Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 25, 1864, Page 4

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 25, 1864 Page 4
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■W.!» —«■— ■' ..■ ■ ■■ _POETRY. Written for the Prene. Song. Tfiey are drifting away—the hope* of youth, 1 hey are passing ouo by oue, As ibe glitter of gold on tho wa'ers dark, Siuks wiih the »iuk ug euu. Tlmre are grave* on the path b hind me, I eeo their neadstoses gleam,— An i all tlie !ovo and worth beneath them, heemibut a p.tasaut dream. Eu: I saw the LM^ctable m matain*, O! ouce :n my journey lo^g ; And the lio. e 1 may sometime reach them bull keep i my spirit alroug. Ao(l that sweet hope's spirt f. cm earth And a’l Its v. iu ue'lghts, As the stars that to ue when tin sun sinks Tj .he 1 uely, lovely n „ht. K. r. Knox at Tiiavek —K i» recorded of that great reioiiner. John Knux, that he wait a man bo tamo is lor Ina power In prayer, ilial the bloody Queen Mary .aid, when the thunder of artillery was t-baking h-r empire, sue feared hi. prayer* uioie than ail the armiea in Eu rope. Ami eveut* allowed that her n ar» were n n grouudle**. Tulg devout man used to be In *uvh an agony lor the de iterance ol hi* country ibit be c mid not aleep. Ue bad a place in hi* garden where be was in the eon .tint habit 01 •eiiring u> pray. One night he and b< veral friend* were praying logeiher, wlmn Knux a xik*. and -aid that the deliver ance h. d come! What bad happened lie could nut t—iI, but he leu that something had taken place, lor God h i! beard their prayer*. New* in n arrived th it Queen Mary waa dead, and the barsecuiion ceased. A person speaking ol tne tenacity of life in turtle*, asserted that be had seen one w hich hid its bail cut o f, open its jaws six weeks af < rw\rd<. flic company seeming rather skeptical, ne said, “1 saw it, and i trust none of you will doubt my word.” Then turning to one gentleman, be a-ked him what he thought. Tue geni;eu*au, observiug that it was very remarkable, « .id to the narrator, “If you yourself, sir, ha 1 not been the circum stance, could you have believed it?” "lu deed,” -ai l li-s “I conld not.” “Then," re plied the gentleman, “i hope you will excuse !_if r i.. ft A sto*g i* t »ui of a clergyman who was very iou I of abouting, and iibcil lo take hi* clerk to >n «tk lor him. One first ot' Septem ber he hit ht-eu out for an hour or two, hut was obli4 I to return to hi* church “to make a couple ha >pyso putting his surplice ovt r ha shoot d x coat, he commenced the cere mony A• he proceeded, one of the bird* re vived and itruggliug out of his pocket, flew to the o-u-r end of the church, lining rather takeu aback, he Mopped, when his cieik bald, ••All right, sir. you can go on, for 1 have maik ed him down iu the gallery 1” A Pompous Judge Taken Down.—A certain judge was reprimanding an attorney tor bringing several small auiis into court, and remarked thit it would have lm«n much bet ter for all p Arties h id he persuaded his clients to leave their cases to the arbitration of two or three honest men. “ Plca*e your honor,” retorted the lavyer, “they are so small we do not choose to trouble honest men with them.” A Connecticut* officer s*-u M the Hxrfcfjrd Courant some “poetry” which wan found in a rebel camp at Reaaca, Ga., and is entitled the •* Rebel boldier.” This is the ilrat mournful verse: •'l will cat when I an hang y, I will drink when 1 cet dry tf thv y-tn*l< don’t cil me 1 w*11 live til! I dj I’ M »My fo.-aake* m i it win c«u4 m t to moin 1 am a rebel soldier a long ways from Lome. A minister travelling through the West, some years ago a>ked an old lady on whom h* calie I, what she thought of the doctrine of total depravity. “Oh,” she replied, “1 think It is a go .d doctrine, if people would ouly live up to it.” At a Court or Probate held st Portland, within and Tor the County oi Cumberland, on the fir t Tuesday of Jane, iu the year of our Lord, eigh teen hundred aud sixty-four. JOHN I RUE Guar i an of Mary C. True, miner beroi Hamuel f\ ue, late ui Por'land, utce.v ed, haring presented Li» tLi.d account ot Guaroi ansinp ot .aid miner for Probate: it teas OrdLrtd, That tho sa d Guardian give ro ller io all p *r»ous Intricate i, t y causing notice to Le pub taneu tltree weeks successively iu the Ma Le bta’e Press, piloted at Port end, 11st the) m*y ap year at a Proha e r«.nrt to be lu.d at t-aiu 1 ortland, on t'i« ti st Tuesday of Ju.y next, at ten of the cioek lu ihe huenoon, ana sL< w cunh-. it rmy they have, wb, the same * h< u)d net !• allowed. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A tme copy. Attest, 24*3** ELgK.nK HUMPH KEY, Register. AT a Court or PuoBAicnold at Portland, within and for t-io Couuty ot Cutnl»eriaud, on the Mret Tuesday of .1 «n*, in the year of our Lord eighteen hundred and sixty-four, JOdKPift LEAVE* Aoiaim irater of tho estate of G* rge Leighton, late of P< wi al.eiu s id County, urcoas d having prt sennd his 1 t and nnsl account ot aU”'i i»* ration ol raid eststo -or probate: It uf'is OciUrmt, That tho said AdtninLtiau r givt notice to ail pdrwMuiInterested, by eaastog sotiw Is bo published throo week* successively in the Maim State Prose printed st Portland,that thev may appeal at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on tan first Tuesday of-lulv next, at ten of the clock lo the forenoon, aud show cause. If any they have, Why the same should not he allowed JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy, attest, 24 w3w* kUgENE HUMPHREY. Register AT a Court or Pkohatx held at Portland within aud for the County oi l uuilurrlai.d, on the firs Tuesday of Juu , in the year of our Loro eigh teen hundred and sixty-four, AttliiA11, DaV»*, i »iiiya Exrcu’rix in a certain iuRru uent 4 urportiug to be toe last Will aud ‘its a «*>ut if John Dari*, late of ere po t, iu said Coaity, dc .cased, having pier video the same .or probate; ft *cat OrrUrtA, That the said Executrix give notice to all persons interested, by causing notice tc be published three weeks successively, iu the Maun State Pro**, printed at Portland, that they may ap pear at a Probate Court to be held at said Portland, on the first luoUv of July next, at ten of th< clock in the forenoon, and show cause if any thev have, why the si.d lustruim nt shouJo not be proved, approv d. aud l owed, ai tin last will aud testament •I said deceased JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy. Attest, 24 w-fw* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register. At a Court of Probate held at Portland within and for the County of Cumberland. on the Hist Tuee day of June, in the year of oar Lord eighteen huixlr d and sixty-,uiir, J'MES PEAK, Guardian of James £r.ear, junior, minor ch d and h>;ir of Ehra 8ii»x-,laU* of Port land, in said county, deceased, having preeeu’e « h « Potiti-iu tor license to se.T and cunv.y certain real esta c - f su l minor, as described in raid p«rft. Uon. ao advaut»f<.-< ue ofii-r Laving beet made there lor. ft *<%» Orisref, That the said Guardian give no tlee to all person* into re-tod, by causing notice to be published three weeks successively, in the Maine State Press, printed at Portland, that they may ap pear at r Prohate Court to bo held at saiu Portland, on the tir-t r.i Miy of July next, at ten of tlic tlock in the fon-noon, aud show cause if any they have, why the samir should not bo granted. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A true copy Attest: 24w8v»* EUGENE HUMPHREY, Register. At a Court or Probatk held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the llrsl Tuesday of J ue. lu the year of our Lord ei^htoen hundred aud sixty-four, "VTA I'H ANIEL PKASK,‘tuv-dian of Gertr/e W. Merrffi and others, minor heir* of Amasa If merr II. la’oof B idgton, d. cease I, haxirg pm-ent »v ''uui vi uukiuiauM.ip VI Mia in I BO'a 'or Frob .te; It hum Ordered, That the said Guar lian give no. tloe toal! persons interested, by causing notice to b* Sublisbed three weeks successively in tin Maine rate Press, printed at Portlaud, that they may ap pear at a Probate Court to be held at sani Portlaud, . ou the firs: Tuesday of July next, at tin oi the clock iu the forenoon, and show cause, if auj they have, why the same should not be nl owe I. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Jin. ge. A true copy, attest. 15 w3w* EUGENE IICMPIf KEY, Register. At a Col*itt or Prorate held at Portland. within andforiho County of CumlcrlanU, on th* hot Tue*day of June, iu the y« ar cf our Lord ♦eight* u htiudied and rltl; -four, OLIVER P HASKELL. • n irdian tf Me’-ssa F Varney an<l Jo-oph N Varney, minor heirs of Joarp.i Legrow, Igte of Wiudhrm. deceased, hav iug pr««e .ted his seco daccouct of Guardiaut-Lip ot aa d minors for Probate. It irte Ordered, That the said Guardian give notioo to all persons interested, by causing no fs®® b« published three weeks successive]) in trie Maiue state Press, printed at Portland, that ^ *PPe#r • Probate Court to be held at •aid Portlaud, ou the first Tuesday of July next, at ten of the clock in the forenoon, and show ea*t«e. if any they have, why the same should not be adow* •a. JOHN A. WATERMAN, Judge. A truecopp, Attest. w3w *4* EUGENE HUMPHREY. Register. At a Court or Probate held at Portland, within and for the County of Cumberland, on the first Tuesday of Juu , In the >ear of our Lord eighteen hundred and aixty-fonr. A**J*H1\ PRINCE. Grandmother of Wiliam T. Ml-c *eJ*. a m nora^o,* the age * f fourteen 7‘-y. Mjd tiid *1 d h i- of faaiu.l 11 Mi chel], lat-of T a mou'hln *ai f Conn y. deeea ed.and wlr* m now ser.iugiu th" Navy of the United States, and ab '•nt ar -fHt having n■ t-et'*! he- petition that Bin be* M rrill of said Yirmout'i may be apiniuled Guardian . f a d minor. It ten* Ordered, That the said Fet’forcr give no floe to ill pinions interested, by cau ing unties to be published three weeks successively n the Maine stale 1tot* Printed at Portland, that they o’v appear ft a Probate Court to be held at said por 'and, on the drst. Tuesday of Julv next, at ten f the alack In Mi" forenoon, and shew canse. If any *hey # bare, why the same should not he i-rsr‘*d JOHN A. waterman; Judge. A true iopy, Attest. ■ 21 r3w * EVTGKMF. If CM» fTRFY. Re/iater WdMM* Bunk. TUF, Ch«rt*r ofth's Hank having been tnmod'r* ed. notloe is he-ebv given that'ho Itabl ty of the Hank to redeem its hills will expire ou tie af. tevuth dry of Jatnary. A •» lt*6tf *1 BROOKS, Jr.. CaaMer. fiiUMWijk, Feb 27lb, 1IM mch£0wl2w MISCELLANEOUS. THE DAILY PRESS, CALORIC POWER JOB PRINTING OFFICE, N. A. FOSTER & 00., Proprietors, Pox Block, 82 1-2 Exchange St., PORTLAND. ME. Attention Is reapes fully invited to our unrirtlled f&o.litiee for executing in | THE REST STYLE OF THE ART, Brery description of BOOK AND JOB PRINTING. Our fetablUhmect la ftirni bod with all the ap proved MODERN MACHINERY, And our collection of Book, and Fancy Types inil bear favorable comparison with any aatabl.ab sent la the city. Business and Professional Cards, (Of every variety, style and coat, PRINTED AT SHORTEST NOTICE. ___ I # HilNUeadi Knlrd and i'nt la the Neat* e*t Manner. BLAXKS AXD BAXK ('BECKS, Of ererj dMjription executed in tbe beet et>le BxUroud, and other Corporation Work, done | with promptnen. end Idelity. INSURANCE POLICIES. DILLS OF LAD/NO, TIMM TABLES, und atl eoruot LEU A L DOCUMENTS, at ihort Motif*. Sermons, Bepant, icd all kiedt cf Pucpklm, Put up iu superior style. i Bronzed nnd Colored Label*. ! f or ApothccxriM, M.rcbxnt#. sell Fancy Uexlen, got up io the best style of the art. W'edding Cnrds, Xotet of Invitation, Visiting Cards, Lintt of Don ees, etc., etc., of cerry variety and cost, furnished at short notice. LARGE POSTERS, Hand-bill*, Shop*bllla, I’rognm* mc*, Circular*. And plsin printing of every description. Also, Rule and Figure vnrk, executed neatly, and on terms that cannot fail to satisfy. THE DAILY PRESS Printing Office has one of Eloper' Improved Calorie Engines for motive power, aud is rnrnishad with improved and costly Presses—CyUnder end Platen— from the most celebrated makers. W * have In con stant use one of HOE'S LARGE CYLINDMR PRB^SKS, capable of tbrowiug off 2500 Sheets an hour; one ot Adam’s Poster Presses—the best book press iutbe world; Adam’s and Potter's Fast Machine Job P esses; Haggles'superior Card Pres, Adame’and Unidti lar/e Hand Presses,* Presses and all the machinery necessary for a well appoiu‘.ea office. Tno Dally Presi Job Office i* beHeved to be as well furiii.-hed as auy similar e fablisbmcut in the State. Thos** sending order from the country lusy rely on receiving prompt attention. We oxeout* a 1 orders in the shorte*t possible time ! a^d in the neatest and best wanner. We will do all kinds of printing as well and as promptly, and as cheap as any ot^er establishment in the City, Couotv or g'ate. AH order* for Job Printing must t»e directed to i tha Daily Pr ss Job Office, No. 82 j Kxchang* itred, | Portland. Me. The Job Office li under tho personal superrisioa 1 of the senior proprietor, who is the CITY PRINT | P«R, and is hi »*elf an exoerieuc d pract'cal wort . man, and employs only well-skilleo mechanics in this d< part meat of his work. The Portland Daily Press, The largest daily paper cast of Poston, and having a la.ger circulation than all the other dailies in the 1 city combined, is published at the Office in Fox j lilock, tit 1-V Exr tus ngr Street, retry'morning — ' Sunday except* $8,00 Per Annum, From wh'eh It 1-9 per rent, is discounted for * PAYMirra. Hero! annual and quarterly «ib enplions pro reta. 1,» m than three mouths, * xty cents per mouth, or 16 cents a week. Aixolk Corixs ICiwts. jar Newsdealers supplied at the rate of two and one-third dollars per hundred. THE MAINE STATE PRESS, The largest paper In Hew England, eight pages, Is published every Wednesday, containing all the nows by nu 1 a d telegraph, important reading matter Mai me List. Ha ket Reports, 4c , of the Daily Tress,at the following pi ices, vis:— sl.«lccFy.*«e year, l.rarl.hly la ndvasrs.92.00 For aix mouth*... 1.00 To rlaha of foar or more all to the same post office, each. 1.7 5 To clab* of ten or more, all to the same post office, each. f 1,50 ▲nd a free oopv to the getter up of the club. Subscription) toicUtd Agents wanted iaevary j toan. Tost masters revested toact aaagents. N. A. FOSTER’& Co., Propbiktorj*. Torlland Juno 1, 1* A. <jtf NOTICE. WE. the undersigned having sold rnr SfncV of Foal and W« onto II sere stand ,11, Me Alis* *»r 4|A>.. Ho ctt*er.o ly recommend them to our turner customers. A I persons having demands ‘ipsinst us are requested to pr-sent t'em lor settle. ; meut. and all per oiis indebted to us ar* r quested ' 'o mat e immediate pavmeut at >be old stand where one ol tae uoder»)gut<i m»r be found for the p’-escut. SAWYER k WHITNEY. Portland, June «, 1$44. Jucel3d3w Coal and W o<>d ! rpiiE subscriber having purchased the Stock of JL Foa» act Woot, anil taken «he stand recently »ccupied bv Messrs. .* atryer 4 Whitest,, head of tfa*nr Wharf, ure now prepend to siifp’y thiir former pat ions %nd the puo.ic generally, with a QuC assortment of WELL PICKED AND SCREENED Old fompnny Lehigh, Spring Mountain Lehigh, Locu.t Mountain. John’., White and Ked Ash, Diamond and Lof berry, Together with t\e bc,t quality of Cumberland Coal 1 A Superior Coal for Black smiths. Alto, Hard and Noll Wood, Delivered to order in any pert of tlio city. The former cus’ome!'of Mev.-rs bawter k Whit ney arc respectiu lv iivited to givens/call. RANDALL McALLlaTER k CO. Portland, June 13 J8G4—dly Evergreen Cemetery. THE Superintendent of Evergreen ( rmeterj will I e at bis office, in New Cf*y Uni ding. • nt ranee on 11, rile Street, fi om 12 o’c’ock 11. to 3 o’clock T. vi.. every *:ay, except Suudav s, to attend to ai y oalis *n eonD'et'on wllh said Cemetery. Orders may be laD at the office at any time, tpfjdtoaugl U. C. BAliB, SuptriutenUiBl, HOTELS. OTTAWA HOUSE, PORTLAND II Alt BOH, MAINE JASON UEUUY, PitoruiUTOU, A Will open for the season, on Thursday, OJfSMthe \H'h inst. This popular Watering i lace, ILULSwitli its j'Fi*rf ROMANTIC SCENER Y, And HEALTHY LOCAI ION, situated on CUSHING’S ISLAND, 2j miles from theci'y, L unsurpassed by any Sum mer Lts rt on the Mew England coast M'. 4 rosiiivcly closeu on the Sabbath to all transient visitor*. The steamer will leave Burnham's Wharf for thi9 Island regularly. Juuel6j6w BRADLEY'S HOTEL, -OK THI American and European Plans, Cor. of Commercial & India Sts. Th5* House in »i nated directly opposite itl e Oratid Irunk t-ai roa Depot Ri u head foi Huston ana I'ortlauu Mi-aw. it* W hai f I < out.e tad VNitn tin- H If Sit if > first class J* lyster and Dining flail, •f AiL ' BKADl.LV, Jr., It CO., Proprietors. 4. Br*diey, Jr. t U. ur.dlry. junel&dSm Union and Temperance House, Wnd llarpnwell, I* open lor the reception of Summer Board rn, and trahcieut and visitors. Tlii* House is very pi a s tlv situated on tlm Neck, oue-lourth mi e above theBteaiu* i_Ibost L mi in . ~ Alcala fuii. is bed at all horns of the day. 1 eIltac.Y BAILLY, Proprietor. June 9.1864.—d8w* Atlantic IIouso, BCARBORO’ BEACH. THIS Pouso having been cu tarred and refitted throughout will ojen tor tho sea* s n on 1_1 Monday, Jane 13, 1804, „ K GL'XMlSON. M. B.—Positively closed on the Satbaih to all tran* en visitors. Jnnell Ocean House Re-Opened! The undersigned having lea'cd for the (■eaeou this via estabii. hed Watering place, charmingly situated u ihe outer verge ot I' t|ie Elizabeth. With uurirai.ed .aeill i.Ie* lor Bulhlair, Boating, and Fishing, VVI!1 open lor transient sud permanent guests on and after Tuesday, the 7th day of Jane. Everdesl-ab.poouve leure will be supplied for the pleasure-nu com or.e ol its pairoue with regard to the iwjilirem. nt» and character oi a FIRST CLASS HOTEL. Wo Vel aarttrod th.t i ur exert on>, added to th# nnusual a'>ractions o, the house itself, wiilsecnre us toe si probst'Ou ana patronage ol the public, ty I'oitltrely cloud on Ike kaUitk HILL a JORDAN, l’roprietore. Cape Elizabeth, Jon* 7, 18d4. dlf BAY VlinrtT HOUSE, CAMDEN. I The Subacribers take pleianre In an inouuctug o their frteuussnd alt mteiested iu hudiug a mat claaasea-side Hot, I acuom _I nv-ua ton.,t,,at then new and spacious Ho *«. -• • «"P nearly iu June. Itcontaius ail tht tn.d eru improvements aud erer> convenience lor the c'tulort ana accommodation ol the travelling tab le Iris duely ti.catea. comma ding an unrivalled view ol the l\uol>*.ot Uay. 1 ne advantage- ol tea bathing a..d the l.cilitiea lor ti.hing ami boating are unsurpassed. Tor its beautitul scenery aud Ue llghtiuldr vos and walks, < 'ainuru is already favor aui . uown as oue or the most eligible aud delisb ful watering places Iu Mw England. Connected wi h the Hotel is n fine Livery Maine, horses and c.r urges bavin* Incuse ectau with areal care The carna.os are Iruui me best eotabl.shinpuia in the count y. aua on the moat approved si) l.s bteam boat landing-easy oi acr-s.; steamer, tousbtng ev ery dav in the week. telegraph conituuuicstioti w tb nil parts of the ocuntry. in* se wishing o .e cure good room, wilt do wel. to apply soon, as rnauy are a.ready t trie d Cb'tnfNti k JOUNNION, Proprietors. Camden, June*, 1%8 —dtf I’lcuhHHl Mi bu rim II lie wort. C^lUISIC house, WEST BROOK. Thii • vf*M •uOurbdu Watering PI tec, I 'KXtcd upon a pl'-a-aut eniin»*ute ne»i Ca • Pond, but *• iiiilrAfrom Port laud, bar ,u< b*en plaoc-a iu the mom amide » r«Jer by AUi.r crit-er, ht iDuit re*i*ctfull> solicit* ho. .. Lksiiou orthf pablic, and coidull* invite a call irvm bicoid iiundc. ii*e bouse ic plecwaut, retired am; quiet. The furniture an j fhrnishrog* *re all new, ana thi rooms o *y and subtly i ha table* ate fapplied with all thv delaoActec a* wej* a« ib»- putMauumi* oi the *ea •on, aud the *#-rvice of one of tbe very htet cooks in Ne * Ei-glsnu have been secuied. Extensive sheds <tud a Hue table with roomy ctaiia are *rn ng the couvon.eucus of the estab uluneut .% Dice dathiug lioune **utll ieut lor u*« tcoomioo cation • fse»er<.l batlicis has beeu erected with steps projecting into ten leet of water, aud the whole •© currd from •i>»ervat on by alloMing screen Smoking Arbor* the bank* ot the Pond and invi'e the indulgence of the lounger. ii up! dc [jt a aua re oi the public patronage the on* devwtgned prom • * to spate no effort lor the eu er tammeutol bis guests. uEo W. MUKb'd. Wertbrook, Ms> 21, 1841. ma 21dlf Splendid Pleasure Resort! THE WHITE HOUSE, <*OBMaaLT WILSO vocaa.) J. P. MILLER,.PROPRIETOR. This popular Hutelbaa rwcently been par cuaetd by ilr Milreriul tbe Albion i ami baa beeu thoroughly rciitted, renovated aud re paired, and numerous excellent alteration! HwJ'i’adr. it is located on tbe Oaccarapparoad, aouu. iu«r miiaa from i'urtiaud, affording xbeauUtui drive over a goed road, and Just about far enough for pleasure. It has a line large Dancing Hall and good Bowling Alleys. In close proximity to the bouse is x wxrto and roomy rttablr, containing twenty nice stalls. There is also a weii sheltered Shod, 106 feet long, for hitching horses l'he ohoicest Hoppers will be got up for sleighing and dancing parties, who will bud it greatly to their pleasure ana advantage to rewort to the White Uonat. No effort will be spared for the entertainment ol *•«•*- declb-dtf HAI.T.nwm. MrkTTQV KEOPENE DI HEW FURHITURE ft FIXTURES! s.o. DENNIS, Proprietor. EJT* The peblic are imeciallT Informed that lha •recionr. convent-nt and wed known If allow aLL Hour*, in tht cnt.r of llallowell, two mile* from Augusta, and tonr mi ea from Togus Spring, haa been refurnished, and is open for the rec.ptlon of oompaujr and permanent board. r«. Kerry attention will be given to the oomfort of guest.. »T A33LINO-, and all the usual convenience* of a popular hotol, are amply provided. Uall-.wel , Feb. 1 1864. uch26eodtf THE A.1EKICAN HOISE, Hanover Street .... Boaton, Th« Largest and Beal Ranged Hotel 1H NEW ENGLAND. LEWIS RICe7 Proprietor. oolCly CITY OF PORTLAND. N OTICK is korebv given, that it is the intention of the City Council to di-c..utinuc a pirtot Con groas htruet-begin uiug at tha south-wester y lire of tne ▲ & H. 1,twreuce Railroad, and coutiuuiug to low water mark Aud the Joint .Standing (ummittce of the City Council, ou laying out new Streets, in pursuance of an order of the City Council, passed on the 13th da\ ot June, 1861. will meet lor said purpose on IVedncMlay, tin- 221 d nay of June, at 3 o’clock in the afternoon, at the crossing of Con gnus street over the A. ic h L llrilroad, the place of begiuning. and then aud there proceed to view aud discontinue said Street. All persou* interested will take notice and govern themselves accordingly. (.iven uud«r onr hands ibis litb day of June, A. D. 1*4. JACOB McLFLLAN, | 8TKVRN8 hMITIf, » Committee on WM II hfEWAKT, l . . JXO. I) SNOWMAN, f Ia>lD* out C. K. i ADD. New Straits. WM. 0 SOULR, I Portlaud, June 15, 18*4.—d’d Ordinuuce Against Dogt. City or Poktlam> MoisnAL’i Office, \ May 2d, 1861. J Section 1 —No dog shall be permitted to go at large or loose in any street ane, a) ev, c< uit o trav eled wav,or in any uniueioeed ir public pi ceinthia oit\. uu'ii the owner or keeper of such dog, or the head o- the family, or the ket per of the house store, shop, ofhee, or olh* r place win re such dog is kept or ha'bomu, shall have paid the City Marshal two dollars for a Uccaefor such dog to go at lar^e. Suo 7 —In ra*e any dog shall be found loose or woirgat large, contrary to auy of the f. regoing provUion*. * bo owner or keeper thereof, or the head of the family or keeper oft* e house, store, r fioe, or other p ace where such doff* kept or bat bored .shall lot lei! and pay a sum not exceeding tf n do'lara. mayoil2m JOHN fi (IRAKI), < itv Marshal. FAKTICIFATIOJV. Portland Mutual Fire Insurance Company. Thla Company will laaue Follow to by free after the payment of rIk, ei*ht or ton Fremmnia at tha u| tloa o rha inured aud at ratea a* low a< auy ether Company. Tbeiaeiieol t ree Fo Icie, leudera it at the loast equal It not aupartor to tba participatioa c impaulaa. Offloa No. 108 Middle St. CHARLES HOLDEN,Sic*. EDWARD BUAW.Saa. l ab M d A w tf. FOR SALE & TO LET.' HOUSES ABB LOTS FOB SALE, ! »ITU A TED OR Franklin* Aldent W >t^liincton, Montreal' Foi and Sumner Street*. PRICES FROM *1,000 TO *3,500. Alto, TWO SMALL FARMS, in Capo Elizabeth. Terms liberal to salt th® purchaser. Enquire of EIjBRIDGE GERHf, ap23 dlw eodtf No. 69 H gh Street. Valuable Farm for sale* Situated in Falnouth, fight mi\ s from Portland, ou the olu Cnay road, opposite Black b.rap Monu ment. i lie (a ni contain* 4 j acre* —-'got d laud, well divided into tillage. pasiui-,u* *.iiU wood lots. It has a largo orchaid a^d buildings all iu good repair. It Is well watered a v»-ry ph.asaut situation ; will be sold for casu ou <ea»onable terms hot further particulars inquire j o J. K KANU, No. C Clapp's Block, or KL’ U» KANO on toe premises. junoiOolw* Mouse Lot* For bale. ON Steven*’ Plains within two minutes walk oi tbo Horse Kail road; plea autly located Eiiquiiout U. Li BaIlEY, U Exchange 8f. June 11, 1804.—eod2w Valuable Heal estate for bale. VVI have Ibrcl- * v-ry df»ir*bl« Iloa.e, ceu »» trally and pl-aunUy luuitd, jfnuh.a nun mrui-h-d Irora *,rm to clar; tytry hing in tud • bou the house iu perfect old r; Will Lb .old with 111" faruliute, which. » n good la»u- and in li ,,,. dcr linm.di.te po.Mw.luxi giveu. Ihe huuse and luru.tur, can be examine.! .1 any time and lulor otatioh give by cuing on BAILEY A Co., Auctioneer?. I may lldlf • avid on Free street for bale. THE va.uable real estate on Free street, known a the • urtmn property ’* the Jot is a*>out 106 Uet ou 1 re® street *nd extends b ck about 174 teet. baid estate will be sold as a whole, or the easterly bait of the dwelling nous®, wuu lot about 40 by 176 i®et, will b® tula b> itself Application may be m*de to James Furbish, Esq., ontue piounses, or to Ot.u E iuai K .u>, jutyldtf_ 69 iLxohauge street. Vi*. UnlA THE/'m* property, ao exiled, on Windham Mill, I iu Wiudham, ooutainiug a.out teu acres. There are ou the premia?, a goon Two Slery Llwi)liT,,> uou-e aud Ha-n, with other ou -builuiu.,. The property ia plea.autly ailuated and the neighborhood I uuexeeptionaole. kor terina. *o., apply to _ , MKhlOIs * JAUK80N, Portiar.-* May 18,1834. 59 Exchange tit. _ maylSdtl For Sale. A SQUARE block of land, of about 73000 acrei ot wood land, ou the aouth aloe of the river St Lawrxnce, in Canada Eaat It la interceeded by two oonaiderab.e rivera with eligible Mill alia. Well wooded with every deacrlptiou oi turner, auch aa pm' aud apntoe in large qaantitiea. and maple, bercb beech, tamarac auu baaa wo d t> any amount Enquire of H. I. MACH1N, 1 ortiaud. Portlaud, Feb 1864. feb*S eodtf For Sale or to Let. CLIFF COTTAGE, containing over lu i rooma,large stable and abeda—aitunted two and one-balf miles from Portland, aud the flneat situation in Cupe Elisabeth for a wa- I __ taring plaoe, and aommer boarders. For 1 particulars enquire of GEO. OWEN. npT dtfII Winter Street. Portland For Sale, THE stock hill Fixture* ol n Aral lii provision Store, row doing n good bus ne“a. sold only on account ol the il1 belli oft e proprietor. Address "W," B»x 1(618 Portland P. O. June 14—d8w For Sale. A MOUSE and Lot on Steven's Plains Road, ad* joining the seminary (.rounds, a very dtalra ble,loeatiou Also ft number of bu lding lots near the «am«. Enquire of E. II FOHbES, on the Plains Jane 10th, 1804 —«odSw • For Sale. A TWO story Hons* »nd Lot. situated on Foil- ! land atre-1, with stable and other out buildings. A so two adjoining iota containing abou* eight thousand square feet. Enquire of si STKVKN8, No.47 Portland street. junefMtf For Safe, THE »wo story bri k lloo-eNo 2 Deer street, 86 by il and barn 16 by 2l The lot ia 60 fear square, with good water and garden spot. For further par ticulars enquire or BENJAMIN KNIGHT, 6 »am 1 1‘acket Company, Atlantia Wharf. jnnel8w2w House For Sale. A TWO story wooden house Ko. 18 Adams street, 11 finished rooms, convenient for two families; plenty of good water. For particular* inquire ol B. J. WILLARD. Portland, May 14,1864. mayl4eodtf For Sale. ONE Express Wagou, nearly new, can be ased for one or two has Pole and Shafts complete. Fur price Ao., call at No. 4 Free ft treat j Portland. apr I eodtf To Let* STORK now oocupied by us. Poeeeeelon given immediately. Also, a Front Office Id Hanson Block Ian8 dtf _II J LIBBKY k CO. To Let. ONE STORK, in Galt’s Block. Apply to U. T. MACI1IN, ap22 dtf C1TV OF PORTLAND. ATTENTION is ca’hd to Motion 38 of the Or dinino • «spr c lug Interment*. I 'f any i>er-on shall be de ir» us to move out of the I City the b«idy of a decease i prison ft r int rni.*nt. | he • hall make apo icat on to the 8up*-riotendent of bn rials for pe n i-aion so tod", aud said Superto ; t nderu shall grant h perniis-ion if no cause shall j appear for witiiholdiiig <ne same, aud rhall attend to sashrem«-va) in person, or employ ore of ihe un dertaker- of the city to am ud then to Pera ty lor | violation of this Ordinance net leas than five cor nr-rethan twenty ollars. AH violations of this Orcinanee will he prosecuted according io law. LOUIS BUM F, soperiuteudent of Burials. Portlard. June 10, 18?4 —dim €1T¥ OF PORTLAND. In the Year One Thousand Sight Hundred and Sixty-four. • An Ordinance Amendiug the Revised Ordinance on Streets. Be tt ordained by the Mayor, Aldermen, and Com mnn Council ef the (*ty of Portland, in City Coun cil assembled, asfolloxrs Sac no* 1. Section ado: the revisud Ordinance on Street* is hereby am *uded by striking out the words “si* and a halt o'clock” in the eleventh !ii e of said station and las rtmg ‘be w five o’clock' and sis bv stiiking out the words “five o’clock” iu the thirteenth line of said Section and inverting the words “lour ife ock.” so th tf raid Section as irncuo ed shall read as follows, to wit:— Section 46—All artic es brtught by railroad to bo landedi « Commercial street aha I be unloaded ou , the south-east side of the railr a«l track, au<l every ' article landed iu the stre «t, either from, or for the i purpose of being laud-1 u;>o.i the cars shall be so ; pi-cod as not to obstruct any street or passage way crossing Commercial street, or conucctiug wi.hit and so as to I are a clear space not less than f ur teen feet iu width from the coping stone, cud shah uot be allowed to remain iu the street over ux working hoars after they are land d Provided, however, tha cars may be unloaded in to store, and road* f-om stores, on the uorto-weft erly side ot a*ld railroad track, after five o'clock in the evening from the first day of April to the first dav ofOc ober, and after fouro'c’o k iu the evening during the other six m nth- of the year. In Board or Mayor am> aldlkiikk, I .luue 13, 1964 | This bill having been twice read, passed to be or dained. JACOB McLELLAN, Mavor. In Common Council, Juno 18, 1864. This bill having beeu twice read, pa-sod to be or dained. J II HAMLET, t‘resident. Approved, JACOB Me LELLAX. Mayor. Copy Attest: June 15—42w J. M. HEATH, City Clerk. 11. S. Marshal’* Notice. United States op Amkrica, I District or Maine, as. | PURSUANT to moDihous from the Hon. Ashur Ware. Judge of tlie United States District Court, within aud <or the District of Maine, I hereby give pu’ lio n tice tnat the fvllowing Litelsand lulortna tiouh have beeu filed in said Court. Yit:— A Liuel against Twts - y Bolts i p Arbroath Duck. 818 yards; and Ten 11alp < ubath u,. *16 IBS NET. An Information against Two Uubdrcd and .Six ty kiout Thousand t ioahr Au tnftrmui'm sgsius Six Casks or Brandy and Ten 1 housamd Ci*Aas au against »*ven i mu coxtaix* me TaiHiY-rvi Thouiasd Ciuakh a»d Fouu C abas t obtaimno l wxhty Iuouhamu Ciua*!. A tsihel aga nst Five Cascbi ktaisiaoTnik nr M*B lucrdsAVD Oxk UuaxjREu AND Fifty ClGAKS Wh cli seizures were for breaches of the laws of • he United state- and is ra**re particu arlv set lorth in said l„ib*l<* and Information*; that a hearing . nu trial will be had thereon at Haayor, iu said District on the Fourth Puttday </ June current, where any persons iuteresteu therein may appear and show cause, if any can be s own, we ere tore the same -• ould not be decreed forfeit and disposed ofaccord ing to law. Dated at Portland this fourteenth day of June. A D. I8d4. *. A GUINRY, U. 8. Deputy Marshal Dlst. of Maine. June 14—dHt l*ropo*al« For Ralien* and Ship Chandlery for Hermut Cut ter ^tat amt it at Port rj P rtlnnd. bouicToa's On rt, I Portland Me., .iunn 16tii, 1864. J Qf.A I.F.D Proposal will be r ©eired at this office uutil 12 o'clock M., on Jhurtdav the 30th iust., tor fumbling and delivering hstions and bhip rhatidlerv for the Keveuue ( utter station d at this Port, tor the fl; cal yeai * ndmg Jut ego h. 1866. The rations to be of good and approved quality; to be delivered on b ard the ('utter iu g* od ana sufficient sekages, barn Is, boxes and cases, and in good or der. ouce a month tree of expense to the United ' states, agreeable to sr eci cations and table (mark ed — ) attached thereto, which will form a part ol ' the ooutract, copies of whi li may be hsd by apply ingatthi ofhc«. It is understood that the conflict- I or wl 1 le bound to furbish upon rea onah’e notice, as often a< tna be required by th Cant*in of riw ('otter, with the approbation of *le t olUcior, (not i «*xce ding, upon a«< average, one day In each week) i «ucb fr< s‘> meat and vegetable- as may bv binua- • lent to theoorre«i ondiuv parsof tl e a'ion allow d j iu t< e Naval *»-r ice The c hip Chandlery io be ot ' •he Nat quality ai drill j c to the impaction of th« officers miking the requbdil n. 411 bids must b« sealed a d endorsed 'proposals for Ration*" or "Prcposals tor 8h p Chandler* k»* Revet ue Cutte* Stationed at P«» t of Port and." and then placed In anothe*- «nv» lo e and ’eft at or-directed to this of Hoe.prepaid if sent by mail. By order of tteerot*rv of the Treasary. I. WASHBURN, Jr., Collector. Railroads. »E REDUCED RATEsT isipoimsrr to tbavelebs -TO THK West, North Wen & South West! W. D. LITTLE. IS Agent for all the great leading routes to Chica go, Cinciuuati. Cleveland, Detroit, Aliiwaukie Lalena, Osaosli, St. Paul, Lacrosse. Lrteu liay’ tgulncy. St. Louis, Louisville, Iudi.napoJis, t ai,u etc., etc., aud is p.epaied to lumish lunoluu liens is from Port iso , lo all the principal cities aud towns iu the loyal Sla ts and t auatlas, at the lowest nlea of isre. auu ml ueedtul iiiiurinatiou i cheerful y granted. Travelers will find it gica'lv to their advantage to ; procure their tickets at the Union Ticket Oflice, 31 FichangeStreet, [Vr ST AllIH,) W. 1>. UTILE, Agent, tr Passengers for California, by the Did Line ! Min gtoamc-r at d l'annina huil oad, may bon-oured 1 by earlv application at this office. TioketH to M<m*rtal ami (Ju+brc aud return (via the Grand Trunk KaiJwvy ) may be cb aimd at th :« 1 ftXeucy on favorable term*. ma)26ufcwtt Summer Tourist’s & Traveler’s (Ireat Combination ot EXCURSIONS! For tae Season of 1864. Ticket* flood to Return to November 1st. OBAAD TKlAk UAILHAl. From Portland —TO - White Mountains, Montreal, Quebec, l>e Iroit, Chicago, W iiwaukie, Niagara Falls, and reiuru AT VERY LOW RATES OF FARR. Only $10 to Chicago or Milwaukie, $25 out i and return, via. Sarnia Line. To Chicago aud Return, all rail, $35, Anso toUosiou, New Vvrk, up lbs Hudson River ka a.o#a, Laau George. ’ Returning from M.gara Fall, either by OranH -- v. J —v"wi" ’*■*** wruu/ii i tue ibcusauu ljlaud* knu Katlus of the bt iuW reuce. American Honey taken at Par tor Tickets, Sleen ing car* uud at ttef re*hinet.t £>a!ooi.« * f Arrange meut* ha e been made with the Pronrie- * tors ot the principal Hotel* iu Montreal. Quetx c aud LKtn it to lake American Money at par, cuarxiinr * For Ticket- or inf rmation apply to Agkkt of ' Grand I ru- k Railway. E. F. BEAt'll, General Agent, 279 Broad way . N Y Wm 1 Low xu*, ta tcin Agent. Bangor. Junell—o4w * eOKTLAND ANDKENNKBEC M.K. SriUNO 4 AUKASOKMt.N r. Commencing Monday, April 25. 1864 aaiikEE. F’k’.enf.r trnin.le.veSkowbeiren for »*> *“(1 Boston, it 8 4.’ a .u , Au »“*,»• “."/-'.W Bill, 12 1# f. M. Alt its! n ujr 1 urtlnnd nun Ho, to it » A. u.; linth « 3o A. Portl.nd for lla'li, Au.uMa. W.tervill. Kcttd.ll> Mill* and bkow hegar , at F. M. Portland for Bath ami Augusta 8 16 p. M. Passeugcri f«*i ratiouson the Audroscoggixi Rail- ' road will ebarse car* a* biuuswkk. Tue t lo M. train f vrn rortlaud connect* at Keudau a Mill* with Maiuo Ctmiral Railroad lor Bangor, Ac , arriving same evening ^bAjgea leave Ba h lor Rooaland at 9 A.M. and 3 Stage* Hare Auru-ta ♦or Belfast at 4 P M. btager. Lave Skowhegan at 6 10 P. M for Ao«on So on, Ac. lhrotub Tiokets fur .11 the st-ilion. on till, »nd the AjtiiroKO|t*tu K«ijrc»d, can be nrocurrcd in Boaton at that astern or Unit on at.d 4t.i .t.ttua. Anrll 18 ls«? H CU8UM*f' _April 18, 1844 ap‘J3tf A Cttiiiliertaiiu ituilroad. SUMMER ARRANGEMENT. On aud after MONDAY, April 1th., 1844. train* will leave a* follow*, uutil further notice: saco River for Portland at 6 46 (Freight Train with Pas.-cager Cars! aud 9.16 a. m., ana 3.30 i* M. Leave Portland tor baco Kiver, 7.46 a. m. and 2.00 and 6,20 p u. The 2OOF. M. trail, out. «ud 6 4f. am. train into i ortiaod, w il» be freight trains w ith passeuger cars attached stage* connect at *accarappa daily for South Winuham, Windham Conn r and Great Kails. At Gorham lor West Gotham, bt-udi.-h. Steep Falls. Baldwin, sebago, Biidgton itiran;, Liming tou, Cornish, Denmark, Brownfield Level. Krye burg, Con way, Bartlett, Albany, Jackson aud Ea tou, N. H. At Buxton Center for West Buxton. Bonney Ea gle. South Limington, Limiuytou and Limerick At sa<v> Kivor lri-wskklj, lor Holds, Limerick, Osaipee, Newaeld. Parsonsrteld, Eii.n’uaw, Free dom. Madi-on, * atcti, i or trail, l oner, Ac Fare* 6 cents lose w uen ticket* are purchased in the Office, than wheu paid iu the t ar». DAK. CARPENTER,.Supt. Portland April 7, 18--4 d«t GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Of Canada. WINTER ARRANGEMENT. On and alter Monday, Nov. 9, 1803, fJBPSJHK traina will run daily, (Sunday* except ed) autil further notice, as iollowa: Up TraiDtu Leave Portland for South Pari* at 7.40 a. M. For Island Pond at 1.10 f. m. Down Traina* Leave Island Pond lor Portland, at 6 a. M. Leave South Pans for Portland at 5.46 a. m. The Compary are not roapousible tor baggage tc any amount exceeding *60 in value*, and that per aonal, unless notice is given, and paid for at the rate of one pasaenger for every 6600 additional vaiu«. C. J. BKYDGES. Managing Director. 11. BAILEY, Superintendent. Nov. 4,1843. uov6 PORTLAND. NATO A PORTSMOl TH RAILROAD. SUM MRU ARRANGEMENTS, Commencing April l|th, 1364. JHK Passenger Traiua will le«Vf« tbe Hta IS tion, Canal street, daily, (Sundays cx Leave Portland for Boaton, at 8 46 ▲. M. and 8.ffi F. M. Leave Boaton for Portland at 7.30 a.m. and 8.C0 F.V. Uave Portsmouth tor Portland, at 10.00 a. m. and 6A0 f. m. These trains will take and leave passenger* at way station*. Freight trait'* leave Portland and Beaton dally. FRANCIS CHASE, Superintendent. Portland. Oct. *». 1843. oc31 edtf MAINE INSURANCE CO. Angiiatu, Maine. THE Maine Insurance Company insure against loss or damage by Fire. Building*. Merchan dise and Furniture, un term* as favorable a* it can be done bv any solvent Company. Policies issued for One, Three, or Five years. j. L. CUTLER, President. J. H. W ILLIAMS,Secretary. EDWARD SHAW-Arp ill. Ho. 102 Middle Street. (MllNMlIr American Exchange FIRE INSURANCE COMPANY! OF NEW YOKE. tasarr liuildug.. M ere hn ntll.r. Hou.r hald Karuitarr. Keats. Us.r<. Vrs »l*« ike Storks, aasl ether Per •oaal Pro rrty at tar Low rsl rrtrs. HAML'EL KKUIfN, President. WILLIAM RATNOH,oecreiur. EDWARD SHAW Agent, 111* Middle Street. • et37 lyeod STATEMENT OF tSe .'Etna Insurance €oui|»an), OF HAtmOttD, CONN., On th- l«t day of November. A. D. 1863, ae required by tbe laws of the State of Miiue. The Capital Stock is..«!.6W.OOO and im.'A Ike surplus is invested as follows: Real estate, uuineumbt rid, *87,803 lb Cash in hand, on deposit, and in agents' hands, 316,960 60 Ceiled States Stocks, . 6!2,fM7 80 State and City Stocks, and Town Honde, OtSUfiO 00 Bank and Trust Company Stocks, 1,017.37(1 uO Mortgage I’.onde, 381,9*0 <g, Atlantio Mutual Ins. Co's scrip, 1663-3, Ifi.sbS 60 Total Assets, *3,036.370 7« Amount of Liabilities tor Losses not due or adjusted. *175,411 It Amount at risk, estimated, 110 6),. -i;v rs TUOS. A. ALEXANDER, President. LtToto* 4. 11A Ritas. Secretary. Hartford, Nov. 7, 1863. J. C. CHURCHILL, Agent, N*. 4 Iron Block, Poriituttl Pier. deo6dtf Dirigo Insurance Company OF THM CITY OF POll TI. A AJ). Office No. 28 Kxclianire street, | Capital $200,000 ! Till* Company in tow prepared to tune policies ' on all kinds of property iiwurable against fire, at cui rent r* tea m A. K. 8HUJ4TLKF, PrasidentT JEKLMIAU DOW, Sacretary. Dirrotobi. J. B. Brown, E 8. Spriti*, 1). W Clarlr, J. B. Carroll, Joju L’nch, 11.1. kobinaon. Tbuptfks fit. John •‘•luitli fl. M.Payaoo, C. H. Haskell, Andrew 8» »lrg, N. O. Cram, Philip 11 Brown, II V Jo e, Jere. Dow, U W W oodman, II J. Libby, H. J Hobiuton, J N. Wioslntr, 8. C. Chase. Alvah Conant. Wa. Moulton. Portland, May 4,19M. tnay6dU I _STEAMBOATS. Portland and Penobscot River,; .Summer Arrangement, IK04. THE NEW. STAUNCH AND COMMODIOUS riUillKK LADY LAUD, Built expressly for this route, C APT. WILLIAM K. AOIX, jOWN Will commence her Summer Ar mem on MONDAY MORN- ! I .\ o. J uue 6 h, Ltavmg Bangor ev- I «r> Mo..u*>, Wtdiie«tia, aua t riday Moi nings, at 5 o’c.ock Returning will leave Railroad Wharf, foot oi Slate str« et, Pirtlui.u, every .Monday, Wednesoay au«l Friday Evening-, at 10 o’clock, conucctiiig with the Easu-rii. boston and Miine, ai d 1'ortlaiid, Saco and Portsincuili Kaiiroa- » troni Uoiton and Way sta*ions, h aving Boston at 3 o'clock, 1*. M. Ihe Boat wul touch at KuckliLd, Camden, Bel last Bucksport, Winter port and Hampden, both ways, l a-sei ger-i ticketed through to and Ironi !>• MbOU, Lowell, Lawrence, Milt-in and Lyuu. For more extended hnormatiou, apply to J. O. KeiiUhoa, Bangor; tne h cal Agent* ai the various la ding-; the Depot Master* oi th* I* rt & 1* ha* tern, and B. * M Mai roads; Abiel Som-rby! ‘ I ortlaud; Lang & lie ano Bouton. or June 4-fedtl VaAH S,'KA“’ Ut’Uer“l j Montreal Ocean Steamship Co. Due of tlie following first-cias* steau.rr* *his Line viz:—Peruvian, ULla ii*hernia, North American. Jura, Bel aCZBaamSSi giau. Nova 5i* otian, Moraiiau. Da ttwvtip. A...-ail from Quebec, avsav Saturday M orning, for Liverpool via i ondonurrr). 1 ue BELGIAN to *aii from Quebec Saturday morning, June 2 . ^ Also tin* -teumers St. David 6t. George. St Andrew St Patrick, iri mouthy trcni Quebec for Lla-gow. Fri-pam and return t cketa issued at reduced r^le-j. For passage apply to 11. A A ALL AN Montreal, or to J L. FAR- ER, may Bidtf No 10 Exchange street Puril’ nd. International Steamship Company. Eastport, Calais & St John. TWO TRIPS PER WEEK. On and aPer Monday, March 28, the superior sea-going Mtamer NEW BRUNSWICK, Capt E. B. j --Winchester, will leave Railroad W bar I, look oi State Street, every Monday at 6 o’clock P. M . and the Steamer NEW ENGLAND Capt. E. FMd, every Thursday at 6 o’clock F. M ’ ' for raatport and st. John, N. B , connecting at Eastpon with uteamer Queen, for Robinson, St. An drew* and Calais, and Stave coaches for Hi chias, and at ot. John with steamer* for Kreder Icton and with "(earner Em, eror tor Digby, Wind er and iialilax, and with the E. ft N. A. Railroad tor shediac and all way siation*. Returning, wi ] eav« st Johu every Monday and Thursday a. 8 o'clock A. M., tor Lvtuort, Portland and Hoston. Through ticket* procured of the Aventsand Clerk on board Steamer*. Freight received till 4 o’clock F. M., Mondays and Thursday* mayQdtf_C. C. EATON, Agent. Portland and Boston Line. THE STEAMERS Forest City, Lewiston and Montreal , WHI, until farther eotioe, ran »• Htallowi: Lease Atlantic Whirl, Portland, every Monday, Tnvtday, Wednesday, Tharudiy and Friday, at Jo'oloek P. kt , mud India Wharf, Boetoa, every Monday, luteduy. Wedneeday, Tharaday usd Friday, at 7 o'clock P. M. rare in Cabin.S1.60 ’’ on Deck. Freight Taken u usual. The Company are not re.noc.ible for baggage to nay amount exceeding *60 in value, and that peraon. al, nnlen notice is given and paid for at the rate 01 one pneeenger for every 1600 additional value. Feb. 19. 1993 dtf L. BILLINGS. Agent Portland and .Vw York Steamer* SEMI WEEKLY LINE. , j. The epleadid and fiat Steamahlpi "LOCUST POINT,” Capt.WiLl.BTir, ‘LT2.*and "POTOMAC," Captain 9bik> ’A'naal wood, wUl.antil farther aotioe, mu ai follow* Learn Brown* Wharf, Portland, every WEDNES DAY, and SATURDAY, at 4 P. M.. and leave Pier 9 North River, New York, every WEDNESDAY and SATURDAY, at So elock. P. M. Three vowels are fitted up with hue acecuunodntlea* for pauenger*. making tlsu the moet speedy, safe and aom&rtable route for traveller* between New York end Maine. Pmatsge *7,00, InoladJag Fare end State Room* Good* forwarded by this line to end from Montreal, Qaobva, Hengor, Beth, Aagnsta, kleetport end St. John. Shipper* ere reqaeeted to eond their Weight to the •tenner. •*early a* 3 P. M., on the day that the* leave I’ortiend For freight or peeeege epply to EMERY * FOX, Browne Wharf, Portland. H. B CROMWELL k CO.. Mo. SSWeetStnat, Mew York. Deo 9.199J. dtf PliHIER PATKXT BOOTS. rililK aUtvo Boots and SIuk« are comfortable from ■- the first wtam g and requi'e no "Breaking in," atd herefore much more durable PLUfifER PATENT BOOTS. Men’s Pegged Calf PI muter Hoots, 96 CO Men’s P*gur.d Os*/ PI Hoots, fi.uO Men's Pegged Calf l iunter /L ots, 6 U) Men's P. ggcd Caff Planter Hoots, 7.UU Men’s Seared Co// Humor Hurts, 97 6r Men’s S. wed Calf P umer Hoots, 8.00 Men’s Pegged Ca>f Ba<moral», 98 60 Men’s Pegged Calf Balmorals, 4 lQ Just received, »U • bo varieties of the finest quality, ight and heart Met'* Talk Bo ts. i u' Ho t« are made of • ight d ffereni wM» s and are designed f -r a gent* el class ot teet not hPherto fitted b\ Heady Manufartureo Boots The» aie made of the 1ms s ock, by the most careful and skillful wortmeu.and every pair >* wa ranted bo h la reference to stock a&d aorkuiauohip. From Rev. Ilenr/ Ward Becchtr Brook'su May 9, 1864. l>r. J. C. Plumer.—-Dear Sir.— Had iuy Boots been i bam on me th> y could uot Have fitted tu** better.— i her were more comfortable the very first day than m? boo*s prnerall. are after mouths of usage. I cannot prai e them too highly. They have but «>ue serious tuv t, tuey will make all otuer boota seeui uucoin'oi table. By the way, jog carried off my last*. They wen* ! 'he rig t on* s, ard I to k them out «tth my ovt funds, and know they fitted Please send them to me again by expr a*. I am, verv trelv. Four obliged servant, H. W HER. Is VIM I S’ BOOTS. Ladies' Plutuer Patent Ba’moral Boota, 94.00 Ladies' Plumer Patent Congress Boots, 4.60 Tha above boots are made from the best stock, and expressly to my own order Every pair is warrant 'd. the same as if a measure was ta eu. This work is i he mm rue as sold by the first class -Mail dealers in i i oston, aud pronounced by them superior to the beat | New York work. I.atliex’ Balmoral Hoots. Ladies’ Serg« Balmoral Boota, 91-76 Ladies’ Serge Balmoral Boota, 2.M* L .d « s’Sorgo Balmoral Boots, 2.26 i a dies' hergo Balmoral Boots, 2.6<> Ladies’ 8tuge Balmoral Boota, 2 76 IkADICH* i ONC;HlvS8 boots. Ladies' ergo Congress Boots, 91.*0 Ladies' Sergo Cotgre-s Boots. 176 Ladle-’ herge Congress Boots, !l.t.»<• Ladies’ Serge Congress Hoo p, 2.26 Ladies’ Serge vougrtes Bools, • 2.60 Ladies' Union Bools. Ladies’ Union B<x>ts, 2.(V Ladies’ Union Hoot?. • 2.26 Jo«t rooeired, a> 1 tl o varieties of the purest quali ty of M>a»e* ai d Childrens’ Boots at-d.V:oe«,and or sale at fair prices. E. NU I'I LK. *J2. Middle st. done 1st, 1864. jane 14* WINSLOW S MACHINE WORKS MANUFACTUK Kit'S BLOCK, UNION STREET, J. L. WINSLOW, Agent, XANUFACTIKKR OF Steam Kugiue* Sfeam Boilers. Shafting PuHeys Gearing, aud all kind* of Machinery Alto Low aud High Pressure **esm Heating Ap paratus tor Factories, Fubi'c Bui'diuga an t Owe ling Houses. In this De par, me ut ttie es abiiahmet.t fcaa been uncommonly socccssBil. Steam Cocks. Valve* Wtiistlrs, aud t. am. Water and Gas Pipe, aud connection- furnished at wholesale or retail. Repairing promptly nnd litithiu'ly Dose* Inoouu diou with tho above establishment U an Iron Foundry, with a large assortment of patterns aud a Piauiug Mill, where wood pining of all kinds may be dour. in avid if i». s\m>. «. rpiIK undersigned being licensed by the United 1. state , are prepared to procure Pensions, Bounties, Arrears of l ax audPji/- Money lor Sol dier*, Seamen or their heirs. Bills for Board and Transportation of Rearuits or Draped Men ool'ected. All <!-n:*n<i* against the state • r United State* at tended ro. Hating an ag«ut both at Wa** ington and August*, and ha iug had lar*e exp nence. we feel sate in a.sorting that auv business entrusted to our care wil'be fnithfu ly and promt tlv executed i We have also an agent in New York to attend to the navm ut o Prize money. Advice free. Approved rTiiins cashed. MANLEY * 8AWYKK. Offioc$24 Ex hange, St., Fox Block Portland Ma. J. H. s*SL»Y. W m. BiWYKR. Hon sain* Cony,Governor of Maine. lion .I L Hndrfdon, Adjutant c.en of Main*. Hon. Wni Pitt Fessendeu, U. S. Senator. Uou. Lot M. Morrill, U.3. Senator. June Wwtf MEDICAL. Lyon s Periodical Drops TXE GREAT FEMALE REMEDY. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! ARM BMTTMR THAI ALL Pill«v Powder* Ik Qaack Preparation. Lyon’s Periodical Drops! -ARB Bare to do Goodand cannot do Bam. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Kerned? LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARI BBTTKR THAR ALL P!LL3tP0WDRR8 f QUACK PREPARATION. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ARE SURE TO DO GOOD AND CANNOT DO HARM. Lyon’s Periodical Drops THE GREAT FEMALE REBEDY Lyon’s Periodical Drops ARK BMTTMR TUAM ALL PILLS, POWDMMt AMD QUACK MKDIC1MKS. Lyon’s Periodical Drops A.pd Sure to clo (ioo<i and cannot do Harm. liiun s rJSKIODICAL DROPS The Great Female Uenedy. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS ADO Unil THAN 1U Filla, Powdara and Quack Preparations. LYON’S PERIODICAL DROPS aUKETO DO OOOD AND CANNOT DO HASH Lyon’s Periodical Drops TR* OBliT flHAlil BIXID1 I Lyon’s Periodical Drops Ara better than all Fills, Powders, And Quack Preparations. Lyon’s Periodical Drops, Sure to do Good and eannot do Harm. Price, 91 per Bottle. for al« by All Druggists. At wholesale by W. f Phillip#. H. H. Hay A Co., Portland. UfSS nadir CAT ARR IlT —AID — NOISES IN THE HEAD I ! CUBED BY INHALING A Harmless Fluid, | OP AGREEABLE ODOR. NO VIOLENT SYRINGING \ Of the Head. TBE SENSE OK TASTE AND SMELL KLSTOBED DR. B. GOODALE'N CATARRH REMEDY. Dr Loodal* bu combatted Catarrh until bn hss fought it down. It ban bees s tong wtr, bat bis tri umph Is complete. Ibroorb sl^oa isg time hie Ca- t tnrrh Remedy will be known ns the only one sell, dote for * disease wnieh soperflcin'i-ta have deelmr ed inearnble. Cata rh doctor*, so called, spring np liks mushroom on nil sides, the object of these pockrt practitioners is money. They use dimerous instrameuti. Tintr maaipalstkae lirtlete the st eady aufl*med membrane They neetr core. ! Dr. Ijood-le's treatment Is medicinal, not mechani cal. Ue does sot believe in the rsree-pamp system, which 1. working so ntunh mischief. His remedy j passes throogh the absorbents, to tbs sent of the dis ease, and obliterate* It. It does not rellev* merely 1 f»r n day. bat for nil time. Lastly, It cos'! a dollar n bottle—no more. Dr. Dodgsgf Astars V. T. After haring wltprsssd the effects of this Remedy is Cstsrrk, that speak* of lti-lt is Italy and an- ' condition all) a lieicnlenn Speoidc lor the • bole die- j ease. Kaeli to article ongbt not to bo "bid under a bushel." and sav man who can Invent so trulv an efficient snd poet lv* n remedy for inch n lostbeotne disease, ought to be cooshiered eae • f the bene ac tors of his race, and his name and the effect* ot hie skill perpetuated. Tonrs re.peetlh'1 . D. L DOTKaK, A. M. Pliny ildst. (As ttsU-knovn Trots'ltr. And whom ISmily physlcino Dr flood* e was for many year*. ,nrs—"If Dr (loodalo says he can rare Cararih, h« ran cars u," An. Price St Send s stamp for a pamphlet. Dr R til hid AI.L'S (nficesnd Dep>t, 76. Rleeker •'reel, one d u.r west ot Uroniway, Asw York. II H. IIsv Agent Ibr Portland June 2d, 1801. JuDeadly FIREWORKS or JtY tKT OEStTUrriOK CUTTER Sl AUSTIN, 32 and 36 Federal Street, and 107. Ill, amt 113 Com greet St., Bottou, Wholes*’* Dea'en in Fireworks, Chine*** Lanterns, Torches, Ate. TUB NBW UNION L4NTFRS • Bed. White and Bine, for 1*011.lesl Trocewiiona Exhibiiioat tur imbed to an> amount t»*nd lor Price List jUis*6d’ojuly4 TOCLEAR THE UOlSEOE FLIER, Uee Butcher'e Celebrated LIGHTNING FLY-KILLER, I A neat, cheap article, eaejr to oae. Every sheet will kill* quart. fold everywhere. }une41f«8w TH£ BOSTON FIRE BRICK And Clay Retort Manufacturing Co., Work., SB4 Federal street, OtBoe andWarebeuse 13 Liberty square aud 7 Batterymarvb St. mauufaciure Eire Brief. atl shapes and slies, for furnace, required to elan* the most iuteu-e heat also karuace Block, and Slabs, Locomotive fire Blocks, Bakers' Ovea I and (ireeu-houae Tiles. Clay R -torts aad uses wary Tiles to set them, Eire Cement, Eire Clay and Kaolin The undersigned will gire their special attention that al. orders lor tho above atanathotureare execu ted with promptness. JAMES E BOND *CO. SiLLiua Aoarra, 13 Liberty Square, Rostov, mehll sod Am TO SHIP BUILDERS. P. a. & J. B IUTCKINS, CAGMMISSION MKRCil ANTB. and wholesale and Vy retail dealers in Snir lTxaaa a so Plank. Have for sale at their Wharf, Ckrtkxl Bql xua, C. er it, ter- >■. liVI.noO Lac nil and Oak TVe.naifs, » 3,000 Hactm.tfack knert. p'aoed. Also WhitkOak | Flask and riwuxu.CBxerxrr Boakoa aud Flask Warn Pitta. Okck-Plank. Ac. Particular at tention paid to ka.nishing Oak Plank by theCargo. me hit d3m J. W. sthl>. Purchaser lor Eiuten Acroaal oa LOUR, GRAIN, HERDS. PROVISIONS, LARD, BUTTER aud WESTERN PRODUCE generally. Particular atteutlon given to shlppiag by quickest and cheapest routes. No. 163 SOUTH WATER ST r.O. Boa 471. Chicago, Illinois. Raraaaavaa— Messrs Mavnard A Sous;B.kf. Chiekering; C. H. Cummings A Co.: S.G. Bowdlear A Co.; Charles A. Stone; Uallett, Davis h Co., ol Boston. Hate. Cashier Elliot Bank. Boston. J.N. Bacon. Em . President Newton Bank. Jowtoa. 0. B. Coffin; WarroaKUie A Anas.New York Cl'v. I»t ‘AS dly To Builders. FOR sale low. iho Sand on the lot comer of Mouutfort and Sumner streets. tppl|,,i0.... JOHN w CHASE. June U, 1804. ^aaeUdiai* MEDICAL. DH. J. B. HUGHES CAM BA rOVVD AT H1B PRIVATE MEDICAL ROOMS, No. 3 Temple Street, IVhe c.ln h® consulted privately, and with hour, d^VHLT? «“to &*fflict*d' « *“ SB 1 MKIMU A UliU IN ALL (, AHEM wheiKcr nf I .an .Uuding or roeeutly conractcu. entlrTiy removiu thwdregs of disease from the system, aud m.kl “ perfect and PERM AXES IdlJKX. Ue would call the attention of the afflicted to fact oi ht« lone standing and well sarmd recitation furnishing sufficient awaranoe of his thill and IM CAUTION TO THE rUBUC. Every In'eliigent and thinking person most know that remedies handed out from general use should lave their efficacy estahli.Led by well Ustad expe rience in the hands ot a regularly educated pbysf otaa, whose preparatory study tits bin. lor all lb* duties be mast tuittll; yet the country Is flooded with poor nostrum, and cure-alls, purporting to he the host in the world, wh.ob are not only useless, but al ways injurious The unfortunate should be raano °hAi* “ «*«“■* his physician, as it is a lamentable yet incoutrovertahle fact that many syphilltio id Bents ere made miserable w Ufa ruined constitutions “I malireatmi nt fiom inexperienced physician. in X1?Z,UZ;. £r 11• h",ut «*"• vSiy conceded •y the nest syphilographt re, that the study ead man W?*?!*™0* 1“IS** complaints should engross the whole time of those who would be competent and •••cmmlul in their treatment and cure, Ike mex perienMd general praetitiuuer, haring neither op. portunltv a r time to mahe l.imeelt acquaint! d with their pathology, commonly tusrues one system nf treatment, in most cases making an Indiscriminate aae of that antiquated and dangerous weapon Her envy. HAVE CONFIDENCE, All who have commuted an excess of any kind • whether it be the solitary vice el yceth, or the sting ing rehake of misplaced confidence In msturer years, 8XXX FOR AX AXTIDOTX IX 8XA80X. The Pains and Aches, and Lassitude and Nervous Prostration that may follow Impure Coitioa.ars the Barometer to the whole system. Do not wall for the consummation that Is sure to ltd low, do not wait for Unsightly Ulecro, for Disabled Limbs, for Loss of Beauty and Comploxina. BOW MAXI TBOUSAXD8 CAX TXSTIFT TO saia dm b AOki r / Young Men troubled w‘*.b i mi-slot s la deep, a eotnplaiut generally the runlt of n tad habit ia youth, treated scientifically, and a perfaot cure war ranted or no charge made. Hardly a day pease* but ire aru consulted by on* or more young men with the abore disease, scam of whom are as weak and emaciated as though they had the consumption, and by their Mends supposed to her* it. All each e wee yield to the proper aad only correct course of treatment, and In a short Urn* are made to rejoioe In perteet health. KIDDLE AGED There are many men at tnetu. . -owksIM troubled with too ftajuout eracuatiene trom tha bladder, often accompanied by n slight -martins or barnlug sensation, and wtakenlng the system In n manner the patient cannot account tor. On exam ining urinary dep- sits a ropy sediment will often bn found, and sometimes small particles of semca or albumen will appear, or the color will be or a thin milkiah hue, again changing to a dark and turbid appearance. There are many men who die ol ti-is difficulty. Ignorant of the oause, which ta the atcoxo staom or sbmisal wbmbskss. I own warrant a perleet care ia such aaaaa, and a foil and healthy restoration of the urinary organa. Penons who cannot personally consult tha Dr., can do so by writiug In e plain manner a description of their disease, and the appropriate remedies trill bn forwarded immediately. All correspondence strictly confidential and will bn returned If desired Address. DK. J. B. HUGHES, 8t..jcorner of Middle) Portland. Eclectic Medical Infirmary. TO THE LADIES. Dl. HUGHES particularly invitee all Ladlee whl Baud a medical adviaur, to oall at bis rooms. He. t Temple Street, whieh they will And arranged for th*ir espeel si accommodation Dr. H.’e Eclectic Kcnorallag Medicineeareunrtval led In efficacy and superior virtue ia regulating nil Female Irregularities Their action la specila aad tertaia ot producing raliel ia a short time. xADIKS will flndlt Invaluable la all caeca of oh •trautioas after ail other remedies have barn tried la Tain. It la purely vegetable, containing nothing la tb« least injurious te the health, and may ba take* with perfect safety at all timna. Boat to any part of the country with fuliuireetlone by addressing DK. ill GHK8. Mt. I Tempi a Street, eorne r of Mid die. Portland. M.B.—LADIES deatrtng way ecu. alt cat of their awaeea. A lady ot expert- nee tu constant attend 0*1 •* 'ant its f MOKE TESTIMONIALS! MRS. MANCHESTER Is constantly reoatvtag unsoltettrd testimonials tl the aatoassAaag cars, performed by bar. Among many recently received are the following, which are commended to the notioe of the afflicted. Mrs Han Chester may be consulted St Ho. 11 Clapp’e Block,Roots No.•. A CASK OS^SriXAM D1SBASB CUBED This ia to certify that 1 went to see Mrs. M inches for last March with n daughter of mins troubled with spinal disease, for waioh sbe had been ductored for •vt years, aad by a number ol physicians ol kinds i and ehe has bed twenty-oae applications sieotrieHy applied, but ail te no effect; bat the eon tin tally grew went. 1 cams to Use scacluaion, tha last resort, to go and too Mrs. Manehesur, and did an; aad to my great surprise sbe told me the first ante ot the disease, aad how the bad been from time to time, which encouraged me to try her medieinec. I did so. end oow my daughter in able to he around Ik-- bouse all of the time. She also rides tea or fit leva miles without any trouble or loeuevei n uoe.uad 1 think in n short time she will he r. stored to perfect health. Since my daughter has Ken doctoring, 1 have heard of n great many eases that Mrs Munches ter hae eared. I think if any person deserve# pat ronage, it ie the one a bo tries to preserve the health at the aiek and auflfertag; aad 1 know tt-st she asUs every effort which Use la her pewur to benefit bur perseett- tuxsa L. Emeu-raw Gntri.e* Km. are, Anar h. As- sieve, r-owA kt sin. firwHslil, if issue, isysil Mfi. OBB or TBK ORBATBSTCUKX9 pu HKCVSD Man. MAttunnrrsn—Dear Jfatfom.-—Thinking a statement of my cnee may be of service to other* similarly affiicted, 1 hasten to giv* it to you. This 1* briefly my caso— 1 was taken sick about It months ago with the Liver Complaint in a veiy bad form. 1 applied to foer different physicians, hat ro te i rod no benefit anti! I nailed en yen. At that time I bad given np business, and wot in a very bad state, hut after taking your medicine for a (her*, time 1 be gun to reoover, and in twn mouths 1 waa entirely well, aad had gained several pounds of fie-h, and •an truly say that by your skill I am n perfectly baul ky man. Joearn Davis. Bottom ( JHos sv Depot, Portlatsd, Mt. A REMARKABLE CURE OF A CASS OE PRO ST CURED B r MRS. MANCHESTER. This is to certify that I hare been eared et the Dropsy of fltteen years standing by Mr% Mamchs*. ter. I have keen to physician* In Boeton. New York and Philadelphia. They nil told (he that they oonll do nothing for me. aalcse they tapped me, and as sured me that by tappirg I eonld live hit » short time. 1 bid made up my mind to go home and live »* long as I eonld with the disease, and then die. On my way heme I stayed over night in Pertland with a f'rlecd of mine, and told them what my mind was a regard to my dlaesue. They Anally pensided me to go and see Mrs Manchester. She oiimiaed me and laid ms my «h exactly ,w I was so much astonished to think that she told mo correctly, that 1 told her that 1 would taka her modi* sines, not having the least tilth that they woatd me any good, or that I should get the slightest rellat from any ooarse whatever; knelly 1 took the medi cine and went borne, la one week tsvsa the time 1 oommeicni taking the me.tiofno, 1 had over three gallon* of water pa** me la seven hoar*; aad my Hi* low luffertn may be assured that It was a great reltel tome. I bad not been able to lie down ta bed at night before title for two yean. Now I can lie do' with perfret ease. I hove taken but medicine eight month*, end am a* well ae any man oauld • to be, aad no aigai of dropey. I woald advt.. that are alek to go end nonsuit Mrt. Manchit eren it they have been given np by other 1i strlnna. I have seat her anumbor of easoe of Oib 4Posse*, and ahe bee oared them also, do aad ibr yoartelTcs. I had no ffcith, bat iiw t*y faltu oannot be shaked In her skill In teliiug and caring fhssss- B. lianaoa, Sxnxn £. Bxaaon, „ , Mast A. Bianca Auger, Afome, April Id. Oamoa Bocae--hrom* A M.tUitP. It. aaelT in knots' cdly JAMES EDMOND & CO. COMMISSION MERCHANTS, 13 LIBERTY SQUARE, . . BOSTON *£‘sr3rK&ZlZx'UTn'>9 coLT PIG IRO?f, Also, BAR, S1IRBT.I BOILER PLATE IRON, of English and Sootch Mnantactnre. VYe sballeoutinue to reoeive. in addition to oar American brick, a regular supply of Ki!nkU eodMnOTCH’ * WEUUriM ikick

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