Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 6, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 6, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Maiue Bible Society The 54th annual meeting of the Maine Bi ble Society was held in the 2d Parish Church Sunday evening. Uev. Alexander Burgess presided. An anthem was sung by the choir. Kev, Mr. Burgess read portions of the Scriptures, and Kev. Ur. Chickering offered prayer. The Hymn “ How precious is the Book Divine,” was then suing. Kev. Mr. Burgess road the annual Itcport from which we gather that the receipts of the Society for the past year, including the bal ance on hand, at the commencement of the year was $1,085 95. Of this amount $1,600 have been remitted to the American Society for Bibles and Testaments. Upwards of 3300 copies of which had been distributed by the Society, the grearer part among the sol diers. The Report appeals for persons to come forward and enroll themselves as mem bers of the Society by the payment of one dol lar annually. Addresses were made by Rev. Mr. Tucker man, Rev. I)r. Carruthersand Rev. Dr. Chick ering, urging the claims of the Society upon Christians of every denomination. After singing the Psalm “ From all that dwell below the skies,” and benediction by Rev. Mr. Burgess, the meeting broke up. Military Funeral.—The|funcral services over the remains of Lieut. Orin B. Stevens ol the 5th Me., were held yesterday afternoon at the residence of his father on Stevens Plains, instead of at the Chapel of the Seminary as announced on Saturday. The attendance was very large, including the Westbrook Lodge of Free and Accepted Masons’ uuder W. Mas ter Lewis P. Warren and Sheriff Parker as Marshal. The services were conducted at the house and at the grave by Rev. Mr. McColls ier 01 rrenvuruuK oemiUNjr, wuuwsu »cu-u <u chaplain to the Lodge. The coffin was hand somely covered with blaek clotu and silver studded. The hearse was draped with flags. The arches over the avenue through which the procession passed in the Westbrook por tion of Evergreen Ccmetary were hung with American Flags, and a tree upon the lot bore a shield of the IJ. S. with the inscription “Tie sweet, O ’tis sweet for our country to die.” Thus the last sad rites of sepulture were paid to a brave and meritorious soldier who rose to his position from the ranks by the force of his own ability integrity and loyalty. Pbeskntation. — Tho pupils of the Boy's High School assembled in the “Senate Cham ber’ Saturday afternoon for the purpose of presenting a testimonial of their regard to their late teacher Mr. Joseph B. Harden, who for two years has been Assistant Master of the Boys High School, but who is about to leaue for New York to enter upon Mercantile busi ness. Charles A. Haskell presided. Mr. Harden when he entered the room was received with applause by his late pupils. The chairman ad dressed a few words to him expressing the af fection of the scholars toward their late teach er, and then introduced Joseph K. Chickeriug, another ol the pupils, who in a neat and felici tous speech presented Mr. Harden with a beautiful set of Irving’s Works in 22 volumes, in behalf of the lads composing the school* Mr. Harden made a beautiful reply express ing his atfection for his late pupils and his gratitude to them for so valuable a gift; a gift whose intrinsic wojth was great, but rendered ten times more so to him from the manner in which he received it. Three rousing cheers were then given by the scholars for their late teacher and the meeting adjourned. Sanitaby Supplies.—Since the first day of May more than 200 boxes and barrels of Sanitary Supplies have been forwarded from this city under the auspices of the Maiue Agen cy of the Sanitary Commission, the Maine Branch of the U.S. Christian Commission and the Maiue Camp Hospital Association. These supplies were for the Maine Soldiers. More are wanted and it is to be hoped our citizens will not be backward in giving. We have noticed that many packages from this city and State have been sent to Boston. This should not be. Our Maine soldiers are in want of all that can be sent from this Statu and the cheapest and safest way to send sup plies is through the Maine agency. HoKitiu Affair 1—Some days since a pa tient entered the office of Dr. Dodge, and dis covered an offensive effiuvia arising, which be had no doubt proceeded from decomposed bo dies. A serch was instituted and tbe ceiling was ripped up when lo! two dead bodies were found. They were recognized £>y the city Marshal as two fellows who had been loafing around bis office but had, suddenly, disappear ed. No inquest was held, aud, we believe neither coroner Hall nor Gould were notified of the affair. It was rather a dark looking af fair for the Doctor Perhaps we ought to state that the bodies discovered were of the genus Mus—or rather rats, who had by some means got in between the ceiling and could not Hud their way out C. J. Talbot, Esq., who started for the Baltimore Convention on Thursday, as one of tbe delegates from this Slate, returned on Saturday to Wilton in consequence of sick ness in his family. Being unable to procure the attendance of either of tbe substitutes regularly chosen, be has designated Hon. Lot M. Morrill to act in his stead, and Senator M. has agreed to do so. Minstrelsy.—Mr. James II. Carlton has been engaged by Sprague A Blanchard, and will make hii flrat bow to a Portland audience at the opera house this evening when he will sing the beautiful song “Mother is the battle over.” The Managers deserve great credit for their efforts to procure the best talent, and to make their entertainments pleasant and amusing. Arrest.—Officers Fickett and Burnham, Saturday, arrested two boys named Thomas O'Dounell and John O’Brien, 14 and 15 years of age, for breaking into Browu’s gunsmith shop in Union Btrect Sunday, May 29th. The boys stole about *50 worth of articles, and hid . them under a blacksmith shop, from whence a portion of them were subsequently stolen by some other person. Four pistols were recovered. The young thieves were taken to the lockup. Mn.iTAnr.—The Sabre Zouaves forty strong attended by their drum corps paraded the streets on Friday evening, making quite an imposing appearance. They arc commanded by Capt. F. H. White formerly drill master in the 17tt> Me. and are a well disciplined and drilled company. See advertisement. New Org an.—We understand the build ing committee of the New Universalist Church have appriated *0,090 for purchase of an organ and appointed a committee to contract foi it and have an eye to its construction. They will probably contract with Mr. Hall of New York, for an instrument containing aboul 2,400 pipes. It will be the largest and mosi splendid organ in the city. £y*The American Illustrated papers foi this week have been received at the book ani periodical store of A. ltobinson No. 57 Ex •hange street. Exports.—The total value of foreign ex ports from this port last week amounted l< *150,029,09. Attempt at Suicide.—We learn that young girl by the name of Mary Blake, al tempted to commit suicide, by throwing hci self from one of the wharves into the doci She was rescued after getting a pretty thoi pugh wetting and washing. ' HT TELEGRAPH TOTHS Portland Daily Press. ■--— From the Army of the Fotomac. THE FIGHT ON WEDNESDAY. INTERESTING DETAILS. New York, June 5. The Herald’s correspondent gives details of Wednesday’s fighting. He says our iiue of battle extended full ten miles. Haucock’s line was on the Mechanicsville road in the rifle pits taken Irom the enemy two days be fore. lAurnside’s Corps was next on high ground. Warren was thrown a little forward protected by double and trlpple lines of most formidable breastworks. Wright’s Corps was marched to the left with two divisions of She ridan's c&valy in front and flank. An attempt was made with rebel infantry early in the day to drive our cavalry from Coal Harbor, but resulted in their repulse, killing and wound ing a large number, the loss of between 200 or 300 prisoners. The rebels were reinforced for another attack, but night coming on ena bled us to hold the place and take more pris oners. Wright followed up his success and brought on au engagement which lasted till au hour after dark ; at that time we carried the rebel line of rifle pits and drovo the enemy to the Chickhominy river. The enemy then made furious assaults late in the evening upon our right and center. They marched in three lines upon Warren determined to pierce his center and throw his line into confusion. Attempt after attempt was made and the men hurled to certain destruction. The battle raged ful ly three hours iu front of this corps. Our loss es were only a little to what the enemy sus tained. The attack on Hancock was nearly simultaneous. He not only repulsed the eu emy, hut pressed them back so far that he uianu luui a. pusillUll HI1U Hill) (I to make a hasty retreat, and resume the ground he occupied at the outset. The ob ject of Hancock’s advance, however, was aj> parently a ruse, as lie was immediately order ed to change his position and movo his corpse from the right to the extreme left. Another correspondent with the 18th army corps, says of the light at Coal Harbor: The enemy were in heavy force between Coal Har bor and Gaiue’s Mills, strongly entrenched on the edge of a dense wood. They had t itle pitg and earth works thrown up. At half past 4 the troops were in three lines of battle, and at 5 skirmishing commenced and a battery of twenty-pounders opened on the rebels. At half past 5 an order was received for both the tith and 7th corps to cherge the rebel works in front. Brook’s and Devin’s divisions push ed through the woods and poured like a tor nado over the open field The rebels opened with grape and canister and a heavy musket ry fire, and the llrBt line was badly cut up. The second line mingled with the first, and* almost immediately after, a wild, inspiring cheer, rang out above every other sound as the rebels were driven pell mell from their ’ works, and through the woods. The rebels j were rallied behind their reserve and attempt ed to recapture their lost position. They rush ed forward, but were received with so close and murderous a fire of artillery and musket ry, that they broke and fled in confusion. Again and again they rallied to the charge, i but only returned to greater slaughter.” The same correspondent says 510 rebel sol diers, belonging to the ltith and 18th Georgia Volunteers, came into our lines at daybreak on the 2d. They say they are tired of fight ing and don’t want any more of it. They ad vised our men to go in aud fight it out, as this was the last fight for Richmond and we could take it this time. They represent the rebel, army as becoming each day more and more" demoralized with constant reverses. FROM SOFT1I AMERICA. Tht Chinrha Ttlands mill held hy Ihr Span ith — Tht I’ i rate Florida — hid ignttlan In Chill. ' New Yohk, June 5. _1 he steamer Ocesn Queen, from Aspinwall 27th ult, arrived this morning with $250,000. dollars in treasure. The Panama papers of the 27th contain the following: The Spanish squadron still holds the Chln eha Islands. The English, French and Chilian Consuls have visited the Admiral in behalf of peace. The Admiral has returned, the hosta ges and the Peruvian bark Iquige, and offered to give up ali reprisals if the Peruvian Gov ernment would pay the bona tide claims, leav ing the others to a mixed commission. Peru . refuses to do anything until all reprisals are given up. The Admiral and the Spanish Minister, in a joint communication, deny that Spain Intends establishing a Europeau mo narchy, and declare that Spaiu docs not intend to meddle with the form of government of Peru, aud that the occupation ol the Chinchu Islands in the way of reprisal was preferable to other acts of hostility, and that no im| edi- 1 rneuts will be placed in the way of merchants at the islands, aud the Spanish squadron will remain on the defensive. The Spanish commissioner has left for Spain, via Panama, where be was received at the residence of the Frenvh Consul. It is stated that he was followed to Asplnwall by > assassins, who were thwarted lo their designs he leaving Panana before the regular train is a handcar. It is feared that trouble will arise between New Grenada and France from tbe mobbing of the French Consulate. Fourteen sailors escaped from the cars be tween Aspinwall aud Panama. On was shot on the voyage out. Two were shot, one throwu overboard, and ten placed in irons during a mutiny. There were 850 of them under charge of only one officer, all destined for Federal neval vessels. The pirate Florida chased the English steam er Xamar on th» Huh ult., off the south east end of Jamaica. There is no news from Central America. Great indignation existed in Chili at the > course of Spain, aud Chilian vess'-ls of war have been ordered to Callao. Chili is deter mined to aid Peru. A fire in Valparaiso bad destroyed the hotel de Peru. The military are being organized all through the republic, and it is expected that 100,000 men will be furnisued on the first call. Ten battalions of infantry and five of cavalry have already been organized. The forts at Callao are completely armed, and several batteries constructed. Arica has also been fortified. Peru still refuses to hold any communication with Spaiu. The Spanish Commissioner has resigned. Scnsution Humors. Philadelphia, June 4. The Inquirer has the following special dis patch from its Washington correspondent:— “I have just conversed with an officer who left White House yesterday (Friday) at 4 P. M. He says that our army had crossed the Chickahoinlny at Mechanicsville successfully. We have been driving the rebels before us ever since Wednesday, and have inflicted very sovere losses upon them. Some few have got through to the works on the northeast side of ! Richmond, but Gen. Grant has succeeded in carrying out the splendid plan of driving the main liody down to the Swamps, where he is t confident of destroying thqjr whole army. The siege of Richmond proper will then be commenced, probably, and Gen. Grant will use both the York and James rivers ami have Butler to co-operate. The resistance of the rebels is growing w eakcr at every point at which they are attacked. Our army is in ex cellent condition and good spirits. »,/,,«/ Foreeg Hr/Ifirtrit at Hereggionrille — t Imrlestoii Threatonnl—From Hermnda If unit reds. Fortress Monroe, June 4. A rebel major came into Gen. Butler’s line at Bermuda Hundreds yesterday, who says the Federal forces are at Secessiouville, and threaten Charleston. The commander there has telegraphed to the rebel authorities for reinforcements, saving, that unless he receives them immediately Charleston is lost. The steamer Mouhasscl, from White House, reports that the cannonading, which has i>een heard very distinctly for nearly three days, ceased yesterday afternoon, and was not re newed this morning at 8 o’clock. i >nu thousand prisoners had arrived at White House, who were captured by Gens. Smith aid Burnside. The steamer Thos. Powell arrived from Bermuda Hundreds at fl P. M. There have been no active operations there since the last accounts. Heavy cannonading was heard in the direc tion of Richmond last night. licgit/nativn of Oni. Fremont. New York, June o. ’ The Herald's Washington dispatch state" that Fremont has resigned his Major Gener alship, and that the President has accepted ‘ his resignation. _ i Financial. Washinoton, June 4. The subscriptions to the 10-40 loan to-day - as reported at the Treasury Department amounted to $749,000. » OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. Attack and lie pulse of the line hi //. PROM GES.SflERMAN’3 COMMAND. Washinoton, June 5—1 P. M. Lo iluj. Gen. lHx .'—A di-patch from Gen. Grant's headquarters, dated at hall-past 8 o’clock last night, has beeu received. It states that about 7 I*. M. yesterday (Friday), June ;!d, the enemy suddenly attacked Smith's brigade of Gibbon’s division. The battle lasted with great fury for hall an hour. The attack was unwaveringly repulsed. Smith's losses were inconsiderable. At 0 P. M. Wil son, with his cavalrp. tell upon the rear of a brigade of llelti’s division, which Lee had thrown around to his left, apparently with the intention of cuveloping Burnside. After a short but sharp coutlict, Wilson drove them from their rifle pits in confusion. He took a few prisoners. He had previously fought and routed Gordon’s brigade of rebel cavalry. During these fights he lost several officers, among whom were Col. Preston, 1st Vt. cav alry, killed, and Col. Benjamin, 8th N. Y.cav alry, seriously wounded. Gen. Stannard, serving on the 18ih corps, was severely wounded Friday. Our entire loss in killed wounded and missing during the three days, operations around Cold Harbor will not ex ceed, to the Adjutant General’s repor* 7500. This morning, .Saturday, the enemy's left wing in front of liurnside was fouud to have beeu drawn in during the night. Col. Cessnola, in command of 5000 men, ar rived yesterday, having marched from Port Boyal. Telegraphic communication between Cherry Stone and Fortress Monroe continues iuter | rupted. A dispatch from Gen. Sherman, dated yes terday, June 1th, 8 P. M., thirteeu miles west of Marietta, reports that his left is well around and covering all the roads from the south to "the railroad at Ackwortb. Ilis cavalry have been in Ackworth, and occupies in force all the Altoona Pass. No other military intelligence has been re ceived by this Department. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton. Secretary of War. FROM GEN. SHERMAN'S ARMY. A Series of Sharp Engagements. The Ilebcls Driven Hack. Cincinnati, June S'. The Commercial has accounts from Sher man's army to May 31. There was a sharp and bloody fight on the 25th of May between Hooker’s corps and the rebel Gen. Hood's command, near Dallas. The battle began at 5 o’clock in the afternoon. The second divis ion, under command of Gen Williams, drove the enemy back a distance of two miles, when they were relieved by the divisions of Gens Geary anl Jiutterlleld, who advanced steadily under a terrible musketry lire and proceeded within forty yards of a concealed battery, which opened on them a sudden and murder ous discharge of grape and canister. The 1st division in this charge lost bOO men. The battery was finally silenced and the enemy driven away. Our loss was probably greater than that of the enemy,and amounted to 1500. The substantial fruits ot the day’s work was the capture of two pieces of artillery, gaining two miles of ground, and a good position for subsequent operations. On the 20th a general engagement was ex pected,but there was nothing but skirmishing. Prisoners report that reinforcements had increased Johnston’s army to 70,000 men. On the 27th there was a severe light on the left. Wood's division and Scribner’s brigade of Johnson's division lost 400 men. On the 28th there was heavy skirmish tiring. On the 2bth the rebels made a night attack but were repulsed with heavy loss. On the 31st Hook er and McPherson were moving their troops to the left of our position, resting on Dallas, and their left near the railroad 8 miles front Alatoola. Latest from the Armv of the Potomac* DESPERATE FIGHTING ON FRIDAY. The Dottle Still ltuying. New York. June 5. A Cool Harbor dispatch of the 3J, to the Herald, says: “A general attack was ordered along the whole line tlris morning, resulting In the fiercest tight of the compaign. The left of Hancock’s corps, after a desperate re sistance, turned the enemy’s left, carrying a portion of their main line, capturing guns, colors, and mauy prisoners, but were unable to hold the ground or briog off the guns. The battle still rages, with the promise of a bloody day.” A Fortress Monroe dispatch of the 3d, to the Herald, says a dispatch was received from Haldy Smith, to the effect that the rebels at tacked his force with three columns, but were driveu off alter a desperate tight. Smith is reported to have captured 000 reliels. Heavy tiring was going on and Grant was pushing the enemy at every point. The Herald's Fortress Monroe dispatch of June 3d, says Kautz was to have started on an important mission on the night of the 2d. Its destination was a point of most vital im portance to the enemy and will assist Grant materially. XXXVIII CONGRESS—First Session. Washington, June 4. SENATE. The tax bill was taken up, and an amend ment adopted, deducting from the gross re ceipts of the express companies the amounts paid to any railroad. The receipts will then he taxed 2 1-2 per cent. After further debate the Senate rescinded its vote on the above amendment, thus re versing its action. An amendment was adopted exempting saviugs batiks receivings deposits solely for the purpose of having them for depositors and having no tixed capital. The amendment of Mr. Sherman, requiring monthly instead of half yearly returns of the duty on I ank deposits, capital and circulation was adopted—Adjourned. HOOVE. The House went into a committee on the tariff Gill. Mr. Kasson offered a new section, which was adopted, that for one year there may he imported free of duty any machinery designed for manufacturing fabrics of flax or hemp; also all machinery for ploughing operated by steam, at tbe request of country or State Ag griciiluirai Societies. The committee then rose and reported the bill to the House. All the amendments to the bill were concurred in, and the bill passed— yeas SI, nays 21.—Adjourned. letter from V resilient I An coin. New Touk, June 4. The following Is a letter from the President ts the Grant meeting held this evening: Executive. Mansion, M'aahinijtnn, June ;>d. To Hon. K. A. Conkling and others :—Your letter was received yesterday. It is impossi ble for m.» to attend. 1 approve, neverthe less, whatever may tend to strengthen and sustain Gen. Grant and the nohle armies now under his diction. My previous high esti 1 mate of Gen. urant has been maintained and heightened by what has occurred in the re 1 markable campaign he is now conducting, while the magnitude and difficulties of the task before him do not prove less than I ex pected. He and his brave soldiers arc now in the midst of their gr.-at trial. At your meet ing you will so shape your good words that they may turn to tneu and guns moving to his and their support. Yours, truly, (Signed) A. Lincoln. Items from Southern .Sources. New Yobk, June 5. A Northern machinost from Richmond, re ports Lee to have fallen back within the eu 1 trench men ts of Richmond on the 1st inst. The Mayor of Richmond has been placed in Castle Thunder for proposing to surrender the city instead of burning it, as was propos ed by some. Every man and boy and even foreign sub jects, were being pressed into the rebel ser vice. The rebel papers complain of Joe Johnston and say he is whipped. Lee is siek and cou flued to his bed in Richmond. Grant has kept him so busy f,,r the past month, that he has had to succumb to great latigue. from flic Soiithirrat. St. Louis. June 5. Dispatches received by Gen E Wing, from Col Rogers, commanding at Cape Girardeau, state that the enemy arc unusually active just now, in that portiou of the State. Col McLean reports that on the night ol tlic 2d, there were 200 guerrillas in camp near Pillston, at a mill where they bad been grind ing corn. Col M sent a force to look after them. A force of guerrillas is roported on Cave Island and another at Douighan. Col Rogers thinks the movements of these guerillas are intended to cover an attack or - some important point, and that McRae wil j probably make a demonstration on I’atten. { Various Items. Nkw York, June 4. Gold closed this afternoon atl 01 a 1 01 12. A mass meeting meeting was held this eve uing iu Guinn Square to do honor to Gen. Grant and his brave soldiers. Speeches were made by Jas. T. Brady, Ex-Mayor Opdyke, | lion. Chas. P. Daly, Gen. Meagher, and others. Nets York Market. I New Yobk. June 4 I Cotton—acthe; jalcf-1360 bales at 107 lor middling I uplands. Flour—opened 5c higher but closed quiet at yes terday’s prices; sales |3.lOObbls; 6up*r State 7 i:,a, * 16; Extra 7 60*$7 70; choice do 7 66*7 60; Round I Uoop Ohio do 3 00 a90<); choice 800*860; Buper j due Western 7 3>*7 90; Extra do 7 56*7 7 ►; South j orn firmer; sates4500hbls; Mixed to good 8or*II 00; Fancy and extra 8 (KXgJllOO; Canada 5<$10 better; sales 8<K) this; common Extra 7 45*7 65; extra good ! to choice 7 66*9 00. Wheat—lc higher with a fair inquiry. Corn—dull. ! Beef—firmer, j Fork—sales 6960 bbls. I.ard—sales 1530 hbls at 141*l6i. Whiskey—sa es 1 j0 bbls at 1 3o*l 32. Bay View House. To the Editor of the Portland Press. The advertisement of the Bay View House at Camden deserves more than a passing no tice. The long range of the hills of CamdCD, is always spoken of with admiration by the traveler. At the base of one of these hills lies the beautiful village of Camden, in the midst of which is the Bay View House with a view i of the Bay and ocean, mountain and glen, un rivalled on our whole coast. Here the tourist will find a romantic and quiet plare, with a |>eoplo high-miunded and intellectual. Mr. Cushing, one of the proprietors of the Bay View, was the accomplished and gentlemanly i Clerk of the Governor and Daniel Webster when on the Penobscot route; and Johnson, (so they say,) knows how to keep a hotel. Camden has long been in want of a first class house, and travelers can be assured they will find in the Bay View all that could rea sonably be desired. We bespeak success to the Bay View. Otto. Mt. Washington Carriage Road.—The annual meeting of the Mt. Washington Sum mit Road Co., was held at the Alpine House, Gorham, N. II. last week and the following of ficers chosen, for the ensuing year, N'ath’l Weston Salem Mass., Pres’t. Wm. Haywood Lancaster N. H. Sect. Abner Lowell Portland Me. Trcas. Tlios P. Pingree Salem Mass., Eben S. Coe ! Bangor Me., Amos R. Merrill Boston Mass., Ammi R. Mitchell Portland Me., together with the President, Secretary and Treasurer, Board of Directors. The Road was consider ably damaged last fall by heavy rains, but will be repaired in season for summer travel. The Opera.—This musical banquet comes off to night at Deering Hall. A few more good seals may be bad by applying early this morning at Paine's Music Store. Our read ers may expect an excellent musical enter tainment. This Opera is full of fun, and the great composer now being in Paris, and hon arec and admired in his old age, has select ed from the scale the very tones of all others the best fitted to carry that fun to the audit ors. There must be a crowd to-night, for Portlanders appreciate and love good music. !rSr~Tbe Dry Goods Jobbing Stores in tiiis city will close on Saturday afternoons at 3 1-2 c’clock, until the first of September. Analyst, or Wouxnan Boldirrs from But i* Aumt, at Nkw loss. Tho transport tin. mer George Leary arrived at New York on Thurs day from Kortrer* Monroe, with 404 wounded men from Gen Butler's army, who were Mt to the hot pitftl* Ut'low ii a list ox tho*o belonging to reiri mexitrt in Maine: " ® Corp Spencer W Tour*, B, 8th Me; N.hcmiah Richards. H, 8th; Andrew J Ballard, 8. 9th; Corn. Mirk E Uusliee, 1, 8th; Charles bcekins, b, 9th D»ule! Macumber, c, 9th; Krauk Smith, I», 8th John H Keyes, E, do; DA Miles, B, 8th; Wm II Hamilton, D, 9th; Scrg Seth A Kamsall. Lewelland J Livermore, II, 11th; John K Blake. 1,9th; James L Damphr.y, H, 11th . Kd vr Russell, H, Wm Farrell A,9'.h; AloHio C Heesey, ll.3d ; Sorg Stephen Dan forth, K. Berg W A Babcock, A 9th; K ancis Sin clair, BSth; Charles It Helid. 11 8 It. Albe-t R Dan. iimn, 4*. *wi; ncory ft ifryant, H lltli; A bion Bean E 9th: John Levdon. G. 9th; Jotiah W Newell. E 8th; Robert Peterborough, B, 9vh; John F Rver •on. F, 9th: Aaron S'arhope. A, 9th; Drum Major Edward B Sanderson. 9th; Frederick Stevens. H. 8th; Henry A Hill. A,9*h; Walter Smith. K. 11th ES Fcnroda, B. 11th; Wm Hurd. E, aud David D Smith. K, 11th ; Charles a Mansell, K, 11th; Unnrr B Starbcpe. E. 11th; Moses Austin. K, »th: Jo Gardner, A, 9th. Uro H Billings, F. 9tb Diiths or Caiiosi Prisoner* at < olumbus, Ga Ftoo a list of Federal soldiers who have di-d In tho Confederate prisons at Columbus. Ga., lrom February 27 to March 31. received br the Comrais. sarv (Jen* ral ef Prisoners from the rebel medical authorities, we copy the following names of Maine •oldie**: A. Cutler, 20th; A J Osborno, 8th: F Rosmicr, 4th; F; W Young, 3d . Wm L Davis, 20th; C A But ler, 3d; D Cohan. $d; L G Flanders. 20th; Corp. U B Swan, 3d; Win 11 Houston. 18th; Kucch M Browne, 5th. Auction Sulc of Permits to Cut Timber ia Cauntla—R* al Fatale in (■rand Kalla, N. It. f|l B F:KF: will hr* sold a* public auction at the ofllee E Henry Hailey & Co., Exchange street. Port- i land, Maine, on ILursday. June 30th, 1864, at 10 o’clock a. m. to clote a concern. License* No*. 3 and 4 to cut timber Ac., in Cana* da, on the north-west brarch of the river St John — where it is intersected bv the Boundary line between Canada and the State of Maine— and"extending up said river to it* source, not to exceed, however, ten mile* by 2J mile* each *ide, or 60 square miles. Also, a certain parcel of Beal Estate situated at Grand Falls, in the Count) of Victoris. and at the nrosent time orsupied and irffprovtd by Wm B. West. Esq., and formerly owned by George Yonng, containing three (3) acres or mors with buildings on the same. ror further particulars inquire of the auctioneer or HERSEY. FLETCHER A CO., „ Portland, Maine. may26dlawtojunc25thcndtojone£0 Itecpfeved X I BUSHELS Prime Baltimore Yellow *e9J\r\ f Corn, cargo of sch Geo. S. Fogg Also Southern White Seed Co^n. am: for wale by EDW U HcRGIN, May 31—eod2w No. 120 Commercial street. DR. W. R. JOHNSON, DENTIST,. Inserts Artiticial Teeth on Gold. 8i!ver and Vulcan ite Rubber, aud warrants them in all cases to be a perfect tit. Dr J. also gives special attention to rating Teeth. Office 229* Congress street, t wo doors west from the t'ourt House Portland. June 1,1861.— eod2m Independent Military Company. ISA B K E ZOUAVES. 4 LL those wishing to Join s good Military < o.will AY. find it to their advantage to call at old City Hall, on any Monday or Friday Evening, previous to June 26 h ; also six or eight good drummers All recruits must bo 5 feet and 6 inches iu height. P*r Order. ABEL SAWV*.R.Clerk. June2 -eod3w EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLESALE MCA I KK IN Corn, Meal ami Flout*, Also, Ground Bock Salt. Com ill i*M ion .tlercliant rot PUNCH ASK AND PALIOF 1 Parley, Rye and Oats. jy** ars loaded with Corn in bulk free of charge. Warehoune No. 120 (oiiunprt'ial Street, And Citv Mi lip, Deeriug Bridge. juaeleodfim Admiiiistrnirix'ft Sale. PCRSUAN I' to a license from the lion. John A. Waterman, Judge of Probate tor the county of Cumberland,the aduiiuHtratnx ot the estate ol the the late Edward B. Jack, of Westbrook, iu *uid county, dreeased, will sell at publicsaleon theorem ises, on Thursday, the 0th day of June A. I). 1864, at 3 o’clock P. M . ail the interest t f which the said E. B. Jack died seized iu the following described real estate. The homestead of the deceased, situated in said Westbrook, upon the northerly side of the road leading from Deering’s Bridge to Sarcarapa. con sisting of a house, barn and about 3 acres land. Terms cash. SAUAli F JACK, Administratrix. Westbrook, May 7,1864. iuav0codlni ---IN First National Bank of Portland. COUl’ON8 on the Five per cent. Legal Tender Notes due June 1, wUl be paid by thie Hark. The Coupon$ muit be detached /tom the notes only at the Hunt. Fatties having ten or more Coupons will bo fur nisbed with blank seheditles, whirl, they will dll up, and the amount due will be paid ou the lolluaiiig day. W. K. GOULD, Cashier. Cortland, June 1,1864. juneldlw Talk: about Fiats ! JUST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. June 4.—dtf - a__ - Fishing Schooner for Snip, OF about seventy tons burthen, now on the stocks at Bouth Bristol, and ready fo launching; built by the most approved modelsand finish, and ol the best muterials; and will be sold at a fair prloo if au , ;ouB- NATHAN1K1., I majJ4d3tkwtwe Bouth BtiaUl, Me. | MISCELLANEOUS. The Extraordinary Success Which has attended the introduction by us of CALIFORNIA WINES, Is not only a fitting tribute to the purity and beauty of the Wines themselves, but a cheering indication of a desire among the people to oucour^go AMERICAN INDUSTRY* The wine Trade Review, the organ of the British trade, calls them "excellent iu quality and a great success." Our brands of these WiucJ may bo found upon the tables of The Host Fastidious Connoisseurs. The leading portion of the American press hare extolled their merits, and the verdict to all who use them is that They are tlie Parent, The Cheapest, and The Best. ASK FOB TUB LAUKL OK] PERKINS, STERN & CO., WHO ARC TUB 1'lONBKA llot HE, And the only one in the Atlantic States dealing ex* clusively in CALIFORNIA WINES. may2Seodlm Portland and Penobscot River, Mummer Arrangement, IH61. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS STLAiVlEK LADY LAIXCi, nuiu expressly ior mis route, (APT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, Will commence her Hummer Ar- ; r&ngement on MONDAY M<HiN ING, Juno 6th. Leaving Hanger ev ery Monday, Wednesday aud Friday Mornings, at 5 o'clock. Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State street, Portland, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evening*, at 10 o'clock, connecting with the Eastern, Boston and Maine, aud Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroads, from Boston and Wav ' Stations, leaving Boston at 3 o'clock. P. M. The Boat will touch at RockUnd, Oamden, Bel fk*t, Bucksport, Winterport and Hampden, both ways. Passenger* * ticketed through to mud from Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem aud Lynn. For more extended information, apply to J. O. Kendrick. Bangor ; the local Agents at the various landings; the Depot Masters of the P. 8. k P., Eastern, and B * M. Railroads: Abiel Somerby, Portland; Lang & Delano, Boston, or CUA.s. SPEAR, General Agent. June 4.—isdtf 126 Exchange Street. 126 ! — Hugh. M. JPhinney, WOULD inform his frinds and former customers that he has taken the Store No. 126 Exchange Street, where he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, In all Its branches. STOVES, of all kinds, of the newest and most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. SF“Sccond hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex- ! change for new. Srovic*. Bavou, Fcrnack*. aud Tim Wiki repaired at short notice, in a faithful manner. Grateful for former patronag*. he bores by strict attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public favor. ___may33dtf Maine Sabbath School Depository The largest anil beat selected Stock or ROOKS for 8AHBAT11 SCHOOL LIBRARIES maybe found at No, Cl Exchange Street, Portland. New book, are nMivcd every week from the Sun- 1 day School Societies and in I’bil- ; ade'phia. New Vork and Boston. 80 varied an at-' •ortmeat, comprising books adapted to the capacity of the child as well as adnlt, cannot be found in any one store in New England. Schools in the country, by sending a catalogue of ! the books in the Library, can receive a lot for ex- | ami nation and return at my expense such as are i not approved (Question Books for Sabbath Schools ai eady on hand. Discounts for Library Book* al lowed, a in Boston. Al«o Mscellaneoas. Theologi cal and School Books, Letter. Sermon and Note Pa per of alt sizes, with Envelopes to match. Photo graph Albums, Portfolios, Portmonnaie*. Ac., Ac., all of which will be sold at the lowest cash prices — , Orders solicited. H. PACKABD. June 1st, 1864. dtf I!lTEKKATIO.\AL Fire Insurance Company 1 Of New York, Office 113 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM E. WARREN, Preeident. HAMILTON BRUCE, Vice President. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary. 'Portland Board qf Peferencei : Jon B Brown & Son, Hkrhky Fletcher k Vo. i H. J Li buy k Co. John Lynch k Co. The undersigned haviDg been appointed Aonvr and Attorney for ibis i umpa y, is new prepared to issue Policies on Insurable Property at curreul rate*. KTPortland Office, 166 Fore Street. JOHN W. RI NGER, Agent. June 3,1864 —dtf WM. H. WOOD Sc. SOU, STOCK EXCHANGE And Money Brokers, HAVE FOR SALE 630,000 State of Maine Bonds, New Loan. 6,0iXI Bath City Bonds. 5.000 At k 8t L. K R Bonds. 2.000 A k K R K Bond 5.000 Maine Central R R Bonds. 10.000 Govt. 6-20 Bonds 2» Shares International Bank Stock. 10 Shares Bank of Cumberland Stock, ty* Bank and all other Stocks and Bonds cur- j rent in this market bought, sold or exchanged. June 2.—dlw THE FIRST VUIM.U I1H OF PORTLAND. ___ Holders of U. S. 7-30 Notes, Can have thorn exchanged for six per cent, twen- ! ty year bonds by leaving them with this bank. The interest on the notes will be paid in coin, at the rate 7 3-10 percent, to July 1, and the bonds will he de livered here as soon as they can be prepared by the Government. These 20 year bonds are the most de sirableof any of the government securities. Con versions must be made in sums of 9500 or its multi ple. A commission of oue quarter ot one per eent. i will be charged. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, May 25, 1864. may26eodtf PERRY, 151 MIDDLE ST.,i Has just opened a large assortment of CLOTH HATS, I Deluding the “BILLY IIOUIUS,” “GUN BOAT,” "DKAKBY,” “UKN\ MEADE” £c. Also Cook k Aldrich s Celebrated “LONDOH,’ and "BOGOTA” HAT, Which for style, finish and durability surpass any other for the season. June 4 —dtf PERRY, 151 Middle street. Notice* WE the undersigned, named in the act incorpo rating the “International Hotel < dmpany’rof Portland, approved 20th March, 1857. hereby give i notice that the first meeting of the corporators will be held on I'uesday, the 7th of June A. l>.. 1864, at threeo'c'oek in the afternoon, at the Rooms of the Hoard ot Trade, to determine whether or not said corporation will accept the charter of said < umpany aiul to transact such other business as may properly and lawfully come before the meeting. J. H. Huown. 1 hum as Amok v Druloim, Franklin < . Moody, 8. J. Smith. J. M. Wood. Portland. May 30th.—td Portliuid Society of Natural UlNtory* A Public Meeting of the Society will be he’d a*, its Hall, No 260 Cougress street, Monday Evening. June 6th, at halt past seveu o’clock. Members and their families are Invited to attend. By order of the Council, GEO L. GOOD A I.E, Hec. Secy. June 4th, 1864—dtd Strayed INTO the enclosure of tho subscriber a Radish Gray «'olt, about 2 years old, which can be had by the owner upon proving property and paying charges. JOHN WHEELER. Cumberland Mills, Westbrook. June 3, 1864. june4dlw* NOTICE. OUR patriotic women are reminded, that while such urgent calls for the relief of our soldiers i continue, garments to be made for them, will be given out every afternoon from 2to 6 o’clock, art the Rooms of the Ladies’ Sanitary Committee. New City Building. Per Order. June 1, 1H64.—d2w Orric* Portland, S sco A Portsmouth ) Railroad Company. j Portland, May 31,1864. ) DIVIDEND No. 41 of this Company will be pay able June 15 to Stockholders of record this day. ^ Juue3.—did K. NU1T, Treasurer. entertainments. dioering hall. Italian Opera! TWO NIGHTS ONLY. Sig. Brignoli'g Farewell in America. rilliE public a »■* respectful y informed that the A principal Brio artists from the Italian Optra Academy of Music, New York, Boston and Phila delphia, including MISS ADELAIDE PHILLIPS, The celebrated Prima Donna Contralto. SIG. BRIGIfOLF, Primo Tenor*, SlG. MANCUbl. Primo Baritone, SlG. SUSJNI. Basso Profondo, MME. Z A PUCCI, Second Donna. SIG. NAKD1N1, & Sig. Locatelli, 2d ba»si, Will give in Portland Two (•rand Operatic Performances, On Monday & Tuesday Evenings, June 6th and 7th, under the Musical Dirtctiou of SIG. BENDELARI. Monday Evening, June 6th, Will be presented Rossini’s famous comic opera, 41 Barbiere de Sivlgia, (The Barber of Scvelle.) Miss A. PHI CLIPS, in her admirable roleof Kotina SlG. HklGNOLI. Almaviva. SIG. MANCUSI, Figaro, SIG. SUS1NI, in his great role of Don Bartolo SIG. LO< ATKLLI. Don Basilio, MME. ZAPPUCCI, bertha. Tuesday Evening, June 7th, Donnizetti Delightful Comic Opera: DON. PAS(iUALE, With the above Star cast. Admission 76 cents. Reseserved scat 61,00. Seat may be secured for both night* Friday next at U A M .and on Saturday for either night, at Paiue’s music storo. Door opeu at 7j—concert commence at 8 o'clock. juneldtf NEW OPERA HOUSE ! ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVENING. An Entire Change of Programme. DICK SANDS, The Champion Clog Dancer,—for one week, com meuciug Wednesday Evening. THREE LEGGED MAN!I Admission 25 cents; Reserved Scats 50 cents. m»yl7'f H. UAjL^SD,! M*"**fr* MERCHANDISE. ~~~ j Sierra Morena MoIrmcs. HHD8-. Sierra Moretia Molasses, car I go brig Charlena, now landing 28 Tierces, (t entral Wharf. 60 Bbls. * For sale by Jane 2. 1864 GEORGE 8 HURT. Nl»*rra Homia fflolassrs. ■iQW HUD8- ) MOLASSES, Just landing from OvO [ brig “Matilda “ A superior 49 TC8. ) article for retailing. For sale by JOHN D LORD. may23d4w* No. 1* Union W harf. Sugar and Xolaaaea. *JQQ HHDS.j CHOICE MUSCOVADO SU- j 10TCS. ) GAR. 871 HHDS superior Muscovado, and a; TCS Clayed Molasses, ll BBLS from sierra Morena, Now landing and tor sale by THOMAS ASENCTO ft CO., may'Jtf Custom House Wharf. Sierra IHorena iHolasses. oqrtniiDs UU>) | CHOICE SIKKKa MORENA 30 TIERCES 1 MOLASSES, 10 BBLS > Now loading from Brig “C. U. Kennedy" THOS. ASENCIO A CO.. May 3.—tf C. H Wh»rf. Scotch Canvass. t HA BOLTS—from the factory of David Cor* I m* J aar ft Sons, Leith—a sail cloth of superior quality—Just received per “Jura", and for sala by McGILVEUY. RYAN ft DAWS. mch26dtf 161 Commercial Street. " - . 1 *...l“ -At. 16S lvlicid.le St « At Ititi Middle St. Important Announcement! Preparatory to *oing into tbe Wholesale Trade We will roll oar E ii t i re Stook -OF HOOP SklRTS! • —AT— Less than First Cost!! LOOK! LOOK! Our $2.00 Skirt for $1.50 Our 1,50 “ 1.00 Our 1,00 “ 75 Our 75 “ 50 Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, Dahlia Skirt & Fancy Goods Store, 166 Middle Street, Portland, Me. N. B. Comets and Skirts made to order. ♦ may&dlm Farm for Sale. In town of Scarboro', sight mile* from Portland, containing about 4U acres of good land, clay loam, and free from stones well w> oded and “watered cuts about 10 tons hay. _JOHN HILL, at Spice .Mills, No. 21 \ork street, next to Sugar House. Jane 3—dlw* TO CLEAR THE HOUSE OF TLIES Use KutcKer’t C*Ubrattd LIGHTNING FLY-KILLEB, A neat, cheap article, easy to ase. Every sheet will killa quart, bold every where. jun«4dfcw8n BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. *T. TE*. Libby, MASCflCTOUEE OF Paper Boxes, Of every description, such as Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxts, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, shelf Box *, CouchologicalBoxes, Powder Boxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, Ac. 144 Middle St., (Op Stairs) Portland, Me. juneld3in Dana & Co. Fisli and Salt, Luther Dana. , Portland, Woodbury Dana, ' John A. S. Dana ) Millllf. _ Juneldtf J• Smith cb Co., utsi racTrurut or Leather Belting, Card Clothing Uon Strap*, Bril Leather Barks aid Side*. LMATHKR TUMMtaaa. Hanaon’a Block, 144 Middle Bt„ Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. IUM. fiEEwn, (jnM.'lm) D. V. Noyes JOH K T. ROOEKS&CO., Oommiaalon Mcrchanla, **d wuoLaaaLB Diutaa ia Flour, Provisions <fe Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, Tohn T. Rogers. | ( has. B. Huger*, j PORTLAND, ME. ■ junelddm Wholesale and Retail. x. DAVIS, Bookseller, Stationer, A*D MAICIACTUKIR OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. Ho. 53 Xxobange Street, Portland, Me. Juneldtl OKAS. J. SCHUMACHER. Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middip Street, PORTLAND, MR. BT* Work executed in every part of the State. jnueltf R. L. HORSE Ac « O., Manufacturers ft Whole vale Dealer* in Boots and Shoes, NO. 48 1-2 UNION STKEKT, *• L. Morse, Portland, Me. I pnDTf . J. Littledcld, Lebanon, Ky. ) PORTLAND. may lldlm RUFU8 DURHAM, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer in BRITANNIA —AMD— Plated Ware, No. 218 Fort street, Portland Maine. Portland, May 17th, 1864. maylTdti M. 0. WEBB A CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, X0.81 COMMERCIAL STREET, _apl«_POETLAXD, ME. * dtf BURGESS, F0BE8, A CO , HAVCFAOTVRKBS OF Japan* White Lead* Zinc* Paints, And Ground Colons, AMD DBALIBS IF Drug*, Medicines, Pants, Oils k Vamishef. Paint and Color Factory, No. 29 Munjoy St., OBrr it SilrirHHi. 80 CaamercialSl., (Tbomaj Block ) llattnv H Bruio, annatia* ul chaklb* s. Fuiu. reinwi, II. aaglMtf BLAKE, JONES A CO., FL0UR&6RAIN DEALERS, . And Receivers of lVwItra and Canadian Produce, 187 Commercial Street, ..... Granite Block. Charlee Blake, i llenry A. Juno#,; PORTLAND. K. W. Uage. ) juneldtf JOHN LYNCH * C0.~ Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores. - - - Co in mere si street, (Opposite bead Widgery Wharf.) John Lynch, i I’elrg Barker.; PORTLAND. ME. Thos. Lynch ) Juneldtf DOLE A MOOD l7, ORMRRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holcsala Dealers in FLOUR. CORK AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Salt Block, Cemmero'al St, } 'OBTLand. me. __• Jan, ld«m BROWN ft CROCKER. F LAST EK.E RS, l'LAIN AND OK'S A MENTAL STI CCO AMD MASTIC MOKkKKN. Oak atreat, between Ooncreaa and Free Sti., PORTLAND. IF ■ oloring, Whitening, and White-washing nrutnptlv attended to. Urtlera from oat el town io Iicited juneldtf BYRON GREENOUGTS COT, Manufhetama of And Wholesale and Retail Dealer* in Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c, NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, A. t'SSEP ! OBTLAND ^ jnidtf JOHN RUSSELL, Carripge Sleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 a 313 Congretw St, Portion*. Me. tr Where mar l** found a general assort meut of 1 Cartituj'* and Sleighs. jant-ldliu CT P. KltlBALL, MANCrACTl’BIB OF Carriages and Sleighs, Preble atreet, (Near Treble House.» l*t>R TLAND, ME. Sale Booms, 110 and 112 Sutibury St., Boston, .1lass. juneltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., F\ottr,Ctr»in k Produce fommmioa Imhuts, u4 Hillers’ Units. OjHce and H'arthouse Xo. 6 Halt Block, Commer cial Stbeet We offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known Brand* of Kloar, from 8t. Louis. Tlinoi*. ■ Wisconsin, 4o., which we are constant l receiving 1 N , ('. k Co . are a'so Agents Lr Tittmau k Co’s, and othp* trauds of inauumcturod Tobacoo. t7-< ash advances made on all consignments. Portland. J une 1. 1864. jnldtf Maine Cential Railroad Compnav Tikasurku s Oificb, I Water villa. May ‘44th. 1864. ) PERSONS holding.stock in th«- old Androscog gin aud Kenuabcc or Penobscot and Kennebec I Railroad Company, or Stock Bond*, now due, in And. and Ken Railroad Company, will please have the same couvorted Into Stock of the Maine Cent al Railroad t'oiupauy forthwith, as persona bolding Stock »n the former Companies will not be permit ted to tide free or to rote at the annual meeting.— Remember and sign transfer on the back of old Cer tidoate*. and send twenty-live cents lor Revenue Stamps on each Cert idea t* wauled. By order of tho Director*, may 26*13w J. !VYE. Treasurer. Dancing for Children and Gymnastic* for Ladies. ANOTHER class for children in dancing will be organized at 176 Middle street, on Saturday. ! June4, at half nast four o'clock The time tn be made earlier alter the irat lesson. An evening class for ladiee, in iiyianattioe, will be fbrmod at eight o’dock at the same place. Terms, | three dollars for twelve ltssons. JuneMlw AUCTION SALES. Brick Hit use nt Auction. WE shall sell at auction, on Monday, June 6th, at 3 o'clock, r. m., the valuable, nr-w two-story Brick II juso, M Clark street. It is thoroughly fin ished in a neat and workmanlike manner; it has 18 finished rooms with fine closet*, soft water earned on thefirot and focond floor—plenty hard and soft water-line cellar, and orerythirg in ana about tbe hou*e neataud convenient. It is one of the nitst desirable houses we have oilered »hi* season 1 ho Horse km,road passes within a few feet of It. The lot is 49 by 100 fc«t. Hale positive—title clear may31 HKMftY BAILEY k CO . Auct’rs. tieuiecl Hesidcncc. mar Hie Cii>, At Auciiuu. OX Mon,lay, Juiietth, at H o'clock, p. n., we shall sell at auction, the house on bteven’s Plains formerly owned, litted up and occupied by John Lynch, E*«|. It is a two story brick house—12 fin ished rooms- tine closets, marble mantles,fee. Bath | tog Boom with hot and cold watsr. An excellent I ce lar with a large cistern in it; abundance of hard «nd soft water. The bowse is in thorough repair - due stable and out-heu^es, aud a good ice house of li tons capacity. The lot cental* s about one and one •inart* r acres of land iu a high state of cultivation, with Apple, Peach and Cherry Trees—ttrapes, Cur rants and Coos berries—Shade and Ornamental rrees—also a few selections of Choice Hoses. The Horse Hailroad parses the house, ror particulars call on m.y!OdtdUKXKY BAILEV * C0 - Auction**™. Moop HI*urU Yxcbt at Anction. ft- . •*“ T«r»<1ay. Juno 7. at 12 o'clock M., 'rf, SL .. °' Wharf, where .he bow I Yacht llalea Pheorey. ot ahoot 7 Ton., with Sai.'a, «*• *'**<■*. and tackle; a fluc.taunch Boat Coe yey ^d *crf w,| calc,,rat. ,1 (or partly. ■ •Iuae2 NK' BAILKY* to., AucnoaBn*. E. M. i-ATJKM,, la Ixihange at. U«*al Estate, ear. Atlantic 4k Fore bts . ut Auction. Tl’EIDAT. Jane 7, lttr.ii Thi* property for location* and neighborhood oiir» inducement* ■or any one »eeklnr« home, or for inve.tment Tha o b“.,ZL0‘ brick in ihotcoat tliorouginaiannar— ihe ailuatkm command* Thtire view ortho harbor U"TiCw.of",eb*' Tb.^welllag I. ar ranged for couvenltno. with panirEi, clot he*, are**, e. and elmwta-gn, ibrongbout- h.fd STd wlFiT! ter-indio fact i.o veol the meat deYir.bfe lo^T tiona offered at public aale ihia *ea*on Lot amnia dae. *. by 60. ferm. will be made lo »l, r keJ *Bd P»>'lcnlara of aale calf on tha Aq tioneer, II* change maj3ldtd Valuable Heal Estate at Auction. \VI*o^i?J1,a'“c‘i°n 0,1 Tueeday, June 7, nt Heal O.?,?!.ock' .p "•■on Ihe premiaea, the valuable I'lne^fTO *,“d 162 r'-“l Other! to a tack wUhu£hS2it22,i!l?J,,*,bo,2 '3fll,0a<iuare feel— I h an L \ i ",n,,,’ln* of n good Hoaae JV*B id la nqrn &c 1 bu» is q iq/g.- and vmt rtlnt. bie property—centrally aud a4vnatngeoa*ly7located «.|d i”T d*?i,,b,B “ »n inveatwent Sale positive— >or —• *“'*** n..yi^BA1LBT * co- A~«""» Desirable Real Estate at Anerlon. OK Wednesday. June 6th at 3 o'clock r. a . on the premiaea, we ahail .ell that very de.irable property on Mel bourn street known a* the May hew property. The bouae i* a two-.iory wooden UoaaT IJEjj, YZ’ w,th ei.*ht *»Mlw4 room*, c.oaeta. and an excellent cellar with a furnace iiit fine water, hard and .oft, and plenty of It Good barn and other oaMionae* The lot i* 12.' feet , by «» feet deep; it j, , vtr. dca“.Lle prop*!? Immediately alter, the lot ofland on Montreal 8t directly In the renr ot the above: ihia lot it 80 feet by 36 feet. Term, liberal— aaln poaitive Tlmn we shall aellthe lot on Meibonrn (treat di. rectly oppoeite the May hew hi use, <0 by 60 feet: a valuable lot. And then the two *tory aahni.hed ed wooden llouae, the Sr*t above the May hr w bouae feet"19 **me'‘de of "** ‘‘reet, with the lot 39 by M Mav 31 HEXRY BAIHY CO.,'rt. House and Lot at Auction. OK Krday Jnne 101b. at 3 o'clock r. u on tbo prtmiac*, the two atory Woodan Cottage on tha corner Brackett and Xeal afreet* withTsniabdl •“<* ,0,t w*t,r' B,,d 0,h'r eonvea ienta. 1 lie lot Ian goid one being 16 feet bv 8# feel * ’tvfy deniable property. Sale poaitive_title clear' Jmm3dtd HEX IKY IIVILlFa .(^AMt^' House and Laud at Auction. OX Monday, Jane 13th. nt 3 o'clock r. u we "hall aellthe two auda hall «iorv wooden iionae AO 31 on ( catrettrect. thi. home I* convenient with good cellar and fine eiateru in It; lot 64 feet he 3) fe. i iront. Bale po-itiv.—iiila clear ” Jyu,3dtd HEN It Y BAILEY A CO.. And n. v Valuable Farm in Faltuouib, nt Auction. On WaoaaaiiAT, Jane lith, at 3 o clock r. m., on the premiAw, n Antetff Farm, near i'almontb Depot, containing abont Thin, A r„, u ... which ia a valuable Wood Lot 1 here ta a good, convenient and comfortable Bona* and oat tn ildlnga on It—a large and thrifty ureh Vd|0fm0VBlre*^L.1,,d ,b* hott'c audrurroondin ga d*"1™b‘» ®w » *<>«» ot of town realdeuce TJ, poaitive— Htl c ear. P or further particular* annlw fcM.v 31 "Ei,KV BA,LKl * «C Auctioneer a 7 Valuable Keal Estate lor Sale. Aka* Tb« property In W.-.tbrook. near Siccarao WTP» ' I flay, known a* the pierce plac- and ■ibtalT occupied by J !• Kkli, Kiq . wiilbo sold br auction, on the premises, at to o'clock A M T«.wday Juue*,,t, tnft. Thera arc 16 acre* ofdaud. well cultivated a good orchard well bnilk two story bosrc, barns and carriage hoase. < an be examined at any time previous t6 the sale EDWAKD HI. PATTEN. Commission Merchant & Auctioneer, Hm removed to the tpacious store 12 Aoxchecge 8tre*t, four doors below Merchant’s Exchange, will receive couaignmenta ol Merchandise 01 v ftr Pnblic or Pti*aie .ale. Bale* of Keal Estate. 1 etisfs, Carrots Stocks end Me. c baud loo elicited cash atTum prompt aaiee aad returns. mchlSdly" Wholesale and Retail AUCTION ROOM! JIST OPENED Mo. 88 Fog Block, Exchange Street POKTLAND, UK. 1 shall be la tho constant receipt of, and will aatl avery af»anto°n and evening by public auction, iQ« following line* of goods in <4CiuUtiMio ssit: Woolen* ot it II descriptions, Dress Goody in variety, Linen, a r«»h Towelling, Cover*, Ac,TisbleCutlery, I'burst Ware, Jewelry. Yankee No tions aud Fancy Goods, Commencing Tneaday, kitruary l«tb. GEO. L. PEIRCE. „ _ Anotton and Commiaaion Mt rchaa* W. r jTawAKT, Auctioneer- feblB TO THE AFFLIC^01 DR. W. IX. Medical Ei'ctricitn* Nu.ll €1*-'*’® B,ocl1’ COR.VSR or COS AES* AND ELM STRMMTt WOULD announce to the el Fortls?*nd • t,‘*t ll* hnx permanent i, locatedl‘Nhw city. During the months that n.svebwn in town we have cured tom ol the w-*4 *ornw °r diM*m*e in perwoua who have tried 0|w^ form* of treat nu n t in vain, and caring pa tent* in »o short a time that the question it often aaktvl. do tney stay cured! To anawer this quntiua w<? will say that all that do not »tay cured, we will doctor the s< coud time for uetbieg. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician ftr twenty* one years, and is also a regular graduated physician Electricity Is perfectly adapted to chronic oseasee in tho form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, neck,or extremities; consumption,when In the acute stages or where the lungs are not felly involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, kip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature ot the spine, contracted muse lee. distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis. M. Vitae’ Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy of speseh. dyspepsia, indigee tnm, constipation aud liver crmolaiDt. piles—ws cure every case that cau be presented; asthma, bronchi tis. str iota res of the ohest, and nil forms of female complaints. By Blootrloity The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lame and the lasy leap with joy, and more with the agility and elastic ity of youth; the boated brain is eooied; the frost bitten limbs restored, tho uncouth deformitiee re moved ; feints**# converted to vigor, wwakness to strength; the blind mad* to see. the deaf to hear and the i aisled form to move upright; the bit-mishee ok youth are obliterated; the accU**t$ of mature life prevented; the calamities of old age obviated, and an active otrealation maintained. ladies Who have cold hands and feet; weak stomachs: lame aad weak back*: nervous and sick headache ; diMinessandHwimmmgin the head, with Indiges tion mud constipation of the bowels; pain in the side and back; leucorrhma, (or whites); felling of tho womb with internal cancers; tuirors, polypus and all that loag train os disease* will find In Uectric ity a sure moans of cure. For painful menstruation loo profose menstruation, and all of those long line of trouble. with young lull... Wee trinity Is s certsla specific, and will, in . short tins., re*tor. tb. — —— tilthe visor of health. v«www tw~ *rs kave an Kltctro-Chenicai Apparatus tor extracting Mineral Fot.on from the ay.tem, tnch as Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, Ac. Hundreds wW, untroubled with-tiff Joints, weak hocks, .nd vurt ons otherdUIcultim, tb. direct cause of which in min. oases out of ten. Is the offset of poisoaoas drug* son be restored to nstural strength aud aisor bv tins nse off from five to qight Baths. * 7 Ofloshoorsfrom 1 o’tlock a. ■. to 1 ii «; and7 to 8 r. M. ' * CouvnltaOon Free._ lyltlvedt Laud on Free street tor Snle. mUE valuable rtnl estate on Fro street known F us the "Furbish property ” The lot is about 10B feet on Free street sud extend* beck abont 174 Imi Said estate will be sold as n whole, or the easterly hslf of the dwelling house, with lot shout 40 by 17& feet, will be told by Itself. 1 Application rosy he made to James Firbish. Isa on the premises, or to UK.O. E B JACKSON. ■ Julyldtf_60 Exchange street. NOTICE. THE proprietors of Maim Whabp sro hereby notified that their Anunnl Meciing will he held St the ethos of Ellas Thomas, No. 41 Exchange street Portland.on JL-n.lay. June 6th. 1*4. at So' r. M., for the choice of Ofticers, and the transaction of any ether business that may legally come biftrn them OEORUF. A. 1HOMAS. C erk. Portland. May 80,1904. mny3vdt<

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