; the accident» of mataro ills prevented; the calamities of old age obviated, and an active circulation maintained, LADIES Who have oold hands and feet; weak stomach,• lame and weak backs; nervous nnd sick headache’ di<siue«a and swimming in the head, with indiges tion nnd constipsUon of the bowels; pain in the aids and back; leucorrhota, (or whites); tailing of tbs womb with internal cancer”. tumors, polyptu and all that long train os diseases will And in Electrio ity n sure means of cure. For painful menstruation, too proms* menstruation, and all of those long line of troubles with young Indies, Electricity is a certain specific, and will, in n short time, reetore the sufferer to the vigor of health. XT Ive hare an Electro-Chemical Apparatus lot extracting Mineral Faison from the system, such as Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, ho. Hundreds who arc troubled with stiff joints, weak backs, and vari ous otberdifflculties, fbe direct cause of which in nine oases oat of ten. Is the effect uf poisonous drag, «aa be restored to natural strength and vigor b* it. use of from five to eight Baths. 7 *** A; «d71,”?fOr®#,,,00‘A *’ M Consultation Fres. |yl4lMdt —■—dfcfa— MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE -TO THB BOOKSELLERS! — AMD — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! —AMD— PUBLISHING HOUSE. frt BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nob. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, 4a Portland, Maine, Am now folly prepared to Supply the Trade! —AT THH Lowest Wholesale Prices. By special contract, recently mad* with the Bot ton and New York Publishers, wc are enabled to •apply any and All of the School Books, Uaod in thl* State, on The Most Liberal Terms. lltTlngporchaaed the Sritijirrs Plate* from O. L. Sanaona A Co., of this city, we shall in fa tarn publish the valuable Bcriec of School Book* heretofore published by them. This scries, togeth er with oar former publications, will make the fol lowing List:— Horton’s. Weld and Quaekenbos’ Gram mar, The Progsessiva Grammar. By Wald a Qnackenbos. The Progressive Parsing Book. By Weld a Quackcnbos. Wold's Hew Grammar, Wold’s Grammar. (Old Edition ) Weld's Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Header, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson's Arithmetic. B. a N., also pnblish IlanniMAn * Am-Axor lab St*mis on Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Eight Part*, with printed copie* at the bend of each page, in esact imitation of the Author * beau tiful style of PENMANSHIP. Wc call special attention to th.-o New Writing Books, A* they are admitted to bo the most practical Copy Book* erer offered to the public; and they are now being rapidly introduced, baring the fhil endorse ment of the SsperistesAii if Mfic Schools if the State if liiie. Beside* the aboreliat which we publish, our Spec ial contract* aro for the following book* Progressive Series of Headers and Spellers. Hillard's Series of Readers A Spellers. 8argent's Series of Headers A Spellers. Colton's A Pitch’s Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, 8TATIONE1IV —ABD— ROOM PAPERSI A FULL STOCK Always On Hand ! N. B.~Br,oktellera or Country DcaJon who tr« uot coming to th# city, may write to utatating about what amount they purebaae at a time, and no will •end them a 1,1ST OF PRICES, II wanted. Bailey && Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 56 and 38 Exchange Street, Bortland., !MIe, mayttdlm _ ENTERTAINMENTSL — - — i 4 WHEELER, HATCH & HITCHCOCK’S CIRCUS AID HIPPODROME, Organize*l iu ons Colo-nal KxMNtlon for th«i travelling beusoti of iab4. Introduction o f tho recently Invented SELF-PROPELLING ROAD CARRIAGE, Exhibiting tho wondroq* nortlty ofaq ordinary road carriage DRIVEN' OVIRTHS COMMON HIGHWAY* WITHOUT TITR AID O* HORSES OH 0781T. DRAUGHT AMMALh: Jbinr'. U yij'd dn*i-*r, th > most simple. ua< ful aid ingenlnns i »rco of r*v rha..I»m t\> r put Into prartJ ai Th Mechanical Carriage w 11 bo exhibited to tho flrtui audlvucc, wl.h -a cxpjuiauoo of the machinery, gi„Us. THE SCEHE3 0? THE ARENA, OORbhted with the P tringPj Vmlom f ih*» nipfmtrom'\ are iLO^t haj nISy i .a».raUtl by ih j fiti SHERWOOD FAMILY, (Including tlij Inlm'tafdo Pr-ru Jrsaiira', tho Wur'd cdebi rttt-d KHOVVI.KS I'AMILV, And a host ofo h*r arista » f matchless excellent^ ADMISSICIU 15 CZNTC, No II nr -Taice. Doors oj'on 11 2 ami C 1-2.1 - r torn-, a nee rotam 'ic’fc.,* at 2 1-2 ami 7 1-2 o cluck. 1‘. M. The Grand Combined FxhlhL'nnt ef th' Tw» t***-«i ce'ebrated Circus Troupes lu tho Umud buli-t, uiii Us given at Portland, corner of Green and Portland Street*, On Saturday & Monday, May 28 ft SO. Heaerveil Seats OO Oontn. mmyMdtd NEW OPERA HOUSE ! ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE jf~BLANCHARD’S MINSTREJLS ! OPE\ EVERY EYEYlIfe. An Entire Change of Programme. THKEE LEGGED MAN!! Admission 25 cents; Reserved Seats 60 casta. J. 6PRAGUB. » ». maylTtf li. BLANCHARD, | MERCHANDISE. Sl**rra itlor* na nolassfi. »)QU HHDS. ) MOLASSES, just landing from dOO j brig “Matilda." A superior 49 TCS. ) article for retailing. Nor sale by JOHN D. LORD, may 23d4w* No. 4 Union Wharf. ftagar and Molasses. 300 HUDS.) CHOICE MUSCOVADO »U 10 TCS ) GAR. 371 H11DS Superior Muscovado, and 8f TCS Clayed Molasses. 11 BBLS from sierra Morena, Now landing and for sale by THOMAS A3KNCIO A CO., maydtf Custom House Wharf. Southern White Seed Cora, ARRIVED and for sale by EDW’i) H BURG IN, May 7,I8CI may9d3w Sierra Morena nolauet. a‘>rr uiiDs , ( CHOICE SIF.RRa MORENA .70 TIERCES MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ' Now lamliug from Brig "C. H. Kennedy" THUS. ASKSCIO A CO.. May 8 -If C. H Wharf. Scotch Canvass. BOLTS—from the factory of David Cnr e»" * car h Son., Leith—a call cloth of auperior quality—Just received per "Jnra", and for eale by MuGILVEKT. RYAN k DAVIS. meh35 dtf 161 Commercial Street. A. T. C. PODGE, ^Pension, War Claim, ORNKRAL BUSIXRSS AND COMMERCIAL AGENT. No. MO^nuy l,..i. j WASHINGTON. D. C.. ty Will attend to Collections, Consignments, lie., in Baltimore. Md.. Alexandria. Va.. and General ConmhiioD Business in Georgetown and Washing ton, D. C Address, A. T. C. Dixtyc, Box /1 ?J, Washington. D. €•, BKrKRKNCM : Gen. Hamuel Veazie, President Veazie Bank. Bau for. Me.: Messrs. Albert Webb k Co., Merchants, ’ortland. Mo.. Messrs. Blaggc k Soper, Merchants, Boston, Mass. may26 dlw 7 m7 G. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, NO. SI COnXERCIAL STREET, aplt TORTLAND. ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBEST* COT niit’rtm'Biw ov Japan, White Lead, Zinc, Paints, Anti Ground Colors, AID DtALBUH IS Drags, Medicines, Faints, Oils 4 Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, So. 29 Mnnjoy St., OiUcr A Salnrooiua, SO ('sBinrrrial St., (Tuumai Bloom ) Hrnry H. Biuokss, MPTItlb Ml CHARLES 8. P0BI8. rVRTLl^il. II. maylSdtf R. L. TIOHSE ft COm Manufacturers k Wholesale Dealt-rs in Boots and. Shoes, NO. 48 1-2 UNION STREET, R. L. Morse. Portland, Me. I PORTLAND J. LitUeheld, Lebanon. Ky. j 1VUTLAHV. may 1441m Notice. f T is agreed by the undersigned, Stable Keepers of 1 Portland, that on and alter Juue 1st., 18*4. the price ol Horse Board shall be twenty-live dollars per mouth, with one carriage. Gko. 11 Bibcock, Chas. 8aokb, 8 Lano k 1 <• . Chas. A Gilson, J08KPH klLUOUK, WM, ▲. FknLBY, G. W. Dunning, J. W Robinson, Edwin CLRM1UST, A. 8. Dyer. Josiaii Ri.av'K, 8awyek* Joroav, Lewis Howakd, C. B. Varney, Dr. k. Kiplky Portland, May 2S, 1S64. may28d8t Ddiii'iii; for Children. A COURSE of Twelve Lesson* in Dancing will be given to a Claws of Children, to commence at throe o'clock on Wednesday, May 2/oh, at the Hall over Dr. 8 kernald's office, no, 176 Middle *t. Terms—Three Dollars for the Course Doors o.'enedatl o’clock, for the puopose of securing tic *.'*<’ta. ma>26dlw Fur Sale. H0l«se and lot situated in Westbrook, sear Morrill * Corner, will be sold on reasouaMe terms l he buildings are iu good repair. Near the Post Office, and witbiu a short distance of the Sem inary. lor terms •; ply to W. B. GOODRICH, near the premises. May 23,1864. may27dtf AUCTION SALES. Valuable blare on Portland Pier A| Auction. ON Tuesday, May 31. at 3 o’clock r. on thB premises, we shall sell at aoctioa the three atorr wooden htore No. 6 Portland har. with the land, under ft, and its wharf privilegt s. 1 hla ators aW honestly and (ki'hlu')y built—lery Itavy timler— L*nnt^° aad apparently sound aa b*!f ‘l000 °',be h®”*,n ,b« «i«7. »nb stantialin its structure- m excellent repair—oen. 1 rally locat'd and abundance of water ,fcT“'ll. ““ '*fer property to iniest money la than wliarr property: none in Portland so difflculs doubtc i? ■'* " p®*"iT®’ no postponement—title tat mayKdtdNKV BA,£'nr * co- Aocrionaima. Valuable Heal Estate at Auction In Cape Elizabeth. »«e«ianon Wednesday, Jose 1. at 8o clock P. H , on the premises, a beauti iut residence about one half a mite from' the cite e^ftV^f 7 lf — *' rrf Lmtfi ia e very high state ot cultivation There ia on it about twoliundred Pear . Plum and Apple Trees, Currants, liwaber^iea hi' 1 he Bolld ngs on it see new. ( here is a two atorV House modem io ttssiy.e, bui t of the best mater 1. tt/-? thoroughly ttuirhrd; atlneStable. 8hcd, be. The «ituation is not ixcced^d bv mv in tkia nUiBj tLfharrhC .he^r;; the harbor and the surrounding country ' Connected with it is a Held ot lawmia-eMhi In a high state cf cultivation; the largest pioportiom of which is in grass land, and cuts from one and a halt to two and a hall teas of bar to the aars Iku held is mostly fenced with a substantial rtote watT We hare never invited the pebllc to a more deet rahlu property outaido the city limits, rule — rale positive, the owner wishing to lea re the state > or particulars entioire ol * "*”**•• mavl7dtd_ UhNKT BAILEY t CO., Auct’re. 8ch. Boku Rbvn, hi XmHm. 0S .TSr‘7d*Xl•‘••'elaabr. m., at head 0, fflalae Wharf, whare she aow ilea, the goad yzp^&aszsxii srrw£ ble’e, head of Main, WherTSr N*. Bavin 1I“,KV BAILEY k CO„ Auctioneers. ■••.ruiiM, ALU II ON KLK, 12 **«!>•»«• 0U Dctirable Real Estate at lactlaa, Thursday, June 2d. atl f. m.,oi the Bicuk 5S,*<2l!bewft1, *fCOBd ,ot ,boT* « 8?ect, de*»r»ble dwelling aad laud recently oecw* pled by the 1.1. Capt. Ebe! SclotoM. 7 I be bou'e is known m one of the most thoroawK built in the city, convenient m DoeaftbW. ueeirnbio I VJxb i°°d UrB* wood boM# end garden. Iernu to sait jMiretuucrc. ror her and pnrticulnffr cell oa the auctioneer. mn}£l Ocateel Reaidriit r, near iht City, At Aaetlaa. ON Monday, JoneOtb, at 8 o’clock, r wo shall sell at auction, the house 01 It even ‘sPlaine lormerly owned, fitted up and occupied by Jsha * !• a two storv brick bousw-11 in is bed rooms—toe closets, marble mnntlee.Sc Bath tag Room alth hot aad cold .lo^taa. ee Ur with a large cistern in it; abuedaace of hard anti soft water. The house is in ihoraavk_;_. ine stahls and oat-honses, and a good ice Sonnsfll ions capacity. The lot ooniei* . kbolt ene^d enw it"1" *“d *• * biSta .tat. of eel'ivattoa. wlib Apple, Poach aad i.'taij Tr*oa-«rapaa. Caa rants nod (jooeberriee—bhnde and UMtnsilll_ Trane—aleoa fa« selection* *f f'botc* Bo***. The-' Horse Radioed pea*#*the house. For particular, cab on u,.y >OdWUtWKT BAn*Er * C0 ■ ValuUd Real Estate at Aicttw. WE.toll sal, on Tuesday, Jon* T. at luL ruu^'r *■. on th* premises. the raiuabla Real (state on Fork ,treat, known a* tba Foaffiek bam* about 127 tout ou Tork itraat altb 1M real omoua Urn, aud 182 that the other, to a hack line of .0 fcat asBiaiomg .boat UOOO a mars that wila Ibo baiidiaga on 11, Oooatattaf of a rood Hill, with an L, Barn ha Tbia ia a targe aad vary Talus hle property —ceutrui^aad adrauisgeousiy loeatsd *“d v«£f deslrmhla as an In vast maul sale positive - ,or ■**» partleataTaeaerip. tions and p nns cull on ' BAILBT h CO., Aacttonanra. naytgdtojana? Anctlon Bale of Permits t* cu Timber is Canada—Real Bat ate ts Grand Falla, PC. B« THERK will be sold nt public auction at the dm of Henry Hadey A (.'*., Kachan** atraet. Port? ■and, Maine, on Thurwluy. June nth, 1864. at Ilk o’clock A. ■ to close s concern. ’ Licensee Bo*. 3 and I te ent timber he., ia Caa a. da.oa the north-arest brav eh of the rtrar 8t. John — where it ia intersected by the boundary line betwaaw t’aaada nod tba State or Maine—snd'extendiag aa *•»<• river to Its eoarea, set to eaaaad. kowever tea miles by 2| miles each side, or Marmara mi lea. Also, s certain parcel of Beal Estate sttaated at Oraad Fall*. I. the Connive! VletoriT sad at th. preeeut time oecapied aad improved by Wm. B. West. Esq , and formarly owned by Hr ore* Yean*, containing three (3) aeree or moro with battaings ou th* same q Tor tanker ^Urel.^ .Mb. smhtomr Portland, Mniue. ms y 2C<J1 ew1ojune7olhpnd toJuneSO EDWARD S. PATTEN, Commission Merchant A Auctioneer, Has removed to ton spaeioua atora IB Kxehange Street, four door* below Merchant's Kzeluuigt. WO! receive oonflgnments of Mere handle* of every descriptioa. for pablie or private sale. Bab a of Real Estate. Vassals, Cargo*.. Stocks aad Mere ohsndlse solicited. Cash advance* mad*. wt<« prompt snlvs and returns. MChlSdly Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JUST OPENED Mo. 86 Fox Block, Exchxngo Stroot' PORTLAND, ML 1 shall beta tba coastont rrselpt of. and wBI sail every afternoon and sveaing by pablie aortioa. the ftdlowin* line* of goods in q a entities t* aait; Woolens of a 11 descriptions, Dress t.'owdo in variety, Linn, to tank Towel Hot, Covers, Ac,Table Cattery, Plated Wore, Jewelry. Yankee No> tioaa and Fancy Goods, Commencing Tuesday, February IMk. GEO. I.. PEIBCB, V Auction aad Commiasloa Mrrsbaat. W. P. SrawABT, Auctioneer- kbit dtt reduced Tates i IMPORTANT to TRAVELERS -TO Til West, North West & Sooth West! W. I>. LITTLE. IS Agent fur all tke great leading route* lo Ckiea go, Ciucinnuti. Clevelaad. Detroit. MUaaukte. Helena, Ilekoeh. St. Pnal, Lacrosse, Hresa Bay. Igulaey. Si. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo, etc.. Mite., and is prepared to taraisli Taaoeow Tickbts from Portland to all th* priaeipal rtti. e and towut In the loyal States aad Caaadas. at tba lowest rate* of tar*, aad ail ascdfal Information oheerfuPy granted. Travelers will dad it greatly to tkatr advantage to procure their tickets at lb* Cnion Ticket Office, 31 ExchangeIt reel, I UP 3TAIB3.) W. D. LITTLE, Agent. tW~ I’aseengers tor Califorai*. by the Old Lina Mail Steamer and rsnania Railroad, may be aecarad by earlv application at this office. Tickets to Montreal and (Jurhse and ratara (via tba Grand Trunk Hallway may be ob'alaed at thin agency on favorable terms. mayMdAwtl Portland (Uwlral and C«bibci> rial Acndtaiy. fftHK Summer Term of this sehaeI nill cowmen,* A ou Monday. Mm 30, aad will coniine tea wa*k>. me wDscriMr announces wttn satis motion that l. a hat secured, lor the «'« of hit tthoel. L aura litu, with the two onto rooms couarcod witbit. Tkioi* on Free ttreet. ncorly opposite the ( harsh, end make one of the moat cumf rtable. healthy and at. t active achool-rcoma in the city. Uewilfboneel . ed by Misses Mary L. Haywood ami Hamah Bvl. hint These ladies have had much tucccaafttl oat., rienoe in teaching, and have bteu lot several moailit past rmplcytd in the school. The mux pec ted it • cess with which this enterprise has that ar mat, h a encouraged the proprietor to provide ibr it tali.* must liberal manner; and tte public is assured ti sk . ao paint will be spared to render tbe Academy eng more worthy of the repidlv increasing patrons.a which it hat enloved. Paplft of both tenet are r. . eelTed, and Iht best school-room sccommsdggbi a are now offered to Indies Terms. flO.IO perform j. 11. HANSON. Portland. May 18th. 1844. may IMS* RUFUS DUMUlmT* MtQufhctur<r anil Wholes im UMkrii BRITANNIA Plated Ware, Ao. 218 Jim tlrtil, Portia , I Mot a i. May Uth, 1884. maylTd't i. o. «r o. r. MKMBBKS of Maine Lodge, nod Ksatern Slat Kocainpmeiit, are muirnrd to at i a Lodge Koom. to-morrow (vunday let Jo clock ». a , for the purposi of attondiug fuu.ral „«i trees or o"f late brother Albert B. Ililtuu. Members of ot.i* or Lodges and Machigonne Encampment are Ini k ted to attend. Pmt Obdbb Comm Top Buggy. AN enty riding, "Knameltd Leather,” Top Big* gy, and Harness, in nice order, but Utile at a. frr sere by C. K. CHAM. ^ _ 111 Commercial ttreet. May 28,18J4.—d3t

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