Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 10, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 10, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY P E..BS VOLUME III. PORTLAND, FRIDAY MORNING. JUNE JO, 1864. WHOLE NO 602 F PORTLAND DAILT PRES8, JOHN T. OILMAN, Bdltor. • {(blitted St Kc. 824IXCBAKGK N. A. rOITKRB CO. The Portland Dailt 8iis.1i published At 8S 00 per /ear; il paid strictly iN advunoe. a ducvuBt of 81..' aril I be made. Bingieccpiee three oeate. • Tsa tfaisaState 1'eessU pabllahedeveryTbars day *3 00 per annum, in advance; 82.26 U paid within eta montha, and 83-60, If payment bn delayed beyond tha year. Itatee of Advnrtlnln(: One Inch or tpaoo In length nf oolnmn, coaetltates n "sqBAas.” Bl-hu per square daily Brat week; T4 cents per week after, three insertions or leas, gl.OQ; continuing eve ry other day after Brat week, 60 eente. Half siaare. three insertions or less 76 cents; one Week. 81.00; 60 cent, per week after. Under head of tscsksnsn, SI 00 persqcare per week . three insertions or lass, 81,60. Bra 1AL Norrena. 61.76 per square first week, 81,00 per square after; three IneerUoM or ioee. 81 36; hnlf n square, three lnsertione, 81.00; one week, SI .36 Advertisements Inserted In the Mama Statb Pane, t which has a large circulation in every pert of the tttutei for 60 cent# per square in addition to the above rates, for each insert! oe. Lnn a l N otic ns at usual rate*. Transient adv.rUaemnata mart he paid foria ad Bueingae Notices, In rending cnlamns, 12 cents per line for one insertion. No nhnrge loss than fifty •oats for each insertion. Friday Morning, June 10, 1864. Admiral Porter’s Report HOW THE RED RIVER FLEET WAS SAVED. Admiral David P. PorUr’t official report to the Navy Department, datsd at tbe mouth of the lt«d river, May 16, gives • vivid tccountof the ingenious devices by which the iron-olad fleet accompanying Banks’s axpediiton waa saved from destruction. The following is the material part of tbe report:— “ The water had fallen so low that I had no hope or expectation of gelling the vessels out this season; and as the army had made arrange ments to evacuate tha country, I saw nothing before me but the destruction of the best part of the Mississippi squadron. There seems to have been an ea{>ecial Providence looking out for us iu providing a mau equal to the emer gency. Lien tent Colonel Bailey, acting engi neer ot the N meteenth army corps, proposed a plan of building a series of darns across the rocks at the falls, and raising the water high enough to let the vessels pass over. This pro position looked like maduesa and the best en gineers ridiculed it, but Colonel Bailey was to sanguine of success that I requested General Banks to have it done, and he entered heartily into the work. Provisions were short and for age almost gone, and the dam was promised to be finished in ten days, or the army would have to leave us. 1 was doubtful about the time, but had no doubt about the ultimate suc cess if time would only permit. Gen. Banks placed at the disposal of Colonel Bailey all the force he required, consisting of some three thousand men ami two or three hundred wag ons. All the neighboring steam mills were torn down for material, two or three regiments of|Hainc men were set to work felling trees, and on the second day after my arrival in Al exandria from Grand Kcore the work had fairly begun. Trees were failing with great rapidi ty ; teams were moving in all directions bring ing iu brick aud stone; quarries were opened; flat boats were built to bring stone down from above; and every man seemed to be working with a vigor I have seldom seen equalled, while perhaps not one in fifty believed in the success of the uudertaking. These falls are about a mile iu length, Ailed with rugged rocks, over which, at the present stage of water, it seemed to be impossib)e|u> make a channel. “ The work was commenced by running out from the left hank of the river a tree dam, made of the bodies of very large trees, brush, bricks aud stone, cross-tied with other heavy timber, and strengthened in every way which ingenuity could devise. This was run out a bout three hundred feet into the river; four large coal barges were then Ailed with bricks ami sunk at the end of it. From the right bank of the river cribs Ailed with stone were , built out to meet the barges. All of which was successfully accomplished, notwithstanding there was a current running of nine miles an hour, which threatened to sweep everything before it. It a'ill take too much time to enter into the details of this wonderful work. Suf Ace it to say that the dam had nearly reached completion in eight days’ working time, and the water had risen sufficiently ou the upper falls to allow the Fort Hindman, Osage and Neosho to get down and be ready to pass the * dam. In another day it would have been high enough to enable all the other vessels to pass the upper tails. Unfortunately, on the morn ing of the Dili Inst, the pressure of water be came to great that it swept away two of the ■tone barges, which swuug in below the dam on one side. Seeing this unfortunate accident, I jumped ou a horse aud rode up to where the upper vessels where anchored and ordered the LexiugtonAo pass the upper falls, if possible, aud immediately attempt logo through the dam. 1 thought I might save the four vessels below, not knowing whether the persons em ployed ou the work would ever have the heart to renew the enterprise. iuc liVAiugiuu Buiceeufu id getting over the upper tails just iu time—tha water rapidly falling as she waa passing over. She then steered directly for the opening in the dam, through which the water was rushing so fu riously that it seemed as if nothing but de struction awaited her. Thousands of heating hearts looked on auxious for the result. The sileuce was so great as the Lexington ap proached the daui that a pin might almost he heard to fait. She entered the gap, with a full head el steam on, pitched down the roaring torrent, made two or three spasmodic rolls, hung for a moment on the rocks below, was then swept into deep water by the current, aud rounded to safety in to the hank. Thirty thousand voices rose in one deafening cheer, aud universal joy seemed to pervade the face of every man preseut. The Neosho followed next, ail her hatches battened down, and every precaution taken against accident. She did not lare as well as the Lexington, her pilot having become frightened as he approached the abyss, and slopped her euxihe, when 1 parliculaily ordered a full head of steam to be carried ; the result was that for a moment her hull disappeared from sight uuder the water. Every one thought she was tost. She rose, however, swept aloug over the rocks with the current, and fortunately escaped with one hole in her bottom, which was slopped in the course ui an hour. The ilindtnau aud # Osage both came through beautifully, without touching a thing, and 1 thought that if 1 was only fortunate enough to get my Urge vessels as well over the lulls, my lleet ones more would do good service on the Mississippi. The accident to the dam, instead of disheart ening Colonel llailey, only induced him to re new bis exertions after he had seen the suc • cess of getting four veyels through. ■‘The noble-hearted soldiers seeing their la bor of the last elgbt days swept away la a moment, cheerfully went to work to repair damages, bring ctntidentnow thatailthe gun boats would be Dually brought over, 'lnese men had been working for eight days and nights up to tbeir necks in water in the boil ing sun—cutting trees aud wheeling bricks— and notbiug but good humor prevailed amongst them. Ou the whole it was very iortunate the dam was carried away, as the two barges that were swept away from the centie swung arouud against some rocks on the left, and U1»JC A UUO bUIIIIUU IUI UIC 1CDOCIO, Altw |)IC* vented them, as it afterwards appeared, from running on certain destruction. The force of the water and the curreut being too great to construct a continuous dam of six hundred leet across the river in so short a time, Colonel Bailey determined to leave a gap of llfty-llve feet in the dam and build a series of wing dams on the upper fails. This was accom plished in three days' time, and on the 11th instant the Mound City, Carondelet and Pitts burg came over the upper falls, a good deal of labor having beeu expended in hauling them through, ihe channel being very crooked, scarcely wide enough for them. Next day the Ozark, Louisville, Chillicothe and two tugs also succeeded in passing the upper falls. Immediately afterward the Mound City, Carondelet and Pittsburg, started in succes sion to pass the dam, all their hatches batten ed down, and every precaution taken to pre vent accident. The passage of these vessels was a most beautiful sight, only to be realised when seen. They pasted over without an ac cident, exoeptlug of one or two rudders. This was witnessed by all the troops, and the vessels were heartily cheered as they passed over. Next morning,at 10 o’clock, the Louis ville, Chillicothe, Ozark and two tugs passed over without any accident except the loss oi a man, who was swept off the deck oi one oi the tugs. By :J o’clock that afternoou the ves sels were all coaled, ammunition replaced, , gad all steamed down the river, with the con voy of transports in company. A good deal of difHculty was anticipated in getting over the bars ku tower lted rivsr — depth or water reported only flee feet—guub tats were draw ing six. I’rovideulially we had a rise from the back water of the Mi«>iuippi. that river beiug very high at that time, the liack- water extending to Alexandria, one hundred and fifty miles distant, enabling us to pass all the bars and obstructions with safety. “Words are inadequate *to express the ad miration I feel for the abilities oi Lieutenant Colonel Bailey. This is without doubt the greatest engineering feat ever performed. Under the l>est circumstances a private com pany would not have completed this work un der one year, and to an ordinary mind the whole Uiiug would have appeared an utter im possibility. leaving out his abilities as an engineer, the credit be has conferred upon Ilia country, he has saved to the Union a valuable fleet worth nearly two millions of dollars. More, be has deprived the enemy of a triumph which would have emboldened them to carry on this war a year or two longer, for the in tended departure of the army was a fixed fact, ami there was nothing left for me to do In case that eveut occurred but to destroy every part of the vessels so that the rebels could make nothing of them. The highest honors the government can bestow on Colonel Bailey can never repay him lor the service he has rendered tlie country. To General Banks, personally, I am much indebted for the happy manner in which he has forwarded this enter prise, giving it his whole attention night and day, scarcely sleeping while the work was go ing on, attending personally to see that all the requirements of Colonel Bailey were complied with on the instant.” REIMOVAZi. JOSIAH BURLEIGH BAS BBBOVED TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 Si 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGHj Wholesale and Retail Dealer in C otking,C oths, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AMD GENTLEMEN'S FURNISHING GOODS, No*. 141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Agent for Grover A Baker’s celebrated Sewing Machines, Nos 141 A 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to his friends that he may be found at Bur* leigh's, No. 141 k 143 Middle street, where he will be pleated to wait upon his former customers. Portland. March 24.1S64. dtf Spring & Summer Stock FASHIONABLE GOODS. -rom COATS, PANTALOONS AND VESTS. Purchased from the best Assortments, for cash, in New York, and Boston, may be found at the store of WILLIAM C.BECKETT merchant Tailor, NO • 137 Middle Street. Some of these Goods, which have been recently knported, differ much in color, feature and finish from the styles that have continued in vogue for a year or two past, and are considered very elegant. Besides these and other Goods,—comprising all the varieties for fashionable wear, at the same place may i be found a good supply of Standard Gemma, French, and ICngliak Bmndolaiha and Dae aki us, for genteel suits; together with styles of Vestiags selected with s view to suit ail tastes. Ail the new styles for Gentlemen's wear, whether for Ureas suits or a Busmeas Outfits received in their seasons, together with plates of the latest styles of Cutting and Finishing fyTbe best trimmings always on hand. HT* No. 137 Middle Street. A4 maylidfw » JUST RECEIVED I ROIAAKS k BOM), HAVING refitted their store and received a large assortment of ELEGANT STYLES -OF c LOTUS! AUB l’BB/‘AHBO TO Show Them to Their C us toners. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, In Ureal Variety, « -AT 95 IVtiddle Street. mayDlf SPRING OPENING! A. D. REEVES. TAILOR ft DRAPER 98 Exchange St., WOULD respectfully inform his friends and the . publio that he has recently opened a Splendid Assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, Which he it ready to make up in the most Fashion, able f>tgle, and at the Lonest Cask /‘rices. Thk i< a dike art* respectfully reminded that Bid ing Habits, Zouave Jackets, and Fancy Waists are cut and made at this establishment in a style which • cannot fall to p’ease them. Mi lit art aid'Naval OvriciBi are here fit ted out In trus Rejulati m Style. To Firrmo out Boys in the most becoming and durable garments, special attention is given. Dress Coats, Pants, Vests, and Business Suits, Made to order and warranted Good Fits. Mr Beeves assures his customers that Ida work Is made not only in the highest s'yle of fashion, but in the most thorough and wokkb ami ike manner The Public are invited to visit this k.MromuM or Fahiiio5, and see it the facts do not fblly come op to this Manifesto. may)9dlm New Cloaks and Mantillas! LEACH A ROBINSON, B-l Middle St., |4AVh on Mii m Euoait Stock of Cloaks, Cossacks, and Mantillas, Of their owd manufacture. Also, Cloaks, Milks, Tassrls, BUTTONS an* ORNAMENTS. LADIES GARMENTS Made to Order. Silks, Shawls and Dress Goods, Cheaper than the Cheapest. LEACH A R0BIN80N, 64 Middle afreet. June 1—dim •INTERNATIONAL BANK! Special Meeting. THE atcckboldera of this Bank arc hereby noti fied that n Special Meeting vill be held nt the Bank on Monday, the SOth day of June, at three o'olock I* M , tocon.ider whether they will take any action in relation to changing the Btuk from it. proMnt charter to .charter under the National Bank tng Law . —and to determine whether they will ac cept of the charter ofthe Firat Naiional Bank of Portland, now held by the Directors of the Interna tional Bank. By Order of the Director., „ , W. It. GOULD, Caahior. t Portland, June t, XH04. Jnnedeodtd MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE —TO TUB BOOKSELLERS! — AMD — Country Merchants of Me. » *--—- • Wholesale Book Store! —A *D— PUBLISHING HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, l^ortlaiid, jVIaine, Arc now fully prepared to Supply the Trade! -AT THE Lowest Wholesale Prices. By special contract, recently made with the But ton and New York Publishers, we are enabled to supply any aud All of the School Books, Usad in this State, on The Most Liberal Terms. porehmed the Sturiotti-u Plate* from O. L. 8AEBoiE It Co., of thif city, we thill in fti turn publish the riJuible Series of School Books heretofore puLlishtd by them. Thu series, togeth er with our former publiestions. will mike the fol lowing List:— Norton's, Weld aid Qnackenboi’ Gram mar, The £rogiessive Grammar, By Weld k Qnackenboi. The Progressive Parsing Book. By Weld a Vuickenbos. Weld's New Gram mar. Weld’s Grammar, (Old Edition ) Weld's Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Header, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson’s Arithmetic. B. k N., alio pablitb IIkrhimae'b Anti-Anou lar System or Rapid Mercantile Writing, Id Eight Parts, with printed copies at tho head of each page, in exact imitation of the Author's beau tiful style of PENMANSHIP. We call (pedal attention to tbau \ '*->b New Writing Books, As they are admitted to be the most practical Copy Books ever offered to the public; and they are now being rapidly introduced, having the full endorse* ment of the Siperiileultil »f Public Schools of the Side of luioc. Besides the above list which wc publish, our Spec ial contracts are for the following books:— Progressive Series of Headers and Spellers. Hillard's Series of Headers & Spellers. Sargent s Series of Headers ft Spellers. Colton's ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONE RY —AID— ROOM PAPERSI A FULL STOCK Always On Hand ! N. U.—Booksellers or Country Dealers who are not coining to theeity, may to us stating about £hat amount they purchase at a time, ami we will send them a list of 'Prices, It wauted. Bailey <Sc- Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 56 and OS Kicb ange Street, Bortland., Ivle. MISCELLANEOUS. , 13.S. LOAN l FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF - PORTLAND, designated repository --OF TH* UNITED STATES. Thin Bank is prepared to receive; subscriptions for the now “TEN FORTY EOA.N,” which is dated March 1,1*64, bearing intorestat five per cent, a year, payable is coin, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government alter ten years, and payable in forty years from date. Interest on Bonds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi* annually. Bonds can be bad in sizes of S50, S100, *GG0, f JSOO. WM. EDW. GOULD, mch31 dtf Cashier. FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, NO. 81 MIDDLE STREET, (IOI BLOCK), Are Again in the Field —• WITH Divisions, Brigades A Regiments I -OF NEW AND FASHIONABLE * DRY GOODS! FOB THE 8PKIN;o. Ladicfl of Portland and vicinity arc respectfully invited to call and ••• tbt many beautiful style! ot Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods IT8T RECEIVED! Al«o, tbo great variety House Furnishing Goods ! Such at Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and 8hirtiug». Table Linens. Drillings. Tickings, Denims, Stripes, Ac. Also. Just receiving, the latest stylet oi handsome Spring Balmoral SH.lrts And the most fashionable SPRfWQ SUA WLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES, FOR BOYS' AX'D MEN’S WEAR. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant assortment. We are just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any oi the ■ow and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warranted to suit. FEICHTWANGER * Z UNDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. SI MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Main a. P. 8.—Ladies need not ask for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but soend and fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprltf G-reatNews! Important News! Ts/L. Bradt Co., No* 20 irk it Squire, HA VE lately am «t d in Portland, and ar<* now realy to exbib to thr citizens ol this city and surrounding towns heir entirely new and elegant •tock of # Q-as Fixtures, Of the very latest styles, consisting of Parlor and Sitting Room C'h’tndeliera, Dining Room and Hall Lights, Store Pendent*, Hrackets, Portables, Ac. Also a very flue assortment of Kerosene Lamps, Gas and Lamp Shades, of the latest improvemnts. Globes, Chimneys, and all sorts of Gas Fitting ft. Lamp and and Lauteiu Trimming. Also on baud! Shaw's Patent Gan Cooking Apparatus, Of all kinds. They will sell all of the above goods at the very lowest Boston aud New York price for CASH. Particular attention will bo paid to Gas Fitting, Rbpairivo. Bronzino and Gilding ofChacdeliert, Lamps, and Bronze Ornaments rf all descriptions, in the very highest style oft be art, and wil. wa-rant all their work to he perfect. Plbasb call avo rkk Leave ycur orders for Gas Fitting or Repairing at the store M. Bradt. H. Wuitblbt. Portland, May 10, 1804. maylodtf GRANT’S COFFEE & SPICE MILLS. OJtlOINAL MSTABLISHMMXT. J. Q-R ANT, Wholesale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Saltrrntus A Cream Tartar, Ntw Coffee and Spire Mills, 13 and 16 Union street, Portland, Me. Coffee and Spiers jot op for the trade, with ary address, in all variety of package s, and wariantcd as represented. Coffee* roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. iy*All gcodi- entrusted at the owner’* risk. march lOdtf NEW ORLEANS, 8. D. MOODY &■. CO.j OominisiHion Merchant, 07 Tohoupi toulas at.. New Orleans. L«. References: Baker A Morrill, Boston: Franklin Snow A Co, Boston; Wise % Bussell. Boston : C. Nickerson k Co., N. 1.; Rich A Co., St. Louis. gy Particular attentiongirento Consignments vessels, Lumber, Hay, Oats, l[c. mch23 u3m REDUCED RATES ! IMPORTANT TO TRAVELER, —TO THI West, North West & South West! W. I). LITTLE. IS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit. Milwaukie, Galena, Oskosh, St. Paul, LaCrosse, Green Bay, Quincy. St. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis. Cairo etc., etc., and is prepared to furnish .Tjibovou Ilkkih from Portland to all the principal cities and towus in the loyal States and Canada.-, at the lowest rates of fare, aud all needful information cheerfully granted. Travelers will find it greatly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the Union Tieket Cilice, 31 Exchange Street, (UP STAIRS.) W. 1). L.ITTL.IS, Aoont tW" fastengem for California, by the Old Line Mail S'camer ar.d Panama Railroad, tnay be secured ' by earlr application at this office. Tickets to Montreal amt Quebec and return (via the Grand Trunk Railway) may be obtained at this agency on favorable term*. tna>26dft wtl The Misses Bailey’s Home School. riMIE Misses Hailey having purchased the place iu A New Glouccs er formerly occupied by the Rev. F. Yeaton, as a Hoarding School, propose opening there a Home Srliool for Oirls mid Boys, in which the advantages of acireful home training will be united with thorough imtrugtfon in all the branches taught iu Semiuaries of the first clas*. The long experience* of cue teacher at Principal of a Home School in Virginia, and the reputation of the other as a successful teacher of many years standing. In Portland, will, it is hoped, procure pa tronage and insuresucceas. A Gentleman of experience will be a! the l*ad of the Horae Department, and pav particular atten tion to the physical training of the pupils. For information see circulars or luquire of Miss AM. HAiLEV, No 58 Spring street. KxKKEttsu K8:—Rev. J. W. Chickering. D. D.; Hou. John Neal; Charles A . Lord; II ozekiah Pack ard ; Joseph Libbey. New Gloucester, May 26. 1864. may *J6d 1 w t hen2t a w 1 f Maine Medical Association. THE Twelfth Annual Meeting of this Association wilt be held at the Common Council Cnamber, in Portland, on Wednesday morning, Juno 16 1K64. G. L. GOODALE, Secretary. 1 Portland, May 80. maySldtd BUSINESS CARDS. BKADLKV, MOULTON A ROGERS, Wboiiuh Dbalkrs is Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, Robert hkalky,) e.M moult* j PORTLAND, ME. ▲ . O. ROUSKB. ) rosySdtf W. W. CARR & CO., Haring taken the Fruit Store formerlj ooeapied by O. SAWYER. IVo. a Exchange Street, Art prepared to offer to the trade a large and wall •elected (lock of m Foreign and Domestic Fruit ! Wholesale and Retail Oraagei. Spence Gan, Letesgaa Lemoae, Cannr, Seed, Candice, Limes, Lemoa Syrup, Honey, Francs, Cocoa Nats, Figs, Cl try a, Nats, all kinds. Dales, Ollree, Raisins, Tobacco, Sardines, Cigars. Faaey Candles of all deoorlptlan. oats dtf IRA WOT, Agent, No. 11 XJnion St., Is prepared to tarnish 8TBAK ENGINES and BOILERS, of various die, and patterns, Stout Pipe lid fiitir*, Bill Gggriii^, Bbaftiig, Filleji,l<, Lioht llocss Work of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required in bonding KonTincATiona. Iron Stairs and other Architectural Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Gas and Steam la the best mannsr. In connection with the above is sn Iron Foundry, with u largo assortment of Patterns, to which the attention of Machinist*,Millwrights,and Ship-Build ers is invited-and all kinds of Castings tarnished at short notice. |^*Ordersfor Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, prompt), executed. oof dtf SINKER’S SEWING MACHINES l WOODJIDf, TRUK * CO., AOENT8, ITm. •« ui U.Middle Street. RhUhuI Trlmmlataalwayi onhand. maklltf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 170 Middl Street. liimnie.On. Bacon and Baasu*. Fortlaatf, May U, UN. tf Dr. J. H. HGALD HAVING diapowl of hi, entire Interest la hi. Office to Dr. 8.C FKKNALD. would eheerfhllj reocommend him to hie former patients and lli® pub* Ho. Dr. PiaaiLD, from Ion,experience. Iiproper ed to iuiert Artiiicial Teeth oathe“Vnleaaite Baaa,” and ill other method, known to the profeaaioa. Portland. May It. 18U tf JOHN F ^SHERRY, Hair Cutter And Wig Maker, Ho. IS Market Square, Fort' tou.lapitain.) «M*8eparate room tor Lodiao' and Children’, Bab Cutting. A good stock of Wirt, Half-Wigs, Bands. Braids, Cnrls, Frixetts, Pads, Roils, Crimping Boards, Ac.. Ao . constantly on hand. 1*2?'68 dly WOOU AND COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAP_COAL. $9.50 PRIMP. LOT CHESTNUT COAL 19.60 ® TON, SPRING MOUNTAIN, LEHIGH. HKZILTON, SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN JOHNS, DIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH. Those Coals are ol the yerjr best quality, well screened and picked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the eity. Ornca ConnaacTAL St . head or Fraaklia Wharf. 8. ROUNDS A SON. febIS dly WARREN'S MIPORVED FIIiK AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -A YD G-ravol Hoofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. K. HERSEY, Agent, J»nM dtf Ho. 18 Union 8treet ALBERT WEBB ft COn -DIALIBI XI Corn, Flour and Grain, BliD or MKKKII.f.-a WHiKT, ('•■■•rtUI Sir««>, - - Panlud, Me. l«Mtf Colley, Burnham & Co., Cabinet Makers and Upholsterers, 368, Congreaa Street, ARK prepared to do all kinds of Cabinet and Up holstery aork, at the shortest notice. All kinds of FurnUure, Lounge« A IHuUr.CMes —constantly on hand— N. R. The public are invited to call and examine, dtf JOHN F. ANDERSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, uuhKdfcwtf Timfli Stuiit. Scotch Canvas, -FOB IALB BT JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Bath, Me. QAA BOLTS Superior Bleached 300 do Ail Long flax ‘ Gov erumont contract,” ■ aHLJISw 1 900 do Kxtra All Long ArDroath. 300 do Navy Fine Delivered in Portland or Boetoi. Bath. April to. 1M9 aptldtf M. RE ARSON, Silver Plater, AHD MAHUrACTURK* OF SILVER WARE, 238 Confcrena 8t.,Opp. Coart House Portland,Mo. KIT*All kinds of WAKE, such as Knives, Forks, 8poons, Cake Baskets,Castors, Ac , piated in the best man nor. Al«o. REPAIRING and RE FINISHING Old SllverWare. jan29 d«m REMOVAL. DR. NEWTON HAS removed his residence to No, 87 pMidle Street, corner of.Krauklin street. ^ Office as heretofore, No. 116 Exchange Street, in Noble's Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M , from 2 to 3, and from 8 to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to givespeoial attention toDISEASES OP HEM ALES. ooSldtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLU3IBER! MAKKR OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 194 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Cold and fttuurer Bath*, Wash Bowls, Brass A Silver Plated Cocks, INVERT description of Water Fixture, for Dwsi. i ling Houic, llatelii, Public Building,, Shop., c Ac , srrauged sod set up in the bet manuer, and all ordcra in town or country Ikithftilly executed All kind, of jobbing promptly atteuded to Couitsntly on hand LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD aud HE EM PUMPS of *11 description,. »pU dtl < • WAJS TS, LOST,FOUND $35 Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ing, while in Pierce's auction room, a Calf Skin i * coutaing *14 in moner, a note against Charles Ilodgdon, Gorham, for MO.and one against Charles Hooper for *12. The above toward will bo paid lor the recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief Tune 8 -tr . GEORGE BK( K $100 REWARD. OTOla from (lie eBbaeribtr, Mar 2»th. ■ valua O bio Gold Wa'ch and Chain and ,40 In moner by a man aiewering to filename of Henry Wett— real came llnnr.- West Davis Inc thief fa ,11181 large, and *100 will be paid for hi, capture. Ue la about 80 year, of age. ,ix lent high, nearly bald dark brown hair blaeerea. and arra marked In India Ink with monument decorated with Haga. Alao bracelet In India Ink round right wrist. ftdU J. H. OXNARD. Wauled! U S. Mutineer (Mice. 31 Exchange St., { Portland, Ste., June 7,1864 > A PERSON accustomed to tseping a boarding bouse for workmeu, to keep the house upon the U. 8. Works at ftlunnewell's Point, in out h of the Kennebec River. The house is allowed free of reft; and the average number of hoarders is fitly per day Persons offering must bring satisfactory eviaence of their ability to carry on the house properly. For further particulars enquire at tni* office. (Signed) Til08. LINCOLN CASEY. _ Capt. Corps of Engineers. June 7. 1804.—dlOd Wanted. A SMART, active young man who is use to busi ness and quick at aooounts. to travel tor VIRTUE, YORSTON k, CO., Cor. Free and Cross streets, Portland, Me. Juae 7—dlw* Wanted. A Female Pastry Cook at Darton’a Oyster Saloon, 233, Congress 8t. aplfttf Wanted. A GOOD Girl in a email family—reside!ce in a pleasant part of the city. Apply at this office. June*—dlw House Wanted. WANTED to purchase frr csss, a convenient House suitable lor a email family, with usual conveniences, centrailr and pleasaotly located.— Price not to exceed *3,000, Address “Taylor’' at the l*re„ Office. may 18tf Board. SUIT* of Room,, with Board, can be obtained hy applying immudlately at 80 Danforth etreet. May 11th. may lad if ANOTHER VICTORYI THE GOOD Til US TOME! TilK good time coining baa couu- at last, and wa are now prepared to offer to the citizens of this tily and the country, the largcet and lluoet selected stock of Fashionable BEADY-MADE CLOTHING EVER OFFERED IS THIS STATE. Old Fogy System pone Away Witk! And w« have tjt.blj.iii4 A TYew Order of Things ! By selling oar goods at a SMALL PROFIT, And Belling Large Quantities, Instead of piling them en the shrives to be shop* } worn, waiting to make 100 per cent. We have oar goods made axraaeeLY for ns, be ing connected with a large Mnaulactnring Kata bl lata meal in Boston, And our chief aim is to produce the very latest and Most Fashionable Styles, As well as the most tasteful ard dcoablb. Wear© receiving a aw moods dally. Ho shop wo. n goods remain on our bauds, but everything is fresh and new. 1 he attention of the public is particularly called to our NEW ESTABLISHMENT, Where can be found all the choices styles and finest goods Irons both the Old World and the New. V.B.V'OVPANkC©., 124 Middle St. Portland. Majr 30, >804. ma;'J0«od>m A. & S. SHURTLEFF A C0~ NOS. AS & 56 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturer, and Dealer, la Men's Boys’ and Youth’s Thick, Kip and Calf Boots, Women’. and Children'! Ooat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Hubbers Shoe Stook, Findings, ao. WITH our .uperior f.rilttlrs for minufaeturing, •nd a large experience in the bn.inee., we we nre nble to k-11 a. low a. in Ronton or nlwwhern Dealer* nr. re.peotf.lly lu.ited to call and ax auiutour stock before purchasing. %ST Order* bv mail promptly attended to. Portland. A pHJ 23. 1804. dfim Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! -A_t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 1M aid 1S4 Exchange 81.,* the International Uouae. ____ _ _ mayTdtf_ Goal find Wood! -AT TUB LOWEST PRICES FOB CASK, DBL1TBRRD TO A.VYP.IRT 0/ TUB CITT, AT SHORT XOTICB. Our Coal Is of tho .ary BtST quality, and wag ranted to gir. tali.faction. -ALSO, FOB SALK All Kinds of Hard and Soft Wood. The Public arc invited to give as a call, a* we are bound to give satisfaction to all who favor as with their custom. OFFICE NO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREET. RAHDALI A McALLISTXR aagSOly_ The Extraordinary Success Which has attended the introduction by u* of 1 CALIFORNIA WINKS, Is not only a fitting tribute to the purity and beauty of the Wine* themselves, but a cheering indication of a desire among the people to encourage AMERICAN INDUSTRY. The wine Trade Review, the organ of the British trade, calls them "excellent in «juality and a great success." Our br .nds of these Wine* may bo ound upon the tables of The Most Fastidious Connoisseurs. TheleaJing portion of the American press have extolled their merits, and the verdict to all who use them is that They'are the Purest, The Oheapest, and The Rest. ABE FOB TUB LABEL OrJ PERKINS, STERN A CO.. WHO ARt THB PlOXBRX HOl'BB, And the only one in the Atlantic States Sealing ex • eluslvely in CALIFORNIA WINES. may2Se« dim THE FIRST MlOm BAVk OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. S. 7-30 Notes, Can have them exchanged for s'b per cent, twen ty year bonds by leaving them with this bank. The interest on the notes a ill be paid in coin, at the rate 7 3 10 percent, to July 1, and the bonds will be de livered here as soon • * they can be prepared by the Government. These 20 year bonds are the most de sirable of au/qf the gewerument securities. Con versions must be made in sums of *600 or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter oi one per cent, will be charged. W. E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, May 26, 1864. may36eodtf miscellaneous. PM'HER PATENT BOOTS. Boot, and .Short are comfortable from i If® *1 Wear'u* *«d require no "Breaking In," and therefore much more durable. PLUMER PATENT BOOTS. * PfOged Calf Plumer Boots, 9o to Men s Pegged Co//P/useer Boots, 6.00 Men's Pegged Calf Plumer Boots, | 60 , Man's Pigged Calf Plumer Boots, 7.UU \f.en,4 Hexed CmIf Plumer Boots, 97M Men s SiWtd Calf Pturner Boots, 8.00 ¥.*** *f99e& Calf Balmorals, f3 60 Men s Pegged Calf Balmorals, 4 CO Just received, all ’he varieties of the finest Muali!y, I*1?.Cali BoMs Our Bods are made of tight different width* and are designed tor a geuteel cl«,s of feet not hitherto lilted by Bendy Manv fact area tiooin The? are made of the hist stock, by the most careful and skillful workmen.and ®^*fyp»*r *• warranted borh in reference to stcck ana workmanship. From Bor. Henry Word Beecher. r> , _ BrookWn . kUr », 1864. Dr. J. C. P/nmer—Dear Sir.—Hod my flout, boon 6or» on me they could not have titled me better — •n«y were more comfort.ble the eery tlr.t day than my boota generally ara after monthe of u.age I cannot urat.e them too highly. They hare tnt oneieriona rnnlt, they will make nil other boota aeem nnoomfortable. lly tha way, yon carried olf my la*ta They ware the n/i t ones, and I took them out with my own bands, and know they Htted Please send them to me araia by express. I am. very truly. * l our obliged servant, M. W. BEK UKR. LADIES’ BOOTS. Ladies’ Plumer Patent Balmoral Boots, B4X0 Ladies' Plumer Patent Congress Boota, 4.50 i ne adotc foot# are made from the best wtock, and eaprertlf to mjr own order. Every pair ii warrant ed. the eaine aa ifa measure waa ta»en Thin work Mthe »in;e aa told by the tirat ciaa* retail dealer# ia fioaton, and pronounced by tbemiuperior to the beat New \ ork work. Ladies’ Balmoral BooU. Ladies' .Serge Balmoral Boots. fl.75 Ladies’ Serge Balmoral Boots, 2.W Lad'es’Berge Balmoral Boots, 2 2fi Ladies' Serge Balmoral Bools, 2.6(1 Ladies' Serge Balmoral Boots, 2.75 LADIES' CONGRESS BOOT*. Ladles' Serge Congress Boots, Ladies' Serge Congress Boots, 1.75 Ladle. Serge Congrese Boota, 2.00 Ladles' Serge Congress Boota, 2.25 Ladies' Serge Congress Boots, 2.50 Ladlea' Eaton Bool*. Ladies' Union Boats, 2.00 Ladies' Union Boots, 225 Jnst received, all tke varieties of the pareet null ty of Misses and Childrens’ Boots ardnooe*. tud lor sale et (air prices. E. NUTTER. i . Si Middle st. Jane Is*. 1864 jane 1 4w WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER'S BLOCK, UNION STREET, J. L. WIK8L0W, Agent, ■ iirrion tu or Steam Knginea. Steam Boiler,, Shafting Pulleys (tearing, and all kiads ef Machinery Also Low anil High Pleasure n'esm Heating Ap paratus lor Factories. Public Bui'dmge and Dwelling Houses. In tins De par.mant the e- abllshment baa beau nucomm sir successful Steam Coekt, Valves Whistles, and steam. Water and Gas Pipe and connections famished et wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and lailklaHy Done. In eon a- cllon with the a bore establishment is aa IronFoandry, with a large assortment of patterns and a l'ianing Mill, where wood planing ul ail kinds may be done.mayldtf j FOR SALE, Cheap for Cash! a aaaaT vaum op OSILDRSIB CAEEIAGES, Bird Gages, Rocking Horses, Ladies Work and Traveling Baskets, Toys, Marbles, POET MON A IK*. LADIP.S’ RETICULES AND bags, drums, violins, guitars. VIOLIN STRINGS, WRITING EB8K8, WORK BOXES, *s —ST— W. D. ROBINSON, 30 Exchange St. saehl4-tin The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the beet instrument* of Iheir class in the world. Nearly all the most promtaei* artists in tbe country bare given written teutimoor to this effect, and these instruments are in constant use in the concerts ol tbs mou d.stieguished artists—as Gottschalk and others—as well as in the o eras in the prioe pal tit le#. whenever such instruments are required. Fric* •16 to •500 each. These inst'nm*n»t tnar te found at the Ros e Mooms of the subscriber, where they will be sold at the manufacturers’ prices. II. 8. EDWARDS, Ne.349} Stewart's Block, Congress St. __aprl3 dtl POHTUVD HEIM. mill. DE. H. T. PACKEB, HAVING paid sporia) attention to the stady and treatment of diseases for the last tweuty years. * may now be consulted at the above named Institute ’ COR. CONGRESS ASD CHESTNUT STS., During the usual business hours. IF* The Dr. wishes to call special attention to his mode of treating diseases of the Throat and Lump*. < barges reasonable. HUMPHREY T. PACKER, M. !>., proprietor of Fortland Healing Institute. Itir*. a. B. Parker, Haring now become permanently associate! with the For'laud Healing Institute, in coouectioa with her bu*band.tbe Ur , would say. after a successful practice of more taau eVren years with diseases pe culiar to tbe kernel Organism, that she can now be consulted at the above uamed luuitute, Corner pf Conprett and Ch $tnut Street», At the usual business hours. |jrt harff* reasouuble. SARAH F. FA( KEK. Assistant Physician to Fortland Healing Institute. Fortland. June 1.18d4. janeleod2w Copartnership Notice, -AID BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THF. subscribers having on the 7th day of Ray formed a copartnership under the name of MfCftrtky k Berry, * • 7 Eu - Hi. pur|iOM of cury Id* on th. BOOT AHD SHOE BUSIHESS In ail its branches, and haring all the facilities for goring up first class work for gentlemon and lad’ea. wear, are now ready to execute ail outers with neat ness and dispatch Oar work will be made of the teat ot imported stock, by the best of workmen, and warranted to give per eet satisfaction. It ia our site that our wor^ shall not he eec .nd to any in the Unit ed State*. We have alto completed a stock of ready made work of tho Ural quality, tor I**dioat Gentleman, and Chi dren’n Wear, •elected from Now York and Boston market#. Our Ladies' work is from the oelebrated Burts Manufactory of New York For lieutlemen •» wear we have the best assortment ever offer* d tor sale in this cty , such a* tine French Patent Leather Boots; (.love ralf aud lalf Con gress for gentlemen's weer; Ikbsl Leather ( oe erese, aud < alt < j agrees Balmoral, and i ew French iu4 ?£*£•■*•»«» •»r*e < risu-kd-fhoht Bit K LK tOOT, now made by Met ar hy k Ber ry* For neatnese, com Hut aud beatltv, it rurprssea anything ever gut up ie this city. <V1 and see it; » samples always on baud at the old stand of M Me *r' y MCCARTHY A BERRY, No. Oft Exchange Street. juneldtl CITY OF PORTLAND. THE eommittee on Highways he., will receive sealed proposals for furnishing ten thousand tons Sea Island paving stores during the months ol , May Jane and July—equal quantities each month. The parties proposing will pleas* tate what portion of said stones—If less than the whole amount—they will furnish as above. Proposals will he received uu il Juue 3d. 1864. The committee reserve the right to refect any or all proposals not deemed for the in terest of the city. Per order. J. E DONNELL, Chairman. April 19th. 1864. ap» dhwtd _millinery. | 4c PALMER | BEU leave to e ill the attention ol ibe trade aener ally to their large and WELL SELECTED STOCK —— MILLINERY GOODS, Purchased for CAM1, of best importing and sue* tion boufesin New York, hueh is their experience in the bu an less, and iacilitiea fur obtaining goods, ttiojr feel tally confident in being able to succeesraiiv cowLPet^ wit,» any Arms in New England. .,‘*”,8pe' *•' l’**05* 10 keep a full stock of Misses' aud Lauiea* bKIRTS. Janel'ilaa stkahluoiw. T,LL’» *i!:r ‘v1*1!.7 rf,cei’",r Iron' »ba 01IOB rt .i.lTu* •'•■abnro. Mao , ail ibe new aid HATS* *y M “f L*di**’’ *ud Iifanta' Straw Bonnots, t all qualities. AJ*o constantly on hand a larts •'«* n Fr'cch tIjd Au*cricin^flcwet. kcclM* Head Draw*, Ac . which be will at tba Iowan price.. JOHN K PALM IK |unMdlm141 Middle Hr..!, rortUad. NEW MILLINERY STORE Ne>v Goode! _0 _____ Itfas. A. B0DEKT8ON ha. lakes tba New (tora, t~,~- **d *~ Nf ri.LIISiyiY, ^kich Bht«wiU ** P,ea*«d ♦« offer <° ker Meads anj the public, on and afier the fctb last. *-B. A good assortment of MOURNING Co&ftaatlyoB hand • turwwtwr good Milliner* can reeelrt .toady aaiployaiout by ia juirln* aa abova. ap4-dacdtf . ] ft open Day and Evening, lor a Thoroagh BoMBSSS L Education. Located lsSo. Hanson Block, middle St., No. ldl. Scholarships good in any part ortho t mted Stare* Principal has had 20 years experience; is alwrny* an the spot, and attends to his bsaineaa; and proas* iaes, as during the peat 12 years, no pains shall he rod ia the futero. h»e hundred re fere sees ef flrsl eiass bunuees laen. with many others of thli city, will testify to the practical nti.ity, eapasionm ners sod completeness of my systems and manner of teaching, and citiseoa of other cities have t-ostiled to the same. Diplomas will he awarded for then •ugh courses. Able Assistants secs red. Bartlett's Plan, the founder of Commercial Colleges, siriethr adhered to as regards not copying. < ertaia trines will be devoted to Commercial Law el acids done.— Come all who have failed to be taaght a timias— hand-writing and I will gun rente* te yea sneesna. Application solicited for Accountants. Separate In struction given. Btadoats aaa enter any time. Sep arate rooms tor Ladles. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate account#adjusted. Lattice and Lentlemen that desire to take leaaons. or a foil, or a separate coarse, ia either Book-Beeping. Navigation. < emmeretai Law, Phonography, llJgbcr Mathematics, Civil B^ ffineertng, Surrerlng. Native Bavin cm Writing Commercial Arithmetic, Correspondenee, Carl Marking, (and teaching from printed cop its and Text Books will be avoided please call, or address -- the Principal. R N BROWN. Portland. Oct.l. 18M. oc® eodAeowly PENS ION 31 BOUNTIES 1 BACK PAY : Are obtained for Wounded Soldiers (discharged) and the friends of deceased soldiers who are entitled to the same by BVRON D. TERRILL. Alt*n«y u4 ChisHIv, M Ik 117 liiMIt &i«t, -MU Licensed Agent lot aU tha Departments at Washington. Portland. April *8. 13*4. a;36 codtm TAKK At WOttSO.VS Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, FOR VKEftELS’ BOTTOMS. To Ownm and master* of Tnsd*. Tltl, superior article it offered with the tallest sea. fideucs. When spplicdto WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS I* -ill be luuod s perfect -ub.iitut- ter Ccpper Sheathing, snd s CoMiL4 TL I’h 4 ft 4 K V A11 r B frota WOKH8, RaR.NACL4.ft, UKAftft. Ae Tie India atid Scut hr rn Parts —ili bad It particularly ler iattreat to u»s It a P-TsaT Metallic ou l ot rsa Paist. The proprietor.—ill In ever; c».e gusrsntse. cot —< oaly that their Copper Paiat it sat drier to aay bow ia uts. but alto to aay that bat buea beretoitrs of. f red to the public. Printed direct tout for uteaceempacy oacb eta. For talc, -holeiale and retail, by the Maaajhe tarert’ Agent., LYMAN & MARHETT, Sliip Cliancller», No. 113 Commercial Street. apoOtta—3ta PORTLAED. United States Claim Agency I Bounty, Prize Money A Prnolois, Cl AX be obtained on application to ' SWKAI ft CLKAVEfi, Attornfysat Law. Wo. 117 M ddle street, Mat-aey’s Row. MAINE INSURANCE GO. . Augusta, Maize. THE Maine Insurance Company Insure agauet lose or damage by Fir*. Building., Mercian and b urniture, cu terms us lavorablu as it d-j doue br any solvent Company. Foiieiee issmed tor One. Three, or Five jean. J.H.W,LLIAM8.8^Ut;yC.TL“P,-“-- * EDWARD SHAW-Agent, Ho. 108 Middle Street. QonpOdlT 1 Navigation Taught ^ T. B. PARSONS “AT J Ho. 12, Deer S.reet, Portland. ^ rtUITLiatli (lesiren, of tnetruelloa It, m«H- ^ ' * «»l Nacigaliou will And an aapenea.ed • eceh or. He is the only experienced Mdu Master In the Stale, who teache. Havgation, and la ,,rec;alb a* poiuted to qualify Easigcsaid MaUa for the r. I. x»Tr_ ir.hSfw dim STARBIRD^S Clothes Cleaning, and Repairing R 0.0 M S f|7HI8 popn’ar aui convenient retablisl meat la 1 now located on the corner of Concreee and Hrowa stieeU, over Hunt ft Jtwett s Maibic Werka, where BNTLIXIMX GARMENTS will be th«*r©«uhlv cleansed. fat hWly and neatly rt-pairvl.sml prt»*sHi lugood taste. ft. roalo- m with the present at%i# ct faihltn. The cots ait tier ease ot pa»rou«ge bestowed upon lb* | ropi U-u r. it dnly appreciated by him. and tie assure* alt a bo favor him with their custom. that no palna -halt be spared to rive them the utmos * -at iaJhstion. —a N- B. Oarmonta eat and made to order, ar d war* ranted to lit. 1.. H. SlAUHlhli, Tor'and. May 30th, 13*4. Practical Tailor, dtf GREEN HOUSE h AND BEDDING Ol'T I'tANTS tKe.pfctfolly Inform the i ob’lc thit I bar* on band a larirc aaroritneat vl bran llonre and Uoldin/nut r!.ot«, fur Opriux n.;r. of aunerHir dualitr. ri«- tumsii. ona. t’AK.aa and Kouau ana, % flna collection 01 A«Tan riA.T., Ac . Ac., Ac A .oleotioa b und at Randall A WiituoyV Market Square. Crdcraloft them nil! bo promptly attended to. ALH1-.K 1 DlKWANiilK. Florlt* _ , Corner of North and Montrc* Strotta. Portland, Mr,_ apr8utf Notit-e. THE Trustor, ofWtatbrook Seminary are hereby notified that iheir Am ml Mi. tiro mil te held ou n endnesday, the ITtla iust, at three o'clock in the afternoon, at the itif ary Bnl'din? in Watt* bro*>k, for the choice of officer.-* ft r tie ensnlug year, and to transact any other basin* m tLat may legally tome be'.ote them at *.a-d »eet»» r. GRANVILLE M 61 EVENS. Si-cretv-y Rond Trustees. WHbrook, dune*2. 13’4,-*('t1 HI ti r*e. VNY one in want of an experienced Nttrst, eau learn of one by addiSiting NTRSK, Jute 4.-todlw« Poxtlaud, ?. O.

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