Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, 20 Haziran 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated 20 Haziran 1864 Page 4
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■«! r.'M i -im'iKp MOKOrs. I A Fanny Adventure “I never attended but one temperance lec ture," said our friend U—, with a peculiar smile, “aud 1 don't think 1 shall ever attend another.” “You probably found it dry ?” “Weil, yes—but that isu’t it. The lecture was well euough, but I got iuto such an awiul scrape alter it was over, that I never think of temperance meetings w ithout a sudden shud der. I’ll tell you ail about it. It was in N—, I where 1 was somelhiug of a strauger, aud the i night was one of the worst of the season. Boreas! how it blew! It was euough to take i oue’s hreaih away. Well, the lecture was over, aud making my way through the crowd, I liugered iu the dborway, contemplating the awiul scene, when somebody suddenly thrust an arm within my own, and clinglDg to me With bear like hug. “Where luue you been ?” said the sweetest voice in the world. I’ve been looking for you everywhere.” Very much surprised, 1 turned ray head and saw—but X can’t describe her. It makes me mad to think how prodigiously pretty she was. With her left hand she leaned upon ray arm, while with her right she was arranging her veil, and did not notice my surprise. "Y’ou have l>eeu looking lor me? ’ “Yes; aud uow let’s be going," was her re ply pressing my arm. A thrill went to my heart. What to make of my lady’s address, 1 did not know; but to accompany her. We started oil in the tem pest, Ure noise of which prevented any con versation. At length she said, with a scream, —“X*ut your arm around me, or I shall blow away.” X ueed not describe to you my sensation, as I pressed her to my side aud hurried on. It was very dark; nobody saw us, and allowing her to guide my steps, I followed her motions througu two or three short streets, until she stopped before an elegant mausion. “Xlave you your key ?" she asked. “My key !” 1 stammered,—“there must be some mistake.” As she opened the door, I stood ready to bid her good night, or to have some explana tion, when turning quickly she said: “How queer you act to-mght,—aiu't you coming 1 T?" x uciv* ouiut-iuiug vciy letiipuug iu me suggestion. Was 1 going 111 ? A warm bouse and a pretty woman were certainly objects of consideration, and it wan dreary to think of facing the driving storm aud seeing her no more' It look me three-quarters of a second to make up my mind, andd went. There was a dim light iu the hail, and as my guide rau rapidly up stairs, why, 1 could do uolhing belter than ruu up, too. I loliowed her into a very dark room. “Lock the door, John,” she said. Mow,—if 1 were the only John in the world, —i thought she knew me. 1 felt for the key, turned it in the lock, without hesitation, wou dtirlug the same time what was coming next. Then au awful suspicion of some horrid trick flashed upon my rniud, for 1 have ollen heaid of iulatuated men being lured to their des truction by pretty women, aud I was on the point of opening the door, when my lady struck a ligut. Then to iny dismay I discov ered that 1 was in a bed-room atone with the strange woman. I said something, I don’t kuow what it was; but the lady lighted her lamp, looked,stared at me au instant, turned as white as a pillow case, aud screamed: "Who are you?—llow came you here? Go quick,—leave the room—I thought you was my husband! ’ and covering her face with her hands she sobbed hysterically. 1 was nearly petrlflod. Of course I was as anxious to leave as she was to have me. But, in my contusion, instead of goiug out at tbe door 1 came in at, I walked into a closet. And before 1 could rectify my error, there came & terrible thuuderiug at the hall door.—The lady’s real husbaud had come, and she flew to let him in. Well aware that it would bo of no use attempting to get out of tne bouse by any other way thau that in which I had entered it,and convinced of the daugcr ol meeting a man who might fall into the vulgar weakness of being jealous, I was tryiug to collect my scattered senses, in dark ness, when the wrathful husbaud burst into the room followed by madarne. The-light was extinguished, and while she was searching for a friction match, the grulf voice raved and . stormed, jealous and revengeful: “1 kuow he is here; 1 Baw him come into the house with you! I'ou looked the d-o-o-r! I’ll have his heart out! Where is he ?” ‘Hear me, hear me; 1 will explain,’ urged the lady. . * As I was listening very attentively for the explanation, the husbaud walked plump a gainst me, at that moment the light appeared. ‘Well, B—,’ we cried, deeply interested, for wc knew that every word of his story was true, ‘how.dld you get out of the scrape?’ I used a violent remedy for so violent a com plaint. Driven in a corner—my life iu dauger —perceiving at a glance that Othello was not as strong as I was, 1 threw myself upon him, fell with him, and held him there until I had given a full explanation ol ihe error, made him hear reason, and tamed him to be as gentle as a lamb. *Tnen I left rather unceremoniously, and I have never seen Othello or Dcsdemona since.’ Iu illustrating the idea that you should ad apt ynar language to your hearer, a story is told of a lady who was handling u pair of arti ficial plates in a dental office admiring the fluency with which the dentist described them, asked him: “Can a body eat with these things?” “My dear madam,maslicatiou can bo performed with them with a facility scarcely excelled by Nature herself,’’ responded the dentist. “Yes, I know, but cau a body cat with ’em?1’ replied the woman. Bio Ihlko—They have au eel in tbe Fish market, at Hartford" Conn, 4 feet long sixteen inches round the largest part, aud weighed, when dressed 11 1-2 [mauds. That beau the Advertiser fish the "Doctor” spread upon. We wonder if a Zoologist could ex plain why this squirming, silippery fellow grew so much larger thau his kind. OFFICE OF TIIE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, HEW YOttK, JANUARY 26. m4. THE Trustees, in couu»rtnity to tbe Charter of tbo Company, submit tbe following biau m..nt auAirs ou *iii- out December. *« 3: Premium* received ou Man as Bisk*, hum 1st January, 1&G3. to 31»t De cember, 1863, $) 214 398 92 Premiums on RoliciM.ikotmarket] off 1st January, 1963, 1,706 f02 24 Total amount of Marine Pre miums. 6lb,v06 Obi 17 fto Policies have been i>sucd upou Life Risks; nor upon Kir*- Risks discou naetttl with Manue Kiss*. Premium* m*i k«d oil from l«t Jan., 1863, to 31m December, lb 3, 67.667 660 66 Lossts paid during the same period, 8.806,661 04 kteturns ol Premiums and Expenses, 1,062,967 48 The Company ha* the forcing A#ae'», vi*: Unit d ftiaiesand 8ut- ol New York fctoo<,City. Hank and other .Stocks, §3 4f2 rni ao Doaujapcurt-d bvblocks,andotherwise, l Aho Too Real E'Ii'ommI Itond* anti Mortgage* ISU TAi imi Dividends ou Stock*.Interest ob Bouds aud Mortgages and other Loans.sun dry Motes, re insurance and other claim* due the Comp'y , estimated at 104.964 61 Premium Motes and Bills Receivable, 3,278,670 63 Cash Ju Rank, '44,313 bS Total amount of Asset*, fo.sbG 4 Jb 32 Six pe * cent iiih-n-st ou the outstauriug oertili ca tnoi profits will bapsid to the holders thereof or th» ir togai representatives, on aud alter l uesdav the Second o< February rext. A«er reserving three md (lu hill Million Dollar, of pnjll a, the oubuai.diug certificates of the lane of lSi.’, w II be redeemed end paid lo the holdeia there* ol. or ibeir legal rc;.re?entaliv. a, ou and after fees, day. iho bocoud ol J .- mary next, from which dale a I luU re.t thereon -will ccajc. 1 he certificate, to he pruduc -1 at lire tiincol paymrut, and cancelled A fill ideud ol J'orty 1*« r Cent, la declared ou the net earned pr uiiuina of the Compauv, lor the year ending ai't Deceuihjr, )8)i, lor which certificates will he i/sue J, ou aud after 1', the Filth of April Beat. The Frettis of the Company,ascertained from Cm lat of the let of Jau.,1883. for whicbCortiUQatea were inured, imonnt to au 8«j eon Additional from 1st Jan., ISfiS, l« III ' ’ J tiuu&ry, 1884, 2.030 000 „ T oial profits for 211 years, *10.968 8x0 The Certificate* ureviutin to 1802 have bcon redeemed by cash, ' 11,690.210 Met earnings remaining win, th® CoBJ. paoy, on 1st January, 1884. « aa dm By order of the B-uird, *6,283,670 W TOWNSEND JONES, Seeratary. trustees. John P. Jonce, Davit) Lane, t harlos Dennis, June, Ury.e IV. U ti. Moore. Win. Sturgi-' ir Tfloe. iHoetoa, II li.Bogert Maury Colt, A.A.Iew, W. I'. PickcrggHI, Win. E. Dodge, 1 *U'i« Cunia, Dennia I'erltlna, Chan. tl. Utiascll, Jes. CiaJlIard, ir., liow.11 Holbrook, J. Henry Burgy, F. A. llargous, Cornelius I,rinnoll K. W. Weston, C. A. Hand, Itor ul Fhejp', Watts Sherman, Caleb Bar*u»w, K. K. Morgan. A. r. Filin’. H. J. Howland, laero.M Willey, Bet j Babcock. .?• Miller, Eleleher Westray, h, T . AicaJL K.B Minturn.jr., W. Burnham, f.eo, Hobsou, Frol. C'bauneov James Low. " JOHN D junks. l'rc.ldent. CHARI.KS D«NMS, Vice 1-risidenl W. 11 U MOURE, 2d Vice lWdcnL ktT" Applications forwarded aud Orxs PoLiaiaa procur'd by JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent, Wo. 106 Tore street, head or Long Wharf, PORTLAND, MS. June w2wkuodtcjau£il ~ '* '' ■■mini ... i ■■■ir—tir MISCELLANEOUS. ^THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors,’ Pox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., POBTLAKD, HE. Attention is re?pe« tally invited to eur unrivalled facilities for executing in THE BEST STYLE OF THE ART, Every description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is turnLhed with all th« ap proved modern iyiaciiini:ry9 And our collection of Book and Fancy Types Will bear favorable comparison with any eatabl.ali ment in the city. Business and Professional Cards, (Of every variety, style and cost, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. Rlll-IIcntls Ruled and Cut in the Neat- \ e»t Manner. BLANKS AND BANK CHECKS, Of every desjiiption executed in tlie best style. | Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done , with promptness and fidelity. INSURANCE POLICIES, RILLS OP LADING, TIME TABLES, and all soruol LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short notire. Senniiin, Ecporlj, ltd all kinds of Piapklrfs, , Put up in superior style. Bronzes! and Colored Labels, For Apothecaries, Merchants, and Faney Dealers, ' got up In the best styls of the art. Wedding Cards, Notes qf Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Dan ces, etc., etc., of every variety and cost, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bills, Shop-bills, Prolam ines, Circulars And plain printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure work, executed neatly, and ou terms that oanuot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS I’rintiug Office has one of Sopor’ Improved Calorie j Engines for motive powor, and is tumlshed with improved and costly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— from the most celebrated makers. We have in con stant use one of HOE’S LARGE CYLINDER PRESSES, capable of throwing off 2500 Sheets a« hour; one of Adam's Power Presses—the host book press in the world; Adam's and Potter’s Fast I Machine Job Presses, Rngglos’superior Card Pres ; I Adams' and Union large Hand Presses, Standing Presses, and all tho machinery necessary for a well ! appointed office. The Dally Press Job Office is believed to be as well (tarnished as any similar e-fablishment la the State. 1 Those sending order from the country way rely uu receiving prompt attention. Wo execute all orders ia the shortest possible time and in the neatest snd best awnner. , Vie will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as any other establishment j in the City, County or State. All orders for Job Printing mult be directed to i the Daily Prrt, Job OJIer, No. 82j Kxehaaga street, I'ortlaad. Me. The Job Office is under thr personal supervision , of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY l’HINT KK, and is himself sn experienced practical wort- 1 man, and employs only well-skilled mechanics in this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper east of Boston, and having a larger circulation than all the other dailies is the city combined. Is publishod at tho Office in Fox Block, 89 1-9 Kxchamjr Slrcrt,every morning - Sunday excepted, at SR oo vs..- a_ From which f» I-» per rent. U WiinaaM for adtaxcx rmira. Semi-annual and quarterly 1 subscriptions pro rot*. Loss than .throe mouths, sixty cents per mouth, or lb cents a week. Kixoll t Corixs 3 Caxre. OT Kewedealers supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAIN! STATE PRESS, The largest paper In New England, eight pages, Is I published every Wednesday, containing all the news by mall a-d telegraph, important reading matter Marine List, ticket Reports. Ac , of the , Dally Tress, at the following prices, vii:— Slagle ropy, oar year, luoas-lably iaadvaser ....M.OO Vor »1* ascutbs. I .OO Ta clubs ef fear or sucre all to the mint! pout office, each... I.T4 Ta clabe mf tea ar usere, all to the same post office, each.81.50 | And a free copy to tho getter up of the club. Subscriptions solicited. Agents wanted In every 1 town. Tost masters requested toact as agents. V A. FOSTER A Co., PkortiKTois. Portland June 1, 1804. dtr NOTICE^ WE, tho undersigned, having sold our Stook of Ujal and Wood to Messrs. Han.kUl, MeAlit- i ter do cheerfully recommend them to our former customers. All persons having demands against us are requested to prrsent them tor settle ment, and all pen-ons indebted to us are requested to make immediate payment at the old stand where one ol tno undersigned may he found for the present ___ . . 8AWVEB 5 WU1TNET. Portland, Juno «, 1801. Jonolgdgw _ i Coal and Wood7 TUB snbserlber having purchased the Stock of Coal and Wood, and taken the stand reoeutly occupied hy Messrs ,-nteyer g Whitney, head of Maine Wharf, are now prepared to supply their former patrons and the public generally, with a tine assortment of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old Company Lehigh, Spring Mountain Lehigh, Locust Mountain. John's, | While and Red Ash, Diamond ami Lor berry, Together with the beet quality of Cumberland Coal ! A Superior Coal for B lark,milk t. Alpo, Hard and Soft Wood, Delivered to order In any part of the city. Tb® former customers of Messrs. Sawyer k Whit- 1 ney are respectfully luvited to give u« * call J RANDALL. MeALLlbTEK k CO, Portland, Jnue 13,1864 -dly w# Evergreen Cemetery. J THE Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will < te at his oilioc, in New City Bui ding. eutrance t on Mvrtle Street, from 12 o'clock M. te 3 o'clock P. c M., every day, exoept Sundays. to attend to any calls In connection with said Cemetery. Orders may be left at the office at any time, tpttdtoaugl H. C.BABB, Superintendent. HOTELS. T OTTAWA HOUSE j PORTLAND II AH BOH, MAINE J ASOX BERRY, Proprietor, Will open for tho seanon, on Thursday, theltith inst. Thu popular Watering l'lace, with it, ROMAS’TIC SCBYBR Y, Aud HEALTHY LOCA1ION. nituated on CUSHING’S ISLAND, miles from the city, is unsurpassed by any Sum ner fttHurt on the New England coast. N. b. Positively closed on the Sabbath to all | ransient visitors. The Summer will leave Burnham’s Wharf for this j [-land regularly. juuelGdtiw BRADLEY'S HOTEL,~ -OK THl Amfrimn aud European Plans, Cor. of Commercial & India Sts. This Houao Is si nated 'directly opposite i the Grand Trunk Hai.roa 1 Depot, ai.u head I ol Boston aud Portlaud Meaincrs' Wharf Connected with this Mouse is a first clasa | (Oyster and Dining Mall. IES HKApUiY, Jr., Is CO., Proprietors. J. Bradley, Jr. P. M. Bradley. Junel&dfim Union and Temperance House, I Went Harpftwcll, is open lor tho reoeption of Summer J Boards aud trancient and visitors. This Mouse is very pleasantly situated on the Neck, one-fourth nine above the Steam boat Landing. '.Meals furnished at*all hours of the day. sIDMjlY BAILEY, Proprietor. June 9,1864 —d3W Atlantic House, SCARBORO’ BEACH. jk THIS Douse having been enlarged aud ^" refitted throughout will open for the sea son on Monday, June 13, 1804, E. GUNNISON. N. B.—Positively closed on the Sabbaih to all trausien,. visitors. juuell Ocean House Re-Opened I X The undersigued having leased for the prfLca*t» asontbis well established Watering place, [charmingly situated cn the outer verge ol [Cape Elizabeth. With unrivalled lacili J_Lies for % ■tattling:, Boating, aud Fisutng, Will open for transient aud permanent guests on and after Tue*day, the 7th day of June. Kverr desirable convenience will be tnpplled for the pleasure aud comfort* ol it* patrons with regard to the iequirements and character ot a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. We feel assured that (ur exertions, added to the unusual attractions ot the house itself. will secure us the approbation and patronage of the public. Positively closed on the Sabbath liILL & JORDAN, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth, June 7,1864. dtf BAY "VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. The Subscribers take pleasure in an nouncing to their friend*aud all interested | in hading a first class sea-side Hotel accom J_j modations.that their new and spacious Ho tel »ni oe ope nearly in June. Itcoutaius all the mod ern improvements and every convenience for the comfort aud accommodation ot the travelling pub lic. It is tin elf located, commanding au unrivalled view of tbe Peuobscot Bay. The advantugoi of tes bathing aud tho facilities lor lishiug and boating, are unsurpassed. For its beautiful scenery and de lightful drives and walks, Camden is alieady favor ably known as one of tho roost eligible and delight ful watering places in New England. Connected with the Hotel is a fine Livery btable, horses and cariiages Laving been selected with great care. Tbe carriages are from tbe best establishments in the couuti y, aud on the most approved styles, bteam boat lauoiugseasy of access; steamers touohingev ery dav in the week. ielegranb communication all parts of the country. Those wishing 10 se cure good rooms will do well to apply soon, as many are already engaged CU811 INC A JOHNSTON, Proprietors. Camden, June 2, 19c8 —dtf Pleasant Suburban Resort. CAJPISIC MOUSE, WEST B R00 K . This elegant suburban Watering Place, located upon a pleasant eminence near Oa pisic Pond. but miles from Portland, hav ing been placed in the most ample order by _itbe subscriber, he most respectfully solicits tiro aueuliou of the public, and cordially invites a call from his old friends. the house is plewaut, retired and quiet. The iurniture and tarnishing* are all new, and thorooms cosy and sightly. The tables *re supplied with ail the deJacacies as welt as the substantial* or tbe sea son, aud tbe service of one of the very best cooks in New England have been secured. Extensive sheds and a fluo stable with roomy stalls are ameug tho conveniences ot the establishment A nice Bathing House suit! .tent for the accommo dation of several bathers has been erected with steps projecting into ten feet of water, aud the whole so cured from observation by a Hosting screen. Smoking Amors grace the banks of the Pond aud invite the indulgence of the louugcr. Hopiug for a *bare of the public patronage tho un dersigned prom.*#:« to spare no effort for the en er tarnment of hi* guests. U£U. W. ML'RCtf. Westbrook, May 21, 1864. mat 21 dtf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, (pobubblv muon nouns.) J. r. MILLLK,.riiOBKIKTOH. Thu popular Uotelhu recently been par icheecd by Mr. MiIier(oi tbe Albion) and hu Jb««B thoroughly ralittod, renovated and re paired, and uumeroua excellent alteration, made. It ia located oa the Saccarapparoad, —lone mile, from Portland,affbrdinga beautiful drive over a goed road, and Jnat about far onongh for piea.nre. It haa a tine targe Dancing llalland good Bowline Alley,. In cioao proximity to the houae ia a warm and roomy Btable. containing twenty nice atalia There ia aiao a well aholtered Bhed, 106 feet long, fbr hitching horaea. The ohoieoat Supper, will be got np for alclehinr and dancing partim, who will hnd it greatly to their pleasure and advantage to roaort to the White Uohae No effort will be apared for the ohtertainment ol *■•••»• de«13-dtf HALLOWELL HOUSE R E O PENE DI NEW FURNITURE & FIXTURES! S.G. DENNIS, Proprietor. C®" Tbe public »re tpeciallv informed that the iriaeiou*. convenient and well known IIallowbll Uounn, in the center of HalioweU, two mile. from Augusta. and four ml ea from Togu* Spring baa been rofuruielied, and is open for tr« reception of company and permanent boarder*. Brery attention will be given to tbe comfort of (neat*. ST ABL.INTG, ind all the usual convenience! 0/ a popular hotel ire amply provided. Uallowel', Feb 1 1864. mch26 eodtf THE AMERICAN MUSE, Hanover Street .... Boston, I'fco Largest and Best Arranged Hotel IN NEW ENGLAND. LEWI* KICK, Proprietor. oelCly CTTV OF PORTLAND* N OTICE i* hereby given,that it is the intention of tlu» < ily < (Miiicil to discontinue a part ot 1 on r«as 8Ueoi—Legiauing at tho south-westerly lino t I ho A k 8. L twreiiGe llailroad, and continuing g lour water mark And the Joint Standing Committee of the City Council, on Inyiiijr out new Street.-, in pursuance of u order of the Oltyr Council, pawed on the 13th day r June. 1864. will meet tor said purpose on Vodnosday, the 22ud day of June, at 3 o’clocktn he afternoou, at the crossing of Congress street over he A. L 8. J* Uriiroadg the place ot boginuiug, and hen and there proceed to view aiul discontinue said treet. All persons interested will take notice and govern hemcelves accordingly. Given uuder our hands this 14th day of June A >.1864. JACOR McLELLAN, | Sl'KVtNii 8.MI11J, j Committee on WM H 8TEWAKT, I . JNO. D. SNOWMAN. \ Ja>iu* C. K. I ADD. ! New Streets. WM.G SOULE, J Portland, June 15, 1884.—did ——--j Ordinance Against Dogs. City of Poutlawd. Mauiral’s Office, 1 May 2-1. 1864. J Section 1—No dog shall be penult tel to go at srge or loose in any street lane, alley, court orlrav led way. or iu any uninrlosed or public pl«ce in this ity, until tho owner or keeper of such dog. or the >ead o' t he family, or the keeper of the house store, hop, office, or ©tb» r plaoe where sneh dog is kept . r harbored, shall have paid the City Marshal two lollara for a licese for such dog to go at lar^e. 8ao 7 --In case any dog tdiall be found loose or oing at large, contrary to any of tbe foregoing rovi-ions. the owner or keeper thereof, or the head f the family or keeper of tbe house, store office or I ther place wlieje such dogis keptor harbored.sliall : orloit and pay a sum not exceeding ten dollurs tay6d2in J4HIN 8. llEALD, City Marshid. PARTICIPATION. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Thl* Company will inue Police* to b« free after tbe rnvmcut ol nix, eight or ten Premium* at the option f the ioaored and at rate* a* lew a* any other ompany. Tbr i**ue of Free I'olioiea render* it at lie least equal if not superior to the participation nmnanfe*. , , Omen No. 102 Middle St. CUAULES HOLDEN, Fro*. _ EDWAUD SHAW, Sea. Feb 16 dfcw tf. ‘ .L—kj.l. ■ FORSALE & TO LET. HOUSES AND LOTS FOE SALE, : IIICiTIIl OH Franklin, Alden, Washington, Montreal, ■ Fox and Humner Streets. PRICKS FROM #1,000 TO #2,500. 1 Also, TWO SMALL FARMS, in Capo E.izabetb. Terma liberal to suit the purchaser. Enquire of ELBRIDGE GERRY, ap23 t}lw eodtf No. 69 High 8treet. ( ■-———- ( Valuable Farm for Sale. * Situated in F'alirouth, eight miles i from l'ortland, on the out Oiay i road, opposite Black Slrap Monu- , ment. i ue la-ni contain, 46 acres good laud, well ditided into tillage, , pasturing and wood lots. It has a large orchard aud buildings all iugood repair. It is well watered aud a very pleasant situation; will he sold lor cash on reasonable terms F or further particulars inquire ol J. F\ RAND, No. 6 Clapp's Block, or KL'ecs RANU on the premises. junol6u2w* House Lou For Sale. ON Steveu*’ lMiius, within two minutes walk of the Horse Kailroad; plea-autly located inquire of U. 1a. BaILEY, u Exchange St. i June 11, lHdA.—eod2w * Valuable Real Estate for Sale. WG hare for sale a very desirable IIon<e, eon traliy and pleasantly located, tiuished aud furnished irom garret to cellar; every ihiug iu and about the house in perfect ordir; will he sold with the Furniture, which s iu good taste aud in lice or der Immediate possession given, lho house and furniture cau be examined at any time, and iulor mfttion give by calling on • HENKX BAILEY fc Co., Auctioneers. maylBdtf Laud on Free street for Sale. THK tamable real estate on F'rce street, known as the "Furbish property ” The lot is about 100 feet on F ree street aud extends back about 174 feet. Said estate will be told as a whole, or the easterly half ot the dwrelling house, with lot about 40 br 176 feet, will be sold by itself. 1 Application may bo made to James Forbilh, Jjq., on tne premises, or to OLD. E. H. JACKsON, lulyldtf 69 Gxchauge street. For Sale. THE Dana property, so called, on Windham Hill, in Windham, containing about teu acres. I lu re are ou the promises a good Two Story Dwelling Douse and Barn, with other out-buildingl. The property is pleasantly situated aud the neighborhood unexceptionable, kor terms, fcc., apply to „ Peblbis k Jackson, Portland ’layU.USt. 69 Exchange at. _____ maylbdtt For Sale. A 8 QUARK block of land, of about 78000 acres ot wood land, on the south side of the river St. Lawrance. Iu Canada East It is intercccdcd by two considerable rivers with eligible Mill sils. Well wooded with every description of timber, such as pine and spruce in large quantities, maple, oerch, beech, tamarac ana btsx nq hi toany amount. Portland, Feb. 1864. fnb!l£cndtf For Ralr or to Let. a CLIFF COTTAGE, ooutuiutog over 30 frnra roeuMjcrgeataMe and ihods—situated two and one-half latiee from Portland, and the Saett eitaatlon la Cape Elizabeth Tor a wa I I toring plaoa. and anamer boardoie. For partacalarrenquire of GEO. OWEN, apT dtf II Wlnter8treet. Portland. For Rule, TITHE Slock anil Fixture* ol a Bret olais Provision 1 Store, non doing a good but uo*«. told only on account of the ill bealt.i of the proprietor. Addrei* Box 18*8, Portland P. O. June 14—dSw For Sale. A HOUSE and Lot on Steven > Maine Road, ad joining the Seminary Ground*, a very dtaira blejloeation. Also a number of budding lot* neur the tan*. Enquire of K. B. POKBES, on the Plain* June loth, 1864 —eodgw* Valuable Hou«e Lot* for Sale. TWO House Lots on Congress street, adjoining the house now occupied by the subscriber. GARDNER LUDWIG. Juno 10,1864.—d2w For ftitlc. A TWO story House and Lot, situated on Fort land street, with Stable and other out buildings Also two adjoining lota cuutainiug about eight thousand square lent. Enquire of rC 8TEVENS, No. 47 Portland street. JuneOdtf Hoiwc For Sale. AT WO story wooden house. No. 18 Adams street, 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families; plenty of good water. For particulars inquire ol B.J. WILLARD. » Portland, Hay 14,1964. mayUeodtf For Sale. ONE Kuprou Wagon, nearly new, ean t>. u*ed for on. or two HorMt, it ha* Pol* and Shaft, aomtdetc. For price Ac., cull at No.4 I re* Street Portland. apr I eodtf To Let. CJTORE now oooaplad by ua. Pdcieuton glvon O Imraodiately. * Al«o, a Front Offloe in Hanson Block. Jan8 dtfH. J. LIBHKY A CO. j To Lei. ONE STORK in Gull'. Block. * Apply to 11. T. MAC'IIIX. , ap22 dtf 3D. W. C L ^ R, K DKALKK IX Silver Street Ire House, mid Ollier , No. 31 Excbnnie street. ALL Order. promptly attended to and ouitomer* •upplied with the boat quality of ICE. Price of let for the Seaton, 1864. 10 lb* a day, Irom June lit, to Oct. lat, *6.00 ... " " 8.00 30 '• •• •• <• 10.00 Forty route per 100 Ibi. To those who take Ice for the season, it will be de- 1 livsrad earlier than 1st June and later than 1st Oc tober , at the same rate por mouth as during the sea son. When not wanted for th« full season, it will be delivered at tbe rate of 62 00 pir mouth for 10 lbs. per day. Notioe of change of residence, if given at the of fice in«<ead of tho driver, will always prevent dis- ' appointment. Auy customer leaving town fortwo weeks ormori* at one tuna, by giving notice at tbo office, will be en titled to a proper deduction. Complaints sgaiust the dtivers, for neglect or care I -«n* ss or any ether cause, must be mauo at the of fice, and will be attended to promptly. Portland, May 13.1964. mavl8d7*r MAINE INSURANCE 00. AU|a«iat name. TIIK Maine Insurance Company Insure against lorn or damage by Fire. Building*, Iferchaa dizo and Furniture, on term* a* favorable as it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five years. J. L. CUTLKK, President. J. H. WILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Agent, No. 102 Middle Street. oellaodlr American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY!1 OF NEW VOEK. OnpUttl SSOO.OOO, I Mn.rr Hull ding.. Morrhg.itUr, Huu.c bold Faraliarr. Renta, Lrn.r., V*. aelaon the Slock., and albrr Par. aanal Pr.rrrty at «ur Uir ' oat rrtea. SAMUEL BROWN, PrMideut. WILLIAM RAYNOR,Seoretar. EDWARD SHAW Agent, 103 Middle Street. 0 3137 lyeod STATEMENT 0? THE .4-llnn I it nii ranee Company, OK HARTFORD, CONN., On the 1st day of November, A . D. 1.863. a, required by the Lava of the State of Maine. rhe Capital Stock ia.*1.600.000 , and with the surplus t, invested asfollow,: j Real e.tate, uni no umbered, ,87 903 js : Cush in hand, on, and iu agent.' hand., 316,90) 56 1 Lulled States Stock., 613.847 60 j State and City Btonks. and Town Bonds, buy 80* 00 J Bank and Trust Company Stoekt, 1,017,270 00 ( Mortgage Bond.. 331,two 0* | Atlantic Mutual Ini. Co't scrip, 1863 3, 16,886 60 1 a Total Assets, *3,026.879 74 a Amount of Liabilities for Losses not duo or adjusted, #176,411 || Amount at ri*k, estimated, Ilf, 610 4ff Til08. A. ALEJXANDLK, President t LccirsJ. Ha bomb. Secretary. ! * Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. 1 J. C. CHUHCHILL, Agent, No. 4 Iron Itlock, Portland Pier. dec6 dtf Dirigo Insurance Company l „ OF THM CITY OF PORTLAND. [ ' | 2 Office No. 518 Eirhnnge street. 1 Capital $200,000 * rHM Company is now prepared to issuo policies I on aM kinds or proporty Insurable aaaiust Sre, it ourrvut rates A. K. SULKTLKF, President. JFKFMlAII DOW, Secretary. Diksotobs. t. B. Brown, F.. 8. Spring, D. W. Clark, L B. Carroll, John Lynch, 1J.I. Kobinson. Tbustmes » * St. John Smith. [I. M. Payson, C. li. Haskell, kudrew Spring, N. O. Cram. Philip 11 Brown, II. N. Jo»e, Q lere. Dow, G. W Woodman, a H. J. Libby, If. J. Kobinson, r, i. N. Winslow, 8. C. Chase, n Urah Conant, Wm. Moultou. i Portland, May 4,1864. maybdtf ■****£.'.ir - m . , i 3 KA.lLRffA.D8. MB REDUCcD ratesT MPOHTANT TO TRAVELERS -‘TO TIIE Vest, North V/est & South West! W . D„ LITTLE, fS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chic*. L go, Cincinnati CJeveland, t&rok .Mihiaukte imlena, Oskotth, 8t. Paul, LaCrosae, Green itay’ juiLcy. bt. Lou.*, Louisville, Indianapolis, Cairo tc., etc., and i» prepared to iuniish Tuaotoii 10KK18 frcui I ortlan'i to all the irircinti ritn-s nd towns In the loyal Mann ami (an ad is at the sweat rates of laro. and ail needful information heeriuHy granted. Traveler, will tiud it greatly to their advantage to ■rocure their tiikcts at the * Union Tieket Office, 31 EttchnngeStreet, (l/f STAIRS.) W. L>. LITTLE, Airent, 1’MaaBfera for California, by the Old Line Hail Steamer and 1‘anama Railroad,may beaecured »y earlv application ai this office. 1 ickeU lo Montreal and (/uzbec and return (via tie Grand Trunk Railway) may beobtainrd at this igency on iavorjtbie terms. maj 2Buk wti Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s Great Combination of excu nsi oars: Tor the Season of 1864. Tickets Good to Return to November 1st GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY. From Portland —TO— White Mountains, Montreal, Quebec, Dc troll, Chicago, H ilu aakie, Niagara Pulls, and return AT vanr Loir iiatks of farm. Only $11! to Chicago or Milwaukee, $23 out and return, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Return, all rail, $35, Also, to Boston, Now York, up tbs Hudson River Saratoga, Lake George. * Returning from Niagara Kails either by Grand Trank Railway, or by me Royal Mail lane through tne ibcusanu islands and Kayids of the bt Raw rence. Ameriean Xoney taken at Tar for Ticket*, Sleet ingUar* and at Kclrenhuiont baloons. v Arrangeuieuts lAie been made with tho rrorrie tors ot tha principal Hotels in Monareal, ouebec aud Hi trill to take Amenmu Mom/ al par. charging New York Hotel prices. fur Tl«kdnir lit rmation apply to Auist of Grand iruuk Kail way t K. BtAlU, General Agent, 279 n road way. N Y Juno ll.-d4w LOW'‘KS‘k**U,n A«tu,‘ PORTLAND AND HISNNEBKf R.R. - - n IV UA el \_I f. JI r.g-N 1 , Commencing Monday, April 25, 1864 ITWfeUtflrttfJ.. Passenger iralm leave Hkowhegan fur ort and and Boston, at b 47 A. at , Au guTia, ll.Uv A. M. and Beth li 10 1- m. Auvneta BJr 1 urtland aud Boston at 6.So A, u ; Bath 6.80 A. \i*M,rill?«£0rlia',''A‘,''U9"‘' w»t<irvllie,Kendall's Mill8 aud bkowhegur, at I*. M. Portland tor Bath and Augusta 8 16 P. M. Paaaeugtrs for 'latiouson the Androscoggin Rail road will change cars at Biunswick. * train f otn Portland connects at Kendalls Hill* with Maine Central Itaiiroad ior Bangor, Ac , arth iug **ui~ evenieg. ^Stages leave Ba h ior Kocxland at #A.M.and3 Stages leave Augusta for Belfast at 4 p, M Skowhegan at 6 10 F. M for Anson. Through Tickets for all the station* on this and tho Androscoggin llailread, can be j.tocurrtd in Boston at the Eastern or Boeunand Maine stations April 18, Hbf U CL,Bli^.^P«-inUpd..t York * Cuuiboriiuid ttuilrou.L SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ■msaar luSrtM folio*r». uutil jurthvr uotkw: *" W (DJP-* baco Uiver ior FortJand at 6 45 (Freight Train with Faammacr Cart) and 9 15 ▲. m , and 3.30 t*. m. Leave Furtlaud ior baco Kivir, 7.46 A. m. and 2.00 aud 6,20 »*. u. The 34)0 V. H. train out, aud 5 46 a. m. train into Forilaad, will be freight trami with paasenger car* attached btagea connect at baccarappa daily for South Winuham, Wiudham Center and Great falls At Gorham ior West Gorhum, Steep Falls, Baldwin, btbago, Bridgtou, Hiram, Liming ton, • orniah, Denmark, Brownfield. Level, Frye burg, Conway, Bartlett, Albany, Jackson and La ton, N. U. At Buxton Center for West Bp.v ton, Rooney ta glo. South Limiu£ton, Limingtou aud Limerick. At Saco River tri-weekly, for Hollis, Limerick, Osslpee, NewueJd, ParMonHiield, feJiiugnam, Free dom. MadDon, katon, Cornish, l oner, *c. Fares 6 oonta loss when ticket* are purchased in the Office, than when paid iu the Car*. DAw\. CARFkNTLR, Snpt. Portland April 7,1S?>4. dtf KlilNi: CENTRAL UAILUOAD. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. UMRMMBM3 Trains leave Portland, Grand Trank 65S5f7B& Station, fir Lewiston and Aubarn, at 7.40 a s. For Bangor and Intermediate stations at 1.10 F.*. RETURNINU—leave Lewiston at 1217 a m., and arrive In l'ortland nt 8 30 A. n. Leave Banger at 7.16 a. * , and arrive in Portland at 100 f. a. Both these trains connect at Pcitiand with trains tor Boston. Freighttrain leave* Portland it8 A. and re turning is due inPortiand at 1 r. a. Stage# connect with trains nt principal stations, dnuy rcrniust oi the towns North >no East ot this line. C. M. MORSE,Snp t. WatervUi*. N vember. 1881. deo!4 OBAXD TKUXK KAILWAY Of Cimadn. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. 0n 4r-d after Monda;, Nov. 8. 1863, trains will run daily, [Sundays oncept edl antil iuTther notice, a* follows; I’p Train*. Leave Portland for South Paris at 7.40 *. a. for Island Pond at 1.10 f. a. Down Trains. Leave Island Pond ter Portland, at 6 a. a. Leavo South Paris ior Portland at 6.46 a a. 1 be Company are not responsible lor baggage to any amount tx*ceding *50 in value, and that per sonal, unless notice is given, end paid lur at the rate of ono poescngi r for < very *600 nddn u>na! vaiu.. 0. J. HRYDuKS, Managing Director. II. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nov. 4.1.-63. novS PORTLAND, SACO & PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRANGEMENTS, Commercing April 11th, 18C4. rMMHOT Posseng* r Trains will leave the 8ta HP"BRtion, Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex jepfed i a« follow*: Leave Portland for Boston, at8 15 a. m. aud 3.(8 r. m. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.30 a. m. and 3.00 r. m. Leavo Portsmouth for Portland, at 10.00 a. m. and i.8o r. m. These trains will take and leave passengers at way fattens. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland, Oct. 8u. 1863. oc31 edtf PIREWO It lv Si or EVERY DESCRIPTION. CUTTER A AUSTIN, 12 and 3$ Federal Street, and 107. Ill, aud 113 Ion yrts* SI., bottom, Wholesa'e Dea’ers in Kirt-work*. ChincM- lAint.-nm. Torches Ac. THU A7. ll’ UNION LSNTKKX ' Red, White ami Blue, for lVIiical Preceations. Exhibition, furnished to any aiuouut. bciul lor ’rice I.iat. juaeSdlojulyJ TOCLEAR THE HOI SKOF FLITS Uff Ihtrckcr's i'rlebraterl [iIGHTNING FLY-KILLER, i neat, cheap article, easy to use. Every sheet w it! ilia quart. Sold everywhere. junddfcwSw THE HOST OX ITRL BRICK ,nd Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works, r»4 ederal street. Office aud Warehouse 13 Liberty quareaud 7 Battery-march St, manufacture Fire iriok, ail shapes and sizes, for furnace* required to taua the most intense heat alo Furnace Blocks ud Slab*. Locomotive Fire Blocks. Bakirs'Ovtn nd (ireen-hoase Tiles, CJay it‘torts and u**oe usury ilesto set thorn, Fire Cement, Fire Clay and K aoliu The undersigned will give their *pe*UI attention lat all orders tor the above puuiufisctore are execu* >d with promptness. .»* JAMES K MOM) tyl'O. Skllino Ay Kinu, 13 Liberty Sfaare, Boston, mchll eodfim ---™ TO SillIs m iLDEUS. P. S. cNL* j. b. iiuokixs, "1C*M MISSION M KRCilANTS, and whole-ale and retail daaler. in Sim- fin huh nufusi. . lave for sale at tl-i-lr Wharf, Ixmn Syi’Ai’.g, »«T BotTOli, 2.VI.UU0 IjOchs, aud Oak Tmnnilt, 000 Hackmatack Unfit, planed. A Do Wntra Oa a , LAKKaud TiMUKa.Cm:.rspT Boaiu-s and I-lami iiilla I’lMK, IIkck-Blank, Ac. i'artiuular at. intion paid lu Eui-uishiug Oak I’tank by theCargo. ) luch24 dtim J. W. SVKES. 1‘archaaer tor Kastern Account or OUK, GRAIN, 8KED3, PROVISIONS, LAttO, BUTTER and WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular attention given to shipping by onickeat id cheapest route.. So. 162 SOUTH WATER 8T. ■ T.O. Box 471. Chicago, Illinois. RaFXR«Nv*R—Me«ara Maynard ft Sou.; II ft W. bickering; C. II. Cummings ft Co.; S. G. Bowdiear Co.; Charlea A. Stour; Hallett, Davia ft Co., ot oaton, Mass. Cashier Elliot Bank.Boston J.N. . aoon, Esq., Prsaident Newton Bank, .fuwton. C. . Coffin: Warren EUi. ft Sons, Now York City, I )f* ’63 dly. r'-* 01H1.EII 11■■ i■ ii i i ,m STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, 18C4. THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOU S STEAMER LADY LAIVU, Built expressly for tills route, CAPT. WILLIAM R. ROIX, Will commence her Sommer Ar Jv, V-Ytfaf rangemeiit on MON DAY MORN , June 0.h, Leaving Bangor ev eryMuMUay, Wednesday and Friday Mornings, at 0 o ciock. Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot of Mate street Pcrtland, every Monday, Wednesday and l- nday Evening*, at 10 o'clock, connecting With the EanicrM, Uoatou and Miiiue, and Portland, Saco and Portsmouth Railroads, from Bon* a and Way Stations, leaving Boston at 3 o’clock M fo.i eu-V wi“ to“ch at Kockl*nd, Camden. Bel 2. llncksport, \> interport and Hampdeu, both ‘ “ ““'■pr- ticketed through to and from B<>aton, Lowell, Lawreuce, Salem aud Lyuu. r°r more extended lulortnalion, appiy to J. O landto^thl*^ Agent. a'.Yh, rarlou. ■aiding,, tho Depot Ma-ter, or thw p 8 k P kaater" and IS. * M Ha. 1 road.i Abi.l Somerl*: 1 ortlaud, Lang k De'auo lloatou. or June 4.—isdtf tUAS General Agent. Montreal Ocean Steamship Oo. MH . 0ne of the following first-class -f- *teau er* of t,lis Biuo viz:—Peruvian - Lx.. Hibernia, North American, Jura, Bel giun. Nova Scotian, Molar ian. Da luuiscue, will sail irora Quebec, avauv Satuuday Mobmino, for Liverpool via Londonderry. The DaMA80cS to sail from Quebeo Saturday morning, Juno 18. 7 . Also the steamers St. David. St. Geouuk. St. Akdhew. 8t. P4thick, tri monthly from Quebec Tor Glasgtfw. Prepaid and return tickets issued at reduced rato3. For passage apply to H. A a. ALL AN , Montreal, or to J L. FARvlEK maylSdtf No. 10 Exchauge street PortUnd. International Steamship Company. Fast port, Calais & St John. TWO TUI PS PEB WEEK. On and after Monday, March 28, the superior «ea-going steamer N*w UltUNSWlCK, Capt. E, B. I --Winchester, will leave Kailroad . , **!' iuoU 8late Street, every Muuday at fi o clock PM., aud the Steamer NEW F.XOLAND (apt E. field, every Thursday at 5 o'clock P m' ; for vast port aud St. John, N. B , connecting at Ea.tport with .reamer Queen, for Hobiu.on, 8t. An drew, aud (ala is, and with State cum-he, lor M* etnas, and at at. John with ateatner, for Froder icton and with steamer Emperor for Digbv Wind I ».«r «ud Halifax, and with the E. k N. A. kailroad j lor bbedtac and all way stations. Returning, wi'l leave 8t John every Monday and I nn?lHoaf 91 ^ °^Ciock A. M., for Eaatport, Portland Through ticket, procured of the Ageutaand Clark i on board Steamers. Thursdays * ° c oc* *■ ■•» Mondays and mayUdtf C^C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal r017o«;'ntiifurUl" “M00-r" “ Leave Atlantle Wharf, Portland, every Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at. o'clock p. M., and India Wharf, Boston oven- Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M. 1 Farcin Cabin.*160 " on Deck. j’jj Freight taken s* usual. The Company are not responsible for baggage to any amount exceeding ».y> in value, and that person al, unless notloe le given and paid lor at the rata of one pas-onger for every #500 additional value. Feb, to, 1S«. dir L. BILLINGS, Agent. Portland and Mew York Steamers SEMI-WEEKLY LINE. ■s .f. ^ The splendid and fkst Stoamahlne f-eW Point," cupt..WiLt.nTT, CL’, ,n‘* "POTOMAC," Captain Sana ree*rafl«af wood, will,until further notloe. ran as follow*: Leave Browns Wharf, Port! and, a vary WEDNES DAY. and SATURDAY, at 4 P-M., and leave Pier 9 North Hirer, New York, every WEDNFiSDAY and SATURDAY, at 3 o'clock. P M These veeeeii are fitted up with flneaocommodatteas for passengers, making Hue the most speedy, safe and comfortable route for travellers between New York and Maine. Passage *7,00, iacluding Fare and State Rooms. Goods forwarded by this line to and from Montreal, Queboo, Bangor, Bath. Augusta, Eantport and St. John. Shipprrs are requested to *end their freight to tho Steamer* a*early a* 3 P. M , oa the day that then leave Portland. For freight or paoange apply to EMEUV fc FOX. Brown’s Wharr, Portland. H. B CROMWELL * CO.. No. 44 West Stmt, New York. Doo.8.130J. gif r|riiHi enovo Boots end Shoe* arc comfortable from n. the first wearing and require no -'Breaking in," 1 . ucd 1 hcrefore much more duiable. PLUMER PATENT BOOTS. Men’s Pegged Caff Plumer Boots, 96.60 i Mm’* Pegged Coif Plumer Boots, 6.00 | Mch s Pegged Calf Plumer Boots, 6 60 Men's Pigged Calf Plumer Boots, 7.UU Mem’s Sneed Cg/f flumer Boots. 97-5C 1 Men s Sewed Cal/ p,uzncr Boots, 6.00 Men’s Pegged Cal/ Balmorals, 98.60 Men’s Pegged Cal/ Balmorals, 4.00 Jun received, nil the varieties of the finest quality, ;i*ht ami heavy Men's Cali Bo .ts. Our Boot-i ar»* made of f ight different widths and arc designed for a genteel class of feet uot hitherto fitted by Keeuly Ma*u/a<tired Hoots They art* made of the b« st stock, by the most careful and skillful work men.and every pair is wa rauted both iu reference to stock and workmanship. Krcrn Hev lleury Ward Beecher. Brook’rn. Mar 9.1984. I)r. J. C. PlumerDear Sir.—Had my Boots been l jeru ou tue they could uot have fitted me better — I hev were more comfortable tho vsry first day thau lay boot* generally are after months of usage. 1 cannot praire them too highly. They have but one serious molt, they a ill make all other boots teem uucom lor table. ly the way, yon carried off my lasts They were the rigi t ones, and I took them out with my own hand*, and know they fitted Please send them to mo asaiu by express. 1 am. very truly. l our ooageu servant, 11. W. BfcKt u£K LADIES’ HOOTS. Ladies' l’lumer Patent Balmoral Boots, 94 00 Ladies’ Piumer Patent Congress Boots, 4 50 Thu above boots are made from the best stock, and expressly to iny own order. Every pair is warrant* ed. the same as if a measure wa* fa- on. This work is the same as sold by tho drat class retail dealers iu Hostou, aud pronuuiicod by theuisupeiior to the best New Yoik work. Ladies’ Italiuoral Hoots. Ladies' Sergo Balmoral Boots, 91.75 Ladies’ Sergo Balmoral Boots, 2.00 Lad *■*' Serge Balmoral Boots, 2.26 Ladies' Serge Balmoral Boots, 2 50 Ladies' Serge Balmoral Boots, 2 75 LADIES’ CONGRESS HOOT'S. La dies’ serge Congress Boot*, _ fl.FO Ladies’Serge Congress Boots. 176 Ladies' Serge Congress Bools, 2.00 Ladies' Serge Congress Bouts, 2 25 Ladies’ Serge Congress Boots, 2.50 Ladies' Union Hoots. Ladies* Union Boots. 2 Of' Ladies' Uuicu Boots, 2.26 Ju-if received, ill the varieties of the purest quali ty of Jl’.nHcs aud C hi'drens' Boots and and lor sale at fair prices. E. NUTTER, 92, Middle st. J une 1st, 1864. June 1 4 w WINSLOW'S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTURER’S BLOCK. UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MAM’PAOTI REB Of Steam Engines. Steam Boilers. Shafting Pulleys Clearing, and all kinds of Machinery. Also Low and High Pressure Mtea tit Heating Ap* paratu«lor Factories, Public Buildings au.l Dwelling Houses. Iu thus De par, meat the establishment has been uncommonly nacees* Ail. Steam Cocks. Valves. Whistles, and xt* am, Water au«l lias Pipe and connection* furnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly and faithfully Dose. In conn ct ion with tho above establish meat is an Iron Foundry, with a largo assortment of patterns and a Planing Mill, where w*ood planing of all kinds may bo done. may2dtf ClT1 Or PORTLAND. rjYHE committee on Highways Ao., will receive a scaled proposals for furnishing ten thousand tons ftt-a Island paving stones during the months ot May'June and July—equal quantities each month. Tho parties proposing will please tale what portion of saul stones—it less than tlie whole amount—they will furnish as above. Proposals will be received uuiil June 8<1,1894. The committee reserve the right to reject any or all proposals not deemed for the in terest of the city. Per order. J. E. DONNELL, Chairman. April 19th, 13C4. ap2t> dA wtd mnE subscriber hereby gives public notice to all ft concerned.that he ha* been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust .of Administrator of the estate of . SAMUEL H. KINO. lateof Portland, in the Countv* 1 e ased. by giving bond as the fa w directs: he there fore requests nil persons who are indebted to the said ! deceased’s estate, to make immediate payment; aud those w ho have any deiuauds thereon, to exhibit the <ainc for settlement to MARQUIS F. KING. Portland May 17,ISO*. may20eod8w* -am-*1 ' l. .. ■LJttJ.UBTa!.- . •MEDICAL. Lyon s Periodical Drops TIE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. j Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ARE BETTER TUAM ALL ft Pills, Powders A Quack Preparations. > 1 Lyon’s Periodical Drops! \ -1M- , Sure to do Goodand cannot do Harm. { < LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Great Female Remedy , i ! LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! I «« BMTTKH Tim ALL | PILLS,POWDERS t QUACK PRKPARATIONS \ LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! j ARE SURE TO DO GOODAND CANNOT DO HARM. j . I I Lyon ’s Periodical Drops 1 THE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. ' Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARK BETTER THAN ALL PILLS, POWDERS 1 AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are Sure to do Good ami oannol ' do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Remedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS AAA BKTTAA Til AM AIL Pills, Powder, and Quack Preparation,. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS -All ai'Kit TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO UASM Lyon’s Periodical Drops TBD SB1AT flHALI BIHEDT ! ■ '■ " Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are better than all Pilla, Powders, j And Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, »1 per Rottle. Kor tale by all Dniggiats. At wholeeale by W. f PbUlipa, II. II. Hay 4 Co.. Portland, tnrftt eodly catahkhT -AID NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! { CUBED BY I.NHALIXO A. Harmless Fluid, j OP AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING Of the Head. TUK SENSE OP TASTE AND SMKX.L RESTORED | ( DU. U. HOODALE’N CATARRH REMEDY. , Dr Goodale baa combatted Catarrh antU be baa fought it dowa. It haa bee a a long war. bat kia tri umph la complate. Tbrougb all com lag time bit Ca tarrh Remedy wUl he known a* tba ably one anti dote for a dleeaae which • bay* declar- : ed iaaarabla. Catairh doctor*, ro called. aprtag up Uko maahrooaa. on all aidaa. Tba object of thee j pocket practitioBen la money. 1 bay aaa daagarou. 1 i ioatrumenta. Tbrlrviolaat maaipulationa irritate { the already talamed membrane. They navrr cure. Dr. Goodlie r treatment I, medicinal. not mcohani cal. Ua doee not believe In the foree-putnp ayatam. which la working ao much mlaehtaf. Hi, remedy I paaaea through tba abrorbenta, to the teat of the dia- I eaae. and abliteratea It. It doe* not rcller* merely for a day. but for all lima. Laatly, it coat* a dollar a bottle—no more. I hr. DoJje of Auburn „V. T. After baring wllneeaed the effccu of thia Remedr . ia Catarrh, thue rpcaka of it; — It la Duly and an conditlonally a Herculean specific lor the a hole dla- I eaeo. Such au article ought aot to be “hid under a J bushel.” and an^ man who can lurrat to truly an ’ efficient and positive a remedy for nueii a loatbeome j I diaeare. ought to be coneidered one of tba torn oi ms race, aud nit name aud the effect* of Lis •kill perpetuated Yours respectful!''. D. L DODGE, A. M. Flint Mdet, the teell-knoim Traveller, And whose family phrsician Dr Goods!* waa for many years, ears—"if Dr. Good ale say* he can cure Catarib, he tan cure it,” fte. Price 91 Send a stamp for a pamphlet. Dr K GOODALE’8 Office ami Depot , 76, Bleaker s’rett, one door west ot Broadway, New Yojk. II. U. iiav Agent for Portland. June 2d, 1803. Jum2dly WBHb H m HA VE now been before the public for nearly a year. They are universally pronounced the neatest aud boat titling collars extant. The upper edge presents a perfect curve, free from the angles uotiedd in all other collars. The cravat causes no packers on the inside oft he I tarn-down collar,—they are AS SM<U»!H INSIDE AS Ot I sl L^E,—and therefor* perfectly free aud easy to the neck. 1 he GarotteCollar bass smooth and evenly fin ished edge on both bids*. These Collars are not simply fiat pieces of paper cut in the form of a collar, but are moldbd and SH A Pit l» TO TIT Til BBCK. They are made in “Novelty” (or turn-downstylejin every halfsixefromPJto 17 Inches, aud in "Eureka.* (or Garotte.) from 13 to 17 inches; aud packed in "solid sise” in neat blue cartons, coutaiuiu? 10C each: also in smaller ones of 10 each.—the latter a very handy package for Travellers, Army aud Navy Officers CT- EVERY COLLAR is stamped ‘‘Gbat’c Patent Molded Collab.” Sold by ail dealers in Men's Furnisting Goods. The Trade supplied by MATCH. JOHNSON A Co Importers and Wholesale Dealers in Meu's Furnish ing Goods and Umbrellas SI Devomshibk #t . Bo*. tom. Mam. _ _meh22eodSm CITY OF PORTLAND. Attention i* ea’hd to section ss of the Or dinance inspecting Interments. If any persou shall be do ircus to move ont of the City tho body of a decease I poison for iut-rment, he eliatll make application to the Superintendent of Burials for peTUHsion so tv do, and said superia t-udeut shall grant «u h permission if uo cause shall appear for wituholding the asiue. aud shall attend to such removal in person, or employ one of the un dertakers of the city to attend thereto Penalty lor violation of this Urdiuauco not less then five Bor morethau twenty dollars. All violations of this Orcintnce will be prosecuted atcordiug to law. LOUIS Bl’NCK, Superintendent of Burials. Portland. June 10, 1804 —dim At a Court of Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the first I ts dayofJuue. in the year of our Lord eight een hundred and sixty-.our, RARAU L IPSLEY, naiu« d Devisee in a certain O Instrument purporting to b« th- last will aud ©lament of Sarah 11 llaitela, late of Potllaud, in •id county, widow, deceased, having presented he same for Probate also her petition prayieg that idiniuistratiou with the Will aunexed. on said ca ste may he granted to Ge > E U. Jackson, of said I’ortla id, Willasu W. Woodbury, the Execute* tamed in said Will, having in writing declined said rust. It ion Ordered, That the said Devises give no ice to all persons interested, by causiug notice to be mblished three weeks successively iu the Maine State ^rcss, printed at Portland, that they may appear at i Probate Court to be held at said l’ortlaud, on tht Irst Tuesday of July uext, at teu of the clock u the forenoon, and show cause, if auy they haw vhy the said instrument should not bp proved, ap >roved, and allowed as the la*i will and testament >f said deoeased, and administration granted, as irayed far la said petition JOHN A. W'ATERMAN, Judge. i true copy, a Root. Si w«w* WOMB HUMPHREY, Register. Amy I kaui*. __ ‘'UklllM, arwmct, Maine, -input Ut. ONE OK TBB OREATESTCIRKS on RECORD. Mnn. Jfa..'<aa.— Thinking % statement of my cue may be of service to others similarly a*iet»d, I hasten to give it to yo*. Thia la briefly my case—I war takes riot about U months ago with the Unr Complaint la a vary had form. I applied to four different physicians, bat re solved no benefit until 1 called on yen. At that time I had given op business, and wsj la a very bad statu, but after faking your mcdiolas for a short ttme I be gun to recover, and la two mceths I was entirely wail, and had gained several pounds of flesh, and can truly say that by poor skill I cm t perfectly heal hr man. Jos sen Daria. Boot on t Mam* Depot, Portland, Mo. d REMARKART.E CURE OP A CASE OE DEO ar CURED BT MRS. MAJtCBESTEM This Is to certify that I hee« been cared of the Dropsy of flftvt a yean standing by Urt. u ter. I hare been to physicians in Boston, New Turk end Philadelphia They all ti.!d me that they ooaii do nothing for me. unless they tapped me, and as sured me that by tapping I could lira bat a short ttme. I bad made up my mlod to go home and lira as long ae I ooald with the disease, and tfcer die. Da my way homo I stayed i nr night la Portland with a trisad of mine, and told them whet my mind was a regard to lay disease. They Anally persuaded me to go and see Mrs. IXsnchdSter. She examined me and told me my case exactly. I wax to much astonished to think that the told ssa oorrectly, that 1 told her that I would take bar —rill slaee, aot haring the least lhiUt that thiy would me any good, or that I should ce t the siighti <t relist from any ooursa whatever; Anally 1 took tbo medi cine and went home, in oca work from the time 1 commence i taking the medicine, 1 had orar three gallons of water pass me in seven hoars; and my fel low sufferers may be assured that It was a groat re lie ■ tome. X had not been able to lie down in bod at night befeie this fer two y ears. Now I oau Undo' with perfect esoe. 1 have taken her medicine sight months, and am as well ns any man could u i to be. and ao Signs of dropsy. X would adrbe that are sick to go aad consult Mr*. Mtmodeel. 'van if lhey have been given up by saber p l doiaas. I have scut her a number of cafes ofotU < diseases, and she has cured them also. Oo and _ for yoarsoivea. I had ao faith, but now my feHb cannot be shakedia her skill iu lulling aad curing disease. Cn ettss 8. lisKuoa, Sanaa K. Hsmxou, Many A. Hannon Manpvr, Maine, April 1d. 0 Anton boras—Prom 3 A «. till t T. IL •utl7 edly JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS 13 LIBKUTV SUl'AKi:, .. BOSTON Are prepared to order at favorable rates, COLT NEBS and OLKNtiAKNOlk PIG IRON, Also. BAR. SHEET, t BOILER PLATE JEOJf, o( English ami Scotch Manufacture. W>fhalkotitinue to r«c**ive, in additioa to unr kmtnoau Brick, a regular supply of £NGUdU. SCOTCH, k WfcLCH FIKK iJKllk mchll codtJm I"1'-1 -' " MWBWH' '■ Ml ..JJ.JBf ||. LUOH MEDICAL. DH. J. B. HUGHES OAU AM you HD AT Hit ’RIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, Wo. 5 Temple Street, Kl5b® c*n b® eomatilted privately, and with Sr.swsa'srrssvt auA-- *• - apure NUMtoa or the terrible vice ol seiAbaaT tavoHoe big entire time to that prrticolar branch of J® medical profession, he feels warranted in 0 uaa araai.d a CUll. ant Casio., whether of “oa tending or recently contracted, entirely rcmo“ta tie dreg, of disease from the sy.tem, and erfect and P HUMAN MNT du Ur ‘ * He would call the attention of tie-afflicUd to h let ot hi. long standing and well < arm d repntatiou rrnlahing .uhicieut aasurauoo ot hi. akiii and .uo CAUTION TO THK PUBLIC. Ktsry Intelligent and thinking person moot know lial remedies handed out from general use should ave their eflicacy established by well tested expe ienoe in the hands of a regularly educated pbysi tea, whose preparatory study tils him lor ail the utiea he must fulfill; yet the country is flooded with oor nostrums and cure-alls, purporting to bo the eat in the world, which are not only useless but xl rays injurious The UMfortunste should be pabtiu 'bAB in selecting hi. physician, as it w a lamentahla et incontroTertabls fact that many syphilitic an ienta arc mad. miserable with ruined constitutteM y maltreatment from Inexpe rienced physicians in *^nLLr.MMT:. or '* ** a point gen* rally conceded I me.bToJy.?1“lo*"lp'" " ,h**,h* *tudr and man f"SSL!rf!E complaint# should engross tha rhole time of those who would be competent and ucceesltil in their treatment and euro. The inex. erienced general practitioner, Laving neiths“oo ortOBitT Bor time to make himself acquainted with heir pBthology, commonly i csru.. one system ol restmsnt, In moat oases making an indiscriminate aa of that aatKj mated and dangevo.. ieito»££ ATJ , HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who have commuted an exceM of any kind, rliathor it bo the solitary vice ot youth, or item... tg rebuke of misplaced confluence in maturorytara 88MM MUM AN ANTIDOTE IN SEASON. •he Faina and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervou Proatration that may follow Impure Coition,aia the Barometer to the whole sy.tem. >o not wait for the consummation that ia sure to fcl low. do not wait for L n-ighUy L'loera. for Dtaablcxi Limbo, tor Loaa of beauty and Complaxicn. SOW MAN T THOUSANDS CAN TMSTIPT TO THIS BY UNUAPPTMXPMKIMKCM. Voting Men troubled with emi.siors in sleep, . lomplaJut generally the result of a i-,d habit lu routh, treated Kientiflcally, and a perfect aure war 'anted or no charge made. Hardly a day passes but we ara eortuited bv oaa >r more young men with the sieve disease, tome ol shorn arc aa weak and emaciated aa thong, the* lad the consumption, tnd by their friend, sannoead Ohara it. All such e wee yield to the proper and inly correct coarse of treatment, and in a short time ire made to rajoiee ia perfect health. MIDDLE AGED There are many men nt me age ;ronbled with too frequent evaeuarten. from the dadder, often accompanied by a .light .martins or turning sensation, and Weakening the .yitem in n sinner the patient cannot accunnt lor On anam* ning arlnury-dep. tits a ropy .ediiaint will often be R'nnd, nnd aometimca .mail particles or semen or tlbamen will appear, or the color will be of a this nilkiah hue. again changing to n dark nnd forbid ippcnrnncc. Then- are many men who die of thie iitfleulty. Ignorant ef the onaae, which ta the HKCOSD MTAGM UK .SA.W/.V.IL HMASSMS9. I can warrant n perfect cure in such cnees and a toll and healthy restoration or the urinary organa i'araona who cannot personally consult the Dr’ ■»» d'> *> >7 writing in n plain manner a description if their disease, and Ihc appropriate remedio* wifi ke forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly eoniidectUl and will ke returned if desired. Address. DR. J. B. Dl'SHES. _®o. 6 Temple St., [corner of Middle' Port land. %M bend stamp for ointnlar. Eclectic medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DB. HUSHES particularlyinvitesallLadleawha need a medical adv iser, to call at hie rooma Mo I Temple Street, which they will tad arranged for • ih Jit especial aoeommodat. >n. Or. H.’t Eclectic Renovating MedicinesareinrtvaJ' Ad ln etflcacy aad superior virtue in regulating nil Tommie Irregularities, l'beir action toTpaeiffe and r etain of prodaeing r«!le» in a .borttime. sADlES will Sad it iaTaiaable in all eases of ab Itractioas after all other remedies have been tried is rail. It Is purely vegetable, containing nothing la ;bs least injurious to the health, and mas be taken rlth perfect .afety at ail times. 7 “ ta aay part oftho oocjotry with fall dlreettoma »"_addrtH.-ln» DK. i.L'GHES, Ho.lTimpleStreat.osruerei MiddJa,Portlaad. 8 • B.—LADIES deairing cany consult oaa ef that! Iwnaaa. A lady of axpertenoe la eonstaat attend _ laeldhwlp MORE TESTIROfflAIA! 9 MRS. MANCHESTER leeonatantly reecfvtag unsolicited testimonial! el ha oefeaitAia? rwrrs pertbrmed by her. Aa.sf aaay recently reoeived are the foUoarlag. which are Kimmeaded to the notice of the nfSicfed. Mrs Man d eater may be soaralted at Xc.lICliyp’s iikotk, Room .Ho.l. A CASK OK an SAL 019 K ASM CUM MO This is to oertify that 1 went to see Mrs. Rauches er last March with a daughter of mint t real led with ipinal disease, for whioh .he had boon doctored far Ire years, and by n number oi phyakiaaa af I clads: and she has had twenty-one apt licatioaa of deetrtetty applied, hat all to ao eflkct: bat she eea inaeliy grew worse. I earns to the conclusion, a* ha last resort, to go and see Mrs. Manchester, aad Ud so: and to my great surprise she told me tho Irst Idee of the disease, and how she had been from time o time, which encouraged me'to try bar medicines, did so. and aow my daagi :er It vtie to be around he bonne all of the time. She also rides tea or df sen miles without aay trouble or ■- ----■ think in n short time ehe will be restored to perfect isnlth. Since my daughter has been doctoring, 1 inre beard of a great many caret that km. Ranch. • er has cured. I thick if any pervon desarvee pat ouage, it la the ono who tries to preserve the health f the stok aad suffering; and I know that she nsot vary effort whioh lies la her power to beaeCt hot atieau. etuaL tuun Gao/soa a a leave,

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