Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 17 Haziran 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 17 Haziran 1864 Page 2
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THE DAILY PRESS., — —— ■ - ■ . —■—— — Friday Morning, June 17, 1864. The circulation ofthe Daily Press is larger ihan any other Daily paper in the State, and double that of any other in Portland. Tnaus—tS.OOper year: if paid strictly in ad tames a discount of SI .no trill Be mode. tar Reading Mailer on all Knar Pagra. UNION NOMINATIONS. IOB PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN,; , OF ILLINOIS. — POR VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON,! OF TF.WFSSFS. Congressional Convention-First District Thu voters of ;he lirtt Coutfre* ioual District who aru uncOiidi totally iu Itvoi 01 the Uuiou, the ru prem cy o. the Co**sti utiou mud Laws, aud the | tiou of ih » War. are invited to send D-.©gates to a Co iveatloa to be bolt at tb« CUV li \LL, in Port land, o i TUUtUOiY, tkr 7tk of July, at Id o’clock A. A , lor ih} parp of «.omi aiiug a Candidate lor K.yn Stfutauvj 10 Congress and an Eleelor of President and Vice-Pro idc-nt. Tbena4t«of re^reseuta i hi will be ai follows — 1 Eac t city aud town ai l be entitled to one Delegate, . and o Delegate ai«iii<Dal for every seventy-live yj«AMCt-tf i Gov. Coney in 1581. A majority trac tion will ea icle to au additional Delegate. Toe Committee will be ia sessiou at tba llall, at 9 o’clock to receive Credentials. J hn Ly>cu, Portland, | 8awall ... ndo e..\ »i once ter, Tl , .JOUX O. LIM JLK HiUunW’lck, I l'D,OB Jjh.AAVa x «i ax, Y 1) strict kao h k.\ /wuT'j*. Alfred, | r. B IH, *mc;. | Committee. John *V ant wo_th, Emery, ] June 81, 1581. Union State Convention. Tbeqailided voters of Maine who desire tbe nr, ooadluo at maiiiiensnow 1 the Union, and tb© su pra ma y of the Coustitu ion, a..d tbe complete snp /rstsion of the exhtiug rebel ion, witb tbe ca«»e th-rcreol, by vigorous wai and -II apt aud tfLc-ent moaur, are Invited to send uelegates to a Mate Con vention to be held at Aususta' on Wednesday, Jane 2tfib, at 19 o’clock, A. If., tor tbe purpose of tonii atii g cend.df. s to be supported lor Governor, aud for two Elec or* at large tor Pi widen land V«ce Presi dent, and also to transact any oiber busiuet* tb*t may come before tbe Convention. Tbe basis of representation will be as follows:— Each city, towu aod plantation sbtii be entitled to oue d« ex* e, aud one delegate additional for every seventy-five votes cast fox Gov. Cony last deptem ber, aud one fora traction of forty votes. JamesG Blainx,> AftOakWS, N A PoATSrt, kusu re isos, Nk e»x, Usioi ll. B. I'KKIcyT, JaXar M ciacoLV, h 8- Hakblx. STaT* KaAXCIS COBB, 1)am»l Laxx, 8. D. U.|K*V, CoXMlTrXB Gso tox P. a*.WALL, M W. Brows. 1(I9aTI(7 4 9ASOIST, * Eaoxxc • lai.k. , William small, ) Jane 1st, 1888. Disgra:3fal Nyglect—The Ramains cf Poor Boathby. The remain* ul Lieut. Col. Stephen Booth by li tliis city yeslerdiy noou—Hint •1^,11 ins pompous promises made in the ue ,,papers, aud iu the i.’ity Council, ol hon oring them with a worthy receplioti, uot so much as a corporal s guard ol either military or civd demons trai ion was paid to them. We believe the Mayor did iu a carriage go to the depot, aud with the hearse iu • lie vicinity, ac sntnniiiv tile remains to rile file llall. We stw tlie hearse, solitary anil alone, standing in frout of the building, having relieved It self of the obvious bun lien, aud then, alone, a* it came, returned. The corpse was placed somewhere in tile city building; but nobody toemec 10 kuow, or care. Wuat is ths solution of all thi-.? Lieut. Col. Boolihv was a democrat. This is a renubli c iu c y {overutnent. Tbc pauper’s si ng, “O, he is o.iig a p super, ’ awaits the dead Ooiies of ilein mra a slain iu tbe war, but, if a repub licat, abniiii-m, out-ami out-extermination-of the South, soldier comes dead, and he ha* any rich friend* and influential polilicil Connection* to attract the attention of the lieiny, dead or alive, wounded, or iu bis coffin, Lc is surrounded with a host of sycophants and toadies, and sail the streets, aud all the dwellings are lined with gaz-rs, and black eilged Handkerchiefs are flying from the wiu d iws, in testimony of tbe buuors accorded to the victim of the war! Snell is life, and such is society. But, poor Boolhby, true-hearted, earnest-minded, patri otic and devoted hero boy. as he wss, will sleep as honorably a id quietly in bis grave as the best of them. Rank will be stripped from those win have uudulifully neglected him, by and by. and uone will be so lowly as to liouor them. He was a noble young man. His im p'l'se* were patriotic, heroic aud sincere. He iitd not lived long enough to know the hol low heartedness of venal officeholders or the hvpo-risy of time serving advisers. Tlio City Uov jrum-nt, however, have disgraced themselves, not Id n. In their cold and shame less neglect of his remains.—[ Portland Ad vertiser. We have copied the above, verbatim, italic* aou ail, to sb >w oar readers the depth of malignity to which an iufamous spirit can de ■cend in its anxiety to appeal to tbe lowest of* human passions and to stir up strire. The H^trutfr is—tnd the base calumniator who penned the above knew it,or miyht have known it— alt that respect for a gallant officer could sug gest was done by the City Government to •huw appropriate honors to a faithful soldier Who ha 1 shed his bio nl in his country’s Cause. Tne body of Col. B xsthby was expected by the noon train Tuesday, when it was to have been received with military honors, but it did not arrive, nor did it by the eveniug train ot the same day. It was not known when it would arrive in teasou to give public notice, but late as was the reception of deflflite information on this point, the Mayor was about to send word to Camp Birry for escort—previously engaged— mud to Port Prebls for tile Baud of tbe 17.b Infantry, when, by the personal suggestion of Buv. Mr. B >olhby, father 01 the Colonel, and m-mbers of the Cumberland Bar, of which Col. B. was au esteemed member, he was in duced to change the arrangement so far as to have the military escort in conveying the re mains to tbe cars the next day. The reasons lor this change will be inferred from the fact. | that though tho body of Col. Bootbby had been embalmed, owing to inability to procure a suitable coffin it was sent home unprepared for exposure to public view. It had not been laid out, but was simply wrapped in sheets and placed iu an ordinary cheap coffin. fcv. Mr. Boolhby had been on to tho hospital where his son died, to bring the body home, amt he returned with it as far as Baltimore, j where he left It in caro of the Express Com pany and hastened home in advance. As we have said, it was at his suggestion that tin body was takeii from the depot to the city building, accompanied by the Mayor, Rev. Ur. Boolhby and his friends, and the official committees of the City Com cil and the Cum berland Bar, and conveyed to an ante room, —where undertakers were in waltiug,—prop erly laid out, clothed in the uniform of his rkltlr, alnl placed in a magnificent black walnut and grained rosiwood casket, from lie establishment of Mr. S. L. Lyford, corner if Lime and Federal streets, and as uice an r irticle as could be procured in the city. It ! was then—at about 2 o’clock P. M.—laid c< n sta'e iu the Common Council room, where 1 n it was visited by crowds of our citizens—la- j u lies and gentlemen—during the afternoon, a: and the next forenoon, up to the time when it it became necessary to remove it to the care. n So much for the facts. We venture the as- I lerliou that the thought of Col. Boothby’a j p political antecedents never entered the mind w of any member of the City Government, no 1' more than did a similar thought wheu the re- g inaius of tile gallant Berry were received iu o the city, and laid in state iu the same room so 1 IV lately occupied by the remains of Col. B. If n Col. Boothby icas a Democrat,—of which tl we find some serious doubts expressed, though f, we know nothing personally of the fact,—one thiug is absolutely certain: he held iu utter f. contempt that spirit, so constantly exhibited o iu the Advertiser, which sympathises with the o rebels, and seeks to embarrass the Government ii in its efforts to lnaiutain.ils rightful authority, p lie was a noble, h'gh-miuded and patriotic l man, loving Ireedom and detesting slavery, c and he proved his sincerity by giving bis ii young life to uphold the oue and to thwart p the infamous tendencies of the other. Ii Another thing is equally cerlau: that the 1 above coarse, waligueut attack upou the City 11 Government, aud tbe indirect assault upon r such men as Gen. Dow, who, in addition to ' wouuds received in the service, suffered lung ‘ weary mouths ot incarceration in a rebel Bar 11 tile, and Gou. Fessenden who came home se- * verely mutilated for life, dud no sympathy from honorable, high-minded Democrats in 1 this city. They utterly loathe the spirit which 1 inspired them,aud have no words adequate to : 1 express their imliguation, as we kuow from ' their voluntary statements to us in numerous instances. We close this article with the remark, that 1 the vile creature who will attempt, over the eloquent though speechless remains of a gal- ' lant Li.Uiop ■■.ii atarwlinif UmIhpo Ilia nowltf on ened grave, to stir up party animosities—tu |; do this while his own traitorous heart is con : ' stonily assailing the cause to uphold which the soldier ireely gave his life—deserves—as | he must receive—the exeera l n < f every true mau, aud cau be regarded only as a walking pestilence, whose very presence poll ut* s the loyal atmosphere through ttuich he moves, whose name is a stench in the nostrils of ah patriotic ineu, and whose prolonged existence ^ can be regarded only as a permitted curge to the community which he labors to demoralize. Maine Troops in the Galf Department Geo. E. Weeks, Esq., of Augusta, who bn just returned from the Uulf Department, fur nishes the Kennebec Journal with the follow ing facie in relation to Maine troops iu th s Department which are of general interest: The I2th Regiment was at Lake Ponch&r train, near Lake House; the l.kli aud 15th were on their way down the river, being about to couie borne on a luriougli, Uaviug re enlisted; tbe 14tli was at Baton lt >ug,e; the , 2ikU auU at Morganzia, near the mouth ol Red river; the 2ml Cavalry was at Grten ville. Lx, exerp mg four companies at the trout under Maj. Muler. Tue men of the 2d Cavalry, presented Maj Uuicliiusou ou the 231 nil, with a pair o. (smith & Wesson’s gold and silver mounted pistols,with a case,oi the value of #110. The presentation speech was made by Lie .t A. .1 Nieuols of Augusta. Msj’ U. is exceedingly * popular with Ins ineu, aud this gift is a loki n of their appreciation ut him. The 2d had lost but three ineu since leaving Augusta. Thu prevaleut disease among the soldiers in the Gulf Department is a chronic diarrhea caused by driukiug the Mississippi river wa ter. The wounded men are Irequeutly very much weakened by this disease. Large uum iters ol sick aud wounded Maine soldiers an in all the hospitals at New Orleans. Mr Weeks visited all the hospitals, at the request ol the Uovenor, aud reports the patieitU com fortable and well caied for. He is particular ly enthusiastic in praise of the Sanitary Com . mission aud '.lie work it is pcrloriniug. lie ' says that we con have no idea of the extent of its operations, and the blessings ic coolers on sick and wounded soldiers, lie has a list of all the Maine soldiers in hospitals at New Orleans. Mr. Weeks has also, at the request of I he Stale authorities, collected much information relative to the removal of bodies from the Uep irtment, the expense attending such re moval. ami the method of proceedure, which be will hi h ippy to communicate to any out wishing suclniulormaiion. .Telegraph Enterprise. The Senate Coimnit'.e on Commerce lias lost no time in acting upon the suggestions ol Mr. Seward in relaliou to the project of an inter-continental telegraph. A bill is already -v.w.w »V ..VS for the plan indicated by Mr. Collins, which we presented to our readers in last Tuesday's issue. By this bill, Mr. Collins and liis asso dates are authorize., to construct and main tain a line, or lines of telegraph, Irom an) poict on the Hue of the l’acitlc Telegraph, 0 through any of thu Territories ol the United States, to the boundaries ol British America, with such branch Hues as may be needed to open communication with the various mining districts and the settlements in these Territo ries. Right of way is also granted over any unappropriated public lands of the United S utej, with the right to take any limber or stones, for constructive purposes. A public vessel is to be detailed to assist i t the survey, aud lay down a sub-marine cable. It, wilhlti five years, the line shall be put up so as to reach the mouth of the Aiuoor River, the Secretary of State is authorized to enter into a contract for the use of the line lor a term of teu years, at the rate of $50,0 0 per year, the Government having i riorlty at all times in the dispatch of messages. The line is to be thrown open to the public upon the payment of the established charges. Tins great enterprise is bound to be carried through aud the great globe itself encircled with magnetic wires, Death of Rev Geo W Bartktt A letter from Capt. John D. Myrick, of Co K, ist Me. Cavalry, gives the particulars of 1 the sad death, in ait engagement at "McGee’s Mills,” Va., of Rev. Geo. VV. Bartlett, hereto- ' fore noticed in our columns. We are indent- 1 ed to the Maine Farmer for the to.lowing ex- ' tract: I lie was struck !u the breast by an unex- * plodcd shell trout the enemy, and literally ' < blown to pieces. A few uiiuutes before the | fatal casualty occurred, Capt. Myrick passed him ou bis way to the trout, where the regi ment was engaged, leaving him in the rear with the supports,apparently beyottd the reach ol danger. In levs than oue hour his spirit had passed < it ward aud his lifeless dust was mingled *itb its parent earth. The remains were interred near the spot where he fell, the funeral service being pet formed by the Chap- ‘ lain of a New York regimeut, who chanced { to be in the vicinity at the lime. Mr. Bartlett < was a native ol l.iteliUeld, in this county. Ik ied for the ministry at Cttmhtidge Divinity School, and lor a snort period was pastor ol « the Unitarian church in this city. Soon after I the breaking out of the rcbelli hi, lie was ap- , pointed Chaplain of the 14 It Maine, and ac cotnpanied tint regiment to New Orleans, par ‘ ticipaling in the dangers and hardships of the 1 year's campaign which succeeded the occupa- « lion of tiial city by our forces under General Butler. Soon alter the battle of Katun Rouge, in which lie distinguished himself as a volun- 1 leer aid to Gen. Nickerson, he tesigned his 1 commission and returned home. He tvas suit, e sequent|y appointed by Gov. Coburn Chaplain t ol llto 1st Maine cavalry, and all through the present campaign |„ Virginia, lit which the 1 regiment has been actively engaged, he has f faithfully performed the duties of his sacred v office, ne was an esteemed man ill all the relations of iifo, and his tragical death will be mourned alike by bis comrades and by a large circle of friends in Maiue. --- g Death or Col. Keyes—We learn that 0 Col. Hamlin W. Keyes, of the 14ih U. S. In- P fantry (Regulars), who was wounded In the n battle of Spottsy lranla Court Hou-e, died In 1 the hospital at Washington Wednesday morn- i Ing. Col. Keyes was a gallant officer aud a v noble hearted man. a Letter from the Federal Capital. Washington, June 14th, 1864. )th• Editor of tin Press: It is hardly ueccanary to say that the pro edings of Congress during last week were )t of a character to excite any very lively in rest. The Convention at Baltimore acting j astroi g counter irritant,left us at the Cap al for a lill'e time In great quiet. Nor is it “ceesary to say that the nominations of the | uion Convention are well received here, and omise to be very popular, uor that irem none , ill the noble Unionist named *for the Vice residency receive a more geuerous and un rudgiug support than from those whose views the public iuteiests as well as pcisunal pre- j rencea would have led them to prefer the re- ; nmiualion of the statesman who has so wor lily and well filled that high position thus i r during the present term. And now that the Presidential campaign is lily opened, the present protracted session r Congress begins to grow a little tedious— r at least one might judge from the tbicken ig signs of an early adjournment. There sp ears a strong indisposition to take up new usiness and an inclination to deler till Dc •mber, much that is already begun, except ig of course,some few measures of prime iin- ■ ortance, including tax and tariff bills yet to j e perfected. These will consume nearly all j lat remains of the present month, and per aps a little more. Thu defeat of the Bank upt hill in the House, by a majority of one ole, a majority which might easily chance to e reversed upon another day and at a fuller ession, Is probably decisive for the present, jr the reason above indicated. A great deal of interest, curious rather than nxious, is felt regarding the nominations that nay be made and the platform to be adopted ijrihe self styled National Democratic Con entlon. It is probable that Oren. Fremont rill have a pretty strong party, his letter ac epliug the nomination already tendered him. laving won mightily on the hearts of the Cop terhead leaders. Some of the moat ultra Dem tcralie politicians here are believed to favor tint. It seems hardly possible, however, that m opposition that has all along been an oppo iriou simply, and nothing more, without any itlier doctrine or policy than indiscriminate anil linding will) every thing that is done for •he preservation ofthe Union, can he united ipon any one positive platform or combined ipou any one man. It would doubtless l>e a treat help if those having the undertaking in land should find themselves embarrassed by 10 scruples of conscience and hampered by no ncouveuient principles, and in this aspect of lie case the Copperhead politicians of the .'ountiy have an undoubted right to approach .he enterprise hopefully. Ilev. Dr. Breckinridge, temporary Chairman if the Idle Union Convenlioji, preached by in vitation in tho Hall of Representatives last Sunday. The flo tr and galleries were alike ;-owded and hundreds went away unable to obtain entrance, or to get within hearing dis tance. S i great indeed was the press to hear this eminent divine that among those who itood noticed, Senator Chandh r,while ds fellow Senator, B. Uratz Brown, with ex s nplary humility, took the lowest seat, the loor. Among his bearers were many other senators and a largo number of Represonta ilvet, the' President ami Parson Browulow. Those who came rxpccting to witness a die day of pulpit oratory, and those who anlici lated a discourse respcctiug the great nation 11 struggle uow going on, wer,e alike disap >ointed. The text was 1st Timothy, 1st chap, ind 18th verse: “Tills is a faithful saving and vortby of all acceptation, that Christ Jesus :aine into the world to save siuuers of whom I mi chief.” The sermon from it was a paiu, tamest and faithful appeal in favor of persoo tl piety. Whether as regards its direct prac :ieal character or its doctrinal orthodoxy, it was wor<£p of some sturdy Puritan divine. The Dr. is considerably past middle life, *ith Hair much silvered, and full beard still more :ray, full stature and strongly marked features. At the close of bis discourse he received the :ongratulations of many friends. The arrest of Lieut. Wm. II. Broughton oj t e Id h Maine, soon after the Wiideruess bat tles lor absence without leave, having been made the subject of much remark, it seems jnly just to au officer who won his shoulder itraps before the rebel batteries at Fredericks jurg. and who has always borne a high char icfer lor personal bravery as well as efficiency is an officer, to state in a few words his own version of the affair referred to. It is substan tially as follows: Having received a hurt iu the ankle from a spent ball, which though not >erious made marching for the time impracli :able, he went to the Division hospital in'end ug to remain a short time until the lameuest ind soreness should subside. As the Army night move at any time, he was a'd vised by •he Division Surgeon to go to FredericHBurg. When he arrive 1 there he found orders had oecn received for ail persons arriving to go brward to Belle Plain. As he had no alter ative but to walk back twelve miles, he went >n in the ambulance to the point indicated, uid and was thence brought to Washington. Here he was arrested wilh others and return id to the front. On liis arrival at his regi nent he was examined by the regimental Sur jeon; tiie Colonel made a statement of his :aso to Gen. Cutler, and Lieut. Broughton was in mediately released from arrest. • It is not strange that in tiie burry and ex iitement attending arrests of officers and men 10 numerous as were made at the time refer red to,injustice should have been done to tome. Due private who was sent back as a “tkedad ller” was obliged to undergo an auipulaliou jeforc lie readied the Army. Mr. Jacob Larry, refugee from Virginia, ar rived here last week, having taken adv&utage >f the presence of our army near Uichmoud, o make his escape, lie has lived iu Virginia ’or more than forty years, and is now on his iray to Gorham, Maine, w here I understand iis former home to have been. lie graduated it Bowdoiu Collego iu 1831, haviug beeu a nember of that institution at the same lime is Senator Fessenden. During last week the Maine 3J, which came tut three years ago, under the command ol Jol., now Major General Howard, and which living earned a reputation for bravery wor hy of its first commander, has now come to is know i as the “Inviucibles,” with several ither regiments from other States, pasxd hrougii the city oa their way home. " T. S. P. Vegatable Miscenegation Wkbt Minot, June 14,1894. "o the Editor of the Portland Prets. Tuerels iu the garden of Kev. D. B. Ilolt, f West Miuut, an apple tree, which this pring bore, among its blossoms, a perfect, all blown white rose! Iu every respect siuii tr to a rose on a rose^ bush. The tree blos otned quite full and after its blossoms had fal :ii off this teas remained perfect lor u Dinn er of days, till tome children picked it off; so ■ will nut be known whether it would have orue Iruit or not, nor what kind of fruit it rouid have been. Thi§ phenomenon goes to rove the sex of tne vegetable, as well as aui ml kingdom. We hear much oi the amaiga taliou of tiie white and black races iu this ouatry, and when it happens the progeny sualiy has reteii^jlauces more or less of both ices; but we have never heard ol tiie amal atnation of an apple tree ana a rose bush, ith a perfect rose as the result. M. A Delegation Come to Grief There is a theory out West that John Mor an, when lie recently entered Kentucky, was u his way to the Chicago Convention, accom inied by a Southern delegation. If he was ot of most retiring habits lie might have at oned liis purpose, for uo doubt, If he had fal n into tbe hands of General Burbridge, he ould have hid a chance to see Chicago—as i prisoner of war. [Mew fork Evening Post, j ORIG1XAL A.YD SELECTED. Xew Advertisement« To-Day. Fropneal*—I Washburn, Jr. Wanted—A situ-lion Hoard u«—77 Free S rest. Town t auras— Ya mou'b. Dry Doods—B. F Hamilton & Co. Notioe—U. W . KoLi son. The snow was six inches deep on tho summit jf Mount Washington on Monday. Geo. Francis Train has turned up in Omuba, Nebraska Tearitory. Jacob Herrick, Esq., a well known citizen of Auburn died at his iesitlencc on Tuesday night, after a short illness, aged 74 years. A son of Mrs. Mary Palmer, of Gardiner, was run over in the streets of that city and seri ously injured, on Monday last. It is feared Lieut. Charles W. Keyes, of the 32d Maine, of East Wilton, whose foot was am putated a short time since, may not recover. A contemporary says, so long as butter is held at its present price, the dealers grease their own throats with it. A SUBSCRIPTION of $30,000 has been made up in New York to endow the presidency of Dart mouth College. The U. 8. Steamer Pontoosuc got about forty men ill her recruiting trip along the eastern coast. ONE-thousand Mormons, just from Europe, went up the Hudson on Saturday, on their way to Salt Lake City. A son of Mr. Joseph Atkins, of Farmingdale, about 5 years of age, was drowned in the ri*ei near his residence, on Tuesday, as we learn from the Gardiner Journal. The following dtaths of Maine soldiers hav< occured at Hampton and Locust Grove Hospi tals. Thomas D. Elbridge, Co. G, 7th Me.; N E. Bunell, B, 20th. The editor of the Kennebec Journal has seei a stock of red-top grass, grown this season ii an Augusta garden, measuring five feet five am a half inches in lengfh. Capt. Samuel 0. Flowers, formerly cominan der of the steamer Penobscot, running betwcci Bangor and Boston, died at Chelsea, Mass., 01 Wednesday last. Rev. B. F. Bowler, pastor of the Lowel street Unjvcrsalist society in Manchester, ha: been appointed Chaplain of the New llamp shire House of Representatives. Tiie industrious cilisens of Glen’s Falls liav have already begun to rebuild the burned dix trict of that village. The Glen's Falls Ban and Commercial Bank have got into new quar ters, and commenced discounting. A circular has been issued inviting the Alum ni of Union College, of the class of 1824, to ax sembleat Schenectady on the 27th of July fu the celebration of the fortieth anniversary c the class. The two branches of the City *founcil t Bath could uot agree on the question of makin an appropriation tor the 4th of July, and cor sequent!) each man and boy must celebrate o his own account. Rev. Gw. W. Quinby, editor of the Gospt Banner, has just removed his family from Mel rose. Mass., to Augusta. This we suppose set ties the question of the continuance of th Banner at the State Capital. In Somerset county, near N'orridgewock, th army worms have appeared, and have eaten th leaves from all the trees over a tract of land mile and a half wide, and are making their wa northward. William Mitchell, Esq., a popular conduc tor on the Portland and Kennebec Railroad was presented a few dajs since, by a few fiiend in Augusta, with a silver ice pitcher, salver an goblets. Mb. Sumner, in a recent speech in the Senatt exhibited the injustice and impolicy of taxm books. It is prujwsed to tax paper three pe cent, and books fire per cent., not exceptin, school books or bibles. We learn that one of the powder Mills s Buckficld was blown to atoms on Tuesday, an that a man named Bicknell was killed. He wa burned and maimed in the most shocking mar ner, yet survived six hours, suffering the moi excruciating agony.—[Argus. Among the contributors to the New Yor Round Table, which bos just closed its first vo! ume, and is Iktfirtl literary weekly iuthecoui try, we notice the names of Prof. Cbadbourm of Bowdoin College, aud Miss F. E. Lord, < this city. A masonic celebration will be held on the sun nut of Owl’s Head Mountain,Lake Memphremi gog, at 10 a. M., June 24th. It is a rornanti spot, and the M exons will have a splendid viei of the scenery of a portion of this globe whic the Great Architect has made. The London Times says, after pointing oi some of the characteristics of the recent bs1 ties, “Grant has stamped a new character o the tactics of the Fedei als.” We trust he hoi and such a character too as will bring the rebe lion to a close. Mr. Gladstone, her Majesty's Chancellor i the Exchequer, will presently hear somethin ■"vi v vi uuiivuiui a wiupui9ui j ur^itnurr. A pamphlet is at thi* moment preparing ou tl subject; the testimony of the English, Italiai German and French of Garibaldi’s friends wi be collected in it. On Queen Victoria’s birth-day, there ru dinner at the British Embassy in Paris, at whic the Emperor's ministers were promt. A Drauy u de L'lluy's proposed the health of th Queen. Earl Crowley replied and gave tl health of the Emperor. They bad a cuinfortab time. A correspondent at ‘'Popple Hotel,” Nort Newry, says one party of five took from Eai Branch brook on Tuesday 308 fine trout, an another party of four from Bethel took froi the same brook 303 more, making a total c 8 8 in almost 7 hours, and the brook was the: not half fished. Bisuor General Polk. —The latest infill gcnce from the Southwest is that this cccleaiai lical son of Mira, who for a season laid asid the mitre fur the sword, has been killed in battlt It whs said sometimes since that Polk fougl not as a Bishop but as a .General, so the ul query now becomes pertinent: If the Devil ha gut the General what has become of th Bishop? At A Fremont ratification meeting in Nei York, Mr. Edward Gilbert declared, in an et ceedlngly rampart speech, that Fremont shoul run, if all the members of the premnt Cabinet were kicted out, aud the Archangel Gabriel wu mode Secretary of State, the Archaugel Michael Secretary of War, and like characters tilled tli other departments. So long as Mr. Lincoln wu a candidate for the Presidency, Fremont woul run. The New York World sneers at the nominee of the Baltimore Convention, on account c their early occupations. Was Dr. Franklin an; less of a statesman because his father was a tal low chandler, and he worked at the same busi ness ? It is no credit to a man to have been ed ucated by a rich father and be left with a lul million of dollars, but it is some credit toa mai to have arisen from poverty aud obscurity fi honor and independence. A sin ill paper that subsists only on sensation and finds hard work at that, seconded by snoth cr that is eking out a sickly existence, is ver; solid1 oas to get up au editurial convention fui the good of the fraternity, aud to promote tin general welfare. It reminds us of tie fox tha bad lost his caudle appendage in a trap, lli got together a convention of foxes, and pro posed to make it fashionable for all foxes to dis. pense with the use of tails. A Washington letter writer says it has com< to light that tho speculators have bought u; jarge quantities of grain, especially oats, with a view to control tl e market, the principal objict being to oompel tho Government, which uses »ii immense quantity, to pay large prices to the e operators, even exceeding $1 per bushel — tin i realiiing large sums. The enterprise is likely to fail as the Government has a full supply on hand, and will not allow its agents to buy be yond a reasonable prioe, which is seTen to ten cents less than speculators demand. It is said other combinations exist to force up prices in certain articles. I New Publications. The Fibst Principles of a New System or Philosophy. Uy Herbert Spencer, author of “Illustrations of Universal Progress,'* &c. New York: D. Appleton & Co. 12mo, pp. 30s. For sale in this city by Hall L. Davis. ; This volume the author says is the first of a , series designed to unfold tho principiestif a new j philosophy. It embraces in its First Principles, the Unknowable und the Knowable. It dives into deep and unfathomable mysteries, which will tax the imagination as well ns the reason of the general reader to the fullest extent. The Cripple of Antioch, and other scenes from Christian Life in Early Times. l!y the au j thor of “The Chronicle of the Schonberg Cotta Family.” New York: llobert Carter 4t Bros, lfimo, pp. 4’iO. The materials for these sketches have been j gathered from English, French and German i histories and biographies. They are a series of tiles based on facts, or entirely historiral, made j interesting and instructive to the general reader, i The principal historical characters introduced speak only what they have written, or are re | ported to have spoken. Stumblino Blocks. By Gail Hamilton, author of “Country Living and Country Thinking,” “Gala Days,” &c. Boston: Ticknor & Fields. 1 vol. lfitno. For sale in this city by Hali L. Davis. This is a work that will be sought after and read with the deepest interest. Its perusal will not only serve to while away a leisure hour, but will impress the mind with important facts, beariug upon every day life. The author han dles subjects of the greatest moment in a bold and unvarnished manner, convincing the judg ment of the reader of the justness and truth fulness of her statements. She criticises the church from within; has learned as a church member the faults and short-comings she assails; and is urged by her vivid perception of the sub stance of Christianity to expose the shams which take its name. Many good people will think the satire too sharp, but the satire which is implied is much sharper than that which is expressed. The mere fact that such a book is needed, that so much wit an l thought should be expended i\ ridiculing prejudices so puerile. keenest of all sarcasms that cau be imagined. There is little or nothing in the volume which I rises above truism and the commonest common sense, and that there are full grown persons in New England churches who are in such a besot ted condition as to be suable to )ierceive such , trite truths except as illuminated by the rockets of epigram and lightnings of indignation, does t not speak well for our oivilixat'.nn, cr for out . Pie*}' Memoir or the Christum Labors, Pastors aud Phi|AUthropic, of Thomas Chalmers, D I)., LE D. By Franc s Way-land. Boston Gould and Lincoln, lbmo, pp. U18. For salt r in this city by Uayley & Noyes, f Dr. VVayland has endeavored to select froii the memoirs of Dr. Chalmers such portions ai f would be of particular interest to the America! ; reader, and to bring him before the public no only as a distinguished author, and celchrutec a pulpit orator, but as a devout and sclf-sacrifi cing Christian, a most laborious au l successfu ) pastor, an humble an 1 indefatigable visitui among the poor aud degraded, and press thesi . traits of character upon the public with tin c power of a most remarkable example. This 1 not intended to be a connected sketch of the lif p of Dr. Chalmers, but a memoir of the particu lar phase of his character displayed iu his paru filial and philanthropic labors. The work wil be read With much interest and pleasure, it bo 1 ing written iu the forcible and finished style o its celebrated author. Mission of the Confederacy I Southern papers often speak of the war a one for Southern independence, and the Nortl is disgraced by some Sheets which have com ’ pared the struggle of the rebels to that of tin ’ colonies for their independence of Grea Britain in 1770- Thu billowing extract from ’ tjj Uiclunond Examiner may aid such cop perheads in carrying out their false par * aliel: * “The establishment of the Confederacy i B verily a distiuct reaction against the wlioli - course ol' the mistaken civilization of th< t age. Fur'Liberty. Equality, Fraternity,’ iri have deliberately substituted .slavery, ijubor diualiou and Government. Those social am it political problems which rack and lorluri , modern society we have undertaken to solvi - lor ourselves, iu our own way, aud upuu oui own principles. That ‘among equals equaiiti * G right;’ among those who are naturally uu f equal equality is chaos; that there are stun races burn to scree, master races born fi govern. Much are me luudameuial principle; which we inherit from the ancient world " which we lifted up in Iheface of a percers c generation (hat has forgotten the to union o j its fathers; by principles we live, and li j their defence We. have shown ourselves ready to die. lievereiMy we leel llftt our Conftil eracy is a Hod-sent missionary to the nattuiu t with great truths to preach. We must speal them boldly; and whoso hath ears to hear let him hear.” Maine Medical School The following is a list of the graduates o the Maine Medical School, which closed it term oil the Mil iuat. r , Atwood Crosby, Benton; Cha*. C. Ela, Brown rieid; hauiuel W. John sou, Unity; John A e Larrabce, Brunswick; Siuieou ii. Alert ill , Meuon; Augustine Franklin Farrington j Richmond; E. Howard Vote, Calais; Bcnja min Williams, Cully; Hiram Frauds Abbott Romford; Edward Ballard, Frye burg; Fraul a Boddsh, A. B. Waterviile; Benjamin Antonie \x Boaemon, Jr., Troy N. V'.; Charles Smiil Boyutou, Coucord, X. H.; Osgood Xatb&i Bradbury,Spriugtle d ; Aivan Feich Buckuaui ? A. M , Yarmouth; biias Buihauk. Jr.,Strong e Edgar Le Roy Carr, Fitts Held, X. H.; Gardi e uer Carpenter Claike, Faltm r, Mass.; Rutu Bradbury Foss, Manchester, Sr. II.; Josepl Bernice Gray, Denmark; Joseph W. Hay k ward, Easton; E lward Kent Hill; John Keu t i eth, Jr., Westerly, U. 1 ; Alpheus Sprint i Packard, Jr., Bruuswick; Otis Packard Rice i Bath; George Stanford Siebbins, Granby Mass.; Puiiculbins Cleavelaud Wiley, A* B. 1 Bethel. ■ - . . SPECIAL. NOTICES. Opening of Summer Bonnets. MRS. A. COLBY will, on ThursJay, Jane 2, opei a choice election of Summer Bonnets, Caps, Head-dresses, tc., s To which yoar attention la respectfully invited. p No. 6 Free street Block. Portland, June 1, 1364. juldtf r Cara Llizabkth, July 1, Six: —During my connection with the State Re form School, a* a teacher, I.. K. Atwood * bitter 1 were introduced there and used with marked succe-a particulaily in Bilious affection*. » Yours, Ac., A F. HILLMAN, s Hamovis, Mi., Oct. 1,1*61. » Dear Sir:—I have used L. F. Atwood’s Bitter » for some 10 or 16 years. I have tried a great tiumbi of mediciue* for Dyspepsia.but without etfect. The* s Bitters are the only remedy that have ever relieve | me ol this distressing complaint. My neighbor have also been greatly benehued by the use of them JOEL HOW. nr^tMre of Counterfeits and base imitations * tome of which arr signed ".V/.” F., instead of L. F f At wood The oenuine is signed L. F. Atwood, ant as a safeguard against imposition bears an bxtrz Labul.countersigned Ii. If. HA Y, Druggist, Fort land, Me., sole General Agent. For sale by respectable dealers in medicine pener ally. laulfi foneodA w 3 •'Buy Mo, and IT1 do you Good.” 1 Uae Dr. Langley's Root and Herb llitten ’ For Jaundice. Costivone a. Liv-r Complaint. Hu mors, Indigestion, Dyspepsia, Files, Dizziness Ht ad ache. Drow>in ss. and al. d leasts arisii g from dis ( oruered stomach, torpid liver, and had Mood, tc which all persons art subje t in sprit g and summer Thev cleanse the system, regulate the wels, re store t» e appetite, purify the blood and give sound ness of mind and strength of hou to all who use them So d bv all dealers in Medicine everywhere, a* 2ft, 60and 76 oenf* per bottle GEO. C. GOuD WIn A OJ.,37 Hanover Street, Boston, Froprie ’tore ap2d<m Ht'aiKifiil Women. I »»I1 warrant to auy person using irv Pirn plo Banisher a beautiftil complexion. it will re move Ian, 4 reckles, Fitnple*. Morphew, Ac , in from ene to four weeks, imparting to the skin a beautiful whte, bland nppoa*auce. Morphew, or that yellow deposit so oit m seen upon the fhce mud f.»r«-head, vanish by its ase I ke dew before the morn* ing«un. Address Dr. J. ft (iOdDNOW, 1* O. box 1*4, New Bedford, Mass., enclosing 81, and stamp. inaylHdAwlm Sosodomt.—We do not often peak o* the various artic ce which c<»me to u* for noticeai d trial. I ut tl o a-tide with the above mu-Val i am is an exception. I hree or lour la-iies a- *1 chidr.n among oar it*.me diate f iends a» d relatives lave used tho' Sozo dont.’ and it bas certainly done all that is said in iis laver. It tot only removes to cry blrmish rom the teeth, but renders th^m e'eau and white. It al so gives a tone t* * he b eat h and lea'es the tunuth with ap ea.aut frag anee. It is dtcidrdly the best preparation we have ever used for the put pose, and we recommend the r lagrant fcozodont to our iriends wiifi great confidence —Boston batvutay BrtP-rg I £xj>otst. inch 13 It SPECIAL NOTICES. Nolle**. The uccorditional Union voter* of Ysmooth, ere requested to meet et tin Tempera* ce Hall iu said town, on the 23d Inst, at 7$ o’clock P. SI. tor the purpose ot eele.tiug Delegates to atteLd the Mtate Couveotr n to le ho.di u in Augiaia June 29. Al-o to select He egato* to attend ill, Congressional Convention to be no men iu Portlaud on four ad ay tbe7jth day of July n* *t. Per Order Town Committee. Yarmouth, June 16, 1 04. juuel7 Town Cuuctis* The citizens of North Yarmouth who are uncon ditionally loyal to the Hoveruiueut, are requested to me»'t in c&uuus at the Town House, at 6 o’clock F. M. on Saturday June25th, to select delegates to attend the Convention a- Auguntu June29*h Per Order fowu Comm. June If,, m«. Notice. TJie unconditional L'uiou Men cf .Pownal are re 1 quested to rne<*t at the lowu ilcuse *iu said town, on i Saturday th 26th inat.. at 6 o’clock P. 31. for the ^ purport, of seh cling delegates to attend the State : Convention to behoid.u at Augusta. June 29 b. . Per Order ot Town Committee. 1 Pownal, June l&tti. IfM.— did THOMIS G. LORl.VG, DRUGGIST, -AND i PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, i Csrner of Kichnn*r A Federal Sl'n. A perfect St guaranteed. Tbe poor liberally eon tlderea. mch‘25 dtf Portland Photographic Gallery, HO MIDDLE ST., POliTLAND, Me., A. 8. DA VI8, Proprietor, Portland, Huy 12,1864. may!2d6m CLARK’S | DISTILLED RESTORATIVE! FOR THU HAIR, Restores Gray ynd Faded Hair and Beard to its Natural Color, AND Id A HOST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. -oOo CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Restore* the Color. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Krad.cate* Dandruff. CLARK S RESTORATIVE. Promotes Its Growth. | CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Present* its fulling off. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Ie nn unequalled Dressing. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, la good for Children. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, la good for Ladier. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Ie good for Old People. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is perfectly harmless. CLARK S RESTORATIVE, Contains ao OU. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, < la ool n Dye. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, UonntiSee the Hair. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Is splendid tor Whiskers, CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Keeps the Hair In its Place. CKARK'S RESTORATIVE, * Cares Nerroas Headache. CLARK'S RE3TORATIVK, Prevents Eruptions CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Slope Itching and Horning. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Keepi the Hand Cool. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, It delightfully per famed. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Contains no Sediment CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Contains ao Gam. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. Polishes your Hair. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Prepares you lor Parties. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Prepares yon for Balls. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE. > All Ladioa used it CLARK S RESTORATIVE. No Lady will do withoat it. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Costa bat tl CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, I* Sold by Druggiita and Dealers Erery where. Price SI per bottle —« bottles lor tb. 1 C. G. CLARK A CO. PuorniBTOua. , W. If PHILLIPS. Portland, General Agent. ’ March 3.1364. mch3eodly Teeth like Pkauls am> Bubath or Swbbt obtAiufj by toe u»e of that popular dentifrice. Fragrant • Soz dor.t." a competition of tb«* choic* f eat aud rec’ierche ingredient*, the three uioit impor tant re jUMitee. cleatilmen* efficacy aud convenience l b lng pieeeut in (he high *t poasib'e degree vf per* ^Uira^iui-auic UUUII, KUri and ta tarous adhesions. insuring a pearl like white n»*«« to the teeth; gives tone to the bieath and a cool deiica.'e aromatic fragrauce to the mouth, wuich makes it really a toilet luxury, it teems to be ia great favor with the ladies Sold by Druggists everywhere, at 75 cents per bot tle. _ mchildlt tWT If you areln want of any kind of PRINTING oall at the Daily Press OSoe. II nr* CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly print# at this office. tt Bowton Stock Llat. Salk# at thi Buokkrs* Board. Jem 16. 13 0U0 Ame-ican Gold,....!.197 1.-00 do.196* l.WO do (K Y C heck).197* 1000 luitcd Stites Currency Certificates .... 97 6*0 U. 8. Coupon Sixes, (1881)..107 «.MM d*».1061 4 600 ('nited State* 7-30 lOcti. 106 1.0(k» L'uited|'>tat< s 5-i.O*. l««6i 1,0»4>.do.106 6 «s*J .do.104} 1.000 do (small) ..luff* 20,000 Ogdensburg 2d Mortgage Bonds. 87% 6 Portland, Saco ft Purtam'th HR. .112 Brighton Cattle Market. WKD»«8t>4T. June IS, 1PM At market 10S0 beef cattle, 2au itorea, J7JU ibitp, 7*22 shoats; 10*<0 fat bogs. The supply of stock v* as fully ebual to the demand and the bu chers declined to pay the prices asked ; at uoou uo sales of auy account were made. Prices finally fell off 81 per hnd. l*Rt< xa— UeeJ i attle-Extra 814 00; first quality, 813 60ft 13 76: second 12 (Oft 1800; third 11 26ft 12 26 The lotlowing sales were made ; Per cent shriuk. Price. One lot.30.14 do .82.14 do .31.13* 1 do .30 .is] - do .ra.*3s do .35 .182 do .8/.12] do .oH.12 do .40 11* do . 40 .11 Working Oz w—A very tew t airs offered and but little emaud. P iee*—#140, 166. lau. 1*0,190 Cotrt tritk and without Calve t—Bale* with calves. 890, *2. 00, 61 and 68; w fhout calves, 04.', 61,10, 67 and 70 Dry cows from 83 > to 40. Sh*ep— bale* live weight t>*f 7 and 9; Lambs from fit*. 7*. >kuat»—Several lots to peddle at 9and 9* for »o»« 10 and lo* tor barrows. At re ail from 9 to 12. Spring pigs from '4 to i7, retail Ifi to 18 Fni /Cgn—8}«,8J. lea' Cal re*—g3 to 14. /inlet—l**c. T'tiiou — lo*c. Calf Stott from 83 to 3 5\ or 26 to 27# per lb CARRIED. lu Cutler, June 2, Win U Maker and Mrs Susan Hainoi lu Enstoprt, May 81. Lemuel T A Munson, of Ma ch as and Mi** Abigail Kourk. of E. In Itouiron. June 4, Samuel M l owpe* thwait and Miss Mary Ann llowe. bo*h of Monticeilo. lu llouiton, Ju* e 18, Edward Ha>es and Miss Mary El Eaton, both of New Limerick. In Woolwich, JuLt 6. Quincy A Guidon and Miss Jane C Percy. lu lie!fast. Jure C, Charles T Tewksbury and Mbs Johai uah Hough. lu Lii.ooluvilTe, June 1. Ambrose 8 Thurston and Mis* Rebecca A Ward both of Sesramont. - DIKi) In Brunswick June 16, at the residence et his brother. Hon ManUall Cram Daniel il Cram. Esq., ol North Bridgton, age 1 63 year* In Brunswick. Ju . « 14. Ur John F Hall, aged 84 In North Bridgtoa. Ju © 10. Mr* Elisabeth 1. wife of Dea 3 Bremau, ago* 71 ican In Bangor. May 7. Mrs Martha Davidson, aged A0 In Maclna-port, June 10, Mrs Susan, wile of John Day. aged 56 Ersuki rt. April 16. Mrs Nancy Dilaway, aged i9 year a 4 month*. In Belfast. May 26. I«ai«h W Veurg. aged 18. In Belfast. Jiue 7. Emciiue A, daughter of Wm Donly, agod 16) ears. IMPORTS. LING AN CB. Brig Excelsior—222 tuns coal, to 8 F Hand all. UlUMOtOCIA*>MAMw3wfT ITIAMIB FROM FOB SAILS ieigiau.Liverpool.... Quebec.Jr e 2 kotia...Liverpool.New York. June 4 ! kfHca.Liverpool.Boston.June 11 * Ya-hington.Havre.New York. .June 1& : ’ersia.Liverpool.New York .June 18 j ksia.Liverpool.... Boston.Jute 26 Tamascu*.Quebec Liverpool_June 18 ^irgiuia.New York . Liverpool... .June 18 Iremen.New York.. Bremen.June 18 j vomica.New York.. Havana.June 18 Edinburg.New York. Liverpool. .. June 18 Jeo Washington New York.. New Orleans. June 18 | *W°D.New York.. Liverpool... .June 22 “W*11 .New York.. Liverpool... .June 22 JlympUH . .New York Liverpool. .. June 22 Litvoi W a-hiug’u New York.. Liverpool. .. .June 26 Evening Star New York Havana.June 26 j"y*,*n.Quebec.Liverpool .. June 26 Illinois..,..New York. Aspinwall.. .June 26 Europa.Boston.Liverpool. ... Juue Hi ..New York.. Liverpool ...June 29 rubai Cain.New York West Indies July 6 Eleltric Spark.New York.. New Orleans July 6 MINIATURK ALMANAC. Friday..June IT. Sun rises.4 ?3 I High water, (a m . 8 2® Sunsets. 7 32 | Length of days_ 16 17 MARINE NEWS. POST OF PORTLAND. Thursday,.June 16, ARRIVED. Steamer Forest City. Liseomb. Boston. Steamer New Engiaud, Field, irom Boston, for St John NB. Brig Excelsior. (Br) Scott, Licgmn CB. boh Ida Morton Buckminster, uew York, bell L'nion, Uadlock, Cranberry isles. Sch T H Benton. Orr, llarpswell. fccli Emery, Tinker. ( alai» lor bostou. 8ch Ueo Henry.fCurrier, Sedgwick tor Boston, bch Lucy, Blake, Brookivdle for balem. IN TUB ROADS-A herm brig. CLEARED. Bark Manil a, Morse, Montevideo, for orders— Lewis Dyer k Co. Brig Kudorus, Haskell, rictoa NS—master. Brig <J*o Burnham, Ibornton, Uaaptou Roads— J B Fuller. Sch Bramhall. Ricker. Boston—J B Brown k Sons, bloop Prune, Savage, Bath—master. DOMESTIC PORTS. NEW ORLEANS—Ar 6th, brig Ellen P Stewart, Cain. Philadelphia. BALL! MORE—Ar 14th, barque Lapwing, Kean. Rio Jauciro. Ar 14tb. brig Mechanic Sears, irom Cardenas; sch Warrenton, Hill, Sullivan. PH 1 LA DELPHI A—Ar 13th. sch U B Metcalf. Hail. Providence. « IU will, uarquo r.mi, uruio, uampion notai; •cbs Eveline, Laughlin. Havana; Eliza William*, Taylor, Box bury. Cld 14th, barques Louisa Jewett, Hopkics, Glas gow; Artoa, Williams. New Orleans NEW YORK —Ar 14th. barques 8 W Holbrook, j Small,Cieotuego*; Josie Nicholas, Nicholas, Man sauilla: brigs Mary E Thompson, Lanpher, Carde nss; 1 lara D Bobbins, Hewett, Cienfuego*; Matilda B. haudall Cow Bay CB; sets Dirico, Cook. Bat more; Adriaaa, Robinson, hiixabethport for Prov idence. Ar 1Mb, ships Resolute, (Br) MeGilvery, Wham poa: Sagamore. Treadwell. Newport; barque Maria, Burnley, Autwerp. Cld 15th. ships * aravan. Lawler. Lhrerpool; Caro line Nesmith. Cotter. London; Thereee, Robinson, do; bmiquos Gey bound. Yates. Monrovia; P C Alexander. Merriman, (.lace Kay CB; brig Nellie. >taplee. ot 1 bo mas; sets Clara T Holmes, Cook, Curacoa; Sarah Holden, hock land. Ocean Star, Ham. aud Ruth 8 llodgdon, Hall, toe ton. bid 14th, ships Clara Wheeler, Ironsides, L L St ur ges, K A Palmer. (Hytei] ArHth. ship John Banyan. Mataozas; barque Cumberland. Glasgow; brigs eparkliug Sea. Sagua: 8 It Thompson, Bremen; sch G B Loriag, Run tan. NEW UAVEN-Ar 14th. brig Paragon. Hatch, fm Calai-; sen Zulma. bampsoa, do. PROVIDENCE—Ar 16th, sch Redondo, Tate, fm Ellsworth. Ar 15th, sch Rachel Beals. Moore. Calais. NEWPORT-Ar 16th, schs W B Darling. Baxter Cardin* r for Wasbugtoo; Commerce, Mullen, trom Providence for r lizabetbiort Ar 15th. schs Union. Arty, Vlnwlbaven for Phila delphia; Hockanom, Staples. Ban go-. Sid 15th, eob Lizzie Gupti)I, Gupt.ll, (from Rock land) for New York. PAWTUCKET—Ar 15th, sch Satan k Jane, Tor r»y, Calais NEW BEDFORD—Ar 14th, sch Michigan. Saund ers Bangor. Ar 16th. Braz shp Rio Grande. (Into ship Pyramid of rhomaatcu. condemned) Merry, St Catharines HOLME8*8 HOLE —at 14 h. brig Nat cy N Locke. McCa<mon. Belfast for Yorktown; schs oejrguna. fhilbrook. Baugor lor New London; Golden Rule, Sylvester, do for New Haven ; Game Cock, Langle>. Calais for Stoniagton; Jas Jilden, Davis. Ellsworth for Providence. 8 d 15th. *oLs Georgian a. Golden Rule, Jas Tildeo and Game Cock. BOSTON-Ar I6:h, schs Challenge. Bullock, and Eliza Ann, Williams, Baagor; Major Deenug,-, A Hamlin.; Napoleon, Perkins, do; Eve line, Colby. Wise as vet. Ar lff.h. ship Pacific, Morgan. New York, barqne Illinoi*. Freeman, Frontera, Mex; brigs Marine. Cook. Cieufucgus; Bole Bernard. Coombs. Cards uas: Robin, Mops Ins. Georgetown; Koret, Elliot, Philadelphia: Mar* ha) Dutch. » oombe. im do; »chs Kulic n Gui till. Magaguadat ic; Pocahontas.Berry, Baltimore; Osiuna, Jonnsoo. Calais; Cornelia, Hen derson. and 8ta berpent. Burdin, Rockland; J Ba ker Karberick. Portland. Cld 16th. ship Minnesota, (Br; Matthew*, Bangor, barque Orchilla. Havener, Fietou; eche Elizabeth. Brown. Lepsgaux NB; Alice, Hill, Saco SALEM—Ar 14th, brig Rockingham, Monroo, fm Philadelphia. - — Ar i&tb. schs D K A rev, f on Elizabetbport; Hud son, New York; Index, Ellsworth; Goid Hunter, and Lebanon from Bangor. GLOUCESTER—Ar 11th. sobs Essex. Slomaon, fm Bangor for Boston. Ar 13tb. sobs Columbia, Crosby, Bangor; Siahad. Jellieou. Boston. % Ar 14'h. sch Cornelia. Henderson, fm Rockland, •loop Billow. Rowe. Bangor. BANGOR—Ar 14tb, brigs Abby Thaxter. Coombs. Boston: Monica, PhiKij s. Ne* bury port Ar 15tk. barque Johu Wesley. Patten, New York Rot ELAND— Ar 15th. scb* Utica. Thorndike, fm Portland; John Adams. Hatch. N*w York Sid 8th, brig Sawaune. McCobb, Vinalhaveu, to load for Key West; 10th, G L Buc&nam. Rhoades. Calai*. Sd 12th, schs Dashing Wave. Conary, Bay ('baleur 14th. barque Chae Brewer, for Bangor. FOREIGN PORTS* At Akyab April SO ships Odessa. Nickels, fm 8in gapore, ar »<ib. for Europe: Joe Holmes, Crosby, from Rio Janeiro, ar 37th, lor Europe Cld April 18. Eddystuue Jack. Liverpool. Ar at Bombay May 2. ship Vicksburg, 8cott. from Aden; 6th Lepanto, Martin. London, bid May 1, Protector, C ark. L verpool. Ar at lionoluin March 36, ba-quet Emily Banning. Fellows, Hong hong (and sid same day lor bhang ha*!. 23d. Marv Kobi .son. McCleare, do. (and tailed 38tb for Howland’s Island ) 81d March 29. ship l-ady Washington, Holbrook, (from ban Francisco) for Baker s Island; barque Arc ic Uammaud. Boston At Panama 5th Inst, ship B 8 Kimball, Dearborn, for l.'tllao iu a dav or two. Ar at Callao 23d u!t, ■hip* Sylvanus Blanchard, Metcalf. Havre (and railed 26th tor Cbiaebas ) Sid 14th ult, ship Lydia bkolield, Mkol field. for Cbiaebas. At do 2Stta ult. ships Wm Chamberlin, from San Franc! co ar27th. tor Chmchas; Cambria, terry, from Chmchas. ar 28th ; Nevada. Bartiett. do. At Montevideo April 34, barque Frank Wright, for New York, idg r Ar ut Aspinwall 8d inst. ach New Vnglund, Elite, Canhagena. Sid tm Kingston 21st ult, brig J D Cooper, Cooper, Muiisumila. At Mausanilia 24th ult, barque Saa Sheppard, for New York, log. Ar at Triuioad 29th ult, ship Johu 8 Uarri , (Br) U *111100, Havana. Mid im < ieu uego* 26th alt. barque Lady Franklin MiteueU, Boston; Fling wood. Filing wood. PLi.acel phia. At Remedios 3d inst, barques D C Yeat* n. Pote, for Ngw York, ready iu 2 days; Mary Bentley.Clark, r< n1y to load M«d 3d. ach Ocean Ranger. Bradley, Philadelphia Mid Im Havana 4 h inst, barque kmma L Hall.Cog gins, Hemedios and Portland; rrineesa, (Bn Ryan, Portland Ar at Havana 5th lost, brig Augusta, Kelley, New Y ork : 6th, L H Cole, New Y ork; b Ctoaby, Crosby, Portland Mid 4ib, banjo* • Km ran L Hail, Coggins, for Port laud; Process, Ryan, do. Ar at sagua 1st in*t, brigs N Stowers Park, But ton; Oceau Wave. New York; 7th, brig W a Saw yer, Tracey, Boston. bid 2d, ba-que Villafranca, Hill. New York; brigs Sparkliog Men, Megur, do; Isabel Hour man, Small, Portland; 9th. barque M B Carlton. Oto»U, Phila delphia; brg Richmond. Powers. Boston. Ar at Matanzas 7th inst, brigs Castillian. Harden brook, Portland. Abby Watson, Ellsworth; 9tb, barque W A Evans, New Y'ork. bid 6tb. ship Johu Buuyan. Carver, for New York . brigs H < B ooks. Milieu, Philadelphia. 8th. H U McGdvery, Gilkey, ba*ua Ar at Cardenas 7th teat, brigs M A Herrera, from New York; tub. Almoner, do; Model, Portland. 9 b. Thou Connor, do. Mid 7th. ach Open Sen. Rog-rs. for New York ; 8th, bsiq«e Ylary C Fox. R •*. Philadelphia; brig Tem pest. Wilson, New Yoik; 9th, M Thurston, Laupher, Portland Ar ut Ml Jago lat lust, barque Holland, White, ftu Boston. [Ter Steamship Scotia, at New York.J Ar at Liverpool bd inst. North American, (s) from Quebec. tut tor Idg 81st, Alice Tainter, Bainaby, for New York 8ld fm Ardrossan 27th, George Bell, Perry, for Boston. At Glasgow 27th ult. Evening Star, tor New York. Mid fm Singapore April 2>, Aristides, Buckmaa.for Boston. Ar iu btraits of 8unda April 21. Benefactor, Ber ry. Y okohama for New Ytrs. *, Ar at GltraUar May 26. bea Breeze, Rogers, New York, aud railed toi Leghorn. Ar at Pert ambueo May 18 Atalanta.Force. Callao (aud sailed lor Antwerp); Voyager, Wylie, im New Y ork. Ar at Rio Janeiro May 8. If ary Lord. Low. Liver pool; 4 b. Eastern star NeaKy, Cardiff. 9tb, ilea nor. Plua mer. New Y o k Mid April 26. Undine, Wilson, New York; 2MU>, Eaglet, i try, do. Ar at Constantinople 20th ult C hav Cooper, Turn er, Alexaudiia E (and vailed for lehura ) Ar at Genoa 80th ult, Johu Bernard. Jamison, fm Philadelphia. Cd at Havre 1st inst. Young Mechanic, Bennett, Newport E aud New Yoik. Cid at Gottenburg prev to 26th ult, Alexandrine, 8now Noith America Sid fm < ux haven 31st ult, Golden State, Delano, New Y< rk; Eree Trade. Mtorer, Gottenburg. Liverpool June 8 — bhin W F elorer. Bryant, for New Y'ork. before reported pu* lack, report* May II. 1 A >i, was stiuck by ibe Aikw right, oi New Y'ork, about the fore chain*, starboard s:d«*. carrying away all headsails, foresail, lore rigging, one boat, spate foulard and bulwarks, with twenty timbers aud staucbioi s, catting the ship down about 14 *eet t out the plank shear. The Arkwright proceeded on her voyage, w ithout ascertaining the amount of dam age doue. SPOKEN. May 12. lat 16 30 S. Ion 86. barque 8usan Blaisdell, 82 days f om Newport E lor batitos MmV 23, lat 46 Ion 42) ship Great Waatern, from New Y’o k for Liverpool. June 1 «ff M hie lrisnJ, ship Progress, from Liv- | erpool for New Y »k. lat. Ac. ship E la, from Trapani for Bath June 8, no lat. Ac, ship Missouri, 85 days from Liv- i erpool for Boston. June 7, no lat. Ac, sch Arctic. Johnson, 18 days t from New Y’ork fdr Aux Caves had boeu lu a calm 12 days. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. B. F. HAMILTON&CO. Successors to C. H. Robinson Sic Co. WOULD very respectfully invite all former pa tious 10 the house, aud the public generally to i free examination of our goods at ail times. With ong experience au«l close at’cn'iun 10 the wants of ;ustom< r*, anO^adhcring strictly to tLe CASH SYSTEM, Believing it to he better for the buyer ss well as the iellerf to merit a Drg, shtrge of pa rooa*e Sever* tl lots of goods to close cheap to make room tor N K. W GOODS. Mr. W X. Prince, toge«h«r with the employees In the store are to bo retained ana will be happy to tee all their customers at formerly. B. F tl A MIL I ON & CO , Corner Congress and Preble streets. junel7eodtf PrwpoMalw For Rations and Skip Chandlery for Revenue Cul ler stationed at Port of Portland. Coni kctor’s tsrrrcx, I Portland. Me., Jane loth, 18€t. i SR ALKD Proposal-* will be rreeived at this office until 12 o'clock M . on Ihiiri-dav the 30th Inst., tor furniabing and delivering Ration* at d ship Chandlery lor tbe Revenue < niter station H at this Port, lor ths fiscal year ending Jut e£0 h, 18A6 The rations to be of good and app-oved quality; to be delivered on b ard the (utter in *• od a no sufficient ii ackagea. ban els. boxes and casts, and in good or der, once a month tree of expense to the United States, agreeable to »r eci cations a»d table (mark ed -1 attacked thereto, wnieh will form a part of the contract copies of w» i h may be btd by apply **f ****** office. It is understood that the contract or wid be bound to fnrninh. upon rea-onable notice, ns often a< mav be required by th Captain of the Cutter, with the approbation of *te < ollector, oat exceeding, upon an avevae*. one day In each week) •nch fresT meat and vegetable* as may be equiva lent to tbeeorreef ondinr parts of the a'ion allow ad la the Waval Servioe The t hip ( liandlery to bo ef the host quality andsn>j°c to the inspection of the officers ravking the requi-d'ijn. All bid* must he sealed a >d endorsed ‘ i'r posals for Ration*” or "Proposals tor 8h p Ch-ndler* ior Revei ue ('utter Stationed at Po t of Port and,” and then placed in another envelope and 'eft at or directed to thisof doe.prepaid if sent by mail By order of Bec.reterv of th* Treassry. I WASHBURN, Jr . Collector. Notlre. HAVING sold oar interest in the Dry Goods bn • iucss in Portland to Messrs B t> Hamilton k Co . we wish to arkn wledge the liberal and con stantly inert-astng patronage we have received fhr th« nut *l/ht VABr* itwi tn PM<iiiniiw hit all tomer* and the rublic to the new ooneern Mr C. W\ Robmson will remain at the store lor the present to settl th« accounts of the ooneern. All persons having unsettl'd accounts wi 1 confer a fe. vor by adjusting them at once. Mr Robinson wMI also contir ue to act as age t for the Weed Stowing Machine Mann facta tog Com ply* JunelTeootf Warned. ARKS l*C TABLE elderly Man, of active bus: ness habits, who writes a good, cxpo<Gcto«« hand, and is Tamili r with accounts, wish** cm loymunt in any respectable lions** Salsrv r ot an objrct A note directed to W 8. and ton at 9A Middle Street, w »h Mr. Abbot, or sent te 77 Free street will be at teaced to. juoel7d3 • Boarding. A RESPECTABLE Private Poardirg House, Just open© 1 being n-wly (lit* d up, at 77 Free street, for Gen lem**u with or aiUnt their famiitoe. Salts of rooms for familtos. juuel7dlw# Wunled. A BOOK-KEEPER. One who is well versed la figures and wri ts a good bai.d will find em ployment at J p DAYI*\ •junslTdat No m Commercial street. At a f ourt of Probate hold at Portland, witbia aad for the County of 4 umr crlacd, on the first Tuesday of Jute, iu the year of our Lord eighteen bin dred and sixty four. MARTHA C. PULTON widow of The mas 8 Bel ton, late o Portland in *aid Conn tv, d* ceased, having presented her petition thatadmmistratl n oa the estate of said decvased. may be granted te John J W. Reeves. Esq , «.f *aid Portlsnd. It wii Order'd, Tliat the said I'stitisscr give notice to all persons interested, by causing notice te I be published three weeks successively iu the Maiue ; State Press.printed at Port land, that thev may appear at a Probate f'ourt to b.* held at -aid I’ortfand. on the first l'uesdat of July tenor the dock > in the forenoon, and show cause, if any they base, why the same should not be /rau’eri JOHN A. WATERMAN, Jadge. A true copy, attest, 19 w3w BUG EX E H U MPIIREY. Legists?. THE Subscriber herebv gives public notice to ail concern* <1. Hot he ha. bees duly .[‘pointed .,4 taken npon himeelllhe tru.tuf Adaiuttitw of Ike eatkte of JOM11A WAIT*. late of Freeport, la the Coenty of Camberlaad iteeeaecd. be firing bord » the law dirreta; ho , therefore raqnee'e all peteom who are indebted to rbe aaid de«t-a.«-d'» relate to make itoiordiate pey ment; nod tboae who have ane demand# thereon o exhibit the lame for eetlkniei t to , „ ALBFKT H. WAITE. Ire#port. Bar II. I8M. wjw* CUSTOM CLOTHING! N. S. GARDINER j .62 Middle St., Opp. Post Office, Itrceiving weekly the LATEST amd MOST ELRGASTSTYLES ~er* breach, Kngliah and American Doetkiaa, Caoelmeree and Coaling*, Which we are prepared Io manafactare into Gar ment# no< turpautd in St,It of Cut. and workman.hip. bp any bonce In thla City or **ute. UR. JOHN II. LARKIN, Attend, to the Catting ort.armeati lathi. K.labluh 1 meat, whoee n*pntati*.n a. a r<ukio»..blt, Tnefw 1 Cutltr It well known in Portland an i other eitta*. Wehav, on hand and are eouetanly reee.viug alt the nifferant ranetive of GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, Usually kept by those in the business. Jana M oedlw $300 BOUNTY. Y. S. NAVY ! WANTED. For United State. ' Steamer Pontoosuc, NOW IN PORTLAND. 85 Stamen, 19 Ordinary Seamen, 75 Landaman, 10 Firemen, 16 Coal Heaver*. Apply to Naval Rendezvous, foot of Eichange St, JOUN I*. HE Vm. Commanding. Junelfidtf i GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniment*. FISHIACi TAClaLE! The B<9t Assortment in th* City. 0. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 17. todlf QUADRILLE BANd7~ MR. J. W RAYMOND would respectfully ln orm the cl liens of Portland and vicinity that he has connect* d lma»«lf with too members of CHANDLER'S BAND, As Prompter, and that they are prepared to furnish music for Balls, Ass* mb ies, l'ie oio« Excursions, he. All order* 1*11 it ICO W<l«rol street, corner of Temple, will receive pron pt attention J W. Ray mono hi Violin and Prompter. M. H. Ellis, ‘id Violin. M. r. Shaw. K!u c L. W H aadlkv. Cornet. 1*. L WiLiar, R.sso. junellTTA S2w OTTAWA HOUSE, PORTLAND lltHBOK, MAINE JASON BEUKY, Phopuiktob, A Win "pr® for I be piui, I haniim*. >**< Tbi® popular* >1.111141 law, •'Feel momaxt/o rmi r. And HEALTHY LOCATION flatted on CUSHING S ISLAND. 2J miles from the city, t* unsurpAs^ed by any Sum mer Aesor/ ou the New England court • N H. Positively closed ou the Sabbath to ail transient visitors. The stearnr will leave Burnham's Wharf for this I-land regularly. . Jnnelfijfi* BRADLEY'S HOTEL3 -o» tu® American and European P/nm«, Cor. of Commercial & India 8u. A Ths* floras is el nateJ'd reef y opposite BBD|tl e Grand Trunk eai rva D. pot a> u head (UmLiVoi Boeiou ami HoitUiut cteaui* is' \\ ha. I t on tie ted wit 'hi<* lleurp is a first class LAELpOyster and Dining Hall. J «MKn HIC.-VLG.EY, Jr., A CO., Proprietcra, J. Bradlev, Jr. P U. Bradley. Juoel5d«m Tor *a’e. AHOC&E and Lot on Steven's Plains Road, ad* Joining ths tfemiuary Ground*.* very dcaira hiegoeatien. Also a number of bu Iding lots near the sum*. Bo lUire of E it EOf&BEi. ou the Plain*. June 10th, 18C4 —«od3w*

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