Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 11, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 11, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. 4f —ttttwi—mTirmTn mm 11 ■ —■ ■ ■ — _nm. n i i ——————___ VOLUME III. PORTLAND, SATURDAY MORNING, JUNE 11, 1804. WHOLE NO. 003. PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor, • published at No. 811 EXCHANGE 8TBEKT, by N. A. FOSTER* CO. Thu Pobtlamd Daily PuuasL published ut »8.00 per year; If paid strlotly in adranoe, a discount of 91.00 will be made. Single copies three cents. Th h M am a State Pens is published every Thurs day morning,at C3.00 per annum, in advance; 92.26 If paid within nix mouths; and 92.60,If payment be delayed beyond the year. Hate* of Advertising? One inch of space in length of colnmn, constitutes A “Aw VARS.” 91.60 per square- dally first week; 76 cents per week After; throe insertions or less, 91.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, three insertions or loss. 76 oents; one week, $1.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head of Avubimkits, 92 00 per square per «eek ; three insertions or leas, 91,60. Special Notices, fl.76 per square first week, 91.00 per square after; three insertions or less, 91.26; tuif a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week, , 91.25. Advertisements inserted In the Hun State Pens (which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for 60 cents per square in addition to the above rates, for eaoh insertion. Lboal Notion at usual rates. Transient advertisements must be paid for in Ad- ; *anoe ORIGINAL STORY. Writlenforth* Press . THE SOLDIER’S ORPHAN. A True Sketch. BY MRS. K. B. CABOT. It was a fortnight after the dreadful day of Gettysburg, and the country, yet quivering with the shock of battle, had just begun to breathe more freely in the knowledge that the insolent invader was hurled back from the bor der, his prestige broken, and his forces so weak ened &s to be at least powerless for invasion. The train was filled to overflowing with passen gers, many of them soldiers or civilians eome up from “the front;” and the talk was all of the battle and its incidents of Lee’s retreat, and of what Meade was likely to do next. The day was hot and sultry, and the air of the crowded car close and suffocating. I hod been travelling for several days without rest, and was too weary and exhausted to take much notioe of what was passing around me. My companion placed his portmanteau under my feet, and arranged a pile of shawls for a pillow, and leaning against the open window to let the summer wind fan my cheeks, I closed my eyes and tried to forget my self in sleep. I succeeded at length to such an extent that the stopping of the train, and the confusion incident upon the entrance of new passengers, failed to arouse me fully. In a few minutes, however, I became aware that I) hid left his place at my side, and I heard his cheery voice speakiug to some one near, j looked up, and found that I was sharing my seat with a little girl apparently about seven years of age, while opposite to and facing me, sat a pale, sod-eyed woman whose appearanoe at once drew my attention. She was young, and her faded features had once been beautiful. Even now there was something touchingly love ly in the soft curves of her mouth, and the timid, ap]>ealing glance of her dark eyes. Her dress was cheap, but neat and tasteful, and she had the air of one gently nurtured. I noticed that she carried in her hand the leathern belt of a soldier, marked with the number of a regiment and that she seemed to guard it carefully. Tlie trifling attentions which it is to easy for one traveler to offer to another, formed the steps by which I advanced to an acquaintance with the interesting stranger. Her confidence was easily won; and it was not long before I was in possession of her simple story. She was an only child, and her home in a pleasant New England village, had been as happy as affection could make it. Smoothly flowed the current of her life till love came to trouble thewaters. She was sought by a young man, who, though in person and character all that the foud girl be lieved possible of perfection, yet looked the ad vantages of fortune and station which her par ents believed they had a right to require. Tbeir opposition was decided, and the visits of the lover forbidden. Nevertheless the pa r found means to meet, and their attachment seemed to gather strength from the obstacles it eneoun . tercd. Hash and ardent, impatient of opposi tion, and confident in themselves, they took tbeir fate into tbeir own hands and were pri vately married. The daughter had counted upon the affection of her parenta inaur ng her an easy forgiveness, but in this she was mis taken. Their displeasure waa deep and lasting. They refused to receive her again as their child, telling her that she had made her choice apart from them, and she must abide by it. This un looked tor obduracy caused her muob sorrow, yet despite it all, she was happy. Borne pleas ant years flew by. Their little girl was horn to them, and notwithstanding tbeir narrow means, they led together a life of cheerfulness and con tent, till the trumpet of war sounded through the land. The young man was among the first to'answer the call. For two years he Berved al most constantly, and withont receiving a hurt, till on the fearful field of Gettysburg a rebel ! bullet struck him in the side, and pmietmting the lungs, inflicted a fatal wound. He lived barely long enough to summon to bis side his wife and child, and expired in their arms, wear ing on his lips the calm, triumphant smile with which so many heroes have given up their strong young lives in the saergd cause. The heart broken wife closed the dear eyes which had never looked on her but with affection, and I taking the child that alone nos left her now, turned northward, to lay the remain! of her soldier in tha resting - place of his kindred. Thus sadly freighted for her was the rushing train whith so swiftly bore us on. While the mother and myself continued to talk together the ohild sat quietly by my side, not speaking, but watching with a wistful and earnest look the changes of her mother’s face, and seemingly never so happy as when able to antic:pa e some wish of hers. She was not what was called a pretty child, but she had a pair of glorious dark eyes which teflected every tetling of her soul,and a gentle thoughtfulness of man ner not common in one so young. It touched me strangely when, after regarding my face for some moments with a steady scrutiny, she stole her little hand timidly into mine, and nestled her head against my shoulder with a long, deep sigh as of grateful rest. The hours flew on. The day waned, and night came down, cool, fresh and starry. The poor widow, wearied with grief and watching, sunk away into a heavy sleep, and the little girl slum bered sweetly in my arms. My friend had taken himself and his newspaper to another ear and I was quite alone. I found myself singu larly wakeful notwithstanding my fatigue, and ; aat alternately watching the slumbering forms j around me, and gazing from tbe windows at the shadowy objects which shot toward us in the darkness, and then as rapidly disappeared. A shock — a shuddering recoil — a horrible ! crash, and a cry in my ears of souls in mortal terror—then a sense of_falling from some fear ful height, and I knew no more. When l recovered consciousness I was lying on the dewy grass of the bank with my friend bending over me, and the little girl seated by my side. He had found us, still clinging to each other, amid the ruins of the shattered car, and both, as by a miracle, unhurt. The scene around I can never describe. Even at this dis tance of time, I can scarcely think of it with calmness. The engine and six long cars, densely crowded with sleeping passengers, had been hurled down an embankment of more than thirty feet in height, and piled in one promis cuous and ghastly heap of ruins below. All around lay the dying and the dead, strong men, delicate women and little helpless children, crushed, mangled, maimed; while shrieks of pain and piteous lamentations sounded on every shis Th«last ear, is which D- had been seated, having become detached from the others, had remained upon the track, and its occupants were able to afford relief to the sufferers. My friend, who was a skilful surgeon, remained with us barely long enough to be assured that we had no need of his assistance, and then has tened away to those who required his aid. I could not sit quiet. I felt that 1 must do some thing or 1 should go mad. I rose, and with the child still closely following, hastened after him. The flrat person 1 met was a rough young man who had annoyed me all that afternoon by his boisterous profanity and rudeness. The blood was trickling from an ugly wound upon his forehead, but he did not seem to mind it. He came toward me as I approached and with a mien of reverent sympathy, and an almost womanly gentleness of touch, deposited in my arms the burden he had carried in his own. It was « pretty infant, not many months old, dressed with such tender care in soft laces and flannels, but dead, quite dead! As he bent over I saw a tear drop from that rough cheek upon the little marble face. Perhaps,upon the recor ding angel's book, that tear may have blotted out some one of the many oaths his careless lips had that day uttered. And, indeed, I do believe that the many acts of courage and kind ness, the tireless efforts to relieve and savo, which 1 saw in him that night, will by the mer oiful judge of all our hearts, be allowed in some sort to counterbalance such error* as ignorance and rough training may have engendered. We wrappad the poor dead baby in its little cloak, and laid it in a place of safety, and then turned to minister to the wants of the living. My first anxiety was to learn the fate of the sol dier’s widow. With the aid of the young man, I succeeded in finding among the ruins, the car in which we had been seated. With incredible exertions, my new ally was able to penetrate the mass of rubbish, and at length we descried, under the confused liesp of broken seats, the form we sought. It was not for a long time, and then with the active assistance of D-, who seeing our efforts came to aid them with his own, that we succeeded in removing the ob structions and uncovering the remains. My friend glanced at the child and then at me with a look which said, “take her way.” But I could not obey him. She stood by us so still sod calm, though pale as the very dead, that her look awed me; and I could not treat her as a child. When the .poor crashed form was at length drawn out and laid upon the bank, she knelt beside it, and wiped the blood and dust from the lifeless (nee, and smoothed the disor dered dress, clasping in hers the Cold band which never again would offer her its fond caress, but not a tear escaped her, ner a cry. By this time, intelligence of the accident had been conreycd to the nearest town, and carria ges and litters began to arrive. Our rough friend took possession of a wagon, and remov ing the seat, we soon hsd the dead bodies of the poor woman and of the infant laid in it. When all was ready, I took the hand of the little girl and offered to lead her away. But she resisted and held back, drawing her hand from mine, and looking up into my face with a wistful sad ness which brought a sob into my throat. “My dear child,” 1 said, “we’re going with mamma. Will you not go with us?” Still she did not stir, but I saw her lip quiver, and the great tears gather under her eyelies. “What is it, darling?” I asked, stooping down and drawing her to my arms. Then her grief buret forth uncontrollably. "Papa 1 papa !” she mobbed, clasping her small hands in an ag ony of entreaty. We had forgotten Aim'—the soldier in his coffin. In that dreadful time, it would have been strange, perhaps, if we had not, but his child did not forget Briefly I explained the ease to my two com panions, and they undertook to see what could be done. It was no easy task, from out the fragments cf the bsggage car to obtain what they sought, but perseverance accomplishes much, and their efforts were at last successful. The object of their search was discovered, un bruken.and placed in the same vehicle which contained the remains of the widow, the coffined and uuooffined side by aide, the two who had loved so well in life united now in death. The little girl now unresistingly suflered D- to lift her in his arms, and slowly our sad proces sion took up its way to the town. My memory sickens to recall the scenes of the next three days. The succession of ghastly ob jects which were borne past our windows, the dead house with its fearfal array, where we went more than once to aid in identifying the poor remains from which almost the semblance of humanity had departel, the grief of parents be reft of children, and of children orphaned at a stroke, the husband mourning for the bride new wedded, and sisters broken - hearted for the brother who was their pride—they haunt me in my dreams even now. The dead baby had been consigned to the arms of its mother, but the little girl remained at the hotel with us. She was so quiet, so patient m her grief that some times 1 half believed that the wound had not struck so deeply, and that the natural buoyancy of childhood was alieady softening the blow; but still the pale cheek, hollow eyes, and listless step forbade me to flatter myself. One morning, it was that of the day appoin ted for the burial of her parents, I had gone down early into the ladiee' parlor. But few persons occupied it at that hour. Only two young girls sat on a sofa, chatting of dress and watering place delights, and D- was loung ing near the window with the paper. In a cor ner of the room, partly screened by a curtain which fell over her, sat the soldier's orphan. She was busily occupied with something but what it was 1 did nut observe until D touched me on the arm, and, by a glance, di recicu my suemion to u. erne nan removes tno bright blue ribbons from her little straw bat. and from an old black silk apron which had been her mother's she was cutting strips to make a trimming which should hare the hue of mourn ing. Her slender fingers moved languidly with their pious task, and great drops were filling slowly from beneath her drooping eyelids. D-put his purse into my hand, and left the room without speaking. Perhaps he wished to hide the tears of which his own eyes were full, but 1 do not think they were a stain upon his manhood. When, that day, we placed the bereaved child between us in the solitary coach which was to follow her dead to their last resting-place, she was clad in the garb appropriate to the mourn er. Immediately on my return to New England, I made it my business to seek out the parents of ths poor young wife, and relate to them the story 1 have told here. The news of theirdaugh ter’s file had already reached them through the public prints, and l found them weighed down with grief for the death of one who in her life they had ti eated with a harshness felt too late to lie undeserved. They received the orphan child with open arms and hearts, and lavished on her for s brief time, all the love and care which should have been her mother's. But though she received their kindness with a gentle gratitude, it would not win her back to gaiety and life. The little heart was broken. She had t o illness, and she never complained, but, day by Jay, with a homesick longing which would not be appeased, she wasted sway till she scarcely seemed to belong to earth. Many times when the aged couple bent over her in her sleep, they found her pillow wet with tears, and heard her murmur in her dreams the names of the dead. Her smile grew more saintly in its patient sweet ness, and in her eyes there shone a solemn light which may have been the reflex of some bright ness from beyond the veil. But it was not for long. When the first frosts I fell she withered like the flowers; and the scar let splendor of the maples, whirled downward ! by the winds of autumn, was ths first tribute ; by loving Nature upou her grave. Ths orphan 1 had gone home ' MISCELLANEOUS. ! Jfr 11140 URAStl ! FIRST YUTOVAL BAM -or-% PORTLAN33, * designated repository -or tiii UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive] subscriptions for the new “TEN FORTY LOAN,” | which Is dated |(areh 1, lb84, bearing interest at five per oeot. a year, PAYABLE IN COIN, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after ten years, and payable in forty years from date. I Interest o% Bonds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi* annually. Bonds oan be had in sizes of *60, S100, t600, §1000. WM, EDW. GOULD, mcb31 dtf Cashier. FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDER, NO. 91 MIDDLE STREET. (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Field - WITH Divisions, Brigades & Regiments I -or NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOR THE 9 P R I NfG • Ladies of Portland and vioinity are respectfully Invited to eail and see the many beau tifti l style# ol Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods ji'st received: Also, the great variety House Furnishing Goods ! Such as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings, Table Linens, Drillings, Tickings, Denims, Stripes, Ac. Also, just receiving, the latest styles of handsome Spring Balmoral SKlrta And the most fuhfonnble SPRING SB A WLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AND CASSIMERES, rOB BOYS' AND MEN'S WEAK. CLOAKINGS ! CLOAKINGS 1! An elegant assortment. We are just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest uotice, any of the now and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warranted to auit. FEUCHTWANGER * ZUNDER, (FO£ BLOCK), NO. 81 MIDDLE STREET, FOBTLAND, Mil**. P. 8.—Ladies need not ask lor goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but ■onnd end fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprl tf Great News! Important News! Bradt <5z> Co., No. 20 grket Square, HAVE lately arrived in Portland, and are now reaiy to exhib to the citizens of this city and surrounding towns heir entirely new and elegant stock of Oas Flxturos, Of the very latest styles, consisting of Parlor and Sitting Room Chandeliers, Dining Room and llall Lights, Store Pendent*, Itrackeie, Portable*, dec. ▲Iso* very floe assortment of Kerosene Lamps, Gas and Lamp Shades, of the latest improvernnts. Globes, Chimneys, and all sorts of Gas Fittings, Lamp and and Lantern Trimming. Also on band, Shaw’s Patent * Gas Oooking Apparatus. Of all kinds. Thor will sell all of the above goods at thovery lowest Boston and New Vork pnoe for CASH. Particular attention will be paid to Gab Fittiho, Repairing, Bronzing and Gilding of Chandeliers, Lamps, and Bronze Ornaments of all desariptions, in the very highest styleof the art, and will warrant all their work to be perfect. Please call and bee Leave your orders for Gas Fitting or Repairing at the store M. Bradt. 11. Wiiitelbt. Portland, May 10, 1864. maylodtf GRANT'S COFFEE ft SPICE MILLS. ORIGINAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. GrR ANT, Wholeale Doalcr in .11 kind, of COFFEE, SPICES, ttnlirralus ft Cream Tartar, Sew Coffee and Spire Mills, 13 and 13 Union street, Portland. Me. Coffee and Spices \ ut up for the trade, with any address, in all variety ut packages, and warranted as repreeentei. Coffee roasted and ground for the trade at short notice. CP*A11 gcods entrusted at the owner’r risk. •_ marchlOdtf NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY dr. CO.j Commission Merchant, (\7 Tchoupl tonlas at.. New Orleans. La. References: baker A j Morrill, Boston: Franklin 8now A Co., Boston; Wise % Russell, Boston; C. Nickerson A Co., N’. Y.; Rich A Co.,8t. Louis. ttrWT Particular attentiongirento Consignments gf vessels, Lumber, Hay, Oats, fc. mch23 o8m REDUCED RATES ! inPOKTANT TO TRAVELERS —to Tea— West, North West& South West! W. T). LITTLE. XS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati. Cleveland, Detroit, Milwaukie, Galena, Oskosb, Jit. Paul, LaCrosse, Green Bay. Quincy. St. Louis. Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo, etc., etc., and is prepared to turnish Timoron Tickcia from Portland to all tho principal cities and towns in the loyal States and Canadas, at tho lowest rates of Tare, and all needful information cheerful'/ granted. Travelers will find it greatly to their advantage to procure thoirti;kote at the Union Tieket Office, 31 Exchange Street, (VP STAIRS,) W. 1). LITTLE, Agent. %T Passengers for California, by the Old Line Mail 8‘oamer and Panama Railroad, may be secured by earlv application at this office. Ticket* to Mon treat a nd Quebec and return (via the Grand Truuk Railway) may be obtained at this agency on favorable terms. ma>26<lA wtl The Misses Bailey’s Home School. fit UK Misses Bailey having purchased the place in J New Giouces er formerly occupied by the Rev. F. Veaton, as a Boarding Sohool, propose opening there a Home School for Oirls and Boys, j in which the advantages of a aarefu) home training will bo united with thorough instruction in all the brancaes taught in Seminaries of the first clast*. The long experiences of one teacher as Prinoipal l of a Home Sohool in Virginia, and the reputation of the other as a sucosssful teacher of many years standing, in Portland, will, it is hoped, procure pa tronage and insure success. A Gentleman of experience will be at the head of ' the Home Department, and pay particular atten tion to the physical training of the pupils. For information see circulars or inquire of Miss A. M. BAtLF.Y, No. 68 St ring street. RKFERKacai:—Rev. J. W. Chlckering. D. D.; Hon. John Neal; Charles A. Lord; ilezekiah Pack | ard, Joseph Libbey. New Gloucester, May 26. 1864. inay2*$dlwthen2tawtf ranine raedlcal Association. TUK Twelfth Annual Meeting ef this Association will be held at the Common Couroil Caamber, in Portland, on Wednesday morning, June 16 1864. G L. GOOD ALE, Secretary. Portland, May 80. maySldtd BUSINESS CARDS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY, j J. !P. Libby, MA XUFAO'TUKIR OF Paper Boxes, Of every description, such m Shoe Bfxss, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes. Shelf Boxes, Conchological Boxes. Powder Boxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, Be. 144 Middle St., (Up*Stairs) Portland, Me. 1 juueld3m % Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Lather D»n», , Portland, Woodbury Dana, [ r __ , John A. 8. Dana ) Jl&illP* Jnneldtf dT. Smitli cb Oo., If AXUFAOTl'ItKRS OF Leather Belting, Card Clothing. Loom Straps, Brit Latter Backs sad Sides. LB AT IIKH T.UMMIXIIS. fr., Hannon’a Block, 144 Middle Bt„ Portland, Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewtaton. H. M. Bmin, (jnl<i3m/ 1>. V. Kovae JOHN T. KOUFKM & CO., Commission Merchants, AXD WHOLUALB DliLtKI IN Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 Commercial Street, Wholesale and Retail. L. DAVIS, BoskseUer, Stationer, a* oniimciraiBor • Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER HANGINGS. No. 63 Exohange Btrett, Portland. Me. juneldtl CHAS. J 80HUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, No. 144 Middle Street, PORTLAND. MR. * tWT Work executed in every part of the State, t juneltf R. L. 1QORSE A CO., Mannfkotarers h Wholesale Dealers in Boots and. Shoes, NO. 4$1-2 UNION STREET, RUFUS DUNHAM, Manufacturer nnd Wholesale Dealer in BRITANNIA Plated WflTe, No. 218 Pore »treet, Portland Afaite. Portland, May 17lht 1864. majrl7dtl M. 0. WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, *0. Si COMMERCIAL STREET, . apl4 PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & CO., MABtrrACTURRBA OF Japan. White Lead, Zinc, Paints, And Ground Color*, AID DKALBRS IK Drug*, Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Vamiihes. Paint and Color Factory, No. 29 Munjoy St., Oflice St Salesroom*. 80 Commercial Si., (Thomas Block.) HkKBT H. Bl’KSKDI, BADIliVn MV Cuailib 8. Fobss. PORUIM, II. mmylSdtf BLAKE, JO.VES A CO., FLOUR& GRAIN DEALERS, And Receiver* of Wateru and Canadian Produce, 187 Commercial Street,.Uranite Block. Charie* Bloke. ) Henry A .Ione*, [ PORTLAND. K. W. Oag*. ) Jonoldtf JOHNLYJNCHACO. Wholesale Gr oeevs, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores. - - - Commerc'&l street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf.) John Lyneh, ) Pel.* Barker.} PORTLAND, ML. Tho*. Lynch ) juneldtf DOLE A MOODY, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And V\ holeealo Dealer* in FLOUR. CJRN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, CemmeroAl St, USSfiJcOfci,, } PORTLAND, MR. jneldta BROWN & CROCKER. PLASTEEERS, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL STUCCO ANO MASTIC WORKERS. Oak atreet, between OonRreaa and Free Ste., rORTl.AXD. OC rolortai, Wbiteniog, and Whlte-we.hin* Sroraptly attended to. Order, frem out of town 10 clt.d. juneldtf BYRON GREENOUGH & CO., Manufacturers of And Wholesale and Retail I Valera In Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, S-.E.’SESN 1-obixand. _ Jnldtf JOHN RUSSELL, CarriBg«* «V Nleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 A 313 CoBRress St, Portland, Me. rr Where may be found a general assortment of Car iages and Sleighs. juneldlm C. P. K11BALL, MABCFACTURKUO» Carriages and Sleighs, Preble atreetf (Near Preble House,) PORTLAND, ME. Sale Booms, 110 and 112 Sudbury St., Boston, Mats. juueltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Flour, Grain & Produce Commission Merchants, jml Millers' A cents. Office and Warehouse Xo. 6 Galt Block, Commer cial Street. We offer for sale to the trade, many choice and well-known Brands of Flour, from St. Louis.I'liuois, Wisconsin, Ac., which we are constantl' receiving. NC. A Co . are a’so Agents Or Pittman A Co.'s, and other brands of manufactured Tobacco. r^*Caeh advances made on all consignments. Portland, June 1, 1864. v jnldtf DR. W. B. JOHNSON, DENTIST. Inserts Artificial Teeth on Gold, Silver and Vulcan* ite Rubber, and warrants them ia all cases to be a perfect fit. Dr. J. also gives special attention to Ftlling Toeth Office 229) Congress street, two doors west from the Court House. Portland, June 1, 1#M eodlm BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MOI LTOV L KUtERS, Wholuili Dealer* in Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial ■ treat, Thomas B^tck, ROBERT BRALET, ) s.n.aoDLToE, } PORTLAND, MB. A. a. ROUERS. ) maytdtf W. W. CARE & C0.7 Haring taken the Fruit Store formerly ooenpled by O. SAWYER. IVo. S Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large aad well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit! Wholesale aad Retail Oranges Bprnce Ban, L.Mng.1, Canary Bend, Candle.,, Lenen lyrny, Haney, Branca, Oeeen Nuts. Fig a. Citron, Nnle, nil ktnde, Da tee, Ollreo, Kelelne, Tokeeee, Bnrdlnee, Cigars. Fancy Cnndlee ef all dearrlyllnn. oet» dtf • IRA WINN, Agent, I"To. 11 Union St., It prepared to fhrnlsh STEAK ENGINES and BOILERS, of various fixes and pattern*, St«uiFife irifiitvM, lil!Searing,Shifting, FiD«p,fci, Lioht Uoubh Work of ail description*, and all kinds of work required In building Fortification*. Iron Stair* and other Architectaral Work. Houses, Stores, aad other buildings, fitted with Gas aad Steam In the but aiaaner. la ooaaeetion with the above It aa Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of Patterns, to which tbs attention or Machinists. Millwrights,and 5 hip-Build ers Is Invited—and all kinds ot Castings fbralshed at short notice. Orders for Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly executed. oddtf SINGE K’S SEWING MACHINESI WOODMAN. TRUE A CO., AGENT8, tfdi. 44 and 44 - • . • • Middle Street. Needle, sad Trlmmlags always oebaad. mohiatf A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 176 Middl 8treat. Baeaaanons.On. Baooa aad Baaaua. Portland, May SC. IBM. tf Dr. J. H. HEALD HATING disposed or his oatlr* Interact la his Offlee to Dr. a. C FERNALD. would ehoerfhiiy reoeommend him to his former patieull and the pah* I to. Dr. Paaaau>, from long experience, Is prepar ed to insert ArtlHoial Teeth on the " Vulcanite Biss," aad all other methods knows to the profusion. Portland. May U. 188* U JOHN r. SHERRY, Bair Cutter and Wig Baker,' Vo. IS Market Bquare, Port1 'na,(up stain.) KV*'Separate room for Ladies' aad Children's Bail Cutting. ▲ good stock of Wigs. Hall-Wigs. Bands. Braids, Carls, Frisettd. Pads, Rolls, Crimping Boards, ko., Be., eoastaatly on hand. 1*31*08 dly WOOD AM) COAVi t’llfcAP FOR CASH ! $9.50. CHEAPjCOAL. $9.50 PRIME LOT CHESTNUT COAL *9.60 V TON, SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH, HEZILTON, SUGAR LOAF. OLD COMPANY LEHIGH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH These Coals are of the very beet quality, well screened and pioked, and warranted to give satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AND SOFT WOOD, d.lir.rad to Any part of the city. Orrica Cowkacial St., head of Franklin Whart. 8. BOUNDS A SON. febUdly WARREN’S ISPORVED FIRE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, Gravel Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HERSEY. Aa«nt, Jan36 dtf # No. 16 Union 8treat. ALBERT WEBB * COn -DBAXJBta n - Corn, Flour and Grain, HRAD OF MERRILL'S WHARF, Cauardal lira*a. - . Panlaad. Me. laSSt/ EDWARD H. BURGIN, WHOLWALI DBA MX !W Corn, Meal anil Flour,1 Also. Ground Rock Balt. Commission Merchant POR PURCHASE AID 8A LI OP Bai'ley, Rye and Oats. STST-Cars loaded with Cora In bulk free of charge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Street, And City Mills, Deeriog Bridge. Jnneleodftm JOHN F. ANOEKSOH, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mcblT dfcwtf T»rLB Bnmmr. Scotch Canvas, -roa aali »t JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., Bath, Be. BOLTS Superior Illeub.d 800 do All Lou, flu *'Oot ernment ountrawt.” ' BOO do Extra All Long flax AP&roatn. BOO do Nary Fine j Delivered In Portland or Bosto*. Bath. April 10.1MB aplSdtf M. PEARSON, Silver Plater, AID XAXrrACTURXR OP SILVER WARE, 238 Congress 8t.,Opp. Court 11 onto, Port land,Mo. HT"All kinds of WARE, §uch as Knives, Forks,' Spoons, Cake Bankets, Castor*, Ac., plated in the beet mauuer. Also. REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old Silver Ware. Jan29 dftnt REMOVAL. DR. NEWTON HAS removed his residence to No. 37 Middle Street, oorner of Franklin atreet. Office as heretofore, No. 116 Exchange Street, In Noble’sBlock, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M., from 3 to 8, and from 8 to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to givespeoial attention to DISEASES Of FEMALES. oo31dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLUMBER! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Watef Closets, NO. 1* 1 EXCHANGE STREET, PORTLAND, MB. Warm, Cold and Shower Hatha, Wash Bowls, Brass A Silver Plated Cocks, INVERT description of Water Fixture, for Dwel A ling Home,, Hotel,. Public Building,, Shop,. Ac , arranged and act up in the beat manuer, and all order. In town or country laithfully executed. AH kind, of lobbing promptly attended to. Conatantlv •a hand LEAD PIPES, SHEET LBAD and BEER PUMPS of all deacriptlon,. afdldtf WANTS,LOST,FOUND j 893 Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even ly in Pierce’s auction room, a Calf Skin J®®*}* Book containg *£4 in money, a nolo against Charles Hodgdon, Gorham, far SCO,and one against Charles Hooper for $12. The above reward will he I paid for the recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief • v* > Tune 8.—tf GEORGE BECK. $ioo rewardT STOLEN from lb* aubacriber, May 28th, a valua ble Gold Walcb and Chain and 340 la money by a man anworlng to the name of Harry Wert real name Henry Weet Davie. Tne thi»r la eti'l a* large, and *100 will bo paid for hi, capture He la about ao yean of age. ,1* leet high, nearly bald dark brown hair blueeyce. and ana markedly India Ink with monument decorated with flag,. Also bracelet in India Ink ronnd right wriat. Je7 dtf , J. H. OXNARD. Wanted! U. 8. Enoitteer Ofice 81 Exchange St., [ Portland, Me., June 7,1864 f APKR80N seeu«'omod to keeping n boarding house for workmen, to keep the bouse upon the U. 8. Works st Huuneweil’s Point, mouth of the Kennebec Kiver. The house is allowed free of re*t s and the average number of boarders is fifty per day. Persons offering must bring satisfactory evluence of their abilltrtoearry en the houso properly. For farther particulsr* enquire at this cffice (Signed! THOR. LINCOLN CASEY, Capt. Corps of Engineers. June 7, 1804.—dlOd Wanted. A SMART, active young man who la nae to baat neae and quick at ccoounte. to travel lor VIRTlX YUR8TON A CO., Cor. Free anil Croat atreets, Portland, Me. Jnne 7—dlw* Wanted. A Female Poetry Cook at Darton'eOyeterSaloon, 08, Congreaa St. aplStf Wanted. Af.OOD Girl In a aaaall family— in a pleaaant part of the city. Apply at tbit office. Jane S—dlw House Wanted. WANTED to nurchaae for rang, a convenient Hnnoe euitlble lor a email family, with uenal eonvenieaeea, centrally and pieaaantly located.— Price not to exeeod S3,000. Addreee “Taylor" at the Preta Office. maylStf Beard. SUITS of Koome, with Board, can be obtained by i applying Immediately at 30 Danforth atreat. May llth. mayltdtf ANOTHER VICTORY! THE GOOD TINE HAG (ONE! TIIE good time coming haa come at laat, and we are now prepared to offer to theeltliene of thla city and the country, the iargeet and flneet eelected etock of FaBlxlonatole BEADY-MADE CLOTHING MV MR OFFERED IS THIS STATE. Old Fogy System Done Aw by With! And we hare established A Mew Order of Things ! By aollfug oar goods SI s 9MALL PROFIT, And Selling Large Quantities, Instead of piling them ea the shelves to b* .hop-I worn, waitiug to make loo percent. We hare oar goods made kxfbuslt for os, be ing connected with a large ManuUcturtag Establishment la Boston. And oor chief ilm Is to produce the rory (steel and Host Fashionable Styles, As well as the most tastmful aid durable. We arc receiving »*w goods dally. Ho shop worn goods remain on oar hands, bat ertrythiag Is fresh and new. The attention of tba public i» particularly called to oar NEW ESTABLISHMENT, Where caa be found all the choices styles and finest goods from both the Old World and the New. F.B.TOPPANkCO., 134 Middle St. Portland, May 20, lHfit._mav20eodla A. A 8. SHUBTLEFF A COT ISOS. MAM BIDDLE ST BEET, PORTLAND, Manufacturers and Dealer. In ■•n’t Boyt* and Youth'* Thick, Bin and Calf Boots, Woman's Misses and Ohildrsa's Goat. Kid and Calf Balmorals, Rubbers. Shoe Stock, Findings, Ac. WITH our superior fee ill lira for manufacturing, and u largo experience la the badness, we we are able to tell t. low ae in Boston or elsewhere Dealers are reapeetfellT I netted to call and , ex amine oar etoeh before piirehadng. «ar'Ordt r« by mall promptly attended to. Portland. April 28. IK«4. d*m ice trtam : ice vrcam : ! .At Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 1S3 nd 164 Exchange S«., Oppotiu the Internatioaal Hoom. _wayTdU Coal and Wood! LOWEST FRIC1S T0R CASK, DELIVERED TO AST PART OB THE CITT, AT SHORT MOTILE. Oar CmI b of the vary BEST quality, oad war raated to girt aatbfaotion. -ALSO, BOB RALE All Wadi or Hard and Salt Wood. The Pabllc are larlted to gtro ai a oat* o< we are booed to giro netbfkcUoa to all who f or ae with their saetom. OFFICE MO. 49 COMMERCIAL STREBT. RAHDALL A McALLI8THR MgfOly ————————— , — — ^ . The Extraordinary Success Which hs« attended the introdnetion by us of CALIFORNIA WINES, Is not only s fittinjptribute to the parity and besuty of the Wines themselves, huts cheering indicstion of s desire smongthe people to encourage AMERICAN INDUSTRY The wine Trsde Review, the orgsn of the British trade, calls them "excellent in qualify and a great success" Our brands of these Wines may be cund upon the tables of The Xoit Faatidioni Connoiaienra. . The leading portion of the American proas have extolled their merits, and the verdict to all who «ee them is that They are the Purest, The Cheapest, and The Rest. ASX F>X THM LABEL OF) PERKINS, STERN A CO„ WHO ARK Till riOXXKX ROCSR, And the only one in the Atlantio States dealing ex clusively in , CALIFORNIA WINES. maylSoodlm THE FIRST VTTIOUl Mi OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. 8. 7-30 Notes, Can hare them exchanged for s‘x per oent. twen ty year bonds by tearing them with this bank. The interest on the notes a ill be paid in coin, at the rate 7 3 10 percent, to July 1, and the bonds wilt be de livered here as soon as they can be prepared by the Government. These 20 year bonds are the moat de sirable of any of the government securities. Con- , versions must be made in sums of 3500 or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter ol one per cent, will be charged. W E. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, May 16, l»«4. mayt5#odtf MISCELLANEOUS.. PLUME It PATENT BOOTS. TUB above Boot, and Sheri ara on the Int wearing and require no “Breaking in,” “« therefore nneh more durable. PLUMER PATENT BOOTS. Men'i Pegged Calf Plumer Boole, BS.U) Meu't Pegged Calf Plumer Boole, « on dfew’. Pegged Calf Plumer Boole, 4Ml i men'e Pigged Caff Plumer Boole, 7.00 j ¥/*',• ■<*u*d Ca'f rluemar Boole, *7Jt Men e Sewed Calf P.tuner Boole, 8.00 ¥fn,‘ Figged Calf Batmorale, *3 M Men e Pegged Calf Balmorale, 4 00 uA“."r?!tiv»d' J]1 ,h* varietie. of the iloeat quality, I Hghl and heavy Mm', calf Boot. Our Boot, are "«••»'* and are deaigned ter agentvel cle.a oi feet not hitherto Sited by He ode l*",U ^hey are mad. or the b.rt rtock, by the mrut careful and .killful wiwkmen.and every pair la warranted bo'h la refbrenA to >tcek ud vorknuibip. From Rev Henry Ward Beecher _ , _ Brook’rn. Mar*. MM. Dr. J. C. PLumtr.—Dear Sir,—Had my Boole been on me they could not here fltted me better — I Tner were more comfortable tbo very first dey tbnn m* boote generally are after months of osage. I cannot praise them too highly. They hare bat : oneserieae molt, they will mike all otaer boots saam I nnoomrortabte. By the way. yon carried oFmy lasts They were l the rig. t ones, and I took them oat altta my ora i bands, and know they fitted 1-lease eeod them to me egeln by express I am, eery trely. d enrobligedserraal, U. W. BUIRU. LADIES’ BOOTS. Ladles’ Plnmor Petent Balmoral Boots, M PO Ladies' riamer Patent CaagtaM Boots, 4 JO The shore hoots are madd from the best stood. sad i eiprw»ljr to mf own ordor. Every pair to warrant ad. lhoeameasifamoasarowasts.aa. This work le the same as sold by the first class retail dealers la Boston, amt pronounced by them raperiorto the beet hew 1 ork work. Ladie«’ Balmoral Bools. Ladies’ berg. Balmoral Boote, »1.76 Ladies Merge Balmoral Boots, 1 uo Led ee Bergs Balmoral Hoots, 1.36 Ladies’ Merge Balmoral Boots, f fib Ladles' Bergs Balmoral Boote, 1.74 LADIES' CONGRESS BOOTS. Imdlse’ Merge Cong rear Boats, Sl.fO Ladle. Bergs Cangress Boots, 176 Ladies’ Serge Congress Boots, fi ne Ladles’ Serge Congress Boots. 2.36 Ladies’ Serge Coagrert Boole, 360 Ladles' Union Bools. Ladies’ Union Boots, o |.on Ladles’ Union Boots, g.lg Jast receired. s'I the varieties of the Barest qaall ty of M'seee tad Childrens' Boou sad Buses, sad lor sals at fair prices 1. NUTTER. __ «3 Middle at. Jens 1st, 1M64. Jaaaliw WINSLOW’S MACHIKE WORKS MAH UrACTU EBB'S BLOCK, UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, tuscriomn or Steam Kngiaea. Steam Boilara. Shafting Pnllay* Gearing, sad all kinda of Machine,y Alia Lew and High Preaanre N*eam tleating Ap parataa for Factoriea, Public Buildings and Dwelling lloueea. Ia tbia De par .ment tne e» ahliahmeat bae been nneommo h -aeoeasfni Steam Coeka, Valrta Wbtatlee, and steam. Water aad Gas Pipe aad ceaneetiona tarnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly aad Inilhfally Dana. la conn etioa with tbe above eatabliabmrn 11< aa Iron Foundry, with a large aeaortment of patterns, aad a Planing Mill, where wood planing ol ml klada me, he done.may! dtf FOB SAUB, Cheap for Cash.! A OKXAT TAmiBTT 09 CMILDREl’S CARRIAGES, Bird Cages, Rocking Horses, Ladies Work aad Traneliag Baskets, Tore, Marbles, POST MOIf AIKS LADIES- RETICULES AMD BAGS. DRUMS. VIOLINS. GUITARS, VIOLIN STRINGS, WRITING BERKS, WORK BOXES, No —BT— W. D. ROBINSON, *> Exchange St. aaUHa_ The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the beat laetrnmeata of their el sea ia the world Nearly all tbe moat pruminaa- art tala ia tbe country have gi»ea written teetimouy to thte eSeet. and ibeee instruments are ia eosatant uaa ia tbe eoneerts ol tbe moat dietiaguiahed urttate—aa GoUaehatk aad others—as well aa in the o ore* in the princ paJ eli tes. whenever aueh inatru menu ere reauired. Prior gib to *500 eeeh. These la<t,um>n>a may to foued at tho Unaie kooma of tbe eebaerlber, whore they will be a old attbemaaafaetarere’ prioea. H. ». EDWARDS, No.MBi Stewarfa Block, Congreaa St. sprit dtl PORTLAUfl REMfi IWITITE. DR. H. T. PACKER, HAVING paid s postal attention to ibwntudy and treatment of disease# for the last twenty vears, > may uow be oonaulted at the above oamei laaviuia COB. COXGBBSd AXO CHKSTXCT STS . During Ihanmal bclneea boars, nr* The Dr. wia'tea to call eprcial attention to hia mod# of treating diseitee of Iba Throat and Lnngi I bargee raaaonable. HUMPHREY T. PACKER, M. D., • • Proprietor of Portland Healing Iuatitnta. JIr». 8. B. Parker, Haring now become permanently associate 1 with •be Porland Healing lnstPute, in counectioa with her hnsband.the Dr , wpu'd say, after a successful practice of more than e even years with dimasee pe culiar to the Femal Organism, that she can now be consulted at the above named Institute, Corner <\f Congress and Chestnut Streets, At the usual business hours, fi^rhirges reasonable. SABAII R. PACKER, Assistant Physician to Portland lleal'ng Institute. Portland. Jane 1,1SC4. Juneleod2w CopMlMKhlp Notice, -AXD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THE tnbacriben baring on tha 7th day or Mar fbrmed a copartnership under tha came of McCartW k llerrv. For the purpose of carrying on the BOOT AHD SHOE BU8IHESS In all Its branches, and haring all the fk of title* f«r getting np Erst class work for gentlemen sad lad es, wear, are bow ready to execute all orders with neat ness an.1 dispatch Our work will be made of the best of imported stoek. hr the best of workmen, sad warranted to giro prr ret * attraction It is our stm that our work shall not tw second to any in the Unit ed States. We hare alto completed a stock of ready made work of the tirst quality, ter Ladles, Gentlemen, and Chi dren’s Wear. Selected from New York and Boston markets. Our Ladies' work is from the celebrated Burts Manvfactorg of New York. For Geutlf men's wear we bare the best assortment arsr offered for sale in this city , such as tiae French Patent leather Boots; Glove Calf and Calf Con gress for gentlemen's wear; Patent Leather Con cress. and Calf Congress Balmoral, aud tew Fieaeh Buck o Boots __ Have vou tsen the new style CIUMPED-FRONT BUCKLE BOOT, now nude by Met ar hr A Ber ry? For neatness, comfort and beauty. It surpasses anything ever got up is this city. Call and s**e it; aamnles always on hand at the old stand of M Me ^ hr McCarthy a berry, No. 90 Exchange Afreet. Innnldti CIXYOFPOHTUND. THE committee on Highways fte.. will reaeire sealed proposals for furnishing ten thousand tons Sea Island paving stones during the months ol May Jane and July—equal quantities each month. The parties proposing will please *tate what portion of said stones—if lees than the whole amount—they will fhrniah as above. Proposals will be received until Juue 3d. 1864. The committee reserve t bo riaht to reject any or all proposals not deemed for the in terest of the city. Per order. J. E. DOWELL. Chairman. April 19th. 1*4 apttdfcwtd MILLINERY. DINK Ac PALMER BEG learn to sill the attention of the trade itmm ally to tbair large and * WELL SELECTED STOCK e MILLINERY GOODS, Purehaaed for CASH, of beet importing tnd auo~ tlon bona* > in New York Such la their experience “ b®»»nefci, and faoil»tie* lor obtaining good*, they feel fully confident in being able to tucceufally cjmpoto with any firms in Mow England. ikW Special pairs taken to keep a Atli atock o4 Miaaca' and Liana* SKIRTS. __ Joneldlm STRAW CiOOBS. 'pilEauhacriberie daily rewiring trom the Union Soaloro. Mam , all the aewaad HAM ■ »««•', and InDentf Straw Bonnots, "f all qualities Alao constantly on hand a lara* itoek of I'reach and America a flower., Knehen Head Uraesee, Ae . Which he wHl tall at th* lowest price*. JOHN E. PALM kb. JeneMlm 144 Middle etreet, Portland. NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goody! M&S. A. ROBERTS OX .ha* taken the Now Itoto. No. 81 Free Street, corner of Center, and RM •elected a Suprrior Aee*>rtm*nt of MILLINERY, • Which eh* will be pleased to oier t* bar Stead* and the pablie, on and alter the Mb last, r. S. A good aaaertment of MOURNING Cenatnatly on hand ■ lore, or roar good Milliners can reeMra steady employment by InqnlrlAg as above, apd-datdtf PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! —*■*— Are obtained tor Woanded Soldier* (dltcheried) and the Mends of deceased soldiers who are estfiSf to the seme by BYRON D. VERRILL, ktimtj ui fwmlUr, at *♦. 117 li44W Stmt, UoraMd^A«gent (or al! the Department* *t Portland, April W, 1864,a;a ecdga TAKK Me. WOftfMKV’S Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, TOR VESSELS’ BOTTOMS. To Owners and Hasten of Vends. Tbt» npwtot article la offered with the foOaalMm. hdeaca. When applied to WOODEN BOTTOM VUIII4 it Win bo tonnd a perfect rabetliuU far Cooler Jnd„» COMPLETE PEMEBVATTTH »#■ wyHMg. BhftMACLEa. usage, ha. Teo ■»ir.t:>diy« t».,.h».w>« J-dja aad PerW will find It particularly for their lafereet to ace Ma rarawr Mutaluc oa Coreas Paur. The proprietor! will In every cue guarantee, not ealp that ihelr Copper Paint m espalier lo an/ new in IM, butalao to any that hat beea heretoforo if f*red to the public Prlated direeiwne for uar accompany eteh aaa. Tor tale, wholeeale and retail, by tha MuaaJha taren' Ageata, LTKAM ft MARRETT, ®Wp Ohandlors, HI®. IIS Commercial Street. a pto 2taw3a POBTLAXD. United States Claim Agency I ■•■■lli Prize Honey * Pens toss, C1AN bo obtained on appljeatfoa to ' SWEAT * cleaves, M .... Attorneys at Law. •ariUsd**;0' U< M ddle itrees Mureej’f How. MAINE INSURANCE CO. Asgult, Maine. THE Maine Iniarance Company lagare uun ioea or damage by Fire, Building*. Merabaa aiaa aad Faruitare, oa term! ae favorable aa B wa be done bv any wlvent Company. Poiiote* law ad wf Um, Throe, or Flvo year*. . _ J. L. CUTLEH, PrwMABts J. H. WILLIAMS, Secret Ary. EDWARD SHAW ... Agent, Ms. 108 Middle Strsst. aalheodlr Navlgatt®n Taught — AT — T. B. B^VR 80X8 — AT — Mo. )8, Deer Street, Portland. ( t t.'ITLIMIN dealrou! of Inetraotfon fa mot a cal Narigetjon win And an oaperienaed Heft ir only ctpcrleooed Bhfp Matter StS Stale, who teaeboe Navigation, and It eepHtaffc afe no in ted to qualify Eatigceand Mate* for Iba * "•rr_ I inn 11 tin ST^PIBIPLD’S Clothes Cleaning, and Bepairing R O O M S fpHIS popular and convenient ctfablbl m*At U 1 *»ow located on tho corner of Cam frees and Brown street*, over Hunt A J««*tt tMaibie Work®, wtere E.XTLEHEN’S UABXESTS will be thoroughly clean<od, fhfvAtaliy and roatly repaired, sud \ rested In food time, to aonftii A wtjft the present style i f fathiin Tbe eoat^Act AhesH ot patronage be*ti»u«d ore# t bs preprint or, |» duly appreciated t>y him, and bo oar urea all who Avor l< mu v 1 th their «u«tout. ’ hat no paint shall ho reared to five them the utmost satisfaction. N. H. Uarmeats oat and made to order, art wah> ranted to Hi v (i. b. STAR HI HD, Tor ^aad, May 33th, 1864. Practical Tailor. GREEN HOUSE AND BEDDING OUT PLANTS, 1 Respectfully inform the public tbit I bane on band a large anaortmcnt of Green llcuie tad Beddtng-out Plant*. for Spring talc, of tupeelor quality. Tig: VaaiiMi. Piutitl Panaaaoni f»». Pa sane and He ana A!ao, a 4ue coilectten or Anna PnaaTa, Ac , Ac., Ae. A aelooUua may al a are be found at Randall A Wi.itoeyV Market Square, crderalaft there ttfft be promptly attended to. ALBERT DIRB-aNGIB, Florlat. Corner ef North and Montreal Street* Portland. Me. aprttGlt Notice. fStUE Traateea of Weetbreok Seminary are hereby A not!tied that their Ajiuual McotlrA trill ho held oa Wendnnday. the lfth Inn, tt threa o'clock (a the alteraooa, at the ary Bet «•« ta Worn brook, for the choice of officer* for 0* tn and to tranaaet aoy other boat mm that may ft g aim oomt be lore them at *a'd meetira GRANVILLE U. 8TEV8RS. _ .. . Secretary Board Trnttem We*1hrook, June?. Ike* —dt I Nnrsc. 4NY one In want of an experienced Faroe, me . leara of ono by addreertnx STRIP, nr o 4.—collar* PmIhI, p. O.

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