Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 11, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 11, 1864 Page 3
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ron i LAXI) A XD VICIXITW Religious Notices. Religious notices of twenty live wordsorless, free all excess of this amount will be charged ten cents a line, eight words constituting a liuo. This iu'o hereafter will be rigidly adhered to.—I Poe* paxes. OF"1Rev. J. B. Johnson, of Boston, will preach at the Third Parish Church to morrow. ffyrhe Washingtonian Society hold meetings every Sunday evening, at 8. of T. Hall, 858 Congress street, at 7 o’clock. Public invi ed. 83T"Rov. George M. Bartel, of Lancaster, M*as., will preach at the First Parish Church to-morrow. fcyKev. Wm. G. Nowell, of Rockford. 111., will preach at 1’ark street Church to-morrow. l38^*Mi-s Nellie J. Temple, medium, of Vermont, will lecture iu Mechanics' Hail, to morrow after noon and evening, at 3 aud o’clock. Ifl^The 12th Anniversary of the State Street Sab hat a School will be held in the Church to-aaorrow afternoon at 3 o’clock. CyThe u uil quarterly Sunday School Concert will be held at the Reform behoof to-morrow after noon, at 3 o’clock. Friends are invi tod to be present. IT^Sahl.ath School Couoert at West Chapel to morrow evening, at 7| o’clock. et all this availeth me nothin?, so long as 1 ae<* Mordecci. the Jew, sitting at the King’s gate." Subject— The conditions of true Success in L\jt,and the obstacles to be overcome in securing it. This will be the subject of Rev. Henry D. Moore’s sermon, especially to young men, in the Central Congregational Church to-morrow afternoon, at 8 o’clock. VfT*Rev. William Johnson, of Boston, will preach at the Ab/sinian Church to-morrow. Supreme Judicial Court DAVIS, J., PRESIDING. Friday'.—Iu the|casc/>f Baldwin vs. Bres liu, Judge Davis ordered judgment to be en tered for plaintiff for t50. Kobert Campbell vs. Joshua Dunn. _ As sumpsit against defendant as endorser on a note. Defence is want of notice. Decision reserved. Ilenry Willis. Vinton i Dennett. State vs. James O. Mclntire et als. There were four suits brought on the bonds of Mr. Mclntire, as former Clerk of tbe Courts for Jfork County for alleged default of rendering his accounts to the County Treasurer and not paying, os required by law, the surplus re ceived by him for fees, Ac., over and above his annual salary, as fixed by the statute. The actions are on the York county docket, and the defendants have been defaulted. The cases were referred to Edward E. Bourne, Esq., Master In Chancery, for him to ascer- i tain and determine the amount due the State, i Tlie Master made a report in favor of the Slate for $17,161), about two-thirds of which , amount is the penalty of twenty-five per cent, interest per annum, required by the statute to*, be paid in such sums as may bo found to be duo Irom Clerks of Courts which have not | been rendered and paid to County Treasurers. The report comes before the Court on the question whether it shall be accepted or re- j committed. Judge Howard, for the defend ants^ argued agaiust the acceptance of the re port, and contended there was nothing due from Mr. Mclntire to the State. R. P. Tap ley, Esq„ for the State, argued in favor of re ceiviug and accepting the report. Decision reserved. Eunice A. Lorlng, libellant, vs. Alonzo Lor . ing. Libel for divorce. Divorce decreed. Howard <t Strout for libellant. So appear ance for libellee.' Court adjourned tine die. Municipal Court—June 10. Thomas O'Donnell, the lad who stole the watch from Mr. Cyrus Lowell Thursday, was sentenced to the Reform School during his i minority. Wilson C. Hawkins, James Sullivan and John Holmes, all boys, for throwing stones in the streets, were flued $T> each and costs. Sullivan paid, hut the others were committed. Thomas Collins was brought up charged with assault and battery on John Welsh and wife. E. S. Hovey, Esq., appeared us his coun sel, and the case was continued to to-day. Breakfast to the 12th Maine. Mi:. Editok:—It was mentioned iu oDe or two of the papers that the soldiers of the Maine 12th did uot get the breakfast prepared for them, aud os tbe idea seems still to obtain, even among some of the contributors, 1 have been requested to state to the public that a nice breakfast and full supply was sent to the camp at 4 o'clock of the morning on which they were to leave, that they ate all that they wanted, and expressed themselves much grat ified with life bounty aud attention. This much is due to the lady who took upon her self the care and labor of the occasion. l’er Order. The Tninu Panisn.—We congratulate this Church aud Society on their good fortune in finding a pastor to fill the pulpit so long and so ably occupied by Dr. Dwight. We uudcrstuud Rev. Mr. Walton, of Albany, N. Y., has accepted the invitation to become their pastor, and will enter upon his duties a week from to-morrow. It is a fortunate cir cumstance that this society are to unanimous iu sentiment and feeling in relation to Mr. Walton.'ill augurs well for the future pros perity of the society. We trust ihe gentle man whom they have chosen for their pastor will prove to be all they expect, aud from what we have heard of him, we thiuk their expec tations will be fully realized. Mr. Walton is, we understand, thirty-two years of age. lie is a ripe scholar, an eloquent speaker, and a terse writer. We shall cheurfully welcome him to the Forest City, where he will flud a field iu which ha can labor successfully for the good of humanity. 80th Maine Regiment. — All having friends in this brave regiment, who are desir ous ol forwarding hospital supplies, can have opportunity by leaving articles at the bouse of Abner Lowell, :J9 Pearl Street, (contribu tions of money will he judiciously expended by experienced persons,) on or before Mon day next. This regiment, iu wbicb are many of our Portland boys, is so situated as not to receive the aid from friends that those nearer Washington are receiving, and it is to be hoped that those who have relatives in the regiment will avail themselves of the oppor tunity offered by Mr. Lowell, ol sending such articles of inediciue, food, or clothing as will remind them of kind friends at home. Afkaikk in Richmond.—We mentioned yesterday the killing ol a rebel colonel of the South Carolina Infantry by a detachment of Baker's Cavalry, and that his body had beeu brought within oar lines. A letter from one of the cavalry stales that ou the person of the rebel colonel was found papers and letters from Richmond, saying that the greatest ex citement prevailed there. Meetings had been held to decide whether it was not best to evacuate the city and burn it, but nolhiug definite could be agreed upon. The Mayor ol Richmond, who was In favor of evacuating the city, had been imprisoned. Food of all kinds was horribly scarce, and so high as tr he almost beyond the reach of purchasers. Campaign Flag.—The first campaign flag —the stars and stripes, bearing the names ol Lincoln and Johnson—was raised at the cor ner of Portland and Parris streets last eve ning. There was a large assemblsge present uud the air rang with cheers as the flag wai thrown across the street. Patriotic songi were sung by a club of yonug men, and sev eral speeches were made. The greatest eu thusiasm prevailed. There was quite a num her of ladies present, who waved their hand kerchiefs as the flag was raised. Mr. EJitor:—We wish to have the state meut published in your paper Friday morning concerning the fire on Spruce street, correc ted, as the little boy that was playing with Mr Smith’s hoy at the time the lire broke out, wai not known to have matches during the day, 01 to make the remark there stated. Resides he positively denies haviug any" hand in tin a flair. Justice. ES^Capt. Robinson and Lieut. Greniei whose arrival in this city we mentioned yes terday, are stopping at the Commercia Bouse, where they are receiving all kind at Mention from Mr. Davis and his wife. • • I Funds for the M C H Association Mb. Editor—Tile Ladies of the Camp Hos pital Association are happy to announce as their receipts from the “Gallery of Paintings'’ now closed, $230, for which they feel pratefu! ! ly indebted to those who generously contrib uted the paintings; to Mr. K. B. Brown for his luvaluabio services; to Messrs Cleavelaud & Osgood, for. the room they fitted up aud placed at our disposal, aud for the interest ! constantly manifested; to Messrs Brackett & Prince for important aid most kindly bestow ed ; and to the young ladies who assisledj par ticularly Miss True and Miss Haley, without whose untiring interest we should hardly have accomplished so much; aud we would uot for get Mr. Stackpolo whose care aud interest iu moving the pictures as well as his prompt at tention to tlie needs of the Association, entitle him to gratitude. The Camp Hospital Association would gratefully acknowledge the receipt since June 1st, of two boxes from young ladies of South Freeport, valued at $131.80 One box from Bridgton Centre 71,00 One from Gorham 13,88 One from Fryebui g 7,88 One from Bar Mills 25,30 From Mr. St. John Smith 25,00 From Bridgton Centre 10,00 From Mrs. John Mussey 10,00 From Mrs. I)e B. 5,00 From Mrs. Cummings 4.U0 Other donations 5,75 Wo would especially acknowledge the pro ceeds of a Fair ^hy the “W. T. A. Society,” composed of youug Misses, held at tho Pre ble House, ol $32,50. From the Gallery of Paintings $230. x*W Messrs. Colley, Burnham »& Co., whose advertisement appears in another column, arc engaged in the Furniture and Upholstery business at No. 3t}S Congress street. They give special attention to renovatiug and up holstering furniture, which they do with neat ness and dispatch, making old almost as good as new. Forties intending to make changes of this kind will do well to call on them, and see some of their work. jy We are under obligations to Messrs. Allau Brothers & Co., for tiles of London and Liverpool papers by steamship Damascus, at Quebec from Liverpool. Ssow1 in June.—We learn that there was a alight fail of snow at Island Fond Thursday night. Yesterday morning there was snow in the trees in that locality. Tueatre.—Mr. J. C. Myers will open at Deeriug Hall on Monday, 20th instant, with a Dramatic Company, for a short season. BY TELEGRAPH -TO THK EVENING PAPftK*. — Official OUpatch front See. Stanton. War Department, ( Washington, June 10—7 F. M. I To Mnj. Gen. Viz :—Owing to the break in the telegraph line no dispatches were re ceived yesterday from the army of the Poto mac. Dispatches have arrived (Ids morning with dales to 0 o'clock last night. There was no filing on Wednesday except by pickets. Ar rangements|bave been effected by which the killed and wounded are gathered in. There were no movements yesterday. A deserter, who came into our lines, re ports that Gen. Hunter’s victory near Staun ton was much more complete than the llich moud papers reported. He says Hunter took twenty cannon, many prisoners and a large Iiuantity of stores. The defeated force was recently a part of Breckinridge's command. Gen. Hunter's report has not yet been re ceived. (Signed) E. M. Stanton, Secretary of War. From the Army of the Fotomac. Nkw Yoke, June 10. The Herald's correspondent, writing June 7th, says two divisions of the Mb corps occu py a position from the railroad bridge over the Chickahominy to Sumner’s bridge, cross 1 iog the river two miles above. The enemy are strongly posted on the opposite side, with many guns, with which they opened fiercely upon our columns when they moved up. They were promptly responded to and quieted. Another correspondent says our lines have been somewhat advanced, and placed in a strong position lor defence. The enemy are witbiu talking distance. Our ranks are beiug filled rapidly by reinforcements. The headquarters of the IHh corps were shelled vigorously yesterday for half an hour. Eight men were killed and wounded* About 4 P. M. the rebels made another desperate charge upon the corps works, and were again disastrously repulsed. From fieri. Averill'a Corn rnatitl. Nkw Yobk, June 10. The Times gives an account of Geu. Aver ill’s operations in his expedition to distract the attention of Morgan and other rebel command ers from an expedition by Gen. Crook, and says Averill’s was highly successful. He kept Morgau, with 5,000 men, near Wytheville un til Geu. Crook completed his work, and then moved to join Crook. On the way he encountered Morgau, and though outnumbered two to one, be iouud it necessary to make a stand. Kor eight hours Averill withstood aseault after assault, hold ing their ground until dark. Averill then moved oir, Morgan not deeming it advisable to follow, and eventually fell iu with Crook, after having several skirmishes and meeting a lotce of 1,51X1 under Jenkins, whom he ll&uked. At this lime his command was entirely out of ammunition. Aver 11 was badly wounded in the forehead, but retained his command. From California. Sam Kit a ncisco, Juue 10. The nomination of Mr. Lincoln was receiv ed with enthusiasm. A mass meeting will be held this evening to ratify it. Ma/a lan dates of the 27th ult., state that tile Mexicans are about to attack several plac es held by the French. Sevkral regiments of the Church party have gone over to Juarez. American capitalists are cultivating cotton iu Smalas. Advices from China to April 22d, confirms the exclusion ol rebel pirates from Chinese ports. The rebels had defeated the govern ment forces near Foochow. Hong Kong and Kaushing are in the bands of the impelialists. furious Items. i ut 'lURM-rMr., ,7. > dune iu. Fourteen bodies from the steamer Berkshire have been found. New Yoke, June 10. Steamer Corsair, from Havana 4th, lias ar rived. Sha brings nothing new. The Ar guelles case continues to excite the greatest interest. Washington, June 10. Eli'ba H. Alien, Minister from the llawan lan Islands, had an official reception with the President to-day. J-'rorn Kentucky. Iajlisvili.k, Ky„ June 9. 1 The train, with It, it is supposed, the State ; ' ordnance on hoard, from Frankfort, duo early 1 ll‘>» morning, is several hours behiud time It is supposed to have been captured. The telegraph to Frankfort has been inter rupted all ihe afternoon. Nothing can be as certained to-night. . Our military authorities think the magni I hide of the guerrilla operations is dagger ated. The Cotton Supply in England ’ The total amount of cotton received in England from January 1st to May 12th, is 819,430 hales, showing an iucrease of the same period in 1803 of 311,105 bales. 1803. 1804. Bales. Bales. - American , 17,229 79,535 Brazil 01.73(1 80,571 Egypt 100,192 135,118 . Sinj rua and Greece 14,014 35,070 t West India 6,130 15.924 * East India 204,995 322,687 China and Japan 43,309 150,525 ‘ j Total * 608,271 819,430 1 A Sm.vht Woman.—A soldier’s w ife, living , not lai from this village, whose husband, he ir fore eutering the service, ha8 invested some what in the wool-growing business, finding | sheep-shearing time at hand, determined to make the most of her flock, and calling them > together commenced operanionsuian-/us/<ion. i- succeeded ill lemnviug the fleeces from J ' her own, aud then served her neighbor's flock in like manner, to the no small satisfaction of nil concerned—sheep not excepted.—Aroos took Pioneer. i m \M TELEGRAPH TOTfl t Portland Duiiy Press. — From the Army lie fore Hirhmond—Heme from Southern Sourcee. Hkadquabtkks Akmv Potomac, 1 J uuc 8. ) Nothing of lute reft has transpired to day. Along the greater part of flie line the utmost quiet prevailed until about 5 o'clock P. M., when some skirmishing took place on the left.’ Capt. McKwt-n, of (ien. Hancock’s staff, who lost a leg by a shell on Sunday evening, is still alive, although there was no hopes of his recovery. The Richmond Enquirer, of the 7th inst., says : Rumors are rife that Lexington, Va., ha* been taken, and the military institute there burned, &c. The same paper says fifty prisoners arrived from Lee’s army on the Oth inst. It also fays, last evening the enemy aban doned our Jeft and part of our centre in great haste. Gen. Early followed them ten miles to-day, capturing sixty prisoners, who say that Grant lias gone to White House because bis meu would not fight. The impressiou here, however, is that Grant is making for James River to cross to the south side. Dispatches from northern Georgia, dated June 0th, state that the Union army is still making towards Altoona. Hooker's corps is fortifying the hills between Ackworth and Atlanta. Heavy rains for two days ma le the roads impassable for artillery, and retarded their movements considerably. Some slight skirmishing occurred near Lost Mountain on the olh. All was quiet on the morniug of the fill*. Later accounts say that the Union army had crossed the railroad near Ack worth, and ttiat Hooker was said to be tlve miles east of It, on the old Altoona road. Gen. Johnston’s headquarters were west of Marietta, and his lettat Lost Mountain. Har dee commanded the right, 1’oik the left, and Hood the centre. The Yankee cavalry dashed into Uig Shanty on the 6th, and were fighting Williams’ brig ade when the reporter left. A dispatch from Mobile says the steamer Doregan was captured on the morning of the 6th, while attempting to run the blockade.— She had an assorted cargo. The >eralor at Jackson reported on the 8th inst., on the authority of a scout, that Gen. Marinaduke is blockading the Mississippi below and above Greenville. His force is large. He destroyed three transports, secur ing their cargoes. He also crippled three ; gunboats and some other transports. Four transports are between Ids batteries, «md can not go up or down. The Richmond Kxatniner says the post of fice clerks are now in the field. Also that the rebel treasury was without a dollar from Jan, 1st to the evening of the 5th. Fourteen hundred and forty-six prisoners lutve arrived in Richmond from Lee's army. Forrtt Engag'd in tl.r UrUI Raid in Km tucky. Cincinnati, June 10. One of Morgan's men, who was captured at Marysville, reports that the force in Kentucky is immediately under the command of Gen. Morgan, Cols. Alston and Smith, and that the total force is JOOO. They entered the State -hrough Pound flap, and were preceded by a icouting party under Kverill, to pick up horses for their dismounted meu. They passed .hrough Hazelgreen, Owingsville and Flem ngsville, and took Marysville without oppoei ion, robbing the citizens of money and Other l ai n allies, The farms of Union men were itripped of horses, while those of rebel citi zens were protected. Kverill left Marysville >n Wednesday for Mount Sterling, at whieh >iace it is thought Morgan’s men were con centrating with a view of attacking Lexiug on. Tlie position of affairs in the central part of Kentucky to day is not kuown. Communica ion is broken with Lexington. It is thought <o be the intention of the rebels to destroy all he railroads possible, and make their exit hrough Central Kentucky and Middle Ten lessee. The Kentucky Central Railroad Is being re j&ired, and trains will run to Cynthian to norrow. Gen. Hobson left Covington to-day to open communication with Lexington. I.ATEST. Gen. Burbridge, who ha* been foliowing the rebel* siuce they left Pound Gap, came up w ith them at Mount Sterling, aud whipped them. A portion of Morgan's command entered Lexington at 2 o'clock this morning, burned the Kentucky Central liaiiroad depot, robbed a number of stores, and left in the direction of Georgetow n aud Franklort, Burbridge fol lowing them. Ormpation of IHopatrh Station by our Army. Dispatch Station, June 8, The 1st ami 4tli divisions of the - corps reached here this morning. It was 3 o’clock in the morning when the men began to march. When the day dawned the rebels on the soutlr side of the Chickahominy ob served the moving column, and opened on it with two guns of very heavy calibre. Sever al of our men were injured while marching in the ranks. Col. Hodman's brigade of the 4th division immediately took possession of this side of the railroad bridge, and a barricade was thrown across the railroad, about half a mile below this station. Between us and the rebels flows the Chickahominy stream, bounded eith er side by jungles and morasses, from which is continually arising dampness and noxious vapors. At this point the stream is not more than 1U0 yards in width, although the bridge is three times as long. All the track is in ex cellent running order, though a little rusty from long disuse. It is still quite complete with switches and side track in good repair. During the afternoon the rebels moved a heavy piece of ordnance on a truck, and ap proached within a short distance of the bridge, whence they threw some fl inch shells over ' our men eliciting criticisms from those who happened to mal* narrow escapes. Jlifle pits were dug, and long lines of fortifications be gun. For a long time skirmisher* were friendly, and conversed with each oilier across the riv er. Before dark they were using every spe cies of finesse to cause one another to expose their bodies for a mark. Oryaniaation of Catnjiai'jn CommittrrM. Washington, June 10. A meeting of the National Union Commit- I tee was held to day, when It was resolved that the Chairman appoint an Executive Commit tee of live and that the headquarter* <,t the Committee be in the city of New York, n was also resolved that an Advisory Commit tee of five bo appointed by the Chairman, to have their headquarters at St. Louis, for such purposes aud with such powers as the Execu tive Committee may deem expedient. The Chairman appointed as Committee, < 'lariin, of Mass., Ward of N..)., Senter of -Ohio, Purvi sance of Penn., and Clark of N. II., and as Advisory Committee, Lane of Kansas, Boyd of Wisconsin, Cook of III., Stubbs of Iowa, and Simpson of Minn. It was also resolved that tlie Chairman of the Committee be also Treasurer. It was also resolved that the Chairman be authorized and requested to correspond with the President of the National League, in re gard to the Presidential campaign. The Committee then adjourned. Reported Rurnlny of lion-liny (Iretn by Fed eral Cavalry. Washington, Judo 10. Passengers arriving to-day stale, on the au thority of a captain in a New Jersey legiment, that information of the burning of Howling Green by our forces bus been received at tbe tront. It appears that one ot our trains was tired on from the houses, in consequence of which the cavalry escort took the citizens and {dated them in two houses standing away roin the town, after which the town was set on tire and completely destroyed. Guerrillas made their appearance on the road leading from Old Church to White House on Wednesday last. They captured several of our ambulances. From Washington. Washington, June 10. The Navy Department baa not received any intelligence concerning the reported capture of the steamer Water Witch. Secretary Chase returned to-day from New lork. The House Committee on Elections have still before them two contested election cases from Missouri, two from Pennsylvania, and the credentials of three members elect from Arkansas. The select committee to inquire the charges against the Treasury Department have nearly terminated their investigation, which has not taken so wide a range as anticipated. From the Feninnula. Fortress Monroe, Juuo 0. A steamer from Bermuda Hundreds reports 1 all quiet with Butler's forces, with the excep tion of a little tiring in the direction of Peters burg this morning. , There is no intelligence from Grant's army. No tiring has beeu heard in that direction for ! two days. 4 BXXV1IJ OONGBE88—First 8ession. Washington, June 10. SEN ATS. 'The Indian Appropriation bill was taken up. Various amendments were acted on. Mr. Lane offered a joint resolution that so : Ht'tch of the President’s proclamation as de clared Arkansas in rebellion, be declared im perative and void, aud that the present organ ized government in that State be recogbized, on condition that slavery or involuntary ser vitude shall never exist in said State, except | as punishment for crime. Laid over. Mr. Williams introduced a joint ic o’ution ] to change the Ovcrlaud route from Ports Ab ercrotftbe and Ueuton, to Fort Uldgelcy, Mon tano aud Idaho, affording better protection to emigrants. The Committee of Conference on the army appropriation bill, reported a recointnondation that tlie Senate recede from its amendment to the section equalizing the pay of soldiera. Without taking action, Senate adjourned. IIOITSK. Mr. Dawes,|of Massachusetts, called upt he Missouri contented election question. Au ex citing debate ensued. i The House, 70 against 52,decided that Sam uel Knox is entitled to a seat from Missouri in place of Blair. - The resolution declaring J. B. Todd enti tled to a seat from Dacotah, was taken up, but no definite action was taken.—Adjourned. | Various Items. New York, June 10. At a meeting of the Associated Banks to day, a resolution to deposit $25,000,000 with the Sub Treasurer, and receive iu return six per cent. eeniUcates, was lost, for want of a unanimous Vote—30 voting in favor aud 24 against. This will not prevent the ailirm&tive banks front depositing the money, and it is probable this will be done while some of the negative hanks may ^etsign the agreement. The steamship Kangaroo, which sailed for uu MEuntbuiv, nan returned 10 quarantine with slight damage to her ma thinery. Tlu; Commercial's Washington dispatch says the Committee of conference on the payment ol the negro troops has finally agreed to give i full pay to those who were free when hostili ties commence. from Xrtr Orlrant— Blockade of Grcmrfffr. Mist., ^Confirmed. Nftw YoitK, June 10. The steamer George Washington, from New Orleans 7th inst., has arrived. She passed the steamer Creole on the 4th, and the Eve ning Star on the tstli, for New Orleans. The blockade of the Mississippi at Greens ville, Miss., is confirmed. The s’eainers Henry Ames, Mississippi, Olive llranch and others were lyiDg above Greenville, waiting the result of the engage ment which had been going on for two days between the batteries and gunboats. Hut little, if any, impression had lieen made on the batteries. Guerrillas were again committing r^itr&ges in Louisiana. One man was murdered iu cold blood. Attack on a federal Ordnance Train, Lolisviulk. Ky.t June 10. The ordnance train from Frankfort was at tacked near Bagdad yesterday, by a rebel force under Jenkins. Mr. .Shanks, a Union member of the Ken tucky legislature, was killed in the eucountvr. Kailroad men think the train may have re turned aafely to Frankfort, as the engine was reversed immediately on the attack, and the cars proceeded towards FraukforL , A car ol armed soldiers which proceeded up the road last night to learn the extent of the disaster has cot returned, and we have I had no telegraphic communication with Frank- ' fort since yesterday afternoon. *few York Market, N«w Yoa*. June 1*'. Gttton—f™.*- higher; sales 1(100 bales at 1 lMsl l'j for middling uplands. Flour-- receipt*-bbl*; sale* 18.*X> bbl*; State and Western life higher; fiutvrfinr State 7 OUaS 10; j Extra do 7 60ft? To; choice d*» Round 1 Hoop Ohio do K*2Vu9 40; •uotce tMMftn <«0; Super fine Western 7 66«92£ Extra do 7 booj 9»; South ern firmer: Rale* mOfbbls; Mixed to good H 16ill 00; Fancy and extra 8M5ftilOO; < anada 10c higher! rr)«a 600 bbl*. common Extra 7 46ft7 66; extra good to choice « 96ft9 &V Wheat—2c higher; sales 108,0(0 bushel*; Chicago Spring 1 71ft 1 78; Milwaukee Hub 1 79ft 1 78; Amber \ Milwaukee 108ftl7l; Wiuter Red Western 184a 1 1Amber Mich gin 1 79ft 1 82*; White Canada s 1 J'>a.2 00. Corn—quiet; sale* 13.&X> bushel*; mixed Western ! new 1 594. Oatfe-oull; sales ( anada at 90a92c. Beel—quiet; sales 3J0 bbls. Pork—higher; wales 9,00u bbla; near mess <3 (*>£) &32I34; old do 28 00; new do 2o fi0fe3o *7*; prime 24 60<£*25 60 for old aa<1 new; prime me** 32 00. l ard—firmer; sales 19C*0 bbf* at 15j Butter—moderately active; State 3oa38c. Whiskey—quiet; mm JAG bbla at 1 31<£l 32j. Kioe—firm; sales 100 bag* Rangoon and Aracen ia llja It j. Sugar -active; sa’cs 10C0 hhds Muscovado 18a20c Naval Stores—film Petroleum—firm ; ales C0Q0 bbls crude at 45c. Tallow—higher; sales 34,000 lbs at 16jo for choice Eastern. Freight* to Liverpool—steady. Stock Market. Naw You, Jane 10. Second Board.—Stocks. \ American Gold. L'uited States 6-2) coupons.Kftl United States one year certificates new. Canton Company...... Cumberland Goal Company preferred. ftoj g*..U*i Hudson. 144 R^kd'ng .’.143 Michigan Central.. ..144 Michigan Southern. &6J lilinoia Central scrip.1;*0 > Cleveland A PitUburg. 114 Cleveland A Toledo, . 148* Chicago, Burlington A Quincy,.1271 Chicago A Hock Island.115] IP YOU HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OK, If you have an old one that don’t exactly . suit you, don't fail to examine the very best pal tern now in use, th-j POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For tale at the Furniture Hcoma of WALTER COKEY, 62 and 64 Exchange street. June 6,1864.—d2m GUNS, RIFLES, | REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniments. FISH INI* TACKLE! The Beit Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. At"i! ar._ eodtr Maine Central Railroad Company. Aununl Meeting on Wednesday, June 1HCI, at HnUmilie, rilllK Stockholders are hereby notified tlie I. Annual Meeting of ths Stockholder* of the Maine Central Jt«lft>art Company will beheld at Toau ifall in Watrrviilo, on Wednesday, Juno Vi. 16->4. at 10 o'clock in the forenoon, lo act on the fob | Ion ing articles, viz: 1st—To hear the Reports of the Directors and , Treasurer of raid Company, and act thereon. 2d—To make choice of a Board of Director! for the ensuing year. 8. P. BESSON, Clerk. Watery ill*. May 31,1864. juneftdtd Independent Military Company. 8ABRK ZOI AVES. 4 LL those wishing to join a good Military < o.wi 1 1\. ttnd it to their advantage to call at old City Hail, any Monday or Thur day Evening, previous to June 25 h ; also fix or eight *ocd drummers. All reciults must be 5 feet and 6 Inches in height Ptr Order. A H. SAWYtR,( !eik. June2—eo<;8w Tuft's C ollege. THE Anneal Commencement of Tuft’s College takes place on Wednesday, July 18 The tljat examination of candidates fer ad a is* ion to the Col lege will be held on Thursday, July 14 The second on Tuesday. Aug i3d. The neat term begins on 1 Thursday, Aug. 25th. Board 8*3 50 p*-r week. A A. MiNRIt, President. College llill, June Gth, 18 4. Jan«*8eod6w Portland Alhwtn-iiin. 11HE Annual Meeting of tin' Proprietors of the Portland Ath«n;ejm tor tli > c to ice of officers, and the tran*actioa of o’her business will be hoiden at thy Library Rnom. ou Wed lies lay, June 22. at 7f o'clock P. M All books belonging to the librarv are to be returnid on or tel'ore Tuesday, the 14 h last. NATHAN WEBB, Secretary. Juno 9. 1864.—d2w \ PORfUNI) DRV not K COMPANY. fflHK sto’kheld rs of the above company are ro X quested to meet at th ♦ Merchants’ b xcLange on Wednesday,8th Inst , at 4 P. 11 , to acton tne report o! the Directors with regard to the location of said Dock. Per Utd r. C. M. DAVIS, Secretary, the above meetings postponed to Tuesday, the 14th at 4 P.M. Portland, June 4. 18t»4. juueGedistd ffllJK Subscriber hereby gives public notice toall X concerned, that he has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of Administrator of the estate of JOSHUA WAITE, late of Freeport, in the County of Cumberland ! deceased, by giving bond as the law directs; be therefore requests all person* who are indebted to the said deceased’s estate to make immediate pay meat ; and those^ ho have auy demands thereon * o exhibit the same for settlement to .. ALBERT H. WAITE. treopoit.M,, n, 18««. «3w* MISCELLANEOUS. I % TER NATION A L Fire Insurance Company I Of New York, Oflr* H8 Broadway. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WSf. «. W A RKK», Preeident. HAMILTON PRICE, Vice President. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary. Portland Board of Peferenctt: John IV it go war & Soh, Hkbbky Flktliibh A Co. 11. J. Libby A Co. John Lynch A Co. The undersigned having been appointed Aoctrr and Attorney lor this (Vnipary, M now prepared to issue Po'icies on Insurable Property at current rates. _ C?"Portland Office, 186 Fare Street. JOHN W. ]»1I /u;kr, Agent. Junes, 1864.— dtf 126 Exchange Street. 126 Uugli jV£. !Pliinney, WOULD inform his frinds and former customers that he has taken the Store No. 136 Exchange street, where he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, In all Its branchea. STOVES, of all kinds, of tha newest and most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. nar* Second hand Stoves bought, or lakan in ea. change for new. Stuvks. Kaunas. Kuanaera. and Tix VVabe repaired at abort notice, In a taillifal manner. Grateful for former patronage, he horea bv atriat attentiou to buaineas, and fair dialiu*. to liieive a generuua share of public favor. _ ma,J3dtf Maine Sabbath School Depository rnilE 'urgent and beat aeleoted Stock of KOOKS foundat’AllUATU S<;B001, OIBKAK1E8 may he No, si Exchange Street, Portland. New book* are received every week from the 8tm *n* ,J®blwhlngHouses iu Pm. ade phis, New York aud Boston. So varied an as sortmoat oomprisi ng books adapted to tbe capacity of the child as well a§ Halt, cannot be found fa anv one store in New England. ,hB'hhrJ:!n ;ir ',°?ntrT'ur »t»tkiogo» of the booka m the Library, can receive a lot tor ex amination and return at my expenae ,u;h aa are not approved y leatiou Booka for Sabbath School* al eady on hand. Diaconnt* for Library Book* al lowed a-in Hoeton. Alao M'acellaneone. Theologl cal and School Booka, Letter. 8e>mon and Note p«. per of all aiiee, with Envelop** to match. Photo graph Albums, Portfolio*, Portmonoaiea,to , fee all of whioh-wlll be raid at th« lowe*t etah prior* — OnionMllefted. H. PAt KABD .funelat, 1HA4 dtf P. Sc F. A. BAIL HOAD ! ">st brook Line. <>o and after Jnne 6th, Car* leave* aa follow*: Mi jam i. l* Corn »a Po*t Ornox A. M. A. M 6 16 J 30 <•36 HU »•» 9 00 XX * »■« 9.M to*) 10 36 111* 11*0 ff I’.M . 12/0 12.04 \f 1J50 12 46 1 36 130 3*0 3 16 * 06 300 3 60 3 46 4 36 4.30 6 20 6 16 4.06 6.00 646 The 6 16 A M. Car from Morrill'* Comer run* di rectly to l, T Depot. J.J.UKKRISH, June 6,1H64 dlw 8apt Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 1H64. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS STEAJIEK LAD1' LAIVO, Built expressly for this route, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, Will commence her Bomroer Ar rangement on MONDAY MOHN INl>,Juue6 h, Leaving Bangor ev ery .Monday, Wednesday and Friday Mornings, at 5 o'c'ock. „ Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of State street, Portland, every Monday, Wednesday and Friday Evenings, at 10 o’clock, connecting with the Eastern. Boston and Maine, and Portland, Saco aud Portsmouth Railroads, from Boston and Way Stations, leaving Bostou at 3 o’clock. P. M. The Boat will touch at Rockland, Camden, Bel fast, Bucksfort, Win ter port and Hampden, both ways. Passenger* ticketed through to and from Boston, I.owell, Lawrence, Salem and Lynn. For more extended information, apply to J. O. Kendrick, Bangor; the local Agents at the various lai dings; the Depot Masters of the I*. B. ft P. Eastern, and BAM Railroads; Abie! Somerby, Portland; Lang k Pj'ano. Boston, or Ctl AS. SPEAR, General Inst. June 4.—isdtf CITY OF PORTLAND. VOTirE is herebr given, that it It the Intention of the « ity Council to lay out a new street, or Public Way for the use of the City, -beginning at the terminus of Treble street ou Kenuehtck street, and c >utinuiug to tbo channel o: Back Cove, paral lel with Kim si root. Alto to discontinue Alder at . north of K-juuebeuJt street to the channel of Back Core. And the Joint Standing Committee of the City Council, on laying out new streets, in pursuance ot an order of the City Council, paused on the 6th day of June, will meet for said purposes on Friday the seventeenth day of June, at 3 o’clock in the af ternoon, at the terminus of Treble street, the place ol beginning, and then and there proceed to ▼iew and Jay out said new street, and discontinue Aider ampet All perAous interested will take no tice a nmRovern themselves accordingly. Given under our hauds on this 9th day of June, A. D 1864. JACOB MoLELLAN, ) v SEVENS 8MI1H. I ' WM. H. STEWART, i committee on JNO. D. SNOWMAN, f N~LD* WM. G. SOL'LE, street*. C. K. LADD. j Cortland, June 10,1864. dtd CITY OF PORTLAND. ATTENTION is called to Section 38 of the ‘Or dinatic* lespec'ing Interments, if any person shall be de irous to move out of the City the body of a deceased person for interment, he Oiall make application to the Superintendent of Burials for pe*mi«»ion so to do, and said Miperin t- udeut shall grant am h permission if no cause shall appear for withholding the same, and shall attend to such removal iu person, or employ one of the un dertakers of the city to attend thereto Penalty for violation of this Ordinance not Icm than fire nor morethau twenty dollars. All violations of this OrCinanoe will bo prosecuted according to law. LOLLS BLACK, . Superintendent of Burials. Portland. June 10, 1864-4Im For the Island*. On and after June 13tb the steamer o will uatil further notice ^*WI^Rlsave Burnham's Wharf, for Peak’s and Cushing's Islands at 9 and 10 30 A M ., and t ani 3 30 P. M. Returning will leaveCu-hiug’s Island at 9 49 and 11.15 A. M . and 2 45 and 8 15 C. M. ticket* 26 c«nU, down and baok ; Children 15 eta June 9 - d'f Dissolution. rilBF. firm of Gardiuer and Brown it this day dis X solved by mutual consent. N 8 (.ARDINFK, J. E. BROWN. Portland, June 9ih, 1864. N. 8. GARDINER Will cominue «be CL4TOM TAILORING business at the old stand, tS2 Middle street. June 9, 1*64. jonelOdtf Dissolution. IV’oriC K is hereby given that the late firm of K A s. liodiag is this day dissolved by mutual consent Coding will continue the business as heretofore the old sUnd. 22 8t Lawrence8t EPHRAIM CODING. $ N. GOD1NG. Portland. June 1. 1-64. juuelQdlw* Copartnership. rilllE undersigned have formed a copartnership X under the name ot Fbekman UnoTHxna. and have leased the ►tore formerly occupied by lwitchell A < hanphu. No 85 ( ommerotaisireet, whee th‘*y propose to carry on the Flour. Tea and Tobacco business. JAMES FREEMAN. bAMUEL FKKKMAN. Portland. June 9 —d6w For Sale. A IlOtWSE and Lot on 8tevea’s Plains Road, ad -a. joining the Seminary (.round*, a very desira 1 bie location. Also a number of bu iding lots near the same. V Enquire of K. It FORBES, on the Plains June 10th, 1864.--eod3» • To Lei. | A TWO story wooden House, No. 0 Neal street, in 1 1\. gool repair, eight rtoms, bsrd and toft water • in the kitchen, convenient lor one fhmily. Apply on the premier s. June 10. 1864 -dtt Valuable House Lois for Sale. f|!WO llou-e Lots ou Congress street, adjoining X thehou^e now occupied »y the subscriber. GARDNER LUDWIG. June 10.1861 —d2w I'ishing krltoontT for Sale, OF about sevooty tr ns burthen, now on the stocks at South Bristol, and ready fo launching, built by the most approved models ai>d finish, and of the best materials, and will be sold at a fair price if ap plied for soou. NATHANIEL FOSTER, ina)24«3t*w4w* South Bristol. Ale. For Sale. ® House and Land for sale at G or bans Corner. The house is large convenient for two families, wdth a large lot, pleasantly situated near the l- Itijuire of fti. CREASEY, on ths premises. Tonrs easy. Jun*7wlw* Compositors Wanted. ONE or two Jtr»t cla$$ female compositors will find ooustantemployment, and the b‘sheet rates pa d in the city, cu application at TBI8 OFF1C1 maySSdtt | miscellaneous? NOTiOE -TOTHS BOOKSELLERS! ; -*.D Country Merchants of Me. I* Wholesale Book Store! —A*l>— PUBLISHING HOUSE. f BAILEY ANP NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, lJgrtland, M^aine, 1 .SOTTOV Tr-5f T 11 kfs « *|* > ■. .*«- , Are bow folly prepared to i Supply tlie Trade! •—AT THI Lowest Wholesale Prices. By ipacial contract, reoently made with the Bos ton and New York Publlabers, we are enabled fee •apply any and All of the School Books, I'Md in UiLa SUta, on The Most Liberal Terms. linTingpnrohnaod tba IrniiTTn Plato* from O. I.. BAnnnnn ft Co,, of tbia city, wa aboil In fu tnre publish I ha rmluabJa Serlee of ScnooL Book* heretofore published by them. Thiaaarlaa, togeth ar with our former publications, will make the fol lowing List:— Horton's, Weld and Qnaokenbot’ Gram mar, The Progsesaiv* Grammar, By Wald ft Quackeaboa. J The Progressiva Parsing Book. By Wald ft gnackeaboa. , Weld's Hew Grammar, Weld's Grammar, (Old Edition ) Weld's Parsing Book, Weld’s Latin Lessons and Bender, uajafftr 7 1T A i i *jT|T*n Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson’s Arithmetic. B. ft N., nlao publish Unaarai s Ajm-Anou larStstim on Bapid Mercantile Writing, In Eight Parts, with printed enpiee at the band of each page, in esnet imilntiun of the Author’• bnsn tlful style of PENMANSHIP. We enll special attention to them IVew Writing Book*, Aa they are admitted to be the moat praetiaal Copy ! Booka arar offered to the public; and they are aow , mpldly introduced, having the Axil endorse ment of the Saperiatendeit ir hUit SrhooU *f tie State d laiie. V I Beeides the above list which we publish, our Spec* ial contract# are for the following books Progressive Series of Benders and Bpellers. Hillard’s Series of Readers ft Spoilers. Sargent’s Series of Readers ft Spellers. Colton's ft Pitch * Geographies. Brown’s Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY -AID I ROOM PAPERSI 1 FULL STOCK -Always On Hand ! N. B. —Bookseller* or Country Dealer* who are not coming to thocity, may write to naataiing about what amoant they purchase at a time, and we a ill •end them a LIST OF PRICKS, It wauted. Bailey Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, and 38 Exchange Street, Fort land.. Me. ma>a8d2m * | Maine Central Railroad Compi ray Thhhtbib i Orrius, t __ Wateniile, May ?ttk. 1M I. I l)kBSON8 holding Stock in the o.Jd Andn »ecog L gin and Kennebec or Penobecot mad Ken neb«K Kailroad Company. or 8»©ek Bon de. now d.u*. ii And. and Ken Kail road Com pan / will pica# • hart the same converted into Stock o'/the Maino«.#nt a Railroad Company forthwith, ^ persons ho Id ini Stock in the former Companie .will not be permit ted to ride A** or to vote at ' jj© annual nset tin g - Remember and sign transfer on the back of ot d Cer ti Acute*, and send twenty- dve cents for Ri<venu< Stamps on each Certificate .wanted. I By order of the Direct I maykidSw ' J. lYK.Treuarcr. ; ENTERTAINMENTS. Yi n OPERA IIOISE !! I LANCASTER HALL. ; SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS minntrbln I OPCi'V EVERY EVE1VLY6. An Entire Change of'Programme. dickTaydn, I The Champion Clo* Dancer - for one week, eom mcucin* Wednesday Evenh* Dr. CoU.TMgac,i Laugh • iog Rat. Admission 26 sente, Keeerved .Seats SO cents. J. BPKAGL’E. I „ , «»«yl7 tf II. BLANCUAUD, | Manager*. MERCHANDISE. ‘•Haney.” 7TCS. PRIME Ci BA nosey, for tale in bond on duty paid. THOMAS ASEMCIO A CO. June 10.—iadtf Received ".A/ k BUSHELS Prime Baltimore Yailow VOOVCorn, ce*go of »ch Geo. B. Fogg Aim Boathom White Seed i ‘oTn ann for tale hr „ „ „ eow u Houum. Mar 21—aodSw No 120 Cammerelalsireet. Sierra Sforena Molaasce. JlfyO HHDS . Sierra Morena Molaurs, ear _ / go brig Charlena. now landing 23 Tiercee, 1 Central Wharf 60 Bble. ’ lor sale hr Junes, 18W. GEORGE 8. HURT sierra nwraa noteMfi. qOUUUilS. 1 MOLA38E3,Juailanding bom I brig "Mat.Ida ” A*»ui>erlur 48 TC8. ) article for retailing. For tale by JuliN D. LORD ma>33d4w* No. 1| Union Wharl. Sugar and Volasaea. JJQQ HHDS l CHOICE MUSCOVADO 8U 10 TC8. ) OAR. til HHDS Superior Murcorado, and at TCS Clay ad Molartee, 11 BBLS from b terra Morena, Now laadiag and for sale by THOMAS AS AN CIO k CO.. m»7»tfCuatom Uoaea Wharf. Sierra morena Htiuwri. Q<>,~HHD8 , 00*3 I CHOICE SIERRA MORRMA JO TIERCES HOI.ASSES. 10 BBLS ’ Raw landing bom Brig "C. H. Kennedy" „ raos. asencio a co.. May ».—tf _ C. H Wharf. Scotch Canvass. V I PERRY, 151 MIDDLE ST., Has jtft opened a largt uaortmcnl of CLOTH HATS, laelvdiBf the “BILLY MoRR 18,” “GUN BOAT,” “DEARBV.” “GEN. MEADE,” Ac. Aleo < eok k Aldrich • Celebrated ‘‘LONDOB,” and “BOGOTA” MAT, Which foratyle, fiuieb and durability rmrpaea any other for the eeaeou. June 4. dtf PF.RRY, 161 Middle »beet. Talk about Hats ! JUST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. June 4 ‘lit LANE Ac LITTLE, Who'eaale Dealer* In Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, AMD W oolens, No. I4!i Middle etreet, A. uSfe. } PORTLAND. UR. ■ Jaaerdtf OFFICE OK T H K ATLANTIC Mutu~ ’ Insurance Company, N1 «' YORK, JANUARY 33. oof " THE Troaiee*. In conformity to the Charter ol the Compa .;. fubmtt the following *talemeal of it* alTur* on the 31,t December, l*cf: Premium* received ou Marine Ki»k*. from let January, 1SS3, to 31*4 De comber, 1463, SI 314 383 93 Premium* on Poliela* not marked off lit Janaary. ISO, 1.793/03 34 To'ul emountof Marine Wemiueu. 319,(106,0U1 17 Mo Po'lotee hare heea imued ire. Rtak*; nor upon Fir* link* neeud with Marine Kbk* Premium* marked off from lit Jan , 186J. to 31*t December, 18 2, Si.bM am S3 Ueeee* paid darutf the *ame period, 3,SU6.«1 04 Return* of Premium* uad Kxpeauee, 1.983.837 tf ■ ompauy im* tne loi.oein* Anno'*, rii: " Unltad state* aud Slat of N*w York More, City. Bank ul other slock*. 68.482.631 SO f Loan»*ecured by Stock*.and >tberwi*e. 1,460,700 00 •] Real F..tat*ami Bond* aad Mortgage*. 181.760 00 “ Dividend* on stock*.in tercet on Boudn and Mortgagee and other * drv Note*. ra iuauracc* and other elaima due the Cotap'y . eetimated at 104.864 61 Premium Note* and Biila Keren able. 8.278.676 tU Caah in Bank. 744 813 (8 ' Total amount of Am u, 88.JS6 444 X! ■ Six per cent Internet on th" ouUtanCIng eertlfi entea of profit* will be pall to the holder* thereof. T or their legal ropreeeutative*. on and alter Tueadav, - the second of February neat. Ii After reserving r hr*# end One half Million Dollar* o of profit*, the ouUtanding certificate* of the iaaue of 1462. w II be redeemed and paid to the holder* there- d of, or their legal reoreaaataliv. *. on and after l'uev- * day, the Second of February next, from which dxta ( all Interact thereon will ream. Th* Mrtificatoi to he e produced at the time ol pay meat, and cancelled t A Dividend of Forty Per Cent it declared on the net earned premium* of the Company, lor tho year I ending 8l>t Demmb*r. 146’, for whlcb certificate* I will b* luuad, on and after Tuesday, the Fifth cf ' April next. < The Profile of the Company .aacerfainad I Prom the l*t of J ulr. 1841.10 the 1*1 of Jan . 1468. for wh.ohCertifieetee were < imaed. amount to •M^W.880 A Idlttonal from let Jan., 1863, to Dt I January, 1864, 2,680 006 Total proflu for 21 j yean. •16.868,380 The Cerlifleatea prerlcua to 1462, hero I been redeemed by earb. 11,680.210 Nat earning* remaiuiag with the Com pany. on lit January. 1564, 66.266.670 \ly order of the Board. W TOWNSEND JUNES, Seoretnry. , T RrBTE RS . John D. Jonea, David I ane. Charlaa Dennil, Jame* Bry.e, W H H Moore Wm.S»nr|rU>„ Tboa Tlleatoo, H. K. Bogert, Henry Coil. A- A._LoW,_ 1 W C. P.ckeragill, Wm K Dodae, LewiaCurll*. lionnl* Perkin*, ChM U Knaaell. Jc*. Uaillard.jr . Lew. II Holbrook J. Ueary Burgy. P * llargou*, Corneliu* tirtnaall M W. W cel on, tl. A. Hand. Hotel rhelp , Watt* Sherman, Cnlah Nantow, K. P. Morgan, i A P Ptllor. H. J Howland, Leroy M Willey, Bei j Babcock. Daniel S Miller, Pietcher Weetrar. 8. T Nicoll, K. B Minturn. jr.. Josh'aJ. Henry. « W Burnham tioo O.HoMon, Fred. I heuncey, dam oi Low. JOHN D JONES. Provident. C HARLES DPNNIS. Vice l’reridenl W H U. MoORE. Id Vice Preeldant. |^* Appli'xtlon* forwarded and Orxn POLiciM procured By JOHN W. JH’NGER, Agent, Mo. 108 Ford street, hood of Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MS. Jane 3 —w2wfceodtojau2» fireworks OP EVERY DESCRIPTION. CUTTER * AUSTIN* 82 eemd 3* federal Street, aad 107. Ill, ami 118 Coe gress St , Boston, Who!«»v l>**>r* ifl ' Firework*. Chi near I-nulerna, Toft-hen, Ac. THS A PH" UMOX LASTS**! Bed White and BIm. tor Poii.icaJ Procemioua. pExh-Wd«.*—A* Union and Temperance House, Wnt llarpiwell, Is ones lor the reception of Summer sBoardeiU, »n<l truneient and Tltitore. I This House la eery pleasantly situated on Ithe Nock, one-fotuth mi.e shore the Steam Iboat Landtup. deals furnished at alt hours ofthe day SIDNEY BAII.EY, Proprietor Junes, 1964 —d»w* The Che«B«*l A*e»cy Fill collecting all classes of claims arising from the war is that of the • “MAINE WAK CLAIM ASSOCIATION," in whlah the expenses are controlled by a disinter , eeted txeeutire Committee. nMSfl* f Apply in person, or by letter toC BOKO* r. I EMERY , orer the Portland Poet t-WBce, *d story AUCTION SALES. H«r»e. Carriages, *c., at Auction. OX Saturday, June Uth it lOo'rlock a. m on Llute -treet, we .ball a«U two good tanuly Hont ?*r ,"*< o«h. ntarly new. the une driven by tbe late Jort-pb I iiomaa—one t'OLeord Wagon-on Jen ny Lynn-one Kookaway-Ono Expr?«. Wagon— ’ Jssty?si255£ri,r,-rc~fc U“ut" - | Juc.S HdWKV “A,LEV * cO..Auctioneer. House and Land ut Auction. ON Monday, Jane 18th, at 8 o’clock r. M. we • hall sell the two and a hajjetor) wooden Mouso No 31 o- l eutre street. Tills hou«d is convenient, w«:h good ce.lar and tine cbtern in it; lot 64 feet bv 3) fe* t iront. sfale positive—title clear • 1 Jtine34id HE NET BAILEY A CO., Aucft'ra. Valuable Real Estate at Auction. ON Tuesday, June 14th at 8 o'clock t. m., on tha premises, we shall sell at aunion the valuable K«sl l-iiteon the corner of Centre and i’loaamut streets, being about 121 leet on Centre street, and 61 fe**t on Fltfasajat street, with the building* thereoa, , cecsjstfng of a block of three, three story brick litres with dwelliags over them, and a wooden tAiildiugou Centre street. There is also «0 feet more or same property on : Pleasant street, running back 12u feet adu mi eg the aA^ve proper it, on which is a brick dwelling house l>f Awe storfJs, and a wooden stable 60 bet longca uahle of bolding 2d borsca. There ia also a never filling wall or gu< d water. This fa a very valuable property, and vory desirable tor iu»e*tinauat, a os pi tgJ property fo Improve upon jtmHTtd HENRY BAILEY A CO . Aact ra. Valuable Farm in Fuliiioulb, at S action. <)» VViluiiMv, June 16th, ut f • eleeh p. on n,. premie.e, a Small farm, sear Falmouth Depot. contuiimgahoMt Tk.rly Arm,It =rr-—<* wliteh !# a raliiahlo ITooA Lot, There i, a goou. eonrva vut aud comfortable Hotue ixd out luUdlnge on it—a Urge end thrifty Orch ard of yoangtrriw. and the hotue and.nrronsdinge deatrable for a good oat of town rveidcace. hale po.itivo-titl e ear For farther pan lenler. apple toM.y SI UtiiKV B-*1LElf * VO , Auctioneer. 1 UPftininie House Lot ai Auniou. WSttmil sella* Aoctim on MONDAY, J one SO at 8 o’clock, r. M. tLct vorf dmirab»• LOT 0* LAND, on tfce corner of Tine ar.U Vaughn stisats former hr ownedby Hon L D. If. hweat. now cwn ed by Dr. Ludwig, containing ab^ot ?*000 teet. This lot is opposite tbe residence of O W Wood An*. p*M, and backs a* on the eattte of Hur J Jt Brown. **»• too most desirable unoccupied lot ct “C ourt purchase money may re mein on mortgage ft (V-ired l* ****''•* to be the moit desirable lot enured of Auction tbe preteut season. For views of seen* ry, water. <nn‘et. mount aus, Ac, It is uu urpnss td if not noeiinalled MANKY HAILEY A CO, Auctioneer* June J did Valuable Real E*tate in Cape Eli zabeth, at Auciion. ON TaMdty.JuD.2i at 3 o’clock r. a., on tho premier, in ( ape Uitaboth, wo .hall acll Tho t apt fleott Byer Ksiste. The Homesteadcontchilu. about one huadted acre* of eplendid lard, with a Bw I aobotautial stone wall all rouad it. and coed ouao, barn aud other out-bouso* oa it: with aa orchard ofapplc, pear toil plum treed curraotc, rasMorrws. ic. Then opposite the home.Ice,I la a Held of shout» term of axcuileat laud vnaloaed alth .substantial etooe wall; alto about £2 acre# of pasturing aad woodland Tbcro la u sm a I !o‘. of t tem, a Tory de-lraMe bou>e Tot. 1 her. is a wood lotof about IbocrM animated to hold 700 cords of wood: sod soother 16 acre lot with 5(0 cords of wood aud timber. The entire property will be sold io o'* lot, or sep arate, at deired-.t will be sold with the stock or without—with The stock aud terming utensils eg without—with The stock, fsrmirg tools aud crops oe without, at shall iu:t tbe purchaser. It is one ofthe beet farms-tn the Cepe, sere pleeeanlly loeatrd in a healthy and good neighbothoed .say af imu, aad desieaole for a residence or investmeftt. Title clear term, easy Bale positive Only motive for ills 111 nealth. • HENRY BilLRY ft CO., Aaetioneern. Jane 8.—dtd Administrator's Sale. BY vtrtue of a lioenso from th. Judge of Trebate of (umherlaod County, I shell toll at pohlle uuctkiB oa Tuesday. Jane 21. 1MK, at tno o c.ock P. M oa tho promisee, tlm following deecribed real so* tato bcloagiag te tbe estate of Hark btcriog. late of Druigten. La said couuty of Cumberland, rfosrqscrt, ami deecribed in the Inventory of told f«tate as fol Forte of lots numbered ebpen In the fourth aad flfth range of )ot».in Aridgton.containing about thirty acres, purchased of II. K Cars ley.” Bata ** land is situated about one halt mil* from the village of M fteidgtnn. on the road leading to Swedtn, and turn on it 6 mowing fields, containing about fuel** acre* nearly waited in.—about nine aerea pastur ing—in«l the falance covered with a flue growth of wood and timber. Tercae of ssto. one half cash, balance In one year with interest, and good persons! security. m LEVI CMAM. AJiniiinttrator. nr dgton, May 19, 186*. d«aya«3Alw Valuable Real Fui«i<* for Sale, uww. Tb. pro|wrty in Weelbrook. aear Bscoarup UliTj T- Village, known as the lleree place, aad occupied by J |* Rich, Ktu.wMl be by auction, on the premises, at TO o'clock A M TMdny, June fllef, 18«4>There are M acres of land, wsil cultivated, a good orchard, wall buiit two story bras**, barns and carriage house Can b. saamiaed at any time previous to the sale. Terms cash. E. M. PAITEN. Auctioneer June «. 1884. did Romm and Lot at Auction. ON Wednesday, Jane22. at S o'cicck r. u„ oa the premies. we shall sell tbe two story wooden iioue ou I’arris street. No. 32 Tho house is nearly new—fini«hed thorougliont. aud gcoi repair—ami will accommodate two femllles: a cord >.llar aad plenty soft water. The lot ie55 foot cn Panto ilro.t. and IO foot deep. The house is so situated that another house lot ran be in, d ou the lot. JunelldtJ II Kb R Y RAILKY ft f O . Auet’rs. Laws CottaKe at Aiictlou. OK Thursday. June 23, at 3o’clock P. M , on the pretntaes. «. shall sell at suction -Lawn Cut Tnisn," in tape Elisabeth. abont one mile from it* City ■ The bouse is a two story cottage, in good style and perfect o der. The collar has n eementod floor, sod A Lest ms n .Sunday dress; they bare n furnace there, and a good cistern. 1 here A hard and soft water in ibundanee. All the out bouses, barn, wood-house, Ac, are under cover and coaveaieas ly arreug d. The grouuds which cover shout two and a quarter nerve, are beautifollv laid oat and tastefully and usefully filled, with ernsmentslTrees, Rases and shrubbery. Apple, Pear,and Plum trues. Currants, Baspberrtes. Gooebernes, htrsuberrirs, Ac Also an abundance of v tg. tablet of th* vari ous kiuds. for family use. Grass plots are interspers ed ever the lot. giving it a delightful spy. arance.— The rise of the City, anrbor, islands, sud the run rosndtog country A varied and benutifnl. Vs IAo«eA; we were offering the most betutifhl spot In *"• tor ■»’» >“* »»eA, but now wo know wu perfect—sale post Use —terms «t isiactory. r or hirtbet rsrUs,Arr sad doscriptloa call cn JuneH^t" ’*ULE1( * C'J-Aue"''n«" Auction Sale of Prfuatu go Cut Timber in t anndu—Hml w Grand Kalin, N. B. fit II ERE will be sold a* public suction di the off ee jK}ifarT BiBp A Co.. Exchange street, Port land, Maine, on Thursday. ,l,ne auth isae ,» is o'clock a w. to elo.0 a concert ’ ' “ 10 Licenses Noe. 3 and t to rut timber gc in Cana da on the north-west braich of the rir»,'st. John— where it A intersected by the boundary lies between Canada and the Plate of Maine—and exc ndi,- BI> said river to ite source, not to exceed, however:lew miles by 2| miles eueh side, or is) square miles. A!s >, s certain parcel ot Beal Estate situated at Grand Falls in the County of Victoria, and at the present tune orouped sud improved by Wm. B. West. Esq., and formerly owned by Ucorgt Young, containing three (3) acres or more with buildings on the same. Tor further narticnlara leqnire of the suetioaeer or UKUSKY, FLETCtlKH A Cl) . Port And. Maine. mayBullawtojaneflCihendtoJaneSU EDWAHD HI. PATTEN, Commission Merchant 4 Auctioneer, Hu remoTed to the ►p«ciou« store 13 IxoharigM 3tre« t. four doors below Merchant’s ttxoh&sse. Will recelrs coii#igc®etU of Merchant)** of •very description for public or privsto tsio. Paw« of Ke*l Estate. Yom*1*. Cargccs, Stock* ssd Mer e ha tut ite no 1 lotted 4euh advance* mad*, with prompt tale* aid retsra*. mchlS dly TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W. I¥. DEMIAt), Medical Electrician, Hu. II Clapp's Block, cons MR OrCOSOBMSM ASD MLS STREET a \\J OULD respectfully announev to the eltuens ul TV Portland and vicinity, that hn has permanent ly located In thA city. Dunn* the eleven months that we hare been in town we have cored some ot . the worst forma of disease iu persons who have tried other forms of treatment In vaiu, and curing po unds in no short a tins* tha! the question is often asked, do th. y slay cured' To answer this question wn will say that all that do not tay emod, as will doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. IT has been • practical Electrician ft r twenty one years, sad Is also s rvgnlar graduated ptas sic An Electricity A lerfoetJy adapted to chronic diseases In the form of nervonsor sick bssdaahe; ucaraigA In the head. neck.orextremiUsw ccnsumpUoa.whea In the ocote stages or where the lungs are not folly Involved; scute or chronic rheumatism scrofula, hip dlera-vr white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature of the spine, contracted muscles, distorted limbs, palsy or psraU <is. St. Vitas' Dance, deafness, stam mering or hesitancy of speech, dyspepsia, indtgss tlm. constipation and liver cvmidaint. pile*— wo earn sverr ease tbalnau bo presented; asthma, bronchi I S. strictsres ortho shost, and all forms of fosaaA complaints. By mootrioity Tha Elt—a tip the goaty, the lame and tha lai y lamp with Joy, and more with the agility and .last o tty of yooth; the heated bratu is cooled; the (KM bitten ’imbe reetort j, the unsouth detormitiee re moved; Ihintneee eonrerted to rigor, weaknesa to ttniuth; the blind made to we, the deaf to bear and the [• aided form to more upright: the blemlahe# ot youth are obliterated; the aecinemlo of matara Mia prevented; the catamite- of old ago obviated, and M aaMtra otraalaMon maintained. LADIES Who have oold hand, and tnet: week .tomaeh. ; lame and weak back.; nervou# *»d dak haadajiat dimness and .wimmlng In the head, with Indigaa tion andcon.tiioitloa of the bowel.; pain in tha .Ida and beak; lencorr Uoea, (or whltee); thlllng of the womb with Internal ouncers; turnon, polypus, and alt th-’ long train o. disease, will find in Kleotrio ltr n lure mean, of cars. For painful menstruation, too profuse tn-n.trwatiou, andail of those long lire or trouble, with yonng lad os. Klectrloity is a certa n ■pecldc.and will, in a short time, reatore the sufferer to the rigor of health. iy hare tn Kiectro-Chemical Ajparatot for extracting Mineral Poison irons the system. inch aa Meronry. Antimony, Arsenic, Ac. Hundred, who are troubled with .tiff lointe, weak back., and rari a« otherdldoultie*, the dires t cause of which, la ■in. cases oat of ton. I. the effect olpoisonoos drugs, own be reetored to n.itnnl strength and rigor by tha am of from ffra to eight Baths. OSoe hour.from g o'olook A. a. to 1 r.a.|l| • ; and T to IM. . „ J Consultation Fraa. Ijllltadt

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