Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 18, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 18, 1864 Page 4
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HUMOROUS. Popping the Question. We have heard of many cases of “popping” under very singular circumstances—the ec centric,! Im abrupt, the husiue»s-liko,the silly, and a thousaud other at) its. Of the ecceu tric, we would cite the case of a well kuown merchant, who, one day dining at a friend’s house sat next to a lady who possessed rare charms ol conversation. The merchant did not possess this faculty in a very rare degree, but he could do that which is next best, he could appreciate; an appreciation which lie endeavored to show by the following mode of action: i “Du you like toast, Miss B-!’’ “Yes,” responded the lady, slightly surpris ed at the question. “Buttered toast?” “Yes.” “That Is strange; so do I. Let us get mar ried.” There cannot be much doubt that the laby was taken slightly aback, a fact that did not prevent the marriage irom coming olf in a month afterwards, nor the accession of the lady to one of the ilnest establishments In the city. as a specimen of the abrupt, we shall cite the case of a gentleman, who had retired from business at Uie age of forty, and built him a beautiful house, deteimiued to enjoy Ule to the utmost. One day a friend was din ing with him, uud said, half jokiugly: “You have everything here that the heart can desire, hut a wife.” “Thai’s true. I must think of It,” said he, and then relapsed Into silence for a few min utes, at the end of which time be rose, pegged to be excused for a short time, and left the room. He seized his hat and went instantly to a neighbor’s and was shown iulo the parlor with the information that neither the master nor the mistress were at home. He told the servant that he wanted neither, and request ed the housekeeper to be sent to him. She came, and the gentleman thus addressed her: “Sarah. I have known you for many years, and have just been told that I waut a wife.— You are the only woman that X know, that I should he willing to trust my happiness with; and If von Merer, we will be instautlv mar rl#d. What U your answer?” Sarah knew the man that addressed her, and knew that his offer was serious, and as well weighed as though considered for a year, and she answered him in the same spirit, “I agree.” ««vi" -ou be tealy !n an hour?” “I will” *'i auaji return for you at that time.” Which he did, the gentleman who had sug gested the idea accompaning him to the cler gyman's. Many years have passed since then, and neither party has seen any cause to regiet the abrupt proposal and acceptance. Of the busbies* style, we can cite a case rtf lated to us, which we know for a true one. A young man who had succeeded to the ill kept and hadly cultivated, though really valuable farm of a deceased uncle, saw at a glance that two things were absolutely necessary to enable him to succeed; the first being a wife to take charge of the woman's department, and the second a few thousand dollars to stock it with. He could not help thinking to himself that, possibly, these two great aids to his happiness and prosperity might be found together, and yet without attempting to put his inatrimoulal and financial ideas into practice, he allowed them to haunt him continually. With this upon his mind, our farmer started upou a horseback journey to a distant part of tbe country, and upon his return made an ac quaintance upon the road, in the person of an old gentleman who was jogging the same way The companions dined together at a wayside inn, and fraternized pleasantly, during which the yonng man opened his heart to the elder, telling him all his plans and aspirations, when j the old gentleman addressed the younger: “I rather like you. my friend, and your hon est way of telling your story, and if you will come and see me 1 shall be glad. 1 have three daughten, all as good girls as ever lived.— Now, perhaps one may be the very one you are looking for; if so, 1 will do my best toward making the balance of the matter agreeable.— Hide over and see me to morrow, take dinner and stay Id the afternoon, which will give you a fair chance to see them and judge.” The young man instantly agreed to the pro posal, making only one condition that the young ladies should not be informed of the na ture of his errand. This was agreed to and they separated. '1 ue next day, at the time appointed, the i young man dismounted at the door of the bouse of his new friend, and was heartily wel- j coined. The hour before dinner was consum ed In looking over the larm, tbe young man in admiring Us keeping,and the old one In ap proving of the practical and sensible remarks oi the younger, when the meal was announc ed, and the youug ladies and their mother were introduced. They were all, as the old gentleman had said, fine girls, but the younger, rosy-cheeked, blue-eyed, and laughing-faced, charmed the youug farmer especially. The d'"**er over, they once more walked out for a «iat ell, how do yon like my daughters?” was the old gentleman's first question. “They are all nice girls, very nice,” said the young man thoughtfully. -“And which of them do you like best?” was the question. “The youngest, Kate, she Is charming, and If I ain to be your sou-in law, you must give me Kate!” j “This will never do to take the youngest 1 and by all odds the prettiest,” said the old gen- j tleman seriously. “I mu«t have her or none,” was the response, ^‘How much money did you Bay you want “Five thousand dollars will put my farm in " excellent order, and make It worth twenty thousand to-morrow. I must have five thou sand dollars.” ‘ I'll give you that sum with either of the other girls,” said the old man positively ; “hut i I will give you three thousand with Kate.” “Then I in iy as well go home. Five thou asnd 1 mutt have—I have set my mind upon U." j “And I have just as strongly determined to do only what 1 have said,” w as Hie old gen tleman's reply; “so I suppose the matter is at au end. However, we will be good frienda, and you must sometimes run over and I tee me.” This ended the conference, and they part ed. The young man mounted his i horse, and rode down the road, but ju9t'a9 he was about openiug the gate, stooping from his saddle, the laughlug-faced Kale sprang through the shrubbery to save him the trouble. “Can’t you accept my father’s terms ?” “Fes, by George, I will,if you say so,” was the Instantaneous response. “Then come over to morrow morning before ten o’clock and tell him so,” and the girl van ished like a fairy among the leaves. The young inau rode slowly home, but he was on hand the next morning, according to bidding, and married the fair Kate in two months after. CTTV OF PORTLAND. NOTICE is horeby given, that ft Is tbo Intention of < the City Connell to di-cuntiuue a pirt ot Con gress Street—beginning at the soiith-wesleriy line of toe A & b. Lawrence Railroad, and continuing I to low water mark And the Joint Standing Committee of the City ■ Couueil. ou laying out new Streets, in pursuance of j au order of the City Council, passed on the 18th day of Jane, lSdl. will meet lor said purpose ou Wednesday, the 22nd tiny of June, at 3 o'clock In the afternoon, at the crossing of Congress street over the A. & S. I. Itrlirosd, the place of beginning, and then and there proceed to view and discontinue said > street All ponton- Interested will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. Given under our baud) this lith day of June, A. D. 186) JACOB Mc'LF.LLAN,) STEVENS SMI TH, | Committee on WH II STEWART, . JNO. I). SNOWMAN. Lk.'tug out C. K.IADO, New Streets. Vt M . G SOULE, Portland, June 15, 1884.—did Ordinance Against Dors. City or Portland. Marshal’* Oyfice, ( May 2d, 1861. Section 1— No do* Khali be p< unit ted to to at Ur*e or loo** in any afreet ‘ane, alley, curt or trav «)ed wav. or lu any uuincloswi cr public t.l»oe in this olty. until the owner or kteper oi each do* or the bead o* the family, or the keeper of the houso atore •bop. office, or other place where such do* 1* kept or harbored, *hall ha\e paid the City Marshal two dollars for a licese for such do* to go at lar*e. 8*0 7 —In ca»e any do* shill he found loose or going at-large, contrary to any of the ft regoin* provf«ioHs. the owner or keeper thereof, or the head of the family or keeper of the boose, store, cffice, or j other p'ace where such dog I* kept or harbored,shall j lor lot t and pay a sum uot exceeding ten dollar*. lnaybd2m JOHN 8 11KALD, City Marshal. At a Court or Trobate held at Portland, within and for tho County of Cumberland, on the fir*t lne*day of June, in the vear of our Lord eighteen hundred and *ixt>-four, DEBOitAil LEACH, named executrix In a cer ta n instrument purporting to he thelmat Will and reatament ot Henry Leach, la*e of Raymond, I said t ouuty, deceased, having presented the name for Pr ba»o* It Onlere t, That the said Executrix give I notice to all persons interested, by causing notice to ba published three weeks succcsshely in the Maine State Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap pear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland on the flv«t Tuesday of July next, at ten of the dock In the forenoon,aud show causcif any they have, wtiv the said Instrument should not be prov ed, approved, and allowed, us the last W1 1 and Tes tameulof aald deceased, JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A trnecopy, attest: 2lt»8«• EUGENE HUMPHREY,Register MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors,* Fox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND, ME. Attention Is reaper fully invited to our unrivalled facilities for executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is fUrni-hed with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our coilootlon of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any establish ment in the city. _ . . . Business ana rrotessional U&rds, (Of every variety, style and cost, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Bill-Head* Ruled and Cut la the Neat e*t Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS, Of every tfeauiptlon *xec*t*d in Um b«*t ityle. Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with prompts**! end fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES. BILLS OF LADING, TIME TABLES, end all aorta oI LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short natter. StratM, iepertt, lid ill Lindt of Puaphleii, Put up in superior style. Bronzed and Colored Label#, for Apotliocene*. Merchant*, end fancy Dealer*, got up in the best style of the art. "Wedding Cards, Notes <tf Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Dan- ' ses, sic., tie., of every variety and cost, ftiralehed at abort notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bills, Shop-bills, Prolam ines, Circulars And plain printing of every description. AUo. Buie and Figure trot i, executed neatly, and on terms that cannot fall to satlify. * v THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of 3oper' Improved Caloric JEttffinee for motive power, and is lurnished with ’ improved and costly Trasses—Cylinder and Platen from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant use one of HUE’S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheett an hour, one of Adam’e Power Presses—the best book preas in the wor.’d ; Adam's and Potter's Poet Machine Jab Presses Haggles’ superior Cord tree : Adams' and Union large Hand Pretsee, Standing Presses, and all the machinery necessary for a well appointed office. The Daily Treat Job Offlce is believed to be as well famished as any similar establishment in the State. Those sending order from the country may rely on receiving prompt attention. We execute ail orders in the shortest possible time and in the neatest and best manner. We will do nil kinds of printing aa well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment in the City, County or State. Ail orders for Job Printing must bo directed to the Daily Pre$$ Job Ojjlae, No. 82) Exchange street, I Portland. Me. The Job Office is under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PRINT ICR, and is himself an experienced practical work man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics in I this department of hia work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest dally paper east of Boston, and haring a larger circulation than all tho other dailies in the city combined, la published at the Office in Fox Block. 6‘J 1-9 KxeUan-je Htreet, every uiornij.g— ' Sunday excepted, av $8,00 Per Annum, From which 19 1-t per rent, ia ilheouMltd tot I abVAXcE pathxxt*. Sami-annual and quarterly subscription* pro reta. Lea* than thro* months, aiaty cents per month, or 16 crisis a weak. Sixglk Coma 1 Cxxts. FT Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largeet paper in New England, eight pages, is published every Wednesday, eoulaiuiug all the ' news by mad a d telegraph, important reading mailer Marine Lief. Ma’ket Reports, it . of the Daily Press, at the following pricet, vit Mingle espy, site year. Invariably In advance.,2.00 Fartiiaasaiks . 1.00 Taelakt sf ftar *r mere all to the ■ame post offioe, each. 1.75 Te rlnbs of lea ar mare, all to the same post office, And a free copy to the get Ur np of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Ageuts wanted in ever} town. Postmasters requested toact as agents. , N. A. FOSTER & Co., Pbophiktokj. Portland June 1, 1864. dtf NOTICE. i WE, the undersigned , having eold our Stock of Coal and Wood to Misers Kantlalt, Me Alii- ■ l«r | \Co., do cheertu'ly recommend them to our former customers. All persons haviug demands ’ against us are requested to present them for settle ment, and ail per-ous indebted to us are requested to male immediate pat mi nt at the old stand where one ol the undersigned may ho round fnr the present. SA WVE« k WHITNKT. Portland, Jane 6, 1864. Juuel3d8w Coal and Wood! milE «ub«cril*ot baring purchated tho Stock of A Coat and Wood, and tak*n the Maud recently occupied by Mw»ri. fatryer f W kit net, bead of J/ainr Wharf, are now prepand to supply their former patiouM and the public gvueryjx, with a flue a'tortraeut of MH WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old Company Lehigh, Spring Mountain Lehigh, Locust Mountain. , John's, White and Red Ash, Diamond and Lorberry, Together with the bout quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal for Blacl’MMiths. ▲Iso, Hard and Soft Wood, Delivered to order in any part of tbo city. The former customer* of Molars. Sawyer k Whit ney aro respectfully invited to give ur « call RANDALL. M0ALLI8TER k CO. Portland, June 13 1864 —dly Evergreen Cemetery. THE Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will ba at hi* office. In New City Bui ding, entrance on Mvrtle Street, from 12 o’clock M. to 3 o'clock P. M . every day, except Sunday*, to atteudto any calls in connection with Raid Cemetery. Orders may be lelt at the office st any time! ap2Sqto*ugl H. C. BABB, Superintendent. mmmrnu i a. i ■ ■■ ... n. ■ A, ■■ ■ - HOTELS. Union and Temperance House, . Wtit Harp&well, Is open lof the reoeption of Summer [Board rs, and trancient and visitors. This House is very pleasantly situate d on 1 [the Neck, one-fourth mi.e above the Steam- , [boat Landing. tjr Altals furnished at all hours of the day MONEY BAILEY, Proprietor. I June 9,1864.—d3w • Atlantic Houbo, SCAIIBOKO’ BEACH. THIS House having been enlarged and } refitted throughout will open lor the sea* : son on Monday, June 13, 1804, • E GUNNISON. N. B.—Positively closed on the Sabbath fW all transient visitors. jumll Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned baviuc leased for Ihe ! season this well eetablLbi'd Watering place, charmingly situated rn the outer varge ot Cape Elisabeth. With uurivalled ;acili- : lies loj Bathing, Boatlag, and Fishing, Will open for transient and permanent guests on and after Tuesday, the 7th day of June. Krerv desirable convenience will be supplied for the pleasure and comforts ol its patrons with regard to the requirements and character ol a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. We feci assured that < ur exertions, added te the j unusual attractions ot the house iuelf, willsccure us the approbation and patronage of the public, y PoiihrWy closed on the Sabbath. HILL k JORDAN, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth, June 7,1964. dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subscribers take pleasure in an nouncing io their friendt and all interested in finding a first class ssa-side Hotel accom modalious.tbat their new and spacious Ho tel w 1.1 oe op-nearly in June. It contains all the mod ern improvements and every convenience fer tbo comfort and accommodation ot the travelling pub ic It is finely located, commanding an uunvalled view of the Penobscot Bay. The advantage* of sea bathing and the facilities for fishing aLd boating, are unsurpassed. For its beautiful scenery and de llguuui drives ana waits, i amain is aueady favor ably known as one of the most eiigiblo and delight ful watering places in New England Connected with the Hotel is a fine Li very Stable, horses and oarilages having been selected with great eare. The carriages are from the best establishments in the <*;>liutty. and on the most approved styles, btcarn boat landings easy of aoceas; steamers toughing ev ery dav in the week. Telegraph communication with all parts of the country. 1 hose wishing 10 se cure good rooms will do weL to apply soon, as many are already engaged. CUSHING it JOHNSTON, Proprietors. Camden, June 2, 1868 —dtf Pleasant Suburban Kesort. CAJ^ISIC-HOUSE, WEST BROOK. This elegant suburban Watering Place, [located upon a pleasant eminence near ba ts ic Poud. but 24 miles from Portland, hav ing been placed in the most ample order by _ithe subscriber, he most respectfully solicits vuu ftueufiou of the public, and cordially invites a call from his old friends. The house is pleasaut, retired and quiet. The furniture an 1 furnishings are all new, and the rooms cosy and sightly. The tables are supplied with all the delacacies as wait as the substantial or the sea son, and the service of one of the very best cooks in New England have been secured. Extensive sheds and a lino stable with roomy stalls are\mong the conveniences of the establishment ▲ nice Bathing House sufficient for the accommo dation of several bathers has been erected with steps projecting into ten foet of water, and the whole se cured from observation by a floating screen. Smoking Arbors grace the batiks of the Pond and invite the indulgence of the lounger. Hoping for a share of the public patronage the un dersigned promists to spare no effort for the en er tainmcntof his guests. GKO. W MURCtl. Westbrook, May 21, 1864. mat 21 dtf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (VOBMBBLT WILSOB IOUBI.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. x This popular Hotel has recently hoes pur inrhiias by Mr. Miller(o! tbcAlbion) and has JJJALSteeu thoroughly refitted, renovated and re |paired, and numerous excellent alterations ItJEVJiunade. It is located on the Baccarappa road, about lour miles from Portland, affording a beautiful drive over a good road, and just about Car enough for pleasure. It has a fine large Dancing Ilall and good Bowling Alleys, in close proximity to the house Is a warm and roomy Btable, containing twenty nioe stalls. There is also a well sheltered Shed, 106 feet long, for hi tchiug horses. The choioest Suppers will be got np for sleighing atkJ dancing partie*, who will find It greatly to their pleasure and ad vantage to resort to the White House. No effort will he spared for the entertainment of **<*ts. decld-dtf HALLOWELL HOUSE REOPENE Dl HEW FURHITPRE & FIXTURES! 8.G. DENNIS, .Proprietor. %W Th# public are specially informed that the spacious, convenient and well known Hallowell IlouBB, in the center of Hallowell, two miles from Augusts, and four mi'es fcpra Togus Spring, has been refurnished, and is open for tte reception of company and permanent boarders. Rvsry attention will bs given to t he eomfort at guests. S T.A BliING, and all the nans) conveniences of a popular hotel, are amply provided. HaJlowel , Feb. 1 1864. mch26 eodtf -A— THE AMERICAN HOUSE, ^JgJManovor Street .... Bocton, The Lit|e*t and Best Arranged Hotel IK SEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICE, Proprietor. 00I6ly O FFIOE O F THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY 28, l£64 rpiIE Trustees, in conformity to the Charter of the A Company, submit the following statement of its affsirs uu tb«* 31st Dtcernbtr, lri^; Premiums received on Marine Kinks, from 1st January, 1883, to 31st Lie eemb.r, 18i3, ei,ii4,J98 »S Premiums on Policies not marked off 1st Janaary, 1383, 1,708 /02 24 Total amount of-Marine Premiums. 910,006,001 17 No Policies have been issued upou Life Risks; nor upon Fire Risks discon nected with Marine Risks. Premiums marked off from 1st Jan., 186i, to 31st December, 18 3. §7,697.866 66 Losses paid duriug the same period. S.’8u6.861 « Returns ol Premiums aud Exponses, 1,082,987 48 The Company has the following Amo s, vis: Unit d States and Stst of New York block, City. Hank an l other Stocks, §3.492 631 §0 Loanssccurt-d by btocks.andutherwise. 1,460,700 (>• Real K-tavand Bonds aud Mortgages, 193,789 09 Dividends on Stocks.!uterest on Bonds aud Mortgages aud other Loans,sun- t dry Notes, re iasuraoce and other claims due the Comp'y , estimated at 104,964 61 Premium Notes and Hills Receivable, 8,273,378 63 Cash in Hank, '.44,613 86 Total amount of Assets, §9,366.466 32 Six pe^- cent Interest ou the outstanding certifi ca»ea ol profits will bs paid to the holders thereof, or their legal representatives, on and atterTuesday the Second of February rent. After reserving Three and One hair Million Dollar* of prolPs. the outstanding certificates of the issue of 1682, w II be redeemed and p*id to tho holders there of, or their legal renresentativ« a, on and after Tues day, the becond of February next, from which date a*l interest thereon will cease. The certificates to be produced at the time of payment, aud cancelled A Dividend of Forty Per Cent is declared ou the net earned premiums of the Company, lor the year ending 3l»t December, 188*, for which certificates will b*» issued, ou aud after Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Profits of the Cornpanv,ascertains 1 From the 1st of the 1st of Jau . 1683. for wh.chCertificates were issued, amount to §14,328 880 Additional from 1st Jan., 1883, to 1st January, 1664, 2.630 000 Total profits for 21} years. 916,968 860 The Certificate* previous to'1682, have been redeemed by ca^h, 11,690.210 Net earnings remaining with the Com . pany. on 1st January, 1864, 95,283 670 Ity order of the Board, VY I OWN SEND JONES, Seoretar. THU ST EE S . John D. Jones, Davftl Lane, Charles Dentil*, James Bry .e, W. 11. 11 Moore. Wm. Sturgis. Jr., Thus. Tileston, 11 K. llogert, Henry Colt, A. A. Low, W C. Pickcrsgill, Wm. K. Dodge, I«ewisCurtis, Deunis Perkins, Cbas. II RutaeU, J« s. liaillard, Jr , Low 11 Holbrook. J Henry Bnrgy, P A. Hargous, Cornelius Grinncll It. W. Weston. 4;. A. Hand, Rotal Phelp , Watts Sherman, Calob Karstuiv. E K. Morvan. A. P. I’illot, B. J Howland, Leroy M. Willey, BenJ. Babcock. Danie' S. Miller, Fletcher Westrav. K.T. Nicoll, R. B Minturn.jr., Josh’aJ Henry, G W. Burnham, Geo. G. Ilobsoa, Fred. Chauncey, Jarnos Low. JOHN I) JONES. President. CHARLES D“NNIS, Vice President. W. H U MOORE. 3d Vice President. ry Application* forwarded and Ora* Policixb prooured by JO US W. HUNGER, Agent, No. 160 Fore etreet, head of lion* Wharf. PORTLAND, ME. June 8.—w2wfceodtoJan29 FOB SALE & TO LET. HOUSES AID LOTS FOR SALE, SITUATED oa Franklin. Alilrn, Washington. Montreal, Foi and Sumner Streets. PRICES FROM 81,000 TO 82,600. Alio, TWO SMALL FARMS, in Cape E lzabeth. Terms liberal to suit the purchaser. Enquire of ELBRIDGE GERRY, aj.23 dlw eodtf No. 69 U gh Street. Valuable Form for bale. Situated in Falmouth, tight miles from i'ortlaud, ou the old Gray road, opposite Black Strap Monu ment. me farm contains 45 acres good land, well divided into tillage, pasturing Kuo wood lots. It has a large orchard, and buildings all iu good repair. It i* well watered aud a very uleasaut situation ; will be sold for cash on reasonable lertns. For further particulars iuquire ol J. F. RAND, No. 0 Clapp’* Block, or RU#US RAND ou the premises. junei6u2w* House Lots For Sale. ON Stevens’ Tlaius, within two minutes walk of the Horse Railroad; pteft«autl|r located. Enquire of G. L. BaILKY, 4J Exchange St. June 11, 1864.—eod2w Valuable Real Estate Tor Sale. E have for salo a very desirable Jloure, cen trally and pleasantly located, finished and furnished from garret to cellar; every ihiug in aud about the houae in perfect ordt r; will be sold with the Furniture, which •• in good taste and in iiceo. der Irarurdiate possession given. Ihe house and lurniture can be examined kt any time, and infor mation give by calling ou HENRY BAILEY k Co., Austloneers. maylMtf Laud ou Free afreet for Kale. THE valuable real estate ou Free street, known u the "Furbish property ." The lot is about 1(XJ leet on Free street and extends back about 174 feet. Raid estate will be sold as a whole, or the easterly hair of the dwelling bouse, with lot about 4<J by 176 feet, will be sold by itself. Application may be made to James Furbish, Esq., on tne premises, or to UEO. E. B. JACK SON, julyldtf bb Exchange street. For Kale. THE Dana property, so called, on Windham Hill, in Windham, containing about ten acres There are on the promises a good Two Rtory Dwelling House and Barn, with other out-buildings, fbe property is pleasantly situated aud the neighborhood unexceptionable. Forterms. Ao., apply to DKBLOIS A JACKSON, Portland May 18,1864. 5b Exchange »t may loan For Sale. A SQUARE block of lend, of about 73000 acre, ol wood laud, od the south tide of the river St. Lawrance, in Canada Eaat It ia ioterceeded by two considerable rivers with eligible Mill aits. Well wooded with every description ut timber, such as Kino and spruce in large qaantities, and maple, arch, beech, tamarac ana bias woidtrany amount Enquire of II. T. MACHIN. Portland. Portland, Feb 1864 feb&oodtf For Sale or to Let. CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over SO rooms, large stable and sheds—situated two and one-half mile* from Portland, and the fineet situation in Cape Elizabeth for a wa tering place. and summer boarders. For particulars enquire of GEO. OWEN, ap7dtf 81 Winter Street. Portland. Valuable House Lou for Male. TWO House Lots on Congress street, adjoining the house now occupied ly the subscriber. GARDNER LUDWIG. June 10.1864 -d2w For Male. A TWO story House and Lot. situated on Port land street, with Stable and othcrout buildings Also two adjoining lots containing abou’ eight thousand square feet. Enquire of ri. STEVENS, No. 47 Portland street. june9dtf Houm For Sale. A TWO story wooden house, No. 18 Adams street, 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families; plenty of good water. For psrticulars inquire ol B. J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,1964. mayl4eodif For Male. ONF. Express Wagon, nearly new, can be used for on* or two Horses, it na* Pole and Shafts complete For price Ac., call at No.4 Free Street Portland. apr 1 eodtf To Let. STORE now occupied by ms. Possession glroa immediately. Also, a Front Offloeln Hanson Block. Jan8 dtfM J. LIBBET A CO. To Let. ONE STORK in Galt’s Block. Apply to H. T. MACHIN, ap22 dtf ID. "W. CLARK dba t.ait ta Silver Street Ice llonse, and Office No. 32 Exchange street. ALL Orders promptly attended to and customers suppled with the best quality of ICE. Prieto/ Ice/or the Seaton, 1904. 16 lbs a day, from June 1st, to Oct. 1st, #6 00 ' 18 “ •* •• “ •• 8.00 20 " *• •* M " 10.00 Forty *eut« per 100 lbs. To those who take Ice for the season, it will be de livered earlier than 1st June and later tbau 1st Oc tober, at the same rate per mouth as during the sea son. When not wanted for Hi* fall season, it will be delivered at the rate of #2 00 per mouth lor 10 lbs. per day. Notice of chauge of residence, if given at the of fice iut'ead of the driver, will always prevent dis appointment. Any customer leaving town for two weeks or more at one time, by giving notice at the office, wjli be en titled to a proper deduction. Complaints against the drivers, for neglect or care 1. ssn* ss or anv other cause, must be made at the of fice, and will be attended to promptly. I._A|-~.A U_18 18.11 '_ MAINE INSURANCE CO. Aagti*ta, Maine* THE Maine Iniurance Company Insure against loss or damage by Fire. Building*, Merchan dise and Fnrnitnre. on terms as favorable as it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Fire rears. *i. L. CUTLER, President. J. H. WILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW ... Agent, Ho. 102 Kiddle Street. oellffodlr American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF HEW YORK. Oupiial *300.000, ■ ■•■re Merchandise. Hum. held Farallan. Rraia, Uu,r>. Vea~ Ml. ■■ the Minolta. end other Per. eeaal Preperly ni me Law. eal rrtea. SAMUEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM ItAYNOU, .Secretar. EDWARD SHAW Agent, 103 Middle Straet. oot27 lyeod PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will issue Polioes to be free after the payment of six, eight or ten Premiums at the option of the insured au<J at rates as low as any other Company. The issue of Free Policies reuders it at the least equal if not superior to the participation companies. Office No. 103 Middle St. CHARLES UOLDEN, Pres. EDWARD SllAW. Sec. Feb 16 dAwtf. STATEMENT OF THE AStna Insurance Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., On the 1st day of Novsmbar, A. D. 1863, as required by the Laws of the State of Maine. The Capital Stock Is.*1.600.000 and with the surplus is invested at follows: Real estate, unincumbered, 967,963 18 iu hand, on depoalt, and in agents’ hands, 216 960 56 United States Stocks, 5la|847 60 State and City Steens, and Town Bonds, 6*i9.460 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,147,270 00 Mortgage Bonds, 33l>iy 00 Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co's scrip, 1862-3, 16.886 60 Total Assets, *3,028.879 74 Amonnt of Liabilities lor Losses not due or adjusted, *176.41111 Amount ut ri-k, estimated, 116,616 479 C( TU08. A. ALEXANDER, Preeident Lucies J. Hannan, Secretary. Bortford, Bov. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. dec6 dtf Dirigo Insurance Company OF THM CITY OF POItTLABI). Ollier No. IN Exchange street. Capital $200,000 ruin Company Is now prepared to issue policies ; on all kind, of property insurable against Are at current rates A. K. 8UURTLKF, President. JEREMIAH DOW, Secretary, i Directors. J. B. Brown, E. 8. Spring, D. W. Clark >• B. Carroll, John Lynch, H.I. Robinson, i Trusties. St, John Smith. II. M.l’ayson. C. H. ilaskell, knilrew Spring, N. O. Cram, Philip H Drown, H.N.Jose, lore. Dow, G. W Woodman, H J. Libby, H J Robinson, I N. Wiuslow, 8. C. Chase, klvah Conant, Wm. Moulton. Portland, May 4,1864. mayGdtl _uaiu;oaDs" Sgg REDUCED RATES ! I III PORT ANT TO TRAVELERS -TO TU* West, North Weat& South West! W. I). LITTLE. IS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Detroit, Milweukie, Galena. Oskosh, St. Paul, LaCro-se, Green Day, guii-cy. bt. Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis, Caiio, etc., etc., and is p epared to furnish limutub Tickets trcin Port.and to all the principal cities and towus in the loyal States and Canada*, at the lowest rates of fare, and ail needful iulormation cheerful y granted. Travelers will find it greatly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the Union Ticket Office, 31 FxchftugeStreet, [UP STAIRS,) ' W. L>. LITTLE, A*jent. Pastengcrs for California, by the Old Line Mail Steamer and Panama Railroad, may be secured by earlv application nc this office. Tickets to Mun'rtnl and Quebec and return (via the Grand Trunk Railway) may he obtained at this agency on favorable terms. nia\2'jd* w t! Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s Great Combination of EXCURSIONS! For the Season of 1864. Ticket* Good to Return to November I*t. sash Mmmwm.m GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY. from Portland —TO— White Mountains Montrenl, Quebec, De troit, Chicago, W ilwnulde, Niagara Falls and return at yjtur lou hates of fare. Only #10 to Chicago or Milicaukie, #03 out and return, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Hetnrn, all rail, $33, Also, to Horton, New York, uptlio Hudson River Saratoga, Lake Oeorge. Returning from Niagara Fall* oitl,or by fjrand Trunk Railway, or by tbe Koval Mail Lino through toe rheuxauo Manila mud Itajiida ot tbc bt. Law renco. American Money taken at Par fer Tickets, Sleep ing Care and at Refreshment Saloons Arrangements ha»e been marie with the Proprie r --1-- - •** -•««« c«i, yuri;cc hiiu Detroit to take Ameiicao Money at par, charging Now York Hotel prices. For Tickets or inf rmation apply to Aoekt of Grand Trank Railway. E. P. BLA< II. General Agent,279 Broadway.N Y. Wm Flowkk.h, Ear tern Agent, Bangor. Jane 11.—d4w PORTLAND AND KENNEBEC K.R. SPRING 4 SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 L^ahj»lgL|. 1‘AMOngcr lr»in. le»vcSkowlie«n for IE9lC!3KCi °rt and Boston, at 8 4'< A . M , Au gust, It ou A. M. and Bath 12 19 1*. 31. Mnrm-ta 1 ortland aud Boston at 6.3o A, if.; Bath 6.80 A. Portland for Ba‘h, Amu-Ma, Waterville Kendall's Mills and Skowhegai , at 1.10 P. 31. l’ortland for Bath and Augusta 8 16 I*. M. Passenger* for rationsou the Androscoggin Rail road will charge cars at BiuLhwkk The I 19 *■'. 3i. train f om Portland connects at Keudairs Mills with Maine Central Railroad for Bangor, Ac , arriving same evening. p8M*e* leaV° Ba ^ *°r Kookla,i<1 at 9 A M. aud 3 Stage* leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 P. 31. 6t*ge.‘ leave Skowhegan at 0 KfcP. 31 for Anson So.on,Ac. ' Through Tickets for all the station* on this and the Androscoggin Railroad, can be procurnd in Bostou at the Fastern or Bos'onatid Maine station*. IK a CUSUMAS'ti“P8rin‘»»'I»BI _ APr,l J8^18b4. ap28tf Vorb 4c Cuiubc-rluuU Itullrond. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On and after MONDAY, April 1th., 1864, trains will leave a* follow*, until lurther notice: Saco River lor Portland at 5 46 (Freight Train with Passenger Care) and U 16 a. m , ana 3.30 i* m. Leave Portland lor Saco River, 7.46 a. m. and 2.00 and 6,20 p. m. The 2 00 p. m. train out, aud 6 46 a. m. train into 1 ortland, will be freight trains with passenger cars attached Btages connect at Saccarappa daily for South Winaham, Windham Center aud Great Falls. At Gorham for W’est Gorham, Sttudish. Steep Falls, Baldwin. Sebago, Bridgton, Hiram. Liming ton, Cornish, Denmark, Browutield. Lovcl. Frye burg, Conway,Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and La ton, N'. U. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonney La South Limiugtou, Liming ton and Limerick. At Saco River tri-weekly, lor Uoiifcs, Limerick, Osaipee, Newhcld, Parsousheld, Ltf:ug..ara, Free dom. Madi-on. aaton, Cornish, l’orter, Ac. Fares 6 cents less wnen tickets are purchased in the Office, than when paid in the Cars. DAN. CARPENTER, Supt. Portland April 7,18«4. dtt HUINE CENTRAL KAILKOAD. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. JHHD Trains leave Portland, Grand Trunk HBE9HIStation, f r Lewiston and Auburn, at 7T¥Ti7ir For Bangor and intermediate stations at 1.10 p.m. RETURNING— leave Lewiston at C.2m a w .asd arrive in Portland at 8.30 a. m. Leave Bangor at 7.26 a. M., and arrive In Portland at 2 00 p. u. Both these trains connect at Portland with trains for Boston. Freight train leaves Portland at 8 a. m., and re turning is due snPortland at 1 p m . Stages connect with trams at principal stations, daily for most of the towns North and {-41st ol this Une. C 31 MORSE,Supt. Waterville. November, MM. deol4 GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canada. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. gHBC On and after Monday, Nov. 9, 1862, IS trains will rou daily, (Sundays exoept ed) until further notice, as follows: Up Traiiia. Island Pond at 1.10 p. x. Down Train*. Leave Island Pond for Portlaud, at 6 ▲. x. Leave Booth Paris for Portlaud at 6.15 a. X. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding *60 in value, and that per* soual, unless notice is given, aud paid ior at the rate of one passenger for every 8600 additional value. C. J. BKYDtiFB. Managing Director. II. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nor. 4,1863. nov6 PORTLAND, SAC O A PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS' Commencing April 11th, 1964. rxxxri Passenger Trains will leave the 8ta lion. Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex cepted 1 as tallows: Leave Portland for Boston, at 8.45 a. x. and 3.(6 r. x. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 ▲. x. and 3.C0 P. x. Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 a. x. and 6.30 y. x. These trains will take and leave passt ngers at way stations. Freight trains leave Portland aud Boston dally. K KAN Cl 8 CllAhfc. superintendent. Portland. Oct. 30.1863. oc31 edtf 1-" IREWC> KKB OF EVERY DESCRIPTION CUTTER A AUSTIN, 82 ami 38 Federal Street, and 1(»7. Ill, aud 113 Con greet St , liotton, Wholeea’e Dea'ers in Firework*, Chinese Lantern*, Torches, Ac. THE A Air UNION LANTERN Red, White and Blue, for Political Processiona. Exhibitions tarnished to auy amount. Send lor Price List juoeCdtojulyl TOCLEAR THE HOl'SEOF FLIES, Ute Butcher*t Celebrated LIGHTNING FLY-KILLER, A ceat, cheap article, easy to use. Every sheet will kill a quart. Bold every where. Junt4d&wSw THE BOSTON FIRE BRICK Aud Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works, 394 Federal street, OfUce aud Warehouse 13 Liberty Square aud 7 Batter} march 8t, mauulacture fire Brick, ail shapes and sues, for furnace* required to itauu the most intense heat also furnace Blocks and Blabs, Locomotive Fire Blocks, Bakers' U\en snd tireeu-house Tiles, Clay R tort* aud nece *.»*ry Hies to set them, f ire Ccmeot, FireClay aud Kaolin Tho undersigned will give their special attention that alt order* tor the above manufatiture%re execu ted with promptness. JAMES K MON I) A TO. Skllimo Aobnts, 13 Liberty Bquaro, Boston, mchll eodtim TO SHIP BUILDERS* p. s. & J. a. MUCK INS. pCMUISSIO.N MERCHANTS, and whoteanleand retail dealer, in Ship I'ixhkk i.d I’liu. Have for.Hie at their Wharf, ('extraL S^i'ark. Horton,250,000 Locust unit Oat Treenails, 1,000 Hackmatack Alices, plaued. Also White Oar PLARR and fix nKK.CUhRl M r UoaHI.R and 1‘LANR VVHitk IThk, OkcR-1'LAXk, Ac. l'artieular at eution paid to Eu.uiahing Oak flank by t he Cargo. rnchM dSm J. W. HIKES, Parehaaer lor Knstern Aueouiil or L.OUK, GRAIN, SEEDS, PROVISIONS, LARD, BUTTER and WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to ahipplng br quickest ind ohcapeet routea. No. 1M SUL' i ll WATER ST. P.O.Box 4*1. CliicuKO, Illinois. RxgxxBrrrgR—Moeara. Mavnard k Sod*: n k W. Ihickerlng; V H. Cummiug* A Co.: S. G. Bowdloar kCo.j Charier A. Stone; llaliett. Daria k Co., ol Jofton, Mac. Caabior Elliot Hank, Horton. J.N. tacou, Eeq., Preaklent Newton Hank. Newton. C. S. Collin; Warren KJJla k Sour, Sew York Cltr, Jy»'Mdl r. I steamboats! " Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 18414. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS j STEADIER LADY LAfttt, Built expressly for this route, j CAPT. WILLIAM R. HOIX, I Will commence her Summer Ar a- incut on MONDAY MOKN —AUnHess^fc-ING, June 6 h, Leaving Bangor ev ! try Moi.Ua/, WednesUa, aud I rid ay Mornings,at | 5 o'c ock . Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot ol J State street, Ptrtlsnd, every Monday, Wednesday ! HU<1 Friday Evening*, at 10o’clock, connecting with ihe Eastern, Boston and .Maine, and Portland, Saco t ®nd Portsmouth Railroads, from Hostou and Way Btations, leaving Boatou at 3 o’clock, P M. The Boat will touch at Rockl .rd, Camden, Bel last. Bucksport, Wiu ter port and Hampden, both ways. 1 avengers ticketed through to and from B< at on, Lowell, Lawrence, Salem ami Lynn. For more extended intormation, apply to J. O. Kendrick, Bangor; tue local Agents at the various landings; the Depot Masters of the P. 8. L P, Eastern, and B. * M. Railroads; Abiel Somerbv, I ortlaad; Lang k De auo Boston, or Juuc4.-i.dtf C“A* «•»•»> Agrut. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. One of the following first-class steamerH of this Line viz:—Peruvian, Hibernia, North American. Jura,Bel gian, Nora Beotian. Moravian. Da mascus will sail from Quebec, xvxuv Saturday Moknimi, for Liverpool via Londonderry. The DaMASOiS to sail from Quebec Saturday morning, June 1ft. Also the fteutnerg St. David. St. Gkoros, St. Axdrvw. St Patrick, tri month.y from Quebec for Glasgow. Prepaid and return tickets issued at reduced rates. For passage apply to 11. Sc A. ALL AN, Montreal, or to J L. FARviEK, inayl6dtf No. 10 Exchange street Portland. International Steamship Company. Eastport, Calais & St John. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. Ou and after Monday, March 28, the superior sea-going steamer NEW BRUNSWICK. Capt. E. B. _Winchester, will leave Railroad Whan, toot of State Street, every Monday at ft o’clock P. M., and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND, Capt. E. Field, every Thursday at 5 o’clock P. M for r.adtport and St. John, N. B , connecting at East port with s?ea*ier Queen, for Robinson, St. An drews and Calais, and with Staire coaches for Ma ch***. and at at. John with steamers for Freder icton End with Mfr>Mn>«.r L'n*. f.ror lor U-i — A tor ami Halifax, ami with tha £. ft N. A. Railroad for Shediac and all way stations. Returning, wH leave St Jnhn every Monday and Thursday at 8 o'clock A. M., for Eastport, Portland and Boston. Through tickets procured of the Agentiand Clerk on board Steamers, Freight received till to'cleck P. M , Mondays and Thursdays mayudtf C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS forest City, Lewiston and Montreal jgwm* Will, nntll further notice, ran ns follows: Leave Atlantic Wharf, Portland, every Monday, Tuesday, Wedneaday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M., and India Wharf, Boatoa, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M. Fare in Cabin.Cl.60 ’’ on Deck. l.SS Freight taken ns usual. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding $60 in value, and that person, al, unless notice is given and paid fgr at the rate of one passenger tor every $500 additional valne. Feb. 18. 1868 dtf L. BILLINGS, Agent. Portland aud New York Steamers HEM I-WEEKLY LINE. m ^ The splendid tnd fast Steamships , f gW "LOCUST POINT, " Capt..WiLL»TT. snd "POTOMAC," Captain Bi». TtHSBgreyawood, will,until further aotioe, ran ns follows: Leave Browns Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY, at « P. M , anS leave Pier »North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at $ o’clock. P.M. These vessels areflttsd up with flueacoommodatieni for passengers, making this the most speedy, safe and comfortable route tbr travellers between New York and Maine. Passage $7,00, (nelnding Fare and State Rooms. Ooeds forwarded by this fine to and from Montreal, Juohee, Bangor, Bath, Augusta, Eastport and St. ohn. • Shippers ars requested to send their freight to the steamers at early at $ P. M , on the day that the* leave Portland. For freight or passage apply to EMERY ft FOX, Brown’s Wharf, Portland H. B CROMWELL ft CO., Ho. 8$ WsstStreet, Hew York. Dee 6.1861. dU PM TIER PATENT BOOTS. rilUE above Boots and Shorn are comfortable from i X the ttrst wearing and require do “Breaking in,” and therefore much more durable. PLUMER PATENT BOOTS, Men's Pegged Caf Plumer Boots, 9660 Men's Pegged Omf Plumer Hoots, 6.U0 Men's Pegged Calf Plumer Boots, 6 60 Men's Pigged Caf Plumer Boots, 7.00 Men's Sewed Caf/ Plumer Boots, 97 6C 1 Men's Stwtd Calf Pmmer Boots, 8.UU Men's regged Caf Balmorals, 98 60 Mtn's Pegged Calf Balmorals, 4 00 Just received, all <be varieties of the fluent quality, lijtlit aud heavy Nice’s Call Bo Is. Our boot* are made of«ight d'flerent wido s and are designed for a geurerl class of feet not hitherto fitted by Heady Manufacture* Boots 1 hey are made of the b« at stock, by the most careful and skillful workmen,aud every pair is wa-ranted bo. h iu reference to stock From Rev. llenr/ Ward Beecher. Brcok'vn. Mar 9, 1864. Tbr. J. C. rinmer.—Dear Sir.—Had my boots been L**m ou me they could not have fitted me better — i hev were more comfortable the very first day than my boots generally are after months of usage. I cannot praire them too highly. They havo but onesrricu* tault, they will make all other boots seem un comfortable. Ly the way, you carried off my lasts They were the rigi t ones, and I took them out with n»y own bauds, and know they fitted Please send them to me again bv express I am, very trely. Yourobligedservant, 11. W UEE« HER LADIES’ BOOTH. Ladies' Plumer Patent Balmoral Boota, 94.60 Ladies' Plumer Patent C ongress Boots, 4 50 Tbe above boots are made fVora the best stock, and expressly to my own order. Every pair is warrant ed. the same as if a measure w as ta**u. This work is the same as sold by the first class retail dealers iu Poston, ami prououucedby them superior to the best New York work. Ladies’ Balmoral Boots. Ladies' Serge Balmoral Boots. 91.75 Ladies’ Serge Balmoral Boots, 2/0 Lid < s' Serge Balmoral Boois, 2 25 Ladies' Serge Balmoral Boots, 2.50 Ladle*’ Secge Balmoial Boots, 2.75 LADIES’ CONG It ESA BOOTS. Ladi^'serge Congress Boot*, 91.f0 Ladies' Serge Congress Boots, 1.76 Ladies' Serge Congress Boots, 2.00 Ladies' Serge Congress boms, 2 26 Ladies' Serge Congress Boots, 2.60 Ladle*’ t'nion Itootw. Ladies' Union Boots, 2-06 Ladies’ Uuiou Boots, 2.26 Ju>«t received, a>l tic varieties of the purest quali* i ty of Misses and C hildrens' Boots and Hqoos, and tor sale at fair prices. E. NU ITER. 92 Middle st. Juno 1st, 1804. juue 1 4 s WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER'S BLOCK. U N IO N STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, NA2U'KACTVRtK OF Steam Engines, Steam Boilers, Shafting Pulleys Gearing, and all kiads of Machinery Also Low and High Pressure Steam Heating Ap paratus for Factories, Public Buildiugs and Dwelling House*. Jn this De partment the es ablishment has been uncommonly successful. Steam Cooks, Valves. Whisties. and M«ara, Water and lias Pipe and connection* furnished at w holesale or retail. Repairing promptly and faithfully Done. In conn ction with the above establishment is an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of patterns, and a Planing Mill, where wood plauingot all kinds may be doim. may2 dtf Cl TV OF POKTUND. ! THE committee on Highways be., will receive! sealed proposals fur furnishing ten thousand tons Sea Island paving stones during the months o! | May June and July—equal quantities each month. | The parties proposing will please tate w hat portion ot said stones—if less than the whole amount—they will furnish as above. Proposals will be received until June 8d, 1864. The committee reserve the right to reject any or all proposals not deemed for the in- j terest ol the city. Per order. J. E. DONNELL, Chairman. April l&th, 1864. ap20dbwtd rpm: subscriber hereby five# public uotice to all I ft concerned.that In lu»‘ been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust oi Administrator of | the estate of SAMUEL H. KING. late of Portland, in the County of Cumberland, de ceased, by giving bond as the law directs; he there fore requests all p*>rson» who are indebted to the said deceased's estate, to make immediate payment; and those who have any demands thereou, lo exhibit the same for settlement to MAKQU18 F. KING. Portland M*)'17, JSC4, m»y‘J6eod8w* aamewMS"•£Bssaassasar?^-—g MEDICAL. Lyons Periodical Drops TEE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARB BBTTEE THAI ALL Pill*, Powders dr Quack Preparations* Lyons Periodical Drops! -ARB Bure to do Goodand cannot do Harm LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARB BBTTBR THAN ALL PILLS,POWDERS f QUACf PREPARATION* LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS' ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARB BETTER THAN ALL PILLS, POWDERt AXD QUACK MKDICIA’KS. Lyon’s Periodical Drops ^r® ^ur« to do Good and cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARB BBTTBR TEAR ALL Pilla, Powders and Olia^k Prr*nn.ra.tinna LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS SOKE TO DO GOOD AMD CAKNOT DO BAKU Lyon's Periodical Drops Til OBEAT FEMALE BEMEDT Lyon's Periodical Drops Are better than all Fills, Powders, And Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good end cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Bottle. For salt by all Druggist*. At wholes*!* by W. F Phillip*. H. U. Bay A Co., Portland, sorts eodly CATARRH! -AID NOISES IN THE HEADI ! CUBED MV INHALING A. Harmless Fluid, Or AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Of the Head. THE SENSE OF TASTE AND SMELL HKSTOBKD DR. B. GOODALE'S CATARRH REMEDY. Dr. (loodale has combatted Catarrh until be baa fought ft down. It baa been a long war, bnt hie tri umph is complete. Through all cowing time hi* Ca tarrh Remedy will be known ea the only one anti dote for a disease which espertlclalUt* hare declar ed incurable. Cala-rh doctors, so called, spring np like muthrooat on all side*. The object of these pocket practitioner* ii money. They me dangerou. instruments. violent manipulations Irritate the already itfltmed membrane. They Barer car*. Dr. Ooodsle'etreatment is medicinal, not mechani cal. He doc* not believe la the foree-pemp system. whAh is working so mach mischief Hie remedy paste* through the absorbents, to the seat of the dis ease, and obliterates it. It doe* aot relieve merely for a day. hat for all time. Lastly, it coals a dollar a bottle—ao more. Dr. Dodge qf Auburn X. T. After having witnessed the effects of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of It;-It is truly end an conditionally rHerculean hpecitie lor the • hole dis ease. Such an artrcls ought not to be "hid under a bushel " and any msn who can invent so truly an efficient and poti'ive a remedy for such a loathsome disease, ought to be compered one of the bene ac tors of hia race, and his name and ths effects ol his •kill perpetuated. Yours respectfu l. D L DODGE. A. M Pliny Miles, the ttell knovrn Traveller, And whose family physician Dr Gooda’e was for many year*, savs—"k Dr GoodaJe aa>s he can cure Catari h. lie tan cure it,” Ac Price 91 head t stamp for a pamphlet. Dr R GOODALK’8 Office and Depot , 76, Bloeker •♦reef, one door west ot Broadway, New Yoak. H. H. Hav Agent for Portland. June 2d, 1863. Jnne2dly HA VK now been before the public for nearly a year They are universally pronounced the neatest and best fitting collars extant. The upper edge presents ■ per foci curve, free from the angles noticed in all other collars. The cravat causes no packers on the inside of the tarn-downco'lar,—they are A8 8MnOIH INSIDE A8 OUTSIDE,—and therefore perfectly free aud easy to the neck. 1 he Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly fin ished edge on uotu sides. These Collars ere not simply fist pieoes of psper cut in the form of a collar, bat are molded aid SHAPE o TO FIT THE HECK. They are made in "Novelty” (or turn-down style)in every halfsise from 12 to 17 inches, and in "Eureka.” (or Garotte, i from 13 to 17 inches; and packed in "solid size” in neat bine cartons, containing 100 each: also in smaller ones of 10 each.—the latter a very handy package tor Travellers, Army aud Navy Officers t£fr EVERY COLLAR Is stamped ''Giat'i Pateet Molded Collab." Sold by all dealers in Men's Furnishing Goods. The Trade supplied by HATCH. JOHNSON a Co Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Men’s Furnish ing Goods and Umbrellas 81 Dbyohshieb 8t., Bow toe. Mass. _ mch22eod3m CITY OF PORTLAND. ATTENTION is ca’kd to Section 38 of the Or dinanc » icspeciing Interments. If any person .hall be ds iroys to mere out of the City the body of a decease I person tor int* rmeut, he shall make application to the Superintendent of Burials for pe*n» lesion so to do, aud said Superin t ndent shall graut m h permission if no cause shall appear for wituholding the same, sod shall attend to such removal in person, or employ oee of the un dertakers of the city to attend thereto. Pena ty lor violation of this Ordinance not less than five Bor more than twenty dollars All violations of this Orclnancs will be prosecuted according to law LOUIS Bl’NCK, Superintendent of Burials. Portland. June 10, 1884 —dim At a Court of Probate held at Portlaud. within tnd for the Couuty of Cumberlaud. on the first T ies day of June. ip ths yogr of oar Lord eight- i •Tii huudred and sixty our, U44^H L 11-8 LEY, narut 4 Devisee ip a certain Cl Instrument puru irtiug to be tb * last a ill and testament of Sarah H Baitels, late of Portlaud, in said eoanty, widow, deceased, having presen'ed the same for Probate; al-u her petition praying that ad mi uist rat 1 >n with the Will annexed, on said es tate may be grauted to Ge'* E U Jackson, of a»id Portia .d. Will am W. Woodbury, the Executor ! named in said Will, having la writing declined said | trust, it tea* Ordered, That the said Devisee give no tice to all persons interested, by causing notice to be published three week* successively in the Maine State Press, printed at Portland, that tnev may appear at a Probate Court to pe held at «gid Portland, on the first Tuesday of July next, at ten of tho clock in the forenoon, and show cause, if any they have why the said instrument should not be proved ap proved, and allowed as the last will and testament ; of said deceased, and administration granted as prayed fori a said petition. JGHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A truo copy, attest, 31 w8u* EUGENE ^U^PH^ET, Register. a _MEDICAL. UK. J. B . II ITU HE* OAK BK ruVNlt AT Hit PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 5 Temple Street, WHERE he can be consulted privately, and with the utmost confidence by the afflicted, at all boare daily, frem 8 a. *. to 0 p. m. Dr. H. a«ldri sacs iboxe who are ufft ring under the affliction of private disease, whether arising from impure connection or the terrible vice of st-1 Abuse. Devoting his entire time to that particular branch of the medical profession, he feels warranted In lift Am AKTBXIKO A CUKXIM ALL CASKS, w hslber OfloO standing or rocently contracted, cutireiy reuiovin the dregs of disease from the system, and making perfect and PERMANEN T CURE. He w ould call the attention cf the afflicted to h fact ot his long standing and well earned reputation tarnishing sufficient assurance of his akUl and sao oca#. CAUTION TO THE PUBLIC. Every intelligent and thinking person mast know that remedies handed out from general use should have their efficacy established by well*tested expe rience in the hands of a regularly cducaud physi cian, who-e prepare;cry study fits Lim for all the duties he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with poor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to be the best in the world, which are not only useless, but al ways injurious. The unfortunate should be paktio OLA a in selecting his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incontrovertable fact that many sypbilitio ap uents are made miserable with ruined constitutions by maltreatment from inexperienced physicians in funeral practice; for it is a point gent rally conceded y the best ejrphilographc m, that the study and max igement of these complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and suoceestal in their treatment and cure. I be inex perienced general practitioner. having neither op portunity nor time to make himself acquainted with their pathology, commonly pusrnes cue system of treatment, in most cases making an indiscriminate ase of that antiquated and dangerous weapon, Mer cury. HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have oommitted an excess of aay kind • whether it be the solitary vice of youth, or the sting ixg rebuke of misplaced confidence In maturer years, SEEK FOR AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. i The Pains and Acbes, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coition, are the Barometer to the w hole system. Do not wait for the consummation that is sure to fol low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulcers, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Deaaty and Complexion. HOW MAN 1 THOUSANDS CAN TESTIFY TO THIS BY UNHAPPY EXPERIENCE. Tonne Men troubled with emissions In sleep, a complaint generally the result of a bad habit in youth, treated scientifically, and a perfect cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes hut we are consulted by oaa or more young men with the above disease, some of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, and bv their friends supposed to have it. Ali such c tses yield to the proper and only correct coarse of treatment, end in a short time MIDDLE AGED ‘ There are many men at frea,* „„ — troubled with too fret.ueat evacuations rrom thu bladder, often accompanied by a slight smarting or burning sensation, and weakening the system In a manner the patient cannot account lor. On exam* ining urinary dep* sits a ropy sediment will often be found, and sometimes small particles of semen or albumen will appear, or the color will he of a this milkish hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. There are many men who die of this difficulty, ignorant of the cause, which is the SECOND STAGE OF SR MTSAL WEAKNESS. I can warrant a perfect cure in suck cases, aad a I fail and healthy restoration of the urinary organa. Persons who cannot personally eon «olt the Dr., can do so by writing in a plain manner a description of their disease, and the appropriate remedies will be forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential and will ba returned if desired. Address. DR. J. R HUGHES, Mo. 6 Temple St., [corner of Middle] Portland. Intend Stamp for oiroular. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DX.HUGHES particularly invite, nil Ladies whs used a medical advteer, to call at bia ruuai. No. I Temple Street, which they will And arranged for their eepecial accommodation. Dr. H.’a Eclectic Renovating Medtrineeareaartral lad In efficacy and superior vtrtne in remlstlng nil Eemale lrregmiaritic. Their action ia .pMil, aad certain of producing relief In n ,bort time. udDIES will And it invaluable in all cases ef ob Itnctiuieafter ail other rvmcdie, have been tried ia rain. It ie purely vert table, containing nothing in the tenet i njarlous to tho health, and may betaken with perfect safety at all time. Bant to any part of the soaatrv with full dineMona by nddroaain, HUGHES. ITample Btroot, tornor of Kiddle, Portland. X.X.—LADIES desiring may aaiealt ona of their own eon. A Indy of experience In aonoUnt a.tend »no«_ HtaldAwly MORE TESTIMONIALS! m MRS. MANCHESTER la aonetnntly raaelvlng anaolioittd teettmeatali at the oefoneekiag curve performed by her. Among many reoently received are the following, which are commended to the notice of the affiicted. Xre. Man ebaetor may bo eenruited at No. 11 Clapp's 1$ lock, Room No.*. A CASK OP SPIXAL DISK ASP CUKKD Thin ia to certify that I went to we Xra. Mancbeo terlaat March with a dau ;Mtr of mine troubled with epinal diaaaae, for which eha had been doctored tat yaorn, and by a number ol physicians of I kinda; aad ehe baa had twenty*one applications of electricity applied, but all to no affect; bnt aho eon tinaniiy grow worse I erme to the conclusion, as the last resort, to go and see Mrs Kancbeeter, aad did eo; aad to my great surprise ehe told mo tho Brat anw ol the disease, and how ehe had be«a from time to time, which encouraged me to try her-Itr'irt I did eo. aad now my daughter ie able to ha around the house all ol the time. She also rides ten or if. teen miles without nay trouble or Ineonvrulenoe.und 1 think in n short time she will ha restored to perteet -Mitn. Since my daughter has been doctoring, 1 bate heard of a great many easee that Mrs. Mancha • ter her eared. I think If any person deeervea pat. reaaga, it is the one a bo trite to prevent Ute health of theiiok aad eoffenug; and 1 know that she anas every effort whioh lies in her power te benefit bee patterns Saean L. ha wan, mh,arv, Aanv E. EmoiiTi, .__ L „ , K»*a t> tin. firwuvick, ifosae, Augmt UA. OJTM OF THE UREA TEST CURES on RECORD. Maa. Manonasraa—Dear Madam:—Thinking a statement of my ease may be of service to othan •imiiarly afflicted, 1 hasten to give it to yon. T*is la briefly my oase^I was taken tick about U months ago with the Liver Complaint in a very bad form. 1 applied lo four dittreal physicians, hat re ceived no benefit enti! 1 called on yoa. At tbat time 1 had given up business, and wae In n vary bad state, bat after taking your medicine for a short time 1 be gan to recover, end in two mouths I was entirely well, and bad gained several ponnde of desk, end oan truly say that by yonr skill 1 am a perfectly heat hy man. Joann Davie. Bottom t Maim Depot, Portland, Mi. A REMARKABLE CURE OF A CASE OF DEO ST CURED B t MRS MAXCHKSTKB This U to certify tbat 1 have been cared at lbs Dropsy of fifteen years standtog by kfrs. Mono in ter. l have been to pbysicinae In Beaton, New York aad Philadelphia. They ail told me that they ooel i do nothing for me. uoless they tupped me, aad aa sared me that by Upping I oonld Uva bat a short time. I had made up my mind to go homo and Uva aaloag as 1 oonld with the disease, and then die. Oa my way home I stayed over eight in Portland with h Meed of mine, and told them what my miiid was a regard to my disease. They finally persuaded me to go and soe Mrs. Manchester. She examined me end told me my eaee exactly. I waa so much astonished to thick tbat sha told mo •orreotly. that 1 told her tbat 1 would take her medi olaee, nut having the least la)til that they woaid me nay good, or that 1 should get the slightest relief from any soarse whatever; finally 1 took the medi cine end went home. In one week from the **— | eommsaced taking the medicine, I bad over three gallons of water pass me in seven hours; aad my fel low sufferer- eaay be assured that it wae a great relief to me. I bad not been abte to lie dor a la tad at Bight before thia for two years. Now I van U» with perfect ease. I have taken bar medietas eight months, and am as well aa any man ooatt . to be. and no signs of dropsy. 1 would advL. that are sick to go and consult Mri. dfsusekst t van if they have been given up by other |i tielaas. I have sent her e number of ensee »f o,L. diseases, and the has cared them also. Go aad for yoa reel vea. I had no Ihlth, bat now my Ihlth aanaot be shnked In her skill ta telling and earing g Hannon, Sanaa K. Ustnon, _ .. Manx A. tiaanoa Bangor, Maim, April Id. Onnton Hoi'us—Prom s A an.till IP. IL »eirlT IvAi.etal udly ^»——» JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBKKTY KQIIARB, .. BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable ratee, COLT NESS and GLENGAKNock PIG IRO^, Al»o, BAR, S/fEE T, f BOILER PI A TE IR02f, of En/glifh and Scotch ki&uufootiu#. WethRlldoutinae to receivt, la addition to our InuirioAU Brick, i regular vupply of ENGLISH, 8COTCH, A W ELCH FIRE BRICK mebli eodfitn

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