Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 27, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 27, 1864 Page 3
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- _ JO UXLJSU AXU VI VIS ITS. Dalsffit*# to th» Union 3"at»Conv«ntion. At the Colon Ward Meeting* hel l Saturday eveulng, the following gentlemen were chosen delegates to the State Convention, to be hold eu at Augusta, on Wednesday next:— 'Vaku i.—J. S Wiusiow, Setvall Mitchell, J J I'a ijijua, One. W. lleoi, Samuel U. Do»i*. Wabd 2—DauUd Hood, Win. G. Siule, oil ATOM K IteCfcett, Tkoatas 1‘ouuell, W. S l*ki> brook. Waku 3.— foseph I{ Hall, Thom** Wildes, John True, D W. Aues, L. II. U-uuett. W.vitt> i.—S. L i*driuu*o, Samuel A Nash, Chare* A. Uiisou, N.huui Libuy, Uuury 11 11 si t. WaUD 5.—E isha Trowbridge, Jewish n. Di uumioud, Joan Smith, Unbel t L Hailey, H ij Iviig-bury, Jr. WaiiuO.—Ueo M. D*rl«, J. H. Hamlin, Kense'iai r Crain, John Lynch, X. J. Miller, Jr WakIi 7 —U ••>. W Woodman, Francis E P ay, J mi ll ui U. Fletcher, 1‘ulilip U. Hi own, John l’. S nail. 11 Ward 7 a resolution was unanimously passed, endorsing the nouiluallaiu of Lincoln • and Jobnsi n. U. S Commissioners’ Court. WILLIAM H. CLirroMI), E»Q , COMMIMIOHEB. William L ig il/on of Gray, was brought be fore the Commissioner Thursday, foe,aol tak ing out a butcher's license. He pleaded nolo conU-ndi-re end the Cuiniiiisslouer remitted the peuaHy upon bis paying the costs and taking out his license. No Moiisk Kailhoad r<> Vauouan St.— We uiel rstand that a petilinu fioiu the I’rra 1 leut id' the Horse Riilroad Co., has been be fore our City Ai.lhoiilie* for several mouths, aski .g for ihe right of way on Congress, from from ti g i to Vaughan Streets. The petition w*. grauied last Monday evening, with the proviso, “that the company shall pave with small beach stone, one and a half feet oulaidr their granite blocks.” At a meeting of the Director* Saturday evening, it was iinanl inously voted uot to accept the right of way as granted by the city. The Directors not aniicipatiug a proviso of this Itiud, have al ready provided the material, and had dlstrl billed their granite blocks, intending if they received the right of way ia season to build the road In July. It is said that the mud In the Fall and Spring I* from four to eight inclius deep in that part «r Congress Street, and that small paving St- in s would not keep in pi*#*, and the com pan v does not feel willing to undertake the job; besides it would be of no advantage to tbe street and would be objected to by every person who travel* the street with a carriage, as the most of the travel in dry weather is be tween the rail and tbe curb stone, arid one and a half feet of additional paving would ouly crowd the vehicle one aud a half feet nearer tile gnttei# We understand the lumber ins arrived and that the operation of patting down the track t i Mm joy. will cormneuce immediately alter t ie 4th of July. ‘‘Ckkam or Liixiks.’'—This is the beanti fill name of a beautiful at tide advertised in | our columns, put tip by T. O. Luring, corner of Eaahang* and Federal Streets,for dressing an I lieauiifyiog the hair. It is an excellent and sab* toilet art,cl", free from alcohol and all those deleterious element* so it jurions to the Imv'r,otten found in hair dressing preparations, it krtep* the scalp clean and free trout dand ruff. ak I preset v.# the hair aolt, pliable and uaiuial,.Bbd ieavi* no residuum to soil the finest cambric. Every lad.i should try It. It l< ao bones.' preparation, and the price has not liecu made exorbitant. Waiiu Wkathkw —Saturday was pro notinui d by the “oldest inbaldianls,” to lie the wannest day ever experienced in this city.— Tin mercury iu Ike sun stood at 110 degrees, and in a me | laces, in the shade, at 08 de gree*. Iu ilie shi p of Messrs, fri riish * 1’ear #4Ui, where tliere is a good draft. It stood at 1>J d'grtos. Sunday was quite aa warm, and ■very uncomfortable day. Tbe mersury in Hie glass, front cl the Telegraph Qfllce, on Exchange street, iu the shade, at I o'clock l*. kl , stood a' 1)5. rr-Tbe 4lb Maine lhglinent arrived at Bock land Saturday Morning, and received au enthusiastic reception. They were escorted to the City Square by the City Auiboriiivs, the Fire Department, and Co. 11 of tbe Stale Guard', where they were recelvt d and address ed tiy lion. N. A Par w ell iu behalt of the City G .vermin n\ After spei ('he# were over they were provid 'd with a bonutiful collation, and were theu furloughed until the 7th of July, wbeu they will be mustered out ot service. Exoixk 11< hb.—The City of N'ewburyport reci ally purebaatd ot Messrs. Jubn L.Shaw A Co., Of tills city—who are the ouly uianu l ivtur. s of hose, lira buckets, &c.,eastol B • tin—a quantity of hose for their rjteam Fire Engiue. The Herald says:—“Before thepur e'tise, the coximiitre visited various establish tn nis, and Concluded they could do belter t ere iu paice and woikmauship than else where, and they do not now regret their de cision. Tue b «e gives petfecl tlllsfsclion.” C’oxcKitr.—Ma<latu« Lizzie Bell and Mrs. L dtie Church, will give their tirst entertain ment in aid ot Soldiers’ Orphan Children, at Sew City Hall, this eveuiug. The programme embrace* recitations, »ougs, ballads, Arc. Tbe performance* in other cities have beeu spoken oil iu tile highest tei mi liy cr it lea cf d the pros*. We hope out citizen* will turn out strong this evening in aid of Ike noble chaiiiy f..r sa linli this anlnrl almnont la wivnn T> tk* F.H tvr nf iht I*ret» : A* you have given Aldrich’s Famous Water Elevator a favorable notice is your paper ol t ie 24'U Inst., we would like to have you ray to the public that ire shall endeavor to aupply the increasing call for them, aud if any person b tys one after u»ing it 30 days, If It does not give entiie saUsfa'.ion, we will refund the uui.ey. Boynton Sc HiouI.ns. Tur.ATiie—Those who wish to sen the *• b-kel ol leave Man” performed in ad Its pir - should \ the 'heatre t< -night. Two pr mlneul characters that were left out wheu 11 p ay was performed here by auotlier coin panv, will be restored in the peiforuiance U* ni.i u___ PottTI.ASU l omPaN Y.—At the adjourned meet in/, Saturday, no bu»iinas was transact* a — he committee not being ready to report.— Tile me tin/ was adjourned to three o’clock \V< duesdsy aftcruoou at the Board of Trade Booms. py-Thw Pm timid Horticultural Society will liolJ an exhibition of Strawberries at the Library It'Mints, m Mechanics' Hall, Thursdty evening. Premiums are offered for the best varieties, competition being opened to all.— See advertisement. Pansoy At-.—We learn that Lieut. IJenry J Bel noil ol tne culler “Bobbitt,” has returned from New Vork, having passed the examining board lor tirst Lieutenant lu the U. S. llev euue Service. Sai.mox.—Messrs. Loveitt, Sargent 4 Co., corner VCommnseial Street ami Commercial Wharf, b5Va received a lot of fresh Salmon, which are g dug off rapidly at 25 aud 3d cents p r pound. nr Mr. Whipple, the celebrated Photogra phic AriBt, of Boston, closes bit rooms f< r the slimmer July 4 b, opening them again the llral of Svptt nil> r. T |^*Cronii»ii 4 Co., draw from a fmntaln. tlie tamotia Kisseugrr water, a cooling and healthy beverage Kir ibis warm weather. ItfNAWATi.—Thsra was two cases of run % away bones Saturday. One of them was tba ltor*e of F. O. J. Smith. Tba ewriUga at* lathsd to Lint wo* badly damaged. rfiirurffTfi—.. - - ■ _ “Pumping out the Gunboat” Mr. Editor:—The following passage oc curs In the reply of Mr. IX. C. Barnes, Chief Engineer of tha Fire Department, to the re port of a Committee of the City OuTesument, ; lu relation to the matter of pumping out liie , gunboat “Acacia,” as It appears in the Argus : of Saturday I “The Committee say that evidence wsapre sented that uuuoi thuatuaiu Fire hlugmes ihu : promptly answered to the alarm oecasioueu liy • lie disannul condition of Uiu guuboat, went I down to the wnarl with the engine, and per : formed tile same kind ol services as others, buL ! received Bo compensation. ’1 bis reiera to the -learner .UacUigouue. lu answer, I would say ■ that 1 was not twain she ve there at ail Uu ! til the next morning. Xu lepnrt W as made lu ! me 111 her presence, and 1 aui yet to leaiu that | -lie performed any service, and no claim has [ iieen made upon uib lor services, except for ; hauling the engine, lur which 1 p»l I eight dol lars. If, however, Ihey did anything toward. saving the guuUoal, they are eini 1< d lu then pay, and upon ealUlyiug me o( that lacl, It is < ready lor liiem.” Now read the following and see how much I truth ihere is in the stateuieulof Mr. 11 sroes: 1 hereby certify that ou the occasion above ! referred to, m« steamer MacbigotiUe wus taken ! at eapedluously as possible to tile gunboat ; Accacia—and tbit immediaiely on ailiving j itiere I reported in person lo it. C. Harues, 1 he fact that the steamer was there and ready l lor woik— and that after remaining about til een minutes I received orders from Assistant i H iginaer Huger* to return with the eugiue lo ■icr nouse, which order wa* ex-cuied. E. \y. I Vi lira it, • Engineer s-e»iip r Maehiaoin e. Cumberland, si , June 2S.h, lrkll —S jlm rib ed hulpre is*, a J. M IIeatit. Justice of the Peace. Dn. Mmtsit.—Wa learn that tbit gentleman who has beeu residing in this city tor sevewtt fears, Is having a very extensive practice, his patients coining from every part of this SiaD 1 and from Massachusetts, New Hampshire, lib Canadas and Provinces. Wa attribute his large practice to two causes—success in the ; cure of ihe disrate* ht tresis and a Judiclou »ystem of adverlitlug. We would call atten tion to an article 1 u another cuiumu in reia lion lo Nasal Catarrh, which Is one of bit specialities, iu which he has had large experi ence, and as far as we can leaiu, unusual sue cess. 9 one ol our most respectable citizens l*have tieeu treated by l)r. Morse, and speak in the mo*t enthusiastic inrun of the remedies m applies. Death op Du. Buem.i.n — Intelligent:, was received in thin city Saturday, of ttn deaib of Dr. Thomas U. Uiesiiu, who died at >'ew Orleans of typhoid fever on the inataut. Dr. B. Went nut as Assistant Surgeon of the 3dih Maine regiment (Col Fessenden). But we understand he recently received au appointmeut as Surgeon in a Sew York regiment. His death will be m<mined here, where he htd gained fur him*If hosts I of friends, ilia paliiotisui fur his country was so strong that be left a lucrative practice Here, to minister to the sulfcriugs of the sol diers in tile field. Tue Bask Bali, Match —The base ball ! inatcn to be played on the Fourth, is not be tween classes, but between Tlarvard an.) Bow dolu Colleges, each college seltcling its bem nine. The play will be for a purse of #75, which is to be made up by our ciiizeus. Tie ssbscriplisn paper will be left at the Aier chant’s Exchange to day. The challenge cams from Uarvard and was promptly accepted by the Uowdofi boys. It ] is expected that all the students at Bowdoin College, and about two hundred from Har vard will be present to wituess the play. Ottawa IIocse.—This popular resort on Cushing’s ( ormerly Bangs') Island, is now opened aud a steamer runs from Burnham's Wharf to the island. It is a beautiful and healthy place of resort, and our Canadian friends, who fl ck to it iu Urge numbers in the summer season, pronounce it charming — Mr. Berry Ihe proprietor, has made every ai- j rangement for the comfort of bis guests lha is po.-sible. He will be pleased to welcou e crowds every day, except the Svblialh—on ■ hat day Lis house Is closed to transient visi tors. * Alsituation —In tiie case of Wm. Willard vs. City of Portland, where he claim d a bal- i ante due of #25! for patrolling Ihe harbor, In the night during the summer of 1SG3 Ihe ru n raitteeof Arbitration of the Board of Trade, to whom the matter Was mutually left by thy parties, have decided that the c ity should pay Mr. W iilard #150, which includes half the e ist . of arhilration. This Is much the better wa> of settling the maUer thau going to law about it.__ Stbawokiikt Festival.—There will be a Strawberry F- »t val at the Academy Usll, ill Gorhatn, oo Wednesday and Thursday Bex1; an exhibition of lat'leaui at the Town Ilall, Wednesday evening; aud a Musical entertain ment at the Congregational Church, Thursday evening, by Mlssea 11. K. Cam melt and Jenny Usher and Messrs. Shaw and Morgan, of tills city, Pr<d. Edwards presiding at the piano — Extra trains will be run on the York and Cumberland Railroad. See adverlismeut. SEIZI'RES.— Deputy Mvr-tml Wentworth, with tome of the police < 11) era visited the shop ol George Stevens, Federal Stree*, Sat urday, and saiz-'d a small quantity of liquor. Deputy Marshal Merrill, with officers Floy d and Hall, vi-lted the ahop of Rodman Towi - send on Fore Street, rnd seized a small quan tity of liquor and ale. SPE tGL'E <fc ISlam haiih s Mi»strel<».— Mr. J. 11. ksnuedy takes a benefit thi* eve* log. Ail allrac ife Ull la offered, and wc hope bis numerous friends will turn out aud give him a bumper. There will be good music aud lots of lun. Ice Cream Soda.—This a d-dicious, cool ing aud healthy driuk for such warm weather. It can lie bad at II. □. Hay’a, j auction oi Free ami Middle Streets. Dkaiuby bcxr Sthokk.— Yesterday Mr. Oliver Faliyan tell suddenly dead in Ca-sedy's field ou Danforlh Street, from the effects of a suu stroke. The American illustrated papers for thi* week have been received at the bonk end (leriodical store of A. Kibicson, 51 Exchauge Street. I’okkkis Export*.— I’he Talue of foreign export* trom tuis port la«t week; ainouuted to ♦21,091 Ul. jy*The U. S. sloop of war Tlconderogs, Capi. Steadman, arrived alibi* port yesterday trom Halifax. Libit Col. Boornuv.— rtu> Port'and Ad Vel tiser lately, to maa* a pntut against me city government, charged that the au'hnil Ms intentionally negucle'd ‘to show rupee and attciiln n on the ariivai iu Hist city, <>l the remains of Boothhy, ti, cause | that officer Was a democrat, t he FuriUmi papers tiara souceiuduhy exp'alned any ap parent neglect, from th* d ittcully of a«e*r | taiuiug exactly when the Corp«e would arrive 1‘hey bare not staled, however, what was the lact, that Lieut. Col. B was an ardent rcpu'i 1 i c«n. In the campaign of 1800. iu company with Him. E W. Woodbury, he spoke at » public meeting at bn. I'aris, where he wa moat warmly n wived, ami h • testified his ad in a on to that party at other places during be Campaign. The Advertiser mivlit have heeu aware of theae lacta.— |Oxford cra'. IV The special correspondent of the Bos ton Journal telegraphs from Washington the following deaths as having taken place In that | ci'y:—E. D. Sbmtlcff and Tdoa. Elliot, *lh Me.; Cha*. F.eld, 3l*t Me.; Samuel Studsou, 32J Me. nf The New York Independent say* fleo. Fremont has already expeuded **10,000 on hi* organ Iu that city, the New Nation. Qe ! will toon require auoUwr Mariposa eUla. Bt TILtCUTl Tom Portland Daily Press. -- TWO DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of the Ci y of Co k it New Y*rk* New Yobk. June 20. The steam«hip City <» Curb lr..iu Liverpool 11m, liu Q iee • low a ldib, arrived tiiu even* mg. The. i.tie.'i papers have ilie following; — Ala irid, June 11/A.—In to-day's M-Utng oi Sviior Nect-da said the diffusion of Democrat 1c ideas must be prevented by all means. The sole men ion ofThe word demo cracy lu uea.^papers ought to make them liable 10 t'Uid'iiineiit. Turin, June 1UA.—The Stam^is of IhD even! <g say »the statement made by the Ga zelle de Cologne that uegotUll* Q* had recent > • akt-n place between France and lialy was partly luaccti'ate and partly false. P<u in, June 1UA — The Kuiperor will re turn to Fails Oil i'ursd ly UeXt. ibiron de tiudberg will shortly proceed to Di'tiengen to ■*> his respects to the Czar. Tue Gar. -tte de France of tills evening publishes under "K - -erves” a rumor a-sertiug that the E uperorot lit|s*U will come to Faria ou “Monday next under the strictest Incognito. Parix, June l2tA— I'll* Moulteur of this evening f»ys the disturb meet whch hav* bfoken out at ‘*SiaxM appear to have a connec l ui with ihe Insurrection properly so called 11 is asset tod that the Aral boy elected by th* usurgeiits have sent some cavalry to “Sf'ai** to disown by that demonstration all Connec tion with the author* ot the distill salire*. Copenhagen, Jane IDA, WNJo A. Al—The Germans have abandoned Aaiberg and with drawn -outh. The D mnetwg I* displayed up on all ihe bouses in the town. The Daybladat if to-day s»ys that 8chle>wig-iiolsieiu as a >eparate >ta*e wi'hiti the Monarchy Is in corn ’patiMe with D*mntrk rights and honor, and 'hat no D tnish King c in ll*t«u to such a plan. V govern ui* (it Inclined to such a proposal would soon le iru th it the people will not sic rirtce th»-ir rational iMdep**ndence at any price. Vienna, June 12th.—The Extetrische Zel tung ol to-d.iy ways the lb Fish Cabinet vehe mently opposes the line of demarcation pro posed by the German (lowers and even goes so far as to ihreatcu warlike demonstrations. From the Army of the Potomac. liKAlMjLAlll'kH* AliMV I'ufuMAC, 1 J UitU Zo, 0 A. M. ) The only fighting lhai l hjL place yenieruay, was an allaca iuuUc by (lie enemy on General liuiuMtJe, but wuetner iuleuded as a feint to cover so mure important move, or an at tempi lo break through ln> lines, ii Van a (ail ure. They op**nt;d wnk a heavy tiie of anil iery. wbicu was returned by our o.uteiies, and me rebels making a charge were diiveu back, upwards ol loo b.-ing taken prisoners. This .ecuired about 8 A. M. Anilleiy tiling was k**p’ up for an hour, when ail became quiet at that point. Aooui ihe same time a battery opened in trout of the hospital on the leu of the 6 h corps, which the reliefs seemed desirous 01 chafing out, but they were deteritd by our gnus (a foie any damage resulted. Picket tiring is slid kepi up along the en* j • ire line, aud 111 aiiuost every hospital are a ew victims ol. this specits of warfare. It is • Imost impos.-inle lor a cliiuge to be made iu tur skiiiinsh lines without some loss 11out the ueiny's »barp*buot« r», and these lines ale le leved atier Uaik on that account. Tue engagement b.-tweeu the Oth corps and • he enemy f.»r possession of tiie railioad on tVedu* *d*y, was quite severe, particularly In , I' ltl of the 2 I division, c«.iiimauded by (ten. Whealou. Only a short distatice of the rail road had been destroyed, wtieu the party were iltacked by a heavy force of the euemy under lieu. Anderson, support*d by Wilcox's 18*h ! Itviaioii. Capl. lienliy, t f me 3 I Vermont, vs** iu charge of the parly that icached the ia Iroad, and he tell back slowly, while the ikiriui'h line held the enemy in check ; but a H»dy of the enemy made a 11 auk movement. exp c lug to tuni the left Dank of our line of oaiiie, i'h-yr, h *wev* r, did not penetrate far enough, alth ugh they sin ce, ded iu taking a tirgn i.ioum-r ol ouP skirmishers prison* rs, nr ncipailj ol the 4 h aud lUh Vermont regi ments. lue enemy afterward* advanced again uid attempted to break through the linn at ’ -everai points, but were met with such a ; heavy tire from our fore* s th it they wt-redriv- 1 a.* back w Ui heavy I »»*. 1 ne> finally at daik »ave up the etr*ri,ainl reir* a>ed across the railroad to ibe etubtnkmeuf, where they took •ip an advantage* us position. Our I ss wa* very light hi kii e«l and wonuded, while that n the enemy is supposed to be more than Iniibie that of ouis. We lost q li e a numper of prisoners, but (he ttgiiies caulk t as vet i>e conectlv given. T m railroad from Ouy Point to Petersburg i'b ing put tiu outer, and au engine aud cars •re air* a*l> procured to pat on it as soou as it c» in running condition. Supplies are received at the front regularly, tnd the tn»>|« lack nothing in ibis resject. »ut ilny sutler somewhat from scarcity of waur. • N*w Yokk. June 20. The Herald's special Ui.*pat« lr from the Ar my of Hie Potomac, reports that Uea Polk's la e command from Johnston's army arrived t Peieishurg last Saturday, the 18 h. '1 hi* liviaion, jonn d to lid 's aud Loijg<*treei'* corps, with V\ Ue’s biigade and Beauregard's f* r» e» Iroui N**rih and SoU'b t aioiiua, swell he rebel forces to considerable numbers. During the uigtiiof the 21Wilson's aud Kiu i's cavalry cut the Weidou Uadi oad in two. ^ lie second corps was ordered to the front Whout regard to the conueciioti of the 6 h c *rp* ou thj left, iu order lo develop* the r« b el work*, it was iu this condition that ibe f *1*1 U id's corps pushed betweeu our corps, which tluaiiy remlered it necessary to wlih baw nur exposed ti inks to till up the gap by <t conn' Ciioti along ibe line <>f entrenchments iu the rear. While this was b* iug dom* the r**bel* captured several Hundred prisoners and four guns. The 2*1 and 8ih corps late in the v> V « ■> » 'VI* <• KIIIUUU Cul. Uiirtln, of llie Gill N -w Hampshire reg iment. liar been promoted lo a li.igadier Gen ralsliip. IX XV III 00 M UK bit u—first Seuion SEN ATE. Mr. Sumner offied »u amendment, that in he couruol the United Slates there shall be no exclusion ol wiiucsscs on account of color. Mr. Hiiekntileui submitted an ameudiueui to Mr.8 imuer's follows:—"Or is Cause lie is a parly lour interested in the i-siie trial. Adopted. Mr. 8umuer's amendment was then adopt ed. Mr. Wilkinson offered aa amendment, re pesliug the cl uses in certain loans of 1802, pp'oprladug respectively $ 1 .OOO.Uiyj for the ! xpnrtallnn and colonization ol he| roes, and alei i-hing slaveiy in the District ol Columbia. Adopted. The Ib'U-e passed 'he amendatory Pacific railroad act—7o azain-t 37. The cousideralfuu ol the emolliu^.t bill 1 vva re-mntd. Mr. 8chenek r ffeied a substitute for the bib, di» eiiMinE with commii atimi; leaving t »■ law in reieib n lo suliali tiles aa now ; pro d ng i r a draft lor not more than three l.or le-s than one year; su'ati i't a to receive laiun I s—if for one year $luO. for two years 4 <A»,'or three tears $3.J0, one half is ad v nee, one fourth at the expiration ot half the i rui of service, and the lialatice at the end o' the service. Also pern b« conscripts to el> ct ti'l companbs of t'u ir re perilve Sue. a <1 p-ritiits the oliiali i"g oi soldiers by foyal Mat s f om Stat»s in rebellion. Mr. Morrill made a rspnrt tr. m the ennfer enee committee oil the ititemai refer nr hill h tax reinaii s a dollar ot) oil. On coal three per centum instead of five. On express comp • 1 a receipts, three Instead of two ind one • alf per centum. Tlie ii.v k lax is fixed it * n* is r c*‘tlt. nn circulation, one jier cent on capita1, ond half per rent, on deprsbs, and i in | er cmt. on all circu atiou above ninety per cent. The r<*pnrt wav azrred to. Messrs. Dawes and Mallory hsd a warm de bate In respect to the merits of Kentucky and Massachusetts. J'rom Central Atnerlea. New Yoke. June 2d. The steamer A i-l, tr.m As,|uw*ll 17tb, h»« armed. She brings I,,.*,. Tue French have esptur. d Arsp-dco.’ The fle. t ruler, d the Ini boron ileZd ot June, and landing the force* drove the Meilcai # f"t>m the towa at the point of the hsvonct. Tho ca-ualiies were light. The blockale of tlie port l>a« b--en rt newed The New Granadiin Cn-gress has X<1 iourned, after agreeing to a lean ol $8,000, IIUO. The debt of the country is now $5fi 000,000. The Government, has resolved to di-poae ot ba iute e-t In t> e Panama railroad, and an ar rangement with the ptpsent eompanv is po» -llile In o rdnr to have flu-lr charter extended. The'-fsthinus is healthy. The dry season keeps off wonderfully. The Ariel brings $233,009. —esegasBi1.1"1 From Part Royal. New Your, June 20. The steamer Arazo brings Port Royal ad j vices to the 234. The rebel steamer Fog, with an assorted cargo, run into Charltsiou on the night of the 7 h, and went out agalu on the night of | the 11th. Admiral Dahlgren wa« at port Rovsl. Private John Smith, 61st X. Y. Regiment j haa been ez»-cu'ed for dearth*n. j Wallaoe Baker, of the 55th Ma*a. regiment, 1 has been shot for mutiueu* conduct in *tiik iug au officer. The gunboats Sonora and McD »nough landed a lorce on John Inland, wi ich d« stroked the rebei earth works aud retired safely. Various turns. New York. June 20 The steamship City of Muuchisler, from L!veronal, has anived. News anticipated. The City of Manchester passed on the 11 h inst the steamer Kahgaruo, hence for Liver pool. The steamer State cf Maine, from City | Point, has arrived with 3b0sick aud wounded ! passeugers. Mere Mark Market• Saw York ..tun' 2’ Cotton—drooping; sale* lOo bain* at 145 or laid* dling apiaauo fiOur lo*16o lower; sales T.Onft bbls; Sup- tfln»* 9*a*e8tiU&4 0 Extra do « • *»« 8 20; choice d • 8 26 a* 36; Kuuuu iio- p l>Mo V 0<Xo lo W; Ohoic* 8 9 dr, 9Upvrduo t.n 7 0*7 so c.xtr*. * 80*9 l«»; j -v.ut'ierL—qui*t; *ele» 660 ♦»*•!*; Mixed to «oo. * SO t«9 0U K«uu> and extra 9 16* 16*) Cat-ads dui ; • let 639 obi*; common Extra 8 U*,». 8 39; extra gouo I to choice 8 79tt9 IS. W ivest—itait * 188,Ono bushe’s: Chicago Spring 1 ik) $2 03; i wau^eecluo i .6*2 03; 9 uiiot Keu Wet .«ri zwxgz 12 C-rn-quii: sales 19.0J0 bosh; mixed Western uew 1 05*i (Pi. Oa •—ti. mer; sales Canada it ! 2Ca 96c. H ef-firm Pork—higher; sales 0990 bb r; Dew meat 3)60$ 40 4. L rd-iowerj* ale* 933 bt»t* at 153$I7K’ ivutter—excib d; Mao* t 3 W hi»key- bregula ; -a *► aouu W*ia at 1 0k. £»ugar-quiet. sal*« 600lr>o»; Mii*covadw l?j«',21 Spirits i ui p«iitiiie— low* i3 * Oft'J 9j. Sreigbts to xirerp ol—quiet. Bt—h Market• Nsw York, Jane 26. Second Board — 8toci* Lett, r United States 4-20 ooupous.1061 Camber laud Coai Company preferred. 7»| Mow 1 ork Central,... lii iiudsou.4 *no ..114* Beading .....14’ Michigan Central. .13'.* Michigan bouiiiern. 9*i Illinois Central scrip... Cleveland k Pittsburg. IK j Cleveland k Toledo.Ms Chicago R Bock Island. ... 114 Uold dosed this afternoon at 2 16 Salmon, Salmon ! Jail rec lr*! » l».ge,u(ply ef Fresh Salmon, — AT — Loveilt, NifCRt & Co’s, Carnar of Commercial atrea. and Commercial Wharf. WR hare jest received a lerr* lot of F-**b balm.II. al ioli can be h.d «l 26 ra 3 iouui. |» r loand Lour. ut Ibi, drlte-biu uh w.U gunru iheme v ■ accordingly. jnoeMult HYDRO KONIAT TLo Safe, Efficient and Kahoual Treat ment or NASAL CATARRH. Kntr ran aoc^rdi* g to Act of ( i ngier* in the ve*r eighteen kindred and ri<l>*thrte.ln th Imk’r • ®o«o th- Uirt ijiLVadui tb« State of Xaua c» u»* tu. by DR. 8. CLESSON PR4TT, Pr4* ci, slot Tremont Fj e and kor Institae. “oeton. Lecturer on L>i*< OMtof tin Orgaiao t»p*c a! enae. Author ol tbe M«wicai bp ciaiui, Atom «iia eto . •to. HYDROKOXIA t'ompriae* a cowl i »Mor ot specific reirrd ra tdipt* • d 'o th*- local arte nsti a i m/l latnu*. tof m «l Cotorrh.difl ring botu «n uw ai.rt a-#*«i f o<n all u- h r mode* »na p ae ia • for till* al rmtnjy p oval* n an dangerna- di-e« o It ha* te. i th-»r u i.i> t «ted in more than thiee t ou**nd cue* it Uwtni.aui •rim p<v»ia ent y u*- d ihe re-nla.« a>w-> • inf* Htl> the r*.it* **: — ••heal the looil ia an* «mlc i ohaoooa the *i a h »i*. or coa- itu'iouaitc dei c> u • on • h ch theeaiarrhal ae ret lot* Get end-, for I* t it be rem^m be i o , ' ha! Nasal C>*orrh is a r al a oona* mp 4*n of ihe hi od • d fluid* oft c I »»d (on ly in a e*s rt«aree,)ia when *.e*lect« i h ua« rescu ed the lot ft. Dr. 8. ri-RRon Pratt, — OF TUB — Tremont Eyeaad fear iDititut*. Boston For the benefit ofhia m%oy pa louts ia rntt'and and la far ro‘ o»har« »ho may oeeire h a -erviee* «i best *4ie /V 6 * //-»* t a*ain Tartl y. W dn*-rd*>. ihnrsuay and Frida*, tun* 28th kfl *,:-<hh ana Ju ly la . routaitatmn Un au • t-teeing Portion j. Ja •* 21 —02 A«j .22 Great Closing Sale! —OF — Ladies’ Cloak* and Silk Maniilhs, At «hp r on I* oil Clark Store. The whole to be oold at * LESS THAT AICTIOV PRICES. Lad ta will fludtbe Un*r Stylos and Lot made CLOAKS AND MANTILLAS! To be fonno ary where and new ia the Mn o to re ear# a good a<t«eie for a email j no > GO AND NEE TI1E BARGAINS New on exhibition or a few do>a only at 322 Congiei* K, oi p. Mechanics' Mall. I’ertieud Jaeell — 1* .BXAuroso * HaanuM. Pension and fjaiin Agents, 'Established in 1661.) STILL eontinae to devo e tb> ir * <«ial a* d exclu sive alt utjoii to tbe pro# cb I«*l of « 'aim- lot Pensions Boontlra* A neats of Pay and Prise Money, And all other claim* against the Government, hsv* lugbo-ju r* s* lu eu« *d tfeer f i. IT* All aarice tree. Term- aa lo • aa at any nth* or a ei o , »Ld uo pay .eqa.iou au i< tbe cia.m* an ob*»iu d OILceSS Kachmogo «tmt, Jos* Hlo k F HkaDFORP, Z. K UAttkUA. Inr, 41 _A»0 For Harpswell. TWO TE1P8 Ulli Y. I undone ejrcej fed » The aafe and lut Steamer “tJinton,” C. kELLEV, M<ut.r, AWW Hivtat b«-eci thnrou.h'r reratred r* Bneti tor lignt t ei ht «i u p« - B|#r». rill w>nimp ce her regul. r trip* to tia p«weli MuM’AY. tbvS'i'h in*t ..•»>• in* Ouatorn tiona * \\ barf at *. M a d 3 r . M L*are Harp*well at 1*» 30 A M a d 6 1*. H •ouching un the jfoatti aide ol C ht League 1? *toe.c» Are each w*y, tiarpaw* It 60 eta. Chebea u* 40o»». E*< ur-iou tickets to llarp well Mid Lu.k 76 Cvate; Cbt League Island aud Lark si' rt*. Kf>88 AolLUL) VANf. A?en«*. 73 Commere a 1 a-reet. June 16-dtf ‘ The B»st is the Cheapest.” Trjr oncol PEHRT'S Boo Bogota Hats! roc WILL LIRE IT. (The Btit to be found In Ike City. I1 b K K Y , 131 MldU.e mrreL Jene IB—dt« MAINS CflNTRaL RAILROAD. Animal Mreiinc at Watei vftl© Jane 29. A 8PM 1%L Train w> I lea^e 1 outlai d for tie fcbue . Juue 29th a< 6 A Vf.«t pi i gai»he-e\* era AtatioM. at d arnrii | at W«u> tillc at l**A6 Ke an tg ea e W a eivi) e a 4 1* it 8t»c*l»oi»* trait the M K»ilroad onip«u> ail b'1 p*-re< t« and tr<*ai th * u>e«iug#m that ro*s o* l«. Uj-oi cab bating t«» Coudnc or the! f* titica c «*r 8 • ik «*r p way with c niiica o a taclud. No ottur»*ilJ b«* pa-* d .ree incMor i g Traio from PortlaLd to Lcwi*t&i wit* r.e diaoout.iiu* a for that da*. A* tb * Comps* j hi- not a a'uAHsnt r.nn b r ol Pa»* n. ei 1 art for a!' wb«» *■ ay a tend t e m eting M rcliaudi«*e « ar»,’• Itu * -a'*, will b • u .• d ou th e train, to lar as ma> be n ce*ea v. C M. »'R8E, Sup*!. Watervil o, June 23«, 16S4-d sti27 FOR THE WHITE MOUNTAINS, _■ Montreal Quebec, Niagara Fill?, A .SO AMTUHls. E*enrefon Tick*!, (or *>lo it th« ItBDUCBD RAUI, By W II. L ITT UK. A sent, CXIOIf 7IUCET f'Eri E, Jinelt'f HI Etching*rtr rt. t - ■ .. Ho* luit.— I bi. pr< pentioi. for clrii .log, b. a - tlm g iud pro*, r I g loe'e* h. t- not »irm t u to I *i■,, new toe b trow fa the pfaee of old 01 e*. bet •* d ••• aooctnpfl h ell that it promiiei —*(<>»'« I titfOd amd Joo/Mi, Botto*. sckUll mi ■Ilniii '■■■' —■ ■■■■■"■ 1 11 ■ ME RCHAXD18E. Twptni Salt A flout. 3Af W \ Trap > I Sat etrro of ship " 'it caaiabtttd" for aftlu by J n* lc.--2»y DANA ft TO tiaiitied Cider, FOR tale by M03E-3-M0RR'Lb, A*crt, ! juue)6 lm* 2*4 froru stive; . t*- itlar.d I iff 11 li I HcSiittui prime Sou Lem V* ll w V/ a"v"«Jufll, ycr nitl 1M 1 lu » r, 11 W IMi.Uiti. 1 j »e.U or *Jy Dy K. ti J.CUol , 12> street. .1 un<» H —2vr ’l‘i email*. : 10D,O00^V:KU^1BEtNA,“-for oil! /.TOV k KNll/UT, U Cuin uerc>ai Wharf, ' V r lap'*, Ju°e 13.15 4. J mei&aif I Li«c<i»M>l fall Afloat. /t! It ll I ““U'' K.vetpi/oi Si I, c.r„u < f »li p '* OV/\/ 1 dlliuua. u h »idk|U/ >u H«iv Uy , „ HAS A A CO. JU'X-11— 2 v A|»p i*St; Api»!« 8. k)1 )( j Hllf.s. , i e Icuspet Apples, for g Je by . ^ V A. sill 1 ii. 12 auu 21 oilier street. •Ml V ll — 8 V • Hour).” 7T<’8 PBI11K C» 1IA iiO.N K Y, for tale Jo bom ou uu y p*.u. | . # TllOAiAS ASENllu & CO. I Ju elO—iiutl Mi^ >r and AliJ.ik^ia. ! 300 UUOa. . l uu.Ci. MUSlOVAIX) bU j '«'»• I OAK. ail DUDS upf-rlor Mu uo.auo, and 8 Ha t.’ia v«i kiw a m.*-, • 1 Hblo tioui id it jlurena, Now lauUiuM o. »a %i o, liiuil.&a AooaNClO k t'O , maj&tf Cu*tou douse Wharf. •lir a llorrua TI</1.•»«•>. qqi-uuju n«RrK«lClIOlr£S!EBKA MoIuiSA ! M8«”CESi M >L 'aat* Son laudiua iVuiu Hrl* “V. II Keoi*riy” „ _ TlluS. ASK .Liu a Cu . | May 8.—If c. a Wharf. ----■ . --- - - - | HcuUli 4'uiivusb. |‘>n HOLT—OuOl ill. Uuiury ot David c« .»r A Sons. Lcitu—a .ail cloth ol t ipar.oj (Baiily—just received p«r • Ju a”, aud lor .ai. Li i •MoUIKVKKI . BIAS ft DAVIS, cue Win .1tf 181 Omnm.rciai Sirnat E. K. .LEMONT, Carriage 31 MiiuCtcturer. Pieb e Sue*t, Portland, Me. *t*d blt'gi.f on hied ncd trade-to °tuyr Jaue’t .tt $300 bounty! t. s. is,\\v«. W A IV -A' 13 U . For United iUatc* Steamer Pontoosuo, NOW IN’ PORTLAND. £5 S' amen, 15 Ordinary Seamen, 75 L ncUmn, 10 Firemen, 16 Oral He.veri. Aj pl)- toXaval tp-ndein u« fjo» of Exchange St, io-elWtr J®'*S V Commanding Maint C ntral Railroad Company. A initial 3Ipriing on \Y«'dur*«!fijr, Jane 20, 1801, at Wmeiviile. 11HR 8t- ckh Idera nr*, Lertbr notified that the* . auuuii Me it ir or n M ecKiimu r» .,t th» • WB©Cw»trti Kaiiroxo (oi|t- will *,«. h Jrt n lo«n t all m» vs n*<Tvili,» <n *edncwfa‘. Jute 19 8 4 *» lOo’cloca in the aoienuon, u>»c o * iLv kl l - i x art c e». r.r; 1 t— tub -sir the |{pp rt« of fh* I> 'ftctorii aid ir a-n»*-rot ai»1 Co-nj any and aei t»*o eon. ,**—T inai choke tn a noaru of oliuctor* for tbevurciujf )»ar. _ S. 1’. f’lerk. W.terrilt , >l»> 31.18<v«. jnura VI IWTlRNAHOft Al HOTEL COMPANY. STOCK Mr •W HH-TIOV, PRU « d«afrou« n' ald:rg in ihr- ts tmfrticMnn t a i #♦ cl m H.> el tor l*o-» a d. nr equ » *** «• a I o M M N l( o . «#>c • • u $ | ac»i*i. e. on iid »»vr *h #>bi ft. w’u n i b ok »i i U* . p-t *d to *ub«c Iptioi.a t • i-1 . k .»f i»!e ,bm> c j m auy aid •w «* i ••!**' Ju r */th, 19i» Jane 17.—d ni GRAND TRUNK RAILWAY Excursion. Ti.-kets ! ^e.i»on 18C1. Tic’xe s flood to 1 eminto Fov. V. F'*h r 'I"?.' V' " fo-wi-Mor tpnW to the c'fiice ■ t the 11 ti b a-.d A.u rfcau 4 xnr... cn »■ Ktj augi.treet>4 dSw fok lh CACO mn WaUKIF, Aud .1 part. fTiho Wet. U ItilO.Y 11 k tS It tBIC'C', LLltlH. And all oh r poiu*t il tho WEST, SOUTH A NOTH II WEST, For a tie at ibero.'bc drateeo! (la eat he Union Ticket OS™. 3i Ix-huige St., W. D. Little, Agent. JurrSIdtf John Kinsman, Gr AS FITTER, — ASP— Dealer, iu O n Fixturoa. And Ga.i KrritMnr Cookb<g Appiunme. 1 be puUio aie ilir 'ed In ex r. iu. a il toet ik a. j i ew iu euiiuue, • Licit arc haul, lec.maieuuudi.i •Uauuicr use SO G > U V ro V * T.l&L T. PoMl*nd. Jui c 14. —eocS n l P-1 OWN SHOE STORE! SAMUEL BELL. 353 CONGRESS ST., HA^ c l« ai-tl; on Lanu a !a g% ai«d vt d oc tet «Hl et. ca of TY m Cl ^a ^ —■ | *rd ®LL ART CL** 1 ► T» AT 1!M. f„r the I* ol Uiu Uu eu it (i i i. Ju «i, io Mitch he lu- 1 > ite® in© AtteuUu* «*• tb b «ium t make pur.!.a>©» I a i.a.ngot, «.| ti„ hr»i in tie c. « •♦’ora and wtp Airing •«■**«» * th uminr an- Cl* i . aten. for ULd Juif sH.-d ojsIylM \ Ft u W ord* about the Font.tint llcullug lURltlUt* • TIF par u daft e atova ram.d In. Ati ule cuiu ii uc U ».:* b r H si by Dr. .itu • P *rt*> I i*a • er«» < *iub i gi a U i# u *w do 1 i g >-r a uia t r e* \ enn.©. I I h * r , a h ujti * \ lira > « r to t> e ci i>e ■ «• !*<*» 1 la d.t*- g *» • *il> , ■»u» dloutl would nr I t th heart* . f h© p« * p Aith« ut a *or.l | c •inme u tio I uni -Lulr , . I *ot. * mi or • r*tu tii© i or. *• it l>a.iy ]••( -!>. t, : »‘*t f urn any wa i o' name- whicu nv*h |>*v. \nei> j *» d a» reft rei era me « a* be oio«i * « v. t. * l La ou »’Oi» Alti U Acti on ot » rove o c« . K 1 1 .A *v *ew'ou lor nell* e.iiln- o epi,J „ w\-#, ( * . Li Vt.tnrm* I'rji Of Ki«cufi ii, ! oitou,» n> 11 © lir. j »©r> iic d *t>> p e'er, d'o mu f m til »«uiu #it* he prop © o Ira 0 Bern* Aon* r*f»«r, * . i ©• , ,. \ L r h - © ort® v% •• d be *, j r cute i n due 'inn© >ach uow-aiipHtia to bo ti.e o .®e 11 o d the ©ape* i at'oii o th© I* . 11 • elt. If •! ©i© at* a ■* i« ate i ■ now il mb i gw..© her hey la. bo t©r jut hint I v* a* d r t cueo Ii© •»» ai d n’oeive thetr a ne n |»u ed a tin • i w itt* © wi. ciiiz it- of 1 . r» i nud o dm l i vite all *• ch to cth pot. ai d ! loain m i. fullv i at «• k o« it [),, od »»© j neat** Dtp r«ued h« Id. i d lit wile. I * a t | mow l o retttomhrre > Ilia* Mia r It lac'©r l a* t© c e pomneii ly ciated * it Ii be tir in t* © a f>*»r» o h>* piot t'lo- rM* »a*«y bu. g- v j b hi r 1 b expe lew e ot in r It an el *©• ye r* | rac icu J I *< h d • a^o w hi h af!l c ed on y ton mv© • rg • . » • m. o Imr |< c ••«<! tiled ' f fll r « i Jim • ,m>il '» p •• tment. I'lio-© •© i i n t ir her hi ern ® |.»r ire mvifi d *o c «!! ii tb*‘ -• b-e-ih r* o - at »l © Ii.-t . i u'eoi-DB o* C)ix e.®aud Che* uut etro<t», uea 1 * w i v It ll r I. e*..o« 3', *rN*»*re‘ Mh. t V h t* ia>ci4 11 »’w»(i», ?3Rnwfl gt •ank •* McColl m oh d 0 ®tie t. i L «. 11 >l.rii, Jr.M d. u .. 21 l-*i| — I n*ea%« J*m I --— tor tlic I-Ih!m!s. f»n and a#!©r June ITh• heatoanv r t’A ®f O will ta iher i;« ti * leave hu'id.ari’* bar4, for l eaf i»n ' u-h D«r‘a I* a »1« ut 0 «d lit 3>» M . Ad? • n* 8 -k* J* \l. Keturi i> * wi 1 l< a* e< h bi> AIal* d I *t - «t*A» «t II 16 A. *•.. and a -6 AMd 6.16 p M t icket- 2/1 cents, dovru uu l b*ck ; C-ildrcu i8ot* * June ft d f i i^ortland Company ! 8t» kb.»l<|...’ .Utf-il st. I The vVjeQrnet! me**'ln r he FtockhoVee* nr fh© I fort land t’niri ay w;H b- held at the K«ntn« of th© B ard of Trad- on kxohaaao ituet, on Saturday *une JMh, a 8 oMocJ r M j iun*2^Ut JoSRlMl P. SOTPH rterk Itrt'tr*' lutf. A FRSprrtlAtl C tt-ae.©'.** BotoJIw# lioa-o j -at open* d b In/new h tit e Min a 77 r >e -tifet, for p<ntl*n«n wl»K rr wl Nut their lawiCM. kuita o. rooms icr fauuUlta. » MISCELLANEOUS. NOTICE -TO THE BOOKSELLERS! t "A5D Country Merchants cf Me. - Wholesale Book Store!' —AlfD— ri BL1S1Il.\Ci HOUSE. 41 BAILEY AND NOYES, Baaksellera anil Publishers, » Nos. 53 and 53 Exchange Street, Portland, NIaine, Are law fully prepared to Supply the Trad.©! —at the—; i.owe«i uolesale Price*. t By ap«ciaj contract, recently mads vtthttie Bo ton sod NSw Tork 1'ubIi.lK‘ra, ire are enabled to supply any and Ail of tk) School Books, t’*©d in tbit Stut©, on The Most Liberal Terms. n»rlr»p-areha«cd ,bc Stibi itf* n.ATm from O. L. b*K>oaa a Co , of th|. city, wo shall In fu tu** publish hsralasbls Hsrie. of Sun t Books hereto ere putllshid by them. Thiaserlet, to*ih er with ou -rormsr pnblloaUous, will make the fjl loaiugLiat:— Horton’*. Wold and Qtuckenboa’ Gram mar, The Progsessive Grammar, By We d k Quackeaboe. The Progreuive Paraing Book, By • d h Va'UAckcntx*. Weld * Hew Grammar. Weld's Grammar, (Old Edition i Weli’a Paraing Book, Weld’s Latin Letsons and Reader, Holbrook's First Book in Arithmetic, Jackson's Arithmetic. B. k Si., alsop-ibllab UiBBiKAh'a A*Tt-A5au- , SAB STATU or Rapid Mercantile Writing, la Eight r«r»8, with printed coi iet nt\he L ad of Ajch page, in d.ict iiuita.lon of lb© Author'* uiu tiful style of PE 1ST tA. A 1ST SJrT IF. We call -peclal attcitJoo to them New Writing Hooks, A* they nr© admitted to bo the rao*t Copy Book* offered (• the public; and they arc now being rapidly introduced, hurls* the* full endorse* men lof th© Seper cteu iect if PuUie 8<tooli if tae Stall sf Zuu Beddes th© aboe© lift wl ich are put l!»h, our Spec t iul contracts art for th© fvliou ii.g booh* Progiessive Series of Eeaders and Spellers. Hillard’s Seiiesof Eeaders A Cpflleis. Sargent's Ferics at Readers A f pellers. Colton's A Fitch's Gecgiajhica Brown's Grammars. Green'eafs Series of Arithmetics CLANK COOKS, SiTt 4 rnrh'VT^T» v —A* I>— ROOM PAPERS! A FULL ISTOCK Always On Hand ! N. II.-Booksellers or Country Dcslers who are not eitoiug to th»citjr. ms/ write to os stating about what amount they pi#ebas* at a time, and we nil; scud them a LIST OF I'KIOES, II «uM. Bailey Noyes, Publishers and Booksellers, 56 and 3$ Eicliangt Slrc’ct^ Bortland, Ivle. H’S>3rrt?m run laud Army Cviiiuiitne OS IBS U. S. Christian Commission. Chairman, T. R. U tyes, reoal«r*J Stores at 110 M id dles'rp t fre simr Cv rna Sturdivant, receive* Hone) at j C« mm - rial Mr e» ft^crrtarT, Mr* ry FI. Burgess, receive* Letters at 80 ComaMx'al at-ret. And *w J. Chase, Dr, W. E. Johnson. JoneUdtl ' ENTERTAINMENTS. Giand Musical and Literary Eutertninmout I -OiVSB BT-* MADAME LIZZ'.E BILL, ——Air© — MHS. LOTTIE CHURCH,. iu aid of “ IIuiul” far i«ldi,rk’ Orphans New City Hall, Honday Evening, June *27, Com'neitcing at 8 o'clock. Card* ol AduiLsniou, 25 Ceot*. Jdoe 25 2' Strawberry Exhibition! Tlie l'urtl uiil II n ilciil’UMlSockty 4 Will ko*d ID I? xhibitlon of Strawberries, — AT — Mechanic*’ Library i!oon, — os — Thursday Even?, Jane CO, At Ti n'cUck. They rff r the followldii r»« n.iuma:— fo Or-r kix v&r nii). .^§4 00 *• b«Mt lour v«rl0 ws. 3.0 ** jO»t "Jagm . 3 jt} l>v^ ofvn st *i o’clock |\lf. Cja^ 't i ij o|. u o e er ootyfn t*w coca tj. Au«i a i *i.i«*•••(..a LtL\J»to lot te o l’e »d«r. 6. I;. iiLC'ivLiT Ses'r. Juot*.4dtd F aFr ! —roa BENEFIT OF THtS SOLDIERS. T«tc “Lillie Acorns” Will ho d a Fair at the hew nrr hall, 1 u tb« AfUrt oou and Kvtoliirf of Weda**3ixv and Thurh<L*y. Jume 2Sfk t RifA T e proceed* will on gUtu lor t c relief vl It «\« ui ded v«du* oofuir A my. Keirnehn*' i»t® lor et!e i It# rei i«l tomte r. Mmmc bv the Hiu i of l7tb l A. iu in rv Mf Mcketh 26 c lit-. hi «Xk!'d PRO iSJkAM CO.Ui.kT ——rou Til -- BENEFH of iho SOLDIERS. VI'RoMkN 4 l>V. roue rt nil • •given b- »|ie Lit .« Ac r»§,“ vu «Lv Lve-i. g vi Ibt. IvuiG vi Jo y, si the >e,\V CITY II ILL ! K^'r •' n en # f r*«le in b* H»*onle < harober. Muic by he It* d >f th- 17 h I*. > I ..fault) Dav-viu^ iv cviuukiicv at H| o\l ck. I ch* tn 21 ceu(« imei* id I1W OI’fcKA IIIU.SK ! ! LANCASTER IIALL. SPRAGUE & BLANCHARD’S mi > str i: I^!S ! OPLY EVERY EVEMYti. An Satire Change of Programme. LOVE, or the Rival* ! Adaiuion 2S «o *i Kwerved 3e*‘*t0 eeata. j ei-RAorr.. 1 rntylT f tl HLAXCUAflD, I **»*f*y*. * ,CtiCl5. OLYMPIC CIRCUS Oni -r it. ;:«r.^uhi of GOO.WiN & WILDER. Tl**' n r «t I •-utifU Fqo+o VlrnRo, Tl»f n o>t at. csnn!it h*«l Ei t*» r*. Th*- rr o» t dvirf A rro>-at«, Tl * f »***t MimI r»| Jforre*. j T bf n»«*rl learned I opt nnd th ' moat t oo.ico' Mon ley a. In pr«wf#*f which ’'e*o-* fW>. * » k ' »» er Mil t h ja«* |*r !<!•• t’ I he fniowtrg » rj *i f»e ee. *Ikh include* aowt) of thu Ai T.»TiC Umuti W. W. Nichols, the Great I rlnctpel Trick KUlar Mr. J. M. Ccck i the rrr^fcan inter red I vetcra I v1 ■♦ri»*. i>. m i » I'.fm tlcatn a. bilk Hraet, X. T j M’l!o Caroline, the Arc n*rll»I »■! k ai‘r»*«e dm L Lev.I, (runt > tie* • I r* Garden, .N»e York. M'llo Elizabeth, Pm-eier P^tKetrierre, who** t Iimi* Hra *-•<•( irqea fully entvt'ad her ixaid of La Rida D’Arena Miss Frank Nixon, the P* ftti'it* 7>*r.«eu«e, in her v.rarviut end 1 <r*»r i | ...J OeniliiAcU Mr. John Allen, ! TelebrnH >'rw*»r df the fir. ♦ir, i<4 *it 1>rviunr, Mr. J. Curt, th* A*ni*nean Hterrid ap4 ^ or 14 • own UevB, Mens. Ferdinand, i the Ser:t)lidnil end Ikatrjmc > <tu»*trun. And iaol though nil The Sot [rota Ccnjamin, William, and --y » »*•• Vtt+V ArroSata. with Unor world*wide c«:«.r*tn4 TROUPE OF ACTING DOGS And JMNm&STS, j V‘ h.*Mf aerformarro trWiit la , an<t nov« ty anythin? of Utr iiail tTW mu m Awanc*. 7* e lan nri Trick IJurrt, PLGASSUS. Tut WiinJwfui rony, WOXDfc-Tl AaJ Mrs. J. M. Nixcn’s *Vorul«r.ul I arionuta^ ior>a, GEN. SCOTT. Th* ^U'l* an.Vr tb« d r^itm r*f I *kOK J I Ir”*" il.# Atxiay tf Uuk, kc. • . I TV M v a rer UUi pt wore .a a-nouaeU* the eo* {i^t'iUoul cl' HR. MAURICE SANDS rh» fVebm e*l T'lck H.der from the Circj dd Ha fuMU.Aula *i*o tie KtEai.IV ntUlROITS, Or the Ar*b N- mads of the L>e»eit. who a 11 eppekr *.» ry etter oou. r very niMht will be prod eed a d*r th* dlrctlow of Mr J\mh* Com. from A ti y’e. L i*d *u. t * I Kujfl eh II atori<*el t-Ui e-tr a l»rema o» /‘fct w nii., or th * tli<bwa> mari'M U do to Yaik.andtU D.aitio Bonny Hlaek Be#*. Will Rah ti* tt Portland, June 98 A 90tU. Tv. J ij t Ifrill *i ly, Aft f»« r KrruUf. A'IibImIO". 25 Crn<s. H utw »»T »r*<t«y. 1'iite Wi JCth F !•»*, Jn!» I 1; Oi.dJu.r July 2. fUvtluW 1 **•' ' — . ■■ *■ —— AUCTHEN sales. Horse* «, Ac . at Anetfan. O' 8* un'cy. Juu. vtib ut 11 o’, ock a m om . lute ,rr . I *u rt.umitii] • t.,«t ol Cm* ru,«i — li? Jidi.) hid a rt) iLdld h. id lt*pr <ibr(i K.i tuu diii hiOiit'J iwt) L) lo'il ^oo«i cr* fcr. t»ii. i.uckm.u} , .uu < liijBlat oO|*. tu*,r 'Vaicoud. oue (.coco d Wajroij. op* Exprta* v%»*on* >r.e t W. -wi-atJ'f 1 reco. a L.pd I 04 lii OAplzml rd«T. • u. Af- wihu A ucbn,*, §e. , J«adl-4tdKKV “ *KLV ‘ 8. It HArrtA, AULTIu.'tE*. 11 lickl«|t at. Kei»l Rstnte on Pluui Mnft. O' lucd.y 28 h Jute, a- halt p.« tauli# on rb. |>,, io| ri.tiMitioimt,. .-0.0.0.*,,. u l, w.t,,,> .1 u.r-tlunttuu,.. f* ' “• »«»o*Wo.ib tt. u.d lain, il, to told .aifliou-e Ujiu. at* ut «ltir*>•«I»«., tB, uum «.r f• . ai U . >ULM a ml »1<pi Lit* ket; *jfl cl# •ai1 ii* c uiu Uu mi d ui iiiihlt*! a»i« i l mi • Lout Ik •> »4> <• , 0.1 •*» u m uit tai'krriv l.a f ot »L« tlot* Ircr Inmi pr m. «•. Ill-* b* u*t ** p alia 1 p lp. •*ut> J i*m m* uitbapo oculm, ip c*. ar. *«J| o ««aur. miii. a'nep 10 oMl« bull'll* at L« » »»*• moiI.i, *b- fotf/a*d m tmU. / r l» tIcu *r-**1 oit ii /uc aim. 1.ot.rfran ta J^**44"1*4** cli«a ap> da> pm iop* i«i House and land on Atlantic M. At Auction. 0* Tocduy Jo .. .s.tiatlu'c «k P M.. 0* Ho IrriBIM*., Ut a. u nil .1 Ukc 1 b lU. Tt I) l.l MH. «... Ol. AH Lll ,1 ilUOlUO it r, oo ut b b Ut . .1,1, b ro.mi on lib* nil It M 1 lot* hits i t. t. I UrluTa. oi . dll iLf In iu.,e..u, .... t d.t n.,,.,U kl.i flt*Tj • d ».T,. k fi'.l b u r.iu.» ui.ll » ,,,0.1, I. 110 l u O .» Jill t I U.iuftit « bate ut *11 UO .r—ILU II.T tut m, U.Uiao. 1.. .it,,,,. ..Blit, It tl 0 • 01,1 I* ll Iti., l|t], . IU* ^rfu.1 tn.t..*., iJt I l.l >t Hollo.,) iau. «i Juuolvi5.dEr M4,,LLr * *•<> •*«**<MOO. Ut.rAriU, ALCTIUKitt. 12 kAob*i47ot. Hi><iU Lund e.»r. Atlantic and • ore * reel* O'* Tuc>v. Juu. 8 h ul 11 tot t o'clock, or Ho aold t . » ty Quid a b.1 k .1 u u to,. 11 Or Will- lb. Jt Ld. a Haled a, B'otO.— it U'O 1.1> I oij orb b • it im.1, o*i it toil. Itltvtr, .. I I c. It, na, UOJ ru .totiio,.* t.l, l.drti u d atilt sal- I, ,LU It . toil lb. lot all* u loo. ii 11.1 .11 I ioi li* .. litiL*itto ty rk . .|H> itltr t . trio. 110.110 ii. ui ibo it). 1» . a to.BU | k il | 01 M. B ,M .Oil all.lucl D tl Jllb.kl Va f Ktiii t.sirtie nt Aaeiion, in C pc Klizubt- h. mhii the Per, y. I ■ ^ i •»«* * en. n * cu ct r u , ©• ^ ofeuM*ee «* aU«.| Mil a ta *e »** Mit« *. i df i-ai 4 iu Cdi e hJ **b. th il Ui« ai al .1*11 a n.l • I u*v it e ilt) nd a. mi the }*>!> ; tea A 4Vil tii«»VU'ilb) lue oau »« .iua tvkOil i »«A a. ay tain lit.* ti«i» ioau i vua aa iN ut ta tia .rw« anu t t> •« i Idiiiu «■ #( (a» u j b| o . *ud runt ug a the liar onbvu It. baa m4 . ut-tnti ,eec. ioie.1 % abuuf. | aete, ur l&s • %“«*• »*«i. »• u pre . aua* a »| h n«.M« tot it* •S urrie , fur a >Ui^ Y anl fi. iua. aiaolaru g i uf • r H*»R* 4 * tei cui.a> di a*, lui i«« a»e !_• u, *n . lutu j wthtfryurp.iee il ini • itibtac.a ate aft Ur» «crtM ui e » a boui dor ou the a. a u ai< aft «nt »i tii« kb ti Ot-icrtbM iu; an tb* — «r*a • .d iaat br the .a.U tu ho t P etlr aaoab e«.|; a d •a ta- aurib u >l*e aal*r i on the ha b- i. in raa* i% • Muate » b at « • uveiuu-eui break mate . a*4 ** wv I ca col »itu I- r* Ui t*. ck or * Wet l • Yl «i me ui w.>. Ut>bt | -• IJ tie oaiiio p ci*r jr »o vtw tut. A**/ pra fieri niwd caa read,/ >er Leman i>ui (/«»*• ih « *a ’table pi o*e- ) caa m oo-v* t u tto i > • m IJ « ut ») ot a oi ov lift nierpi|>« tH»Lea ih* clt aua con echo a it r rj ov» r * b 11 hvur ni a a find »« b *ai tlal u p»; NtifialtrtoM r iron* ti e bo ber ai d on maudlin a* iir.e waf*r»cc*n le b*,nd ta I ; tlo caic »y «i Wlia i- u m Ih>I..iIiK *« « t0 ^ • riMM-ly ft I I; .tf a’ed uj p.mi o a d »tw tt e cHy, U ‘ 4 ^ d#huut*t aru patiljf.c « w**. a ter* i be t >t« •le <em*t ti au any taw a iu >be caoat. —aa»pO*d ta 0 tutu) money ur it g nrp ».-# we he* eoiHtii u arttcr i n flier Hi u< t -e via bo ft|t«|ffiyftr I«prae mout urluTte me t in ibta maaboa. la a Ocular > iu if i}i?al«« i t i* »a > , | |«h • U f>e do itiv«r~« ih el* ar i.t e »a<1 >e am :|h# •!. Far laa ut in fir/pert/ aud . ly parta a aia ceo iod !«. a call on Km-vM * HRMfY RAII KY C*.. Aa*‘m. aa« lull Mile o| ft'iimi.ft IO « lit 1 mbdi i • < a*> 4 —K a! 1 • eta in <• huh f m a, N. b. 'F U K'lK wIm be ouii4 at | til He -ocooc at i hoc (Too F. o« *»«ry nai.ry k to. h«e<.a»*«*•**« U.N Maiuo, t-a 11 u *da.*, Jane bub, jmm. at la u Ci- ck a M. t« c u«i«i Mi i-a>w twNi* Said loci umber » la Caa* <a.oa »!*e i.oitb we t b»» eh ui <be t| * r Of u« a he e it In totrrvci. u by t. e loai dai) llie It torn a < »urta mi u tbe Mat ui u%. « — ar O aairH.. |9 •aid ri\er to i ■ otce. i ut to t >«. «d. r o« e«#t tea ul ee b, 2* mi €* each ndt,. t bu t«aart alitw * A a .aoe'iMiu parcel wt Mai l>ni« a. aalrd at •• la it In th«- • oeaty «t Vict«il*. are at ll« p e*eat tm ee up .4 tm lu.ioud b> Ha. fc, aieet. Iw . aid ». ai«n> cwl.4 i> I. o»»« Y,nr 1 tit nut..a thrur (8) ruMurn o.« with i oa bo a • me • ^ for larther poHicotara | roirc #« the ooctiaaarv >r UEbbKY . YLkltlJ h A (a.. I oitiaad kiiM, m^y?C1lawioJare,^fhenr'ti jtrar.'O Yaiuublc Ileal !'•*-**. »• br.fl, Flata, 4«. For Sale. Tf» •* .n.» ha lea Jtadaa ra u* r It r w» e t» e ft> I* wing ue ,r.b 4 p ot er*« •* a rf «hu Urn c i«ap una« alou t ia«»/ 'b«a*ai4 •eel o Dio, w th a if Liag*- Of o* e bi noa.d te niy> nafeoitfi t ummo ci-l met tU In Him h- tan; iorig. „ it a *.f!.ri- aide oi liga d c al atr* e>'.2 b 100 acl \ a lot o'jvii.iftf ou i avl **>l ,r ib6a ut! du| ; hi oa lab »im( sy b b i arurt- m. co i *r oi I a k oa* York Mierft o. 2> I. N»; l. w co If ge l<ue u Y < it »u«tt b I » by a lot o< iaL*> uhtUnt • i HImi 11 cuo mitiit £ 1 bo .1 to* tho»*fl'd bet WM*> a oa «eaa aou«t-ia the eaf; iw-> »ad a tal » or> atftua f»n I? ht.u«t »4> Y • k nr o*, coi t*»» it r 12 iwm, m« %e large lo ; c » fa e oa e .No P lyi m diitt. |«ft I»by 10, ou«gth io»«. II T>i»4 ftfroet. Hrgo o«: th** .bttvn m pe.ty III be *u d t-a *«oy t»ia«, lad all ant p evlo • |y d«kp M d o . wifi b Auc l u ©m NfM ay, July 12*h. at li • '« ooft I *ba mreotfuti oa h*-prvur mom iw.i iba* » »f<i h to tbe-ubfHit eik. r .aFi Ke JOttDaK. u oAbiikNi.b jckuAjr. Jano22dtd EDWAkO n.FA.Oia, CommiMinn JlriilniM A tirtb-irrr, H*. r'DPTtd to «b» >pnrtt »terr u Kxok*«> fu- t fi t.i do. r. ktlow Mercbun'. FiiUnx. Will rroel., eoi.laianu •! InHitlW •> «»IJ de rriitln foi j.tijc tr | )1 •. .... |*,( »' Ut. Krtor Tm.Ii>. • ti,. t. Muh ti, • tf ehaiHliw Milld m « arl kuviiiiH mt , oroai/t Ml«. * r« Fiili. FOR SALE & TO LET. <ieki>el R.-iciik.e Ijr Kh|o. 4 KI'E Iwj Mdh liu*M ioa*.iii|.( Mm. IX r .. oi. . .0 >lu.idui» «! c1imi.,i.b ral !«• J ttu, Iu Iu t.c«ll«i.t I • i,M d> L« «*>, ,1 | .m, uib In Mail f • m I t I .al I 11 o ll.laadMi |a. ..MID |UM la .1 DU.... Ill .dp, Hdd V|.. I .I*’ i'd a.ft «r r la bM>.t t> a farts a. sod aaa - tuNra to rti-i r.oia A -».»li ura. .tal » Mai i a ■ a i«» Iu'. li- p . |u-.ti ia 111 po.d Cutd 'la.. aid <fj dmn l •. at. tat i. i fell t« t•»« tarn■ I .1 P*r«OT. a • r 1 a . C mfc> tail . i d 1.1 ia 1 i.ak !a.c« lttui.uf.a.v a*v a | |> . t litMlas L k’Kt). P^'.i-d Jn.alM.-4, ^Hlrnairto. Fnr Mutt*. JVTEAR Tn-n.r'a Ml laid, (ifa Kilattth. m ■ 1 l r|.l.uii i) da I it a 1 tin ■ .am ■ > »«.| r.aux d ai.d c«'.«ri.l m for i«o <aail la—11 al.d »« 'd 1". will, a a-»« 1.1.1 'a d a I wl k •» afpr.t.Ka Hi >b ii | ro. a.-f wl I b« ad a. I ;rui bMt/ntn b> t» W • r »o 1 LnL tY a VI BZV.l La . ««.» .. au . Cu“ iicla. Wi aft Jn-e r?# 18 4 -4?» • » *»f %Hle, VM'MHIK of i'ouMf# and IoU In tlo tooth tar uithecrt/. le.*.• liLClal. luu, U 21 ii ark* tf at ho* J»«n»**2 ©42 • Al IA ft, 1&B4. FIRE WORKS OF -ft »*c«onpM n>. aa Ion u lio ton or how Y ork p hue, - uch aft R<>c4>N, /{'>■»ftin 1\tn*tU*% &Toll IV”Afrtfv Pu’m. /R»#o Lij.Vs 8 njoll u. Vertical Mh llVm (a, ^cr p lit*. Floral ShrU* Toi hilltnriM, (J rfl»Aoppfr», T'iamjUat Min* a un*l liouib*. TAItPVnitU l.a.t ...III. ■. t ^..A rtMta R U'Kt Hi N > 1 (««*•* • r »• tr»•. COalO ■USht k ImI mimI p>ie » 9«v Ifa'el, fimw •) r« l»rt v%*i»rt — * ed. w h i# a. a H a 4 tp.ti • ante >Ur!. map *<1 f„r »4ia»; tb«> css •« u >4iu tuvil} o big t tia.e. IRON AD BRASS CANNON! (I> ik\rn% rotftm.) Torpedo A Cr.icker Pistols, Iron Cracker Pistols, Pistols, FLAGS ol* all Sizes! * '• AT— Chas. Mat, Jr.’s. Al»o tin lar«e»t UMOrlmtal of Flsliins Taoltlo Tj bo f »uud la I a ally t Fly and Rt«i Rods Han boo Ro*», t at # Rod*. C*tob aud Wu1: pi ift . K*t *. Ik L x*i r— H>*.d* aa a Twisted—* ’• Hook*. ttiii I o.\« stab liaskc s. Fly ka, bo viiA3 "AT. Jr, 1 ire22**d*ojuM W4 Mi dies‘reed. At X^auo’tt kilflieu W i\v oh oil sc \ NO. 4 PREK ►T., P RTLAND. JUST r»»uri,.<jftem»..«^oU *itk a lam ■» JASKETS, bo hTravtliog and Work. A’so a large lot of BIRD CAGES. AU X^o PntUrn*. *.m« of *<rl- ■» k<i>d«; Wit Hlrilfv . t* * “,e,J iu *»*• A*-- I’-a-a. A lar» Mock u all kiud* of .KITCHEX c.oonr A«n,utl:Wn dtn W ato cf all klada. rt-ifc-__ t.'arr afftt, lot. Ae. • Art s M ck. <y>/tr War Ttana. JaM li.o-dkw

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