Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 22, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 22, 1864 Page 3
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J'OltTLAXD AXD VICIXITY. U. 8. District Court WABg, J., PRESIDING. In Admiralty. A heating was had yeetct day an the pertilions at Stephen S. Lewis an Walter 13. Haoilen, for the remission of th forfeiture of the schooner Red Robiu of Dee Isle, aud cargo, which petitioners admit ar forfeited to the United States for breach o license, iu bringing a cargo of salt from a for elgn port, while under a coasting license, Tne evidence in the case is to be subaiittet to the Secretary of the Treasury for his de cisiou in the matter. 1’. B trues K-q., appeared for the petitioner! and George F. i'albot K-q , U. S. District At torney lor the Government. From the testimony it appeared that while under a coasting license liir one year from August. 23, 1802, the schooner went to St, Jotiu N li. June 1833, and took a cargo of salt lor Bella.-!. The ves-el and cargo were seized at Culler July 5,1833 by order of W. B. Smith. Collector of the port of Machias, the vessel having no inauifest or register. The pelititlouers contend, 1st the mas ter of the vessel, that he was not aware that he was violating the laws of the United Sees; and 21 ihe owner (of the cargo, Mr. Lewis that he was not aware of the vessel be lng under a coasting license only, and that hit intentions were perfectly honest. Municipal Court-June 21. John McArroy, for drunkenness and dis turbines was lined three dollars and costs, which he paid and was discharged. Eelief of 8ick and Wounded Soldiers. The young ladies of the It. T. II. Society, propose to repeal the Coronation Spectacle which was so much admired a lew week# since. They are induced to do this at the so licitation of many who were, and others who were not preseut at the previous spectacle. The proceeds they will devote exclusively to the relief of our sick aud wounded sol ulere. As It u 4 praiseworthy object, and the spectacle Itself is exquisitely beautiful, we doubt not that the repetition will be a per fect success. It will take place this evening at New City Hall. _ Dslegates. Standisii—chosen June 18, 1804, to the State Convention, at Augusta—Joseph S. Tuompson. E iakim Wescott, Janus K. Em ary, Samuel O. Paine. To the District Convention,at Portland, Ju ly 7th—; William Paine, Lemuel Kicb 3d., James L. Hasty, Pant ham Stevens. Tit* New Coin.— We are iudebled to our frleud, Dr. Hoses Dodge for specimens of the new one cent and the two ceutcoius, just issued from the mint. The former are of the tame style as the nickle ceut, but not quite so thick. The two cent coin Is the prettiest that has been issued from the mint. It is about as large as the quarter dollars. On one side Is a shield with the motto, “In God we trust.” O.i the other side,a wreath, in the circle the word»“iwo cents" and on the outside “United States of America.” We notice that many of the dealers in this city refuse to take the brass cuius that have been in circulation in lieu of cents. This is right. We hope they will soon be driveu out of sight, and tho new coins substituted iu tbeir place. Accidents—Yesterday afternoon while Mr. James Boyd was at work upon the shears on Commercial w harf, at tempting to pry up sorna thing, the lever suddeuly lifted aud he was turuwu some ten or fifteen feet in the air. He struck on his head as he came to the ground, and was severely Injured in the head and shoulders. One of the employees In the foundry of Messrs. Charles Sliples A Son while engaged yesteidsyju lifting iron, had one of the nails on bis Ungers sti ipped off, whole, by the iron falling on it. The nail was ukeu off as com plete as a surgeon could do It. TnRATHE.—The drama of “The Jibbensin oaa>” was performed last evening. Mr. Hamblin sustained the character of the Avenger and Mrs. Sylvester that of Telia Doe in x manner highly creditable 1o themselves. They were well sustained by the other actors In the play, who performed tbeir parts hand somely. The afterpiece of “The Follies of a Night” elicited roar, of laughter. There was a fair audience present, but not so good a one II such L>lA\illf? faitnulri rail f.iHk Tbi» evening will be performed the drama of Captain Kyd. £7 A dispatch was received in thil city yesterday,(tating that Lieut*Coi. John Mar shall Brown, 32d Maine regiment, had been wounded iu oue of the recent battles. The nature of his wouud is not stated, but It Is hoped that it is but slight. He hsd been taken to Baltimore whltber oue of his brothers pro ceeded yesterday. Real Estate.—Attention is Invited to the advertisement of Messrs Charles A Gard ner Jordan, who offer for sale the Jordan es tate on Commercial, State and York streets together with the wharf and flats contiguous It Is oue of the most valuable lots In the city and is well deserving the attention of capital lats and others. Masonic Noitcic.—The Masouic Fralern! ty are revuested to meet at the Masonic Hall tils (Wednesday(afternoon at 2 o'clock foi the purpose of attending the funeral of oui deceased Bro. Robert U. Means. Per order of the W. M. S. Kylk, Secretary, Baker s Cavalry.—Wh learn from a let ter from this corpi, that the 2 1 battallion, which has been doing duty as Infantry, h&i beeu furnished with horses. The men an now mounted aud are ordered to active ser vice as cavalry. Trout —A party consisting ol seven sport* men Iroin this city and four from Bethel, one day last week caught 90S trout,In Bear Hivei In the town of Newry. All but 109 were caught in a small brook called the East brauct of Bear river. A pretty good day’s work ioi the anglers. IF The Hall of the Natural History So ciety V< 1.1 be open tbit afternoon from 2 to I o’clock. Admission free. Mr. liicbeldei Will be in attendance to give any desired In formation. Allotment Rolls —The allotments pay able p> parties in this city, from rolls of thi !9tb and 3Jth Regiments, have been receivei aud are payable at the City Treasurer’s Office tv Portland Council No. I, U. L. of A. will hold its regular meeting at the utua place at 8 o’clock this evening. ■ —I. ' Light made Darkness. It has often been said or individuals tha they were so much hiseker than an ordiuar; negro that charcoal would make a white mail on them. Tuls solecism is more thau equallet by a fact in nature, as tbe following will show which we clip from the “scientific” depart ment of a popular literary Journal: The most brilliant and beautiful light whirl can be artificially produced. Is that of a bai Of quicklime kept violently hot by a flame c mixed ignited oxygen aud hydrogen past playing on its suriace. Such a ball, ft brough near enough to appear of the same size as th sun, can uo more 1m- looked at wi'liniit Injur inp tbe eyes than the sun itself; bu* if It b held between the eve and the sun, and boi the sun and the ball be so dimmed by a dm glass as to allow their being looked at tngeti •r. It appears as a black spot, on the sun's sui lace, or a black outline of the moon ill s eclipse ot the sun. Tbe brightness of th aurisce of such a lime ball is only 146th pat of that of the sun’s surface; that is, the su gives out as much light as 146 balls of quid lime the site, of the sun. each hea'ed all nvr their surface In the manner described, whle is the most intense heat we can raise, and 1 Wbleh platlua melts like lead. BY TJhGJLKOKA.PU -TO TUXt KVENimu PAPERS. . -- 1 Rebel Mapa tehee. , Nkw York, June 21. The Richmond Enquirer of the 18th give* the following Inmi Beauregard to Bragg, dal : j cd IVteraburg, lUih, 0 1‘. M.: f Sir—The euemy uiaile two attacks on our . lines this afternoon, hut were remised wiih loss. We captured 400 pi isoners, including eleven commissioned officer*. All quiet at this moment. Communication was interrupt ed on the railroad to I'eU r-hurg, but afier tearing up the track and pulling down 300 yards of telegraph wire, the Federal* were so warmly pressed that they hacked out and re treated alter making a stubborn tight until late tu the evening. The principal lighting occurred two miles from Cheater, where we repulsed the eut-my and took two tines ol their breastworks. We also captured a lew prison ers. Some of the enemy’s dead and wound ed ell into our hands. Tbeenenn’s forces consisted of about 2500 all told. Our force consisted of l’ickelt’s division. Our whole loss is not. heavy. The following dispatch has been received from Gen. Lee: UtatlqwirUr*, June 171A.—To His Excel leucy Jefferson Davis:—At 11 o’clock Iasi night we took the breastworks at Hewlett's House. The battery at Howlett's is alto be iug re-estab ished. Five vessels have tieen sunk by the enemy in Treat’s Reach. Ten steamers are vvilhiu the Reach, behind the Monitors. Some fighting occurred near Petersburg this inorniug without result. 1 have ordered the railroad at Port Walts hall Junction, which wan destroyed by the 1 enemy jeslerday, to he repaired and reooened. R. E. Lee. Atltvihi, left., June 1IMA.—A teiegiaui iiom Gen. Forrest to Capt. Adah, dated Turpt-lo, 18th, says the victory was complete. The killed, wounded and raptured of the enemy exceeds the total of all my troops enga-ed I have sent forward 1300 prisoners and there were more jet behind. There was little skir mishing three miles trom Marietta hy the en enty. Yesterday the sf« rp-lmoters were go --W w VIWVM ft niriuiiY UOUftlT f I Corps made a cha>g« on Col. Burn's division, three lilies deep, and were repulsed with great slaughter. Few prisoners were taken. The Kichmnnd Enquirer of the lS'b *ays a gentleman, who left Lynchburg Thursday, state* that a Yankee force, IR.000 strong, uu der Hunter, Averill and Crook, was at Forest i de;>ot on the Virginia and Tennesse- H u I road, i some eight or ten milea from Lynchburg, i They have done a good deal of damage to the railroad. A train of cars arrived from Danville Iasi night. The Yankee bet has not lieeu accom plished. baler—The Richmond Enquirer of the 18th says (Jen. Averill'* force* had burned the railroad bridge over Tye river, in Nelson pouiitv, twenty-four mile* from Lvnchhutg ■ Yesterday morning thev burned the Arring ton depot and passed on to Amhorst Court House. Later information reports Crook within six miles of Lynchburg. from the Army of the Potomac. IjEAIiqiAKTEKS ARMY POTOMAC, I June 20.b, 5 A.M. I ! Yesterday was a very quiet day along the lines of both at tides. Skirmishing snd artil lety tiring occurred at inlet v»l»; tlie&thcorp* during the day probably lo»t 100 ineu, their lines being so close to the enstny that it was dangerous to enter or leave them. An atmek was made on our ceutre about 10 o’clock last night, but it was quickly repulsed. In the charge made Friday evening by the 3J brigade uuder Col. Carroll, the 3».h North Carolina rebel regiineut was captured, num bering about sixty men, with their office.sand flags. Two of Crawford’s aids were wounded The loss in the 5 li corps for the past three days will reach about 2,000. The 2J corps ! has lost about 4.200 since Wednesday last. A Hag of truce was sent to the enemy’s lines yesterday, lor the purpose of geltiug the dead and wounded between the works, but It was refused. Vrotn .Vp»r Orlrant. Cairo, 111., June 20. 1 be Steamer Mollie Able, from New Orleans 15th. has arrived. The steamer Progress was burned to the waler's edge on the evening of the 0 It, soon alter coming out of Red ,K,ver. Her cargo consisted of 1 350 bales of cotton, of which 500 hales may be saved. The lire took from a lamp iu the englue room. Twenty lives were lost. The New Orleans cotton market was retire, 1 and offering* small. Middliug 1 07 a 108.— There was good inquiry for sugar and molass es, with little offering. Three buildings were blown down In Cairo this afternoon, during a severe wind and raiu storm. One man was killed. From Mobile. New Y’obk, June 21. The Herald's correspondent, off Mobile 7tb, stales that the rebel ram Tennessee and eight cm.sorts were lu lull view. Four of the laner are partly cased with iron, and the wooden Vessels ate protected by cotton. Our lorcr unbrace* sixteen wooden vessels, including Farragut's flagship. The fleet ol our Mi. sis-ippl iron-dad* i* to be stationed at the mouth of that river, to meet any rebel cr*h that succeeds in avoiding our fleet. The writer say*, we feel confldeut we can master the rebels. From H'amhtnyton. Washington, June 21. Commander Henry A MU... .... ......._ poiut^d Chiel of tin*. Bureau of Ordnance iu the Nauy Department. Commander Albert M. Smith ha* been nom inate<l a* Chief ol the Bureau of Kipiipmeiit aud IWruiiiup iu the same Department. lion. Daniel E. Some*, of Maine, has been appointed CoumjI to Curacoa. A military railroad from Bangor to the non bean tern frontier «aa favorably repotted j to the House to day. From thr Pruinouta. As.NAroLis. Mil., June 21. The steamer Connecticut has ariivrd with over 50U wounded men, including sixty otli eers. They are principally from the *Uh and 0th corps. They were wounded on the 17th and IS it inst".. while charging the rebel works ar< u id Petersburg. Thi y confirm the news that Burnside has gsiuett a decided advantage, and that Peters burg will soon be In our hands. Pol. CltmmbrrlalH Pounded. New Yoiuc, June 21. The Herald's correspondent reports Col. i hsmberlaiti, of the 20ih Me., as shot through both thighs—recovery doubtful. iLJi A pike weighing 130 pounds was re cently hauled out of Witinghatn pond, Vt. This is the biggest thing ever known iu Ver mont waters—[An Kxebange. The above is a whopper. In lake Cham plain the pike and mtisCalunge grow to thirty or forty pounds, but no ponds in Vermont grow such a big Ash as above represented. We have killed pickerel Iu Bake Champlain weighing twelve pounds, and black bass that would pu l down six pounds. Ttuftaiter is a game fish and affords the angler great spoil. They struggle for life longer aud more earn estly than the trout. The longer and more severe the agonies of the dying of the poor fl-h, the greater thu sport, aud no wonder Bulwer said, “Angling fosters and cherishes ' two the worst parlous of our nature—de ception aud cruelty. We practice the former vice iu hooking the poor fish, and the latter in prolonging his dying agonies. But we some times more than suspect that some of our an glers use the "silver hook" and are thereby saved the pain or the pleasure, of witnessing the last struggles of the trout fir his life. If so, they can't be charged w ith indulging the passion of cruelty, however much they may be liable to the charge of deception. S*CRKTAJtT_ SKWAKK A>T1 THE NOMINA TION.— lion William li. Seward, in auawer to an invitation to attend the Lincoln aud Johnson ratification meeting said ;—So far as an exprcs-lon ol my concurrence in the nom inations and platform is Concerned, everybody knows that, • ubatantUlly, I sa- committed iu detail to all that the Convention has oow done, long before a delegate was chosen, and eveu | long before the Convention itself was calk'd. The secret of the success of the Con vent I n is, that the American people are a wise, true and liberty loving ami humane nation, and, being such. It could, under the existing cir cumstaucea, do nothing, and sav nothing, more or le«s, than just what the Convention has spoken iu its name, and has recommend ed shall he done. For the present let the people send men anu supplies to ths armies in the Meld, and thus enable them "to light It out on the same line it It takes all summer." The election of Lncoln and Johnson, at the close of a successful campaign, will then speak the peoples decision, that Slavery has petlahed and that the American Colon U invincible. TOTH* Portland Daily Press. --- - XXXVIII 00HGBE88—rint 8eswon. Washington, June 21. 8KNATK. The hill to facilitate telegraphic communi cation between the Eastern ami Western Con tinents was taken up. The bill passed alter the amendment grant in'5 bul"*uie* **»d keeu Slacken out, 21 against The House bill to repeal the laws for the rendition of fugitive slaves was di.cussed. KVkl.NI.NG SK-iSIOK. Resolutions were introduced tending to fa cilitate business and do away with formalities. 1 be iemaiuder of the session was occupied wnh District of Columbia business.—Ad journed. nousE. Mr. Schenck, f orn the Military Committee, reported adveisely to a petition ol certain cuuens wlio have beeu couliued in rebel pris ons, tor the same pay aud rations as soldiers tu tile l’iiited Stales service. Tabled. A resolution was passed lor the relief of the widow ol Spencer Kellogg, who was executed as a spy by the rebels, provided bis name be placed uu the navy list as luunli master from June to Seplemlier, lBOli, that his widow re ceive pensions due to ln» rauk. Mt. Schenck reporied adversely on the res olution for inquiring iuto the expediency of a hill lor the pay of officers aud soldiers now mustered iuto service. He also reported back the Seuate bill, with amendments, providing tor the examination as to miral and business qualification* ol commissioners, quartermas ters aud paymasters aud assistants. It was passed. He also reported the bii! giving paymasters and military storekeepers ol' oiduauce ihe rank aud pay of captaiu of ordnance without command. Ai.o a bill increasing the efficiency of the medical corps of the army. Mr. i'eudlelou repotted Iroin the committee •U uMNcinia-iiie lp-j'ihuuw, l*.x«*cutife atld Judicial Appropruiiou bill, which wu then adopted. Mr. Farnsworth, from the Military Commit tee, made au adverse report ou the iiieiuoiial of certain cltiims of Illinois, praying that Hostilities im y cease* lie also i< ported a bill amendatory of the act ol 1849, for the payment of the value of horses destroyed iu the military service ol the Coiled State-, by which provision is made lor nurses lost liy surreuder to the euemy. T he hill lakes effect from the commeucement ol ihe retwlllou. It was passed. Mr. Kellogg, from the Military Committee, made an adverse report on the resolution in structing them to inquire what further legis lation is necessary Ui prevent substitute brok ers from purchasing substitutes. Mr. Scbenck, of Ohio, irom the Military Committee, reported a bill, the first amt sec ond sections of w hich repea' the commutation '■lause of the Enrollment *act, and providing that substitutes may be furnished by a drafted in v:i iu the person of father, suu or brother.— third section provides that the draft shall not be wholly for three years, but the Presi dent may order a draft for a less period, but not under one year. Other sections lemedy the defects in the old law. Mr. Kuidall, of Penn., objected to the sec ond reading of the bill. The question occurred “shall the bill he re jected.” and resulted as follows: Yeas 75, nays 75. The Speaker voted " nay,” saving the bill from rejection. After debate the House, by 100 against 50, struck out the first section repealing the com mutation clause. The sectiou section was also stricken out. Mr. Boutwell, of Mass., offered au amend ment, to pay volunteers or substitutes who »r» honorably discharged previous to e xpir atlan of their term ofeulUlmeut the lull boun ty. Agreed to. Mr. Farnsworth of Illinois, moved that the bill lie tabled. Di-agreed to—47 agaiust 75 Mr. Oarfleld of Ohio moved to strike out the third atld fourth sections, as the heart of the bill is cut out and the bead cut off. To re fuse to strike out the coiniuutatiou clause was, id effect, to give up the war. The House h* re took a recess. EVENING SESSION. The House resumed the consideration of the measure and it *i< debated at length by Messrs. Pruinot V-w York, Washburn ol Il linois, Stevens of Pennsylvania, anu others. Mr. Holman's amendment was disagreed to, 39 against 82.—Adjourned. From M’osAInpfon. Washington, June 21. The President has uuuiiuaicd lor Judge Advocate General, with the rank of Briga dier, Jueebh Holt, of Kentucky, the present incumbent, and for Assistant Judge Advocate General, with the rank of Colonel, Major W. McKee I)unn, of Iudiaoa. Silas Woodson has been nominated as Chief Justice of Idaho, in place ol Sy duey Edger ton, wlm has been appointed Governor of the new territory of Moulatio. The Evening Star says the President and his youngest son left the city yesterday after noon oil the ordnance steamer Baltimore, to pay a visit to Gen. Grant, and see how affairs are progressing on the James river. Acting Assistant Surgeon John K. Harden burg, U.s. A., died at the llu-h Barracks, iu this city, on Monday. (reueial Gilmore has arrived here. The public debt up to Juue 14lu is #1,719, 305,107. Various Items. N'tw Vobk, June 12. Gold closed this sfiemoou at 2 05 a 2 00 of fered, sud 2 08 a 2 It) asked, inerting ex change nominal at 2 21 a 2 22. The irou clad Puritan writ be launched to morrow. The Secretary of the Treasury authorizes Mr. Cisco to aimmmce that sub criptious to tile U. S. 0’s ol 1881 will lie accepted at a pre mium of six per cent. Ttie steamer Vanina left to-day for Boston to lake troops to the army of the Potomac. An important meeting ol hankers and brok ers will he held lo-iuorrow to urge a repeal of the gold hill. Business in foreign exchange 1s suspended. 2 Ut is now ssked for gold. The Spauish frigates Carmen and Selaltod arrived to-day. Meeting */ the .Vrw fork Slate Central Prare Committee. New Vobk, June 21. The Wood or Peace state Ceutrul Commit tee met at the Astor Liou-e this afternoon. Some sixty aiembers were present. Several letters were read, amongst others, one from Senator Itichardsou, advocating peace and in lavor of nominating an independent candidate, which met with little favor. Mr. Wood declined to commit himself for McClellan or any other man nominated at Chicago. A mass meeting lias been called for Wednes day iu this and other cities sud places, with a view to impress the Chicago Convention tiiat the people are iu lavor of peace. The Committee meet again on Monday. Disloyalty of the Present City Government of Metnpnls. ■e Caiiio, III., June II. Gen. Washburne has declared that, owing to the disloyal character of the present city Government ol Memphis, as well as its utiei in* tllciency in the management ot the city affairs, he is compelled to announce, in the 1 event of the re election of the present Mayor that it is the intention o! the military author ities to take charge of the municipal depart ment of Memphis. Appearanes ef Guerrillas at Atfuiu Creek Washington, June 21. On Saturday last a large hand of goeirdlai made their appearance at Acquia Creek ant set tire to the lower wharf, when the gunboati Ceur de Leon, Priinro^f and Leslie pellet Hie and scattered them. The boats’ crew o the Primrose and Ceur de Leon were sent oi shore, and endeavored to stop the destruction hut when the Kila passed that place yesterday morning the Hre was still hurniug. Items from Southern Snurres. Washington. June 21. Savannah papers say that the Chief ol ihi Cherokee Iud'aii* has lieen commissioned i Uiigadier In the Confederate aiiny. A company ot hoys, about forty strong, ha lieen formed at Columbus, Ga.. to guard th railroad bridge at Wvstpomt. Their captah is Master Walter Gordon, brother of Majn Gen. Gordon, ol Lee’s army. Not a mem lie ol the eompany is over sixteen years of age Guerrillas Operating between Wlnclwster anil Staunton Baltimobb. June 21. The American says there is no truth in th rumors of a raid Into Maryland liy the reheli Letters from Marilnsburg dated yesterda state that Mushy't guerrillas are operatin tietween Winchester and Staunton, prevenl Ing as far as possible any communication wit Gen. Huqtyr Fire, . . T _ Milwaukr*. June 21. A lire at La Cros.e last night iltstrined property to the amount of $10,000. Hnr fork Market. Haw Torn* June21. Cotton-lower; <alef 650 bale,at 14S®1 5o lor m d dling iipianun. K^-Urr"‘i‘i ,,!010 bbla; R',t,‘ and We*tern fc -!,?'i»?0.rS."Vw,,'88*8B: K««ra cnolce82.ia.a3Cs Bound Hoopoulob7‘)uS80;o .one .1" 8">a)< '6; supersua .Vi-turu 7 70 *7-5! Kxtr ao«.ii3,bto; <outberu—firmer: xule. 3 Obbl*: Mixed lo gUUU H Ml a 9 1*1; * m,ev SIIU OXl (h 9 |.>«. . I H1) > ,. • ada firmer; sale* 1100 bbl*; oomraon Extra 8 37® 8 3*: extra good to choice 8 37 a 9 o Wbe»t-2a3o better; sale. o bu.b; Chicago bpriugl 130.101; j uauxeeclui. 1 87<&1 OJ: U inter Bed Wextern t:3a, 1 01; Amber Midi g .u 2 00 *2 06. 1 !„‘!r?77arm-r' •*••• 21.0JO bu.ii, m:x. a Wn>i«ru I Wa/1 o') ^Beel-Ugber; *ale« 2401 bbli; Country me.* 15 00% I'ork—opened 1 75 higher but cto.ed leatlirm; axle* 415 I bb . ; new lues* 89 37}% 1.75. oloniog at the in slue price. • aid—firmer; Halos *0 bMs at 164ql7c. flutter— e*v firm »t 26tp£8c. Whiskey—firmer; -*a es 8 » 0 bbts at 1 65^1 05. Sugar—firmer; sales mujliuda; New un«kUi I9|; Muscovado 17c. * ola ses—.ull; sales 700 hbds Muscovado clayed at <8c. Naval Stores—quiet an unchanged. Ptttiolcutu— uoiuiiiH iy unchanged. Freight*, to Liverpool—fit m. Stock Market. Naw Vobk, Jane 21. Second Hoard. —Stocr b belt* r. Chicago ft Rock Island. U(j Milwaukiefc Prairie I>uChien .* til j rituouig, Fort Wayne ft Chicago.Xlitf j Michigan Oouthem. 1^1 iluuois Central scrip,..!!.!!!!!*. !!.122j Cleveland ft Pittsburg......... ..U « Chicago ft N oi th Western.5,! Cleveland ft loieuo,. 1484 . tluason. 24*/1 Michigan Centra].i6«4 tte aum* ............. IU Alton ft Terre Haute. HI# New kora Centra;, . 103* Pacific Mai;..ib» quicksilver Mining Co.* *. * ] “ * 741 uuuiocriand Coai Uouipauy preferred. . uantou Company. 4^ Cniteu »iaiecune year certificates new.j#7 United Staten 5-20 coupons. loM tinted .Matts 6-2J egistcred. .. ].. United Staten u s 1881 coupons,. Ninth Maine Hegiment.—The 9th Maine regimeut, 1ms, unjustly we have no doubt, beeu accused ol cowardice. The following ext tact from a letter Irom au t lhcer in that regiment is lotiud in the Dostou Journal: »*Ti... r. 1. _ • ... -..... ..j.uiiiu mu «ot on int jit la I full liny u« a reylmtnt. 1'aere a detail Inmi lltr. regiment out a* skit mi-heis, and tbev held lltnir ground all day until limy acre relieved al nigut. Once timing Hie day suiue twenty live or litirty wlto were in au upeu Held weie diiven back romp hundred yard* by a regi luenl ol the enemy, who afacked them in iiue ol battle i hey lell back under ihe protection ol a ridge, wltere I hey held their grouud, aud again recovered their former pusitiou. The whole story origiuaied from the InrtofGeli. Bullet's ordering a Secouil Lieutenant lobe , reduced to the rank* lor lieiug out of position witii iweidy men, but it appeared that he was out ol position from receiving wrong orders. Ano.her Limteuanl of thu reaimeut was cen sured by the General, his conduct having been misrepresented, but when the General a-cei tained the facts, like a true gentleman and sol dier. he said to the Lieutenant that lie regret ted that he had for one moment suspected hi* bravery, and ordered him back to take charge of the picket line.” O F not OF T 1 i E ATLANTIC Mutual Insurance Company, NKW YORK, JANUARY 2*, 1 64. rilliE Trustee*, in -onrorm.ty to the Charter o' the X t jinpuuy. • n m t th* following Maunm-ut of ib *4 ‘if t>o tn*- 31st D ctmb r, *3: i miiium* rocoiv«.d on Man .*• Ki«a*, Irotn Ik Ja.iaa.y, J8-J3. to81*t De ©ou» b-r, lUil, 81 214 398 93 f‘r min tan uu t'dicea not marked off ' l»t January. 1863. 1.708'OS 24 Total amountof Marine Premium*. 8U,.Xi6(kil 17 •>o Po Idea have beeii i *.u*d upon l.ife * Ri*kr: nor upon 4 ir Kiek„ dtreo* ne t d with .»! iritis KU**. Premium- marked utl f.otn 1st Ja*., lWi. t“ 31*i December, 18 3, 87.697.666 60 Lo^i»* « paid dating t * «aui ■ period, 3 ***»& *if.l 04 R*‘turu« ol Premium* am Kxpeaaea, l,*J»42.9tJ7 48 The Company has the 'ol owing A*#e a viz ■ L*».i da>at*.a a St t ol Ncw Y<irt ©toe -.« itjr Haut hu t -•!tier ,8t<f««*( 88.493 631 30 l.oaLs-LCun d »•> ©to -the. w i*,, l,4fr».7U0,0 ***** t ta caid Bond* an I MorigAgt*, jftj 0^ 9i*l• on Stojki,! ter«M on Ho .d« and M ntgagf- auo&th r Loan* *nn dry A at tit Ti3 i •urat'C* and oilier cUiin* d le 'he Cotap y , mi iiuateo a; 1M 904 61 em um Not** aud bill* Receivable, 8,178. t;6 63 Ca*U iu Bilik, 41 *ig Total amount of Aa**!*, 89,a»6 4 o 32 Six jo c nt luirroit on the outatan i..g -ertifi ea e*» •* p ofiT* wi I b ■ p-id to the ho dors theieuf, or tueir tv rut repr.v»-ut itm-s, on aud atttr 1 uu-dav the Second of Fctouaiy ■ *j*t. After re-erving Three -tnd On# h’li Million Dollar* a. the ouutaudin* certificate* of the ba te of 1862, w 11 be r< d«H>fn<-d ntid p id to tiie boldeiA there ol. • r 'heir legal ic renentmiv », uii aud *|Ur j Ue* day, *be ©ejwi-d ol Fe lunrjr h«xt. Irom viiicli date a 1 inL*re»t thereon wnl rea.*e I ho c-rtirie *te« to be prodne ** at the fimeot invraem, »uu cancelled A Dividend oi Forty Per ( cut. is declared on the ne? e*r»**4 or- tniutns ol the Compau . ior the year ending 31 t De;outb r, 18i , for which cor ite«tea will b- i***ue4 on aud after iu«?da>, the FLtb of April next The t*r the Comp%nr.a*o''r,ainA.1 From the l»t ot July 184 thr 1*1 of Jau , 1863. for wn ou( ertitl -ate* were i sued, a uuu .t to $14 g-jj Additional fr»m l*t Jan., 1873, to 1st January, It*., 2.630 000 1o s'proHUfor21J year*. »ltj,l*4S 5*0 The ( ertiftcate* p e'i< u* to 18j2, have been redeeuied by ca h, II.690.210 Net rarnine* r'maintrg wi h tlie Com yauy ou 1st J*nu»r>. 1864, 85 263 670 By older ot »».e R ^rd. W IOV8NSE.ND JONES. Seere ary. TRUSTEES. Joh*» P. JoneA, David f.aue, * harl**« DenuD J*«ot* Bry .« W II II Un.tra Vi’m l. Timm. TiMtuD, II K. Hojrert, kJ«or> C if. x A Low, w C. PcWrrsgill. Wm. ► . Hodge, lewi* « urtls, DennL 1*. rklne, ( h*4. I J s. Gail ard. Jr., Low CHolbrok. J. Ueurr Hnrgy. P. A. Harg 'tis, CoruHiu* v.nuuill M W Wmod, « A. Ha d, Ro-al Ptielp , \V»;i* ''h*Tinm, «aeh H intow, V. K Mur an. A i*. N'o’. H. J How land, L rov M Willey. HeiJ. »*at*cock l»auio S. Miller, Kle'ch -r M ea’rav, 8- T N*c I . R. H Mtn-urn Jr.. Josh's J Henry, I, w Hiirrii>am, G *o. G Hobson, Fre 1. < hsuncey, Jame* Low. John D JO\i:s. Pre-i.W <11 a RLES D N NIS Vice-R’esHept. II U MOdKK. ad Vice President. wW App’iaiion# forwarded and Orxs PoLim* procured by JOHN W. MITNGER. Agent, No. 100 Pore street head of Long Wnnrf, ponrtASn, mk. J-ine 8.—1w?wfce> dtojai.29 For Harpswcll. TWO TRIPS DAK. V, ( • unday t tic*yt<d ) The safe and fast Mrninrr “Clinton,” C. KKLLKV, Matter, jgaons* Having b* ea iljoroujhlv rcraired r« fined for light f ei htafd pa • ngers w ill coimne> ce her regular trips to tla p«w«ll Mo.NJ>A Y. the20ih iu»t.. leav ing Custom House Wharf a« H A a. M i>d !l I*. M J.-ave llarpsweil at Its 80 A. M a-d 6 P. M ’caching on the south side of t. heLeague le'andoscb way. Fare each way. Hart -w/11 A4 cts. rhebea<*ne 49cts. Karursioii tickets to Harp w« II and baik 76 c-nts; Che League I-’nnd and back B<>38 ft olUHDVAN r, Agents. 73Comn>crc al street. June 15-dtf ‘ Tbe Bfst is the Cheapest." Try one ot J‘K/tR l" a line Bog-oca Bats! YOU WILL LIKE IT. The Bt'M (o be lonnd in the City. P E It K Y , 131 Middle eirret June 18—dtt H a *• e C h n n c o ! MALE <£ FEMALE AGENTS WANTED riNO travel in all part of the m« e In a ileasart JL and money-" aking Lii-tms* • n salary or c m mi s on ^ O »r agoni are making from £4 to per dav. We will -end samp e* with in trtic ions, id ■ the receipt e. 33 cents Piease all or address «. it CUTTING a CO., 229 Cong teen atree , fort laid. I | Junel4—dim ! Maine Central Railroad Company. Annual Meeting on WrdniMlay, June 29, 1864, nt Wtuerville. 11UE Stockholder# are hereby notified that the A Annual Mi"-tiiig of»h« StocshoM rs of the 'laine Central Railroari ( oirpa** will be h* Id at * j T««»n Pall *n Watcrvillo. on Wed nos lav. June 29. 18 4 at lo o’clock tu ths forenoon, to do o > the lob loa fug art e’es. via: ^ 1 t-1 o h“»r the Rep rt# of the D rector# ard ? Tr **u"r of aid Company and act thereon . j 2d—I • man- choice oi a board of iHrectora foi » the ensuing year. — 4.. w « 8 p- BEMOV, Clerk. I Waterrille, May 81,1864. JuneSdtd --— -! ^MISCELLANEOUS. CUSTOM CLOTHING! N. 8. GARDINERj 82 Middle 8t., Opp. Post Office, U reel, lag weekly the j LATH.ST and MOST KLBOAXT STYLUS —or— French, Knglieh and American Doeukinn, f'afteimcrr* and Coatings i Wh ch we are prepared to mianracture Into Gar menta not tar pat ted in Style of Cut, and workmauahlp, by any home lu thia City nr Slat*. MR. JOHN II. LARKIN, A'temla to fie Cutting o'G.rmu italmhla VatablUh. jrbuaa repntatton ua a Fa.hioa.ble, 'o.ty Cutter la weilkuowii n Portland au i other citle . *i5aVe ou ,ia'1* *nd *r® ojustauJr reca.viugall the uiflvreut vaiiotie* of ' * j GENTLEMEN’S FURNISHING GOODS, l aually kopt by those la ibe business. Jane 14 -4 od4w NOTICE. A \ IXG sold oar interest in the Dry Goods bn Hu©** jo 1'urtLudtu Mewis B ¥ Hamilton k 7®1W*l‘h U! *c*no»lwige .he literal and c u "be Mjt ecTi ?v"f p*ironaee »e bare receive t for be part eial.t Jena and 10 no. mm. i d all oar eua tomereaud the , ub ic to tl.o new cut cern. theorJ.; . Kob,n‘“" »*Hr.n.aln at the at.ire tor V 5“" 11 *b® acc .nnia ot tbe con, ern. Al pereona having ui aeitnd accouota *1 1 coaler a fa *or by adjusting them at • uce. Mr Kubin* m. w Ii al*o continue to ae* as age I lor .be Weed Sewing Machine Manufactu iug Com P jin.17.odtf «' W' »0»1K.0S fc CO. B. F. HAMILTON «StCO. 8accessors to C. IV. Robinson St Co. TO CHILD very ntpectfully Invite nil fotmer pa. a free .■iZu.H®..1’''!**'' ‘ud ,h' ',ubllc (teuer.llv"o natl n ..rourgoi. a at all timea. With long eapi-rieiicc- and clo-e afeutiou .o the wants oi I oustomirs, auu adiifiitig strict!) t . tie CASH SYSTEM, BeM*ring It to be l»eit r f .r the buj er m well me the reljer We hope to me.It. lirg ab.rge ufpa ro aue ! lor- ,u cue»p to Bak« room N K W O O O D « . .*?■N Prince, together with the employee, in the *t« rears* to bo retained aud will be bnptr to ree all their customer* a* f«*r»» ppiy ***^ B. F tikUILiON k (O Jt.eel7eodtfCOrDerCU“*r“1*n'' P'«W* Mreete. , $300 BOUNTY. 13. S.TaW \ W ANTED. Fur United Stetee Steamer Pontoosuc, NOW IX PORTLAXD. 25 8'amen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 L-ndamen, 10 Biremen, 16 Oml Heaven. Apply to Naval Rmdrsvoat, foot of Exchange 8f. Janeltldtf J°UN P “ExIIl. Commanding At Iiane’a liitcliea IV urolumso \ 1 NO. 4 FREE NT., PORTLAND. JUST retormd from Hew York with a large a. unmeutol BASKETS, bo*h Traveling and Work. Al.o a large lot of PIPI) CAGES, Alt New Patterns. Al.o, Font of verirn. kind.; Wl e Window of nil kind'«*of1*'1 *“ Ct,lor" *L<1 Pl4in- A large etock .KITCHEN GOODS. A. osu.l; Wo. den Were cf all kind.. Children's Larr-ages, loy* Ac. All Sjld Cheap for fTar lines. Juno 14 -43w George W. Ylatiaon, GOLD & SILVER PLATER, 71 Hid,lie Street, Portland, Me. A .hare of patronage reepctfnlly .olici'ed and ea i.factien given. Or 'em froae the country promptly attended to. Adders* (ieorge W. Manaon, 74 Middle etreet, Hoorn So 10. op etaire, Portland. Me. Jtiu- 14—d3m Jwlm Kinsman, OAS FITTER, —A V D— I ieal.r In (ins Fixtures, And One A li.-roM-ne Cooking Apparalna. Die puM,« are invited to es.mlue aud teat these nc wm ei.tlous, which are highly recumneeded for »uu»iu* r un SO 65 UNION STREET. TortlBad. June 14 —*od3m PERRY, 151 MIDDLE ST., 11 at Jjat opened a large assortment of CLOTH HATS, Including tha “BILLY MORRIS,” “GUN BOAT,” “DEAUBY.” “GEN. M17 A TIP. •• Ac Abo Cook A A Id rich '■ Celebrated “LOHDOB,” and ' BOGOTA” HAT, VI Mch f>r style, finish and durability surpass any othe for'he season. June 4 —dtf PERRY, lol Middle street. IF YOB IIAVfcA’T A REFRIGERATOR ! 0*t,lf too have an old one that don’t exactly suit yoi. oon'i tail to examine tbe very best pat tern now in use, tht POLAR RE FRK.ER4TOR, For sale at tbe Furniture Rooms of WALTER COREY. 62 and M Exchange street. Jure 6,166*.— «12m LAiE A LITTLE, Wbo eanlo Dealers in Foreign and Domestic Dry Goods, ABD Vv oolons, No. M2 Multi • Htmet, A. u“ui. | -rOEILAND. ME. __ Jane7dif Oroam of Xtllies, i'OR THU HAIR. 711HIS elegant preparation for tbe //sir is tnTire/, A fi'c fruni a cohol, spirits «.raise injuri »us s*6 stanc* irhattrer. it f*‘sses»ts n’t th* <1e»im*lr 'l r/M'i'stits it/ i Ho b»st, and nous of the • bjection* ol tneinfeno- omp >uu s. I*ne high reputati »u wh ch tnin pr. par «tmu ha- ga ned in private cue leu in Hu* d*.v has nduced the proprietor to pUce it before the Pub ic. I he CREAM OF LILIES import* a luxurious brilliancy to the Hair, remove* al a 'natural dry U'as and harshuo-a fiorn toe liai —is mpervioua to dampness ami peispiiation. it ir in meanest and be*t dressing f^r the hair over di cu.«red. Mctry Laoy should f» y a Bottie. Prepared and sold by T*Ui. G. LOR TNG. Druggi-t, cor tSxohauge aud Fed* ral ts. Portland. Juue 1.18*1 juneidtf INTLRNAlIONALJtOTEMCOMPANY stoc k aoM-cRirTios. PERSONS desirous or aiding in the construction * 1 a Mrst-cl Si lio'el tor Portland, ar* venut-s ed Jt ‘1a*l on Mr. M. N. Rio *. Merc ian s Excliau e. on wnd afit-r the 2uth lost, wh- nab ok wi»l be open«d lo subscriptions t«> s»t< ck of the above company and will iI'ni-ia open until Juiy %ub, 1861 Jaue 17.—d Wanifd Immetllntoiy. VN Agent of either sex in every town and village toeuga e in a light aud pr^d'ab'e tu ». ess. by wtif hfron S^.dO to «12 per week ca * b * made. Per l^i-ure cveuings can make f * m 60« to • 1.00 per eveu'uf A sample with fill! particu'an*, sent by m ill to ill w ho end -© one 8 stamp vid a^d **#s A. C. bPAL’LDING k « O . jo *f21d% wl»* West Hampstead. N. 11. Fagiiifer H Hiili d. ff!0 run a stationary Engine. Euquir* at L janelldtf BLAKa-a IUKE8T. I--— Loti. A TORT MOVAIK \nt flndor will be ialttblj 1 rewarded by hiving it *t mv > III e Jou-21-dlt M M BUTi.FR. Bonrd. 14 Cfttlleii.»n end hi, wire. end three or four iln AA- *'• eenllem-D c.n And pleutot ro mi will board .t M Cumberland Stie.t, Juu20d2w C. CBANY. _ I M ISCELLAxN EOUS. w N O T I O E —TO THE— I ' BOOKSELLERS! — a in>— I Country Merchants of Me. . ---•-— ■ - Wholesale Book Store ! -AID I’UtUSIIIX, HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES,. Booksellers and Publishers, N03. 50 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, jVtaino, Aj-o-dow fully prepared lo Supply the Trad.©! -AT TH* Lowest Wholesale Prices. By special contract, recently made with the Bo*. ton and New York TohlUber*, we are enabled to •apply any and All of tb.3 School Books, t’sed in thl* State, oa The Most Liberal Terms. Haring purchased the Stcei'iypc Plates from O. L. Das.osj a Co., Of this City, we shall in fa tore pnbiish the ralnsble Serlee of Scbool Books heretofore published by them. This series, togeth er with oo. formor pubilcaiioos. will make tbeltol lowing List:— Norton'*. Weld and Qnaekanbo*' Gram* mar, The Prcgsessive Grammar. By We d fc Quaokeabos. The Progressive Parsing Book. By We.d a Quaokeabos. Weld'* New Grammar. Weld’* Grammar, . (Old Edition.| Weli’* Parting Book, Weld’s Latin Lessens and Reader. Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetie, Jackson's Arithmetic. B. a X.. also publish Iiaaamaa'a AxtiAxoc lakStste* or Rapid Mercantile Writing, In Eight Parts, with printed copies at tba head of each page, in e.act Imitation of the Author's beau tiful style of penmanship. w« call special attention to these New Writing Book*, As they era admitted to be the most practical Copy Books eeer offered to the public; and they are now being rapidly introduced, baring the fall endorse ment of the Sawrisleslcit sf Public Rr heels of Ik. Stele ml Besides the above list which we publish, our Spec ial contracts are for the following hooks:— Progressive Series of Headers and Spellers. . Hillard's Series of Headers ft Spellers. 8argeni's Series of Headers ft Spellers. Colton's ft Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Green’.eaf s Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, STATIONERY — A HD— ROOM PAPERS! 6 FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N. B. — liock sellers or Country Dealers who are not coming to th ’City, may writato usstating about what amount they purchase at a time, and we will •end them a LIST OF PRICKS, It wanted. Bailey <Sz> Noyes, 1 Publishers and Booksellers, ' 30 and 3jl Exchange Street, Bortland., 3VTe. rnay2*d2m T'i't’« College. TIIF. Anneal Cnrame irpmcut of Tuft’s Colleg’ takes olaoa o > Wed as tar, Julv 13 The ftrs ex and a'ion of candidate4 for ad" is I »n to the Col leg** wi I lw he'd on rtiur»d*y July 14 The aeoont oil Tuesday. Aug '3d T»e n# t le m h-gius oi Thursday. Aug 2ftth. Hoard *2 60 iw*r • e«* A A. MiNKft. E'o Maul. College lllft. June 6th. 1« 4 |une8eo«iflw For ftN e. THE »wo e*ory » r« k Hou-eNo 2 neef ntr^ot. 8 by f 2 and burn 16 by 21 Th« lot I* 6) feo» squar* 1 wl'h go*n| water and «ar*rnenot. Eor ftirtberp*v ticnli^ esqatr* or BENJAMIN KNIGHT, 8 ear I 1'ackvt Cfmpwny, Atiautie Wharf. Junflt-tf J ENTEilTA lE\i EIN’ TS. j \ew omu iiouseTi LANCASTER IIALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S MIXSTR12 L«! OPES every EYESISti. An Entire Change of Programme. LOVE, op the Rival* ! Admianonii wn>«, Reserved ju'iUmi, „ , J 81'RAUCE, i „ maflT 'f 11. HI.ASCII AUO. I ■•»»««». BENEFir of the SOLDIERS. THR rrantr lad’ea of th« K T II foe elj will re pest iL Ma; leu irai st MEW CITY HALL, Wednesday Eve’np, June 22, I ft* proeeeds o' whicnw.l' be *i,en h,r the lellef of the end wua iced so'diera of our «rmv Me reahmenis lor aele in the N»natc l u. ruber b nterratufuei t lu c I'tiiTieuc*'i i I pa. ■ * Itco** ■ open at 7 ,,'ul ck. ' lekrta t. be ban at Itie hook I »» d a' the door—26 cent. each. b' tbe H»“d »l «»•- I7ih Real meet U. S. In Ju eld— d'd 12XCURsio> t i TT.fKj'J" b°e* r,r,mi K*r«"ton to nr X rON I iL . u.ii? a’ UL<1'r ,’h' •“"Plctt o; Um Irtab A*er ICSi Itcli f An OCISliou. ou WEDNESDAY, June 22nd, Car. leave Depot, foot »' Checnot street at 71 : oclocv r-u ■». j M#rv Bin 1-emeu i m been pros! led for thst i i 00 OllrUcho Ckliuus, aim tbe cou 1 mi ttees^s etbe pubic ths' i.othlnr wl.l be kft uimIoi-p •list can ami to the p emu e* of the day Ice W • t#*r will bn furd -i»d f «-« of cl s *p. | *Iu« c by <’h lid er’e t^u dtile Bam.—Air. J. W Ksrmood, I* um ler. T cke>« &oc< t>t«, c lldr«*» 36 cod'*-to be held st I pi ca*kD-iat iheeuf 1* H It ih^ weather a' oBld prove nnfaruritl- the *f01* " n '•ill bj p-»s!poued to tbe 'irat ug/ v> 1 be drat fair day. JiinelSd d _merchandise Trapani Salt Afloat. !t OOO Tl*?’"!, s* 1 c*rr° of *h'r »\r Kt c turn beau for »ale bv Juael*8w imNA ft CO Cluiifled Cider, ESOR tale b/ ,C MOSES MORRILL. A(r»M, innate lm- 2"S t ore line, p-'itlind ■ mis. A I.ARGF. lot of rai.t4.ofnM Almon loni, for sale cbtap. by V a. LbA V111, jmcl-sfl** W! -barf. fU 1| II I prim.. aou'Leru V. :l » '"vf UirCwra, perach Flo er, n>iw landing acd .or caJ-* by E. ti LCfcOi . _ .. . 12» Comm* tc al atreet. June 14 —2w Tircatill*. 100,000 ^,b,;BoA,t TaEBSA,u*for bIM iSTOS k KNIGHT. _ 4S Com.oercfal vCharf. r r'Ins.Jui., is. im«. Jim.lWif Liverpool *alt Afloat. ft( If If I HI104 Liverpool Balt. cargo cf ahfp Uv/W 1 otnuna, n.w Kidui tm to’ Mir by F VI * UA*A k CU. Jun*'ll — 2v App re, Api les. b)(VI BBLS. i i e Kuorf Apple*. for mle by tad* r\J P A.itlllfil. RttidSi biheritrwt. Ja e ll.—« 3 r • Hon«‘j-M 7TC8 PRIME Ci BA MONEY, for ra> in bond on dory paid. THOMAS ASENi IO k CO. . June 10—iadtf 8terra Moreau Molaieef. HHU1 Sierra More a Molar*e*. ear OU«d ( s • bri r 1 hAr ena, non landing -J T #ree«, i Central VA'I art tio H da ' For vie bv Junc i, IW4 CEO ROB 8. IICNT M» rta .^1 or-utt fluluavt a. Q*-IW IWl>8. ) MwLA vsfcs.jmilan«!iug frem j brig M A -up rior W Tl'S. ) a me • tor retail ng Fvr tare bf Joil.V li Logu »av2Sd4w* No 1J tai-n WUrt. Suj »r Mini allflaa««*». 3(K) kiaUtt*(CMulCK MUdvOVADO 8L 10JX8. J OAR. STluUDS up* rlor Mu co.ado, and 3 It’v t'la **sl aoia-^e-. tl HUU from -ia ia Morena, Row landing and •oraaeuy Tli'sOlAd AdLNClO k CO , ma)9tf < u-tom tiouee Wharf. 8|f*r»a Moreiiu 9»>-CilUD8 . OOO j CHOICE HI ERICA MORERA A) H*ACES \I iLvaal.8, SO BBLS f Row Uudtng from Brig "C. H Kennedy" TiluS ASEvllo * Co, May I —«f_ C tl Wharf. Scotch tikuibM. Il)/\ BOLT v—irom the lac tor) of David Cor *ar k Hon*. Leith—a sal! cloth ot auperioi laanty—Joat received per "Ja*a", and for sale b) MoolLVKKY, KY AN k DA VI*. mch25dtf 131 t'ntnmercia) Htr» et E. K. LEM0NT, Carriage M anufjclarer. Preble Sti eet, - - Portland Me. STV^Ctriiages and Slaigbe on band aid made to oruer. June 5uti * Portland Army CtiUiiulUte Of 1111 U. S. Christian Commission. Cb».ra,n,T. K. Uijr*., roc.iv.jStore. at 110 Hid die sire t I re « irtr Cyras Sturdivant, receives Hone) at 71 C omm- rial sir et. Secretary, »»♦ ory 11. Burmese, receives Let lets at 80 C u:n<uercial Ft*eet. A mi. e* J. C Dr. W U. Johusor. ,uuelHuil TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W..K. DEilHNe, Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’s Block, COHMMR OrCOMQRHSS AMD HIM STRMMll WOULD respectfully announce to the citixeae o. Pwrilanu mo > icinny . that he bus pci< n Iv l«*cat*d in this city. During the eleven moitl. that »eheve been ta town we have car»d some u the worst forms of di»eas«iu peisou* who have trie* other forms of treatmeut in vein, ai d curing ti-nis iu so short a time that the questioo is < ftei asked, lo they stay cured* To answer tbn que-tioi we will say that all that do not tay cu ed, we wi doctor the second time tor Lathing Dr. D. has tweu a practical Electrician ttr tees') oae years, and is also a regular graduated physical Electricity is uerfectly adapted to chronic dl^asti in the torm or nervous or sick headed*; neuralpu ia the head. nock.or extremities: consumption whe> iu the acute stages or where the lungs are not tally Involved ; acute or chronic rheumatism, scrofula, hi) iiecasrs white swellings, spinal diseases carratuv* ot the spine, contracted muscles, distorted Umb» palsy or paralysis, fist. Vitas’ Danoe. d<a'nei*#.«tsp •wiring or hesitancy of speech, dy spepsia, Indies* tin. constipation and liver oomrlalnt, piles— we con erary oaee that nan be presented • as'hma, bronchi I s. strictaree of the sheet, and all forms of ferns« j^mplalnte. By Blootriclty The Rheumatic, the gouty, the lams and the las) I leap with joy, and move with tin agility aud elast c itr of youth; the heated brain is cooled: th** met bitten limbs restored, the uncouth deformities re moved: faintness converted to vigor, weakness P itrenpth: the blind made to see, the deaf to hear an* ’he i aisled form to move upright: the blemish#** c vou'h are oMitr rated; the accident % of mature lit -wevAwtsd: the «alamitt«* ri/ old age obviated, M' an aetiveolroulaticn maintained. LADIES iff ho have oold heads and feet, weak stomachs lame aud weak backs; nervous snd *lck hradsc) « lUzioedsand swimming in the head, with lnd!*e» Uon and constipation of the bowel*; pain <n the #kJ« and task; leucorrhesa (or whites); failing of th* womb with internal cancers; tumors, polypus. sn< all that long train os dls«ases will find in Hec*ri< Ity a sure means of cure For pulnfol menstruatioi t »o profoee menstruation, and all of those long lin of troubles wt*h voung Indies, Electricity is a *»*rtai speciSo and will »r a -hort time, restore the s« form to the vigor of health XWT we ho#*e .*• Klectra-Chemical Apparatme to extraetiac Mineral Poi* n tr. m the system, such s Heronry. Antimony, Ar*er.ic, he. Hundred# wh« are troubled with stiff Joints, weak back#, and vsrt on# other difficulties, the direct cause of which. I< nine ease# out of tea. I# the effect of poisonous drag» oaa be restored to natural strength and vigor by tb U«e of from five to eight Rathe. Offlo# hour* <Vo- fi s slosh i.I.IOlM,; 1J t; andT to s r *. PARisItftHss UVws Iv 14 Issrt' For the In|;«ihIn. On and afler June n-h*h*ttcam' O will tt«t|l tu>ther o# tl ^w^^P^^^'eave Burn»i»m’« har’. for Ftftt snd * «*h’ng's Is and# »' 9 sn lft <k> a >f . a»d and 3 TOP M. Returning wt'l b avHt'n t’lvg'* Ula - at f 49at d II 16 A. «l.. aud 3 -6 a id 6.15 1’ II Tickets36couts. down an 1 tu*,*; L’tiidreu l6ct Juno 9 d f I Hour** fluff. ARESPFCTABLE Privets Fsa^luff Do«w Ju^t oneust kssff n*wly fitf d np a <« Fr* I str* et. for f»su l*men with or wluut tbsir fatrilkt f Baits of rooms for families Jun«17dlw« AUCTION SACKS. Il#"*" and Lot Ht Aim-non. 07, ^wJnodar, Jane 22, it 3 o'clock r u re th*-pn iu -ei*. uc shall .ell t e t*o oio > nmwisn ilouac o*i 1 ar.ia slieet, ^ o. j2 To© ho. •*.* uew ii..i*1kil lib 'toutho 'a aiid aooi repur_>11/ *1 I ay. ou imtinti two kiihIm*; a to«d c*i a* ai 4 \V'r **'•<0.0(6 4# . o 1 a„u".. t. r. •' a ;p He To... I. io ,t»» uuclioid llPNBY iJAILKY * to . Amelia. H.h'nmn t-ootis in Auction. ON ".nr ilt) Jim 2', e» 10 o'.I ok a H ,tt. I Oalt blo,k, wv i*huh wffj, another oir t'» Juvoaco . L.O. .1 ..O ,|.c O.l.l.L 1.1 .. («o-,i.. ll."t.o., tr., ed olemih.. Ul.,» : Sr, a, cU il.,. a, let lea, I - zl J sklrlt, 1 molt VY Kit, t.oitou l Oiot i.ji ,.' i in, inn* . t.i It iL-, lain. C. »#»,. a q jitll ! ulfM * a Kill vt a I t U i u) e •, 4 c. IIEMtiY bAlLe.1 4 co., aictioidbi j m t 6s—a a Lhmm tvllnxe Ml Auction. ( )v Tuurt ay, Juui 2», at ao’ K II , rn the 7 prau.m.. me.-ball ad, at tmtinn • u«( i,-. *■ C'l* i Ilia,nl:,at, kt ,l« mile laeiM ii). I Lw li.u,m i. a !»•• eior> (ona,e 10 .ood 3 l r ‘.rrtrr cl " dtr * *'*’ c*-'1,r ‘ *• • «*«>•■» .ad * fc,»' ■» • fcuna) tinea, lb., bated " •JltV??“u * *'od cl*"rn 1 *»"• " K o amd - id bi uil i,All li e, ai Ilia,.#, laid, Vair*.vt?' V," *r,; u d'( e.ocoit. lip mo a oLf.„1i;r'ir‘“1,,d? * hl<* '•*•• •*" ■' '»• Ac -A SO Mil nhui dt 1 Cm i ■ a »*• • a sr. Aob Cm.iiia t e Boa, h, a a," tai , net da l... v,clotty for a e I... .. 1 t„ ,, * d^or,’: i:v ~r Joneu.d?' B1,LE‘ * Ili ree-ia <Hr. Ia|{. k, Ac., HI * ncKoa*. ON 8k nr. ay. Jen. 15th al II ccock i ■ od * !»•<• »lr tl ht/ r iior>©« nd • taut* 0I Cm • u es — ie Jiui \ lud iipu tid uriltii II all , lie pr. p. r.l a .a. 5, II -oi. Jala L> » , It Voo ler. ,'da tiockadey, *«> • liryala t toji.iiiit *«*.»«•. onoCo. Co d V4 «MU|, out Ext.r M •i © iw.-w-e»l ( haf.e, thr.e »<«o o h ud ' at^Zl OYiiiCApi sI rdsr, « it# M' U ii jr x »ei li * kc M-tf*** *~~— Klt rATTKN, AUi.T1oNP.Ek, u k,ob>a«t M. Kcmi Ea'hic i,u Plum Mrcsf. O' Tueelay 28 h Jo.e, a bal. paai tealte oe .*- P'omio-i withoa r»„ u!f’! “ • '*e * uu I Ik? si mi || «**|» r • .1, . .u e>... • . K-r ». r"’,b M* • 4 »«<m 10 laid ha f bouse bmu ab- ut thirty thie*. i**t * „ | ' , e ai d . xiH,n/i a • i ti »11 at hftv kei. al « ?75 *L*” c w“ Bli4 ui tmidm earn a »ot i loot Jo «• . d *••.! • aiaih .ariMiy l.aif at bTal..** . dKir bvo |>r m> ta. 1»ft* i « use «;« ataiaa i. a an i*hel r«M mi with a go oe»-t.iu in cr< n w.»l Jf u e *11 r wm. alive pic unite tui «*li «nt u wi‘ ' c * i ' Imj «ar|u, tft /'•* ffa*tt M t\Jt rria ncu»n«*l on b Auc cr.». i>ou.sraa oc ovtmLwi frc tu liv4o iJoc» any day pia tu%a t# llonsu hll.l I .li ll<| OH *llUR.|cfet. At tnniiin, ON Td.’diY Ju .» :8ih »t S ..'e ck - M.. n tti. prtuiscs, w» * al* nil *t au<* I u the v»»y dt ft rmbteH.ttv on All lift tl e. i,Ai- «. It U • IW« •ivty wo den h u» . *Hib ruaod o h# - ou !(•• • oo. d end Ibcie are«wo i artora. oi e dia lajiio* m. wrt. kitchei ■ a ■ o*.e b> d ru month* low r flotr* ind c ev* u flubb d rooms and the rioatta I tie 'Pum-a ,'o..d c II r ai.n id«o e hard and at ft wa nt—ami tIw 'tuie *r.l Ho sli*<1. 1 h- loca'fcft neaRhs-n tic t ei*).b< ib. on g»oA. jp> c»ai— a'e po Live, teinue- tj. * or i a liculam tltaa, caJ on HENRY BAILEY ft CO.. AtxcticaeoM. June IS—did EM. RAT TEN, AUCTION* Ett. 12 Exchange hi. House uiacl Lana cor. Atlantic ui Fore s reefs. O* Taeadty. June .& list i past 8 o’clock. e* t» a prem.a* a wm bn cold t e v- ry amiat « bn k ii u e io*.tl cr win. ih- li nd.aitualed as a- c> # — iiuu.m* f*u • ury wiih b~r.u.ea.t ti.o.ougily twit, aas every c >nv© .1 ice icons good .is ,xaril touch* •ut. I aril a* d salt w-i ?, end b < ce • I the tet tit* a*b)M«>u tiiht ucl Iboihooti. lo il mo ty is. *a!e po-itive t. e • w arr laving rtni.vio lr. m >be city. Ye .. * to *nit purchaser. kor pa»th u ns call >u tl c Aucn* n* • r Vu iiiib e Krtii Fwittie ul Aactias, loCupfElliubc h. near f he Fen jr. OX 1 nvsJay , Jm e 2Hh. at 3'cltck r wos tba, wm sh* i sell a ia *e »uo artbe ^■>1 ot l.Rt.d in Cap e rJ «abt th. in uu.ctiixe »b-at I *i*JI a mi t t ar*. ti m city kt>U n«ar the keily ; b« a d* u uu to? south by tue oad ea< iu* to fr a. i lute, by Ibis lioe iraNi thi«roau i uuu*««ii a*« ai g a haw* u-td auu fl .ty lo t to tue w» er IL t aa. 1’ r*l* u4 Lai* o*.eua .out ng u the liar, or» bou tw.bus t«4 *ua twenty five vet, %o.e.i x .boat. | acre* or ]ftu,. w •su.iv M«t, auu pr- • n iug a .p 1*no>4 oi ft*» •V li ai v e , for a obiu Yard | , ma*. uiaciuin g par* AiMM|bln K «• tvi coumcti u«. loi cowce Lm*c, ku . uikuj otherpurp it a so *mb*acts ab* at Uu acrw ui r . * bouudeo ou ilic w. s tv alxwt k/omm tli»abj*eii>icribej im; oh th- -eatft *•4 vast by the toad to lo t Pi eble a*, d a b oak; a 4 •u tue uart It u K.«wat>r I etutbeha h r lo «4 iu * **)n.e u M o • i ve uo.eui Bicakwa e , a* 4 »• wo t cvcutmu I. ra l>. uock on. *«..*ica,at k liaiibr U«| w »y . tt e »h«-I -*11 tl C eltlre p otar cytttouclot. Auyprasiick1 mi..u uaa eaaoj | er wvlvo be i:i«u |‘Wtpo«>M» tu « va .table pio^e y oal e co. vc to l.toiya lull kBt»y ol tool ey au4 utwiprire aoueaiilu- cit aud con ecl-o by ft icain ivrryr ev. r. b il hour aru a go. d a*b’fta'lal > 4 go; w.iii a Iar*e wa. r trow oi* tl e ba bor at 4 ou uiaudiog a-liue wat»-r as c«n l« found in I ; tftft cate ly oi W ba w U>i.*i ii g « vh> i.• w to be - Hourly f- It; to a ted oppi m e a d * eft' tie cHy, lft kg .id. houcstacu potiiotkC rwwher*-the % •§ •is iu#-r ti au any (ohm iu 'be count —ad«p t«4 to ">»“*) mousy nu h g L urp. sc- »- ft •> cot ft. i nt u a-ser I g theie is wot o vaio be ap roper y ft f . pr«v lokbt or Iu via a*e t ia il* t. hiket Wa a*tiuular-y ta il ihpitxl>s t t Is sa> * l kb * U !»e pa itive— w t!i c2-or t.t e and *s m- ile>ftl. Fof lau ut tie property aud »by pariuuaia <etu#4 Ie»a call ou ua- li d HENRY BAILKY CS., A act* re. kU«:-a« ia sulv »l FHIftltb to t «| Tlftbu i» l aa-d --R al li ate ib tw.aauai ft’ai a, N. H. 'P H ERR win be a* lr ai p ui iic »action at the f Few JL oi i jury rtahey ft Co . E>c uange ft.eet. I or ft •*-d, Maine .*n il u -da* , June bulb, 1HS4. ai 14 I o’c*. clt a x t« c o. v a c« i c« ru •Jaw »rt frit 3 a. d • toc <t timber fr « . la Caaft te.ou He i.oitb we t b a cb ot iLe li rr 9t Ji ba — *kl»« e it ia intar.vci< u by tse loai dary Hi c l« twe* ft I « auada ai d toe rtat oi bn % —ard kXltaclogtft aid river tu I * s. uice, rot to v>c*td, lovever. tea ui vs 2* tui’e* each aid.,. r &u c,uar% miles. A:» . a certain parcel ot fttai Esiate a* uafed at laud fra la iu iht i ouaty «| Victoil*. ai o at tftft jeewi re opvd and tn^tonU by Hi. I, • - ■ ■ "7 »7 ” ""* » ■< VI p,* l hr ft ac us or n o»% uith t audit at nm 1.0 •• lie IVr lurlher partiru'am | ogirf o' the iDCilWMt r liLKM.V. k Lklt II h 4 t u .. ^I oitland, kali. a. na\3ndfav-tojub»*6tl em*tr!ni,f;r> LUitAhil M. FAlTiN, Commission llmliant & Aurtiorrrr, B>a rrmcvrd to 'b. ijidtci .ter* U ICitbn «. Mr. t foi l doi r. btlow Merchant*. Axcbanaa. Will rf«l<> otlvlfl».ll* of Dirtlndw M »«) drcnpi. k fi» Iittik or pi a>i >• i. ..)<« »! Kv.i Out. VW l», > n|i r> brink. tit brio ■Saixlltr >uIki hi < «>b tui.kctr arrr mhb tnmi-t >ilv* nr r»tviu a clll oly -11— ---- '.J l*ri> pc t>ala Fop Rati*** rrna s> if i h an tilery for P—rtw CW* ter stationul at /W/ m e rliana « u. Ki ion's Ore ( k. I I'or lawu Mr., vb 16 ft. IfTf | ^Kkl FD Pr< i»« wi niltbi-r c< itvd a> ilift, ( flee >7 until If •‘•look M . on 11 ut da- tht 90%h ia»t., j .r tniiiriiijc ttd ot lemi.* I»toi* a. o t»n>p handler for tie l.eiena*-* u te> Ma'toii rf ut thw I .‘oit. tor tic fl calyeu. • idit | Jui elO b 18*4. 1U a'i*>i » to t< of goctl an • apt ovtd qi tbti; to to I n Httttd oi b art tl e t u tei it. « oo art. »uflci*it uckapt » Lai e'ft boxe* at d ran • and tu % d « r ►r. «*bce l moi tn ire# ot ’X)eb*e to iba I n it* 4 tu e*. ajtret able to a tei tain is a d tulle (mark «l-It*** ihetete, a»felt will to m a p»»t of t cibtrtct. c tpir* ft all It u a\ le !»• d 1»% apply, npattbi oli co. It ift und-iatood ihu< the orutiurl* r w» 11 e Im oiid to tun i-h <uou r«a on> b e botw*. « • Oci. a m» \*r nqui’* d by ib Ca, t. In O' tlo ot;*'?. *|ih the af ptobatiob of »i e i ollira*, fi<t xcatdinp u| on a. a*e*a*»\ on** day U. tach «rt k) Inch fr« • m«ui u> tl w.etalla- m may In tuultu • t to tb* correai nrc’ibv pai *oftle a*krailoe*d • t- N<v «| r ioe. I be . lop t I andtery to la of I hftN*tt|«»lit\ atdn>j*c to ike I. iptfiftt »f *h# If Ct r« makiup ih- tiqniikn 111 lb a iruat Io •ala** r- d i»,.ior*r«l • | r potato for kaici**' er I’r* po<-al> tor Mi p Chain tor* h* K« »e» ua I ut er •tation'd ut IN* t of Tor* aid." ard tbtu pined | a an tribe* euv*lo» e ai d * f n i roimUc tclliiah o pr*iaid'll <#t t by trail by order of ao r*» »» n*T-ra^arr. I v% AsllHI MN. Jr . Co'lro*ur. INTERNATIONAL BANK! THE *trckholdei> of tbi* Bai k are hereby aotk ied that a Special Me-tlu* • Ul ho hold at tbo tank on th S^h day of Juno, ai tbr*o I .Moot !• H to- ot aider wv o'her that will taka say •ct on Id relation »o cl.anyli g tua Bauk from It# rear rt charter to a charter uaot r *bt National B*nk ng 1 au ard to determine whether th*y wt 1 ae «pt of the charter oftho Find Nr tonal Bank of Poland, i o a Le!d by the Director# oftho Iateraa tonal Bank. By uider o' the Directora. W. E. GOCLD Oahlcr. Portland, fane 4 1*M. lam flood'd Geal> «1 Uvilaema lor Mule* VFI'E In >t »r* llj"n* . oo’airi-t elarra r miri« and »l u id»uc *"i elioeta.cea ral Io* led. In an ♦ xrallr. t i»*rI I o In o^, ab< a h>eo • iu feA will f- * at t c h m ( tt ce The fet see I flu* t'-ed in ftcoi #t)le. i** Alui.nui tie -up tied ebb •rd ai d au’ r t* l»*ai»d b\ a turn* t. tad puo carriou to*\e v rioin A * malt u eat »tab * fttaico u in** Io*. 1 Lie p < party i«* in pn. d coxd »lo . aid rv dwm b*«. au* cat t «t h |i io n cel t**e eh art«I • \ per#on *1^■* r i g m c mfo iabl »i d y« i to>) us6> nee Iftiuis of ttl«<ft>\ • pp e t . HlNllM* L msc. „ „ . , 1)»1) rrKtcfe*. P«*tl »nd. .In* a 1A. V Cl. Hoitluml Alhenfftitii. priF. Auittial v|. eM. g of t'4» p op lofora of tbo l Portland A hi *utn t.»r »l» e .o oe of offer*ra, ■ d the traudac io * ot u ho* buna «e n II be hnidow ♦ th l.l rtrvHern. () > wHl|.| uv. JuiiB i 76 •clock P. 51. Al book■ bolo'fl g to thewbru-e «• U) boro:nincd ou or teitoo TutftdUj. ibe liiA a* NATHAN WEBB, Secretary, l Jac# 9.1864 —C2w % f

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