Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 1, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 1, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY SS. - PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 1, 1804. WHOLE NO > PORTLAND DAILY PKES3, (T JOHN T.liUjMAN, Editor, U t«lluted »l No. glj fclCBAKGfc STBKKT,by N. A. rolUR* CO. Tub Portland Daily fBBiisis published at §8.00 per year; li paid Htiiotly U advance, a discount of gl.iH wil: be made. Single copies three cents. Tub if Ai.'iKbTATe Pubm is published every Thurs day morning,at #2.00 persfinutn, in Advance; §2.88 If paid within -ix months; and §2.60,if payment be delayed beyond the year. Katefisof Advertising! One inch of spaoe in lenfth of column, constitutes a "fkicrAUE.’* §1.50 per square dally fl#t week; 76 oentsper week after; throe insertions or iws, § 1.00; continuing eve ry ether day aft #r first we*k. 80 cents. Half ^ juart, three insertions or loss 76 cents; one woek. #1.00; 5“ cents per Week after. Under bead of ' rues me nth, #2.00 porsquare per week: three insertions orrtuss, §1,50. ijpu ial Notices, #1.75 per sauare first week, §1,00 perljuare after; throe insertion* or loss, §1.26; half a square, three insertions, §1.00; one woek, §1.26 Advertisements inserted in tbs Maiye Htat* Pa*** (which ha- a large circulation in overy part of the^tatc)tbr60centspersjuarein addition to the Bb >ve rates, for oach insertion. Lboal Norton* at usttal rates. Transient ad v»rti*?ement<* mu tbd paid fbrln ad Businas* Notices. in reading oolumns, IS cants per line for one insertion. No charge Use than fifty MS>« for eaeli insertion. 8^** Alloomorumuat obi intended for the paper should bo directed to the *‘Editor qftht Pre$», and the of * husinesf oharaft* r to the Publuhert. IHTJoa Pbibtiho ol n ery description executed wi> n**oatch. F. Tracy, TravelMc Agent. EMANCIPATION IN LOUISIANA Sj»tr< h «/ Mr. dahu (!. Ilill*, Editor of the Kotr Orient** Hr*i, id the Con*tituiivti Con vention, on the Siavtfif Duration, Mb. Pbesiiib.vt:—In the National Convention of France, lu 17M, a proposition was made u> abolish slavery iu that American colonies be longing to France. A member of that body arose nud proceeded to defend the principles of universal libeity, whereupon he was interrupted by another member, wbe exclaimed: “President! do not suffer the Convention to dishonor itsall by a protracted discussion !*’ It seems to me , that for three days we Isrve been witnesses of s i most extraordinary speetacle. A body of men assembled on mu avowed principles of univer sal freedom—elected on a platform of imme diate emancipation, accepting seats in this body ui'der the proclamation which declared the ■lave laws in Louisians inoperative and void, because they did not apply to any class of per sons m this State—I say, a hotly so elected un der that proclamation nud upon that platform b compelled to listen fur three days, to one of its memtieii standing up here »nd defending the accurst-d system of A tiler-lean slavery as it exis ted before this war. f said in Biy previous re marks, we could not do anything to perpetuate slavery without committing iierjury before God and man. For that remark I have Wen ar raigned here as attempting to menace tide Con vention by some authority of the comnif iding Genera!. 1 repel all aucli insinuations al false and groundless, but I repeat, that in my otyniou, gentlemen, members of this Convention Annul stand up here and argue in favor of slavwy iu any form, without committing moral pwjnry. This is what 1 said, and to that 1 shall adhere. (Applause.) Mr. President, the gentleman from the Fifth District [Mr. Abell] has seen fit to go through a long argument to overthrow my aswrtiou that slavery does not exist iu the State of Louis iana. 1 say that assertion is literally trus, that there is nor u slave iu the State of Louisiaaa to day. There is no slavery, and can be nonehvith out the presence of physical power to elforce the obedience of the slave to Lis master. That is an indispensable element of slavery, w iihout which it cannot exist. 1 ask the gentleman where is the force to-day to compel the labor of the slave m this State? Where is the auction block? where is the lash? where is the power of the master to whip his slave and to euforce his will? The auction block has disap|teared iu the light of tbs new (uviliz ilion that hat dawned upon us; Oie slave marts, when' human Ixings warocrowded together like cattle, thank God, is no more among us; and the lash has been abolished—first by the great law of necessity , and secondly by the proclamation of inilitaay power. It the gentleman thinks slavery still exists; let him attempt to sell a slave within the Federal lines. Suppose he advertise* a slave for sale at auction to-morrow. (>u the way the slave says, “1 wish t* cross the street." He goes, and the gentleman from the Fifth follows and attempts to seize him hy the collar and drag him to the auction; what is the rrsut ? The gentleman from thefifth is arrested for a breach of the peace.commuted tor assault and batiery (laiigh terj alidbroughl into tbecourt, uud uuder the present laws of the State the man lie has at tempted by force to take to ttie auction block stands his equal, as he does in the sight of that almighty law of justice which has overthrown slavery in this State forevermore. (Applause.) There is no slavery here, and never can be. If all the thunder bolts that are supposed to have been hurled by Jove could l>e IT at based gtTgr thrr and discharged at once, Lous' C.mjd not shake the earth enough to awaken from its eternal sleep the care i«s of this miserable institution The gentleman hits at tun pled to justify slavery from the example of the Egyptnuu. 1 admire him for it It is most fitting and projier that the man who stands up in this day and age to justify such a system, should go bock to the Egyptians whose religions altars smoked with human sacrifices, and whose idols were the most gross tud obscene of all the pagan nations of which we have any historical record. 1 intend no durr-j>ect to the gentleman. He is much my senior in age, and my superior in learning; but I say if the gentleman were to die, I should ex pect to see him burial in an Egyptian sarcopha gus, sitli a hieroglyphical inscription upon his toiot), which iff were Jiermitled to suggest, Would fa two words: “Old Bogy.” (Laughter.) Let him if> buck to the Egyptians; that is where slavery belongs, Let hitu go hack to the Unmans and Creeks; that is where it belongs. It be lougt t i the rude ages of mankind, before the light af Christianity and civilization had fallen upon the human family. Has he forgotten that these very men whom he holds up as models for us to follow and copy, had gladiatorial shows, aitd that under their institution* men were thrown into the arena to be devoured by wild beasts? He can justify that as well as slavery. He can just Jy poly gamy by the example of the anoieiit nations, and every other species of vice and crime. Rut 1 supposed we had grown up beyoud thfc Greeks, Romans and Egyptians. 1 thought we were free-tioni aniT enlightened Americans, living in u time of revolution, to be sure, but still adhering to those great laud marks of freedom that were so dear to our ♦ fathers and which, 1 believe, are dear to the ma jority of this Convention. Jfot satisfied with attempting to justify shivery hy the Egy ptians, Iuricvfcs uim uuiuaue, ui- uua uiveUJpitu lo <lu BO by the Scripture* anil Christianity. Now, Mr. President, if yon go back in the ecclesiastical history of the world, you will find every infamy that has been perpetrated, has beeu done in the name of some religion. It is not the first time that men have stolen the livei y of heaven to serve the devil in. How many wars and massa cres have been committed iu the name of Chris tianity ! l>oes that prove that Christianity countenances massacre, butchery, rubbery and crime' Not at all; it only prove* that they were done hypocritically .in iu uauie. If the gentle man w islics to go into an argument in favor of fraud, tic might distort some parts of the Scrip ture to prove it was right. die might take the case of Jacob and l'lsau where the formercljarly swiuilled the latter out of his birthright, to prove that swindling is * proper and div inc in stitution, and ought to be incorporated into the Constitution of Louisiana, which we are here to frame to-day. I am ashamed that any man iu the latter half of the nineteenth century, with so much learning and ability, should spend time iu attempting to make us believe that shivery is iu acoor lance with the precepts of religion. Sir, that Divine living, who came down to teach us the right path, gave us one commandment, one precept, which blasts Ibrever the accursed insti tution of slavery, as itdom h stuau wrong and injustice of every kind: “All things whatsoever ye would Jjhat men should do unto you, do ye cveu so unto them.” 1 say that iu this precept he blast ; I forever this institution of slavery, wjiich is essentially uujust in itself, and fmlltni ill piracy and robbery—a system of violence and usurpation from loginning to end Not satisfied with the Egyptians, Greek*. Ro wans and religion, the gentleman j,;t> LirouajUt to kiss nut thu illuistriuujj names of American II story-th' -e men who founded our institu tion He has told U3 they were slaveholders, but very judiciously has lie refrained from tel ling us what they thought of slavery itself He has referred lo Washington, but forgot .o fell us what was the dearest wish of his heart. Washington said: “fhis is among the first wishes of my heart to see some plan adopted by which slavery iu this country may he ubolislwd by law.” Henry Laurens, of South Carolina wrote to his son, in 177ti: “I abhor slavery” Jefferson has been quoted here. In ipeskin* of the slave lie says: “We must await withi«itience the working of an overruling Providence, and hope that it is preparing the deliverance of these r, our Buffering brethren.” “liretkren,” is the &SS{ word wliich Thomas Jefferson applied to the*e 9 men. "When the measure of their tears is full —when their groans shall have enfolded heaven rV jtself in darkness, the God of Justice wdl awa. Ikeu to their distresses, and by diffusing light 1 anil liberality ae.oug their oppressors, or at least by his exterminating thunder, may mani fest to the wor Id that they are not left to the guidance of blffld fatuity.” Mr. 1*resident, the exterminating thunder ba» eome! The meuiuulatcd wrongs which this people bare helped upon an unfortunate race, brought it down from high Heaven, and it has blasted this aecursed system in l-oui-imua, as it lias blasted it throughout the whole laud. (Ap plause.) Now,I propose to let Mr. Abell answer Mr. Abell, byrdbrring to different portions of bis speech. I Will put the gentleman from the Fifth Distrfet against the gentleman from the Fifth District and L think it is lietter eo than to answer hill myself. He tellstis with a great deal of flourish that the nature of the negro is idleness, that he will not work unless compelled to under the lash of the driver. In the next breath he telb us he believes,if these same laxy, idle, good-for-noth ing, rngabnnd negroes are set free, they will come in competition with ttie white laborers, who will stand noclmnce at all. There is Mr. Abell against Mr. Abell. (Laughter and ap plause. ) In the same strain he boasted that the Ameri can people, beluga mixture of all the blood of the world, was the greatest, the most powerful, civilised, and altogether the smartest race ever existing on the face of the earth. He boasted wc had whipped Knglaud. two or three times, anil that we could thrash France, and were never whipped ourselves and never could be in the nature of things. The next moment he lays, if the slaves are freed in Louisiana they will rise up and imbue their hands in the blood of bi| posterity. Though not at all afraid of Kng land, France or any white nation, he is much afraid of the negroes ! Another instance of the geutleman answering himself is where he says the whites never would labor for ho small pay as the negroes. Then he asks whst we are going to do with the negroes if we set them free. I think he gave a good answer to his own questiou when he said they would work for less wages than the white man. lie any* again the negroes are perfectly miser able —are in a most degraded condition—en tirely incapable of taking care of tliomselves, when he states that slavery is a civilising and elevating institution. Now I want to know how inauy centuries it takes to elevate a race so that it is capable of ,taki«g care of it self T This institution whieh the gentleman would have us believe it so benignant and elevating to the blacks, lias been in existenoe in Louisiana from the earliest period of her history down to the moment of rebellion, and yet, according to tbe same gentleman, to-day this race has be come so degraded that it is utterly unable to take care of itself. Another instauce of this logic. He says the bone and sinew of the country would be driven out of the State by tbe emancipation of the slaves, in the next breath almost, he tells us that negroes, organised uuder slavery will work a great deal better than if they are free. Now, then, if the negroes are going to work more in slavery than when they are free, I wish to know how freeing them is to drive the white tailoring man out of Louisiana ? If the tiegro will not work when free, and will work as a slave, I think the white mau has less chance of employ ment under a system of slavery ! Tlie gentleman, in the course of his remarks, has seen fit to speak of the people of Louisiana under the Presidential and military authority as an “oppressed” people. If the people of Louis iana are oppressed, as the gentleman would hate us believe, 1 wish him to tell us by whuiu we arc oppressed ? He seems to forget that three years ago tbe rchvlliuu was forced upon tlie country by the slaveholding oligarchy; that Louisiana was m the full enjoy incut of commercial and agricultural prosperity, and that under tbe pro tecting tegis of the Union, her slaveholders were in secure possession of their slaves; that it was the rebellion that interrupted this pros perity, destroyed slavery and plunged the State into tlie condition m which we now find tier. I would like to have him point out in what man ner the military authorities have ever oppressed the (copic of Louisians—to point out to us how this Convention would have been called together but tor these very authorities. Mr. President, 1 could but feel as I have lis tened to this discussion, that we see here at last some uf the fruits of the efforts of our noble soldiers who have fallen iu the battlefield fur their country. Let me ask the gentleman if 1 had stood upon this floor, or any other in Louis ians, three years ago, and said what I have said to-duy, what course would have beeu pur sued by this slaveholding oligarchy he stands up here to defend ? The halter, sir, was the (tenuity for free speech in Louisiana tbeu. Does not the gentleman know that intellectual bond age is inseparably connected with slavery every where ? ljoes he not know that as the must gross and loathsome productions of nature flourish only in her darkest recesses, so tbe loathsome and hideous institutiou of slavery can grow only where the light of civ ilixatiuu and free spe ch are carefully excluded 1 He knows that before the Federal Hag came up the river on the flagship of that gallant old tar, F'arra gut, to stand up in this hall and sjieak as I have spoken and as others have spoken, would have liccii met with the penalty of instant death. Talk to us of oppression ! Let him go hack and read tbs amints of slavery, and nr" T~ •* mitSderv Ipiva hew IL lvk behalf and smtrr ffa shield. There is no crime against free ipeeub, free conscience, fire opinion, that has not beeu |ierpetratcd iu behalf of lliis system; tnd yet the gentleman stands up and calls the !>eop’le of Louisiana oppressed ! How many rights would ho-enjuy if the Federal flag were uot here ? He has told us lie thought civil government in laiuisiitiia would be detrimental to the people. I ask the gentleman why he is here? If the mteivets of the people are opposed to this Con vention, why did lie come here ? If tbe Federal lag was to be displaced by *iiat bastard banner, Lhe flag of the < onlederscy, the gentleman might escape the halter for having so ably de fended tbe rebellion here, but even that might not he sufficient to save his neck. Mr. Abell—1 call tlie gentleman to order. Mr. Hills—1 assert that tbe gentleman for three days has defended the rebellion on this floor. (Applause.) Mr. Abell again called Mr. llills to order. The Chair decided that the sjieaker was in or fler. and Mr. Abell appealed from the decision of the Chair. The Chair was sustained by the Convention. Mi. Hills—I trust tlie interruption will not he deducted from my half hour. I asserted with a full knowledge of the meaning of tuy words, that for three days tlie gentleman has defended tbe rebellion on this floor. I will now explain what I meant. I say that any man who vt inds up and defends slavery defends the rc beUion, for they are syuouy inuus terms at this moment. (Applause.) The geutlemau has laken, I suppose, the “ironclad" oath of the President. If so, he has sworn allegiance and obedience to the proclamation of the President, tml to all the laws of Congress framed on this mbject. Tlie rebellion is the legitimate child of davery. Slavery was sure to bring on rebel ion iu this country, and the wisest men in the ami foresaw it years ago. The prophetic words >f Jefferson, which I repeated, foreshadowed it me n amei .s oi our uonfcuiuuon uiu uoi ueiieve hat it would long remain iu existence in the Uuitcd Stales, and carefully avoided all direct illusion to it in the Constitution, because they regarded it as a disgrace and a system that .mglit to be and would be abolished. if the gentleman will take the trouble to ex amine the debates on the adoption of the Con stitution, he will find that such is the fact. All the wise men who helped to frame that Constitu tion believed that slavery was an evil, aud would speedily die out. lie has mentioned some illustrious names, bet me ask him if he knows the opinion of Ben jamin Frankliu uu the subject. I beg to remind him he was the President of the fir,-<t Abolition society cvciforgautze 1 iu the United States. Does be know the opinion of Judge Jay? Can he bring forward in the annals of our country the name of one great man of the Revolutionary who said a single word iu defense of slavery ? The President’s hammer came down at the expiration of the half hour. Mr. Terry uiovod that Mr. Hills have leave to conclude his remarks, which motion was secon ded aud carried; but Mr. Hills declined to pro ceed further at present. It was moved that the Convention adjourn, and that he have the door on Thursday morning, which motion was car ried. FANCY GOODS HOUSE, Wholesale, H. MERRILL, No. 131 Middle Street, (upstairs,)Portland, Mains. Silk, Twist, Huttons. Bindings, Threads, Pins, Needles, Cattery, Edgings Stationery, Lacings, Tape, Elastics, Be Its, Cotubs, Suspenders, Toys, k c. DRESS AND TAILORS’ TRIMMINGS. moalsod3m AcliiifeiiiNiratrftVtt Sale. IyCRSUAN I to a license from the Hon. John A. . Waterman, Judge of Probate for the county of Cumberland, the administratrix of the estate of the the lat* Edward B. 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In all other forms of indebtedness, the faith or ability of private parties or stock com panies or separate communities ouly is pledged for payment, while lor the debtsol the United btates the whole property of the country is holden to secure the payment or both principal and interest in coin. The Bauds may he subscribed for in sums from 860 np to any magnitude, on the same terms, and are thus made available to the smallest leucer and the largest capitalist. They can he converted into money at any moment, and the holder will hare the htnelit of the interest. The fact that all duties on imports are payable in specie fur nuhes a fund for like payment of iutereet on all Uovernmeut bonds largely in excels of the wants of the treasury for this purpose. Upon receipt of subscriptions a certificate of de posit there or, in duplicate, will be issued, the origi nal of which will be forwarded by the subscriber to the Secretary of the Treasury, at Washington, with a letter stating the kind (registered or coupon) and the denominations of bonds required. Upon the receipt of the original certificate at the Treasury Department, the bunds subscribed for will he transmitted to the subscribers respectively. Subscriptions wi 1 be received by the Treasurer of Ike United Stain at Washington, and the Assist ant Treasurers at New York, Boston and Philadel phia aud by the First National Bank o( Portland, Me., First National Bank of Augusta, Me., First Ns ional Bank of Baugor, Me., First National Bank of Bath, Me , First National Bank of Brunswick, Me., and by all National Banks which are depositaries of public money. All respectable banks and bankers throughout the country will furnish further infor mation on application, and afford every fhcilty to subscribers. mayfiOuAwfia* I). S. A0-40 LOAN \ FIRST NATIONAL BANK -—" -OF PORTLAND, DEUGXATED REPOSITORY -OF rum UNITED STATES. Tbit Bank is prepared to receive] subscriptions for the new “TEW FORTY LOAN,” which is dated March 1, ISM, bearing interest at Ivn per cent, a year, payable in coin, redeemable at the pleasure of ths Government alter ten years, and payable in forty years from date. Interest on Bonds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi annually. Bonds can be had in sizes of $60, $100, $600, $1000. WM, EDW. GOULD, mch31 dtf % Cashier. FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER^ NO. Ml MIDDLE STREET, (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Field — with Divisions, Brigades A Regiments! -or NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOR THE 8PRIi;«. Ladlo* of Portland and vieinity ire respectfully Invited to call aud see the many beautiful styles of Foreign and Domeitic Dreu Qoodi JUST RECEIVED! Also, the great variety * House Furnishing Goods ! Such as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, Table Liuens, Drillings, Tickings, Donims, Stripes, kc. Also. Just receiving, the latest style* ol haudsome Spring Balmoral Slclrts And the mo»t fmhionable SI'RllfO SHA WtS. A oomjilete .took of UI.OTHS AND CA8SIXE1EI, FOB BOYS' AND MEN’S WEAK CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant assortment. W# are just ready to ufanu* facture lo measure, at the shortest notice, any ot the new aud desirable Spring Cloaks. Warranted to suit. FEUC'HTWANUEK & /UNDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Main*. 1*. 8.—Ladies ueod not ask for goods from tb* wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but sooud aud fresh goods, which we warraut as such, aprltf A. T. C. DODGE, 3?ension, "War Claim, GENERAL BUS1NBB* AND COMMERCIAL AGENT, *“• 5"Ary*“".VV“ta } W ASHIHGTON, D. C„ S3r“Wili attend to Collections, Consignments, &c.. iu Baltimore. Md., Alexandria, Va., and General Commission Business in Georgetou u aud Washing* tou, D. C Address, A. T. C. Dodye, Box 1175, H'mihinyton, U. C.r BKrBBBNOBg; Gen. Samuel Yeaiis, Duuldcnt Vcazie Bank, Ban gor, Me.; Messrs AlbeArNfebb k Co., Merchauts, Portland. Me.; Mesar*. UlaLje k Soper, Merchant*, Boston, Mass. ) T niay26 d2w _>- _ BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLKV• MOULTON A ROGERS, Wholesale Dkalkbh im Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, ROBERT HKALKY,» o x moultox, [ PORTLAND, ME. A. O. ROGERS. ) maySdtf W. W. CARR & CO., Haring taken the Fruit Store formerly ooaupled by O. BAWYKR. No. 3 Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale and Retail Oraana. lyrace Bam, Lmag.i Lemeas, Caaary 8nd, Caadiea, I.lmea, I.rinon Syrnp, lleuey, Pranes, Coeu Net.. FI,.. Citron, Naia. all klada, Datra, Oilers, Ralalaa, Takaeea, Bardinas, Clears. Paaey Candles mf all drarrlpllan. oot9 dtf IRA WINN, Agent, No. 11 Union St.., la prepared to fhrniah STEAM SHGINE8 and BOILERS, of rariona aizea and pattorne, Rt«w Pipe u4 Kilirea, liU «*wii^ Shafltw. filtryvlt. Liout Horn Wo a a of all dcacriptisna, and all kin da of work required in building FOBTimOATIUMS. Iron Stair* and other Architectural Work. Hoarea. Store*, and other building*, fitted with Gee and Steam in the beat manner. In connection with the abort ia an Iron Fonndry with a large aaeortment of Fatterua, to which the attention of Mactunlata, Millwright*,and Ship-build era ia inritad—and nil kind* oi Caatiaga furnished at abort notice. CT'Urderi lor Machine Jobbing, Fattorna and Forging*, promptly executed. oaSd tf 8 I NliE rT» SEWING MACHINES I WOODMAN, TRUE * CO., AGENTS, Wwa. #4 and t«.Middle Street. Heediaaaad Trimming* alway a aahaad. maklttf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD. DENTIST, No. I?f5 Midtll Strata.t. kxrxaaaune.Dra.Baooaand Buaua. Foreland, May 16,1841. tf Dr. J. U. HEALD HAVING dlapoaod of hi* aatir* intereat In hi* Office to Dr. 8.C FERN AM), would cheerfully reoooiamend him to hi* former patient* and the pub lie. Dr. FnaxALD, from long experience, ia pr.par* od to Iniiert Artificial Tooth on the " Vnlcauite Base/’ Mi ail other method* known to the profession. Portland. May 36. IMS tf JOHN F SHE Hit Yj ■air Cutter and Wig; Maker, No. IS Market Square,Port' )nd,(up itaira.) iy Separate room for Ladiea’ and Children’* Dali Catting. A. good atoek uf Wig*, ilalt- Wig*, Banda, Brmide, Carla, Friietta, Fade, Roll*, Crimping Board*, ko., ko.. aonataatir oa hand i.M’ndly WOOD AXD COAL CHEAP I'OK CASH ! $9.50. CEEAPJ30AL. $9.50 rSIUE LOT CHESTNUT COAL #9.50 » TON. SPRING MOUNTAIN, IIEZII-TON, SUGAR LOAK, OLD COMPANY LF.llloH. LO UU8T MOUNTAIN. JOHNS, DIAMOND. WKBS TER aid BLACK HEATH. Thea* Coal, are of tha vary beat quality, well acreeueii and pickiel, and warranted to give aati.faction. Alao for rale beat of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Orrict Comm kmclax. St., head of Franklin Wharf. R. KOI?NDs & SON. ret) 16 nly WAKKEN’S I.nPOBV£D FIRE ANI) WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, Q-ravol Roofing NOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HERSEY, Agent, Jan36 Jtf No. 1® Union Street. ALBERT WEBB A COn -DULBI » Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD or MERRILL'S WUAKT, CaaaaMraial Slrowt. - - Partlaad, Ms. laUtf Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Hikers and t'pholsterers, 368, Cougreaa Street, ARK prepared to do al) kind* of Cabinet and Up holstery work, at the shortest notice. All kind* of Furniture, Lounges A Nallresses —consBbtly on hand— N R. The public are invited to call and examine. u» *b4 dtf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mcblTdAwtf Tkufls Strkst. Neotoli Canvas, -FOB S A LB BY—— JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bilk, Me* BOLTS SBperior Bleached) 800 do All Long ilax *Uov- I .. erumoui contract," •00 do Extra All Long flax ArhroatB. •Wdo Navy Fine j Delivered in Portland or Boato*. Hath. April BA. IMS iplldtf ~M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AMD MANUFACTURER OF SILVER WARE, 238 Congress St.,Opp. Court House, Portland,Me. |3r’All kinds of WARE, such as Knives, Forks, Spoons, Cake Baskets, Castors, Ac., putted in the best manner. Also, HR I* A1111 KG and 11R-FIKISH/XG Old SllverWare. Jan'JD dfun "remo' V a l. DK. HEWmil HAS removed bis residence to Xo. 37 Middle Street, corner of F'rauklin street. Office as heretofore, Kb. 116 Rxckaeige Street, In Noble's Block, up stairs. Offioe hours from 9 to lu A. M., from 8 to 3, and front 8 to 9 o'clock P. M Dr. N. will continue, in oonncction with general practice, to give special attention to D18RASRS OP PR M ALMS. aasidtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P H. XT M B E H ! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 134 EXCHANGE STREET, . rOBTLAN L>, MK. Warm, Cold and Shower llatha, H ash Bowls, Brass A Silver Plated Cocks, EVERT description of Water F'ixturfs for Dwel* ling Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings, Shops. Ac., arranged and set up in the best mauuer, and all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly on hand LEAD PIPES. SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMfS of all descriptions. ap9dtf ‘ WAN TS, LOST, FO U N D Pork^t Kook Lost. ON Central, or between Central anti Brown's Wharf, a D ack Locket Hook, containing a tin or red DolLr Bill on Mechanics' Hank,and note* and bills of no value except to the subscriber. I be finder shah be liberal v rewarded on leaving it at the Ar^bs Office, or with inayc0d3t* BENJ. LARKABEE, 2d. Wantod Immediately. BY a young man, board for himself and wife, in a private family or boardng hou«e. Address, stating fern *. lucaJitv, Ac., C. H. 8., PretsOfhce. May 31—431* Lost. A LARGE Black New Foundland Dog, answer ing to tr«e name of ‘‘JellY’ had ou anew leath er collar, with ring ai d padlock. Whoever will re turn him to J. M. KIMBALL, at302 Congress street, shall be handsomely rewaiutd. may 2^181** Compositors Wanted. ONE or two jirst dust female compositors will tlnd constant employ rnent, and the h gbc-strafis pa*d In the city, on application at Tills OlFItE. may-28dti Fonts <9, MAY 18th a Black and Tan Dog. The owner can have him by calling at the Last Factory, l uion street, provii g property and paying charges Portland. Ma> 27, 1334. ma>27dlw* House Wanted. WANTED to purchase for cash, a convenient ll'*u«e suitable lor a small /ami/p. with usual conveniences, centrallv and pleasantly located.— Price not to exceed 83,000, Address “Taylor” at the Press Office. majldtf Board. STMTS of Room?, w. b« by ■l>pbiii)t immodiateiy »t 3U Dmuforlh .tiott M,y Iltli.__ mavlidtf KliWAKD. I Will pay Fifty Dollar* reward to any person who will give information leading to the recov ery of the property stolen lrcm the Stable of Caj t J. B. Coyle, in Westbrook, on the night of the22d inst. I will also pay Fifty Dol arg to any person giv ing such information to will lead to the detecsioa of the thief or thieves. JOHNS HEALD. City Marshal. Portland, April 30,1664. apraodtf Wanted. A Female Pastry Cook at Darton's Oyster Saloon. 233, Congress 8t. apigtf J. W. 9YUEJI, Parchu*cr tor Eastern Account ov LOUR, GRAIN. SEEDS, PROVISIONS. LARD, BUT1 EKand WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to shipping by quickest and cheapest routes. No. lb* SOU TH W A1ER bT. P.O. box 471. Chicttgo, Illinois. Rbfz&ewck*—Messrs Maynard k Sons; H. k W. Chick on uk ; C. U. Cummings E Co.; S. U. Bowdieat k Co.; Charles A. Stom ; llallott, Davis k Co., of Boston, Mrs*. Cashier Elliot Bank, Boston. J.H. Bacon. Rwi., President Newton bank. Newton. C. B. Cotfiu; Warren Elba A Rons, New York City. Jy» 'Aldly. ~A. & S. SHDRTLEFP &C0., ~ \OS. .VI & 50 .111DOLE STREET, _ 1‘OKTLAND. Mauulactnrers and Dealers in Men’s Boys’ and Youth's Thick, iip aud Calf Boots, Woman's Missos and Children’s Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals. Hub be re Shoe Stock, Findings, Ac. we am able to sell a-* sow as iu, Boston or elsewhere. Dealers are respectfully Invited to call and ©a amine our sttHSk before purchasing. WT* Orders by mail promptly attended to. Portland. April 33, 1h64. dCm i». suh>. n. TUK undersigned being licensed by tie United State*, are prepared to rroeure Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of l av and Prize Money lor 8ol diers, Seamen or their heirs. Bill* for Board and fran sport at ion of Recruits or Dratted Men collected. All demand* against the State*r Uuiied State* at* tended iu. Having rn agent both at Washington and Aognsta. and I a- itng had larve experience, we feel safe in averting that any business i-utru*ted te our care will be fhithfmly and premj tly executed. We have also an agont in New York to attend to the pavin'lit ot Prize mosey. Advice lre«. Approved Clalm^ashed. MANLEY A SAWYER. OfficeHtijEx hinge, St., Fox Block Portland Me. J. B. MAX LEY. W. 0. SAW YXI. References: lion. Pam*. Cony,Governor ol Maine. Hon .1 L 11 odsdon, Adjutant r*en of Malle, lion. Wra Pitt Kt-»>endett, U. S. Senator. Hon LotM Morrill. U S Seuator. apl:J dJtwtf Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! A.t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 152 aud 151 Etchsngp St., Opp ite the 1 ntcrnational House. mayfdtf ” TO MERCHANTS. THE pndendgued having greatly increased their facilities tor manufacturing HOOTS AND SHOES, and having Large experience in tnai crunch. would call the attention of th* trade to the same. We shall In future be much better able to supply the de mand* of the trade then heretofor#, and are confi dent that in the quality, both of our stock and work, we can give satisfaction, as we manufacture express ly for the retail trade. 1 hose buying tor cash will find it to their advantage to look at our stock, w hich couaiHts iu part of RUBBERS, SOLE <9nd WAX LEATHER, FRENCH and AMERICAS CALF, French Atp, Lemoine and JadotCalf, (Joa* and Kid Stack. Herges and Webs, Hoot ana Shoe Machinery and Findings cf all kin<1e. Mr. Ei>muwi> Liuby. late of the firm of Messrs. Chas. J Walker A Co . has associated himself with us, and relying on his many years experience in manufacturing, wt areconlident in makiug the above statements. TYLER A I AMB. Portland. Feb 1.1SG4. fel>6 dim. Coal and Wood? -AT THB LOWEST PRICES FOR CASK, OKLIVKRKU TO ANY PART Of TUK C1TT. A T SUOll T XOTICK. Oar Coal la of tho very BEST quality, ana war ranted to give .atitfaction. -ALSO, FOR SALE All Kina, of Hard and Soil Wood. The Public are invited to give ns a call, u we are bound to give satis taction to all who favor as with their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. raxdall & McAllister •UWlF VS. MOTHS! C “ " ‘ ] Are stilling to insect lit*. Ihis comround (ini phor will sorely ki.l moths; it* ingredients oi Frank incense Vetiver, Ac., produce quick death to all in sects breathing through llitir skim. Cheap, effi cient, and of sweet odors. Do not risk your ratea ble Furs, and nice Woolens without it 8*dd by all Druggists, town nud country. Fach package bears the address of the makers, II 4KKIS CHAPMAN* may24 low Boston. The Misses Bailey’s Home School. fIItlF Mi*«ra liadey having purchased the pteccAin £ New Glouces or fo moriy oc.qpkd by the Hev. F Yt*aiou, a* a Hoarding School, propose opening there a Homo S< liool lor CUrls and Boys in whirli the advantages of a careful home training will fce united with thorough instruction in ail the bfttue'ie* taught lu Ssmiuarks of the first etas*. The toug experknes of ou#» leaoher a* Principal of a Horn, School in Virginia, and the reputation of the other as a incotisfkl teacher ot many year* standing. in Portland, will, it is hoped, procure pa tronage aud insure success. A Gentleman of experience will bs a! the head ot the Home Lepartment. and pav particular atten tion to the physical training of the pnpiU. For information ae« circulars or inquire of Miss A. M HAiLFV, No. 58 Spring street. KttrK&JCHCga:—Kov J. \V. I tuckering, D. D ; lion. John Neal; Charles A. Lord; llezckiah Pack ard; Joseph Lib bey. New Gloucester, May 20. Ho4. iua> 26dlwthen2tawtf PORTLAND DRY DOCK COMPANY. TUB first assessment of Two Dollars per Share upon the Capital Stock of this Compauy, is now due, and payable at the office of the Treasurer. Ne. 117, Commercial St. Per order of Direetp*. C. M. DAVIS. Treasurer, j Portland April 80,1861. aprSOedtstf miscellaneous. FOR A FEW WEEKS ONLY. Great & Unreserved Sale -OF HOOP SKIRTS! -AHD FANCY GOODS! Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, 166 Middle St., Portland,'Me. AFTKK fhirtwi) rear, of experience in the whole ?aU au • retail raoey (iuotla (raoe, we a*e natit* neu (and coa^ult no o hern) that the bent policy “It ■ inick return, end ,i*ht profit*.’• Aciln» on th» I?™! , ’ *e t‘0K u,r'r °“r whe e and entire Mock, (with a few exception.) at a great reduction rrom our former prices. READ! READ!READ!READ! “The Peerless,” Forget it Not I 20 Hoop*, clasped on every Spring, .75 35 *’ •* “ •' 125 40 •• •• ' .. .. j 31 Old Foyle*, Quote Your Prlcea! The Morning Star!” 16 Hoops, Sevan tapes olasped and glued, 68 20 " " «• •• gg 28 «• ’• .. .. uo 30 *' *• » «• •< 1.20 JOB LOT LADIES' Heavy Wire Skirts, 45 cts. each. Hosiery, Gloves, -Amd Sun Umbrellas! I.adiev’ Cotton How, (roes 18 to 45 cts. Children’*!** “ “ 13 to 31 els. GLOVES I LADJBS, the S'-it Aitorfntnf in Portland frem 1* C'ntt to *1 00. SUM I VP. BELLAS-Oil BdUd Si I it, from* 1,38 to W.00. Yankee Hotions at onr ntnal low prices. CORSETS. CORSETS! WAftXAMriD W HALKKuXK, OXLT 91.00. L« oixa, call and see os! we have not felled, clear ed oat, or sold out: bat will be forud at onr old stand, No. ltMJ Middle street. Dahlia 8kirt and fancy Good* store, where me, as heretofore, con turns to 1 manufacture our justly celebrated skirt, to which thousands of ladies in Poftland and rieinity can testify. frrzumALO k ll<>t>*ro«. Dahlia Skirts and fancy Goods, Mo. 16) Middle street Portland, Me M. B. Corsets and Skirts made to order. _way oil lm WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER'S* BLOCK, U NIC) N STREET , J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MAStrrAOTissa or Steaui Fugine*. Steam Boilers, Shafting Pulleys Gearing, and all kind* of Machinery. A'so Low aud High Pressure K*eem Heating Ap paratus for Factories. Public llui.'dmgs and Dwelling (louse*. lu thi» De par. ment tne c-s soli* time at has been uncommonly successful Steam Cocks. Valve* Whistle*, and Mcarn, Water and Gas Pipe and connection* furnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and laiihfully Done. In conn cl ion with the abora aatabliahmant i« an Iron 1-uuiid/y, with,largenuortnicnt ol uaiiona ami a Planing Mill, when* wood planing ol nil kind, may bn door._ m»*2d«f FOR SALE, Cheap for Cash.! A Q SKAT VA1IITT OF CHILDRES S CARRIAGES, Bird t aget. Hocking Horten, Ladiea Work nnd Traveling Haaketn, Toy a. Marble*, POMT MONA1KS, LADIES’ RETICULES AND bags, uhi ms, Violins, guitar*, VIOLIN STRINGS, WBITUNO EE3K8, WOBK BOXES, *0 —nr— W. L>. ROBINSON, 30 Exchange St. me till 3m The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instruments of their class in the world. Nearly all the moat premium artist* in the ecu a try hare git «n written testimony to this t fleet. and vheae instrument* are in constant u«v in the concert* ol the most distinguished artist*— as tiottschak and others—as well aa iu tne o era* iu the priuc pal cit lea whenever *uch iusrumenteare renu rtd. Price • to to 6 '*0 each. These iast'uuk* u'a tuny t« found at the Muse fcoomsofthe subscriber. where thhy will be *old at the manufacturer s’ prices. II. 8. FI)WARDS, No.341#j Stewart’s Block, Congre.-* AX. ____ aprlSdtt J. U. IHEMfiY’S MELODEON & ORGAN At aimthe tor y. No. IM I-‘i middle Street. KLoDEuNS of all sizes ard sty It» on hand and IfA. manuf4Clured to order. The combined power and sweetness of tone ol hi* Ku ti pi>jr OuuaK, render it *uirabl« for a elorch or jiarlcr. and the bt2i,,,b*!Uuu* *^r “ pipoorgau that can baobtained. The fmlowiug is oue of the numerous testimonial* in hi* po**o4tfi«ui: Vr<>ui U\ If. (ioulil, CasJtirr of International Bank, Portland. PoRTLAun. May 23. For many y* ars I have had m^ucm ot iojtufei tie* fo notice the many good poiula iu the Melon eon* made bv Mr. J. 1>. Cheuev. ofthis city, and m the result. 1 liave urged im friend* who were tutending to purchase an iustruuient of this < la**, to prccurt one ol Mr. Cheney W.K.GOILO. j TF Tht Combination I'uh t <* applied to all our Instruments Person* ordering by mail will get a* I good an hnstrument aa though selcctrd by them per sonally. No charge for Packing. Kkfaiuino and Tumno promptly at’euded to. Portland. May 3, 1664. maySdawlw • CIT V OF POUTL1ND. THE committee on Highways Ac., will r^aetTr | sealed proposals for Ihrnishing to* thousand tons Sea Island paving stones during the months ol j MayJuueand .July -tqaal .fttmititiv.* each month { The parties proposing wfll please fate what portion i of*aid*toM«s—if less than the whole amount—th*> will furuiah as above. Proposala will be receive^ u»<i! June 3d, 1664. The committee reserve the right to reiect auy or all proposal* not deemed for them teruat of the city, rer order. J. E. DONNELL. Chairman. 1 April 13th, 1604. apHO dA wtd i MILLLNLKY. ^ NEW MILLINERYI Ah. —to om__ ijk ON HONDAV, A PHIL till. tjP*I The subscriber. having Isxsed the new morn. No. 2r h'ree street, 2d door non • enter 61., hasjost received n doe neon men t of the -> LATEST STYLES OF SPRING AND SL'M.HIJR GOOD*. which she la prepared to manufacture to order nod •o'I at the lowest cash prick*, a good assortment READY MADE BONNETS always on hand. moijknino goods io store and made to order Hiring had eight years experience in mxnuiho turing millinery goods. 1 trust 1 shall be able to please all who may faror mo with custom. A share of patronage is inosWe.poct uliv so lotted _ MAK* A. akll.UKUb. Portland, April 2,18M. apr2 d2»ood*w NEW MILLINERY STORE. New ti-oods! 30BFRT80.N has taken the New Store, ®L corner <\f Center, and has •elected a Superior Aetortment of MILLINERY, Which she will be pleaded to offer to ber friends and the pvbllo, on and after the 6th intt. F. 8. ▲ good assortment ol a MOURNING Constantly on hand • Tofuoor lour good Milliners can receive steady employment by inquiring as above. ajvi-deodtf 18 open Day and Evening, ior a Thorough Business Education. Located 1*65. Hannon Block* Middle St.* No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United 8tatee ne Principal ha# had 80 year# experience: is always on the spot, and attends to his business; and prom ises, a* during the past 12 years. no pains shall be •pared ie the fhtare. Five hundred references of ths first class business men, with many others oi this city, will testify to the practical uti ity, rapacious nw* oompletenees of my systems and manner ot teaching, and citizens of other cities have tevtilied to the-ame. Diplomas will be awarded for thor ough coarse*. Abie Assistant* secured. Bartlett# t'lau, the founder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain times will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who havs failed to be taught a business hand-writing and I will guarantee to you nieces*. Applications solicited for Accountants. Separate in ^ruction given. Students can enter any tins. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted, f adits and Gentlemen that desire to take Seasons, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Keeping, Navigation, tcmmeiuial Law, Phonography, lligher Mathematic*. Civil En gineering, surveying. Native Bun ness Writing. Commercial Arithmetic. Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching trom printed copies and feat Books will bo avoided please call, or address the Principal. R N.BROWN. Portland. Oet.S. 1868. oc29 eodEsowly PENSIONS! BOUNTIEFl -AXD— BACK PAY 1 Are obtained for Wounded Soldier, (dj.charred) and th- friend, of deceaeed soldier. who nr, estftied to the him by BIBOS D. TEBBILL, Altenrj ud CeuulWr, at Xt. 11,' liMlt Sind, -an* Idoenaed Agent for all th* Department* at Washington. For .land, April J8,1S*4. ap26 eodta TAKK Ac WO>M>V* Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, FOE VESSEL#* BOTTOMS. To Owam and Master# of Vessels. Tbu aapcrior article ia offered with the luUfeOl cos adetec. When applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS it will be toned a perfeet rulititot* tor Copper sheatling. and a COMPLETE PHESEK YA11 YE Irom WORMS. BAR.,ACl.ES, Vte •cla trading to the Wtat India and boeibera Parts will tlnd it particularly tor their interest to nee tan PATnatT Metallic oaCoiraa Paist, Tbr t roprietcra will in ferere cue anarantee. not only that ihrir Copper Paint w anparier to any so* in uae. hut aleo to nuy that ha* been herataiore of f red to the public. Printed direction* for are accompany each caa. For tale, whoiaaal* and retail, by Che Maculae terera' Ageata, LYMAN ft MARRETT, Slilp Chandlers, Ns. 115 Commercial Street. apSftltawlm PORTLAND. United States Claim Agency! Bounty, Prize Money A Pensions, CAN be obtained on application to sweats cleaves, Attorneys at Law, Ne. 117 Middle itreci, Mu .ey a Row -tartltndfm MAINE INSURANCE CO. Asfanta, laiat. TOE Maine lnanrance Compter incurs again*( loea or damage by Fire, BnUdinft, Merchan dize and Fnrnitare. on term* aa fmronble aa It caa be do Be by any aolrent Company. Poirelea raened for One, Three, or Flee veara. J. L. CUTLER, Preaid net. J. H. WILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Agent, No. 102 Middle Street, lllSMll Navigation Taught — nr — T. 13. PARSONS, — AT — N j. 12, Deer S.reet, Portlssd. liS l l.TMIN deiirooi of inatnetion la PncM VT ca! Navigation will lind an rapt-hem ed ie»oh er. Hub tboonly expanenct-d Mhip Waster lath* Slate. hUd Uracbvx Nav gatiou. and is tappet*)!’ ap. do luted to qualify Kn*igD»ahJ Mates foi the V. 9. Navv. iw«h74fe.. dSm Hasting’s iMelodeons AS HUOD AS THE BEST AND CHEAP AS TUB CHEAPEST. Wurc-rooiu* No, 5 Temple St., PORTLAND. Person# dcjircuf of purchas ug will fnd It f'r tbel*- to edlaud exaum.e for tUnistlvet. may 4d Ira GREEN HOUSE AND BEDDING Ot’T PLANTS, I Respectfully inlcrm the public that 1 btve <in hand » larue assortment oforeeu House end lleddiug-nnl Plants, for ctpriue see. of uuperlor quality, vir; Vaaenaae, Ha ultra Pti a to. st one. I’ASsns and Roms Also, a flue collection of Arran t*lasrs. »c , Ac , be. A selection may always be found at Randall A Whitney's, Market Square. C rderu left there will be promptly atteudeu to ALBERT HlBWANHbH, HorBt Comer of North ai.d Montreal Misti. Portland, Me. aprtUtr fitHK subscriber hereby (ires public notice to all a coueerucd.that be bar been du)> appointed sun taken upon himself the trust ol Administrator of I he estate of SAMl'KL U. KHits. ^0^ lateof Portland, in the County of CumborlaJ^^e* erased, by Kirin* bond as the Taw directs: he there fore requests ell persons who ere indebted to the said deceesi-d’sestetc, to make immediate payment; mud those who bars any demands thereon, to exhibit the same fop aetth rueut to mabqusf king. Portland. May 17.1M4. maylMeodtw* Notice. THE firm heretofore existtu* under the Bane 6f Buiiuss A WixsHir, i* thia day dissolved by mutual cohsent. • Portland. May 21st, 1804. The business of Slati -ubacriber si «• s« 17 unit street. mayStdla*

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