Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 10, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 10, 1864 Page 3
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fOltTLAXI) ASU VICJS1TY. _ _ • Supreme Judicial Court TuL'KbDAV.—Edmund W. Dyer pet. for leave to enter and prosecute an appeal from the J udge of Probate. The appeal was not perfected in season owing to informality in the notice to the administrator of the estate of Ann Pearson. After a hearing before Judge Davis be granted leave _for the peti tioner to enter aud prosecute his appeal. E. S. Hovey, Howard & Slrout, Kisseuden A- Butler. John Mayall, Administrator, vs Owcu Gallagher and Portland Saving Bankas Trus tees. Trustees discharged. Howard A- Strout.P. Barnes lor Trustees. Selectmen of Hollis petitioners for Com missioners to define the line between said town and the town of W aterborough. In this case a majority and a minority report had been presented and tbe case bas been on the York County docket for seven years. Mr. Drew for the town of Waterborough sub mitted a written argument in favor of the minority report. Mr. Chisholm, for the town . of Hollis, submitted an argument in favor of the majority report. The Court decided to accept the majority report The line between the two towns has been in actual litigation for 74 years. Sarah Jane Hasty, of Scarborough, Libel lant vs Nathaniel Hasty. Libel for divorce. After a hearing in the case. Judge Davis dis missed the libel. J. H. Williams lor Libellant; J.O'Donueli for Libeliee. William Baldwin vs Thomas Breslin. As sumpsit for digging a cellar in 1801. Amount claimed $70. Offer to be defaulted for $30. ‘ Decision reserved. J. O'Donuell. J. U. Williams. Court will probably adjourn finally to day. Municipal Court—June 9. v Michael Murry, for larceuy of juuk from John Brannigan, was sentenced to thirty days imprisonment in the County jail. Physical Education.—We are pleated to learn that the elforts of Mr. Bradford to in troduce I>r. J^ewis’ system of light gymnas tics into our city, are being appreciated, aud he has now a class of some forty or Ufty adults, besides two large classes of masters and mis ses. Mr. Bradford is a graduate of Dr. Lew is’ “Normal Institute of Physical Education,” Boston, and understands thoroughly all de partments of the science, aud brings to tl e work that skill, euergy and discretion, so nec essary in the practical application of it. Although the exercises of the class are very pleasing and attractive, affording a sufficient amount of exciting amusement to compen sate for the time and money expended, the principal object is the attainment of a strong, graceful, well-developed physical organiza tion, to the accomplishment of which the ex ercises are particularly adopted. A new class is being organized for begionera which will afford those who desire to become familiar with all the movements, an excellent oppor tunity. Those who join this term will have the advantage of the previous low tuition. Mr. Bradford’s rooms are at No. 4 1-2 Free Street Block. w*i*» relation to the cause of the late fire in Spruce street we are requested to state that there were two or three children at play in the shed, neither of them much over four years of age. One of them, not Mr. Smith’s son, went home and got some matches and re turned and kindled the tire in the shed. Ue would not give any matches to Mr. Smith's son hut managed the whole matter himself, aud afterwards remarked ihat be had “built a bully lire in the shed.” We make this state ment in justice to Mr. Smith as it appears that his son did not have a match in his hand. Mr. Smith aud his wife returned from New Hampshire Wednesday evening and knew nothing about lire fire until they arrrived at the spot where their late residence stood. _ Baker's Cavalry.—From information which wc obtain from Gen. Butler’s command, we learn that Baker’* Cavalry, serving as in fantry in defending the works in front,are do ing good service. Assaults are made every day by the rebels, which are promptly repuls ed. During a hot engagement Company M, with a potion of Company II, commanded by Capt. Svrgeant, formerly Lieut Col. of the 2d Maine, salied out to strengthen a picket that was attacked. They succeeded in capturing one lieutenant and 27 privates, and killed a rebel colonel belonging to the 22d Soutli Car olina infantry. Uis body was brought within our Hues. A Fast Youth.—A lad named O’Donnell, 13 years of age, who was concerned in break ing into the store of Win. Brown, on Union street, last week, and was let out on hail, was arrested yesterday afternoon by Deputy Mar shal Wentworth for stealing a watch from the house of Mr. Cyrus Lowell. The watch was found by tbe officer secreted in the house on Cotton street a hero the boy lived. . • Dk. Kane’s old Schooner.—The schoon er United Stales which arrived at this port yesterday from New Orleans, is the old schooner Advance, in which Dr. Kane made hi* expedition in search of Sir John Frank lin. She is iu good order and, as we under stand, is bound on a tlshlug cruise. Sale or Ural Estate.—Otis Culler, Esq. has purchased the late residence of Kev. Dr. Dwight, on Cumberland street. The lot con tains near 8000 square feet of laud, with a large and commodious brick (^welling house. The price paid was in the viciuity of $7,000. tar Some of our readers wero greatly amused yesterday morning at the advertise ment of a I.ouse, Store Ac., for sale. They didn’t seem to understand it. For their infor mation we will simply say it was a House with au I, to it. ‘Investment Without Taxation.—All U. S. Government Bonds, are free from town, couuly and State taxation, and therefore pre sent superior attractions to those seeking good i ivestments. The Ten Forty Loan is now being rapidly absorbed. yTbe Treasurer of ike Ladies Christian Commission acknowledges the receipt of #at‘, 55from the Second Parish (money collected) instead of #20,55 as stutoil in the Press of Saturday last. E. W. Little, Treasurer, gy Harper’s Magazine for July is out and lias been received by Hall L. Davis and E. C. Andrews, Exchange street. It is a rich number, full of pleasant reading and hand some illustrations. Attention is calk d to the card of L. J. Hill & Co., who have removed their Coffee and Spice establishment to York street. AJ1 the varieties of coffee and pure spices can be found at this establishment. Raising the Flag.—A campaign Hag will be raised at 7 o’clock this evening at the cor ner of Portland and l’arria streets. Speeches will be made by several gentlemen. Ratification.—Portland Council Vo. 1, U. L. A., at their meeting Wednesday evening, unanimously and with great enthusiasm, rat ified the nomination of Lincoln and Johnson. Cedar Camphor, for sale by Grosman A Co-,75 Middle street, is the lest article now In the market to preserve clothing, carpets and furs from moths. py The Maine Medical Association will hold its twelfth annual session in this city on the 15lh inst. py Harper’s Magazine for July has been received at the book aud periodical store ol A. ltoblnson, Exchange street. j BY TELEGRAPH —TO TBK KVENltttt HAPHI^ ----*» • ■ - ■ — Prom the Army of the Potomac. HEAIiqUAUTEUS AjtllV I’OTOMAC, 1 June 7. J j Gen. Meade has ordered one Cropsy, cor ■ respondent of the Philadelphia Inquirer, to l>o paraded through the army placarded a ‘ Li ; beller of the Press,” for publishing in that ! journal a libel on that General. Col. McMurphy, of the 17Ulh N. Y. Regi ment, has been dismissed from the service, for sending a flag of truce to the enemy without authority. All quiet to-day, except occasional heavy l guns in the direction of Bottom’s Bridge. Mails are now regularly received. lariotm Item*. Louisvii.i.k, Ky.. June 9. About 700 rebel cavalry entered Paris, Ky., last evening, unresisted. . Washington, June 9. Decrees of confiscation wera passed yester day by the court in fourteen cases, including Ex-Gov. Letcher. Trustee Polk, William T. Smithron, Judge Scarborough and A. Forrest. A rebel Commodore’s evidenco was adduced in the case of Hon. Geo. S. Houston, of Ala bama, of firm loyalty, aud the case was indef initely postponed. Chauye in the Jiiepoeition of our Forcce Be fore Kich tntmil. New York, June 9. Tho Times dispatch, dated Monday, says the direction and disposition of our lines have been materially changed since Friday’s fight. At many places, and especially-lit front of the (ith ami 8th corps, our line is well fortified, but at other points we are subject to a galling : enfilading fire, against which it is almost im possible to fortify. Capture of tt Federal O unboat. !• Philadelphia, Juno 9. The steamer Massachusetts, from the block ading squadron, has arrived, and reports the guutioat Water Witch captured by rebel boats ! in ^saboin Sound on the 3d iust., after a se vere fight. An expedition has been fitted out at Port Royal to destroy or recapture her. Religious and Ecclesiastical Items. The CoDgregalionalists of Washington County hold their Annual Convention at Per ry, June 14th. i The Washington County Bible Society meet at Perry, June loth. Rev. J. Billiugs, formerly of Parkman, has accepted a unanimous call to the pastoral charge of the Baptist church at Fayetle. i The Swedenborgians of this State will hold | their annual Convention in Bath in August next. Rev. Francis Abbot of Beverly,has accepted an invitatioa to become the pastor of the Un itarian society in Dover, N. H. The Universalist State Convention will bo held in Orono, on the i$lh, 29th aud 30th I inst. Dit. Bellows is Califokxia.—A Cali fornia correspondent of the New YorkT imes. gives the following amusing account of Dr. | Bellows' introduction into San Francisco, aud his hair breadth escapes“The Rev. Dr. is among us. He arrived last steamer, and was immediately taken in hand—captured, like liunsbj, and walked off 4o some private bouse 1 think. He preached the next day, (Sun day) to a crowded houso' 1 taw him in a carriage to-day, being shown the lions by the Rev. Dr. Anderson, who was driving. The carriage contained Mrs. and Miss Bel lows, also—a phaelou and very respectable “turn out” improvised from some adjacent livery stable, 1 know, for I have seen a much gayer prtay in the same, coming over the road, who never seemed in the least interest | ed in the architecture of the churches they ' pa*sed. I was watching them from my office window—(the Reverends 1 mean, of course,) I —anil was perfectly sure, for a moment, that | the Doctor would himself be a speedy candi date for the Sanitary Commission, for the R'v. Mr. Anderson did not exhibit that skill in the management of his team, that the val ue of the load required. life nearly run into a North Beach car, then plumped his horses' - heads iulo a vegetable cart, then luffed up iu i to an old lady crossing the street, llieu got stem way on, and I was expecting a dreadful spiiliDg of great and good men, when a lull UI • vu, sue J oil, lion IBI UUILAIU ed 1 know not, but I shall look in the list of smash-ups tomorrow for the two divines. I can recommend to those two ladies many belter young meu drivers. What they don't know about driving is uot worth mentioning —whst they know about the Scriptures would be, if you ouly knew what it was— but divines are more in place in the pulpit than on the box driving divinities, and I shall protest agaiust Mr. Anderson handling the ribbons.” Wounded Maine Soi.diehs.—The follow ing were admitted to the McClellan Hospital at Fortress Monroe on Sunday last. They were from Port Walthall James Andersoa. foot, Frauds Foot, foot Mlohsel M'»Jo thigh. Wm Uatfurtl leg. all of the 11th Ms; A. Jackins, shoulder, 8th Ms. The following are atnoug the killed and wounded in the bailies in Virginia between the 1st and 5th of June, both days included O D Frss«e. A. 7th Me. Jaw; Jonas BCrass. II. 7th Me fuot; Wm tlogsD. A, 7lh Ms. foot; D tiulllrso; A 7th Ms. breast; It Kobertr, t> 7th Ms lag; Jacob Sco t, A,7th Ms,arm ; Serg. 8 It. Jordan,Co I, arm The following wounded men were received at the McClellan Hospital on Saturday ? Jam ■ Bailey, arm ; Wm Creoa, thigh ; TDCook. long; M E Sherman thigh: I) Duller lung; C8 I-eighton, leg; i> F McFarland, arm; K W Dace, thirh; A Vsudine. lag; M Canforth, thigh; I) A Bean, arm; ti W Thompson, thigh, all of tbs 11th Ma'na. | The following Is a partial list of wounded in the 8th Maine regiment at ths battle of Coal Harbor, Va, June Jd:— 11 Packard, H; Char ea Hows F: J Sullivan. I; Cop *1 D Jacobi. A; James Withes. Jr. ( ; J W Higgins. 1; Jamas Bubier. C; A Stanafleld. C; Ser geant Major FI P Shavor: Lewis F Heath, 0. W U Whitney, Co K, 7th Ms. wounded. The Woman that Swallows Needles. Priscilla Levesque, a Canadian French girl, is about to be exhibited as a curiosity. She i takes from fifteen to twenty needles a day, and has swallowed in one day 1UB. She does not think she eonld live a month if deprived by force of_ her favorite enjoyment. Often she 1 (wallows them under the impression that they j will cause her death, and yet she cannot resist the temptation. It is, iudeed, a singular case. When deprived of them for a few days she is perfectly wretched. To encourage her to eat needles for the satisfaction of public curiosity, ; is an act which cannot be too strongly con demned. We hardly think Uarnum would be guilty of such a thing. Capt. EnwARh M. Robinson, Co. C,olh Maine, of Anson, who was severely wounded through both knees in the bsttle of Sprttsyl vaula. May 101b, arrived in this city on ' Wednesday evening last, and is stopping at the American House. Lieut J. A. Grenier, ol the tame company, who was wounded in the thigh at Spoltsylvania C. H., May 12th, it with Capt U. Lieut. G. was formerly of Po lam),hut for several years before going into the army was a clerk in this city. — Vert Shocking.—The fine taste of the Montreal True Witness hat !>eeu offended at the conduct of the Prince of Wales in visit ing Garibaldi. And it thus lets off its venom : “That the Priuce whom we would all delight to honor, that the son of the good Victoria, that the heir of a hundred kings should so de mean himself, so forget what is due to his dig nity and to his royal office, as to visit u low revolutionist like Garibaldi, the bosom irieud of Mac/.iui, Greco, aud other contiuental con victs and gsiley-plaves of a similar stamp— must he feit by every English gentleman as an indigQity and a national degradation." The St. L<h;is Sanitary Fair, Over $.'>00,000 have been taken at this fair. The three silver bars from Nevada have been placed In a glass case, and are exhibited for a fee of ten cents. The two largest blocks arc 14 1-2 inches Iu length’ 4 3-4 wide across the face, and 3 3-4 inches thick. Tiie third bar is 10 3 4 inches iu length, 4 1-4 wide, and 4 1-4 In thickness. Value iu greenbacks, $11,000. | More bars are to he sent, which will increase the sum to $20,000. ’ or- One of the moat cool and refreshing beverages to be found, can he had at Gros man & Co., in the shape of a glass of cream | soda. It is delicious. BY TELEGRAPH TOTH I, Portland Daily Press. — . _. ——- —— Reception of the. Committees bp the 1‘resident, Speeches, dc., <t c. Wxshinoton. June <J. At ball'past ~ o’clock to-day the com nittee appointed yesterday by tLo National Union Convention at Baltimore, to inform President Lincoln of bis nomination by that convention, reached the While House, when they were in vited iuto the east room, where the President was conversing with members of the delega tion who had previously called on him. Gov. He unison, President of the Conven tion, and chairman of the committee, then addressed the President, as follows: Mr. President—The National Convention, which closed its sittings at Baltimore yester day, appointed a committee, consisting of one from each State, with myself as chairman, to inform you ol your unanimous nomination by that couventiou for election to the otlicc of President of the United States. That com mittee, 1 have the honor of informing you, is now present. On its behalf I %ave also the honor of presenting you w ith a copy of the resolutions or platform adopted by that con vention, as expressive of its sense and of the sense of the loyal people ol the country which ins represents, of the principles and policy that should characterize the administration of the j Government in the present condition of the couutry. I need not say to you that the con vention, in thus unanimously nominating you for re-election, but gave utterance to the al most universal voice of the loyal people of the country. To doubt of your triumphant elec tion would he little short ol abandoning the hope of the dual suppression of the rebellion i and the restoration of the Government in the insurgeuts States. Neither the convention ! nor those represented by that body entertain eu any uuiiul as lo rue nuai result unuer your administration, sustained by that people and noble army and gallant navy. Neither did the convention, nor do this committee, doubt the speedy suppression of this most wicked and unprovoked rebellion. I would add, Mr: President, that it would be the pleasure ot the committee to conimnn! cate to you within a few days, through one of its most accomplished members, Mr. Curtis, of N\ Y., by letter, more at length the cireum stances under which you have been placed in nomination for the Presidency. In reply the President said: Mr. Chairmau and genlieinen of tho Com mittee—I will neither conceal my gratification nor restrain the expresssion of tny gratifica tion that the Union people, through their convention, in their contiuous effort to save and advance the naliou, have deemed me not unworthy to remain in my present position. I have uo reason to doubt that I shall accept the nominatiou tendered, anil yet perhaps 1 should not declare definitely before reading and considering what is cailed the platform. I will say, however, that I approve of the dec laration in favor of so amending the Consti tution as to prohibit slavery throughout the nation. When the people in revolt, with the j hundred days explicit notice tint they could within those days resume their allegiance without the oveithrow of their institutions, and that they could not resume it alterwards. elected to stand out, such an amendment of the Constitution as i» now proposed becomes a titling and necessary conclusion to the final success of the Uniou cause. Such alone can meet and cover all cavils. X now perceive its importance and embrace it. In the joint , names of liberty and Uutou let ns labor to i give it legal form aud practical eflect. At the conclusion of the President's speech, all of the committee shook him cordially by 1 the hand and offered their personal cougratu- l ia'ioi s The members of the National Union League 1 adjourned yesterday from Baltimore to this city, and cailed on the President in the East Boom of the White House. The Chairman ol the delegation spoke to the President as fol low »: Mr. l’residcnt: I have the honor of intro ducing to you the representatives of the Union : leagues of the loyal Mates, to congratulate 1 you on your rc nomination, and to assure you that we will not fail at the polls to give you the support that your services in the past so j highly deserve. We feel honored in doing '' this, for we are assured that we are aiding in re-electinc to the proud position of President of the United Slates, one so highiy worthy of it—oue among the least of whose claims, is that he was the emancipator of four millions of tKHidmen. The I’resident replied as follows: tientlenicu: lean omy say m 1 espouse to the remarks of your Chairman, I suppose that I am very grateful for the renewed confldcuce which has beeu accorded to me, both by the Convention and by tho National League. I am not insensible at all to the personal com pliment there is in this, yet I do not allow my self to believe that any but a small part of it is to be appropriated as a personal compli ment. The Convention and the Nation, I am assured, are alike animated by a higher view of the interests of the country, for the present and the great future, and that part X am en titled to appropriate as a compliment, is only that part which I may hold as being the opin ion of the Convention and the League. Tnal I am not unworthy lo he entrusted with the place I have occupied for the last three years, I have not permitted inyself, gentleman, to conclude that I am the last mau in the coun- i try. But I am reminded in this connection of a story of an old Dutch farmer, who re- 1 marked to a companion, that “ it was not best ! to swap horses when crossing a stream." The prolonged laughter which followed this characteristic remark,should have been heard. It was tremendous. Jin rainy of the Steamer llerkuhire. OVER FORTY LIVES LOST. New York, June It. The steamer lterkshirc was burned at Esop's Llaud, eight miles below lioudout. The lire originated in the lamp loom,caused by the explosion of a lamp. The loss of life canuot yet be correctly ascertained, hut it is thought that at least forty persons perished, mostly burnt to death in the state rooms. The steamer Berkshire had about 150 pas sengers. A stroug south w iud blew the dames alt, preventing many of thcr passengers from going for war 1, hut she was grounded with only four feet of water at the beam. Forty o • tlfty passengers are supposed to he lost. The boat was launched only six weeks ago, and was furnished in splendid style. The hull was burned to the water’s edge. The efforts ou the part of some persons cn hoard to prevent ctn'usiou probably a most disastrous mistake. Many are known to have beeu below whence others bad just escaped with their lives. The host ran ashore with most of the passeegers yet ou boar!. She laid with her bow in shore in three feet of water, so that probabla many passengers es caped by jumping into tho wa'er and wading or swimming ashore. A considerable propor tion of the passengers had been driven to the stern by the extreme heat, and tbatcud of the boat was still in drep wnter. Thera was. Those who could swim gained the shore, but i many floated down with the tide. One indiv ual counted thirty or forty, among them some one who had lost three i hiidren. One man became stapl e 1 and lost bold cl a girl he hud rescued, and she went down Her mother had been lelton the boat. Some of tbe jium lier who floated down the river disappeared, while others were rescued I y a boat from a schooner and the steamer Juuies Baldwin. I’oi-hhkkki-sie, N. Y., June 9. I Eight bodies have been found so far, and souse identified. Passengers state that prob ably no one escaped from the ladies’ cabin. It is thought that about forty are lost, per haps more, as only seventy or eighty are known to have been saved. The passengers were mostly from Hudson and C'ats'till. The river is being dragged and the wreck searched for bodies. The boat was valued at $200,UtO; fully insured. Resolutions of the Grated Council of the 1 11 ion l.ratjue, Washington, June 9. The following resolutions were passed by the (jrand Council of the Union League while in session iu Baltimore, a copy of which was presented to the President by the committee appointed for tlie purpose: Uetoleed—That the National Council of the Union League of America hereby heartily ap proves and endorses the nomination of the Union Natioual Convention at Ualtimt re, on the 8th of June, isbt, of Abraham Lincoln lor President, and Aodr.w Johnson for Vice President ol the Lniied 8iates; and as we are bound by our obligations .to do all in our pow er to elect true and reliable Union men to all offices, and as the nominees of the said con ven'd! n arc the oqfy catidl tales that can hope to be elected as loyal men, we regard it ts the imperative duty of the members of the L'niun League to do all that lies in their {owcrlo ! secure their election. Hesoloed—That this Council also earnestly approves aud endorses tins platform of princi ples adopted by the said convention. Ketohetl—That we will as individuals and members of tho Union League, do all in onr i power to elect said candidates. AAA V III UUflUttEBB—iirgt BeMlOIl Washington, June 3. SENATE. Mr. Davis offered peace resolutions, which the Senate refused. Considerable discussion took place on a lull introduced, providing lor the collection of captured property in the insurrectionary States. Mr. Chandler reported a bid to facilitate ted graphic communication between tbe East ern and Western Continents. Mr. CoUamer offered an amendment, which Mr. Wilson accepted in lieu of his ot yester day, calling out men by dratt for one year, which provides that three years’ men be cred ited as three to one of the one year men. A long discussion ensued. Mr. Collamer’s amendment was adopted but the bill was not acted upuu.—Adjourned. HOUSE. A bill was reported for a railroad between New York and Washington. Debate ensued on designating a day for its consideration, which was cut short by the calling up ot the bankrupt bill, which was yesterday ordered to be engrossed. The bill was rejected, b(>4 against 05. The morning, hour expired pending * mo tion to reconsider and to lay that motion on the table Tbe bill passed prohibiting the California steamers takiug an excess of passengers un der heavy penalties. The bill passed providing for an increase of sixty revenue inspectors, mainly on tbe Cana da frontier, aud that goods, trunks, carpet bass, Ac., be scaralitd. the same as in Europe. The bill regulating the foreign and coasting trade on the north-eastern and north western frontiers was passed. The House passed the Senate’s joint resolu tion for the relief ot E. W. A Samuel A. Wood for bonds claimed to be lost on tbe Golden Gate, it beiug stated that they were in the mails that were recovered from the wreck.—Adjourned. A Truer to bury the />.■« / an.l brioj in tU II'om ^let!. Washington, June 9. The flag of truce sent by Gen. Grant was arranged last evening, and the dead and wounded between the Hues were brought it. There were very few wounded at some points, while at others a number came in. None but medical olllcers and stretcher liearers are al lowed to go on the field, and all intercourse with the enemy is prohibited. At the end of the time agreed upon, a voice from tiro rebel lines sung out, “Hoys, get to your holes, time's up." All left at once. A few shells were thrown on our left yes terday, without damage. A portion of the nth corps is reported as having arrived at a point, on the Chickabomi ny, near Bottoms Bridge, and considerable cannonading was heard in that direction yes terday afternoon. A rebel captain and a licutentant and five privates came in yesterday under a (lag of truce, looking for Hie body ol an oilier r Our man seized them, but t! ev were returned. The railroad to White House will be ready for travel in a few days. From Waahington, Washington, June P. Keprescnlative Washburue, of HI, made an adverse report to-dav in the House on the memorial of the N'ew York Chamber of Com merce, asking for encouragement to ocean steam navigation. Gen. Klijuh Ward of the committee, pre- ' scuted the views of the miuorily.sctliug forth , at length arguments and data in favor of sub sidies for the accomplishment of the views of the memorializara. The report lies on the ta ble for the present. file Commissary General of prisoners has j directed that the olllcers and men, except guerrillas, now held as prisoners of war in the old Capitol prison, be immediately sent to Fort Lafayette. The guerrillas will be re tained at the Old Capitol prison under guard. The friends of the bankrupt bill feel confi dent that they will to-raorro w probably effect a reconsideration of the vote by which the bill was to-day .rejected by ouly one majority, -- lirbet proceeding* in Kentucky, Cincinnati, June 9. The rebels arc near Falmouth, on the Ken tucky Central Railroad, and at Williarnstown, T>u the pike, thirty miles from Cincinnati. A rebel force is reported twelve miles east of Lexington, and another approachiog from Richmond. T he rebels are also reported between Crab Orchard and Stamford. They burned the large warehouse and water station at Cynthi an.t yesterday. The rebels are now in possession of Paris, Georgetown, Cytilbiana and Williarnstown. Thr Turf. New York, June 9. The Patterson races to-day were run in rain and mud. The first, two miles, for three year olds, was won hv “ Kentucky.” Time 4.08 1-4. The post stake, three mile heats, was won by “ Fleetwing," in 0.11 1-2 and ti ls 12, beatihg “ Thunder ” second and “ Captain Moore” tliird. At the race for beaten horses, one and one fourth miles, •'Aldebaran ” beat “ Copeek,” “ Dora ” and “ Den Bruce.” Time 2.22 1-4. from California. San Kitty cisco. June a Tile steamer Constitution, from Panama, arrived to day. The steamer <liegnn, from the northern coast, lits arrived with $324,000 in treasure from Oregon,and $00,000 truui Utiihh Colum bia. The markets arc nominally qu’.et bntbensi tive. The Oregon State election yesterday for Congressmen, resulted in largely increased majorities. 1 niflrtitinnn of n f'ltrtrurtf .Vorrtttcttf by Jiutlrr". Fo rrrt New York, June 9. The Commercial's Fortress Monroe corres pondent, of the 5th, says there are indications in Butler’s camp tftat a forwsrd movement will soon take place. Just as our informant was leaving an < 111.or said, “Your need not •>* surprised to hear very soon of the moving of a large force from this depa tment to the rear of Itichmond. We have pontoon bridges. It aohinffton Corrt.jtontlem-c. New York, June 9. The Port’s special Wa-biugton dispatch of this afternoon says: § ’’his very doubtful whetter the proposi tion to abo ish the draft commutation will be agreed to by the House. The House bill giving States the right to re cruit iu rebellious .States, stjij lies 0u the Sen ate tabic unacted upon.” I'hilatlrlphiu Sanitary J’air. . Pim.AiiELi ni a, June 9. Ti e Sanitary Fa r is meeting with great success, averaging 20,000 admissions daily. Varioui Items. New York. June 9. The second Kbsds Island regiment arrived to-night, their term of service having expirt d. Veto York Market. New Yobk. June 9 Cotton- excited, irr« gu!a ai. 2%4c higher; sales 22<X) balcsat 1 12(41 14 lor middling uplands. Flour—receipts-bbb-; tale* 23 009 bb's: State and Western l.VatO higher; &ui er State : 4UgS0C; Extra do 7 60£>7 »<*: choice do jo5a7C0; Kout a Hoop Ohio do S2*n84); choice 8uu<M^tf>; $up<r tine Western 7 4^*8 IV. Kxtr* do 7 d a" 9*; S'n h ern firm ; sales 10 0 bbls; Mixed to good k lue It 00; Faucv nud extra e 1 00. Canada 0 »2i>c4ughei t Mian 18rj bbls; coruaion Extra! 4£*jp7 6a; extragoid to choice 7 85« 9 16 Wheat—2'-i4c higher; sales 2-»6,0.>0 bash: Chicago Spring 1 *9«4 76; Milwaukee club 1 £K 78; Amber Milwaukee 108@171; Winter Hod Western 1 82ik 1 87; Aiuber Michigan 1 79(^1 82*. th ru—clra d a shade firmer: sa’es 41.000 bushels; mixed Western no* 1 68?*,1 59}; While 1 88. uatf—steady. Beef— quiet and firm: §a!«*#jf,60fi bbls. Pork—firm. sales 3 Ott) bbls; new osh 11 7fn4$ 5''; old do WtO; new do 8»>5Q@t30K7f; prime 24 5‘ttt2u 50 for old and new. prime no*** U 00. I aid—firmer; sales 2600 bbls at H]<415j. Butter — unchanged. Whiskey—firmer. rales 0CO bbls at 1 81(&1 83. Hict d u i ‘. Sugar—quiet; sales CO3 hhds Portj Rico in bond ll*c. C ff.c-dill Molasses—duP. Naval Stores—quiet. Oils—Unwed 1 59(g) 1 C8; Pitroleum firm; sales 1030 bbls crude at 4Tu.45c. nnd 1000 do refined in band atOVft'Wic; Laid quiet and firm at 1 I,r<(g$l18; Sperm firmer n’t I 7f«Qw 1 77} ; Whale at 1 20. Freights to Liverpool—quiet: grain 4}d for wheat in bulk. Wool—firm; especially for foreign. Stock Market, Naw Yoke, June 9. Second Board.—Stocks better. A nr nrican Gold..198} United States 5*30 coupons.. 106} united Staler one year certificates new.97} Tfenpeseee 6's.59* Canton Company.*.42 Quicksilver Mining Co,. 751 Erie preferred... .1101 New York Central,.132] Ere,. in* tiudsou.145* Reading. 143} Michigan Central...145* Michigan .Southern.... 961 i Illinois Centra) scrip,.*.132 ; Cleveland k Pittsburg.,,.112} Chicago & Nottli Western....55 i Oe-'dand k Toledo, ...148 I Chicago, Burlington & Quincy,.127} Chicago k Hock Island...113 I Pittsburg. Fort Wav lie A Chicago.117} 1 Gold closed firm this afternoon at 193. -MM , ■ !■ Ck icagd Market. Cl I (AGO, Juno 9. Flour active. W heat firm ui'GfcMhe •driiiii of gold and advanced 3a4c: sale* at *ola*3j tut No 1, and 1 i.9.q,l 30 for No 2. Coro du *» for No 1, and 1 07 J for No 2 oats qui w I Prorisiors dull and essi r. Frtignis di'ljand de clined 'c. Rea ipta—4,fcO> bb‘* flour. Cl W*otb wheat 1C3,3)0 do corn. 8 OCO do oats. Shipi 2, (00 bbls fl )ur, 113,000 bushel* wheat, 2G3.0''0 do Corn, 137,000 do oats. fit. Louis Market. St. Louh, June 9. M nr dull; Suprrfire 0 2t>: single extr. G 70 r*iCb0; Double qo 7 5»>>98 00. W’hoat heavy and drooping; prime 1 «>»«,l 02; choice 1 «6 Corn dull and lower, mixed 120,0,1 22; prime d » yel ow 1 24. Ua'8 a-'tivi and lower; »ah h 93<ft95 W’lmke/ Urm at 1 2- <i I 23 Cotton quiet: low middling 25c ; mid’ dliug 98'cjl 00. Koceipfe 273 belcs. Maine Sabbath School Depository f|YHE largest and best selected Stock of BOOKS i 1. for SABBAl ll SCHOOL LI BKAK1KS may be found at No, 01 Exchange Street, Portland. New books are received every week from the Sun day School Societies and rublishingilouse* -n Phil ade phia, New Y'ork and Boston. So varied to as sortment, comprising books adapted to the capacity of the child a* well as adult, cannot be found in any one store in New England. School*in the oouutry, by sending a catalogue of the books in the Library, can receive a lot for ex amination and return at rajg expense tu:h as are not approved Q testio i Book* lor Sabbath SojooIs al eady on hand. Discounts for Library Books al lowed, a- in Boston Also M scollaneous, Theologi cal and School Books, Letter, Sermon and Note Pa per of all sizes, Envelop?g to match. Photo graph Albums, Portfolios, P -rtmonnaies, Ac., Ac., all ol which will be soldat the lowest eish prices.— Orders solicited. II. l’ACKABD. June 1st, 1894 dtf P. Jk F. A. KAIL KOAD ! Westbrook Line. Da and afler June 6th, Cars learos as follows: MOBBlI.L'*COBKKR. PoSTOfFICK. a M. A M * 15 7.30 " 35 8 15 * 30 8 00 * 05 9 46 9.50 10 JO 10 36 11 15 11.31 M P. M. 12.(0 12 06 p. M 12 60 12 46 136 130 3.30 2 15 3 06 3 00 3 50 8.46 4.35 4.30 6.20 5 16 6.06 6.>6 6 46 The6 lo A M. Car from Morrill's Corner runsdi* rectly to <; T. Depot. J. J. DtlBIUill, Jane 6, 1804. dlw 8upt. I * TKR\AIIO^AL Fire Insurance Company 1 Of Xew York, Office PI Brotuhcay, CASH CAPITAL SI,000,000. WM. E WARREN, PreeiJent. HAMILTON HKl'r£, Vice President. GEO ROE W, SAVAGE, Secretary. Portland Board qf Pcfercncct Jo** It. Itaowa A Son, 11 krsky Flbtchkr kCo. H. J. Libby k Co. Joiia Ltbch k Co. The undesigned haring been appointed Aokht and Attokmey for tbit Cumpa* y, » now prepared to ifttue Policies on Incurable Property at current rate*. tBT*Portland Office, 1«6 Fort Street. JOHN W. MlilGER, Agent. Jane 3, lM4.—4tf - 1 166 IVTiddle St. At 166 Middle Si. * Important Announcement! Preparatory lo going into tb. Wholesale Trade We will Mil our Enl iro Stock # 1 -or 11 OOP SKIRTS! —AT— Leas than Firit Coat!! LOOK! LOOK ! Our 82.00 Skirt for 81-50 Oar 1,50 “ 1.00 Our 1,00 “ 75 Our 75 “ 50 Fitzgerald & Hodsdon, Dahlia Skirt & Fancy Goods Store, j 166 Middle Street, Portland, Me. N.B. ConteU ami Skirts m*de tv ord*r. maySdlm 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh M. IPhinney, MrOULD inf »rra hi* Triads and former customer* 1 th*t he ha* taken the Store Sio 125 Exchange 1 Street, where he intend* to carry on the Stove nml Furnace Business, In allits trascLe*. STOVES, of kinds, of the newest aud most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. CT^Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change tor new. Stoves. Risuis. Fubnacks, at d Tin Wabk repaired at short uotice, io a faithful mauner. Grateful for ormerpatrouag*, he ho' es by striot atteuiion to butines#. aud fair d- aiiug, to receive e generous share of public iavor. may 23d tf ftlutne Bank. TOE Charter oft hi* Ltaak having been surrender ed, notice is hereby given that the liability of said Bank to redeem its bills will expiie on tbe fif teenth dry of Jauuary, A IV I860. AI BROOKS, Jr.. Cashier. * Brunswick, Feb.27th. 1864. mclittO wl2w To Carpenters and the Public! A NEW AKTIOL h'. Wkitmor*'# I'tiKni Illiasd Fastener and Handle C'aasbiaed. BEING a thoroughly efec’ive fastening, ar*£ * handsome, com event handle, aLd a* tL-, can. not he opened from the outside, are so f* r protec tion against thioves; it# uso preventin' thedirtvin* i °fh*n<«>orbre,k|B*or Uu*er ..V. i£ „p*»‘«Vo?* blind.. Ttay «re J«.-Jtl.d ev* and ru. i bo put on old or new blind. oy ,nT J„aon minuto.. IWMUbjr »*., Ilardwure men. Who*. aaW Depot 15 W intirr street, Homo i. o. G. D. WHITMORE • 8 tors olWhitp?y Brothers. juuqlw£m E1-"—-L ENTERTAINMENTS. MEW OPERA itoiSE fI LtANCASTKIi HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVEYIYG. An Entire Change of Programme. DICK'll A YDS, The Champion Clog Dancer,—for one week, com inencing Wednesday Lveu’tg Dr. Coltl-Tongiie’s Laugh ing Gas. Admission 25 cen*s; Referred Seats 60 cents. m»jr17 'f H SBl!a'scUAUD, I M,n**erl _merchan pise. Received BUSHELS Prime Baltimore Yellow t/\/V Corn. ca*go of ech Geo. 8. Fogg. Also Southern While Seed Co'n and for sale by EDW H Kc R(.IN. May 31—eod2w No. 120 Commercial street. Sierra Mortna HoIomcn! OAQ HHDS.. Sierra Morons Molasses, ear (gobrir Charlena. now landing 28 Tierces, t Central Wharf 60 Bbls. ' For sale by June 2, 1864 GEORGE S HUNT »l«-rra Mori mi Ulolasst s. jT JIVi HHDS. 1 MOLASSES, just landing from DtsCr j brig “Matilda ” A superior IS TCS. ) article lor retailing For sale by JoUA D. LORD mayMdtw* No. lj Union Whart. Nugttr and Molasses. 300 UUUS'( CU0,CE ML'8COVAD0 flu id TCS. j GAB. 371 1111D3 superior Mu?co*ado, and S' TCS Clayud Molasses, 11 BBLS from Morin Morena, Now lauding and for sale by THOMAS ASENCIO A CO., m».' dtf_ Custom Uousc Wharf. Sierra ittorena noUsict. ‘J*!.1: aims , i CllOICF. SIFRK a MORENA ao TIERCES MOLASSES, 10 BBLS 1 Now landing from Brig "C. II Kennedy” TUOS. ASENCIO A CO , _ M»! »•—W_C. U Wharf. Scotch Canvass. 1 DO BOLT j—from the factory of David Cor Aa«vr sar A Sons, Leith—a sail cloth of superior quality—just received per ”Ju:a“, and for sale bi cor .. , HolilLVEHY, KYAN A DAVIS, ’ mch2S dtf 161 Commercial street PERRY, 151 MIDDLE ST., Has Just opened a large assortment of CLOTH HATS, Including the “BILLY MORRIS," “GUN BOAT,” “DEARBY” ' “GEN. MEADE,” Ac. Also < ook A Aldrich’s Celebrated "LONDOH,” and "BOGOTA” HAT, Which fbr style, finish and durability surpass any other for th« Reason June 4 -—dtf TERRY, 161 Middle street. Talk about Hats 1 JUST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. June 4—dtf LAKE & LITTLE, Who'e«»!e Dealer* in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AND W oolons, No. 14ii Middle nt reel, A.LUui.} PORTLAND. UK __JuOe'lltf OFFICE OF THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK. JANUARY 38, l U J fllllE Truster*, in conformity to tbo Charter o'the JL Company, *u bmtt the following statement of it* atl iirs on the 3lst l>.c< mb r, )8o8: Premiums received on Manor Kisks, from 1st January, 1853, to 31st De cember, 1863, 9 4,214.398 93 1'romium* ou Policies not marked off l*t January, 1863, 1,708/02 24 Total amount of Marine Premium*. f lb, -c5.(.el 17 No Policies have been issued upon Life Risks; nor upon Fire ItiAa discon nect* d with Mariue Rinas. Premium*-marked off from 1st Jaa.. 186J. to 3!*t December, 13 3 97 597.608 58 Losses paid during t^e same period, 3 8U6 «6I 04 Returns ot Premium* and £\pen:**, 1,062 967 48 The Company ha* the following Asse s, via; Unit d htatesaud 9tat * of New York btock.VJty. Bank an I other .stocks, $3,492 631 3> Loan*secured by Stocks.audotUcr* **. 1,450.71)0 1)0 Real E-tateaixl Bond* and Mortgages. 194.790 00 Dividends on stock*, Interest on Bonds and Mortgages and other Luaus.suu dry Notes, re insurance and other claim* due the Comp'y , estimated at 1^4.964 51 Premium Notes and Bills Receivable, S.2<*M,67t> 63 Cash in Bank, 744 813 88 Total amount of Assets, 99.k6o.C46 32 Imx per cunt mt*-re-t on the outstanciug certifi es*?* of profits win be paid to lire ho'dem ther?of. or their legal representatives, on and after Tuesday, the Second of February neat. A fie r reserving Three snd One hslf-Million Dollars of profl**, the outstanding certificate* of the i»*ue of lHdJ, w II b? redeemed and paid to the bolder* there of, or tbeir legal renrvsenfativ, *, on and after Tues day, the Second of Fe^ru^ry next, from which date all interest thereon will cease The certificates to be produced at the time of payment, and cancelled. A Dividend ot Forty Per Cent, is declared on the net earned premium* of tb« Company, lor the year ending 31 «t Dcvemb r. 164* for wh.'ch certificates will be i*«ue<l, on and sf er Tuesday, the Fitfh of April neat The Profits of the Company,ascertained From the 1st of Julv.lS4‘ the 1st of Jan . 1863, for wbioiK ertifioales were issued, atnounf to 914,328.880 Additional from 1st Jan., 1*63, to 1st January, 1MJ4, 2.630 on® Total profits for 21 i years. 916,958,880 Th? Certificates previous to 1862, have been redeemed by ea*h, 11.69n.2l0 Net earnings remaining with the Com pany. on 1st January. 1864, 95 263 670 lly order ot the Board, VV TOWNSEND JONES. Seeretar*. TR18TEE8. John D. Jones, David Lane, Charles Dent.I*. James Rry*e, W. H H Moore. Wm. Sturgis, jr., l'ltoi. Tiiettou, )i. k. liogert, Henry Coil, A. A Low, W. V. Pickeregill, Wm K. Dodge, law is Curt i*. Denuis Perkin*, t ha*. H Uussell, Jo*. Gail lard, jr , Low. II Holbrook. J. Henry Bttrgy, P. \ Hargou*. Cornelius Griaael) R W Weston, C. A Hand. RrwatFhelp*. Watts Sherman, Caleb Barstow, E. E. Morgan, A P. PHIn*. B.J Howland, L^roy M. Willey, Berj Babcock. Danie' S. Miller, Fletcher Westrae, 8. T Nic >11. R. B. Minturn. jr.. Josh's J Henry, O W. Burnbam, Geo G. Hobson, Fred. < hauntey, James Low. JOHN D JONES. President. CHARLES DENNIS. Vice President. \V II. II MOORE. 2d Vice President. Or Application* forwarded and Orax Foli. taa procured by JOHN W. MCNGKR, Agent, Wo. 100 Foro street, head of Long Wharf, POUT LAUD, MS June 3 ~w2wfct*edtojanE9 GUNS, RIFLES. REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniment*. riSHIKC TACKLE! The Pest Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. eodtf Fill EWO RK & O? EVERY DESCRIPTION. C IT T T E U A AUSTIN. 32 and 3u *'<rtlenil Mr«f, on-’. Jfl7. ill, and 118 tom front 81 , 11 „ton. Whole'*;. Dra’ert in Fireworks, Cb',,»>.«,. l.nntprns, Torches, 4c. TUB 88 b' UN/OX LAXrtlUi: Rc<l, WU*.g »nd nine, for Political l’rocewioes. Kltli^dnooa furnished to any auiouot Send for Fries i_i,t. Juae6dtiu»ij« Till* <’I»«'b|»pM Afoucy FOR collecting kllclUM* of claims arising from the war is that ot the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the enpenece ar« controllod by • disinter ested Exccuiive Committee. Apt !v in person, or by letter, to GEORGE r. KMLKY, orer the Portland Fost Office, 8 1 atory. dawly IH'SIXKSS CAI!I>S. paper mo\ nmruTORi! J. P.~~Libby, VA.MFAi.ruuu or ^ Paper Boxes, Oretery Ueccrij>ti ,n. tuck u Shce Boxe*, J. w. lryBox. «, Boxh, euirfr’’u’1"'1, sh,,lf Box-*. ('obcftolygicalKoxe*. rewderHuxiii, Card ( axes, Cigar tioxe., fcc. • 44 Middle st., (Up Stain) Portland, Hr. jtineld3m B*na & Co. Fish and Salt, Lather Data. > Portland, Woodbury btna ' John a'l Maine. __ Juneldtr JT. Smith c*j Oo., MAXL'FACTCttAgA Or Leather Belting, Card Clothing. ho* Strips, Belt L.nher B«k« aid Side*. leather T.UMuixai, r<-., Hanaon’a Block. 144 Middle St., Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Mauafactorj, Lewiatoa H. M Brewan, (jol«J3m, D. F. Ncye* JOU X T. ROlitKN & CO.7 Uominie.ion Merchant*, and WHOLKfALK 1>I A L Kit • IX Flour, Provisions dc Groceries No. 61 cjuimercial Street, Tobn T Roger*. I l BU.U.K Ken. J FORTLARD, ME. - __ janeldbin Wholesale and Retail. L. ID A. Vis, Bookseller, Stationer, A»D MAMl’KACTUBf R OF Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No. S3 Exchange Stre.t, Portland, Me. _ jnncldti CHAS J SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Fainter. No. 144 Middle Street, • r<)RTL 4.V/). MR. k# Work executed iu erery part of tbe State __ jUQdtf K. L. HORSE A CO.. Manufacturer* fc Who!,sale Dea'er* In Boots and. Shoes. NO. 4S1-2 UNION STKEET, R. L. Morse, Portland, Me. I _ J. Littlefleld, Lebanon, Kjr. j PORTLAND. _ _ raarlldlm RUFUS DUHHAM, Manufacture and Wholesale Dealer In BRITANNIA —AMD— Plated Ware, Ko, 218 Fore street, Forttanft Masse. Portland, May 17th, 1864. ncaylldtr M. G. WEBB& C0~ Wholesale Dealers in Flour, SO. Si COMMERCIAL STREET. Uf.14 PORTLAND. ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, * CO., M A MOT ACT URftKfl OF Japan, White Lend, Zinc, Palau, And Ground Colors, A»D UAALIKS LSI Drugt, MeCicinef, Pr it*, Oil* ft Varnither. Paint and Odor factory. So. 29 Munjoy St., Ofllcc A hlraresna, 80 i'amanr reiaI 9l., (TnoMA* Block.) HlBET H BdEfilM, Mt)i1 HE mb Cm able* 8. r».»w». rinilfP. II. maylSdtf Hl. lkt. JO.MK8 & FLOUR& GRAIN DEALERS, Anti kreciura of Westerm nud ( anadiaa Produce, lf7 Commercial Strict, - - a. • . Oranitc Block. ( hftrlt'9 Blake. ) lleury A Janes, J IORTLA5D. K. \V. (ilp. ) _juucldtf JOHN LYNCH”* CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Granite Btoree. ... Com more al street, (Oppoute head Widg.rr Wharf.) John Ltnch. i !>!.* Barker.' l'OKl LAND, ME. Tho. Lynch J jaaeldtf DOLE A TIOODi, GMXKRAL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holeul. Dealer, ia FLOUR, CORN AND PRODUCE. Wo. 5 Galt Block, Cemmero’al St, k^klTaP MSd,. } POETLAND. ME. jmidda BROWN ft CROCRER, PLASTERERS, PLAIN AMD OKN AUKNTAL KTI ecu AND MASTIC WOKKEHS. Oak street, between Congress and Tree Sts., PORTLAND. IT Coloring. Whitening, and White-wuhing prompMy attended to. Orders frem ont a' town so licited. juneldtf BYRON GREENOUGH & CO., ManufNctartra of And Wholesale and Retail Dealers In Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, B. Qr**»oug!i. I « OUTI A\n A. L Uilkey. ( JOBTUND Jnldtf JOII* BUSSELL, Carriage aV Nleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 & 313 CoagieH St, PortlanS, Me. W“ IV here m«v be found a genera* • ••orimeot of Car.ta.j- S'lmtl SUiy'it. Juneldlm €. P. Kill BALL, ~~ 1KABCFACTUBEB ON Carriages and Sleighs, Prel>l«s Htreet, (Near Preble Hoo*e.) PORTLAND, MR. Sb/r Rooms, 110 and 11? Stulbury St., Boston, Mass. j Juoeltf N0KT0N, CHAPMAN & CO., Flout*, Grain A Produce ^asiDifiMoii Hcrehuls. ini liilrn' • OJice nnd Warth*>use So. 6 flalt Block, Commer cial Street, too offer for tala to the trade, many choice aad well-know n Brandt-of Hoar, from St. L#ul».rMaoi«, ' MnumiD. Ac, which we are roa*taatl roMiviaw. ’ H , i. t Co .arc also AgunU I.r 11tuo»ul to."», and othe* frauds of mat ufuctur, d Tobatoo. aah advance** mad* on all con*i*o*“**nf* Port laud, .Tune 1, 1864. Jaldtf | jQa DR. W. R. JOHNSON, de wr 19 t. i Insert* Artifio al Te-th on Gold. Silver and Vnlcan , it* Ratter, and w.*rraut* tiiem iu all case* to be a ptKoctyit.^^ gyros tprcial attention to Filling Teeth Office < ougre-^ street, two door* wreat from ttc Court llou*-* Portland. June 1. 18>4. — eod2m EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLE* A LK DBA I-EM IN Corn, Meal anil Flour, Also. Ground Rocs Salt. % Commission merchant FOB FUBCUASE ABD SALBOF Harley, Ryo and Oats. g^Cere leaded with Com in balk free of eharge. ' Warehoune No. 130 Commercial Street, And City IIili.*, Ueering Bridge. juneleoddm mm Auction Sale of Heal I 1.7 .. ou© two wheel Chn one pmir teach two giiigle Hirfimmii, kt HtNKV HAILEY k CO.. Auction*** June 8—<itd House and Eand at Auction. ON Monday. Jun<*13rh, at 3 o'cloek r ». • hall .all the two and. half .tory woooanM | "Um i. .. nr.n *'*■ **3<* ce lar and line.iatern in it; JottitMl i lront. bale to*irivf — IlOe ch*ar. UKltltT BAII.FY ft CO.. Anafw. Va'liable Heal Estate at Aactlou ON TuMdajr, June 14th at 3 o'clock r. on ih prenu-f*. we .ball wli at au.tion (he yalaa th" ’ "f I < tnfre at d Pleomnt wroet*. being ©tout 1*21 tre t on <'i ntro street, ©id 61 feot on rle©A©lit street, with the taildh>gs tberron. ihi .tiitiiiff of i block of Ttiiw, three s.ory brick rtoV»* dw«lii#gg ov.r them, ©nd © wooden burMiug on CeQtresuect. fhere is &Uu GO leet r. ore of «amn property on I k©*©nt stnet. mi.nli>gb©ck IJr> ,,-et e#j< fan/t*® sb vepr «pw»y. ou which i* x I rs-k dwelling Lone© T longen-B 5 m f hn d,,‘K ® horsea. rbeBe is ©No © never filling well of g m«i ©a»er I Ms ‘g © very valuable l 3U property, «mi very desirable for investment © caul, ft « 4 t©l properly to improve npon. ^ jun.Httd HKNKV BAILKT ft CO., Auct'r.. gW© Tiuuuuic ■ itriu in Falmouth, at 1 Auction. ?•; On Wapjiieoar, June 16th at 11 o'clock l*. It., ot. the premia’e a r Smill /',.rsi. titar f o’mouth Detot. 1. cuuUtuirgahoat 7W<y dcrrl'lfl H _.-T— -_‘'I which IS * ISUsblr Wood Lot 1 Ibcrt- b. a go u, eoureu cot and cciuiotlable IIcum l • ud out luildinto on it-a Urge end t ritty (trch- • ird ol young tree*, sod the home usd •ureuendteai ■ 'iecitable fu a good cut nl town reebirae*. -.1. Ss positive—Titl e ear. 1 or further perticuera ari lr UMar81 *,KJ'K1r BA1LET & ClfTAaetionrira. * 6 liefti ruble Hou><- ],<>t ul Auction. WEahaJltmHarAaelf bob hi NDA Y. Jars 70 1 at 8 o cluck, 1‘ It. lb* r- r.i or,. , Et TOF o.ig,D. on the corner pt I i;,-, u_d Vat-glut st.eete. t ro yly ow ?,■ <1 by It*." T i- .M.rwtar, > • atala. ',■» The lot le opromtetherrU oerceotu W tt on mum. Ks<,, end bac.. a- on tha * saute of Hon . J 11 llrsirii. 11 is th- aw desirable uttcetupie.i lot at 'C. urt End " Fart of the par- l cnaae m« noy way r■ wain on m rtgapr it £• ir«d T** aboru i • to be t»» m> §* r **iratele lot 1 Al Auction i: , r. • ,,, j., r v ew* mf ' •cei try. water.•nn'tt.m untaiir Ac, It ii ut »urrta« ed If to* UDenoalied- 4 Juae ♦ tiVSRY RflfLET * AiaUcM* Valuable Heal EkUtlc iu ( ape Ell* Aubctli, at Auctloa. ON Tuesday, Juoe 21 al a o elook r. w„ on the p-emt.- tu (ape El .ball mil .he t apt 8cott Dyer Estate Hie X nmestesd ronlalala* ab. ut ouc hundred acre* of splendid lai d, wMh a foot mitateni al atone wall all maud it, and rood -louiti. ban, and other cat-housua t.n It; wtta am res pbeir rir *’** **** *u<1 hlum lrK<- torraufs, I hen opposite the homestead ia a fluid of aboat 80 acres of aaceUedt laud enclosed alth a tnbstaatial ton* wal ; ab t a . ut «S a,--< ot ;.a-:unig and rood lead. Thore ia a stua I lot of 4 acres, a Terr de-treble borne let. 7 There is a wood lot of ttbowt 16 acres, r-'iuiaud to bold ;»} cords of wood: and another 16 acre lot with fr.O cords of wood aud timber. The entire property mil be sold io or e lot,er sen a at», a* dc-irad—it will U s,,ld with the stark or without—with <he stock and fa tnltt/ -ttecaila or wiltou’—with tlie stork, tbnalrg tool* and eropa or without, as shall suit the pareaseer. it is one of tha tost fstms to the Cay*. scry pisaraatly locabd. la a healthy and go-d neighborhood easy of a ,e«a. and desirable for a residet ce ar lor, s-ment 1 fie dear Sale positive Only tuotire for sale ill Juadg-Sd*** B“L“ ACy..A»clioM.ra. Administrator’* *«|«*. B* /irtoroif» from the Judr» of Frobtlw of Cumberland 1 <»*■»*. | »hall wll at public Auction on Toenlny, JuU 21, li64 at twooWk F. m. on the jirviftiite*. tha following Uoeiibed real *• tate beJoniri'.g to the ^tati* of Mark I* t rie * late of llrkljcton. la «*id county «f Cumberland, deeraaed. •ud described tu toe innntory of said tstate as M> 'aw* —"Farts of loisuuaib .rt d derau ia the fourth tud fifth rouge of lots in B r.tgtou.routsimur shout thirty acres, purchased <.| it. K. t " ttaia I laud is situated about one half mik-arsan the Titian ot N Bridgt..n. on ti e road l. atfit g to bweeau,awd J has on it 3 nowtar delds. oonlaiusua about taabn 4 sorts, nearly walled ia.- auout e.Se acres pastur ing—snd the lalance co>ered with a flue growth of wood and timber. Terms ef e.le, otto hatfdash. balance iu oua year with interest, aud good person.) .rroro,. . Ei.VI CHAM. Adm nistrator. n. , l^trn, M l) 1 ,, 1- ,E dtnat ‘f'sflblw Valuable Re-nl » «tnt<- far M»|«. j—^ I be property in Wcclvrook. mar htccaiap- H ■ft; p» \ illago, knr.wn a* the fierce pile-, md Hid Sit- i v occupitd by J f. ki ll. K,q . will be ““sold bv auction, on tb- p'tu it 0 o'clock HD A M Tttwdir. June JIM. ISM. There ire Id icrri □ rlind.w. il ca'ttrnteti l con ore' In!. Wlj built BH two *toiy h> uie. burn# u<! ferriage home. , ' Can be examined at a> v liuu* ineviou. to the «a)e Term cmh E. Jl. PATTEN. Auctkneer. J une 6. 1S»4. did Auction Male of Pt-iintu. to Cut Timber in al Ealate in . Grand Falla, N. B. . It It F.RK will be ioM it public luc’lomat the olTen j »f iltury lliiMv A Co , Exchange itreet. port- H land, Maine, on il n-eday. Jura doth. 1864, at 10 lfsB u’eltcke a to cline a concern. Lieeagea No#. 3 and 4 to cat timber Ac., in Cana- WB •la on the north-we t bra-eh nt the rirer St John— where it U intvrveeLd bv tea boundary line between t anada and the State ot Maine—aod extending up -aid river to it, ,onrce. notto exceed. bowevarlteii milea by 2. raitea each tide, or 00-I,Hire mile,. HO Alio, a certain parcel ot’ttiai Kalita ..mated at flffl L 'and kali#, in the County ot Victoria, and at the preient time occupied and improved by Wm. B. E» A e»t. t'.-q . and formerly owned by tieorge l’oang. containing three (J) acre, or more buildingaoa JH the ,,iae. Tor further particular, irnnire of tb-v anctioneer | or lltUcEV. kLETC lli.K A bo.. — „ Portland, Maine. MB mavlMdlawto^unetotbendtojunecO EDWARD bTpItTESI. Cunimission Mmluut & Auitiocetr, H§ Haa removed to the ipacicoa atrre IB mxohange Struct, four Uacra below Merchant’s Exchange. Will receive coneigntreiita of -Mcrchaadtoe ot arery de«cript!on. for public or piIv ate tale, hake MB I >f Ileal K.,tare. V-.,eel-. t argven. stock- aad Her. o baud ire rai wiled, t aeh advances trade, with vrnfwtl.«)..e*rH ra(prni # m<*M2 dly TO THE AFFLICTED / dr. w. Medical Electrician, No. II Clnpp's Kititk, | con.vm: orcoxanssj a.\jj klh strskib WOULD reepectfw > announce to the citiaeae of H Portland and vicinity, that he ha- permanent- Q| ly locn'vd in this city. During the eleven month# fiB that *e have betn in town a« here eur*d sons ot th« worst forms of diatom in persona who hove tried other loim* of troxtuRut in \jua^ end curing pa tients in so short a time that the question is often uk«.d, do they stay cured * To an*w er this question fjy| we will say that aK that do net -txs eared, we wUl doctor the second time lor at Jung. Dr. D. ha* been a practical Utoincinn fer twenty- B one years, and Is also a regular graduated physician Electricity Is reribctly adapted to chronic disease* in the form of nervous or sfcl heartache; neuralgia 1 la tlio head. nock.or t xtremittee; cousnmption.when ia tb« acute stagws or where the lungs are not Hally Kj involved ; acute or chronic rheumatism. scrofula, hip ' diseases, v, Kite swellings. egtwa! diseases, curvature B Of the spine, contracted muscle*. distorted inn be, I palsy or paralysis, bt. Vitas’ Donee, dear iiem. si am* merioger turitxncy of speech, dyspepsia, indiges- E8 . tn»n, constipation xrd liver Cvmplnfot. rilea—wocare H ' faery ease rhat can be presented; sstfcmu, bronchi* of the chest, and all ferns of female By Blootrlclty Tha Bheumatic the goaty, the lune and the lav y leap with Joy. and move with the agility and elaata tty of youth; the heate-l brain w cooled; the ticet bitten limb* rtilored, the uneoutli dcfermi'iea re moved; funtavMCvurMtcv! to vigor, wcaktse., to !■ •trength; the blind madu to ree the deaf lo bra; and » the rallied lorm to move npright; the 1 l-iri-hv • ot H yon'h are obliterated: the mviv/rw/a ef mature life prevented- Dm ei’amltto «»<*b- age obviated, aad B an active oiroalation maintained. LADIES Hid IUIIUD »UU koui, sou ^umtcoi; lame and weak backs; nervous and sick hesdacfcai ■—* disxiness and swimming In the head, with iudigce tion ami constipation of the bowel*; pain in the side and back; leucorriiaca, lor wluksj; lulling old he womb with interna! ©areer*: tumors, poly|tu, and all that long train o* - will And in Uectrfe* Uy a aure mean* of core. > or f-ainsul menstruation, too profuse menstruation. anda'l of those long line of troubles with young !ar"ee. Klee tricity is a certain •pecitic. and will. <u a short tine, restore the sufferer to the rigor of health. |f“ \r* Artre m Ktertro-Chsmic il Apparatus for extracting Miiir ral t’oioou from th#svM<n», such as Mercury. Antimony. A~ e.iio, Ac. Hundreds who aretronbled withrtlff Joint*, weak tacks, and vari ous otherdifflculties, the direct cause cf which, in * nine oases out of ter. I- the t flfcct ot' poisenous drum, oan No restored to Hiitur*’*»r* rgth and rigor by tke ««e of fr^m Are to eight Bathe. Office hours from 8 o’eloch A. m. to 1 r.v.; 11 «; and7 to 8 p. m. Consultation frss |yl4 Isedt Independent Military Company. SABKK ZOt AYES. ALL those wishing to bin a good Military Co.will And it to their advantage to rail at »dd City Ua)l. any Monday or Tnar day ^ venirg, previous to June'd5 h; als«> *ix or eight * kKkd drun mere. Alt rtoruits must be 5 feet and 5 Inch* - in height l\r Order. A U. SA W VeK,Clerk. June 2.—eqdffw Tull's College. TUH Anneal f <>miufe«eeiu©at of Tuff* College takes pine*-ou Wednesday. July Id The first exainicaitou of candidates lor ado-is* ion to the Col< lege wiil be held ou Ihursday. July 14 The seooud on Tue*day. Aug *3d. The next term t» kiu« on i Tnureday, Aug. 26th. Hoard #2 80jp« r week. A A. MlSElC. Crt-idect. | College Hill, June Olh, I'M. jaaefeoaff* I

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