Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 31 Mayıs 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 31 Mayıs 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. • - - ■. .. ■ City Aflalrs. A special meeting ol the City Council was held yesterday afternoon. In the Board of Aldermen an order was passed directing the Committee on Streets Ac., on the part ot that Board to cause num bers to be atiixed to or inscribed on all bouses, or other buildings, erected or fronting on Ox ford street. James Herbert, Hilt A- Haskell, Lewis How ard and Tryou Brothers, were licensed as Inn holders. The applications of L.yhraim Gammon and Sumner W. Skillings, for license as Inn holders, was called up, and again laid upon the table. An order was passed for the appointment of a committee on the part of this Board, with such as the Common Council may join, to make the necessary arrangements for the re ception of Gen. Francis Fessenden. The Committee consists of the Mayor, Aldermen Moody, Messer and Beal, and Councilmen Hamliu, Snowman, Howe, Gilman, Clement, Bailey, Stewart and Thurston. Adjourned, Acknowledgements. The army committee of the Young Men's Christain Association ackuowlege the receipt of the following additional sums of money to be devoted to the object of the United States Cbristain Commission. Spring St lisp. Sx , Alburn, 870,00 Cengl.Ch , Brunswick, (additional) 11,00 8:. Li-reuce St Cli.. (money collected) 30,00 Little (jirls* Festival, Yarmouth, 9,(JO la CnurcYarmouth 84.9J Capt. satnl. Buctuam, Yarmouth, 5,u) Auacl (1. Luring. do 5 00 11. Utcbardsou,, 2,00 C. Btrreit, 1 00 High St Congl. See., Auburn, 200,00 Citizens ot Kilsworth, 60 00 Ladies’ 8. Circle, Bap Soc , Topsfie’d, 6 00 Ladies’ 8- Circle, Kent’s Hill, 17 00 Chestnut K. h Soc., (money collected) 34 46 8549.45 Also the following donations of Hospital stores—1 Box and 2 Ilhls. stores from St. Lawrence St Ch.; 1 Caae from S. Aid Soc. W. Waterville; I Case S. Aid Soc, Falmouth. Cysts Stchdivant, Treasurer of Army Commission, o! Portland Y. M. C. A. tr Tbe Annual Report of tbe Overseer* of tbe Poor and Alins House aud House of Correction bas been printed. From it we learn that tbe number admitted during the last year was 508. Discharged 441. Runa way 25. Born (1. Died 28. Present number 215, of whom 60 are children. Whole num ber of families supplied out of the House 251. Inmates in tbe Hospital 36. There have been manufactured at the brick-yard during the year 005 M bricks which have been sold Jor $7 per thousand. There has been expended the past year for the support of the Poor and for all accounts of the Department $27,953.33. Received for ar ticles manufactured and sold, and for support of Poor from other towns $8,702.25. The ar ticles raised aud manufactured on the City farm amounted to $8,155.20. The Fruits o? Industry. In tbe boot and shoe establishment of Messrs. C. C. Han son, & Co., is a workman who has been thirty five years in tlieir employ and that of their predecessors. He has spent the most of that time in cuttiug ladies’ boots, cutting from 25, 0 W to 30,000 pairs in a year. Tbis man re ceiving only the ordinary wages of such a po sition, has, by industry and application tolus* iness, accumulated about $15,000, although he has never practiced a miserly policy in his ex penditures aud charities. There are thou sauds of mechanics in our city w ho have bad quite as good an opportunity to accumulate a competency, who by constantly changing their business and employers bavc failed to be as successful. Railway Traffic.—Tbe receipts on tbe Grand Trunk Railway for the week ending May 21st, were $87,300 47 Corresponding week last year, 80,631 09 Increase, $6,669 38 There was an increase during the week ol $6,605 27 in passengers, and $63,11 in freight. Tbe total amount of receipts from Jan. 1st to May 21st is $1,894,333 68 Same period lust year, 1.670,233 51 Increase, 218,100 17 Larceny of a Boat.—Some three weeks since Mr. Cornelius Ragan ot Boston, came to this city and purchased a sail-boat of Mr. T. S. Roberts. After the boat was launched she was stolen. Yesterday Police officer Wil ltami found the boat in the dock at Portland pltr. She had been stolen by Mark Sullivan, repainted a different color and sold to Mr. Sargeant, on tbe pier. Sullivan was arrested and committed to tbe lockup. He claims that Hagan owed him ten dollars and, therefore, be took the boat. Catarrh.—The attention of persons inter ested in the rational treatment of Nasal Ca tarrh, is invited to the article from the pen ol Dr. Pratt, which appears in another column of this paper. Dr. Pratt is Principal of the Tremout Eye and Ear Iustilute, corner of Tr«mnnt miH Wintpr ■(rdnt* nn and joys the advantages derived from an exten sive practice In those specialties, to which he devotes exclusive attention. His stay in this city, will be prolonged uutil Friday eveniug of this week. Puesentation.—After dress parade of the 12th Maine regiment ou Sunday, at Camp Merry, Lieut. Col. Edwin Ilsley was made the recipient of a splendid sword, belt, sasb, gauot ietts Ac., from the non-commissioned officers aud privates of the regiment. The presenta tion was made by Sergeant Major Jordan in a handsome manner. The regiment was then formed in a square and was addressed by Lt. Col. Ilsley, and Mr. Wilson of Orono. Notice.—The Lads and Misses, who so kindly and successfully collected old cloth to seud to the soldiers on Saturday, will call at otherplaces this (Tuesdoy) afternoon. Donors can designate If they please where they would like the cloth sent, whether to the Sanitary ltootns, Christian Commission, or Maine Cctnp Hospital Association. The object is to get the cloth where it is needed in the shortest possible time. g. A Cali..—The members of the third Par ish Church voted, unanimously, last eveniug to extend a call to Uev. Jeremiah E. Walton, now at Aibauy N. Y.,to become their pastor, and (ill the place lately vacated by Itev. Dr. Dwight. The Parish meeting is to be bald next Mol day evening, aud it is expected the members of the Parish will be as unanimous as were the members of the church. Notice.—The managers of the Ladies' Cbrislaia Commission are requested to meet at their rooms on Temple street, this, Tues day afternoon, at 4 1-2 o’clock. A full atten dance is requested. Per Order Attention.—The members of the Old Portland Light Infantry—past aud present members—will take notice for the call tomor row evening, to make arraugements for anni versary. ————————— I Spraoib & Blanchard’* Minstrel*.— The managers of this troupe, desirous of giving the public all the novelties possible, have engaged Dick Sands, the famous clog dancer, for one week. His first appearance will be tomorrow evening. tr- The American Telegraph Company is now stretching another wire on the line from this city to Boston, mainly fur the accommo dation of the through business between the two cities. This makes the fifth wire on this line between Portland and Boston. ;y*Tbe reader will take notice of adver tisement of Pocket Book lost, in another col umn. tar- The Democratic Stale Convention is to be held tomorrow in the City Hall. BY TELEGRAPH -TO TK1 BVEIVlNtt PAPER*. --- Four Daya Later from Europe, New York, May SO. The steamship City of Baltimore, from Liv erpool ItSth, via yueeuslown ltftb, has arrived. The Whitsuntide recess continued. The schooner Samuel Martin, with cotton, had reached Liverpool direct from Charles ton, S. C. The confere ice held a three hours session on the 17th inst. All the members were pres ent. The Daily News says they can hardly be said to have advanced a single step, and the prospect of an agreement is as distant as eTer. No common basis of discussion has yet been agreed upon. The Germans repudiate alt> gelliei the treaty engagements. The confer ence adjourned to May 2titb, when more than half the time fixed for a truce will have ex pired. The Daily Telegraph says France advocates a prolonged suspension of hostilities if neces sary. The Danish advices continue to charge the Germans with plundering and confiscation after tbs armistice has been declared. The La France denies the rumors of prob able ministerial changes in France. The protracted trial of La Pommerais for poisoning resulted in a verdict of guilty, and he has been sentenced to death. KlUilUBIIUU VI UlO 1 upC B malady hare greatly increased. Berlin, May Vith.—The Crowo Prince of Prussia has been appointed to the 2d army corps, and Field Marshal Wrangell has teen raised to the rank of Count. It is asserted on good authority that Prince Frederick Charles of Prussia has been ap pointed commander-in-chief of the Dutch. Stockholm, May 18.—Count Manderstrom, Minister of Foreign Affairs, has stated that on the 18th April he sent secret instructions to Gen. Wachmerstcr ia London, and that these dispatches were opened iu Germany. • London, May 19.—The Herald says the un satisfactory progress of the conference and the doubt entertaioed of an equitable adjust ment of tlie Dano-German question, induced sales by some parties, which had the effect of creating a business throughout the several Departments of the stock exchange. Official Dispatches from Secretary Stanton. Washington, May 30. To Major Gen. Dix :—No official dispatches from the army of the Potomac have been re ceived since my telegram of {Saturday eve ning. A telegram from Gen. Sherman, dated near Dallas yesterday, the 29th, 7.30 A. M., reports that on Saturday an engagement took place between the enemy and McPherson’s corps, in which the rebels were driven beck with a loss to them ot 2500 killed and wounded left in our hands and about 300 prisoners. Gtn. McPherson’s loss was not over 300 in all. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Washington. May 30. To Major Gen. Diz.—A dispatch from Gen. Grant has just been received. It is dated yesterday, 29th, at llanovertown, and states that the army has been successfully crossed over the Pamunky, and now occupies a front about three miles south of the river. Yesterday two divisions of our cavalry had a severe engagement with the enemy south of Hawes’ store, driving him about a mile, upon what appears to be bis new line, which we will And out all about to-day. Our loss in the cavalry engagement was 350 killed and wonnded. of whom forty-four were killed. We having driven the enemy, most of their killed and many of their wounded fell into our hands. A later dispatch, dated 2 P. M , details the movements of the several corps then in pro gress, but up to that time there was no en gagement. Earlier dispatches Irom headquarters have been sent, but failed to reach Washington. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton. Secretary of War. Osn. Grant's flank Movement., Philadelphia, May 30. The following has been received here by the Inquirer, dated headquarters army of the Po tomac, en route to Richmond via Hanover Ferry, May 27th, 6 A. M : “The whole army is again ia motion. The glorious old 2d corps, Gen. Hancock, is in ad vance, followed by Gen. Wright. Gen. War ren is joining us, having brought up the rear on our former right wing over the North Auna. Gen. Burnside will cross at County Bridge and bring up our rear. The army moves with a celerity never known before. He will make twenty miles before night. Gen. Sheridan Is ahead of us scouring the country. Lee evidently thought up to the last that we were going to turn hit left, aud give him battle on the north side of the South Anna river; but he Is again outgeneraled, and before night we will be within four hours' march of Richmond. Once getting Lee snug ly ensconced within his works, away we go around his flank aud into his rear. The whole country through which we are marching is planted with nolhing hardly but corn. Pas turage it very flue, and our army sweeps be fore it all forage and supplies to be found. Horses, cattle, mules, contrabands, Ac., all fall into our huge train. Adraner by Qsn. tlu nter. V*. V.- u._ -a . A dispatch from Wheeling says Gen. Hun ter has reduced his army to light marching order, and has moved from Cedar Creek. He has issued an order that the army is to live on the country through which he passes. Acknowlki»okme!vt.—We have a letter from A. II. Farwell, Esq., President of the Maine Soldiers’ Relief Association, acknowl edging the receipt of Fifty Dollara from G. J. Prescott, Esq , of Kiltery, for the benefit of our sick and wounded soldiers in hospitals in and near Washington. Mr. Farwell says “the calls upon the society are coustant aud enor mous, and such remembrances from home are most timely.” jy Gen. Graut has crossed the Pamunkey river, which is formed by the junction of the North and South Anna, and is only about nine or ten miles from Richmond. jy The stables belonging to the Bloom field House, Fishervilie N. H., were destroyed by lire Sunday night, and eight horses and other property were lost. jy The Maine delegation in the Baltimore Convention will be a unit for Lincoln and Hamlin. It is quite probable that the same will be found true all over the New Euglaud states. $y The Lewiston Journal derives some consolation during the recent ” spelt ’’ of weather, from the following consideration: Grass is delighted, and waves its luxuriant green blades in token of delight.” “Tall”may it wave. jy A Massachusetts paper says Charles U. Holmes, Esq., of Topslield, has been com missioned a Lieut, in the Heavy Artillery service. Mr. H. is a son of the late John Holmes of this State, for many years a dis tinguished Senator in Congress. He is said to be the hi'jhetl officer in the army, standing six feet eight Inches In his boots. Ho Is a lawyer by profession. i BY TELEGRAPH rom | Portland Daily Press. ..———— — .. FROM THE SOUTHWEST. Steamers Fired into by Rebel Batteries — Memphis Cotton Market— Forrest reported at Tupelo, Miss.— Bufort Marching on Fa il nr ah —Four Union Men Hung. Gaiko, I IK, May 30. Steamer Graham, from Memphis 27th, has arrived. On morning of the 25th the gunboat Cur lew was attacked at Games’ Lanning, Uity miles below Napoleon, by a rebel battery of guus. The tire was returned, and a biisk en gagement ensued, lasting half an hour, when the rebels were driven off. Steamer Bell, from Memphis, with 333 bales cotton for St. Louis, and one day’s later dates, and U. S. Hospital boat Thomas, in charge, had arrived from lied river with about 200 soldiers, who were wounded in au engagement at Yellow Bayou. Nineteen boa s had arrived at Vicksburg with Gen. A. J. Smith’s command. Steamer Lougwortb was tired into Wednes day last by a rebel battery of six guns on the Arkansas shore, near Columbia, but being out of range she passed on without injury. The steamer Sally List was also fire* into the fol lowing evening by the same battery and her pilot badly wounded. There was considerably activity in the Cot ton market, which was firm, and all offerings were taken at advanced rates; middling to strict 77 a 80; good 81 a 82; fair 83 a 84. Forrest, with 15,000 men, was reported to have been at Tupello, Miss., on the 20th inst., engaged in moving forage to Corinth, intend ing to repair the railroad to Jackson. Por tions of his command had within a few days made their appeal ance in the vicinity of Union City, Ky. Much excitement existed at Paducah yes terday in couseijuence of various rumors of the appioach of Bufort with a force estimated at from 500 to 1000. This force is said to have been at Mayfleld yesterday. The mili tary authorities are prepared to repel any at tack attempted, and it is not likely that they will allow the enemy to remain in the vicinity in any force. Scattering bauds are roving about the country, committing depredations. They hung four Union men at Union City on sue a. • IU HID b. Additional Foreign Set re. Nkw York, May 30. The steamer Kedar, Cram Liverpool, brings a few additional items to the City of Balti more's news. The wealhet is brilliant for the crops. A large number of leading ship owners in Liverpool bail memorialized Parliament in fa vor of an amendment to the foreign enlist ment act, or other measures to stop that state of affairs which allows belligerents to aid cruisers to prey ou shipping from neutral porta, aud poiutiug out the danger to British interests uuder such a system. The Daily News lifts a warning voice on the cotton question, and the disasters that may ensue uuder the restoration of peace iu Amer ica, which may not bo far off. A cigar shaped steamer of great power was being built on the Thames by Mr. Wiuans. The Danisii lieet reached Copenhagen in an undamaged state. Austria shows activity iu naval matters. The Dally News suspects Russia’s action In the Conference, and suspects a holy alliance between Russia, Austria and Prussia. The Nord denies that there is to be a meet ing of the Emperors of Russia and Austria. The French Minister of State had recently declared in the Chamber ot Deputies that ves sels suspected of being built for the Confeder ates, would not be permitted to leave France until their destination was clearly established. M. Rouher had also shown that the Ameri can government was not antagonistic to the Mexican question, and argued that on the contrary it was for the interest of America to see the government of Maximillian prosper ously established. Offlrial FHepatch from See. Stanton. Washington. May 30—10 P. M. To Mg}. Gen. Dir:—No intelligence later than has heretofore been transmitted to you, has been received by this department from Gen. Grant or Gen. Sherman. A (Xmion of Gen. Butler’s force at Bermu da Hundreds, not required for defensive oper ations there, has been transferred under com mand of Gen. Smith to the Army of the Poto mac, and is supposed by this time to have formed a junction. No change in the command of the Depart ment of VirtUuia has been made. Gen. But ler remains iu full command of the Depart ment of Virginia and Norlh Carolina, and continues at the head of iris force in the Held. Dispatches from Gen. Canby have been re ceived to-day. He is actively engaged iu re supplying the troops brought back by Gen. Steele and Gen. Banks, and reorganizing the .forces of the West Mississippi Division, which now comprehends the Departments of Mis souri, Arkansas and Louisiana. Gens. Itcse crans, Steele and Banks remain in command of their respective departments, under the or ders of Gen. Canby as division commander, his military relation being the same as former ly exercised by Gen. Graut, and now by Gen. Sherman, over the departments of the Ohio, the Cumberland and the Tennessee. (Sigued) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. Gathering of Fremont In legatee at Cleveland Cl.K VKI.AND, Ohio, May 30. Judging from the number oi delegates al ready here aud those reported on the way, the Convention to-morrow will be composed of several hundred delegates. There are ma ny Mlasourians in attendance, and delega tions from Illinois, Iowa, Arkansas, Ohio, and Pennsylvania, are also large. Michigan, Min nesota, Kansas, New York, New Jersey, and > Massachusetts, are represented, but not large ly. There are apparently none but war Dem ocrats from New York, who favor the nomi nation of Gen. Graut, with Fremont for Vice President. They argue that victory iu Vir ginia next month will secure the endorsement of this ticket at Chicago. On the oilier baud the Fremont men say they want a inau whose political record is well deHned and known to the country, and who has positive strength. This they claim for their candidate, aud pro in heltave ht» i« liWi*!v Isa nmlnvsod Chicago. The indications are that Gen. Grant’s name will be withdrawn and Fremont be nominated without opposition. Several are named for Vice President, among them, Gen. Cochrane, Geo. W. Cass, B. Grata Brown, Gen. Logan. (Jen. Andrew, and (Jen. Itosecrans. Cochrane is strongest to-night. Comptroller Itobinsou of N'ew York has written a letter strongly favoring the nomina tion of Gen. Grant. Parker Pillsbury brings with hiip a letter from Wendell Phillips, expressing regret at his inability to attend the Convention, and complaiuing that the Administration is a fail ure, because it has weighed treasure against blood and civil liberty against slavery, and up to the present moment has decided to ex haust them all before it uses freedom heartily as a means of battle. Among those present were Gen. MeKinsty and Ex-Gov. W. F. Johnston, of Pa., Col. Se goon, Major Haxkill, Gen. Cochrane, Col. Moss, and a number of prominent Germans from the West. From Washington. Washington, May 30. About 1000 contrabands, two thirds of th°m children, arrived here this afternoon from the neighborhood of the recent battle-flelds, bring ing with them bedding and large bundl-s of clothing. They separated for various parts of the city in search of homes. Peeoel Hunted bg the Pirate Florida. New York, May *0. The pirate Florida landed at Martinique May 4th the crew of a bark from Sombrero, guauo laden, which she burned. The bark is supposed to be the David Lopsley, of and for Philadelphia. From the Penimultt. New York, May 30. The Commercial’s letter from Gen. Butler’s army, dated the 24th, says an expedition of some magnitude was about starting, but its destination remains a secret. Two or three days will culminate events. XXXVIII 00NGRE88—Fint 8euion. Washington, May 30. SENATE. Xu business was transacted in the morning. The Tax bill was taken up, and discussion ensued ou Mr. Fessenden's amendment taxing bullion one per cent. The tax on bullion in lump, ingot, bar or otherwise, was 1 educed from the cents to half of one per cent, after considerable discussion in regard to it. Uy the above amendment, which was pro posed by Mr. Conness, it is made unlawful, and punishment is fixed therefor, for any ar tificer in gold aud silver to use said metals unless stamped by the United .States, or for any person to transport or export from the Uuited States auy gold or silver uncoined or unassayed or unstamped. Mr. Sherman ottered an amendment to the clause relative to banking, as a substitute for the Finance Committee's amendment provid ing for a tax of one tweuty-J'oarth of one per cent, per month ou the average amount of de posits, a similar amount on capital stock, and one-ttflh of one per cent, per month ou the circulation of the banking institutions other than those organized tinder National laws. The Senate here took a recess. EVENING SESSION. Mr. Clark moved various amendments in order to retain the present official heads in various bureaus, assessors, Ac., without the requisite of new bonds, which were adopted. Mr. Clark ottered an amendment providing a tax on tobacco manufactured in the leal, and not having been stripped, budded and sweltered, twdnty-flve cents; on stripped to bacco, as cavendish that has been sweltered, including flue cut, thirty-five cents per pound. Its consideration was postponed, several Senators desiring to speak. Mr. Sherman's amendment io reference to banks was considered. lie modified the tax on circulation to one sixth of one per centum per month, instead of one-fifth. Mc-ars. Hendricks and Powell opposed such legislation as a tax ou banks, the latter de nouncing Secretary Chase's paper currency system at rotten.—Adjourned. HOUSE. On inotiou of Mr. Davit, the committee ou the District of Columbia were instructed to inquire into tbo condition of the Washington Monument Society. Mr. Hollins' resolution was then taken up.— It avows steady support of the government in all Constitutional measures for overthrowing the rebellion, and declaring that this war is not waged on our part in aay spirit ol oppres sion, nor for the purpose of conquest or sub jugation, nor for the purpose of overthrowing or interfering with the rights or established institutions of those States, but to defend and maintain the supremacy of the Coustitution, and to preserve the Union with all the digni ty, equality and rights of the several Slates unimpaired, and that as soon as these objects are accomplished the war ought to cease. Mr. Hollins supported the resolution at length. 11 was then referred to the commit tee on Hebellious States. Mr. Waahhuroc reported a bill from the committee on Commerce appropriating $?50, 000 for the repair and preservation of works for the beuetlt of commerce on the lakes, and $100,000 for similar purposes on the seaboard. The House refused to suspend the rules to allow Mr. Schenck to report a bill for the sum mary punishment of guerrillas. Mr. English, of Conn., reported a bill, which was passed, extending the time for commenc ing the construction of the Marquette On tonogon lUilroad iu Michigan. The House then resumed the consideration of the Kentucky election case of McHenry against Yeamau. By a vote of W) to 86 Mr. Teaman was declared eulitled to a seat. On motion of Mr. Cole, of California, the Military Committee was instructed to inquire by what autho'ity rebels are interspersed with national soldiers in the hospitals of Washing ton, and ihe comparative treatment of rebel and Union soldiers iu the hospitals. Also whether or not persons late In the rebel army are employed in places of trust by the United States government at Gilsbcro' Point, and if so, by whose authority. Abo whether any disloyal persons are employed as clerks in any of the department, and if so, who are respon sible therefor. The committee are authorised to compel the attendance of witnesses. Mr. Lazar, of 1’enn., oflered a resolution re quiring the President to adopt measures for the suspension ol hostilities and an armistice, iu order that a consultation of the States may be called, with a view to the restoration of the l nion with their Constitutional rights preserved. Objection was made to the resolution, when Mr. Lazar moved a suspensihn of the rules, pending which motion the House apjourned. Or h. Can I, y in Command of I hr Itrpartmml of thr Gulf—Urn. Hankr Appointed Mili tary Governor of Louiviana—Arrival of Arffuelles ut Havana• 1’uii.adki.piiia, May 30. The Bulletin has the following dispatch from Washington, dated to-day : "The Star says all the troops in the field in the department of the Gulf and west of Mis sissippi river, not including Missouri, are to be commanded by Maj. Gen. Canby. Gen. Banks bas been appointed Military Governor of Louisiana, with headquarters at New Orleans. The Captain General of Cuba announces the arrival of Arguelles at Havana in custody of a Spanish agent. The Capt. General, In a letter, returns his thanks to Secretary Seward for the service he bas reudered humanity by furnishing a medium through which a great number of men will obtaiu their emancipa tion, whom the escape of Arguelles would have reduced to slavery. He also adds that the simple preseuce of Arguelles on his return to this island bas already, and in a few min utes, given liberty to htWO beings." Rerannoivvnncr from Urn. Siyrl'o Command. Nkw York, May 30. A special dispatch to the Herald says: " The scout sent out by Gen. Kelly by or der of Gen. Sigel, bas returned, being entire ly successful in its operation, gaining itnpor 1 taut Information, and capturing thirty-six prisoners, cighiy-flve horses and forty head of cattle. The notorious Maj. Triplets it report ed to be among the prisoners.” Movement* of the ISth Hrmp ffor/.s. Fobtrkss Mo.nrok, May 29. The ISth Army corps and some regiments of the 10th corp6 are coming down the James Hiver. Ten steamers loaded with troops have already passed here and gone up the York Hiver. Financial. Washington, May 30. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan to-day, as reported at the Treasury Department, amouuted to nearly * 1 ,.>00,000. Sere York Market. Naw Yobk, Mur 3). Cotton 3g4c higher; sales 1954 bales at I 07 a! 04 for middllnr aplsuds. Flour- 5*10c better; tales 1,800 bbls; Superstate 7 *. 5 ft ft 7 40; Ex 7 6u»7 70; ehoiot 7 85*7 80; Round Hoop Ohio do 7 90<x8 05; ehoiee SiMmSiHi, Super due Western 7 14ft. bO. Extra do 7 55*7 7 ; South ern drmer; sales 2300 bbls; Mixed to good 7 80*8 2o; Fancg and extra 8 2'.* il 00: Canada I aide bitter; sales 900 bbls; common Extra 7 45*7 55; extra good to choice 7 66*8 GO Wheat—lu2c beti. r; sales 165,1X0 bush; Chicago Spring 1 (Vft 1 08; Milaaukee club 1 (10*1 67; Amber Milwaua*# 107o,168; Winter Red Western 1 70uj 1 78; Amber Michigan 1 79*1 821. Corn—scarce anu dec d-dlr drmer: sales 26.000 bushels; new mixed Wetteru 1 55: o d do 1 5S*| 531, closing a i h no sellers of the lstter below 1 40. Oats—steady. Beef—quiet. Pork—drm wilh a good demand ; sales 4,450 bbls; mess 29 50 *3100; old do 28 60; new do 80 51*30 871; prime 24 60* 25 50 fur old and new, prune mere 80 Oh. I nrd—active and higher: tales 5651 bbls at 14*151. Whiskey—dnuer: sa es 3X8) bbls at 180 for (Hate and 1 31*1 31 foe Western. Kioe—Jell at life fur Rangoon. 8ugar—firm: ai'es 300 hhds; Porto Rico 191c; Muscovado 17j*17’cc. Coffee—very firm; Rio 42}. Molnwes—quiet and steady. Naval Stores—quiet and steady, Petroleum—driuer; .ales SOU bb's crude at 40; too do refined In boud at 6’c, and 250 do redued feint «9;oj70e. Freights to LI erpool-dull: col ton |er steamer id wool—#1 mer, Stock Market. Nsw Yoax, May 30. Second Board.—Stocks firmer. United States 5-39 coupons.104] United Statesone yearoertldcates new. M Michigan Central.1451 Michigan Southern guaranteed.14g Michigan Southern. 28 A merican Gold.‘.]yg3 Chicago k Rook Island.U41 Chicago, Burlington A uuincy,.127, Pittsburg. Fort Wavne A Chicago.116] Chicago A Noith Western. . 61 .114} ®**diag.143} Commercial. Per steamship City of Baltimore, at New York. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. May 18—The sales of Cotton for three days were 17,000 tale*, in cluding (00; to speculator* and exporters. 1 he market c’o ed quiet a no unchain1* d. LIVERPOOL B Rs. A DSTUFt* MARKET—Flour oflered at a decline oi iid®lv Wheat dull and 2d fowor; red winter 7s *d(a.w§ iid Corn dull; mixed I LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET—Beef and Pork neglected and i.uotalious uLcbaugt d. La con lower. Lard lower. Tallow dull. Butter dull. LIVERPOOL PRODUCEMARKET-bugar steady at full price,. Petroleum lirm ; retiued 2, 3d Latest via Queenstown. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. May IPth.— 1 he sales to-day were S.OiXI bale., Including 3,000 to speojlators and reporters Market c quiet and unchanged. Breadstuff*—very dull. Provision*— inactive. Produce—quiet. LONDON MONEY MARKET, May 19.—Consol* closed at 911 a91} lor in ney. AMERICAN SECURITIES.—Illinois Central rail road 41ft29dis: Erie Railroad &4&0C. ENTERTAINMENTS. NEW OPERA IIOISeTj LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S MINSTRELN! OPEN EVERY EVENING. An Entire Change of Progranyne, DICK SANDS, The Champion Clog Dancer,—for one week, com mencJng Wednesday Eveu’rg THBEE LUGGED MAN!! Admission 25 cents; Reserved Sea's 60 cents J. SPRAliUE, I „ mayITtf II. BLANCIIARD, ( MERCHANDISE. Sl**rro More tin HIolaMr*. ‘i‘i W 1IHDS. 1 M(>LA9SE.4,Ju.t landing from j brig •'Matilda." A superior 49 TCS. ) article for retailing. >0r tale by JOHN D LORD. may28<14w* No. lj Union Wharf. Sugar and Molasies. 300 HHD8 I CHO,CK muscovado sc. lores ) GAB 3i l HUDS au|*»-riur Mu«c<». ad«* and 3«’ TCS Cla> ed MoIawh, il BBLS from eierrm Morena, Now lauding and tomato br THOMAS ASKNCIO k CO., raaydtf C u<*tom Houw Wharf. Sierra norma Nolaain. 0‘»?;hhd8 CHOICE SIEHHa morena 30 TIERCES MOLASSES, 10 BBLS > Now lauding from Brig "C. H Kennedy’’ THUS. ASE.tClO ft CO . May a.—If_ C. H Wharf. Scotch Canvass. 1 BOLTS—from tho factory of David Cor ■LwO sar ft Sons, Leith—a sail cloth of superior quality- Just received nor ' Jura'’, and for .ale bv _ . McGILVERY, KYAN ft DAVIS, 7 mcli25 dtf lgl Commercial Street R. L. NORSE A CO.. Mianfectarers ft Wholesale Dealer* in Boots and Shoes, NO. 48 1-2 UNION STREET, R. L Morse. Portland, Me. | __ J. Littlefield, Lebanon, Ky, J ORTLAND. maylidltn RUFUS DURHAM. Miuuractor r and Whokaaic Dealer ia B RITANNIA —AMD— , Plated Ware, No. 219 Fore itreet, Portland Mai-e, Portland, May 17th, 19«i. mayKdll GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniments. FISHING TACKLE! The IU$t Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. oodtf TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.N. BERING, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, CORNER OFCONORMSS AND ELM STREETS WOULD reepeetTally announce to the citfrena 01 Portland and vielulty, that he hue permanent ly located in this city. Daring the cleieu mouth, that »e have been in town we have cured eome ol the woret forms of dieeaae In persone who have tried other forma of treatment in vain, and euriug pa tiente in eo short a time that the question is often naked, do they elay cured ? To answer this question we will say that all that do not-lay cn-ed, we will doctor the second time for nothiug. Dr. D. has beeu a practical Electrician ft r twenty, one yearn, and la also a regular graduated physician Electricity Is perfectly adapted to chronic disease* In tha form of nervoua or sick headache; ncoralgit la the head, neck,or extremitiee; consumption v bi r lx the acute stages or where the lungs are not full. Involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrotula hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the epiae, contracted mneclee, distorted limb* palsy or paralysis, 8t. Vitas' Dance, deafness, stain luring or hesitancy of speech, dyepepein, indigee tftm, constipation and liver complaint, pilee—weonr* every oase that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis, strlotnree of tho ohost, and nil form* of female complaint*. By Elootrioity The Rheamatio. the gonty, the lame and the laxy loap with Joy. and move with the agility and elastic Ity of youth; the heated brain it cooled; the frost bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved : faintness converted to vigor, weakneee tc strength. the blind made to tee, the deaf to hear and the palsied form to move upright; the blemishes ol youth are obliterated; the acrutenti of mature Bit prevented; the calamities of old age obviated ana an aotlve air o elation maintained. LADIES Who haveoold hands and feet; weak stomach, lame and w eak backs; nervous and .let dimness and swimming in the head, with indigeo tion and oomtipation of the bowels, pain in the aids and baek; ieaoorrhosa, (or whites), falling of ths womb with internal anncers; toniore, polypus and all that long train os diseases will find In Electric ity a sure means of cure. For painful menstruation too profuse menstruation, and all of those long lint of trouble# with young ladies, Electricity is a oertaia specific, and will. In a short time, restore the tufferei to the rigor of health. uM R s hot s an K tret rr>~ ('hmica l Apparatus tor extracting Mineral Poison from the system, such at Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, ke. hundreds who are troubled with stiff Joints, weak backs, and rarl on* other difficulties, the direct cause of which la nine oaees out of ten, ta the effect of poisonous drug* oaa be restored to nstural strength and rigor hr ths as* of from fire to eight Baths * 1 "* «““to*" 5™;,® °'*JOOk * 1* Consultation Fro*._ lyltlaodt Notice. WE the undersigned, named in the act incorpo rating the •Interna iuual Hotel t onuanr'rof Portland approved20tk> March, Dj;. hereby give notice that the first mooting of the corporators wilt be held on Tuesday, the Tin of June A l) 1 ggj ,, threeo'u oek in the afternoon, at the Booms of the Hoard of Trmie. to determine wheth .r or not Faid corDoratio i will accept the charter of mid ( omiMY and to transact such other bunines* a» *uav nrooerlv and lawfully come bsfore the meeting. T * 1 y J. H IlftOWN. TH<>M ANAMoHY I > Jl It LOIN. Paavklih * , S. J. >MITH. J. M. Wood. l'ortlaud. May 3Hh — td For Sale. THL House audio, sitn.ted in Westbrook, near A Morrill’s t'oruer. will be sold on reasonable terms^ The buildings are in good rerair. Near the I ost Office, and witoiu a short distauce of ,h* Sem inary. ► or terms a ply to W. B GOODRICH, near the premises. May 23, 1H64. tnay27dif NOTICE. f|THK proprietors of Maisk Whakf a-e hereby M. notified that their Annual Meeting will beheld at the office of Kites Thomas. No el Exchange street. Portland.on Monday, Junetith. 1064. at 8o'clock T **■. for the choice or Officera, and the transaction of any ether business that mav legally come bsfore GBORU1C A. THOMAS, 0 erk ^Portland, May l>, IBM. msySOdtd CARDS and BILL HEADS naatly print* at this odea. u MISCELLANEOUS. ♦ NOTICE -TO THE BOOKSELLERS! — AMD — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! —AMD— PUBLISHING HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, 1 Portland, ATaine, Are now Tally prepared to Supply the Trad.©! — AT THB Lowe«t H’lioltsale Price*. Br special contract, re'cntiy mado with tha Bos ton and New York Publishers, we are enabled to ■ apply any and All of the School Books, U«ed in this State, on The Most Liberal Terms. Haring purchas'd the SmngyrTrB Plate! from O. L. Sasbors k Co , of this city, we shall in fu ture publish the raluabie Series of Sciool Books heretofore* published by them. This series, togeth er with our former publications, will make the fol lowing List:— Horton’s. Weld and Qaackenbos’ Gram* mar, The Progsessive Grammar. By Wtld A t^tutokrabo. The Progressive Parsing Book. By We d k gaaekaaboa. Weld s Hew Grammar. Weld's Grammar, (Old Edition ) Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld’s Latin Letsons and Header, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson’s Arithmetic. . B k X., ,1,0 pobli.h A,n-A>ur. or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Eight Tarts, with printed copies nt the head of each page, iu exact imitation of the Author's beau tiful style of PENMANSHIP. We oall special attention to these New Writing Books, Aa they are admitted to bo the moat practical Copy Books ever ottered to the public; and they are bow beiug rapidly introduced, having the lull endorse ment of the Siprini'ideit *f PiUk g(UI, of tke Stair af laiar. Besides the above Hat which we pull*b. our Spec ial contracts are lor the following booki Progressive Series of Readers and Speller*. Hillard's Series of Readers A Spellers. Sargent s Series of Readers A Spellers. Colton's A Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Green1 eafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONE RY —A*n— ROOM PAPERS! A FULL STUCK Always On Hand ! N. B. — Bujkeellers or Country Da aV* uho art not coming to the city, may write to imitating about what amount they purchase a‘ a time, and «e will send them a I.T8T OF PRICES, It wauttd. Bailey- Sz> Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 50 and 58 Exchange Street, Bortland, 2S/£e. BayMIm AUCTION SALES. Valuable Store on Portland Pier At Auction. ON, Vl«) 31. at 3 o alack r. a., oa the premia*., we shall sell ai xuciion the thrre story wooden Store No. 6 Portland Her, with the land under tt, and it. wharf privilege., 1 hl« .tor. aae hunt "tip and feitlilully Lulll—\erv iratr llu'er — lain good get...alreialr-and s|pat«hti> s,utu a nut The wharr u o*.c ol the twit in the city aub ataetialin ita .iroctore- In excellent ierali-cen 1r?-i *ocat' ^ •tundsDce of wittr DO **,tr PrtP®r,F •© itoveit tzcier fa Properly: nviie is TortUud so difficult looDatn. Ml« post ivp, ro pos'pot trcent— nils iii* dcubtt ti may2i"td‘NKV BAUAY * to„ Aperioaakaa. * M. PATTEN, ACCTUiHEEK, H Exchange at. Dry Uooda, Cloth*. Clothiu*. Table Catlery, *r„ at Aactton. O* Wednewlay, June let, if 10 a v . and 2 r ja .V and on I intraday xt 13. to close ooartgntoeat.' 17dtuc * b'eaebed and brown CottoLe. Cl pieces Denim., I tints, LieLunea, Woolens. Drera Gooes of •B.V“^W‘M,***ry d' c,‘P*lr» of Drr Goods p!',e* • ,n 1 " *-Table Cutli rv, aitk a variety of other rooc* All will be solf without tbu least reaurru to done oon.lgnment,_ maylldid ‘Valuable Beal Eatair at A action In Cape Elizabeth. WE,'£**!,•**!•* •“•Ionon Wedncday, June 1. u 3o oh ck P. M on the premise.. a beseti IUI residence about ot e and a halt miles (i na tbecity. eontalug Aire Acr,, o/Lamd la a very high .taieoY eultiratiou. Thera it on It about two hundred, Pear, Apple Troas, Currant.. Gcoaberri., Ti: The Build ngf on it are aew. There le a two etarr House modern ia ita .tym, hei t of the hi at watatl ,l*''r0“*hlJ ln'ah<d;a«noStib e, Ebed, Be. The situation i. not exceed d by any lathis rlaial. ** "•• tpleedld rh w It ccmmendt ef lie rtty the harbor and the aorrounding eoontry. 7 onnccted with it is a Held o. laws.-eta*/acre. IV.k^k VV* °* cultivation. the largcat proportion !li?.h,e.h * " ***** l,n'1’ •■ ‘ cm. f, omout and a 5* ‘*•’«•»«• h»lf tons ot ha. t, th. lU flc|fl I* niurtlr fenced with a ml manual nor. wail. We bare never invitt d ti e public lo a more daoi rable proper*s outside the city limits. TIUe claw rule poaftire, the owner wishing to leuve the itute E or particulars enquire ol “l™J HENItY BAILEY k CO.. Auot rt. Valuable Family Hor*e.Canlnceo Ac. at Auction. \lrh shall ull at Auction ou Thursday. June U, hi g. ram! A ,** • ‘ * ^ims vslua bl€ family borm rarr a •#.* b* hoi... -i_. . w. . w.-- V'T- a mil* horse-no nicks, kind in harness, stands alike hi tutchifg. not a raid of mus.c. mi itm-y < r cais-oae good <p a luggy. nearly new—one 4 wheeled con red carriage- also on- express Wagon. Coneord Waga-. Carriages ‘_L HVJ,*V“/?L m 9d». Dorcas Hawes, al A act Isa. ON Thur«i.^ Jn.e 1 at S O'clock r'x at bead of Maine W herf. where she now Iks, lbs gcod senooner Doreae Hawee.. f »77-#G tons, ni.bher JniL. S'ggin tables, Aacboss. Scan, aad Cabta 1 urniturt. a 1 in good orJer and read/ lor at*. m!£r£?ii3!ir! *'*•**“*»»**•• C»1J at 21. B. No ole i, bead of Maine Whar . or UUIY BAILEY * CO., Auctieneera. *_ PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 12 ErcbiB|t It, Desirable Real Eaiate at Aaetta*. ON Tbnrsday. Jane 2d at* p. a.,oa Ihe premi •ce, i umberlacd -rcoud lot above awkb street. dwelling end land receally ccco pled by the late Cepl. EbeuMclatoeh. I tie bouie is known as one of the moet thoroagh taut la the city, oouvenieei as possible, desirable T*Jih <5-ood b"“' wood hoB’® “d «"*•*»■ Lot jO by 110. Terms to sail purchasers. For he/ end particulars call on the auctioneer. mayM Brick Hsase at Auction. ataatio#. aa Monday, Jans «tb. s 0 rl<^k p. re , ta, tillable, newt vo-stor/ .W 1 •'rwl It ia thoroughly Bo taimd la anrut and workman.*, manner. A baa If finished rooms with fine closets, soft w»ler carried oh the flr*t and tecoud ioor—plenty haid and toft wafer—fine ce lar, and erntylbitg in tnd sL< ul He bouse neat nnd conren.rnt. It Is noe of the meet desirable henses we hate offend rb s season The Uoren HnHread pssee* within n few fret el it TL# lot Is 40 *y loo feet bale penilire—title clear ■«7»*_MKXKT B ULKY A CU.Aaclra. Genteel RetMrpcf, near tbe City. At Aactlea. O1! »« s *'tto«k. p a., wa shall sell at aaetlon the house on Steven's plains lormerly owned, titled up nnd ceen|kd by John Lynch, Esq It batwostoey brick house—12 fin bned room--dne elosvts. marble wutlet,An. tlatli lag Room with hot and cold water. An excellent celer with nlarge riatnra in it; nt«dance ol bard aad sort water The home is ia thorough repair; fine stable and ont-bonses, nnd agood ice bcuee of 12 tons capacity. The lot eontai s about one undone quuter acres of land In a high slate of cultivation, wilh Apple. I’eacb tnd < beery Trace—drapes, tar rants and (ioosber les—Shade nnd urnameaiel Tr»*s—also a few selec'lont off hoice Roses. Tb* Horse Railroad passes I ha house. For particulars call on HENRY BAILEY A CO., iuetioaeura. mnyTOdtd E. a. PATTEN, AUCTIONEER, 12 kxckaiga Ft. Beal Eiuie, car. Ailaalic * Tara an, at Ancitoa. T FRIDAY. June 7, n» t p. w. This property, lor locations and neighborhood offer, I. doormen's for any one seeking a home, or for lares'met t. TL# Hcuse built ot brick in the mrst thorough manner— tbe nltuatioa commtuds eolire rlew of Ike harbor, and spacious view of the bar. The dwelling le a . ranged fir convenience with panttya. clo’hee-priw es and closets- gas throughout—ha*d aid soft wa ter—and la Mot Is one of tbe moet desirable Icet. til'd offend it public sale ihb season. Lot satis sixe, 81 by dO. Terms will be made to salt pare • m« era. For key aad pattlealaao of tale calf oa t o Auetionerr. a.xebnnge street. me) 31 did Valuable Heal Estate al A action. WE shnll sell at nactlon oa Tuesday, June?, as I o'clock, r a . on tbe premises, tbe ralaablo Real Estate on York street, known ns tbe Feediek Eeta'e; being about 177 rest oa York etraet— with 183 feat oa oue hue. aud 103 feat the other, te a ba.k line of 70 feet—eonimiuing about 13txo square fait— wilh the buildings oa it, constating of a g od line so with an L. Born Ac This Is a large aad rely nim ble property—centrally aad ndrau'agcousit located and vary desirable as an Investment, hale posltlt* - title clear—farms sssy. l or more particular dcncrip. tioas aad p ana call on HEKRY BAILEY A CO.. Anctioamn. taay2Rdt<dnae7 Dcbirallf Heal Ettale at Aacitea. ON Wednesday. Jnaa »th nt I o'elrrk p. w., ra tbs promises, wn shall sell that very dtiinbl. property on Mnibonrn etieet known as tba May 1 te property The Lous- Is a two-story wooden House, nearlr new. with right Inlehed reams, usd good c osets. nnd on enrellest cellar with n Inrnsre ia i!— line water, hard and soil, nnd plettv of it. (iced barn and other oat-tususrs The lot b 118 rest fro. t by 81 feet deep; II Isa eere desirable propenr. Immediately after, I be lot or land on Moairsnl bt. directly la the >esr at the above; tide lot is 8* Res by 36 li-st. Terms liberal— sale positive. Then we shell sell the lot on Melhoutn street df rvtly opposite its Mnybew bt use, 40 by Wfosl; u va’uable lot U' , AQCt rj Valuable l'arui la Fata>atb, at AacttM, OnWipnnuv.JaM 15th, at J f « o« the pr. mi. a. a «n>'< h*rm, tear Falmouth Dei<t. containingabout Thirty _1 of which :• a valuable Waad Lei. .« d, com en voi aail comloitabie Bern :lilluii on it-u large and ttrilty 0«ch gtnta. and the hcu>e aidrsrroi ndin, , •agtod cut of loan rwidvice. FaJ* < c ear. For father particular, apple HcJIKY HAILEY ft Ctf. AucthmreJa Auction Sale or Pei-mMe to Cue ia Caa«4i~.Rta| ramie ia Graud Kalla, N. H. fllll HE will be eold alpublic auction nt llie cBev A Henry Bailey ft Co., Exchange rtreet, I'or*. lamL aine on Thu-aday. June Solh. lf«4. nt l-r o'ciihr A. M. to c Otr a cotfvru. License, Net. J and t to cat timber ftc . In Cana da. on the north-wc i bra cb of ihe river St Joha » hero It ia iaterveeUd he Ihe boaudare line betwara Canada and the state wf Msice--sod extruding rp said river to its source, not to exceed, however, 1cm ni’ee by 2* miles each side, or !tO-<|uar* mile*. Also, a certain parcel ol Seal fcsiato Situated at Grand Falls, ia tho Coauty el Victoria, and at the present time oveuped and improved by Wot. H West, fcsq., and formerly owned by G'orge Vccng, containing three (l) acres or more w th luildiaga -•» the stmo fo." further particulars irquire of the auctioneer *r IIKKSFY. 1 I.p.Tt llKK A CO., Portland, Value. in«)9Kdiawtojane7&ihendtoju»e£d EDWARD n. PATTEN. Commission Jterclmnt k Auctioaerr, Haa removed to the apacioua alcra 13 Kachan** Street, four doora btlow Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise ot every description, for public or piivatt rate. Fait a it Heal Lstate. Vessels. ( argoea, blocks and J|« »• jhaodise solicited. Cash advance* mare, vi • prompt sales ai d returns. auchll 41; Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JUST OPENED No. 86 Fox Block, Exchange Street1 POKl LAND, MF. I (hull bcln the cocataui receipt of, and will Mil n- ery afternoon and eveuing by public uuct on. Ihe following line, of good, in quantitiee to iuit: WoelPti, ol Mil dracripliuna. Hie-, t oo- * in variety, LL-rn, a rash Tokening, Cavers Ac,Table ( utlery, dated Ware, Jew, liy. Yankee No tions and Fancy Goods, Commencing ruawlay, February Mtft. GEO. L. PEIRCE, Auction and Commisaica Merchant. VY.r jtkwaxt, Auctioneer- feblh dti .

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