Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 8, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 8, 1864 Page 2
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—i ■■"■hi ... 1 , -rg*1 l’HE DAILY PRESS. FOB TLASD, MAI KB. Wednesday Morning:, June 8, 1868. -—.*+0+--— The circulation of the Daily Press is larger ton any other Daily paper in the State, and nouble that of any other in Portland. »8 00per year: \f paid strictly in ad vance a discount of SI .00 'rill be made. HP Rrndiujf Matter an nil Fanr l’aii< «. Union State Convention. The qualified voter# of Maine who desire the un conditional maintenance ol the Union, and th» su premacy of the Constitution, and the complete sup preaaion of the existing rebellion, with the cause there roof, by vigorous war and ail apt and efficient mean*, are invited to vend delegates to a State Con vention to be held at Augusta, on Wednesday, June 29th, at 10 o'clock, A. M-, for the purpose of tomir*ting candid ate# to be supported for *Gov< rnor, ar.d for two Electors at large lor President and Vice Presi dent, and also to transact any oilier business fch*t may com# before the Couvention. The basis of representation will be as follows:— Each city, town aud plantation shall be entitled to one delegate, and one delegate additional for every seventy-fire votes cast for Gov. Cony last Septem ber, and one fora fraction of forty votes Jamhs G. Blaine, Leonard Andrews, N A. Font*.:, Jmoah 4 use s, Ne on I»ie«j .et, Jb., Union II. B. PRESENT. Jamks M J incolh, 8 8. Warble. state Francis Oobb, Daniel Lane. 8 D. Li*lsi y. Committee. (iK)BSK P. 8*WALL, M W. Brou n. IONATlCT* BaUKKUT, Evqkne Hale, William Bmall, J Jan# 1st, 1861 Financial. No. 2. A favorite method of many of the opposi tion papers to injure our Government, and to aid the rebels, 1s to endeavor to create unnec essary distrust of the manner in which our finances are managed; and to depreciate the value of the securities issued, as well as to magnify tha amount of debt. There are men who seem to delight in making loose state ments on these points, and with great appa rent seriousness they try to show that the country i* in a state of bankruptcy and that everything is tending to a general ruin. Out unfortunately their preaching and piaCUvC atC uut luubuubu*. a. iicoc tci j ixitu who for political coda thus preach, go to their tin box or hair-covered trunk with great rel ish and shear off the golden semi-annual prom ises of their “rotten" government.” The force of logic which is contained in eleven and twelve per cent, converts only their pockets apparently, while their disparaging •till goes on. Let us illustrate. In the year 1808, there were held In the Banks of this Stale, goverfl raent bonds amounting to $4,000,(XX). It may he safely asserted that the amount now held Is not less than $5,000,000. We can add to this, an estimated amount of $4,000,000 held by individuals in the State, and we have a total o( $9,000,000. Now this amount shows faith, as well as prudent investment. Capitalists are not the men to place their funds where they have no confidence in the security. The bauks are controlled by men of all shades of political creeds, and yet there is not a bank in this State that does not hold more or less United States bonds, and we have the means ol know ing also, that some of the largest holders are thou banks which are managed by uien of the opposite political party to the administra tion. Facts like these —prove men's honest opin ions better than their street talk, or caucus speeches. Show us sthcerity then, ye doleful copper heads! Let alone these five-twenty and ten forty and seven-thirty bonds with their dainty cuts of twelve per cent., as gold is now. You may try town notes, you may invest in a house lot or a farm, or a State bond even, but re member this—that, set over against your town or State bonds,or house or ferm,there it a bond outstanding, Issued by the United States of America; and that bond must be paid! And your bouse and farm—the city and the State are firmly held for its certain redemption. The Prince of Wales and Wife This young couple are progressing finely and fast gelling Into the good graces of the English people. The young l’rince has re cently raised himself still higher in public es teem by making sereral nice little speeches, patterning very much after his good father's model. These oratorical efforts were made at the annual dlnuer of the Royal Literary Fund over which he presided. This was his first attempt at officiating as chairman at a public banquet, and It is not a matter of sur prise that ail his morements on such an occa sion should he watched by very anxious eyes. The London Journals say he achieved a very marked success, and what teems to please them the most is the fact that he paid a very high compliment to the ladies. It it said that he begun in very early life to have a fancy for the gentler sex, aud It is uot surprising that he should compliment the ladies on public oc casions as welt at fancy them in more secluded places. He must be a little cautious aud not be too profuse in bis compliments, lest bis little wife should become Jealous. It would be a pity to have their domestic relations disturbed thus early in life, with such brilliant prospects be fore them. Court life in England lias not al ways been a very virtuous one, and Euglish aristocracy has not always been above sus picion like Cesar’s wife. We trust, however, that this young Prince will scrupulously avoid all temptations, aud foliuw the examples of his good mother rather than folios* In the footsteps of some of his predecessors in the walks of high life. The Princess, too, is much flattered by the public journals. They say she lias recently won golden opinions by patroulzing a fancy bazaar in aid of a French I'rotestant educa tional effort. We are glad to heat the young gentlemau has so good a wife. If we were to pattern after the London Times wheu speak ing of us, we should ridicule these fulsome praises and treat them with sneers and con tempt; but we will do no such thing. This journal is no pattern for us. We do not crook the pregnant* hinges of the knee that thrift may follow fawning, as Ibis paper does, and the whole world knows it. The Prince paid a high compliment to Mr. Thackeray who was one of the committee on the Literary Fund. That was all very well, and we commend him for it. The Prince Consort did much for literature and the arts. Literature occupies a different position now from wbat it did a century or two ago. Then conventional prejudices refused to recognize or praise only two or three liberal professions, but now more favor is shown to all professions or work which come within the scope of hu mas intelligence. The spirit of the sge is more liberal, and every branch of the literary profession is more properly appreciated in this couutry as well as iu Europe. We arc glad the young Prince has caught this liberal spirit, and hope he will continue to be govern ed by it. Public Meeting of the Portland Society of Natural History. The varied exercise* of the meeting on last Monday evening were exceedingly interest ing. Mr. E. I’. Morse read a paper upon the "Importance of the Study of Zoology,” en deavoring to prove that the pursuit of that science is too much neglected, and suggesting that a portion of the lime now devoted, in our High School, to Chemistry and Botany, should be employed in the study of Zoology, lie was followed by Mr. Neal, who expressed his belief that the greater number of assidu ous students of tbe elements of Natural His tory, particularly Botany, would be found to consist of ladies, and such students should not be deprived, in the higher schools, of the privilege of investigating a science so Inter esting as Zoology. After remarks upon the same topic by other members, the President, Ur. Wood, presented three photographs of the new coai-oil field, near Marietta, Ohio. They were received lately from Mr. Woodruff, of Marietta, and have been donated by Ur. Wood to tbe Socie ty. Our limits forbid copy lag tbe descriptive letter accompanying the photographic prints, but we are informed that the prints themselves will be placed on exhibition in the cabinet.— i In the discussion upon coai on aim us oc currence, Kev. Mr. Holies presented his views in regard to the source wheuce the oil origin ally was produced, expressing his belief that the oil and anthracite are the residue left after . subjecting bitumen to increased heat and pressure. Since the last public nieetiog the Society has been presented with a suite ol convenient settees for the Lecture-room. The following . resolutions offered by Dr. Chickering, and passed with unanimity, on Monday evening, express the sincere thauks of the whole So ! cietv: “H'Aercas—The members of the P. S. N. History, at their meeting on Monday evening, June Gib, to the surprise of many and the gratification of all, found themselves accom modated, and their Lecture-room adorned and completed, by a full complement of set tees, and — H'Acreos—Such is the modesty of the donor that we know not whom to thank specifically, . therefore Resolved—That our hearty acknowledge ments are due, and are hereby offered, to the unkuowu friend of science and of its humble votaries, who has bestowed this gen erous and timely gift,—a gift which, while it furnishes commodious sittings for increased numbers of attendants upon our meetings, will furnish standing occasions for pleasure and profit to ourselves and many others in this community.” The settees and the great California table now render the hall one of the most pleasant places iu the city in which to spend an hour profitably. Interesting papers and animated discussions, in which technical phrases are avoided as far as possible, render these meet ings very attractive to the members and their families. The next meeting will be held on Monday, July 11th. Hanson Block. There are but few buildings in our city bet ter constructed, more conveniently arranged and ueatly finished, than the Hanson Block, Nos. 142, 144, 14fl, Middle street, near the junction of Free street. It was erected in 1857 by Messrs. L. D. Hanson, «t Co., aud was sold to Messrs U. J. Libbey, & Co. about a year ago for $5500. It is 100 feet long,and 42 ft. wide, with an excellent basement. No. 142 ol this building is occupied by Messrs. Lane & Little, who are extensively engaged In the wholesale dry goods trade.— Their stock is large and well selected, and the amount of business done by them is evidence of their favorable standing witli the retail dealers in the State. This firm purchase for cash, of the largest and best importing houses in New York, and consequently can sell goods on as favorable terms as any other house in New Engiaud. They are active, energetic business men, and have the reputation of be ing honorable and above board in their busi ness transactions. No. 14fi is occupied by Messrs. V. C. Han son, A Co., boot and shoe manufacturers, re tail dealers and jobbers. Mr. Hanson is the oldest boot and shoe msuulacturer in the city, now engaged in the jobbing business. He commenced twenty-two years ago and some portion of the time has carried on a large amount of business. This firm now manufac ture ladies’ bools mainly, for the wholesale and retail trade, and have thu reputation of getting up as good an article as is offered in the maiket. They keep a full assortment of boots, shoes leather aud general findings for the jobbing and retail trade. This firm stands third on the assessors’ list in the amount of internal revenue lax paid by the shoe manu facturers of this couuly. The second floor entiance, No. 144, is occu pied by Messrs. Dunn & Palmer, John E. rainier, anu aroses u. i aiuier. aiessr*. iruuu A Painter are successors lo M. G. Palmer, wholesale dealers in millinery and fancy goods. Mr. M. G. Palmer commenced the business on a small scale, over twenty years ago, and by industry and close application he succeeded in securing a competency. The capital thus ac cumulated, he is investing in the safe and pay' ing enterprises of our city. Messrs. Dunn A- Palmer keep a large and well selected stock of millinery and. fancy goods, from which traders can make ai good a selection, and be supplied an as reasonable terms, as at any other house in New England. Their goods go into every part ot this State, and portions of New Hampshire and Ver mont. Mr. John E. Palmer is an agent for the Union Straw Works, Foxboro’, Mass , aud, keeps constantly on hand all the ditiereut styles and qualities of bonnets manufactured at tbat establishment, which be is prepared to furnish to the trade at manufacturers’ prices. His stock is constantly being replenished, and therefore an excellent one to select from. Mr. M. G. Palmer, Secretary and Treasurer of the Portiaud aud Forest Avenue Railroad Company, has an oiBce in this building for the present, intending to have one tilted up on purpose for ilia accommodation, at the junction of Middle and Congress Sts. The third story i» occupied by Mr. Charles H. Schumacher, fresco and. banner painter, and the fourth by Mr. J. P. Eihbey, paper bo* manufacturer, and Messrs. J. Smith, & Co.' belting manufacture!*, of whom mention has been made. Died in Prison. John Monroe Dillingham, only son of Capt. John G. Dillingham, of Freeport, died recently in the Confederate Prison at Columbus, Ga. In July, lcHli, young Dillingham w ith J.A. Hyde of Freeport, joined the Ilousatunic, for one year's service. Alter serving over their time, and after their trunks were packed, and they were ready to leave the following day, volunteers were called for, for what proved the disastrous night attack on Fort Sumter, Sept. 8,18G3. aud these two youug meu, beiug in the same boat, were taken prisoners, and have been confined ever siuce. at Columbia, S. C„ at Richmond, Va. and last, at Colum bus, Ga. Here, at last, this brave young man has obtained a full discharge from all life'* battles, and is at rest. May God pity his pa rent* aud friends, and iris memory be kept green, for such an example to the young men of this nation, and may his bosom companion be restored to hi* family and friend* in safety. _ W. Capt. Emkuy , who is in command of the ship Jack Frost, which sailed for Melbourne on the 31st of January, and is supposed to he lost, with all the crew, was a resident of lliddeford, and was well known aud highly esteemed in this vi cinity . ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. } you* Advertisement• To-Ussy, Tuft’s Col’ege—A. A. Miner. Me. Central K. R. Co.—Annual Meeting. Valuable Real Estate—Henry Hailey A Co. Real Estate in Cape Elizabeth—H. Hailey A Co. lioiae, Ac.—Henry bailey A Co. Bohemian Good*—Henry Haile) A Co. Twenty-fleo Dollars Reward—Geo. Beck. A Card—Thomas Dame. Capt. Jonathan Hill, Co. K. of 8tetsou, has been appointed Major of the 11th Regiment. The Mat Term of the S. J. Court at Alfred, was adjourned on Saturday last. A fresh half-millions of dollars has been given in New' York to soldiers* families. The WAOoirtrains of the Army of the Poto- I mac would reach a distance of sixty-two miles and a half, if placed in a line close together. Tuk Civil Appropriation bill reported to i the House, gives #.'>0,000 for the new custom house in this city. Col. Lakemax, of the Third Maine, arrived in Rath on Monday night, to attend the funeral of Capt. Harvey. Oxe of the Connecticut hailstones that de scended in a recent hailstorm measured 7 inches in circumference. a TiiorsAKD mormons have just arrived at Neir York on their way to Salt Lake. The old world furnishes hosts of these religionists. Kitty-six actors and actresses are about to leave France for Mexico, where a court theatre will be established. “Hop up” and “Wig W'ag” are the appro priate names of two new brands of New Y ork whisky. Tux quantity of cotton burnt on the Red river expedition, is estimated at 260,000 bales, worth $75,000,000. The title of Czar is a corruption of Csesar. It was first Used as a title by Ivan II, of Russia, about the year 1570. How to cook a Steak (From Macbeth). If it were done when 'tis done, then 'twere well if it were done quickly. Mrs. Hopps of St. Stephen, died a few days since, lacking only a few weeks of a hundred years old. A worm called the “currant worm” is using up the currant and gooseberry bushes in wes tern New Y'ork. Twenty persons were baptized in Saco, on Sunday last by Rev. Mr. Wheeler, and 23 by Rev. Mr. Martin. A machine for cutting and planting potatoes has been invented by Mr. Joseph L. True, of Garland. The Pope has borrowed nine millions of scudi (the scudo at 4s. 2d. sterling each) from a Belgian banking-house. Over $400,000 have been taken at the St. Louis Sanitary Fair. There are several huge bars of silver on exhibition, being over a foot long and 3 3-4 inches thick—valued at $11,000. The stoee of Mr. F. A. Day, on Factory Is land, Saco, was broken open on Sunday morn- , ing, and about $1000 worth of silks stolen therefrom, as we learn from the Democrat. At the May Term of the S. J. Coart held in Alfred, Jesse Gould of Biddeford, was admitted to practice as an attorney at law in all the Courts of this State. A Mtcn larger number of emigrants to thiB oountry, from England and Ireland, are endeav oring to obtain passage in the ocean steamers, than can be accommodated. Gabibalm is going back to England in the autumn, by which time it is supposed the policy of France and England will be settled without reference to the opinions or position of the sturdy republican. Yolxg Davis, of Lynn, who murdered Mr. Breed, the grocer, to rub his money drawer for holiday change, has pleaded guilty of man slaughter, and has been sentenced to the State Prison for twenty years. Gex. Neal Dow, by invitation of the City Council of Dover, X. H., gave an address in that oity, on Tuesday evening of last week, upon the affairs of the country and his expe rience at Libby Prison. Capt. Hk.vbv B. Twosult, of Kennebunk. port, late master of ship Anna P. Schnaidt, burned by the Alabama, has been examined and commissioned as Acting Ensign in our Volun teer Navy. Daxiel Fosteb, Esq., Deputy Collector at Fort Fairfield, the “Sunrise” says, seised ten casks of salt on Sunday morning which was being“itnported” without calling at the Custom House to pay Uncle Sam his due. The fcxeral of Maj. Leavitt, of the 10th Maine, who was mortally wounded in the battle of the Wilderness, will be conducted by the Ma sonic Fraternity at Turner, this afternoon (.Wed nesday). A Mtx calling himself John Fernald, lately stole a team at Bangor and was chased through a doten towns but was at last arrested end bound over in the sum of $1000, says the Times, for his appearance at the S. J. Court. Committed. The convicted drunkards the last year in New Zealand were one out of every forty-one persons of the population. Deduct females and children, and there would be scarcely sober persons enough left to try the offe nders. w E hope the prediction or the Cincinnati Gazette will be verified, when it says, as soon as the Internal Revenue bill passes, very nearly all the distilleries will stop. Corn can then be pur chased for less than seventy-five cents a bushel, as the law of supply and demand, with that use of it stopped, cannot carry it above that price. Tin: Bamior Whig saya Joeiah T. Taylor, son of Col. Theodore Taylor of Burlington, was drowned on Grand Falls, Passadumkeag, the 29th of May. He was at work on the Nicatowos Drive. He was about 25 years of age, a young man of much promise and will be much lamen ted. A vest pleasant rumor is in circulation that Max Strakosch is engaged to Adelina Patti who is now astonishing the old world with her won derful vocal powers. If this be true, we should think he would take the next steamer for Eu rope and leave America and "the rest of man kind" behind. The principal reason of Louis Napoleon's inactivity and lack of warlike spirit is in conse quence of the state of his health. He is repor ted to have “Bright's disease" (of the kidneys) a complaint that is certain to carry off its victim in one or two years at farthest. If such is the case, the end of an active reign draws near. Outo Copperheads are yet unhung, although Vallandigliam is bahished. A gang of them re cently made a descent upon the negroes em ployed by the Railroad companies in Hamilton county, and attempted to drive them from the country. They burned the shanties occupied by the negroes as quarters, but the negroes re built them. The ruffians still threatened them, the negroes got arms,and finally wheua body of s z copperheads came to attack them, defended themselves. One white man was wounded, aud two colored men are missing; the negroes, out numbered, retreating, fighting, seven miles to the railroad and escaped. The biiluino well known as the Preacher’s Stand, at tha beautiful camp ground in Keune. bunkport was entirely consumed by an incen diary fire on the evening of the 31st ult. It contained 8 V) cooking stoves and rariousar ti s belonging to the Methodist societies usually occupying tents upon the premises. There was insurance, at a Gorham office, for #300 dollars. But few of the tent frames were reached by the flame* and less damage was duue to the stately trees than was at first supposed, althougii about ; thirty of them were more or lesw injured or killed. A Rescript! m from Rome.—The Right Rev erend Bishop Timon has just received a rescrip tum from Rome, datod the 10th of April, 1864, by which a concession to our soldiers and sailors obtained from the Sovereign Pontiff in the Holy week of 1850, and augmented subsequently in Rome, is now continued for ten years. By it all soldiers and sailors and their families in the service in the army or navy of the United States are dispensed trom Abstinence all days of the year except six, namely: the eve of Christ inas, Ash Wednesday, the three last days of j Lent, and the eve of Assumption. — [Buffalo I Catholic. British Pirate Ships An article in tlie London Star on the dep redations committed by the British privateer Georgia, the Chicago Tribune says, will at tract attention on this side of the water.— The Star admits that American shipping has suffered to the extent of one hundred and twenty millions of dollars at the hands of British-war steamers flying the Confederate flag. But the Star is very much mistaken in saying that no one in the world would suppose the British Government responsible for the piracies of the Georgia. The American peo ple consider that Government guilty, and will surely hold it responsible forlhe property de stroyed by British pirates, and not only so, but insist on full payment for the damage sus- : lained. But the admissions of the Star are impor tant in more respects tiian one. It is conced ed that the pirate is “British in everything but her flag.” She first issued from a British port; she always returns to one to refit, re cruit, replenish, and to sell the proceeds of her rapine. She is now resting at home, “from her raids among the peaceful shipping i of our American friends and kinsmen,” and in a few days or weeks this British pirate will again sally forth from her rendezvous and refuge, sheltered and protected by the British Government, to coutiuue her business of plunder and arson on the high seas; and when she is in dauger of capture she cau es cape into the nearest British port, us she has done a score of times already. We repeat, there will be a settlement day for all this, grim and ample. There will be some smart money to pay—peaceably if possible, forcibly If necessary. Ship Building in Bath. A large amount of ship building is being carried on in Bath the present season, as we learn from the Times. Messrs. Lemont Sc Robinson are building a thiee masted schooner, of about 400 tons. Mr. A. G. Halhorue is putting up the frame of &*hip of about 400 tons in the yard formerly occupied by Berry & Richard son. A ship of about 1100 tons, in the yard of J. P. Morse, will be ready lor launching in August In the same yard, a steam tug boat is building lor Capt. B. W. Morse Messrs. Rogers Sc Reed are building a brig of 300 tons, Messrs. W. V. Moses Sc Sons have a keel laid in their yard for a ship of 1000 tons. Messrs. Geo. F. Patten Sc Co. have commenced an ocean steamer of 1000 tons. A ship of about 1,200 tons is on the stocks, in the yard of Messrs. E. Sc A. Sewell. Messrs. Johnson, Rideout d• Sons are putting up a ship of 1,100 tons. Messrs. Oliver Moses Sc Sons will have ready for launching in about a month, a ship of 1,000 tons. Messrs’ W. Sc J. Drummond have a ship on the stocks in their yard, which will be com pleted in about two months. Messrs. John Patten Sc Son are building a bark in their yard, in the Xorth part of the city, of 000 tons. The aggregate amount of tonnage, in round numbers, is 10,000 Hotel Corporation.—At a meeting cj the Corporators of the International Hotel Company, named in the act of incorporation March 20th, 1857, at the rooms of the Board of Trade on the 7th day of June, 1864, agree able to public notice. The meeting being called to order, Thomas Amory Dcblois was called to the chair and John Neal chosen Secretary. Whereupon it was moved and seconded that the act of incorporation should be ac cepted, and upon a vote being called for and declared, said act was unanimously accepted. It was further voted that the Secretary should be authorized and directed to call the corporators together when thereto notified by any two of said corporators. The Secretary was directed to publish the foregoing record in the daily papers of Port land. Per order. Tiiouah Amory Deulois, Chairman. John Neal, Secretary. Correction, To the Editor qf the Prt$g: In your report of the anniversary of the Portlaud Bight Infantry, you say they were the first to respond to the call of the Govern or, when the .National Capital was In danger. We think your reporter was misinformed, as the records will show, loug before the call was made, Co. E, Portland ltifleGuards, voted unanimously, to offer their services, and Capt. Quinby forthwith proceeded to Augusta, and tendered their services to the Governor which were accepted. After this, so numerous were the application for membership, that it was deemed necessary to organize a secoud com pany. The first made choice ol Wm. M. Shaw lor Captain—recently Major of the 11th Maine, and subsequently l.t. Col. The sec ond company made choice of Wm. M Quinby Captain, who was afterwards commissioned as Captain in the Regular Army. By making the above correction,you will oblige, Yours truly, _ S. Eleventh Maine Regiment. —- The fol lowing casualties occurred on the 2d instant, at the engagement near Hatchers, Bermuda Hundred, Virginia. Eleventh Maine Killed—John K. Bridges, D Yfl entine Cu inner. Wounded—Wm F Roger*. H; Lt Col. W. P. gpoflordj Sergt. James Andrews, t'orp. Geo. W.; AnG. Mclntirv W H Hartford. Mitchell Neddo; Aaron Janury ; Jonrph t). Leavitt; Woi. II. Bua well. A: First Lt ftamnsl K. Newcomb; Corp. Melville Cole; Coffin 8. Leighton: klijon 8 Kelley, C; Stergt. Robt. llr*dy . Corp. J a*. K Bor lev ; Daniel Bean ; Daniel 0. Curtis; Horace W. Brown; Tho*. D. < ook: Dunir-I J. McFarland Tho*. McFarland; Luimau 1? Smith; Hud son K Dyer; Sami. A. Broaedou; Marco Sherman, M.I nette <Jodforth. Richard W. Dane, D, Sewell D Chaialwr lain, O; Secoud Lt Jo- M Thump*.o Wm Green, H ; Thompson. Wm Gn*eu, IF Second Lt. Geo. H Wey mouth: Bergt. Arthur V. Yautior. Frauei* Weno. J, Missing—Capt. Albert O Mudyett; Sergt. Gardiner K Blake, D. Sumner B Bulhm: Martin Y. Eva ant Iaw rence Kelly. D. Review of the Market, For the wwlt ending Jure 7, 18G4. prepared ex pressly lor the 1'kx*s, by Mr. M N. Rich. Nate.—We wish it to be understood that our quo tation* represent prices of large lots from first hands unless otherwise stated, and that lu tilling small or ders, higher rates have to be charged. For Market Quotations See Last Page ASHES—The market isyui'-tand business unim portant. and quota’ior# remain nominal at 11 (in 111 lor Pearl and 9 @ 9J lor l’otash 3 APPLES—We notice a fuither advance for dried Apples, and now quote s iced aud cored 19 a 13c per *!h. Supply very light and prices firm at quotations. Gr«cn Apples are somewhat tinner as stocks • imiu i h Russets are sold at $5 @ #6 per bbl according to condition. BREAD—All kinds remain firm and in steady fall demand a* recent advanc* f We continue to quote Pilot Bread #7oO@7 50. Ship Bread 6’@6i 1> lb, and Crackt rs #4 26@4 50 V hbl, or 45c V 100. BI C A RB SODA—We notice a further advance on Bi Carb Soda, and now quote 9c f> lb. BUTTER—has come in more freelv and prices are easier at some decline. Choice table is in fair sup ply at 30 @ 3k. aud country ball 2i@ 30o. Store Butter of wnich there i* but little, it* heid at about 26@27o. Sales of broken have been made during the week 2c «, 3c loss. BEANS—Pea Beans have been offering freely, and the market is heavy at some decline We now quote 275@ 34). Marrow * remain s'cady at «. 3 go and Blu, Pods n :0@2 75 bushel. BOX 8HOOK8— The market remains dull and In active. as there is little or nothing at this season, and pric*. s a*c nominally lower, as there is no demand for shipment. We quote White Pine at 5£*a,‘53o. ; COOPERAGE— 1 he market I* nearly barren of Mc laases hhd shocks, aud prices have somewhat advan ced. Some 6u00 shook* have heeu sold during the past ten days at prioe* ranging sroin 2 35 @ 2 5 • a few are now being held at 2 75. All other kinds cooperage are dull aud prices nominal at our quota tions elsewhere. CHEESE— We notice a recent advance on Cheese, and now quote New York and Vermont choice dtri* s 2*ia22c p lb which are carcein market, N«*wcheese ban appeared in limited supply aud is quoted at 14@ 17c 1* Hi COFFEE—The market Is quiet, but closes steadily at 51 @ 68o for Java; 45 @ 4i ?o- Rio and 42 @ 44 per lb for Cape. COAL.—The market remains firm and buoyant at the lnfe advance. Dealeia are now a*k ng #13 t»n lor White Aeh, Lehigh and Franklin, deliver-d. Chestnut Coal is held at #11 and Cuinberlatd #12 4> ton (CORDAGE—of all kinds remains stesdy and firm and without materia’ change rxcept for Russia Bolt Rope, which being an important artirlc, has been iu fluemed by the higo rate of Exchaugt *aU ha* ad vanced to .4@2f c; Manilla Bolt Rope we now quote 24j@26c. and Cordage 22$@23c; American Cordage 17 0,180; and Russia Hemp do. 21 (A 23c per lb; Cot ton sail Twino bas advanced to 1 60 per lb. CANDLES—are firm and steady at recent ad vances and we oontinue to quote mould 17o in large lots and 17Jc for small lots. CEMENT—We notice continued buoyancy for Ce ment as the season for the demand is fairly open and prices are firm at 195 @ 200 per cask; best brands sre firm at ourextremo price. CREAM TARTAR—Price* remain firm at the ad vance ree ntlv notion!, and we continue to quote pure crystals 80o, and Pulverized 45o f> lb. DRUGS AND DYES—The market has been quite active during tbs week past and sales large. Prices continue to rule steady but very firm for tho most t t part Bi-Cnrb Soda has advanced; and is now quot- , edhere at »i *«£. C hem oils are held firmly with I omy a moderate demand. Dye woods remain steady and unchanged. Sales mo it rate. DUCK—Cotton Duck has undergone a very decid #d ad vance, and eveopreseutquotati.nsarenotfjlly up to the advance in eotton. The factory pr oee yes terday for Port and No 3 was 1 60-aud No 10, 1 01; I Navy superior No 1, I 40 and No 10, 1 00 per yard— i demand equa' to the supply. DRV GOODS—It will be observed by our quota tions elsewhe. e that all kinds of dry goods, especially Cotton fahiicks havo uudergot e a very great aa* ; vance._ Heavy 87 inch hheetings being bold Arm at 1 46 (* 47 per yard, a'»d other grades correspondingly higu. Bleached Shirtings, Drills, striped Shirtings, Tickings Denims, I'uUouades. Cambrics, Prints, he, have advanced frtm 8 * 6e per yard sincr our last, I and the market is firm and extre uely buoyant at present quotations wlucb are not fully up to the ad- 1 vance in Cotton. Dealers are buying freely and sa es t are large, and it is <1.the 11 It to keep up stocks eufli- ( Cent to supply the demand. . FRUITS—We continue to quote Raisins, bunch box 94 5Tf*4 76, and layers 94 <6*6 00 p box. Cur- j rants are A demand at higher prices We now quote 2«*23c. Figs are also higher, being bold at 8o**81c. We notice some advance on Lemons which we now quote at 7*7 60 per box. Pea Nuts are higher, be ing held at 93 7^*4 On per bushel. Now Dates are j now held at 12*20c lb. FI fill—8 ales OT new large shore Coi have been made here during the past week at 0 60, and small do at 600 per qt. Pol ock 3 26 and Hadock 225 (in large lots). New Bank are otferirg at about 91 cfl f<om the above quotations, without much desire to purchase. Favorable re oits from Bank and Bay , fleets has created an easier market for nearly ail kinds of fish; There is notIrngdoing in Mackerel or Herring; stocks are light anu pric.s for the most part nominal. FLOUR—There has been some improvement in ' the activity of the Flour market, ana trade for t lie week has been fair; the strong upward tendency in f;old has tended to appreciate prices, notwit bstand- I ng rec-Jps have b*en liberal, and the unfavorable | tenor ot the advices per City of Baltimore putting a j check upon the export movement, which ap parently was about to revive, previous to this arri- ; val. Western Extras are hela at 7 76*860: M Lou is Favorite Brands 10*11 • 0 and Southern Illinois I #13*10 61. Canada Flour has advauced in the ratio ' ot exchange, and is quoted at 7 5>*8per bbl. GRAIN—The scarcity of Corn has created a far ther advance of about 26c per bushel since our last; on Monday sales were made at 1 80 and on 1 uesday at 1 85 per bushel, the market closing firm at these 1 pr ces lor both mexed and yel ow. Ua*s are in brisk demand and prices Lave advanced to 80*S2c. We also notice an advance on Rye, Shorts aud Fine ! Feed. Barley is bu c; at previous prices. GUNPOWDER—Wenoticea recent advance on Powder, and now quote Blasting 961(96, and Rifle and Sporting 7*8 keg of 26 lbs. HIDES AND SKINS—Roth dry and green Hides are firm and steady at recent advances: we now quote Buenos Ayres 31*32; Western 26*26; Slaugh ter 9*10: Calfskins are unsettled ; wo now quote 26 *30j p lb Green salted hides and Sheep pelts re main steady but firm at previous quotations. HAY—The market is very firm at recent advance Good pressed hay is in active demand at 928 * 24 Jp ton. L ose Hay come* in very slow; prices are nominally the same as pressed. IRON—the market is firm and buoyant at our quotations, as follows ; common 7Jc; refined 8c; Bwede 10s: Norway ll*12c; Cast Steel31*36; Ger man do25*27e; English Blistered 16, and apringl4 ®17c V lb. LFIAD—Pig is one-eighth ct. higher; we notice sales in New York of 600 tons foreivu at 12-*12*o cash; and 60 tan* 7|. 80 days, payable in Gold Old Lead 11c cash. Brr 14$, and Scect and Pipe 15jc cash LEATHER—There is a be ter demand for Hem lock Sole at prerioos rates The receipts are fa‘r but the demand *qual thereto. Oak Sole is quiet. Hem lock Slaughtered Upper in rough is in fair demand. We now quote New York Light 33*84; do Mediums 3>*37c; Heavy 34*36; do Slaughter 5‘>*55c. Amer ican Calf Skins have advanced to 130*1 6) Jptb. LUMBER—prices for all kinds Lumber con tinue to prevail, as t e demand for local use as well as shipment continues active We quote No. l’a and 2*h clear Pine *38*40 p %f; No. 3 928*30, and No 4. 920*22 ; Shipping 928*96; Spruce917 *20; Hemlock 10 *12 p M. Spruce Scantling and Timber scarce at 914*16. Joist are also very scarce and firm. Hackma tack Timber 910*20 p ton. Clapboards Heart Extra are selling at 933; Clear do 930*91; No. 1, 919*16; 8ap Clear 924 *26; do 2ds 920*21: Spruce Extra are worth 917 00 *20 00, and No. 1 912*13. Shiugles, FIxtra Pine are quoted at 94 60*6 00. and Clear Pine 93 50*8 75. Fixtra shaved Cedar Shingles are worth 93 87*4 00; do 2d 8 93 26*3 60 p M. Laths. Pine are seTlingat 91 60*2 26. and Spruce at 91 37*1 50 p M. Our quotations for box thooka aad oooper age will be found elsewhere. DfrRD— remain* firm and steady at the advance previously noticed, and we continne to quote 15j® 16jc P Ib 4 TS MEIALS—Tin has undergone a great advance ■inco the date ot our la-t, and prices are still very buovant with a strong tendency toa further advanr* Banca Tin ne n^wquot- 65&68c. and Strait* 69 o}62 • Char I C 81»c$19 6fl, do I X 822} §28]: Coke 81* Ibfa •19. Sheet Iron is nomina’ly higher, but there is little or nothing doing. MOLASSES—The upward tendency of the molas ses market hai beeu well supported The limited margm afforded to importers at present prices effects to impart great firmness to the market at present quotations; good clayed is held at 80. nothing but inferior can be purchased at less figures. Several very choice cargoes have recently arrived in this market and are h-ld at the following prices by importers: — Porto Rico, 1 10, ( i> ufuoos 1.00 aud Mu«oovadn R7 u too per gal Tart clayed weqaotenominal at70fe73c. NAILS—Cut Nails are firm and buoyant at §7 COaj 7 60 per cask NAVAL STORKS—Turpentine remains firm and steady at recent advances and we continue to quote 3 fiO@3 76 per iral. Resin is also higher and is now held firm at 844 00@4* 00 per bbl. ONIONS —Bermuda Oniors are more scarce, and now held at 10t$Uc |» lb. OILS—Kerosene oil has advanced 2]c since our last. Factory prices now are for lOOo gal lots ?2jc: 5 bb! lo’s 75, and tingle bbl 77jc |> gal. We notice a decline in Linsedd Oi>, aud now quote raw 1,65, and boiled 1.70. Whale oils are nuchangsd but prices are buoyant We notice some des'ine on Bank and Bay fish ort, and now quote PAINTS—We notice a continued buoyancy in the market or nearly all kinds Paints. Portland Lead in oil we now quote at 17 25, and Cumberland do 16 76; American Zinc *l<>q,l8; Purs Dry Lead 818; Rochelle Yellow 4c; Litharge and Red Lead 18c |> lb. PRODUCE—The Produce market continues active with a good demand for all kinds, exceeding the supply for many articles which continue 10 have an advancing teudency. We quote potatoes $3 00@8 25 pbbl. Eggs continue to be held at 2Tk^21c Baiter is rajre plenty and has a downward tendency. Beef has advanced, and we now quote fresh 0 carcass 12q,13c. PROVISIONS—The activity and baoyancy in the market ha* continued throughout the week aud pri ces have advance 81 afl per bbl; Portland packed. Extra Clear 883^34. Clear 831 a 33 60. mess ill® 31 60. and pHme i7a 18. Western Hams are he'd at 17^l8c and City smoked }c higher. Lard romaina firm and unchanged RICE—Wo notice an advance on Rice and now quote 11 C ib. SUGAR—Prices haae continued to in van co daily throughout the week ou all good* of Sugar, Crushed Granulated and Powdered were held yesterday at 24j%®24J: Sales of Portland A A mere male yester day at 17c snd Yellow 171 Mu*c >vado has advanced to 18a20e Havana White 29$21<- Brown I9@20c per lb. prices v»ry firm and the market characterized with extremes buoyancy. SALT.—We notice a farther advance on salt, ard now quote Turks Island, Cagliari and Liverpool 95@ 6 75 per Hhd. Ground Butter salt has also advanc ed to &)o per Box. 80AP—Leathe A Gore's prices remain steady as follows:—Extra No 1 114c; Family 10; Oleiue 114; Soda 111, aruJ Cranes 11c. SHOT—We no tic? an ap.tance on Shot and now quote Drop I7jeaud Buck 13c per lb. 8PK E3—There is but little demand past at this time and prices rule nominal. Nutmegs we now quote at 140&l 45 and a slight advanoeea Cloves, which we now quote at 55c p Ib. Pepper has ad vanced 45a47c plb. Ginger has also advanced to 46#49c. and Pim- n’o to 3SS36per lb TEAS—The Market i« dull and Bplcse haveing though no decline has taken place here aa yet and we cou'iuue our quotations nominally as follows, cho ce Oolong 115@18f»; common do 110*31115; Souch ong, Aegoi and lower grades 85'ato; and Hyson 86&1.10per lb TOBACCO.—The market rrmairsquiet ard piicea nominal, at our quotations the market will probably a s’guc wore active!* now *han the tax Bill baa been settled, taxing all tobacco from which the stem has been taken, i. eluding fine cat, 36 cents per | ouud ; smoking tobacco, with stem in, 95 cents, cut smok ing obacc ' mado of at v. 15 cuits M st'.* r. and H Hessen£ers, In N Y , tobacco circular of l«t in*t says "We have expeiienced a very dull month for Mauufac tir d Tobacco The alight changes if ativ, favor purchasers The stock cf good keeping qualities is by no means abundant.*’ WOOL—Price* here remain at present unchanged in N Y.. we notice that an increased demand pre vailed and the iharkst assumed a firmer tone, under the promulgation ot ihe new Tariff rate*. I ho vio lent fluctuations OlGold however, have tended to unsettle the market, aud although prices realized are somewhat higher, yet they aro to a considerable ex’ent nominal FREIGHTS. Business contiou a to be restricted iu c inscquence of the high rate* of seamen's wages, and the cost ot ti ting- ut Ac, which leaves so sma I a margin for profits, that masters are reluctant in making engagements at present gftea lab « uba. aa more remunerative busitKS«fs offrted elsewhere in Coal freights, Ac. Sch Georgia D*eri*g for Grace Bay. i B, to lead tor New Haven with coal at 5.75 pr ton. and sch Decotah (5001 box shook* capacity) for Cardenas with iu labor and coop* rage for Ihe round sum o' 81400 out, are all tie engagements that have c mis to our knowledge during thv week Uoastwist freights are dull and out little doingjust at ihi* time We nave heard of no tranactiona w orthy of note. SPECIAL NOTICE*. Beautiful Women. f-W' I w II! warrant to any person using my Pim pie Banisher a beautiful complexion. It w ill re move lav, freckle*, Pimples, Morphew, tee., ir from one to four week*, imparting to the skin a beautiful whte, bland appearance. Morphew, 01 that yellow deposit so often been upon the &o« and fort head, vanish by it* use like dew before the morn ingsA. Address Dr. J. B GOODNOW. P. O. Box 184, New Bedford, Mss*., enclosing £1 and stamp. maylSdAwlui Caps Llizabkth, July 1,1868. Sib:—During my connection with the State Be form School, as a teacher, L. V. Atwood’s Bitten were introduced there and used with marked success particularly in Bilious affections. Youre, Ac., A. P. HILLMAN. Hanover, Mb., Oct. 1,1861. Dear Sir —I have used L. F. Atwood’s Bitten for some 10 or 15 years. 1 have tried a great numbei of medicines for Dyspepsia,but without effect. Then Bitters are the only remedy that have ever relieved me of this distressing complaint. My neighbor! have also been greatly beneiitted by the uso of them JOEL WoW. HTIiev^irt of Counterfeite and base imitations tome qf which aer signed “A/.” F., instead qf L. F Atwood. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, ana as a S’jfeguard against imposition bears an extra l a ukl,counter Signed II. H. HAY, Druggist, Port land, Me., sole General Agent. For sale by respectable dealers in wdlcine gener ally. Ian 16 6meodAw 3 Teeth like Pearls and Breath or Swrst Nn*e obtained by the use of that popular Dentifrice Fragrant “8oz*dont,” a composition of the choic est and recherche ingredient*, the three most impor tant requisites, cleanliness efficacy and convenience b**ing present in the high st possible degree of per feet ion It removes all disagreeable odors, scun and tartarou* adhesion*, insuring a pearl like white ness to the teeth ; gives tone to the bieath aud a cool delicate aromatic fragrauce to the mouth, which makes it really a toilet luxury. It seems to be in great flavor with the ladles. Sold by Druggists everywhere, at 75 cents per bot tle. mch&l dlt O SPECIAL NOTICES. A Card. The officer! and members of PacjUto Engine Com pany, No. 9, wish to return th*ir sincere thanks to 0. uucilman C. R. Ladd, of Ward 7, for the* boun tiful supply of Refreshment* furnished them at the dre ou the 7th inst. Per Order. TiiOS DAME, Clerk Notice Cxiru. HOOF SKIRTS <V OORHETH. The best and cheapest assortment in Portland at A N 1> K KSON’8 HOOPSKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, Under Mechanics’ Hall. Special agent for the sale of the celbrated sewed Skirts, made by the Belle Monte Skiit Company of Boston and New York. xr Hoop Skirt* and Corsets made to order — __ _ Junetidtf Opening of Summer Bonnets. MRS. A. COLBY will, on Thursday, June 2, open a choice selection of Summer Bonnett, Capn, Ilead-drenne*, Sfc., To which your attention is respectfully invited. No. 5 Free street Block. Portland, June 1, 1804. juldtf THOMAS G. CORING, DRUGGIST, -AMD PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Cerner ef Exchangr A Federal St’*. A perfect fit guaranteed. The poor liberally con* sidered. mch2&dtf Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MDDLt ST., PORTLAND, Me., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12,1844. may !2d>>m CL X K K ’ 8 DISTIL.LKD RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, Restores Gray and Faded Hair and * Beard to in Natural Color, AHD IS A MOST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Restore* the Color. 1 CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Eradicates Dandruff. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Promote, it. Growth. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prevent, it, falling of. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I, an nneq nailed Dre«»ing. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. 1, good for Children. | CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I, good for Lading. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, I, good for Old People. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, I, perfectly harmle,,. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contain, no Oil. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE. I, not n Dye. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Beautidee the Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, In splendid lor Whiskers. | CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Hair la iu IMace. CKARK'S RESTORATIVE. Cares Nervous Headache. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Prevents Eruptions CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Stop* Itching and Burning. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Keep* the Head Cool. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, la deiightlully perfumed. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. * Contains no Sediment ! CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Contain* no Gum. CLARKS RESTORATIVE. Polishes your Hair. 1 CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prepare* your lor Pnrtiec. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prepare* you for Ball*. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, All Ladie* need It CLARE’S RESTORATIVE, No Lady will do wilhoat it. i CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Cost* but tl. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, la Sold by Druggists and Dealer* Every where. Price tl per bottle.~~6 bottle* for 86. C. U. CLARK k CO. fiorRinoBS. W V. PHILLIPS, Portland, General Ageat. March 3, 1864. mch8eodly State of Malar. Executive Depaetmert I Augaet*, May 1»>, 1894. I Au adjourned session of the Executive Council, j will be held at the Council Chamber in Augusta, on Wednraday, tLe eighth D*y of June next. Attest: El’IIRAlM 1L1ST.1R., maySSdtd Secretary of State. "Huy Me, and I'll do you flood.” Use Dr. Lung ley’s Root and Herb Bittern j Kor Jaundice. Coativenea*. Liver Complaint. Hu* moys, Indigestion. Dy*pep*ir», Pile*. Dizxfno**. Head* acho. Dro«r»m. a*, and ail d isease* arising fro^n di§ ordered dtomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all penious are aubjeit in sprits* aud lurnmer. They cleanse the ayatem, regulate tn»* vr-1-. re store the appetite, purify tho blood, and give Round* new of mind and strength of bod* to all who use them 8o d bv all dealer* in Medicine everywhere, at 26, SO aud 75 cent* per bottle GEO. C. GOOD WIN A 00.,87 Hanover Street. Boston, Proprie tors. ap2 d4m you are in want of any kind of PRINTING tall at the Daily Pres* Office tf Bo*to» Sunk List. t Salk* at the Brokers’ Board, Ju>* 7. I 12.000 American Gold,... 1981 19,000 .do.198; 600 do.193? 7.000 .do (Specio Cheek)*3j 5.000 . 1931 1,500 United States? 3-b'ths lAug).l'W , loo j 2.000 U nited State* 5-20’*.106 »«*).... do.Iasi 1.000 .dr .106 { 1,700 United 8tate* July Coupon*. ..193j 1,010 Ogdenahurg l*t M^rtgige Bonds,.1064 6.000 Ogdcusburr 2d Mortgage Bond* ...... • 2 Eastern Railroad. 1C9[ |_MARRIED. In Richmond, by Rev Mr I.*n.tjur», Nathaniel 1 " entworth. ol 8th Me Reg. and Mr* El'iia V Went 1 worth, of K In Hath. Jane 8, by Key <> P Mathew*, Erra Him and Mi** Mary 11 Crooker. In Woolwich, June 5, uuincv A Duaton and Mm Janet Percy. Charles 11 Wiillam* aad Mm Sarah J Puriuton, all of W. DIED. ■ .A,..,’0.ln* L"okoB<- Md, June 3. Ltt'ol Boothby, 'V..M,,'V*lr* *lrom wound* lecciv.d iu the Battle of the W ilderneaa. Iu South Berwick. June 5. Mr Tho# Jewetf. aged ** |*iai,y >e*ra a successful aud highly re a pec ted merchant; in 1864-0. he maa Bauk ( uniniis aniuer of the Stair. In Brunswick. May 3K, Mr Jehu U P<r»on», aged 37 years 5 tnon'hs I luTcnaham May 31, Perry C. non or Edwin aud stone, aged 3 vear* 3 meuth* In Pembroke. April 3ti, Mr* Amelia, wifcol 1*»« Miuchee, aged Id years. SAILING or OCEAN 8TEAM9U1P8. •Tianan fupm non oAIto “t,,B.lover pool.New I ork... May 25 Damascus.Liverpool ... Quebec ■ Mu 36 Kangaroo.Liverpool.New York. May 18 Bellona London. . New Yo*k... May *"W Edinburg.Liverpool.New York. May 28 Bremen.Souftmmnton.New York. May 38 China .Liverpool.Boston.May 38 Saxouia. Southampton.New York May SI Scotia.Liverpool.New York. .June 4 Persia.Liverpool.New York JuuelS Asia..Liverpool .. Boston.Julc 35 Westminster.New York . Liverpool...June 8 Kedar. New York Liverpaol... .Jnue 8 Matanza*. New York. .Havana June 8 Havana.—.New York. Havana June 8 I Asia. Boston ..... Liverpool..-.. June 8 City or Baltimore New York Liverpool.lone It Loudon New York Liverpool-June 11 Ktna.New York. Liverpool. ...June 11 Nova Scotian . ..Uaebee.Liverpool June 11 Australasian.New York.. Liverpool Juuo 15 Virginia .New York.. Liverpool.June 18 Bremen.,.New York. Bremen.June 18 Coraica.New York Havana June 13 j gidou.New York. . Liverpool June 22 China.New York.. Liverpool... .Jnue 33 [ Kuropa...Boeton.Liverpool June20 I gcotia..New York.. Liverpool Juuo&* : jl’.a" ■.■■■ 'i ■ ■■ —egeaesa MINIATURE ALMANAC. 1Yr<lae>«lnr. iur 8. Soarian..r... ■ 4 23 f High water. . 1*5 Sun MU.;..... 7 3* J Length of Raya... H.12 MARINE NEWSJ PORT OP PORTLAND. Tneulay.Jaae 7. ARRIVED. Steamer Forest City, Liscomb. Boston. Steamer New England, Field, St John N B for Boston. Sch Elect ic Eight, Wallace, Boston. Sch Harriet Kmler, Hamilton, Boston. Sch Maryland, Waiker, Yarmouth. Sch J Warren, Grant, Rrooksvillc. Sloop Stephen urr, Merriman, Vinalharen CLEARED. Barque St Jago, W hile, Havana—Chare Bros ACo. Ba k Trinity. Nickerson, Boston—master. Brig Nellie, (Br) Nckel*. St John NB—master Sch Ionia, (Br) Miller, Windsor NS—A D Whid deu. Sch EG Willard, Parsons, Philadelphia-E G Wil lard Sch Bramball, Picker, Boston—J H Brown k Sons Blocp Hector, Morse, Bath J M Winslow. SAILED—wind NW—Bark Trinity, brig Kellie; Br rch Ionian. f PIIOM OUR CORKS* rOKDXVT: J KFJ4SF.BCNKPORT, June 4-Ar, schs Superior, Robinson. aud Concer, Droun, Boston. In port, waiting wind nebs Wm Penn, Carter; | Martha, Crediford; Novel, Crediford, and Frank, Chard, for Boston. A hoe barque of 436 tons, called the “Jenny Riling* j wood,” was launched troiu the yard of O B Rideout, at Bavride. Calais, on the 24th ult. She is built of | excellent material aud tastefully finished. C'apt Ellingwood is to command her. DISASTERS* Sch II K I unton, (of Rockland) Sherman, from Providence for New York, in balla* , was in colli ►ioh on Thursday night, at 11} o’clock, whoa aboif midway of the bound, with propeller Ringftsber. and had cutwaUr, bowsprit, asd jibboom carried away, aud stem started She put into New London j for repair!. Barque Sierra Nevada. Tenney, from Remedtos for : San Francisco. put into New York 9th Inst, for re- j pairs, haviug on the 29th alt. in lat 32, Ion 78, dur- * ing a heavy gale from N K. shifted oargo and sprung a leak. Ship Dioae. Gats*. from Baltimore for San Fran cisco.encountered a heavy gale Mcb 24, in lat 88 30 S Ion 63 W, which lasted 48 hours, during which sbe I ■hiij.d several seas, doing considerable damage and causing the vessel to spring a leak. Sbe was abandoned April 13. in lat 22 23 N, Ion 66 30 W. ltd ail bauds went on board sch Equity, Hardy, from liarbadoes for London. DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANC1CSO—Ar 31 nit, barque Camden. Mitchell, Te kalet. George Washington. Green leaf, Freeport; 5tn, Mar?', Brock. BefTfngham Bay; 8th. ship Germania, Townsend, New York; 9th, barque Harvest goeen, Filery, Yokahama; lOtb, ships Vol unteer, Crow ell. Boston; I F Chapman, Miller, New York; brig Glencoe. Morgan, Pan Pod.o. Cld 4th ult. ships Valparaiso. May hew. for Callao; , 6*b. St Char lei, Higgins, Baker’s Island. NEW ORLEANS—Cld 28th, ship Lancaster. De can. Philadelphia; barque Bradford, Cables, New York; sch > Sawyer, Gaiuage. Matamoras. In port 27th, brig Haze, Burton, for a Northern port via Cuba. BALTIMORE—Cld 3d, schi Maine Law. Ames . burv, Boston via Church Creek, Md : Dirigo, Cook, and Ovoca. Mftchell. New York. Cld 6th. brig Kei.j Delano, Uax’er, Boston. {Sid5th. brig Cha< Wesley, Ford. Kittery. PHILADELPHIA—Cld 4th, brig J H Uenaedr, Smith Port Royal'SC; sch Emma Hotchkiss, Rob bins. Saco NEW YORK—Ar 5th, rch* U D. Powers, Belfast j Honest Abe. Conary, Portland: Uontlie. Getcbell, Itocklaud : Lizzie, Glover, do; Fr lie. Kennedy, do for Staten island; Lucy Amos. Flanders. Rockland; j M Fillmore. Chase, and A J Horton. Baker, Boston; Hannah l*, Chase, Gloucester; Sarah Buck, Drover. . .Sullivan; H Curtis, Hassell, Providence; Forest, , Stront. New Haven. Ar Gth. barque Texas. Horton, fm Matanzas. brig Baltic. Hooper. Cow Bar CB. NEW LONDON—Ar 3d, sch William A Crocker, Pierce. Baltimore for Groton. BRISTOL—S!d 4th. ache Vo ant. Cousins, and Madagascar, Heath, (both from Ellsworth)for New York. PROVIDENCE—Ar 6th. sch* Ceresco. Smith, fm St George NB; Agenonn, Means, E izabetbport. Bid Mb. sch Boa Bird* Wallace, New York, (cr Cherrv field.) ilE.n ( UAI —AI D U, •«-•»> vuiu«uuw»c> , Ulivu* ■«! Cboptink River for Boaton: Agenoru, Memo*, tliiu betliport for Providence: Melbourne, Muon, do lor lUlfowrll; Kxprew. Wheeler. Georgetown DC for Kingston. Ms, II S Boynton, Herrick, fm Prudence Island for Bangor or New York: Judge Tenney, Dean, from F.ltzabethport for Boeton: Ruth Thomas. Dean, do for do. «KALL RIVER—Ar 6th. sch Foreat, Conary, from ockland. MOLMKB'B HOLE—Ar 4th, echs Chara. Crowell. Boston for 1‘huadelphia; Bar Stats. Verri’l, from Rockland for New York : Belle. Jordan. Ellsworth for Xsw Bedford: Gen Scott, Tapley. Bangor for Dtglitoo. Sid. tcha Georgia, fbes Moore. Jolla Hewetl.Ex ArTth. sch W H Mailer, Randall, from Portland for Fortress Monroe. NEW BEDFORD—Ar 6th. sch Belle, Gordon, fm Camden. MARBLEHEAD—Ar 6th. barque G W Horton. I'aekaid I'hiladetphla I.O'TON — A r nth. barqae Aberdeen, Cochran, fkn Koiidutit. sobs Medium. Guntlll, St Andrews NB ( narlotte Ann, Audrewa. Rockland ;sJeruhs Baker, Bartx nck. 1‘orttssd; I'niou. Law. Biddrford. Ud 6th. barque Walton, Huberts, for yuelarc: sch Reno, Lambert, Macbiu. Sid 6th. barque Saliote; brigs Madalioa. and A C Tucker. Ar 7th. bumue Lillies, Gilmore, fm Philadelphia; brig Meteor. Cmwi **—♦ y»*yt A»w. *«•» pics, Bermuda: Wo Pop®. Smith. Machias; Foreat, Jordan, and Agnes, Young. FJlsworth; Preference. Stanley. Bangor; t atharinc. McNrar, Wise asset; Elizabeth B, Bzcon. New Tort, in the bav-shlp Kitty Simpson, from Remedies. Cld 7th. schs Gen huox. Barter. Cheater River, Md: Abide, Knight, Philadelphia; Harper, Coombs, Bucksport. Sid. ships Harrisburg, Art Inion. 8AI.F.M—Ar*th. sen Niger. Thompson, N York: 5th. brilliant. Hatch. Bangor: Enterprise, Pitcher, i do for Middletown. Ct. • BANGOR-Ar 5th schs S B Stebbius. fm Boeton ; Olive Elizabeth, Hamilton, and Ellen Merrican, llamiltou, Portland. Cld 6th. brig Nigretta. Rice, Remedios. echini son, Williams. Portsmouth. FOREIGN POETS. At Panama 27th ult.steamer Golden Age.Lapndgr. from San Just ar. to return in a few days} ship B S Kimball, Dearborn, disg. At Valparaiso 1st alt. ship Alice Thoradthe.Thorn dike, from New Zealand, ar April M. for Melbourne, loading. Ar at Quebec 2d iast, steamer Nova Scotian, Gra ham. Liverpool. Ar at Halifax 30th nit. sch Atlanta, Bngley, from East port. (Per steamship Etna at New York.) Ar at Liverpool 91st alt, Alice Tsinter. Burnaby. Shanghae; 29J, Eureka. Smith, fm Boston: 24th, J <u turnings. Hook way. New. York Sid 21st, Gen MeLellan. Trask, and Hlen Austoa, Kennedy, New York; 24th North America, Catting, do; Knd>mi a, Williams, do. Ar at London 25th. Filin Franca, Anderson. New York At Deal 24tb. Trimoantain, Field, Callao for Ham burg. Ar at do 21st, Mary Wnrrea, Homewood, An Lon don for Auckland NZ Sid fm Sunderland l3d, Congreei. DHnkwater, ter Sbaughae. Ar at lUotoon March SI. Fanny Kook. Sweetser. Buenos Ayres; April 2 Assyria, Delano. Marseiilee; 9th. Allred Lemont. Pease. Point de Gaile Sid March 31. Mary Goodell. McGilverv. Queens town or Falmouth: April?, Baden. Stilphen, Bom bav; lo h. Agra. Evans, London. Ar at Akyab prev to April 16. Augusta Norwood, Higgins. Siugai»ore. Ar at Batten April 6. Josephine. Paine. Rangoon. > bid tm Maul main April 9, Salween, (into Am ship Xap!e*)Mrout. Queesstown nr Falmouth. Ar at t acut’a April 12. Ellen Foster. Robinson, - Point deGalle; 15th. Nicholas riddle. Me Dtarmid, New York. 17th. Archer. Crw*ey. Hong Kong Ski April 14. latmos Spring. Boston; 20tb, Sarah i Park, Vaughan. Maulmaiu. „ * . Ar at Bombay April 14. Sebastian Cabot, Steel*, * i Liverpool; list, Harvest Home. Dickey. MnuImam; 22d. ( ol Lcdyard Wells, do. / in p<rt April2*. Protector. Clark, for Liverpool; Worien.biirg, Chase, lor Rangoon; Marabou, for New Yoik. Idg at £9 Is«d. Grotto, 6*7 tans, sold j for 32.000 rup+e*. __ .__ i Aral Marseilles 19:h n't. Winona, Pickett, from New York Ud 19th. Eleanor a, Wilson. New York Ar at Flushing list ait,Charlotte W W hue Griffln, ‘ Callao. r IVr »trom»lilp ('hint, at Boelon i ! Sid fm Liverpool 2 lb ult. Albart Gallatin, IH-lano, New York Waterloo, B»b«u Boeton. ! EM for l.lg Slot. J U Rjreraon. Fatieraon for N«w York. Ul. Sea, Brown, Boaton: ttar of Ibe Waat, Perry. New York ; 26th, John Clark,for do; J Cam nuiirt. B>r Pliiladrlphia. Sid fu Gravraeod 24lh, Hudaon. Potter. for Kin* '(MMhweei die, 2d ib, Coagreaa, Drink water from Sunderland •bsingarore , „ Ar at Car.lit 20th. Lahoramna, Kay mood, Port l*sW28d, Cllm* Dnyennort. Ol *. KioGrande; *>ib, Harry Bluff. Kedman. New York. Md tm Newport 23d, Henry t lark. Townc. Nnw ' lid Sicily tttk. American t ougreM. Woodward, Loudon lor New York. off Terry Island prav to SSth. l acittc. Morgan, tm Glasgow for Boston. Ar at Santa Crus. 11th ult, Predonia, Burke, from Bo>:on Chi at Trieste 21st ult, MarU Morton, Woodward, Ntw York Ar at S’ Xaralre 23d ult, Shooting Star. Drink* water. Ca lao At at Havre 22d ult, Geo GiUwold. PettengUI, f» Chinch**. 23d. J Bryant. Gardiner do Ar at Antwerp 21st ult, Charlotte W White. Urif liu. Callao Sid tm Hamburg 21st ult. Goldea State. Delano. Now York; 24th, Free trade, Storar. for Gotten Ar at Cronstadt 17th aC, I* U Hardline. Cunning ham, Boston _ „ Aral Akvab AprU 4. Kddvstone, Carver Galle; M J Smith. Smith. Singapore (aad sailed 6th lor Baaaoiui: Augusta Nora ooo. Higgins do \aud failed for Rangoon). 9»h. OaenbrWge. Berry. Singapore; II b. E Sherman. Blanchard. Amherst; l'ericles Snow. Bomba) .(aud s tiled i«r Barmin * S d April 2 i cm Dupont. Gifford. Bmin; Ji Anna Docatur, Pickering, Falmouth, K: 13th. Del phiue. Nickels ^ off do April 6th. Viking. Chisholm, from Sydney NSW tend was ordered to Rangoon » Ar at Ra.x.-u in April 2. Martha Bowker. Goodburn, Akvab; 3d. .lamea F Pat tea, Percy do; oth, New I Hampshire, Lord, do „ „ „ Sid March 2c D L Choata,McManus. Europe; 30th J Baker, htevens, do. *. ,. „ L 4 hid fm Bombay AprU 14th, Esmeralda, York, fer Calcutta, ... Greenock. May 23 The Glenalvon. alts, which sailed for New York, put hack 22d, leaky-waa sur veyed and ordered to discharge. SPOKEN. April 7. lat 1 8. Ion 26 W. ship Rival, from Boston j for hau Frareiseo. I May w. lat 30 2» Ion 66.40, barque Springbok, fm | Bouton for fit Dotniugv. June k, off Clilnoutcague, wav »een barque Iddo Ktrnt.all, trom Nrw urlcanv for Philadelphia Juni-2, lat 37 37 N, Ion 63 40, Kh Kate Walker, < from Bangor lor Demarara. I Junes, int 38 80. Ion 68 30, brig Antelope, trom Fort laud for llatnua. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. DEEHINO HALL. Italian Opera ! Big. Brignoli's Farewell in America. 1111E public are respectful.’jr informed that lb* . principal lyric artists from the JtaJian Op* ra Academy ur Music, Kew York, Boatou aud Phila delphia, including MISS ADELAIDE PHILLIPS, The celebrated Priuia l>onna Contralto. MIO. BKItiNoLI, Primo Tenure, 8IG. MaNCCsJ, Primo Baritone, 81G. SL'SINI, Basso 1'rotund o, Will give this Wednesday Evening, June 8th, Their Third and mou positively (*rand Operatic Peitormuncr, When a Grand Concert an 1 .seeBes and Acts from THKBE IMFFliUKYl Ol'EKAS. The moot extraordinary and high'* attractive I’ro gramme of th« irawn Paar I-GRAND CONCERT. i GluouJ. Si*. Man curl. Ho. a. Kathleen Maroureen, So tch Ballad. *. Vmai la mi* \ endetla, Lucretia I'urgia. No. 4. "Vita, the laagh," Ileudelari. nf.'f rhluipi. Vaara-Fioale from LUCIA d'LA M M k.KM<" >1C. 8ig. Brlguoll, at Edgardo. Pa*t 3—Grand Libert* Duett from IL PLR ITANI • I ** ““"ft “ Fir Ricardo * g. buuni. ae _ Mlr (iTOrg, PART 3. The laat Aet of Doniaetti'e celebrated Opera LA F A V O li I T A : Mlaa PblIMpe. aa , Rig Brlguoll. a. Feraando! Marioal Director and Coadaetor, Big Beede’arl. Admieeion 76 cent#. Reeerred seat fl 00 heat ma* be tee a red for both ijebte at Paine'a 1 Mu.ic .tore Door open at 7J—concert commence at * o'clock, | .. * juneTdtf Maine Central Railroad Company. Auaual Meeting on Wetnndi;, j0ne ‘39 IM4, at Wnterrille. TIIE Stockholder* arc hereby notified that the Annual Meeting of tbs *f the Maine Central Railroad Compaar wm to told at Toon Balt In Wnterrille, on Wedneadar June 2fl IMt. at 10 o'clock la the foteuoou. to tel oa I he foil loving article#, lit lat—To hear the Report* of the Director! and Treasurer of >aid Company, aud act thereoa. M-To make choice cf a Board of director* for . the taenia# year. * 8. 1‘. BENSON, Clerk Wnterrille. May 31, Into. JuaaSdtd Tiilt'a C ollege. THE Anaial i omineacemeut of Tnffe Colleec takea place oa Wedaeaday, July 13. Tb# first ; examination of candidates far admiaaiou to the Col lege will to told on Thuraday. Jaly it Tb* socond on Tueeday. A*g »3d. lac next term begins on , Toaraday, Aug fcth. Board «3 Jo per week A A nlNEK, President College Mill, Jane 6th. 18 t. JuneSeounw £93 Reward ! STOLEN from the ratocriter on Tuesday Brra ing, while in Prinee’k auction room, a Calf Skin Pocket Bank contain* Bit in money, a note a*aiaet Chariee Uod*don, Uorham, for $M,nnd me against (barlee Moo per for 111. Ttoabove reward will be [Mb^b'l'eT"7 °' ,h* Pr0,W,,J “* « Tuna*.—If OEORUE BE( K Compositors Wanted. ONE or two .fieri class female compositor* will •ad constant employ meat, and the h rheetrat.s paid in the city, on application at THIS ok PI„E mayVdtf Special Notice TO SHOE DEALERS. THE Sxbicriber iron'd re.p#c!fu'Iy call the alton lfc>n of mail .bee dmler, having luexltoaa lor ; tha ante oflmdiea’ booU. to tbe .uperiority of tha good! manufactured by him He ha» been rugiged In the manufacture and tale of ladta.’ boot! bud •hoe* for tbe laat thirty year* In Hatton; and there are few *hoe-dealer» In it pm England who hare not heard of John klmbn I, boot and *ho» dealer, aod iorenter ot what i* called tbe Kimball Laat, former ly of 43 rreal out Bow. Boetou. Hia tong experience aa a manufacturer will aaable him to furntab a better feting boot than can be found claenhvre hi tbe btUre. aad to ie now .upply.g the beat retniiitoree In Boston In order to make it an object for mi well eatablUaed dealer, having a goad . litre ot the beet cleat of trade, be will girean obligation tor one year or more, to veil to oaelrm only, In aay etty or town. One great advaatage in tide arrangemrut it. that a larger atock and variety ran be krpt, winch will call a larger number of beat olara raatomeri to l aay atora having’the aabacriber a goeda. JOHN, KIMBALL, 2. HAWK1HS ST.. BOSTON. 2 t.cS Jaaaldlw • Maine Central Railroad Compnav TaxAAuau* 0»nc», I Fe^mmmwww. ewe '^«t#r*tl|#». M*V 74th. 1864 \ ARSONS holding Stock la the bit! Ai.dro*cog fin »ud Kennebec or Penobeeot and Kennebec Railroad Company, or Stock Bond*, now dnt, in And. and Kea. Railroad Company mi l please bare tha aame converted in»o Stock of tbe Maine Cent al Railroad Company forthwith, a* person* bolding Stock in tbe forwer Companies will not be permit ted to rWe/Ver or to rote at the annual meeting — Remember and sign tiaueter on tbe back of old < er Id cate*, and j*nj tw+nty-Uve cents for Reve&aa SUmpe oa each certificate wanted. By order of the Director*. may26d3wJ. NYE. Trcarorer. IF ret HAVEN'T A REFRIGERATOR ! /NR, if yee hare in old one that don't extctly .nit von. don t fail to ex.mine tbe very but pat tern now io u*r. tb* t POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For *nle M the Furaitnre Boom* of WALTER < OBEY, St and St Exchange .tre.’t. Janet, 1S64—dtm First National Bank of Portland. COLTONS oa the Fire per cent. Legal Tender Note* dae June 1. will be paid by thin llxtk. J'V* Coupons must Sc detcuhnl from tkt notea uo’y at tha Baal. 1‘nrtir* baring ten or more Coupon* will be fur ntahed with blank mbrdnice, which tbry win till up, wd the amount due will be paid ua the folio ' log day W. K. GOULD. Caebicr. Tortlnad, June 1, ISM. jnnel.lw GUNS. RIFLES, REVOLVEBS, And all the Accompaniment*. FIIHKNU TACKLE! The Beat Auortment In tbe Ctty. 0. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. eodtf Dancing lor Children and C« y m nasties lor Ladies. ANOTHER claa* for children in dancing will be organized at 175 Middle street. on naturdav. June4, at halt r»aat tour o clock. The tiiuv to be made earlier after the first lemon An evening etae* for laoie*, in l» y mna-Hos, will be formed at eight o'clock at the aauiu pla«*». . Ttrmc, three dollar* for twelve learon*. ]ene,«dlw Atiuiiui»(iairi\*s Kale. PURSUAN 1 to a licence from tbe Hon Jchn A. Wot. rmmi Judge of Probate tor tha county » f , i.mmberland, toe administratrix ot the «*UUr o! the tile late- Edward B. Jaok, ot Westbrook, in raid county, dreeaaed. wlllacdlat public raleoa tb* piom He*, ou Ihuraday. the 9th day of June ■*. D. 1^4. At 3 o’clock r. M., ail the interest cf wbicb tbe paid K. H. Jack died seized in the following tiescrllt u real estate Tbe homestead of the deceam? 1, situaUd in •aid Westbrook, upon the nurttorly axdc of the road leading from l)eering » Br dgt* to Saccaxapa, coc aiating or a home. barn and about S acre a land. Term* cash. SAKAtl K. JACK, Admin>»<ratrix. W eat brook, May 7.1W1. ma\9rodlm TO CLEAR T E bOI SE OF t LIES I’m Batcher'$ Celebrated LIGHTNING FLY-KILLER, A naat. gkeap article, easy to nan. Ererv sheet a ill kills quart. Sold merywhve. juuetdkaSw Wanted! V. S. Engineer Office SI Pxchamae St , I Portland, Sfe.,Jime 7, lHt4 « A PERSON iccuiora-d tj leaping a boarding bou->e lor work m«*u. to k»tp the bostt* upon th« U. 8. Work* at liuunfcwell** !*• int, mouth of the Kennebec River. The hvuse i* allow cd free of re t; and the average number et boarder* i« fitly p r day. l‘»r*oa* offer, ng mud bring *ati«fao:wry avioetice of their ability to carry on the hou»e propeiiy. For farther particular* enquire at thin c flic (Signed) TH08. LINCOLN CASEY. Cap!. Corps of Engineer*. Jane 7. 1**4--dPhl *I«M> HEWAKW. STOLEN I'rom Ibe subscriber. Mur ustb. a valua ble t. old Watch aud l hale aid »40 in money, by a man aiswering to tbenimeof Horry West real name Heurr We»tl>e>i* Inc Ihiet l« sli I at large, and SIKO will be r»W for hi, eaplure He la about SO rears of age six loot high uearlr bald, dark browa bair blurerts. arul aria marked m India Ink with monument decora'ed with ttaga. Also braeulet in Iudiu Ink round right wr it Ie7 dtf J- H itXXAKD. Wail teal. * A SMART, artiva young man who I* nsu to bust. A. neaa and quick at socounis. to trat cl l«r VIRTI’K, YORSTOM kin Cor Free and Croat streets, rortland, Me. June 7—dlw* Wanted. A Female Pastry Cook at Dartoa’sOystar Saloon. *83, t'owgraaa Bt. splotf k

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