Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 22, 1864, Page 1

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 22, 1864 Page 1
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PORTLAND DAILY PRESS. MB—=g^gr*-"' - - . -1A.’ J ' •* j S—5SJLJ j.—■ • ! • — - - . 111 ■ ■ ,■!!«' JL.-'J» J—-■JJ=,---US . 1 L-, —— J _ VOLUME III. PORTLAND, WEDNESDAY MORNING, JUNE 22, 1864. WHOLE NO 612 PORTLAND DAILY PfiESS, JOHN T. OILMAN, Editor. • pabUthcd at Mo. 85* KiCHAMGK SlKLLT.b} N. A. FOSTER Si CO. THa Po«tla»d Daily rumen published At S8 00 per year: if pvt -triotly in advance, a discount ol §1.00 will be made. Single oopiea tliroe eenta. I'm dAia*iTAT*P»M*eie published every Thun *»> morning,at #2.00 por annum, in advance; 92.26 If paid within nix months; and 92.60,if payment be delayed beyond the year. Rntesof Advertieing: One inch of space in length of column, constitutes a “ftqVAaB.” 91.60 per square daily first week ; 76 oents per week after; three insertions or less, fl.tK); continuing ere* ry other day sf»er first week, 50 cents. Half square, uroe insertions or loaf 76 oents; one week, tl.OU; 5»* etuis por week after. Under head of ^mossusvts, 92 OO per square per we^k: three Insertions or less, fl,60. In1 ial Non- ue, 91.76 per square first week tlf'tO per square after; three insertion* or less, *1.26; half a square, throe insertions, #1.80; one week, •I.*. Advertisements inserted In the Haim* Stats Pana* (which Ua- a large circulation in every part of the State | for 50 cent* por square in addition to the above rat"*, for each insertion. Lnus l Norton* a* usual rates. Transient §dv rtUemenU mast he paid forin ad* VMOS Busings* Notiob*, in reading columns, 12 oents per Une for one ins^rt^on. No ohargeles* than fifty • >nt* for each instrtliu. t#r"‘d.lioorainui; ca.ion- intended fbr the paper •honld be directed to the “KdUor of the Press" and those of a business oh&raoterto the Publishers. B^Job Pmiimnn ol every description executed WfT-disistch. F. Tracy, Traveling Agent. '"communications. (For the Portland l>Aily Press ] Kirkwood’s Neck—Scarboro’. But few localities on the magnificent coast of Maine, offer greater attractions to the uat . urali.t, or the wanderer in search of the pic turesque, than this, from which I write, and uoue 10 oi evurr access . as 11 tics wiluiii buuuu of the railroad whistle. Some of my jottings may interest your readers, and if a glance at the objects of interest, here scattered about wflh a lavish hand, should draw tho steps of the summer tourist, or idler, hitherward, he Will, 1 feel well assured, fully endorse this say ing. Wandering about the shores of this rocky peninsular this morning, I discovered a re markable demonstration of the power of the Atlantic waves. This debris detached from the rock-bound coast by frost and storm lies •callerrd about in grand and chaotic confu sion. One of these blocks, of oblong shape, .and of ahofll ft tons weight, has been liltedi and thrown inland twelve feet. The outline of its base corresponds exactly to that ol its original site; this huge mass as it was dropped by tne sea, caught a log beneath, and there holds it by its p inderous weight. The spot lips behind Stratton's Island, yet exposed to the open sea from the south east, but it fronts the south, so that the force was exerted obit quely, at an angle of about 45 degrees, and of course, not with full power. The rock pre tents a fiout of about 39 square feet, and the force of the wave must have been about 820 pounds to the square foot of surface. The be holder can scarcely credit that such an enor mous mass of rock, could have been moved by water, and yet must yield to the palpable de monstration of the fact I hippe i to have at hand observations of the Messrs. Stevenson, father and son, the archl tecta of those triumphs of sc euliilc skill, the light bouses on Bell rock, in the German ocean, built 1836—1811—and the Sherryvore. or Great Rock light, built 1838—1844—on the ■toriny west coast of Scotland, about 50 miles from the main land. Tbe experiments in the velocity and pressure of waves, are of great interest here, to enable us to appreciate this pheoomeua on our coast, in a comparatively sheltered spot. It was ascertained that the average pressure of the waves on that coast, expose to the full force of the great AutftHlc sweep, to be in summer 611 pounds on a square foot of surface, and in winter, 2086 pounds, while in the storm of March 1845, it was 0023 pounds, a tremendous velocity and power, perhaps seven or eight times greatei than that exerted on the rock on tilts Neck. In November lS2g, the spray rose 117 feet, and the pressure was computed by the elder Stevenson, to he nearly three tons on a square foot of surface. Probably tbe most remarka ble illustration on record ol the power of the sea, occurred in tbe Hebrides, where a rock of forty two tons—more than eight times the WCIKIIs t»l mat Ull ivunnuou n -wtw m % m >ved several feet, by the force of the wave*. By inform*’ ion from two aged inhabitants of this town. I learn that the dale of the storm w lich left the singular evidence of its fury was about 1791—2. Capt. Moses Lbby now iu his 9Sth year, welt remembers the time of the in cident, and the speculation of the good people as to “how the log could have got under the rock," aud he fixes it at this (late. Mr. Thom as Libby, the present owner and occupaut of this beautiful promontory, remembers the log 1b its present position iu 1731, and says it was then an old story, the people had ceased talk ing about it. As the storm must bav* been ol unusual violence, very probably Mr. Willis may have some account of it among his memorabti ia; but certainly if left nowhere a more curi ous or permanent record of iu fury, than that of the log under the rock at Kirkwood's N\ek. The wood beiug protected from llie snn by the rock, and daily washed by the Atlantic, may last hundreds of years, a silent wituess of the force of the whiter wave. Among the notables of Black Point, I know of nous more worthy of mention than the rare example of due old age in the person ol Capt. Moses Libby. His memory is excel loot, his sight and healing unimpaired, aud his interest in affairs quite beyond that of many of his juniors. He reads with facility the newspapers of the day. He was bom iu 1700, aud has lived to see seveu generations of bis faintly,—bis grandfather dying in 179:1— and has seen his descend mts of the fourth generation. Oa the walls of the parsonage of Black Polutp^lbc ancient name of this part ol Scarboro’,—hangs a portrait of Itobert Hicli the great Eirl ot Warwick, whose nephew was the founder of the town, and brings ns to a bit of romance of the English Peerage with which we may begin our next. L W. T. Shall we Have a General Hospital A mong us ? Vo the Editor qf the Portland 1‘rett. Our attention has been called of late, by va rious circumstances, to the importance anc necessity of having a General Hospital estab Halted in this city. Gov. Coney has done ! good work during his recent visit to Washing ton; by inducing the Government to estab liah a large Gcnernl Hospital at Augusta foi the reception of sick and disabled soldiers be longing to our gallant Maine Regiments, am our regiments, by the way, seem to stand big! In the estimation of our generals, if we ms; Judge by tbe dependence nut upon them, am the daring positions assigned them iu the as faults aud charges in the various battles. The occupy prominent positions iu the several d visions of the several Corps d’Armes. Koi there are many soldiers sick and wourn ed in Southern Hospitals who will be n moved to tills State,as soon as they will be ab to bear the fatigue of the Journey.and root will be wounded still in the coming and fa approaching battles for the capture of Rial mond. Augusta will have as many as she can well take care of, however large her capaci ties may be. X«ff we have a good Hospital erected by the city, for that purpose, in an airy and cool part of the city, free from noise . and dust, which will accommodate one hun dred patients. Then there Is the U. S. Ma I rine Hospital at Mai tin’s Point, under the | charge of Dr. Fessenden, and why might not thatwuu bo titled up for the reception of two or three hundred soldiers, paitieularly those belonging to this western portion of the State,, embracing the counties of Y ork, Cumberland and Oxford. They would then be uear their homes arid friends, to which and whom they might have short furloughs to visit, or from which and whom they could receive visits and such little delicacies as they might desire.— Certainly they would recover much faster uu der such iniiuences than tney now do. Dr. Perley, of this city, will gladly take charge ot a Hospital of any size that inty hi assigned to him wilh such assistance as he may need. He is now the Arjny surgeon at this port, having charge of the Camp Hospital. Those of u«, who were at the Boston station on Saturday and saw the four huudred poor fellows (seven cars full) and heard their complaints ol' wea riness by travelling would not wish a man to go sixty miles luiiker—and that too away from home and ‘‘home influence” when he was willing to nurse him here. Some soldiers had to be taken from the cars, as it was, and car ried to hotels, they belug unable to go a mile further that night. Who will lurtber move in this matter. Come, honorable gentlemen Secretary Slant in, Senator Fessenden, and Representative Sweat, what do you say to this matter? _ Latter from a Pennsylvania Butter Maker. Dr. iilwyn, of Philadelphia, furnishes for the Country deathman the following letter from a dairy fanner of long aud extensive ex perience : “PHtLAiiKl.iillA, 1st mouth, 2d, 1603. Esteemed Irieud: Having been requested by tbeu to write out a statement of the process ol making good butter, 1 have to observe that good cows aud rich pasturage—natural grass es—green grass aud white clover are the es sential basis, together with cleanliness and proper management. The proper management, as 1 conceive, would be to skim the inik at ail times within lliirty-six liouis after being milked; aud iu order to elicet this, a small quantity of sour milk should ire pul iulo each pan at tliesiraiu ing of the milk. The judgiueut of the dairy mauagfr should regulate the quantity accord ing to the state of the atmosphere. When cream is skimmed into the cream |K>l it should be stirred inuruing aud evening until churn ed, which should be dose every three days during the warm weather, aud all the year if the quantity of cream would warrant it. Af In tee butter is biokeu iu the churn to the size of chestnuts, the anllr should he drawn oil from the vent hole through a line sieve, and then a sufficient quantity ol cold water put iu the churn and tumbled a lew times, , drawn nlf ns bclore, more water put in, aud tumbled again. The water should then he all drawn off, and the butler will then lay in a mass in the churn, which should be cut promiscuously about, for the purpose of receiving tue sail. Which should lie a full pint i«r fifty pounds, and tire same proportion for leas or more.— I The butler should then be tumbled iu the chum sufficiently to mix ilie salt. It sbou d then be taken out of the chum and lumped into pounds as nearly as possible, and spong e I, weighed and primed. A sponge of prop er »Z‘, enclosed in a coarse linen cloth,’iiould be pressed on each lump until all the brine is extracted, b fore beiug weighed. The most particular part of the process is attention to ihe skimming and management of the cream, to prevent rancidity from i»t« Ing place, before churning, for If the cream u bad the butter must aecessarily be bad. IIOMK.K EaCIIL'H. To Dr. A. L.Eiwyn.” LETTEll FKOM UlCHAJtll Coudejt.—The Philadelphia Pres* publishes the following letter from Mr. Cobden, addressed to s gen tleman in Philadelphia: “We are looking anxiously for the news from your side of the next campaign. For in)sell I have never considered that the re sult of your terrible civil war was to be decid ed by tlghilng alone. It is the organization of the Mouth, through the operaiion ol the war on ihe African race, that 1 hare always regarded as the real source of the weakness and danger ol the Confederates. Hut for this cause to have, full etrect requires lime. During that lime i fear you will he iocuY ing an enormous expenditure and accumulat ing a terrible debt. This is not all; 1 am aft aid, while the government is necessarily spending vast earns, your citizens are individ ually giving way to extravagant private Lab i'S. This is lighting the candle at both ends. If persevered in it will lead you to terrible financial difficulties. The only way in which you c in continue to furnish extraordinary supplies to the government is 1»y the rigid practice of economy on the part of individu als. Let every patriot preach this truth to the people. I have full faith in the ultimate triumph of your cause, because it i-* the cause of justice, civilization,aud humanity. IH open Day and F.vcning, tor a Thorough Busier s* Education’. Located 1*60. Hanson Block, Middle St., No. 161. Scholarships good in any part of the United States ae Principal ha* had 20 > ear* experience; is always on the spot, aud attend- to hi* business; and prou.* i*e«, a* during the paal 12 years, no pam* »hail U sparrd iu the future. Live hundred reference* ol the first class business men, will, m&i.y other* of thir city, w ill t«-tm to tin- practical utility, caj-acioas aes* and completeness ot my sy stems aud manner ot leaching, and citizens ot other cities have testimd to the same. Liiplouias will be awarded for thor ough courses. Able A^Histaut* secured. Bartlett's Plan, the Sounder of lointm-rcial Colleges, strictly adhered to as rcgaids not copying. Certain time, will be devoted to Commercial Law elucidation#.— Come all who have tailed to L<e taught a busmens haud-writing and I will guarantee to you success. Application-solicited for Accountants Separate in si ruction given. Students can enter any tin s. Sep arate rooms for Ladies. Tuition reasonable. Intri cate accounts adjusted. Ladies and Gentlemen that dor ire to take lemons, or a full, or a separate course, iu either Book-Keeping, Navigation, t'ommeroiii Law, Phonography, Higher Mathematics, Civil En gineering, Surveying, Native Business Writing, Commercial AntUimii*. Correspondence, Cara Marking, (and teaching :rom printed cities and Text Hooks will bd avoided .loose call, or address the Principal. # B N BBOWN. Pnrtland.Oflt.S. 1MII. oflfiB ondAeowly 126 Exchange 8treet. 126 Hugh M. IPhinney, IITOUI.D inf rm his fried* »nd former customers FT th*t he ha# taken the .Store No 126 tCrehange S rert, where he intends to carry on the Slovt* nnd Furnnce Ittikineia, In all its branches. ,V rOE^S, of all kinds, of the u> west aud most approved patterns, Furnace* and Ranges, Tin and Hollow Ware. Second hand Stoves bough*, or taken in ex change to** new. Stoves. Rasou. Foswages, and Tin Wadi repaired at short notice, in a faithful inauuer. Grateful for ortner patrousg \ ho ho e* by strict attentiou to busines*. and fair d aliug, to receive t generous share ol public .avor. 1 mvy23dtf I Fopar(ii<‘tfelii|> Hoilcvt. l^OTICE is herewith given that the firm of M if ma 1i A Co. has this day been dissolved by Mr Wlately, ih -one pirtc**r ot >aid Him, a»»h«i»awinj »i* -hare of investment and p rsonal services A1 debt- due said fi m a e t » be paid to Mr Biadt sn'v aud a I - lain-s agamst said firm contracted b* for. r ttiis da e. t) b p i d by svid M Hiadt, mid fron L »hia date the t u iuei-s will te uader the entire c«»n trol ai d at\le of M HBADT. i- Jo.ieU-d3w To Bu%l<l»*rft. 6 >aie low- Hand on the lot corner o i* A Mount fort aud Sam net street* AppW to JOHN W. CHASE, r June II, 1864 Joneildlm* MISCELLANEOUS. union” Mutual Life Insurance Co. INCORPORATED by the STATE O* MAINE Charter Perpetual. Organized, 1349. DIRECTOR’S OFFICE, 08 Stale Street, .... Uoaton, Mass. President— flKNR >' CROCKER. Vice-President—DAMIRL Stt/%i:P ► Secretary— W 11 HOLLldTKR. H. G. WILSON1, GenerjU Manager of• in the Xete Enylaiul states. Assets, 31 *t Pecember, 1833. $HX2,OSH.41 Losses Paid to date, $7X0,0X0.00 Dividend Paid in Cash to date, $340,033 Oil fll’IIS Company offers peculiar advantages toper X. sons iute dug to Lsute t-iir bvo*, iu irs sa ©iy ami H hb Jny, a quir*.d in ltn lourueu y wars’expert . euce; in i * tsa<; a, whi.h, (with rat its capital ot Old ,UA) ,'amounts to ove» thiee-qu«rtersoi a mil ion o• d WIais.p i..g more tliau two hundred thoa-and dollars in excess ofim lUDditun for the reiLaura<.ce ot ali out-standing ricks; iu tu« fac-litios pr- sonttd f its accommodatin'* itmoi p i> meats of p etui am ; iu tin- iar^v numb r.divcrsjti d lObditums and occupations, va>i u« age* and localities of lives in sured, «iC ig the larg* * nq .bile scope for the upe ratl in of the laws of avera^j m >r aliiv, and t r* *tn p'ist gu traiitv to the insured for th© b-uctit* there of; tu he division oi profit , the annual a portion in nt of whi.h having tor th« pad fiuroeu tears awrag 'd torty per ( V*/ . of the p.cimums paid. Policies are n» .ued upon all the p a * urua. with 1 i o iusuranoj • omp nHM. and at a< ovr , at g n is consistent with a vbw to «quity and solvency. l’ai ties de*iri g A goticu* > iu own* where tue com pany have no.,e, aud tlio e wishing Travo t ig Agen cies within thw « v Eng ai d feta ts, Will apply to b il- WILSON, tii .state St'W, liovuo, fivin< ► ucure ereuve. or inform.ti >n Si to ag , present aui past bugi> es*,as wi leuable him to form judg ment in regard thereto jiiueHUto 13. S.Ttt-40 LOAK \ FIRST NATIONAL RANK -OF — PORTLAND, BEUflNATED IlEPOSITOKY -OF THl UNITED STATES. Thi« Bank in prerarril to rtcelre' nbacrlptloiM for (ho new “TEH FORTY 1,0AN,” which is dated March 1,1 64, bearing Interest at live per cent, a y ear, PAYABLE IN COIN. redeemable at the pleasure of tho Government after fen years, and payable in forty year* from date. Interest on Bouts not over one hundred dollars payable annually, and on alt other Bonds semi* annually. Bond? can be had in sizes of 960. 9100, 9500, §1000. WM. EDW. GOULD, mchSl dlf Cashier. FEUCHTWANGER &ZUNDER, NO, 91 MIDDLE STREET, (FOX BLOCK), Are Azain In the Field — WITH Divisions, Brigades & Regiments! -or NEW AND FASHIONABLE DRY GOODS! FOB THE 9 PR INCH* Ladies of Portland and vicinity a*-e respectfully invited to call and see the many beautiful styles of Foreign ami Dome,tic Dres, Good, Jl»T RECEIVEDI Also, the great variety House Furni«tiinff Good* ! Such as Brown and Bleach' d Cotton Sheetings and Shirting-, Table Linens. Drillings, lick iiRs.Dcuims, Stripes. Ac. A’so. just receiving, the latent styles ol handsome Spring Balmoral Sltlrts And the mo,t fa-hionable SPHIKO S1IA WLS. A complete stock of CLOTHS AND CASSlVEREfl, FOR BOYS* AND MEN'S WEAR. CLOAKINGS ! CLOAKINGS !! An elegant a-sortment. We are Just ready to manu facture to measure, at the shortest notice, any of the new and desirable Spring Cloaks. Warreutedto suit FEICHTWAXCSEH A ZUNDEK, l r w a o V a || NO. 91 MIDDLE STREET, PORTLAND. Maine. P. 8.—Ltd iff need not ask for goods from the wrecked steamship Bohemian, as we have none but sound and fresh goods, which we warrant as such, aprl tf Great News! Important News! 3Vl. Bradt &z. Co., No. VC M irket 8q ut»ef HAVL lately arri»id in Portland, and ar- now roa y toexhib totlK citizens ot this city and surrounding towns heir entue)} new and elegaut stock of Gr a & IP lxturoo. Of the very latest styles, counting of Parlor and Sitiiug Room Chandelier*, Dining Room aiul II all Light*, Store P.-ndenis, Itratkt is, PoritthUs, Ac. Also a very fine assortment of Kero-ene Lamps, Gas anJ L&uip an*dt*. of the latent Imp ovemuts. Globes, t iimmcyN. and all tor's of Gah F ttin« * Mmp and and Ltuteiu Trimming. Also on hand, Bhaw * Patent Ghh Cooking Apparntu*. Of all kinds They will sell all of the above goods at ihovery lowest Boston aud New Fork price sou Cash. Particular at’en'ion will he paid to Gab Fitting, Repairing, Kaoszou -i.d G •ldinoo Chat delicts Lamps, aud Bronze oruameuts >1.1 desiriptio**, m tiw very highest styleo! tneart, and wil warrant all taeir work to be perfect. Plsahb call awo *kK Leave ycur orders for Gas fitting or Repairing at the store M. Bradt. II. Wiiitbi.ey. Pei t.ui.d . May |0, 1804. B'flOdtf 63 Removal. 63 J. M. KNIGHT & BON, Commission .He re hunts, * ad dealers in Country Produce, have moved to No. 63 Couttraerc'a1 street. Portland, May 10th, 1864. maylOdtf erfi or poim lakd. In the Year One Thousand Eitjht Hundred and Sixty four. An Ordinance A mending the Revised Ordinance on ftrreet**. Re it ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and ('am mon Council of the City r\f Portland, in City Coun cil a*gembted, as fnlloirt:— NaonoN I section *6oithe ravi* d 4*rdiu«nce ou S»re^*sis hereby sin n,ded by strikiug out the words "six and a halt o'clock” in the tlevtpth H e of said section and ms rung he w rdh live o’clock' and mIi b -t.iting out the words • live o'clock” in •he thirl* ontb liue of said SeCium and iuserting the w *rds “four *lfo ock,” sotha* »aid ftoction as aim no ed snail r«a»i as follows, io wit - Hkc rtoN46 —All ariic *•* bnu<hf by railroad to be landed i i C »m nercial street sha I b • unloaded on t*e south-eartsideotthe rai r ad track. a..d e-ery artic e landed iu ths stro»t, ottli r f om. or tor the ourpKeof being laud*t upon the car,, shall be so pl-crd as not to uberuct auy stro-t or passage way crof-siug C Jinm'rctal 9ir««t.’or connecting wi-li *t and so a< to I aveaclotr spvce uot le«s thau f ur teen fort in width from the c iplng sto^e, and shall not he allowed *o reraaj \ in the strei: over s*x working hoursafter they ars land d Provided however, tha cvrs may bo unloaded in to *tor«. mid oad « f om stores, nn the nort -west erly stdc of s-'id railroad track, after tiv*» o'clock in tlio evening from the first day of Anril to the first da - of no obor. and after four “Vo k iu the evening during ti e other s»x ra nllis of the y» ar In Board ur Mayor and Aldermen, I June 13. 1861. i Thi* bill having be*n twice read, passed to be or dained. JACOB MoLKLLAN, Mavor. In Common Council, June 13, 1864. This bill haviug been twice rea l, passed to be or r dain<«d. J il 11 AM I. FY, President. Approved, JACOB MeL£LLAN, Mayor. Copy Atteit: | June 15—I2w J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. BUSiNESS CARDS. papek m>x itmiJFAdOHV. J. "P. Libby, MANUPAClTIlki: OP Paper B ox c s, Of every description, such u Shce Boxw, Jewelry Boxes, L>»-ug*ii*t Boxes, Collar Boxes, bhe f Box e, <'onouologivsl Maxes. Powdcr^lrf *, Card Canes, Ci^ar Boxes, &c. 144 MHffte SI.9 (Up Stairs) Portland, JIf. Juueld3m Dana & Co. Fish and Salt, Luther Oant, j Portland, Woodbury Dana J . Johu A. H. liana ) *1 111VI6* junr-ldtf J. smltli db Oo., M . NCFAC“HTKEB» OP Leather Belting, Card Clothing Ljoib Si raps. Belt Lather Ilatks nut Min, LKATllPR T UVMtSGi fc., Hanson’s Block, 144 Mtddla Pt., Portland, Oral the f*ard Clothing Manufactory. l.evtidon. II. M Brewar, Uu1d3u, D. F. Nutks .IOH S T. HOKIK* A CO., Oommi»,h>n Mrrrliunta, ASU ffaolWALt DBAIKHB IX Flour, Provisions & Groceries, No. Cil C Mnmcicial Street, Tobn T Itogcm, j . .... .. Cbsa. B It gt.a. \ IOBTUffD, HE. janelMm Wholesale and Retail. Xj. DAVIS, ttooksrller, Stationer, Ann M A nr F ACTt’HE HOP Premium Paged Aciount Books. P4PKU II4SGIMGS. Wo. 63 JCxohaa*© litre t, Portland, He. juneldtt chas j Schumacher. Fresco and It,inner Painter, No. 144 Middle* Stre-et, FORTUM). MX. HT Work executed iu every part of tb* State JUDlltf RUFU3 DURHAM. M.iju actur r «nd VVholoaak Dealer In B RITANNIA —A HD— Platid Ware, A7>. 31* Fare t'root, Portland Alai* a. Portland, May 17tb, 1%4. majlTdtl M. Q. WEBB & CO, Wholesale Dealers in Flour, \0.8i C0HHEKC1AI, STREET, »pl4 PORTLAND. ME. dtf BUR0E33, FOBES, & CO 7 MASCFACTUatKfi OF Japan. \* Loail, /inc, E'silnfa, And Or nnvl Dolor., AKI> DKALBKB IF Drags, M^cicines, Pa nts, Oils & Varnishes. Paint and Color Factory, So. 29 Munjop St., Oflice L Salesroom*, 80 Commerfial Sl, (fMOMA* lUOCK.f zrzizirzzi::' »»«».». majri&ltf UliikE, JIMIS & CO., FLOUR&GRAIN DEALERS, And Receiver* of Weattrn and Canadian Produce* 137 O^mmercial Street,.(jr unite Block. Chari** III ke. ) lit ury A J PORTLAND. R. W. Gage. ) June’dff JOHN LYNCH & C0.,~ \V\io\esa\c C» rocers, AND COMMISSION MERCHANlS, Granite Stores. • • • Ccmuero al atreet, (Opponitc bead Widgery Wharf,) John I.vueh, ) 1‘eleg Barker, J PORTLAND, ML. Tbot L>tcb ) Juneldtf l)OI,E Al mood ft', OHAJSKAl COMMISSION MERCHANTS, And \\ holesalc Dealers in FLOUR. C >RN AND PRODUCE, No. 5 Galt Block, Coa.mero'al St, ^"T.cSy. J TOETtAKD. ME. janekdfim BROWN & CROCKER. PLASTERERS, FLAKS AMD ORNAMENTAL STUCCO AND MASTIC WORKERS. Oak atreor, between Ct Berea, and Free8t*., rvHTLASD. &r- Coloring. While* lag, ard White*** shing promptly &it< Ldcd to. ir. m uu* o town to* dcited. juneidtf BYRON GREENOUGH & C0~ Mnnu acfurer* of And W holesale mid Retail I><*iiI»tm In Furs. Hats, Caps, Gloves, &c., NO. 140 MIDDLE STREET, 11. Grecnoagb. I AVn A. L. Uilary. } PORTLAND. _ _ . Jn’dtf JOII\ KP^l;iiL, Carriage aV Sleigh MANUFACTURER, 311 At 313 Caag^eiH dtf Portland, Me. IV" Whe*e iniv brt found a general a*-»nr*m''nt of f ar iagee n ot Sleight. Juiieldlm v. p. kiuim.i,, M AMt’KAi Tl'tlLB OP Carriages and Sleighs, Preble atreet, (Near Treble llou<e,) PORTLAND, ME. Sole h'ooine, Ho and 112 S tut bury St., Hatton, Matt. Juueltf NORTON. CHAPMAN & CO., Flour, Grain ic Produce Commission Scrthanls, ami Sill rj Office amt H'ar,house Xo. 6 Hall Block, Commer aal Strett. We offer fer sale to the trade, many choice and well known Brands of Flour, from St. Lou * l liuoie, Wisconsin. Ao., which w« are couK'nnil receiving. > , ('. 4 Cu , are a so Agents f r l'ictman & to.’*, and ott>© t rami* ol niacu'acitired loitacov Mb advances mado ou ail cjusigiun-n’s. Portland, June 1, lh$4. Jaldtf g^asss DR- W. hTjjHNSON, thfffV'fS DESTIST, Ins •'■is Arutic nl To^th on Gold Si'ver and Vn’can iie Kti'.ber, au l warrants thrm iu all casts to be * p.rluct fit. "r. J a’so g ves tpcial attention to Fitting Teeth. Office J29) C ingress street, two doors wtsi from tho C urt Hons • Portland. June 1. IS>1 — e0u2rn NEW ORLEANS. S. D. MOODY &•. CO.j pommisalon Merchant. • 17' Tchoupl tout a at.. New urle*us. La. Keferene «: Baker b Morrill, Huston; Franklin Snow to Co., Hostou ” i»« « Husaell, Boston ; C. Nickerson k Co., N. k. U»cn k Co., St. Louis. TST* f*artlew<%r attention given to Consignment *V vetttle, Lumber, H tu , Oofs, tc. mch2k ukm W 1 f BUSINESS CARDS. BKAIILi^. MOCLTON tt ROGKRS, WltOLZSALk Dkalkki is Flour, Grain and Provisions, 88 Commercial street, Thomas Block, BOBBITT BH&LKY,) o. m moultv.n, J PORTLAND, ME. A. O. kUOKUB. ) _ vnsjSdtf w“. W. CARR & CO., Haring taken the Fruit Store tormerl, ooeupted b, Q. SAWYER, Wo. 5 E&cbange Street, krs prepared to offer to the trade s large and well •elected stock of Foreign and Domestic Fruit ! Wholesale asd Retail Ornag** Spruce Onto, Lexengei Let*mourn, 1 saury Seed, 1 uudace, Lciueo Syrup, Uaaey, •'runes. Cocoa Nuia. Plge, Citron, \uu, all klade, Dus re, kj Isvoa, Bnlaina, Totoaeos, Sardines, Cigars. • waev Candice of all dcserlptlak. oct# dtf IRA WINN, Agent, IMo. 11 Union St., Ie prepared to furnish STEAM ENGINES and BOILEBS, of rsriotu six** sad pat term, St«« Pipe tul Yiitaiw, iiUfiwag.Sbftiag, Piileji, it, Lioht Hours tfon of all descriptions, and all kinds of work required In building FomTiriCATioK*. Iron Stair, and other Architectural Work. Houses, Stores, and other buildings, Hired with lias and bream in tbe beet manner. In connection with the abore ie an Iron Foundry with a luge assortment of Patterns, to which tin' attention ol Machinists, Millwnghts,and Ship- build ers is inrltod—and all kinds ot Castings turnisbro at short notice. Kr~Ordere lor Machine Jabbing, Patterns ano Purgings, promptly executed. oo7dtf SEWING MACHINES! WOODJUJI, TRIE * CO., AGENTS. <4 u4U.Middle Street. ReediM»4 TrUiBiaeteJwnyi oiiui. ■ohlittr A CARD. DR. S. C. FERNALD, WEXllST, No. 170 Mjd.ll Street. Kxvinxncsa.Dr*. Baook and Bimliv Portland, May 26,1968. tf Dr. J. At. ftCEALD HAVING disposed of hia entire Intereet In hi« Office to Dr. S.C FKRNALD. would cheerful!) reccoramend him to hi* former patients and the pub lie. Dr. PauTfALD. from long experience, l* pre-par ed to insert Artificial Teeth on the "Vulcanite Has#,* and all other methods known to the profession. Portland. Mar If JOHN F. SHERR F, Hair Caller and Wig .Raker, No. 18 Market Squnra,Port1 vnd, (up stairs.) S#" Separate room for Ladles' and Children’s llali Cutting. A good stock of Wigs, Mali-Wigs, Banda, Braid* Carl*, Krizett*, Pad*, Rolls, Crimping Board*, Ao. %o . cnoAtantlv on hand <e2?’6A dly W COAL CHEAP FOR CASH ! wpwseq nirurtVAtN, CtTHuu. TTEzTlton^ SUGAR LiiAK, OLD COMPANY LElilGti. LO CUST MOUNTAIN. JOHN*. DIAMuND, WEtsB TER a«.U BLACK 11KA i ti. These Coals are of the very bc«t quality, well -cn-encd and picked, ano warranted to give *aticfaction. Al*o tor sa:e be«t of YV4KD AXD SOFT WOOD, delivered to any part of the city. Omen Coumbkcial St., head of Franklin Wharf. S. BOUNDS A SON. fob 16 dly WAHKEirs I.VPOKVED FI HE AND WATERPROOF FELT COMPOSITION, -ASD Q-ravol Roofing FOR FLAT ROOFS. E. HKRSEY. Aa^nt, Inn* dtf So. 18 Union Stmt. ALBERT WEBB A CO, -DBALXBA IX Corn, Flour and Grain, HJtAS or MERRILL 8 WHARF, Csmaarelal Street. - - Portland, M«. tetttf EDWARD H. BURG1N, WROLEPALR DRALKB IN Corn, Mea\ am\ Flour, Also. Ground Rock Salt. CoiniuiMfcion .Merchant r<«m rURCHAPK AN I* PALSCF Barley, Ryo and Oats. leaded with Corn in hulk free of charge. W H!trbon*p Nn. MO Coniinrrdai St eel, And City Hills, Deeriug Bridge. jnueteodOm JOH^i F.AIKDEUSOK, Surveyor and Civil Engineer, OFFICE, CODMAN IILOCK, Stskct. Neotch Cniivas, — nm palm by—— JAMES T. PATTEN A CO., Hulk, Me. BOLTS Superior Bleached) Uv 200 do All Long iiax "tiov-1 A. w__k. erume/t ooutrM»." \ £V) do Extra Al! Long flax | BA) do Navy j Delivered in Portland or boater. H%th. At.Hi*. IRA* eofSdtt M. PKARSON, Silvor Plator, AND MANUFACTURER Of SILVER WARE, 338 Confers a St.,Orp-Court House Portland,Me STP*A!l kinds of WaIIK, such a* finite*. Korku Spoon*, Cake Baskets, Cat tort, Ac, paled in tin best manner Alio. REPAIRING and RE-FINISHING Old Silverware. Jau29 dfim REMOVAL. DR. NEWTOIi HA8 removed hia residence to No. 37 Middle Street, corner of Franklin street. Offlc*- a* heretofore. No. 116 Krchange Street, In Noble’* Block, up stairs. Olfloe hours fYom 9 to If A. M., from 3 to 8. and from 8 to 9 o’olock P. M. Dr. N. will continue, in connection with genera practice, to give special attention to DISEASES Of SR MALES * oeSIdtf WILLIAM A. PEARCE, P T j IT 31 B E I? ! MAKER OF Force Pumps and Water Closets NO. Ill EXC1I »NUE STUEET, roKTLAND, MK. Warm, Cold nud shower Ruth*, Waal Howie, Urn** At Silver I*iat»d ('ocka, INVERT description of Water Fix*ur**for Dwel A <i«tg Houses, Hotel*, t ublie Building*, Shop* Ac , arrangtMl and set up in t^he be*i inayner, and al orders in town nr country faithfuiv executed. Al i kinds of Jobbing promptly attended to Constant* on hand LEAD PIPES, stlK.Br LJCaD and UKK1 PCBPS of all descriptions. apu dtf WANTS,LOST,FOUND Compositor* Wanted. ONE or two first c/ast f mule compo-ltort will dlni cnn-'«iit ,'Clp’O) meiit, and the li Vhe-t ra»., p*d 'n'h*c‘0.uu«Fpiic»tiou at TUlb OFFIUi. may38dli W.iiicd. AYOL'NJi mvi i,r abllitr tnd experience ddre. a rtitua'i^n at clerk or book-keeper I* au accu* rate accountant. Good retir»uc<. .Iren Di eci to J. B. t , Tortland, P. O. June lMlw* $$•'» Krfrard ! STOLEN from the ■utncrlber on Tuesday Even. iug, while in Pierce'* nucii>u room. m C’alt bkia Poelt^ t Bov/k contains 914 in tnonev, a noio against Charles Uo igdou, Gorham, lor SnO.and -a* agaiust , < harles ttooper fur $12. The abo.e reward will b" psid tor ib«* recovery of the propeity aud thedetec tiou ol the thief. Tuue 8 -tl GEORGE BECK MOO RKWAKII. STOLE/* In :n >b© ftub«crib< r. May 2<th, a valaa b‘t* Gold VVa ch aud ( haiu a- d *40 iu toouey. by a mau aiswering to th»name of Nunr/ Weit »ea! i atnc He* r West D*vi*. Jne thief is all I at arge, and 9100 will© paid for hi. capture. lie la ab.'U 3o yeai* or age. ix leer hgi ne«rlv bald, nark b o* u hair bluet*) < s aud aria marked in India Ink wi h muniment decora’ed with fliga. Also bia**eiet iu ludia luk round light wr at. »«■" dtf J. li. OXNARD. Mouse Wanted. XYTAXTED to onrcnase f r cans,i convenient . ” U use «ui able tor a $m ill family, a itb usual convenience*, c*utr«!lv aud u>ea»aatlv lo at*d — Price not to exceed $3,000, Address "Taylor" at thn Press Office. maylBtf Kourd. SPITS of Room*, with Board, can be obtained by n^plying immediately at 3d Daufcrth *t eet. | »*y MM* ma/l/dtf A. & S. SHURTLEFF A 00., JVOS. M A M niDDLG STREET, PORTLAND. Manufacturer! and Denier* In Men’* Boy*’ and Youth’* Thick, Kip acd Calf Boot*, Women** Mi*?** and Children** Goat. Kid nnd Cair Balm *eal*, nubber*. Show htooit, Finding*, &o. VXT1TIT our superior facilities for manufacturing. we are able to soil as 'o* as io Boston or elsewhere |Val*»rsare re-pec* f ily invito 1 to call and ex amine our k bofore par having. spr"*|rdera bv mall "tnaptlr attended to. Portland. A. rii 23. 1'04 ddm TIip ExtrnorrfiaHiy Success Which lias attended the introduction by us of CALIFORNIA WlftEM, Is^t only a fitting tribute to the ruHty an* beauty ot the Wines th.m^iv*. but* cheering indication of a doeire among the people to encourage A M K RICAN INDUSTRY* The wlue Trade RevUw. the organ of the British trade, calls them ‘'excellent in quality tad a gieat su:ccrs " Our hr nds of these Wine* may be 'ound upon the tables of The Most Fastidious Connoisseurs. Th. Icidln* portion of th* Am.ricaa pr«« h.„ exluilsd their uteri:., uil th. verdict to all who aa* them i. that Th.y are th« Pnreat. Th. Cheape.t. Hint The Boa/. *»« BOB TBS LABEL OB) PERKINS, STERN & CO.. WHO All THB BIOBBBB BOU.8, Aud the only oa* la t'io Attxutio Statu d»allDf ex- | cltnively la autoiiM* WINES. maySSBodlai m w mr OF PORTLAND. Holders of U.T. 7-30 Notes, Can have t*em exchanged for u per cert, twen ty year bond* by lesving them with this bank. Toe i terest on the notes will te pa d is. coin, at the rate 7 3 10 perceut. to July 1, and the bonds will be de livered here as soon re they can be prepar- d by the Government. £be*c 20 year Louas are the most de ei-ableof an/of the government securities. Coa versions mus* be made in sams cf 9600 or its multi ple. A commission of one quarter ot one per cent, will bo charged. W. K. GOULD, Cashier. Portland. May 26, 1*64. may25eodtf New Cloaks and Mantillas! LE/ten A itonixsov 84 Middle 8t., JTAVE now on band an Eli oa? t Stock of Cloaks. Co3sacks, and Mantillas, Of itatlr awn mvnufEcture. Alio, Cloak*, Silks, Tasstlt, Bl’TTO.VS and onXAUEXTS. LADIES' GARMENTS Made to Order. Silks, Shawls and Dress Goods, I'iiMiuiP than tha i Eabbva » Li.AV11 * K0B1N8ON. M JtiJd.t street. Jon, l—illm 1yrt.Kv1110.UL Fire Insurance Company! Of 4Vn0 York, Offict 113 flroadtcay. CASH CAPITAL $1,000,000. WM. E. WVKKE.Y, rreti tent. HAMILTON BKL'CK, Vice Pres hi eat. GE0ID1E W. SAYAUK, Secretary Portland Hoard of Pyrenees. Johw B Buowk k Son. IUkmiy ¥ lbtc hfr k Co. il J. Libby a Co. J >hs ltri. u k Co. The undo -A gue I baling bccu appduted Aotir au«i Ait bmjv lor »lii* C< tupa y. now prepared to issue l*o lo ts on lutiitbis Pioperty at current rate#. %3TPortland Office, 166 Fore Street. JOHN W. M UNGER, Agent. Jan* 3, 1864 —utf IJ. !». nnrdinl’i Notice. L’mrat State* o» An«iu«a, i Di-tkx t or Uai.nk.h. | 1)1 KSU A N r to tuouiilons from the Hon. Ashur *> are Ju 4g«* of t»««. i nited Mate# Di-irict Court, within aud or the Di-trut oi Maine, 1 hereby give i u he n lice t at the t. 1 owing Litclsai.d Lloima lions have bteu Iliad iu.aidCwuit. tt:— A / i•*#'/ ngaiuNt fwx* y BotT* » r A^broatii Hack 8I8yakimi; a»i> Ikh UaiT (u.trn ii«, ■*15 tin Nfr. A'i / * to- m tfio-t against Two Uuadbbd a>d Six ty-KIOM r ThoI RAND < 1UA> W An inform tii a * gains Six Cask* or Bbamdy AHuTki I hoc-abb ( l UkH An Info'mat in aga i«t Sr van Taeia cowtaik 1NU Turn AY tv* l H * • L’ f* A * l* i KiAkl B. d Kol- *4 ( ASkl COvTAIBIMt I WARTY IHOUsaXD * lOAt-B. A t.itel aga nit Fivk CaUKsc MtaIiIBO T*»l» TYNIM IMUI'SABB Oak UlMliHllt «Mi FiFTY ClOA 1CM. Wli eh#«izur*§ were for breach*# of the law# of ihe United Mate* atd is m re tait'cu arly set torih in avid i.ibrl* ami Iniounation.i that a hearing nd trial will he had ih**reouat Hang<ir, in said District on the Fourth Puesd ty of Ju te current, where any per.on# in'eresteu therein may appear, and show cause if any can be s own, wre e'ore the same *» ould *>ot be decreed forfeit and disposed of accord ing to law. i»a*ed at Portland this fourteenth day of Jane, A. D. 1864. * A OtflXBY. U. S. Deputy M *r«ha! Dial, of Maine. June U—«i14c Oronm of Lillies, FOR THE HAIR. THIS elegant preparation for the 7/eir is entirety fee from '* cohot, spirits «-r ■»» v injur* us tub* stance whatever, it ,M>sses*es ad the d**irettle qn'tdtien oj ihe e*«f. and none of the • bjectiona of the inferio mop >un s. The high reputation wh ch t»if pr par’*lion hai ga ue-1 in private cucVf iu this dry lia# induced the proprietor to place it brfbre the Pub ic. The CKRAM OF I.!MRS Imparts a luxurious brilliancy to the Hai”, rent'tvcs al unnatural d*> n s« and hsrthne s from tne Hair—is impervious to dampness ami p<*. fpltation It is the c.eanost aid best dressing for the hair ever di covered. #f eery La<ty should t-y a Vott.e Prepar-d and su’d by T*0*S. G. LOKINO. Dru/;i-t, cor Exchange auvl Fed* ral «* Portland, June 1. 1864. junoidtf €*»|> itrtu«*r*hi|». TTHHE undersigned have formfd a copartner*hip JL uuder the name oi K*»kumav HaoTUB»a. am hav# leatad tl*o *tjre formerly occupinl by Twilohall i k Champlin No %S Ommero aU reel, wbe e th~y • propose to carry on the Fl<»nr. Tea and Tobacco - busiues#. JAMES FRFRMAN. I SaMUEL FREEMAN, 1 Portlmd, Jone 8 —d«w I CLOTHING. REMOVAL. JOSIAH BURLEIGE BAS BKNOVID TO # NEW STORE, EVANS* BLOCK Nos. 141 St 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BURLEIGH Wholeaale a ad Retail Dea'ar la C oth tug, Co tits, Tailors’ Trimmings -AMO GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS Nos III A 143 Middle Street. JOSIAH BUKLEItiD Agent for Urorcr A Baker'* celebrated Sewing Maeliines. Ho* 141 A 143 Middle Street. NATHAN GOOLD Will any to hia Iricnda that be may bo toand at Bur leigh'a, No. >41 A 143 Middle .trout, where be wil be pl'-a ed to wait upoa bla farmer euatomer*. rortlana. March 24. 1344. dtf Spring & Su nuu r Stock FASHIONABLE GOODS, —r»»» COATS, PANTALOONS AHD VESTS forchaacd from tbe best a** mmeuts. for cub, U New York, and Boston, may be footd it tbe store of WILLIAM G. BECKETT M ere haul Tailor, NO, 137 Middle ttireet. Some of tbeee Goods, whlon bare been recently imported, ditter xnuen in color, texture ana nuut fr. m tue st> les that have coutinn«*U in vugao lor i yenr or two pest, and are couside e.» very eiegaut. Besides tboreaud o her Uo#tln.—comnieiu,r all th* ranei.n ior r.a’iiuuaixs wear, at the 4m- p|M. mat U roil ad a good ,f standard U. rmua' rreorb, aud *aglt«h Uraadulaiba a d t>ur Biiaa. lur g"0teol auiu, togathrr olio «yln 01 Vraiiaga (elected with a alow la -a t all laeu-t. All the l*« »t»l«4 lor l.eutle tin.'. w. ar, wlielhei for I'reaaeuitaor a Baaiotee oatit-, leceirnt i„ ,b.i. •oaaoaa, tog« wub platoeof too lau-at atylee-o Ca"'ng and Kli. taking CT~The Beat Irltnmmgialwayi oa hand. BT No- 137 Middle *nre>*. g\ __maylidCw JUST RECEIVED 1 ROLLINS k BOM). HAViRG refitted their store and received a large amort meat of BLEGAHT STYLES —or— C L, O T H S ! ARK PRKPARKD TO Show Them to Their Co*toner*. ALSO. Clothing & Furnishing Goods, la Orcat Variety, -ftft TVTltltTlfj Street. _ _ may9tf SPRING OPENING) A. D. REEVES. TAILOR & DRAPER 98 Exchange St-, WOULD respectfully inform hi* friends and the pMOlic that be ha* recently o^eaed a Splendid Assortment of Spring and Summer Goods, Which be Is .*eady to make op in the m^et Fashion able styie, ard at the Lowest Cask /'rices Tn* Laoim art reepeotlully reminded that hid ing //-kbits LiiMrt J’kcke's. ard Fancy Waists ir* cut slid m ade at this es’ab iahment iu a style which can nut fail to p ease them. MiLtTo&r Aiu Ratal Onricitaa are here fit< ted oat in tru t He jnla'i •« Stile. To Ftrtiitt oct Bovs in the to st becoming and dnratde garments, special attention is given. Drew Coat*, Pan**. Veit*, and Bntinei* Suit*, Made to order and warranted Good Fits, ha kkbyks assures hi* c istomer* that I is work is made no' only in the hi*te*t s yle of fA-hion. hat in the most tho «afh and woik«asliii asms Ins IT a Lie are in Tiled to visit thi* t upokicm or rximioi. iDO*e>iitn«(ieudo nm ni-’v cwb" ■p to thi* MaKivs«TO. may 1 fellm The Cabinet Organs MADE EXCLCSIY ELY BY MASON & HAMLIN Are the heat inutrawenu of thx ir c!im in ‘he world. Nearh ail the tnnat promn.-n artist* in ti e c« unity hate given written testimony to thi* eflV ct. and there iuatrumeu*. are Iu eonataut u«e la the concert* ol themo*t d *ti»gu!*hed artiata—a* Uotf.cha k and other*—a* woll aa u tue raa iu the prti.c pal eft* ie« *h»-oever auch ina rumen • »r. re.iu r. d. luce • '6 to • $0 each. Theee iuat- um* ut* may t e font d at the Mu* c **o©m*ofthe sub-criber. wtere they will be void at the tnaa«f*ciarer»‘ p ice*. II. 8. EDWARDS, No f4*j Stewart's Block, Congree* St. aprIAdtf Ice Cream ! lee Cream ! ! -At Brown’s Oyster and Ice Cream Saloon, No. Ill mad 1S4 Exchange St., Opposite the Intel nations! Uobss. mayTdtf TAKK At UOitNO.V* Patent Metallic or Copper Paint FOR VESSELS’ DOTTOMS. To Ounrn and Master* of Vessels Thi- .upenor article U offend with the lulleat cot* fideuce. W hru pin d to WOODEN BOTTOM VESSELS ’ !♦ will be found a perfect •ulatitut tor (errr Sheathiur. and a < UM» 1>TI. PhlSH VaTIvJ lion WoKMd, IKM, LKA88. Ac Vet oela trading t« the We*t India and b« iu! t in I tit will find It particularly kr their ii>«ere.t to u#e t rATfcXT Met* ll c oh t o-raa Tatar. The i ropneV*r« will <nev*ry ea « guarantee, do ouiy tha* ih* ir t opper Taint »• *u wrier to any noi lo use, bu* alao to any that haa been beretotoie ol f red to the pub'ic Printed direction* for u*e rcecirotny each can For *ale. wholesale and retail, by the Mamufac turer* Agent*, LYMAN & MARRETT. Sliip Oliandlors No. IIS Commercial l^rriti, spaniu «8* Portland. Tails about Hats ] JUST SEE HARRIS' NEWSTTLES June 4—<l%f Hie ilirnprii Agency I YOU MHKtin nil olaane, of claim, arlaing fret ibo w,r I* that 01 tbo “MAINE WAR CLAIM ASSOCIATION, in which the -a,»'n*e« nre controlled by n dia.ntei eat. d r.aecu Ive . oounit ce. Apple In perron. or by letter, to GEORGE I KM KitY . ever tba i'ortlaud fort Othce, 8 I atory. d.wly OKA K'VB A A’lLLiAMh. 8pcc*«a'>«a TO J. W, nuN"BWKLL k Co lo. 14 7 k 8 Commercial Wharf, Boater. Intporte,. and Wholtnle Dealer* In /Vwo*. .Wrd ekaea, Pain’t. <<W», Dyn Slufi b.Mu’.wanu a ticloa and Cheisloala. Manufacturer, ot • o al l a at, Aej, Japan ko. A yen,a fur fore.t Htrtr ir. Mv.iie load Co. Frrntk and Jeter, an Z.n Drngria'',. Perfhmer, and Me woe LaV/,. Goner Arena. for J L. Ununewell'. t’nlrernal Couth Rer ody ■ Talnkaodyaoaad EJeatric Phla. mck&Mdl _MILLINERY. 1>IN\ k PALMER I 0 ill the attention of the trade |«mt [ mlj to their Urge and WELL SELECTED STOCK ’ MILLINERY 000 D8, I u.chared inr CAait, of Lett importiba aid ace lork- ,'url* “ 'heir >apetlei.a« and acil Ilea lor oblaii In* (tool. ' cj.iMlri 1“ •« io*abi. toauceaeaimijr JUT! •“> “ru • R«» tu*lai.d r “P*.'* l-aii.o taken to keep a mil atoek at aud Laa ea'bhJIU'g. 9 1 ___Janeldla STHAW tiUOUM, ’ TH.KJ1 CSrlL*r lV*,uJr from the OM* *• . Worn*. froxb-ro, M«ai , ail be ntx ■. j Ue|.bU itylea Of Ledu. , aTiuISJ straw Bonnets 1 OfelJ qnilitloe. Alan an. .tartly <* ha»4 a laraa H'e!i i’f. *'*'*'' »ed An.etieaii tleweir, ktcbetu Mead a o . a tilch be * III .ell at tha uVH pri.ej. dull, K p*i.llII Jen, 1 llm 1*4 All,idle Mr.*. PortUad. NEW MILLINERY STORE^ New Goods! MR«.A ROtlERTSON baa takea (ke New bn. l»o 31 *>ee Street, cr, .r i/ , «lJr*H.4 TS •elected a Superior Atsvrlmrtil pi MILLINERY, Which »he will be plo»—d to offer to »— ----- - - and the public, on at d after tho 6th tut "• ■*. A good ateortmenl of mourning Coaataatlj on baad . 4lire, nr f ur *ooJ Milliner- era re—i,. — emploj meat br io mlnti* aa nb-.T,. -ri Atnltr GRAHTS COFFEE &s>Picg WTT.Tf ORlUtMAL XSTABLIsinta fly J. Q-rant, Wboloaale Dealer la all kladl af COFFEE, SPICES, Nulu'rnlits dk I rriim Tune. Stw Cofit and Spirt Jlillt, 13 and \L r-~> - PutlUnd. Pm, ’mt*. Coft.Md fplcf.iut up for lit trade, with ar* UQ.u<r°v ro“u'* »ui found for tb. trad, at uaR gy All jj< od:’ atitruated at the owuap * rtak. _ ___atarablOdY The Misses Bailey’s Home 8ehooL rilHK Miwes Hatley having t arc ha end the pi see tm -A New Oloeew ar runner y u« uphd b ib* Has. there **** ** * Boeruiug school, pi vpuse upswing Home School for Girls nnd Boys, in which the aUvautagr* of a c»refbl h»me tfhJ, Ug wilt be united with thorough in tr cion »a nil the braau ie< ts'igbt In s- nlu«rt«s of the dn* e ass. I he oug etjMrn uc ** of one teacher a« I rioetaai of a iflom t sic tool in V<riiwt. * ud tbs re pa etiem of Meoth~r a* a -ucc »»ful t.arberol a a. y yeme •’ sorting. is Portland, w »l. It la Loped, prccaie nn tronag*at>d m-ur**success. A Us itieman o ntp-.rifnc* will be it the bend ef ihs Home tyeparu e»i. Rad pav particular atten tion to tbs p’»y steal to iuli g « f the uo| Hs. Fo' iu for nation «e- circulars or luoaire ef —w j A. M HAiI.EY. No Ai fturieg street. Ktcrsussric*:—Hev J \r. ( h eke*lag. D D j How John Ne«*: CbarksA. Lord; ilesekinh fisk* •rd: Jocpli hibbey. New Gloucester, Hey 26. 1*64. _ _ u»« 2ftdlwth*rl*aw1f Coparuicrvhia Suuct, BUSINESS ALVE&TISEMENT THE •uSscribera far in. on the ?th das o' M‘r lormed n copartnership under the name ef McCarthy & Berry, * * Wm • ■ pour- wrW*STp«g"en,fit * BOO! AND SH)E BU8IB1B8 In nil it* brauc’ es. and baking aU the facilities Nr get it;g up uret cls*i w« rk f •* gentleman surf lad as. . are no* r* ad to entente all orders w tb awns* n**s nnd ohpatch Onr wurk will be made cf tue > Cat ot imported tuck. b% thu test of woikmen.and war ran o«i to gtvr p r *ct is’lsiacti. n. It la onr a4a ed*dtBf Wor* **ul ^ w* -ud to any in tb# Cult* Vfc htve also ocmpVtsd a stock of rend remade Work oi the ti st quant), tor iLadiee, Oeotl men. nnd Cbl dren'n Wear, •sleeted fr am New York and Boston markets Our l,a-fiaa' week i. from tb. c.ftbrated for* A/ tHt./acti'rp of New Ao»k. i o> Gentlemen's w»ai w*» Gareths beatassortment seer offer d fur sale iu thi- c'ty , *uch as floe frrnab 1’stout Leather Boots; Glove Call end Call Caa* gre^s iv.r ge» ti men’s wear: Psb nt Leather Cen itres*. and Call C.ogress Bn.mural, nnd i aw fisaak Buck e Boots. IU»«>..u.tcBfb»ncw atyl* CR'XFEn-FKOOT Bt CKLE to 'I, now nud. by ketar by fo Mac* >> r For Ma'DM.. comhrt at u baaa't. It -arptaaaw aayhm, car got up 1. third*) Ca l aaul at fop pampic* ala a) • ou b.ud at lb. e.d a it«k*| Mt. tWtby. McCarthy a berry, Nu.#a Eickiifrltmt. Jaaeldti United States Claim Agency t Bounty, Hn*f .Homy 4k ■»-* Cl AM ba obtain <1 na tj pUr.U-n >, I / 6'VfcAI A t i KAVep. , Airoi vya at f aw. w ***"—•»•■***• Maine Sabbath School Depository >|MIK argrat and brat a.leand moo. o Rim k4 A f.r 9AuUi[U SCUvAIL LltlKAKlB* Hi to fount a: 9 No, ft I Kichange Street, Partita^. Now beets are rrcrlred werjr week tr »® the 81a. day school S octet ei suo PMblbhisj(Uua»M u khaL aiie'pliis, New tor* end notiuii. oo vared * , a* •ortmeut. compri'iog books adept** to the capeoitr or the c *il«i AS Well a- a ioit. ««anoc be found im ear ooe store lu New Kiiglend. * • cuoo sin the i<»eutry. hr 'ending e cats'* f oeC the to ut In tue Lu re tr. can receive a lot lor a*, amina'lou en>i r turn at ear expe e i| h y m not appro*-ed book- lor Ntbbeih Ho eel* ai eady o» hand. l>..*oonina tor L tnary Bed* y. lowitl, a iu Heston AI*o M «-«] Jaucoee, 1 h **y. c*l and School Books, Latter, be* in on and Note » e per of all su a, w tb Ku«doy > to r •-*». 1 h* #• graph Albums, Portfolio*. P rtmor.t rt*a V a. all nl wnto i w II be »o d at th« !«•*.» cai’• •* t m*.~ Orders solicited. h i- Jun-Ut. 18*4. oil PENSIONS! BOUNTIBB! -AND BACK PAY I Are obtained tor Wounded Soldier a f lactargtii and the frie* da ol dvccaed •older* v,ho are lainAi tu the tome by BYKO* D. VEBRILL, ItHrtey ud (wutllir, it Ji ur litf* Stmt, —.AND—• Ltcenaod Agent for all th* Depart man s* eft Wa.hmgtou l*or and ApHl H W4. 1 H tniff® NavigttiidU Tuuglai — at — T. 13. I^YHSON8 — AT — * No, 12, Deer Su^et, Portland. ('i JtNTI.HHX of In.frctfoa l„ ISmi, "I ca NaTigatiuM wfff ifiid an cjjAriTiHa^ „ ra er Hal,> exptiM l.cM l-hlu a>„t,r lath* Mala. Mho iF-ai'l.r. ga-.ivn, at a M iai.rta'1 u poiuwd ia«i4i F.Ld Rat.a lo, ih, •» t _MbMaadlS 3 P AHBIRD’S^ Clothes Cleaning, and Repairing it o o m s * rpais poou'ar int co.vauieot tFiiblWnnl la A now located on the rorurr of Congtes* ol4 B owu •ticets, oter Uunt* Jewett afcaifcle H tika. whe.e ^ GENTLEMFV8 GARXFRTI will be thoroughly clean ed, fai h u ly a^ft aoatfw i* pa ire •, *nd j n a*rd m , ood »a*te. to r/h,0lil % ibe present »'wr « I !**Li- n. 1>a tot 4 ol j a tonagr tedoaid epon tlei i **,,!« tot i. oulw A| preciateo by l»:ni. and i e &«• u* at «ho t»vow i him with their cu^iom. It. t t o juiLi «»m| g ,ti|M to airs them the u*mos»**atisfi|,tH>ii ^ *’m4»U N. II. t.armvaiao.t auU made u.order. ard - " ranted to fit (i. it. blABhtkh l or >».d, M.) 30lli. 1864. PVJo .tS ltoto otf GREENHOUSE' ~ ASD UEDD1XV Ql ’r PUKYl, 1 *"plc,!PllT‘p,r,,,)‘'‘'» r»b"c ih,t I km ^ * Batl'iing-nut for Ppr|uf „ ** ■ VatE RkhA*. 1»AHI U» 1 ■) Ain, • U«. I»A»tx* a d Uusaa Also, i fine toll^tiT ta \iTIR r-L.jTt, he . Ac., ho. " A selection u.ay always be found tt Randall A ^ T* itn»*y i», Market Square. I rd^t Uft p-., mA s b* promptly attei'dso to w*at Wig [! c**•"^.KLP,Jp FlorM. > PorUauJ lIa 4

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