Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 21, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 21, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Maine War Claim Association. To the Editor of the Preti. My attention is called to an editorial o. yours of the iiOth inst., in which you, by ini filiation, give the benedt oi your exciusivt nllueuce to a new dnn established lor tin prosecution of soldiers’ claims. As you have heietofore endorsed must tully our Associa tion as a wise and beneficent institution, the legitimate inference is, that you no longer re gard us with favor or worthy of conddence. Deeming this unjust to the founders of <mr Association, no less than to him who has boen charged with conducting its operations, and prejudicial to the meritorious class whom it is our design to benedt, 1 respectfully request that you place this matter in its proper light before your readers. Gko.F. Kmkky, Secretary. We publish the above witli pleasure. The article to which it refers was handed in as a communication, and we thought a star was predxed to it. We take this occasion to say that we retract nothing of what we have heretofore said in favor of the Maine War Claim Association, believing it to be a most useful and benedeent institution for those sol diers and sailors who have claims upon the Government. It has been the instrument of doing a vast amount of good, and, through the operations oi its wot thy Secretary, is still pursuing its noiseless course in securing the claims of our gallant soldiers and sailors, who have periled their lives in the service of their country. And, further; while we would detract nothing from the merits of Messrs. Manly & Sawyer as Claim Agents, we would say that there are other Claim Agents in this city who have devoted almost tiieir whole time to this exclusive purpose, and who have been emi nently successful in the prosecution of such claims. Respect for the Memory of the Brave and Dead. *»* •» luCvlIUJJ vl kUC IUIUIUU iUIUU'mil held June 17th,the following resolutions were adopted: Whereas. It has pleased an allwise Provi dence to remove from among us, our Brother Turners, Lieut. Col. Stephen Boothby aud Capt. Danl. C. Clark, who died of wounds re ceived while gallantly fighting for their coun try—therefore, Resolved—that in the deaths of Brothers boothby aud Clark, our Association loses two of its most esteemed members. Kesolved—that we tender the families of our deceased brothers, our deep sympathy in this, their hour of affliction. Kesolved—that a copy of these resolutions be forwarded to tbe families of tbe deceased. Funeral of Liect.Col. Boothuv.—The Lewiston Journal contains an account of tbe funeral of Lieut. Col. Boothby, which took place in that city Friday. There was an im mense concourse of people present. Nearly all the clergymen of Lewiston and Auburn were iu attendance, also Rev. Dr. Bosworth of this city, the former pastor of the deceased. After the usual introductory exercises,pray er wss offered by Rev. Dr. Bosworth of this city, and a sermon was preached by Rev. Mr. Wood of Lewiston. Rev. Dr. Bosworth spoke briefly of the high estimation in which he held Lt. Col. Boothby, and of his attentive ness on the sanctuary and his interest iu the Sabbath School. Hon. Mark U. Donnell of Washington, ter mer law partner of the deceased, bestowed a most tender and appreciative eulogy on his late frieud and companion. After a closing prayer by Rev. Mr. Butler, first tbe relatives and friends and then the Urge audience looked upon the lifeless re mains of the gallant officer. The procession then wended its way to Riverside Cemetery, many citizens joining to pay their last tribute to the memory of the noble dead, and the re mains were deposited in the Receiving tomb. tr Attention is called to I he Card of Mesais. Bradford A- Harmon who have long been established in this city, and who give their attention exclusively to securing pen sion*, bounties Ac, Sale of Real Estate.—Henry Bailey A Co, aold at auction yesterday a lot ol land on Vaughan street, opposite the residence of Hon. J. B. Brown, containing about 12,.i00 square feet, it was purchased by Mr. Brown at 2i cents per foot. The same firm also sold a lot on the corner of Pine and Vaughan streets containing about 18,000 feet Capt. Charles M. Davis was the purchaser at ll(i cents per loot. The Theatre.—There was a very good house last evening and the Merchantof Ven ice was played exceedingly well, and the au ditors appeared much gratified with the per formance. The trial scene of Sbylock was ad mirably got up and the actors perfonned well their parts. We are glad Mr. Myers has such a good company and has selected such legiti mate plays. We did not see the afterpiece, but presume it went off well as he has some excellent actors aud actresses both in the comic as well as the more serious parts. The openiug night was all that could be reasona bty expected, and gives fair promise of suc cess. SraaotiE A Blanchard's Minstrels.— The programme for this week is the best that has yet been issued by the Managers, and the performances are worthy of notice. The trutli is, if this Company had come to us from abroad no ball in this city would be large enough to contain the audience. Their . CUKIUUIIUICUW, 03) MIC (CUl, VU tn those of any company that haa visited our city. mis evening is to be devoted to tbe benefit of the Maine Camp Hospital Association. Tickets at 25 cents each can he had at Croa man A Co's., and at the door of the hall. Railway Thakkic.—The receipts on the Grand Trunk ltaii way for the week ending 1 June 4th, were $95,9*6 47 Corresponding week last year, £0,262 7b Increase, $15,723 71 There was an decrease during the week ol $805,31 in passengers, and an increase of $10,529 02 in freight. The total amount of receipts from Jan. 1st to June 11th is $2,183 271 09 Same period last year, 1,921.340 49 Increase, $261,930 00 Casualty on the Uokse Railway.— The gentlemanly and generous conductor gave us a silver half dime yesterday morning, by way ol change, and charged no premium! It is the first we’ve had fora long time. We expressed our thanks, and a Canadian Priest, who sat opposite, smiled and said : “We have more silver change in Canada than we can conveniently handle.” Thus wags the world. -a_ Peksonal.—Major Gen. Franklin, who ar rived in New York, from New Orleans, Sun day, arrived iu this city, last evening. He ap pears to be in good health, though a slight wonud received in the leg at the battle of Cane river, troubles him some. IIis wife lias been residing here for some weeks, having ta ken a house in High street. Ui» Town Suok Stoue.—The attention ol our readers, especially those residing up town, is called to tbe advertisement of S\muel Bell, 353 Congress St., at whose store they will And a nice assortment of bools and shoes for sale at very reasonable prices. By- In our brief notice, yesterday, of Rev. Mr. Walton’s icrmon in the Third Parish Church, the word “Cross” was printed iustead Of “Prlae.” cy- Crosman A Co's, soda fonntain is kept in continual operation these warm days. Their syrups are delicious and the soda-wa ter cool and sparkhug! By" Quite a number of gentlemen of this city have purchased building lots ou the line of the P A F. A. It. R., in Westbrook, during {he last few weeks. A Card To the Editor of the Preti: Will you allow me thruagk the Press t tender iny unfeigned and hearty thanks t those kind friends who have shown so muc sympathy for us since our less by the fire < the Till Inst. To those who have furnishe material aid, we would say the blessing r. Him who has said, “He that givilh to the poo lendeth to the Lord,” shall be yours, and b assured dear friends that memory will no toon allow these kiud acts to be crowd* from its tablet. Mark Wigoin, , ' Abby D. Wigoin. June liOt i 18(5:5 Hkmoxstkations against Lynohiiihu The Richmond Sentinel of the 1.1th bays Gen. Hunter’s cavalry have raided througl Nelseu County, upon the line of the Char lottesvllle Railroad. They have also operate* on Concord, 18 miles east from Lynchburg and upon Campbell Court House, in a south erly direction. The purpose seems to liavi been to isolate Lynchburg, and possibly laj seige to it. Lady’s Hook.—We have received fron the publisher the July number of the La dy’i Hook. Mr. Godey spares no expense to uiakt the magazine as attractive as possible and ii determined that it shall hold Its rank as till best periodical in the country for the ladle* or the family circle. Merem. Bailey A Noyes and Hall L. Davis have it at their book store! in Exchange street. Exci rsion.—An excursion to Buxton Cen tre uuder the auspices of the Irish American Relief Association will take place to-morrow, if the weather is pleasant. All sorts of amuse ments have beeu provided for, and a pleasant time may be anticipated. HoW Go. OoLKSUY CASK TO UK AN ibam.—t*eu. Richard J. Oglesby, the Union candidate for Governor of Illinois, in opening his canvas at Chicago ou Friday evening, gave the following touching reminiscence. "May I indulge myselfa moment to give you a few of the reasons why I became an anti slavery man/ [\es, yes.] I know that what allecls the character of any one man in the country is ol hut little consequence ; still, it was a big thing with me, and controlled all the future thought of my life—made me honest on the question—made me purely honest. My father was a slaveholder; he had a wile and only one negro— |laughter]—and identified himself with the. institution of slavery. He was a Virginian horn, living in Kentucky, a cooper by trade. A negro tell to his lot some how with other things from his father's estate. He took that negro, learned him the carpen ter's trade, he lived in the family, while all the children were being born, he nursed us, took care of us, led us along by the hand, and fa ther (so 1 am told, and I believe it is true) never gave him a lash or lick or auy unkind word.—|Applause.| He was one of the noble st black men I have ever seen. After a while, in the course of events, my parents died and left us poor—very poor. I was eight years old. 1 saw that negro put upon the stand and sold off a' auction. 1 bat did not concern me very much' I scarcely knew what it meant, i saw those who were my friends—whom I ioved dearly and still love—I saw them about it, and supposed as a boy that it was all right. I hat cejjro came often to tee us, a* h«) was taken away only eight or ten miles. He was then forty years of age. .Shortly afterword, a son of the purchaser, in the wrath and Are of the uiorneul, exposed his old hare hack and gave him one hundred deliberate lashes. The news came to us children through my married sister, that sad story of how Uncle Tim had been treated. Something settled hold of roe then, young as I was, ami I made a resolve, for a boy, of quite a serious character, that ifever in the providence of God I grew up to be worth anything,euough to buy him back to freedom, I would do it. His inastur^l pre sume, was as kind as they generally ere. It is not the owner of a slave 1 am abusing, but the institution. I am stiiking at something high, er than a mau the system. Time passed ou and 1 remained poor. Finally, California be eame the rage, and I went there. 1 got to getner money enough tocome back home and go to Kentucky. I kept my promise; I bought him and set him free, and I then swore eternal vengeance on the institution of slavery. »jP”*'lrs. /,. H. Fierce of Cambridge, Mass., has written a very long and a very elaborate to the New A ork World in which she strongly urges the necessity of organizing aud utilizing the labor of women in this country. The anti-luxury movement having failed in some good degree,Mrs. Fierce points out what she considers the clear line of duty. Our wo men must slop piano-play iug aud idling, and go resolutely to work. They must become producers as well as consumers. She would have almost au entire revolution in certain kinds of business. The men now employed in selling goods aud as clerks must go to the farm and workshop, and let the women occupy their places. Women must organize new in dustries, and extend the range of female labor. She thinks a vast improvement m' it be made and the producing classes greatly u.ultipled. Her logic is keen, and her suggest s worthy of consideration. It is true st an lie life is not a happy one. We art con ituted that we must work if we won enjoy life. Every one's experience trachea h a doc trine. Death of Dit. Daniei. Ajdams.—The Keene Sentinel aouonnees the death of Dr. Adams. He was born in Townsend, Mass., in 14 «•>; covered Mew Ipswich Academy: grad* uated at Dartmouth iu 17'J7; settled iu Leo minster, Mass., as a physician, where he form ed a partnership with Mr. Wilder, a printer, and edited a newspaper called the Telescope; moved to Mount Vernon, N.H., and from that place to Keene, eighteen years ago. He taught school in Boston some six years, and was the author, or compiler, of several reading books, a grammar, aud a geography—but what gave him the most distinction has been the arithmetic of which he was the author, aud which throughout the families aud schools of New England has been known os Adams Ar ithmetic, and was as familiar as household words. Tbe Doctor was for mauy years Pres ident of the New Hampshire l^ible Society, and of the State Medical Society. Retibemk.nt of Mu. Peabody.—It is an nounced in a correspondence from London of the New York Commercial Advertiser, that Mr. George lVabody, tbe great London bank er, and our fellow countryman, will retire flaally from active services in October next when bis existing partnership terminates. Tbe house will continue, but its name will be changed—It is also stated that Mr. Peabody Is desirous to return to and spend the great er part of tbe rest of bis life iu tbe United Slates, but that he is resolved never to gratify that wish until tbe Uuioa is restored iu amity aud peace. We should b j glad to have the couliugeucy oa which Mr. Peabody makes his return to this country depend, speedily come to pass; but wlierever be may reside heucefortb.bis many munificent charities, both in England and America, as well as his high character as a merchant, will cause him to bo long and honorably remembered on both sides of the ocean. Mb. Jonathan Kevelle, is lecturing on Tem perance in Penobscot county. Tux Richmond papers upbraid John Coeh raue, the candidate for the Vice-Presidency on the Fremont ticket, with so soon forgetting the vow he uttered in a speech at Richmond, that il the Federal Government should attempt to coerce the South, he (Cochrane) would he found sword in hand on the side of Old Vir ginia. Riciiakd K. Crallc, the biographer of John. C. Calhoun, died some days since in Virginia, lie was a relative of Calhoun, and his confiden tial clerk while he was Secretary of State under John Tyler. During the administration of Mr. Van Buren Mr. Crulle was an editor in Wash ington. He was a SwedeniKirgiau, and occu pied tlie pulpit of a New Church Society in that city. Ho also wrote one or two polemical works, which were ciroalatel among the mem bers of that denominatien. : BV TELEGRAPH TOTH* 1 [ Portland Daily Press. f; --- OFFICIAL NEWS DISPATCH. t - 1 FROM GEN, SHERMAN’S ARMY. * Retaliatory .1 leanarcn Ordered in Oen. Router 'h Department. Washington, June 20—10 P. M. to Major Gen. Die ;—No operation to-day i on the James river have been reported to the department. An official statement represent our loss to have been severe iu the assault on the enemy’s i works on Saturday, but no official list of the casualties has been received. Gen. Sherman, in a dispatch dated this eve ning, at P. M., says:—I was premature in announcing that the enemy had abandoned his position. I based the report on that of all the army commanders. The enemy had thrown back ins flanks and abandoned all his works iu front of Kensan Moutain, but holds that mountain as the apex of bis position, and his flanks were behind Noonday and Masses Creek. We have pressed him pretty close t<w day, although the continued raiu makes all movements almost an impossibility. (Jen. Foster, commanding the Department of the South at Ilillon Head, forwards the following dispatch, dated Kith of June, at Hilton Head, S. C.:—"I have the honor to re port that I have to-day received from Major (Jen. Sam Jones, commanding the rebel forces in this Department, a letter, stating that five General officers of the United States, prison ers of war, had been placed in Charleston, to be retained there under our lire. Against this weak and cruel act I have protested. In the meantime the tire on the citp is continued. 1 respectfully ask that an equal number of rebel officers of equal rank may be sent to me, iu order that I may place them under the ene my's fire as long as our officers are exposed in Charleston.’’ This Department has issued a retaliatory -, -—... -.h vv Mun a ven i an number of rebel General officers, to be treated in the manner proposed as long as our officers are exposed in Charleston. (Signed) Edwin M. Stanton, Secretary of War. FIVE DAI'S LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Steam hip North American : off Gape Bace. Cai-e Rack, N. K., .June 19. The steamship North American, from Liv erpool 10th Inst., and Queenstown 11th, for Quebec, arrived oir this point at 2 o’clock Ibis morning, and was boarded by the Asso ciated Press news yacht. Steamships Hecla and Louisiana, from New York, arrived at Liverpool on the 5th, and the Hibernia, from Quebec, and the City of London, from New Y'ork, on the 8th. The political news is ummportaut. GREAT It BIT AIN. The ship Rockingham, from Callao for Queenstown, was burnt by the Alabama April ! 23d, in lat. 15 S., Ion. 32 W. The Alabama was spoken the following day by a vessel which had arrived at London. In the House of Commons on the 8th inst. a bill lor closing public houses, on a two-thirds vote of the surrounding inhabitants, was de feated by 257 majority. TUK DANISH QUESTION. The Conference was to meet on the after- 1 noon of the 9lb. The Paris Constitiitionuel learns that Prus sia and Austria have consented to a prolonga tion of the armistice fora fortnight. It is pointed out that the question of fron- i tier is of momentous importance for the Danes as the line of Schleswig is of first rate strate gic importance, while the frontier proposed by the Germans is perfectly indefensible, and would leave the Danes always at the mercy of Germany, hence the line of the Schlei is understood to l>e Danish ultimatum. It is conlinned that the .Emperor of Russia has transferred to the House ol Oldenbury all the claims of the Imperial family of Russia to the Holstein successor. FRANCE. Political news unimportant. Tlie Emperor lias rejected the appeal of La poinerias for a commutation of his sentence. RUSSIA. M. DeBeaseleff, the Russian Minister at Rome, is recalled. This Is regarded as a mark of the Czar’s displeasure at the recent pro ceedings of the Pope relative to Poland. The duty upon most kinds of goods ex ported from Russia and Poland for purpose* of European commerce ha* been abolished. The news from other parts of the continent is entirely uuimportant. By telegraph to Greencastie. The steamship Germania, from New Y'ork, arrived at Liverpool on the !tth. The House of Lords debated the question of Federal recruiting in Ireland, and stroug remonstrances were urged. Earl Russell complained of the non-atten tion to Lord Lyons' representatives. The Conference has been extended to June 20th. It had made no advance in the settle ment of the Danish question. XXXVIII 00NGBE88—Fint 8euion. Washington, June 20. SENATE. Mr. Hale introduced a bill authorizing the Secretary of the Navy to annul the contract with Mr. Ericson, for the construction of two floating batteries. Also a bill for the assimi lation of ranks in the navy. He said he should call up these bills next Wednesday. The bill to prohibit the discharge ot persons from liability of military duty, by reason of payment of money, and for other purposes, came up. Mr. Brown's amendment to employ Indians wa« rejected by 2S) against 1(5. Mr. Wilson's amendment to pay a bounty of *100 for one year meu, was debated at con siderable length. The Senate, at 4 40 I*. M., took a recess un til 7 I>. M. EVENING SESSION. After discu-i m, various amendments were offered to the exemption clause, but none of importoncc adopted. Ait amendment of Mr. Ten Eyck is pend ing, which, as amended by Mr. Headricks, would place all injured and disabled soldiers on a footing with those who actually receiv ed wounds in battle. Mr. Ten Eyck's amendment was adopted. Mr. Grimes moved that the bill be re-com mitted. Carried. The Senate then went into Executive Com mittee. Adjourned. HOUSE. A bill was introduce^ and referred to the J udiciary Committee to prohibit iuler-Stale slave trade. A resolution was introduced aud referred, providing for the creation of two additional Standing Committees—one on the Internal Revenue and the other on Ranks and Banking. The House passed a bill reserviug all min eral lauds from all grants to States to aid in the construction cf railrosds; such lands be ing in ail cases reserved exclusively to the United Sti'ez. A reflation was adopted that the Post Of fice Committee inquire into the expediency of carrying printed mailer iu the Overland mail. Mr. Ingalls, of III, offered a resolution that all permits to trade within the limits of any State now or hereafter in rebellion, should at once be revoked and no more issued. A motion to refer the resolution was (lend ing, when the morning hour expired aud the House went into Committee of the Whole on the bill making appropriations for certain civil expenses of the Govqgntnent. Various amendments were made, including one providing for a marble floor for the old Hail of Representatives and suitable struc tures and railings, which are to be set apart fjr statuary. Ibe President is authorized to invite all the States to furnish marble or bronze statutes, not exceeding two of them for each State, if desired, of citizens most illustrious for their civil or military services. The bill makes appropriation for the survey of the Atlantic and Gulf coasts: for the Light House establishments for the Atlantic and Lake coasts, including *100,000 to enable the Light House Board to re-establish lights and other aid to navigation, which have been in jured on the Southern coast. The bill also appropriates $40 A0 for the annual subsidy for facilitating communication between toe Atlantic and Pacific States, by electric telegraph. Various other appropria tions are made. The Committee rose without disposing of the bill, and the House took a recess. EVENING SESSION. Mr. Stevens, ot Penn., reported a bill mak ing appropriations for certain expenses, the : consideration of which was postponed to Thursday. Mr. O'Neill, of Penn., offered a resolution, which was agreed to, that the committee on Naval Affairs be requested to examine the 1 policy of repealing the laws which relate 1 regulating the rate of pay of employees i navy yards, aud report by bill or otherwise. Mr. Brooks, of New York, offered a ie oli tion that as the two houses are unable to agri regarding the time of adjournment, the 1’re: ident bo requested to adjourn them. Objee ’ ed to. Mr. Ashley, of Ohio, asked leave to offer resolution declaring that no State in rebellio shall be capable of castiug any votes for I’rt: ' ident, or of electing Senators, Ac., until tb i insurrection therein is suppressed. Objecte to. Mr. Wilson, of Iowa, made a report fioi the Judiciary Committee on the case of Wii Vokum. The committee asked to be discharged frot the further consideration of the subject. Tins Hou«c went into Committee of th Whole and resumed the consideration of th bill making appropriations for certain civil ex | penditurts. Mr. Brooks, of Xew York, spoke again* tlie appropriation lor surveys of public land in Territories, Ac.—Adjourned. j from H an hi nylon. Washington. June 20. According to the message communicated t< the Senate to-day relative to the case of Ar i guelles, it appears that Arguelles captured tin slaves in the expedition, as was Ilia otlleia duty, but instead of surrendering them to tin Governor Genera) lie sold a portion of them 1 and accounted for them by report!; g that they died of small pox and that their bodies hat lieen buried, aud bribed a curate to attest to it A report lias readied here that Gen. Bullet has relieved Gen. Gilmore of iiis command and ordered him to report at Fortress Monrot as under arrest, and await a court martial, but that Gen. Grant, upon learning the facts stated above, released Gen. Gilmore, and or dered him to report at Washington and await further orders. The .Senate to-night con tinned the follow ing nominations; Col. W.T. Bartlett,.17th Mass, to lie Brigadier General; Col. Elliott W. Itice. 7th Iowa, to be Brigadier General; F. l’otter, of Wisconsin, to Ire Consul General for the Britiah North American provinces; Thomas Kilpatrick, of Xew York, to be Consul at Nassau, X. 1*. The result of the .Senate's action to-night on the bill amendatory to the enrolment act, was the refusal, by thtee majority, to strike out the icijo commutation clause. Capture of a lilackat/<• Runner, Washington, June 20. The Navy Department has received iulelH cence of the capture of the British strainer Syren, off Beaufort, X. G\, with a cargo of liquors, hoop iron, pa; er cases, keys, <fce., by tlie U. S. steamer Keystone Stite. 'The prize is au iron screw steamer schoouer rigged, »»IV4 VI IUUI MU 11 Ill'll. Arrr.t for /•<!»«(«(/ Counterfoil Money. Nkw V«kk. June 20. Patrick Kelley ha, been arrested as a passer of counterfeit money. A large quantity of new Federal currency, broken bank bills and altered bills were found on him. Commercial. Per steamship North American, off ( ape Race. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET. June 10—The salon of C Hten lor three day* were 21,'JUO hale*, m eludiug 800j to speculator* aud exporter* Ihe market c o*cd quiet ana unchanged, except for Amtricau. which advanc'd *1. LIVERPOOL BREADS ITFFS MARK ET.-Rich ard*oti, Spence A c.».,apd other*, repoit Ftour de clining. Wheat heavy ana downw.ud; red Wtstern 7* 181 a,-h 6d i oru quiet; mixed 27*3dr®28*. LIVERPOOL PROVISIONS MARKET-Beef qniet and steady. Fork quitt and *teady. Sugar quiet and steady Coffee *:eady. Rosin quiet op.rit* Turpentiue fl it. I-ati'-t via Lnmlondarv. LIVERPOOL COTTON MARKET, June 10th — Sate* for the week were i hale*, of w hich 6.760 were to 'peculator* and 11.000 toexpor er*. Tne market c'o*rd a- an advance of id lor American, and a decline id for common qualities aud other de icription*. t i»e sale-* Friday were 8.000 ba’ev. including 3.000 to 'peculator* and exporter*. Tne market clotting fuut aud unchanged. Ihe following are the au thor ir.ed quotation*:—New Orleau* lair nominal; undding2 ;d; Mobile lair tominal: middling 2S4; Upland* fair nominal middling 2ftjd. The *lock in port i* enimated at 709.000 bale*, of which 11.500 are American. Breadstuff*—duil aud dowuward. Provii’on*—quiet aud *teady. LONDON MONEV MARKET, June 10.—Conaolt do*i d at 90}®9( j lor m>nev. AMERICAN S E( ' U R111ES.—111 inot* Centra! rail road 32$i>idi*; Erie Railroad 52,$64. Netc York Market, Naw York. Juue 29. Cotton—quiet; «aler 2oo bale* at l&oior middling upland*. Flour—sale* 1/i.OuOlbl*; Stat* and We*ten: 5«10c better: Suprfine State ’ 76®8 *»6 Extra Ht6ra82b; jlioice* 25«836; Round UoepOhio 8 6 8 75; choice lo 8b5a9 25; Supeiilae Western 7 7o$7*5; mxtra lo 8 2 >$* 4>: Southern- firm : *al6* l5M»bt>l*; Mixed to gooa 8 5<Xg9 0Qi Fancy and extra 9 16ail 25: Can ada Cc betu r; **le*‘00 bbl*; common Extra 8 25® i 30; extr* good to choice 8 35 <*9 60. Wheat—3$4c hotter; *ale* 13,'* O hu*h; Chicago Spring 1 82$ l 9J; *• j|W auaee club 1 *7.$1 9 •: Winter Rod Western 1 T3®1 98; Amber Mich gau 2 00$2 06. Corn—a *h*de firmer; sale* 87,0vJ0 butdi; mixed Western 1 4*X$1 48 tor new. Beef—firmer; sale* 80J bbl*; Country me** 9 50® 13 00. ‘ Pork—excited and new mew ha* advanced 1 25 |> bbl; ine** 37 75® i* 25. closing at the la t« r price I ard—steady : -ale* 2050 bbl* at 16®18|c. Butter—very firm. Whiskey—firmer; *a’e« 3> 0 bb?* at 1 4>®1 54. Sugar—unchanged ; *ale* 176 hhH*. Muwcuvmdo 17 18c. an * 11) iu bond; 168 box** Havana 16«c. Coffee— in act iv®. Mo!a-*e«— dull. Nava) storea—dull. Petroleum—very quiet at 4*V for crude. Freights to Liverpool— firm« ; cotton per steamer fd; grain 4jdtfor wheat in »bips l ag*. Wool—film with better Inquiry. Block Market. Naw York, Juue20, Second Board —Stoc* * atcady. United States 6-2U coupon*. 1051 United State* one yearoertificate* new . 97* Canton Company. 39? l?nml#rltbii (!nKl (!nrnnknv nroft-rrod TvS Quicksilver Mining Co,. 73 Pacii.c Mait.266 Now York Central,.. .132) Erie.113 Erie preferred,.110) Hudson.142 Reading.114) Michigan Central.149J Michigan Southern. 99) Cleveland k Toledo.. .. ...14*<) Chicago k Rock Maud.112 Pittsburg. Fort Wayne k Chicago.116) Gold closed this afternoon at 11-8). THE GOVERNMENT LOAN $200,000,000. This Loan I* authoiizcd by Act of Congress of March 6<h. 1964, which provide* for its it Com, at any period not le-s than ten nor more than to ty years from its date, at the pleasure of the Gov< rum* nt. Until its Redemption, five per cent, interest is to be oaid semi-annually in Coin. Subscription* to U*e Loan are received by the Na tional ItauRs in United States nuts* or in such cur rency or other funds as are taken by them on depos it at par. Its Exemption from State or Local Taxation adds from ouo to three per cent, p-r annum to its value. The Kate of Interest on this loan, although but fiv j pir cent, in ooiu is a* much greater in currency ns the diflsrence between the market value of cur rency and gold. As a Rule, the five p*r c»nt. specie securities of all solvent government* are ainajs far or above, and currency now funded in the National Loan will be worth its face in gold, besides \ itj iog a regu lar and libera' percentage to the bolder. The Authorized A me tint of this lean i- Two Hun did Million Dol ars. The amount of subscriolious reported to tht Treasury at Washington, up to June 4, has been 807,017,850. Subscriptions will be r. ceived by the Treasurer of the United wthtesat Wa«| invton, *ud the Aui-tam Trersurers at New York, Boston an J Phi ad-lj hta, and by the Find National Rank, Portland, Maine, AND It Y ALL NATIONAL HANKS, Which aro depositaries of Public money, and all Respectable Hanks ami Hankers Throughout the couutry, (acting as agents of the National Dcposi'aiv Hanks,) will furnish further inf jrmation ou application and ajT nt entry facili ty to *ub*cril>*rs. June 13. Id-i4.—-dl i k wit Bon i d. AGeLiIeman and his wife. an*i three or four *in gl- gentlemen cm find pleasant roins with board at 64 Cumberland Street. jun30d2w* ( . CRANY. BonrdiiiK, V RESPECTABLE Private Rnarding House, just upend, being neurlv tilted up. at 77 Free str*et. for Gen lenu-u. with or-nitont their fainilii.*. Suits of rooms for families. jmi<-17dlw* fllllE subscriber hereby gives public notice to all A concerned, that ahe has been duly appointed and taken upon herself the trust of Administratrix ol the estate of ALBERT B. HILTON. late of Portland, in the county of Cumberland, deceased, by giving bond es the law directs: elie therefore requests all {>er*on* who are indebted to the said deceased's estate to make immediate pay ment ; and those who have any demand* thereon, to exhibit the same for settlement to ADD IE M. HIT TON. Portland. June 7,1964 25w3w* m 11K subscriber hereby gives public notico to all E concerned, that he has been duly appointed and taken upon himself the trust of Administrator ol the estate of STEPHEN LOWELL. late of Portland, in the county of Cumberland, deceased, by giving bond a* the law directs; he therefore requests a!) person* who are indebted tc the said deceased's estate to make immediate pay mp*,*4 ftud those who have any (’'•mauds thereon, tc exhibit the same for settlement to „ . CALEB HODSDON, of Gorham. Portland, June 7, 1964, w8w2p MISCELLANEOUS. e ; CUSTOM CLOTHING N. S. GARDINERj » 62 Middle St., Opp. Post Office 1» rceiving weekly the J f LATEST and MOST El.ROAST STTLKS —or— 1 i n'ni li, l-ugli-h and American UoaLIn* lawlmeif. nnd Coatings, 1 | Which wo arc prepared to manufacture into Oar , menu not turpatted in Style of Cut, and workmanship, by any bou'ein this City or State. t JOHN 11. LARKIN, , Attend, to the Cuttiug ofiUrtneat. in this RrublUh A ,",*' *hOT» reputation a. a Faehionuble, Ta.t. loiter is well known in Portland an t other citie*. e.!!.a' e on ,,aod a,ld »»‘e constanly receiving al the different varieties of K GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, , l.sualljr kept by those in the business. June 14—cod4w B. F. HAMILTON &CO. Successors to C. %V. Robin«on A Co. Vyoi'i.l) eery respectfully invite all former pa .v* Uot,H J° l*!e hou»*' a*»d tin public generally to Tnn^ ol Ufcl °n^f ?ur at times. With long experience and close attention io the wants of customers, aud adhering strictly to the CASH SYSTEM, Beiisving it to be better for the buyer as well as the reMer, we hope to merit a larg, .h.rge of paTro^le lo?*'' < r‘ °" of *ood. to cluae cheap to make roum N F. W G O O D H . . *®,r- F N- l’rince, together with the emulovec. in the store are to be retained and will be ham.r tn see all their customers as formerly *° B. F. il AMI LI ON * CO , juuelTeodtf COrner Uon*re,» »“<* •' .treat., j ^KtFLES, REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniments F I S H I .11 tt TACKLE! The Ht$t Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 27,_eodlf 6 quadrille band. \I 'L™ -KAVMON.,.) would respectfully in he baa connected himrell the member, of CHANDLER'S BAND, A, Prompter,_»nd that they are prepared to furniih in uric for Ban, Antmb!i«, Pic nic. Kxcur-ion, Tern, u °\'fen ,*B ** X0 Federal ,treet. corner of leraple, will receive prompt attention, i 1. ■ Bavnonri. l,t Violin and Prompter M B. Klli,, 2d Violin, il. biiaw. Flute. 1. W Bbaplkv. Cornet. P. L. Wii.iey, B,„o. ... ___jnnellTT*82w $300 BOUNTY. V. S. NAYY t W ANTED. For Cnited SUtea Steamer Pontoosuc, NOW IN PORTLAND. 25 Seamen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 Landsmen, 10 Firemen, 16 Coal Heavert. Apply to Xaval Kendeavou,, foot of Exchange St, JunelSdtf J°HN P HEAT,E Commanding At Zjano’a Kitchen Warehouse \ NO. 4 FREE ST., PORTLAND. Jl™'„“,ro'rd fr°m *,w Yo,k *“fc * '*'** BASKETS, both Traveling and Work. Also a large lot of HIM) C AGES, Alt \ew Patterns. Also. Pant of various kinds; Wire Window s?7^rin c<'i°" °td pi*in a ««* .KITCHEN- GOODS. A, usual; Wo. den'Ware of all kind,. CkUdrtu’t iarr.aytt. Toy* kc. Alt Sot it Cheap for H'ar Tima. June 14—43 tv Ucor^p IV. Hanson, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 74 Middle Street, Portland, Me. A share of patronage rwpctfally solicited and satisfaction given. Order* from the country promptly attended to. Address George W Manson, 74 Middle street, Koom Xo. 10. up atair,, Portland, Me. Jane 14 <1.7m * John Kinsman, Q-AS FITTER, —AM>— Dnitlnr in Oa« Fixture*. And Gan At kerosene l ooking Apparatus. The public are invited to examine and tret these ”nmmer'u»°n"'* ‘ ar* »" recommended for -VO 65 UNfOX STREET. * aium* it—OOUuin "perry, 151 MIDDLE 8T., Hai Just opened a large assortment of CLOTH HATS, Including the “BILLY MORRIS,” “OUX BOAT,” “DKARBY “GEN. MEADE,” Ac. Also Cook A Aldrich s Celebrated “LONDON.” and “BOGOTA” HAT, Which for style, finish and durability surpass ai v other for the Masoo. 1 ' Juue 4-dtf PERRY, 151 Middle street. it YOU HAVKKIT A REFRIGERATOR ! OB, if you hare an old one that den t exactly suit vou. los t tail to examine the very beet pai tern now in use, the * * POLAR REFRIGERATOR. For vale at the Furniture Rooms of WALTER COREY, 52 and 54 Exchange street. June 6,1861.— d2m LAAE & LITTLE, Who'psale Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, • AND W oolong, Ne>. 142 Middle btrnet, A. Uttli.) POKTLAN D. M E. i ___ JuneTdtf (*tfriliiiid Allicmnim. THE Annual Meeting of the Proprietors of the Portland Athetutum for tbs chojoe of officers, and the transaction of other businesa will be holden at the Library Room, on Wndut-s lay, Jane 22. at 71 I o'clock P. M All books belonging to the library are to lie returned on or before Tuesday, the 14th Inst. NATHAN WEBB, Secretary. I June 9, 1864.—d2w * INTERNATIONAL BANkT Special Meeting. THE stcckboldcrs of this Bank are hereby noti fied that a Special Meting *111 be held at the Bank on Monday, the 21th day of June, at threo o'clock P M„ toron-ider whether they will take any action in relation to changing the Bank from ita present charter to acharter under the Natioaal Bank ing I aw;—and to determine whether they will ac rtpt of the charter of the Find National Bank of Portland, now held by the Directors of the Interna tiousl Ksnk. By Order of the I>iiector*. W. K OOl'LD, Csshier. Portland. June 4, 1864. Juncdeodtd For the IsiuniU. *f'er Juue 18tb the steamer Vleave Burnham's “ barf, for Peak'* and Cushing s Is auds at 9 and 10.3d A M and » and3 SOP M. Returning will leaveCa-hlux’sIsland •**■*? aud I* 1* A. M and 3 46 and 5 15 P*M Jane 9*-^dl( “" dow“‘nd b«ki Ch«4f*m W «tt. miscellaneous. t NOTICE -TO TUI bookselileksi — AID Country Merchants of Me. Wholesale Book Store! -AID PUBLISHING IIOISE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, Noa. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, Ar«j now fully prepared to Supply the Trade! — AT TU| Lowest Wholesale Frier*. By special contract, recently made with the Bol ton and New Vork Fubliaberx, n are enabled to •apply any and AH of the School Books, 1'ied In thin Bute, on The Most Liberal Terms. lltrfngparchued tbe STiasoTYrn Platis from O. U SAnaoax ft Co., of tbl. city, woihnll la fu ture publi.h the veimble Serlee of Scbool Boo a a heretofore pnlllabed by them. Thiaieriee, togeth er with oar former pnblleatlona, will make the fol lowing Uxt;— Horton’s. Weld and Qnackenboe' Gram mar, The Progsessive Grammar, , By Weld a Qaaekeaboa. The Progressive Parsing Book. By Weld k Quckutiof. Weld’s Hew Grammar. Weld's Grammar. (Old kdltloB.} Weld's Parsing Book, Weld's Latin Lessons and Header. Holbrook s First Book in Arithmetic Jackson's Arithmetic. B. a N.. alto pabllah llmixari Aflt-Aiw ur Stbtxic or Bapid Mercantile Writing, la Night Parts, nub printed copies at tbe bead of each page, in exact imitation of the Author • bcaa tilu] Ityle of PENMANSHIP. We call ipocial attention to thorn New Writing Book*, Ax they are admitted to ho the mi it practical Copy Booki ever oflered to the public; aad they are now being rapidly introduced, having the fall undone meat of the MpeniteaMt 1f PiMk fcbeli if lb lute if Lk Besides thn above Hit which w« publieh, our Speo ial contract* arc for the following book*:— Progressive Series of Seeders ud Speller*. , Hillard's Series of, Seeders ft Spellers. Sargent's 8eries of Seeders ft Spellers. Colton's ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greenleafs Series of Arithmetics. 4 BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY -AID BOOM PAPERS I I A FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! » K. B.-Boc kaaller* or Country Dealer, who are • not coming to tin city, may writ* to uaetatlag aboat wliat am* uut they purchase at a tiime. and we will "•ud them a LIST OK PRICKS, II wanted. Bailey «Sc. NoyeS: Publishers and 'tooksellers, *• and 39 Exch ange Street ^Portland. :Me. maySfldSm I Tult’e f^UkgeT THE Annaal ('mnmencejwaat of Tuft'. Colieg lake* place ou Wed” etday, Ja !y 13 The ttvt exanii' ation of candid* tee n>r adw i».ion to the Co le*e w| i be held on Tb ucd ay July 1* the .eeon on, Aug VSd. T »e ne*t tenn begin* o Thursday, Aug Kth. Boa -d Sil 50 per week.. A V MINER fre-ldeat. College Hill, June 6th, 18 4. )aneSeod6w For lit be. fit HE two story brick Hou *I« 3 Deer etraat. I X by S3 .ml barn 16 by 21 ' (%* tot ta S3 fe*l *q»ari with good water and garden *wt- Kor further p. I tieular. enquire of BKN'JA? (IK KKIGHT. Steal ' Packet Company, Atlantic M rparf. Jaaaltdl 1 ENTERTAINMENTS. Sew opera iioiseT: LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARDS I MI1VSTRELS! OPEIY EVERY EVEMIMti. An Entire Change of Programme. LOVE, or the Rival* ! I Admission 26 cent., Reserrod Seals 60-enu J. SI'RAOLF.. i mnylitf H. BLANCH4RD, j M»n»gers. I BENEFIT of the SOLDIERS. MEW CITY HALL, Wednesday Eve’ng, June 22, The proceeds of which wilt be given for the reliefer the sick kud wounded soldiers of our armv Keireehmeute for sale in the Senate Chamber. Entertainment to c immence si 1 past s. Door, open at 7 o'clock, tickets tj be had at the Book store* and at the door—26 cents eech. Muete by the Band of the 17th Regiment lT. 8. In fantry June 16— dtd EXCURSION T'i' o?.? J'J" K* <ir,nd excursion to BLXTON ... ,11?.' “Oder the auspices oi the Irish Amer lOAi Kelief Ae-ociaiion, on WEDNESDAY, June 22nd. a»td*10ilTewDCPO,'/,;?t0.,‘'he‘'n“« »<reet. »t 7| : “Ji2*d?o'elmk“dM' OClock ** M *>nry ama*emen baa been provided for that is customary to have on meb occasions, and tb*- com mittee assn re the publie that nothing will be left undone that can add to the p'eaeuree ofthe day Ice Water will be fumiabed f^ee of charge. Music by Cbind er a guadrile Hand -Mr. J W Karraond, Prompter. T.ckeis 6d cents, children 36 cents— to be held at the nsasl places and at the ears. I*. 8 II the weather should prove unfavorable the excnrtPin will he postponed to the next day or the Brat fair day. Jum lMtd MERCHANDISE. Trapani Halt Afloat. 3 000 H',D* Trapani Salt cargo of ship gVrxl" "Kochaateaa" for sale by June 18d2w DANA k CO. Clarifled Cider, YJtOR sale by X MOSES MORRILL, Agont, juneiejlm- 214 knra Tents. A LARGE lot of Teau, of all d i men* ion.. for sale cheap, by T. A. LEAVITT, JunelUdlw* Widger,-. Wharf. ftfh(W) BUSHELS prime Southern Yellow ULfY/VCori, peraeh sea Fkieer, now lending and ror rale b, E H Bl RGI*. , ... 13) Commercial aWeel June 14 — 2w ' --- ■ m ____ Treenails. 100,000.^7*OA* TE“NA,IJ-,or SIR JNToN A KNTGUT. . *S Commercial Wherf. Portland, Juae IS. 1864. Jaoel&dtf Liverpool Salt Afloat. fat It It I BHD8. Liverpool Sail, cargo of rhip Irl/Ut/ Pomona, o.w leading and for .tie b, . .. . It AN A A CO. June 11—u2w Apples, Apples. Ontl BBL8 nl.e Ru.iet Applet, for .ale b, dfitILF F A. SMITH, 19 end 21 Silver rtreet. June 11.—d3w ‘Hooey.” 7TCS PRIME CUBA BoRET. for tale In bond on dut, paid. THOMAS ASERCIO A CO. June 10,-iadtf Sierra Horens Molaaaea. OIK) HHOS- Slerm Moreca Molawec, car OU^ I go bri/ < narleua, now landing 93 Tierce., I Centrel Wherf «o Hble. ' Kor .ale be Jane 2, 1W4. G KORG E S 11CR T. sl-rrn .Vorrna Molasses. OOU UUD3. 1 MOLAS8E3,ju.ilanding from OOcv j brig -Met.lua’■ g .aperior 49 TC8. ) artic.e lur retailing. For vale »>r John d. lorij. ma,23d4w* No. 1, Union Wbart. Sugar and Hulnases. 300 UHDS'iCHU1CL hcscovaoo BC 10TC8. ) GAR. Ill Hit OS superior Muwovado, and * TC’fl Cla.cU Molhas<*s. il b£l*S from Morton, Now tindini and loruli by THOMAS A8KNCIO & CO . taMjfnt Custom House Wharf. Sierra Morena Molasses. a.jr; UU08 O* J CHOICE SIF.RKa MOREKA 30 TIERCES MOLASSES, Id BBLS > Now landing from Brig "C. U Kenned," THOS. ASKS CIO A CO , May».—tf_ C. H Wharf. Scotch Canvass. 1 OJA BOLTS—from the factor, of Oarid Cor A£i\t .ar k Boat. Leith—a tail cloth of .uperior quality—Ju.t reoetvudpur ••Jare1*, and foe tale b, MoGILVERY . RYAN A OA vis. me hit dtf 1<1 Commercial Street E. K. LEMONT, Carriage Manufacturer, Preble Street, - - Portland, Me. LWariiaga. and Sleight on hand and made to order. janelfidtf roruuDu Army lonimmee Of TNI U. S. Christian Commission. Chat man, T. B. lUy**, receive* Store* *t 110 Mid dle itre-1. Tmunr. ('yruStirdivint, rweivcs Money at 76 ( ommeielaJ ureet. Secretary. Henry H. Barge**, receive* Lotted at 80 ( onaieroai oUeet. Andrew J. (. baee. Dr. W. H. Johntor. JuaelSdtl TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W. IV. DEVHV6, Medical Electrician, Mo. 11 Clapp’s Block, COMM MB OMCOMOMM3S AMD MLM STREETS WOULD respectfully announce to the cltiient ot Portland and vicinity, that ha ku permanent ly looated la this oity. During tha eleven mouths tnat »• have baas la town we have cured some ol the worst forms of disease in persons who have triad othar forms of treatment in vain, and curing pa* tleuta In no short a time that tha question is often asked, do they stay cured ’ To answer this question we will say that all that do not vtay eu>ed, wa will doctor tha second time for nothing. Dr. D. has Dana a practical Uaetriciaa fcr twenty, one years, and Is also a regular graduated phvsiciaa Electricity Is perfectly adapted to ohroule Jieeaees la the form of aerroas or sick headache; neuralgia In tha hand, neck,or extremities, eonsumption.whea la the aoatestages or where the lungs are not folly larolvad; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hip diseases. whMaswalUaga, spinal diseases, curvature •f tha apian, contracted muscle#, distorted limbs, palsy or paralysis, 8t. Vitas’ Daaoe, deafnasa,stam mering or hesitancy of speech dyspepsia, id digee tftin, ooastlpatiou aad liver complaint. pile*— wsetn ovary oase that can be presented: asthma, breaahi tts, strietarao of tha chest aad all forms of fSmata complaint*. Bit Hlootrloity The Rheumatic tha goaty, the lama aad tha I nay leap with joy, and more with tbe agility aad elastic ! ity of yoath; tho boated brain is cooled; tbe frost batten limbs restored, the ancoath deformities r» 1 mered ; fointnee* converted to vigor, weakness tc strength: tho blind made to too, the deaf to bear and [ tha palsied form to move upright; the blemishes oi yoath are obliterated; tbe acddtntt at mature lit, prevealed: the oalaaaitie. of old ago obviated, aad an active elroalaboa maintained. LADIES Who have sold heads aad foot: weak stomachs j lama aad weak basks; nervosa and sick headache; dissiness aad swimming in the head, with Indiges tion aad ooastipatioa of tho bowels; pain in tho asda aad beak; loacorrhma, (or »bites foiling of tbs womb with internal aaaoert; tamore..l»o»yg.. »■* 1 all that long train os dlssase* will llnd In TJoetrlo Ity a sure amass of core. For paiafol menstruatioD, too profose meustruatiom and SlLirlcireiea oartads •f trouble* with yoaag ladi**. kJ«etr'oity °*rt*j* •pooilc aad will, la a short time, restore the .afor*. t°^ise-*i*yLw-e**10* gf«ctvp- ( hsmkool Apparatus foi •Vtnetla* Mineral Poison fr> m lb* .vsUaa, such at I tuCfrv Antimony. Arsenic, 4c. Hundred* wh( aretroiibled with .tiff Joint*, woak buck., und vari on* otherdifflsaltic*, tbs direct cause of which, is __ otti of tea, la tho effect of poisonous drugs — “ h -m. to red to astaral strength aad rigor by tin i“o?from dro to sight Bath. OBoe hoars from I o’clock a. a. to 1 F. a.; lj - a- addT to S r. a. *’ooaoaltaUoa Free. lyldlsedt • Nollrr. 1 ERAVISO sold our interest in the Dry Coeds bn * XJL tlncis in 1’ortUnd to Mes*r* B f. Ilkmilton a 1 Co-we srlsh lo acknowledge the liberal and c>n stantly lucresslog patronage we have received fuj the past elsbt v«ars and to recommend all our cul tomers and the rnbllo to the new concern Mr C W. Robinson wilt remain at the store to tho preteut to settl-the accoonts of tboooncern. A persons having unsettled accounts al.l confer a ft 6 vor bv adjusting them at once. Mr ’Robinson will also continue lo cot at age: r- for tha Weed Bowing Maohme .VS" „ panv C. W. EOIHRBOS 4 CO, w JnaolToodtf AUCTIOJN SALES. Valuable Heal Estate In Cape Ell zabrtli, at Auction. ON Tuesday, Juue2' at 3 o'clock r. m., ru the premise* in Cape Klimbeth. we »h»ll cell he < apt Scott Dyer Estate, ike i>ome#'e«d coniaininw about one hundred acres of spleuoid lano. with a goo i subiitai/ atone wall all fouud it, and good Uouao. barn uud other out-kou*e* on it; with aa 'A orchard or apple, pear and plum trees; currant* raspberries, a c. J hen opposite the homestead is a field of abopt SB acres of excellent laud enclosed vltb iikdrlfil_i stoue wal*; also about 62 acres of pasturing and wood tand. There is a sma 1 lot of 4 acres, a very de irsble hou «lot. 11 here is a wood Jpt of about 15 acres, es^'mated to hold 700 cords or wood; and soother 16 acre lot with 6' 0 cords of wood and timber. The entire property will be sold in ooe lot. or sen a*ate, as de-ired—it wil te sold with the stock of without—wi.h the stock aud fanning utensils or witbouS—with the stock, farmii g loois and cr< p* or without, as shalUu:t the purcosHer. it is one t f the best fsims on the Cate, very pleasantly locat'd, ia a healthy and got d ueiphbothood easy of nrevs and desirable for a re»id«i oe or inv* siinent. 7ti)e «tear terirn easy. gale positive Only motive for tala Ul health. IIENKY BAILEY ft CO, Auction ears. June 8 — dtd I nderwritei’* Sale of Lumber aid Kcr« osene OiJ. pOttMeoant of whom it may concern Oa Sms# wm'r.'J!.'ou Kr“k,i* About 278 378 Fnt fine Hoar (It, ■ < ~ J10 " *P' ure Plank, „ S2?’* ** Pi-e Plank, ... •■’•‘Jl " Spruce etript. HkTi SLO.tra SOWiXU MACHINES. AIxoSOOClwi Dovnar', Kerorrne Oil In ..linn. "»cb id bond, Wing c.r,o ofThin„V.. juu.Ddtd UtSsS liAll.f.vliVo. lirt'"'. Admini'tirator'n Hair. BY rvjrl“V,f » from the Judge of f rob. to Of Cumberland County. I eb.U at oubll. auction on 1 ueeday, June 21, iw>4, at t.oo'JJky M on th. preroiMS, I lie tollonm* de elite a ienJ « r.le «■ to* estate ol M.ik D, .ring 0. Kridgtou. In ».id county of CumLeiland. decreed • nd deecrited In toe inventory o* raid i emit a, ml'. iu*.t—"ftfeof lot. Dumber, d eleven In tLe lonrth • nd ttfth range ol hrldgti k.eon Wining , tout thirtyncrea, purchase.! ot B. K. l ar.ley "* laud is situated about one half mil. from th. viJi,„ oi a Bridgt. n, on th. road leading lo bweoen ,nd has on it 8 mowing Helds, coutaimng stoat tv alva Btarly walled In,—a' out nine acres pastar ing—snd the r stance covered with a fine growth oi wood and timber. • 1 Ter ms ..f a«le, one half cash, balance la one year with mterest, and good t>erson«i reenrity. 9 n jj_, LEVI CHAM, A dm nistrntor Bndgton. May )», 1881. dma)l»t*lw ‘ Valuable Kent » Mate far Hale. M The pr. perty in Wo t rock, near haccran pa \ illagc, knoa n as ihe flare, plac and t by J. f Ri h. , wju rJ . ,, "I auction, on ib* premises, at *0 o'clock \ **.' n-dav. Jun. 21.r, leu. term of land, well cultiraied a good ore ard, wel bail two story hour., burns aud carriage boas, t an e xamiued at any time p evions to th. T3«v.r.v House and Lot at Aarih>b * / Wednesdsv .Inna 99 a* S — _ Wth« prcm -e«. we Khali .HI H e tw o .toiy woodea llaaeean l’.r>I. .1 reel. No.3. The hoeee .a mm new—anlahed Ihoroagbowa. and good will accomniLdate two uuiili.r: a ao«d cellar and V,,r Th« lot laSi leei ta Tania mart and fc f. et Omp. The boom, U ,0 wtaamd lLi' another house lot can be n..d on the lot. Junelldtd HENHY BAILEY to CO. Auol'ra. Lawn Collage ai Auction. ON Thursday, June 23, at 3 o'clock P. If., oa tha premiere, a. .ball Mil at auctioa • Lew, Cor T',“ k,p* tlijacib. aUut one mil. torn vie <-H*. The boar, ia a two rtory lotto... la mad alyl, and perf.cto der Tb. celtar taa a cemcme* door, and la mat „ , ganday dr,..; tbeV bUi, lurtwce there, and a gcod cialera Thera la tmd aid rolY water ia All the oat tar a* W. Od hi u.e, *c.. are eider ecvor and coo.c kat .yarraeg d I lie grouad. which e«.er abcat I we and a quarter acr-.. are beauniul.y laid eat and taatefulir and on fully H'kd. with « rnimentalTrte. Rore. and Shrubbery Apple. P. ar .no Tl» Currants, Bacpberries, tottbrirur, Miawhtjikt kc. Also an abendtnee of vig. tabled of tha .art-' oue kind*, far family u«e. OiMe plot, are inteiepcrs cd oeer the lot. giving It a delight Ail .pp, araace — The Hew of the Ci'y. Uarhor, Island., and he twr rounding ecuntiy i. va’itd aid beautiful. Wu fm®- , we were . feting the most beautiful mot to thin vicinity for ra e laat we. k. ba' now we iaoar wa are Title peTfcet—rale jo-itive—teim.aa l.taeior. h or tun her i a.titular- i. d description eailra . HENRY BAILEY b tV, Auctioneera June 11.-did ’ llcrsea. Canuigr w, Ac., ui Auction. ON S» urday. JunettU at 11 acock arc* Lime itrret. Four llorac-e ai d tinlrt. of Ca~ rings, —one J. nny I.yi d a rp tadld can lag. la aU It. properties and ft l-h— one Jana) L«ad In good or dor. one Rock.way., wo « .rry.ll., opo/bagay Wagon., one tooeonl Vta-on.oae Eaprvae taegoo one two-wheel Chelae, three neo. d hand I arifeaa Or in capital • rder. ene Mowing Machine ft. ■**»•» * OM. AaCm Bouse and Lund on Aliunde SC. Al Auction. " ON Tav iday June YSth at So'clcek P M., oa tha premise*, w«? shall sell at euc'i<n tbs rm ds ft* fable Hou»e oa Atlantis street, ho. 0. it U i t«a story wo den h« use. with baruand oihc* out buus«t conn* cted There are two j arlors, oue dining roc a, two kitchens ihi oue bed rota on the low* r floor; and eleven fiuirti d rooms nud tin* closets lb tbs h«u*e—n good Cr 11 vr. mound ante hard and null wa ter—and the house w*U finished. Th* loeattam health end the neighborhood gcod, lltle eter nals positive, term* e*ay. I or ^ai tkaisiipltah M«i on HENRY BAILEY k CO., Auctiocsort. June 14—did E M. FATTEN, AUCTIONEEK, IS Exchange St. Bon we* and Land cor. Atlantic and Fore street*. ON Tueediy. June a»ih at j part 3 o'clock, oa tha premise*, will be sold ti o v» ry dtsunbe brt k ttv«-e together with tbs Isud. situated ns nbote.— House two story with tussment. thoroughly bait, ha* evsry convenience, rooms good »ix-,cnalliioufh out. Lord and soft wnt~r, and U one « f the teat ut* ant tons in that oei. htorhooo. L«tsb«tltO by HI. Sn’e positive, the owner Laving remivtd tr. a the etty. Te B.S to emit pure Laser. For purtku us ckll on the Anetftonrer. Jv**91 Valuable Meal ttvUale al idciiaB, la Cape Elizabeth, aear the Forty. ON Tuesday, .lane 29th. nt 3‘clock T. M.. on the premia*-*, we shall sell n In ge sad 'aiuab.o Lot or Land in t ape Eluaboth. in direct Una about UaH n mile irutn the city and near the Ferry ; bum d* 4d on the south by the toad leaning to Foil Frv b a, by this line irons Ibis road ruuntug about eta hon ored aud fifty U«t to the water Hue in F rtinnd Har bor. and fronting vn the Hart or about tw« ban -red and twenty-five test, coveilug abont <| acres or U0,< tsio square feet, and pro* nr tag a splendid lot fug VVhtrve- f,»r a Shio Yard, fnr mauiituatMriii* imp. r»*.juirii g w ter connect ion*, for fctonse Loin, suuinaaj ui her purposes. It a so tint) rants abcat **ight acres of Vim s. bounded on tbe wia by about &AJ fret of the abovo described ine; on the isuit and ea* t by the i oad to t o t Preble aud a br ook; dr4 ou the north by the water lUein the ha h r in lad in / some * 0 lent ot «*overaui«at Brenkwnte , ai d is well calculated tor a Ur* Duck or a Wet a Mai tun Bail way We -ball -ell tbe enure p opwr ty in one lot. Any prnattoal miud can eaauy jsr ceive i he tuanv purpose* th • va a able proper y can ! tscouveit d into by a -tn-il cat.ay of money aud •mtrrprise. So near tho cit. aud eon-eoteo by a •team terry every ball hour and n good sab tantlal bridge; with a large wa«.*r front on tbe bmbor and . com utending as Unr water ae can be found tn I ; the ! scarcity ot Whnrf-ro m beginning eveai now to bo ' seriously frit; located opposite a* d near the city, U • good, honest and patriotic own. where the I sea rate lower than any town in the county—adapted to •oninny money making parses we fool consent m arseriing there ie not so valu-b-e n property fbr ivprov*meat or in vestment in this market. Wa ( ^aituulany invite capitalist to tl is sale, w k \ch • Ii be positive— clear Ut e and te* m* libeml. For plan ot th* property and any particulars denned pleaso call on jniH<ild d BftHBT BAILEY C*.. A*clre. iMCHoit bull* ol Friiuim to l«t Timber iff ( nimtlw—R-al Enata Ik Grand Falls, N. B* Til KKE will be sold at public auction at the efteo of ii wry Holley k lo . Knebeaae street, Pert iaud, Maine, on 11m »d*y. dune hnlki, 116*, at It odeck a m tv ciotf acono rn. License* Be* 3 and t te cut timber do.. In Conn da. on the northwc t brn cb of tho river At John— where it is intcrt«x*Ud by tne boundary line Letwesa 4 auida and tbe stat* of Maiit—and ngtinuingcp <aid river to if* source, not to exeted. lewevar, ton mie* by 2* miles each side, a So -quart, mile*. Al**. a certain parcel ot Beal ksiet* snua.ed nl tiraud kails, io Ate County of Victoria, ana at tbe present time orcap'td and »»»rovtd by Wa. B. , Wert, Fsq . at d lo> tuirly owktu by O'Ohi Yosif, containing three (8) acre* or more w .th taildinge on the *ame. Tor farther particulars i: quire of fbe auctioneer or IlKKnKY. FLVuUsB A CO.. Portland, Malta, me v >1*11 a w t o in ne*3t heed fnju neiO tuniHl) «. FASTEN, Commission Uert-liuut & Inctiostfr, Ha* nnovnl to tbe apocicua (tore U Knhviiw 8tre*». four door, below Merchant’. Exoha&ca. Will rtcclT. coxilannient, of Mtrebudlo* el •T.r> Jwcriptton. for labile or ,rival* .ol*. taka ot Krai K»Ute Ven.eU, « ug«i. Stock, lit In* shoodlM wlieiiod. < «>b odttaco, m»or. altb prompt .ale. ut rrturao. mcbll 11; Proposals For Rations and Skip t banditry/or Retenum CW Ifr stationed at J'ort •/ A rttand. tociacTon a Oiricn, I Portland Ms . June 15m. 1864 I SKAI.KD Proposal-will bn received at this efteo until 12 o clock M .. on Ibun-dav the 80th mat., t..r fbralat Ii g hi d delivering hatiens nad Ship t handlers for the Kevenue 4 niter station* tl at th»e Port, lor Ou flreal year r ruling Jui eSO.h. 1846. Tbo 1 ratioc* to be of good and app*oved quality; to bo delivered on h arc the 4 alter in «■ od ana snftcieDl i ackagts. hart els. boxes and cases, and in good or* der. once a month tree of • xpen»e to the United Sta’ee, agrcsable to at eci iatu-isa>d table (mark* ed — 1 attailied thereto, which will form a part of the contract, copies ol win |» may be h-d by apply ing at tbi- office. Ills understood that the contiact or wi 1 be hound to furnish, upon rva-onsb e notice, as often iv-* iaav bo required by tb CqpUin of the Cutter, with the approbation of «i e » ulltco*. (id exceeding, upon an average, one dgy in each week| such frt s > moat and vegetable- ss may be equiva lent to tbe c<>rr**sj ondiu* pars cf tie a*fcs allow *d iu tt e Naval Sen ice The / hip 4 handlery to bo of the t<st quality ai d c to tbe li»p*otiowrf tbo r : officer* making tbe requMiton. AH bids must bo i | sealed md endorsed • Tr poaals for Hattons’' or . “Proposals lor hh p Chandler* to* Htvet ue Cutter Station! d at Port of Port1 and,” and then placed t I in another envtlore ned left at or directed totkiaof* . 1 tiee,prepaid if seLtbymaii. By order of bee rets rv of the Trensgry. j 1 WAbUBCBB, Jr, Collect or,

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