Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 21, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 21, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY ' VOLUME 111. PORTLAND, TUESDAY MORNING, JUNE 21, 1864. wn„,„ _ _______ vvjdOLh NO. 611. rUKTLAftiJ DAILY JOHN T.OILMAN. Editor, • published at No. 82* EXCHANGE N. A. FOSTE11& CO. Tub Postl.vwd Daily Tubbs!* published at fs.GO per year; if paiJ strictly in advance, a discount of 91.>0 will be made. Single copies three cents. Tub M AlBii8TAT“B PkehbI* published every Thurs day morning,at92.00per annum, in advance; 92.26 If uaid within six month*; and 92.60,if payment be delayed beyond the year. Rat©* of Advertislngl One Inch of space in length of oolamn, constitutes a “eqtTABE." 91.60 per square daily first week: 7B cents per week after; throe insertions or less, 91.00; continuing eve ry other day after first week, 50 cents. Half square, t’lree insertions or less 76 cents; one week, 91.00; 60 cents per week after. Under head of Amusements, 92.0U per square per week ; three insert ions or loss. 91,50. Steoial Noticsp, 91.76 per square first week, 91.00 per square alter; three insertions or loss, 91-26; half a square, three insertions, 91.00; one week, 91.26 Advertisement* inserted in the Maibb Statb Faxes (which ha* a large circulation in every part of the State) for 80 cents per square in addition to the above ret^s, far each insertion. Lkial Norton* at astral rates. Transient ad v.rtiaements mast be paid for la ad vance Bubiwe* e SoTtcss, in reading oolnmns, 12 cents per line for one iuAortion. No cnarge less than filly e mte for each insertion. OTA'l communication* intended for the paper dboalil be directed to the '* Editor of the I*re$»,h and Move of a business character to the Publithtrt. py-.IoH i'uiMTine ol every description executed ^rln dispatch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. Tuesday Morning, June 21, 1864. The Romance of War Extraordinary Account at a federal ispjr uuu uin viperation-. Id 1802, these lived, In the state of-, a Union laau. with wife and children, lie was a friend of the Uniou, aud au auti-alavery man upon principle. After the rebellion broke out, aud when the “Southern heart” had become fired, thia man, living in a strong pro-slavery region, and surrounded by opulent slavehold ers, bis own family counections aud those ol his wife being wealth and bitter secessionists, very prudently held his peace, feeling his ut ter inability to stem the tide of rebellion in his section. Thus, without tacit admissions, or any direct action on his pari, the gentleman ol whom we write was cla-sed by the people of his section as a secessionist. Circumstances occurred during that year by which this person was brought into contact with a Federal commander in Kentucky, Gen, Nelson. Their meeting and acquaintance was accidental. Mutual Uniou seutimeut* l>egat personal sympathy and friendship. Nelson wished a certain service performed in the reb el territory, aud he persuaded the citizen to undertake it, which the latter Anally did as a ■tatter of duty, we are assured, rather than of *»in, for he made no charge for the service af ter its speedy and successful performance. Soon after a similar work was necessary, ami again Was the citizen importuned, aud again he consented, but not considering himself as a professional spy. During this or a similar trip, and while at Chattanooga, our man heard of the sudden death of Gen. Nelson, lie was now at a loss what to do. Finally he determined to return w-and report his business to Major General Iiose crans, who had assumed command of the Fed eral army. Thus resolved, he proceeded to finish his mission. After ascertaining the po sition of military affairs at Chattanooga, he came to Murfreesboro’, where Bragg's army was then collecting. Staying here several days, lie was urged by his Southern artny friend* to act as their spy in Kentucky. The better to conceal his feelings and position, be consented to do so, and he left Gen. Bragg’s headquarters to go to that state by way of Nashville, feigning important business, aud from thence to go to bis home, passing by and through liosecrans’ army as it lay slreiched out between Nashville aud Louisville. The nameless man now makes his way to the Federal headquarteis, seeks a private in terview with 4Gen. liosecrans, and stitei h's case fully as weJiave just related. Hen- was something remarkable, surely—a spy in the confidence of the commanders of the two great opposing armies. Our general look great pains to satisfy himself of the honesty and soundne>s of the stranger. He was pleased with the man’s candid manner, and his story bore an air of consistency and truth, l'et he was a South erner, surrounded by rebellious Influences, end enj <yed Bragg’s coufldeuce; and what guaranty could be given that he was a Union man at heart/ None; and our general, in great perplexity, held counsel with his chief ol police, aud requested Ihe latter to “dig up” the case to its very root. This was done; but In whvt manner we need not specially state. B&listled that it would do to trust the spy, to a certain extent, at least, he was now sent on his way to perforin his mission for Bragg. At all events that scheming general so supposed when our mail’s report was made at the rebel headquarter's a few days afterward. His in formation was very acceptable to Bragg; but we strongly question it* value to rebeldom. a*, the spy reported only what he wa» told by that old fox. Col. Truesdail, the chief ol the Feder al army police. Fernaps the reader will inquire, How we answer for the report thus made to Bragg? It may have been more true and valuable than we supposed. Well, there is force in the query. However, we were then quite confl uent of the wortblcssneaa of the reports of A... ..... sn I/ —_t.,_i.. ■_a_t ■ i —-j -»v ..uvmilpVicc to tell him. For live days did our spy koep himself locked iu a private room in the police building at Nashville. Ilis meals were car ried to him by a trusty servant. His door was “shadowed” constantly by our best de tectives, and so were his steps if he ventured upon the street lor a few moments alter dark. It was cold aud bleak winter weather, aud he toasted himself before his comfortable Are, read books and papeis, and conferred often wnb the chief of police and his assistant, affording them, strangers as they were to that region of country, a fund of valuable infor mation respecting the rebels of Kentucky and Tennessee. He was a man of Hue ad dress and good intellectual attainments. Wbcu our man concluded it was about time for his return to Bragg’s army, he was politely escorted by our mounted |>olice to a proper Eoinl beyond our Hues, aud by a route where e would see nothing of our forces. The reader will now appreciate the grounds of our conAdeuce, we du«bl not, in the worthlessness of at least one of (fen. Bragg's spy reports. In due lime this nameless gentleman again enters our lines, and is escorted by our pick ets to the general commanding, to whom he reports in person concerning ail that is trans piring in Bragg’s army at Murfreesboro', and and then he resumes his pleasant private quarters at the army police building. After a brief stay another trip was made by our man to Bragg’s headquarters w e using the same pre cautions as previously. In fact, our spy de- i sired and even demanded such attention at the hands of the chief of police. Said he: [ “I am astrauger to you all. I can give you no guaranty whatever oi my good faith. It is alike due to you and to myself that 1 be allowed no opportunities for deceiving you. The report he carried to Bragg on his sec ond trip delighted .the latter. His officers talked with our men freely, and, after staving at Murfreesboro’ two or three days and riding aud walkiiig about in the most innocent and unconcerned manner, he was again seut back to Nashville to “fool that slow Dutchman, Ro«f crane,” as one of the rebel olBceiw re marked. Of the importance 01 the report now brought to the “slow Dutchman” we need uot state further than that it contributed Its due weight to a decision fraught with tre mendous consequences to the army and to the country. Marching orders were soon after issued for the advance g( the Army of the Cumberland upon Murfreesboro’. Now commenced a period of excessive labor and peril for the nameless spy. (fen. Rosesrans and Bragg each wanted instant and coustant information as the anuiis ap proached. The minutiie of this man's work for four or five days we need not stop to re late ; it is easily imagined. Within that time he entered tiie rebel lines aud returned three times. He gave the outline of Bragg’s line of battle, a close estimate of his force, an ac curate account of his artillery aud earthworks, the movement of the rebel wagon and rail road train*, 4c., 4c. He was very earnest in assuring Knsecrans that Bragg intended to give severe battle with superior numbers. This information proved true in all essentials, and its value to the country was inestimable. We had other spies piercing the rebel lines at this time, hut they did not enjoy the facilities possessed by the nameless one. Almost with gngultb did hg exclaim against himself, in presence oi me aumor, lor me severe manner in which he was deceiving the rebel geueral and iuvolving the lives of his thousands ol brave but deluded followers. Al ter the llrst great buttle the work of such a spy is ended, or rather it ceases when the shock of units come on. Thenceforth the ar mies are moved upon the instant, as circum stances may require. Our man, who during the four days had been almost incessantly In the saddle, or with his ears aud eyes paiuiuily observuui while in the camps, took leave of our army upon the battle-lleld, aud retired to a place of rest. One incident occurred during his last visit to Bragg, which is worthy of ineutiou. That general look alarm in consequence of bis re port, and at once started a sjieeial messenger to Oen. John H. Morgan—who was then ab sent with his cavalry In Kentucky to destroy Uosecrau’s railroad communications (in which Morgan succeeded)—to return instantly wilh his command by forced marthes to Murfrees boro’. The same night our man reported this fact to the Federal commander, described the messenger aud what route he was to lake. Ac. The information was telegraphed at once to Nashville, Gallatin and Bowling Green, and a force was seut from each of those posts to in tercept the messenger. They failed to appre hend him, which, however, proved ol no con sequence, as the battles of Stoue Iliver were lought ami Bragg was on his retreat from Mur freesboro, by tbe time Morgan could have re ’ ceived the orders. Our spy was a brave man; yet during the last three days of Ills service lie was most sen sible of its peril. To puns between hostile lines in the lone hours of the night—for lie did not Wait for daylight—to bo hailed by guerillas and scouts and pickets, with guus aimed at him, and finally, to meet and satisfy tbe anx ious, keen-eyed, heart seat citing rebel officers a* well as our own, was a mental as well as a physical demand that could not long be sus tained. While proceeding upon his last ex pedition, the author met the nameless one up on a by-road. We halted our horses, drew near, and conversed a few seconds In private, while our attendants and companions moved on. He was greatly exhausted and soiled in appearance, his clothing having been rained upon and splashed by muddy water, caused by hard riding, and w hich had dried upon him. He said he w:i- about to try it once more, and though he had been so often and successfully, yet he feared detection and its sure result— the bullet or the halter, ue hau been unable, amid the hurry and excitement, to make srtme Dual disposition of his allaire. lie gave us a last message to send to his wife and children In case it became necessary; and he also de sired a promise—most freely given—that wo would attend to the settlement of bis account with our general for services recently render ed. Thus concluding, lie wrung our hand mo-t earnestly, and puttiug spurs to his fresh and spirited animal, dashed oil' upon his mis sion. Twenty hours afterwards we were re lieved of our anxious foreboding by his safe return. We have stated the price paid him for his labors (live thousand dollars;) it was well earned, and to our cause w as a most prof itable investment.—“AnnaUof the Army of the Cumberland. Garibaldi’s House at Caprera. THE APPOINTMENTS OF HIS PRIVATE ROOM, A writer iu llie Dublin University Magazine gives this sketch of Garibaldi's home:— "Garibaldi's house at Caprera has been much improved since the calamity at Aspro monte. Those of his folioweis who accom panied him bock to his refuge have built with tbeir own hands a considerable addition to his bumble accommodation. The presents of ad mirers some of them grotusije enough—have contributed to its ornamentation. The farm aud gardens are now iu belter con dition; the proprietor himself having labored iocessahtiy, despite his laments to make the most ol an infertile patch of soil. One who visited Caprera iu August, lbtttl, found only one chair iu the hero's house, aud it was par tially broken! The lirsl chairs possessed by the soldier and patriot who hail given away a kingdom were tue gift of the otHcers and crew of the ship H’asAinpton and bear the names of the donors (who must have been Yankees) ostentatiously engraved ou the hack. Garibal di’s house has beeu often descrilied. It occu pies a level spot protected ou one side by high rocks and ou the other by walls lately built. "The hero's room—every particular about bim is interesting to the British people—con tains a small plain iron bedstead, with muslin curtains banging from a canister, a walnut wood writing table, and u chest of drawers with a dressing glass on the top, blocking up a window that looks to the north, (.'lose to the lied stands a deal stool covered with books and letters. On a cord streched from the 1 w alls across therooiu ate huugtodry the Getter als red shirts, drawers, trousers, aud stockings, for he chauges his clothes every time he chan ges his occupation.' The fireplace is in the middle of the wall at the end of the room; some logs ate always kept blazing in It on ac count or the damp; for beneath the stone lloor is the cistern which receives the water from the gutters when it rains, aud causes llte (lags tobe always slimy and wet. “On each side of the flrc-place are book cas es containing works on shipping, history, aud military tactics, but book* and bundles of pa lters, to tell the truth, are ail around, lying on every available piece of furniture; the cmiut less bundles of newspapers are removed as soon as the General has read them. Over the mantle-piece hangs a portrait iu oil colors, of his infant daughter l(o>iia. who died at Mon tevideo. At the head of the bed in an ebony frame, hangs a lock of hair, his wile Anita’s, the brave woman who is no more. “Under this bangs the portrait of C Augus to Vecchj, placed between the portraits of two otHcers who fell, one at Melazzo, the oth er on the Yoltorno. On the wall over the writing table hangs the hero’s famous sword, his reueenyue (a sort of Brazilian whip,) aud the sword of flic brave La Tour d’Anvergne, wLose fame still lives, although he fell long ago on the Held of glory. The warrior’s rel atlves nave placed we weapon tn the uenerai * hand, as the moat worthy guardian of eo hon orable a relic.'n 18 open Day and Evening, lor a Thorough Business Education. 1. oca ted I860. Hanson Block, Middle St., Ko. IGI. Scholarships good in any part of the United States .At Principal ha* had 20 years experience; is always oa the spot, and attend* to his business ; and prom ises, as duriug the past 12 years, no pains shall bt spared in the future. Five hundred references of the first class business men, with mar.y other* of th.'f city, will testily to the practical ulinty, capacious new* and completeness of my system* and inauucr Of teaching, and citizens ol other cities have testified to the same. Diplomas w ill he* aw arded for thor ough courses. Able Assistants secured. Bartlett’s Plan, the fouuder of Commercial Colleges, strictly adhered to as regards not copying. Certain time* will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidations.— Come all who have tailed to be tanght a busintu band-writing and I will guarantee io you succor*. Application*solicited for Accountants, tfeparatein struction given. Students can enter any time. Sep arate room* for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate* account* adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that defcire to take lessons, or a full, or a separate course, in either Book-Keeping, Navigation, Commercial Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing, Commercial Arithmetic, Correspondence, Card Marking, (and teaching from printed copies and Text Rooks will be avoided please cal), or address the Principal. K N.BROWN. Fort land. Oct. 2,1M5S. cc29 eodAtowly 12G Exchange 8treet. 126 1-Iugli M. Phinney, WOULD inform hi* frinds and former customer* vv that he ha* takeu the Store Ho. 120 Exchange Street, where ho intend* to carry ou the Sieve and Furnace Huninm, Iu all its branches. STOVES, of all kinds, of the newest and most approved patterns, Furnaces and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. tW' Second hand Stoves bought, or taken in ex change lor new, Stove?, Ranc.k?. Fuu>acks, and Tin Ware repaired at short notice, in a faithful manner. (fruitful for former patrouag*. he ho-cs by strict attention to busines*. and fair d aliug, to receive t generous share of public favor. _ _ may23dtf I To Builders. 8a,.w h>w, tbe Sand on the lot corner of . Mouutl'ort and Sumutr streets. Apply to JOHN W. CHASE. ‘ Juno 18, 1804. Juaelodlui* MISCELLANEOUS. U.nsr I O NT Mutual Life Insurance Go. INCORPORATED by the STATE OK MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1849. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, 08 State Street, .... Boston, Mass. President - HEN It 1 CKO CKBIi. Vice-President—lj AN IP. L SUAltP. Secretary— W IT UOLL1STKK. II. G. wii.sow He Acral Manager of Agencies in the Xeto England states. At nets, 31»/ Pt^mhtr, 1833, $8X2,088.41 Losses Paid to date, $750.0X0.00 Dividend Paid in ('ash to date. $340,030.00 HIS Company otters peculiar advantages toper X sons intruding to iusure tueir lives, iu its sa.ety and stability, a quirt-d iu its lourteeu yean*’ expcii once; in it* its*; g, which, (without its capital of tflU ,000.) amounts to over three-quarters ol a million of dollars, being more than two hundred thousand dollars iu excess of its liabilities for the reinsurance of all out standing ri*ks; in trie facilities presented iu its accommodating svstem ot paymeuts of promi ann; iu the large number, diversiti-d conditions and occupations, various ages and localities of lives in sured, giving the largest requisite scope for the ope ration of the laws of average mortality, and the am plest guaranty to the insured for the benefits there of; in he division of protit-, the annual apportion ment of which having tor the past fourteea years averaged Forty per Cent, of the piemiums paid. Policies are issued upon all the pla> s usual with l ife Insurance Uomp »nies, and at as iow ratis as is consistent with a view to equity and solvency. J’arlie* desiring Agencies iu!owns where the enm uany have none, and t ho-e V ishiug Travdiog Agen cies within the 'os England bla'cs, will apply to <». II. WILSON, n< State Stpeet, Boston, giving ►ucti re»creo«e, or inform*ti in as to ag ■, present and past business, as wi 1 enable him to form judg ment in regard thereto. Junel4d3ra V. S. 10-40 LOAN >. FIRST NATIONAL BANK -OF - PORTLAND, designated repository -09 THE UNITED STATES. This Bank is prepared to receive} subscriptions for the new “TE.V FORTY LOAN,” which is dated March 1, 1-64, bearing interest at live per cent, a year, PAYABLE IN COIN. redeemable at the pleasure of the Government after »en years, and payable in forty years from date. Interest on Bonds not over one hundred dollars psyable annnally, and on sal! other Bonds semi annually. Bonds can be had In sires Of *60, *100, *600, *10u0. WM. EDW. GOULD, mchSl dtf Cashier., FEUCHTWANGER & ZUNDEf^ NO, 81 MIDDLE 8T11EET, (FOX BLOCK), Are Again in the Field - WITH Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! -or NEW AND FASH ION A ISLE DRY GOODS! FOR THE SPRINiO. Ladies of Portiaud and vicinity are respectfully invited to call and see the many beautiful style* ol Foreign and Domestic Dress Goods JUST RECEIVED! Also, the great variety Iloii*c Furnivhins Good* ! 8uch as Brown and Bleached Cotton Sheetings and Shirtings Table Linens,Drillings, licking*, Donims, Stripe*, Ac. Also, just receiving, the latest stylet oi handsome Spring Balmoral Sltlrts And the mo.t fashionable SPRltfQ SHAWLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS A>I», FOR BOYS' AND MEN’S WEAR. CLOAKINGS! CLOAKINGS!! An elegant assortment. Wc arc just ready to manu facture lo measure, at Ihaahortest notice, any of the new auddcairableSpringCloaks. Warrcuted to suit. I'CUCHTWANGER ft Zl'NDEK, (FOX BLOCK), NO. 81 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND, Maims. P- 8.—Ladies need not ask for goods from the wrecked xfcnmship Bohemian, a* wc have none but sound and fresh goods, which we warraut a* aueb. aprltf Groat News! Important News! IvT. Bradt <5& Co., No. 2C Market Sqsarc, HAVE lately arrived in Portland, and ar- now rea »y to exhili to th« citizens ol this city and surrounding town* heir entirely new and elegant stock of O as Fixtures. Of the very latest styles, consisting of Parlor aiul Sitting Room Chandelier*, Mining Room and llal! Light*, Store Prudent*, Rrackeu, Portable*. Arc. Also* very fine assortment of Kerosene Limits, (ias and Lamp Bhadv*. of the latest improvemuts, tilobes, Chimneys, aud all sorts of (.ah Fitting*, Lamp and and Lantern Trimming. Also on hand, Shaw's Patent Gas Cooking Apparatus*, Of all kinds. They will sell all of the above goods at lhe very lowest Bostou aud New York price roa CASK, Particular attention will be paid to (i a* Fittino, Kepairimo, Bronzino and (iildino ot Chandt lieis, Lamps, aud Bronze Ornaments cf all descriptions, in the very highest style of the art, and wil. warraut all their work to be perfect. Plkahr call awh blk Leave your orders for (ia« Fitting or Repairing at the store M. Biiadt. H. Whitilst. PortJaud. May 10, 1864. inaylOdtf 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & SON, CoinmisNi o n Merchant*, a nd dealers In Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Commercial street. Portland, May 10th, 1864. inaylOdtf CITV Or PORTLAND. In the Year One Thousand Eight Hundred and Sixty four. An Ordinance Amending the Revised Ordinance on Btreets. lie it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com mon Council qf the (Sty of Portland, in (Sly Coun cil assembled, as follows :— bscnos 1 Section 46 of the revived Ordinance on Streets is hereby amended by striking out the words “six and a halt o'clock” in the eleventh Hi e of raid section and ins rting th»- u . ids five o'clock.’ aud Him bv striking out the words ‘ live o’clock” in *he r ltii t« enth tiue of said Section and inserting the words “four o’clock,” so that raid Section as amend ed shall read as follows, to wit:— Sue ri°N 46—All anic os brought by railroad to be landed iu ( jiumercial street, sha l bu uuloaded ou the south-east side of the railr ad track, and every artic c landed iu the street, eith r fioin, or for iho purpose of bong landed upon the cars, shall be so pUo^d ih not to obstruct any street or passage w ay crossing Commercial street, or connecting with it. and so a* to 1 «avo a clear space not le*a than four teen feet in width from the coping stone, aud shall dot be allowed to rem*iu iu tIto street over six workiug hours after they are laud'd Provided. however, that cars may bo unloaded In to store, and loads'1 from stores, on the norto-west erly side ol s«id railroad track, after five o’clock iu the evening from tho first day of April to tho first dav of Oe ober, and after four o’clock in the evening during the other six months of the year. In Board ox Mayor and Aldermen,*1 June 13,1864. j This bill having beeu twice read, passed to be or daiued. J ACOB McLELLAN, llavor. In Common Council, June 1.1,1864. This bill having been twice read, passed to bo or dained .1 II II AM LEV. President. Approved, JACOB McLELLAN,Mayor. Copy Attest: June tt- i2w J. M HEATH, City Clerk. BUSINESS CARDS. I'AI'IIH BOX ilUNEFACTOUf. J. r».~Libby, MA XPPACTtTIiBR OP Paper B os: o s, Of every dc*cription, such a a Shoe Boxe*, JewelryBoxea, Druggirt Boxes, Collar Boxes. Shelf Box0*, (’onetinlogicalBoxes. FowderBoxes, Card Cuet>, Cigar Boxes, &c. 144 Middle St*, (Up Stair*) Portland, Mo. junelu3m Dana A Co, Fish and Salt, Luther Dm.. . POTtl iUd, Woodbury Dana, { __ , Johu A. 8. ) jStlillF* juneldtf nr. Smith cto Co., M4XUFAOTCUKRSOP Leather Belting, Card Clothing Loom Straps. Belt Leather Barks asJ Sides. LEATHER TRIMMfXOi, fe„ Hanson’s Block, 144 Middle Et., Port’.and. Or at the Card Clothing Manufactory, Lewiston. II. M Bni:wxu, (* I). F. Noyes JOIl 1 T. liOtiUJRS&Co7 (JommiuHion MerdiantR, AND WHOLKfALK IMtALtKS IK Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. 61 (’ommoreial Street, Tohn T. Roger*. 1 „ Ckaa. B. U.gerg. i PORTLAND, ME. _ Juneld6ra Wholesale and Itetail. Xi. Xa. DAVIS, W o oLs elle v, Stati one r, AKK MAMCPAf'TL'Rlr. nr Premium Paged Account Books. papeh hangings. Ho. 53 Exchange Btre.t, Portland, Mo. juneldt! CHAS. J. SnHUMACHEE~ Fresco and Danner Fainter. No. 1 M iiI<Uo PORTLAND, MK. t3T Work executed iu erery part of the State _ Juneltf RUFUS DUNHAM, Manufactur r and Wholeaalt Dealer iu B RITANNIA —AMD— Plated Ware, f>fc' ^218 Fore afreet, Portland - Maine. Portland, May 17tb, 18C4. inaylTdtf M. G. WEBB & C0.7 Wholesale Dealers in Flour, \0.81 COMHEKCML STREET, apU PORTLAND, ME. dtf BURGESS, F0BE3, & CO , MAsi VAOTCuaue or Japan, White LcsiA. Zinc, Paints, And Grouml Color*, AMD l>i: A LRU* IN Drugs, Medicines, Pa nte, Oils k Varnished. Paint and Color Factory, Mo. 20 Munjoy St., OfUrc L Salesroom*, 80 Commercial S|,, , (Th"Mas Block.) Hekrt II. Beaut**, DDDH i\h uv CkaJlks 8. KuiihH. PvKlLlJU. ML _ atylwtf BLAKE, JOAEi & C O., FL0UR& GRAIN DEALERS, And Receivers of Wwtirn and Canadian Produce, 187 Commercial Strret,.Granite Mock. Charles Blake, ) Henry A Janes, [ PORTLAND. R. W. (itxc. ) _ june1dtf JOHN LYNCH & CO., ’ Wholesale Grocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANTS. Granite Btores, - Commero al street, (Opposite bead Widgery Wharf,) aFohn J.ynph, ) J'eJy^ Barker,; PORTLAND, MK. Thus. LyLch ) juneldtf BOLE At IIOOBV, OH COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And W holesalc Dealers in FLOUR, CORN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Good mere al St, iVanuTn1! Sd, . } PORTLAND. ME. _ juoeldOni BROWN & CROCKER, PLASTERERS, PLAIN AND ORNAMENTAL STUCCO AND^MASTIC WORKERS. Oak street, between Congress and Free Sts., PORTLAND. t'olorinc, Whilenir.*, and Wbito«)mliki|r unminMv aitpriripil to iini. m « «.... liquid.__ _ jum-ldtf BYRON GREENOUGH & CO.. Manufacturers of And Wholesale nod Retail Dealers in Furs, Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, It. fireonough, I A. L. Oil key. > iUBILANO. _ Jnidtf JOH* Rl lSI l.l,, Carriage A Sleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 A 313 Congress Sr, Portland, Me. l S'* Where miv ho foam! a general nnortment of Carnal/' s tm.l Slrigkt. juuildlm C. P. KlUBALLr MAWPKACTrUFR OF Carriages and Sleighs, IVeHlo Htroet, (Noir l’nbls Uov»e.) PORTLAND, ME. Sn/c Rooms, llo and 1PJ Sudbury St., Boston, Mass. juuultf NORTON, CHAPMAN & CO., Vlnur, Grain k Produce fummissioa Mcrchacts, anJ Sillm’ Jgrnts. Office and Warehouse Xo. 0 Halt Block, Ccmmcr rial Street. We offer far sal© to the trad.*, many choice and well-known Brand* of Flour, fromSt. Louis! linoi*, Wisconsin, Ac., which >vo are coustautl receiving. N , C. ft Co .are a'so Agent* f.r Pitt man St Os.’i, and oth©^ brand* of manufactured Tohscoo. ff7“Pu*h advances made uu ail ouusignmeut*. Portland, June 1, lst>4. Juldtf DR. W. R. JOHNSON, I_I DENTIST. Inserts Artificial Teeth on Gold. Sliver and Vulcan ite Rubber, and warrant* them iu all cases to be a pirtect tit. Dr. J. also gives sp»clal attention to filling Teeth. Office £29] Congress street, two door* west from the Court ileus Portland, June 1, IS>4. — eod2m NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY 6-. CO., a <>,n miasion Merolutnt, *17 Tchoupl toul»« at . New Orleans. La. Ruferenc «: Baker ft Morrill, Boston: Franklin Snow ft Co., Boston; Wi«e % Ku*aell, Boston ; C. Nickerson ft Co., N. k ltkhft Co., St. Louis. i,-XT* Particular attenti•>*girento Consignmentt gf t'tsseJs, Lumber, Hay, Oats, Sv. mcli28 a8m BUSINESS CARDS. URADLKV, MOULTOX A ROGERS, Wholssalb Dealers iv Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, Robert dralet, i o.M MOULTON, j PORTLAND, MB. A. U. UoOKUS. ) maySdtf W. Ws CARR & CO., Having taken the Fruit Store formerly oocupiod hj O. SAWYER. !%o. 3 Exchange Street, Ar, prepared to o»r to the trade a large and well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit 1 Wholesale knd Retail Oranges Spruce Cans, Lonengea t>en>ou«. Canary Seed, Caadiea, l-Insee, Lemon Syrup, llauey, f rones, Cocoa .\ul«. t'l,s, Citron, Null, all klnda. Dales, Olive*, Usislai, Tobacco, Sardine*. Clgara. rancy Caudles of all deaerlpllan. •otfidtf IRA WINN, Agent, IMo. 11 Union St., It prepared to furnish STB AH ENGINES and BOILERS, of various sizes and patterns, ft*. Pipe ui Piitsrw, liil Ceariij, Skaftint, Piileyatc, Lioht Roues Wong of all d acripti'ins, and all kinds of work repaired in building foBTVICATIoag. Iron Stain. aud other ArcfaUectoral Work. tloasoa. Stores, ai d other buildings, filled with uab and bream in tbs bott manner. In connection with the abovs is an Iron Foundry, with a.large awortment of Patterns, to which the attention of Machinists, Millwrights,aud Ship-Build ers s invited-end b11 kitdj ot CaaUaga furnished at short notice. ar~Ordersfor Machine Jobbing, Patterns and Forgings, promptly esoauted. oefidtf SINGE R MS SEWING MACHINES I WOODMAN, TRUE * CO.. AUENT8, I»o». 54 and «•.Middle Street. Net (Lea bad TrimaUaga always oabaai. woblBtf ▲ CARO. DR. S. C. FERNALD. BEfiTlST, No. ITS MitUll Street. Kuimcu.Drs. Bacon ud Buses Lie. Portland, May 26, ISM. ,y Dr. J. H. HEALD HAVING disposed of hla entire Interest In hie Office to Dr. S.C > IlRNALD, would cheerfully reooommend him to his former patients and the pub lie. Dr. rsssALh, from long experience, is prepar ed to Insert Artificial Teeth on the •' Vnlcxuite Hale," aad all other methods known to the profession Portland. May 26. T«3 „ JOHN F. SHERRYj Hair Cutter and Wig Maker, No. 18 Market Square, Port' 'net, lap stairs.) Separate room for Ladies' and Children’s Uali Cutting. A good stock of Wigs, Ual7-Wigs, Bands, Braids. Carl*. Frixette, Pads, Rolls, Crimplag Boards. ke„ fco.. constantly on hand Ie22'83dly W OOD AND COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! SPRING MOUNTAIN. LEHIGH. HR/ILTON, SUGAR LOAF, OLD COMPANY LKUIGII LO CUSI’MOUNTAIN. JOHNS. DIAMOND, WF.B8 1 KP at,d BLAt'K HEATH. These Coals are of the very best quality, well screened and picked, and warranted to giro satisfaction. Also tor tale beat or IIAltD A\D SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. OvricnConnusciai. St., head of Franklin Wharl. S. ROUNDa At SON. fcblfidly WAKKEVS inPORVED FIKK AND WATER-PROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -AN1> GJ-ravol Hoofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HERSEY, Agent, J&u’io dtf No. 16 Unloa Street. ALBERT WEBB * COn - DBALB&8 ZB Corn, Flour and Grain, HEAD OF MERRILL'S WHARF, Csniasrclal Street. - - Parsland, Me. _____ 1«Hi r EDWARD H. BURGIN, WIIOLLSALB PBAL&B IN Com, Mcul and Flour, Also. Ground Rock Salt. Coinnifosion - Merchant roa rvacBiiCAKDbaleow Barley, Rye and Oats. rVOnri loaded with Corn In bulk free of charge. Warehouse No. l'«IO Coniine rein I St'eetf And Cztv Mills, Devring Bridge. JuneUodCm JOHN r.ADDEKSON, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN BLOCK, mchKdkwtf TaxrLi Stbixt. Scotch Canvas, —worn balm nr * JAMES T. PATTEN & CO., Bath. Me. OA/\ BOLTS Superior Bleached 300 do All Long flax “Gov ernmcat contract,” * 800 do Kxira All Long U&x ArbroBto, SOU do Navy Fine j DoUveredia Portlsador Boetor. Beth. April 20. 1*8.1 apHdtf M. PEAliSO: Sil vor Plater, ▲ MU M A N Mr ACT UR EH OB SILVER WARE, 338 Congress St.,Opp. Court liou*e, Portland,Me. kf All kinds of W ARE, each an Kuive*. korke, Spoon*, Cake Baekcta, C'aetori, Ac., p.atc-d in the beet manner. Al-o. UKl'AIIHSG and HE-EISISHISG Old Silver Ware. jau29 dtim REMOVAL. DR. NEWTON HA 8 removed hi* residence to So. 37 MiddU Htro+t, corner of Franklin etreet. Ottjct a* heretofore, So. 116 Exchnnff*. Slrett, In Noble’s Block, up *tairs. Office hour* from 9 to 1C A. M., from 3 to 8. and from 8 to 9 o’clock P. M. Dr. N. will ooutiuuc, in connection with general practice, to give special attention to DISEASES Of f EM ALES. % oo31dtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P JLt T J M I I E R! ^MAKER OB Force Pumps and Water Closets, NO. 121 EKC1I kNOE KTICEET, PORTLAND, ME. Warm, Colil and Shower Baths, Wash Bowls, Brass dr Silver Plated Cocks, EVERY description of Water Fix'un, for Dwsl ling Houses, Hotels, Public Ruildlngi, Shops, ko . arranged snd <ot up iu the b«>si mauuer. and all orders in town or country faithfully executed.' All kinds of Jobbing promptly attended to Constantly on hand LEAD FIFES, all EEL LEAD and ItEER PL'MPb of all descrlpWous apkdtf WANTS, LOST,FOUND Compositors Wanted. ANE or two /r#< c/ai* female cornpo.-itorj will congtmut employ input, and the Li* shout rate* may»ltl#CUy’0“*,>pllc,lU0B Ht Tim DkFlCE. Wanted. \ ^ nian of ability and experience desire* l\ a situation as clerk or book-keeper ]j an accu rate accountant. Good retereuce ftfreii. iumlS-dlw- J ** 0 , Portland, P. O. *-•» Reward ! STOLEN from the subscriber on Tuesday Even. “**•*hL,c Plere*'» auction room, s Cslf Skin rockj t Hook contain* *M in moner, a note against Chsr es llojgdon, Gorham, (or S60,and sns against (eharlcs Hooper for $12. The above reward will b« t'1.onofo'''“hltC.OVerr ,U‘ l’r0pe',)' *nd ,h<* dct« Tune^-tf GEORGE BEC K $IOO REWARD. STOLEN from the subscriber. May 23th, a valua ble Gold WVcli and Chain and »40 in money by n man ausweiiug to the name of Henry Won— teal name Henry Heat Davis. Ini- tlilaf Is iti I at urge, and SIOO white paid for hi* capture He is Sbout atj years of age. six leet high, nearly bald, dark brown hair bine eyes, and aria marked in ladia ink with monument decorated with flags. Also bracelet iu India Ink round right w r.ft. <c7dtf J. H OXNARD. WlVTl,„ House Wanted. ANTED to purchase fr caan, a convenient 11-use suitable lor a tmill fumilu, with usual conveniences, centrally tad pleasantly located - Price not to exceed #3,000, Addreaa •■Taylor" at the Press Office. maylfltf S Board. CITS of Rooms, with Board, can be obtained by applying immediately at 30 Daufortli stieet. *»>rUtl1- _ mayladtf A. & S. SHURTLEFF A CO., XOS. *4 A 56 MIDDLE STHEET, PORTLAND, Manufacturer and Dealers In Men’* Boy*’ and Youth’* Thick, Xip and Calf Boot*, Women’* Mlsaea and Children’s Qoet, Kid nnd ( elf Balmvrals, Hubbere. Bhoe Biook, Finding*, go. \\r 1TH our superior facilities for man* faeturing, »e are able to .HI a. low aa in Boston or alaewhe'e Dealers are respect filly invited to call and ex amine oar at nek before purchasing. *F“Order. bv mail nromptlv attended to ^Portland. April 23, ls04. g6m The Extraordinary Sacceaa Which haa attended the Introduction by na of CALIFORNIA WINES, Is not only a fitting tribute to tho purity and beauty of the Wines th-m-elvM, but a cheering Indication of a deaire among the people to encourage AMERICAN INDUSTRY. The wine Trade Review, the organ of the British trade, call, them "excellent in quality and a great success." Our br inds of those Wines may be .'ound upon the tables of The Mogt Fastidioug Connoitsenrs. The leading portion of the American presa have extolled their merits, and the vordict to all who asa them id that Thev at-a the U'ureat, I lie Cheapent. and ___ The Beet. ask roa thx LaniL or) PERKINS, STERN * CO.. WHO ARC TUX riOXXKR BOt'SX, And the ouly one in the Atlantic States dealing ex clusively is CALIFORNIA WINES. may2Seodlm OF PORTLAND. Holders of U. 8. 7-30 Notes, Can have them exchanged for a'x per cent, twen ty year bonds by leaving them with this bank. * The interest on the notes will be paid In coin, at the rata 7 8 10 percent, to July I. and the bonds will be de livered here as soon aa they can be prepend by the Government. These 20 ytar bonds arc the most de sirable of any of the government securities. Con versions must be made in sums of MOO or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter ot one percent, will bcatiarged. W. K, GOULD, Caahier. Portland, M»y 2t. 1804. maj25eodir New Cloaks and Mantillas! LEACH A ROBINSON, B-i Middle St., |-|A'L now on hand an Klioait Stock of Cloaks, Cossacks, and Mantillas, Of their own manufacture. Also, Cloak*., sillett, TaMMflu, K UTTOXS and OKXJMKA TS. LADIES' GARMENTS Made to Order. Silks, Shawls and Dress Qoods, Cheaper than the Cboapo>t. LEACH * ROBINSON, _ , J M Middle street. June 1— dim INTEK NATIONAL Fire Insurance Company! <>/ Ante fork, OJfet 113 Hroadmf. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WARREN, Pruijtni. HAMILTON BRICK, Vico Preaident. GEORGE W. SAVAGE, Secretary. Portland Board cj Prfercues ■ John IJ. Brow* A Sox, Hkksky Ft. etches k Co. , li J. I.ibuy k Co. Jomx Lynch k to. i be undersigue J having been appointed Agent and Attorney lor this Com pa- y, u now prepared to issue i'oiicies ou Insurable Property at currant rates. _ XT Portland OJHct, 166 Fort Strrtt. JOHN H’. MI.NGKIi, Agent. June 3,1864 -otf m V. X. flarnhal’t IVolirr. United State* or AvibiIa, I "* District oi Maine. | FUKSUANT to monitions from tbe !Io». Ashur Ware. Judge of the United Slates District Court within and lor the District Of Maine, I hereby give pnMic n tice that the luiiowing Libel*and lulcrma tions have been tiled In raid i ourt. Ti*:— A Lttn-l against Twenty Bolts or Abbroath Duck, 8H yards; and Tex Half i h esth Iba, 416 LBH BET. Au Information against Two Uundubo and Six ty-hoht Thousand Cioaes Au hfbrm'Uion agains Six Cases or Brandy a»d Ten Thousand Cigae* An Information against Seven Case* contain ing Thiutv-vve Thousand Cigar*. Bod Foub Case* containing Twenty Thousand Cioanb. 1 A WM mgaoist Five < a^eh containing Tbib TY-X1BX THOUSAND ONE HUNDRED AND FIFTY Cioai:*. Which seizures were for breaches of the laws of . the United State* and is more particu'arly set forth in said l.ibel* and Informations; that a hearing and trial will be had thereou at Hangor, iu said District on the Fourth Tuesday of June current, where any perrons interested therein may appear, and show cause, if any can be s own, Wherefore the same should not be decreed forfeit and disposed of accord ing to law. Dated at Portland this fourteenth day of June. A D. 1864. F A. OU1NBY, U. S. Deputy Marsha! Dist. of Mains. June 14—dlit Oroam of Lilies, FOR THU HAIR. rfllfIS alotfant preparation for tb. Bair it sntircl, JL free from aicohol, spirit, scan I, l.jari>m sub stance trhaterer. It possesses all the desirable qualities of tho best, aud none of tho rbjectloni of tho interior ooaipoan t». Tho high ropntmtloo wh'eh •w priparatlou ha. gained in private ciroloa. in thi. city. ha. tuducod the proprloior to place it before the I'ub’ic. The < RKAM OK I.U.IKS imparts a luxurtoua brilliancy to the Hair, remove* all unnatural dry n**** and har*hne** from the Hair—is impervious to dampness and perspiration It is the cleanest and best dressing for the hair ever di«covsred. Kerry Lady shouhf try a Bottle. Prepared and sold by THO‘8. G. LORTKG. Druggist, cor. (exchange and Federal »ts. Portland, Juno 1, 1864. Juneldtf Copnrtnfrfthip. THE undersigned have formed a copartnership under the name ot Freeh ax Brothers, and have leased the stjr** formerly occupied by TwiteheJl k Chmipliu Xo. 85 C mu mere al street, whs e th*-y proposo to carry on the Flour. Tea and Tobacco business. .JAMES FREEMAN. bAMUKLFKKJtMAN. Portland, June 9 —d6w CLOTHING. n E M OVAL JOSIAH BURLEIGH ■ AS IIMOVID TO NEW STORE, EVANS’ BLOCK Nos. 141 Si 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH Wholesale and Retail Dealer in ( otliing,Cotkv Tailors’ Trimmings -AMD GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS Nos. 141 A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH Agent for Grorer k linker '• oelobrated Sewing Mnehines Ho. 141 A 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will say to bis friends tbnt he may be found nt Bur lei.h'a. No. 141 & 143 Middle ttreet. where he wll be plea.-ed to wait upon his former customers. Portland. March 24. 18«4. dtf Spring A Summer Stuck FASHIONABLE GOODS -TOR C0AT8, PANTALOONS AND VESTS Torch***! from , the beet assortmeoU. forcAih.ii New York, and Boston, may be found at the store of WILLIAM C.BECKETT Merchant Tailor, NO. 137 Middle Street. Some of these Goods, which hare been recently imported, diHOr much la aotor, ten turn and tli.i.i from the sty lea tbnt have continued iu rogue lor i f°*r ®r two post, and are considered very elegant. Beeidos these and other Goods, - comprising nil thi rarietio* for fashionable wear, at the same place mar ba found n good supply of Nlaadard O, rns.a French, and Kaalleh Broadcloths ar.d Us, “bias, for genteel suit,; together with styles a Vestings selected with n new to suit all taste* All the new styles for Gentlemen's wear, whetiie for Dress nulls or a llnstnase Outfits received in tbei Masout, together with plate*of the latest styles o Cutting and 1 loishlng. nrrhe beat tnmming*always on baud, or Na. 137 MMMIe Btrert.jtJ may 1 Ido w UUOl riCsLaCal Y £sU | mms k iu>\iv HAVINCi refitted tbvir itore and received a Urii a^aortmeot or ELEGANT STYLES C LOTUS! ARK PMKPARKO TO Show Them to Their Cuitoner*. AUO, Clothing & Furnishing Goods lu <«re*i Varlelf, 9-3 Middle Street. may»tf SPRING OPENING* A. D. REEVES. TAILOR A DRAPER 98 Exchange St., WOULD respectfully inform bis Mauds and »Im public tiiat ha haa recaotly opened a Sotmdi<. Alter t meat of Spring and Summer Goods, Which ha is randy to mnka up in tha moat Fa,Mem abltnlyle. nnd nt tha lo-wssl Path friers. i ,, V*»*“»»»raapBatt«Uy reminded that MiJ '*# II J>ltf.Zonaee Jaekth.nad Pane, Wait!, ari ant and totte at thta establishment la a aty la whlot caanot fail to p rase them. Mil t,u »im Oinrtu are here fit ted oat In trne Rsvstatim Style. To fimiu OCT Bora la the to ,t becoming me rfarable garments, apeaial atteuttoa Is given. Dreis Cout*, Put*. Veit*, and Buiineai Suit*, Made to orjer and warranted (iood Fits. Ma klivu assure. h» customer* that I n work !• made not only In the highest • yle of fashion, bal in the most thorough aud wokg.siLii, gissn Tun 1'cblic are invited to visit this knroHicn or Faauioa, nod sea li the facts do not fully c«mt np to this MaFiFBSTO. maylMlra ^———— The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLUSIVELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the best instruments of their class In tha world. Nearly all the most prominea' artists In ike eonutey hara given written tcstiinony to this aflbet. and ihees instrn'ments art lu couataat u<« in the concert, m the most distiegmshad artiste—na tiettschalk and others-as well as in tha . ru in the prlue pal ell lea whenever each int'nimeuis are reoa rvd. Frlcv *16 to $,.00 each, rheas instruments may Fa four d at the Mus e Booms of tbe subscriber, wbare they .will be sold at the toanafactnraei' price,. ■ I U vnw to n asv N«.:49j btcwart'a Block, Coagre., St. __ aprlJdtl Ice Cream ! Ice Cream ! ! -A_t Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, N«. II] sad 151 Eickuif St., Opposite the international House. _ _ mayTdtf T.tKK A Patent Metallic or Copper Painty FOR VESSELS’ BOTTOMS. To Owners and .Musters ol Vessels. Thl. superior article la ofartd with the 1*1 lot con. Bdri.ce Wbenapplkdtu WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS it will be touad a perfect tuirtltut- tar t oprei Sheathing. an.l a tOMl'LKTt PBLStWAllVt tnm WORMS. BARNACLES, GRASS. Ac Vea Mil trading in the Wee; India and Sontberu Port, will BUB it particularly tar lbeir iatcre.i to are L< raTKST Mrr.LL.c oa t otraa Pai»t. The proprietor, will Is erery ea.e guarantee, bol only tba' tht-lr Topper Paint fa sat erier to ary now In uae. bu* alM to any that ha« been heretolore of f red to tbe public Printed direction* for u>e ncermpniiy each can. Vor sale, wholesale and retail, by tbe Maautho turen Ageuta, LTMAH A MARRETT, Skip Ohancilors, Bo. IIS Commerelal Street, ap&) 2taw3w fOBTLAXD. Talk about Hats ! JUST SEE HARRIS' NEW STYLES. Jun-4-dtf The t'hr»pe»i .iRfury 1*0R collecting all cla«M»R of claims arising from the war i» that ol tbe “MAINE WAR CLAIM -ASSOCIATION,” in which the expense* are controlled by a disinter ested Kxecutive Committee. Apply in person, or by letter, to GEORGK f. EMERY. over the Portland Poet Office, 81 story. dawly CRAFTS & WILLIAMS. Scccuauoa, to 3. W. HCNNICWELL A Co., Me. h ( J A 3 Commercial Wharf, Bonce. Importer!and Wholecale Dealer! la Drug*. Ve di ctate, Paint*. Oil,, Ore Staff*. Mannjactnr,r*. ar ticle, and Chemical!. Manufacturer, of Cot al Var niahe*. Japan Al. Ageata for Par,at Hirer Lena My,tic Lead Co. French and iauritaa Pine Drugglat’e. Perfumer, and i tower Label*. Genera! Ageata fcrJ. L. Huaneweli'e Univeraal Cough Rom edy, Tolu Anodyne and Electric l'llig. mchttaodta millinery. WLNN V PALMER BEO lenve to otll the attention of the trad* ally to their large and WELL SELECTED STOCK -09 ' MILLINERY GOODS, Pureha-ed lor CAcll, ol boat Importing and aao tloo houani" Kew fork, aucU ibolr exportation tht hndneaa, ami imcii tie* for otininlog good* 1 they ieel fniiy contidcnt in b< lug able to succoaatWi r Wtt“ ,n> 0r"-* In New England. * Sp*-ta1 paiua tnkeu to keep a tall steok of Mis.ce and Laaiaa’ bhiRTS. '_Jaaeidlm MTKAW C* 00199. ’ T'tom the Uatai J Works, fruxboro. Mtu all th* **■ a*<t ?u?8 * *,r or UM"'■ “—^riataiSS? straw Bonnet* ' Of all qualities A lao constantly oa band a laraw »»<1 Aosnoun flowed ».*£ Head Dresses. at . which he will a*l| at tKm*tawSi pricfa. JOILM E PALMER “W'*‘ fuuel.llm_ lit Middle etr^t. Portlaad. NEW MILLINERYSTORE; New Goods! MILS A ROBERTSON has takea the New More. No. 81 free Street, comer qf < enter, ug gjj saiectad a Superior Aitortment of MILLINERY, i -5*£ JSUJL'artS £ .°.h[£,w • P. 8. A good assortment of MOURNING Constantly on band • i nrsc or ttwr K*»od Mill Inert can raoefvt *c*aJ* employ maul by Inq airing as above. sp4-4ao4t| * GRAHT’S COFFEE A SPICK MlT tf ORIGINAL MSTABLISHMMNT. J. grant, Wholesale Dealer la all kinds of COFFEE, SPICES, Mnltrruiiis A Cream Tartar, Netc Cofee and Spice Miltt, IS end U Cniom —— Portland, Me. etmet, .£off*' “d Spice* rat np for tho trod*, with saw address. In all > sriety et packages, aad wan an Is 2 at represented. * wwnnatso Coffee roasted and ground for tho trade at .tort I IQtlCS. All geode eiitrusted at tbc owner*# risk. __aarvblQdlf The Misses Bailey’s Home School. THE lfiwea Bailey having purchased tho place la Sew t.looces t.r formerly oc.spied by tha Bov tberv"at°a ** * Ho*rul“f School, propose opswing Home School for tilrte aad Wj%, ,7. * carenu non* trwiaiaw will be united with thorough iu tri etion in uli tba bnnouew taught In somta.rtes of tho first clas. The long experionc'js of ou# teacher u FrlaniBnl of. UomeBofioo! 1. T.r.luiu, .ud the rrp.Ta.f7. LlbTi 0,hrr *, •«e'“fel tenchur of many yuan Handing, in For'lnnd, will, it is ho pad, nrocnru Be* Irons*. nod injure .uecess, H ,.A !:•«“•«»» „f experience win be at the hand af tne Home L-epartaeut, and pay particular at tea* tiou to the physical training of the pupil*. For information see circular* or inquire of Mie A M BA.LKY, No S8 Spring .treat. KxrKBaacm -Ker. /. hT. Lht.k.Hag. ». Hon. John Neal; Cbaric* A. Lord; UemkiahFaak urd; Joseph Llbbey. New lilouoester. May 16.1884. __ ma.aidlwthenktuwtf Copartnership Notice. -AID — BUSINESS ADVERTISEMENT THE anbacriber* bavin* on the 7th day of Rm formed a copartnership under the name of McCarthy k Berry, For the purpoee of carry ing on tho BOOT AHD SHOB BU8IIESS In all its branches, and hurlng all the fact III le* for get' Lug up nr.t eluse work for gem lenten sad lad'ua, wear, in now ready to executu nil ordan with aeal nee. and dispatch Our work will ba mad# of tan test of imported .lock, by the best or workmen, sad warranted to give oerieet lutiafactioa. It a oar aim that our w ork shall not be second to nay La tha Unit, ed Slates We bare tlso completed a stack of reads-mda work of the first ijaulity, lor ’ Ladled, Gentlemen, and Chi dren’a Wear. Selected from New York and Boston markets Oar Ladies' wcrk i* from the oclebrated lari* J/.aaa/arlery of New Y'ork. k or tioutlemm « wear we bars 1 he boat *iwir1m~nt ever offeri d lor rule in this city; such as fine French I'atent leather lloota; Li lore Calf and Calf Cen grass fur geutlr men'* wear; i'xieat | mhm Cea. Kwa. and Calf Cwagres* Balmoral, and law Fraaoh cklu Boots. Ham rou seen the new style CRIMPEP-rKOR Rlt KLE BOOT, now made by Mctar-ny ft Ber ry ? For aeutueaa. cumtort and beauts, It smraamea toything ever got up la this dty. Call and see Hi aainplus ultra) s ou band at tba aid stand af M Mo Cartby. McCarthy a berrt, No. 90 Excbaaca SU**t. Jaaeldtt United States Claim Agency I Bounty, Prize Money * Pension*, CAN be obtained on plication to hWEAl'k CLEAVES, Attorneys at Lav. • No. 117 Middle afreet, Muraey a kav. Marne Sabbath School Depository 'flUK argost and beat selected Stock o- BOOKS K fur SABBATH SCHOOL LIBKAR1KS mar ha foun 1 at No, 61 Kkchange Street, Pwtliad. Now books are received ovary week from tho Son day School Hociet<e* aud Publish) a* House* a FhM* 1 ade’phia, New York aad Huston. So varied an ae» •ortmeut, comprising book* adapted to lha capacity of the cntld at well ax a tult. cannot be found iu any one Btore ia New England. dchoola In the oouotry. by rending a catalog*• af tha boot* ia the Library, eau receive a lot for an amination and retiru at ay expert* »u*h aa are not approved Qihiioi Books tor Sabbath Ro aato at eady oo hand. iLsoounta for Library Maw* a al low* d, a in Hutton Also M •cellaaeoua. Theologi cal and School Hooka, Letter. Sermon aud Mata A graph Album*. Portfolio*. Frt mono alee, *q., **., all ul whicti w U be w.<l at tba loor.t «tab artm Order* »nllcited. H. PACIilO. Juar lit, 1484. d,f PENSIONS! BOUNTIES! —AHD— Art obtained for Woanded Soldier* (dfachartedi and toe friends of deceased soldier* who are tatlUad to the Mine bjr bikom d. ye brill, Uitntj ui (mtHtr, M k II.' ltfAl Stmt. Licensed Agent (or aU the ’'-p--*-— a* Washington. Por- 'and, April ?3. ISM. aiU ill litre Naviyailon Taught — BY — T. "B. PARSONS — AT — Ho. 12, Deer Street, Porttud. / 1 ENTI FMR.N a, of m*irnctloe la Frartl vT cal Navigation will Bod an experienced i***b cr. He la theouly experienced Ship Heater tn the State, who teacher hav gatien, and Is tapeclBlh ap pointed to qualify Ensigns and Mate# tor tbe C. I. Narv. schMeodJna ST A HBIRDB Clothes Cleaning, and Bepairing ROOMS mats r“'P»l*r «nd convenient It A. now located on the corner of Coagser* and Brown atieeta. over Hunt* Jtwatt ■ Matble Waite, where CiEXTLEMEN*S CARMENTI will be thoroughly cleansed. faPhfuUy and neatly repairsi.aud pressed in good taate. to conjoint with the present s»> le cf fa*hit u. The conrai t inertia# ot patronage beet owed upon the | ropiietor, la duly appreciated by hire, aud Le a*uree at* who laser hlrn with their custom, ih»t no pains shall be spare*, to rive there the utmost satisfaction. ^ N . B. vents cut and made to order, and war ranted to fit. G. B. STARBlftD Por laud, May 30th, 1864. Practical Tailor, dtf Greenhouse AND nEDDING OI’T PLANTS, IUMprctrully inform tho public th.t I bit, oa h«ml . I.rpr ..surtrarut of Green Ho.,, *cd Boddlujf.oul 1‘i.nt*. for boring »a ., of wiportor qa.litr, »lr: \ trumi, lt.iu ill Pm i.auai UHI. I*.suns &ril Item* Alto. . fln. ooll.ctloa ol l', Ac . Ac., Ac. A lelcction mar alw.t * b« fonnd .t Bu4.ll A Wi.itney'i*. M*rkot Order, lad ther. AIK be promptly .ttotiii.o to ALRERT DIRWANMRR. K lor tat Cor.i.r o( North u4 Ma.trMl (i(r«*«*. Fort M* tprBOtf

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