Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 24, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 24, 1864 Page 2
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TT' V 1 : 1 ^ ,■ ■■ OlE DAILY PRESS. VOBTLAND, MAINE. Friday Morning, June 24, 1864. The circulation of the Daily Pres»is larger lh m any other Daily paper in the State, and doable that of any other in Portland. l*au»—*IM per year: if paid strictly •« ad mici * discount of *1.00 mil be made. Ur* Beading Mailer on all Fair Pace*. UNION NOMINATIONS. FOB PRESIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, OF ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, OF TENNESSEE Ward Caucuses. The qualified voter* oft his City who desire the un conditional of the I’nlon, and the su premely of the Constitution, and the complete sup* preesion of the ic hellion, with the cause thereof*, b> vigorous war, and all apt and efficient tneanff, are re quested meet at their several Ward Rooms on SalniMlay Evening Next, JCNK 26th AT 8 O’CLOCK, lor the purpose of selecting Five Delegate* from each ward to attend the State Convention to bt held mt dnffutta on Wednesday, June 29tb. The delegates than chosen will select one delegate at large. The Caucuses will be holden in the following plates: lu Ward I, at Engine House, Monument St. ’* •• S ** Ward Room Congress 8t. •• “ a “ “ •• Myrtle St. •• •• 4 •* •• * Old City Ha l. •• •• £ “ •• " Sou’ll St. •• " 8 “ 41 44 Spring Bt •• “ « •* “ Brackett bt. » i/i _a?_ti:_ UUllgi ODBlUUiU UUUVOUUUU-X UOb fh« voter* of the flrat Congressional District who art unconditionally in favor of the Union, the su premiey of the Constitution and Laws, and the Mppresdon of the Rebellion by a vigorous prosecu tion of the War. are invited to send Delegates to s Convention to beheld at the CITY UALL, in Port end, on THURSDAY, tht. 7th of July, at 10 o'clock A. M , tor the purpose of nominating a Candidate tor Representative to Congress and an Elector ol President and Vicc-Preaident. Th* bwijof representation will be ai follows:— Lxab oily and town will be entitled to one Delegate, and ou Delegate additional for every seveuty-tive yotaa 6t«t for Gov. Coney in 1863. A majority trac tion will entitle to an additional Delegate. The Committee will be in evasion at the doll, at 9 u nlock to receive Credentials. John Lynch, Portland, j Ubwalla. Guo«e, N.Uiouce ter, I-**,,,, John D. Lincoln . Brunnwick, L John A. Waiksmah, uorh*m, District Gnu H. Knowlton, Altrod, Edwin B Smith, Saco, Committee John Wentworth, ttittery, I jiMn,mi. Union State Convention. I be qualified voters of Maine who desire the un conditional maintenance ot the Union, and tbs so premaoy of the Constitution, and the complete sup pression of the existing rebellion, with the caore vtitorereof, by vigorous war and all apt and cffic eni mean1', are invited to send delegates to a State t on* eention to be held at AliutAi ou Wednesday, June 29th, at 10 o’clock, A. M., for the purpose of nominstiry candidate* to be supported for Governor, and for two Electors at large lor President and Vice Presi dent, and also to trauaact any other business that may come before the Convention. The basis of representation will be as follows:— Eacb city, town and plantation shall bo eutitled tc one de'egato, and one delegate additional for ever) e*venty-fi?e votes cast for Gov. Cony Ja«t Septem ber, and one for a fraction of forty votes Jamba G. Blaine, Lboxabd Andrews, N A. Forrsu, Roaii r»iMCK, tiz eon DinOuKY,Jh., Union H B. Prescott. Jamba M. Lincoln, 8 S Marble. 8i*aib PnANcia Cobb, ; Danikl Lane, 8. D. LislAxY, [Committbb. Gboruk P. Skwall, I M w Brows, Ionatic* Barosbt, • Kuobnk Ualr, William 8mall, J June 1st, 1861. Uaiveraalist State C invention—Patriotic Rjeo at'.ons., June 22,1804. • The Uulversallst Stale Convenlion was per manently organized lost eveuing, by the choice of J. T. Gilman, of Portland, Preeldait; Hon. N. G. Hitchborn, of Stockton, Vice 1‘reti dent; Rev. Mr. Hayward, of Kendall's Mills, Secretary; and other standing officer*. An able report was made in the Church In the evening by Rev. U. VV. Rugg, of Hath, on the condition of the denomination In the State, which wo* followed by uumerou* ad dresses from gentlemen from various parts ol the State. A very Interesting report had been made in the afternoon by Rev. A. Battles, of Bangor, on the Sabbath School enterprise, followed by addresses; the singing ou the occasion being done, and tee// done, by the children of the Orono Sabbath School. This morniug a sermon was delivered by Bev. Mr. Tweiss. of Lowell, Mass., and this afternoon a report on the cause of education will bo made by Rev. W. R. French, of Tur ner, to be followed by addresses from Rev Messrs. Dillingham, ol Waterville, McColUs ter, of Westbrook Seminary, aul other*. This evening the following resolutions, reported this morning to the Convention by Kz-Gov. MWUUUIU, II U1U IUV ill i lICC UU IUC Oiaie «f the Country, are assigned Tor consideration. An animated discussion aud their unanimous adoption will probably be the result: dissolved. 1. Tiiat in the struggle now go ing on for tin- maintenance of the Constitu tion and the Union, in whose preservation we believe the highest hopes oi humanity are concerned, every true aud loyal citizen, waiv ing immaterial, subordinate and unnecessary Issues, will look steadily to the main and im minent question; aud will uphold, strength en aud encourage the lawful authorities of the Government in the performance of the re sponsible trusts which the peqgle, under the Constitution, have eommitted to their charge, and will criticise their acta, not captiously nor complainingly, but for the true purpose of ef fecting a correction of such as may be unwise, amd only that, the common good may be pro moted. 2. That slavery, having been at once the oc- i cation and the cause of this most flagitious rebellion, aud its perpetuity and iucreaso be ing still the objects for which the rebellion is continued, the question of what shall be done with it becomes vital and inevitable; that I having by force of arms tendered to the loyal country the issue,—which is greater, the p„t rrnnent or llxelf, or which or the two shaii liv# ?—it has forfeited all claim upon that Gov ernment to recognition or protection; and being in Itself a politics', social and morsl evil, its existence should be tolerated no longer. 3. That it has become the high and com- j manding duty of (he Government and people of the United States to provide that slavery, the cause ol' so many evils and woes in the and in the present, and whose continu ance would Ire a standing menace to the peace, ! happiness and prosperity of the country, and to the right* of human nature, Khali exist no longer in the Jlepublle; that believing in the wisdom, justice and clear constitutional justi fication of that ever memorable act ol the President, the Proclamation of Emancipa tion, we ask that ai! lawful measures be adopt ad necessary for its execution and to the end that ita perfect work may l<o Accomplished; aud wl* a*k of Congress a repeal of all laws regaining or protecting the execrable com merce ip slaves upon our coast, and hotwevn the diri'.*«ml Stales; and*in order that ail doubts an the subject may be removed aud ) cavils ponced, wc held It to be Its duty lo take needful steps to enable the people of the Slates to so amend the Federal Constitu tion as to affect a complete and undeniable extinction of this deplorable system in all the States and territories of the Union. 4. When we consider how much the brave meu w ho, from the impulses of a noble and generous patriotism, have voluntarily gone to the camp and the battle-field, subordinating their material interests and the comforts and delights of home ami neighborhood to the de mands of duty, and imperilling health and life itself lu its service, have done and suffered for j their country and those who shall inherit it, | we feel how inadequate are words lo express our sense of the debt ot honor and admira- j lion, and of stteetionale and uudylng gratitude that we owe them for their spieudid services, , their glorious courage, their marvellous pa tience, and their self-sacrificing devotion. Capital Punishment. B., Wednesday's Courier, iu a brief paper ! upon capitr.l punishment, alluding to the approaching execution of Spencer, thus que ries: "But after all we wonder if the worthy Chief Magistrate of the State, by whose order tlie unfortunate man is to he launched iuto Eternity, will have no little unseen twinges of ! conscience between the hours of twelve and ( one o'clock next Friday, when he thinks that a human being is deprived of life by bis in strumentality.'* Why should he have twinges of conscience, seen or unseen, for indicating, as his official duty required, the day when the sentence of the law should be performed, any more than the officer who executed the sentence, the judge who pronounced it, the jury who touud the verdict, or he ami I and every citizen who constituted the magistrate, the judge and the jury, and imposed upon them by solemn law the functions, which for us they proceed to perform precisely as they have sworn to do? The man uow ordered to his death has been guilty of the unprovoked murder of the offi cer appointed to take care of him in the prison, to wbicli he was consigned for a pre vious crime. He has made a place designed to effect his reformation the theatre of a new offence of such a grade that it excites the ap prehensions of society and distuibs the twig going theories of philanthropy. When Spen cer struck at the throat of the late prison warden, he struck at the tenure by which a dozen murderers hold their lorfeited lives; he scuttled their ark of safety—perpetual im nfiu.minnnt flio midor-i liln i-uaniil'i'o • nnw. ardly instinct accepts instead of a decent i death. Still seekiug to dud a weak spot in the | heart of the Governor, B. proceeds: “ But will no unbidden thought intrude it self upon his inner self that alter all it may ; be that the human law conflicts with the di vine, and the command eugraved upon the tablet of stone ages since, ' Thou shalt net kill,’ applies with as much force to States and communities as to individuals?" This quotation from the Hebrew law light ly understood, is a vindication aud uot a con demnation ol the procedure. The progress of 3000 years has not made maukind more inhu man. Our sternest modern codes are vastly milder than this ancient one. Whether the command, “Thau shall not kill,” applies with as much force to .States and communities as to individuals, is to be determined by exatniu iug in detail the system of laws from which it is takeu. From such examination it becomes obvious that the judicial killing ol men was not intended to be prohibited by Moses, but was especially enjoined. “ The murderer shall surely be put to death.” More than this, private, as well as judicial vengeance, even to the taking of life, was especially sanctioued. The murderer was to tie slain, not by the officers of the law, but by the “ avnijer of blood," and even the man who had accidentally slain his neighbor might be killed by bis friend anywhere outside of six established cities of refuge. B. is probably right in saying that the pub lic will pay but little attention to this execu tion. When thousands of lives, made noble by intelligence, probity aud ailection, and crowned now with the glory of a soil'-sacrific ing patriotism, that belittles in the compaii son our common styles of virtue, are almost daily whiffed away before batteries belching sheets of mingled llarne and iron, will Uie ag onised people stop to weigh the uuappreciable loss of a single wretch whose traits belied hu man nature, and only known for every right minded man to regret that be bad ever exist ed. Surely Nature, teeming with a fecundity giu.t defies the wi-!e of war and disease, has not so sparingly created the molds of human souls, as to compel us to cherish like divini ties the broken aDd abnormal types of hu manity, whose natural instincts develop in the direction of homicide and murder. Let Carlyle, in his rough and savage rhetor ic, albeit no lieformer, nor even the meekest kind of a Christian, utter a few words of stubbed tense: "If I bad a commonwealth to reform or to govern, certainly it should not be the Devil's regiments of the line that 1 would lirst of all concentrate my ntlenliou on. With them I should biyipt to make rattier brief work; to them one would apply the besom, try to sweep them with some rapidity into the dusl-bio,auu well out of one's road, 1 should rather say.— Fill your threshing-floor with dorks, rag weeds, may-north*, and ply your flail upon them.—that is not the method to obtain sacks of wheat. Away, you! begone swiftly j/» regiments of the line, in the name of God, and of His poor struggling servants, sore pul to it to live in these hud days, 1 un-art to rid myself of you *ilh some iiegre.e of brevity, l'o feed you in palaces, to hire captains and schoolmasters, aud the choicest spiritual and material artitlcers to expend their industries on you,—no, by the Eternai! I have quite | other work for that class of artists; seveu aud twenty millions, w ho have uot yet de clared for tile Devil. Mark it. inv diabolic friends, 1 mean to lay leather on the backs o' you, collars round the necks ol you; and will teach you after the example of the gods, that this world is not your inheritance or giad to see you In It. You, ye diabolic canaille, what has a Governor much to do with you ? ; You, 1 think, he will rather swiftly dismiss j from his thoughts—which have the whole ce- I ieslial and terrestrial fi r their scope and not the subterranean of scouudreldom alone." | If our mild Chief Magistrate is not kept in , countenance by such counsels, let the grim philosopher accost the caitiff we expect him j to rid us of futther, as follows: “We, not to he partakers in thy destructive adventuie of defying God and all the Uui verse, dare not allow thee to coutinue longer among ns. As a palpable deserter from the ranks where all men at their eternal peril are bound to he; palpable deserter taken with the red band flghtiug thus against the whole j Universe and its Laws, we—send thee hark into the whole Universe, solemuly expel thee from our community; and will, iu the name of God, not with joy and exultation, hut with sorrow stern as thy own, hang thee on Friday next, and so end." Another Opposition Blunder. We did suppose the democratic members of Congress would exhibit more | olicy. if not more principle, than they did iu their recent vote on the resolution for the amendment of i tlie Constitution to prohibit slaveiy in the j Unit 'd States, but we were mistaken. The democratic representatives arrayed themselves against it in almost a solid phalanx. This movement on their part may well astonish the country, and must necessarily drive thousands from this old, and once n spcctable organiza tion. This vote furnishea full evidence that . they Intend to stand by, defend, protect andT perpetuate the “peculiar Institution,” if that : were possible. It is a naked resolution to buckle upon their own backs this heavy bur den and attempt to carry it along without flinching, and In the lace of the whole civiliz ed world. It cannot be fald that this vote was given In obedience to the convictions o constitutional duty and obligation. It has not- j even the semblance of that excute, but it 1 seems the demonstration was made out of pur e love for human bondage, and that too in this latter half of the nineteenth century ! It was a vote against submitting tho question of amendment of the Constitution to the people from whom nil political power U deilvcd. It does seem as if the gods had indeed made them mad, as a preliminary to their final de (traction. It Is Id fact signing their own death warrant. Afraid to give the people an opportunity to say whether negro slavery shall ioDger curse this fair land or not! Wliaf a democracy such a vot« shadows forth! Even the Autocrat of all the Russia* will be astonished at such self immolation upon the altar of human bondage, and all the governments of Europe will be thunderstruck at such a demonstration oil the part of American Democracy. We venture the opinion that no true democrat, whether residing in the old or the now world, can ap prove of human slavery per sc. ft is as far re moved from true democratic principles as Heaven is from that other unmentionable place. American Democracy will yet ask the 1 question, what good can grow out of the “sum | of alt villianies ?" And can the leaders give a satisfactory, or even tt] rational answer?— How often have we been told that the democ racy of the country is not in favor or, hut op posed to, slavery in Itself, hut in the same breath the declaration is made tiiat the Con stitution justiilcs it, and therefore do consti tutional light exists to meddle with it. In that view of the subject there was a plausible excuse for sajing “hands off,” but now no such excuse can reasonably be made. The democratic representatives in Congress have assumed the responsibility of voting against any amendment of tbe constitution which may prohibit slavery, therefore the inference is fain legitimate and irresistable that they love and advocate it as a good institution of our coun try. Does the representative from this emigres* slonal district for one moment suppose that the democracy here can carry such a load os this vote ou the ameudmenl has fastened on its hack ? If he does he will find himself most wofully mistaken next autumn. The true democrats of Maine are opposed to slavery in ail iu forms. None hut those of the copjier he&d stripe favor it and they almost blush when advocating it, at least, there is a little stammering even in them, when their tongues arc emplo>ed in lhe>dvocacy of such a prin ciple. We believe the democrats of this Stale would vote light on this question, If it could lie presented to them naked and dissociated from party prejudice or party Influence. And, j id muuui tan iu lUUIk at this vote in the House iu its true light, and govern themselves accordingly. It is not for us to dictate the policy which the opposition ought to pursu% but we ven ture the prophecy that if they take such a load on their baeks aud attempt to carry It through the next campaign, their steps will be feeble aud tottering and they will fall under it never to rise again. It is too late in the day for any political par ty to shoulder slavery and attempt to carry it along with any hope of success. And if the democracy ol the country follow the lead of those democrats in Congress whose vote was virtually iu the interest of this accursed insti tution, it will die out aud he buried 10 deep that the souud ol no trumpet can ever awak en it agaiu. We place this prophecy on rec ord to-day, and ere much tune has elapstd it will become a matter of history, and the world will laugh at such suicidal policy. Aud yet the copperheads of the country may succeed iu binding this heavy, crushing burden upon the backs of the democrats. They may not come out boldly for such a measure, but may so far succeed as to iuduce the Chicago Con vention to sloblier it over and so lubiicate it that a portion of the democrats may swallow it themselves and hope the remainder will have stomach for the same process. Hut we tell them it is a dangerous experiment,one fraught with the death of the party, with Its total an nihilation. Dodge the question as you may, gentlemen, slobber it over with all the skill and cunning within your power, “paint It an inch thick,”and it* real complexion will come at last. The people's eyes arc fast opening to the tricks of demagogues, aud they cannot much longer be deceived. “Out upon this half-faced fellowship!” “He must observe their mood on whom he jests, the quality of persons and the tlmr.” Maiue Congregational Conference. SKARsroitT, June 21,1804. HJitor of Hit 1’rest: The steamer Lady Lang was crowded with paaseugers last evening, ehietiy to attend the auuual conventions on the Penobscot, of three religious bodies, namely: The UniversalUt at Orono, the Baptist at Bangor, and the Con gregational at Searsport. A large number were landed at this place: and It is due to the gentlemanly proprietory of the boat to say, that she was taken out of her regular course live or six miles, for our especial accommoda tion, although the fare was only half price! The weather is delightful, l’enobscot Bay Is In all Its glory, and the scenery Is enchauting. The general attendance Is large, and the delegation quite full from ail parts of the .State. There are also present representative* of religious bodies from Ohio, Iowa, and other States, and from Canada. Rev. Dr. Harris, professor iu Bangor Semi nary, is Moderator of Conference, and Dea. E. K. Dureo, now for the fourth term, is Sec retary. A committee ol which Rev. Wooster Park er of Biddeford, is chairman, presented reso lutions upon the state of the country, which W<*rp nnanimnnulv atliml**.! Tho (Vsll^nrlno ■re perhaps the most important:— Kesofcerf, That we r*-atfirm our general co-itUleuce in the policy of the Administra tion, and more than ever feel it our duty to give the Government a cordial and earnest -upport in thoroughly suppiessiug the rebel lion, and restoring the Union on the basis of Liberty. Heaulctil, 1 hat in conioiou with our noblest patriots and purest statesmen, we deem it a duty to exert our utmost influence to secure such an amendment of the constitution as lb ill extinguish slavery Irom the land, and prohibit it forever. A resolution was also adopted in reference to the Freedmen. Prior to the discussiou of these resolutions, an able sermon was delivered before the Con ference by Hev. Kichard U. Thurston of Wal tham, Mass., on the text, “He that would be great among you,let him be your minister,” or the ministry of Christ. A leading topic of the discourse was that the higher classes resisted his influence upon themselves snd upon the masses, aud closed their doors to the heavenly visiter, lienee he could not minister to them: for he always re spected the lawB of social propriety. Mercy attacked no man's perogative. The discussions of the resolutions in the af leruoou was to the point. The speaking was earnest and unqualified—for the day of tem porising is passed. Hev. Mr. Johnson of Ban gor, opened ifi-t discussion, and was followed by Hev. Messrs. Cutler of Belfast, Dr. dick ering of l’ortlaud, Dr. Holbrook of Iowa, Bowker of Bluehill, late Chaplain of gtilb Me., Adams of Auburn, Hanks of Mass., and Hon. 3. C. Fessenden of Bockland. Interesting remarks as to the growth of Congregationalism iu Iowa, were made by Dr. Holbrcok, who stated that Iowa had furnished •Vi,UUJ three years voluuteers, 10,000 one hun- j died days men, aud a whole regiment of men bver 45 years of age; and that they would tight on until slavery should he utterly abol ished. Arnoug the members of Conference is Hev. N. Douglass of BaDgor, who was present at | the first session in 1821—forty years ago. A discourse was delivered |a the evening before a society to aid the widows aud orphaus of ministers, by Hev. Mr. Walker of your city. Ue greatly magnified the office of the Chris tian ministry, and highly eulogised the rural paston's wife, but not excecdiug the hounds of palpable trutjj. It was a severe but just reflection upon the want of appreciation of nlnl-terlal services, and upon the stinted sup port ol the ministry, although, he said, there tvas not thu least personal reason for com plaint on his pgpt, but tbe reverse. U. ORIGINAL AND SELECTED, j Vrir Aderrtittmrntn To-Da//. Maine i entral K. K.— Change of Time I beatre—Deering Hall. Portland llealirg Institute—R T. Packer New Perfumery—l'halon k Son. Caurua—Capo Elizabeth. tirand Trunk It. K. I zcu-z ou Ticket* F.vcu : cion Tickets—1>. W Little Excursion Ticket!—D W. Little Exhibition—Mechanic*' Library Ileum. Freeh Salmon—l.ovcilt, Sargent k Co. !7Miss Kate ReignolJs is to play a two weeks engagement in Baltimore, beginning on the 4>h of July. !3T.Masonic celebration at Livermore Falla to day The Knight Templars of this city will at tend. 157 A twenty dollar box of cigars was lately sent to Gen. Grant, with the request that he ! would smoke one of them at least in Richmond. | '.A Several men in Boston are flanking the ; coal dealers, by uniting to charter a vessel and | send her to Philadelphia for a cargo of coal. i lA The Bath Times learns that William Mo Fadden, while boarding a barn in Wiscasset, fell from the staging and broke his neck. STThe three years term of the 5th Maine regiment expires next week, and those who have not re-enlisted will return to their homes. ST Col. Chamberlain is at Annapolis, and is having the best of care. His case is reported favorable. ~.A At W aterville last week the Thermometer ran np to 102 degrees, and at Bangor to 101 de grees. iyThe population of Berlin at the end of 1863 was 252,030 souls, being an increase of 12,917 within the year. «3TThe Rome (Georgia) Sentinel complains that the federal tioops are slow. They don’t have quite so many fast days as you do, rebs — Prentice. lA Six hundred thousand men have been raised or re-enlisted for the Federal army since the 17th of October last, and S125.000.000 have been paid in bounties. ar A Yankee doctor has contrived to extract from sausages a powerful tonic, which he says contains the whole strength of the bark. He calls it ’’sulphate of canine.” jyThe friends anil neighbors of Gen. Rose crans in Licking county, Ohio, have presented him with a service of silver plate of tine work. manship. HTThe people of Copenhagen are raising considerable sums of money for their sick and suffering soldiers by means of concerts, lectures and voluntary subscriptions. y The receipts of the Philadelphia Sanitary Fair will exceed those at New York; they have already reached 81,130,000, and the fair will not close till the 30th. fyThe Bangor Whig enquires if the Portland Amateur Theatrical Company could not be in duced to visit that city. Says they will give them crowded houses. jyrhe Anniversary of our National Inde pendence day is to be celebrated at the capital of the State by three exhibitions of acircus. Where is the spirit of ’76. fyThe English papers seem to think the Prince of Wales would be a good speaker if he would only hold up his head. He is represented as constantly looking down as though reciting from notes. fyThe Bath Times says the reception of the returned soldiers of Companies A and D, 3d Me. Regiment, will take place on Tuesday afternoon of next week. The reception will lie civic and military. TV The receipts of the Government from in ternal revenue, for the fiscal year ending with the present month, will be 8100,000,000. It is hoped the new internal revenue law will double this when it gets in working order. tySheldon & Co., of New York, are soon to publish, in two volumes, Oen. Scott’s Memoirs of his Life and Times, on which the veteran has been at work since his retirement from active service. y A six year old boy at Pittsburg, Pa., late ly gouged out the eyes of an offending playmate w ith a rusty nail, and was proceeding to gouge out the other when his screams brought assist ance, who secured the youthful gouger. y MajorFitihugh Birney, who died in Wash ington last week of wounds, was a Bon of James G. Birney, Presidential candidate of the Liberty party in 1644, and belonged to the present senior class of Harvard University. yThc Loyal Sunrise, at Presque Isle, states that the valuation of the taxable property in that town has increased the last year over three quarters of a million of dollars. The town is prosperous, sustains two newspapers, and is ac tive in all worthy enterprise*. yThe Charleston Courier, of a late day, complains bitterly of the want or manufactories of glassware and pottery, of matches and agri cultural tools, and also of oils of all kinds There isn’t a manufactory of agricultural tools in the Confederacy. y At the meeting of the New York bankers and brokers, on Tuesday afternoon, a committee was appointed to wait on Secretary Chase and obtain some explanation in regard to the new gold law, ami also to endeavor to have it modi fied or rescinded. The meeting was fully' attended. yThe editor of the Kennebec Journal no ticed a young lady at work the other day, in the suburbs of Augusta, making hay. She seemed to understand the business. The war has brought about a strange state of thi n Cra in ru gard to labor. y A subscription opened in Denmark for the widows, orphans and wounded of the war, pro duced in a single day at Copenhagen alone up- , waads of 300,000 francs. The King put his name down for 12,000 francs a year during a period of ten years. iy The Detroit Tribune mentions several cases in which Yallandigham assisted deserters from the Federal army in Canada and discouraged their return. If Canada was good enough resi dence for thru defiers of the law, why not for ! him ? fySeven thousand petsons perished from starvation on Santiago Island, one of the Cape Verd, between January 1st and May 1st. There has been no rain for a year, and the crops have failed. Steps are being taken in Boston to send aid. EyAn exchange says, a clergyman in Wes tern Massachusetts, who has evidently had to wrestle with his flock, recently went to Washing ton, and told Secretary Stanton that he would take Richmond if the Secretary would "take charge of the Congregational Church on Ches- 1 ter mil.” yThc Paris papers think the recent battles in America surpass everything of which history furnishes any account. Xerxes, Darius, Tamer lane, Attila, led larger armisa into battle, but never did these armies fight for weeks together, without giving signs of lassitude and disoour ageinent. yTbe new and flue hall recently fitted up by the members of Pownal Lodge, Stockton, was on Thursday, lfitli inst., publicly "dedicated to Freemasonry” in the presence of a large num ber of the members of Phoenix, Mariner’s and Howard Lodges, with their ladies and other in vited guests. tyThe condition of the people of Greenbrior and the adjoining oountries in Western Virginia is most deplorable. The suffering of all classes of pcoplo for the want of food is quite heartren ding, and the impression seems to be that many poor people, unable to escape from their homes, will perish. Very little com has been planted, or any efficient agricultural provisions made to subsist any coonsi lerable number of people there next winter, and the consequence is expect ed to be the almost entire desertion of the coun try. SyGen. Polk, of whose death there can be no doubt, was the Protestant Episcopal Bishop of the diocese of Louisiana when the war broke out. Notwithstanding the strong Union senti ments of a large part, perhaps the majority, of the citlxens of that State, he threw the whole weight of his personal and professional influ ence in favor of the rebellion, and with eagerness •hared that burden of infamy which the Soules, and Slidells, and Benjamins, of his State, will t>ear for all time to come. He hastened to aban lon his peaceful oalling, and donned the sword af the warrior. -- — ■ —--'-V-'g? Killed and Wounded in the Maine 5th. We copy from the Transcript the following letter from Col. Edwards, giving a list of the casualties iu the 5th Me Regiment:— Head Qiarikbs, 5th Me. Regt.f In the Field, South ni(U? 1‘amunkey Hirer, ) May atith, l)it54. Sir—I have the honor to forward to you a report of the casualties iu this commaud dur ing the lute engagement". Company A—Sergt W C Pbloney, found ed in leg; corps. Chas M Ward, in thigh, am putated, Maurice Rumpus, in leg; privates A E Foss, in ear; (Jeo W French, iu thigh; J M McKeuney.m head,since died; Xatban Wight, in foot; Albert Gilbert, wounded and missing. Co. 11—Ssrgts John Linscott, wounded iu shoulder; Junius Littlefield, in chest; corps Timothy Elliott, in hand; Jacob Willey, miss ing; privates Peter Brackett, in arm; Edwin Brackett, in wrist; .1 Harper, in side; Chas Libby,iu leg; Chas L%rabee, in leg; Jesse Jeffry,in arm, amputated; Moses Hanson,kill ed ; Geo Bacon, killed. Co. C—CaptE M Robinson, wonnded in leg; Lieut J A Grenier, In leg; sergeants Martin Hughes, in leg; Wm II Huntoon, missing; Win Larrabee, missing; corp. Win Sawyer, wound ed in ear; privates John Cilley, in foot; Geo E Morgan, in leg; B F Whitten, in arm; Leo nard Welch, in neck; G D B Small, in leg; Win Alkiusen, in leg; Geo II Audrews, iu hand; Win Brown, iu leg; Ira Emory,inarm; E Cadorette, head; Andrew McCarty, killed; A Drew, killed : S S Wormel!, wounded in side. Co. D— Capt Chas 11 Small, wounded iu loot; Lieut Frank G Paltersou, in hand; sergt Win C Moodv, in thigh; corp. Thomas Parsons, iu arm. amputated ; privates Edwin Cobb, in arm, amputated; I Somers, in arm, amputated; Lawrence Hassell, iu arm, amputaied: Geo Carey, in leg; E Blondell, iu foot; H P Alex ander, in hand; G S Colby, in side; William Hamblin, in leg; Isaac Doughty, iu abdomen, since died; Chas Mariner, iu face. Co. E—Capt Frank L Lemout.killed; 1st Lt Jos Wight, wounded Iu the face; sergt Frank Day, In hand; Corp Win II Larrabee, in head and foot; corp. F F Goss, in leg; privates C. E Jones, killed; Rodney B Atwood, wounded and missing; Albion Ross, wounded aud miss ing; Chas Dunn, In face; Albion Getchell, Iu leg. since died; J L Verrill, In hand; Isaac l eavon, in leg . r reeinau uam, iu Head ; Ailel bert Churchill, missing; I (J Farrington, miss ing; John YV Small, missing; Goo BFrench, missing. Co. F—1st I,t O B Stevens, wounded in side, since died; sergt A H Herrick, in leg; corps D iT leg; Orrin McKenney, wound ed and missing; John Godfrey, in shoulder; privates Jas Fitzsimmons, iu leg; John Braden, missing; Edmond Fay,missing: Wm Connelly, missing. Co. G—Capt A F. Harris, wounded in both thighs; 2d Lt Sidney Hutchins, in leg, ampu tated :sergts Chas G Hall, in thigh : A An thoine, in neck ; corp. Mellville Gray, in abdo men, since died; privates Timothy Kelley, in hip; Henry C Libbv, in leg; Joseph Leavitt, in leg, amputated: K L Hamlin, iu foot; E W Wallace, killed: .) Bickford,killed; FODeal ing, missing; Geo Devine, missing. Co. H—Capt John D Ladd, wounded in leg; 2d Lt Walter Foss, leg and shoulder; sergt Thomas Lawrence, in head, since died ; corp. Darius Richardson, in leg; privates Jaa Brown, killed; L R Newell, leg and neck: (J W Boy ington, wounded ; James Conlin, in leg; John W Grant, missing. Co, I—Sergts E W WhiLtemore, wounded In leg; D A Edwards,in arm; corps.? E Beane, in head; J W Martin, killed; privates D Le rnont, in knee; B Farren, iu arm; J Picard, ic face: J M Evans in chest; W R Harper, in an kle; Daniel Stearns, in arm; DE Andrews,in side; Geo Cook, in thigh; H Thompson, in leg. amputated: Cyrus Tburlow, killed; RM Laphatn, killed : T. Lswler, missing. Co. K—Capt DanlC Clark, wounded in thigli and arm, since died: 1st Lt AS Lyon, wound ed and missing: 2d Lt John MeLelian. in arm and side: sergts S I, Johnson, in side; C E Harris, in hand; J G Edmonds,in arm, ampu tated; corp. A U Hinds, in leg; privates A M Brown, in arm : J Clark, in leg; A H Hutch inson, in arm: John Meserve, in ankle; S E Ricker, in band: J W Thompson, in leg, since died; S Dunn, wounded and missing; Charles Frost, missing; J C Lombard, missing; Levi Jordan, wounded iu arm; Levis Robinson, missiug. Field axd Staff—Sergt Major Chas T Wel»ster. wounded in wrist. In my opiniou, those reported missing,were either killed or severely wounded and in the hands of the enemy, there being no protiabilis ty of their capture otherwise. My regiment has lost more than two thirds of the number engaged, and lias, I am happy to state, preserved the good name which It has so well earned on so many battle Held*. Two Stands of colors were captured from the eue mv on the 10th Inst., and a great number of prisoners, over double our number, were marched to the rear. Very respec'follv, your obedient servaut, C. S. Edwards. Col. Com'g Ueg't. RY TELEGRAPH -TO TUB evehinc) papkkh. Attack on federal Troop* at White /Toner— Jtepitlee of the fnemy. Fortress Moxkoe, June 22. The steamer Iolu* has arrived from White House .yesterday morning. At 0 A. M. on the 20th, Fill Hugh Lee and Hampton attacked our forces entrenched there under Gen. Aber crombie. Tbe rebels charged upon our works, but were repulsed and driven back by our guuboant. At 7 o’clock the rebels planted tlnee guns and replied to the gunboats, which tltey kept up uutil 4 P. M. About uoon a shell from our gtiuboa'.s exploded a rebel cais son, causing gieat confu-i ,>u. ’Ibe rebel lots was comparatively heavy.— Some prisoners who were captured state mat they mistook our gunboats for transports, and expected to capture our troops at White House before (Jen. Sheridan armed, and then nreveut hi* safe arrival at White Our loss was only three wounded and one mortally. At 3 r. M. Gen. Sheridan arrived at White House with bis command. Yesterday after noon there was some skirmishing, and a gen eral engagement w as expected. Gen. Getty had arrived and relieved Gen. Abercrombie. Geu. Grant sent word during the light to Gen. Abercrombie to hold his position at all hazards uutil assistance arrived, which he did with the assistance of the gunboats. -I err at of ft \nry Agent. Nk%v York, June 22. Isaac Henderson. Navy Agent at this port, was arrested yesterday by Mursbat Murray,on a warrant issued by Commissioner Betts, on application of Mr. Nelson, special counselor tbe Navy Department. The charge* are very serious, embracing fraud, bribery,transmission ol false vouchcas, *c. Geu. Gardner, who has been confined in Fort Lafayette, was taken from the lort yes terday and sent, it is suppc sed, to the head quarters of Gen. Foster, in Front of Charles ton, S. V. Nurreaaful Fetleral ttntil. New York, June 2d. The expedition from Point Lookout, Md., under Col. Draper, to Westmoreland Co., Va. has returned, having had two fights with the rebels and captured a number of prisoners, burnt the ilouriug mills of Kx Senator Hunt er, and destroyed over fcSUO.OOO worth of reb el property. Tbe rebel force defeated was the advance of Wade Hampton's command, which had been sent to capture the raiders. Four but dred cattle, two hundred herses, and four hundred contrabands were captured. From Mexico atui Havana, Nkw York, J une 23. rite steamer Pennsylvania, from Liverpool has arrived. News anticipated. By the steamer Havana we have Havana dates to the 13th iust. Dates from Ga veston to the 12th have been received. The French troops are near Saitdio, and wilhiu thirty days will occupy the en ite west ern shore of the Uio Grande. There was considerable yellow fever in Ha vana Harbor and on land. From the Army nf the Potomac. New Yobk. June 22. The Times dispatch of tLe 20th says this morning (ien. liiruey, who is nearest Peters hurt.', bombarded the city for live hours. The World’s dispatch of the 21st says it is expeett d that Gen. Graut will flank the rebels next instead ol assaulting, it also has a ru mor from Washington that Fort IJarliug Is under siege. Pyomalivn of l.irut. l.arrahee. Avouhta, June 23. Lieut. \\ . II. Larrahee, 7th Maine regiment, who was taken prisoner at the battle of tbe Wilderness, was to-day commissioned Captain of Company G. WThe Bangor Whig says the East Corinfh hotel and a dwelling house, owned and occupied by John P. Webber, were totally destroyed by 5re Tuesday night. So insurance. The fire taught in the stable. Some twenty horses were in the stable, but were saved with difficulty. Thu hotel property had just been purchased by Leut ael Niehola—valued at $3400 -*—-- - — L.-L. I I - Thk Skat of Empiric.—Hon. H. J. IUy mond, in Ids speech at the great Lincoln ratifi cation meeting in New York, on Wednesday evening, speakiug of the new Emperor of Mexico, said: I do not hear that Maximilian ha9 any special designs against the peace of this re public. He will have just about as much as he can do to sit still ou his throne, for he is supported solely by bayonets, and somebody has remarked that bayonets are tlrst-rate for everything except to sit upon. SPECIAL NOTICES. A New Perfume for the Handker . chief. I halon s "Night Bloourng Cereu*." 1 halon s "Night Blooming ('arena." Phalon » "Night Blooming Ceretu." 1 ha’on a "Night Blooming Cornua." Phalon s "Night Blooming Cerent." rh*10" * “Night Blooming Cereui " 1 halon s "Night Blooming Corona. ” an1 Fragrant Perfume, ft takaaVa'imme'’ Uarea“d Ucautlltif Flower rrom ManIIIaelurob only by PHALON t SON, N Y IfT/liu’nrrr,/ I nu-Utr/riti Ask for Phalon'»— /'ike no Other, bold by UmjrgiiU rtlly Junei4'64d3« Portland Alhenieiim. lbe Annual meeting of the Proprietors of the Portland Athenaiura will be bolden, by adjourn iiisnl, on Friday June 24th. at 3 o'clock P. JI. at the Library. Nathan Wkbb. Secretary. Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLB ST., PORTLAND, Mr., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor. Portland, May 12,1S64. mayI2d«m TIIOM YS G. LURING. DRUGGIST, -and I’RACTIOAL TKUSa FITTER, Cwraer of Kichaage A Federal St’e. A perfect at guaranteed. The poor liberally coa •'JeFvd. mchasdtf Caucus. citizens of Cape K iziboth who aro uncondi tionally loyal to the C» overt mmt, are requested to meet at the town House ou Saturday tbe 25ih lost., at 5 oc.orkiu the after uooo to select lit legates to attcud the H ate Couveutiou at Augusta, Juue 29th. Also to select Delegate* to ths Diitrtot Convention at I'ortlaud July 7. June 23—dtd ' 0r*r T',wn Town Caucus* The citixeUK of North Yarmouth who are uncon • utionally loyal to tbe tioveruiuent, are requeued to meet in caucus at the Town House, at 6 o'clock r. M. on Saturday June 25th, to s«l*ct delegate* to atteud the Convention ai Augusta June2»th. Also to se lect Delegate* U th* District Congressional Convan tiou at 1 ortland, July Ttb i Der Order Towu Coinm June 16,1861. Westbrook. The citizens of Westbrook, who are uncondition ally loyal to the Uov-n meat of the United Mate*, *n” ??.u° MPP®rt all ita measures for suppressing the rebellion, a re request,d to meet at the town House on Saturday. June 25th, at 4 o'clock IV M., for the purpose of selecting Delegate* to attend the Union Mate ( onventiou to be held at Augusta on Wednes day, June 29; h. And also to select Delegatee to attend tbe First Congregational District Convention, to be held in I ortl.nd, on 1 burr day, July 7 h. w .. . _ Ver ori,or of Towu Committee. Westbrook, Jum* Is, 1861. |uu20 dtd Notice. The l nion votrr* of Cumberland we requested to inert at the lowu House iu said town, ou Saturday JAnekfttnnt Jo elock tv M ., to choose d legatee to the bime Couyeution, to be ho.den at Augusta June 29th. . * AIi»u to ebu-e delega'ee to attei d the first Con gressiocat'District Convention to te hulden at port . T 7,fl P*r Order Town ( mnmitiee. Cumberland, June 20th, 1864. Juneltldtd Wray. Tbe unconditional Colon ro'rn ofGrav are re quested io meet at tho Town Hall In raid town on naturuay, the 2oth inat at « o clock 1* M. for tbe purpose oi choo.tng Delegatee to attend the State Convention to be held at Augusta ou the 29.h inat Al*o to chore Delegatee to attend the Congressional ( onventlun to he held at Port'aud on the 7.b of Ju ly. Also to chore a Town f 'cmuiiltee for tbe ensuing >*»r- Per Order L'uion Town Comm Gray, June IS. 18s4 —21 Notice. The unconditional Union Men of Pownal are re quested to meet at tho Town House iu said town on Saturday th. 25th Inst., at 6 o'clock P. M for the purpose of select in. de'e^ates to attend the State Convention to behold, n »t Augusta. June 29 h. Per Order oi Towu Committee. Pownal, Jnne loth, 1-04.— did Notice. The Lincoln unit ./oinroa men of 8 car boro are re quested to mett at tbe loan House iu said town on Saturday the 2Stti Inst, at 6J o'clock P. M to choose delegate, to the Stste Couvectio * to be held at Au gatta tbe 29;h in-t .; also to the District Convention to he held at Portlaud Julv 7th. Jun 22dAwtd Per Order Town Comm Windham. The l nion voters of Wiudbani. who are uncoadl tiaualiy lovai to the Government and in favor or a vigorous pros cation ol tbe war for the su preasion of tho Keoellion, will m*et at tho Town llouse in said town on Saturday the 25 hiust. at live o'clock in tlte afternoon to select deleg ties to tbe State and tongreasioual District t outent nni. Per (truer ot Town Committea. Windham, June IS. lsit. jnnolldkw CL A KIv’S DISTILLED RESTORATIVE FOR THE HAIR, Be*tore* Gray and Faded Hair and Beard to it* Natural Color, A»D IS A MUSI LUXUKIOU'S DUKSSI.NG FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. -0O0 CLAKK’S KhiiOliAIIVK, IlMtom the Color. a nbSIUBAlDK, Eradicates Dandruff CLAUS'S RESTORATIVE. Promotes Its Growth. CLARK’S UESTORATIVE, Prevents its falling off. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Is an unequalled Dressing. 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OOuD- 1 wirv & CO.,37 Hanover Street, boston, Proprie tori _ apadtiu Cough* and Colds, IM .uddeocliangu ofour climtte arc Marco, of a’"' Mamatic Auction,. ten tet rpoedlly when taken in the earl, stage, uf the di<ea-e. recourae.hould at ouce be had to Itruirn i Hronchml J'rnck,A, ur La icngra, let the Cold, tongh or Irr.ta.iou of the throat be erer ao .liglit, a. by till- precaution a more »eriou< attack mar be • effoctu^.y warded off f-W,i„ ^e,Uer.o,.d ..,;oer. will find them effotuil for clew. i«.g aud strengthen in x th i voice Soldiers should have them as they can be carried in the pocket, and taken as Occasion requires. JunelMAwlm Caps Elizabeth, July l, isc3. Sib: — During my connectioa with the State Re form School, as a teacher, L. F. Atwood’s Bitters were introduced there and used with marked snooees, particularly in Bilious affections. Tours, Ac , A. r. HILLMAN. Haiovbb, Mb., Oct. 1,1861. Dear Sir —I have used L. Y. Atwood's BiUers j for some 10 or 15 rears. 1 have tried a great number : of medicines for Dyspepsia.but without effect. These bitters are the only remedy that hnve ever relieved I me of this distressing complaint. My neighbors have also been greatly benedtted by the use of them. JOEL HOW. bJK1 Beware of Counterfeits and base imitestions, some of which aer signed “At.” F.t instead of L. F. Atwood. The genuine is signed L. F. Atwood, and <%* a safeguard against imposition bears an bxtba label .counter signed H. R HAT, Druggist, Port land, Ate., sole timer at Agent. For sals by respectable dealers in medicine gener «***. ianl6 6moodAw 3 Sozooobt.—We do not often rpeak of the varioo* article# which come to u* for notice and trial, bnt the article with the above musical namt is an exception. Three or four ladies and children among our imme diate friends and relatives hnve used the •• Hozo dont,” audit has certainly dose all that is said in , | its favor. It not only removes every birmish irorn the teeth, but reuders them clean and white. Ital so give* a tone te the breath and leaves the mouth with a p easant fragrance. It is decidedly the beet preparation we have ever used for the purpose, ai d we recommend the fragrant gozodont to our friends with great confidence.—Boston baturday Mrm*ng * Kjrpoess. rochl3 It WI f yon are in want of any kind e f PRINTING call at the Daily Press Office. t! fcP"” CARD8 sad BILL HEADS neatly prints etthisoffioa. It Donna Slock List. BALI( AT TUB I, ROK KHfl BO A RIi, J C!t X 23. 4.000 U 8 Coupon 8ix«s|l881) ex coupju.IOC! 12.HJU United states 6-20'a. liuj 2.U0U do.inlt 1.000 United States 7-301 Aug;.197; 63.000 United States Currency Certificates _97J 10.000 < vgdcosburg id Mortgage Bonds .16 75 Kastera Ballroad.105 Brighton Cattle Market. Widxiapat, Jane 22. 1834. At market 1025 beef cattle, 195 store*. 3«U sheep, 7222 shouts; 200fat hogs. About a fair supply of beeves were at market this week, aod tbe weather beiug cool, sa es were readily made at last weeks prices for a itke quality. Some selections were msde aod sold at the highest quota, tioos. bmail ca'.tlo, steers and heifers, are now be* I ginning to b« brought and are mostly sold ror couctry trade nt oar lowest figures. There was a large show of sows and calves of various qualities, bat in consequence of the deception used iu causing their hags to he filled. It ‘was very difficult to make sales. Fnlicia— Bee/ Cattle—Extra 812 75; first quality 13 5t>£l3t2: second 12 60I&13 2J; third li uGfeUOO. The following sales were made : s*er cent shrink. Price. One lot. 39.14 do .81. 18} do . 82 .134 • do .33 13 do .86 121 • do .35 11 . do .».38.11 do .85.10} Working t .ren —Sales at 8H5, 170. 209. 125, 266, Hat few pairs were offered, hut sufficient for the dvm >nd Coses with and without <'atrei- Sales with calves. 482,10. 68, 62 and 56; w 11 out calves, 840, 48, 53, 05 • ud 71. Dry cows from 83 ■ to 49 sheep—su re live weight «) 7} £ 7}. I.cmbs from d *1° '* Thetc was a large supply and many lots on Shoalt— Selected lots to peddle at 9} and 9} for sows; 10 aud 10} for bn;rows. At retail Hum 10 to 12} Spring fiat— In lou from 14} 14 13}; at retail, from 16 to 19. Cent Calret—fh to 14. Cal/ Stint from 83 to 150. or 25 to 27e per lb. Hidet—10e. Tallow— H}o. KIARB1ED. In Pownnl, June 14. tiardiair Uunuewell and Misa Mary D bawyer. bo h or Durham In North Anson, Joslina W tiunld and Miss Ancle Waite. Iu Belfast, Juno 18. Lncius C 8teph*nson, of B, and Mr# Mary W Towle, of Searsport. In Lincolnrille. Juue li, Sergt D 8 Richards, 19th Mauie Keg. and Mias Ade.nidc N Uudy, of Semrw mont. In Diamont, June 20. Milton Stevens and Mrs Llitis H Foster, both of D. In Ceotresllle. Jane II. John Wood aud Mary A Finegan, both of Addison. DIED. In Bangor, June 2, Mr, Tolly Larrabee. agod 86* Iu Machia*. Jane U Win .smith, fcaq. aged te— for several yeus Jailor or Wmiungtsu County. In liiay, June 16. Mra Jalia A wi:e of D U Har ris. fnrmerlT of, ._.•) rears In Machtesport. Jane 10, Mrs nusan, wife of John Day, aged 55 years. In F.ast Machias. Jure 14. Lererett Hoyt aged 22. *■ Prospect. Mcy 16. Mr Ncthauiel UttleBeld aged 03 years 1 month. In Lincolnrille, June 6, Thomas W eherman aged 21 rears 19 months In Philiipa, Mr Samuel Spencer, aged 64 yean I • l.oorgetown. May 21, Ucpt Richard bogan. aged 80 years. In Norridgwock. Jane 7. Mrs Rebecca Wright, reiiet of the late Jsmes Wright, aged 88 y>ara. In North Vamalboro’, May 6. Thomas Mayfield, aged 31 years. IMPORTS. WINDSOR NS. 8ch Thomv Dkkion—12S tong 1* aster, to ofder. SAILING or OCEAN STEAMSHIPS. tTBAMKB »*OM FOB FAILS Pennsylvania Liverpool_ New York Jane 7 City Manchester Liverpool.New York June 8 North American Liverpool.Cfuebec..., June I Africa.Liverpool.Boston. June 11 C'tt» of Cork.Liverpool-New York. .Jane 11 Bavana.SontSnmpton New York June 14 City of London.. Liverpool-New York Jure 16 Washington. Havre.New York Jute 15 .Liverpool.New York June 18 Asia.Liverpool. .. Bouton. ... Jure 2> Germania.Southampton New York June28 Citvof Washiug n New York Liverpool_June 25 Evening Star.New York.. New Orleans June 26 Belgian. t^Utbec. — Liverpool ...June 26 Illinois.New York. . Asniummil Jna*« huropa .. Boston ...Liverpool_June 29 Scotia. .New York.. Liverpool_June 29 Citv of Manchester New York .Liverpool.July 2 North American Uuebrc _Liverpool.July 2 Uaaai... .New York.. Bremen.July I Pennsylvania.New York Liverpool . July 2 Tubal Cain .New York West Indie*. July 6 KJeltrie Spark.New York.. New Orleans. July 9 ' Sidon.New York. Liverpool... .July tf Africa.Boston .. ...Liverpool_July 7 MINIATURE ALMANAC?. VrUar. Jaae »4. dunriwa. 4 34 | Hi*b w»l*r. 114 Sun >»u. ;.*d | Length of tl.j, 15.14 MARINE NEWS. POST Or FOKTLAND. Thursday,.June *3. ARRIVED. Steamer Lewiston. kuight. Boston. Steamer New Eugtauu, Field, Irom Bostou for St John NH Ship Flora Sonthard. Morrill, Boston. Sch !hos Dickson. (Br) Maoiuber, Windsor NS. Sch Bramball, Kicker, Buston, hcti Gen Warren, Benson, Calais. Sch Ocauica, Newbert, IWmuu for Waldoboro. SAILED—w ud NN W—barque Harriet Stevens; soh Geo Brooks, and others. Two floe steamboat* were launched ia Wi«css*et on Mouday, by Alexander Johnson, E q. the build er aud owner They are called the “ Clariou/' and *' t ale on " The»e boats are twius and are alike, aud are admirably fltud for frvigbt, transport or mar ket purposes Their extreme length ou deck is 116 ieet: breadth over all, 28 feot; depth of bold. 4i ft; draft of water, 2 Ieet, w heu ready for busmen*. Ban^ue P C Alexander, Merriv*an. from X Tork for (iImh! Bay CB. while at auchor m ar Great Point. Nantucket, parted chaiu and lost anchor. She pro cetded to Holmes’ Hole DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCISCO-Sid Ntk Inst, ship Uo-aef, Mitchell, lor New York, barque leiM, >peuco. for Hong Hong i Ar IV h iust. ship Mat raj an. Kobinsou, New York BALTIMORE—Ar, barque Amaaou^Browa, Rio Janeiro. Ar 21 -t, brig Phillip lArrabce Daley, Ncuvita*. .Sid 2«>th. sblp John Sidney, Southard, Boston ; sch Caspian, Partridge. St John NF. Pill LA DEL PHI A—Ar 2 let, brig Russian Getch oU, Bostun; sells Mill Creek, Wood, Port Rjyai SC; H Maut-n. ol»u e. Bostou. CM 20th brigs J Means, Wells, and George Amos, Coombs. Boston: sch Mar.ha Nickel*. Small, do. Cld 2Dt. brigs Sea Lion, Marshall, Salem; Faus tina. GriMii. Boston. Cld ‘ 2d, brig Fannie Lincoln, Rtaton.1 At Delaware Breakwater IJth, ship Lancaster, fin New Orleans for St John Ml; sch* Gunroek, from Philadelphia for Bostou; Julia Newell, from do lor Salem; Dwight, do tor Saco, aud oth rs. NEW YORK—Ar 21st. barque Martin W Brett Staples. Glace l»«v CB; achs J MrCloakr. Crowe'l! Klizabetbpott for Bath; Ueprihah. Luut, fin do for Salem; Catharine. Moor.. Calais: Gen Marion i*ur iugtou, Freeport; R B Pitts. Mills Providetce* Wa 1 Stevens. Newell, do for Eli/abcthport; Abby Weld, llutchius, New Loudon. Progress. Woodward, Liverpool Ud 22d. shin* Norwav. Coombs. »au Francisco t nderwriter lieleuson,Liverpool; Roswell Sprague. Whitney, St John NB; baique Volunteer, Gorham, Malaga; brig Scot aud McLellau, klusbetbi ort; s«h Comet, Hodgdan, Hallo well I Sid 21st. barques Templar. Zmgartba [By tel j Ar 23<J. ship industry, Finnell, Liver pool; barque AC *da.u«, Zaza; brig* Open oea, Cardenas. Go'deo L'ad. Kio Janeiro MYSTIC, Ct—Sid 20th, ach Moses Fatten, Carlson. Philadelphia 8TONINGTON—Ar 21§t, fch Georgia, Fhilbrook. New \ ork for baugor HARTFORD—Ar 20tb, «cb M S Vamum, Tamer, Bangor. FKOVIDRNCE — Below 22d, sob Maria Louisa, Nash, from Rockland. Ar 22d. sehs Ida F Wheeler, Dyer, Georgetown 5 Verrill. Calais; Maria L.uim, Nash, Rockland XEVVFORT—Sid 22d. ache Jane k Ell/a fm Calais # ev *ve*i Koekanoin. staples, Portsmouth RI f»r New York (or baugor > o8.J Elizabeth. Grover, Elizabeth port for Bath; Maria Loui»*. Rockland lor Provhl* uciT HOLMES’S HOLE—Ar2Df, barquo i» ( Alexan der. Merrnuau. New If ork tor Glace Bay CB; scha Het.ry Cole, Hazleton, fiu Heautort NO for Boston; Francisco, Kilby; Kossuth, hunker and Shooting Star, Marshall. Elizabeth^.ort lor Be* on, V% hde Sea, l^o. New York for Portsmouth: Figure Rob b!ns. Eli/aoetl port for Salem; Saco, Weacott, Phila delphia for do; Si* nault-r lleudei *oi>. Burgess, do <or Saco; Sa ah Buck, Grover, Kondoul lor Port land. Ar 2d, ach Excnauge. Randall. Klizabetbpo t for iand »«iled, together with the arrivals of '♦•NEW BEDFORD—Ar 22d, ach Eastern Belie, Ha ley. Georgetown. BOSTON-Ar 22!. barque Windward. (Br) EUI rldge. Havana; ach Edward k Frank, Nick ala, lrom Frankfort. Cld 22d, scha Marmora. Smith, Bangor; Martha May, Cheney, Newbury port. i V?11, ?hip Al,n* Kimball, Moore. Shields; brig Berry* 1 hiladelpbia; scha Henry Cole. UamRIne. Beaufort NC; Caressa Kvder, Ellsworth ; w£dhBKWll',lnlK,0"'l0lu*'^ Waldo boro; James. v\ incheubach. Bangor. Roas'°AliceIJp CowPer' froIU St Nazaire; briga A J 5.ylph, Herriman, Bangor; aofte ?o«,h w«,8H:;u„h*,"for u 8 **«•“. nicil "i5ta8e; bm"io<’*Arou- Mo»^ SALEM—Ar 81st kchs Col E*ldv Coomb* Phil*, delphia: Lorito. MU. bridge; FffWSSME: g«»r for New Hedfoid. GlZMTCKtiTEB—Ar ldfh. *ehs Charm, R1 , ftem guyor l* Boeton ; car ail, ELdnrook fin Kranklert Ar 2 *th, ,ciu K im Ann. COnley, Ranzor Dual CudeurtA, liauzor for ( harN-vtowu. ' Ar21*t. mA* Margaret. R,ch»r.I« Btnror for Boa *°n - Sarah liarditier, Teel. Calaii for Providence Wiilla l'utnam, Stanley, oo for Sew llaven Coni tent. Chalto, Boeton for Blue-hill; New fork Spar row, Salem for Btbtol. * ^ Ar 28 I. barqne naervem, Atkin*. Cadiz, tvverv ttOL'TH—Ar 21,t, vch Cone.rd. Spear, fa Rockland. rOREUlk PORTS. .iruM ..tiuinm, uarqui .ionn « mw, lor New York: Jm ( haolin.l aruey, uuc; brig Baroi da taa* tin#. for Nov York. \T At Mau.aLilia xth iiiit, bri;; Lincoln Wtbb. Im St Domingo. Sltl 9th. barque Sam Sheppard. New York. Ar at Matau/u Idth ir«t, el. i. Harriet. Moosar New Oricaiu: bar.,ue xebra troekcr Se«nr. Port' *n“L J,UIDn>erce, ttobiuaon, ftu New Urlean, 13th. Leo 8 Hall. (?) Hunt. do. ^ bid ISth. barque John t arrer. Nickel*, {jew Yet*. Ar at Triuidad 9tit, brig, Clreattian Ueacaa Oeniarara . 1'reotlM llobbr .Philadelphia .**,»* ****“• lHb it at. blig k r,li». Smith, fka I ortinnu: 16lL, Lai qne (oiliest. Nov Orleans, llth. bri t Bill iw. Ke««i. lloltar*’ Mol# C’td 14th. abip John Spear. Slinnon, I a)mouth K. Ar *t ('<«•*ttiegoa 13;b, barque ki A Cocbraao from Phliadeiphia. 1 ' atu «... ong Lark. Bmton: nth. fcarqao K A Al W?u, Megan, do; Slot, brig Acadia. Now York. SPOKEN. Jure C. lat 2*> 04. Ion 83 22 brig Ado!aido Matt a*** front Matamora* for New York. Jnno Is. off tioorge* Bank, war pa<oed i)J« K a Partner, from New fork Cr»r Liverpool. Jure 17 lat 35 80. loa 74, barquo Horry Booth Drioko, from Pertambuc i for Now York. * NEW ADVERTISEMENT*; Salmon, Salmon l Juit received A large supply of Fresh Salmon, — AT — Love ill, Sargent A C'o’«, Corner of Commercial at reel Commercial Wharf. W* have juet received a large let or Frmb Salmon which cau be b.d at 23 '» 30 eeate per pound Lover, or thie dvlic ou* deb w.U guvera themte’vta accordiafly. JeaeMittt Strawberry Exhibition l The Portliiad Horticultural Society Will bold an kxhibitloa of Strawberries, — AT — Mechanic*’ Library Kfj*n, — ON — Thursday Eve’ng, Juno 30, At 7} o'clock. They offer the following premium, For beet ,lx varieties. 3d Ub “ be,t four varicue, . j ^ “ oe«t .ingle variety...... 3UI» I'oor. open at t o'clock P. X Com/ctdl n open to ever. b«dy ia the con rr and ad iutereeted ara i.vited m n jjsaar T H E A T R E™ D K L R 1 N (T HALL. Soit Let ate and Manager,.Yr. J. C'.Jffm* fllUE Above eetA'iliakmeiit i* tow cp*-n for a short Drama* lc SraSoji, with a Ikiub'v i orupecy, ovmpo-iug the priiictpAl member* of H'un man Mar “_**/'"*.rnrP>- *od Also tbc entire company from the /*r rtdenee Arad,my ./ Vvtne Friday Evening, June 91, A ad Saturday Afternoon. June 25. TJncle Tom’s Odbiii! HINGING AND DANCING, And the Ulorloae Farce ‘ OUT OS A STltMM.“ Admimioe-Parquette 60 cent,. L.lleryM. Sente raeerved without extra charge, u, application at the Box Office float It) a. x. tub r. x. Curtain wd. nee atSocloek Door, open nt 7,. Ju«-16 GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY™ Excursion Tickets ! Sea a on 11*01. Tickets Good to Be tain to gov. 1st. FtOE Ticket, and general information apply t j the office ol the Ur.tLh and America kiprw, IM exchange ,tfcet. JnTel«tadflr FOR CHICAGO. M1LWAU11IF. And all part, of the Waet. IIiliSMJ TlflLBT t* (IKiCI. ULViilUL And til oth?r point* At tbo WEST, SOI Til A NORTII WEST, Foreale at the reduced ratee of fair at the Union Ticket Office. 31 Exchange St.. D. H. LITTLE, Agent* JlsHMlf FOR THE WHITE M0UH T»l«, Baaeai... a. Montreal, Quebec, Niagara Falla as’o hurtka 1 Kxearition Tlokcta tor ti), fit lb, n K D v C K l> R At K Hy l> W. HTU.K, Ak.„». LSIoy TICKET OFFICE 31 Exchaaf* strati. 'taiNK centmal kailhoau. SUMMER AttRAAGKMiST. XBHE Trust lamvo Portland. CrmnJ 'rttk |SCB|8UI»», P r Lewiston sad Astir r. u Fur Bin cor and inurmodiatr utionu si iv, _ _ KE1LK.\1N>.litre I t-a utux at S.3u/. M -_A firsts in Portias J at H.SU a. it. L**vi JUnii, „ 7 Si A. it., sad arrive it Portland at 114 r -‘dors Ids.o trains OOnusot si fort land wiu, trains Us Bustos mr FrvMtbt train Inara. Portland ill I t ...a _ larnlngit du« iafortland m 1 ». ». ’ »nil^*for m£\™i t^'uii^jio^ili^J'k'klit'uMS; ‘^FaUrvtllt. K ■ ltw. ¥ ¥°““ *3& A Fttr Words about thr: l,urt»ai^|Ie*|i^ luslllutr. 11UK trefuient pur.u-U at tbo sbuvs nnnwd In. iliioto sou*iu"uc, d..o.a. rluj by 0r , >uny T Paofitrui < tuibiM* » j It in w»« lVt t a ...alter of rxin'nuiri t lbs Ur* a'lh u!i* *i trainer to the ciiirert of Portland, ha'i VidJui. mi tilenti, sou hi. way lb- heart a “ tf,„ teTof.' nthent s *ord t f oouiasodstio.. from a Murk. L.«r on tav. our from th. l ortiand Dally Praia !t wa. lot from an, waul ot name, whien ,h!£l iwed a* references. sucli as the lodow mg —uev |£ 1 v'*'a"nI,»|11 „A!fr’J Antlioui Oi frovitiancv' H. . A k. Newton, formerly tdltor ol bplriiusj Ac*, i Monroe, frot oi Klootnlon, Potton. but .be Da ery modi ally preiertd to wa i until be conid situ lie peop.e of Tort'wud him A.***- ustiauu *, lelw t*g t-iai hi* o.d'oris enu d b« appreciaiea in due urn* luch now appeal* 10 bo the ou*«* be> ord the *\tnc atton of the Dr. id n elf. If there* are Buy «ht» ar« low doubrii-g w hether thev bad bu.ter put «hum • v* under t iiu curt* olibe Dr. and rtceive the In at* neut pursued at the Institute »o, citizen* of l‘ort nud. cordiu l v luvit* all such t j call upon us and jaiu more fully at we kiond the Dr. and the realm, ut pursued by him and hi* wit*. It n*u»i tow be remembered that Mr* 5. It rac*«r has bo* omc permauen 1 ly associated with the Dr in th« la* K>r* o hi* proftMiiou This lady brings with her h” experience ot mr*r<t than eleven yotira practice ntli di-esse w hich stfl o*ed on y tne it male or gin* on fo her ia committed ti e care of the f <*»u/a hp Mrtment. Those desiring fir her iuterm* ion re Invited toeall ru the subscribers or at the lneti ute corner of Coogreaa and Chestnut Streets, uwat C, I# Cook, SIS Paris street. iU* b W »rown St. Jamb P., feb Mintile ,ire«t L. *. Danik^b, It Myrtle street ' ortlahd J '^ue 24, 1*04 — Tu&gafcw&it

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