Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 13, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 13, 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS. PORTLAND, MAINE. ■ ■ aow — Monday Morning, June 13, 1864. The oirenlation of the Dally Prett it larger than any other Daily paper in the State, and Thnrtle that of any other tn Portland. rn»-M.OO per year : if paid tiricily in ad eaaee a ditcemu of Cl .00 mil be made. tar Rending Mnttnr .a >11 Four Ponca. UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PBEBIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, . or ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TENNESSEE. Union State Convention. The qualified votere of Maine who deelre the un conditional maintenance 01 the Union, and the au preaaaoy of the (Jonatitution, and the oomplete eap preaaion of the exlating rebellion, with the oanee tberereof, by rigo/oua war and all apt and efficient mean*, are invited to eend delegatee to a State Gou vention to be held at Augusta, on Wednesday, June 29th, at 10 o'clock, A. M, for the pnrpoee of nominating oandidatee to he aupported for Governor, and for two Electors at large tor President and Vice Provi dent, and aleo to transact any other buainwa that may oaeae before the Convention The basic of repreecatation will be at follower— Eaeb aity, town and plantation aball be entitled to one delegate, and one delegate additional for every bar, and one for a fraction of forty rotas. Jakes G. Blaise, Leo*aeo An: aim, N A. Foster, Hoar raises, i Na.aos Disolrt, Jr., trior H B fuarOTT. Jambs M Lissols, 8. 8. Marble. tatb I Fbarcis Oobb, Oaeibl Labs, B D I.rREssr, •bmmittbb. Geo rue ]>. Biwall, M W Baows IORATIUS HaRGBST, Kcobsb Ha lb, William Bmall, Jons lit, ltct. The Coolie Trade from China to Cubf. A correspondent of the New York Tribune \ give* a very interesting article upon the Coolie trade, which hat become a source of profit to 5 thoee engaged in It. Various comments have been nude and circulated in relation to this traffic—some advocating It aa an enterprise of colonization, while others have represented it as the worst kind ol slavery. This corre spondent, who, by tbs way, Is a physician writing from Cuba, and his nams H. Montuy de Lasalle, says he wu on board a Coolie , ship as surgeon, bound from Macao to Havana> and therefore had every opportunity to learn the nature and consequence# of this traffic in human flesh. The lots of life on board ships engaged in tills trade is fearful aud appalling. Such cas ualties amount to twenty-five per cent. The ostensible object of the Coolie trade is U> improve the condition of the Chinese lower daffies; to substitute gradually for the infa mous slave trade an emigration of free opera tives, and to promote civilization in Chiua. The Coolies, after serving eight years’ con tract, would return to their native country with money, and communicate the nsw ideas they had received abroad. Now all this looks very well on paper. No doubt the Chinese at home are subject to op- ! pression, ill-treatment and many privations, especially the ^>wer classes. In Havana those who have luckily arrived alive and not blind nr rrirmL.II snmAti.i.A. —a_i shelter; and these are the only redeeming traits of the Coolie trade. A Coolie serving . eight years In Havana Is, to all intents and purposes, a slave. His salary is $4 per month In a country where the meanest laborer earns $30. To bodily punishment he is subjected like a slave. When he has served out hit time, the law allows him two months to find another master or leave the island; If not, he is compelled to work for the Government.— The writer thinks the negro slave is better treated than the Coolie for the simple reason - that he is intrinsically worth nearly three times the value of a Chinese. A Coolie in Cuba will average $360; a negro is worth from $1000 to $1 *00. The Chinese are seldom lucky enough to get back home, and there has never been found a ship that could get cargo enough of human flesh to justify a return trip direct to Chiua. It is difficult to answer the question, . “What becomes of all the Celestials ?” This Is a mystery the writsr does not wish to pen etrate. There are three kinds of diseases that carry off the Coolies on shipboard— scurvy, worms and nostalgia, that is, home sickness. The scurvy and worms are produc ed by the peculiar diet and temperament of the Chinese, bait provisions and salt atmos phere have a special effect, quite different from that which would take place in case any other rsce ol men were placed in the same condition. The ships that convey these Chinese across oceans do not have necessary food and other things to mske the passengers comfortable and to guard against- disease. There is not proper ventilation on board the vessels. The long calms in the suffocating temperaturo of the China and Java seas are productive of much suffering and disease, which proper ventilation might in some degree prevent. Homesickness is often to severe amoug them that they actually die of broken hearts or commit suicide. The writer has known many instances of death produced from such cause*. This terrible mental distemper which makes the Chinese despair and drives him to ' suicide is a sevore censure on the Company of Emigration. The Chinese in California are not so miserable. They seldom commit sui cide on their way to this State. Once there, they are apparently conteuted. The reason is obvious. The Coolie who goes to California, goes a free mau. Such Is the difference be tween Freedom and Slavery. Dr. Channing years ago described the evils growing out of slavery in p|alo >nd slm le language. Although the subject then was not much discussed, nor the public mind but ! little agitated, yet his clear eye saw all the evils and bis eloquent pen described them.— During the past generation, scarcely a uew Idea has been developed in addition to those suggested by bis master mind. Washington, D. C., June 7,18«4. To the Editor of the Prett: In your issue of the 3d inst., you spoke of Mrs. Sampson, Mrs. Mayo and Mrs. Fogg, as “engaged as nurses In that establishment,” (Douglas Hospital.) i This is erroneous. These ladles have been at Fredricksburg, Fort Royal and now are at Whitehouse-and with the army_,ince Uie I battles of the Wilderness and bpottsylvanla. Of the ladies from Maine to whom special I p credit is due for kind ministrations at the • l above hospital the names of Mrs. C. G. Mor rill and Mrs. P. M. Clark, should not he for- it Maine. , u Robert J. Breckinridge. This gentleman, one of the most tried, hon ored and foremost stateemen of Kentucky, as he is one of the most prominent theologians of the Presbyterian Church, in his speech, on tak ing the chair, at the opening of the Baltimore Convention, said: “ X have no hesitation In saying for myself, that if I were a pro-slavery man, il I believed this institution was an ordinance of God, and was given to man, I would unhesitatingly join thos • who demaud that government should be put back where it was; but I am not a pro slavery man. I never was. I unite myself with those who believe it is contrary to the highest interests of all men and of all govern ment, contrary to the spirit of the Christian religion, aud incompatible with the natural right of man. X join myself with those who say, away witbit forever. [Applause]. And l fervently pray God that the day may come when throughout the whole land every man may be as free as you are, and as capable of enjoying regulated liberty." Robert J. Breckinridge Is the uncle of John C. Breckinridge, once Vice IVesident of the Uuited States, now a general in the rebel ar mies. Or. Breckinridge is a Kentuckian by birth, a divine of the Old School Presbyterian Church; has spent the greater part of his life in Kentucky and other slave states, and is re spected in his state and all over the couutry as a man wise, conservative, of the most mod erate views, but at the same time a man of pi ety aud sound learning, the chief au thor of the Common School system of Ken tucky, and has always been a friend of popular education.—X. V. Evening Post. List of Killed aud Wounded Tbc following is a list of killed and wound ed Maine soldiers during the battles in front of Richmond on the dd and 4lb June instant: Firtt Heavy Artillery. Wounded — J Flemi 'g, A, foDt; M C t ole, A, liana HfK infantry. Wounded—Maj A 8 Paggett; A J Stackpole, A, head ; K K Henry. A,arm; 0 M Fox B, thigh; Lt il Faradiae, F, thigh; M Howard I, arm Sixth. Wounded-t-Capt Kd Wiilitnti, P, foot; J D sturtevant. 1, leg; J B Loyal. H, knee; C F New ton. K , arm : C N Drew. K, hand. Seventh. Wounded— Geo D Webb, P, hand; Wu» H Whitney, K, apine; Kd Bar vent, A. foot; J*a Lewin, D, knee; GC Harmon. G.foot: T Tinned, F, thitb; Sergt J T Poe, B. leg; P Sullivan. about* der; Joaaa K Crane, wriat; H Roberta, leg; C P Baaae.jaw; Fred Benn.arm; Jacob Scott, a/m. Eighth. Killed aud buri d near Coal Harbor — Wm Spaulding. K. Wounded—A It Freeman B, breaat; C 1 arrabee, 1, baud; J K Hilton. F, thin; K B Moray, F., leg; J Leighton. P. Unger; Paul Sul livan, U, back; Lieut Taylor, K, aide; F Holme*. P, leg; T Bubur. (j aide; T Orcutt. J; C G Ingalia, B, leg; T K Elliot, F. baek ; Corn John C Colton, II, turn ; G F Pavia, G, baud; C Stic, U, face; O Marr, H, back. Ninth. Wounded-Jas II Berry, A, Hager; M Towle, E, finger : G Glinea, E, linger m Nineteenth. Wounded—J W Morrfn, II arm; Sergt A Nichole, C, arm; I ieot L Farr, G, arm. Twentieth Wounded—Hertrt K If Jordan 1 arm Tmenlytkiril. wounded—B J limner, C, buck; K K'oioey, A. leg. Tiemt y-tfth Wounded—8- rgtC Howell F, arm; M Keating, B, thumb; J McLaughlin. K. hand; B Allien. B, »ide; L'eut t. Burr, A, load; Corn L El well. A, back; E L) lioddard, K; L W Stone,A, laca and Ride. TVeaty-rc-eafA. Wounded —L II Freeman. II Twent y-tiyhth. Wounded-L Mo*y, 11. Iiead. The above list is clipped from the Journal. There is evidently some mistake about it, as Maine has no 2.‘id, 2."itb, 27th or 2tSth regiments in the sert ice. These numbers were given to nine months regiments. School-girl Fustian.. A book recently issued Irom the press, enti tled “ Nineteen Beautiful Years,” purports to give faithful “sketches of a girl’s life.” The heroine was a school girl of uiueteen years, and her “diary”—made up of the ordinary and most stupid platitudes and common-places— seems to have furnished the warp and woof of the book in question. She appears to have possessed no prominent elements of character except a sort of morbid exclusiveness, which made her a stranger to many ot the legitimate pleasures and pastimes of an unaffected, fresh, and joyous school girl. In one portion of her diary she writes: “ It is better not to form particular attach ments, but to love every body in a general sort of way.” To this vapid sentimentality the editor of the Bound Table, with more justice and truth than gallantry, exclaims in disgust:— “Fudge! Fora schooi-glri to be crushing out lu this way all the effervesciug and wel come freshness of her young heart is simple stupidity. She will be very likely to have her wialisa fully satislied sooner or later, and that too when it is too latu to win any true and no ble love. A woman without a full and natur al love for something or somebody is no wo man at ail. She is the least Important of all human kind.” Will the Democrats Nominate Fremont? Thai Qen. Fremont has made a loud bid for support from all quarters of the opposition, hi letter plainly shows. The DAiocrats, having forsaken principle are lighting, only for posi tion, power and spoils. They care not under what leader they triumph, provided victory can be secured. They would not hesitate to take up Framout if by so doing they thought they could win success. They are largely committed to McClellan it is true, hut what of that ? The men who have descended in polit ical knavery to their level, will never regard nersoual obligations or honorable commit mini. at the expanse of party success. Dow Mr. Fremout would regard their advances and overtures we have no positive means of know ing. The following,if true, is an indicative straw which we clip from thcs pecial Washing ton correspondence of the Boston Daily Ad verlLer. We give it for what it is worth:— “ It ia ascertained that Fremont's letter of acceptance was submitted to a member of the democratic National Committee before being sent, aud was modified at that member's re quest in several important particulars, the par ticulars, th* paragraph relative to confiscation, for example, beiug framed iu accordauce with his views, despite the opposition of some of Fremont’s radical friends.” Industrial, Moral and Social Influence of Slavery. Professor Cairnes, the able and distinguish* *d teacher of polilicaheconoiny in Dubliu Unl veraity, recently published a book ou the Slave Power. It is very critical, elaborate and thorough in its discussion of principles aud ‘lamination aud analysis of facts, and is per- . ’ectiy unanswerable both in its statistical state nonts and its logical conclusions. lie has shown distinctly throe things—first, hat slavery, as an Industrial system, exhausts .he soil on which it is employed, restricts iu lustrlai exertion to the simplest agricultural processes, aud degrades thecbaracter of labor; mcond, that, as a moral force, it inflames the passions of the masters, rendering them arro gant, self-willed, impatient of restraint, bois lerousand despotic; and third, that, as a *o 'J*l Pow<‘r> 11 >* composed of a brutal helot 'l&M, an iguorant aud vicious low w*jito cla*n wd an imperious, rich, aristocratic class, the rery antipodes of democracy—a class which generates the spirit of aggression, lilibnsterism snd war. and, while containing within itself no germs from which improvement can sorin ' it gravitates iuevitably towards barbarism. ’ Copperhead Frankness Since the change of management in the iaeo Democrat, the editor plays no double game, pretending great love for the Govern nent and desire to see its authority maintain 'd and the war prosecuted with vigor, while eaving no (gone unturned to embarrass its iperalions and to throw twigs In the way of ' ts progress; but he speaks right out,as though root a truthful albeit traitorous heart, as foi bws: “In spite of the obloquy and abuse to which uch an avowal may subject us, trusting to iine to vindicate our wisdom aud t rue patri 'tisin, we distinctly aud frankly declare that re belong to tbe latter class. We would not ay with Charles Buuiner, ‘that no war can be ionorable, no peace can be dishonorable,’ but | re do most emphatically affirm file present rar, prosecuted as it is by a wicked udiniuis ration, in a wicked manner, and for a wicked urpose, is unworthy of the support of libcr y loving people.” A, Big Story. It is a question how much indling wood a stout Irish woman cau t arry D her back. We saw the bulk of at least a ord passing up Main street last evening, sup orted ou the shoulders of an old gray-haired omau. Evidently where there’s a will there's way.—Lewiston Journal. If our “spindle city contemporary'’ w ill call half a cord, and, provided it is such mens- I re as we sometimes get, we won’t question it. | Correspondence of the Press Nkwuubypobt, June 9, 1864. To the Editor of the Prets. This quiet city, which deigus not to have its equanimity ruffled by the strife of tte world, ; once upon a time awakened to the necessity of having a fort to protect them from the marauders of the sea, forgetting the fact that the ever changing sands, which rolls In rivers are a better protection Ilian fortifications.— Such is the fact, for the skillful master of a crafi, who in the spring ventures out in search oi that which will gralify the lust for wealth, dares not enter in the fall without a pilot. Three miles below the city, on Salisbury beach, opposite Pluui Island,the government has been expending moucy, in hopes of having something erected to scare the enemy, and on my recent visit 1 saw something there, which, if the engineers of the government can name, 1 will travel on. Well might the editor of the Newburyport Herald, who is an honor to the craft, write another editoiial in addition to the one in which lie showed that all of the success that has been gained on either side in the ar my, was by yenerals educuted at West Point; tills one lining designed to show that foitiflca tlons should be erected under the guidance 1 of offleers duly educated somewhere. One hears of this city only as a place main ly devoted to ship building. Such is not the tact. Her manufactories are not a whit be hind those of her sister cities. She has exten sive hat factories, and large cotton factories, 1 though water power is wanting, and the best part of it is they pny good divide nds. But I must not leave the distillery without a word, for the people do say that pure New Hum is the only kind allowed to be made, and like -lines’shovels, the owner's brand is a suffl cient guaranty. The aristocracy live on High street,perhaps looking down with disduiu upon their less as piring neighbors, who happen to live father down the hill. Caleb Cushing’s house stands promiuent amongst them. It is a large man sion with extensive grounds, hut all is still.— No happy children make the hills ring with their merry laughter, nor is the lawn trodden with their sprightly feet. He lives with the fact staling him iu the face, that with all the empty show ol'honors bestowed on him, on account oi his learniug and taleut, his wealth must uetcend to others than his own, as he is one of tliuso unfortunates whom the world de domiuate old bachelors. I see by the papers, that Spencer, the imir- | derer of Mr. Tinker, is to be hung ou the 24th of June. Some rears since 1 tirsi knew him. 1 and occasionally since 1 have seen him. If the 1 executive power* of your Mate rightly under- ' stood him, they would llud that they have or- i dered one to appear before bis God who is neither answerable to God nor man, as it has been a notorious Isct for years, that he lias neither the control of himself nor ordinary common sense; tut what should be -Ills deserts I must leave for others todecide. Abel. -- Army Correspondent in Limbo Gen. Meade has published the following or der, which will be likely to teach newspaper correspondents who by courtesy are allowed to hang about the headquarters of the artny, that they can be engaged in better busiuess than iu seizing upon every idle rumor and hurrying it into print, without first inquiring into Us truthfulness or considering what will he its effect: Ukahvl'autkus Amir of Potomac, | June 7, 1SC4. ) General Order: Edward Cropsey, a correspondent of the { Philadelphia Inquirer,having published iu that journal of the 2d Inst., a libellous statement oil the Ccmiuaudiug General of this culated to impair the confidence of that army iu tiieir commanding officer, and which state ment the said Cropsey now acknowledges to have lit en false, and to have beeu based ou some idle camp rumor, it is hereby ordered tliat he be arrested and paraded through the lines of the army with a placard marked “U Ixdler of the Press,” and be then put without the line, and uol be permitted to return. The Provost-Marshal General will see that this order is promptly executed. The Commanding Geneial trusts that this example will deter others from committing like offences, and he takes this occasion to no tify the representatives of the public press that whilst he is ready at ail limes to cxlcud them every facility for acquit iug facts, and giving circulation to the truth, he will not hesitate to punish with the utmost rigor all instances like the above, where individuals take advan tage of the privileges accorded them to com municate falsehoods, and thus impair the con tldeoce which the public and the army should have in thslr Generals and other officer*. By command of Major tieneral Meade. S. Williams, A. A. General. Plain Talk from a British Consul Tlie British Cousul at Buffalo has address ed the following expressive letter to a drafted man who claimed exemption as a British subject: “ British Consulate, ) Buffalo, N. Y., May ai, i8tW. j “ltichard UtzaeraUI, liurruiks Mo. 1, Elmira, „V, Y. bir; 1 am In tbs receipt of your letter of the 21tth iustant. complaining of the conduct of the military authorities at Elmira in re gard to the in inner lu which you have been treated. I have to iuform you that ou the 20th in stant I received a letter from your wife, stat ing that you had beeu arrested, aud writiug ol you she says: ‘They will hold him became lie is a voter, lie never voted but onqe at town miieciinir.’ 1 mint nrtw nnint nnt to you that iu tlie face ol' this admission from your wife, you have committed perjury ; and if 1 had not been deceived by your talae swearing, I should never lor an instant have eudeavored to protect you from the conscrip tion. In voting, yoti have assumed the character of au American citizen, and you will now have to lake the consequences. 1 have writ ten to your wife (May 20th) and informed iter that you have forfeited all ciaiiu to the pro tection of her Msjesty’s servants in this coun try. You hare contract id au oil galio i to wards the United States, by voting, and lot your own peace aud comfort, Jou will And that the best thing you can uow do is to make up your miud to fulfll the obligations you have peen placed uuder by the military authorities, aud by doing so quietly anil peacefully, you will And that in a long run, you have saved yourself from much misery and sutlering. 1 am, sir, your obedient servant, Denis Donohue, Her Majesty’s Conrul.” Grand Trunk Excursions. By au advert s intent iu this paper it will be secu that the Managers of the Urand Trunk Kailroad have projected a system of graud ex cursious to the West aud Canada, at reduced j lares, which will be found of great convenience to summer tourists. From this city excursion tickets will be sold for Milwaukie and Chicago, via Sarnia and the Lake Steamers,— with meals and state rooms on board,—aud return for ; \ to Detro.t and return—all rail— the Bame; Ni agara Fails, While Mountains, Quebec, Ac., and return, t'W; and many other places at equally low rates. At least twelve different routes are marked out for these excursions, and they traverse tlie most interesting portions of the country for the summer tourist, for the invalid in search of health, or* for the pleas- j ure seeker. The 10-40 Loan.—It is not anticipated that the steady progress nr the 10 40 or pop ular loan will be disturbed to any great ex tent by tbe proposals of tbe Secretary of the 1 reasury to receive bids for six per cent. I«>uds of 18S1. A large portion of the seven- i ty-Ave millions advertised fur will no doubt lie taken on foreign account, at a premium of eight per cent, in currency, which is tlie pres ent market value of that description of exist- ! ing bonds, after the half year's {merest which is due July 1st is subtracted. Tlie 10-40 bonds arc considered nearly as valuable at par as the six per cents, are at the premium which they command, the only advantage which the lat ter have over tlie former being that they have 1 seventeen years to ruu, while the Ave per cents, mature at the end of ten years, if the ] Government is disposed to redeem them at the expiration of that time, which it probably will not be prepared to do, as tlie live twenty 1 six per ceut. loau of live hundred and i ten millions will then, aud for ten years thereafter, be in course of liquidation.— 8 The new bonds will moat probably be uward- 1 ?<1 to large capitalists and bauklng associa- 1 lions, in sums varying from ten thousand dol- , l lars to half a million, and the direct proposals r if individuals with comparatively small means will be likely to receive very little considers- , •ion. unless they are prepared to outbid the ’ ireaent. market value of the bonds,—N. Y. 8 UtralJ, June 6th. # h ORIGINAL AND SELECTED. Hew Advertisement* To-Day. Government Lo«r. Buckleys’ He euaieni— City Ha'I. Cloaks and Mantillas— ► . M. fatten. Wood and Coal—kandall, McAllisur 4 Co. Lidias' Cknisiian Communion. Pictorial and Musical—LKtrln* Hall. Halt - Dana ft Co. lurui^ro—lienry Bailey 4 Co. Gun. Hancock gained the St. Louis swonl by 2403 votes. Hr’mpiihey Marshall isiu Richmond, reduced to^cotton jean cluthes and turpentine whiskey. Bakoou, just now has a reading room for persons with metallic heads. The Court of Prussia expects to entertain this summer at KLsingco, the Czar and Czarina of Russia. It is said tb^gatcrpUlais have selected Cape Cod for a watering place this season, and are congregated there in millions. Tuk following w ounded soldiers of Maine reg iments arrived at Washington on Finlay: W. Knight, 9th; J. McClair, 31st; N. Martin, 32d. A dwelling house occupied by Mr. Asa Cates at Machiasport, was destroyed by fire on the 7th inst. A private letter received at Lewiston says Capt. W. R. Ham, of that city was killed in the battle of June 3d, before Richmond. A grand ratification meeting to endorse the nomination of Lincoln and Johnson was to be held at Bangor on Saturday night last. Viec President Hamlin was to be one of the speakers. The Calais Advertiser gives a list of 127 in dividuals and firms in that city, who pay over $50 taxes each. The highest tax paid is by Messrs. Gates & Wentworth, $790.78. Lielt. Col. Millett or the 5th Maine, lias ar rived in Washington, wounded in the arm. Sergt. O. F. Millett and Capt. Pratt of the 31st regiment, were killed on the 2d inst. Samlel Knox has been declared entitled to a seat in the House of Representatives from the St. Louis District, instead of K. P. Blair, by a vote of 70 to 52. Oi-r Province friends are moving in earnest in the Railway Kxtension. They are determined to secure a road to Bangor and the West, and are taking the proper steps. The lktteb from the committee of the Balti more convention appointed to apprise Mr. Lin **•» muuiuuuou, is in course or prepa ration. A special to the Boston Advertiser says tlie vote by which the bankrupt bill was rejected will be reconsidered and the bill will be post poned till the next session, when it will pass. Liei t. Col. J. T. Godfrey, of the Second Maine Cavalry, has resigned his posit'un in consequence of ill health, and returned to Ban gor. The name of the benevolent man who dropped the 330,000 penny into the hat of that old mend icant that stands near the Green in New Haven, is Henry Farnum, of Chiaago. Til use tons of hospital stores, from the patri otic citizens of this State, were sent to the front from Washington, in the care of Mr. Hayes, on the Tab inst Mb. Keller, of Los Angelos, Cal., will pnt up ten thousand pounds of tobacco this mason. The “weed" is remarkable for flavor, tine color and solidity. Latr news from Greece gives a very unfavor able account of political matters there. The young King can only count on two vessels of his fleet as being manned by loyal crews. A fear has been expressed in Italy that Greek pirates may swoop down on the Island of Ca prera. “gobble up" Garibaldi, and hold him as a hostage until a large ransom be paid. Two millions worth of diamonds were impor ted into the Cnited States the last year. So says a foreign writer who has been reading on the subject. A tunnel is being made two miles under the bed of Lake Michigan to get a supply of pure water for Chicago. It progresses at the rate of about twenty feet a day. Adjutant General Thomas has addressed a letter to Hon. Henry Wilson, in which he sug gests that as the colored troops have been fully tested as soldiers, their pay should be raised to that of white troops. The Spanish Cortes have passed a law empow ering the government to make arrangements with the municipality of Madrid for tbe erection of a colossal bronze statute of Christopher Co lumbus, in one of the public places of the city. A recent dispatch says Geneial Sheridau lias goue on another very important raid, which, if sucoesaful, will be one of the most beneficial as it is one of tbe most hazardous ezpeditious of the war. The Rural New Yorker advises the women to wet the broom often wiien sweeping a carpet, so as to keep down the dust. Don’t you do it. Two or three such sweepings will fade a carpet more than a year of sunshine. The burning of the steamer Berkshire, on Hudson river, and the destruction of some forty or flfty lives, is supposed to have been occasion ed by persons smoking pipes or cigars near some bales of hay . The report of the capture of the U. S. steam ur .1 tuer n lien uy me rebels in Asaabaw Sound, •■a , rests on the authority of one of her crew, who says he juuii>ed overboard just as the fight began, and escaped to the shore. A labor delegation of the Society of Friends of this State, nearly one hundred and fifty in number, started for Newport, R. 1., to partici pate in the annual meeting of the Quakers of New England. Amonq tbe casualties in one of the latest bat tles before Richmond, in the 19th Massachu setts regiment, as reported by Capt. llale of Sa lem, Maj. Dunn, of Poland, was wounded in the leg. The Albaxv Argus uuuounccs that Governor Seymour “desires, above all things, to seek at tbe close of bis arduous administration, the re pose of private life." “N'0 objection being raised, the motion is carried.’’—[Boston Adver tiser. There are eleven free schools for colored peo ple now in operation in Washington, where they are taught by clerks in the government offices, who give their time. The average attendance is about seven hundred, very few of whom knew their letters when they beguu. The heaths of the following Maine soldiers have been reported at Washington since Juue •Mb: Fred. H, Loring, Co. 1, 17th Me.; Lyman E. Beene, 7th do;Wui. A.Goddard, 9th; Thomas I). Cook, lltli; Daniel Beaman, do; James H. llannan, 9th. A fire broke out in the brick stores, Nos. 10 and 17 Rowe's whart, Boston, occupied by Messrs, A. S. & W. 0. Lewis, ou Friday morn ing, destroying a large part of the contents of the stores, consisting of flour, tobacco, cotton, coffee, lard, butter, produce, pork, &o., to the' value of $900,000. The N. Y. Journal of Commerce has raised its subscription price to #19 a year, aud has in creased its rates of advertising. As paper is to be had only for double the price formerly paid,and all the materials used in a printing ofliee, aud labor also, cost far more than they did three years ag^ it is not improbable that most pajiers will be oompelted to raise the price of subscrip tion and advertising. The Machi&s Republican says a son of Nelson Lawrence, at East Marhias, while piling boards it S, W. Pope & Co’s, mill, on the 0th iust., ell from the pile of lumber into the river, and vas drowned. The water being rapid he went iver the dams ami was not seen after falling. In uncuooessful attempt was made to find his tody. The Crops in Ontario.— The spring crops, hough late getting into the ground, are uiak ag rapid strides under the influence of the fine unshine of the past few days. The fall wheat, jr some ten or twelve miles back from the ike, has been badly frost-killed in some places, ut what is left is growing amaiingly. In the sar of East Whitby, and in all the rear town tips, we arc informed, the fail wheat never ioked finer, the only danger being a vigorous ] rowthand bad lodgment of the straw.—[0»- ’ »wb Vindicator, Ruined or Not ? “Gold U 11K), and the property of the coun try will be destroyed,” says Mr. Faint heart. “Gold is goiug to 200, aud I ahall bu broke,” i says Mr. VVeakkuees. "lain ruined! My bank batauee is worth only Huy-live eeuls ou the dollar,” says Mr. Neverihiuk. Let us stop a moment, gentlemen, aud look into tills manor. Facts are belter iliau fears, aud pi iueiple is better than prejudice, tou are buffering—yes tafferiny, mere is no other word lor it—under the delusion that the amount ol gold and silver eoiu iu the country is au equivalent oi .ts wealth. Now, do you know luat the higest lluancial authorities have ! never estimated this amount at over two hun dred aud illly millions, aud it is probably much less, even iu time of peace. Hut sup pose we admit that it is three hundred mil lions; and now do you know that, according to the United States Census ol 1800, the wealth of the couutry—its real and personal propel ty—was estimated (rather too low than loo high) at fifteen thoumnd millions. If you will just take your pencil aud cypher out ' the proportion that three hundred millions iu specie bears to fifteen thousand millions of property, you will discover that it U—what? illly per cent? No! Twenty-live percent? No!—but exactly tico per cent.—that is, Ihe whole amount of specie in the country never was two per cent, or a Ultielh part of the spe , eie value of the property; aud ll", at any one tune, the whole properly of the country had been forced to sale lor the specie in the etgiu try, it would not have brought two eeuls ou the dollar of its actual specie value. Specie, or the currency that may stand for it, is ouly the convenient and recognized me dium lor makiog an exchange of products.— L represents property in the market,property iu the transit, but never the Used property of a nation. Mouoy is LUe lubricator, it don’t make values; it simply lubricates the machin ery, and keeps the wheels ol commerce ruu nitig smoothly. When too abundant, the wheels run too last; aud when scarce, there is too much friction. And now, Mr, Faintheart, can you pick a flaw in our statement? Is it not absolute truth? But what kliali we tay to Mr. VVeak knees, who is afraid of bankruptcy, and Mr. Neverthink, who is only afraid of his bank balance. ll Mr. Weakkuecs is iu debt,it is now easy to get out. Pay up while money is plenty, and he happy. If a mortgage ou your laud w ill he due next year or any year, provide for it now while you are getting high prices for everything you sell. But Mr. Neverthink, you have—say, a hank balvice ol $&J,UUU. You are afraid that gold is going up or paper going down about out of sight, and you wish to invest this bal ante in some productive property. Will you buy a hnu*e worth only $1I),IXX> in specie, and pay lor it $18,(XX) in curreucy ? Suppose you 1 with to sell that house alter the resumption of specie payments, it will bring you only $10,000, aud you will have lost exactly $8,iXXl. i Will that he a shrewd operation ? We think we can ‘-put you up" to something better— something by which you can make your hank balance or currency not ouly worth its face in gold, but a premium besides. Invest in Gov ernment bouds. lluy the 10-40's. After the war is over, they will lie worth par in gold aud something over—aud they pay a liberal inter est from the' beginning. If they are not safe, then no property Is safe, 'l’he same spirit of anarchy that would repudiate your pro|>eriy in the uatioual debt would repudiate it in your house. If the taw will not protect you iu one description of your property, it will not iu an other, and your greatest safety as well as protlt is In maintaining and strengthening Hie gov ernmtut that maintains and supports the law. ; [Philadelphia Daily Telegraph. San Josk.—A California paper says: “Nineteen cartloads of children from the schools ol San Francisco, came through to San Jose, on a pleasure excursion.” The Golden State is going ahead rapidly in the world's history. No spot on earth lias ever made such rapid progress in population, wealth and civilization, as California. It stands out in bold relief before the world, and future generations will read its history with wonder aud astonishment. SPECIAL NOTICES. CLARK *8 DI ST ILLED R KSTOR AT I V K FOR THF. HAIRj Restores Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND IS A MUST I.L'XL'KIOl S DSKSSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. 1 oOo —— CLARK S RESTORATIVE, * Restore* the Color. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Eradicates Dandruff. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Promotes its Growth. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Proveutd its fulling of. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is aa unequalled Dressing. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Children. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Ladies. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Is good for Old Peonle. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is perfectly harmless. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, OUUUliUI HU Ull. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I* not a Dye. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Beautifies the Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, 1* splendid tor Whiskers. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Keeps the Hair in its l'lace. CKAKK'S RESTORATIVE, Cures Nervous Headache. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prevent* Eruptions CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Stops Itcbiug and Burning CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Keeps the Head Cool. CLARK 8 RESTORATIVE, . 1* delightlully perfhmed. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Contains no Sediment CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Contains uo Gum. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Polishes your Hair. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. Prepare* your lor Parties. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prepares you for Ralls. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE. All Ladies need it CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, No Lady will do without it. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Costs bat SI CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is Sold by Druggist* auj Dealers Everywhere. Price $1 per bottle.—6 bottle* tor #5. C. G. CLARK A CO. PnorniaTOus. W F. PHILLIPS, Portland, General Ageut. March 3, 1464. mchSeodly Cap* Klizabkth. July 1, 1863. Si*: — During my connection with the State Re form School, a* a teacher, L. F. Atwood’s Ritters Were introduced there aud used with marked success particularly in Hiliou* affection*. Yours, Ac., A. P. HILLMAN. li ANOVKR, M*., Oct. 1,1861. Dear Sir .—I have used L. F. Atwood’s Ritters tor some 10 or 16 years. 1 have tried a great number of medicines for Dyspepsia.but without effect. These Bitters art* the only remedy that have ever relieved me ot this distressing complaint. My neighbors have also beea greatly beueiittod by the use of th«m 1 JOEL HOW. *J9TBeware of Counterfeits and base imitations, f tome gf which aer signed “A/.” JT„ instead of L. F. * Atwood. The atnume is signed L. F. Atwood, and as a S'lfegutinlagainst imposition bears an kitra lahki..countersigned H. ft. HAY, Druggist, Port• land. Ate., sole tieneral Ag*nt. For sale by respectable dealers »n medicine gener ally- Iaul6 timeodAw 3 Suzodont.—We do not oflen speak of the various • trticle# w hich come to us for noticeand trial, but the irticle with the aliove mutdcal name is an exception. Three or four ladies and children among our ivnme liate friends and relatives have used the “So/o lont," aud it ha* certainly done all that is said in l«* favor. It not only removes every blemish «rom he teeth, but render* them clean and white. It al- I o give* a tone to the breath, and leaves the mouth rtth a pleasant fragiunce. It is decidedly the best •reparation we have ever used for the purpose, ai d re recommend the Kragrantlaozodout to our friends £ rith great coutideace. — Boston Saturday Keen ng I Xxpotst. me blS It 3 -==*=5!55!3BSBB5qie^"—i • fecial, notices. A Card. n of.ck8 10 suit lie purchaser. 1 Knmembcr they are the only par ies in the State who use the pateut Soipatone Hoanttr, for which they ha* e the sole right lor the State of Maine, and by whioh the flavor of the t offee it preserved aud not lost as in the Iron Boasters. F AULK MILLS. Juue'Jth, 18t'4—d3t Nolle* Exlra. HOOP SKIRTS & CORSETS. Tilt* bent ami cli.apoftt anaurtinent in 1 'urtland at ANDERSON’S HOOPSKIRT AND CORSET DEPOT, Under Mechanics’ Hall. . agent for the sale of the celbratcd sewed I Skirts, made by ti»o Belle Moate Skirt Company of Boston and New York. ! StT"* Hoop Skirt* and Corsets made to order. juue‘2dtf Opening of Summer Bonneti. MBS. A. COLBY will, on Thursday, Jane 2, open a choice selection of Summer Konttefs, Caps, I/ead-Arestei, fc., lo width your attention is respectfully invited. No. 5 Free street Block. Portland. Jane 1, 1864. )uldtf THOMAS «. LORING. DRUGGIST, PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Coraor at Kichaa,, li WdrralSc'a. A perfect It guaranteed. The poor liberally con sidered. mohlbdtf Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., POKTLAND, Me., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12,1864. mayl2d6m ••Buy Me, end I’ll do you Good.” Uae Dr. Langley** Root and Herb Bitters For Jaundice, Coativene*s, Liver Complaint, Hu* . mors, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Files, Dizziness. Head- 1 ache. Drownin as, and all d Abases arising from dis ordered stomach, torpid liver, and baa blood, to which all persons are subjett in spritg andsnimm-r. They cleause the system, regulate the wels, re store the appetite, purify the ulood. and give sound- j ness of mind and strength of bod« to ail who use 1 them. So d by all dealers in Medicine everywhere, at 25, and 75 cents per bottle. GKO. C. GOOD- , WIN A CO.. 37 Hanover Street. I'n.inS.. ___ ap2 I Rpaiititul Women, I IF* I will warrant to any perroo uaiug toy Pirn- ' pie llaniaher a beautiful complexion. It will re- ' move fan, krecklra, Pimple*. Morphew, kc . in , ! from oue to four week*, imparting to the akin a beautiful wh.te, blaud appearauoe. Morphew, or that yellow depoelt *o ofteii aeon upon the fee-- and forehead, raniah by ite u*e tike dew before the mors- 1 iugvuu. Addreav Ur. J. H. GOODNOW. 1 P. O. Box 1S4, New (Bedford, Mao encloaing SI, and stump. luaylBdkwlm I —___ < A rntso or liucrr n » jot >o»m -The ! living breath of the lovelleat liower that blomomi in : the garland of uature and wafta iu aweet perfume • i on every brorae haa ita exact counterpart In the breathe ol ait who ore that une^uall-.l aud juatiy , popular Dentifrice, Fragrant hOZODONT. It purl he* and aweatena the breath, eleanaea. beautiflea and | preaerve* the Teeth, harden* tho Gums, and gtvea to them that roseate cast ao much coveted : moat de- ' licloua convcn cut, rlheacioua and beiieltcial prepar- ' a ion for the toilet ever given te the public [ ( Bold hy hruggivta everywhere at 75 cent a per bottle mch22 It Da. J. W., Assoc alo Founder of the ' Aaalytica tlyatom of Medistue, and aucceaaor to hia i f a'her, the late Dr J ( lawaon Kelley, will be iaat tendance at 214 t’ongreaa. TVi-„/<,« sad Warferadae. l the 14th aud 15tb of .luae. The aick are invited to call. Office advice free. JuntUJlw* iyif you areln want or any kind of PUNTING hall at the Daily Praee Office tl 1 Boston Stock Llat. SALXa AT THs'lillORtiuC BOARD, Junr 11. 10,700 ArnH-ican Hold.jj-i ■’•00 United State* 7 3 lOtbs (Aug*. . *. log! j . 1.000 .. 1031 600 .do (endorsed). Mil 16.000 United State* 5-20’s. ijjJ 1 (small) .!.!!» I ^)0 United States July Coupons. 1974 1 F, 000 ogdensburg l«t Mortg ige Bonds,...! 107 12.000 Ogden*burg2d Mortgage Bonds . 331 » 1 400 Vermont Central It K 2d Mort . ‘bob 3s! . 1.0H0 Rutland 1st Vortgage Bonds. 76i . 3.000 Rutland 2d Mortgage Bonds. 35 10 Boston and Maine Railroad,. l®i 1 100 Michigan Central Railroad. MO 145 2 Portland, .Saco k PorUtn’th R R lex div) 101 (By Stephen Browu k Sons.) j fiOO Andro-eoggin County Bond*.ICO [ MARRIED. | in Phillip., May 14, Daaiei Leavitt and Mua olive A Bractett. a In Mark*. May 17, Beuben F Oliver and Mi*. Amy < Gratnleaf. t Iu Brnn.wick, Geo W Warrtu, of Peru, and Miaa J Llira Canu, or Freeport: alao. laaac » Bibber, ol , llarp.well, aud Miu Martha 11 Lowell, or Phipa- ’ burg. lu Carthage. May 12, Dewitt C Cha*e. of Byron. 0 and Clara A Newman; alao, J G Coburn and Oaea Newman. Iu Stark*, May 15, Stephen G Sawyer aad Miaa Joan hurbiah.of Anaoa. , In ltelfaat, June U, chaa T Tewkabury and Miaa Johanuab tlaugh. . In Kockland, May SI, Alden Gay and Mn Klim J i Long. • *’7 **• P Grant, of N, I i and Miaa Martha F Odhu, of Mercer. j DIED. ^_Iu thiacity, Jane 11, Mr Francia Murphy, aged ■ Iu Auguata. June9, Mr Bt-aj Mitchell, formerly of H ray, aged TV > ear*. Iu Topaliwin, June 4. Su-au Ellen, dang, ter of Mr f John and May Preston aged 7 years. lu Washington, June i«. Jame* II Shaw, of Bruns wick—member Co E. link Me Keg In New Portland. June 7, Johu A Merry, aged 27 t year* 7 months. I Iu Jay. March 31, Mrs Jane V Webster Rollins aged 34 years. In Hallo well, April 15. llenrr W Pease, formerly of Earwiugton, aged 73 years. In Topsham, Juue 6, Mr .Stephen S Stinson, aired GS year* 10 months. a iu Bowdoinham, Jane 6, Syhanns C Blake, aged 35 years » month*. t In llarpewell, June 3, Susan F Bibber, aged 20 year-* 3 months. In I>ixfie!d. May 81. of Inflammation ol the lanes, Mr Calvin Park, aged 63 years. ■ MPnnTe I LIVERPOOL. Ship Pomona —1440 font salt, to | Dana k Co: 6 baits duck 1 hale twine. S D liai- • 1 lev. Bath; 3477 bars steel, 200 bdls do. J H AUeu. ( Hath; 1G0 bdls do, 3 case* do, Charlet Davenport, Bath ^ "* .. 1 1 R-_ SAILING OR OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. ftTXAXXX VROM VOX SAIL* f Bi'llona.Loudon.New York,.. May 2s Bremen . Southampton.New York. May 28 4 Saxouia. Southampton Now York. Mav *1 . City Washington. Liverpool.New York. .June 1 I bcigia 1.Liverpool-Ouebec.June 2 I Scotia.Liverpool.New York June 4 Africa...Liverpool. ....Boston. .. June 11 Washington.Havre . New York June 15 | Perain.Liverpool..... New York June 14 Ada.... .. Liverpool. ...Boston.June 25 Australasian.New York.. Liverpool. ...June 15 Yaaoo.Now York.. New Orleaua.June 15 * Damascus. Ouebec ... Liverpool_June 18 , Virginia . .New York Liverpool_June 18 Bremen. New York..Bremen.June 18 Corsica..New York . Havana.June 18 Edinburg.New York. .Liverpool. ...June 18 , Geo Wash ington New York. Now Orleans June 18 ' Hidon.New York. Liverpool_June 22 China.New York- Liverpool. ...June22 Olympus.New York . Liverpool.. June 22 City0! Washing’n.New York Liverpool ...June 26 Evening Star.New York. . Havana . June 25 Belgian. Ouebec.liverpool. ...June 26 Illinois.New York Aspiuwall. June 25 1 Europa. Boston.Liverpool. .. June 2U Scotia ....New York.. Liverpool_June 2y Tubal Cain.New York West Indies July 5 Kleltric Spark New York.. New Orleans July 6 f MINIATURE ALMANAC . Mwadny*...June *3. Sun rises.4 22 j High water. .. 5.16 Suu seta.. 7 38 I Length of days.15.16 ■ MARINE NEWS. ; PORT OF PORTLAND. Saturday. Jaarlf. ARRIVED. 1 Steamer Forest City, Lifcomb, Boston. Ship Poiuoua, (Br) Spurr, Liverpool Mar Ulh. via t Oueeustown r Brig Kudoru*. Wilson, Boston. Sch Hraiuhall, Ricker, Boston. 1 hcTi Hudson, llaius, Tremont, Sch Lewchew, Clark, Tremout. f CLEARED. Steamer Potomac, Sherwood, New York —Emery « k Fox. n Barque C B Hamilton, Bickford. Kllsttorth —J W 1 It eklotd. r Brig Timothy Field, Coney, Baugor—Lawrence i oney. Sch F.intua, (Br) Irving, St John NB — Thomas * 1'ad dock * Sch Plymouth, (Br) Knowltou, Parssboro NS — master. ^ Sch Ringgold, Crowell. New York—John Lynch. 11 Sch Engineer, Willard, Baltimore—J S White. S AI LED - wind N W— ship Thomas Lord ; barque d l B Uauultou; brigs Mouticello, iloouiight. ! r, Suuilujr.Jans 12. 4» ARRIVED. Brig O C Clary, Parker, Boatou. Sch Messenger, llill, Portsmouth. .. Sell Kate Aubrey, Jacobs, Baugor. Sch Sarah Louisa. 1 ubbius, Joutsport. T. Sch Samuel Knight. Johns, Gouldsboro. al Sch Cashier, Moon*, Cranberry Isles. Sell Monroe,-, Tremont r Sch Angeliur, Moore. Tremont. DOMESTIC PORTS. W NEW ORLEANS—Ar 29th, barque E II Yarring on. Mayo Boston. Ar 2d inat, ship Wallace. Lane, Wiscaaaet. 11 Below, brig Cl* Gibbs, from-. N Cld 28th u.t, ship Lisbou. Hostou; barque Kate m cmiller, Cramtord. New York; $0tb, ship City of >rookl\u. Watte, and Mountain Wave. Uopkius, do; lU let, barque* George S Hunt, Woodbury, Mat auras ! gg— 1 . -—--a ar Union, Nicktrsoo, PUilxdoipbia; Content Rob son, Hnvana Cld 1st Inst, barque Pnthflnder, KoMn-oa, c»r>l« ■s: 2d, ship Chattanooga, llnuiilton, Umamoru rir H 8 Emery, Gregg. Malanias. POKF KHYAL8C —Ar aoth, hrig Concord, Mac on, 8loao 8C; seh Constitution, 8aith.New York: I Inst, brig J i» Watheroil.Y'hompson. Philadelphia; I sch Mill Crcok, Wood, 8t Augustine. Cld 81st. brig Concord, Macloon, T) bee. Gat 8 II ool, Me kail den. Philadelphia; 2d lost, sch Lncy A reutt, llutlor. New York, 4 h. Mill Creek. Wood, biladelphia; Constitution 8mi!b. Baltimore. BALTIMORE— Ar 9th, brigs W .1 Trent. Park, recibo. Gen Maiaball. btapies, Sagua: sch L W i-ree. Lortug, ArUth ri bs llannle Wes brook, Littlejohn, and , "sker, Webber. Portland, sch 8 H Pool, lei adden. Port KuymlKC. ri,lLAJJK.L,’U,A~Ar 9,h' M,T Stetson, Allen, l,rtF* Sea Lion. Haskell, Glaee Bay CB; Vi I >Vo,r’ Boat on ; sch Erie,Coombs ( I t 8th tug NeHlo Mowe, Pike, Eastport: sets Ctdlil, rapley, Boston. Cldwill‘brigs Win Creory. Little. Beaufort N'C; Ineep, Uiggiiia. Boston; I.ney Ann, Bryant, do Ardb, bai'iue Guickstep Brown 8t Kitts- brio ’sust ma, Griibu, Malanias ' ^ Below, ship Moro Castle, from Key W>st A* Ue'*w;ri“l''*k,’'*t*r 7,,h' hri* Trindelen, from ’ul PBtlosJe pUa . wl, Glena ltuaton, from ’tdladelphia tor Augucta. Ar 10th, bru Kirai-a, Norton, Boston NEW YOKK-Ar 9tb. sch* Emily. Curti*. fm Now ►rh an* • Bernard, Tracy, Fort Moyal SC: Cha* 11 toiler, Baker. Portland. Ar 10th. barque* P teudleton, Moxcy, Trinidad : tlamo, Bennett, fm Fortre** Monroe; hrig Stella. ■ ooding, Matanza*; sob Shooting .Star, Marshal)' aiai*. Cld 10th, chip Emily Angucta, Strickland, .St John iB; barqnt * Investigator. Carver. Bueno* Ay rev; ‘ojuca. Ilerriman. Cadiz: Wm Wilson, Plummer, latamora*; brig X C Merrimau. Gray, Key Wcct; cb Plymouth Rock, Farker, Boston Ar nth, chips Kochambeau, Snow, Newport, E; horriton, Well-*, Liverpool. Ar 12th. chip Cnltivaior. from Liverpool. 8l«i 9th, barques John WecJey, Ellen Dyer. PROVIDENCE-Sid Pith, hrig Delmont Locke, feczie, Philadelphia. Na.WPORT-Ar9th.ceh* Mabel IU11, HaB, K iza •ethport for Portcmouth; oaml .Nash, Thompson do or Salem In port 9th. cchc Advance, Leighton. Cherry field or New lork; Bengal, Gott.fui Vinalbaveu fordo; turd. Slow, Rockland for do; Leader, Allen, do for lo; Almira, Rotter, Bangor for New ilaven: For**»t, onary, Fall River for New York; Granville. Mor on. Rockland for do; Laura Francec, Higgins, l>ix eland for Washington. An 10th, itch C Matthews. Matt he wc, Sagua, for rdera. HOLMEd'2 HOLE—Ar 9tn, steamer Chesapeake, Villetc. Portland ; brig Rio Graude. Greeuleaf Gar liner for Washington; tohs Aiouizer. Watt*, and atharine Beal*. Haskell, Philadelphia for Beet on; It Hope. Spaulding, d > for Kocklaad; Alpine, from a'ais tor New Yx>rk ; Mora. Chadwick, do for P*w ucket. Ar 10th *chc Clara Merrick Endicott, Philadel phia. (leaking l*y 0 stroke* par hour); Chaa U Rog rc, Ua' nor, do for Newbnrvport; Ellicott. huncau lo for Portland Inn, Georgia, Maria Louisa, Kucnantrete.Tboe Ilia! Lluine More* NKW BKi>|p'OttU—Ar lOtfa. tcb J ho# Ills, Hal!, tockland | BOSTON—Ar 10‘h. acha 1'acket, Grant, ESliabelh* >ort: Ho»eua. Cook. Calais; Delia Hinds. Well*, lo; Vaudalia. Con die#. Klls worth, Yantic Hardiug, .nd Brutua, Dnukwater, Bangor; M Lamartiue. itereos.rfo. I*eaudcr. Bower. Bowdoinhant. Mary lane, Merrill. Bath; Mary Keaiick. Yonng, York; Kertha. f rediford, Keunobunk. Cld Kith, brig Alruoabab. >rey, White llonee, Va; che Florence, Crockett, Bangor: Lent,a. Haskell, 'hiladelphia Ar Uth. ache Edinburg, Bartlett. St Andrew. NB: Grain Cook, Ca'aii: i-enathau. Ball. Eden; Me hanie Gray, BlaehiH; Lejok Whitmore, E:].worth, lun. Gray, and Ada3 Wlswell. Clement., Bangor; Lrzoo. Gray, do: Angelica, Bleb. Frankfort; Sylph, onle. Bain; Jana, Dunnelle, York; M W tales. Cortis, Kennebnnk. Cld litb, barque. L Hute, Brown. Caw Bey CB; teuey, Wyman. Pictou. Mary Elizabeth. Noyee.du; imcrtra HetniHon Glace Bay CB: Genesee Nickel., lew Orleans; brig Surf. Sweet land. Alexandria; chi t'niau, Post, New York; Marlel, Baler, WaJ loboro. GLnl'CES TER—Ar9tb, scbi Leocadia, Small, fm lalem for New York : Joseph, Cobb, Bangor: Eliza «th. Gray, do for Lynn. Merchant, Dodge. Blnebill or Boston: D II Hodgkins, Richardson. Rockland urdo, liortenata. npiller. Bangor for MillyUleNJ, Vm Penn. Cnrtia. fm Keunebunk lor Boston: Cora, •ewls. Rock port tor do; Aurora. Rich. Bangor. NEW BLKYPURT-Ar lltb. brig Fannie. Lnnt. 'hiladelphia FOREIGN PORTS. Sid fax Palermo 21et alt. barque Zephyr, Small for tew York. At legboru 25th alt. .h'p. Molccka. Hart for Rew ork in July: Mery Richards Scott, lor Boston In un»; Martin Lntlier, Rickets, for do. Sid fin Sngua 30th nit, brig Eretyn, Ginn, for Rew fork. Ar nt Havana let inet. barons Jaa C Ward. (Br| Ibbetts New York; brig Protege, hey nolds. Phila elpbia: seb Laroy, Johnson. Naw York. Going in 5th, barque Merrimac, Hoyt, Bom Haiti tore. Sid 2d .bin K D Rbeppard Gale. NewDrleane; arqne Windward. Eldrtdge. Boston Cld 2d. barques Emma L Hall, Coggins Remodio.; 'niters., i Hr; Ryan. Portland Freights — Rather b-tter demand for American urine*. t barreled—ship old Dominion, 0 o bhd. ugar and molasses, to load at Krmedios -or N Yo k. I *8 per bbd sugar and 35 per ll'j gal. inohueee rc Aral Matanza.23th alt. brig II 11 McGllyery, ...I ey. Boston; 2d inet, barque t anada, McDonald, 'ortland: brig ortolan. Gooding do. Sfd 2b-h ult. brigs Faustina (■ rtfbn Philadelphia: 1st. U H Emrry. Bradford, New Ydrk, let insf, ico land. McLellan. Ilo mss’ tide. Ar at Cardenas Snth nit. brigs 8 Thuret'n. f an her. Key Wist; Irmpeit. Allen, New Orleans: it Inn Crimea, Uicbbora, Naw York, Mary, (Hr) •ord. do. Sid 30rb ult, brigs Belle Bernard .Coombs, Boston l"t. Mechanic Seer*. Haillmore. 1st iret, Robin, dri tollman. Fraakfort: Ana Grady, (Hr White, ortiand: Mary E Thompeoa, (Br) Laiapber, for ifw York. Ar at Nassau NP, 23d ult. sch Fiaeb, Ryan. Rew ork; Slit, brig E P Kwrtt. Chadbourne. Balb Sid fm St George NB 4ib ia.t, ecb Cathartna Wtl »*. McFadiieu, Providence. SPOKEN March 28. lat 38 S. Ion »> 51 W. ship S G Glover, oule, from New York for San Francisco. May 17. lat 11. lou 83, barque Twilight, from New otk for Matamoraa. *EW ADVERTISE M ENT & TV EJVV ?S ! Deerlng Hall'. Comm«nciDjf Phuriday Evening, Jane 16,1864. IACEVOT'§ I rand Pictorial and Kaaical Exhibition Of IRELAND. ( haage of Swacry rarh Nlgbt. Al»o Change ol donga by Mias HamnuA Start,. nd Mr J km Htron. Admission 3'. cents. Door, open nt T to com te .oe at 8 o clock. junel3d4t NOTICE. LVE' the undersigned. baring .old our S'ack of 3V CoaL and Wood to Mttara. Kan,tall, MtAlif ir 3 ,U>.. do cbeerin'Iy recommand them to oar ormer customer. All ponone baring demand, gaiuet ue are requested to present them lor fettle, lent, and all per-une indebted to ue are requested o make Immediate pay men tel the old eland where ne ol the undersigned may be found for the present. PortlwU, June 6, 1864. JunuUdSw Hoal and Wood! I DIE mb crlber baring purchwcd the block of Cool on I Woo l, and token the •land rtoeutly coupled by Meaert Sasryer t I* Mint,, bond of Maine II Mar/, are oner prrpartd to aupply tbeir *nner patroua aud tbe public generally, witb u t*e a-eortnuut of WULL PICKED -LSD SCREES K D kid 4 outpour l*ebigb, Spring .Mountain Lrblfh, Itocnol Mountain. 'ohn'u, Wblta and Bed Ash, Diamond aad Lorberty, Togotbur with tbe beet quality of Cumberland Coal 1 A Superior Coal /or DtacLsmelks. Also, Hard and Soli Wood. Delivered to order lo any part of tbe city. Tbe former ouaromera of Meter. Sawyer b Whit ey are revpectfally invited to give na a call. KAMJALL Ml ALL1S1 DK k t O. Portland, June 13.1804 -dly [HE GOVERNMENT LOAN $200,000,000. This Lean Is authorized by Act of CongrcMof Larch 8'b, 1804, which provided for its linumoi I Com. at any period not leis than ttu nor more liau fo.ty years from its date, at tha pleasure or the Government. Until its Ktdemption, five per cent, into rest is to • paid semi-annually m Com. Subscriptions to tb« Loan are re vived by tha Na* onal Banks :n United Statea uoUs or In such aur >ncy or other funds as ate taken by tleui ou dspos at par. Us Exemption from State or Local Taxatioa adds oua ouo to threo per oent. per a nun in to its value The Kate of Interest ou this loan, altbcugh but re pw eont. In eoiu is »« much greater in currency i the difference between the market fcva’ue of car* ►ncy aud gold. ▲s a Mule, the flw per esnt. specie securities of Isohant governments are always |ar or above, id carroucy now funded in tha National Loan ill be worth its face in gold, besides laying a ragu* r and liberal percentage to the holder. The Authorized Amount of this lean U Two Uuc* rod Million Dol.ars. The amount of subscriptions ported to thiTreasnry at Washington, up to June has beeu S6T,0|7,M0. Subscriptions will be r« eeived by the Trea urer of e United Statea at Washington, and the Assistant ersurer* at New York, Boston and Philadelphia, d by the Iret National Bank, Portland, Maine, AS DRY ALL SATIOSAL BASKS, hich uro depoutarioe of Public money, and oil Respectable Baals and Haulers iroughout tbe country, (acting u ugenla of the Ltionol Depovitory Bunk**,) will fernUb further fjrmutlou on application end a ford every /arils to stdisCribrrt. lune IS, 1364. dlu&wtf 1 itfEW ADVERTISEMENTS. HEW El TV H ILL ! Thur»day. Friday & Saturday Even'gi, Juoe 16th, 17th ami 13th. TU E CEL SB HA TED AND OEIC IN A L BUCKLEY'S SERENADERS! Kow oil a traveling tour wi Del e* tensive alterations are beiug made in ihtir A etB MiBatrA BUI. B aton. K. BISHOP BUCKLEY, Ci. SWAIN BUCKLEY, HIED. BUCKLEY. Assisted ty 20 ot the Brightest Mara in the Prolcssioi, BDI appear ugabovr. Admission ft j aT parts of the house,) So Cents. Jane 13—dl w Ladies’ Christian Commission. 1'UK BetfU'.r'lfeetia* of tbo Maui,.r< *iU bo . u»i*l at their Rooms* this Monday aitjrnoon. at 4 o c’oec. A full attenuate* is iit.ii *1, a. business of importaaoe will cuiuj before them « — .. l*er Order. June 13—dlt Liverpool Salt A float. |UU || I HUD8. Liverpool Mil, carjjo of §b p ' l'omoua, new lu.liug «nu lor nle by . ,, OANA fc to. Ju»ell-i2w Litter* Kt-inuiniiic t'uelitiniMl INliy J'orU.oJ, of M.lno. 1? b ty - lo I btnin moy of tlj. *o lutein, the erplkint ”•** call for adeem'd the dite .of tbialMt. and pay one coot f.r adyerrlH,,* Or-ll not called ter withi„ „,,V t|,„ wUJ be sent to the IL ad Left* r OArr •'free Delivery of letters by curruta. at the resi . denes of owners, may be secured by observing the - following Rules: * Direct letters plainly to the street and tniu ber. as w«U a. the Fo r office and ihav •*J. Head letters with the writer’spoat ngica and StiUa. atraet and nmnUr, sign ih«Di p alniy with full uta>j. and request that aosweis be u Dieted sc cordiugly. ' 3. Letters to strangers or tracer. i»t visit* rs in a town or city, whose special addrue* may be un known, should be marked. in the lower left l.and corner, the word ‘Translent.' t • B Btuee the pet eye atnn-p on the vpf»r riyk hand corner, and Uarr apacr between the stamp am direction lor poat marking witbeut tuttr ft rfne will the writing. LA HI KS’ LIST. Alton Avh L Murphy Elizabeth ■ «I«VU MAT) <>IU« Austin T mra , Baker Aehaha i»y Baronet Abigail mra Bowden Atby vine»t Brady Aane spring at* Baker Lottie N mra Bum* Cathrine sale in at I 'or William < ok Butman b»n;ei mra I Biair Eoi iy i Baker Nellie M Berry ii 8 mr* Barker 11 an nab mra Burnell Hannah Barbour H b Bradish Jane Baker Leuiea uire Baker Lou aa htir of E TV Perie ! decoicd ‘ Burger Mary m-a dow »t Beet Mr* 3Jt> con^r-M at , B.ake Mary mra 2 Bradley Patrick mra ] f aktrr smith H mrs 1 ragdea Samuel u iura 1 rowa Sarah I I* mra B ill William mremidJlcell < alee Anna b i < ocBran Anna j Caeh bercasauna mra Carling Margaret Com in a Melissa Ann mra < • Cae- Nancy inn* Conch Nancy K < iota Uebeoea B mia Carlisle Jo*ie bow Carol ne K mrs boyle Katie l>aiy Kate A ebeetnut at I Devlin Cat brine breeecr M Ha Duran Prances mra boyle Johanns bowna Janette Davia Wni il mrs Forties Augusta P Fletcher Inai AHatoat mra ; Foley J uha f Hint Margret uin 2 Foray th O t; uus i ; Could Addic (i Ouineamrs Of sou Mra boarding ha.l P.umbat I i Oree* Mary 1 Cordon P 11 mrs * <*ra? Sarah S L i Hutchins Addy E Uiggtes Bridget : I i anno ii ( trrfc M t MflM l -amhiidge mrs ; Heald F. C airs Harris Ft a L 2 llail tiulda rar* ■■owe names L, t Hughes Luev Ellen airs r lluddktoii Miry E ] Hawke* Mary A C 1 Haley K L n>n Hal! Sarah Ewrs 1 Johnson Betsey Johnson Lizzie 4 , Johnson J alia i L mrs 1 J »rds . Mary E 2 J Jordan Mary 1 J net Mary II King Emily b in s j 1.nightcu Clara M Ladner Lizzie Lyons Lizzie ' I.angan Emma J nn i ' I.ihby Johnson mrs 1 Long Josluia uirs suntaer ' street \ 1 I ewli M M mrs i Loeeitt Margaret A \ Laos M P mrs • l Montgomery A J mrs 1 Me Intiro Dank) O Mrs GENTLEME Aldeo Albert Aldan* C Ayer James E Adams li B Burnham Adoniram Barrett i bancsy Hlo« mer Clark Bootuer Deafe r W J Baker idwin for mrs Bet J •ey Lombard ] 1 Brewa (’ Brady Edward master J Brooks GG ] Brow i <**orge lumber dealer for Pane Pickett 1 Bowers Henry F Bro« a James p ] Brown James J No 2 M at i , Batchclder J C near l u-l key’s Bridge Bowie John B ] Benson Lieut for mre H J l Benson Bryant Matthew 1 etman 8swmk2 Boiler Wm U 4 Ueul 2d ba*.-’ tcry lUth reg't ! Brackett H b | ‘ lair Alexander J < rockett Albina * t obo Charles II 3 Coleman Edwin for mias i Clara Ford J Cooery Frances for John] Connors Colby Fred A 1 ! Cwt'dn Henry Cotta John Callowav James J • CM N 11 Dr 1 Camming* 8 II for George] F Thompson ] t v* mm* » 8 for George IF rbom^sou t ov I homae ] Coilins Timothy t Cdj Timothy centra)] depot monument it I ! Carter WaU J « roeby Wm Henry I Doris Alonzo tor miss I Nettle Small I Dillan Dante —2 Dyer Geo W Dale li sea it J Dodge Uoraco D 1 Dolan John 3 Dicker on John I Davis Joseph I Donovan John b >ot mak-1 er for John Uiviao v Durdnon mr 4 franklin at Daw sou S M Lt Cokl t Uuuhaui h A lor uri Hu v b*cca Cole 1 ' Donever Wm K ] l>aUM Wesley 1* ] DarU Warren K. I Faatman A Co 11 F mess J Kdger.'y Georg* W Easter John W 5 Emerson Joseph M Emmett Wm J t Eoelestou Wm Fobes Ana- 2 fi Foster Charles W master I Fickett Edward J Fitu.rald Edward ts Fit/jereld James—2 X Fisher James o i Farr John For’ey Marti a ami Mar & garet For ley his wlfo t Freeman Kill .* French 8 W FoTey Thorn.** care of cai tS I A No C Djonetl fi Frye Wm Grant Albion h 2 Gray Aim* f t.rabam Charles > Grindlc Jot*n 1> Giaune*o:i Joseph S UtlAn Lawrence (•ibbe Owen B 1 Horn Aarou Hardy A N a klrsel ine Charlee U 1 Howard Charles L J UntchinsonCbarU smaster I llaley Chari** 1 Houston Frank D I Harding George B T Holmes ti O Uaupt II amptoa Capt 1 Hill John 21 vork at Hardy John tor miss Faiv I ny Hardy 1 Hatch Jcseph Harney John W J Henry A Co J“hn F tao.* V Hen Jr raon N A HeeellueNathTS V llsald OF—# } lUrt'ord Peter D . M Hawkins l bouiaa Hansen Wm 'J Hadls-i Wilber cap-' t W Ingalls J mph P-2 mtir lm i bid Fred liaviland uteamor Cii ion Natanirl H Towle oare of Clpt UutcLinaoe «ch Rice trie Light I'apt Rot»t O'Baku *ch P Blake Iboiuaa Trecorua ship Roch«ui*>eau A.T DOLE, Pottmtster, net* m i.i.'eu tfilntooh UzH* hit* tierrvHDau Elizabeth nr Murucnl Herim-iu iWutohliw Jm tum efcat i»t Barr Lovin* BeMabo L ilm for Jon#. pUiuo G U litrUnU Matrix Mra Bator ev >lanr A Merrill Xei-ieO Maflctt tiute t rora li Kenney Tbuuiaa um Kurch Su-an D Narriner »u*an H mra Bcken ie ao au mra McGonau ll>Ute% w a dark at )'Brine Margaret •ratt Allen E Mnoa Albion mra nrkiaa Juba 11 mra 'axker Julia inra 'li'omer or Plummer Jo raph mi* *aine Harv mra *at’«r.*cn M X mra! 'rati Mary A •erry Kowona mra *i®roe SaaiiMn A u ra ’arkcr Sarah totally 3fargar«t l e Annie Mr-* •print it tbr Annie Brady i«ri i>a’;iel G mra ting Elizabeto II mra loMtfoa Linrie X taixtall I train J Coin* Lr/z « A mra licharti* Hornet «yy+ lamia!] Joaeph lura tow l.u mra iebnrd* Uarv A laflnsMa.jfc tackle! olive mra loam 1 If mra •over Albert. K mra iicrtcaa Anuie cinell Hritft iklilin-g* Dtanramra hiriey Liu « -an bora Lizzie J mra itoue K Lvdai a Hatton Elvina T iimpoon George mi a mi h Helen X mra pecke Jane imr* Itowart Jan» 2 turdivnut Julia ft Avage Julia lev* • Jot ham mra colt Alary lure liek M rjtarct htnahan Th mu mrs wen temperate* D mrs tan wood Henry mra uimaii ( ania * Caroline A aler « relit li uomh« Kli/a lira ear* mb* K !hu rhombs empie Net lie J aoiapson Klixa A 2 hornp-on 11*1. n ereoejr Johan oa aylor John U mra mo l ucent rare labor K 1* ripp Sta:ira U 3 r a nett Al lit tm U mra 'atthan T-m bracket! at moat Ma-fraret Ctbber Ann M rare Carren iau.,i* K Cinalow Afar/ N mrt t inflow Patiei ce MJ sob Sarah B ouoifC C mra* !f*8 LIST, lohcaou Frastu* ohason KrviaT erdna W u for Jam re T -••ell C A ■ow 0 W •laod a. uaratua A .owe(;tUT*e .ord lieory* Y .aantart Menrv A .•well Jam i U Ho 11 8t Lawrewaccst .) ford J K for wire Hal tie A Pilnce .u/d 1 A .owar* Va .Bdi/Wm loore Broj M le^r tv Chat a or Mi war l ay berry feat ward let* rah Ad ward leans Fro- mau te»d I'rlit•’rick (cFaddea Flax ins K IcDonni'll John (c Donnell Jaincs lolioy Joha If era Job** IcKrc Johb hirphy James Hal hie worker loMfomorx J K icVane John opt b>Of NlanU * IcDonotiffh vfiefca-1 plum •treet Ickeazie 1 iiigy luriay Wm lor mire Ma ry N.. on 1-rtH Woiidtary P litelielt W in fur aw K|. len M Jacksou w«»tO k IcUuzIi W in foble tVezcr *»heru W A ‘a. ft Chari*# C ‘bi lb rook ( has ’ride Frank ’inmmer Hr aaa rnne Ueei y M tUllips James ly N«# Tork at ter Manuel lu drilke riiham Jaa.ce 8 eiry toctc r Jcri-miaU ’’banner L*b rty W ‘ N J ( -a lumtnrrl H [uinn Charles Jam.. Key waterrltle »t luiubv i \ [u»«n Michael Mom Ucli* r 4* i u u VS terell J Udlon J«cb layniou Juba lay Stewa. t lobrtfa \Y II 'ere* on A B for Kbs • >peda Lewi* tciaaa Ada ph bi brow a it llabee RerJ mitb Oapt fur an Sarah 3 South Uuwvod C bar/oa witt Daniel mall Edwin ft r masUr Kdai#* Small mart 1* c*va Heary A «n«»b l«*ac A A A C S Lau:ei*hJ I* paiui *. Jobu F earcr Jo tj.h haw M A 41* hy t* K tea tk* V ptnow Wui for uita Wa Warren parrow Win for airs Mar tha Brown noth Willard H haw Wa mi N tarbird Wui 11 re to Area A H Ioiin Frar.c■* Mods l*ATef tieO ti ti . uip« io tieo F h -mpem ti A ca; e K b< mpaon 11 ft>r J T liar aoa ■ttj.• J-ibp-i f *r Mrs Re Uc<-a Jaou Waite it fry l*i tir J idem an ft Son W H tmewre. "W Rbeu F antm Allied l> 3 ri <Lt Alh;ou F Itbee A’bert t hife t'liaf hiH itr V hit tier l -.iao eeki Jo-iah arrow Wi liam for wri Wm Warreu

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