Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 7, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 7, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Mortality of Portland. Whole number of deaths during the month of May in this city was 85, of these there died: Of consumption, 17; croup, 2; apoplexy, 1; dis eases of bra'n, 10; small pox. 6: old age. 3: diptheria. 2;diseasos of heart. 4; fevers, 12; Infantile, 6 ;dropsy, 1; c incur, 1; d Oirmm tremens, 1; uuknown, 1; ery sipelas, 2; obild birth 2; oonvnigions, 1; measles, 1; liver complaint, 2: rheumatism, 2; scarlet rash. 1; bowel complaint, 2; fits, 2 Axes—Under 6 years. 26; between 6 and 10, 6; 10 and 20, 7; 20 and30,10: ;t0 and 40. 6; 40 and 50. 6; 30 and 60. 4; 60 and 70,9; 70 aud 80, 3; 80 and 90, 2; over 90,1; unknown, 1; still born, 8. Tint Opkba of the Barber of Seville, last night, was attended by a brilliant and fash ionable audience. The performance waa all that could be wished so far as the singing and acting were concerned. True there was no orchestra which is always essential to the full expression of the author, but the vocal music was so well rendered that the auditors seemed to be entirely satislied. This evening Don Pasquale, by Donizetti, will be given. It is one of Donizetti’s best comic operas. Don Pasquale (Susini) is a queer character—an old bachelor—full of kindness—prone to love, credulous and occa sionally obstinate. A sham marriage is play ed upon him, and at first he la much delight ed, but his sham wife, Xorina, (Miss Phillips) is bo extravagant in her notions that the old Don is rejoiced when he Hods that he was nev er legally yoked. Xorina is a young widow, lively, impulsive, but frank and affectionate. Moncusi acts the role of Don Melustestu a very tacittous and interesting character, urig noli personates Eresto, a very enthusiastic young gentleman in love with Xorina. The music of the opera is so well adapted to the several characters that tbe auditors can hard ly fail to understand, even without a knowl edge of the Italian language. The music it self speaks a language which can be easily in terpreted. Xo doubt there will be a full house. Ketuuneij Pbisoneb.—Sergeant Elisha D. Harris, Co. F, 1st Maine Cavalry, returned to his home in this city yesterday. He has been confined in the Libby, Pemberton and Belle Isle prisons two months and seven days, hav ing been captured by tbe rebels in Kilpatrick's famous raid on the 1st of March. Sergt. Harris was on the right of the com pany when it was ordered to charge. He and a portion of the company opeyed the order, and broke through a small line of rebel in fantry ; but not being supported by tbe re mainder of the company, and having no order for retreat, he kept on and was captured with three others of bis company. His horse was shot and falling on the leg of the Sergeant confined him so that he could not make his escape. He was first taken to Libby prison where the rebels robbed him of his clothing, money and in fact everything be had about him, even taking the pins that he had stuck into his jacket. The next day he was sent to" Pem berton prison where he remained four days, and was then sent to Belle Isle. His fare while in prison consisted of bread made of corn and cobs ground together, mixed with water and baked without salt, and black bean soup, wormy at that, and served np one gill pri u»jr. When Sergeant Harris left Richmond there were about 1,100 Yankee prisoners there, 110 of whom were the cavalry raiders. By feign iug sickness and getting admittance to the hos pital be succeeded in obtaining his parol and was released on the 8th of May, aud was sent on board the flag-of-truce boat to City Point. From there he went to Annapolis, where he remained at Camp Patrol until last Friday wheu he ieft for home on a furlough of 30 days. The Sergeant is good pluck. He was tried fifteen times while at Belle Isle, before a Court Martial composed of six Majors, on a charge of burning the dwelling house of John A. Seddon, rebel Secretary of War, at Dov< r purloining bis silver ware, hanging a negro d-c. He was convicted and sentenced to be hung. But some how or other the rebels lost sight of him after he went into the hospital; and one rebel friend of the Sergeant’s gave out that he had gone to Georgia. He is in good health and spirits aud deter mined to rejoin his company as soon as ‘his furlough has expired. To Ike Iditor of ike Preee. As you published in your Saturday's paper an article reflecting rather severely on a hack man, will you do me the favor in justice to myself to give your readers and the public generally, the facts, that they can judge for themselves if 1 can be blamed. I was at the Boston depot on Friday noon waitfng for passengers. Mr. Oliver Davis, a policeman, came out aud asked me for the American House coach, as he had a man go ing to the American House. I told him I would find the driver or show him the Amer ican House coach. In looking for the driver be asked me if i couldn’t take him. I told him I would. Davis and myself walked to wards my carriage. He (Davis) told me I must go to Geo. R. Davis for my pay. I told him I didn’t wish to trouble myself to have to call on Mr. Geo. R. Davis for my pay, as I was not sure he would pay me. He (Davis) said I dont know about your having a license. I told him it was for him to know m J1CCU1K ur UOl. lie men 8*1(1 , if 1 did have a license lie would are that it was taken away from me. 1 did not know at the lime whether it was a citizen or a soldier until he meutiwued Geo. U. Daria' name. lie then asked me if I waa afraid to trust Geo. K. Davis for thirty five cents, the fare. I told him I would trust him for a thousand dollars worth of work if lie would give me an order lor it. I told him I had carried a soldier be fore for nothing from a depot to a public house by an order from a policeman, and when I arrived at the house they would not receive him because he had no money. I told the clerk that I had volunteered to carry him for nothing and he must try and keep him. He said he conld not without au order from some of the Sanitary Committee. I took him to Mrs. Rea’s and he get an order to atop at the public bousa. I told Mr}, ltea I had done seventy cents worth of work for him and if I must carry him hack I should like to receive one fare. What I had already done I asked nothing for. She told tne she was not author ized to pay any hack bills at all. I said no more. I did not refuse to carry the man un til Mr. Davis, policeman, said to me I waa obliged to carry him, and he would have my license revoked. Thomas Joboon. Railway Traffic.—The receipts on the Grand Trunk Railway for the week ending May 28th, were $((5,474 27 Corresponding week last year, 84,661 20 Iucreaae, $10,813 07 There waa an decrease during the week ot $405 62 in passengers, and an increase of $11,218 09 in freight. The total amount of receipts from Jsn. 1st to May 28th is $1,989,807 95 Same period last year, 1.760,894 71 Increase, 228,913 24 Fifty Peb Cent.—Our readers should bear in mind, that every one who has an in come from any source whatever of over $600; or a carriage, yacht, billiard table or silver plate, liable to tax under the United States Internal Revenue Laws, should make a re turn of the same this month, to the Assistant Assessors at 22 Exchange street, otherwise they will be liable to a penalty of fifty per cut. All persons, who have not signed ap plications for the renewal of their licenses should do so at once. tf” At the annual meeting of the M. C. M- Association the following persons were elected a Committee on Charity: Wardl, Gabriel Mark; Ward 2, S. H. Colesworthy; Ward 3, H. C. Barnes; Ward 4, Stephen Emer son ; Ward 5, Nathl. Walker; Ward6, Alvah Libby; Ward 7. J. B. Thorndike. Any mem ber knowing ot a brother sidl or in distress, will confer a favor by notifying the above named Committee. g^" A bout 30 members of the 12th Maine regiment, who were left behind last Friday, started in the cars yesterday for New York. BY TELEG&APB TOTH* Portland Daily Press. -.- --♦ »-• — OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. |From the Army of the Potomac. I ' FBOM GEH. SHEBMAN’d ABMY. War Dkpartmknt, I Washington, June 5—10 P. M. 1 To Maj. Gen. l)ix :—Dispatches have been i received from Major Gen. Grant's headquar ters to-day, but they report only certain changes in the position of corps and contem plated operations. They state thatevecything is going on well. The Chief Quartermaster of the army reports a personal inspection ol i of the depot at White House. It is in a most efficient state. All needful supplies are on hand, and wagons transport them easily to i the army. The wounded are being brought in, and transports are not delayed a moment. A dispatch from Gun. Sherman, dated at 12 o'clock, noon, to-day, at Ackworlh Station, says—1 am now on the railroad at Ack worth, aqd have full possession forward to within six miles of Marietta. All welt.” No other military operatious to day. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. from the Army of the Potomac. Headquarters Army Potomac, 1 Jun 4—8 A. M. j Our cavalry were engaged all day yester day In the vicinity of Hawes’store. The first attack was made on Hampton’s command, which was badly detested with heavy loss.— We afterward attacked Hill's left on the Tap otomy Kiver, with the 2d New York, and drove one brigade out of their works, and held the place an hour. We then withdrew. We hold Hawes’ Store. Gen. Wilson bivouacked last night between Bethsaida Churth and the Pamunky Kiver. aud has a strong position. Our loss was not heavy. To-day the army has rested, and nothiug but artillery duelling occurred. In the light yesterday Brockinridge occu pied the, right, Beauregard next, Longstreet the centre, and Kwell on the left, while Hill's corps was held in reserve. Their artillery fire was good at some points, two of our car sons beiug exploded by their shell, and several men aud horses kilied and wounded at each. The wounded are being sent off as rapidly as possible. FOLK DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the China at Halifax • Hai.itax, N. S., June ti. The royal mail steamship China, Capt. An derson, from Liverpool at 1 P. M. of the 2sth ult., via (Jueenstown 20th, arrived at 5.30 yes terday afternoon. The steamship Belgian arrived at Liver pool on the 27th. The steamship Scotia, from New York, ar rived otT Cape Clear on the 27th. GREAT BRITAIN. me a iun-5 puuusues a letter irom its cor respondent at Richmond, under date of April 21st, showing that the Confederate Govern ment had obtained most exact information of tbe Federal plans for the campaign in a dis patch written a fortnight before Grant com menced his march, and the operations since recorded are detailed with extraordinary pre caston. The Army and Navy Gazette reviews the operations of the campaign in Virginia, and says:—Gen. Grant appears to be in great dau ger. and Butler’s chance of escape from his position is not appreciable. The repulse of Sigel liberates Lee’s front from serious men ace. Neither Shermau’s occupation of lte saca nor the advanced position taken by the Federals in tbe face ol the enemy seem to compensate lor the great peril of their situa tion. In the House of Commons reference was again made to tbe return of tbe troops from Canada, and tbe Marquis of Hartington said it was intended to withdraw two battalions of the guards and one battalion of the military train, principally ou account of tbe heavy cost for tbe hire of building accommodations for the troops in Canada. Mr. Hankey inquired whether there was any foundation for the published correspond ence between Earl Russell and Jeff Davis. Mr. Layard replied that tbe correspondence was a hoax, and not a very ingenious one. In tbe Court of Exchequer the Solicitor General commenced the case of the Crown < against the steam rams at Liverpool. The was withdrawn, arrangements having been made with tbe defendants, by which it was agreed that a verdict should be taken for the Crown. The “Oakes” was won by Fille de Loir, a French mare, by half a length. The Confederate loan recovered 1 per cent, on the receipt of the Scotia's news. THE HANOI.EltMAV qt'EbTIOJi. The Liverpool Morning Post says the rep resentatives will anuouuce officially the opin ions of their Governments on the proposed ar rangements for the subdivision of Schleswig, the northern portion being amalgamated with Denmark and the southern with Holstein. Austria and Prussia are said to be in com plete accord. Advices from Jutland recount very arbi trary proceedings by the Prussians sinco the conclusion of the armistice. The Paris papers a-sert that England, Rus sia and Sweden intend to propose a stipula uou mat Mel shall not become a federal fort nor liendzburg a federal fortress. The I'atrie slates that at a council of Min isters at Copenhagen it was resolved not to consent to a division «f Schleswig. The Dan ish plenipotentiary should rather quit the con ference. • Continental papers assert that a basis of ar rangements will be adopted of a nuion of Holstein and the six southern communes of Schleswig to Germany, and the incorporation of the rest of Schleswig permanently with Denmark. In the House of Lords on the 20th the con duct of the Germans in the observance of the terms of the armistice was debated, and Ger many denounced. The following news was forwarded by the Damascus and Edinburg. The Damascus left Liverpool cn the 20th for Quebec. The purchase money paid by Hie Govern ment for the I-aird rams is reported at £2&3. 000 sterling. The Herald is authorized to state that the alleged correspondence between Lord Lyons and .Jeff Davis, dated 1st and «th of April, first published in American journals, is a tori; cry. The Daily News, in an article ou the C.ty of Washington’s advices, thinks that the North has at last found a General. Itsays:—Grant possesses mi itary skill and moral power, which havo hitherto been unknown to the Federal side. Even the brilliancy of Lee's achievements does not surpass the mesterly skill with which Grant has arranged the com biued movement of troops from the frontier of Georgia to the banks of the Potomac. The crushing vigor which has directed his blows in the field, and the dogged, tenacity with which he refuses to admit the necessity of re treat or possibility of dissster. In short, Grant has fixed his teeth into hit adversary, and with sleepless tenacity he clings t > him. Nor have all the efforts of Soutliei n skill and all the desperate courage of the Southern chivalry been able to shake off the sturdy | Northerner, or even telax his hold. It is asserted that a more warlike tone pre vails at Copenhagen, and that the Government has resolved to recall its Plenipotentiaries if | the Ge man powers do not modify their de | maud. In the debate on the war budget, the 1 strength of the Italian army was stated at 390,000 infantry, 88 batteries artillery and 10 I regiments of cavalry. The yattonal r’nbii Convention. Baltimore, June t). The city is becoming quite lively with the gathering throng. The Eutaw House and Baruum'a Hotel, are the headquarters of the various States. The Eutaw House is the h -adqu irters of the National Executive Com mittee. A large canvas banner is suspended, bearing the name of Abraham Lincoln, for the next Presidency. The names most prom inent for President of the Convention, are Dennison of Ohio, Cameron of Pennsylvania, I and Raymond of New York. From Washington. | Washington, June 6. The Spani-h Minister announces that his government has issued a protest against the < e'Tee of Peru to attack cargoes of guano taken under Spanish authority from the Chiu ca Islands. XXXVIII 00NGBE8S—First Session. Washington, June 0. SENATE. A resolution was adopted callieg on the President lor information as to the condition of the slave Uade in Cuba, and what ellortt are making for its suppression. o The bill donating 100,000 acres of lard t Wiser nsiu to aid in const! ucling a ship canal from Ureeu bay to bake Michigan was passed. The luternal Revenue bill was taken up. The clause establishing collection districts on the basis of Congressional Representation was adopted. An amendment was adopted taxing the in come ot from $<100 to $5,000 five per cent.; over $5,000 seven and a half per cent.; over $15,000 ten per cent. The amendment of Mr. Wilson was adopt ed placing the tax on wood screws at ten jier cent, advalorem, as in the original House bill. An amendment of Mr. Davis for the pay ment of losses sustained by loyal citizens dur ing the war, was rejected. An amendment of Mr. Davis, that no part of the revenue derived under this act,shall be applied to the payment of negro troops, was pending when the Senate took a recess. EVENING SESSION. After a debate on Mr. Davis' amendment, it was rejected. Mr. Sumner moved to*strike out the tax of live per cent advalorem on hooks, etc.,except newspapers. Rejected. Ou moLion of Mr. Henderson, an amend ment was adopted fixing the tax on warehouse receipts at ten celits when not over $500, twenty cents when not over $1,000,aud twen ty cents for each additional $1,000. The (711 passed. 23 to 3. Davis, Henderson and Powe 1 voting In the negative. Adjourned. HOUSE. i ne seieci commiiiee on me ueiences 01 me ncrth-sst frontier is continued dutlng the present Congress. Mr. llLbbard moved to instruct the Judici al y C miinillest* introduce a hill to repeal all acts for the rendition of fugitive slaves. Laid over. A hill was reported for the speedy punish ment of guerrillas and murderers. An effort to lay the bill on the table failed, 35 to 07. The guerrilla bill passed. The resolution by Mr. Cox that the extra dit o.i of Arguelles was a violation of the Constitution, was referred to the Judiciary Committee. The hill pas ed for the summary trial of minor off nces. The bill passed prohibiting Members of Congress or other goverumeut employees re ceiving compensation lor services in proeeed iags relative to contract claims, charges, etc., i i which the Uuited States is a party, under a penalty of $10,000 and imprisonment. The bill passed placing army and navy con tractors under the laws relating to these branches of the service. The hill passed for punishing the counter feiting of coin, treasury notes, or postal cur rency. *A bill was introduced repealing all acts foJ the rendition of fcg'tsve slaves. At the suggestion of Mr. llolman, the sub jebt was opeucd for special debate, and the bill made a special order for Monday next. The House refused, 43 to 65. to suspend the rules that a report might te made from the committee ou Foreign Affairs relative to the action of the Executive on the sucject of a monarchy in Mexico. The House theu passed the Senate resolu tion of thanks to Col. ltailey for the relief ol the Bed Biver fleet.—Adjourned. Commercial. Ter steamship Chins, at Halifax. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, May 27th — Sale* for the week were 41.4UU bales, of which 9,600 were to speculators aud 6.100 to exporters. The market opened at a decline of jd for American, but rec jvered uud»r advices from New York Other de scriptions declined $d. The sales Friday were 7.000 ba'es, including 2 6OO ' to speculators and exporters The market closing qu et aud unchan red The following are the au thorized* quotationsNew Orleans lair uominsl; midding2*4d; Mobile fair nominal: middling 28]; Uplands fair nominal: middling 2«d. The stock in port is estimated at 34f ,000 bales, of which 19,0(0 are American. Breadstuff*—dull. Provisions—dull. Latest via <2ueeugtow’n. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. May 28'h — The sales to-day were 7.00 bales, including 8.(00 to speculators and exporters Market c osed firm and unchanged. Breadfttufls - Inactive. Provisions—tali. Product—quiet. LONDON MONEY MARKET, May 28—Consols clos'd at 90 M-UVfiOl 13 18 lor money. AMERICAN SECURITIES.-IllinoisCentral rail road 29.«/27 die; Erie Railroad 56,&67. Me%c York Market. Nsw Yoai. June 6 Cotton—easier; sales 660 bales at 1 Ofi&l 07 lor mid dling uplands. Flour—receipts-bbls; sales 15.C0O bbls; State and Western 6c bett. r; bup*rfJn* State 7 26j$ 7 80. Extra 7 6*i<n7 7‘>; choice oo 7 6o®7 60; Round Hoop Ohio do »10a900; choice 8 00ft8fc0; Super tiue Western 7 3J&7 96; Extra do 7 66a,7 7>; South ern firmer; sales ItiOu bM* ; Mixed to good 8 00(g) 1103; Fancy and extra 8 or <$ 11 Oo; Canada firmer; sties 1200 bbl«: common Extra? 45&7 65; extra good to choice 7 •i.VaO 00 Wheat—lc higher: sales 180,000 bushels: Chicago Spring 1 64 <^1 71; Milwaukee dub 1 66a, 1 71; Amber Mi'w»ua«-c 168(1,171: Winter Red Western 1 76,& 1 82; amber Mich gtu 179^,1 82T Corn—lover; sales 41.000 bush; new mixed Wes te u 1 o2a,l 63. Oats—lower; salts Canada at 9&&94c. Beef—higher; sales 385* bbls. Pork—lower; sales 4 45o this; ntw mess h2 5* Vo >1.34 76; old do 28 60; new do 30 60&30 874: prime k4 60a,2o/0 for old and new; prime mess 32 00. Lard—firmer; sales 2110 bbls m 14j a 164 Butter— dull; Obio‘25a3*c Whiskey- firm ; «a>es‘ kuu bbls at 1 3(K&1 32. Rice- steady at 2 72 for Para. Sugar—steady; sales 600 hhds; Muscovado 17$<£20 Coffee—heavy. Naval Store#—quiet. Freights to Liverpool—active; graiu 4jg4]d. Stock Market % Nsw York, June 6. Second Board — Stocks belter. American Gold.194 United States 6-20 coupons. lu6| Lulled States one year certificates new . »*» Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 82 .Ulj Hudson.146 Reading.188} Michigan Central.144» Michigan Southern. . 84$ Illinois Central scrip,.1274 Ce e and A Pittsburg.Ill* Chicago A Noith Western.64} Chicago A Rock Island.ill} Sale of Keai. Estate.—Henry Iiailey A Co., sold at auction yesterday, the house at Steven’s Plains, and lot of about one acre and a quarter, recently owned by Mr. William Kichardson. It was purchased by Mi. Wil liam M. Wilson for $4,900. The same Arm also sold at auction yester day, the new two stoiy brick house, No. 58 Clark street, with the lot 40 by 100 feet. It brought $-!,700 and was purchased by Mr. C. W. Kichardson. E. M. I’alteu will sell at auction this afternoon, on the premises, the brick dwel-, ling house corner of Atlantic and Fore streets, and the lot 00 by 00 feet. U is a good chaoce to purchase either for a residence or for in vestment. Kikst Palish.—At the meeting of the pro prietors of the First Parish Church, yesterday afternoon, it was voted to lay the resignation of ltev. Horatio Stcbbius on the table for six months. An effort was made to accept the resignation but it failed. Spring and Summer Goods! P. B. FROST, Merchant Tailor, 94Exchange St., i (laving returned from New York and Bouton with the UK8T aMortment and kxwkst btylkb of English. Fmil'll. Herman, Sioltli and American L'loilis, Embracing all the desirable STYLES, SHADES and FINISH to b«* found in the market, suitable for BUSINESS SUITS. ENGLISH WALKING COATS, Spring OVERCOATS and DRESS SLITS. Nice Veating, Army and Navy Cloth*. Every pain# will bu taken to give entire satisfaction in FITTING, workmanship and price#. CLOTHS FOR BOYS* WEAR, Particular attention given to Cutting & Maunfacturiut; Hoy’s Clothing inch 9cod3m To Hardware Men and Builders. A NEW ARTICLE. Whitmore'. I'm,,,, ,Iliad Fastener aval IIsmile i’ainbiard. BEING a thoroughly effeelvo fastening, and a handsome, convenient handle, aid as they can not bo opened irom the outside, aru so tar protec tion against thieves; its use preventing tbedfrtying of hands or breaking ot linger nails iu opening or closing blinds. I he} are Japaui.od green aud can be put on old or now blinds b} anv person in live miuutes. For sxle by ah Hardware meu. Whole dale Depot 16 Whiter street. Boat o 1 G. D. WU IT MORE. Store of Whitney Brother*. junelw3m Maine Bank. milE Charter ofthfe Bank having been surrender X ed. notice id hereby given that the liability of said Bank to redeem it* bills will expire ou the hf , teenth dry of January, A. l>. 1H6G. AI BROOKS, Jr., Caabier. j Bruuswick, Feb. 27tli, 1804. mch30 wl2w | MISCELLANEOUS. CLABK’B DISTILLED RESTOKA'IIVE FOR THE HAIR, Restores Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND 18 A MOST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. I ^ -0O0 ! CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Restores the Color. 1 CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Erad cates Dandruff. . CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Promotes its Growth. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prevents its falling off. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is an unequalled Dressing. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Children. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Ladies. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Old reovle. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I Is perfectly harmless. clark's Restorative, Contains no Oil. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, 1s not a Oye. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Bcautides the Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is splendid ior Whiskers, CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Hair in its Place. CKAKK'S RESTORATIVE, Cares Nervous Headache. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prevents Eruptions CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Steps Itching and Burning. CLARK'8 RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Head Cool. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is delightfully perfumed. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Contains no 8cdiment CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Gum. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Polishes your Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Prepares your lor Parties. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prepares you for Balls. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, All Ladies need it o Ui.jivuni i I n, No Lady will do without it. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, CoaU but SI CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is8old bjr Druggut. an I D.-alers Everywhere. Trioe SI per bottle —8 bottles tor S5. C. G. CLARK fc CO. PUOPRIUTOBU. W F. PHILLIPS, Portland, General Agent. March 3,1834. mchSeodlj OFFICE Ob' Til ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK. JANUARY 26, Ifcrf J alliE Trustee#, io conformity to the Charter o' the C ompany, ru omit the following statement of it# afl Airs on the 3l#t December, *8*3: Premiums received on Marine Ri-k#, from 1st January. 1863. to 31st De* ccreber JlSd3, SI.214.3W 93 Premiums on Policies not marked off 1st January, 1803, l,706,r»2 24 Total amount of Marine Premiums. S10,o06,001 17 No Policies have been issued upon Life Risks; nor upon Fire Risks discou ne.t«d with Marine Rink# Premium# marked off from 1st Jaa., 186J, to 3lst December, 18 3, $7 507,666 M Losses paid during the same period. 8.8U6 651 04 Returns ot Premiums and Expenses, 1.082,967 43 The Company has the following Asse s, ri*: Unit d STaresaod Mat of New York Mock, City. Bank an I other Stocks, 03.492 631 30 Loau# secured by htosks.andof her wise. 1,450,700 lO Real K-tuteand Bonds and Mortgages, 19J.70O 00 Dmteudson Stocks.Interest on Bonds and Mortgages ana other Loans,sun dry Notes, re insurance and other claims due the Camp y , estimated at 104.964 61 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, 8,27*.676 68 Cash iu Bank, 744 h13 88 Total amount of Assets, 09.266 £4t» 32 F per c«nt interest on the outstan iug certiti ca’esol profits will b piid to the hoi ders thereof, or their legal representatives, on and alter Tuesday, the Second of February next. After reserving Three and One half Million Dollar# of profits, the outstanding certificates of the issue of 1862. w 11 be redeemed and paid to the holders there of, or their legal representative s. on and after Tues day. the Second bf Fecruary next, from which date all interest thereon will reave. The certificates to be produced at the time of payment, and cancelled A Dividend ot Forty Per Cent, is dpcland on the net earned premiums of the Company, lor tho year ending 3Dt Deeemb r, IBS’, for which certificates will be issued, ou and after Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profits of the Company.ascertained From the 1st of July .184?.to the 1st of Jan , 1863. for which Certificates were Hs'ied. amouut to 014,328,830 Additional from 1st Jan., 1853, to 1st January, 1864, 2.630 000 Total profits for 21] year#, 916,968,880 Tbs Certificates previous to 18d2, have been redeemed by cadi, 11,690,210 Net earnings remaining with the Com pany. on 1st January, 1864. *6.2*33 670 lly order of the Bward, W. TOWNSEND JONES. Secretar T R 1- ST £ E N . John D Jones, David Lane, Charles Deuni*, James Bry*e, W. il. H. Moore. Win. Sturgis, jr., Thoa. Tileston, li. K. Uogett, iieury Coit, A. A. Low. W. C. l**ckers, ill, Win E. Podge Lewis Curtis, Dennis Perkius, Chas.R Kuweit. Jos. fjailtard, Jr., I.owill Holbrook. J. Henry liurgy, IV A. Hargous, Cornelius Crinnell K. W. Weston. (). A. Hand. Koval l'help , Watts Sherman, Caleb Barsiow, K. K Morgan, A P. i'illot, B. J Howland, L'Jtor M. Willey, Benj. Babcock. Dame* S. Miller, Fletcher Westray, 8. T. NicoP, K. B Minium, jr., Josh’aJ. Ilinry, («. W. Burnham. Deo (j. Hobson, Fred. Chauncey, James Low. JOHN D. JONES, President CHARLES DENNIS. Vice President. W. If. U. MOORE, 2d Vice President. A indication* forwarded and Open Polu ieu procured by JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent, Rio. 108 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MK. June 3.—w2w&eodtojan29 Administrator*# Salt*. BY virtue of a license from the Judge of Probate of Cumberland Countv. 1 shill seU at public auction on Tuesday, June 21, 1864, at two o'clock P. M on the premises, the following described real es tate belonging to the estate of Mark Deoring late of Hridgton, in said county of Cumberland, deceased, aud described in tne inventory of paid • state a* fol lows:—“Part* of lots numbered eleven iu the fourth and filth range of Bridgtou,containing shout thirty acres, purchased of B. K. Parsley'' bald laud is situated about one half mile from the village of N. Bridgt**n. on the road leading to Sweden, aud has on it 3 mowing Oeld*. containing about twelve acres, marly walled in,—about uido acre* pastur ing—and the talance covered with a tine growth of wood aud timber. ' Terms of ssle, on* half ca<h. balance in one year with interest, aud good person*] security. LEVI CRAM, Adiu nistrator. Hridgton. May 19, 1864 dmay2l&w3w THE Subscriber hereby gives public notice toall concerned, that lie has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of Administrator of the estate of JOSHUA WAITE, late of Freeport, iu the Couuty of Cumberland deceased, by giving bond a* the law directs; he therefore requests all persons who are indebted to the said deceased's estate to make immediate pay ment; aud those who have any demands tliereou o exhibit the same for settlement to ALBEERT 11. WAITE. Freeport, May 17. 1864. w3w* POR 1 LAND DRV DOCK COMPANY, mUE stockholders of the above company are re -1 quested to meet at the Merchants' * xenango < n Wednesday, 8:h mst , at 4 P. M . to acton the report ol the Directors with regard to the location of said Dock. Per Order. C M. DAVIS. Secretary. The above meetiug is postponed to Tuesday, the 14th at 4 P.M. Portland, June 4. 1861. juneOedistd Kiuouinp Sozodowt—This article has been known aud appreciated in New York for some time, but it is ouly recently that the proprietors increased thei ability to supply the article aud iutroduco it to the Boston p-iblie It ha* takeu well, tor it is really a very excellent dontif ice, cleansing the teeth, aud imparting health to the gums. As a wash after smoking, it is very grateftil. Having tried it, we commend it with pleasure.—Boston Saturday Rren 1 ing Gasttte, mchl4 It I MISCELLANEOUS The Extraordinary gucceats Which has attended the introduction by us of CALIFORNIA WINES, I Is not only a fitting tribute to the purity and beauty i of the Wines thenjelvt»s, but a cheering indication of a desire among the people to encourage AMERICAN INDUSTRY. Tho wiae Trade Keviow, the organ of the British trade, calls them "excellent in quality and a groat succors." Our br nds of these Winej may be ouud upon the tables of The Most Fastidious Connoisseurs. The leading portion of the American press have extolled their merits, and the verdict to all who use them is that They are the Purest, The Cheapeet, and The Rest. ASK 1TJB THE LABEL 0»] PERKINS, STERN <fc CO„ WHO ABE THI PIOBBXA HOCiX, And the only one iu the Atiantio States dealing ex • eiusiveiy in CALIFORNIA WINKS. ma>28eodlm Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 1864. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS STEAMER LADY LANG, ltuilt Rkpreanly for this route, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, Will commence her Rummer Ar rangement ou MONDAY MOh.N ING, June 6'h, Leaving Bangor ev ery Monday, Wednesda. aud Friday Mornings, at & o’clock K* turning will lapve Railroad Wharf, foot of State atrtet, Portland, every Monday, Wedneaday aud Friday Evening*, at 10 o’clock, connecting with the Lantern, Boston and Maine, ai d Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroads from Boaton and Wav Staiions, (paving Boston at 3 o clock, P. M. The Boat will touch at ltuckl«ad, Camden, Bel fo*t. Bucksport, Winterport and Hampden, both Maya. Pa»*ei>ger« ticketed through to aud Irom B‘ »;on, Lowell, Lawrence. Salem and Lynn. ^ For more extended iutonnation, apply to J. O Kendrick, Bangor; tne local Agenta at the various la ding*; the Depot Master* of th* P. H. L P, ' Eastern, and B » M Kailroada: Abie! Soumrby, Portland; Lang A De’ano. Boaton. or L’llAS. SPEAR. General Agent. June 4.—isdtf 126 Exchano-e Street. 126 Hugh. MV Phinney, OULD infirm hi* frinda and former cuntomera that he haa taken the Store No 126 Exchange Street, where he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, In mllitj br.DCbeu. S TO VKS, of all kind,, of the newe.t aud mo»t approved pattern,, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. ty Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change for new. Stove*. Ravobs. FuaxAcxa. and Tib Ware repaired at short notice, In a faithful manuer. Grateful for ‘nrmer patronag*. he ho-e* by strict attention to buaine««, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share ot public i'avdr. ______ ma>23dtf Maine Sabbath School Depository THE l*rge«tand best selected Stock of BOOKS for SABBATH SCHOOL LIBRARIES may be found at No, 01 Exchange Street, Fortland. New books are received everv week from the Sun day School Societies and Publishing Homes tu Phil- j ade'phia, New Vork and Boston. So varied an aa- * sort meat, comprising books adapted to the capacity of the child as well as adult, cannot be found in any one store in New England. Schools in the country, by rending a catalogue of the books in the Library, can receive a lot for ex amination and return at my exper se ►u h as are not approved gie*tio<i Books for Sabbath Scnoole at eady on hand. Discounts for Library Books al lowed, a in Boston Also M scellaneous. Theologi cal and School Books, letter, be mou and Note Pa per of all sizes, with Kuvelopes to match Photo graph Albums, Portfolios, Portmonnaice, Ac., Ac., all ot which w*ll be sold at ths lowest c iah prices — Orders solicited. H. PACKARD. June 1st, 1864. • dtf INTERNATIONAL Fire Insurance Company I Of New York, Office 118 Broadway, CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARREN, President. HAMILTON BKITE, Vice Prsridect. GEORGE \V. SAVAGE, Secretary. Portland Board nf Prfcrcnces Johu B. Brown A Son, Hersky Fletchkr A Co. 11. J. Li boy A Co. John Lynch A Co. The undersigned having been appointed Agent and Attorney for ibis Com pa y. is now prepared ratesU* * ° *C t* °n Property at current tF Portland Office, 166 Pore Street. JOHN W. MlX.KR, Agent. June 3. 1864 —Utf W|R. H. NVOOD A SOT, STOCK EXCHANGE And Money Brokers, HAVE FOB SALE •30,000 S*ate of Maine Bonds, New Loan 6,000 Bath City Bonds. 6,000 At. A St L. R. R Bonds. 2.000 A. A K R R Bonds 6 000 Maine C'e vral R. R Bonds. 10,000 Govt 6-20 Bonds 21 Shares International Bank Stock. 10 Share* Bank of Cumberland Stock, tjr* Bank and all other Stocks and Bonds cur rent in this market bought, sold or exchanged. June 2.— dlw * THE FIRST tlTIDM Mil OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. 8. 7-30 Notes, Can harothem exchanged fcre’i percent, twen ty year bond, by leaving them with this bank. The Interact on the notei will be paid in coin, at the rate 7 8 10 percent, to July 1, and the bond, will be de livered here a, iocn a, they can be ptepartd by the or eminent. Thru a) year bond, are the moit dc •irmbleof any of the government securitfe,. Con* versions uiu.t be made in mmi of Muo or its multi ple. A commission of on* quarter ot one percent, will be charged. W. K. GOULD. Cashier. Portland. May 85. iS64. may25oodtf PERRY, 151 MIDDLE ST., Hat j i»t opened a large assortment of CLOTH HATS, Including the “BILLY MORRIS,” “GUN BOAT,” “DEAKBY,” “GEN. MEADE,” J^c. Also Cook k Aidrioh'8Celebrated “LOHDOH," and “BOGOTA" HAT, Which for style, finish and durability surpass any other for the teuton. J PEKRY, HI Middle street. Auction Sale of Permits*to Cut Timber in <'nu»d*...R»al Estate in (irmid Falls, N. II. TII ERE will be sold at public auction at the offes at il)ury Hailey A Co., Exchange street, Port land, Marne, on Thursday, June 8uth, 1804, at 10 o’ctcck a m to close a concern. Licenses No*. 3 aud 4 to cut timber Ac., iu Cana da, on the uorth-we»t bra* ch of the river tit John— whore it ia interceded by the boundary lino betweeu Canada aud the State of Maine—aud extending up said river to its source, not to exceed, however; ton miles by 2$ miles each side, cr SOsquare milea. ’ , Alto, a certain parcel of Real Estate situated at I Grand k ails, in the County of Victoria, and at the present time occup ed aud imi roved by Wo. B West. Esq . and formerly owned by George Young containing three (3) acres or more buildings on the nme. * ror further particular inquire of the auctioneer or I1EKSEY, FLETCHER k CO.. _ .. Portland, Maine. raay2ullawtojuue3GtliendtoJune£0 Independent Military Company. SABRE ZOUAVES. A LL those wi.hing to loin a good Military To.will 1\. bad it to their advantaca to call at Old < ity Ha'l. on auy Mood>v or Friday Evening. previous to June 25 h; alao six or eight rood drummers All recruits must be 5 leit and 5 ii dies iu height Per or-er. A . U. SAWYaR,Clerk. June2 —eodSw Talk about Hats ! JUST SEE HARRIS' NEWSTTLES. j June 4—dtf fishing Srhooner Tor Mult-, OFabottt »yen4y •on.bttrih.B, now ou theatock. i at South Bri.tol, and ready fo launching-built 1 bv tho mo.i approved model.and llnish, andof the be.t materia!.; and will be .old at a lair prtoe If ap Pll®d/or toon. NATUAKIEI. FOSTEE. may24d8thw4w* South Briauf, Me. j ENTEKfAl .YMENTS. SEW OPERA IIOtSE f! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD'S MINSTRELS! OPEIV EVERY EVENIIV6. An Entire Change of Programme. DICK~SANDS, I bo Champion Clog Dancer,—for one week, oom meucing Wednesday KvenJtg. Dr. Cold-Tongue’* Laugh ing CSa«. Admission26cents; Reserved Setts60niU. .... J- BPRauUE. I „ n»yK If II. IIEANCUAHO,} “»“»««• MERCHANDISE. Received rCKrW i BUSHELS Prime Baltimore Yellow tytlY/YY Corn, cugo of eclt Geo. s. Y‘o«* Aim Souttieru White Seed Co'n and for eale by EDW H HoRGIN, May 31—eod2w No. 120 Commercial street. Sierra Morena Molaaaea. 11HDS. Sierra Morena Molaasea, ear 'r'rei t g° brir Cbarlena, now lauding 23 Tteroea, i Central Wharf. 60 BbH. ' For .ale by June3, 186*. GEORGE 8. HURT. Merra Morena nolanri. ) MOLASSES.Juit landing from ! brig "Matilda •' A auperior 42 TCS. ) article for retailing. For >aie by JOHN L) LORI). may23d*w« No. 1} Union Wharl. Sugar and Molaaaes. UHDS. ) CHOICE MUSCOVADO 1U 10 TCS. j OAR. 371 HUBS auperior Mutco.ado, and 31 TCS Clayed Molaeae*. 11 HBLS from Merra Morena, Now landing and toraale by THOMAS ASENCIO A CO., may£)tf Custom House Wharf. Sierra Morena* Molasses, q‘».-HUDS , OOo CHOICE SIF.RKa MORENA 30 tierces! molasses, 10 BBLS ’ Now landing from Brig "C. U. Kennedy” THUS. ASENCIO A Co., May 3.—tf _C. H Wharf. Scotch Canvass. T OA BOLTS—from the factory of Darld Cor 1H/ aar A 8ona, Leith—a aail cloth of mperior quality—Jutt receired per "Jura”, and for aaJa by MoGILVERY, RYAN A DAVIS, mcb35 dtf 131 Commercial Street. ■A.t 106 IvTidcile St At \m MulA\e St. Important Announcement! Preparatory to going into tba Wholesale Trade Wo will nail our Entire Stock -or ftOOP SKIRTS! —AT Less than First Cost!! LOOK! LOOK ! Onr $2.00 Skirt for $1.60 Our 1,60 “ 1.00 Our 1,00 “ 75 Our 75 M 60 Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, Dahlia Skirt A Fancy Goods Store, 166 Middle Street, Portland, Me. N.B. Comet* $u«l Skirt* made to order. mnyftdlm Special Notice TO SHOE DEALERS. THE Subscriber would respectfu'lr call the atten tion of retail shoe dealers having locations lor the sale of ladies’ boots, to the superiority of the. goods manufactured by him. He ha* been engaged in the manufacture and rale of ladiet’ boots and shoes for the las' thirty years in Boston; and there are few shoe-dealers in Sew England who have no' heard of John Kimba 1, boot and shoe dealer, and inventor of what is called the Kimball Last, former ly of4J l'remont Kow. Boston. HU long experience as a manufacturer will enable him to furnisha better fitting boot than can be found elsewhere iu the States, aud he U now supplying the best retail stores iu Boston, lu order to make it an object for some well established dealer, having a good share ot the best class of trade, he will give an obligation for one year or more, to sell to •nefirm ouly, in any citv or town. One great advantage in this arrangement is, that a larger stock and variety can be kept, which will call a larger number of best class customers to any store having tht subscriber’s goods. JOHN KIMBALL, 2. HAWKINS ST , BOSTON, MASS juneldlw GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniments. FISHING TACKLE! The Bett Assortment in tho City. 0. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange fit. April 27. eodtf TOCLEART E HOUSE OF FLI15S Vtt Ilatcher’$ Celebrated LIGHTNING FLY-KILLEB, A reel, che.] .rtiolr, «uv to ate. Every iheet *HI klll.qii.rt. SoM everywhere. JusoidAwAw Wanted. AK.m.le Poetry Cook .t DvtotV, Oyeter Moon. 2S3, Congrea. St. »pMU -JBU8JWES8 CARDS. FABER B«S B11 I F UTOIIV, J; 1?- Tjibby, Paper Boxes, Of every description, tuch s» Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, i>r yggist Boxes, Collar Boxes, 8he!f'Rox«a, Cone ho logical Boxes, Powder Boxes, Card « ase-, Cigar Boxes, Ac HI Middle St., (Up Stiirs) Portland, Me. juueliiSm Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dana, » I*0rtIs4D(Jt Woodbury Dana,; John A. 8. Djna ) 91atllf. Juneldtf J. Smitli eto Oo., MaxcrxcTcuaKs or Leather Belting, Card Clothing Urn Strips, Bell Leather Backs aid Sidra, leather th i mm is os. Hanson's Block, 144 Middle 8t , Portland. Ur at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. M Bnrntraa, (Jnld3m) D. F. Kovas JOU% T. HOVERS*; CO., OommiMfiion Merchants, a>D WHOLES ALE I.SALKBB IS Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 81 Commercial Street, Tobn T. Rogers, | rum B R g«re. J PORTLAND. MF.. ___ jjueldtim Wholesale and Retail. H. DAVIS, BottVscWer, Stationer, AMD ■AMUFACTUtIR OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPEK HASGINOS. No. 53 exchange Street, Portland, Me. [ Juneldtt CHA8. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 114 Middle Street, PORTLAND, MS. tw Work executed in srery part of tbs State. junrltf B. L. JIOBSE 4c CO., Msnafactarsra ft Wholtiale Dealers In Boots and Shoes, NO. 48 1-2 UNION STKEET, R. L. Morse, Portland. Me. » „nBT, .vr% J. Little Held, Lebanon, Ky. J * ORTLAND. _ may ltd) m RUFUS DURHAM. Maaufkctur r and Wholesale Dealer in BRITAN NIA —AMD— Plated Ware, No. 218 Fore atreet, Portland *■' Maine. Portland, 1864. majrlTdtl M. Q. WEBB * CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, XO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, npllPORTLAND. ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., MaBi-reoTinane or Japan, Whit* Lend, Zinr, Puluis, Anil (iround Color*, A*n DiALinn i* Drogt, Medicines, Pa nta, Oils A Vtrniihe*. Paint and Color Partory, So. 29 ifttnjoy St.. OSrr St Salrereemu. 80 C**euarrel*l Sl«, (Thomas Block.) arr:i-sBKsr’ khi«».h. maylSdtf BLAKE, JOXES Ac CO., FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Bocal»er* of WeMtri and Canadian Prodace* 137 Commercial St net,.Granite Block. Char let Blake. ) Hetrjr A Jooet. J FORT LAND. U. W. i.afe. \ Juneldtf JOHN LYNCH &TC0~ Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores, - - - Commero al ntraet. Opposite head Widgery Wharf.) John Lynch. ) Pelcg Barker,} PORTLAND, ME. Thoe. Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE Ac MOODY, OtNKK.tL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Aod holes* le Dealer* in FLOUR. CORN AID PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Blook, Ceoomero'al 8t, imhC.My. } 1-ORTLAND, me. )ai«ldla BROWN A CROCKER. PLASTERERS, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL rri'LCO AND MASTIC WORKKKK. Oak it reef, between Congress and Fra* Bta., PORT LAUD. far Coloring, Whitening, and Wl.lte wohing proirp'ly attended to. order, Irvin oat oi town to | uuted. juneldtf BYRON GREENOUGH & CO.. Manufacturer* of And Wholesale and Retail Dealer* in Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, ' I.ii'tSEEN l-OBTLAND. Jnldtf JOHN BUSSELL, i Ciirriage A Nlei(fh MANUFACTURER, 311 A 313 Congress Sc, Portland, Me. VST Where mar be found a general assortment of Car. sages ami Sleight. junrldlm V. V. Kin B ALE, M AMI* KAC Tt’IKR OF Carriages and Sleighs, Pr*»V>le» street, (Near Preble House ) PORTLAND, ME. Bale Booms, 110 ami lit Smlbury St., Boston, Mast. juucltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., i Flour, Graink Produce fommttMn Icrtluou. u4 lillen' Jtwu. Office and IP«srehouse So. {J Halt Block. Commer cial Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice ard j well known Brand* of Hour, from %t. Louie.1 linoi*, Wisconsin. Ac , which we are conafautl receiving N . (\ A Co . are t oo Ageut* f r Pittman A to i. { and otr»e* brand* of manufactured Tohaioo. fTF'* a*h advance* made on all consignment*. Portuud. June J. ImH. jnldtf EDWARD h7 BURGIN, WHO I. IRA LB DBA l-KB IN Corn, Meal and Flour, Also. Ground Roik Salt. Commission Merchant FOB rCEOHASl AID SALE OF Barley, Rye^ and Oats. aV Con loaded with Corn In bulk ireoof oharge. Warehouse No. 130 C ommercial Street, And ClTr Mi Lis, D wring Bridge. juoeleodffm wa. DR. W. P.. JOHNSON, I den risT, Insert* Artificial Teeth on Gold . Silver and Vulcan* ite Rubber, and warrant* them in all case* to bo a perfect fit. Dr. J. alto givea special at onlion to Filling | Teeth Office 229J Congress *tre« I, two door* west from the Court Mouse. * Portland, Juno 1.1904. -eodim AUCTION .SALKS. bloop Higgle! Yacht at Auction. On Tuesday, June 7, at 12 o'clock M, r u at head ot Long Wharf, where rhe now / TT-v lie^. the good sloop-ngged Yacht Helen 'r**«iLay, ofabout 7 too*, with S iia, •«IC5 Rigging, and tackle ; a flue staunch Boat, one year rid Bud well calculated lor parties, i WKNKY BAILEY A CO., aicTiohiiKS. June 2 K. H. FATTEN, AUCTIONEER. 12 Exchange^*—m. tteiil Estate, cor. Atlantic * Fore , at Auction. f|3V E ID A Y. Judo 7, at 3 p. M T liia property, for A. location* auei neighbor hood offers' i,. a ucements lur any ore seeking a home, or for in\es noer.t. Tho House built oi brick iu the most thorough used or— the situation commands entire view ot the kaiber. and spacious view of the bav. ihe dwelling fa ar.f ranged f >r convenience wi h pan try a, clobea Lam es and closed—gas throughout—had aid soft ho ter—and in fact i-o e of the most desirable kea tions offered at public sale ’his season. Lot ami lo «i*e, 61 by JO. Term* will be made to suit pure* as ers. For key and paetiott ars of sal© call on tho Auctioneer, Exchange street. ma 8lutd Valuable Heal Estate at Auction. WE shall s*l* At auction on Tuesday June7. at 3 o'c ock, r m. on the premise?, the >» uable Keal rs-afe on \ork *t eet. known an the Ttsdiek «[»'•: bcinxati<utl27 l«* t on York street—wHk lhJ reet on one l»Le, and l»i2 ftet the other, to a tack Hue ol ,0 tect—contuiuiijr about 13010 iquir* feet— 2 2 i,ie.u*ludio** on ,f' con#,*t*l»lt of a #•« d ileus# aim an L», Barn &c 1 Uis is a large and very valua ble property—centrally »nd a Ivan a*ct us.v located and very desirable as an investtu< nt. nale positive— tio« wdVauTcVllVn For I*''isaUr 0“«rtP m.y^il;;ojuKu'!7BAH'tV * ®° * AdraininiralotN Sale at Household EurnU ON Wrdaculay. Jim, 8lb. »t 10 A. a., at tn# **•*•*■ BP'*"« *tr»ot re rutty o cun.ed by lb! tare Jedediah Jewett. f>q,. will t>e .old the Hnuae. Itold Furniture. of Biu-se- Thren klr 8.^raortal! Carp,1., red,. BedSiag. B^J^* Table., 8uh 8ta..da. Sot... K ckera, Cbai.e tt!!! ret.ry, Crockery, (.law and Mare, kiiron kitchen furniture. Ac «*i.vr», FKANKLIN FrtX. Admln'erraloy i*—_ K. M BAT J4N. Auctioneer. Desirable Kcui Emuip at Auction. ON Wednesday, June 8th at Jo’elcek r. tt cm the premieee. we .hail aell that rety dtairebln property on Meibourn .tre. t known a> the Mai Lew property. The touae la a two-aiory wooden Boo re uearlr new, with eight fii.tabed rocora, a. d a cod cioaeta. and an eaceile. t cellar a ith a tun" ace in it_ Une water, hard and soft, end plenty cflt. Good Dari, ar d other rul-hou»r. The loti. 126 feet front by 84 ieet deep; it la a rery deairabie proper y. iBtued'ateiy after, the lot ot Lid ou Ji, 81. directly in the ear or the iboyj; this h t L 80 Mat by_36 ioet. Tern.a lihe a]— rata poartire. Then we ahull aell the lot ou ale boorn a*raet di rectly eppoeite it. May hew h. u.e, 4- by 80iaet;a TJ*1**^** And *beo the two atory ui del.bed ed wooden llou-e. the Uni above the Met hew boeaa fret h* **nu“'*0 of th* ••'’•I', with the lot 19 by M Marti IIKS-RY RAILvr CO. Ane4-ra. littuM! anti Lot at Auction! ON Krday June 10th. at 3 o’clr ck r u . on tba prvmlaee, tire taoatory Wooden Cottage on tba corner Brackett and Neal atreela with (i Unit bed ,o1! “■d °,h»r eon yea ieni a. The lot ia a go. d one b-iny 28 f. el by 8b Met. 1 rery deiirablr property. 8a epcartire—tl'le clear* Jnue3dtd HEN BY IIAILEY A CO . Auet i!^' House and Lanel ul Auction. ON Monday. June 13th. at 3 o'clock r u tea shall sell the two anda halt atory woooeu Bonaa Mo 31 ou Centre stre-t. ibis hwus.j it eonv euivut with yeod ce.lar and line rl.tarn in U; lot 64 lee, by 3 I feet front, hale po itir.—title clear ** June3dtJ HENKY BAILEY A CO.. Auct n. Valuable Farm In Falmouth, at Auction. On Wkdskdat, Jim 16th at I •12*"*,*• “ • »•<>»>• premia b, a Small farm, near Falmouth Dei ot coutsinir g about Th.rt, dent. It -——- . of which •- a vslajble Wood Lot I here u a good, conven enl and eomforlabla Uoasa and oaf tuildinsson it—a Urge aad unity Orch ard of young trees, aad thr home aadsarrouadiag* desirable for a good cat of lost*. rale positive— fit)! c eur. For further particulars apply %„ n «^Kr BAlLtr * ttT Auctioneers!1^ Valuable Real I Mate for halo. «u The property In Wes'brook. near Pseearan. ' P» Village, known a. the Fierce plae , and I lately occupied by J F. Ri h. K.q .will ha , •o'*1 ®y auction, on the premises. at 0 o'clock \ ^ • Tuesday, Jane 21st, 1-M. There are 16 acres of land, well cultivated a good ore* aid, well built two story hour*, barn, and carriage home fan be examined at any time p evious io the sale. Tei:irk*. K *■p^' EDWARD 91. PA1TEL Coiuniis.siou Herrliunt k Auctioieer, Haa removed to the ipscious atcre U luxchangw 8tre* t. four doers telow Merchant's Exchange. Will receive conxlgoravnu of Slerchasdles si every deoenptiun. lor public or piivstt >aie. j#« &*»*•. Vesselr, t argee*. Mock, aad her ehandlse solicited, tash advances maoe, aiih prompt sales and returns. mchl2 dly TO THE AFFLICTED / DR. W. Rf. DtXIIVG, Aledical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’* Bloek, CORSRR OSCOSORRSS ASD MLJt STRSR7R WOULD respectfully announce to the eftiseas ol Portland and vicinity, that he has permanent* ly located 111 tills city. During the eleven mouths that * e hare been in town we have cured ecme ol the worst forms or disease in persons who hare tried ofher forms of treatment iu vain, and curing pa* tienis in so shun a time that the queeiioa Is often asked, do they slay cured ’ To answer this question we will say ihai all that do act fay ca* ed, w* will doctor the second time lur nothing. Dr. D. has beeu a practical Electrician f< r twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated phyticina Electricity is perfectly adapted to chronic disease* in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia ia the head, neck,or extremities; consumption when ia the acute stages or where the lungs an not' fully involTsd; Boats or chronic rheumatism, sc retain, hm diseases, white swellings, .plnal disease*, earvatan ol th* spine, contracted muscles, distorted limb*, palsy or paralysis, fit. Vitas' Dane*, dsafaess. slam menngor hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, Indige*. tarn, oonstipatiou and li«ar complaint, piles—w*Sara erery case that can be presented; asthma, bronchi tis •I'1**-re* of th* sheet, aad all forms of flails complaints. By Xllootrlolty The Rheumatic*, the gouty, the lame and the lax? leap with)oy, and move with the agility and clast*. »ty of youth; the heated braiu lx cooled; the (hat bitten limb* restored. the uncouth deiormitiut re moved; faintnetui converted to vigor, veiAiea to •treugth; the blind made to «ho deaf to bear aad the i aimed term to move upright: the blemiabea ol youth are obliterated; the o<vm(ni1i of mature 11* prevented the calamitk* of old age obviated, aad aa active stroalattom maintained. LADIES Mho have sold hands and foot; weak stoaaaksi lame and weak backs; nervous and sick headaehai diuluossand swimmingin the head, with indig**, tion and constipation of th* Dowels: pain in th* sid* aad back; leecorrhtna, (or wbitee); (ailing ot the womb with Internal oareers; tumors, polypus, aad all that long train os diseases will find in Uectrto Ity a nre means of oure. For paiaihl uu nstraatloa, too profuse menstruation. aad all of thorn long lla* of troubles with young ladies. Electrieity is a eeriala specific, aad will, ia a short time, rector* th* sc Sere* to the vigor ot health. KM-ire hare on It ieetro-Chemical Apparafoe lot extracting Mineral Fonvon it.011 he system, sack ad Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, ftc. hundreds wh* areiroabled wit:--tiff joints, weak lacks, aad vari ous otherdiScaliHO. the direct causa of which, la nine eases oat of ten. is the edbet of ; owoa*asdrags, can be recto red to ar.turai strength aad vigor by th* as* of from fir* to eight Baths. 0«o* hoars fro* 8 o’alook A. u. to 1 r. n.i It I; aadT to Ir.t. Coasaltatioa Fra*. lylttsedt Maine Central Railroad Compnav Tkiifioun'i Ovnci, I Water* tile, Mmj 24th. 1864 1 PERSONS holding Mock tn the old Androscog* ^ gin and K’-uu*bec or feuobecot and Keauebee Kail load (oiopany. or Mock Bond*, now dm*, In And. nod Ken. Railroad Company wi I please have I tb» Mine converted in’o JCcck of tie Maine Ceat al Railroad Company f orthwith, as p*r*nus bolding Stock in the tore er Com; a ties will not be permit* *ed to ride/rre or to mte at the annual tn* eting -r*^^ Ri-nn mtrr and sign t an*lee on tbe lack of old < er liberate-*, and s**nu tvr* uty-flve esnts lor Revenue Stamps on ea, h t erlibcate wanted. Hr order of the Directors. may26d3w J. NYE. Treasurer. Notice* WE tho undersigned naim-d in tbe act invorpo ratiuj the “Juteroa'ionsl Hotel Company'7of Portland approved 2tHh aitc'i. 1S67, hereby give notice that the flrst meeting of the corporators will he held on Tu«»day. the 7th ot June A D 1864. at thr'fo'c'ock iu the alternooo, at *be Booms of the Hoard ot Trad *, to d. vrmino whether or uot said oortora’iou will accept ’^charter of said Company and to transact such other basinet* aa may properly aud lawfully come belt re the meeting. J. H Bitowv. TbomasAmoby HeBLOia, Kuanmliu <' Moody, s. j. Smith, .1 M. Wood. Cort’and Mar 30th —td - Dancing lor Children and Gj uinasties for lAtlies. VNOTIIFR clars for children in dancing will bo organised at 175 Middle street, ou >aturdnv, June 4, at halt past four o'clock. The timo to bo made earli1 r sfler the flrst lesson. Au even-tie cla«* f-r*.*. iu Gymnastics, will bo formed st eight oVl ck at the same place. Terms, | three dollars Ibr twelve lessons. june*dlw AriuiiuUtrairtVa Sale. PUR8UAN i to a lineu-e from the lion John A. Waterman. Judse of Probate lor tbe county *f « <?nmberlse4. t‘ie a<lmi>t«*trulrik «•( the estate of tbe the late Edward B Jaok, ot Westtrook. in said county. drressed, will so 1 st publicsajeon theorem ises, on Ihur-day, the &ili day of Juue A l> 1#M at • 3 o'clock P. M . all t lie interest * 1 which tie raid E. i H Jack died seized in tho rollon leg de-ciiled real ' estate. The homestead of the decease!. situaDd iu •aid Westbrook, u: f ibe road leading from Deeriug's Hr dee to Succarspa, coo I listing of a bo iso. barn *t»d si out 3 aorta laud, i Terms rash. SiRlH Y J ACK, Admin stratrix. Westbrook, May 7,1861. msyfluodlm Orrica 1’ouTt amd.S • co A Poktsmoctd \ UaiL«OAt> t “JtFANY. Portion,/. .)/«, 81,1W4 ) DIVIOFNI) No. 41 nf thl. Company will be pay. able June 15 to Stockholder, oi record tbtaday, l Jane 3 -dtd K NU1T, Trtaamer.

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