Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 15, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 15, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Democratic District Convention. The democrats of the 1st Cougressioua district assembled la convention at the Senat chamber in this city yesterday, for the put pose of electing two delegates to attend th Chicago convention on the 4 th of July. Hoc Ira C. Doe of Saco, presided. The Committee on credentials reported 13 delegates as being present; but only 110 per sons voted lor delegates. A motion was adopted that each countj (York and Cumberland) select a delegate, anc that the County delegations separate for that purpose. The York County delegation met in the City Hall and at the first ballot selected Joseph Titeomb, Esq., of Kennebunk,as theii delegate, be having received 45 votes out of 49 throwu. The Cumberlaud County delegation organ ized In the Senate chamber. The names ol A. W. U. Clapp, S. K. Lyman, S. J. Anderson and Abner B. Thompson, were proposed as candidates for delegate. An informal ballot was taken with the fol lowing result: Whole number of votes HI. A. W. H. Clapp had 13; S. R. Lyman 20; S. J. Ander son 20; A. B. Thompson 5; Scattering 3. On the 2d ballot Lyman had 28; Anderson 22; Clapp 5. On the 3d ballot Lyman bad 27; Anderson 25; Scattering 3. On the 4th ballot Lyman had 32; Anderson 21; Scattering 3. The nomination of Col. Lyman was then made unanimous. The Convention accepted the reports from the County delegations and elected by ac clamation Joseph Titeomb of Keunebunkand S. U. Lyman of Portland as the delegates to Chicago from this district, and authorized them to select substitutes in case they should not be able to attend. OapL Ignatius 1. Stevens of Uorharn then proposed “three cheers for the hero, the palri ot, the statesman and the warrior when neces sary! George 1). McClellan. Capt. Stevens did not state when the General had exhibited any of these qualities; but the Convention took It for granted that It was all right, gave the three cheers aud then adjourned. Portland Dry Dock The adjourned meeting of the Portland Dry Dock Company was held yesterday af ternoon, Mayor McLellan, the President, pre sided. A report from James E. Simpson of Boston who had examined the borings ol the differ ent sites. He gives his opiuion in favor of either the Sawyer or the Jordon lot, on the ground that the foundation is better and that the dock can be built at much less expense than it can be on the Cape Elizabeth side. Mr. Simpson proposes to build a Dry Dock on his patent plan, on the Jordan aud Saw yer flats, length on top 325 feet, width 95 feet, width at entrance 68 feet, and 50 feet on bot tom of the dock inside, and 16 feet draft of water, Including steam engine, pumps boil ers, machinery and building for engine house —tbe dock to be completed in 20 months from date of contract. For everything hut the si&, he will build the dock complete for the sum of $168,975, or without a aea wall for $156,975. An estimate of the cost of a dock as de signed by W. F. Bunnell Jr., was presented. The estimated cost of tills dock, which would be 275 feet long to the first gate, 360 feet to tbs second gale, 86 feet extremo width, 00 feet width at bottom and 74 feet wide between abutments, is $101,490.00. After the reports were read remarks were made by Hon. W. W. Thomas, J. B. Coyle, Henry Fox, Jacob McLellau, C. M. Davis, John Lynch, J. B. Brown <$ als. The matter of erecting a first class Marine Railway in stead of a dock was talked of, as it could be done at one third of the cost of building a dry dock, according to the proposition ol Mr. Simpson. Mr. Bonnell explained his plau of a dock which, he stated, would cost about $104,000. After some further conversation among the stockholders the meeting was adjourned to Saturday afternoon at 4 o'clock, when a re port insy he expected from the Directors. L wu'k.n y or Monuy.—Monday night Mrs. L. R. Clough came from Boston to this city In the steamer Forest City. After entoriug her slate room she deposited her port monaie, containing $153, under the pillow. When the boat arrived here Tuesday morning, she left R, forgetting to take her money from uuder _ ..111__I Is —.kn l.a.l sweat In the upper part of the city that *he missed it. She theu returned to the boat and told the circumstances to the chief steward who im mediately went to the stateroom and found that the pillow cases had l»cen changed, but the port monaie was gone. The persou who changed tbe pillow cases was called but he said be knew nothing about it. The officers of tbe boat searched him but could find uothiug. Mrs. Clough then complained to the City Masrhal about her loss. Mr. Heald immedi ately sent officer Irish to the boat with orders to arrest tlie fellow wlies changed the pillow cases. Officer Irish executed the order aud arrested a mau calling his name Charles S. Newhall, belonging in Massachusetts, who has been on board of the boat only a week. He was taken to the Police office where he reso lutely denied all knowledge of the money, and was quite insolent toward the City Marshal. He was locked up lu a cell, but after being there a few hours, he confessed taking tbe money and told where it could be fouud ou board tbe boat. Tbe port monaie with the contents untouched, was found ss he described. Newhall remains in the lockup for examina tion. We wish to call the attention of our readers to advertisement of steamer Clinton, Which has been placed on tlie route from this city to Harps well, and to say to those who are not familiar with the waters of Casco bay, aud tbe beautiful scenery among its three hund red and sixty five islands, that they can make no more pleasant excursion, in any direction from this city than by takiug a trip to Harps weli aud back in the “Clintou,” the whole dis tance being in perfectly smooth water among the Islands. Thk Skasoh.—Yesterday waa a y ellow day The mercury tendered upward, and perspira lion aud soda fountains ran with a perfeci looseness. Speaking of soda fountains calls U mind that cooling, refreshing, grateful bover age, found at Lokinu'h Drug Store, corner o Exchange and Federal streets, called uCype rlan Julep”—a preparation of soda, and sue/ a drink for a hot day! Tlie gods might envy those who gain access to Unit fountain. ET” Hereafter, whenever they are prac tlciug at target firing from the fortification! In our harbor, lu addition to the boat crulsini round to warn vessels of danger, a flag will b planed upon the target fired at. This wil serve as a oautiou to islaud parties and vessel approaching to keep dear until a sale passag Is afforded, ^ MT" Tickets to Sprague A Ulancliard concert at Lancaster Hall, Thursday eveuiny 10th, for the benefit of the Ministry at larg( for sale at Crossman A Co’s.; J. it. Lunt A Cc Hall L. Davis; M. S. Whittier. fy-n. W. Jones. No. 115 Fore Street, lu received a lot of splendid pine apples, free guj dpllcjous. Try the pi apd see |f tbpy ai pot. SJr Portland Council No. I, U. L. of A will hold its regular meeting this evening i § o'clock at the usual plape, Attention is called to advertisement < forp lor sale by E, H, burglu. Respect to Lieut- Col- Boothbjr The Cumberland Bar Association held j special meeting yesterday, and as a token c 1 their sorrow for the loss of their brave associ s ate Lieut. Col. Stephen Boolhby, unanamousl, - adopted the lollowiug, aud ordered that it b ! : entered on the records:— . The members of the Cumberland Bar dc sire to place ou record an expression of thei sorrow at tbe decease of Lieut. Col. Stephei ’ ) Boolhby, who though, but for a short lime, i member of this Bar, was endeared to all win knew him by his kindness of heart, his genia disposition, and his promise of future eml ! uence in his chosen profession. Amoug the earliest to respond to the cal of his country in its hour 01 peril, lie is tin ! Aral member of this Bar known to have diet in its military service, aud we leel it to he dui to his memory tlut this testimonial of oui sorrow lor his death and sympathy with hn j parents and friends in their great bereave ment, be entered upou our records, and a copy forwarded to the family ol the deceased. m The remains of Lieut. Col. Boothby did not 1 arrive here yesterday. They are expected to j day. Municipal Court—June 14. Johu Baton being excessively fond of poul try, undertook to rob a hen-roost iu Falmouth. He was caught in the fowl act, bj'oughl before the Court aud sentenced to 30 days imprison ! mentiuthe County jail. Patrick Keating, for violation of the Lord’s duy, by keeping his shop open, was tlnod *10, and costs, lie paid up. Sale or Kkal Kstate.—Messrs. Henry Bailey <6 Co. sold at auction the real estate corner of Center and Pleasant Streets, 121 feet on Pleasant Street and the same on Cen ter Street, with three brick stores with dwell iug houses over them and a brick dwelling house ou Pleasant Street, with a wooden dwelliug house on Center Street. The prop erty wa-lpurchasedjhy Mr. James Bradley for *7,500. The same Arm also sold the lot of land cor ner of York and Bank Streets, 82 by 105 feet, with three wooden dwelling houses thereon. William Lanegan was the purchaser for *2,300. Tableaux Vtvaxts.—Our reader* who i intend to witness the Tableau* at Deenng Hall this evening, (and who does not intend to be there?) should secure their tickets in season to day at either of the followiug places, viz: Lowell A- Senter’s, II. L. Davis', Grossman A Co.'s, Dana A Co.’s, U. S. Hole! and Treble House. They will thus avoid the rush that will be made this eveuing. The splendid Band of the 17th U. S. Iufantty will perform the music. Pickled.—In discharging the salt yester day from ship Pomona, one of the men engag ed was unexpectedly salted down. \ portion of the salt in the bottom of the huld had melt ed and a crust had formed over it. While engaged at work one of the men pierced through the crust, and dowu he went, being entirely submerged in the melted mass. He was quickly extracted, but not until he was pretty well pickled That man is not for sale as either beef or pork. EF-CapL (ieo. H. Chadwell, Co. H, 32d Maine, who was injured in a rifle pit on the North Anna liver, aud subsequently taken down with disease, returned to his home in this city Monday. Capt. C. is reduced in flesh to almost a skelton, but we hope the braciug air of the North will speedily re-envigor hk frame, aud re establish his good health. Kf-The carryall of Hon. William Willis was badly damaged yesterday in consequence of the horse starting from the front of the res idence of Mr. W., and making his way to the stable without a guide. BY TELEGRAPH -TO Til •StEftlNU PAPEK8. — .««*.. from South America ~Krcltcmcnt In Chili anti Peru. New York, June 14. The steamer Northern Light, from Aspin wall, has arrived. Pauarna papers of the otk inst, contaiu the following items: A Are at Aspiowall on the 3oth ult. destroy ed two blocks, including the City Hotel and several fine residences. Loss heavy. Au unsuccessful attempt to assassinate Mos quera has been made. The would be assas sins have been arrested. Valparaiso dates of the 17th state that the whole Chilian and Peruvian coatft is highly excited at the recent occupation of the Chin cha Islands by the Spaniards. The Chilian Ministers of State aud Finance have been compelled to resign on account of proposing a settlement of the difficulties by diplomacy, and uew Ministers have been appointed. The Chilian navy is being augmented, the frigate Chile is beiug armored, the principal ports are being fortified, aud large subscriptions are be iug added to the appropriation of Congress to place the country on a war fooling and to aid Peru in resisting the Spanish iuvasion of American independence. Peruvian works of defence arc rapidly go mg on. navai vessels were neiug iron clad, and a monitor will toon be launched. The people are unanimous iu resistance to the Spanish aggressors. The Bolivia, Columbia and Argentine Re publics are also preparing to assist i’eru. The. frigates Lancaster and St. Marys were at Callao on the 27th ult. No new movements of the Spanish squadron are announced. The Northern Light brought ♦2)0,000 aud a large number of passengers. The Illinois was at Aspinwall on the 5tl>, full of passengers, waiting fur the arrival of the America at 1’auama from San Francisco. Additional FartUrularz of the Hattie at Cyn thiuna—Moryan'z Foreez demoralized. Lknim.ton, Ky., Juue 13. ('apt. Dickiusou telegraphs lien. Carrington as follows: (Jen. Burbridge gave the rebels s total ueleat at Cyulhiana yesterday! The rebel loss was 300 killed and 400 prisoners, besides the wounded. Tlieir force exceeded ours. Morgan's command is divided aud utterly demoralized, aud are trying to get off iu small squads. Cols. Uanson aud Garrard arc* pursuing Morgau himself, who, with a lew buudred men, is north-east of Cyulhiaua. Gen. Burbridge, with a part of his force, has returned. A telegram from Gov. Bramlette to General Carringtou, dated the 13th, 1'. H., says no rebels in force are moving towards Louisville. A gentleman from Georgetown reports that a few hours after Hobson's surrender at Cyn Uiiana, Gen. Burbridge. attacked the enemy killing and capturing half df his foice,aud the remainder tied iu great confusion, crossing the railroad yesteiday at I’aynesvill •. We had repulsed the enemy before reinforcements ar rived, bwt felt insecure until their arrival. Capt. Dickson telegraphs to Gen. Carring, ton that Gen. Burbridge is now here, aud re ports the rebel torce out of ammunition, scat tered aud utteily demoralized. A dispatch from Falmouth, Ky., this after noon, says that alter the Cynthiaua defeai Gen. Hobson and staff were sent under gnart to Falmouth, but the wholq-were recaptured by a scouting parly, aud are now at Falmouth From MejrUo. New Yokk, June 14. The steamer Mexico, from Havana Gib, liai arrived. Maxiiuilliau arrived at Vera Cruz oil tin , 2suit ult. He stopped ou the way at Martin ' iqi% liberated and carried with him lour pria 1 oners condemned to hard labor by Forey I also eight more aud paid their fares, and dis j tributed tfOOO francs among the remainder. The Emperor and Empress lauded on th 29ih, aiidjure received with a salute of 10! guns, amflne keys of the city were prescntei to them. They immediately proceeded in * land, and at last accounts had reached Solldai . Gen. Dana it reported to have won a vie , lory on the 13tb ult., capturiug 1O0 men, lh horses and lour guns, and killed 200 meu. Th force of the enemy—Mexicans—was only 300( Gen. Dana's loss was four killed and tweut wounded. s Gen. Mejia reports defeating Itoblado o II the 17lh lilt., at Uatchuate, and took 111 e prisoners, 17 guns, 27 wagons, 300 mules an large quantities of arms and ammunition. It is also reported that a skirmish took plac ., at Valparaiso, near Tacateoos, In which th it Mexicans' loss was VJU killed, 300 prisoner 8 guns, SOU small arms and 200 horses. Ortega was reported at Atemsjar with considerable furce. Yiadurri is at Lavedi " Texas. , There to po pews of cousequence at Uavaui ; BY TEUS8APH , TO T IK Portland Daily Press. Jfrom tt'ashinoton■ Wasuinotom, June 14. The Navy Department has been informer that on the 2d lust, the U. S. steamer Want sues, stationed at Georgetown, S. G\, chased u side wheel steamer asliore, which proved U be the ltase, of London, with an assorted cargo. After fruitless efforts to get the Rose afloat she was destroyed. Light prisoners, held as hostages for Union citizens now in the hands of the enemy, will he transferred to-morrow to the Delaware prison. The statement that the 100th Ohio regiment which recently arrived here, became muti nous and refused to go to the front is incor rect. They went with as much wiiliuguess as any other soldiers during the war. The tariff hill was reported by the Senate Finance Committee to-day. The rate of tax ation, when changed, is increased in most cases. A reduction is made ou sciap iron ! nine to seven dollars per ton,and on scrap lead from two to one and a half cents per pound. An increase is made in the duties on the following items:—Woolen cloths, from thirty-live to forty per ceut. ad valorem : flan nels, eight to twenty-four per cent, ad valor em; classes of cotlou manufacturers, from fifteen to twenty per cent.; flax or linen yarns for carpets, from twenty-flva to thirty per cent.; spun silk, from twenty-five to forty per ceut.; china and porcelain, from forty to forty five per cent.; gutta pereba, from thirty-live to forty per cent.; meerschaum and other pipes, from seventy to seventy-five per ceut.; tea, ten per cent, ad valorem in addition to twenty cents per pound ; wood screws, from six aud a hall to nine cents, and from nine aud a hall to ten cents; manufactures of steel from thirty five to forty percent. The first class in wools is extended to such as are wortli thirteen instead of twelve cents per pound, and a fourth class is made with wool exceed ing thirty-two inches per pound at twelve cents per pound and ten cents ad valorem. The following items are added:—Saltpetre, two aud a half cents per pound; strychnine in sacks, one and a half cents per pound; cards, twenty-five and thirty-five cents per ditrereut styles; palters of lasting, mohair, Ac., tor shoes and slippers, ten per cent, ad valorem; whiting and I’aris whiting, one cent per pound; whiting ground in #11, two ceuts per pound; cylinder and crown glass in class and lorin, two and a half to forty cents per square foot: opium forsmoking, #1 per pound. The change iu the tax on cigars is as lollows: Cigars of all kinds valued at #15 or less per 1000, seveuty-flve ceuts per pound aud twenty !>«r cent, ad valorem; valued at over $15 and not over $30 per 1000, $1 25 per pound and thirty per cent, ad valorem; valued at over $30 and not over $45 per 1000, $2 per pound 1 and Ally per cent, ad valorem; valued at over $45 per 1000, $3 per pound and sixty per cent, ad valorem; provided that paper cigars or cigarettes, including wrappers, shall lie sub ject to the same duties imposed on sigars. Various Items. New Yoke, June 14. The steamer Talisman, from Kingston 5th, has arrived, ltaius in Jamaica have consider ably damaged vegetation. Clias. A. Birney, a commission merchant, was to-day committed to Fort Lafayette, charged with being engaged in blockade run ning. The Board of Supervisors to-day adopted a resolution to proceed immediately with en listments. The sum now available for bounties, includ ing tile loan of $2,000,000 authorized to-day. is #2,000,000. A sou of Collector Barney, twelve years of age, was run over by an omnibus to-day. The Uth Mass, regiment left to-night for I Boston by the S o’clock train. It was the 2d N. II. regimeDt, aud not the 9lh, which left here by the Stoniugtou boat. About $20,000,000 of legal tenders of two years issue have been returned at the Sub Treasury within the last three days. The bills will be received by the Secretary of the Treasury in payments towards the new $75, 00O.000, accrued interest being all owed. The steamer Metropolis, from Alexandria, has ar«e»<t, with 000 sick and wounded sol diers, some of w hom are very bail cases. They j were received from the Daniel Webster and State of Maine, that had Just arrived froth White House. Seventeen died on board the vessels, and ulght on the Metropolis during the passage. New London, June 14. The ship Monticello, of this place, which is to lake Hall'* new Arctic erudition, will not be ready to sail before the 25th iust. Official Dispatch from Hoc. Stanton. Washington, June 13—midnight. . To Jfijj. den. Dir :—We have dispatches from the army of the I’otoinac as late as 8 o'clock this morning. The movement at that hour was iu successful progress. No reports to-day from Gen. Sherman. The following dispatch, from lien. Bur bridge, commanding iu Kentucky, lias just readied here:—“I attacked Morgan at Cynlhi ana at daylight yesterday morning, aud after an hour’s hard Aghting completely routed him, killing 300, wounding nearly as many, and capturing nearly 400, besides recapturing 1QU of Gen. Hobson's command, aud over 1000 horses. Our loss in killed and wounded was about 150. Morgan's scattered forces are flying iu all directions. They have thrown away their arms, are out of ammunition, and are wholly demoralised,” Dispatches from Gen. Butler, at 9 o'clock this morning, indicate no change iu his com< rnand. No further intelligence has been received from Gen. liunler. Secretary of War, Defeat of den. Sturgia’ i:*fsr till tun Capture of hi* II agon J rain. Ammunition, <*m4 man if 1‘riauner* by tor re at, Memphis. Tenn., J une 13, ) Via Cairo June 11th. ( The expedition of Geu. Sturgia, which led Memphis June 1st, is coming in. We iearu from an officer that they met a largo turco of rebels at Gunlowu, said to consist ot 10,000 infantry aud cavalry uuder command of Gens. Forrest, Lee and Rodney. This large force attacked tliem suddenly, ami a most desperate tight ensued, resulting iu the defeat of Sturgis with the loss of his wagon train and ammuni tion. This last was a most severe loss, as ' Sturgis had run out of ammunition, aud was obliged to ahaudou his artillery. Many of his infantry were captured, hut the exact number is not known. Gen. Sturgis' force consisted of 3,000 cavalry and 1,000 infantry, The large rebel force w hich attacked Stur gis is supposed to have been eu route for Sher man's rear to interfere with his communlca ' lions. From Sew Orteana—Voaamge of t’ea&eta (town the Miaaiuaijtpl, New York, June 14. The steamer Hamel Webster, from New Or leans 0th lust., has arrived. Her news is un important. The passage of several steamers by Ihe bat teries at Columbia is reported, iucluding the ltriliiaut and Mississippi, which had reached New Orleans. They were conveyed past tlie batteries by gunboats. The latter were re peatedly struck hut not much injured. The captain of the gunboat Exchange was seri ously but not mortally wounded. * It seems that Marmadnke's main force is at Itayou Macon, while Shelby's aud Capell's are at Columbia. Gen. C&uby had dispatched a large force to drive off the rebels. The New Orleans markets are dull and un changed. President Lincoln to Visit Philadelphia. Philadelphia, June 14. President Lincoln will reach this city on Wednesday evening at 9 o’clock, by special i train from Washington. He will be escorted to the Continental Hotel by the Urst city troop of cavalry and various civil associations Oo Thursday morning lie w ill visit tlie xauila . ry fair, and after the services there will re ; reive his friends and the publiu iu a chamber set apart for the purpose. He proposes to re turn to the capital on Thursday eveuiug— ; Meetings are being held in various parts o the city this evening for the purpose of adopt | ing measures to give the Chiel Magistrate i cordial welcome, The receipts or the sanitary fair now amonn to nearly a million dollars. The average dallj ) attendance is thirty thousand. 5 ! -- Marine Itt.nsUr. f New Yoke, June 14. Ship John A Albert from New Orlean I for Tobaaco, was stranded May 11th on Utag ' reus Keel', and ahandoued, with six feet o 1 water in llie bold. The crew were saved ii boats by t. schooner Louisa, aud landed a B 1 Sisal previous to June 1st. * I • » From the Feninauta. a Fohtbeks Mo.nkok, June 13. >, A steamer from llcrmuda Hundreds, r« ports all quiet there. Heavy firing wrs hear n this morning iu the direction of Richmond. XXXVIII 00UGRE88—First See.ion. Washington, June 14. SENATE. The House bill amending the act increasing duiies on imports was reported. The Guenilla bill was considered until the expiration ol the morning hour. i The fortification bill was then taken up and passed, after sti iking out the appropriation for Itostou harbor. Tbe gold bill, as amended by the House, was reported, ami ordered to be printed for action tomorrow. A committee of conference was appointed on the amendments to the bill equalizing the pay of soldiers, the Senate adhci iug to those made. The bill establishing a I'reodmau’s liineau ! was taken up. 1 A discussion occurred on the amendments offered by varlourt Senators, but without ac j lion being taken upou them. Mr. McDougall offered a resolution that the | United States view with extreme jealousy, as menacing their own peace and independence, the effort of any £uro[>ean power to obtain new footholds for monarchical governments in j near proximity to the United States. Mr. Conness objected to its present consid eration, and it was laid over. The joint resolution for the relief of the State of Wisconsin was passed. The Senate passed the House resolution ap propriating a quarter of a million for repair ing the works on the great lakes, as already stated, and $100,000 lor the works connected with the harbors on the seaboard, after which the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. The joint resolution empowering the Post master General to extend the Overlaud Mall contract, was reported, read twice, and laid on the table. The vote laying tbe Gold bill on the table was then reconsidered. Mr. Hooper’s substitute was agreed to, anil the bill which prohibits speculation in gold was passed. '•’lie Civil Appropriation bill wxs taken up. I The enacting clause of the bill was stricken out, and the bill recommitted to the commit tee on Ways aud Means. The bill amending the Constitution so as to prohibit slavery throughout the United States, was taken up. Mr. Pruyn opposed it. Mr. F. Wood, of New York, opposed the bill, and Mr. Iiigby, of California, favored it, saying that uo government could be truly Re publican which tolerated slavery. Mr. Kalbfieiscb, of New York, made a speech against the proposition. The House here took a recess. EVENIN'!! SKSSloy. Only a dozen members were present. Sev eral political speeches were made, wheu the House adjourned. • Co/. Connor Ajtpointert a Hri(ja*/ler Genera/. Washington, June 14. The* Senate has continued John Buford, de ceased, as a Major General of volunteers from me ist day or July, 1«08; also Col. Connor, of the 19tii Maine, as a brigadier from June lllii, 18tW. Nt%c York Market. Naw York. June 14 Cotton—l&2c higher : sales 0UO bale# at 1 28gfl 29 for middling uplands. Flour—talet 1.900 bbl*; 8tate ard Western closed steady; Superfine State 7 />><$« 03; Extra do 7 60g7 7U; choice do 7 65 a7 6U; Round Hoop Ohio do 8 3d a 9 30; ohoice do 8 00(^8 00; Super fine Western 7 65(18 25: Extra do 7 L0u,*-d: South ern x'eady; sales llOobOls; Mixed togooo 8 lOall 00* Fancy audextra8 loay 11 00 |Canada - sales 800 this! common Extra7 46^7 56; extra good to choice 7 90 (ft9 25. Wheat—l;g?r l»etter; sales 190,0»i0 bush: Chicago Spring 1 73o.l Ml; Milwaukee dub 1 76&1 82: A inter i Milwauaee 10Hi*171; Winter Ked Weeiern 1 ' JgJt Amber Michigan lOljgilOS; White Canada Corn—2c lower: sales 00.0)0 bushels; new mixed W estera 1 4%1 40. 0»u—quiet: »alt>< Canada it 90®SCije. Beef—very Arm; rale* <VK) bbl*. 1‘urk -hljtbar; .all.* 4*6" bbl* new me*, 38 00o.?3 60 I ard—firmer; *»le« 180 bbl* at 16J a. lti ^ Wliiakoy— higher: a<n aoKJ bbl* at 1 aj.o.1 34 Uice—Brtn; *ale*«f») bag* Kauftouu III a is®, ami 60 bu.lieta far* at 13c ' Sugar—quiet; sale, 3» hbd«; furto KioolSja.19; Uuwuvadu 17}ul7jc ' Naval 8W>re»—quiet. ■>r^trule.u“r?r“l 500 bbl* crude at 4[c, and 2&) do relived ftce at 74r. ...Uaow firm; *alt* llO.uGO lbs at 16g16Jo for Freight*to Liverpool—quiet. Stock Market. „ . „ Maw York. June 14 Second Board.—Stocks lower. American Gold..... , United States 6‘s 1881 coupons. ' i|2i United States out year certificates new *.".**.*.]!!! 6*1 t.antou t.ompany. VT': Quicksilver Mining Co.. 2.1 raotttc Mali....".J* Krie. . Erie preferred...V.xJ!! 1 ‘.a 1 K‘>r.*.1 iliUU New York Central,...132 , Reading.1M Miohlgan Central. 143j i Michigan Southern,. 96 Illinois Central scrip.12 o Cleveland k Pittsburg.lllj Cleveland k Toledo..149» Chicago, Burlington k Quincy.12* Milwaukee k Prairie DuChieu.67} Toledo k Wabash. 09 Gold closed this afternoon at 1 964. At a Court or Pkorai k held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the first Tuesday of June, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty-four, JU-EPH CLEAVES Administrator of the estate of George Leighton, late of P«.wi ai, in said Comity, deceased, having presented his Lt final ac count of administrator of said estate fer probate: It teat Ordered, That the said Administrator give uotice to all persons interested, by causing notice to be published three w'eck* «uo<k**holy in the Maine State Press printed at ISirtland.thst they may appear at a Probate Court to beheld at *uid i'ortland, on the first Tuesday of July next, at ten of the clock iu the forenoon, and show cause, it any they have, t why tlie same should not be allow ed JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, attest, 24 w3w* HUURNE HUMPHREY. Register. At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within nud for the County of Cumberland, on the first Tues- | day of Juue, in the year of our Lord eight een hundred and sixtv-four. Vt Spguldtug Churchill, nail others, minor chil dren aud heir* of Mary P Churchill late of Portland lu taid County, deceased, having presented hi* Peti tion for Cleanse to sell aud convey certain Real E* tate of laid tnluo* a* described iu said Pot! lion au advantageous oibr having been made therefor, lt«*H4t Ordered. That the said Gtiardiau give no- j lice to all person* interested, by causing nutlet to be | published three weeks HUcoe»*ively iu the Maine ! State Press, printed at Purl laud, that they may ap- j pear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on tho flrst Tuesday of July next, at ten of the clock iu the forenoon, and show cause, it any they ham, why the same should not be grant d JOHN A WATERMAN.Judge. A trucoopy, attest, 24w3w* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register. At a Court of Probate hbtd at Portland, within t.ud Air the County tit ( umberland, on the tir>t f t *• day of June, in the year of our Lord eight ('i n hundred aud six!) -.our, SARAH K. ILSLEY, named Devisee in certain a Instrument purporting to be tho last will and testament of Sarah II. Rates, lair of Portland, in said county, widow, deceased, having presented the same for Probate: al»o bar petition praying that I admmUtiatijn wall the Will annexed, ou said es tate may be granted to Geo E It. Jackson, of said Port laud, Will aiu W. Woodburr, the Executor named in taid Will, haviug in writlr g declined said trust, It irae Ordered. That the said Devisee give no tice to ail Porauit* iutcreated, by causing notice to be ouUliaht d three weeks successively iu the Maine Mate . Press, printed at Portland, that they may appear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, ou the flint Tuesday of July next, at teu of the clock iu the forenoon, aud show cause, if any they have why tho said instrument should not be' proved, ap proved, aud allowed a* Hie last will and ie*tameut of said deceased, and administration granted, a* prayed for i» said pciltion. JOHN A WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, attest, 31 w8w* ' EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register. GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, Aud all tho Accompaniment*. F I *> II l\<; TACKLE! Tho lint Assortment iu the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27. oodtf Independent Military Company. sAnnu zouaves. A LL those wishing to Join a good Military Co.will iV And it to their advantage to call at old t ity Hall, any Monday or Thursday Kv^piug, previous to June 23 h ; also six or eight good drummers Ail rec uits mu»t be & leet and ft inches iu height Per Order. A. II. 8A WYtU,Clerk. Juue2 —eodflw For hule. A HOUSE and Lot on Steven's Plains Read, ad joining the Seminary Grouuds. a very denia ble location. A*so a number of hu Iding lot* near the Mams*. Enquire uf E. It TOitHKS, on the Plains, dune loth, 18(34.—eod3w* ORA FTS WILLIAMS. 8U0tiUM<‘»« to J. W. 1I0NNKWKLL St Co., t No. ft C 7 4 8 Uommeroiai Wharf, Boston. Importer* and Whdleaale Dealer* in Drugs, Med*• t dues. Paints, Oil*, Dye Stuff*, Alanutncturers. ar ticles and ('hemical*. Manufacturer^ of t'oi al Far nithiS, Japan Ac. Agent* for Forest Itirer Lead L Mystic Lead Co. French aud American Zinc. Druggist**, Perfumer* and Liquor Label*. General Agent* for J L. Uunnewell’s Universal Cough Rem edy, Tolu Anodyne and Electric Pill*. iucb21eod3m Compositors Wanted. / \NK or two ,drtt class female compositors will ■ " " And constant employment, and the Irg best rates application at THIS OTJ-KK. 1 iaay2bdU MISCELLANEOUS. CUSTOM CLOTHING N. S. GARDINER, 62 Middle 8t., Opp. Post Office L) roetviug weekly the L A TEH T and MGS T ELEGANT STYLES ~0¥— French, English and American Doeskin, < iisslmeics and Couliugs, ' Which wa are prepared to manufacture into Uai lueuts m»t surpassed in Style c/ Cut, and workmanship, by any bou'ciu this City or State. MR. JOHN II. LARKIN, ! Attends to the Cutting of Ganneots in this Establish ineut, whose reputation as a Fashionable, Tastx ('utter is well known in Portland aud other cities. We have on hand and are coustanly receiving al the different varieties of GENTI.EME.VS FURNISHING GOODS Usually kept try those in the busine... June 14 —cod4w U N.ION Mutual Life Insurance Go. INCOKi’OKAlKD by the STATE OF MAINE Charter Perpetual. _ Organised, 1S4U DIRECTOR’S- office, 08 state Street.Boston, Mass. President—URXtlY CROCKBB Vice-President—OAX !Bt SHAttP Secretary—\V. It. HOLLtSTKtt. u. G. WILSON, General Manager of Agencies in the Xese Kngland dates. Assets, 31 ar December, 1858, $859,088.41 Losses /‘aid to date, $750,050.00 Dindend Paid in Cash to date, $340,036.09 rilUIS Company offers peculiar advantages toper sons iu tending to iusure toeir lives, iu its saietv and scabtlity, a.quired iu its loqruen >«art* expert. mm iali ‘*wil,lont its capital of 3101.WO, (amount, to over throe-quarters of a million ot dollar., being more than two hundred thousand dohara in exeem of it. liabilities for tbe rein.uranee of allout-.tanding ri.k,; Iu toe fkcilltie, prnented iu it, aecommod.ung s)«tem of payment, of premi um.; in the large number, dii emitted condition, aud occnpaiion., variou. age. and localities of live. (D. .urea, giving the largvet requidte Mope for the ope ration ol tho law. ut average mortality, and tbe am ple.t guaranty to the insured for the benefits there ol; in .he division of profit., the annual apportion nieut of which having tov the part l jurUeu yearn averaged Port, per Ouw. oftbe premium, paii I i . Upou ■“ l'l»<-s»s«»l with 1 ns Insurance Comp.uiea, and at a. low rate, a. l. con-tent with a view to equity an7 .olvaiSy 1 at ties desiring Aitc-ncicd in . nam mhov,. .L -_ pin> nave none, and thorn wishing Traveling a™. ' V W “fSS; °7, **•■« »'"•■. wi)»Tpp,*^ ' I WILSON, 61 State Street. Boston, aivia* i-ucii reference, or information &i to ag nriaent wi I unable Mmto‘lonfJX* meat in regard thereto. JuneUdSm George W. maason, SOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Street, Portland, Me. A share of patronage ratpctfnlly solicited and ■a isfaction given. Order* from the country promptly attended to. Address Uejrgo W. Mansoo, 74 Middle street, Itooui No. 10, up stairs, Portland, Ms. Juns 14—dam John kinsman, FITTER, —ANT>— Dealer in Oaa Fixture**, Ami (■«» A Kerosene Cooking Apparatus The public ate invited to examine and teat these lew iuvcutious, which are highly recommended for luminer use. -VO 55 UMIOX STREET. Portland. June 14 —eod.'tm lATEKKATIO.tAL Fire Insurance Company I Of Aem 1 ork. Office 113 Broaelwag. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. IVM. E. WAUkKN, Preeidmt. HAMILTON r.HL'C’E, Vice rreaidont. UEOIiUK W. SAVAGE, Secretary. ‘Portland Board of Pefrrenctt: hma II. liaow H k Son, llxasKY Flntchkr k Co. The undersigned having been appointed Aviar md Attokxav lor this ( oiupa* y, m bow prepared o issue To!idea on Insurable Property at current a tea. _ tF Portland Office, 166 Pore Street. JOHN W. MVSUKHi Agent. June 3.1804 - dtf L26 Exchange Street. 126 ]VT. l^liiniiey, WOULD inform hia triad* and former customer* that he has takeu tin- Store No 126 Exchange Strtrt, w her** he intends to carry on the Stove and Furnace Business, lu all its branches. STOVES, of all kinds, of the neweat aud moat approved patterns. Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. Or Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex* change for new. STovna. Kavow, Kuikacm, and Tin Warm repaired at short uotice, iu a faithfal manner. Grateful for former patrouagp, ho hones by strict ittentiou to business. and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public favor. , may23dtf The ChfapeM Agency IlOU collecting all classes of claims arising from the war is that ol the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION," in which the expcnftua are controlled by adUinler eeted Executive Committee. Apply in penny. or by letter, to GKuRIIK F. EM KUV. over the Portland Poet OtBce, 3J story. dawly PERRY, 151 MIDDLE ST., Has Just opened a large a-soitmeut of CLOTH HATS, Including the “BILLY MORRIS,” “GUN BOAT,” “DKARBY” "GEN. MEADE,” Ac. Aieoi'ook A Aldricb'f Celebrated "LONDON,” and “BOGOTA” HAT, Which for style, finish and durability surpass any other forth# season. June 4 dll IT. 1CRY. 161 Middle street. IF YOI' HAVEN’T A REFRIGERATOR ! OR, if you have an old one that don’t exactly suit vou, don t fail to examine the very best pat tern now in use, th * POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For sale at the Furniture Room* of WALTER COREY. 62 and 54 Exchange street. JuncG, 18o4 d2in LANE A LITTLE, Who’esalc Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods ANl> W oolens, No. MU Middle Htraet, I A. | PORTLAND. MK. june7dtf Portland Atlienirum. THE Annual Meeting of the Proprietors of th Portland Athumiuw for th* Choice of officer! aud the transaction of other business will be hoidc at tLibrary Room, on Wed ue* lay. June 22. at 7 o’clock P. M. All books belonging to the librar are to be returned on or before Tuesday, the lit! iust. NATHAN WEBB, Seoretary. June 9, 14G4 —d‘2w Talk about Hats JUST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES June 4 -dtf For the Inlands. Gu and after June 13th the steam* CASCO will until farther uoti< leave Burnham’s Wharf, for Peak and Cushing's Islauds at 9 and 10.9) A. M , and aud 3 30 P. M. Returning will leave Cushing’s lslsa at 9 49 and 11.16 A M aud 2 46 aud 6 16 IV M. 1 iokets 26 cents, down aud back; Children 15 ct June 9-dtf For Bangor. SCH Kate Aubrey, Jacobs master, tr«74 hare it mediate diapaich. For freight or passage appl to the master on board, at tha bead of Long Whar *>r to D. T CUAgE. Juue 14 —dtf MISCELLANEOUS. r 3 NOTICE -TO TUB I HOOK SELILEKSj — A»D — Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! —AMD— PUBLISHING HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, Aro Bow tall], prepared to I Supply the Trade! -AT TUB V Lowest Wholesale Price*. By special contract, recently made with the Bo§ ton aud New York Publishers, we are enabled to eupply any and All of the School Books. L’sed in this State, on The Most Liberal Terms. Having parchaaed the Stkhbctypa Plath from O. L. Baaaoaa A Co., of tku city, we tball la fa turn publiahthe valuable Seriee of Scbool Book* heretofore pnkliebed by theai. Tbieaerice, togeth er with oar former pabltoelloaj. will make the fol lowing LUt:— Norton’s, Weld and Uaaokenbos' Gram mar, The Progsessive Grammar, By Weld k Qnackeahoe. The Progreesive Parsing Book, By Weld A guackenboe. Weld’s Mew Grammar. Weld'e Grammar, (Old Edition.) Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Beadsr, Bol brook's First Book in Aritnmstis, •Mason s Amnmetic. B. fc N.t also pablieh HiKaiaan'i Am-Aaar lab SreTaa or Rapid Mercantile Writing, in Right Parte, with prfi»te3 copies at tbn bend of each page, in enact imitation of the Author's beau tiful style of PENMANSHIP. We call Bpecial atteotloa to theee Mew Writing Books, A. they are admitted to be the moet practical Copy Book, ever offered to tbe public; and they are eow being rapidly introduced, having the full undone niAut nf flu SupfrinlfBiieil if Piblif Siboeli of the State if lain. Besides the above list which we publish, eur Spec ial contracts arc for the following boohs:— Progressive Series of Headers and Spellers. Hillard's Series of Readers a Spellers. Sargent's Series of Readers ft Spellers. Colton’s ft Fitch’s Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. j BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY —AMD— ROOM PAPERSI I ft FULL STOCK Always On Hand ! N. U.—Booksellers or Country Dealers who ar i > not coiuing to thicity, may write to usstatlog abou what amount they purchase at a time, and wo wil scud them a I-I8T OF PRICES, It wanted. Bailey &o Noyes i Publishers And Booksellers, _ i 50 and 58 Eicliaagr Street * Fort land., mayWdSm • I-. I Rare Chance , FEMALE AGENTS WANTED • flto trxvel in nil p»rt« of thn etnin In • plum » • 1 xud money-innklug burtne,, Aetive agent, e 5 make Irum S3 to B*> per dny Wn »ill ,oud urn,1 d will in,(motion, on the reonlptofS6nnnu. PW ' mddrew H. H. CCTTIHU a CO . i • wt Congro., «trnnt. rortUnd. Juno 14—dl v For Sale. i- mtIK Block nnd Fixture, of n Srnl olxu Frorini. y I Store, now doing n good biuinnw. wld only • r, xooount of the IU henltb of thn proprietor. Addri “W," Box was, Portland P. Ot June 14 -d3o entertainments! WKW C1TV IUll! l Thursday. Friday & Saturday Evsa'gi June 16th, 17th nnd 19th. the cbi.ebbatbd and original BUCKLEY S SERENAOEfiS 'SXSttXSSE!SUS±&mz H. BISHOP BUCKLEY, G. SWAIN BUCKLEY, EKED. BUCKLEY, Atsld'ed by *0 ol the Brighten! Stan, in the Prolr-nion, Will appear u above Admlvnloo fto all parU of the bume.) 30 Cent* Jano 13-dlar ~TV E_W H ! I> e o r i n g Ha 11: Commencing • Thursday Evening, June 16,1864. NACEVOY’8 Grand Pictorial and Musical Exhibition OF IRELAND. < hunite of Scenery each highf. a^d!ilrC5!l^Jfn^^02!w*, br MUu "Mna'1 Starlr ,,o°*• °^u NEW OPERA 1101 SE f ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS MINSTRELH! OPE.Y EVERY EYENIAr, An Entire Change of Programme. LOVE, or~The Rivals ! Admission 25 sent*; Reserved Seats 50 cents, may 17If H.'bLANCUARD, } *•«”■*•»•■ TABLEAUX VI-VANTS! -AT — Decrintf Hull, — ftt — Wednesday Evening, June 15th, U nder the anspiees of I lie Xalttle Acorns. Door* open it 7 o'clock. Tableaux to commence at 9. Admission toall parts cfthe house, 60eent* June 11 — td QUADRILLE BAND. MR. J. W. RAYMOND would respectfully In form the eitisens or I'ortkud and vicinity that lie has connected himself with the members of CHANDLER'S BAND, At 1’rompter, nnd that they are prepared to furnish music for Halls, Assemblies, 1'ic-nio*. Excursion.. Re. All order* left at KO Federal street, corner of Temple, will receive prompt attention J W. HxriioxD. 1st Violin nnd Prompter M B Ellis. J,l Violin. M. O. Bhaw. Kluui. L W BnAiiLnr, Cornet. F. L WiLtnv, Bjh. __jnnellTTA S7w MERCHANDISE. Liverpool Salt Afloat. HAA/I HHD8. Liverpool Salt, cargo of alijp UVA/V Fomooa, n^wlaading mod for tale bjr DANA ft C O. June II—dlw Apple*, Apples. OrUI BBf.S nl.e Bn.let Apple., forsele by F. A. HM1TU. lliaadll Btfver strwr. Juno U.-dJw • Money." . J 7TCS FR1ME Ct BA IIONET, for sal. la l*nd on duty paid. THOMAS AS EH CIO fc CO. Jane 10.—ledtf Sierra Morena Xojpwrtim, cnr •F/S.) 1111DS , _ Surry t'harlena, now Unding ouj .^rene.i Central Wharf. «o Itbls. 1 For sale by Jane3. 19*4!_OKOROt 8 HUBT. .ism asrsaa IMnlnsaea. oltu linos. 1 MOLA98ES.Ju«t landing from fltji » ; bng "MaMda " A superior 4t» TCB. ) article for reUillag. Fur sale by John d i.iiKii ■nySMtw* No. If Union Wharl. Sugar and Molanet. •^QQ HU OB 1 CHOICE MUSCOVADO SU 'lOTCS ) OAR. 371 HUU8 nuperior Mutco.ado, and 4! TCB Clayed Molasses, • ll HBL.y from sierra Morena, Non landing nnd lor sale by THOMAS AU.SCIO k CO., inayfitf Custom House WhArf. Sierra Iflorenn Nlolame*. Q*>?C HMDS , OUt) r CHOICE ‘JlERttA MORENA 30 TIERCES ! K.OLA93U, HI BBLS ’ How loading from Brig “C. H Kennedy” TMOB. ASKSCIO fc CO . May E-tf_C. H Wharf Scntch Canvass. 1()s\ BOLT9—from tbe factory or David Cor a' * tar fc 8ont. Leith- a tall cloth of superior quality—fast received per "Jam ", and Cur sals hy MuOlLVERY. KYAN fc DAV1B, mo 1,76 dtf 1«1 Comawreial Street. TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.N. DEMINS, Medical Electrician, N*. 11 Ckw’l Block, OOBBBB orCONORMSS AND BLM 3TRBB1S WOULD reapect fully announce to the cltlMBi of Portion*! and vieluity, that he hue permanent ly located in tbie eity. During the eleiea muathe that * e hare been in town we have cured aom* nl the wont form, of disease in peiuoae who have tried i other forme ot treatment la vain, earl caring pa tient. In io ihort a time that the qaeetion li often naked, do they >tay cared ? To aa.wer this question we will eay that all that do uot stay cared, we will doetcr the second lime lor nothing. Dr. D. hae boon a praeUeai Electrician fir twenty one year*, and t* alao a regular graduated phyetetaa Eleotrioity i* perfectly adapted to chronic disease* la the form of aervoaa or eick headache: nearalgta In the head, aeek.oreatremltiee; oouaumpUoa.whoa la the acute atagea or where the lung* are not fully Involved: aoatoorahrenicrheiWMlhm.ccrotnli. hi, dieeaaoa, white awellingt, apinal diaeaeon. eanratara of the apian, contracted muscles, distorted limb* pnley or paralyaia, St. Vila*' Daaoe. dcotaeea,atnm mering or heeltaaey of apeoeb. dyapepeta. indlge* da. constipation aad liver complaint, pile*—w*own avery oaae that can be preeentod; asthma, bronchi, tie, stricture* of the cheat, and all Ihnm of tank ocmpleiat*. By EDlootrloity The Kheamatie. the goaty, the lame aad the lai] leap with Joy, and move with the agility aad elaetie Ity of youth; the heated brain la cooled; the froet bitten Utah* reetoted, the uncouth Jeforauti*. re mored: fhlntnem converted to vigor, weak**** ti atreagth; the blind made to ere. the deaf to bear am the palaied form to move upright; the blemish** o youth are obliterated: the aecidtntt of mature ill prevented: the aalamitiea of old aga oh via led, am an aotlra oirepletion maintained. LADIES Who have cold haada aad foot; weak etomaehe lam* aud weak back!; aervoaa and tick headache diaainesa and awlmmlng in the head, with ludtgei tioa and eoueUpaUoa of the howela: pain la the aid i aad bank ; leaoorrhma, (or white* I; tailing of ti womb with Internal eai.cera, Umorv, poly put, on all that long train on dieeaae* will tnd In Kleetrh Ity a anre meant of care. Tor painful meuatruati*i too profuae menatrnatioc, aad all of thou# long lia of trouble* with young lad lea, Electricity ia a eertai •peotflo, aad wilt. In a ihort time, rector* the aulbn 1 1 to the rigor Of health. I ar~ H a toe, «w Rltctro- Chemical dmendni It 1 extracting Mineral Poison from the iratem, each i i Mercury, Antimony, Amenic, Ac. Hundred. wt 1 are troablnd with-tiff Joint*, weak baoke. aad rar oaa otherdittcnltiee, the direct caaee of which, I aine naan* oat of ton. I* the effect of poieonone drag COB be reatored to aataral atreagth aad vigor by tl nee of kon «v* to eight Bathe. Otto* horn from I e’atoak A. a. to 1 r. «.; 1) (: aad I to • ». BL Coaenltatioa Proa. |yl4 leedt V. 8. Marnhal’s Notice. UarraD Statu or Auubioa . I Distmict or MAian.en. I PL'IISUANT to monition* from the How. Aahi Ware, Jadgo of the United State* Dtatrwtloai within aad lor the Dutrici of Maine. I hereby gi, public a- tire that the following UbeUind luroim , tu ui have been Sled In .aid C urt. rir— ’ A agaiaat Twnwrv Bolt* or Aibboai Duck, 818 yabou; Ann Tan llAir ( hbatb in An ngnlnat Two llcaluio Ann Si TT-moHT Thopaaud liiiauu An Varaubaa Agaiu. 5li Las BA or Bkauc ahoTuh Taoi'eAwo Ciuaab An ht/itrmatum ngnlnat Seven Ca«*w ivwryai f two Tutarv-nva Tnot aa»o I'iuab*. and koi * t AUaw ionTAinuiwTur»»TT Thuu*ahi> CiciAnn A Litei ugalnat(Tnaiui i asks i'ohtai*i*'i Tni Tv .vino TaoctAWn on* Utrat>nnt> Aim fir at CiuAue ‘ W Inch aeixarun were for breacbe* of the law* „ the United Stole*, aad ia more particularly net fix to said Llbela and lotormAllona; that a hearing *i trial will be hud thereon at ftaaptw, in anld Dlatr on the Poarf A TWcailuy i|f June enrrewi, where a poreoaa latoreated therein may appear, aad .hi einu, if Auy can bo novo, wherefore too **■ “ ahould not be decreed forleit and dlapoeedefeecoi IB ^DatolTat Portland thia fourteenth day of June, w D.18«4. ». A. OU1NBT, “ U.B. Deputy Marshal Diet, of Main* June It—dltt A j AUCTION SALES. E* M. PATTEN, Auctioneer, . 12 Exchange Street, The Portland Cloak Store, TomII by Auction all their block of I CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS l -AT THE Store No. 322 Congress St., Thursday, Friday and Saiiuday, June 10, 17 and IH. The whole to ha .old icUkout rntrre. The Stock con.igU of ail the uew at, lea of CIRCULARS, SACKS, CASSOCKS, -AMD MANTILLAS, Ail made thin aeaaoa. and in a thorough and workmawlike manner. I adieu will And tbi* an excellent rpportnnity to purcUade a good article at their owu price, a* tbe good* will be sold and wrirrantrdm* r*prtBmttd. Sale to commence at balf-paat two o'clock etch day. juatlldlw V aluablr Farm in Fulinuuih, u( Auction. ” - — V tin W«i,,i«Div, June lSIh.atS o'clock p. m., on the preuiii* a, a Nate// /'arm, near Falmouth Depot, OonUioir g ah< ui 7h , t j A* m,\2 . — ,-which .h a valuable HV.,/ l.,t. iHere tb a goj«it couvea tat aud comfortable ilou** and o«Muu(iiu|gou it—a Urge and tbritty Orch Wii or yoangtritw. and the house and ourrouitdinga desirable for a good out ot town reddunee. >a!e podjtire— tit]I ce«r. For further particular* apply °liiy 81 BAILEY A CO, Auctioneer* *■ M. JAXTEN, AtTCTIOKEEH, la Kxcbengelit. Tobacco, Co Me c, Iron Safe, Desks, Wen's Boots, Ac. OK Thor d»r, June l«th. »t 10 A M , »t c.flleo. lObuxa* Button Navy, pound*. Tobacco, 26 (.©t 2* ****••CtffHdiab Tobacco. I Cary Men * Calf outkia, a> Boxes Cow, Boxe« heap, 60 Hearn* Note raper, I»ou Bxfe, 8 VVainutand Mahogany sit-down D"k' »b>w ( a.*,. bto,«. Eurm.erv i e. way lk.—did Furniture at Auction. l*,h' ** o'cioek a. m , remr of^io. ut Brackett atfirot, the Furniture in raid uoqm eon.i-ii.r of Jf»tnrm,T »„r«, k*,» Chdr. Bcrter >B<1 fA'Ior ( liwire in heir cloth. ■ tine toned l*i *no and a nne instrnment ; ('oarer Table, Cham ber beta, Mirror*, Carpet*. Bureaus,B»daftad« Cook JJ^^roekery, Tin and Wot den Ware,Tub* Paifa, II BN BY BA ILF. Y A Co A Jane 13—Ut H«n«, Cnrfiiiges, Ac., ut An.ilon. ( \N Saturday. Jane lhtt,. at 11 o clock A. H. on V^.LIine street, u* *1 allfcilat a tie ion.tu o lions*, tas^'wyiili, W’siom, EsprtM WifOLi, Hmnr— juuel&dd HENRY BAILBY CB.. Auctrs. l>«traW* H»n.c Lot at \ no ion WRshall sell at Auction on HOBDAY. Juner at 2 o'clock, P. M. that very dc»*rat>.e LOT* LAND, on the corner of Tine ai d Y»ughn srf, —.-_ owned by Hon L D. It. eweat, nogf“ — od by Dr. Ludw ig, containing about lifiOO »t .J* lot Is opposite the residence of O W. Y!522; *®« back* u; on tbe estate of Hon It is the most desirable untccupit-d i*'®"11 ca End.” Part of the purchase money mortgage it desired. desirable lot Tbe above »« believed to be the- ?ar - offered at A notion the present ^»2U®swi'i* scenery, water. «un et, meant a- ___ ed if no. unequalled. - CO, Auctioneers HENRI BAIL* Jana 9. dtd --ktai« ia fas* Ell Valuable Kra^, Anrtion. ,t S o'clock p. on l*w ON Tcokay ■»p« Kli/»b*«k. we -h*11 •*“ ’**• p-emUe/’t.tmto. 1 l*o uohm*'m<I cooLotatag « mpt. • colt M red men. of .plndtd Imud, wlthj mbout ouejttml .tone wmll mUrcuud It . mud good Rooitul.ti mod other oot-houwm ou it; with mu lou«JfmpplP. pemr mud plun trot.; turrmut., oppo*t»» homcmlemd i. m field ofmbautW J* of «\cellent land enclosed with a substantial fc?.™»r3E SEi -a T2kSTSS£,!55 wood land. I here is a sura l lot of 4 acres, a very d<tiSEk¥i5*s‘it °r »*>•• “ «,p*- *v n,*'*d,i; holWwr’Ttr wood; mudI muot.w, U mere lot without, Cgpo. v cry p^Kantly loeaUd. in a bUlhfrt and good neighborhood, easy of access, and desirable for a residence or investment. 71k* clear, term* easy Sale positive Only motive for sale ill health. HENRY BAILEY k CO., Auctioneers. Jane 9.— dtd Administrator's Kale. BY virtue of a license from tire Judge of f rotate of Cumberland County. 1 shall sell at public auction on Tuetday, Jane 21. 1804, at twoo ok»ckP. M ou tbe premises! tbe following deter»ted real es tate belonging te the estate of Haik l>t wring,.late of Itridgton. in said county of Cumberland, to-ceased, and described in tire inventory of snid «state a* fol lows:—1“Partsof lotsnumbend tlorea la tl a fourth and tfth range of lots.iu HrJdgtco.containing stout thirty acres, purchased of 11. R. Canley.” halo laud is situated about oae half mile from the village ot B. Bridgton. ou the road leading to Miedei^ and has on it 3 mowing Helds, containing about twelve seres, nearly walled lu.—abont nine acres pastur ing— and tbe t a! ance cover'd with a da# growth of wood and timber. terms of *«le, one half cash, balance in on# year with interest, and good perseusJ tecurity. LEVI CRAM, A lm'nisrrator. Bridgton. Hay 19, 1964. dmay2w341w ValaaMe Krai Estate tor Sale. Tbe property in Westbrook, near Sgccaiap B P* Village, known as the Pierce place, and ■Ln lately occupkd by J P. Rich, E/q . will be ^^™sold by auction on the premises, at 10 o'clock A. H.. Tuesday, June 21st, 1964. There are M acres of land, well cultivated, a good orchard, well boil two story house, barns and carriage house 1 Can be examined at aay time previous to the sale. I Term* cash. E. M. PATTEN, Auctioneer June®, 1804. dtd House and Lot a I Am-non. /\W Weduesdar. June 22. at 3 o'clock r. n.. on \ w the prvra .es. we shall sell tfcc two story woodeu House ou Tarria street. Ho. XI. The house is laarty new— finished thoroughoal. sod good repair—in sill Mcumnoditslso ftmilit-i; a gocil cellar aid plenty soft water Ihe lot isM feet « n Turns rlre-t, and 80 feet deep, ihe hoese is fo isluiltd that another bou«e lot can be used on the lot. • juuelldtd HENRY HAILEY * < O . Auct’ra. Lana Coinage at Auction. ON Thursday, June 28, at 3 o’click T. M., on the premises, we shall sell at auction •' laws C*ot ! taos,” iu 1 spe Elisabeth. about one mile fr*.m the City. The house is u two story Cottage, iu *oo4 style and perfect t> der. The cellar has a cemented * floor, ami is uat a* a Sunday dress; they here a furnace there, and a good cistern There is hard and •oft water iu abundance. All tho out Homes, barn, w» od house, Ac., are under cover and couret it al ly arrang d Ihe ground•• which cover about two and a quarter acr*». are beautifully laid out and tastefully and u«« tally fllUd, with ei naim ntalTrees, Hotes and bhrubbery, Apple, f’« ar'and Vlura trte*. Currants. Ka-pbeiri««. Goc» be riles, Mrawt’, Ac Also uu of % *getable.* of the vari ous kind*, for family use. Glass plots are intervptrs ed over the lot. giving it a delightful spp* arancc — The view of the City, tlarbor. Islands, and the sur rounding country is varied SLd beautifa], Wi 1k. ugkt we w« re ode ring the most beautiful rpot in Uus vicinity for sa e last we* k, bat now we know we are Title perfect—said positive -term* su’ isfhetory. , For farther particulars and description call ©i» HENRY BAILEY A CO , Auctioneers. June 11.— dtd _ Auction Sale of Permit* to Cat Tiakei ii Estate >■ Grand Fall-, N. R. fit U ERE will be sold at public auction at the cflioo I of U »ury Hailey A Co., Exchange street, Tort land, Maine, ou Thursday, Juno JUth. 1864. at 10 u’click a. m. to clove a concern. Licenses Nos. 3 and 4 to cut timber A c.. fn t'ana I da. ou the north-west bra> ch of the river ht. John— i where it is intersect!d by the boundary Itne betwe* u I Canada and the Male of Main - and exteutiiug up I said river to its source, not to exceed, low ever, tea mill's by miles each side, or Sd square milt's. Also, a certain parcel of Real Estate situated at Grand kails, iu the County ct Victoria, aud at the preseut time occupied aud imp rosed by Was B. West, Esq., and formerly ownid by Uforue Yeung, * coutuiuiug three (3) acres or more with buildings ou , tic same , Tor farther particulars I r quire of tho suctionoer } or IIKMEY, FLETCHER A CO . Vortlund, Maine. * ma)26dlawtojune9&tlu*udtojuue20 EDWARD M. PATTEN, 1 Commission HercliaDt 4 Auctiosfer, * Hus removed to the specious utore IS ! Exchange 8tre* t, four doors below f Merchant** Exchange. ■ Will rtecivs consignments of Merchandise of L every description for public or private sale. Baku J of Real Estate Vessels. 1 argees, Mocks and Mer ohaadiso solicited, Cash advances made, with prompt sales and returns. mchl2 dly * Maine Central Railroad Company. Auaaat Meeting ou kvAne-day, June 2#, 1801, at Watorrlllr. *• riMIK Stockholder. »re hereby notified th»t tho * 1. Auuu»: Mwtinit of tho Stockhoid.r. of tho k* Maino CVrtr.l lUilroad t'ouit'.uv will ho lu-ld *t Tiwu U*U iu W»t, rvlll«. on Wr edi*.»d»r. J»u» i». H ,18B4. it IU u cl.K-k iirtho foremwn. to.ot ou lh« lul i* lo« ing u-tie’e., vU 1.1 "to her the lie port, of tho D.rootor. and *• Tr.Murwof.»id ( onip»ii>. »«diot thoryoB. 3d "To ia.k« choice o( » Hoard ot Director, for Y the ensuing >eor. g> T. DENSON. Clerk. ■- Watnrville. May 31,1864. juneHJU a ’ Laal “ /'xN Friday, the 3d of June, a lady’s Jet Bracelet* on Mate street between Hprtng street, and the ftr Boston ami Maine Depot- Ihe tinder will be suits ... blv rewarded if leit at No. 63 State s root. Id Juuell-dlw* $ Tuft’* College* ae milk Annual Commencement of Tull’S Coljwe d JL takes place on Wednesday, July 18. ihe “ri,t exumicatiou of candidate-* for ndn inloulo the lol A. lege will be bold on Thursday. July 14. The second on Tuesday. Aug 13d. The neat term begins on Thurftd.) , Au<. 26th Bo»d Col log. Util, June 8tb, 18.4 JimiSeocfiw

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