Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 14, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 14, 1864 Page 4
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_HUMOROUS. Sam and the Negro. Practical jokers are nuisances, wherever found, and a laugh is never more keenly rel ished than when enjoyed at their expense.— r The following by way of illustration is quite amusing: Some eight years ago when I had command of the ship Lightheart, there happened on board an incident over which I have laughed many a time, whenever it has been brought up to my memory. Among my crew was a man named Ranuot—.Sam we always called him. He was one of the largest men 1 ever saw, and came from New England. He stood six feet four inches in his bare feet, and was stout and bulky in proportion. He had one fault, and that was inordinate pride of strength. He was not quarrelsome, uor revengeful, and yet he was continually pestering the crew.— Hardly a day passed that he did not give one or more of them bodily pain by his freaks.~ He would catch a poor fellow by the legs and swing him over his head, at the imminent danger of dashing his brains out against the masts or bulwarks, and then would laugh heartily at the man’s fright. Sometimes be would seize a sailor by the arms and lay him upon the deck, and in no very easy manner, either. It was of no use for the men to re monstrate, for he would be sure to punish them in some way. His love of "fun,” as he called it, was too strong for him to realize how unpleasant his pranks were, nor did he know that the crew had begun to dislike him. He was, in fact, the worst practical joker I ever saw, and not a whit did he caie, so long as he exhibited his herculean strength and broke no bones. Previous to my return voyage to Liver pool, I shipped a negro as a common sailor. His name was Cato. He was about thirty years of age, built very much alter the fashion of a Devon Hull, and bad the reputation of being the strongest man iH Mobile, the port from which I sailed. The muscles of his enormous arms were like Iron, aud those up on his breast and shoulders clustered Arm and hard as cords of steel. He was not over Ave foet ten inches tall, and though thickly built, his appearance did not indicate unusual mus (MilMr nnvbr On the day of tailing I brought Cato on board. At flrtl tbe men exhibited signa of dislike, but when they found what a good na tured old fellow he was, their prejudice was overcome. Sam Hanuot winked prodigiously when be saw tbe new mau, and more thau once whispered to those near him: “Mere’ll te fun afore long.” On tbe afternoon of the third day out, after we had got everything snug and trim, Cato aat upon the comings ol the main batch. Sam slowly approached him, in a manner not un like that of a dog approaching a smaller ani mal it never before saw. “Say, blackey, get up,” ordered Sam with * a grin, at tbe same time looking around to aee if tbe rest of the crew were ready to enjoy the sport “A-yah—yah—wouldn’t make a poor feller h’ist now, eh ?” “Yes, git up.” “Don't7, “I aay—git up!” “Wha’ for?” “Fun.” “Now you jes’ look alieah, Sam; you s'pose you fool wid dia chile, eh ? If you do, ita all right But 1 s'pece you’ll git hurt, and deu you’ll git mad, eh?” This was spoken with the most imperturba ble gravity, and the negro slowly arose while be spoke, looking as demure as a child. “Who’ll git hurt?” asked Sam with a flour ish. “I s’pecs you.” "How?" “Foolin’ wid me.” “Now you jest set right down on them combin's ag’in,” uttered Sam, at the same time laying both his hands ou Cato’s shoul ders. The negro’s brown eyes sparkled, and a broad grin broke over his face as be felt Sam's hauds upon him; but without apeaklng lie placed one of his huge black paws upon the joker’s jacket collar, and with the other he seized him by tbe trowaers. One deep breath camo from Cato’s throat like the puff of a lo comotive—then the greait cords of his neck started out like hawsers, and when he lifted himself up, the giaut form of Sam Kanuol was swayed aloft above his wooly head. A mo ment he looked about; there was the long boat behind him nearly half full of rain water. “A-yah—yah, mss’r Sam! Cool 'urn off!” Aud as spoke, he dumped the astonished gi ant into the long-boat, and as be let go his hold, the massive body splashed in tbe deep, dirty water. All the night before it had rained, and as tbe long-boat had not been covered, and tbe plug being in, she was of course well filled. At any rate, there was enough water to completely submerge Sam. In an instant all hands gath ered about the boat-^First we heSra-s^errible sputtering, and puffing and blowing like a'hip popotamus just come to land, and in a moment more Sam’s sandy bead, soaked aud dripping appeared above the rail. He saw us standing < there with convulsions of restrained mirth up on our laces, and for some seconds be didn’t I move an inch. I have never seeu such an ex pression of mingled surprise and mortification as dwelt upon his face. “ ’Spect I didn’t hurt you much, eh?” utter ed Cato, with becoming gravity. But it was too much for us. Poor Sam’s look at tbe black conquerer upset the cup, and we burst into loud laughter. The vanquished man slowly crept over on the other side of tbe boat and got out, without saving a word, and then made his way below. Half an hour af terwards be came on deck with dry clothes, and having hung his wet ones on the rigging to dry, he turned to where Cato stood. He surveyed the negro from head to foot several times, and finally placed his band upou the '“wu uiut au i’osu) . uu grup* ed their eable-like surface a moment, then shook his head dubiously, saying: "It’s no use! lrou’re a great nigger!" And that was the last of Sam Raunot’s mis- | chief. His pride of physical power was brok en, for he had found a superior, and he settled ' down Into a quiet, orderly seaman. I feared at first that he might seek some revenge upon Cato, but he was too noble for that, lie knew that he had invited the attack, and as soon as the first smart of pain was gone, he and his conquerer were firm friends. Tux WxftTKHJf editors begin to turn the j tables, and recent funny stories of happenings * "up in the East.” The following fair aped- j men is going the rounds of the Western pa pers. i "A good story is told of a tall, rawboned fel low, who went into a market house in Boston, perhaps the Quincy—and seeing a large hog on exhibition, was mightily struck with it. “I swear,” said he, “that’s a great hog; I swear I never saw a finer looking one in my life, I swear! what short legs he's got, I swear—” “Look here, friend.” said a little dry-look ing individual, trotting up, “you must not ■wear so.” "I swear I should like to know why?” ask ed the hard swearer with an ominous look. “Because," said the little man, swearing is against the law, and I shall have to commit you,’’ drawing himself up. “Are you a justice of the peace?” Inquired the swearer. “I am.” “Well, I swear,” said the profane one, “I am more astonished at that than I was about the hog.” “If any one speaks ill of thee,” said Epinte tus, “consider whether he bus truth on his side, I and if so, reform thyself,that his censures may not affect thee.” When Anaximander was told that the very boys laughed at his singing, “Ay,” said be, “then I must learn to sing bet ter.” rialo being told that he had many ene mies, who spoke ill of him, “It is no matter,” ■aid he, “1 will live so that none shall believe them.” Hearing at another lime that an in- ' limate friend of his had spoken delractingly of him, “I am sure he would not do It,” said he, “if he had not some reason for it.” This is the surest as well as the noblest way of drawing the sting out of a reproach, and the ' true method of preparing a man for that great and only relief against the paius of oalumny —o good conscience. A little boot black, who plies his trade in New Bedford, and has a sharp eye to the con dition of the boots of pedestrians, spying a 1 man near Liberty Hall, whose leather looked muddy, proposed to give it a polish. “No,” gruffly answered the owner of the boots,” ‘Hold your foot up,” said young I)ay 4 Mar tin, “and I’ll polish it for nothing.” The man complied, and the fellow vigorously plied his brush, till one boot shone like a steel mirror, when he put up his tools and moved off. “Hal lo,” cried the customer, “black the other boot.” “For five cents,” said the boy: and five cents was paid. j It is said that a convict was lately tracked I j into the service of a young married couple, ! where he was officiating a* a very pretty ' lady’s maid, and had been doing all the duties i of her role for three months. The horror of ' I the young married lady, and still more of the husband, may be imagined when the police ■aid, “That young woman Is the man we want.” ( -— < try An amorous contributor says that pork j j and beans may be very good fare, but be pre- ' j era pork and’lasses. I MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., ! Proprietors," i Pox Block, 821-2 Exchange St., i PORTLAND. ME. Attention is teepee fully invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in THE REST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our fotibliBhinout is furni hed with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, ♦ And Our collection of Book and Fancy Types Will hear favorable comparison with any establ.eb me lit Id the city. Business and Professional Cards, [Of .very variety, atyle and coat, PDIVTVIt iT SnOUTPuT WiATIItP Bill-Heada Haled and Cat ia the Neat- , eat Maaier. MASKS ASl) BASK CHECKS, Of avary daatriptloa axeeutt-d iu the beat atyla. _ Bullroud, and other Corporation Work, done with promptneM and IldaUty. — INSURANCE policies, sills op lading, | TIME TABLES, and all tort, ot LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short noises. Strutoni, Itprti, and all l nit of tapklrtt, Put up In superior stylo. Bronzed aaad Colored Labela, »'ar Apotboeariaa, Merchant*, and Fancy Uaalert. ' (Ot up in the belt atyla of the art. "Wedding Cards, Notes Of lurilatiun. Visiting Cards, Lists y Dan- : •**> etc,, etc., qf every variety and cott, w furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, ■aad-billa, Shop-bill*, Progani mea, Circulars And plain prlutiny of every description. Also, Essie and figure stork, executed neatly, and on terms that oaunot fail to satitfy. THE DAILY PRESS Pilntlnn Office bus one of 3oper’ Improved Calorie €ti0(nem for motive power, sod is furnished with Improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— 1 from the most celebrated makers. We have in cob sUut uso one of UOES LA HUE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheet $ an hour; one of At lam's Power Prettet—the best book pr<«e intho world; Adam's and Potter'* Poet i Machine Job Pruett , Haggle*' superior Card Prrt; | Adams' and Union large Hand Prettet, Standing ProMen, and all the machinery necessary for a well appo! nted office. The Daily Pres* Job Office is beheved to be as well furnished aa any similar establishment ia the State Thoae sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. Wo execute nil orders ia the shortest possible time and in thanaatest and best manner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment In the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing must be dirocted to tba Daily Press Job OJloe, Ho. *2| |Kxobaa(« .treat, I Portland, Mo. The Job Office is under the personal supervision I of the senior proprietor, who Is the CITY PHINT KH, and is hiasself an experienced practical work •rapio» b only woll-akillea mechanics in thia department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, Tbelargcst daily paper east of Boalon, and haviag a larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combine*!, |a published at the Office in Fo* Bloek, lit 1-9 ICjtthunye Street, every morning— Sunday •8,00 Per Aannin, From nhfch IV 1-tprr rent, te discounted for ai>VA sea -ravmxxts. Semi annual and quarterly lubaeriptlons pro rets. Loss than three months, lixty cents per month, or IS cents a week. Sisule .'OHM t ClITI. W Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two aud ms-third dollars per hundred. —— THE MAINE STATE PRESS, rhalargeat paper in New England, eight pages, I. publlauad every Wednesday, oontaininr all tbo **V b* m“l *'d telegraph. Important raadmg »•*•». Marine List. Market Reports, tc , of the DhHjr the following pilots, vit:_ Nnglecepy.eae rear. Invariably la advance.**.00 8 DIOH ill A...e e ee » 1 aOO Teelahaeffonrer nawre nil to the tame post office, each. 1.7 6 Tw elaht af tea or aaorr, all to the same post office, each. 61 >So And a free eopy to tbs getter np of the club Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted in ovary ! town, l’ostmaaters requested toact as agents. N. A. FOSTER St Co., Paupxirroxg. Portland June 1, 18M. dt{ VS. MOTHS! Tha dense vapors emanating from kresifling to insect life. This compound Cam >hor will anreiy kill moth a: its ingredients ofFrauk ucenaa Vetlvar, he., produce quick death to all in >eota breathing through their akiua. Cheap, effi ilant, and of tweet o iors. Do not risk your value, ila Furs, and nice Tg ootens without it bold by all Druggists, town ai ,d country. Each package bears | he address of the makers, .... ,,A SRIS A CHAPMAN. Boston. 1 W .SVKEg, Paieh iser tor Eutcra AccodXI '00*^S;LewWhViV«'bla“d'1 generally. Partlealar attention given to ahipplng by qnlckoat ad oheapeat routes. No. 1M 80 CTU WATER 8T. r. o. Box 171. Chlcag' >, IHlnokx. , NcocM.Maynxrd A Bona; DAW. -brokering; C. B. Cummings A Co. ; 8. O.Bowdleu • Co.; Cnarlee A. Stone; DaUett. Daria 6 Co.Tot toafou. Mau. Cashier Elliot Bank .Boston J.N. ^.*IU<UFr“id*nt N*wt°n Bat Ok, Jewton. C. jyi -Mdl KUi* A CUv. , HOT ELS. Atlantic House, NCAKBORG’ BEACH. THIS House having been enlarged and refitted throughout, will open for the sea s ju on Monday, June 13, 1804, E. GUNNISON. N. B.—Positively closed on the Sabbath to all transient visitors. junell Ocean House Re-Opened! The under* gned having leased for the season this well established Watering place, charmingly situated r n the outer verge ol t ape Elizabeth. With unrivalled jacili ,ties for Bulbing, Boating, and Fishing, Will open lor transient aud permanent guests enand after Tuesday, the 7th day of June. Every desirable convenience will be supplied for the pleasure and com'orts ol Its patrons with regard to the lequirements.aud character of a FIRST C LASS IIO TEL. We feel assured that cur exortlons, added to the uousual attractions ot the house itself, will secure us the approbation and patronage of the public. vsr Positively closed on the Sabbath. HILL A JORDAN, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth, Jane 7, 18t>4. dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. , I The Subscribers tako pleasure in an nouncing to their friends and all interested ' f in fludiug a first class sea-side Hotel accorn |_[ modations,that their new and spscious Ho tel will oeopeuearly in June Itcoutains all the mod ern improvements aud every convenience for the comfort and accommodation ot the travelling j ub te It is finely looated, commanding an unrivalled viow of the Penobscot Hay. The advantage* ot sea bathing and the fscilities for tishiug and boating, are unsurpassed. For its beautiful scenery and de lightful drives and walks, Camden is already favor ably known as one of the most eligible and delight, ful watering places in New England. Connected with the Hotel is a flue Livery Stable, horse s aud carriages having been selected with great care. The carriages are from the best establishment* in the count) y. and ou the most approved styles. Steam boat tannings easy of access; steamers touehingev ery dav in ike week. Telegraph communication V* uu an v< uirvvumil. NIIUIDf IU se cure good rooms will do well to apply soon, as many are already engaged. CUHlilNU A JOHNSTON, Proprietors Camden, June 2, 1W>8 — dtf Pleaianl Suburban Kesort. CAUISIC HOUSE, WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Place, located npou a pleasant eminence near Ca* pis*o Pond, but 2J miles from Portland, har ing been placed in the most ample order by 1_jtb* subscriber, he most respectfully solicits tbc atieution of the public, and cordially luvitos a call from bis old friends. The bouse is pleasant, retired and quiet. The furniture and furnishings are ail new, and therooiut cosy and sightly. The tables are supplied with all the delacaciet as well as the substantials of the sea* •on, and the service of one of the very best cooks in New England have been secure'!. Extensive sheds and a fine stable with roomy stalls are among the convenieuoee ot the establishment. ▲ nice Bathiug Uoute sufficient for the accommo datlon oi several bathers has been erected with steps projecting into ten feet of water, and the whole se cured from observation by aflosting soreen. Smoking Arbors grace the banka of the Pond and invite the indulgence of the lounger. Hoping for a share of the public patronage the on* dersigued promises to spare no ellbrt for the en er tainment of his guests. (iEo. W. MUttTH. Westbrook, May 21, 1334. may21dtf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, Iiouiut wiuov aouraj J. P. MILLED,.PBOPKIETOB. Thi, popular Hotel haa recently been pur lebaeod by Mr Millerfot the Albion < and baa 'been thoroughly refitted. renovated and re paired, amt numeron* excellent alteration, -Immde. it i, located on the Saccarappa road, -mt tour mile, from Portland.affordiiigabeautirnl drive over a goed road, and jn,t about far ovongh for pleasure. It has a fine large Dancing Hall and good Bowling* Alleys. In close proximity to the house is a warm and roomy Stable, containing twenty nice (tali. There taai.oa well (bettered Shed, 106 Act long, lot hitching horsos The choicest Supper, will be got ap for ileighing and dancing partle., who will And It greatly to tbeff pleaanre and advantage to reaort to the White Lionae. No effort will be (pared for the entertainment oi •*«^**- _ _ deolb-dtf HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENED! XBW FURHITURE 4 FIXTURES! S. G. DENNIS, Proprietor. OT The public are apeMally informed that the spacious. convenient and well known Hallowell House, in the center of Hallowell, two miles from Augusta, and lour mi es from Togus Spring, has beeu refurnished, and is open for the reception of company and permanent boarders. guests'*’ nttnntion will be given to the comfort of ■ TABIiINa, and all the usual conveniences of a popular hotel are amply provided. ’ liallowef , Feb. 1 1864. mch26eodtf THE AMERICAS IIOLSE, jij£j|lanoTer Street .... Boeton, The Large*t and Beat Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWIE RICE, Proprietor. Ml«ly CATARRH! -A*l> NOISES IN THE HEAD I I - CURED BY INHALING Harmless F’lnid, i or aureeablk odor. NO VIOLENT BY It IN Ol N Cl Of the Head. THE SENSE OF TASTE AND SMELL RESTORED DK. K. GOODALE’8 CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. Goodale has combatted Catarrh until he has fought it dowu. It has been a long war, but his tri umph is complete. Through all coning time his Ca- ; tarrh Remedy will be knowu as the only one anti dote for a disease which superfiuialhts have declar- ' ed incurable. Catarrh doctors, so called, spring up j like musbroons on all sides, the object of these pocket practitioners is money. They use dangerous lustrum* nts. Tb« ir violent manipulations irritate the al rady inflamed membrane. They never cure. Dr. Goodsle's treatment is medicinal, not mechani cal. lie does not believe in the force-pump system, which is working so much mischief His remedy passes through the absorbents, to the seat cf the dis use, and obliterates it. It does uot relieve merely for a day, but for all time. Lastly, it costs a dollar a bottle—do more. />r. Dodge <]f Auburn X. Y. After having witnessed the (fleets of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it ;-Jt is truly aud un conditionally a Herculean Specific lor the * hole dis ease. Such an article ought not to te “hid under a bushel,” and any mau who can invent so truly an efficient and positive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be considered one of the beneiuc tors of his race, and his name and the effects ol his skill pcrpctuited. kour* respectfu>1". D 1. DODGE, A. H. Pliny Mi/et, the well-known Traveller, And whose family physician Dr. Gooda'e was for ' many years, save—“J! l)r. Gcodale says lie can cure Catarrh, lie can cure it," Ac. trice SI bend a stamp for a pamphlet. Dr R GOODALR'8 Office aud Depot , 76, Meeker street, one door W’est ol Itroadway, Mew Vosk. H II. Ilav Agent for Portland June 2d, 1663. juue2dly ) STATEMENT OF TMK jRtnn Insurance Company, OK HARTFORD, CONN., 0» UeUt day of November, A. D. 1868, u required by the Lew. of the Bute of Malue. I i.e Caeeul Stock U., .61.6U0.000 and math Hu turplut i, inveled at fallout: | Seel edele, ealncninbered, 687,963 18 ' te Reed, oa deposit, end In ageot*' j Bend., 316,960 66 1 United States Stacks, 613,847 60 Btate and City Steaks, end Town Bonds, 669.460 00 Bank and Trust Company Stooki, 1,017,370 00 Mortgage Bonds, 331,980 00 i Atlantis Mutual Ins. Co', eorip, 1863- 8, 16,886 60 ' Total Assets, 63,036,879 74 Amount of Liabilities for Losmi not dee or adjusted. 6176.41161 Amount nt risk, estimated, 116,616,479 Of THOB. A. ALEXANDER, President. Looms J. Hannan, Secretary, Hartford, Hot). T, 1868. J. 0. CHURCHILL, Agont, lov 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. 4eo6 dtf 1 ■MM——iMHit—MiH— l.i. i __ FOR SALE & TO LET. HOUSES AND LOTS FOB SALE, BITUATAP UK Franklin, Alden, Washington, Montreal, Foi and Sumner Street*. PRICES FROM *1,000 TO *3,500. Also, TWO SMALL FARMS, in C»i># Elisabeth. Terms liberal to suit the purchaser- Enquire of BLBB1DQB OEKHY, apW <11* eodtf Ko. 59 H gh Street. Valuable Heal Estate for Sale. WK have for sale a very desirable Houre, cen trally and pleasantly located, tiuisbed and furnished from garret to cellar; everything in and about the house in perfect order; will be sold wllli the Furniture, which is in good taste and in fine or der. J in mediate possession given. I he liouso aud furniture can be examined at anytime, aud infor mation give by calling on HENRY BAILEY * Co., Auctioneers may lbdtf Laud on Free street for Sale. THE valuable real estate on Free street, known A at the “FurbiBh properly .” The lot is about 1U6 leet on free street and extends hsck about 174 leet. Said I.-state will be sold as a whole, or the easterly half or the dwelling house, with lot about 40bv 175 foot, will be sold by itself. 7 Application may bo pisde to James Furbish, Fjtq. on tne premises, or to GEO. E. B JACKsON julvldtf_M Exchange street. • For bale. THE Dana property, so called, on Windham Hill, in Windham, containing about ten acres. There are on the premiaes a good Two Story Dwelling House aud Barn, with other out-buildin.s. The property is pleasantly sl'ualedandthe neighborhood unexceptionable. For terms, Ao., apply to _ , DEBLOld A JACKSON, Portland May 18,1844. 6S Exchange St. maylSdtf For bale. A8QUAUE block of land, of about 73000 acres of wood laud, on the south side of the river 8t. Lawrence, in Cauada East. U is intercccdcd by two considerable rivers with eligible klnl sits. Well wooded with every description of timber, suciw as pine and spruce in large quantities, and maple, scroll, beech, tamarac aud bass wo'd t< any amount Enquireof H. T. MACH1N, Portland. ' Portland, Feb 1834. feb‘28eodtf For bale or to Let. k CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over SO UjCLm rooms,largestablo and sheds—sltuatedtwo r—Lm aud one-half milr-s from PurtUnii *,.a iu. liDn bueat situation in Capo Elizabeth for a >1 UBJ terini Pluoe, and mmmtr boarders. For particulars enquire of GEO. OWEN, *p7 dtf_II Winter Street. Portlaud. House, Store and Stable for Sole,_No. 81 York Street. ®The Store, with llonec over the 8torc, con taining 8 nnished rooms, together with u good Stable Lot about 80 by loo feet. For sale low. terms liberal. Inquire of JOHN C. PROCTER, June 8—dlw Lime street. To Let. A TWO story wooden House, No. 6 Seal street, in good repair, eight rooms, bird and soft water in the kitchen, oonvonlcnt for one family Avoir on the premiff i. June 10, 1964.—dtf Valuable Houae Lots for bale. TWO House Lots on Congress ,treet. adjoining the house now occupied i.y the subscriber , ... GARDNER LL’DWJO. June 10,1884_d2w For bale. A TWO story House and Lot, situated on Port J.M. land street, with stable and at her out buildings Alto two adjoining lots containing about eight thousand square feet. Enquire of N STEVENS. No.47 Portland street. JuueOdtf House For bale. A TWO story wooden house. No 18 Adams street, 11 nnished rooms, convenient for two families, plenty of good water. For partlchlara inquire ol . B. J. WILL*KlJ. Portland, Hay 14,1861. inayl4eodtf To Let. THE rooma over the store or the subecriber.eorner oi Pore and Kxobange streets, now oocupied by Stephen Berry as x printing once. Poaaesaiou given 1st of January. Apply to deal dtf _ BENJ. FOGG For bale. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new. cm be nsed for one or two has Pole and Shafts complete. For price Ac., call it No.4 Free Street .Portland. xprleodtf To Let. STORK now oeoupled by ua. Possession given immediately. Also, a Front Offloeln Hanson Block. dtf_U. J L1BBEY A CO. To Let. ANE STORE in Galt's Block. .P22d.f Al,ply,° H.T.MACHIN. r>. w. CLAR Silver Street Ice Houae, and Office No. 32 Exchange street. ALL Orders promptly attended to and customers supplied with tbe best quality of ICE. Price of the Seaton, 1801. 10 lbs a day, Irom Jane 1st, to Oct. 1st, PC no ¥>. " HOO 20 •• •• •« ■< “ loot* Forty rent* per 100 lbs. To thos« who take Ice for the season. It wCI be de livered earlier tbau 1st June and later tbau 1st Oc toliar, at the same rate per month as during the sea son When not wanted for the fall season, it will be delivered at the rate of P2 00 per mouth for 10 ibs per day. Notiee of changeof residence, If given ut tbe ol Bee instead of tbe driver, will always prevent dis appointment. Any customer leaving town for two weeks or more ut one time, by giving notiee ut the office, will be en titled to a proper deduction. Complaiuts against ibe drivers, for neglect or care I.sanest or any other cause, must be mido at the ot. nee, ami win oe attend, a to promptly. Portland, May 18,1804. may 13d7 w Dirigo Insurance Company or tub vrrr of Portland. Offl ce No* 99 Exfhnii|e Ntrcft, Capital $000,000 THIS Company in now prepared to inane policies on all kinds of property insurable against tire, at current rates A M. SUUMTLEF, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary. Dimacroua. J. B. Brown, K. 8. Spring, D. W. Clark, J. B. Carroll, John Lynch, II. I. Robinson. Tbubtxxs. St. John Smith. if . M. Payson, C. ii. UaskelJ, Andrew Spring, N. O. Cram, Philip U. Brown, if. N. Jo*c, Jere. Dow, G. W Woodman, U.J. Libby, U. J. Robinson, J. N. Winslow, 8. C. Chase, AlvahConant. Wm. Moulton. Portland, May 4, 1864. may&dt! THE BOSTON FIRE BRICK And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works, 894 federal street. Office andWareneuse 13 Liberty Square and 7 Battery march St, manufacture Lire Brick, all shapes aud sizes, for furnaces required to stand the most inteuse heat also Furnace Blocks and Hlabs. Locomotive Fire Blocks, Bakers'Oven and tireemhouse Tiles, Clay Retorts aud nece saary Tiles to set them, Fire Cement, FireClay aud Kaolin. The undersigned will give their special attention that all orders tor the above manufacture are execu ted with promptness. JAMES E MONO ACO. Selling Agents, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, mohll eod6m TO SHIP BUILDERS. F. S. A J. B. HUOKINB, COMMISSION MERCHANTS, and wholesale and VJ retail dealers in Ship Tiuukb aid Plank. Ifavo for sale at their Wharf, Ckntral Squarb, Es»t Bobton.260.000 Locust and Oak Treenails, 2.000 Hackmatack Knees, planed. Also White Oak Plank andTiMBKR.CHKBTNtT Hoards and Plank Whitb Pink, D*< k-Plakk. Ac. Particular at tention paid to Furnishing Oak Plank by the Cargo. mch!24 d3m Evergreen Cemetery. THE Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will be at his office, In New City Bid ding, entrance on Mvrtle Street, from 12 o’elock M. to 3 o'clock P. M., every day, except Sundays, to attend to any calls in connection with said Cemetery. Orders rnay be left at the offiec at any time. ap'Adtoaugl II. C. HABlI, Superintendent. TO CLEAR THE HOFSEOF FLIES, Use Butcher's Celebrated LIGHTNING FT.Y-IOT.T.F.R, A neat, cheap article, easy to use. Every sheet will kill a quart Sold everywhere. juue4d&w8w V. $100. w. THE undersigned being licensed by tbe United 1 Staten, are prepared to procure Pensions, j Bounties, Arrears of l'av and Prize Money lor Sol diers, Seamen or their heirs. Bills for Board and Transportation of Recruit* or Drafted Men collected. All demands agniust the State nr United States at tended to. Having an agent both at Washington and Augusta, and haviug had Iar*o experience, we feel in asserting that any bu&iue*« entrusted to our care will be Ikithfuily aud prcmptly executed. We have also awageut in New Tork to attend te the payment of Prize money. Advice free. Approved Claims cashed MANLEY k SAWYER. Office82f hinge, St., Fox Block Portland, Me. J. H. MA1LIY. W. a. 8AWTIR, lion. Sami. Cony,Governor of Maine. Hon. J. L. Uodsdon, Adjutant (ten. of Maine. Hon. Wm. Pitt Fessenden, U. 8. Senator. Uon. Lot M. Morrill, U S. Senator. June 16wtf I_RAILROADS. PORTLAND AN D KENNEBEC R. R. SPRING k SUMMER ARRANGEMENT, Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 i PassengeMraiusleaveSkowIiegau for ' rar~fl ort an.i and Boston, at 8 4.~. a At Au A M and Ball. UH> p. M. Ansn.ta j lor 1 orllaud and Boston at5.3o A, a.; Bath 6.30 A. I Portland for Be<h. Ausosta. Waterville Rend.IP. ’ j Mills and Skowhcgan, at 1.10 P. AX. tndall s j Portland for Bath and Augusta 8 15 p. jj. Passengers for ■ i&tionson the Androscoggin Bail road will change cars a' Brunswick | „Tl1; l,1" >rain f.otn Portland connects at I Kendall s Mills with Maine Cenlral Kailroad lor 1 Bangor, Ac , arriving same evening. pMtages leave Ba h lor llookland at 9 A.M. and 3 Stages leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P M So^on* Ae°*V* Skuwht#‘ln •’ 6 10 P. M for Anson, Through Tickets for all the stations on this and llailro»d’ c»“ de proeurred in Boston at the Eastern or Boston and Maine stations April 18. 186?' “ °®WUIAN. *■****»,. ' Vork A Cunibstrlniul ItiOlroad. 8UMMKH AKKAXliKMKKT. E393T a,BolalVr MONDAY, April r11.!1-' 1?J‘- ‘rains will leave as -‘-“follows, until further notice Saco Kiver lor Portland at 5 45 (Freight Train with Passenger ■ Cars) End 9.16 a. m.« and 3.30 p. m. * Leave Porll&xid lor Buco River, 7.46 a m und , 2.00 and 0,20 p.m. The 2 00 p m. train out, and 6 46 a. M. train into Portland, will be freight trains w ith 1 passenger cars attached. bUftu connect at Saccarappa daily for South • Wind ham, Windham Center and Great Kalla At Gorham for Weat Gorham, Standish. SteeD 1 Falls, Baldwin. Sebago, Bridgton, Hiram, Liming- 1 ton,Corniah, Denmark, Brownht-ld. Level, Krye burg, Conway,Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and Ea ton, N. II. At Buxton Center for \Ve*t Buxton, Bonney Ea- * gle. South Limiugton, Limington au<l Limerick At Saoo River tri-weekly, lor Holiia, Limerick Ossipee, Newtield, Par*on*lield, Eftinguaia, Free dom, Madison, > atcn, Cornush, Porter, Ac.’ ! Fares 6 cent* leas wheu tickets are purchased ia 1 the Office, than when paid in the Cara. DAN. CARPENTER, Sunt. Portland April 7,18d4. dtf F MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD. WINTKA AKKANUKMKirr. Trains leave Portlsnd. Grind Trank |^E9MSUUon, fir Lawbton and Anbnrn, at lntermrdiatt stations at 1.10 r.a. BKTUUNINU—leave Lewiston at 6.30 A. a., end arrive in Portland at 8.*) a. n. Leave Han.or at ■.,auu arrive lo Portland at 3 Our. * Both these trains oonneat at Portland with Ualns for Boston. Freight train loaves Portland at 8 a. a., and re taming Is due in Portland al 1 r. *. Stages connoot with trains at principal stations l dally Ibrmott of the towns North and East of thii _ C. M. MOKBE.Snp t. Watorvtlla, November, 1863. daelt GRAND THUNK RAILWAY Of Oanada. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. JMHJ On and after Monday, Nor. I, 1388, iHi^SSNS trains will mn daily, (Boudays exoent adl an til further notloe, as follows: Up Train*. Leave Portland for Booth Paris at 7.40 a. ■. For Island Pond at 1.10 r. a. Down Trains. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at 8 a. a. Lear* Bonth Paris for Portland at 6.46 a. a. 1 ha Company are not responsible for baggage to , any amount exceeding *6U in value, and that per sonal, unless notice Is given, aud paid tor at the rat# of one passenger for every *6uo additional value. C J. BKYLH.ES, Managing Direotor. H. BAILEY, Superintendent j Nov. 4,1383, aovi PORTLAND, SACO A PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMKR A r. HA N- n B M K N TS, Commencing April 11th, 1864. JUC Passenger Trains wlU leave the Bta tlon, Canal street, dally, (Sundays ex oeptedias lollows: Leave Portland for Boston, at 8 46 A. M. and 8.(8 r. a. I Leave Boston for Portland at 7.80 a.M. and 8.(0 ; P. if. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 a. n and 6.80 r. u. | These trains will taka and leave passenger, at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANCIS CU ASK, Superintendent. Portland. Oct. 80,1863. oc31 edtf j STEAMBOATS. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. mb One of the following f!r»t-c,’a«* •t*a««» of thin Line vis:—Peruvian, ' Hibernia, North American. .Itira, Bel ™ainl5igian, No* a Scotian, Moraiian. Da I mascun. wul sail from Quebec, awry Satl’iiday | Morning, for Liverpool via Londonderry. The Nova Scotian, to nail from guebec Satur i day morning, June 11. Al»o thepteam rs st. David. .St. Gkoruk, St. i i Audrkw. St. I’atukk, tri monthly from guebec j' for Glasgow. Prepaid and return ticket* issued at j reduced rates. For passAge apply to 11. k A. ALL AN , Montreal, or to J L. FAKMKK, j mayJOdtf No. 10 Exchange street Port Dud. International Steamihip Company. FiOitport, Calais & St John. TWO TRIPS per week. I On and after Monday. March 38, the auperior pea-going ft trainer ANEW BRUNSWICK. Capt K B. Wlucbeater, will leave Railroad WharlT tool of State Street, every Monday at 6 o’clock I' M . and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, ) Capt. E Field, every Thuraday at 6 o'clock 1*. M , for Last port and St. John, N. B . connecting at F.astport with steam* r guoen, for Kobiutton, St A n drew* and Calaia, and with Staae coaches for Ma* ! chia*. and at at. John with steamer* for Fredar I icton and with ateamer Kiu,cror lor Digty, Wind j aor and Halifax. and with the E. k N A Kail road for Shediac and all way station*. < j Returning, will leave St John every Monday and I Thursday ai 8 o’clock A. M., for Kaatport, Portland i I aud Boston. Through ticket* procured of the Agentaaud Clerk i ! on board Ste-imera. j Freight reoeived til 1 4 o’clock P. M , Mondavi and 1 ! Thursdays mayGdtf C. C. EATON. Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Foreit City, Lewiston and Montreal Will, until further notice, rnn na follow!: Loove Atltotlo Wharf, Portland, every Monday. Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7o'clock 1* X , and India Wharf, Boston, every Monday, Tuoeday, Wedneeday, and Friday, at 7 o’clock P. M. Farcin Cabin.Sl.tO ’’ on Dock. 1.J6 Freight taken no nauai. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding MO in nine, mod that person al, unless notioe is given and paid tor at the rgte ot one pa*«enger for every SbOU additional value. Feb. 18,1888 dtf L BILLINGS, Agent. Portland and New York Steamer* SEMIWEEKLY LINE. m...-f _ The splendid and fast Steamship! ^ 'fad "LOC LSI Point,’’ Capt Willwit, "POTOMAC,” Captain Sana* ceRBanSlwcxju, will,until further notioe, run ns follows: Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATL’KDAT, at 4 P M , and leave Pier FNorth River, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, ot 8 o’clock, P. M. These vessels are fitted up withfiiieiccommodotioni for passengers.making thisthe most speedv. safe and oomfortable route for travellers between New York and Maine. Passage *7,00, Inoladlng Fare and State Rooms. Goads forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Sineboo, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Kastport and St. ohn. Shippers are requested to send their freight to the steamers nearly aa S P. M., oa the day that than leave Portland For freight or passage apply to EMERY fc FOX. Brown's Wharf, Portland H. B. CROMWELL k CO., No 88 West Street, Mow Tork. Deo. 8. ltd. dtf 63 Removal. S3 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Com in is* i o n Merchants, And dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Commercial street. Portland, May 10th. 1864. inaylOdtf milK •ubacriber hereby gives public notic9*~to all X concerned.tlmt he has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust o! Administrator ol ! the estate of SAMUEL 11. KING. lateof Portland, in the County of Cumberland, de ceased, by giving bond as tho faw directs; he there fore requests all persous who are indebted to the said deceased’best ate, to make immediate payment; and those who have any demands thereon, to exhibit the same for settlement to marquis f. king. Portland May 17.1864. maykOeodSw* To 71 an u fur Hirers, Ship Ktilltlers, ' AN Dneraon* desirous of Real Estate Investments, the following property is ofltredat good bargains. 30 Houses at prices from 91600 to M000. 100 House Lots at prices from 9300 to 98600 1000 Feet of water front suitable for wharves 8hlp yards, Manufacturing Sites, fronting deep water with flne spring of water adjacent thereto and a portion of it adjoining the Grand Trunk Rail Road, rom which freight m«v be deposited ou the promises, mohlT 3m M08K8 GOULD, 74 Middle 8t. Dissolution. THE firm of Gardiner ami Brown is this day dis solved by mutual consent. N S. GARDINER, J. E BROWN. Portland, June Gib, 1884 N. S. GARDINER Will sontinue the CUSTOM TAILORING business ■Mb* old stand, 82 Middle street. Juno 8,1884. JunelodU medical. Wood New* lor the Unfortunate. THK LOXU BOUGHT TOK DISCOVERED AT LAST. Cherokee Remedy CHEROKEE INJECTION. 30MPOUMDXD PROM ROOTS, BARKS AID LB A TIB CHEROKEE REMEDY, the great Rdiaa Diu itio, euros all di ©atea of the Urinary c gens, such “ Incontinence of the Urine, Iuflamation of the iKidneyn,Stone in tie Bladder,Stricture, Gravel, ileet, Gonorrhea, and is especially recommended in hose cases of Fluor Albui. tor Whites in Females) shore all the old nauseous medicines have failed. It is prepared in a highly concentrated form, the lose only being from one to two teaspoonluls three •irnes per day. It is dietetic ead alterative la its action ; purifying ind cleansing the blood, causing it to flow in all iu I irigiual purity and vigor; thus removing from the ■ lystem all pernicious saus.i which have inducod dis lase. CUKROKKE I FJKCTIOX it intended at an ally ir assistant to the CUKROKKE REMEDY, mu ihouid be used in conjunction with that medicine in ill cases of Ljnorrhea, (Hut. Fluor Alton or Whitee u »r» healing, toothing and demulcent; re^ noving ail scalding, heat, choadee and pain, instead if the burning and almost unendurable pain that la experienced with nearly all the cheap quack iuiec ions. By the use of the CHEROKEE REM ED Y and CHEROKEE IXJ BCTIOX-lhe two medicines at he tame time—ail improper discharges are removed ind the weakened organs are speedily restored to 'nil vigor and strength. For full particulars get our pamphlet from any lrug store in the country, or write as and we will nail free to any address, a full treatise. Price, CHEROKEE REMEDY, W per bottle, or bree bottles for *6. Price, CHEROKEE IXJEVTIOX, ri per bo e >r three bottles for to. Sent by Express to any address on receipt of the irioe. Sold by all druggists, everywhere. IIR IV IS ...... . _ *otn proprietors, No. 6» Liberty 8*., New fork. Cherokee Cure ! THE OREAT INDIAN MXDICINX, 30MPOCEDED PROM BOOTH, BARE. AW» LHATES. An unfailing core for Spermnlorrhee, Seminal neatness, Nocturnal Emissions, and all diseases saused by self poluUon; such as Loss of Memory Universal Lassitude. Pains in the Back. Dimness of Vision, Premature old Age. Weak Nerves. Difficulty ; Jf Breathing. Trembling, Wakefulness, Eruptions >n the race, Pale Countenance, Insanity, Consump tion, and all the direful oomplaints caused byde [«arting from the path of nature. This medicine is a simple vegetable extraot,and >ne on which all eau rely, as it has boon used in our practice for many years, and, with thousands treated, t has not failed in s single instance. Its curative powers have been sufficient to gain victory over the nott stubborn cm*. To those who have trifled with their constitution mtil they think themselves beyond the reach of nsdical aid, we would say, Dtipairnot • the CUKR ORKM CURS will restore you to health and vigor ind after all quack doctors have felled. ' » or fell particulars get a circular from any Drug itore iu the country, or write the Proprietors, who will mail fees to any one desiring the same a fell realise in pamphlet form. Price, (3 per bottle, or three bottles for B6. sad or warded by express to all parts of the world. 8old by all respectable druggists everywhere. DB. W. R. MERWI.N A. Cw., SOLE PROPRIETORS, feb8 eodfcwly_No 6» Liberty St . New York. Blmn Altai, 1 1>R. WRIGHT’S REJUVENATING ELIXIR! OB, ESSENCE OF LIFE. Prepared PROW Pure Veobtaelb Extracts, CO NT A HIIO MOTH INO INJURIOUS TO TH ■ j MOST DKLIt'ATB. pUE Rejuvenating EUxIr It the result of modern discoveries in the vegotsbls kingdom, being an mtireiy new and abstract method of cure, irrospec ive of all the old and worn-out systems. This medicine has been tested by the most eml lent medical men of the day, and by them pronounc- j id to be one of the greatest medieui discoveries of I he age. One bottle will core General Debility. A few dotes euro Hysterica la female#. One bottle euree Palpitation of the Heirt. A few doses restore the organs of gsaeration paw Erom one to three bottles restores the manliaee md fell vigor of youth. A few dose, restore the appetite. Three bottles cure the worst case of fmpoteuey. A few doses cure the low-spirited. One bottle restores mental power. A few doses bring the rose to the ebook. This medicine restores to monly rigor and robu lealth the poor, debilitated, worn-down, and do pairing dovoteo of sensual pleasure. The listless, saervuted youth, the overtasked msa if business, tbo victim of nervous depression, the uumiuhj suneriog rrotn general debility, er from weakness of a slag. organ, wtll all And Immediate and permanent relief by the use of thin Elixir or Es sence of Life. Price n per bottle, or three bottles for $6. and forwarded by Express, on receipt of money, to any address. Sold by all Druggists every whore. DB. W. B. UEBWUI * Oo„ SOLE PKOPRIETOKfl, No. 6k Libertyot., New York. CHEROKEE PILLS! SUGAR COATED. FEMALE REGULATOR. HEALTH PRESERVER, CERTAIN AND SAFE, For the removal of Obstructions, aud tho Imurano of Regularity In tbe Recurrvucoof the Monthly Periods They cure or obviatethose numerous diseases tha spring from Irregularity, by removing tha regular ity Itself. They cure Suppressed,Excessive and Paiuful Men struation. They cure Green Sickness (Chlorosis). They cure Nervous and Spinal Affections, pains in the ba;k aud lower parts of the body. Heaviness, Fatigue on slight exertion, Palpitation ot the Heart Lowness of Spirits, Hysteria, Sick Headache, Gid diness, etc., etc. In a word, by removing the Irreg ularity, they remove the cause, and with It all the effects that spring from it. Composed of simple vegetable extracts, they con tain notUing deleterious to any constitution, how ever delicate— their function being to substitute strength for weakness, whleh, when properly used, they never fail to do. All letters seeking information or advloo will be promptly, freely and discreetly answered. Full directions aocompany each box. Price SI per box, or six boxes for 96. Sent by mail, free of postage, on receipt of prioe. Sold by all respectable Druggist*. Dr. W. R. M ERWIN * Co., 80LK PROPRIETORS. No. 59 Liberty-st.. New York. febfk od Aeowly CITY OF PORTLAND. Till-: committee on Highwiya *c..will receive sealed proposal, for furniahing ten thonaand ton. ilea Island paving alonea during the montha ol May June and July-equal quantities each mouth. The parties proposing will pleas* tale what portion ot aaid atones—if leaa than the whole amount—th.y will furnish aa above. 1‘ropoaala will be received until June 3d, 1864. The committee reaerva the right to reicct any or all proposals not deemed for them tereat ol the city. Per order. J. K. DONNELL, Chairman. April 19th, 19*4. apSOdkwttf PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Polices to be free after the payment ol six. eight or ten Premiums at tho option of the insured and at rates as low as any other Company. The Issue of Free Policies render* It at the least equal if not superior to the participation companies. Office No. 10*2 Middle 8t. CHARLES HOLDEN. Pres. EDWARD SHAW, Sec. Feb 19 dtwtf. _ MEDICAL. Lyon's Periodical Drops TH GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ARB BETTER THAR ALL PiU*. Powder*4 Quack Preparations. Lyons Periodical Drops! —arm—. Sure to do Goodand cannot do Mara. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Remedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARM 1IRTTRR THAR ALL PILLS,POWDERS f QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. I Lyon’s Periodical Drops the great female remedy. Lyon’ll Periodical Drops ARM SETTER TUAN ALL PILLS, POWDERS ! AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are Hare to do Oood and oannot i do Harm. LYON’R PVDTftnTn A t nnnnn - — --'TAfAVAAAJ l/MVAB Th« (Ireal Female BemeAy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS am lima mi all PtU*. Powden and Quack Preparation*. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS —ii>— •UftJC TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HAEM j Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE OBEAT FEMALE REMEDY j Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pill*, Powder*. And Quack Preparation*. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sur* to do Good ond cannot do Harm.' Price, SI per Bottle. For Ml* br all Druggists. At whelaaala by W. F i Phillips, U. U. liny * Co., Portland. eegMeodly Female 8TRENQTHENINQ CORDIAL. . '* .#f trM for corroot log all dteonlen incident*! to the feninioe sex. That the afflicted may feel assured that this Cordial Is trahr valuable aud worthy their aonttdeBoe,- not one of those suer, t compound* purposed to destroy healthy act ton, I add a few testimonials from phys iciaa* whom all. favoring the Electric and Reformed Practice of Medicine, respect. DE- VtlLLAKD C. CiROKLi E, formerly Professor Hi MedkrmJ ^oowty, Mass., speaks ol it ia the following terms: "I, *“»• “•«* ‘ho remale Strengthening Cordial \ I PreP*rm,loD hr DK CKO W J SWKTT. 108 riaaover hi net. and 1 regard It as 1 oao of tbs bast Medicine, fur Female lotnnlaials that can be fsoud." DK. J. KIND, Author of" Woman- Her Dis ease, and tbslr Treatment,'’ says: •fhis Modlolnssppesrstoenerts specific inls enee on tbe It it a valuable ageot iu all de rangements of the Female Reproductive Organs." lA. SMITH, President of the Raw York Asso ciation of Botanic Physicians, says. " No Female if ia aalicate health,shuad nmittbe timely use of this valuable Cordial. I one much ol my success in midwifery to tbe use of thia Madi oino." Mot HER* AND HARRIED LADIES: The following from Dr. FAY ia wortky you no tice : ■' a»» general remedy for Femnlo Complaints this Cordial ia n Very valuable one, hot by the Profes slonlt Is esteemed morn highly for Ha good re.alt daring Confinement in relieving the great suflerin, aUenJaat uponchtldbirth. 1 mJiaowTudg.with Dr* Smith that much of my tacoea, in midwifery is due to the use of this medicine It strengtheu both mother and obild. In each oases I follow tho dl P^^ Rlsg. by silowiog my patients to nsa it a fow weeks previous to couflu-meat as br theenargy it Imparts to the uterine aerrou. system tbe labor will be very mt-sh facilitated. and remove* the scraps which many females are liable to. Ns woman ifshs knew tbs great value of this Strength cuing t-ordial would 'all to aae it." 1 hare received numerous lestimoninls from dIF event parts of the country where nsed. Knowing the good It is enpnblo of doing. I w 11 warrant avnry bouln of my “ cordial ” to bo satialnotory id Its re sults. The tollowingsymptoma indicate those affections in which the Fcmo-c Strengthening Coreiai has proved invaluable: Indisposition lo Eaortioa. Wakofhlnoss, Uneasi ness, Depression of Spirits, Trembling. Loan of Powar, rain in the Back, AlternaU Chills, and Flashing of Heart, Dragging Sensation at the Lower Part of the Body, Headache, Languor. Ach ing Along the thighs. Intolerance of Light and Sonnd, Pal* Countenance. Derangement of ike Stomach and Bowels, Difficult Breathing, Hysteria. Re., Re. It ia n apoeiflo remedy In nil Dtertnn Diseases Chlorosis ol Uraen Sickness. Irregularity, Pain fa 1 nttdfi I'FiiftlM ar Mnnitraaalna ri-r* wva_ 1 charge*. Leuoorrhaaor Whites. Scinkae or Ulcer- I tie Bute ot the Uteres. Sterility, he Ko better Tonic can possibly be pat ap tkaa this, . and none lees likely te Jo harm, and it la eompasej wholly or vegetable agents, and such as w* have known to be valaable, and have need for many years 1 PRICE, One Dollar Par Bottle, or els bottles for Si. Should yonr druggist not have It. sand directly to i as, end when six bottle* or more are ordered we will 1 pay all expeaeee, and have It seearely packed from observation. Be tore and get that prepared at the New England Botanic Depot, lot Hanover St Boetoa. GEO W.8WETT.M D, Proprietor. II. H. UAY, Agent, Portland, mehleodtm HAVE now been b.fore the public for nearly n year. They are universally pronounced the nenteetaud beat litilng eollan extant. The upper edge presents a perfeoi carve, free from the angles noticed In nil other collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the Inside of the torn-down collar,—they are AS SMoOIH INSIDE AS OUTSIDE.—and therefore perfectly free sod easy to the neck. lbs Oarotte Collar has a smooth and evenly la Ished sdgs oa both einaa. These Collars ere not simply (at piece* of paper cut In the form of a eellar, bat are moldbd abd 1 auArao to tit tub aaci. They are made la "Novelty” (or tarn-dowa style)ia every helfeisefromllto 17 laches, and la "Eureka." (or Garotte, i from U to 17 Inebes; aad packed la solid sire" In neat bine cartons, containing lou each ; also in smaller ones of 10 each.—the latter a very handy package tor Travellers, Army and Navy oncers IF" EVERY COLLAR Is stamped "Qbat'i Patbut Moldbd Collar." Sold by all dealer* in Men’s Furnishing Goode. The Trade supplied by HATCH JOHNSON a CO Importers and Wholesale ln-alers lu Men's burnish ing Goods and Umbrellas SI Davoasaisa St.. Boa Tor. Maes. mrb33eod3m —1 ------- ~ -C Ordinance Against Dogs. ClTr op Pobtlapd. Marshal'# Orru x, I May 3d, li«4. I ! Sbctiob 1 —No dog shnll be permitted to go at j Urge or loose iu any street 'ane, alley, court o' trav eled way, or in any un in closed cr public p)*cein this city, uuti! the owner or keeper of sucb dog, or the head o* the family, or the keeper of the house store, •hop. office, or other place where such dog Is kept ' or harbored, shall have paid the City Marshal two dollars for a licesc for such dog to go at large. Sic 7.--In case any dog shall be found loose or 1 going at large, contrary to any oflbe f. regofpg provisions, the owueror keeper thereof, or the head i of the family or keep«r of tho house, store, effice, or other place where such dog is kept or harbored .shall I forfeit and pay a sum not exceeding ten dollars, inay&d'iiu JOHN 8. IIRALD, C ity Marshal. 1 NOTICE. OUR patriotic women are reminded, that while such urgent calls for the relief of our soldlera continue, garments to be made for them, will be given ont every afternoon from I to 6 o'clock, at the Rooms of the Ladies’ Sanitary Committee, New City Buiidiug. Per Order. June 1. 1WM.—d2w Ire Chest ter Sale. AN fee Ckrsf of superior style, having all the latest Improvements, and ivtshed with various ippartments—well calculated for a Urge family - having been In use for a short tima, will be sold at t bargain. A note addressed to lea, Prune OSes.will reoelr* I Attention jauetdlf —— -- ? MEDICAL. DB. J. B. HCUIIEH CAM MM FOUND AT AIM PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, Mo. 3 Temple Street, WHERR he can be oonralted prtvflTcly, and with the ntmoat confluence by the afflicted, at all nonra daily, from 8 a. h. to hr. w addressee those who are '.aflfcring ander the affliction of private disease. wLetker arising from ‘“I"” co”.nuc,,‘,n °r *het0rrJhie vice of se! Tsbese. Dovotia. bis entire time to that particnlar branch of the medical profession, he feels war rente.; in Uuau inTutaaiCcatii utCinn, whether oflon standing or recently contracted, entirely removin the dregs of disease from the syitem, and making perfect and PERMANENT CUKK. * He would oall the attention of the afflicted to h fact of his loo* standing and wall earned reputation furnishing sufficient aesuranoe of hia skill and tac CACTIOHTO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person mnst know that remedies handed out from general use should have their efficacy established by well-tested exp*, nence in the hands of a regularly educated tbyil ?»»• whose preparatory study his I .m ior ail the duties he must ftililll; yet the country is flooded with Poor Dost rums and cure-alls, purporting to be the heat in the world, which are not only useless, but al ways injurious The unfortunate should berimo OLAB In selecting his physician, as it is a lameatable yet incontrovertible fact that many syphilitio au tlenu are made miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians ia genoralpracUce; for it is a point gen. rilly conceded By the beat synhiiograph. m. that the study and man , ®*e cwaniUj|jt« vhouJd en^ro** tk« whole time of t hone who would be competent and taocesafhl in their treatment and eve. The lnea perienced general praotltloner, having neither ep. PsI? .1 B,°r 10 “»*« Wmnelf acquainted with thetrpathology, oommonly paaraes o2a system of treatment, in moat cases making an Indlseilmlsst. u« of that antiquated and dau^rou. weapon ku£ •ary. y ‘ HAVE COHriDEHCB. All who have committed an excess of any kind - whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or tbs sting lag rebuke of misplaced eonndence in sparer yean, BEER EOR AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. Tha Pains and Achea, and Lassitude and Heryoas Prostration that may follow Impure Coition,are the Barometer to the whole system. > Do not wait for the consummation that is mrs to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, fog Disabled Umbo, lor lots of Boaaty and Complaxien. HOIV MAN 1 THOUSANDS CAM rims, ... THIS B T UNHAPPY RXPKR1KNCH. Tonne Men troubled with emixslor. m aim, . complaint generally the result of e bad habit'In yontV tree tod aeienliacnlly. end e perfect ear* war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day paaaea t ot we are conenlted by oat or moreyoang men with the a bo*, diaeaaa, no me ol whom are ae weak anil emaciated aa though they had the conauuptlon. and by their friend, < opposed to hart it All such ctsea yield to the proper and anly eorrset coarse of treatment, ard in a abort r are made to reloiee in perfect health. MIDDLE AGED * There are many men at toe a*.. „ .. „ »*oare troubled with too fregaent ertcuatieua from the bladder,oftenaceompanitd bye alight .marlina of burningaenaation. and weakening the .y.tem In a manner the patient cannot account lor. On exam ining urinary dep< alta x ropy eedlroent will often ha foand, and aometimea .mall particle* or aeinan or albumen will appear, or the color will be or a thia milktab bae, again changing to a dark and tnrbld appearance. There are many men who die of thia difficulty, Ignorant of the cause, which la the 8BLOND STAG* OP SEMINAL U SAXNKS3. 1 can warrant a perfect care in each etaeu. tad a IhU and healthy restoration of the urinary orxane Peraona who cannot penoualty con.ult thcDr., cam do ao by writing In a plain manner a deaertptlon of their dieeaae, and the appropriate remedie* will he forwarded immediately. b*4iitt?^lf,,dw"^d,trk'tlr ooa<ld*,!ti*1 ud will Addreea. DR. J. B. HUGHES, _Ho. (Temple 8t., [corner of Middle! Portland. ■’lead Stamp for oircuiar. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DB. HUGHES partioalarlylBTitaa ail Ladles who ■and a medical ad* iaer, to call at bis room*. He. I Temple Street, which they will And arranged for their especial accommodation • _* •t*lectle Renovating MadlcmaaareaaiiTal lad in efficacy and raperior virtue in regulating nil Female Irregnlarttie* Their action ie apeelA* and enrtain of producing relief In n abort time. oADUCS will And It invaluable Is ell oases of ob •tractions after all other remedies have bees tried in rain. It is purely vegetable, containing nothing in the lanat injurious to the health, and may be tag am with parftetaafoty at all times. ' ™ Seat to any part of tho eoautry with fall directions byadditaaiBg 0H HUGHES, Ha.» Tempi.Straet! Biddle, Portia*A. M. B.—LADIES d.atring may eonnlt on* of than own sax. a lady of axiwrieaoe la soostamt attend W"__ laaldAwly ■ORE TESTIROAIAIA ! * MRS. MANCHESTER la COsatastly receiving ansolkited toatimoalali ol the aaloaaahaag cares performed by her. Among many recently received are the foil owing, which ere commended to the notice of the afflicted Mr* Man oheater may be eoaaalted at Ho. 11 Clapp’s Bloch, Roome-Ho. A. A CAS* OP SPIN At DISK AS* CUHMD This is to certify that I weal to ae* Mre. Munches her last March with a daughter of mine troubled with spinal disease, tor which ah* had been doctored for At* yean, and by a number ol phyUdaaa of I klndu; and aha has had applications *1 electricity applied, bat nil to no effect; but cite ceu Uauaily grew won*. I came to tho ooaoluaioa, aa • Mrs. Manchester, aud did so; and to my great aurpria* .he told am the Aral aase el the disease, and how the had been Dorn time to Ume, which encouraged mo to try her —H‘iint« I did so. and bow my daughter is able to be around the boas* all ol the Ume. She also ride* tea or Af. teen mile* without any trouble or inconvenience,And 1 think in n abort Urns ah* will be restored to perfoet health. Sine* my daughter baa been doctoring, 1 barn beard of e greet many COM thai Mr*. Mxneh. . Ur lur cured. 1 think if .ap perron deserves pat. roaage, It in the ono who triao to preserve the health of thoaiak and suffering; and 1 know that aha ate* ovary effort whioh lie* La her power to heaedt he* pettente. danan L. kaiaara t-aoui ixuieara, Aanv K. Kbiobtb, -__ .. . _ Kuna Ka on*. Brmuwict, Maim*, eapart 6<h. OM^ OP TUB OHM A TBS T CURBS oa RECORD ■u. gtacawTM-iiBr Jfadime.-Thinking a auuntent of my oum may bo of eervioe to other* aimliarly afliotod. I hasten Bh give it to yon. Ihle la briedy my eae»-I we* taken eiek about* Id month* ego with the Liver Complaint ia e very bad form I applied to fonr different phyeioiana, bat re onload no beaedt anti) 1 aalled oa yon. At chat dm# I had gtrow ap baainooe, and waa la n vary bad state, bet after taking your medicine for a abort time I bo* ■aa U reaover, and ia two monthe I wae entirely well, and had gained eevernl poanda of daeh. and enn truly any that by yoar aklli I am a perfectly heal. Sp ■■». Joenrn On Tin. Ho*l*a t Mata* Dtpof, Portland, M*. A MMMAMMABLM CURB OP A CASE OP DBO BT CUHMD B T MRS. MAJfCUMSTMM. This la to certify that I have been cared of the Dnpey of dftoon peart standing bp Mr*. Mamuka*, far. I have been to phpaleiana in Boston. Naw Tork and Philadelphia. Tbep ail told me that tb«p ooulj do nothing for me. naieee tbep tapped me, aad ae anred mo that bp Upping t oould Uvo bat a abort time. I had aaade ap mp mind to go borne tad live as long ae I could wtth the diaeaae, end then die. Oa my way home I sUyed over night la Portland with e friend of mine, and told them whet mp mink was n regard to mp diaeaae They dual Ip pereeaded me to go end eoo Mrs. Manchester. She examined me end told mo my cate exactly. 1 wee to maoh tetoeiehed to think that th* told me correct!y. that I told her that 1 would taka her medi. elate, not haring the leaat (kith that they woald me any good, or that I ehoald get the .lightest relief from aay course whatever: dually I took tha medi cine aad went home Ia one week from the time 1 eommenood taking the medicine. 1 bad over three gaUoae of water paea me in seven hoars; aad my fol low sufferers map be aeeartd that it wee a grant relief to me.- I bed not been able to lie down ia bed at night before thie for two peart. How 1 eta lie do' with perfect eaee. 1 have taken her medicine right monthe, aad am ee weii ae any men oould \ lo bo, aad no eigne of dropsy. I would advh :b*t are alok to go end oonaelt Mrs. Mmmekti :v*a If they have been give* *p by ether ,: Solans. I have teat her a cumber of cnee* of or. Heoeeee, eud she hat oared them also, uo and tor you reel vea. I had eo faith, bat new mp faith mnnot be ebnhad to her skill ia toiling end on ring license. Caitui S. Hannon, 8anan E. liamnoa, _ Many A. Hannon Bampor. Maim*. April %A Onmon Hoonn—Prom 9 A aaglT lohoata' edlp JAMES EDMOND & CO. COM Ml 0811 >H 11KBC HANTS, IS LIBERTY SQUARE, . . BOSTON ▲re p re da red to order it favorable rate*. COLT »ESS aadGLENG AKNOCR PI G IRON, Lleo, BAR, SUBMT.t ROIL HR PLATE lRUM, of English and Scotch Manulketnra. WashalleonUnua to receive, ia addition to oar Lmariean Brick, a regular supply of INtiLlSH. SCOTCH, h WELCH MRM BRICK mohll vodtisu

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