Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 8, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 8, 1864 Page 3
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RORTLAXD AXD VICTXTTY. Fibk.—About 4 o’clock yesterday afternoon Are broke out in tbe woodsbed of the dwel liug-bouse of Mr. F. A. Smith, Spruce street. It was occasioned by a little son of Mr Smith's, who was playing with matches. The flames quickly communicated to the house which waa occupied by Mr. Smith aud Mr. Mark Wiggiu, and to the stable in the rear, both of which were completely destroyed. So rapid was the progress of the flames that a horse, wagon aud harness in the Btable, be longing to Mr. Charles Greenough, were burned. It was impossible to save any of the furniture in the house save that in the parlor. The Are caught the house next above Mr. Smith’s, which was owned and occupied by Mr. Henry Starbird. The furniture in this house was saved, but the building was burned down. The house next below Mr. Smith’s, owned by Mrs. George Fickett, and occupied by Mr. Samuel H. Chesley, also caught tire, and was badly damaged by Ore and water. The flames also extended across the street, and the roofs of the houses owned and occu pied by Mr. C. A. Edgecomb and Mrs. Kachael Dyer, caught Are. Both of these buildings were badly burned on the roof, and injured in the interior by the volumes of water poured upon them. nm.*__ _ ... *“v‘v WIUU "in-u the (Ire broke out, and at one time it looked as if every building in that vicinity must go. The Chief Engineer of the Fire Department was not present, but the fiiemen worked with a will, and providentially the wind sob aided, and the progress of the Are was arrested. Some of the burning Aakes lodged on the roof of a house in Danfortb street, setting it on Are. An engine was dispatched. thither, and the flames were soon extinguished. Mr. Smith and his wife were absent from the city. He had insurance for $250J on his house and $500 on his fbrniture in the^benix Office, Brooklyn, N. Y., and $500on the stable in the Conway Office, Boston. Mr. Starbird had $400 on his house at the Phenix Office, Brooklyn, Mrs. Dyer had $2500 on her house, and Mr. Edgecomb $1500 on his, both at the Conway Office, Boston. All of these insur ances were taken at the Agency of John E. Dow, Esq. They will cover the property de stroyed, with the exception of Mr. Smith, whose loss is estimated at $5000, and Mr. Starbird, whose loss is about $1500. Kev. Mr. Blake, of the Pine street Metho dist Church, who was boarding with Mr. Smith, lost his library and all his clothing. Mr. Wiggin, who occupied a portion of the house, lost everything he possessed. Death of Libit. Col. Bootuby.—Lieut. Col. Stephen Booth by, of the 1st Maine Cav alry, who was wounded in the cheat in Sheri dan’s recent raid in Virginia, died on Sunday in the nammond General Hospital at Point Lookout, Md. Lieut. Bootby bad commenced the practice of law in this city when the re bellion broke ouL He entered the service Oct. 19, 1861, as 1st Lieutenant of Co. F in the Cavalry. Soon after he was promoted to the Captaincy, thence as Major. In this latter capacity, in the battle of Aldie, June 17,1863, when Col. Douty was killed, Major Boothby quickly followed up the advantages gained, ana utterly routed ana drove the enemy from their ground. He was subsequently promoted to the Lieut. Colonelcy of the regiment, and has ever been foremost among tbe brave, leading his men on with dashing intrepidity. It was in one of these sorties—while leading a charge in the neighborhood of the Virginia Central Railroad—that he received bis death wound. lie leaves a large circle oi acquain tances iu this, bis adopted city, to mourn bis early loss. . Tub Opera.—Don Pasquale drew a fash ionable bouse last evening, and the perform ance was quite up to what we expected. And our expectations were not small, for where there is much, much is lequired. The per formance was first rate and highly pleasing to the audience. This evening we are to have several gems from three celebrated Operas. Lucia d’Lain mermoor, La Favorita and II Puritani. These ' artists certainly have kept their good wine 1 until now. We anticipate the richest musical treat of the season. The gems of such Operas must sparkle brilliantly In tbe hands of such accomplished musicians as Miss Phillips, Brig • uoli, Sutini, Mancusi, and other bright partic ular stars that now shiue far above tbe hori zon. Portlanders love good music—ergo, the hall will be filled. Kemittancks from Soldiers.—The East ern Express Co., brought last evening about 160 packages of money, amounting in tbe ag gregate to about $15,000, mostly from tbe :10th Maine regiment. There were some packages from the 2f»th Maine, the 2d Maine ! Cavalry and the 1st Maine battery. They were ail remittances from the soldiers to their ' families. The packages from the :(0lh Maine, were delivered to Adams A Co's. Express at Alexandria, Louisiana. Tub P. S. A P. Railroad.—The annual meeting of the Portland Saco and Portsmouth Railroad was held at North Berwick on Mon day last when the tollowing named gentlemen were elected Directors, viz: Ichabod Good win, Portsmouth; Geo. M. Bourne, Dorches ter; Israel M. Spelman, Cambridge; Charles E. Barrett, Portland; Natlil. Hooper, Boston; Wm. Burleigh, Great Falls, and S. H. Bul lard, Boston. Titot'T.—P. B. Frost exhibited to us some trout which he recently killed in Oxford County. They were splendid fellows weigh ing from 4 1-2 to 1 pound, of a rich dark col or, symmetrically formed and shining like silver and gold. They are the real bog trout, and of such a flavor as suits exactly the epi cure. We believe trout augilng in this Stale was never better than it is this Spring. Ang lers will make a note on’t. Levee.—There will he a levee at the new City Hall To-morrow evening, in aid of the Ministry at Large. The Band of the 17th U. S. Infantry will be present and perform some of their best music. We hope the hall will be crowded with visitors. Lancastek Hall.—Hick Sands, the fa mous clog dancer, Ukes a benefit this eve ning. He presents a strong bill of attraction and deserves, as be will no doubt have, a full house. Sprague A Blanchard are goiug on swimmingly with their Minstrel Troupe. Sale or a Yacht.—The sloop-rigged yacht Helen O. Phinney, about seven tons burthen, with sails, rigging and tackle, about one year old, was sold at auction by Messrs. Henry Bailey A Co. yesterday. She was pur chased by Capt. Jeremiah Buxton for $100. Capsized.—A fishing boat was capsized cff Ferry Wharf, Cape Elizabeth, during the squall yesterday afternoon. There was one man in the boat, and he sustained himself in the water until assistance was rendered, and he was taken on shore. Sale or Real Estate.—Messrs. Henry Bailey A Co. sold at auction yesterday the “Fosdick Estate,” containing about 1:1,000 square feet of laud, with the house and barn. It was purchased by Hon. J. B. Brown for $4550._ Capt Quinby, of the 12th U. S. Infant ry, now stationed at Fort Hamilton is at home on a short furlough. He was among the first in this city to tender his services to the Government in the hour of danger. t3T“The Portland Council No. 1, U. L. of A., will hold its regular meeting this evening at the usual place at 8 o'clock. E3f”Hacker's new paper, the “Chariot,” Is for sale at the periodical depots. City Affairs. In Board of Mayor and Ai.dkkmen, I Monday Evening, June 6, ) The City Auditor presented his report oU the estimates of expenditures for the present : year, amounting ia the aggregate to #097.3.V1 89. The estimated receipts from other sources except taxation are $28,000. The re port was referred to a Committee on Esti mates consiat'ng of Aldermen Messer, Don nell and Hayes on the part of this Board. S. C. ltandlett was appointed Undertaker. Thomas Hassett was appointed Special po liceman, without pay. i Petition of T. H. Weston A als. for an amendment to the ordinance relating to the unloading of cars on Commercial street, was . read and laid upon the table. An ordinance amending the ordinance on streets in relation to unloading cars on Com , mercial street passed to be engrossed. It i fixes the time for loading aud unloading cars after 5 o’clock P. M. from April 1 U> October 1, aud 4 o’clock P. M. from October 1 to April 1. The license of Thomas Jordon as a hack driver was revoked. John O'Xiel i as a vlctualer. The Joint Special Committee to whom was referred an order requiring a report from the Chief Engineer of the Eire Department,show ! iug an account of receipts aud expenditures by him, during the financial year 1863-04, re ported that Mr. Barnes had received for the use of engines and men aud for the sale of materials the sum of $1,088.10, and that he had paid into the City Treasury $407,30 and ac counted for the expenditure of $427.70 more, leaving a balance due the city of $2.>3,10. i ne v oiumiiiec in ineir re|Miri renecl upon the conduct of Mr. Barnes in not reporting to the city in bis annual report, the receipts and expenditures of the past year, and go in to detail upon some ol his transactions, es pecially that of pumping out the gunboat Acacia. The Committee report that the manage ment of the Fire Department under the pres ent Chief Engineer is anything hut for the benefit of the city, while it seems to benctlt the Chief Engineer. They recommend, if the ordinance regulating the Department is not sufficient to prevent a recurrence of similar proceedings, it lie so amended that it shall be aflenal offense for the Chief of theDepartment to disburse in an unauthorized manner the earnings and receipts thereof. The report was accepted and an order pass ed yeas 5, nays 2, requiring Mr. Barnes to pay ' into the city treasury the sum of $,10 as per report of the Cominitteee. An Older removing Mr. Barnes from his office of Chief Engineer, was read and laid upon the table, and it was directed that Mr. , Barnes be notified, at such time as the Mayor may designate, to appear and show cause, if 1 any he have, why said order should not tie passed. The Committee on salaries to whom was re committed the report on the salaries of the suobrdinatc city officers reported,recommend ing a few slight alterations. The report was accepted,but the Common Council non-con curred and made some amendments. A com mittee of conlercnce wa« appointed. Petitions presented and referred of Charles E. Barrett, agent of the (fraud Trunk Bail way Co, that some arrangements may be j made respecting collaterals held by the city as will facilitate the payment of the mortgage bonds ot -aid company which will mature in lHtifl; Of B. Stevens Jr. A- als. for raising the grade of High steeet, lietwecn the South side ofDeeringstreet and Cumberland street; Of 1 J. B. Brown <fc als. for continuation of the sidewalk [on the North side of Union street; G. D. Miller for compensation for injuries sus tained by his wife in falling on the sidewalk, inconsequence of the ice in January last; Of J. A. Hill & als. for sidewalk on Green street; Of Charles (j. Clapp & als., that Alder street may be discontinued from the North side of Kennebec street and that Preble street may be continued to the channel of the city; ’ Of F. Davis ft sis. for a sewer in Green street. wrurtiiMi ifl ' »• vvmuilitwr uu Accounts on the reports of the City Auditor and City Treasurer of the appropriations and expenditures for the past year—that they have examined the same and find them correctly slated and properly vouched. Of Committee on Finance recommending that the Portland Glass Company and Forest City Sugar refining Company be exempted from taxation for five years. Of Committee on damages for grading streets—on petitions of Josiah Williams and Eben Johnson, for damages to their property bv the grading of Brackett street. That the grade of the street lias not been raised, and that the petitioners have leave to withdraw. Of same committee on petition of Patience Uunnewell A als. for damages to their prop erty caused by the grading of Poplar street— recommending that petitioners have leave to withdraw. Of Committee on Laying out new streets that they have laid out a continuation of Lin coln street to Preble street. Of Committee on streets, on petition of Barker A Flint A ais. in relation to obstruct ing the passage on Commercial sheet — t that the ordinance was sufficient for that pur pose, and the City Marshal had instructions to enforce the ordinance. Of Committee on Drains Ac., on petition of E. .Steele A als.—recommending the building of a sewer in Congress street between State add Dow streets. Of Committee on salaries, on petition of firemen for an increase of pay recommending f 10, additional pay to each fireman and officer. All the above reports were accepted. Orders /'asset/. Appointing a Committee to consider the expediency of an ordinance pro viding a substitute for the iron gratings now in common use in the city for coverings open ings In side walks; establishing the assess ments for the sewer on M unjoy street; author izing the Committee on Fire Department to locate and build a reservoir on St. Jnhus St.; authorizing the same Committee to purchase two horses for the use of the Fire Depart ment, the horses to lie used by the Committee on streets, when not wanted for the Fire De partment; That the City Clerk notify the Un dertakers of this city that all business and work done at Evergreen Cemetery must be done through the Superintendent of the same, and that a neglect of this will cause their re moval from office; authorizing the committee on streets <Cc. to make a cross walk on Com mercial street in front of Western Ex change, if they deem it necessary ; authoriz ing the Committee on Drains Ac.,-to build a plank sewer on Danforlh street so as to pre vent a flow of water on the track of the Port land A Kennebec liailroad: authorizing the Committee on Public grounds to repair the seats and erect new ones if necessary on the Eastern A Western promenades; Directing the Street Cetnmissioners to notify certain owners of lands that they must pave the walks in front of the same: Directing the Commit- ! tee on Draiua Ac. to construct a sewer on Congress street, from State to Dow streets: authorizing the Mayor to license persons to sell fire crackers aud other fire works. Adjourted to Monday June 13,7 l-2o'cU>ck. Municipal Court-June John Hayes and William Quail, for drunk- , enness and disturbance, were lined three dol lars eaeh, and costs. Committed. John O’Briuc and Thomas O’Donnell, the two boys who broke into Brown's gunsmith shop on Sunday May 2flth, pleaded not guilty and waived an examination. In default of sureties in the sum of $100 each, for their ap pearance at the J uly term of the Supreme Court, they were committed to jail. SyThe army commission of tha Young Mens’ Chris tain Association, acknowledge the following additional receipts for the object of the United States Christain Commission: Iligh St. Ch., $14,20; Cumberland and Fal mouth, 5,30; Bap. Soc., Buxton Centre, 40,00; M. E. Ch. Saccarappa, 0,00; Kent’s Hill 54,50; M. E. Ch. Labanon, 10.35; M. E Soc , Wood ford’s Comer, 14,55.—Total, $147,00. Also 2 Baxes from citizens of New Sharon. Cvrtcs Sturdivant, Treas. Army Committee, Portland Y. M. C. A. A CALL. At the meeting of the proprie . tors of the 3d Parish meeting house, Monday evening, it was unanimously voted to concur with the Church in extending a call to liev. Jeremiah E. Walton, now at Albany, X. y to become their pastor. A salary of $1800, per year was voted to him. A Card.—American Htfke Co. No. 1, ten der their thanks to the Casco Steam Engine j Company, No. 5, and to Mr. C. K. I,add and i Mr. Boyd, for refreshments furnished them at the fire this afternoon. T. H. Bibber, June 7. Clerk. Cedar Camphor.—This is one of tbo best article* in the world to prevent moths from getting into fins and woolens. It can be bad at Crosmau dt Co’s, drug establishment No. 75, Fox-Block Middle street. Supreme Judicial Court.—This Court met yesterday according to adjournment, Judge Davis presiding. After hearing sever al motions Court adjourned to 9 o’clock this morning. BV TELEGRAPH TOTH K Portland Daily Prosis. —.--*— — Proceeding* <>/ the Sationul Union Von rent ion. Baltimore, June 7. The National Union Convention met at the Front Street Theatre at 11 o'clock this morn ing. The building is decorated with liags, Ac. Nearly six hundred delegates are pres ent, including those from New Mexico. P. H. Duer.of New York.aud E. M. Briggs, of California, were appointed temporary Sec retaries. Prttyer was then oll'erod by Bev. Mr. Uiley. The list of Slates w as then called. Second Dispatch, 1 P. -V.—The building is densely packed. Hon. K. D. Morgan, Chairman of the Na tioual Committee, called the Convention to order at 1 - o'clock, making a brief address, and proposed Dr. J. Breckinridge, of Ken tucky, as temporary Chairman. Breckinridge’s name was received witli great enthusiasm, and was conducted to the chair amidst cheers lor “ the old war-horse of Kentucky.” As soon as silence was restored, Mr. Breek iuridge returned thanks for the honor con ferred, and iu a biief and eloijueut speech, explainod the cousidetatious which induced him to attend the Convention. Third Dispatch.—As the States were called, each delegation sent to the Secretary a roll ol the delegates. n»r. nievens, 01 I'ennsyiv^riia, moved that if there are any delegates here from States in secessia, they he included in the call. After considerable debate the motion to call the names of all States and Territories pre vailed. n On motion of Mr. Lane, each State except Missouri, which have tw o sets of delegates, lie railed on for the name of one. member for the Committee on Credentials. The following were appointed: B. W. Norris, of Maine, B. J. Cole, of New Hampshire, Edwin Hammon, of Vermont, H. II. Fay. of Rhode Island, A. Brandon, of Con necticut, I*. Kiug, of New York, J. N. Sco vil'e, of New Jersey, A. II. Neader, of Penn sylvania, E. S. Bradford, of Delaware, H. H. (ioldsl«>ro, of Maryland, and Samuel Suck, of Kentucky. The following Committee on Resolutions was appointed in the same manner as the Committee on Credentials: J. II. Drummond, of Maine, 1). Ross, of New Hampshire, E. I’. Walton, a>f Vermont, S. Wentworth, of Massachusetts, E. Harris,of Rhode Island, R. T. Miner, of Connecticut. H. J. Raymond, of New York, C. H. Wall, of New Jersey, N. B. Loury, of Pennsylvania, J. Moore, of Delaware, II. L. Bond, of Mary land, J. Speed", of Kentucky, A. J. Fenv, of Ohio, W. M. Dunn, of ludiaua, E. A. Perry,of Illinois, C. J. Conger,of Michigan, K. Salmon, of Wisconsin, W. M. Stone, of Iowa, W. B. Ristril, of Minnesota, T. Campbell, of Califor nia, T. II. I’eoro, of Oregon, C. IJ. Hale, of West Virginia, and A. 1). Wildes, of Kansas. A committee mi < irgauization was also ap pointed. as follows: G. V. Horsey, ol Ohio. J. J. IJrown, of In dians, J. W. Shaffer, of Illinois, M. Gettings, of Michigan, J. B. Cassidav, of Wisconsin, Geo. D. Wood, of Iowa, W. S. Butler, of Maine, J. Budwell, of California, II. Smith, of Oregon, Wm. E. Stevenson, of West Virginia, and M. II. Insley, of Kansas. The Convention at H o’clock took a recess until 7. EVENING SESSION. rri ..._ . ... _ . v uu icuviun icworiiiuirii ak I Ol llX K. The hall was densely crowded. The Committee on permanent organization made the following re port of officer* for the p. rmanent organization of Uie-couvention:— President, lion. \V. Dennison, of <Jliio: Vice Presidents, A. Farweli, of Maine, Onslow Stearns, of New Hampshire, Henry Stowell, of Vermont, Moses Kimball, of Massachu setts. Joseph DeYVolf Perry, of Rhode Maud, A. A. Grant, of Connecticut, Lyman Tre maine, of New Jersey, YV. If. Newell, of New York. W. YY'. Ketchain, of Pennsylvania, Geo. S. Tybout, of Delaware. A. C. Green, of Mary land, J. E. Record, of Kentucky. I). Todd, of Ohio, J. Heard, of Indiana, J. X. Brown, of Illinois, Charles T Gorham, of Michigan, J. F. Potter, of Wisconsin, J. YY'. McCranly, of Iowa, Charles M. Daily, of Minnesota, Uobert Gardner, of California, Fred C. Harmon, of Oregon, C. I). Hubbard, of YYTest Virginia. F. YV. Potter, of Kansas. Secretaries,one from each .State, including Nathaniel Morrill, of Maine, Edward Spaulding, of New Hamp shire, Horace Fairbanks, of Vermont. George U.Sbaw, of Massachusetts, Joel M. Spooner, of lilmde Island, Sami. L. Warner, of Con necticut. The report of the committee was accepted, and Gov. Dennisou made a speech of thanks for the honor, alluding, as did Mr. Breckin ridge, to President Lincoln as the probable choice of the convention. A Committee on the order of business was the Committee on Credentials uor Resolutions being ready to report, Mr.-Stev en». of Penn., moved to adjourn until to-mor row. It was announced that Parson Brownlow was in the hall, and it was hoped he would be invited to speak. Mr. Stevens wilhdrew his motion to ad journ, and President Dennison invited Mr. Brownlow to address tne convention. Mr. Brownlow was greeted witu deafening cheers, and spoke at some length, lie avowed himself in favor of the nomination of Mr. Lincoln, with Andy Johnson for Vice Presi dent. The convention then adjourned until 0 o’clock lo-morrow. Krotn H athinyfon. Washington, Jane 7. Mr. Hooper's hill authorizes a loan of $400, 000,000. to be borrowed on coupon or regis tered bonds, redeemable after any period of not less than flee nor more than thirty years, or payable at any period of not more than forty years front date, at an annual interest not exceodiug six per centum, payable in coin or in treasury notes in lieu of bunds to the ex tent of $'.i00,01)0,000. payable at any time after three years front date, not exceeding aeven and tliree-tcnths per cent, interest, payable in lawful money or at maturity of die notes. The steamer Connecticut arrived to-day with 10!*) men, who were wounded in the late engagement. Half of these were serious. One man died on the passage. Eighty are officers, among whom is Lieut. B. K. Kitn betly, of the 1st Maine. a ne steamer* i.i/zie liakt t and lien. Hook er have also arrived, each with about 400 wounded, including a nutnber of serious cases. When these vessels left White House there were about 8000 wounded there, including a large number of tebels. Several transports wete w aiting to take them on board. Our forces were engaged at White House iu throw ing up earthworks to guard against any attempt of the rebels to interfere with < ur base of supplies. Hebei prisoners an- brought away from Whit* House daily, and large numbers con tinue to arrive from the front. There were some four hundred there wheiUbe boat left. The railroad from White House towards the front is iu complete running order lor the distance of four miles, and trains run hourly without Interruption. The steamer Ashlaud has been taking on board convale cents from the hospitals iu Washington, and will -ail this evening for New York, where they will be glaced in hos pital again. The body of Col. S. Kellogg, of the 2d Connecticut, was brought up from White House by the steamer lolas. The Senate to-dar continued the following nominations: Brig. Gen. Greenville M. Dodge, to be Maj. Ger.; Brig. lien. .1. Gibbon, to be Maj. (ien. To be Brig. Gens., Col. John 11. Brooks. ibJ Penn.; Col. Nelson A. Niles, Cist N. Y.; Col. Jos. Hayes, lMLli Mass.; Col. By ron W. Pierce, 3d Mich., and Lieut. Col. Jos. Bayley, 4lh Wis. Cavalry, to be Brig. Gens, by brevet. Sew /.unit to Her (iuvernmtnt by the fine York linnks. Nkw Yokk. June 7. Sect clary Chase is understood to have clos ed the negotiation of a loan ot lift v millions with the New York batik'. He is to draw the money as needed, and iu return give the banks six per cent, certitlcates of deposit, to be used at the clearing hou«e. Secretary Chase waits ten days if required by any banks, or, iu oth er words, the certitlcates can be paid in on account of the ioau. This will, it is said, pre vent stringency in the money market. There is a Mronaapressure to induce him to accept some foreign bids, so a- to place at his com mand sutlicieut gold to break the speculative movement fur a rise. Opening of the I’hilntllyhia Central Sani tary lair. „ , „ PH«hAi)*M-uiA.June 7. The Central Sanitary Fair was formally op ened this afternoon by the Mayor. Bishop Simpson, in behalf ol the President of the United States, addressed the audience. He regretted the absence of the President, allud ed to the sacrifice of life wtiich had attended the present war, and the necessity for pro viding for the nourlthment of the wounded. Addresses were delivered by the Governors of Delaware, New Jersey and Pennsylvania. The prospects of the fair are most encour aging. OFFICIAL NEHfi DISPATCH. Attack by the Jtebeln on Jtacnsalc > Command. Correspondence Between Gens. Grant and Lee. Washington,.June 7 — 10.15 I’. M. To Major (,'cn. Vix :—Dispatches from the headquarters of the army of the I’otomac, dated 0 o’clock this morning, have been re ceived. An assault wa< made oi Burnside about miduight, and successfully repulsed. On the preceding alternoou a hundred picked men of the cueiny made a rush to find out what was the meaning of Hancock's advanc ing seige lines. Nine of the party were cap tured, and the rest were killed or driven back. Several letters have passed between Gen. Grant and Gen. Lee in respect to collecting the dead aud wounded between the twoarmie.s. Gen. Grant, in the closing letter, regrets that all his efforts for alleviating the sufferings of the wounded men left on the battle field have been rendered nugatory. Two rebel officers and six men, who were sent out to search for the wounded of their commands, were captured in consequence of the enemy not delivering Gen. Lee’s letter until after the hour he had Darned had ex pired. Gen. Grant has notified Gen. I-ee that they were captured through a misunderstand ing, and will not be held as prisoners, but will be returned. No other military intelligence has been re ceived. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. From the Army of the Fotomac. * _ Rebel Attack on the id and (ith forps. The Enemy Bepulsed with Terri ble Slaugther. Hkadqcabtrs Armv Potomac, 1 I June 7. ) The rebels attacked the 2d corps and part of the ttth corps last evening, but were hand somely repulsed after a desperate struggle.— They advauced to the attack several limes, and each time their lines were cut to p eces in their attempt to reach our works. Their losses must have been fearful, for oor men shot them down at short range, while our bat teries mowed them down in masses. Our loss was very iight. _ A shell exploded among the members of Gen. Hancock's stair, one ot whom lost a leg. I he report that a train has been capturod turns out to Ire false. Tire trains are guarded all the way from White House to the front, ■ principally by colored troops. Our men are busily engaged in diggiug tow ards the works of the enemy, and the attack last night was made on one of the working parties. XXXVIII 00N0BES8—rint Session. Wajshihoto.n, June 7. SKNATK. Mr. Sumner reported on the subject of amending tire neutrality laws, and asked that the Foreign Committee be discharged from its further consideration. Agreed to. Mr. Sumner also reported favorably on the bill to provide for the execution ol' the trea ties between the United States and foreign nations respecting consular jurisdiction over crews of foreign vessels in ports of the Unit ed States. pwvjiuuru uuui uecemoer me bill granting lauds to MonUno and Darn tali. , Alter the transaction of some unimportant business, the Seuate went into executive S'a- ' sion.—Adjourned. BOUSB. A bill was reported from the Ways and Means Committee, authorizing a loan of four hundred million dollars, and was ordered to tie printed and recommitted to the Ways and Means Committee. Mr. Hooper offered a substitute for the drat section. The Gold bill was tabled, 53 against 47. The House disagreed to the report of the I committee of conference ou the disagreeing amendments to the Consular Appropriation bill, and ordered another committee. Au unsuccessful attempt was made to re consider the vote tabling the Gold bill, when I the whole subject was postponed ti^saturday. Thirty thousand copies of the mechanical part of the patent office report were ordered to be printed. A motion was in .de to table tty; Senate bill regulating the Veto power in Washington Territory, pending which the House ad join n d. From Fmrlrrrt Monror-Thr XutrH Smut —t'rum thv Army of i’otomac. ToiUTUEss Mo.nrok, Juue 0. The noted Foy, chief of the rebel scouts, recently captured near 1‘allisvIUe, X. C., was brought here to day. The steamer Thomas Powell has arrived from Bermuda Hundreds. She reports noth ing new from Gen. Butler. It hite //ouse, June (UU.—The news from the front has been meagre for the last two days. Nothing hut skirmishing had occurred, except the usual night attack for the purpose of feeling our lines and learning whether any change of position is being made. The charge made ou the 2d corps on Sat urday night resulted in a lost to the rebels of about 100 killed and over KKK3 wounded, few of whom they carried away, owing to our command of the grouud. Last evening auotlier attack was made, the result til which has not been ascertained. The wounded have nearly all beeu brought in from the front, and this place is very much crowded. The facilities for their transporta tion to Washington are very limited, although large numbers are taken off. Theie is great lack of physicians here. The wounds of hun dreds remained undressed for hours, and many needless deaths arc the result. The Aid So cieties arc very busy distiihuting supplies, but the demaud is so great that it is iinpossi- I hie to supply all. A meeting was held last evening to organize 1 a system of relief and facilitate the shipmeut ol supplies to this point, and delegates were appointed to go to Washington and make ar rangements. Thr lurf. l’ATTKKSO.N, X. J., June 7. The r»ce for the Jer*ey "Ilerliy” wu won to-day by the Lexington colt, Norfolk; Tij - pox coming in second. Kagle third, and Ken tucky fourth. Time, 2 4li 1 4. The Urat race in mile heats was won by Capt. Moore; time, l.'kf 14. The two mile heat race, best two in three, was won by Aiderbaron; time, 3 46 3-4 and 3 45 1 4. >'•** York Market. .... N*w Yobs. June 7 Cotton—lc higher; sates TOO hales at 1 07.el 08 for middling uplands. flour—receipt*-bblf; sales 16 6)0 bbls :<SUte and Western steady; Superfine State 7 26a7 8u, Extra do 7 60$7 70; choice do 7 66*7 60: Hound Hoop Ohio do 8 10.a6 26 choice 8OO1&86O; Suptr tlue Western 7 3)*7 95; Extrs do 7 6**7 9>; South ern steady; tales 18JO bhl*; Mixed to good 6 0nr& 1100; Faucy aud extra 8 0>l|tl <H>: Canadaiteauy . sties 650 bbls; common Extra7 46*7 66; extra good to choice 7 »».Va9 On Wbeat— firmer; sales 192,000 bushila; Chicago Spriug 1 (6*1 0: Milwaukee club 1 (6*1 .3: Amur Milwaukee 166^171; Winter ked Western 1 1 K2; Amber Mich Ran 1 i9ajl 82}. * Ci ru—without chan e; sales 4«'.000 bushel*; new mixed Western 1 tiOGyl 63; new an old do 1 06 Oats—lower; sales Canada at V32-94c. Beef—firm; rales 400 bbl* Pork—lower; sale* 1.45o bbls; new mess 62 25* <*.‘12 76: old do 26 60; new do 30 MKftSO 874; prime 24 5>«,25 60 for old aud new: prime me*«3J 00 Whiskey—firm; *a*^ 1«C0 bbl* at 1 30@1 62. Kice— active at lli*!lj for Rangoon Sugar—steady; Muscovado 17alBJ; by auction 60 • hhd* New Orleans at 19 19 100*a,]9}. Coffee- active Mola-ser—quiet and firm. Spirits Turpeutino—307*1 10; crude do nominal Petroleum—dull; sale* 600bb!s crude at 41}c. Freights to Liverpool— steady; grain 4Ja6c in shirs b ig* for wheat. Wool- firm. Stock Market• New York, Juno 7. AoohcI Board.—Stocis dull. A roerican Gold . 1933 United States 6's 188! registered. log United States 6-20 coupons.106} United States one year certificates new . fcg4 Tennessee 6*s. f,g Cumberland Coal Company preferred. 774 Quicksilver Mining Co,. 734 Pacific Mali.347 New York Central,. 1304 llud*ou.’ .1431 Heading.1.1374 Michigan Central.142 Michigan Southern,. 93} Michigan Southern guaranteed.139 UHauls Central scrip. . 124* Toledo it Wabash. 68 C e e and k Pittsburg.....110} Chicago k Noith Western. 51} C e.-eland k Toledo,.146* O doago k Hack Island. IK*} Milwaukie Jk Prairie DuChieu.66 Pittsburg. Fort W’avue k Chicago.114* Gold closed this afternoon at 1 93}. A Fink Tiiiko kou tuk Tkktii —Tho Fragrant 8OZODONI appears to have taVeu a prominent place among the most approved doutrifrice* of the day It is a very popuiar article ftft- the t*41et, high ly recommended by all who have used it a* a beauti tier and preserver of the t-eth, refreshing tho mouth, sweetening the breath, arresting the pro gress >f decay, and otborwise be ue fitting tho user.— BntOM Traveller, Hich24 dlt MISCELLANEOUS Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 1864. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS STEAMER LADV LANG, Built expressly lor this route, (APT. WILLIAM K. ROIX, Will commence Lor Summer Ar rangement on MONDAY MOHN INO, June 6 b, Leavirg Bangor ev ery Honda v. Wedneada. and Friday Moi uing?. at 5 o'clock Rcturuiag will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State street, Ptrtlaud, every Monday, Wednesday aud Friday Evening-, at 10 o'clock, connecting with the Ranteru, Boston and Maine, and Portland, 8aco and Portsmouth Railroads from Bostou and Way ■ ttta'iou*. leaving bostou at 3 o clock, P. M. The Boat will touch at Rockland, Camden, Bel fast. Bucks*port, Winterport and Uampdeu, both ways. Passengers ticketed through to and from Boston, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem and Lynn. For more extended information, apply to J. O Ken dries, Bangor; the local Agents at the various landin^l; the Depot Masters of the p. fl. It p., Eastern, and B. fc M. Railroads; Abiel Som»rby, Portland; Lang k Delano. Boston, or CI1A8. SPEAK, General Agent. June 4.—isdtf 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh M. Phinney, WOULD inform his frinds and former customers that be has taken the Store aVo 126 Exchange - Street, where he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, In tllit* brmnebe,. STOVES, of »ll kind,, of tb« newest and most approved patterns, t urnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. CT^Hecond hand Stoves bough', or taken in ex change for new. Stoves, Kahok*. Furraces, and Tiji Ware repaired at short notice, In a faithful manner. Grateful forjormerpatronage, behoves by strict attention to business, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public lavor. ____may28dtf if i ' • -‘.4 At 166 Middle St At 166 Middle St. Important Announcement! Preparatory to going into tha Wholesale Trade We will Ml! our j j Entire Stock » -or no OP SKIRTS'. -AT Less than First Cost!! LOOK! LOOK! j . Our $2.00 Skirt for $!.50 Our 1,80 “ 1.00 Our 1,00 “ 75 Our 75 “ 50 Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, Dahlia Skirt & Fancy Goods Store, 166 Middle Street, Portland, Me. N.B. Corsets aud 8kirts mad* to order. t maySdlm Maine Sabbath School Depository 1UIE largest mad be*l eeleetcd Stuck of BOOKS for SABBATH SCHOOL LIBRARIES maybe found at No, 01 Kichnnge Street, Portland. New book* are rvoeirod every week from the Suu day School Societie* and Publishing Home* in I'bil adc'phia, New York and Mutton. So varied an as sortment. comprising book* adapted to the capacity of the child aa well a* adult, cannot be found in any I one store in New England. School* lu the country, by seuding a catalogue of the bonk* in the Library, can receive a lot for e« aminatiou amt return at my expense ,ucb aa are not approved y ie»tiox Book* for Sabbath Seuool* • eady on baud, llisonuut* for Library Books al lowed, a in Boston Also M scellaueoas, Thcoiogi cal and .Sohool Hooks, Letter. Me uion and Note Pa per of all sties, with Envelopes to matob Photo graph Albums, Portfolio*. Portmonuaies. As., kc.. all ol which will bo sold at lbs lowest cssh prices — 1 Orders solicited. II. PACHA BD June 1st, 1864. dtf IMTERIATIOiVAL Fire Insurance Company l Of New Pork, OjHr. V9 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WH. E WARREN, /'resident. HAMILTON BKL'CE, Vice President GEORGE W. SAVAGE, secretary. Portland Hoard of P'/rrmcet Johw B. B*ow* A Sox. If krkky Fletcher k Co. H J. Libby k Co. John Lyk< h k Co. The undorsigucd having been appointed Aoxxr and Attouxky for this Cctnpa y, is now prepared to i.stic Policies on incurably l'roperty at curreut IVPortland Ofter, 1«6 Fere Street. JOII.V W. MIHUKR, Afent. June 3,1S64-—dtf WM. H. WOOD At SOY, STOCK EXCHANGE And Money Brokers, HAVE FOK DALI *30,000 S*ate of Maine Bonds, Now Loan. 6.000 Bath City Bond#. 6.000 At k St L. K K Bondi. 3.000 A k K R K Bond* 6.000 Maine Central K. K. Bondi. 10.000 Govt. 5-20 Bondi. 35 Shares International Bank Stock. 10 Shares Bank of Cumberland Stock. t'V Bank and all other Stocks and Bonds cur rent iti this market bought, sold or exchanged. June 2—dlw Independent Military Company. 8ABKK ZOUAVES. ALL those wishing to join a good Military Co.witl find it to their advantage to caii at old rity Hail, on any Monday or Friday Evening, previous to June 25 it; also sijc or eight good drummers Jtll recruit, must be 3 test and 6 Inches io height , For Order. A. H. StWYhft, clerk June2 eodSw ENTERTAINMENTS. LEV ~ E~ E j " A I.cree in lid of (bo MINISTRY AT LARGll. Will be held at flliw (JITl HA L'b , Thursday Evening, June 9th. Music by the 17th U. 8. Infantry Baud. Dancing from 71 to 11. TICKETS, 26 cent* each. j*7 Sir OPElti 1101SE ! ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVENING. An Entire Change of Programme. DICK~SANDS, 1 b« Ciilmpfon (Ion Dmeor,—for one mcoclng Wedaeadiy ErenJl g Dr. Cold-Tongue’s Laugh ing Gas. Admiaaion V> centa; Reaenred Seite SO cent*. J. SPRAiilIK, I „ mirlTif II. BLANCUAKD, ( ***>»«•*• _MERCHANDISE. Received K CO/1 BUSHELS Prime Baltimore Yellow tlf/Vn T Corn, cargo or ech Geo. 8. Fogg Aleo Southern White Seed Co-n, anti for talo by „ . El)W. H HcKt.lN. May 81—eo<12w No 120 Commercial street Sierra Morena Molaaaex. QiiO HHDS.. Sierra Morena Molasses, car "Oet ( go bri* (harlena, now landing 28 fierce*. 1 Central Wharf 60 Hbls. ' For tale by June2, 1864 GEORGE S. HUNT. Sierra Morrua Molasses. QQU 11UD8. 1 MOLASSES,Juttlanding from w rra ! brig “Matilda ” A anperior 49 TCS. ) article for retailing. For tale by John d. loud. «ay28d4W No. 1} Union Wharf. Sugar and Molassea. ^00 HHDS. 1 CHOICE MUSCOVADO SC 10 TCS ) GAB. 871 HHDS superior Mateorado, and »l TCS Clayed Mulaeeee, )1 BBLS from sierra Morena, Now landing and toreaie by THOMAS ASENCIO A CO., majiHf Cut tom House Wharf -T-—- . Sierra Moreaa Molassea. qo.-hiids . OO'J \ CHOICE SIEKUa MOBENA 30 TIERCES! MOLASSES, 10 BBLS ' Now landing from Brig "C. H Kennedy ” TUOS. ASESCIO A CO., May 8.—If C. H Wharf. Scotch Caavass. "I OfA BOLTS— from the factory of Darld Cor -lni"7 tar A Sons, Leith—a tail cloth of anperior quality—Jutt received per “Jura”, and for tala bv MoGILVEKY, BY AN A DAVIS, achK dtf U1 Commercial Street. PERRY, 151 MIDDLE ST., Ilae jaat opened n large ae-ortment or CLOTH HATS, Including the “BILLY MORRIS,” “GUN BOAT,” “DEARBY.” “GEN. MEADE,” Ac. Aleo t ook A Aldrich'• Celebrated “L0HD0I,” and “BOGOTA" HAT, Which for style, finish ud durability surpass any other for the season. June 4 -dtf PKKBY, HI Middle street. Talk about Hats ! JIST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. June 4—dtf LAAE A LITTLE, Who?e*alc Dealer* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AXD W oolons, No. 142 Middle ntreet, A. U?Ue } rOKTLAND ME. juneTdtf Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having leased for the season thi* wen established Watering place, charminglr situated rntbe outer verge ot Cape Elizabeth. With unrivalled lacili _Itie# for Bathing, Boating, and Fishing, \Vill open for transient and permanent gaests on and Tneiday. the 7th day of Jnne. Ever, dnirsb’.e conveoience will be (applied for tb« pleoeurrund nm orti ol lu patron* with record to tbe requirement, and character ol a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. We feel matured tbet < ur eaertione. added to the tbe hooeeil.elr. wi lieeureue tbe approbation and patronaaeof tbe public. ty~ ftsitivtln clotrdo* the SaiAaJA HILL A JORDAN.#*roprletora. Cape Elieabeth, Jane 7, 1*04. dtf P. A F. A. BAIL KOAD ! Westbrook Line. on and aftar June 0th, Cara leave, ae follow! MoaaiLL'e Corearn FoiTOnica A. M. A. M 0 IS 7 80 " * 8 IS 8jn nun »•« »J» 10 3D loss 1116 1131 M 1*. M. 12/0 12.06 i*. >| «SO 12.46 13S ,® 2 20 2. IS 3D6 800 3 on 8.46 «« 4.3D sat 615 s.'js _ 0 46 The ti.ISA M. Cor from Morrill*. t oruer rune di* recti? to D T. Depot J. J. tiERRIjll, Joncti, 1864 dim bopt FIR 17 WO R Tv § or EVERY DESCRIPTION CVTTEB & A I S TIY , 32 ami 36 Federal Street, and 14>7. Ul, and 119 Con* grrss St., Bottom, Wholesale Dca’ers in Firework», Chinese Lanterns, Torches, Ac. THS NKH’ UNION L ANTE UN Red, White and Blue, for Political Processions. Exhibition* lurnishtd to any amount. Send for Price Liat. juas6«il«|jul)4 INTERNATIONAL BANK! Spprlal Meeting. TUK stockholder, of Uii, Bank ire hereby noti fied that i Special Me-ling will be held at the Hank on klouday, the 2'Jth day of June, at three o'clock P M . to consider whether they willtikeany action in relation to changiccthe Hank from it, present charier to acharterunder tie National Hank ing Law;— and to determine whether they will ic etpt of the charter of the Firm Jfatlonil Bank of Poittanrt, now Md by the Director! of the Interna tional Bank. By Order of the Director, W. K. (iOl'LD, fishier. Portland, June 4. 1864. JuneSeodtd A dm mist rut or'* Kale. BY virtu** of a Iwqcse from the Jadge of Probate of CumberlaudTountr. I ahall sell at j»ubl:c auction on i ucoday, June 21, 1864, at two o’clock I*. M. ou the premises, the follow ing described real es tate bo longing to tne estate of Mark Decring. late of Kridglou. in said ocuuty of Cumberland, deceased, and described in tne inventory of said estate as fol lows.—-"Tartsof lotsuuinbered eleven in Uw fourth and fifth range of lots,in Uridgtou,containing about thirty acres, purchased of It. K. Caraley." baid laud is situated about one half mile from tne village ot W. Hridgt*’u. ou the road leadiug to bwedcu, and ha* on it 3 mowing Holds, containing about twelve acres, marly walled in,—-aoout nine acre* pastur ing—and the balance covered with a fine growth of wood and timber. Term* of sale, one half cash, balance In one year with interest, and good person* 1 security. LEVI CRAM. AdA’uistrator. Bridgton, May ID, 1861 dinaySl*w3w PORr LAND DRY DOCK C OMPANY, TilK. stockhold* ra of the above company are re quested to meet at the Merchants’ fcxchange m Wednesday, 8th Inst , at 4 P. M , to act ou the report ot the Directors with regard to the location of said Dock. PerOrdir. L’ M. DA Vf8, Secretary. The above meeting is postponed to Tuesday, the 14th at 4 1*. At. Portland, June 4, 1861. junefiedistd BUSINESS CARDS. PAPEB BOX nHVFtYTOKl', J. P. Libljy, sim’hi tuui« or ' Paper Boxes, Of every description, i uch t> Boxte, L»-u|(.i,i liox<«, wii'.JS***' She.f lloae, ConeaologicnlHoaes. Powderboxv.. Card Cue., < i*»r BoJee, he 144 Middle Se., (Up stairs) Portland, Mr. jauel<13iu I»«na iti). Fish tint! Salt, I. ntber Deni, j I* « 11 lit II (1, W«>©dbury Dana. ’ JubnA.S.DJnn ) HalllC. Janeldtf J. Smitli cto Oo., HescrAcrmiut or Leather Belting, Card Clothing L«m Straps, Brit Leather Backs asti Sides. IEATHBH TtilMU/XGB, »c., Huswn’n Block. 144 Middle 8t., Portland, Or at tbo Cud Clothing Manufactory, Lewiiton. II. M. Butovgu, (jnldam) D. F. North f. KUUEKS A CO., OominiHMion Merchant h, A*» WHOLIUU niALisa II Flour, Provisions & Groceries No. 41 Commercial Street, && } PORTLAND, HE. __ jantldtim Wholesale and Retail. tt. Ia. 13^VIS, Bookseller, Stationer, AMD MAMrr&CTUBlR OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No. 53 Exchange Street, Portland, Me. __ Juueldtt CHAS. 1 SCHUMACMRK, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 1-1 '4 Middle Street, I ORT1.AND. MB. Work executed iu ererjr part of the State. Joaeltf R. L. HOUSE A CO., Xiuutaetaren k Wkoliaale Dealer* In Boots and. Shoes, NO. 48 1-2 UNION STREET, f.ik SSSA^SS£SL% } PORTLAND. *_ may ltd 1 m EUFU8 DUHHAM, Heuufkctur.r .nit Wkolveilc Dealer la BRITAN NIA —AMD— Plated Ware, No. 218 Fort $treet, Portland Matte. Portland, May 17Ui, 1864. may lTdti M. G. WEBB k COT Wholesale Dealers in Flour, NO. 81 COMMERCIAL STREET, *j>14_ PORTLAND, HE. dtf Burgess, fobes, a co., mrrricmn, or Japan, White I.ead, Ziar, Paints, And Ground Oolon, AID DEALBK* IX Drugs, Medicines, Pa nts, Oils k Varnishes. r<unt and Color «■>>, St , once A Saleireean, 80 Coaaxaerrial St., (Tboxas Block.) Hkxky H. Bcuut, aaiei in xe CxABLia 8. Puaxa. TtITLiW. II. _ uiajiadtr BLAME, JONK8& CO., FLOUR A BRAIN DEALERS, Asd KtMirm of Wwttri md Canadian Produce, 137 Commercial Street,.Granite Meet. Ch&ilM Dlde, ) Henry A Jonea, [ PORTLAND. R. W. 4,age. ) __janddtf JOHN LYNCH k C0~ Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Orantta Storas, - - - Commere'al street, (* bead Wldgery Wharf.) John Lynch, t Pei.* Barker. | PORTLAND. MR. Thoa. Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE Sc. MOOdTT OtXKXAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And » hoitaal* Dealert la FLOUR. CORN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Ce<r mero'al 8t, SSEjiHgZ*. I PORTLAND. MR. __ jucelil6a BROWN ft CROCKER, PLASTERERS, PLAIN AMD ORNAMENTAL UTl CfO AND MASTIC WORKERS. Oak street, between Congress and Frae Sta., POJtTLAXD. ■W ' olorirr. Whitening, and White-wething pronipMy attended to. Orders frtm out oi town ,u liaitsd juneldtf BYRON GREENOUGH & CO., Manufacture™ of . And Wholesale and Retail Dealers la Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, A.LrSJit°.7h! >OR TLA 5 D _ _ joldtf JOHN KI)li§ELL, Carriage A Sleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 4t 313 Congress St, Portland, Me. or Where may be foand a general a.eorttn.nt of Cor iatjt* and Sleight. juutldlm C. P. kl Hit ALL, MANl FACTl UKR OF Carriages and Sleighs, I*re>>le street, (Near 1‘retle tlou.«e ) I'nKfLAND, MR. Safe Boonit. 110 and 113 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass Juoeltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO.. i Flour, (irain ic Produce foBBiMHM ImluaK aaJ lillera' Opceond fforektmee Ho. 6 <.'ait Block, (emmer rial Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice aod well-kMowu Brand* of Hoar, front St. Louis 1 Imois. Wisconsin, Bar, which we are coaatantl * rte« it inf. N ,14 Co . are a ao Afeuts f r Pittman 4 Co.'s, f tt**d ot*»ea brand* of manumctared Totaew C7*' ash advances made on all consignment*. Por:land. June 1. 1M4. Jnldlf EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOIIHAL1 DBA MLB IN Corn, Meal and Flour. Also. Ground Ro?k Salt. Coiuiuiaaion Merchant m« rracHASK aid uno, Harley, Rye and Oats. :r> »r» leaded with Com Is balk brr of charge. H«trh«u«f No. 130 Commercial Street. AaU Cl TV iliut, (tearing UrUgd JnulMdlm DR. W. R. JOHNSON, DENTIST, Inserts Artificial Teeth on Cold, .silver and Vu’can it© Rubber, and warrant# them ia all oases to be a , perfect fit. Dr. J. also Rives special attention to Filling Teeth. Office 229} Congress street, two doors west t Bom the Court Bouse. Cortland, June 1, 1jW4.—eodffnt House smi(I Lot at Auction. ON Irdar Jna* l<kb. at 3 o'ekcfc r n ca the premise* Oie two story Wooden tottaaeoti the I e*>,Il»^r Brackett and Neat *t/e*is mth S ttn.sLed i i raoui.,—i ard and sou watt r, and other convtn. lauts The lot Isa go d one beii..* 26 fret by 30 fren 1 a very dosirwbl* property. >a i*—trW tiear jaaeotltd HANKY BAILEY A CO . Au«V,7 llcrsc, Carliagt s, Ac., at Audio*. ON Hnturdev.Jene Ulhdt lo« elo»k \ on Lunn Hn«. we shell Mil two gccd tennly Uor« t1*—‘ ns Conch. nearly new. ttw 01 » dri?en by tbe »te Joseph Thomas—one toiecrd « .c.,L_on j,n »y Lyod-oou koekaxny—one Wna-in— one two «In el l he -e one peir fetch Uumh two Single liar series, Ac ll&MKY hilLil A CO., Auctioneers* Juno 8 —did House and (.and at Audio*. 0^kM,?“dnrl.J““<'l3 h' *f 3 r. x.. we Snell kelnh, Luo node l.eli story wooden tie ere -to 31o i Centre sires lhi. honsr ia c-cement. I witii K*£(lcoder and fire c-btern iu It; lot M eel br 3r feet trout. Sale po ihi.f—till, clear J«D|,311d UEMtY BAII.KY fc CO.. Auct m. Va-uabre Heal Esiulc ai Auction. ON Monday, June 13 h at 3 o'clock r. xom ’bo premises, wo shall aril at an u.>* t e valuable K«a! Ks.ateon tbe corner of Centre ai d Heasaat street*. t»*-iug about Til i.**i cm 1 vmrestreet. ai d 61 feet on Pjcajai.t strett, with tLe buildings ther*nn, coosistlrg ot a block of Hire* . inree s.ory tr ek wit!l dwaUiuga over them, and a woooen bunding on Centre si reel. 1 here 1.4 also CO feet tnerc of same property on ITcnaant street, running back lib teet adjrinlrg tbe ab >re property, ou which is a bricY dwelling i.oe«e of three stores, and a w couch ttt Me 60 Netloogca pabre of holding 9) borsea. Th-e )t a!f0 a never failing well or good wa?er Iblafa a very valuable property, aud vary de-irvMo for in cement, a capi tal property to improve upon. jnniH ltd IIKN tt l BAILEY A CO.Auctre, Valuable Farm in Falmouth, at Auction. On yvax*ataday, June 16tb, at 8 o’clock i*. ot. tbo premia a. a *l1 • • i car Fa into atb Dei ot. conUiuii gabout 7/tr/j, Acr.s, 12 • ri--—-of which »a a valuable Wood Lot. i Here a g»»-At. convenient a>«d comfortable House end onl tuildmeeon it-n l*r„ and frilly Orch ard ol young trees, and this hou.e snd.urro.ndine, desirable for a good e«t of town residence, rale rtive—lit! e csr. For further nar iculsi, apply wse 31 UEJiKY “Ail-Et k erf, Auctioneer, Valuable Kt-ul EsliUr ia Capa Eli zabeth, at Auction. OS Tuesday, June2’ at 3 o’clock T. x., ,n tbe p-emis— iu ( ape Klinbetb, we sknU sell .be ( apt Scott Dyer Estate. Ibariomes’ead containing about one bundled acre# -i splendid land, with a good substantial stone wall all round it. and good Bouse, barn and other out-bcuses on It; with an orchard of apple, pear and plum treed; enmnte rupberrifs. ic. ’ Then opposite tbe liotneslead is e tetd of aboet n tens of excelleutland enclosed with a -ubstantial stouo wall; also about 63 acres of pasturing and T°?d l‘nd There is a sina 1 lot of 4 acres, a vary dceimblt* hou e lot. „ 9 There is a wood lot of about 15 act os. estimated to * bold TOO cords of wood: and another 16 acre lot with 6‘ ft cords of wood and timber. The entire property wdl be sold ia oae lat, or sep arata.Mdjrrr«fri,wi,i be sold with the stork w withoat—with the stock aud lA inin^ utensils or without—with flu* slock, fhrmii g tools and cr< ps or without, n shafiiu t the purert; sor. It is one of tbe bast fainis , n the Cape, very pleasantly locat'd, ia a healthy aud go. U noi.Lb>ihood easy af a cess aid A desirable for a or iim **uunt. Ti let (ear, tsrmt oasy bale positive t'uly motive for sale ill health. UIWR1 B.llLEY A CO., Aactioaeers. June* 8.—dtd Valuable Real I'Mafe for Sale. The property in Wr*; brook. star ^accaiap Kp" P* Village, known m* the 1 ujee pUc , and ■jil occupied by J I* Bi.h, Ftq .nil] be „ ^>’<3 bx auction, on th* prtmi.vr. at >9 o’clock A M Tneeday, June 21at, 1504. 7here ait 1« acre* or l»n<!. w*ii cultivated a good or.- nil, well built two story house, burrs and carriage bouse. . Can be examined at aov time pier ions to the tale. Tore » cash. t A. PAirtS. A act Waver June 6,1864. dig Auction Male of Fcrmlut to Cat Timbsr in «'annd>t...R. n| Fstate ta Brand Fallu, N. B. It l> ERE will br sold at public auctloa at the < Cue B "nry Bui ley V Co . Exchange street, Port land, Maine, on Ttursday, June Sotb. It**, at 10 9 cii cb a. u. to clo-e a concern. —— Licenses Nos 3 and 4 to eut timber be., la ema il*. on tbe uortb-we t bru-eb ot the river 8t. John— where it is inuneetid by tne louudary line botweea ( anada and the state of Ms.iu-anrt extrnuing an said rivar to Ha source, cot to rxc.i dMovrevcr teo mile* by 2, mlieo each side, or Jo -quart, mile*. Also, a certain parcel ul K< sl Estate ttinated at Brand balls, la the County ot Victoria, and at tha present time nreupied and improved by Wm. B. vVest. Esq . and formerly owned by B orve \ oung. conUiulug three (S) acres or mo,a With Landings osi the same. lor further particulars icouire of tbe aueiionotr or IIKIl'EV. > EEH its H A CO., —. Portland, Main*. mav3iidlawr1oj^ie?SiheadtoiuneC0 EDWARD A. PATTEN, ('oninisAiflu iferchaut ot \uctioBfrr, Hu removed to the ipicioua store IS Kachans* Btre* t, four doers Mow Merchant's .Exchange. Will receive col pigeon 1.t* ot Merchandise oi every de#criptior. lor public or pi it ate sals. Suite of Uttl Estate. VeMtlF, 1 artcoee. htock* end lier chaodi’Ac •elicited lash aUviuct* trace, with prompt sales and return**. mcblldly TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.!¥. UOlNti, Afedical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp's Block, COBS HR OFCOXURKSS AXD StM STRBBTa WOULD reepectfUily sue ounce to the citizens of Portland and vicinity, that he ban permanent i lv located In this city. During the eleven months that »ehave been in town we have cured seme oJ the wont form* of dl:-<eajc}in jci eons who have tried other tonus of treatment in auId, ard curing pa tients in so short a tim* that the ^ueetion is often asked. do they stay cured? To answer thike .*tion we wilfsay that all that do net *tay cu-ed, we will , doctor the second time for nothing. Dr D. has beeu a practical Electrician ft t twenty one years, and tsal*© a regular graduated physician Electricity hi ©wrfvvtly adapted to chronic di*ea*e* in the form ot nervous or tick headache; neuralgia in th«* head, neck,or extremiutw: ccn«amptf4a.wbea ia the aoute stages or w here the lungs me uot fhiiy involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hip M dis« me*. white rweIHngs. spinel ulkjukw, curvaturt"” 3 i of the spine, contracted inuaclea, distorted lixube, palsy or paralysis, bt. Vitae* L'anee, dra*seee.stam I meting or hesitancy of speech, drsiepaia. indtgee 1 ti>n, constipation and liver eomnlalot, ptlee— we cure every ease that can be present* d, asthma, bronchi t*«. 0( the ohest. and all fbnaa of femals eomplaintf. ’ By Bleotrloity The Rheumatic the goofy, the lame and thw laiy leap with Joy. aau move with the agility and eJastto tty of yoat.i: the bested brain t* cooled; the float bitten limb* restored. the uncouth deformities re moved; taniaees couvertcd to vigor, attain, r# to | strength: the blind made to ere. the deaf to hear and ; the t aisled form to move upright; the blemish, lot i youth arc obliterated; the aecsdcnfe of mature Ule preveotsd: the calamities of o'*t age obviated, and -J an aotlve sironlation maintained. LADIES tVho have oold hand* and tort: weak stomach#} lame auti weak hacks , nervous and sick htadacle; dittitiessaud swimming in the head, with tudigea* Uon and constipation oi the bowels; pain in the >ld# : and back; leucorrhgta, (or whites); filling oi tha womb with internal cancel ■; tumors, polypus, and all that long train os dissaves wll! End in > IctMo Ity a sure means of cure. For iiainrul menstruation, too profuse menstruatiou, and alt of thorn long line of troubles with young ladies, hlectricitj Is a certain spec;He. and will. In a short time, restore the sufferer to the vigor ol health. gl" IPs Ante in g'cclrc-Chemical d/pnratme for I extracting Mite ral lolson irom the »y>tem, such as Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, ho. Hundreds who are truuU-d with stiff Joints, weak buck*, and vari 011 otherditboultirs, the direct cause of which, in nine oases out of tea, Is the .-fleet ol poisonous drugs, caa be restored to eutoral strength and vigor by fit a a.e of from Uve to eight Ba'hs. 0«oe hours from fl o'eloek a. K. to 1 r. v.; la g; aadT to tM. Coaaultatioa Free. |y]4taedt. For bale. E House and I ami for ml.- at Cierbam Corner. The house is large,coever. lent for two families, with a large lot, pleassu'ly -dustc-l near the Depot. 1- quire of U. tii K A b l- Y. en tbe premises. Teriesea.y. JuneTwdw* Omen t OUTCAKO.S , CO A l'OtT»*OCT» 1 Kailaoau (--arm, Portland, Mag 31,13ff4. ) ~ Dividend no. 4i of twconpug win be pay. able June li to Stockholder* of record thi* day. * June8.—dtd h. NOTr, Treasurer. f

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