Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 20, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 20, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY ——— 1 »™« = ■ 1 -" ---■ -T- I a- ■■■■; _ 1“ • ~~- - ^——— VOLUME III. PORTLAND, MONDAY MORNING, JUNE 20, 1864. WHOLE NO 610 PORTLAND DAILY PRESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor. • published at No. 621 UCHAM.E SlKKKl.Ly N. A. FOSTER & CO. Thb Portland Daily PrrsbIi published at •*.00 rsryear; if pat 1 strictly In advance, a discount of 1.00 will be made. Single copies three cents. Thb MainbStatb Perms is published every Thurs* day morning,at *2.00 per annum, In advance; 92.26 if paid within six months; and §2.50, if payment be delayed beyond the year. Kates of Advertising: One inch of space in length of column, constitutes a "BqUARK." •1.50 por square daily first week; 76 oents per week after; tnree fnsortloaa or less, 81.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 60 cents. Half square, itiree insertions or leas. 75 oents; one week, 91.00; 50 emits per week after. Under head of Auubkmvsntb, $2.00 per square per week; three insertions or less, §1,50. Spmoial Notmbs, $1.75 per square first week, •1.00 per square *fter; three insertions or less. 91.26; half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one wotk, •1.25. Advertisement# inserted in tho Mai kb Statb Frbb* (which has a large circulation in every part of the State) for 50 cents per square in addition to the above rates, for eaoh insertion. Lboal Notiobb at usual ratos. Trausiout advertisements must be paid forln ad vance Burinb** Notices, in reading oolumns, 12 oents par line for one insertion. No charge lea# than fifty a»nt# for each insertion. IT AM communication- intended for the paper Should be directed to the ‘"Kditur qf the Prese, and those of a business ohar&ctm to the PubUehere. ■JT’Job PaiNTiNO of every description e xecuted With dispatch. F. Tracy, Travelinc Accnt. Monday Morning, June 20, 1864. Speech of Andrew Johnson at Nash ville A great Union mu. meeting was held at Nashville, Tenuessee, on Friday night, at which Governor Johnson was the principal speaker. We find the following report iu the Nashville Times: Alter thanking the assembly for the compli ment they had bestowed on him, and a lew other preliminary remarks, Governor John son uroceedcd to sav that we are eneae ed lu a great struggle for free government in tlie proper acceptation of the term. So far as the head of the ticket is concern ed, the Baltimore Convention has said, not on ly to the United States, but to all tbe nations of the earth, that we are determined to main tain and carry out the principles of free gov ernment. (Applause.) That Convention an nounced and confirmed a principle not to he disregarded, it was that the right of seces sion aud the power of a State to place itself out of the Union, are not recognized. The Convention had declared this principle by its action. Tennessee hid been in rebellion against tbe government, and waged a trea sonable war against its authority just as other Southern States had doue. She had seceded just at much as other States had, and left the Union as lar as she had the power to do so.— Nevertheless, the National Convention had declared that a Stale cannot put itaelf from under the uational authority. It said by its first nomination, that the present President, take him altogether, was the man to steer the Ship of State for the neat tour years. (Loud Applause.) Next it said—if I may be permitted to speak of myself, not in the way of vanity, but to il lustrate a principle—“We will go into one of the rebellious States aud choose a candidate lor the Vice Presidency.” Thus the Union party declared its belief that the rebellious States are still in the Union, and that their loyal citizens are still citizens of the United Slates. Aud now there is but one great work for us to do, limits to put down tlie rebellion. Our duty is to sustain the government and help it with all our might to crush out a re bellion which is in violation of all that is right and sacred. Mit. JOHNSON ON HIS OWN POSITION. Governor Johnson said he bad no impassion ed appeal to make to the people in his own be half. lie bad not sought the position assigned him by tbe Nalioual Convention. Not a man in all tbe land can truthfully say that I have asked him to use his influence in my behalf in that body, for the position allotted to me, or { for any other. On the contrary, 1 have avoid ed the candidacy. But while 1 have not ■ought it, still, being conferred upon me un sought, I appreciate it the more highly. Be ing conferred on me without solicitation I shall not decline it. (Applause.) Come weal or woe, success or deleat, sink or swim, sur vive or perish, I accept tlie nomination, on rrinciple, bo the consequences wlist they may. will do what I believe to be my duty. I know there are those here who profess to feel a contempt fur me, and I, on the other haud, leel my superiority to them. HIS OPINION OF Tilt “ARISTOCRACT.” 1 have always understood tiiat there is a tort of exclusive ariatociacy about Nashville which affects to contemn all who nre not with in its little circle. Let them enjoy their opin ions, I have heard it said that I'Worth aisles tbe man, aud want of It the fellow ” This aristocracy has been tbe bane of tbe slave States, nor lias the North been wholly ~ free from its curse. It is a class which 1 have s always forced to respect to me, for 1 have ev er set it at defiance. The respect of the hon est, intelligent aud industrious class 1 have endeavored to win by my conduct as a man. One of the cliiel elements of this rebellion is tbe opposition of the slave aristocracy to be ing i uied by men who have risen lrout the ranks ol the people. The aristocracy hated Mr. Lincoln because he was of humble origin, a rail-splitter in ear ly Ule. One ol them, the private secretary of Howell Cobh, said to me one day after aloug conversation, “We people of the South will u va ouifuiiii «u wv fjv vvi ulu u j u iuuu n uv m«»o conic up Iroiu the ranks of the common peo ple, as Abe Lincolu has.” He uttered the es sential feeling and spirit of this Southern re bellion. Now it has just occurred to me, il this aristocracy is so violently opposed to be ing governed by Mr. Lincoln, what in the name of conscience will it do with Lincoln aud Jolrusou ? (Ureal laughter) I reject with •corn this whole Idea ol an arrogant aristocra cy. i believe that man is capable of self-gov ernment, irrespective of his outward cireum atauces, aud whether he be a laborer, a shoe maker, a tailor, or a grocer. The question is whether man is capable of self-government. I hold with Jefferson, that government was made Ibr the convenience of man, aud not man for the government. The laws and constitutions were designed as instruments to promote his welfare. And hence, from this principle. 1 conclude that governments can aud ought to bo changed aud amended to conform to the wants, to the requirements aud progress of the people, and the enlightened spirit of the age. (Loud ap plause.) Now if any of your secessionists i Lave lost laith iu man's capability of self gov ernment, aud fuel unlit for the exercise of this great right, go straight to rebeldoin, take Jeff Ifavis, Beauregard and llrugg for your mas- 1 ten, aud put their collars on your necks, SLAVE!! Y liKAJl. And here let me say that now is the time to recur to these fundamental principles, while the land is tent with anarchy, aud upheaves with the throes of a mighty revolution. While •ociety is iu this disordered state, and we are seeking security, let us tlx the louudatlons of the government on principles of eternal jus tice which will endure for all time. There is an element iu our midst w ho are for perpetu ating the institution of slavery. Let me say to you.Teunesseeans and men Irom the North ern States, that slavery is dead. It was not murdered by me. I told you long ago what the result would lie if you endeavored to go out of the Union to save slavery, and lhat the result would be bloodshed, rapine, devestated fields, plundered villages and citlrt; aud there fore I urged you to remain iu the Uniou. In trying to save slavery you killed it, aud lost your own freedom, l our slavery is dead, but I did not murder it. As Macbeth said to Uanqui's bloody ghost : Tl|ou cans! not sty I did it: never shako Thy gory looks at mo, Slavery is dead, and you must pardou me if I do not mourn over its dead body; you cau bury it out of sight. In restoring the State leave out that disturbing and dangerous ele ment, and use only those parts of the ma chinery which will move in harmony. WHY UK BELIEVES IN EMANCIPATION. Now, in regard to emancipation, I want to ■ay to the blacks that liberty means liberty to work and enjoy the fruits of your labor. Idle ness is not freedom. I desire that all men ■hall have a fair and an equal chance in the race of lile, and let him succeed who has the most merit. This, I think is a principle of heaven. I am for emancipation for two rea sons : first, because it ia right iu itself, and second, i because iu the emancipation of the slaves we break down an odious aud (laugeroua aristocracy. I think that we are freeing mure whiles than blacks iu Tennessee. I want to see slavery broken up, and when iis barriers are thrown down I want to see indus trious, thrifty emigrants pouring iu from all parts of the country. Como on! We need your labor, you skill, your capital. We want jour enterprise aud invention, so that hereafter Tennessee may rank witli New England in the arts and mechanics, and that when we visit the I’aleut Olllce at Washington, j where the ingenious mechanics of the free States have placed their models, we need not biusk that Tenuo see can show nothiug hut a mouse-trap, or something of about as much importance. Come on! We greet you w ith a hearty welcome to the soil of Tennessee. Here is soil the most fertile iu every agricultural product; a delightful and healthy climate,for ests, water-power, aud tniues of inexhaustible richucss; come and help us redeem Tennessee, and make her a powerful and flourishing State. THE VUESTlOJi OF KKCOSSTBCCTIOJt. But in cailiug a convention to restore the State, who shall restore aud re-establish it? Shall tlie man who gave his influence and his means to destroy the government ? Is he to pari icipate in the great work of re-organiza tion ? Shall he who brought this misery upon the State he permitted to control its destinies? If this be so, then all this precious blood of our brave soldiers and ollicers so freely poured out will have been wantonly spilled. All the glo rious victories won by our noble armies will go for nought, aud all the batlle-llelda which have beeu sown with dead heroes during this rebellion will Inave been made memorable in vain. Why all This carnage and devastation ? j It was that treason might be put down aud traitors punished. Therefore 1 say that trait ors should take a hack seat in the work of res toiatiou. if there be hut five thousand men in Tennessee, loyal to the constitution, loyal to freedom, loyal to justice, these time and faithful meu should control the work of reor ganization, aud reformation absolutely. (Loud aud prolonged applause.) 1 say that the trai tor has ceased to be a citizen, aud iu joiniug the rebellion has become a public enemy. He forfeited his right to vote with loyal men when he renounced his citizenship aud sought to de- I atroy our government. We say to the honest and industrious for eigner who comes from Kugland or Germany, to dwell among us, and to add to the wealth of the country, “Belbre you can be a citizen you must stay here live years.” If we are so cautious about toreigners who voluntarily reuounee their homes to live with us, what should we say to the traitor, who, although horn aud reared among us, has raised a parri cidal hand against the government that lias always protected him? My judgment is that he should be subjected to a severe ordeal be fore he W restored to citizenship. A fellow who takes the oath merely to save his proper ty, and denies the validity of the oath, is a peijured man, and not to be trusted. Before these repenting rebels can be trusted, let them bring forth the fruits of repeutance. He who helped to make ail these widows snd or phans who drape the streets of Nashville in mourning, should suffer for his great crime. THE ItEHKl, I.KAbEHS. The work is iu our own hands. We can destroy this rebellion. With Grant thundering on the Potomac before Uichinond, and blier man and Thomas on their march toward At lanta, the day will ere long be ours. Will any madly persist In rebellion ? Suppose that an equal number be slain iu every battle, it is plaiu that the result must be the utter exter mination of the rebels. All, these rebel lead ers have a strong personal icason for holding out to save their necks from the halter. And these leaden must feel the power of the gov ernment. Treason must he made odious, and traitors most be punished and impoverished. Their great plantations must In- seized aud divided into small farms and sold to honest, industrious men. Am KES. The day for protecting the lands aud ne groes of these authors of rebellion is past. It is high time it was. I have been most deeply pained at some things that have come under iny observation. We get men iu command who, under the influence ef flattery, fawning and caressing, grant protection to the rich traitor, while the poor Union man stands out in the cold, often unable to get a receipt or a voucher for bis losses. |Crles of ‘•That’sso!'* from all parts of the crowd.] The traitor can get lucrative contracts, while the loyal mau Is pushed aside, unable to obtain a recognition of his just claims. I am telling the truth. I care nothing for stripes aud suoulderstraps. I want them all to hear what I say. I have been on the grid iron for two years at tbe sight of these abuses. I blame not the government for these wrong*, which are the work of weak or faithless sub ordinates. Wrong* will be committed under every form of government and every adminis tration. Por mjself, I mean to stand by the government till the flag of the Union shall wave over every city,town, hill-top and cross road, in its lull power aud majesty. THE GOVERNMENT LOAN $200,000,000. This Loan it antboiizcd by Act of Congress of March Rtl*, 15C4, which provides for its Ran km mo* iif Co nr. at any period not le*s than ten nor more than foity years from Its date, at the pleasure of the Government. Until its Redemption, live per cent, interest is to be paid semi-annually m Coisr. Subscription* to the Loan are received by the Na tional Banks iu United States notes or in such cur* rency or other funds a* arc taken by them on depos it at par. Its Exemption from State or Local Taxation adds from one to three per cent, por annum to its value. The Kate of Interest ou this loau, although but five per cent, in coin Ik as much greater in currency as the diflerence between the market .value of cur TAiirv ami As a Rule, the Arc per cant, specie securities of all solvent governments are always par or above, and currency now funded in the National Loan will be worth its face in gold, besides pay ing a regu lar and liberal percentage to the holder. The Authorized Aiucunt of this lcau in Two Hun dred Million Doi.arc The amount cf subscription* reported to tht Treasury at Washington, up to June 4, has been 907,017, MO. Subscription* will be r«c»iv*d by the Treasurer ot theCnit«*d States at Washington, tnd the Assistant "Trersurors at New York, Lotion and Philadelphia, and by the First National Hank, Portland, Maine, AND R Y ALL NA TIONAL RANKS, Which aro depositaries of Public money, and all Respectable Ranks and Rankers Throughout the couutry, [(acting as agents of the National Depositary Banks,) will furnish further infor mation on application and afford every facili ty to subscribers. Juno 13, 1864.—dl w& wit I\T KKMTIOUL Fire Insurance Company 1 Of New York, Office 113 Broadway, CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARRF.N, President. HAMILTON LUKE, Vico President. (iboiUiK W. SAVAGE, Secretary. Portland Hoard of PefrT duett: Jonw II. llfcow* & go*, Ueh&ey Fletcher A Co. H J Libby A Co. John Lynch A Co. The underglgued having been appointed Aoent and Atti-kskv lor this Cempa* y, is now prepared to issue Policies on Incurable Property at curreut rate*. tW Portland Offce, 160 Fore Street. JOHN W. MlT2VGKR, Agent. June 3. ISM -dtf 126 Exchange Street. 126 Hugh ]Vf. Phinney, lirOPLP inform his frinds snd former customers v ? thit he ha* taken the Store N<>. 126 Exchange Street, where he intends to carry on tko Mov6 and Furnace l*ti»inefts. In all it* branches. 8TOPES, of ail kinds, of the newest and most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. try Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change for new. Stove*. Ranges, Fitbhackm. and Tin Wake repaired at shoit uotico, in a fauhiai manner. Grateful forlormor putronsg *, he bores by strict attention to busines*, and fair dealing, to receive a generous share of public lavor. j t __ may23dtf I To Ilmltlcr*. C„ Ike Sand on tho lot corner of Mount fort and Sumner street*. JOHN W. CHASE. June 13, 1864. juuel&dlm* MISCELLANEOUS. UNI o Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by the STAIE OK MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1849. DIRECTOR'S OFFICE, 08 State Street, .... Bostou, Mus*. President- UE\lt Y CROCK Ell. Vice-President— DANIEL SHARP. Secretary—II'. H. HOLLISTER. II. (?. WILSOX, Cenrral Manager of Agencies in the New England ctates. Assets,Hist December, 1833, $852,088.41 \ Lottes Paid to date, $750,050.00 Dividend Paid in Cash to date, $340,030.00 FI11II8 Company offer* peculiar advantage* lopeV -A sons intending to insure tueir lives, iu its sa.ety . and stability, acquired iu it* louruen yean* experi ence; iu i!9 asse a, which, (without its capital of | •>ld ,000, amounts to over three-quarters of a million of dollars, beftg more than two hundred thousand dollars in excess of it* liabilities for the reinsurance of all out standing risks; in the facilities pre sented in its accommodating system of payments of premi ora-: in the large number,diversiti d conditions and occupations, various ages and localities of lives in sured, giving the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the laws of average mortality, and the am plest guaranty to the insured for the b^uetit* there of; iu • he division of profit*, the aiinuat apportion ment of which haviug tor the past fourteeu rears averaged Forty per Cent, of the premiums paid. Policies are issued upon all the plats usual with I ife Insurance Companies, and at as low rate* as is consistent with a view to equity and solvency. Barths desiring Agencies in towns where the com pany have none, and tho*e wishing Traveling Agen cies within the 'ew England Ma es, will apply to ti. II. WILSON, tit State Street, Boston, living r«vu ivcicuw, ur iiiiuriiiHu.m as 10 ag •, present and past business,as wi 1 enable him to form judg ment in regaru thereto. JuneHdSm \]. S. \0.4tt~LoAN ! FIRST XATIOXAL BAXR -OF - PORTLAND, DESIGNATED HEPOSITOKY -OF TUM UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive) subscriptions for the new “TEX FORTY LOAX,» which is dated March 1,1 -64. bearing interest at five per cent, a year, payable in coin, redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after ten years, and payable in forty years from date. Interest on Ronds not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on all other Bonds semi annually. Bonds cau be had in sizes of *60, *100, *600, *)000. WM, EDW. GOULD, rach31 dtf Cashier. FEUCHTWANGER i ZUNDER~ SO. 81 MIDDLE STREET, (VOX BLOCK ), Are Ajzain in the Field - WITH Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! -OF NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOR TIIE SPRING. Ladies of Portland and vicinity are respectfully invited to call and see the many beautiful styles of Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods ust received: Alto, the great vgriety House Furnishing Goods ! Such as Brown and Bleached Cotton Shootings and blurting-*. Table Linens, Drillings, Tickings, Donims, Stripes, &c. Also, just receiving, tlio latest styles ot handsome Spring Balmoral Sltirta And the mo»t fnhionaMe SPKIXO SHAWLS. A complete >tock •( CLOTHS AND C A SSI.HE RE 3, KOK BOVS’ AND ilKN’S WKAJt. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant assortment. We are just ready to manu facture t? ■measure, at the shortest notice, any of the new and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warrentedto suit. FELCHTWAKOEH * ZENDER, (FOX BLOCK), NO. 81 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Main*. P. 8.—Ladies need not ask for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but sound and fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprl tf fl-ront Nows ! Tmnnrfrarit Monro! Iv£. Bradt <5& Go., No* 26 Market Sqaiue, HA VE lately arrived in Portland, and ar« now ready to exhib to the citizens ol this city and surrounding towns heir entirely new aud elegant stock ol Gas Fixtures, Of the very latest styles, consisting of Parlor aud Sitting Room Chandelier*, Dining Room and Hall Light*, Store Pendent*, Itrackci*, Portable*, Arc. Also a very line assortment of Kerosene Lamps, Gas and Lamp 8hadts, of the latest improvemuts, Globes, Chimneys, aud all sorts of Gas Fittinoh, Lamp and and Lautern Trimming. Also on liand, Shaw's Patent Gan Cooking Apparatu*, Of all kinds. They will sell all of the above goods at the very lowest Boston aud New York price you CASH. Particular attention will bo paid to Gas Fitting, Repairing, Bronzing and Gildingo*Chandeliers, Lamps, aud Bronze ornaments cl all descriptions, in the very highest style of tne art, aud wil. warrant all their work to bo perfect. Pi.hAHic call amu hkk Loave your orders for Gas Fitting or Repairing at the store M. Bit a dt. 11. Whitelky. Portland, May 10, 1864. uisylOdtf 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, Commissi o n merchants, a nd dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. G3 Commercial street. Portland, May 10th, 18G4. maylOdtf CITY or PORTLAND. In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty-four. An Ordinance Amending the Revised Ordinance on 8 tree Ls. Be it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com mon Council of the City if Portland, in City Coun cil assembled, as follows :— Section 1. Section 40 of the revised Ordinance on Streets is hereby ameudiHi by striking out the words "six and a halt o'clock” in the eleventh lit e of said seotiou and ins rung the words the o'clock' •nd also by striking out the words ' live o’elook” in the thirteenth lino of said Section and inserting the words ‘ four o'clock,*' so that i aid Section as amend cd shall read as follows, to wit:— Sei rioN46 -All arlic ea brought by railroad to be landed iu (.nutuercial street, shad be unloaded ,ou the south-east side of the rai'r h.I track, aud every ;»rtic e lauded m the street, either from, or for the purpose ol being laud )d upon the cars, shall be so placed as not to obstruct any street or parage way crossing Commercial street. or connecting with it, aud so as to l ave a clear spice not less than four teen feot in width from the coping stone, and shall not be allowed to remain in the street over six i working hours after they are landed Provided, however. that cars may be unloaded in to store, and loaded from stores, on the nortn-west orly side ot said railroad truck, after live o’clock in the evening from the first day of April t« the IIret day ol'Oc’ober, and after four o’clock iu the evening during the other six month)} of the year. In Boaud of Mayor and Aldermen, \ June 13, 1864. f This bill having been twice rend, passed to be or dained. JACOB McLKLLAN, Mayor. In Common Council, Juno 13, 18C4. This bill Laving been twice read, passed to be or dained. J II HAMLRN, President. Approved, JACOB McLKLLAN,Mayor. Copy Attest: I June lS—JJi* J M H(?ATH, City Clerk. BUSINESS CARPS. PAPER BOX MANUFACTORY. J. I3. Xjibby, MAXt 1^< TUKXK OP Paper Bo3cos, Of every description, such as Shoe Boxes, Jewelry Boxes, Druggist Boxes, Collar Boxes. Shelf Boxes, ConcbologicalBoxes, PowderBoxes, Card Cases, Cigar Boxes, &c. 144 Middle St., (Up Stairs) Portlnnd, Me. juueld3m Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Dm*. > Portland, Woodbury Dana, J __ , John A. S. Dana ) dlUlIlC, Juneldtf J. Smith, cb Oo., MiNCFACTURERSOP Leather Belting, Card Clothing. town Straps, Lejllirr Harks an J Sides, LBATIIBH Tltnt.vrxos, tc., Hanson’s Block, 144 Middle St., Portland, I Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. H. 41 Brewki, (juld3in, D. F. Noyes JOII Y T. KOUKRM A ( O., Uommission MerelinnlK, AXD WHOLESALE DKALEK8 IX Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 0! Commercial Street, 1 ohn 1. Rogers, l parti avh vt (baa. B. Rogers, I PORTLAND, ML. __ junclriCm "Wh.oleso.le and la. DAVIS, BoekseUev, Stationer, AMD MAHUPACTUaXR OP Premium Paged Account Books. PAPER IIANOINUS. Ho. 63 Bxchanao fitro-.t, Portland, Me. Junoldtl CHAS. J. SCHUMACHER, Fresco and Banner Painter, 7 | No. 1*44- htreet, PORTLAND, MR. &T Work execuUd in every part of the State juneltf ! RUFUS DURHAM, Manufacturer and Wholesale Dealer lu B RITANN IA t Plated Ware, i! A’o. 218 Fort street, Portland Portland, May 17th, lbOL maylTdt! M. g7 WEBB & CO., Wholesale Dealers in Flour, \ connERCitL street, «p!4 PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, FOBES, & 00 , MAKrrACTURSBf OF Japan, White Lead, Zinc, 1’aints, . And Ground Colors, AMD DEALKKfl IN Drugs, Medicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. Faint and Color Factory, No. 29 Munjoy St., Ollier Sc Snlrtrooiim, 80 i'ouunrrcial S|,# (Thomas Block.) Hriciiy IT. Bi’itcir^s, DAbTl iiii hi Cuablbs 8. Kc«k«. WMILlllP. II. may Itoltf BLAKE, JO.\ESACO.f FLOUR & GRAIN DEALERS, And Receivers of IVcsU rn and Canadian Produce, 137 Commercial Street,.Granite Block. rbarles Blake. ) II«jury A. Junes, { PORTLAND. It. \V. Oagv. ) _ juueldlf JOHN LYNCH & CO., Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Stores. - - - Coramerc al street, (Opposite head Widgery Wharf,) John Lvucb. ) Pelvg Barker,} PORTLAND, MK. Then. Lynch ) juucldtf BULL aY MOODY, OS.VEIUL COMMISSION MERCHANTS, Aud \\ hole sal# Dealers in FLOUR. CJRN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Comruerc’al St, Andrew T. Dole, I .vn ut Kranklin C. Moody. J I ORTLAND, MK. juneldBm BROWN & CROCKER. PLASTERERS, PLAIN AMD Oil N A MENTAL r*il t \J\S A.1U .»! AMR, » OKU 1.1 {£• Oak street, between Congreaa and Free Sts., PORT/.A SI). tar Coloring, Whitening, and White-washing promptly attended to. Orders irvin out oj town io licitcMl. _ juueldtf BYRON GREENOUGH & CO.. Manufacturers of And Wholesale and Retail Dealer* in Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, A. L dilkey } POKTLAND. _ _ jnldtf JOIII? RUSSELL, Carriage A Sleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 At 313 Congress St, Portland, Me. ( V Where may be found a general a**ortmsnt of Carnages and Sleighs. juneldlm €. F. KUl!MLl7 M AKL'FACTTttKtt OF Carriages and Sleighs, l^retole street, (Hear Table Home,) l’OUTLAXD, ME. Sale Rooms, 110 and 11*1 Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. juneltf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Flour, Grain k Produce fomaissioa Merchants, and Millers’ Office and ll'arc/iouse So. 0 (Utit Block, Commer cial Street. We offer for sale to tlie trad**, many choice aud well-known Brand not Hour, from St. I.t>ui*,l linoi*, Wiscjbsiii, fco., which wo aie couatautl receiving. N ., C. & Co . area’so Artnts l >r Littmau & Co.’s, and other brand* ol manufactured Tobaooo. BTff’Mh advances niAde On all consignments. Portland, June 1, D-04. jnldtf W. R. JOHNSON, I» E IYTIST, 1 userts Aniticial Teeth on Gold, Silver and Vulcan ite Lubber, and warrant.* them iu ull cases to be a perfect tit. l)r. J. also gives special attention to Filling > Teeth. O111co 220j Congress street, two doors west from the Court llous*v Cortland. Juno 1, 1834.—eod2tn NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY Sr. CO.J Ooinmisaion Merchant, 07 Tchoupl tonlisat., New Orleans, La. Uciercnc s: Baker A Morrill, Bostou; Franklin Snow A Co., Boston; ",ww * Hussell, Boston; C. Nickerson A Co., N. Y.; Uieh A Co.,St. Louis. Cy* Particular attend mgirento Consignments qf vessels. Lumber, Hay, Oats, tc, m«h^a3« BUSINESS CARDS. BRADLEY, MOULTON A ROGERS, Wholesale Dealers im Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Bloch, ROBKRT OIUI.KV, ) o. m MOULTON, [ PORTLAND, ME. A. O. KOOUKH. ) may3dtf W. W. CARR & CO., Having taken the Fruit Store formerly occupied by O. SAWYER, No. 5 Exchange Street, Are prepared to offer to the trade a large and well be looted block of Foreign and Domestic Froit! Wholettale and Retail Oranges Spruce Gam, Lozenges Densons. Cattery Seed, Candles, Dimes, Demon Syrup, Honey, Franca, Cocoa Nats, Figs, Citron, Nuts, all kinds. Dates, Olives, Raisins, Tobacco, Sardines, Cigars, fancy Candles of all description. oct9 dtf IRA WINN, Agent, INTO. 11 Union St., la prewired to farnlah STEAM ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sizes and patterns, 8tua Pipe ud Fixture!, Mill Gearing, Shifting, Ptileyi, If, LitiKT Houam Work of ail descriptions, and all kinds of work required iu baildiug FORTIPIUATIOHB. iron Stair* and other Architectural Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, fitted with Has and Steam in the best manner. In connection with the above is sn Iron Foundry with a large assortment of Fatten**, to which the attention of Machinists, Mitlwrighu,and ahip-buiiU era 1* Invited—and all klcdj ot Castings furnished at short notice. SFOrden lor Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly eaeoated. oc9d tf SIN C E R>S~ SEWING MACHINES! WOOD.tfAW, TRUE A CO., AGENTS, ffo«, 04 aad Middle street. Hcedlesand Trimmings always oahiad. mshlRtf ▲ CAKD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, DENTIST, No. 1TB Middl Street. XnrERincia.Dm. Bacon and Bsulii, Portland, May J6, IBM. tl Dr. J. U. HCALD HAVING disposed of his entire interest in hie Office to l>r. ti. C KfcKN Aid), would cheerfully recoommend him to hie former patients and the pub lic. Dr. piamu, tVorn long experience. In prepar ed to iiwtrt A rU tidal Teeth on the “Vulcanite Base," and another methods known to tho profee-rioa. Portland. May 1ft. 1WW tf JOHN F. SHERRTj Hair Cutter and Wig laker, No. 18 Markot Square, Port* ind, (np staira.) HT^Separatc rocm for Ladies’ and Children’s ilaii Cutting. A good stock of Wigs. Halt- Wigs. Bands, Braids. Curls, Frlzetts, I*ad«, Kolia, Crimping Boards, Ac., fco.. constantly on hand. k.22'63 dly WOOD AND COAL CHEAP FOU CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH. HEZILTON, SUGAR LOAF, OLD COM PAN T I.KtllUH. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHNS, KIAMOND, WEBS TER and BLACK HEATH. Tbeee Coal* are of the very .J.Mt quality, veil screened and picked, and warranted to glee satisfaction. Also for sale best of HARD AXD SOFT WOOD, delirerod to any part of tbe city. Orrics CornsaacLai. St., head of Franklin Wbarf. S. ROUNDS da SON. febl'idly WAUItEK’S I.TIPOHVED FIRE AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -a:,d Gravol Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HERSEY, Agent, JinM dtf No. 16 Union Street. ALBERT WEBB A CO. -DSALKS8 IK Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF MEKKLLL 8 WUAKF. t sMMsrelal Htroot. - • Psrtlaad, Ms. U23tf EDWARD H. BURGIN, WBOLEHA1.K DKAI.KK1K Corn, Ylev\\ and Flour, Also. Ground Bock 8alt. CommiNNion Tlcrcliant FOR rURCUAPK AR1> FALRnF Riii-ley, Rye anti Oats. CyVRJrt loaded with Corn In bulk free of charge. Warehouse No. 120 Commercial Street, And City Mills, Doeriog Bridge. juneleoUBm JOHN F. ANDEKSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAX BLOCK, mchlTd&wtf „ Templk Strrrt. Scotch Canyns, -FOR BALM RY JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Hath. Me. OAl \ HOLTS .Superior Bleached 300 do Ail Loug flax "Gov ornnont coatraol," 800 do T.vura All Loug flax Arbroath. 300 do Navy Fito j Delivered la Portland or Boeto*. Bath. April to. IMS. anlldtl M. RR A_RSOIsr, Silvor IP 1/xt ox*, AMD VAinmOTUBIt OF SILVER WARE, a38ConfcrOHB St.,Opp. Court IIouse. Portland, Me. PF* All kinds of WARE, inch as Knives, l^orks, Spoons, Cake Boakets, Castors, Ac., p.aud in the best manner. Ala©. REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old Silver Ware. janffi} dBm REMOVAL. liU. 3EWTOH HAS removed his residence to No, 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin stroet. Office heretofore, jv©. 116 F»change Street, In Noble’s Block, up stairs. Office hours from 9 to 10 A. M.. from2 to 3, and from 3to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with general practice, to give e neoial attention to DISEASES OF FEMALES. oo.3T.ltf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, PLU3IBER! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 124 EXCHANGE MTUEET, PORTLAND, MK. Warm, Cold and Shower Hatha, Wash Howls, Urass A Silver fluted Cocks, INVERT description of Water Fixtures for Dwel -i ling Houses, Hotels, Public Buildings, Shop*. Ac , arranged and set up in the best manner, ami all orders in town or country faithfully executed. All kinds of jobbing promptly attended to. Constantly ou hand LEAD PIPES, SHEET LEAD and BEER PUMPS of all descriptions, ap9dtf WANTS, LOST,FOUND Wanted. A BOOK-KEEPER. One who is well versed In ttgures and writes a good band will And em ploy merit at J. p. DAVIS’, juuel7d3t No. 135 Commercial street. Wanted. 4 RESPCTABLE elderly Man, of active business v » habits, who writes a good, expodicions hand, and is fatuili *r with accounts, wishes employment in any respectable House. Salary cot an object. A note directed to W.S. and left at M Middle Street with Mr. Abbot, or sent ta 77 Free stte,t will be at tended to. Junel7d3v* Compositors Wanted. ONp; or two Hr it cta»a fimale compositors will dnd constunt employment, and the h ght^rates pa’d in tbecity, on npplicatiou at THIS OFFICE may 28 dtt Lest. OX Tuesday Eveuing, a Breast Pin, with da guerreotype of a deceased friend, with liatr en closed iu the back ; also around the pin. Whoever will return the same at No 3 Atlantic street,will be suitably rewarded. It is prized very highly by the owner Juueitidit Wanted. AVot’SG man of ability and experience daelres a situation as clerk or book-keeper is an accu rate accountant. Good reference given. Direct to J. B. C., Portland, P. 0. June 15—diet* s‘25 Reward ! STOLEN from the rnb-criber on Tuesday Even ing, while in Tierce'- auction room, a Calf 8kin t Book contaiug 864 in money, a note against Charles lioflgdoo, Gorham, for 8&0,aud sue against Charles Hooper for 812. The above reward will be paid lor tb*» recovery of the property and the detec tion of the thief. Tune 8-tf GEORGE BEC K SIOO REWARD. from the subscriber. May 2Stb, a v&Jua ble Gold \Va‘ch and Chain and #40 iu money, by a mau answering to the uame of Henry West real name Ht-nrr W eat Davis Tne thief is at! 1 at large, and 3100 will bo paid for his capture, lie is about 30 years of age. tix leet high, nearly bald, dark brown hair blueevcs. and arm marked in India luk with raonumeut decorated with flags. Also bracelet In India luk round right wrist. dtf J. H OXNARD. House Wanted. ■Y\TA>»TKDto purchase f«*r casg, a convenient VT H''use suitable lor a smalt family, with usual conveniences, ceutrallv and pleasantly located — Price not to exceed 83,000, Address “Taylor" at the Press Office. ina> 18tf Board. SUITS of Room.*, with Board, can bo obtained by applylug immediately at 30 Danforth street. May 11th. may Bid tf A. & 8. SHU.RTLEFF A Co7, NOS. .VI A 56 HIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND. Muuufncturert and Dealer* la Men’* Boys’ and Youth’s Thick, Kip and Pair DaaI. Women's Misses and Children’s Goat, Kid and Cslf Balm >rala, Rubbers. Bhoe block. Finding:!, &e. "ITTITH «nr superior hcilities for mana lecturing » » and n large experience in the bnsiness we we nre able to sell ae low ns in Boston or elsewhere. Beelers are A»pcctf«Uy invito* to call and ex amine our Mock before purchasing. SWOrders by mail promptly attended to. Portland. AprUffi. lyn, dsm The Extraordinary Success Which has attended the introduction by us of CALIFORNIA WINES, Is not only a Suing tribute ts the purity and beauty of the trines themselves, but n cheering indication of n desire among the people to oncoursge AMKRIOAN INDUSTRY The irino Trade Review, the organ of the British trade, calls them "excellent in ^uniity and a great success." Our bnnds of these Wines may be found upon the tables of The Most Fastidious Connoisseur*. The leading portion of the American press hav* extolled their merits, and the verdict to nil who use them is that Theyare the Rureat. The Cheapest, and The Heat. ARK ROB THE LABEL 0»J PERKINS, STKIIN * CO.. WHO AKE THE PIOXEKE ilOCRE, Aud the only one iu the Atlantic States dealing ex clusively in CALIFORNIA WINKS. maySSeodlm THE TOMMIE m OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. S. 7-30 Notes, Can have them exchanged for s’x per cent, twen ty year bond* by tearing thorn with thi* bank. The interest on the uotes will be paid in coin, at the rate 7 8 10 percent, to July 1. and the bond* will be de livered here aa ioou ae they can be prepared by the Government. The«c 20 year bond* are the most de sirable of any of the government securities. Con versions muni be made in gam* of £500 or it* multi ple. A coratnUsion of one t.axrt. r oi one per cent, will be charged. W. £. GOULD, Cashier. Portland, May 23, 1SG4. mayS^eodtf New Cloaks and Mantillas! LEACIl A UOIllYSOY, Middle St., J J A \ h now on hand an Kleoakt Stock of uioaxs, uossacKs, ana mantillas, Of th Ir awn m»nuf»cture, Al»«, Cloak*, Silks, Va**rl*, BUTTONS and OILXAHCNTS. LADIES’ GARMENTS Made to Order. Silks, Shawls and Dress Goods. Cheaper than the Cbeape-t. LE AC II A% R0B 1N SON. 84 Middle street. June l—dim V. s. narithal’i Notice. United States of America, I District ok Maine,ns. f 1>C K81.ANT to monitions from the lion. Aihur Ware. Judg** of the IT pi ted Mate* District Court, withiu aud tor the District o Maine, I hereby give public u.ticc tuat the luiiowing Libels aud informa tion* have been tiled !u said Court, viz:— A Libel agam.t Twenty H<>im of Aebooath Duck, SIS yaaus; and Ten Half i uests Isa, 415 L MS NET. Aii Inform stion against Two Hundred and Six ty-eight THOUSAND ClUAhH Aii htfonmtion agains Six Casks of Brandy and Tkn Thousand Cioarb. An Information against 8aykn Casks contain ing Thirty-five Thousand Cioarh, ruJ Four Casks cumtaimmu I wknty Thousand Cigars. A Libel against Five Casks containing Thiu ty ninb Thousand On* Uundkkd and Fifty ClOAKH. Which seizures were for breaches of the laws of the Uni tad State*, and in more paitioularly set forth in said Libels and Information*; that a hearing and trial will he had thereon at Hanyor, in said District on the Fourth Tuesday of June current, where any persona interested therein may appear, aud show cause, if any can bo a ->o»u, Wherefore the saa.e should not be decreed forfeit aud disposed ofaccord iug to law. Dated at Portland this fourteenth day of June, A. D. 1864. W. A. OCINBT, U.S. Deputy Marshal Diet, of Maine. Jane 14— d 1 It Cream of Lillies, I OK THE H A I It. millS elegant preparation for the Hair is entirely X free from a.coho/, spirits er any injurious sub stance tchatever. It assesses all tJlie desirmble qualities of the best, and none of the < bjections of the inferior comp.-mu Is. The high reputation which this preparation has gained in private circle*, iu this city, has iuduced the proprietor to place it before the Tub’is. The CR is AM OF LILIES impart* a luxurious brilliancy to the Hair, remove* all unnatural dry ness and harshness from the Hair—is im|>erviou* to dauipue*.* and |>o:>piration. it is the cleanest and best dressing for the hair ever ditcovered. Koery Lady should try a Hid tie. Prepared and sold by THO'S. G. LORIKG. Druggist, cor. Exchange and Federal »t* Portland, June I. 1864. juneldtf Copittlnorsliip. filBE undersigned have formed a copartnership A uuder the name ot Freeman Brothers, and have leased the store formerly occupied by Twitchell A ( ha npliu No. So Commercial street, wher th*y propose to carry on the Flour. Tea and Tobacco business. JAMES FREEMAN. SAMUEL FREEMAN. ‘ Portland, June 9.-d6w CLOTHING, hbmovaii. JOSIAH BURLEIGH BKMOVKD TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK, Nos. 141 Sl 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH, Wholesale and Ketail Dealer In C othin;,Cotta, Tailors’ Trimmings, -AID GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, No*. 141 * 143 Middle Street. J»SIAH BURLEIGH, Agent for Grover A Baker'• celebrated Sewing Machines, Hoi 141 ft 143 Middle Street. NXA THAN 0 0 0 L D Will »ay to hit Irlead. that he may be lonnd at Bur leigh-a, So. Ml k 143 Middle Mreet. where be will be plea-ed to wait upoa bia funner caitomen. Portland. March 24.1304. dtf Spring & Summer Stuck FASHIONABLE GOODS, —IWE— COATS, PAHTAL00H8 AHD VESTS. TorchMed from the best assortments, for cash, iu New York, and Boston, may be foetid at tbo store of WILLIAM C.BECKETT merchant Tailor, NS . 137 Middle Street. Some of these Goods, which bars been recently imported, differ much in color, fixture and tiniiL from the styles that hare routinned in vogue tor a °r two past, and are considered very elegant. Besides these and other Goods,—comprising all the varieties for fssbionable wear, at the urae place may be found a good snpply or hisiwdnrd Gtramsa, Trench, ami English Bren.lcUlha and Doe aUlus, tor genteel suite, together with styles of Vantiag* selected with a view to suit ail tastes. All tho new styles for Gentlemen's wear, whether for Dress buits or a Busin, >*4 outfits received in their •easous, together with plates of the latest styles of Catting and Finishing. 1 ISTIiie best trimmings always on head. ST No. 137 Middle Street..43 may 1 LdGw JUST RECEIVED I RWLIANS k \UV\l). TTAVJHG refitted their itorn iml .1 ■ i*m A. 1 assortment of ELEGANT 8TYLES -or CLOTHS! ARE PREPARED TO Bhow Them to Their C us tonera. Also, Clothing & Furnishing Goods, <■ Orea* Variety, —AT — 95 Middle Street. ___ mayMf SPRIN GGPEMXG! A. D. REEVES. TAILOR A DRAPER 98 Exchange St., WOULD respectfully inform hi* friends and the public that he hxj rvctmiy opoatU a SpirmJni Assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, Which he i> ready to make up la the meet Fatliivn ablt style, and at the Low*.t (•„** Fricn. Tbe I.LDire are reepecttully reminded that Mid • ep >/itfits, Zouave Jackety, and Fancy fFaiitg are cut and mad* at thi. establishment iu n etyle which can not Ml to plena* them. Mi lit any eno Naval Obbu ana ni* here Si ted out iu true Keyulati >h Style. To Kirn*o out Boys in the met In-coming and duroi.V yarmenU, .pecial nttantien i. given. Dress Coats, Pants. Tests, and Business Suits, Made to order and warranted Uood Kit*. Ma Kans as inure, hi* customers that l ie work Is mad. not only in the highest style or fashion, but in tho most thorough and wouaw an lieu UAsnt. The I'ublic are invited to visit this iMrumea or Fashion, and see It the fact* do not f.i'ly come up to llu. Uasivksto. maylMltn - I The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY* T MASON & HAMLIN Are the heet Instrument* of their cles* In theworld Nearly all the most prutmiiea1 artisu in the country have given written testimony to this edict, aud these instrument* are in constant un in the concerts ot the most distinguished arliau—ae (iottschalk and otbere-as well a* in the .. -ras iu the priuc pel cit ice. wb. never such instrument, an. reuu-r d. fries *16 to B'OO oacit. Thews instruments may te foot'd at the Music Ktvorns of She subscriber, where they will be sold at themaDaraclBrer*’ prices. II. EltU'SDIttt No.t49j Stewart's Block, Congress St. __ apr!3dtt Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! -A.t T$rown*s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. 152 anil 154 Exchange Ht.f Opposite the International House. mayTdtf TAKK*A WOilSON’* Patent Metallic or Copper Paint, ruK VESSELS’ BOTTOMS. To Owners and Masters of Vessels. ThD superior ai tide is offered with the fullest con fidence. When appiitd to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS it will te toand a perfect substitute lor Copper i Bhcatluuf. and a COM I1LKTK PUKBKV VA1IV t from WORMS, BARNACLKS, CRASS. *c. Ves sels trading to the Weal India and Scutheru Port# will find It particularly for their interest to uce tie pATanr Mstallic on Curran Pai»t. The proprietors will in every ca#e guarantee, not only tha» their Copper I’aint is »uierier to any now In use. bn* also to auy that has becu limtoiore of f ted to the public Printed directions for use accompany each can. For tale, wholesale aud retail, by the Mauuiac turers Agents, LYMAN & MARRETT. Sliip Cbandloi'6, Mo. 113 Commercial Street, ap30 iitawSm PORTLAND. Talk about Mats ! JUST SEE HARRIS' NETVSTYLES. June 4-ffdtf The Cheapest Arcim-jt 1,301: eolicctia* a'lelssse, of claim, arising from X the war i« that oi the “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION,” in which the expenses arc controlled by a disinter Mtad haccutive Committee Apply in poraou. or bv letter, to UKORUK F. t-MERV , over tba Portland Post Office, 31 story. dawly ORA FTS A WILLIAMS. Successors to J. W. HCNNEWKLL A Co., No. 66748 Commercial Wharf, Bostor. Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Drugs. Medi cines, Paints, Oils, Dge Stulls, M<.mufacturtrs. ar ticles aud Chemicals. Manufacturers of Copal Var nishes, Japan Ac. Agents for forest River Lead Mystic Lead Co. french and American Zinc. Druggist’s, Perfumers and Liquor Labels. (General Agents for J. L. Hunuewell's Universal Cough Rem edy , Tolu A nody ne and Electric Pills. me h38 eod 3m MILLINERY. MINN it PALMEK BEG leave to cili the attention of the trade goner* ally to their large and WELL SELECTED STOCK MILLINERY ROODS, Purchase,] lor CkbII, of best importing tad aue in '"“'b ts their experlsace In tbe busmes*. and tacillties for obtaining goods, . ,Bl,Jr confident in being able to saeceeslhUy concrete with any firm* la New England. ur*[.. P»ln» '»k*u "» keep a fail stock at Mieses and 1.sales' bkIRTS ____Jgaeldlm STRAW UOUDN. rpi'K •“bscrtber l»dany receiving trum the L'atoa a Works, k os boro. Mass . all tbe new and Straw Bonnots, orall qualities. Also constantly on hand a larsa slock of kreucb snd American k'lowegs, It aches Head Dresses, ke , which be will ,.]| at the Went prices. JOHN K PALMk.H Jnneldlm 144 Middle strvet. Portland. NEW MILLINERY STORE. New Goode! MRS. A ROBERTSON has taken the New Store No. 31 A ret Street, ertner qf Center, and hen •elected a Superior Assortment of MILLINERY, -S'?. Xs.»« Z SLZ h*r r. S. A good assortment of MOURNING ConetaaUyon band . t hree or fo«r good Milliner* can receive stead v employment by inquiring as above. api-deodt/ * GRAHTS COFFEE a SPICK KILLS. outBINAL ESTABLISHMENT. J. GKR, A 1ST T , Wholosale Dealer in all kinds of COFFEE, SEICES, Saltrratus & Cream Tartar, Man Cojit and Spin Mills, 13 tmd U Cams stmt Portland. Me. ••rest. Coffee and Spices rat np for the trad*, with ear aidress. in all variety of packages, and warranto! at represented * notice roa,Ud ,u‘1 *r0Bn<1 r°r the trad# at snort EEr~ AH {Ada entrusted at the owner's risk _marchlOdtf The Misses Bailey’s Home School TV M.‘?•** b*u*T berln* purchased the niaee la X New Gloncev'er formerly occepied by theMev Hserea1”*’*** Bo*ro,u* propoee opening «•“« School for Olrta and Boys. *■ the advanUgse of a careful horn training will be united with thorough instruction In nil tho brunches taught in Seminaries of the first claw The long experiences of ono teacher no Filnot—I of i Home School in Virrioia, and the reputation of the other •< a successful teacher of many years Standing.ia 1*0141084. will, Ills hoped, precare Be trounce nod insure success. A Gentleman or experience will bo at tho of the ilome Gepsrtment, and pny particular atten tion to the physical training of the pupil*. For iutormation see cirouiara or roqnlvo of Mta A M. BAiLEY. No. W hprinr streeG RtrESKrrts: —Rev. J. Vf. Chloherfne. D. D.; Hon. John heal; Charles A. Lord; Ileeeluah Peak, erd; Joseph Libbey. New Gloucester, May 26.19(4. __ tnaySSdlwthenStawtf vvpanm-rvmp NOUCC, -AMD BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT TIIE aubacribers having on the 7th day of May formed a copartnership under the name of McCarthy k Berry, For the purpose of carrying cn the BOOT AHD SHOE BUSHES* In aU Hi branches, aad basing all the facilitiaa for get' ing up nrst class work for gentloinanaad ladles wear, are now ready to execute ail ordara With ' eec.mnd ciepalch Oar work will be made of the tost of imported stock, by I be best of workmen, aad warranted to glee periect tatisiactioa. It ia oor aim that our war.-, shall not be second to any in tha Unit ed Stales. We have also completed a stock of ready-medn work of tha llrst quality, lor Ladiea, Oonllsman, and Chtldiam’s Wastr, Selected from Mew York and Baatoa market* Onr Ladles’ work is from the celebrated Sari* Ujn iJactorti of Sow York. > or tteottemen's wear we haTe the beet assortment ever offered for sale in this city; such aa In# French i'ateut Leather Hoots; Wove Calf and Calf Cnn grees foe gentlemen's wear; Patent Leather Cna gress. and t slf Congress Balmoral, aad aaw French Ituckte Boots Have von seen the new style l K1MPKD-FROMT BUCKLE BOOT, now made by McCarthy h Ber ry! For neatness, com tort and beauty, It sarpaseae anything ever got up in this city Call aad me Hi samples always on hand at the old stand of M Mc Carthy. McCarthy t berry, M Exchange Street. jmaaldtl United States Claim Agency 1 Bounty, Prize Tloury * Prmnltne. CAN be obtained on application to bWUl & CLEAVES, Attorneys at Law. No. 117 Middle atrcMrt, Mutaay'• kow. muvYfuotMm Maine Sabbath School Depository rnilE ’argest aad best selected Stock o'BOOKS i. for SABBATH SCHOOL LiBKAK1KB may ho foun t at * No, 01 Exchange Street. Portland. New book* arc received every week from Ike Sum day School Societies and Publishing Uoumu im fUi ade'phla. New York and Hoeton. So varied aa as Aortui* at. oonipruiug book* adapted to ike rtpaaHr of the cHiM well a* a luit, cAonot be fouad ia aay one atore in New England. School* iu the country, by tending a catalog no of tbo book* in the Library, can receive a lot for ex amination and return ut my expeaa# >tok a* are not approved t^Avutiox Book* for Sabbath Soaoel* lowtd, a- in Boston Also M.*ceilau«*>ot. Theoiog i cal and School Rooks. Letter. berrnou and Rota Pa per of all aura, with Kuvclopcs to aaatoft. Photo graph Album*. Portfolios, P >rtim noaie*. ft0-, ftt-. all or wliicH wlU i& sold at the lowest cash prices.— Orders solicited. H. PAC&ABO. June 1st, 1964. 41/ PENSIONS! BOUNTIES I Are obtained fur Wounded Soldier, (tlnh*ra*gl and tl.o friend, of doeva-ed .oldier. who are entitled to the lami by BYKON D. YE BRILL. Utenty ui CotcsrHer, at 1*. IK litik Stmt, License.! A gout for ell the Department* at Wttiningtcn. Portland, April TA, ISAt.,pft iltte NsvijiBilon TuuKhi — BT — T. li. PARSONS — AT — No. 12. Deer Street, Portlud. / 1 tXTl.IMKN ilcirou.of I iu traction fa Praeit " ! cal Navigation will bnd an experienced teach er lie i« tbeouly experience d Ship Ifi.ter til the Slate, who tcaehc. Naegatiuu, end ie — pinleUi ap pointed to qualify Ka.igu.and Mate, for the U. 8. Mery. BtehMeodtBi ST A RBI R.D’S Clothes Cleaning, and Repairing ROOMS fllQTS popular and coarenlcat establishment is A uow located on th«- corner of Congress and Brown street*/over Hunt ft Jewett's Mat ble Works, where GENTLE ME BPS GARMENTS wl!I be thoroughly clean«ed, faithfully and neatly repaired, tud pressed in good tsaie, to eon/orm with the present stile cf fashion. The cons’sat increase ot patroaajreWtowtd upoa the proprietor, It duly appreciated by him, sud he a«*uree all who tavor him with their custom, that do pains shall he spared to give tln-u the utmo«tsatisfaction. N. li. uarmeat* cut aud made toorder, and war ranted to tit. _ . U. B. STAR BIRO, Portland, May 30th, ISM. Practical Tailor, dtf _ “greenhouse AND UEDDING Ol'T PLANTS, IKe.pectfolly intorm the public that I here *a hand n large axeortmenl of tireen If ou.e and Bedding-nut Plant*. for bp ring .ale, of mperlor quality, rii: Vbbbbmas, D.uli.s, Fiuimbi UU9. I’ANsto and Kgkkx AUo, a hue collection of A.tbk 1‘lai.ti, Ac , hr , hr. A .election may alway. be found at Kaadall A Wr Itney *. Market Square. Order, left there wW be promptly attendeu to. ALBKKT DIRWANGKK, Florkt. Corner ef North and Montreal Street* Portland, Me aprSOtf ' I

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