Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 21, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 21, 1864 Page 4
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POETRY. The Blue Coat. The followiug ballad is from the pen of Bishop Burgess, of Maine, and was contribu ted by him to the book published and sold at the late Sanitary Fair in Baltimore, under the 1 sanction of the Stale Fair Association of the : wqipcn of Maryland: THE BLUM COAT OF THE SOLDIER. You asked mo, little one, why I bowed, Tuoug'i never 1 passed tl* man be.ure* Because my heart was lull auu proud When 1 saw - he old blue coat he wore; Tne blue great-, oat, the sky blue coat, I he o.d blue ooat the so.dior wore. 1 knew not, I, wliat weapon he chose/* What cuief he ILL owed, what badge lie wore; £ lough tnatlu tae iroot of loes iln country's biuo gi eat-coat bo wore; The blue great-coat, Ac. Perhaps he was born in a forest hut, i'oruaps he had dauoei on a palace floor; To want or wealth w, eyes were shut, 1 only tua<*»d the ooat he wore; The blue great-coat, Ao. It matter, d not muoh if he drew his line From ahem or Ham, In the days of yore; For sorely he was a brother tl mine, Who .or my saao ih i wa ooat wore; Tne blue great-coat, Ac. Hr. might have no skill to read or write, Or ho m ght oe rich iu learnt d lore; Bat I knt w ue could iuskj ms mark in tight, And nobler sown uo scholar wore Than the blue great coat, Ao. It may bo be could plunder and pi*)wl, And perhaps in ills in >od he scoffed and swore; fiat i would not guess a spot so foul On th»* honored c .at ho bravely wore; The biu« gre* -coat, Ac. He bad worn it long, and lorne it far ; Aud p;-rh p- on the red Virgiaian shore, from midnight nhill till the morning star Toat w >tu great-root t h * sentry wore; I ho blue great coat, Ac. When bardv Culler reined bis steed Through the streets of proud, p.oud Baltiinoie, Pvrhans b laud hiin, a his n^ed, Aiarcbe 1 he who y o da. blue coat wore. The blue great-eoat, Ae. Perbap* ft was seen in Burnside's ranks, Whm happausum ck rau oark witb gore; Perhaps on .uo mountain side v.ith Banks In tu«* burning un no more he wore The bine geat-coat, ac. ► rorn toe•even d&)»’ buttling and uiarchiug tore, Or with R«aruy aud Pope 'mid tt>« steely »iorm, A* the night closes in that ooat he wore; 1 he blue groai-ceat, to. Or when right over as Jackson dafbrd, that eoiiar or espe koine ballet tore; Or whna fir ahuaa An leiani flushed, lie llang to the ground the ooat that he wore» Tue bine grout-coat, 4c. Or etoed at Gettv sburg, where the gravis Kang deep to Uowara’i* cannon roar; Or *aw with Grant the unchained waves Whe/e corqtier ng ho.tu the olue coat wore. The brae great-coat, kc. That garb of honor tells enough, Tjwugh I I s siory guess no more; The h art it covers is maue of such sUifl', That coat is mai which that soldier wore; The blue great-coat, 4o. Ha may hang it up when the pea«e shall come, And tbe moths in tv flud 1. behind the door; But his ch 1 tire i alii point when they hear a dram, To vhe proud old ooat their fa. her woie; Ti e bme great-ooat, 4c. And so. mv child, will you and I, ¥ or whose iair home tluir blood they pour, Btill bow tbe bead, as one goes or Who wears the coat that soldier wore; The olue vroai-coat, the sky-blue coat, Tue old blue ooat the soldier wore. ———————— Get EsoCsh SLEEr.—We have often beard youug meu remark that four or live hours was all they wanted, and all that the human sys tem required. The babit of going without sufficient sleep la very injurious—Thousand., no doubt, permanently injure their health in this way. We live iu a last age, when every body seems to bo trying to pervert the order •I nature. If folks will persist in turning day Into night, it is not to be wondered at thst few last out the allotted term of life. Xo mat ter what a mau's occupation-physical or men tal, or, like Othello’s, “gone,” and living in tdieues.—the constitution cannot stand it without a sufficiency of regular and refresh ing sleep. John Hunter, the great surgeon, died suddenly of spasmodic affection of the heart, a disease greatly encouraged by want of sleep. In a volume just published by a medical mao, there is oue great lesson that may be learned by hard students and literary men, and that is, that Hauler probably killed liiinself by too little sleep. “Four hours rest at ulgli! aod one alter dinner, caunot be deem ed sufficient to recruit the exhausted powers of body and mind.” Certainly not; and the consequence was that Hunter died early. If men will insist on cheating sleep, her “twin sister death," will avenge the lusulk—Home Journal. Faith. I)r. Mountain, chaplain to Charles II., was asked one day, by that monarch, to whom be should present a bishopric just then vacant. “ If you had but faith, sire,” reblied he,“I could tell you who.” “How so” said Charles, “if I had faith T” “Why, yes” said the witty cleric,’’your Majesty might say to this Mountain, be thou removed Into that See.” The chaplain suc ceeded.’ __ Different sounds can travel with different degrees of velocity. A call to dinner will run over a ten acre lot in a minute and a half, while a summons to work will take from five to ten miuutes. aar-Mr. Fremont Is no longer Msjor Gen. Ha has resigned one office, and haa precious little chance for another.—[Prentice. U * t 1 (J E OF THE ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NEW YORK, JANUARY W, lt*4. THE Trustees, In tenieraity to ths Charter o' the Company, ru i art the following statement of Its affairs ud to* list D cembi r, b f: Premia m* received on Marine Kl-ks, from D- January, 1858, to 81st Du •erob-T, 1868, $5 214 898 93 Fr miunis on Policies not marked of 1st January, 1688, 1.706 '0® 24 Total amount of Marine Premiums. tlo,uo6 Uul 17 No Poici. * have been Daoed upon Life Risks; nor upon Fire Risks disco a - no,ted with Marine Risks Premium^ marked ofl from 1st Jau.f 1884, to 8lsi December, 18 8, $7.597.688 66 Losses paid dating in* same period, 8.806 661 04 Returns ot Premiums aud Expenses, 1,082,947 48 The Company h** the fol owing A see a, rl« Unit d fita-es a* d btst of New York ^bUnx ,i ity Banc an 1 other 8looks, S8.492 631 80 an*secured by btocks.andntbti wise, 1,460,700 <0 ai E-ta’«aud Bonds aud Mortgages. 194 768 Do Dividends on blocks.Interest on Bonds , * and Mortgagos aud other Loans.sun* dry Notes, re I -suranee and other olaims due ‘he Comp’y , estimated at 1A4.064 61 Fr era :um Notes aud Bills Receivable, 3,278.176 63 CwhlnlUnk, *4HI3H* Tout amouM of Aucti, I blx [>e c-nt InierMt ou tbs out.I.n lug roriia “ » *• P °®'* ■»'» *>’ P*‘<1 to the ho,don thereof. « their io*ai repre-ooutiro., ou aud alter luwdar i the bee >nd of Fcbiuary rest. i After rew-rvlng Three Million Pollan ““Dtaudlne •rtifirate. of the blue of DW.. w II he redeemed aud paid to the holdei. there ol. or ihelr legal ro-,re*entatlv a, on aud after Ture day, the beooed of February next, from which dam • 11utore.I thereon will l ho certificate. to be produced nt the time ol pat meet, and cwnoelled A Dividend or Forty Per Cent I. deolnred on tha ■el earned premium, of the Company, lor the rear finding fil l Deucinb.r. 1*1,. for wblchrerTjalm will b issued, ou aud after Tuesday, the Filth of April next. The Pr jits of the Cnmpmv,ascertain* ! From the 1st of July the 1st of Jau , 1863. Ibr wn.ciiCertificates were Dsued, a uoui t to tu tin uiv. Additional from 1st Jan., 1863, to 1st Jannnry. 18M. 2.880 000 _ lo’a’ proflt.for 2I( year,. fil8.WiS.8S0 ! The Certificate. previous to 1862, have ' been redeemed by oa,h, 11,800,210 Net earnlnn remaining with the Com pauy, on lat January, 1B4. Si 283 670 i By order of me llreril, \V TOWNSEND JONES, Seem:ary TRUSTEES. John P. Jonce, Da rid Lane, t harlea Deni,I., J lin0, Bry.e, W II.It Moore Wui.sturgli.jr., Thoa. Tilreton, U k Bogert, Hen^Coit, A A Lot, }.•>t*rigUl1 Win. F Dodge, rih7. „ Delink Frekln., Chac .1 Kureel' j. t;,H!.rd. jr.. Low lliioihrcolt. J. iinnrg Bnrgy, u AT Uv!.r*?r Oomellu. Gr,Snell »' Oh,-I,, , Watt. Sherman, CHeb l*nY’W‘ £ B. Morgan. ^ 'j£- S. J Howland, yerov M Willey, Bn,J. Babcock tun1,, S. Stiller, Fle'cher Weatrar , B. T. Nie.lV It. B Mmmrn. jr Josh's J. Henry, G. W. Burnham, B s. G. Hobson, Fred. CUauucey! Jam** Low. JOHN D JONE8. President. CHARLES D*NNIb, Vice President. W. il. li. MOORE, 2d Vice President. •flF^ApnlicaUohs forwarded and Opxx Policies procured by JOHN W. HUNGER, Agent, Wo. 106 Fore street, head of Long Wharf, - PORTLAND, ME. June 3—w?*Am <ifoiai:2» ~~ ' ------ , l C'<t|>ar(ifc<>r*!ii|» Noiicn. » 1VT0TJCE is herewith given that the firm of M. Brad* A t'o. has this dav been dissolved by Mr whltoiy, tb* on* t>«rttmr 01 »ald ll»m. wiihdiawing M* *bare of investment an 1 p* rsonal stnic«<a All f debts due said fl»m aie to be naid to Mr Bradt euly and a l laims against said firm contracted before c tbis da e, to be pa d by said M Bradt, and from 1 this date the i u iness will te under the entire oon* 1 trot and st>le of M BRADT ^uuel8~dfw ja MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & CO., Proprietors,' Pox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange 8t., PORTLAND, IRE. Attention U ie->pee fully invited to our unrlvnlled , fkoUltiei for executing in THE VEST STYLE OF THE ART, j livery description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our Establishment is ftirai9h«d with tin tp* j proved MODERN MACHINERY, And ony collection of Book, and Fancy Types IVill bear favorable comparison with any establ sb- J meut in the city. | ■ — ■■ ■ I Business and Professional Cards,: l<Jf every vurlety, ityle end eoet, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. ! BllUHend* Ruled and Cat in the Neat* e»t Manner. — MASKS ASD BASK CHECKS, ' Of every description executed in the beet style. i Railroad, and other Corporation Work, done with promptness and fldelity. — INSURANCE POLICIES. BILLS OF LADING. TIMM 9ABLRS, aad all sorts ol LEGAL DOCUMENTS, at short ndiet. I —— I ferment, Erparti, ltd ill kinds of Ftmphleu, Put up In superior style. Bronzed and Colored Labels, For Apothecaries, Merchants, And Fancy Dealers, got up in the best style of the art. "Wedding Cards, Notts of Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lists qf Lkin• ! ots, etc., etc., every variety and cost, furnished at short notloe. LARGE POSTERS, Huud-blll*, Shop-bill*. Pro—am ine*, Circular*, And plain printing of every description. Also, Buie and Figure work, executed neatly, and on Urms that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRE88 Friutiag Office has one of 2oper* Improved Calorir , Engines for motive power, and is furnished wltb Improved and coatly Presses—Cylinder and Platen— j from the most celebrated makers. We have iu con stant use one of NOE'S LARUE CYLINDER I PRESSES, eepabte of throwing off 8600 Sheet. I on hour; one of Adam't Power—the best i hook press lathe world; Adam's end Potter's Pott Mathine Jib Prtttet: Haggles' superior Card Prtt Adams' and Colon large Hand Prtttet, Stand.nX Proeses, end ell the machinery neceesary for a well appointed offiee. The Deity Presi Job Office te believed to be as well furnished aa any similar establishment ia the State. Those seudlng order from the country may rely on i receiving prompt attention. We execute all orders in the shortestpossibls time and In the neatest and best manner. We will do ell kinds of printing as well and as promptly, aad as eheap as any other establishment la the City, County or State. Ail ordure for Jtb Printing matt be directed to the Daily Prett Job Oflee, Ho. 83, Kxehaage street, Portland. He. The Job Office U under the personal supervision of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PBIHT KR, aad is himself an experienced practical work* man, aad employs only weil-skillod mechanics ia this department of his work. The Portland Daily Press, Thelargest dally paper east ot Heston, aad having e larger circulation than all the other dailies in the city combined, Is published at the Office In Pox Ulock, fly 1-f L'jtchauyt Street, every morning— Sunday exoepts d, at $8,00 Per Abbou, From which 19 1-9 per rent, it dlseonnlcd for snviicK rat MEHTA. Semi-aunuAl And quarterly --1-— H'-s ■ sain min urna months, alaty cents per month, or 16 cents a nook. Staton Corl la 8 Carrs vr Now.dealers supplied at the rate of two and ona-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper in New England, eight pages, is published every Wednesday, containing all the news by mat] a d telegraph, Important readlug matter Marine List, Ma-kot Reports, do . of the Dally Press,at the following ptices, via :_ Slagle copy, one year, Invariably lands, ace.,8.00 far ala aaoatlie. 1.00 Teelaks ef fear or saare all to the same post offioe. each. 1.78 Ta clubs ef Ira ar acre, ail to the same post offioe, each. 81.80 And a free sopy to the getter np of the club. Subscriptions folieltcd. Agents w anted in every toau. Po.tmaslers requested loact as agents. j N. A. FOSTER A Co., Pbopbietom. Portland June 1, 18*4. glf NOTICE^ W*. the nadersigncd. having sold ear Stock of COiLaud WiuJDU) M lira KandMl. MeAlif "r 8 i do cheerlu'ly recommend 't ui to our , former eurtoroers. AM persons haring demands sgainstu. ire requested to present them tor settle ment, and all perious Indebted to us are requested to make Immediate pay meet at the old stand where one 01 the undersigned may he found for the present „ . . „ SAtfTKE A WdHTNEy. Portland, Jane «, 18C4. junel3d*w Coal and Wood! 11HE sub-oriber having purehssed the Slock of Coal and Woou, and taken the .tend recently wcnpied by Hours lawyer , TTkitn-,, head of Maine If*or/, are now prrpartd to tu|ply their ormer pations and the publio generally, with a ine a-sortmeut of WELL PICKED A St) SCREENED lid Company Lehigh, I Spring Mountain ld>hlgb, . . Locuat Mountain. I loha-a, . , While and Red Aah,*1 Diamond and Lorberty, Together with the best quality of Oumbarland Coal I A Superior Coal for Illaektwulhs. ▲Uo, Hard and Soft Wood, Delivered fce order in any part of the city. The former customers of Mossrs. Sawver k Whit- 1 ley are respectfully Invited to give us * call J RANDALL. McALLISTEK b CO Portland, June 12 1884-dly U' Evergreen Cemetery. J rUE Superintendent of Evergreen Cemetery will ' c ho at his office, lu New City Bui ding, entrance tl u MvrtloStreet, from 12 o’clock M. tot o’clock P o I., every day, ex oept Sundays, to attend to say calls i connection with said Cemetery. Orders may be left at tbe office at any time. f96dloaugl U. C BABB, BuperkitoodeaL HOTELS. OTTAWA HOUSE, PORTLAND llAKHOlt, MAINE JASON BERRY, Proprietor, Will open for the seasoD, on Thursday, tthe 16/A inst. This popular Watering Place, with its ROMANTIC T, And I1EALTUY L9CA1ION, titnated on CUSHING’S ISLAND, 2} miles from the city, is unsurpassed by any kutu rner httjrt on the New England coast. N. H. Positively closed ou the Sabbath to all transient visitors. Tbo steamer will leave Burnham's Wharf for this lrlaua regularly. junelQtltiw BRADLEY'S HOTEL, -os ns American and European Plan*, Cor, of Commercial & India Sts. This llouae is si natod 'directly opposite JtLe Oraud Trunk ttaLroa* Depot, anu head ol Boston and Portland &tcam*rs' W hat f Connected witu this House is a first class Oyster and Dining Hall. J iMM BUAPLhV, Jr., k CO., Proprietors. J. Bradley, Jr. p. II. isndUy. junelodfim Union and Temperance House, West Harpawell, Is open tor the reoeption of Simmer Board' rs, and traucieul and visitors. This House is very plta?antly situated on Jthe Neck, one-lourtb mi.e above thu steam boat Landtag. aoflT-steals fuiuishcd at all hours of the day. &1DN*.Y BAILEY, Proprietor. Jane 9,1864.—d8vt* Atlantic House, ICARBOKU’ 11EACH. THIS House having been enlarged and 'refitted throughoai will open tor the sea son on Monday, Jane 13, 1804, E GUNNISON. N. B—Positively closed on the Sabbath to all transient visitors junell Ocean House Re-Opened! The nnderttgued having leaded for the season this wei. ectabJirhed Watering place, charmingly sjtpattd * n ihe outer verge ot rape Elizabeth. With unrivalled lacill iies for Bathing, Boating, and Fishing, Will open lor t rauslent and permanent guests on and after Tuesday, the 7th day of June. Everv desirable convenience will be supplied for the pleasure «ud com oris ol its patrooa with regard to tne requirements and character ol a FIRST CLASS HOTEL* We feel assured that < ur exertions, added to the unusual attractions ol the house itself, wnlsecure ns the ai-probation and patronage of themublic. OT*Positively closed on the Sabbath. HILL Jc JORDAN, Proprietors. Cape Elizabeth, June 7.1864. dtf BAY VIEW HOUSE, CAMDEN. LI CJft Tbe Subscribers tike pleasure la an RJbLS uouuciug otbeir friruutaiid all iDleresud laBl*“ budiug aursi claaaara-aide Huh,) accent UHI u-odaiioua.tuai new and spiciuua Ho le. *i.i w, op nearly in June, lluontama all ij»e mod em improvements and every convenience lor tne o>mlort and aecomu,odatlon ol tbe travelling | ub ie. II ia duels iccetod, commanding an unrivalled view of tlu Penobscot Hay The advantage, ol aes balhing and Hie UojJltiu lor liabiug aLd boating »reunsurpassed. For it* bpgutilul scenery and oe ligbtiul dr.ves and walks, < amdeu ft already favor abl, knutvu a*one ol the most eligible and dljlgtr fbl watering places in Sew Kugiaud. Connected wi.h the Hotel ia e fine JJvery stable, borsea and cart iages having been uimuj with great care. The carriages are Irom the best eaiablislinicma in the count, y, audou tbu Hint approved style*, steam boat lam. inga easy ol lows* t steamers touching ev ery dav in the week. Telegraph communication w.lh all part* of the o« untry These wishing o se cure good room, will do wel. to apply aoon.aa many are aiready tngag, d. C'UalilNij a JOHNSION, Proprietor*. Camden, June J, 1SU8.—dtf Pleauaut Nubmbuu Keaort. CA.PISIC HOUSE, WEST BROOK. Till* e’egant suburban Watering Place, [located upon i pleasant eminence near Ca k ifcic l'ond. but 1| mil,.* from Portland, bar ; [mg beeu placed in the most ample erder by J_Uhg subscriber, he most re* pent fully tne attention of the public. end cordially invitee a call lrctu his old fmnd». ibe house i« pleasant, retired and quiet. The furniture ana furnishing* arc ali new. And thercoms cosy and sightly. Hie tables are supplied with ail the delacacie* a* welt as the substantial* oi the set sou, and tbe service oi one of the very beat cooks fn Ne* England have been secured. Extensive sheds and a hue ‘table With roomy stalls arc am. ug the eouvcuicnce* of the establishment A nice bathing House null] lent for the accommo datiun * f several bathcisha* been ureotod with steps projecting into teu feet of water, aud the whole ae curtd from opaervat on by a floating screen Smoking Arbors grace the banks of the Pond and invite the indulgence of the lounger. liopiug for a share of the public patronage the un dersigned prom<strs to apAie no effort lor the eu er tainmentof hi* guest*. OLD W. ML'RCH. Westbrook. May 21, 1804. mav21dtf Splendid Pleasure Result! THE WHITE HOUSE. (VOaHHHLY WILCOX HOURS.) J. P. MILLKK,.PKOPKIKTOB. 4 Tbb Hotel has recently been par* rrBxtecbuwd by Mr. Miller(ol the Albiunjand has IU4LSt«eii thoroughly refitted, renovated «ud re |ipBi»M»,ft,ro<J' a,,<1 uuraer',u,< excellent alterations WBaJliuade. It is located on the boccorappa road. Rboat loar miles from Portland. olTordinga beoutiluf drive over a good road, and Just about far enough for pleasure. It has a line large Dancing Holland good Bowling Alleys. lu close proximity to the house is a warm and roomy blable, containing twenty nice stalls. There is also a well sheltered bhed, 1U6 feet long, for hitching horses * Ohoumst Sappers will be got up for sleighing and dancing parties, who will hud it greatly to ilxtlr pleasure and advantage to resort to the White House. Ko effort will be spared for the entertainment o! ***«•- deol9*dtf HALLO WELL HOUSE REOPENE E>I JEW FURHITPRE ft FIXTURES! ». G. DEXnIsTProprietor. I9T* The public .re specially Informed lhal the •i.aclon., convenient and well known Hallowill noun*. In the oruttr of Uallowell, two mile, from Aagaata, and loar mi ea from To.aa 8prior, haa Wn reftirnlahcd, and la open for »r* recfiition of company and permanent boarder.. fucata* wUJ **• »*»•■ *® tb« comfort af STABLIIfO, are amply*provided"*’“BiesM* « » P°P»‘" *•«•>. HaJh.wel tKeb 1 1864. meb28eodtf THE Am;KlCA\ U0lSE, f‘EHMIUnover 8treet - • • • Boston, The Largest and Best Arranged Hotel IN NKW KKQLAND. LEBIS RICE, Proprietor, salt lp CITY OF PORTLAND. None* ie hereby given, Ibal it i« the Intention of the City Council to discontinue a pirtot Con trees Street—beginning at the south westerly line >t tne A A 8. Ltwrence Kailroad, and continuing ,o low water mark And the Joint Standing Committee of the Citv ’ouncil, ou laying out new Streets, in pursuance of hi order of the City Council, passed ou the 13th day j »r June, 1861. will meet for said purpose on Wednesday, the 22nd day of June, at 3 o'clock in he afternoon, at the crossing of Congress street over he A. & 8 L Krilroad, the place of beginning, and hsn and thoro proceed to view and discontinue said treet. All persons Interested will tukc notice and govern he in selves accordingly. funder our bunds this 14th day of June. A. JACOR McLKLI.AN, ) 8T4&VKN8 8MITH, i Committee on , WM II 8 TEWAKT, i . . I J MO. 1>. SNOWMAN, f out C. K. i Af>l>, New Streets. VtM.U SOLILK, ) I'ortland, June 15, 1844.—d:d Ordinance Against Dogs. City or Poutlam*. MauaiiAL'a Orgies, I May 2d, 1881. SncTlort 1 —No di g thall be l to go at frgeor loose la any street 'ane, alley, a urt orlrav led way, or in any unlueioaed or public in tl.ia ity. until the owner or kieper of fucIi dog, or the lead o' the family, or the keeper of the bouse atore hop, office, or other plaop where .uch dog I. kept r harbored. .Hall have ,,aid the City Marshal two lollars lor a lieeee for ruch dog to go at large ban 7 —In care any dog rhall be found looae or Oingit large, eontiary to ativ of the f. rtgnlng rovl.lona, 'he owneror keeper thereof, or the head f the family or keeper of the hoaao, afore, office or ther p aco where auch dog), kentor harbored .hall crfell and pay a auin not exceeding ten dollar. iuy6d2m JOHN 8. HKALD.t Ity Marahal. , PARTICIPATION. ’ortland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. This Company will laaue Police, to be Tree after the lyuent of aix, eight or ten 1'remiama at the option I the insured and at rate, aa low a. auy other umpany. The laaue ol Free Policies reudera It at ic icaat equal if not superior to the participation rmpauiea. Office Ho. 102 Middle St. SIIARLKS IIOLDKN, rret. DWARD SHAW, Sec. rebltdftwtf. * FOR SALE & TO LET. houses^Thd LOTS POE SALE, BITUATKD OH Franklin, Aldeu, Washington, Montreal, Fox and Sumner Streets. PRICES FROM $1,000 TO $2,509. Also, TWO SMALL FARMS, in Cape Elizabeth. Terms liberal to suit the purchaser. Enquire of ELBRIDGE GERRY, ap23dlw eodtf No. 69 H gh Street. Valuable Farm for ale. Situated iu Falmouth, eight miles from Portland, ou the oid Diay road, opposite black Strap Menu .men'. me la»ui centum* 49 acres 1 _-good land, well divided into til.age, pasturm* kiiu wood lots. Jt has a large orchaid, and buildings all in good repair. It is well watereu aud a very pleasant situation ; will be sold lor cash on reasonable terms. Tor further particulars inquire ot J. F. Clapp’s block, or HL’*CS RAN 1> ou the promises juueifiuliw* ■louse Lots For Sale. ON Stevens' Plains, within two minutes walk of the Horse Uailroud; plea antly located. Euquireof O. E. bAlLKY, 42 Exchange St. Junell.ihfii.—eod2w Valuable Ileal Estate for bale. Y\,TE have for sale a very desirable Hou*e, cen ▼ f traliy and pleasantly located, finished and furnished from garret to; every ihiug iu and about the house in perfect order; will be sold with , the Furniture, which a <ugood taste and in lice o. • der Immediate poesession given, lhe house aud I luruiture can be examined cl anytime, and iuior* nation give by calling on HENRY bAJLKY A Co., Auctioneers. mayl9dtl Land on Free street lor bale. THE valuable real estate ou Free street, known a< the “Furbish property " 1 be lot is about iofi ftet ou Free streot and extends back about 174 lett. Said estate will be sold as a whole, or the easteriy ) half of the dwelling house, with lot about 40 by 176 foet, will be bold by itself Application may be nude to James Ferbish, Esq., . on tue premises, or to Or.O. E. b. J At K vON, Jalyldtf_ __ 69 Exchange street. For Sal*. THE Dana property, so called, on Windham 11111, iu Windham, containing about ten acres '1 here are ou the premises a good Two Story Dwelling Hou-e and barn, with other outbuildings. The property is pleasantly situated and the neighborhood unexceptionable. > or terms. Ac., apply to nk.m.nis tv .i if'k'ttnv Portiacr* May IS, WKxahaDg^ttt _ maylftdtt For Sale. 4 SQUARE block oi land, of about *3000 acrei j A oi wood land, on the couth aide of the rivet tit. Lawranoe, ju Canada East It is lutercoeded by two considerable rivers with eligibly Mill aila. Web wooded with every description of timber, sucb ai Elbe and spruce in large quantities, aud maple arch, beeeit, tgagrac anu bus wo dtrany amount' Enquire of U. T. UACH(|j. *-ortlgpd. Portland, Feb 1804 febi* oodtf For Sale or to Let. CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over 2C I rQPBia,large stable and sheds--eitaated two tad une kislf miles from I'uriiendTaad the Boost situation in Cape Elimbetb for a wa ___J Wring place, and summer boarders. Foi particulars enquire of GEO. OWEN, »P* dtf31 Winter Street. Portland. For Sale, fllUE Stock and Fixtures ot a first clfs Provision J- Stpre, t ow doing a good bus ne«s. sold only on account olll.e ill heal! . flftlie proprietor. Addro.i | "W.” Box loSn, Portland P. o. June 14—dBw For Sale. A HOUSE and Lot on Steven's Plaint Road, ad. *V Joinlug the Seminary (.rounds, a very desira blade cation. Alto a number of bu Idlpg lots uear the same. Enquire of E H. FoitBES, Ba the Plains Jnne lOtb, 1664 —tod3w* Valuable House I ota for Male. TWO House Lota on Congress street, adjoining tLebou e now occupied i.y the subscriber. . GARDNER LUDWIG. June 10,1804. -daw For Sale. 4 TWO story House and Let. situated on Tort .sb- land itrert, with Stable aud other out buildings Also two adjoining tola containing ahum eight thousand square feet. Enquire of N STEVENS, No.47 Portland street. JuneSdtf House For Sale. A TWO story wooden bouse. No 18 Adams street, 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families plenty of good water. For particulars inquire ol _ B. J. WILL A HD. Portland, May J4. JS64. mayl4eodlf For Sule. ONE Express Wagon, nearly new, can be used for one or two Horaes, it itaa Pole and bhafti complete. For price Ac., call at No.4 Free Street Portland. apr i #<Kjtf To Let. STORE now ocoupieu by uc. Possession given immediately. Also, a Front ofBoeln Hanson Block. )an8 dtfH. J. LIBUF.T A CO. To Lft|. ONE STORE In Galt's bluet Apply to H. T. HACHIK, | apttdtf D- W. CLARK uaapER iu Sliver Street Ice House, aud Oflice No. I'J Exchunge street. ,1-V.—Biwauru lu BUU CUILuUiCr* - V supp led with tlie best quality ot ICE. Price of Ice for the Seaton, 1864. 10 Ibaa day, irom June lit, to Oct. 1st, f6 no | IS “ ' “ “ " 8.1)0 Jy .. .. .. .. 10.00 Forty routs per 100 Iba. To tbosu who take loe for the season, It will be de , liverod earlier than 1st June and later than 1st Oc ! tuber, at tbe same rate per mouth as during the sca ; ion * I When not wanted forth* fall will he delivered at the rate of *2 00 per month lor 10 lbs. per day. Notice of changeof residence, if giren at tbrol flee Instead of tbe driver, will always prevent dis appointment. Any customer leaving town for two weeks or more at one time, by giviug notice at the office, will be en titled to a proper oeduction. Complaints against tbe drivers, for neglect or care 1 .sen ss or any other cause, must he made at the ol flee, and will be attend'd to promptly. Pcrtiaad, May 13, 1*64. maylSd'w MAINE INSURANCE ~C0~ Augusta, Maine. THK Maine lneuranee Company Insure against lose or damage by Fire. Hniidlugs, Merchan dise and Farnllure. on terms as favorable as It can be done bv any aolveut Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Fire years. J. L. CUTLER, President. J.U. WILLIAMS,Bccrotaiy. EDWARD SHAW-Agent, Ho. 102 Middle Street. AAllMtdl? American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW TORE. Capital *800.000, laenrr Unilvtinga. Morel.™wdler. House hold Furniture. Rente., Vs,, eele un the Sloe Its. nnd other Feir ••aal Preperiy at inr lee. eat tries. SAMUEL BROWN, President. WILLIAM RAYNOR,Seoretar. EDWARD SUAVY Agent, 102 Middle 8tr*et. • o)27 lyeod STATEMENT OP THE iCtna Iii»urmice Company, OF HARTFORD, CONN., Ob the 1st day of November, A. D. ISriS. as required by tbe Laws of tbe State of Maine. The Capital Stock la.Sl.SOO.OOO and with the turplut it ir.cttted at followt: Real estate, unincumbered, *87,963 is Caab It) baud, on deposit, and in agents' hands, 216 960 r-t United States Stocks, M2,'s47 60 State and City Stocks, and Town Bonds, 6*i)M5u 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,")7 270 (V) Mortgage Bonds, 331,960 00 Atlantic Mutual Ins. Co's scrip, 1862 3, 16.886 60 Total Assets, *3,026.879 74 Amount ol Liabilities for Losses aot due or aJJusted, *175 411 (1 Ajnount at risk, estimated. 116 610 47b PT TUOS. A. ALEXANDER, President, Luonya J. Ussnn. Secretary. Hartford, AW. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, No. 4 Iron Block, Portland Pier. doo6dtf Dingo Insurance Company OF Tils CITY or POKTLAHD. Ofllce No. H Exrlinnge stris-l. Capital $200,000 spills Company is now prepared to 1mb$ policies X on Mil kinds of property insurable agaiubt tire at cuirent rstes A. K. SHUKTLKF, President. JELEM1AU DOW, Secretary. Dibbovorb. I. B. Brown, E. 8. Spring, D. W. Clark I. B. Carroll, John Lvnch, 1I.I. Hobinaon. Tbvptbkh. St. John Smith. H. M.Payson, C. II. Haskell, Andrew .Spring, K. O. (.’rain, 'hillp H Brown, ll.N.Jo*et lore. Dow, U. W Woodman, i-J. Libby, II. J. Uobiuron, 1. N. Winslow, 8.C. Chase, LIvah ('unant, Wni. Meultou Portland, May 4, It#*. may6dU _HAI LltOADS." REDUCED RATES ! IHIPOHTAIVT TO TRAVELERS -TO THIS West,North West& South West! W . ID . LI T T L E. IS Agent for all tlie great leading routes to Chica go, Cincinnati, Cleveland, Dctreit, Jiilwaukie Galena, Oskoslt, St. Paul, LaGro-se. Crieu itav’ A Louis, Louisville, Indianapolis Cai.o • etc., etc., and is pit-pared to lurmsl, Tubouob ilt skis Item Pull,eu i to all the principal cities and towns in the loyal States and Canadas at the lowest rates of tare, and ail ectdiul iulormntiou cheerfully granted. Travelers will fled if grea'ly to their advantage to procure their tickets at the Union Tickt-l Oilier, .‘II Kxehnnge Sire et, (l/P STAIRS,) NV. D. LI T 1 i.I‘-, Agent, IV Passengers for Csliforr ia, by the Old Line Mail Steamer and Panama Railroad, n,ay best-cured by earlv spplicatiou at Ibis office. Tickets lo Manlrml ami Quebec and return (via the Grand Truua Railway) may bo obtained at this agency on lavorablt- terms. ma>26uA wit Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s Great Combination ol EXCURSIONS! For the Season of 1864. Tickets Good to Return to November 1st. JC&SgbsSfc~h—rsrsr: Kg uragraK vb- -nan< <i (■HAND THINK KaILHAV. From Portland —T0 White .Moil it tains, .Montreal, Quebec, Ike i troit, Chicago, VVilwaukie, N.again Falls, and reiurn A1* VMRY LOW RAT US Of F.iRI! i Only $16 to Chicago or Mihoaukie, W4’i out ur.el return, cm. Sarnia Line. To Chicago and Re-tarn, all rail, *35, ! „ A,,»° “> “niton, New York, uptbe Hudson River f ha-atoga, Lake Leoi-fle. ! ‘‘truing from Niagara k ail, either by Grand Tru.k RsPway, or by tuo Royal Mill Lins throe “ tee I be usanu 1,lands and .,r.. ... renoo ’ ” ' — Antrim* Ifanep taken at Tar for Ticket*. Klein ingtar-aud at Uclfechmeiit tuloons Arrangement, ha- e been made with the Propric tore ot the principal Until. In Monarial. yuebtc and N^To^’Hotef^i'.^ “OM-T “ j u^d^kiM^™'10" *° A— or! fc P. llBAt-ti ticnWal Agent.»t»Broadway >' V Jut f ut-ttwana,Eastern Agint, Bangor PORTLAND ARD KENNEBEC H. R. 8PRING k SliMMhtt A It BANG EM ENT, Commencing Monday, April 26, 1»G4 ■~NBgCT^ Paaaangr r train, leave Sko* Began for SSMd3Wiei ort an , and h 4i A it Au gus a, A. M.and Bath It Id p. M. Auvtuls tor I'onlgnd ana |)os,„„ „ 5jy Ai j* “•'bA<*-«i*». Waterrilli,Kendall’. Hills and bkuwhegsr, at 1*. M. Portland lor Bath and Au-uata 8 16 I1. M Paaaeugtra fir latiouaouthe Audroacoggia Bail train f orn Portland connects at KwI'k?. i Mm‘M,1I!" E’enual Iiailroad lor Bangor .Ac, an iving same evt-ni ng ^Sjagea leave B. h lor Booalaod at 9 A. M.and 3 Stagoa leave Augu.ta tor Itellkat *t 4 P M 800? ki“*T" r*Vniyliegan at 6 lo p. 11 for Anaon, I .t,ihr“,*h Ticir*' !■* «“ I’te etatioup on this and thp Antfroaeoajtui Katlroad, tan he procurnd in Boaton at the £,itro or Boe'cn an.l Uin April 18, 1M?' “• CLS1JMA« ^»9«lntend..v . Vork a Cumberland Kitiiroud. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. ^oO aftir MOVUAV, April lth., Ibid, Iran.a Kill Rave a* O luliow*. until further notice • ^ Sacu River lor Portland at 6 46 (freight Irgin with 1'Macyger j Cars) %iid a io a. y •. auu 2 30 g r. * Leavi* Portland lor haco Ki* m, 7.46 a j* aid 2.0U and 6,20 P. M. The 2 00 P. M.Rrain out. sud c 46 ▲ . m. train into I ortland, will be freight trains with passenger cars attached atages connect at rtaccarappa daily for South Windham, Windham Center and Great Kalis. At Gorham lor West Gotham, St imiuh. Steep Falls, Baldwin. Sebago. Bridgton. Hiram, Uintug tou, Cnriiisb, liepuiferk, hro*. cn-ld.!, Frye burg. Cop way. Bartlett, Albauy, Jackson and ba ton, IS. 11, At Bunion Center for West Buxton. Bonne v Ea gle, South bimingtoii, Limiugtou and Limerick At baco River tri-weekly, ior Hollis, Limerick, Ossipce, Newheld, Parsouslield, Eihug&ara, Kroe doin, Madison, i aton. Cornish, l oner, a c Fares 6 cents less when tickets -are purchase d in the OGice, than when paid in the ( gri^ l>*£. CAHFitaKlEjU, Sunt. Portland April 7, 1&04. dti ^ MAINE CENTRAL RAILROAD, WITTES ARRANGEMENT. Q , Trains leave Portland, Grand Trunk WB,TJI!,j3flStationl f-.r Lewiston and Auburn, at 7 4o a. m. For Banger and intermediate stations at 1.10 F.M. RE! UENING—leave Lewiston at 6.20 a m , and aivlvein Portland at 8 a ¥. Leave Banror at 7.26 a M.and arrivo In Port laud at 2 00 p. m. Both thoso trains oonneot at Portland with trains tor Boston. Freight train leave* Portland at 3 a. m., and ro taming is due inPortland at 1 p. m. Stage* connoct with train* at principal stations, daily ior most of the town* North ar, 1 l.a-t ot thu V. ». MOBSlt.Snp t. Wetervine, » vember, 1S«I Uuoli GRAND THUNK RAILWAY Of Gnnuda. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. 3—HP On and after Monday, Not. >, 1943, train* wiii run daily, (Sundays except • i) uutil further notice, as follows. Up Trains* Leavo Portland for bouth Paris at 7.40 a. a. For Island Pond at 1.10 r. a. Down Trains* Laare Island Pond lor Portland, at 6 a. ■. Leave South Paris for Portland at 6.46 a. m. The Company are not re*ivon.«ibto for baggage to an/ amount exceeding *50 in value, and trait per* •onal, unless notice* is given, and paid lor at the rate of one pasHonger for every *600 additional value. C- J. Bill D(»RS, Mauaging Director. H. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nov. 4,1^68. nov6 PORTLAND, NATO & PORTSMOUTH RAILROAD. SUMMER ARRAN Q EM R NTS, Commencing April lltb, 1864. JBMHBT PA-.snger Trains w ill It are the gta* tion. Canal street, daily, (Sundays ex cootuNi i as lollow .*> : Leave Portland for Boaton, at 8 45 a x and l.fe r. x. Leave Boston for Portland at 7.80 A. x. and 3.C0 Leave Portsmouth for Portland, at lo.OO a. x and 6.3d r. x. The** trains will take and leave passenger*at war I stations. Freight trains leave Portland and Boston daily. FRANC18 CUASE, duperintendt-utt. Portland, Oct. SO. 1863. oc31 edtf 1 ' FIR EWC> It In ?S OF EVERY DEbltfipTION. CUTTER A AUSTIN, 32 and 33 Federal Street, and 107. Ill, and 113 (ok grr$$ Si., Hoe ton, Wholosa'o Dea'ers in Firework*, Chinese I at ulema, Toichex, .Vo. rue A K It' UNION L* NT RUN Rod. White and Bln*, for Political Processiona. Exhibitions luriiisbcd to any amount. betiti (or Trice LM )uue6d'njuly i TOCLEAR TIIE HOI SFor f I,1FS^ ] Ute Rutckcr't Celebrated LIGHTNING FLY-KILLER, S, A neat, okeup article, easy to use. Every sheet will kill a quart. AjM every where. juuc4JAw$w THE BOSTON ITKi; BKIClT And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Works H94 Federal street, tithe* and Warehouse *3 Liberty Brick, ail shapes aud sizes,for furnaces required to f stand tlm most iuten.o heat als i Furnace Blocks and Slabs, Loeomoiive Fire Blocks. Bakers' Oven and i.roen house Tiles. Clay U lorts aud necessary Tiles to aet them, tire Cement, Fireclay and Kaolin The undersigned will give their spetial attention that alt orderstor the above mauufacturcare execu- S ted with promptuess. JAMES E MOM) A CO. Srllino Aiissts, 13 Liberty Square, Boston, ^ tnclill eodSili TOSIUP IU II.DKKS. I I*. S. A- J. It HUOKINS, n COMMISSION MERCHANTS, aud w hole«a!p ami retail dealer* in Ship rniiiKR a»d1’lam£. Have for sale at their Wharf, Central Square Oak Treenails, fl a.'XMi Hnckmatnck Knees, planed. Also White Oak l-LAMcau.t ITsinatcCitksrxt'T Roam - and Blank t, White I ink, Deck-Clark, Xc. l‘ai!icu!ar at- y tension pil’d to t u in-hiiix OoA JUanl by theCarco. . i mch24 d3m • o is*. Evaaw, i,' Purchaser lor Eastern Account or LOCK,GRAIN, SEEDS, PROFUSIONS. LARD, BUTTER and WFSTKKN PltODUCK generally. f. Particalar attention given to shipping by quickest and cheapest routes. No. 153 SOL i ll WATER bT. ,a r. o. Box 471. Chicago, Illinois, j 11 Bxfx«b»cbb—Messrs. Mavnard Ik Sons; n. ft \V. c* Chickerm*; C. II. Cunimiu«* X Co.; 8. U.Howdkar fit 4 Co.; Charles A.Ston**; llaMett. Davis 4 Co., ol dt Boston, Mass. Cashier Elliot Hank. Boston. J N. th Bac?n. Emi ..President Newton Hank, .lewton. C. *a B;£°2* in arrea EUil* * N«w York Citv« | Jy$ 83 dly, • STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River, Summer Arrangement, I8G4, THE NEW, STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS STEAMER LADY LAXti, Built expreraly lor this route, 4AIT. WILLIAM R. RCMX, Will commence her Summer Ar* rum-mmt on MONDAY MOhN June 0 b, Leaving Banger ev ery’.MoiiUay, VV'adtiesoa. aua hriilay Morning-, at io'c.ock. J * Returning will leave Pai rcad Wharf, foot ol Mate street PcrUanu, every Monday, Wedneaoay Evening-, at 10 o’clock, connecting with the Lasn5r,i, iv,feton and Maine, atd Portland, *Sacu urn tortftinouth itailroa ta, from Boston and Way Sta ion?, leaving Boi-ton at 3 o’clocx, P. SI. iJt iwl* W,“. “ ““®>>l*k«l. Camden, Bel SiV. .?* **'*■ " ‘"terport and Hampden, both w 5, 1,,‘s“n,F'r“ ,‘ckel‘<i through to and lrom B,'lu0. Lowell, Lawrooce. Salem a,,d Lyuu for more exteuded inlormallon, apply to J. O 5eS?uaC.*,.m,,f.0r; !“*JPC41 A««t.“t ,L varioui la ding*, the Depot Mimera of th* 1*. H. ft I’, and It * M Itailroad*; Abiel Som.rby I ortlaud; Laug ft Da'ano Hoatou. or y' June 4.—Isdtf CUAS' HI’EAH- General Agent. Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. One of the following flrat-clas* ateamerM of this Liue vizPeruvian ILLcrnia, North American. Jura Bel -—■f.1,au- £*•<>'a Seotiau, Mormi*n’ Da ma*cur, wi.i tail from Quebec. rvkky Saturday Morning, for Liverpool via Londonderry. ine D A.MAStic S to nail from Quebec Saturday morning, Juno 18. ^ Alaothe.teamen Sr. David, St. Geokoe St ft*DR«tv. ST l'xTRU K, tri monthly from Ouebec I for Glasgow. Prepaid aud return ticket, isiued at ; ?'iU0«<1 r.lt0*.' ^ or P*888*8 kPP1/ to H. ft A. ALL- 1 AN, Montreal, or to ,1 L. maylddtl No.10 Exchauge atraot I’ortl’.nd. ' International Steamship Company. East port, Calais & St John. TWO Til IF* PEB WEEK. On and after Monday, March 28, i the *u[Minor ..a-going steamer > N ttv KunhWIcK, c,p, k b vJ, . I II II. Wlncheater, will lave Bail road WharTrTooTol state Street, every Monday at 6 CKDtCkFitjj*n<1,h<Vx,e*m®r NKvr en«land, Lapt. h rn ld, cry lhun*<i ay at 5 o'clock P M for taalport and St. John, N. B, connecting at East port with »-earner (juoen, for Hobiu*0u,Rt. An drew, and < a!ai«, and with Stare coach.-, for Ma icton and with steaaper Kmi eror lor L>igby Wind ?°r and Halifax, ai)d wiih the E. Jk N. a. Railroad for bbediap and all way nations. Returning, wl'I leave 4»t John every Monday and andBoJton' * oolock A M",or K“«P«rt, Portland °f 'he A*'n,**“d C1"k*eiVe<1 Uil * e’Cl#Ck P' *- “•“d»7* and m,y,Jdtf _ C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. the steamers Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal j*d!&3k™o!!;rwrttrth''aoUot- r“ “ I-eave Atisntie Wharf, Portland, every Monday, Tnoadav, Wednesday, 1 h or .day and Krtdiy, at T o'clock r. k., mud India Wharf, Boa ton orery Monday, Tuesday. Wednesday, Thursday and Friday, at i o'clock P. M. Fareiu Cabin.SI M " on Deck. \aa Freight taken a. uiuad. The Company aw noi reaponalble for barrier to any amount eaceediug MO In valor, and that ponon al, uu,‘-= ■ notice ia given and paid for at the rata of ona pvi.irtiger lor e.nry SoOO additional value. Feb IS. V"£. dtf L BILUJiUB, Ageat. PoritaHd and K*tv Vork Steamers SEMIWEEKLY LINE. Good, forwarded by thia line to and from Msatraai, Ccebeu, Bangor, Bt'.ti, Aegoata, Eiitport sad St. Job*. Shipper* ara req treated to lead their freight to tha iteamrre aaearly aa S P. M , on the day that than leave Portland. For freight or pa—age apply to EUhKT A FOX. Brown’. Wharf, Portland. H. B. CROMWELL A CO., No. M WeetStroat, H*w Tori. * Dec d. 1363. 4tf PLCMKR PATENT BOOTS. fllilE «bov«* Boot* and .Hho'dare comfortable from R. the timt wearing anti require no “Breaking in," and ’hen-fore mueh more durable. PLUMER PATENT BOOTS. Mtn'i Prggeil Cat/ Pturner Boot*, §6 U) Men’a Pegged Cat/ Plumer 6 UO Men'* Pc a nr A ('tiff K- ..ft »• tit Mens rigged Oil/Ptumer Boots, 7,00 Men s Sewed Cat/Plummr Hoots, *7.fir Men’s Sztctd Cal/ J’mmtr Boots, 8.UU Men's rfgged Calf Fa morals, $3 fiQ Men's Pegged Culf Balmorals, 4 00 Just rec^iv^d, all >he \ ark-ties of the finest quality, »*ht and heavy Alec's Call Bo Is. Our Bot-t* are made of light ibflereut widt* • and are designed for a genteel class of feet not hitherto fitted by Beads Manufactured Hoots Thee arc made of the b< st s ock. by the most careful and skillful workmen.and ever) pair is wa ranted bo h ia reference to stock and workmanship. Frcm Rev. lieurj Ward Beecher. _ Brcok’vn, Mav 9, 1864. Dr.J. f . Pturner.—Dear Sir.—ilad ray Boot# been torn on me th y could not have fitted me better.— j l her wi-re more comfortable the very first day thau mv boots generally are after months of usage. 1 cannot praire them too highly. They have but one serious fault, they will make all other boots seem uncomfortable. By tho war, you carried off my lasts. They were i the rigi t ones, ar.d 1 to k them out with my own bands, and know the) fitted. Fleas#seed them to me again bv evpr as I aoi, very tralv. 1 our obliged servant, U.W BEK* HER MIMt H’ BOOTH. Ladles’ Ptumer Patent Fa!moral Hoots, $4.48 I.adios’ Plumer Patent Congress Boots, 4.60 j The above boo’s are made from the best stock, and expressly to my own order. Every pair hi warrant 'd. the #aine a# if a measure was ta*eo. This work ! * fbe same as told by the first class retail dealers iu ' Boston, amt pronouucedby them superior to the beat New 1 ork woik. La'lie*’ Balmoral Boots. Ladic-s* Serg* ftalmoral Boot*. fl.Tfi Ladies’ Merge Palmers) Hoots, 2.mi , L d # s' Serge Hsltnoral Hoots, 2 25 1 1 s*dies' Merge Balmoral Bools, 2.60 : Ladies' Serge Balmoral Hoots, 2.76 LADIES’ CONGRESS BOOT'S. Ladies’ serge Congress Boots. 91 TO Ladies’ Serge Cotigrt-* Hoot*. 1.75 .adieC ber»c Congress Boots, 3.00 Ladles* Serge C6hgress Hoots, 2.25 -adics* fctrge Congress Boots. 2.60 I ndio' Uniou Hoot*. Ladies’ Union Boots. 2.0*1 Ladies* Union Boots, 2.*6 Ju*t received, a’l tl e varieties of the purest quali- 1 y oi Misses and Childrens' Boots at d Mooes, and tor ale at fair price*. K. NUTTER. V2 Middle st. Juno 1st, 1864. junel4rr MINSLOWSMACHINE WORKS M AN UFACTU'HKK’S BLOCK, UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, MAXmOTl'BKB or team Engines, Steam Boilers, Shafting Pulleys iicuring, and all kinds 01 Machinery. Also L iw and High Pressure M’eaiu floating Ap paratus tor Factories, Public Buildings and Dwelling Houses. In this I>e par.meuf^ne es ablisbinent has been uacouiinonlvt»uc*e.wtu!. team Cooks, N aive* Whistles, and *t-am. Water and (.as Pipe and connections furnished at wholesale or retail. t.'puiring promptly nud luitiifully Done. In conn cilon with th- nbore r.ttblhhraeat l» an •uu Foundry, with a larye assortment of patterns id » Fisnin, Mill, where wood piauingol ,11 kind. sybeiluuo. mayUdit t II V OF PORTLAND. rllF. committee nn Mighw.r. Ike.. will r»eeivf sealed, for (urniehiti, ten tboassnd ns Mo* Islami paTing stones during the months of ey.iuueand duly —.equal quantities each month. h- parties proposing will please fate what portion ■ sa>d Hioues—if less than the whole amount— they : 1 til luruish as above. l*rop»sal* will he received 1 nil June JJ, 1864. The committee reserve the right ’ reject any or all proposals not deemed for the in* 1 rest of the city. Per order. «J. K. DONNELL, Chairman. 1 1 April 19th, 1 $64. ap20d*wtd : j THE subscriber hereby gives public notice to all t . concerned,that he has been duly appointed and » ken upon himself the trust ol Administrator of j e estate of ■ SAMUEL H. KING. feof Portland, in tho County* , i ised, by giving boud as tho law directs; he there- j s re requests all persons who are indebted to the said 1 I ceased’s estate, to make immediate payment; and j i ose who have utiy demands thereon, to exhibit the ' I me for settlement to MARQUIS F. KING. i Portland May 17,1864. may96ood3w* 1 _ MEDICAL. Lyon’s Periodical Drops TIE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ARI BRTTCRTBAR ALL Pill*. Powders A Quack Preparations. Lyons Periodical Drops! -ASM Sure to do Goodand cannot do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! The Ureal Female Itemed? LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARB BETTRC THAR ALL RILLS,POWDERS t QUACK PREPARATIONS LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS! ARK SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops the great female remedy Lyon’s Periodical Drop* ERE BUTTER TUAN ALL PILL£ POWDERt AND QUACK MEDICINES. Lyon’s Periodical Drops Are Sure to do Good and ounnoi i do Harm. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Greuc Female Remedy. T TTAATin ___ _ < o rnaiumuAL ilAUri? *»■ Brrrait tha» all Pills, Powders and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS -acb SCKKTO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HABM Lyon’s Periodical Drops THK OHEAT flBALI BIHIDI Lyon's Periodical Drops Ars better than all Pills, Powders, And Quack Preparations. Lyon's Periodical Drops, •uro to do Good and cannot do Harm. Price, $1 per Bottle. For Ml* by all Druggist*. At wholesale by W. V Phillips. H. U. tlay ft Co., Portland. Ur)1 ewilr CATARRH! -AMD NOISES IN THE HEAD! ! LTBID BV ISBAUIS -A Harmless Fluid, OP AGKEF.ABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING j Of the Head. THE SESSE Or TASTE AXD SMELL BESTOBEI* DB. K. GOODALE’9 CATARRH REMEDY. Dr Loodnle has combatted Catarrh until he has fbugbt it down. It has been a long war. bat bis tri umph is complete. I broach all eumlag time hie Ca tarrh Uemedy will be known u the only one anti dote for a disease which saperlleia.'l»tt hare declar ed incurable. Cata-rl, doctors, so called, spring ap like mushroom on all sides. The object or these poeket practitioeere is atoner Ther u.. instrument*. Tbrtr violent manipulations Irritate tbe already in flamed membrane. They never care. Dr. Goods]*’* treatment Is medicinal, not mechani cal. lie does not believe in tb* force-pump system, which is working so much mischief iiis remedy passes through the absorbents, to tbe seat cf tbe dis ease. aud obliterate* It. It does not reliefs merely for a day, but for all time. Lastly, it cos s a dollar a bottle—no more. I>r. Dodge tf Juburn A’, f. After having witnessed the effects of this Remedy in Catarrh, thus speaks of it;-It is truly and un conditionally a Herculean topeclttc lor the • hole dis ease. touch an article ought not to be "bid under a bushel." aud any man who can invent so truly an efficient and posilive a remedy for such a loathwme disease, ought to be considered one i f tbe bene ac tives of his race, and his name aud the effects ol his skill perpetuated. Yours respectful •. D. L DODGE. A. M. Pliny Milee, the eeell-knonrn Traveller, And whose family nhvaician Dr Gooda's was for many years, save— "If l>r Good ale says be can cure Catanh. heean cure it," Ac Price SI toend a stamp for a pawph'rt Dr K UOODALE’to office aud Dep 't , 75, Bleeker •♦rect, one door west ol Broadway, New Yojk. II. H. Hav Agent for Portland. June 2d, 1863. Jun*2d:y HAVE now been before tbe public for nearly a , year They are universally pronounced the neatest and best fltiing collars extant. The ut.per edge presents a perfect curve,free from ths angle* noticed in all otLcr collars. The cravat causes no puckers on the inside of the turn-down collar,—they are A8 SMoOiH INSIDE t AS> OUT6IDE,—and therefore perfectly free and , easy to the ueck. 1 1 he Garotte Collar has a smooth and evenly flu- < isbed edge on both sidkb. i These Collars arc not simply flat pieces of paper t cut in the form of a collar, but aro molded and SHAPE > TO FIT TUB STUCK. I They are made in "Novelty ' (or turn-down style)in t ***Fy half lire from 12 to 17 inches, and in "Eureka." . (or Garotte.) from 13 to 17 incLes; and packed in "solid size” in neat blue cartons, containing 100 each; also in smaller ones of 10 each,—the latter a t very haudy package tor Travellers. Army and Navy Officer. ' Or F.VF.RY COLLAR i. .tamped "UEATt Patkst Molded Collar.” , Sold by All dealers in Men's FurnlsUnc Coods. „ Tbe Trade supplied b. HATCH JOHNSON R Co c Importers aud WbolefRle Healers iu Men*. FuruUb- 1 lor Hoods and Umbrella. 81 Dryokshiae 8t Bom- ( Mam. _ Eich22eodJm s CITV OF POKTLAXD. VTTKNTION U ca'b d to Section M oT tbe Or- !! cinanc* lespeoflng Interments. If any i>cr-ou shall be de lreus to move eut of the City the body of a decease 1 jwtton fbr inbriurat, n he fhall make application to the S)uperioiendent of % Burials for po^rnHsioo so to do, ami said touperin t ndent shah grant su h permission if no cause shall cl sppear for wituboldiug in© ssine. aud shall attend t. to such removal in person, or employ oee of the uu- .. dortakers of the city to atteud tkervto. Pena i> !<# violation cf ibis Ordiusuce not less ihsn flve nor more than twenty dollars «t All violations of this Ordnance will be prosecuted *■, i;cordiug to law LOUIS Bl'M'K, Superintendent of Burials. ft Portland. June 10, 1864 — dim w kt a Court of Probate hold at Portland, within :.nd * for the Couuty of i umberlami. on the tirst f res day of June, in the year of our Lord eight een hundred and sixty-.our. Ait E. Jl.toi.EY, natmd Dev leer in acertaii* ^7 luUrumeut purp irtiug to be th- last will aud e* lament of fa rah II Bartel*. late of Portland, in aid county, widow, deceased, having presented he sums for Probate: al»o her petition prayieg that — d <nmist rat i >n with the Will aunexed. ou said es ate may be grauted to G©1* E B. Jackson, of stkl ’orila«d. Will am W. Woodbury, th© Executor' lamed in said Will, having in writing declined said rust, It weu Ordered, That tha said Devisee give no- l Ice to all persons interested, by causing uoticeto be ublished three weeks successively iu the Maine State v 'ress. printed at Portland, that they may appear at a Probate Court to bo held at said 1'ortland, on th* rat Tuesday of July uext, at teu of the clock » the forcuoou, and show cause, if anv they have rhy the said instrument should not be proved am A roved, and allowed as the last will and testament f said deceased, and administration granted, as rayed for I a said petition JOHN A WATERMAN, Judge. 1 Al l true copy, aUeet, El Ilw3w* EUGKXK HUMPHREY, Register. * i "rrtaamm—meL-jaani-ux.'i1 _MEDICAL. DK. J. B. HLUHEg QAM BB FOUR a AT BIB PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 3 Temple Street, WHERE he can be consulted privately, and with thu utinor-t conlldeuoa by the aiUicted, at all hour* daily, Irani 8 I r. a. Br. 11. addresses those who ure . ufii ling under the affliction of private disea.o, wlicther arising Iron Impure connection or the leirble vice of sell-ebuae Devoting bis enure time io that particular branch ol the medical prolclon, be fee Is viarraLien in (.fan ASTKijoil’carniLLC*,.!., whether ofloa standing or recently contracted, enUiely removiu tho dregs of disease from the system, and uiakine perfect and FSUMAXKX t CDRM. 1 He woald call the attention of thf afflicted to b fact ol hi* long ‘taudiag and woi) er.rm t1 nuntatiou furnL)hiag«uuou)ut BMiiuaiica ol bis s^iil md taa aeac. CAUTION TO TZZ£ PUBLIC. Krcry Intelligent and thinking person must know that remedies banded out from general use ebvuld beve their eflieaey established by well tested ex pe rieaca in the hands of a regalarlv educated physi. oian, who^ preparatory study tta him lor all the datiee be must fulfil); yet tbecountry is Hooded with boor nostrums and euro-alls, purporting to bo th« beat in the world, which are not only uselesa. hat al ways injurious I he unfortunate should be rakTio OLA* in selecting his physician, as it la a lamentable yet lncontrovtrtable fact that many syphilitic an ?*'*r“ «“«*’ miaermhle with mined by maltreatment ficm inexperienced physicians la Miff*'** fur “ “ P«i»t gen. rjllyeoweded by tbobeat ihxtihe study and man wment^ol thcea complaints should eLross tha .° e *1*°,* °* »bo woald be competent and •noceeafol in their treatment arri cure. 11, ',“. perienoed general practitioner, basing neither op nortunitv nor time to make himseli acquainted with thairpathology,common!) iubiucs one sjstem ol ol oT'thli y}'** “ tBdi-o.tateU ■jja^f that antiquated and dai genius weapon, Her HAVE CONFIDENCE. All who bnre eoir.mi*led an excess of anr kind . whether it be the solitmy vice el youth, or the at,aw. lng rebuke of misplaced confidence In malureryc an SEKK FOR AX AXtlDOTB IX SBASOX. Tha Pains and Acbaa, and Lnssitude and Nervous Prostration that may fellow Impure Coition, arc the Barometer to the w hole system DO not wait for the cousnmmati >n that it sure to fol low, do not wait for Unlnhtly Ulorra, for Disabled Limbs, lor Eoao 01 Bcaatv and Complexion. HO W MAX t TUOVSAXDS CAX TRSTIXT TO THIS B T UXUAPP T bxprribncb. Young Hen troubled with emission! fa alM>n a oompluint generally the nsolt of a bad habit in yontb, treated scientifically, and a perfect cur. .., ran ted or no charge made. ^ cure war - Hardly a day passes tui we are eonsalted s>, ... or moro foudf men with th#. h1«aw« . wAvtn are aa weak and emarifited a* thouirk th*V had the coniouptton. and hr their Mends auddoccA to hurt It. All such c ue. yield to t*V rraHeTtid •aly correct coarse of treatment. >rd la a short •*— ara made to rejoieo la perfect health. _ t tj MIDDLE AGED There are many men at fee a... r . t‘cabled with too frequent rromtbl bladder, often accompanied bv a .light imirt™, L baroiag .ensation, and w.wkenl»g tU .,*.*£ “I manner the patient cannot account tor. On f>.n" lulog ariaary dep- sit. a rope .ediment will often he toaud. and sometimes .mall particles ot n.. a, albumen will appear or the color will bo of” thin milklah hoe. again ebanginr to a dark and turbid appearance, there are many men who d,. dlftcBlty.ignorant of theesnse, which la the tW* SECOND STAGE OS SEMINAL WEAKNESS. , a perfect care ia saeh ease, aad a fuU and haalthy restoration of tit urinary organa Parsons who cannot personally consult thrift “If®ta. *>y »r*ti®« in a plain manner . .lewinptica of their disease, and the appropriate remedies wiE tm forwmrdt d isumni lately. Wi— All aorreepoadenee strictly confidential aad wUl be returned If desired. Address. DR. J. B. BC6BE8. Temple fit., [oornor of Middle! Portlaad. E^dead Stamp for d-mlar. Eclectic medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. DS. HUGHES particularly invitee all1 -.y who need a medical adviser, ui call at r.u rooms, He. t rample Street, which they will fiad arranged for tkeir tni»rciaJ accommodation. ■ P? Eel*c,i' Renovating McdlciaesarraariTai la ettnacy and superior virtae in reguiatlag ail romalt irregnlarttk- Ihelr action is .peclAc aad 0 wtain of producing reilei in a short time wADlho will dad it invaluable ia all oaaaaofoh • tructioa. after all other rumediee have been tried la emla. It is purely vegetable, cm taming nothing la the leas'.injanous to t r.e health, and may ba taken wtch perfect safety at ell times. Sant to any part of t be country with fall dlraotfoaa t’r«Yd.TiY .. ok hcghSt^ • Tampla Strati, aorntr of Middle. Portlaad. ■. B.—LADIES do wring may nonsuit one of theft *»*>••*■ A lady ot aninrisuee la constant attend »’”*_ ' MORE TESTIMONIALS! m MRS. MANCHESTER it constantly receiving unsolicited teetimoaialt ot the aitrmiikinf cure $ performed by her. Among isaay recently received are the followtag. which are coauaeaded tothe notice of the afflicted. Mrs.Man cheater may be consulted at No. 11 Clapp’s Block, Boom No. 6. A CASE OS SPINAL DISEASE COKED This D to certify that 1 went to see Mrs Munches tar last March with a dang brer of mine treat led with spinal disease, for which she had been doctored for fire years, aad by a number oi physic ana of I klads; and she has bad twenty-one ap; Mentions ot electricity applied, but all to no effect; bat she eea Usually grew worse. I came to the conclusion, as .w».imOT,W(OUli» Hr*. VtMbMH, ul did »o; sad to my gnat surprise ik» told mo tbs Srst aaae ol the disease, and how sho had beta Cram Urns to time, which encouraged too to try ter medioinaa. I did so. aad bow my daaghttr u able to be aroaad the bouse all ol the time. 8heal<o rijea tea or If. loeu ladies without any trouble or loooavsuieaao,aBl 1 think in a short uae she wttl l>c restored to P, ifeel health, hluoe my daaghter has been doctoring, I bare heard of a great many oases that Mrs. Mooches tor has eared. I think if any person Jieemus pat. ronage, it is the oao who tries to pre-erea the hi sit b of thesfok and suffering; and t know that oh# uses ,TW7 effort which Use in her power to benefit hat Sabah L. haiawre, ti Holloa hHlbBTS, Aauv E. K hi oars, „ . >a>ifSSl«. Bromtorict, ilatmo, Angus! 5fk, OltM OB THS URRATRST CURBS om RECORD. Mas. Maaoiiarrsu— Door Mainm.-—Thinking a tatemont of my ease may be of sereioo to others limiiarly alBictod. I hastes to give it to yam. , This is briefly my caso—1 was taken sick aboat lfi aontbs ago with the Liver Complaint in a very bad 'arm. I applied to foar different physicians,but ro> wived ao benefit ntrtll I celled on you. At that time 1 had given up business, and was In u rory bml date, uf after taking your med-oins fi.r a short lime I be ton to recover, and in two months 1 was rrUruly * •oil. and Lsii gained several pounds ol fieeh, ami inn truly say that by your ski'd 1 am a p-rtbetly haul, by man. Josarn Davis. Bottom t Maim, Drpot, Pori torn*. Mo. f REMARK ABLE CURB OB A CASK OB UBO ST CURBlt BY MRS. MAXCtfBSTRk. This Is to certify that 1 have been cased of the >ropsy of fifteen years standing by Mrs. Manckom tr. 1 have been to physloians in Boston, New York ad Philadelphia. They ail told me that they eonl I lo nothing for me, unless they tapped as, and so ared mo that by tapping I could live but u short Imo. I hid made up my mird to go home and Ur« along as 1 could with the disease, ami thee die. On ty way borne 1 stayed over night in Portland with friend of suiue, and told tb-.-ui what my mind wet I regard to my diat-aso. The. final:/ persuaded ms 0 go and soo Mrs. Manchester. She examined me ud told mo my case exactly. I was so much astonished to think that she told ma Directly, that 1 told her thut 1 would take her modi Ines, not having the least Ihitb that they would w any good, or that 1 should get the slightest relief ■ora any ouarse whatever; finally I took the medl Ine and went home. In one week from the Mm* I jmmenced Piking the medic no. I had over three sllons of water [ ass mo In seven hours; and my M >w suffbrers may be aria rod that It was a great relief 1 me. 1 hod not been able to lie do wn in bod at ght boiore this for tuo years. Now 1 mu lie do' ith perfect ease. I have taken bar medicine ght months, and out is well a* any nu.o could t bo, and no signs cf dropsy. 1 would advhe at are lick to go and consult Mrs. V-mciii; -co If they have been given up by other 1» Hans. 1 hive sent her a number of cases ofciL.. Soanes, and she has oured theta also. Go and r you retires. 1 bad no faith, but now my faith nuot Imp sbaked In her skill in tolling mid curing Chaxias 8. Haiusob, Sanaa E. Hannon, Si a by a. Hannon Bangor Vims. April Id. Daaioa Houma—» rom 8 A W. till 8 P. M. %««1? tpfciHiui etilr JAMES EDMOND Sc CO^ COMMISSION MERCHANTS. » LIBERTY SQUARE, .. BOSTON Aro prepared loonier at favorable ratea, COLT KSS ana GLENGAKNOCK PIG I X* O > , IO, BAR, SirieST.X BOILER PLATS IRON, of KuglUh and Scotch \HtiB?AC?*rt. !Ve ahtlleoutinae to roc«*lv«, in addition to onr mricau Brick, a rtKuiar supply of 1 ^ k-1 S Si8 CoTC U, A WELCH J1RE URltiR ncbll eodtiia

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