Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 28, 1864, Page 2

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 28, 1864 Page 2
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7‘HE DAILY "pit ESS. NOItTLAXD, 3IAIXE. Tuesday Morning, Juno 28, 1864. The circulation of the Daily Prest it larger lh*n any other Daily gaper in the. State, and double that of any other in Portland. i KKMft—*8.00 per year: \f paid strictly in ad .¥**0*discount of SI.00 mill be made. Rending Metier on nil Fear Pages. UNION NOTH NATIONS. FOB 1’BEBIDENT, ABRAHAM LINCOLN, or ILLINOIS. FOB VICE-PRESIDENT, ANDREW JOHNSON, Or TKXNSSSKK. Congressional Convention—First District. The voter* of the flrvt Congrea ional Dietrict who are unconditionally in fevorotthe Union, the in prem <cy of the Couetitetfon and La we, and the ruppmdou of the Rebellion by a rigo oa* proveeu tlou of the War. ere invited to tend Delegatee to a Convention to be held at the CITY H ALL, in Port land, oa T1IU1LSD AY, Ike 1th of July, at Id o’clock A. X , ier tb j parpjae of uomi eating a Candidate for Kopreeent^lve to Congrev and aa Eleetor of Preatdent and Vioc-l'reaident. The beat, of repreaenuiion will be at follow.: — v..i city and town wtll be entitled to one Delegate, and one Delegate additional for every acventy-live votee ea*t f.r Uov. Coney In 1863. A majority trac tion will entitle to an additional Delegate. The Committee will be in reulon at the Bali, at » o'clock to receive Credential!. Joh* Lracn. Portland, | Saw all a. Uaoea, N.Ulonce-ter, n b Jong U. uinooui Hruuawlok, Joua A WAia-twAg, ooBUaM, District •iao II Know Ton. Allred, Committee Euwts B smith, saco. Committee Jouk vVa*t wo»TH, nittery, «... Of iam Union State Convention. The qualified voters of Maine who detail >ne he* x—wiltional matnlenance ol tbo Union, and (lie su premely gf tbo Constitution, and the complete sap preedoo of tbe existing rebellion, with the caiisr tberereof. by vigorous war and all apt and efficient means, axe invited to tend delegatee to a State Con vention to be bold at Augusta, ou Wednesday, Jane 20th, at 10 o'clock, A. M„ for the purpose of iiomicatiog candidate# to be supported for Governor, and fur two Elec ors at large lor President and Vice Presi dent, and also to transaot any other business thst any come befon tbe Convention. Tbe basts of representation will be ns follows:— Each city, town and plantation shall be entitled to one de'egatc, and oae delegate additional for every seventy-8-e votes east forGov.Coay last Beptem Oer. and one for a fraction of forty rotae. Jambs G. Blaibk, Laos a kO Axiiaxws, N. A. Fostsu, Roah rsisos, * fix nos, Jb., Uiioi M B. PaEacovT. jAMap M. i iscolx, 8 a. It sl'.SI.S. Statx Fsabcis Cobb, Damu Lask. B. U. CiaosaT, Committxi Gborux P Hrwall, M. w Brows, loSaTH's SASGUT, Euoasa Ualr, William small, Jana 1st, lMt. For the State Convention. An •* tra t< tin of eftrf will leave tbit city for An gu#ta, Wednesday morning at 7 o clock—returUug after tbo arrival of tbo afternoon train from Boston at Auguata, ab u! 4 o'clock in tbe afternoon. One fkre fur the round trip. * Tiie Troubles of the Democracy. The “luviuciblea” have changed their base in the face of the enemy. They have, re epensive to a popular clamor, postponed their National Cunveution from the 4th of July till September. Meantime a difficulty has arisen, a question of authority. The committee which called and now has postponed the Con vention was that ot which Mr. August Bel mont is chairman—the com util tea of the Douglas wing of the party In 1800. Since the postponement it has been discovered and vehemently asserted that that committee had no power, tbe only committee to be recogniz ed being that chosen by the Breckinridge and Laq« faction, known aa tbe committee of tbe National Democracy. Of that committee Gen. 1.1. Stevens was chairman, but he is out of the way, having fallen gallantly at the sec ond Bull Uuo battle. Col. Florence, of Phil adelphia, comes next in rank on that commit tee. The postponement will giro, time for tbe development of all the latent devil element in the factious leaders, which has been slumber ing, or at least has not been rampant, it is an unsettled question which faction has p.e vaiied iu the postponement, but tbe following •xtracts may aid those who are cuiious to in vestigate the matter. Tbe New York News, the Droonrtv anil the nroan nf the Weeds— Fernando and lien, both ultra “Peace Demo crat*"—said a few days before the postpone ment r “ There is every reason why a hasty and premature nomination should be avoided by ibe democracy; the black Republicans at 15al ii more have nominated their candidate, and the war democrats at Cleveland have nomin ated their candidate. We can watcb their manoeuvres, search for their strung points and their weak points, and protli as well by their errors as by a knowledge of their ad vantage*.” Per contra we have the Journal of Com merce, the i'lieud of Seymour and “Little Mac," which says, since the postponement; “The Dein crats have made a sad blunder, and yielded the Urst line of intrenchments to the enemy. The adjournment ol the conven tion is a serious mistake. It is Idle to conceal it, for now the only hope is in getting some wisdom into the heads of the managers, who appear as in old times so he pulled by wires. Already faction lifts its head. Another dem ocratic committee is in the Held, and it is hard to say which is the real authuiity, if there is any authority. Uuless the democra cy look out there wilt be a scrub-race amoag various subdivisions who will grow up during the summer, and, as in a donkey raw, the question will bo who shall come in last, for no one will think of winning by being ahead.” * Referring to this new trouble of the Democ racy, and the course of the metropolitan pa pers iu relation to it, the Evening Post says: a,'hu>prTin7\\fn?t *? ,Ws ">«Uer now is, tu&t W ood and \ fcil&ndighaw havp. after ao arduous struggle, gamed a decided victory over tdeir rivals amongst the opposition load, ers. The Daily News triumphs—the Journal of Commerce is def lated—the World submits and passes quietly under the yoke. Nor is this result strange; for of the two factions, that controlled by Fernando Wood and Vallaadighaui is the stronger by reason of its lack of pretence. It does not pretend to support the war for the Union; it does notyisudemn rebellion; it says what it means In tolerably plain language; wtiile the other faction blows alternately hot and cold—Is for war, but opposed to war measures; blames the reliels but would not have them hurt; joins reliels and loyal men in oue condemna tion, an 1 openly lets the world know that it cares lor nothing but office. Men animated by such sordid considerations have no chance against men like the Woods sud Vallandig ham; they can lie only the too's of these, as in jormer limes they were the servants of the slaveholders.” Delegates from Portland. The delegates to the Union State Conven tion, elected by the wards, Saturday evening, are requested to meet at the counting-mom or the Press otlics at 3 o'clock this afternoon for the pur; ose of electing a delegate at large. The Democratic Party and Slavery A correspondent lias called our attention to ; the (set that when the vote was taken in tht House of Representatives on the resolutlot | preliminary to a chinge of the Constitution I abolishing and forever inhibiting slavery every Democrat, w ith the exception of ihrei voted against the proposed amendment, “ihu u*ing the positiou that the Democratic party a< a party, is iu favor of the perpetuation o ‘ slavery.” Otrr correspondent adds: Four years siuce every Democratic mernbei in Cougress voted iu J'ucor of the satin amendment that noio the Democratic delega tion have voted against and defeated. This is a mistake. The Democratic party has seen the time that it occupied anti-slaver) I grouud. It did so in this Stale when, in 18i9, in the largest delegate convention that up to that time had ever assembled in the I Slate, it passed &u unmistakable ami-slavery and non-extension of slavery resolution—a resolution iu favor of Congressional preven tion of the spread of slavery—with only out dissenting vote, the solitary tote of Mr. Bion Bradbury, of Kastport. But never within lour years, pr double that time, has the Demo cratic party occupied a position that, by any possibility could he construed into one ol hostility to slavery, opposition to its extension, or even lack of sympathy for it as an clement of political power. Four years ago—In 1S60—when Mr. Bu chanan was yet in office, a resolution passed by the necessary two-thirds vote, providing for an amendment of the Constitution infator of ulacery. That proposed amendment was designed to secure, the eternal perpetuation : of slavery in the vtates against any possible adverse ioterferance on the part of the federal government, and to give such a new “guaran | tee” to slavery every Democrat voted. Even Mr. Lincoln expressed his willingness, in order to satisfy the South, to put such a provision into the fundamental law, as a peace j measure—to preveut the hostile attitude which tlie South was then assuming. The last day of the sissiou of the Legislature of 1861, Mr. 1 Bradbury, of Kastport, offered a resolution to approve that prepared amendment, aud he I and Mr. Gould, of Thomaston, advocated its adoption, but it was indefinitely postponed by an overwhelming vote, live Democrats only ( in the house degrading themselves liy voting ! for it. . - uaner s cavalry. Westbrook, Juue 25tb, 1S<V1. Tj the Xdilnr qf the I'retM : I have seen a private letter, from Corp. Ed ward II. Chapman, of the above named Cav alry, and been allowed to make the following extract) for the columns of the Press: Bermuda Hundred, June 18,1804. We aru now a Regiment ol mourned Caval ry, havmg received our horses la*t Tuesday. They are old cavalry horses, which makes it lar easier for us. Wednesday we went on an excursion towards Petersburg, tiding about Iiweni/y-dve miles; rather a hard Jaunt for the Ifrst one. We thought we were goiug to have tome fun with the rebs, but ou arriving near where the battle was then going on, we turn ' cd around and came back to our old camp ground. The next day, Thursday, we went out to the Richmond and Petersburg Railroad, aud assisted the Infantry in tearing up the track. The enemy evacuated their Works in ourfrout night before last—which are rather shammy— 1 hut look possession of them again last night, i I'o-day theie is a battle going on at or near 1 Petersburg, hut you will know the result as soon as myself. Although 1 am in the midst i of army movements, yet I do not know as much concerning them as you do. Our only ; means ol ascertaining the truth of wbattrans ] spires outside of our Immediate sphere of ac I lion, Is through the newspapers; there are ] so many rumors around camp; I will not i therefore, try to inform you of what the army 1$ doing. I can’t tell what our regiment will have to do next. Our hoiset ate In poor con | In ion; they all need shoeing, and I think we shall not move again till it has been done. Maine Twentieth Regiment. Headquarters 20th Me. Vol. I June 2dd, 1801.' J j To the Editor of the Press: The following ye the recent casualties in i Alia command : Killed —Capt. Samuel T. Keene, (Jo. F; j Private, S. E. White, Co. G. IVoUmImI—Sergt. Andrew J. Stover, Co. J, severe tlesh wound in leg. Private Horace M unroe, Co. J, severely jn right leg, siuce am putated. Capt. Keene has acted as Held otllcer since he commencement of the campaign. He w as shot through the breast, near the heart, yes terday allernoou, by a sharpshooter. lie liv ed but a few moments. On the ISlh inst., Col. J. L. Chamberlain, at that time in com maud ol the I at Brigade of this Division.'was dangerously wounded while leading his command against the enemy at Petersburg. On the 20lh Gen. Grant appointed him, for , meritorious and efficient service on the Held of battle, and especially for gallant conduct on the 18th, BrigadieS-General of Volunteers.sub ject to the approval of the President. Wm. E. Donneix, Adjutant 20th Maine Volunteers. Delegates. Tne following Delegatee have been chosen to the approaching convent'ons:— Gorham.—Slate Contention, at Augusta; j Joseph Ridion, Freeman Uardiug, Samuel I Diugley, Chas. Dcering, Joseph W. Parker, Wm. H. Murch. lliutricl Contention, in tills city: Edward P. Weston, Laae MclArllan, John L. Ourtie, Benj. R. Curtis, A. K. 1*. Files, Merrill T. Files. Westbrook.—.Slate Contention, Moses G. Dow, Jabex True, George L. Uodgdon, Frank lin J. Rollins, Amos Abbott, Jr., Charles S. Bickford, Jason Leighton, Rufus Dunham. Dietriet Contention, George I.lbby, George Warren, Leauder Valleutine, Granville M. Stevens. Nahum Fickett. Robert Leichlon .lr i Daniel Winslow, John W. Jonas. , Yarmouth.— Stale Contention, Reuben Merrill, li. Freeman, A. L. Coring. District Convention, Jeremiah Buxton, Jr., (I. P. Thompson, Jeremiah Luring, X. T. ; Worthiey. Raymond.— State Contention, Frankliu Sawyer, S. A. Dxnforlh, Oliver P. Jordan. District Contention, William Small, Charles j Davis, Levi Jordan, Jr. Letter from the State Capital. Amtsta, Juue 27, ISM. i To the Editor of the Press : The following commissions have just been issued, viz: Eleventh Regiment Infantry. Jonathan A. Hill, of Stetson, Lieutenant . Colonel. Charles P. Baldwin, of Uangor, Major. Twelfth Regiment Infantry. Lagrange Severance, of Uangor, Adjutant. Fifteenth Regiment Infa.nthy. Oeorgc W. Capen, ot Calais, Captain Co. K Elias A. Beiry, of Calais, 1st Lieut. Co. K. ' TnmriETii Regiment Inm an thy. Lucius D. Fisher, Norway, 1st Lieut. Co. B. Josialt A. Miilett, Palmyra. 2d Lieut. Co. B. Surgeon Day of the 21)Lh Regiment has sent Governor Cony a live pound note found at the village of St. Mvrksvllle, La. it is some ol the j old Colonial currency, and was Issued from the State of South Carolina on the first dav of I June, 1775. The Di. reports Colonel Beal as command ing the first division of the 19th Army Corps. Yours truly, Helios. Deaths of Maine Soldiebs._The 161 lowing Maine soldier) have died at Washing ton within the last two or three days: E. D Shurtleir and Thrnna* Elliot,8th reat Charles Field, 31st; Samuel Studson, 32 i ■ u’ ' F. Bassett. E. B. Gonld.and A. K. Kydar, jist John Bradley, 1st Me. Heavy Artillery; A. D.' Ames, 31st; James S. Keene, 1st The following la hospitals lu and around New York: t Y?'em,ne Hiack, 8lli; James II. Bovce, Co. I. 32d; Calvin Carter, Co. D, 81st Too Festival at Gorham. This Festival, in behalf of the ChilsltaQ Commission, promises to be a successful affair, j The people of Gorham will doubtless do their part, hut as the entertainment is designed for : t comm jn object, they will naturally look to i rrfjtrcent town*, md esperially'to this city, for 1 co-operation. Nor will they look in vain. Whatever is propose I to he done for the brave soldiers of our noble army—God bless | ■ heilfall—whether it be to succor the body, | relieve the uiind, or benefit the soul, secures it oucc the sympathy and aid of the .loyal people. Though war is a terrible scourge, and though we are commanded, if it he possible, to live peaceably with all men, yet even this 1 war has developed trails in the American char at ter, which otherwise had remained partially dormant, hut which in their lull de velopment constitute our highest glory. We refer to an advertisement in our columns by which it will be teen that a train returns to the city after the concert on Thursday evening. Exhibition of a Treasonable Spirit A few days since the Portland organ ol Jeff. Davis spoke of Yallaudiugham in the highest terms of praise, and expressed much joy at uis return. That is all natural enough. Uu: what did it say of Geuerifl Gram? Hear it, loyal people Portland and of Maine: “Convinced, however, that exhaustion of the nation is the sole solution of the war un der Mr. Lincoln, we have expressed our sat isfaction with having Grant at the head of the army, because the most insatiate and iife sacriliciug soldier (we bad almost written mau killer) or modern limes.” Tiie above shows what the writer's feelings, wishes and hopes are in relation to rebels and traitors. Can such things be and not excite our special wonder! Gram “a most insatia ble and life-sacrificing soldier, a man-killer!” Fortunate for the slanderer that he is so far removed from the loyal soldiers who are now lighting under the noble Grant for the nation'* lift. _ Appropriate use of Rebel Lands. The "broad acre*’’ of Gen. Robt. E. Lee, the Lieut. General in the Rebel service, with his family mansion, arc situated ou the Virginia side of the Potomac, in the vicinity of Wash ington. He is lighting fur the perpetual en slavement of tbe black man, aud in view of this fact, says the Washington Republican of a lata date, a happy thought occurred to the Secretary of War, which it gives us pleasure to record. Fir»t. Ho ordered CoL Uukkne to organ ize tbe Freeduicii’s Village, for the protection of the black man and his family, upon the Ar lington estate, belonging to tbe rebel General Lire. That village is a success. Second. He baa himself recently selected a site, upon the same estate, for a national cem etery, for the burial of loyal soldiers who die in Yirgiuia from wounds iutlicted by Lee's or ders l Gen. Meios has becu directed to supervise the laying out of the grounds. Canada. Our neighbors over the line are, just now, somewhat excited in relation to some very important constitutional changes in their gov ernment. Tbe ministry have obtained the support of George Iirown, a leader of the re form pirty,bvthe promise of a measure for the general federation of the provinces. If the scheme fur a general federation fails, the principle is to he applied to Canada alone. There is a little touch of a war of racss, and the remedy for tnis, in the opinion of many far-seeing statesmen, is to be found only in a general federation, somewhat upon tbe princi ples of aur Government. There is evidently much feeling upon the subject in all the provinces, and w hat the result may be time will show. Queen Victoria’s American do minion is broad enough for several large states. Temperance Journal-Change of Editors. Mr. U. F. Thorndike, in the last number of the Temperance Journal, takes leave of ita readers having resigned his connection as pub lisher. That paper is hereafter to be published by Messrs. Rich & White, enterprising and earnest young meu, who will, we have r,o doubt, infuse new life Into the paper, adding materially to it* iulereat aud circulation. The Journal has had a hard fortune, but we hope it may yet meet with success commensurate, somewhat, witli the Importance of the cause it advocates. Mr. Thorndike has labored as siduously to promote the causo with which he has becu identified, and he retires from tbs chair editorial, with the good wishes of ths fraternity. “Gay and Festive.”—Tuesday last, says the Lewiston Journal,mo young men—New begin aud Hill—bucks front .Saco, arrived in this city caparisoned in the tip of tbe mode, accompanied by “their wives.” They had hired teams in Saco for an hour , on Sunday evening, and went to 1’orlland. Thence they telegraphed to the owners of the teams, staling that they were in Portland aud would be at home Monday noon, but not coming to lime tbe ow ner dispatched to this city to tbe City Marshal who arrested them here on Tues day and committed them to jail. Wednesday an otfleer from Saco returned with them to thrir native vales. Otie of them exchanged bis chaise for a buggy while in thla city. They also paid L'sbon a visit and exchanged wives several times during their perambula tions. The Atlantic Monthly.—Tbe July number of this popular work, commences the fourteenth seml-auuual volume. The follow ing writers and others whose names are not given, contribute to this number, to wit: H. W. Longfellow,Gail Hamilton, It. W. Emer son, W. C. Bryant, Donald G. Mitchell, {Ik Marvel) G. Reynolds, Harriet E. Prescott, Fitz Hugh Ludlow, Prof. Agassiz, Harriet Beecher Stowe, O. W. Holmes, Geo. S. Lang, Francis Williams, C. C. Coffin, (Carietoo) Ac. Ticknor A Fields, Boston, Publishers. Fire in the Woods.—Fires are raging in the woods in almost every town in this coun ty snd are doing much damage. We learn from Mr. Beale, of Hudson, that the citizens have great difficulty iu keeping tiie tires from their buildings. Friday night Epbriam Bradley, of Hudson, lost his house, Joshua Marlin, or Alton, lost house and shed, Hussey Rogers, of Alton, lost bouse, and the tires are still raging burning wood, bark and other property.—[Bangor Whig. Blackwood.—The June number of this taleuted Scotch tory moulldy, has been re ceived from the republication office of L. Scott A Co., New York. Contents: Tony Butler, part IX.; Life of Sir Wm. Napier, K. C. B.; Cbrouhics of Cailiugford : The Public School Report; Letters from the Principalities; Cor nelius O'Dowd, part V.; The Crisis of Parties; Index. Hail Storm.—a correspondent at Standish Corner, writes us that a severe shower of /mil and rain pasted over that place yester day morning, t:7tb inst., about six o’clock, do ing much damage to glass and vegetation. Says our correspondent, “How far the hail extended we have no kuowJedge, but it has about spoiled our gardeus. The rain was timely and much needed.” Tint 10-40 Bonds.—The subscription to the 10-40 bonds is still before the public, and over seventy millions have been already taken. At the present rate of premium on gold, they pay nearly ten per cent, interest In currency, and at the conclusion of the war, they will certainly be worth par In gold. d A w Delegates to the Convention.—At a Union Convention held in Gray, on Saturday last, the following gentlemeu were elected delegates to the State Convention: lVarrcn H. Viutou, Henry Penuel, Theophilus Stinson, Jr.; to the District Convention, James Small, Jr., Robert A. Allen, william C. Dickey. OUIG1XAL AXD SELECTED. ->'««■ Advrrtimmonto To-Day. hicuagerle—Van Amburgh ft Co. Government Loan. Caucus—Pownal. Matiiinonial—Geo P. Thompson. ilousn lvoepcr Wauled. Wood Lot—Jap. S:n»il. Carriages—J. F. Libber. Hor-o 1’rot—ijylvai.Ua Ling. Hoy Waoie'-»-At luckn't Jub 1'riutiDff Office No ict—T. C. Sand ail. flTl'he government is about to build an ar my hospital at Utica, N. Y. vJTJohn M. Clay’s $25,000 race horse was stolen by XlorgAu’s raiders. SuEf"John Cochrane, the Cleaveland candidate for Vice President, h*s taken the stump. jyThe Connecticut legislature has passed a $50,000 appropriation for the New London Navy Yard. £2f Bangor was visited by light showers with heavy thunder, on Friday and Saturday even- ‘ ings. arv little daughter of Mr. George 8. Fone, Bangor, woe knocked down and severely injured by a passing carriage. iM The Rockland Gaiette says there were eleven divorce casts before the late term of the Supreme Court in that city. ST A U. 8. paymaster drew the priie of the Nevada silver bar valued at $4000 at the St. Louis Fair. IVThe Time* says Messrs. K. k A. Sewall, j of Bath, have laid the keel for another ship, of the same aiio as the one recently launched. F7"It is elated that there were 242 applica tions for the Canadian consulship, made vacant by the death of Mr. Giddings. tv a wharf ia nearly completed at Tenant's Harbor, St. George, for the Portland and Bin gor steamer to touch at. lyi'h* weather in New York for a few days past, a* ascertained by record, baa been warmer than at any time duriag the past ten years, ty A terrific hail atom iwept over the towns of Marlow, Stoddard and Antrim, N. H., on Monday of last week. tyThe farmenabout Hartford, Conn., are in the midst of haying and are getting a good crop. ty James R. Cheney, an excellent young man age 117 years, committed suicide in Strat ham, N. H., on Tuesday afternoou. Ijff The Houlton Times says Augustus, son of 1 Mr. Charles Glidden of that town, was quite | seriously injured by a horse, on Tuesday of last week. EyWiUiam H. Fitzgerald, of Portsmouth, i has received the appointment of Acting Mas ter’s Mate, in the 1). S. Navy, and ordered to report to Admiral Paulding at New York. ty About two hundred cords of wood, near the track of tbe Portsmouth and Manchester railroad, were destroyed by fire on Thursday last. a tyThe Knox County Temperance Associa tion of the Sons of Temperance will hold its quarterly session at Rock port to-morrow, com mencing at 2o’clock. ty.Mrs. Patterson Allen, indicted in Rich mond for “treason” to the Confederacy («. e. for being a loyal Woman) is under $100,000 bail, and is to be tried on tbe 10th of July. jyThree thousand dollars’ worth of liquors were seized at the Dartmouth Hotel, in Hano ver, N. II., on the 14th. Large quantities are ■aid to be seized in Keene, daily. (y^lpe hundred eick and wounded Maine soldiers were accidentally sent to Montpelier, Vt., instead of Augusta. Such accidents arc in excusable. I _ nr A Chicago correspoudcnt of the Boston ! Transcript says, never in the history of that city was business so brisk, and at the same time 1 so profitable, as at present. iyw> hear excellent reports of the hospital arrangement* at Augusta. No sick or wounded soldiers were ever made more comfortable than these. (yrhs New Hampshire Legislature is fight ing this hot weather on a removal question—the removal of the seat of government from Con cord to Manchester. tyThe Calais Advertiser says the lumbering operation on that river were never more brisk and remunerative than they are at the present time. Rev. Mi. Fiske, of Bath, returned home on Saturday from Virginia where he has epeut •ix weeks in the service of the Christian Com mission, rendering aid to the sick and wounded soldiers. fy Hon. John B. Henderson, Senator in Con gress from the State of Missouri, after a long and painful illness, ie now slowly recovering, , and may be expected to take his seat in the Senate even before the adjournment. $y A terrible drought is prevailing in Texas. 1 The prairies are absolutely so parched that the earth is cracked into fissures, rendering it hazar 1 dous to journey on horseback by night. Cattle are dying there by thousands. | lyThe Detroit Tribune saye that Michael Shoemaker, ex-Collector ot the port of Detroit, . ie on trial in that city for swindling the govern ment. He was appointed by President Bu chanan. ty Edward B. Nealley, of Iowa, recently confirmed as Attorney of tbe United States for the Territory of Montana, is a eon of K. S. J. Nealley. Esq , of Bath, and nephew of Mrs. Senator Grimes. Henry P. Torsey, of thisatate, ia aimoint*! S*V.r#»tlkrV . if Hut aamn TnwrMtAso I * Charles G. Leland is raid to be preparing a Tolnme“On the Derivation and History of Amer ican Slang Phrases.'' The Round Table thinks the labor not worth the effort, but that Mr. Le land will Snd himself perfectly at home in the work. rr All the employees of the Dunn Edge Tool Co., at West Waterville, with three excep tions, recently appropriated the proceeds of a day'. work to the sick and wounded soldiers; the result being a purse of seventy-four dol lars. jy Fanny Fern, who ought to know, says, speaking of cotton: “The ladies, as we a)! know owe something of their angelic symmetry to the pure arill delicate Southern staple. Of ail the products of the earth it is nearest to their hearts.” ty.l large number of colored schools have been established in Nashville, Tenn., and are now in a flourishing condition. An effort has been made to crush them, but, by the protec tion afforded them by Gov. Johnson they have been sustained. Ef A Western Court has decided that a kiss is a valid consideration and forced an old bachc- 1 lor to redeem the promise made to a pretty j maiden that he would give her a pony for n kisa. He had trio! to crawl out uf his bar gain. lyPetersburg ia thegrand centre of fivclines of railroads. The City Point road, 10 milia long, the Norfolk road80 miles long, the Grvat Western road 104 miles to Weldon, and 10k miles to Wilmington, the Petersburg aud Lynch burg road, 123 miles, and the Richmond and ! Petersburg road 22 mile*. or About 100 females from the dance halls I and brothels of Boston, attended the meeting held by Elisabeth D. Comstock and Rebecca Collins, of the Society of Friends, in the Sea men’s Chapel in that city on Wednesday even ing. At the close of the meeting 12 or 15 girls came forward and took the pledge to abstain from the use of intoxicating liquors. iy We regret that several mortifying errorb 1 escaped the attention of the proof reader, in the I article in yesterdays's Press touching the subject ■ of Capital Punishment. We left the office Sun- , day evening at 10 o'clock, and the article wra ; not then in type, so the fcult was not ours. It j will appear in corrected form in the weekly issue. Hereafter we will try to allow the writer the privilege of teeing his own proof. GF"Albany seems to have produced a rank anil offensive Weed, and Horace Greeley bas recently been patting his “nigger hoe” into it to some purpose,leaving it broken and mangled, its juices running out, and withering and blanch, ing in the hot sun. This Weed seems to haw j become steeped in the bitter and acrid waters of ! disappointment until petrifaction hat resulted, i but instead of turning to stuns it has attained ths similitude of copper, I dg^'iJLgjggsr^fc-r^g-g- .'W ... JiY TKl^EaitA.J^i3 -to in EVENING PAPERS. from the Army Injure Richmond. New Yoke. June 2". The World’s dispatch say sour forces now permanently hold the Petersburg <S Weldon railioad south. This was accomplished by the liili corps driving Hill's corps back several miles. Ollier important movements are in progress. Tue World’s dispatch says of Wednesday’s tight:—Tne whole of Pierce's brigade and part of another were captured. The Times’ dispatch ol the 24ih says it has been learned this morning that Longstreet's and Hill’s corps are moving towards Weldon, j Beauregard's main army now covers Peters burg, while Lee’s forces are moving to our i right. A rebel doctor says our shelling of Peters- ! burg is very disastrous. The rebels are inarch ing and counter-inarching to guard against our attacks. Tlie Tribune's array dispatch, dated Satur day, says the rebels attacked Ualdy Smith's position on Friday. Some 400 rebels were al lowed to rush into our rille pits when a de structive Ure was opened on them, and they soon surrendered. Only 105 were uuhurt,the remainder being killed or mortally wouuded. At 7 o’clock yesterday morning the rebels charged upon the 1st division of the lSih corps, ana were defeated with great loss. Our batteries opened at good range on the charg ing parlies. About 400 ol the charging party deserted and came Into our lines during the action. Hens. Sheridan and Hetty, with their com mands, left White House yesterday. Railrontl Train Allocked by UuerlllaM. Caiho, III., June 20. Memphis dates of the 25th, state that a train on the Memphis and Charleston Kailroad, was attacked by guerillas near CoPiersville ou the 2:M Inst. Two soldiers were killed and eight wounded. Two citizens w< re also killed and two wouuded. Six soldiers who jumped from the train during the. attack were captured and taken to the woods. One who escaped re ports that his comrades were murdered by the : guerillas. The Memphis cotton market was unchang ed. 1 ue iKBincr .u. V/umus nan urru iiimi jva terdav by guerillas, from the Kentucky shore, near Shawretown. Gen. Merdilh assumed command at Cairo today. Various Items. Brantford,'!!. \Y.. Juue 27. The machine shop of the Buffalo & Lake Uurou railroad was burned yesterday. Loss *50,000. New York, June 27. Tom flyer died yesterday. Indian tl'ar. Oxaha Citt, June 25. The Sionx Indians attacked a party of men making bay, 15 miles west of this place, kill iug two, wounding two mortally and two seri ously. A detachment of cavalry was seat in pursuit. Horrible Case of Poisoniug at Ithaca. A YOCNO WOMAN Slt'RDEHF.D BY HER MOTH ER. The citiacns ol ltbacs, New York, have been horrified at the death of Miss Charlotte L. Ileggie, on Wednesday, the 15th instant, by poisoning. She had been engaged at sew ing by the Ladies’ Aid Society in that village, when she was attacked with vomiting, burn ing at the stomach and other pain'ul symp toms. Medical aid was rendered, but without success. Site obtained no relief; and after lingering eight days was finally relieved by death. She was the oldest daughter of Mr. J. M. Heggie,of Tthaca, and was greatly esteem ed. A sister , about eighteen years of age, died in November last, exhibiting similar symp toms, her death giving rise to suspicions of poisoning; but no Investigation was made. This time, one of the physicians communicat ed the facta to the District Attorney of Tomp kins county and a Coroner’s jury was summon ed. Suspicious were excited against the moth er and many circumstaucea brought to light the fact that she murdered her daughter! From mauy witnesseait waa proved that this unnatural mother had a strange and unfortun ate disposition against her family, and some suppose she is really a monomaniac. She has been arrested. The jury brought in two ver dicts, nine jurors declaring that the daughter was poisoned by her mother, and three addiug that the unhappy woman is insane on the sub ject of her family relations. jyTbe Biitish government has directed the stoppage of works on the Capitol buildings at Ottawa, Canada, until the termination of the war. tPICIAL NOTICES. OL A.RK »S DISTILLED RESTORATIVE FOX THFs HAIR, Restores Gray and Faded Hair and Board to its Hatnral Color, AND IS A MOST LUXURIOUS DRESSING FOR THE HAIR AND HEAD. CLARK’S RKSTOKATIVC, Restore* the Color. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Eradicates Dandruff. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, Promotes ItaGrowth. CLARK’S RESTORATIVE, Frcventa Ita railing off. CLARK'S RESTORATIVE, la an unequalled Dressing. 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Is Sold by Druggists and Dealers Everywhere. Price SI per bottle.—4 bottles tor Si. C. 0. CLARK A CO. Psoraiwvoae. W F.PHILLIPS, Portland, General Agent. Harsh 8,1944. meh3 eodly SPECIAL XOTI CJt S . Caucus. The L'nion men of Powjal who wrj uiondltl a- ; »llj toyal tofhi Uo.emineut, tr» r.qMrtvd to meet at the Town Home, In laid town, on Saturday thy reconu day of July , at 6 o'cloci P. M ., tor tint pur poie ol reiecilii/ ue egatt* 10 attejd the Ui.ttM CouveotiwU to be holdeu at PorilaLil Jul/ 7th Par«irdar of Sown Committee. Pownal, June 27th, 3SC4. juni-2» To ilie Sick. TUOUS ANDS say that Mri O. Littentivc's Vtgt- i tabu Silrgtming, are tho beet PiJla they have erer u«ra lor puryi.,* the uload of ail liu- i more aud reiuoviog Piu Worm,. F. r aala at VV F. Phillips* anti II. II. 111? and ti. [la leatine’a, New ' ulouceeter, and by others Je27d2t* A New Perfume for the Handker chief* Phalon’a “Might bioom:ng Canvi." J Phalon’a “Might Blooming Cercua.’’ j Phalou’a “Might Blooming Cereua.1 ’ | Phalon'• “Might Blooming Cereui.” j Phalon’a “Nigh! Blooming Cere js.“ \ Pbilou'a “Might Blooming Cereua.” j Phalon a “Might Blooming Cereus.” | A moat Kx<jtiitite, Delicate and Fragrant Perftiine, j dinilled from the Bare ami Beautiful I* lower from it take* ft* ram*. Manufactured only by PFiALOW f NOV, N. Y. j StNT*lliw>are<\f Counterfeits. Ask for Phalon'$— ] Take no Other. Sold by Druggist-generally. juue2P4<i3m Portland Photographic Gallery, SO MIDDLE ST., PORTLAND, Mr., A. S. DAVIS, Proprietor, Portland, May 12, ldC4. mayllddm THOM As CJ. LURING. DRUGGIST, -AMD PRACTICAL TRUSS FITTER, Cartier of Exchange A FedrrnlSf'e. A perfect fit guaranteed. Tho ncor lihoniiv mn. *id<*ed. moh26dtf •‘Buy Me, and I’ll do you Good.” Hue Dr. Langley’* Hoot and Herb Hitters lor Jaundice. Costivene**, Liver Complaint, Hu mors, Indigestion, Dyspepsia. Piles, Dizziness. Head ache. Drownia ss, aud all d *-asen arising from dis oruered stomach, torpid liver, and bad blood, to which all persons are subje t in sprit g and summer. They cleanse the system, regulate the wels, re store the appetite, purify theblood. aud give sound ness of mind and strength of bod to all who use them So d by all dealers in Medicine everywhere, at 26, So and 76 cents per bottle GKO. C. GOul> VI8 k CO.,87 Hanover Street, Boston, Proprie tor*. ___ ap2 dim Coughs and Colds. The suddenchange* of our climate are source* of Pu'monary, Bronchial, and Astamatic Affections Kxperieuc4 having proved that simple remeaie- o - teu act speedily when taken in the early stage* of the di«ea*e. reaourse should at once be had to *• Brown’s Bronchial Troches,” or L« zengts. let the Cold Cough or Irritation of the threat be ever so slight, as by tbi* p'ecaation a moreseriou* attack may be eff *jtoal‘v warded off. Public Speakers and Sinurrs will Hod them eff'Ctn «1 for dealing and strengthen in< the voice HobUers should have them, as they can be carried in the pocket, and taken a< rccasion requires. JuneS&dA wlrn A Fiki Th*kg ron thb Tsktu —The Fragrant SO/ODONl appears to have taken a prominent place among the most approved dentr1fric< * of the day. It is a very popular article for the toilet, high ly recommended by ail who have used it a* a beauti tier and preserver of the twth. refreshing the mou‘h, sweetening the breath, arresting the pro gress <f decay, aud otaerwise beuetittiug the user — Boston Traveller. ^ mch24 dlt HF’Ilyou areln want orany kind of PUHTIBG call at the Daily Press Office. tf tr CARDS and BILL HEADS neatly oriat* at this office. tt float on Stock Lint. Salis at tri Brokers’ Boari>. Juki 27. 1.000 U 8 Coupon Sixes (1881) ex coupon. 1061 32.(1013 United state* 6-20’s.I041 18 UQ0 Ogdensburg 2*1 Mortgage Bonds.m] 1,0)0 Ogdensburg 1st Mortgage Bonds,.. 108 257 Eastern Railroad. .1C6 MARRIED. In VTioillian. Judo 51 b, Edwin 8 Elder. Era. Klbridjce 8 Bodge mod Min Linle 8 Da,, both of Portland In Winlerport, June 19. John Cole of W, end Mow Sarah I reekett, of Proepect lo Rrnnfwirk. Jane JO. Harare E Doaninrand Mr, Ueaunli J AIKn; , io. Jole Slorer and Miw Fmnre, A Smith, all of It. Io Uardiner. June It, Fredk I) Harmon tad Miw Hannah h Hildreth. In Weat (iardioer, Jane 19. t lmrie, 8 tinomo of W li, and Judith W Fcrr,. of LitehHiIrL | In Litchfield. Jane II, I.ooc sforhlrd and Mia, I Mary Jane St in.on lo Banaor.Juae 23. Man lyU Traikand Min, Maria L Leighton. In Fre*<jue I,le. Jane 11, Amaaa How,, E<n, and Miw Lenina T Pratt. I a —Pas _ In this city, June 28. Harry, son of Henry W and Frauces Pond, aged 5 years 8 months In Gorham, June 24. of diptheria. Llewellyn VF. only son of Win II aud Mary k Paine, aged 9 years ( 5 moot ha. In Raymond, Juoe 24. Mrs Sarah Naih, wife of Simeon 8 Nash, ag-d 67 veers 6 mouth*. In Dixfield. May 12. Wm Henry, ton of the late Usury Nvwmau, agd 17 years. In Vtowdoinham, Jui.e 22. Mr Charles F Blake, aged 23 years. , la Belfast. June 22. Mrs CaroUee t, wife of B F KMt, fe>q, ag**d 31 vears. in Lae, May 38. Mrs Cyreoe, wife of Godfrey Jack son. aged 66 years li root the In Woodstock. Juno 15, Freddie B, only son of Joshua and Kmilv Kendall. In 8aco. June 17. Melftna, daughter of Mr Daniel Dearborn,aged 8 years. In Abbott. June lo. Mrs «5u*an Gower, aged 88. In Mt Vernon, May 29 Mr Ueujami a Du ley. aged 87 years. _ IMPORTS. GLACB BAT CB. Bark Clarita—620 tons coai, to Portland Co. 9A1LIKO OF OCCAM STEAMSHIPS. •T1AXIX FROM FOB SAILS Allies.Liverpool.... .Boston.June 11 City of Cork.Liverpool.New York. .June 11 Bavaria..Southampton .New York. June 14 City of London.. Liverpool._New York June 16 Washington.Havre.New York Jure 15 Hibernian .Liverpool.. New York June 16 Persia.Liverpool.New York June 18 Asia.Liverpool.... Boston. Ju>e2 > Germania.Soothampton.Kew York. June 28 Havana.—.New York. .Havana.June 22 Kuropa.Bo-ton.Liverpool-June 2*.* Scotia.New York.. Liverpool. ...June 29 1 City of Manchest'r New York. Liverpool.July 2 North American Quebec ... .Liverpool.July 2 Hants. New York Bremen.July 2 Pennsylvania.New York Live pool... July 2 I Champion ..New York .Aspinwali.. .July 4 ■ uu«i \ Biii .i (irs muiwi .»uiy a El el trio Spark.New York.. New Orleans July 6 8idon.New York Liverpool .. July 6 Africa.Boston Liverpool_July 7 Washington New York Havre. 7.Ju'y 9 Hibernian.yuebcc-Liverpool,_July 9 City of Londou—New York .Liverpool.inly 9 j New York.New York Loodon..... July 9 Louisiana.New York Liverpool. July 16 MINIATURE ALMANAC. Turadaf.June 98. Sun rises.4 30 I High water. 6 16 suu ret«. 7 40 J Length of days.IS 14 MARINE NEWS. TORT or PORTLAND. Monday,.Jane 97. ARRIVED. Steamer Chesapeake. Willetts, New York. Steamer Lady Laug. Koix, Bangor. Steamer New Brunswick, Winchester, Boaton. for St Johu Nil Brig I renton. Atherton. Philadelphia. Sch litter Roc a. Thompson. Baltimore. Sch Nautilus. (Br| Met added. Boston. Sch Minnehaha. Leach, Boston. Sch Livonia, McKenzie. Fremont. Sch E ti Buxton, litcomb. Brunswick. Sch M B Mahoney, Macombcr, Portsmouth. CLEARED. Sch James Lorg. Osgood, Fortress Monroe—J B i Fisher. f FUoM oun COKHB* POSDkgT: ] KENNEBL'NKPORT. June 25—Cld, sch Vetiua, (ne-, ot Boston. 987 tons) lieo Small l'erubroke LaCM< umi>—June 23 >. by Amos Lunt, from the yard of D W Lord, a herra brig o.' Sib toaa. called the “Star of Hope." She in ow i.ed by Messers Tit comb A Perkins, of Keuucbunk, in connection with parties in Bostou. June 25th, bv Mr David Clark, a fine fishing sch of 139 tons, called the “Susan Weal, fur Capt John Atwood, of l’rovincetown »Y TKLkOAAFB TO MHUHATt'l 1XCHA3G1. PHIL A DLLPH1A, June 27—Ar, baiouo Marv C I Fox, Boss, Cardenas. Ship Sportsman. 626 tons, built at Belfast in 1365, and nu talcd two Years since, has been sold to parties in Boston, lor f28,00d; well lound in sails and in order for sea. LafkchXD—At Bath 26th in»t, from the yard of F O Mottos, an A1 white oak ship of 1000 tout, de signed for general busiuess. She is owned by the builder and not yet named DOMESTIC PORTS. SAN FRANCICSO—81d 21st. ahips Rattler. Almy. Manila: t,olden Fleece. Manson, Boaton; Avou.(Br) lugeasoll. ll"i»g hong. PORT ROYALSO—Ar 16th, brig J M Sawder. Bo true. Philadelphia; 18th. barque Linda, Norton, do; brig J U Kennedy, Smith, do; 21st, Mary Cobb. Duncan, do. Cld 16th. brig Sea Foam, Coombs, Philadelphia; sch July Fourth. Shaw, lor Boaton; 22d, brig Bush. Owens. Philadelphia. NORFOLK—Ar 22d. ship Thomas Lord, Preble, Portland via Fortress Monroe BALTIMOKE-Ar 24th, ach T J Frasier, Mi’chell, Porto Cebelio. rid Rid. brig Uen Marshall, Staples, Boston, 24th, W J Troat, Park, Hagua. Ar 26th, barque Mary Rdaon, Nickergoo, Fortress Monroe. PHILADELt tllA—Ar 24th. soha* M«S*y Farris. Condon, Bangor: WUUQO tt. Plymouth; j p Ames Farrell, Frank* rt. Cld 2ith Octiii huger, Bradley. Beaton; Rosan nah Koae. Burgess. Portland; Ocean Wave, Foster. New Yoik; E K Lewis. Wal’ace. Portland Ar 25th, br.g tl<nnr Leeds, from Rockland; ach TrideH, from ao; Union, Boston. 111 25th, brigs W H Bickiucr*. Bickmore, Beat> fortNC; F'sniiy Lincoln. Hardison, Boston: scbs Ge rg a CLcbnat, Belfast; Luiou, A rey, Boston. At iMaware Breakwater 28d. ship i ancestry, fra New tr ean* f »r St John SB: brigs Almon Rowell. Iroin Philadelphia tor Portland; B apj o> do for do; l) M D ane, do for Chelsea; scbs Ocean Traveller, and Atbie. do (or Boeun; Clari a. a d Starligb , do fv-r Port and; Frolic, do lor Rockland ; Laconia. « • 8 ** Pool Baltimore for Balb; Mary lam!. N Pvrry. and others, (and uearlr all left during the aitfbt.) NEW YORK—Ar 24th baruue Hanlon Gregory. Oiegorv Frinidad; ach« Florida. Laugdonfm Balu more; Med ord, Hopkins, Bangor: Zicuva. Murch, M sworth; rugwassa. Pattrn. do; Dr Kane, Ryder, Mora. Wentworth, Providence. Ar 25th. sUanier Locu,t Point, from New Orleans; bartpte Kate Mtamlfr. Crawford do: *ch* Delaware. Means, Ellsworth, Ocean Bel.'e, Watts, Machias t'ar,,u* ?«*» Banger. Jayne, Melbourne: •chs C D King, McGregor, Calais; Alien, Bostor. Old 26th. barque Pbilena. Lewi*. Boston ; achaZA I tine, Joue«, East port; Union. Post. Banzor; Leo cadia. Mnall. haleut. Ar 25:b. scbs Constitution. Strout. ('berry held. Sid 24th. ship* Roswell Sprague. Wm ltathbone barques Allen • avis, Asa Kldridge. E A Conaut. (Byte!.] Ar *7ih, barques Bradford, from New Orieaua;, from do: John Carver, from Matamoras; ach C Pendleton, from Trinidad. Also ar 47th, ship Thos Uarward, from Liverpool; Narn.gansett. from New Orleana; barque Rambler, from Cow Bav CB. STONING TON—Ar 25th, aeh Iamartlue, Scho field < alai*. NEW HAVEN—Ar 24th, brig Sarah, Wilson* 1m Calais. 26tb, aeh Kudors, Lord, from St George NR NEWi'ORl'—Ar 24th, sch Wiliam, Fletcher, New York for Boston. liOLMEs’S HOLE—Ar 24th, brigs Finnic, Man «on, Newbury port; Adelma, Somes. Calais for Pro vpieute; scbs Undine. B«ker. Bangor for N Haven; Willis Putnam, Stanley. Ca aia lor uo; Sarah Jane, from do for Norwich Sid. brig* J Bickmore. Fanaie, Adaltna.aod Kxecu Hve: scha Advance. Leighton (from Ellrabethport) for Boston; Emeiiue Mcuaiu, Bucklln. Kocklaud for Wilmington ; Rising Sun, tim.tti, Jonesboro lor New York; Siak, H>o|or, Mschias for do; L D Went worth Dean. Bangor for New Bedford. Also aid achs Julia Newell. Cushing, Philadelphia for Salem; a.a Breece, Coombs, do lor Portsmouth; ( has U Rogen. Langley. Newburyport for Philadel phia; Honest Abe, ( unary. Boston for New York; !> G Hart. Hawley.Glace Bay CB for do, Oli.e Hay waid. Barker, Bangor fur Bridg. port. Ar 25th. brigs Tnndelen. Lawry. Philadelphia for Portsmouth; B Young, Gibson, E izabetbport for Newburyport; .chs J £ F ieeman. Ryder, and Mary Shield*, Wa t, Boston for New York; Geo Darby. Rogers. Llngan CB fordo; Charts Henry, Harris. Bangor for Providence. bd, brig* 1 r me e>i, B Young; scbs Sarah Jane, G W Cummings and others. NEW' BEDFORD—Ai 25 h, sch L D Wentworth, Dean. Bangor. Ar 24th. sell O ivc Elizabeth. Hamilton. Bangor; Ariadne. Robinson. EJirsbethport. B 8TON—Ar 26th, baiuue Lady Franklin. (Bn si icne i, < ienr..*-gue; brigs Ambrose Light. Stahl, , Georgetown; Minnie Miller. Anderson. l*hi.aoe. I phis: E lain. Allen, do; Caroline, Lenoir, 1'ictou; 1 sehs Yarmouth, Hauler, Baltimore. Advance. Leigh ton, and bea bride. Wallace. Elizabeth port, t^uero, Hardy, Ma bias: Va paraieo. Higgins, tm Trenton; Georgia, Allen Ellsworth; Henry Clay, Gasper, fin Bangor: Mane!, Kaler, WaldoUrs; Cynosure. Da ey. aud llelieu Mar. Morriii. fas tamden uregou, Arejr. Vinalhaveu; Julia baker. Low. Bath. Cld 26th, brigs A llorts. Meed, (’leataego*; Moan tain Eagle Oaeu. for LingauCB; sch a Ctampion, Whidden. Bangor: Naran rish. Fountain, Cortland, I to load for Beaufort SC. | ArUCb, ship i.Gbor,Brown, New Orleans; barque [ Sarah o Hale, 1 rowtber. Port Ewrn: brigs Stcc< tou, lliohborn. l iclou; D R D-aie. Knowlton and j I'riucelou. Wells, Philadelphia; Defmoi.t Locke, veazis. Philadelphia; sc ha Damon. Cite her. Oeorge P! ;/■nuriKt. Wtlaon. twd Kxprfm. Blliotr, r .U.«lim»; lw*r,Sxlik. and s.rmh -wu.Grow rJizabotftpo.t: Unto .o. Dodge, do; Kaale Hal Now York; Eagle. UtU, Uanock: Baltic; Bunker' Ellsworth: Col Ha- son Friable, and Wild Mover] Geyer. Bangor; Laura. May. Bangor; Coriatatau. Tapir? Haugor; Koehester. Ilutcbin*. Bath r 7v •“Ta Maverick. Elli-, Leghorn; St Loais, I Colby, New \ ork; barque Sullote. Can no. Philadel phia; brig Lucy Ann. Bryant, do; sch- J 1* Bent Foster. Ellzabetbport: Erie, Crok, Calais- I agio* ; More’ey, U*acock; Maine, i ay, Yarmouth. Good Hope, tiarsey, Bath. . Below, baique E U Tarriogton, from N Orleans . brta Ana Duncan. Born 11a ta. Cld 27th, barque Savant ah. Stinson. New Orleans; I sen Ocean Bride. McCarthy. Glace Bay CB SALEM—Ar 24th, sch Ligure. Bobbin*, fm Eliza ! betbport Clu 24th, brig Volant. Dodge. Bangor. Ar 25th. sclis Julia Newel). Ci a ling, from Phila delphia. Ilcf sihah. Lunt. from Khzabett port; Lucy Amea. Flanders. ICondcut; Idaho, Lambert. NYork; i Atlantic, and John A Frank. Bangor. Cld 24th. brigVolatt, Dodge, Bangor; 2-Vh, sch Hero. Kenney, New York. DANVKK — Ar 21at. sch Pearl, from Rockland; 24th. Ada Herbert, Crowell. New York. GLOUCII8TER— Ar 22d. schs Heury Clay, Jasper, Baogor for Boston; Waterloo, smith, Boston for , Bangor POiTSMOYJTB-Ar 24th,sch Thachcr Taylor.Lor 1 ing. New York. BANGOR—Ar 2.7th, brig MaoxonJ, Smart. Sea re port: ccb C W Dyer. Pieros. 1’riser Edward’- Isle; , Elizabeth. Hooper, rrovincetown. FOREIGN PORTS. At Akyab April 27. sh*p Trauslt, Whitmore, from , Cardiff (ordered to Rangoon. At Leghorn eth last, ship Molocks, Bart, for New York, in Jnlv. Ar at Aspinwall 7th in*t, brig Chmboraxoo, War ren New York (and sailed 19th for Trinidad / Sid fm St Jago 10th in.t, brig M>costa. Dunbar, i for Ci«ufucgos to load fur Boston. At Cape naytien 17th last, tefc Mary K Walker, llovt, for Boeton l days. Sid fm St George Ntt 21st last, sch Lookout, Wall, I Providence. Cld at st John NB 23d iaat. sh’p Frank Boult. Manson, —. SPOKEN. Jaa* 19. lat 4t tt. Ion ship Waterloo, from Liv erpool 'or Boeton. NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. THE GOVERNMENT LOAN fcasHBSMi. $200,000,000. Thi« Loan U .xlhorfxwi by Act of CoBgreM 01 March 4tb. 1M4, which p-orldc. for It, Eiaixmoa > ua Com. at Buy period not Isa. than tea For non than forty j tara Iron t!a date, at tha plaaan:. of th, Goa eminent. TJbtI it. Bed.mpli .n. It, per cent inUmat it ta be paid semi-annually in ootn. H$ Exemption from Stott and Loral Tarot too adds from one to three p«T rent, per annum to ill value The Ratt of Inter, ti on th a loan, although bat Are per cent. tacoiaU as mush greater ta currenoy astbe difference between the market >alue of cur rency and gold. As a Rain, the Are par coat, specie securities o f all solvent governments art always par or above, and currency now funded in the National Loan, will be worth its face in gold, besides paying a regular and liberal percentage to the bolder. JYo Seouritirt r/Ter to great indurfm*nt*, Ilia be lieved.asthe various descriptions of U. 8. Bonds. In all other forai of indebtednass.the faith or abil ity of private parties or stock companies or sap amts communities only le pi dged lor payment, while fos the debts of the United 0*ates the whole prcgeity of the oountry is holdea to secure the payment ol both principal and interest in coin. The 1'undid Debt of the Called States on which Interest is payable .a gold, on the 3d day of March, 1664, was 976b,96£,OCO. The iaterest on this debt lor custom. revenue la gold for the current fiscal year, one lug June 80th 1364. has beta so far at the rate ol over gl'Xi 0:0,000 per annum, as amount largely la osrees ol the wants of the Treasury for the payment o’ gold interest. Theto bonds may be subscribed for in rums from •60 np to any uagailu le, on tbs seme terms, and are thus made equally available to the smallest lead er end the largest capitalist They can b* convert ed Into money at any moment, and the holder will have the benefit of tbo inteiest. The enlboiistd Amount of thii loao is Two Hun dred Million Dollars. The amount of snb-criptloni reported to the Treasury at Washington, N over 970,000,000. j Suu*erip:ion« will be received in currency by ite First National Bank, Portland, Mainr, A2iD nr ALL SATIOXAL BASKS which ire depositarus of l*ubJic money, end all Rnsptc'abls Ranks and Bankers throughout the country, {acting u agents of the Na tiontl L»ep jcitiry » will f-irniab farther infor» mat ion on applicati n and Afford Mrtry Facility to Subtfrlbtrt June27d% wlw Fir.t Trot ot the Season, OTIS LINO’S TROTTINft PARK. For One Hundred Dollars! -sr 8l'AkBOBO\ Mains, Friday, July 1st, 184(1, dSSSSSa^i (*w.v rr to Drin. ; G. a. 8-veeey, names H. M Lady Addington: J. O'Neil, Names B. M hums Grant Be.i8in6te Hernene. I.sdy Addingtou la ths same mare that trotted orer this course last September, winning three straight heat, orer Topsy. Km me Grant trotted st Stele fair rortland.ltat fall, driven by Iraae Wood ruff or New York, one of firs most .llrrtug reces during tbs Pair. The other horse being driven by Ua-rey ltraJley uf B -.'on Trotting to oomence at 2 j o’ol> ok F. M. SYLvANUS LING, juurdlidtd Proprietor Notice. T1US day I give to mv two rone, B. J. and Chas. Randall, tnetr time, to set and trad for them selves; I shed not claim their wages or pay their debts. T. C. RANDALL. Kea-r Fall., He. Wltnesi, Mary Plllsbury, Mery 8. Plllsbury. Jane 87,1K4. June]* ! NEW ADVERTISEMENTS. 1 I •fa fa < « H 0 I v — Vulmvot f olu spin appearing before the people of America, desire to Male that their present Menagerie contain. AN ENTIRE NEW Collection of Animals that were captured fcy or un der the immediate Mij-crTi •ion and direction of the great VanAmburgh Himself And ar. Ibe product, of an expedition to The ley Region) of the Forth Pelr, _The Pampas of South Amenta. CgeflA The Iktertt of Africa. And the Junglct if Ada. cl All of which were cnorrd to contribute the choice.i speci men. cf Animated Nature to Ws, be found within their re.| ee Rvr tire realm.. They arrived in N. Y lata in the Fall of >«a where an unparalleled and J9H|MR mo.t tiluniphtiul luaeu a waited them. Flushed with new lanrel. of aiicert. a trnv W _ \TJ elllng paraphanaiin waa de signed of th. most tr.n.cen ™ dam magnificence possible 10 conceive which throoghthrlr SBO. immense recourses -prong Into existence ne if by ruagle. ntftBn Caget of the met gorgeout cteemp AT T/Cl ton , Wagons of tf.e most coaly character; Harnett oj^npammy beauty and elegance met ef the bed Arabian Hood; Mammoth rariegated Omtart of immensa proportion ; And cm entire retmua of meqvalM esetllenet art here to fe seen. Human intellec eonlo not in tin grandest moment of codception originate any thing more grand and dia lling to heboid. The verita ble Van Amhnrgb, (whom en vious persons Irum hi. long abtenea from America have tak.n advantage, and canned the press to announce hu de cease) will accompany thn exhibition and heed the TRI l’HPUAL PROCESSION on Its entrance to the place of exhibition which will rep resent in oriental splendor A Moving Panorama - Nearly oas mile in length. VAN AMBURGH Th* original Lion and Tigc: Tamer. I i ! 1 I Will Exhibit on WESTERN PROMENADE, n«u the Artennl, Monday and Tnetday, July 18 and 19. l>oov« opda 1| and 7|. Amis loa oa’jr 35 cents.— No hall pries. Juoe*3-» 30Jalv]*-14-15-14 14*18 Carriages, Carriages! Firmly Bail! and Nrnt'y hrd. J. F. LIBBET. No. 20 Preble St., OFFERS for sale, at his establ shm» at, a variety of carriages mada ia the a«ate»t aLd moct sub stantial n.enter. The • sscrtimi.t ecmpris* • ell the d.ff rent sty lee of Light Cam** ee, sun they will be •old oa the imd favorable terms. Tersv.ii* intend lag to purchase Carriage* will find it for their inter ret lo call and examine before buying e ct-where. « JuueiWdtf Matrimonial. A STRANGE young man. who has been a long time irom the E*s.ern States, wishes lo be ia t oduoed to some yoaug colored Lady of this city. Object mu u il improvement Whosoever wiitee te this young m%a, gets twenty dollars retard, in her < aasweted letter. Address, ueo . iuompson, U. ». Steamer Lei.essce, « eslern CiulT Blockading tfo- adroc, of Mobile, Ala juae2831w* Housekeeper Wanted. A RESPECTABLE American Wcnsan. of rrbust health, desiring a situation as lu us .‘keeper iu a family ia the country. will please address, wuh r*f ereucss, Houskxlsi'r.u, t*icss june2Sdlw Wood Lot lor Sale. IN Cape El saboth, within three miles of the city, 10 or 16 acre* heavi y wooded with pioe timber, spruce and hem’oek. wldbs so d wither without tl e land, to suit i>*rcba*er. For further perticoiais in quire of JAMES SMALL, oa the prern see. juncKdtf Boy Wanted, To Learn the Bosk and Job Printing Business, J, SMART. «cilf», 1 it.llly.nt Poy. .boat 15 rtm L ol u>, who bu u»4 , youJ cjmmoa ..boul «1 i mcxUua. U vifitud immedixtel, ,t tuckers Book «*d Job Print iuir OMce. tod 71 EZCMDR* ilrr.1, I Portlxod, June M, WM.-lw

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