Newspaper of Portland Daily Press, June 28, 1864, Page 3

Newspaper of Portland Daily Press dated June 28, 1864 Page 3
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PORTLAND AND VICINITY. Board Bills and L tndlords. Information from the jail last week afforded an Instance of the way in which our landlords and boarding-house keepers suffer from impos ture. A mau catling his name Henry Bibbert was lodged in jail on the 16th ult., for refusing to pay one John T. Waters, who keeps a board ing-house on Fore street, a bill of twenty three dollars, due for board of himself and wife. To keep his landlord easy, it is said, on leaving the house ho left two packages ! sealed up as money tor safe keeping, marked i respectively $04 and 80, which on being sub- • sequently opened proved a bogus deposit. The landlord, on discovering the trick, ob- I tained a writ, and Bibbert, who is a pedlar, was at once arrested. Soon alter his arrest he gave his lawyer, E. S. Hovey, Esq., (so he | says) a pass book crediting him with $80 In \ the St. Johns Saving Bank, and a power of ; attorney to get the money, the bank having : written him he could have it by sending for it. I Having drawn the funds, or assigned to bis attorney (as lie aays), he notified his landlord be was ready to ttcear out of jail! This summtry mode of payment did not suit the landlord, who had the case thoroughly laves- < ligated, when the attempt of a debtor to swear out of jail with $80 in gold on deposit was frustrated. 1). H. Ingraham and Albert Mer- I rill, Esq., acted as justices, aud having diflered in their decision, Judge Howard was called in, who concurred with the ioruier in remand- ; Lng the debtor into close custody, as tlio law required. The public will be surprised at the idea of a ! mau possessed of a $150 or $160 attempting i to take the poor debtor oath In a matter of twenty! It would be far more /finest and in- i finitely cheaper to “walk up to the eaptaiu's . office aud settle.” Better pay small board - bills to the landlord than high lees to gentle meu of the legal profession, especially when the fees paid amouut to exorbitaut sums. J. ' O.Donnell, Esq., was counsel for creditor, and . E. S. Hovey, Esq., for debtor. * Carriage Manufactory. At No. 20 I’reble Street, a lew steps below . Congress Street, is the Carriage Manufactory j of Mr. J. F. Libbey. Mi. L. commenced the , b usiness fourteen years ago without capital or ; influential friends from whom he could expect pecuuiary assistance, and by industry and ap plication ha* succeeded lu establishing a large ; business. His carriages find a ready market in Boston aud New Yurk, as well as In every part of this State. He carries on the carriage manufacturing j in all Its different departments, giving employ ment to between thirty and forty men, and turaiug out about $40,000 worth of carriages and sleighs in a year. He gets up any kind of a light carriage to order, and also keeps on hand a general assortment, all very neatly aud elegantly finished and substantially made, j from which the most fastidious could not fall to select the very one he wanted. Mr. L. gets up a very neat buggy, called the “Moni tor,” finished either with or without a lop, which we should j udge would find a ready sale. Excursion to Augusta. Our readers are informed that an excursion train will leave the Kennebec depot at 7 o'clock to-morrow morning for Augusta, ar riving there about 10 o’clock. Returning, it Will leave Augusta between 4 and 0 o'clock in tlie afternoon, arriving here between 8 and 9 o’clock. The tickets will tie one fare for the round trip. It will be a grand chance for those who would like to attend the Union State Conven tion, or who would like to view the beautiful scenery on the Kennebee. Slaymaker & Nichols’ Olympic Cin CCa.—This extensive and complete establish ment is spokeu of by the press wherever it has appeared as one of the best and most en tertaining exhibitions which has ever been brought before the public. The company is large, aud comprises a number of the myt distinguished equestrian artists of the day, and the programme of the performances is full and varied. Among the west marked and pleasing features is Snow's Troupe of Acting , Dogs and Moukeys, which for intelligence, docility, training and perfect accomplishments, : have never had any equals iu this country.— They do a vast number of entertaining and 1 amusing tricks, which cannot be described, besides performing in the juvenile legend of Lillie Red Riding Hood, in which they enact a variety of parts in custom, with all the skill and seeming appreciation of human aitists.— ] This affords a delightful and really wonder- . ful entertainment, particularly to chitdren, and none should fail to take their little ones to see them. The trick ponies are lieautilnl little creatures, and the trained horse, Pegas •us, Is a fine animal. The establishment will enter the city to-day aud will be a sight worth seeing. Tne Horse Railroad.—We are infermed that the application of the President of the Horse Railroad Compauy for permission to , lay their track through Congress to Vaughan Street was made on the 27th of May. The : CiuI) pail VI uuuc, iuo uiuc UttUJg appoiuieu 1 by the President, the Board of Aldermen met and unanimously voted to grant the permis sion, with the proviso that the company should pave the street with cobble stones eighteen inches outside of the granite blocks. This vote was immediately communicated to the 1 President of the road. The next day he wcut to the City Clerk’s office, and, in the presence of Alderman Messer, stated that the company would not accept the permit ou those condi- ! tious. There the matter rested until the re port was trade by the committee Monday, June 20th, when it was accepted by the Board of Aldermen. Prom these facts' it seems the company had notice some weeks siuee of what the decision of the Board of Aldermeu would be. Valuable Heal Estate at Auction.— I Messrs. Henry Bailey * Co. will sell at auc- 1 tlon, ou the premises, at 3 o’cloek this after- ! noon, a valuable piece of real estate in Cape i Elizabeth, near the Ferry, embracing about three and a half acres of laud and eight acres ! . of flats. At 2 o'clock P. M. they will sell, on the premises, the two story house Vo. 0 Al'a itic street The house ard land Vo. 54 Franklin street, belonging to the Ilsley heirs, will be sold this day, on the premises, by order of John A Adams, administrator, at 12 o'clock M. Henry Bailey & Co., auctioneers. E. M. Patten will sell at auction to-day, 12.80 P. M,. on the premises, one half the house No. 10 Plumb street. At quarter past 3 o’clock P. M., Mr. Patten will sell, ou the premises, the brick house on the corner of Fore and Atlantic streets. Baii.way Traffic.—The receipts ou the Grand Trunk Kailway for the week ending June 18th, were $10(1.243 84 Corresponding week last year, 83,751 03 Increase, $22,44)2 81 There was an increase during the week ol $3,690 30 In passengers, and $18,902 51 in Ircight. The total amount of receipts from Jan. 1st to June 18th Is $2,289 514 93 Name period last year, 2,005,091 62 Increase, $284,423 41 wr-The U. S. steam sloop-of-war Ticonde roga will he open to-day lor the reoeptioD of visitors, and CapL Steadman will do all in his power to accommodate the ladies and gentle men who may desire to visit his vessel. Jiy“The wholesale dealers of this city have agreed to close their stores on Saturday after noons at 4 o'clock P. M. during the months of July, August and September, A City Main In Boabd of Mayob and Aldermen, I Monday Eveuiug, June 2i7, J Orders Passed — Authorizing the City Treasurer to hire $40,000 on three months, in anticipation of the city lazes; Discontinuing the continuation of Aider street,north of Ken uebec Street; Authorizing ami directing the City Clerk to prosecute any aud all persons who may he engaged in carrying on the busi ness of inn holders or lictualers iu this city without a license; Authorizing the committee on Public Buildings to purchase the lot of land aud house on Brackett Street, adjoining the lot owned by the city, and known as the ’ Morse property,” If said committee deem it expedient,and they can purchase the same for a sum not exceeding $2500; Authorizing the cotnmillee on tlie 4ih of July, to expand a sum not exceeding $500 lor the celebration of said day; Disbanding Falmouth Steam Engine Co., No. 2, to lake edect on aud alter July 1st, aud liouorahly discharging the •Ulcers aud tnembeis. Reports of Committees—Of committee on laying out new streets—iu iavor ol di»«ontin uiug the continuation of Alder Street; Of committee on Finance reccotumeudiug an ex change of sureties with the (irand Truuk Kiilroad Company; Of committee on laying out aud widening streets, that it is not expe dient to discontinue that pait ot Congress Street, from the southwest tin* of the railroad to low water mark, unless the city can have a satisfactory deed securing the right of sew erage from the southwest line oi the railroad to low water mark. Petitions Presented and Referred — Of Ciiarles E. liarrett aud al, that the llorae Kail road Company le requirted to lay their track from Myrtle to Franklin Streets, to correspond with tlie profile and grade made by the City Engineer duriug the last or preceding munic ipal year; Of Eugene Muller aud al, for a sidewalk iu front of the Coombs estate on the northerly aide of Stale Street; Of George Warren and al, for remuneration for damages caused their property by the running of the line of Poplar Street; Of Charles K. Millixen that tlie juoction of Iianforth aud Brackett Streets, may be graded. Hugh Doherty was licensed as an inn-holder. Thomas Jordan was granted a license to drive a hack after the 1st of July. Daniel Gould was appointed special police man, without pay. a An itrfiirioiwo Inr »vr»h*nrrA s\t aAPiirillpi with the Gruul Trunk Railroad Company, had two several readings, was passed to be en grossed and passed to be ordained. The order appointing a committee to make arrangements .‘or the leception of the 5th Maine Regiment, was passed, in concurrence, ami the Mayor and Aldermen Me9ter, Djnnell and Hayes, were joined. An ordinance in relation to unloading cars on Commercial Street, was referred to the committee on judicial proceedings. An ordinance passed tlxing the compensa tion of Firemen as follows: 1st Director $40; 2d Director $25; Clerks $40; Stewaidt $40; Firemen ot Steamer F'ire Engines $40; mem bers ot companies, not exceeding thirty-six to each baud engine, eleven for steamers aDd seventeen lor each hook and ladder company, $20 per annum. A vote ol thanks was passed to Amet ica Hose Company, No. 1, for their faithful and gratuitous services for the past year. The committee on Fire Department report ed in favor of selling or exchanging the steam tire engine Falmouth for one of the second class, and reported aa order for that purpose. The report was accepted and the order pas sed aphorizing the eommllee to sell the Fal mouth and purchase a second class steamer. Flanders & Gordon, N. J. Wilson, Charles U. Adams and John Bliss, Jr., were licensed as iuu-bqlders. The case of Freddie 8. Johnson a native of thU State and resident of this city, who has been drafted in Boston, was presented by Aldertnau Beal,and was referred loth* Mayor. An o-dinance in relation to the collection of taxes—allowing a discount of live per cent on taxes paid in sixty days after the hilia are committed to the collector, and charging in terest from the lime such bills ara committed to the collector, on ali bills not paid in sixty days, parsed to I* engrossed. The Common Council refused to coucur and the Board of Aldermen subsequently laid the ordinance on the table. Adjourned. In Board of Common Cornett. Mr. Phlnney of Ward 5 offered an order for the removal of H. C. Barnes, from the office of Chief Engineer of the Fire Department. Mr. Gilman moved to lay the order on the table, as he was not prepared to vote upon the matter at present. The motion to lay on the table waa support ed by Messrs. Oilman,Wbitlemore Ladd, Soule and Brown; and opposed by Messrs. Clement and Bailey. The order was laid upon the table. This Board adjourned to Friday evening at 7 12 o'clock. Truk Munir Rewarded.—Mr. Edwin U. Hobbs of this city, who for ten years past has been in the employ of the Eastern Railroad, on the train between this city aad Boston, and who has served ths public in a faithful aud obliging manner, was complimented last Sat urday with a magnificent present. The New buryport Herald says “ the friends of Mr. Ilobbs between Bangor and Boston, travelers over the Eastern Railroad, united some time since to recognize bis merit, and gave an or der to Mr. Greenongh of this city to put up as good a gold chronometer watch as could be made. Here, where Mr. Greeoough is so well known, this is of itself tufficint to assure any one that such a watch caunot be excelled.— Last week it was finished, and at the Eastern Railroad depot in Boston, on Saturday, it waa presented Mr. Hobbs. Nor did the gift stop with the watch, for it being made known among the employees of the road and express men over it, that a watch was to be presented, they purchased a very heavy gold chain with seal attached, which waa also presented him at the same time, as a token of their apprecia tion of one with whom their relations hava ever been pleasant. The watch bears the in scription—“Presented to Edwin H. Hobbs, by some of his friends, June 1864 " It cost, in cluding chain and seal, $275, forming one of the most beautiful presents one could wish to receive.” Dkkkino Ham..—The new moral drama entitled the Ticket-of- Leave Man was present ed to a good audience who testify their appro bation by Irequeut enthusiastic applause. The principal parts were well sustained by Messrs. Wentworth, Hamblin, IJeffries, Savage, and Mr. Myers himself. Mis* Myers the accom plished yeung daughter cf the Luasee, sustain ed the part of May Edwards with much cred it. To-night the play will be repeated, perhaps with still better effect, when we hope that a crowded house will be present to eiyoy the play. Reward the efforta of the Manager to please our citizens. • FI.. .... Ta _III I.__«... . j vertisement that the Picnic Excursion, under the auspices of the Good Templars, Is to come off Oh the Dili of J uly. Most ever; one usual ly takes the 5th for n day of recreation, and we know of no more delightful spot for such a purpose than Buxton Centre Grove. The Good Templars will see that all who go on this occasion, are made comfortable, aud sport of all kinds, will be provided. Some interest ing speaking may be expected. ltcmember Tuesday, July full. The dramatic and musical entertain ment last evening at new City Hall, for the benefit of the Soldiers’ Orphan Children was not well atlcuded. The audience waa small, but Madame Bell and Mrs. Church performed their parts well and deserved a better houae. Had the hall been filled, we are quite sure the auditors would have been well pleased. But it Is hard to speak or sing well in ao much un occupied space. The ladies, and the cause for which they labor, deserved a larger audience. 27**The Alumnae of the Girla’ High School are particularly requested to meet at the School room, ou Cumberland street, on Wed nesday, the iffilh, at 5 P. M. A full attendance is desired.. Per order. £jf-“C'rocket & Cooper keep on hand Crock ery, Glassware and Furniture of all kinds for the million. Their motto is, quick sales and small profits, and they live up to It. L. Curl cion, Esq., having returned from his Western tour, will be happy to mcef hia friends aud all who may desire hla profes sional services. IjyThf heat in ITavanna has almost become insupportable, sad there it considerable yellow fever in the harbor and on shore 17* Commodore Stockton's gold mins In North Carolina has been confiscated by the rebels. BY TELEGRAPH , tOtli PortlandDaily Press, I *** TWO DAYS LATER FROM EUROPE. Arrival of tlie Steamship Bavarian. Cape Hack, N. F., June 27. The steamship Bavarian, Irom Southamp ton loth inst., arrived tff this point at 2 o'clock yesterday afternoon, and w as boarded by the Associated Press news yacht The steamship City of Limerick, from New York, arrived at Liverpool on the 12lh, and tlie City of Baltimore, from New York, on the 13th. The Loudon Times says the comparative lost of the French discount market and the satisfactory recovery in the amount of gold in the Bank of Frank fail to counteract the dis trust of the tlnanci&l and commercial clauses iu Napoleon’s foreign policy. The Times also says the high price of gold I iu New York seems to indicate that the posi , tlou of the Federal army in Virginia is re 1 garded by the public with increased distrust. The iron-cased corvette Wolverine and the ' steam ram Enterprise had arrived at Yar : mouthen route for the North. The Times says a rumor of Hie possible break-up of the cabiuel on the Danish ques 1 lion is current on 'change. Tlie Confederate loan was selling at iroin 63 to H6c. The Austrian Gazette says the British Cabi net vehemently opposes tlie line of demarca tion proposed by the Germans powers, and threaten warlike demonstrations. The Copenhagen Dagbladet says the Dan ish Minister at St. Petersburg had left with the Kussiau proposal to re-estahlish Schleswig Holstein within the Danish monarchy, which is incompatible with the rights and honor of Denmark. No Danish Kiug can listen tosuch a proposal and not sacrifice the national inde pendence. The. notables at Cnnenhsaeii hsd sddrpe.prl j the King, intimating that the constitution of ; Schleswig with the kingdom was an essential j condition to the independence of Denmark, i and that the personal uuiou of Schleswig ; Holstein with the kingdom would entail the | loss of Schleswig and Denmark's fall, j The continued prolongation of the armistice j is impossible unless the basis of a satisfactory I peace is proposed. The Oram tribes of Algiers which have j been in a state of insurrection, are making overtures to France for submission. The Czar had visited Napoleon at Paris in 1 strict incognito. The Memorial Diplomatique asserts that I Earl Russell bad communicated to Count : Apaigne, the Danish Minister, announcing the resumption of hostilities on the 12lb, should the belligerents not previously have come to an understanding. Earl Russell intimated that should tbe Austrian fleet proceed to the Baltic when hostilities were resued, England wonld he compelled to send a fleet there also. The English harvest is not equal to that of last year. A telegram from Frankfort states that the | Plenipotentiary of the German confederation made a declaration at Thursday’s conference, in which he laid down tbe principle that no part of Schleswig can lie ceded to Denmark without the population consent. The Alabama was reported at Cherbourg on the 13th, and the Kearsarge in the Flush ing Roads on the Mill, The sitting of the London conference was adjourned until the lfitb. XXXVIII 00HGBE88—Pint 8eaiioa WabiiIsgtox, June 27. HB.NATK. Mr. Anthony, from the committee on Print ing, reported in favor of printing 22,000 copies of the agricultural report. Agreed to. Also In favor ol printing a full list of tbe volunteer officers since tbe beginning of the rebellion, in the army register, with a state ment of tbe casualties, Ac., ft,000 copies to lie published at a price not exceeding one dollar per volume. Agreed to. Also in favor of printing 3,000 copies ol the report of the commission to inquire Into the j condition of the African freedmen. Agreed to. Mr. Wilson, from the Military Committee, reported against the resolution allowing Con gressmen to visit forts, military prisons and hospitals In their respective Slates. Mr. Hale reported against the House sub stitute for tbe bill to establish a navy yard at Cairo, and for the appointment of a commis sion to determine the proper site. Tbe sub stitute was agreed ta, 22 againt 19. Mr. Sumner, from the committee on Foreign Affairs, introduced a bill to carry into eflect ! tbe treaty with the United States of Colum- i bia of February last, and reviewing previous treaties with New Grenada, A-c. Passed. Mr. Fessenden called up the House loan bill, and it passed, with an amendment which excepts tbe seventy-live million of bonds now advertised, from the provision making all bonds, treasury notes, Ac., free of State and municipal taxation, and another making the engraved signature of the Register on all coupons erroneously described as Treasurer of the United States, of the same validity as if oflicial designaiion was coirectly stated. Mr. Trumbull, from the committee on the Judiciary, reported on the credentials of the Arkansas Senators, that they are not entitled to seats until the repellion in Arkansas is so far suppressed that the loyal inhabitants are fiee to establish their Slate government upon Republican principles, or reorganize the one already set up, and maintain tbe same by the aid of, and not in subordinate to military au thority. A bill was reported that they are not entitled to seats. The bill gaanting laud in aid of railroad and telegraph lines from Lake Supealor to Puget Sound by the northern route, was then considered. Mr. Conuess offered an amendment that minerals shall not be couslrued to mean iron ) or coal. The committee’s amendments were agreed to, and tliejjill passed. The 1’aciflc Railroad bill was then consid ered, and the Senate hill passed as s substitute - I. - Iff_Util Various bills were then passed. The Senate here took a recess. EVENING aESMOX. Mr. Sumner called up the bill to establish a Bureau of Freedmen’s Affairs. Several ; amendments were agreed to. The appoint ment of the commissioner was given to the President Instead of the Secretary of the Treasury. , A long debate ensued, and at 11 1-2 o’clock I the Senate adjourned. HOUSE. 1 The House considered lngersoll’s resolution heretofore offered providing for the revocation of all peiinits to trade in the rebel States, which was postponed teu days by a vote of 72 against UO, which is equivalent to postponing It until after the session closes. Mr. Davis, ot Md., from the committee on Foreign Affairs, reported a resolution, which lies over for luture consideration, asserting that it is the Constitutional right of Congress to declare, in an authoritative voice, aud pre scribe the foreign policy of the United States, as well in the recognition of new powers as other matters, and that it is the Constitution al duty of the President to respect that right. A resolution was passed that officers of the i House having authority to make appointments ought to give preference to disabled soldiers permanently injured in line of duty. Mr. Stevens, from the Committee on Ways and Means, reported on the Senate's amend ments to the Tariff Bill. The House concurred in the following: On cigars of all kinds valued at $15 or less per tnousaud, 75 cts. per pound add 20 p u rent, ad valorem; valued at over $15 to $2 ,$1,25 per pound and 30 per cent, ad valorem; val ued at $30 to $45, $2 per pound and 50 per cent, ad valorem. The House concurred in the Senate amend ment to reduce the duty on Iron from eighty to sixty cents per 100 pounds, by a vote of 82 I to 05. EVENING SESSION. The House passed the Senate bill to carry out the treaty with the Republic of Columbia, and resumed the consideration of the enroll ment bill. Mr. Stevens of Penn., offered & substitute authorizing tire President to call into the mil itary service, not exceeding 500,000 men, in addition to those called for to serve two years unless sooner discharged; if not other wise obtained, a draft may be oideicd to take place within forty days, or at the discretion of the President. Rejected. The House passed the Senate bill regulat ing the conptmsallon of pension agents, and then proceeded to the consideration uf the en rollment hill Mr. Schenck'a substitute, offered on Satur day, repealing commutation, <tc., was reject ed—61 against 00. Without taklug action on the bill the House adjoured. From If'aa/iinpfoti, WAsiitNttTog, June 27. 1 It Is rumored that Sec’y Chase may reccom ! mend some modification in the gold bill.— Should till* prove true, Congress will fo||Qty , his receommendatlon. • • IQ man-mt mi it iiihhhwimiii—mb From the Army before ItUhn.end. Washington, June 2r. The steamer Highland Light, from City Point at 10 o’clock yesterday morning, has ; arrived here. She brings the 8!h Ohio regi ment, whose term has expired. It numbers 150 men. There has been no very heavy fighting w ith ' in the past tew days, but skirmishing was kept up along the lines with cannonading at times. Heavy firing was heard about live miles 1 from Bermuda Huudreds ou Saturday, where Gen. Butler is entrenching. Tire rebels made an attack upon Butler's entrenchments, but 1 did not succeed in ettect^g aiiytbiug, and were driveu off. On Saturday the rebels attacken Gen. Sher idan’s rear, at Wilcox’s Landing, and cap : tured a few of bis men. A brigade oi infau I try was at once dispatched to protect the rear and the rebels were kept back, and Sheridan - made for James river with his entire train. I The railroad is advanced five miles from I City Point towards Petersburg. Yesterday, just before the Highland Light ' left, heavy firing was heard in the direction oi Petersburg. Ou Saturday night the rebels made an at tack on our pickets at about the centre of out line as they were being relieved, but were re pulsed with little or no loss to our troops. On the heights beyond Petersburg the reb els have an eighteen gun battery bearing up l on the centre of our lines in front of that ; place. This battery has been very trouble some, nud so far proved too heavy ior any ar ; tiilery we have brought against it. Gen. Wilson lias goner on auoiher cavalry i expedition, and good news may ire erpected from him soon. A rebel captain and four privates came into Butler’s lines on Friday and took the oath of \ allegiance. There were 200 rebel prisoners at City ! Poiut yesterday morning. ! Railroad irridmt— Oprratiun* Around jt’ort \ narllnff. New Yokk. Juno 27. | The Commercial reports au accident ou the ' Eiie Kail road this morning, caused by the giving way oi' one oi' the rails. The entire ; train was thrown from thf* track, cutisintf the death of a number of persona, and injuring many others. The location is not stated. Lathh.—The reported accident on the Erie t Railroad was exaggerated. The collision wa* | between a freight and gravel train. Only one , ! man, a laborer on the road, was killed. The Commercial’s array letter of the 25th, j ' states that (Jen. Foster’s force lias probably I ere this attacked Chapin’s lilutf, and perhaps captured It. This would permit the erection 1 of a strong counter work to operate against j Fort Darling. A heavy line of intrench meats concentrating a sweeping lire on Drury’s Bluir is evidently the design of (Jen. Grant. P acinus Items. New York. June 27. The extensive works of the Plants Manu facturing Company, in .Southington, Conn., were burnt yesterday by incendiarism. Loss i from *50,000 to $00,000. The Pacific Mail Company have information that the steamer Golden Age sprung her port shaft just north of Acapulco, and was pro ceeding under one wheel. Bermuda advices report the arrival of five I steamers from Wilmington during the week ending on the 11th, loaded with cotton and tobacco. Arrival of Rebel Prisoners. Baltimore. June 27. The American correspondent at Point Look out, writiug under date of last Saturday, says that during the past ten days, over 2000 rebel prisoners have arrived. A large Humber of whom were oaulured in the recent attack on Petersburg. Over 000 rebel officers have been sent during the past week to Fort Deleware. ; from West fsr^inia. Charleston, June 27. It is reported by scouts and refugees that the rebel Gen. McCousiaud^whom Hunter de- , leatcd a few days since, is now at LewUburg with 7,000 men. It h likewise reported that 2,000 of Morgan’s command had peached the ■ vicinity of Logan Court House in their re treat from Kentucky. Return of the nth Maine Knjimvnt. New York, June 27. The 5th Maine Regiment numbering about 200 men left for home to-night *bv the New Haven route, their term of service having ex pired. After a brief furlough they will re en list. Went York Market. New York. JuneiT. Cotton—< ull; sales 450 bale* at 145 tor uuudiing op laud*. Eiour—sale* 34.0u0 bbl«; St*te and War tern ex cited aod lOfittt higher; Sup«-rtfii« 8tat#» 8 lu<$ *25; Extra do 615a8 20; choice do 8 25^*35; Round Hoop Ohio 916@1000; choice do 8 65& & 26: 8uperflno Western 7 700$” 96; Extra a 15@.» 2*>; Southeri.—more actf.e and firmer; sales Eton bt»l*; Mixed to good 8 9011,900: Fancy and extra 9 S0«j 1100; Canada 20<*25c higher; rales 800 bbla; com mon Extra 8 00@8&); extra good to choice 8 SOm' 10 00. Wheat—excited and &®^0© higher: r.iler 410,000 bnsheir; Chicago Spring 1 90@2 06; Milwaukee club 19*ft2 05: Amber Mllwaua*** 2 (K>aj* It, the latter price lor very choice; Winter Red wertern 206 A 2 13; Amber Michigan 2 1 >@2 25; White do 2 20g 216. Corn—heavy; rale* 80.000 bush; mixed Western new 1 54 @1 56. Oat»—firmer; *ale* Canada at Reef— firm; tales 8)0 bbh>; repacked Chicago 21 00 @2680. Pork—higher; sales 4000 bbla; new mew 41 005$ 41 60 Cut Meat*—sales 50 pkg«; Shoulders 14<$14je; llama 17c. Lard—unchanged; sales 3050 bbla at IojaITic. Rutter—firm at 26@40c. Whlakey—irregulai; *a=es 300) bbla at 1 73@1 80; early in the day 1000 bbla Western were repor ed aol6 at 1 fr5. which it much above the market price. dugar—dull; sales 200 hbd*; Muscovado 12c in boud; Manilla 11,-c. Ccffeo—dull; Kio 42&43c. Molasses—dull. Naval Stores- firm. Petroleum—firm but quiet; crude 46o. refined ia bond 72@76c. and refined free 8J@83c. Tallow—sales l70,u00tbs Freight* to Li *erpool—steady; flour 9d; grain 4@ 4 jd fjr wheat iu bulk an • ship * 1 a*s. Wool—advancing with a fair demand. -*4- j Btoek Market. N«w Yore, June 26. Second Board.—8tocl§ dull but steady. Cleveland A Toledo.. 14f, Chicago A North Western. 64: United 8tates 6-20 coupons.l'*4 f Cleveland A Pittsburg.114 3 Treasury 7 3-10ths.106] Chicago A Rock Island.115 Milwaukie A Prairie DuCbien.69i Pittsburg. Fort Wavue A Chicago. IT Alton A Terre Haute.6* j Chicago, Burlington A t^uinev,... .1 ill Erie.ll* j j Hudson.lilt Reading. 1414 Michigan Central.140 Illinois Central scrip......13 Michigan Southern. 97} Erie preferred.112* New Ycrk Central.134 j United States one year certificates new. i«o} Cumberland Coal Corapauy preferred..72- , Quickailver Mining Co.. 76 Gold closed this afternoon ai 2 8). .Tilly 5th, 1^04. CS as MB W— '-rrxcsgz: -~7-y~-r Grand Excursion -TO Buxton Centre Grove ! ARCANA LODGE, No. 1, I. o. of <3-. T. Will make their annual Excursion to the above unit'd beautiful Grove on TIC9D11, JUL1 5 III, IHG1. A Baud of Music will accompany the party, and Speaking, Dancing,Foot Bali, Swings. Ac., will fce tnruiahed without extra charge. Refreshments in abundance fur sab* on the ground. Fare out nnd Hack,.M) cent*. ' Car* h aw York A Cumberland Depot at 7J and 10J A. M , aud 1J. Returning, leave Buxton at dj j and f»i o’clock. Commit tre rf Arraagemch t$: F. G. Rich, K. A Sawyer, Andrew Ctinniiiig*. j*27dlw IMPROVED SKIRT SUPPORTER! AXD CHtST EXPANDER. MRS. llhtU luvitr, the attention of the 'adit*. of Portland. to her new Improved Skirt sup porter and Chest Expandc, fitting every lurtn per- 1 fectly, uo cutting around the atm, the usual tom , plaint of all other Brace.- No lady would be with out it for the .support of Skirt* alone, afte r w earing it, a* it is of great support to the back It ft hoe*- j I panda the cheat, strengthen* flit* lungs acd stomach, and will rein* dy a very bid habit ot stopping. Also, a beautiful style of fust, Indispensable in a 1 lady’s toilet. ALo,Gr ladies affrlog with 1’roUp- , i mis Uteii or be&iing down, a he lias a supporter §h» can confidently recommend for this did reeling oom plaint which mNdiolnefktta to rr a. hi it has not qual; it in far superior to th« many meohanical supporters 1 used in snob oaaoa, titling the for u perfect > it is j free from pads and steel, and create* no irritation: gi\ es comfort and eas*. with such an amount of sup port you would not think it possible lo do without Also fit supporter* for llcrpia or Rupture. Also, Gentlemen » Bra cos with Suspenders on the i time principle as ladir* Mrs RKliD will take pleasure in showing the i •boro to all w» q v. pi favor Rur with a call, at her i -V?.011!*' "°- ^ Danfort h ht . or at ladies’ residerces -Often can be left with Mi«s E. CHAD. I S, r?ff Jo-7 Clapp’s Block, or with CHARLES | CLAhk, No. 11 MarDt r quart-. j JjU7dl wtht>Dwodtoc3; rittic«. SrRATRD («W> my «ncln,ur« Friday. June 74. a i»rk red Cow. The owner r.n liar. h«r hv pay i ••Kb*1* . Jana uoKToa. Gorham, J||B« 37. WH.—d3w - —II—rnmm9<yV ■■■-giaa i-rwrP_ ^1! MISCELLANEOUS. Naaal Catarrh—>lu Canw, .Symptoms, and Cure. 7o the Editorcf the Prat;: Sin ; 1 hem I* a lor.n of Chronic fhrost Diseaif, couM*iiug in iniiaznutiou. which begins behind and a li tie above the veil of the palate, and extends up ward* fromthen©-: into th • nose. It i* an exceed in-fly troubles u*» complaint, and al3 ;ts great nuiu Mrt. It passes undt.r th« name oi Catarrh iu the head. It often creates a perpetual desire to swal low, and give* feeling, a- patients express it, “as if s naeihiuy were sticking in the upper part of the throat.” \V lieu the in dammit ion Ira* existed a long time, and u ©oraiion has token piste, purilorm n af ter is seer*.* ed, and drop* dowu into tbo throat, muc.i to the discomioit oi the intirut. ludeed this i* one ot the most distress!’ g lea ure* ot.the com plaint, a* this matter often descend* iuto the stooi «cM in lar^e quantities, causing nausea, and a gen era! do aug*nrent of the health. Many limes tbo sufferer can ooiy breathe with th** m ^uih open. Up on lieing iu the morning, a gnat effort is generally required to clear the head aud the extieme up per part of the throat. There is occasionally a leeliug of groat pr s-ure aud tightness across the upper part of the nose, and the base of tbo brain sometime* suffers iu Mich a wav as to induce head ache. vert I o aud confusi m. The smell is frequent Iv coitroyec and sometime* the tast_*. J he inflam mation sometimes goes into the eustaoh-au tubes, the mouths oi wh cli are behind aud a little above the veil of the palate aud extends up to the lining membrane to the drum of the ear, causing pain or deafness, aud some itues both. In addition to tbis catalogue oi evils, there i* often added inflammation and elougatlon of the uvula or soft palate 1 he system of Cold M dicated Inhalation for the cure or Catarrh, Asthma, Uroucbitis. aLd all affec tions of the Throat aud Lung*, was first introduced into this country by Ur. (i. D. Sanborn and myself, at the Sow l oik Lung Institute, No. 6 Bond St , manv years ago, from whence 1 introduced tho sys tem in Now t ngland. I Hr i introduced the system in Providence, K. I , my native City. Af erwardsl located in Boston whore 1 practiced it about three vear*. Previous to taking up my residence iu Port land, six year* ago last October. I h*ve had unprec edentid succiss in effecting cures In the above nxmed disease, by my very pleasant and safe mode oi treatment, which tliepatientscan take home wltd tin iu aud use it without any interference with their domestic affairs. 1 will hero ramark that my obar* e« for treatment iu Portland, have been, and .re now just one half uf what was «nv price iu Boston, which renders it the cheapest medical tr» a’meut that the invalid can embrace, besides being the most safeand su e lo cu c. I have had v. rv many persons apply to me for treatment after having cuipio>ed those who have visited our city witri their great preteusions, for a few days or weeks which cost thi to from fifteen to fi‘ly dollars without doming any bcueiit. 1 can re ler any one to a large number of the first citiaeos oMhU ci y who have been successfully treated by Your Obedient Servant, a iif*'i. nunsri, n. u., Physician for Disease* of the Throat and Lunn Office No. 2 itnith street, Poitlar d. j*e. djunc2i&wl w Festival at (xorhain. THE ciiirensof Gorham will hold a Strawberry festival and Fair, forth# benefit of the Arrnv Ghristl-n t taa mloa. W'dnetdry and Thuredai, June 29 at.d -T». The fair will ne opened at tbe Aead emy Hullat 2 o'clock K. M on Wednesday. and continue clurie* the f .Mowing day. An exhibition of Tab.eaux will he given at tbe loan Hall on Wedneamy », at# o’clock On Thursday Evening a Mu-ical K-itertaininent will be glveu at the Congregaliona! church, by Mini H. N. tanmel and Jennie Ushor, and Knit. John L Shaw, Jolin Morgan and ti S. Ddwar a. Ilifrcahmcnta, inclmiinv Strawberries and Cream will be ior sale at*ho Academy during tha fair Siugle Tickets entitling the holder to a"missi jn to thfi lair, or to * irtier of th? Kr Lio# Eatcrtaimnebti* 15 cents. Packages o!4 tickets lor Inmilies, 60eent»' 0 tickets 70 cent*. ' An extra train will be ran over the York and < umherlaud K. K. on, leaving Portland ll'.oclwk P. M ami reluming after tne Concert 4tickets irotu 1'urt and lor tlio whole trip. Incluri leg admi.iioa to tbe Coucart. 60 els: 40 cents: Buxton Cealre, .0 cats; liar Mills. 45 els-will be lor sale at the stores of H I'ackard, Bailey A hoyo- and ha-born A Carter, in Portland and at Pennell A Allen's Sacearappn. ' •na “ Per o-der of Coram of Arrangement Gorham, June 27. lib,4 —04; <4ttA.Nl> TRUNK RAILWAY Of O&nada. SIMMER ARRASGEMKBT. JMB On and after Monday, June 27,18(4. W73K trains will run dally, (Sundays txoec; ad) until turther notice, as follows: ' * Up Traias. Leave Portland for l«l*nd Pond, Montreal and Quebec a; 1.01 a. n and 1.25 r. a. Down Trains. Leave Island Pond for Portland, at <30 a. a and 2 15 r. x. ITie Company are not responsible (hr baggage to any amount exceeding *40 la raloe, nod that per sona;, unless notice U given, and paid lor at tha rata Of ono pansenger ior every 2500 additional Talus. C. J. BHYDGES, Managing Director H. RAILKY, Fooerintendant 1'oitlan.i, June 25, 18(4 Boyfi TO THE AFFLICTED I DR. W.ilUDElIMS, .Medical Electrician, No. 11 Clapp’* Block, CVRXXR OE COSO REES AJfD ELM STREETS WOULD respietfally annonnee to the citizens ol Portland and vicinity, that he has permanent ly located in this city. During the eleven months tndt eebaie boon in town we have cured come ol the worst forms of disease in persona who have tried other forma of treatment in vain, and curing pa tient* in *u short a time that the question is often asked, do they stay cured? To answer this question we w ill say that all that do uot itay cmed, a* witf doctor the second time for nothing. Dr. D. has been a practical Electrician fer twenty one years, and is also a regular graduated physician Electricity Is perfectly adapted to chronic disease* in the form of nervous or sick headache; neuralgia in the head, neck,or extremities; consumption,wbea ia the acatestagee or where the lungs are not tally involved; acute or chronic rheumatism, eerotala hip diseases, white swellings, spinal diseases, curvature oi the spine, contracted mnsclea, distorted limbs palsy or paralysis, bt. Vitas’ Dance, deatneee,stam mering or hesitancy of speaeb, dy.pepein, indite*, tarn, constipation and liver complaint, pi tee—we core every ease that oan be presented; asthma, bronchi tta. Stricture* of tha ch**t, and nil fcrau of tamal* complaint*.| By IDlootriolty The Rhcomatio. the gouty, the lam* and tha lax* leap with toy, and move with the agility aad datum 1*7 of youth; the heated brain is cooled; the frost bitten limbs nstored, the uncouth deformities re moved; faintness converted to vigor, weakneea tt strength; the blind made to aee, the deaf to hear epfi the palsied lorm to move upright; the blemishes ol ycoih are obliterated; the Occident* of mature lit, preveuted: the calamities of old age obviated and an aotive circulation maintained. LADIES Who have eold hands and feet; weak stomachs - lame and weak backs; nervous and tick headache; dixiimaa and swimming in the head, with Indiges tion and constipation of the bowels; pain la the side and hack; leucorrhme, (or whites); tailing ol the womb with Internal eanocre; turnon, polypus and all that long train os diseases will find in Klsctrk tty a sure means of oure. Fer painful menstruation too protase menstrnatloa, and all of those long lias' of troubles with young ladlaa, Electricity la a oertaia specific, and will, In a short time, restore the a*rerat to the rigor of health. nt~ B e hare an Electro-Chemical Apparatue let extracting Miner*) Fclson from the syttem, such a* Mercury, Antimony, Arsenic, Ac. Hundreds wbc are troubled withstiff Joints, weak hack*, and vari ous otherdlfflenltie*. the direct cause sf *hi.s I ntue cam» out of ton, Is the effect of poisonous drugs oau bo restored to Bcturm! strength and rigor by Uk *§e of from fire to eight B%*hi. Office hoar? from 8 o'olook ▲ . ■. to 1 T.m.:U f; aid7to 8 t. a. * *• Consultation Free. |y 14 \ GUNS, RIFLES, REVOLVERS, And all the Accompaniments. F I S II t \ G TACKLE! The Jiest Assortment in the City. G. L. BAILEY, 42 Exchange St. April 17. oodtf PENSIONS! BOUNTLES^ -AID BACK. PAT : Are outlined lor Wounded Soldiers (discharged, mud the friends of deceased soldiers who ire emitted to the seme by union D. VERRILL, Attonn uii Counsellor, »t \o. 117 lilillt Strcot, -AX I> Licensed A Kent for all the Department, at W aihlngtcu. Pori.aud, April V3. 1854, ai26 eodGm Dissolution. T11K rirmof Howard k Ftroot, a« Attcrrey* and Counsellors a’ Law, Is this dav dissolved by mu tual consent. Either r«»ti er will attend to the set tlement of of the buwintssof the late dim Mr. Howard will continue to occupy office lUMid dl«* street, over Cairo Bank. Mr. btrout wil occ ipy < flice 106 Middle street, oj>po» te head of riuAb a.reet. Joaci’ii llow Am*. „ . . Sswall C. Stboct. Portland, Juno 27, 1S04 —dim Ilackuu'tnck Ship Timber* OMv Hackuietsck. and Hard Wood Plank, Tree nails horn 12 to 18 inokes, Treenail Wedges, ho l. taylok. jan<-2sd3m Galf. Wh»rr, Portland. A 7 IHJS1IBLS Prime Western mixed, car* x I DW .o of teb 11. K. IiQtiton. A*.->> Bushel. more of tkat rery Superior Southern Telhto co n x, Cargo of soli L. W, Tierce, now lauding at No. 120 Commercial stieet, and for .ale In Jum27eo<12w LOW’D U. BL'Bt-lN. Portland Laundry Dors all kinds ok family wobk. or dent left at K. A SMITH'S, No. Ill Federal St., will he promptly attended to Je27d2«* SAM’L LEWIS. Demi's Dram Cori *. DEAN'S Drum Corps will promptly attend to all order, fbr Drumming for, Marche,. Ac *11 ordir. ti ho left at l> White’..tore, Market Square. S., Drum Major Jdn«27_ E I. UALL, Clerk. SnxouonT.—Till, I* a word that ha, bean .taring erertbodv in the free the laat two w,ek«, and It i« la t getting into nearly evarbody'a mouth. A moat thing thie Suxodont, for a coping the teeth clean and the mouth sweet.—Portland Pally Prey. mch!7 It ; MISCELLANEOUS. I ',fct rs© * NOTICE —-TO TO* BOOK SELILERS! — AMD — ' Country Merchants of Me. _ Wholesale Book Store! —AID— PUBLISHING HOUSE. BAILEY AND NOYES, Booksellers and Publishers, L Nos. 56 and 58 Exchange Street, Portland, Maine, Arc* now Hilly prepared to Supply the Trad.© I —AT TUB-♦ Lowest Wholesale Prices. special contract, recently made with the Bos ton and New Tork Publishers, we are enabled to f apply nny aud All of the School Books, Ceed in this State, on The Most Liberal Terms. Hiring pnrchu«d the Stumtti-c Flats* pom O. L. Samoa* k Co., of thia city, wnnhnU in fa tarn pobliah the nimble Seriee of School Book* heretofore puUUbed by thorn. Thu aerie., togeth er with onr former publication, will mnko the fol lowing Ll.t: — Norton’s, Weld and Quicken bos' Gram mar, The Progiessive Grammar, By Veld k tluackeoboa. The Progressive Parsing Book. By Weld b Qnaokenbo#. Weld's Nev Grammar. Weld's Grammar, (Old Edition i Weld’s Parsing Book, Weld’s Latin Lessons and header, Nolbrook's Pirst Book in Arithmetie, Jackson's Arithmetie. B. S Jf., nl«o pnbliih linnKiMAJi'n ilTI-At.r lar Statu or Rapid Mercantile Writing, 1r Eight Part,, with printed copiee nt the hend of •Mb pngo. In exact imitntion of the Author', beau tiful ntyle of PENMANSHIP. We call special attention to the#* New Writing Books, As I boy art Admitted to bo tho moat practical Copy Book, nrer offered to the public; and they are now being rapidly introduced, haring the fall endone mentof tho Ssperiimtat if PiWie Sttafa »f Ik lute •f lata. Beside# the aboT* list which we publish, •oi>Spec ial contracts ana for the following books Progressive Series of Headers and Spellers. , Hillard's Series of .Headers 4 Spellers. Sargent’s Series of Headers 4 Spellers. Colton's 4 Fitch's Geographies. Brown's Grammars. Greealeafs Series of Arithmetics. BLANK BOOKS, stationery -A«» i ROOM PAPERS! t FULL 1ST0CX i .Always On Hand ! _ N. B.—Bookiellen or Country llnlui who are not coming to the city, may writttoniataiing aboot | what amonat they purohaM at a time, and wa will •cud them a 1.1ST OF PRICKS, 11 wanted. Bailey Noyes, | Publishers and Booksellers, > 56 and 58 ExcAsage Street, Portland., Me. majMdta Portland Army Committee or TUB IJ. S. Christian Commission Chairman, T. XI. Hay*#, reoeimt Store* at 110 Mid i dleatrwt. Treaanrer. C?, ru» Sturdlraat, rwaetrea Money at 71 ; Commercial (treat. Seoretary, I tenry H BorgeM, rewire* Lettore a i IB Commeret ai (treat. I jmmlMM ’* J Dr* V * f ESTEKTAlXMESfS. ' T h i; ac r i: UKfeRlNO IIALL. •So t law and Manager.Mr.J.C. Mger,. Monday and Tuesday Evenings, June i~ and will te produced Torn Taylor'* Dramatic Mailer*Piece, In Three Act* of The 1 ickel-ol-Leave Man ! Preueuted -•rntli*" for the ei.t time here s^:“T> MrH A I Jones, \y ‘ t Mar0"’ “U|»4u: Mr». Willo**ldy. M “ Admission—Parquet te 60 cents, Gallery 26. Seats reserved without extra charge, on application at tho Box Office from 10 a. M. to & t*. at. Cnrtaio will rise at * o'clock. Doors open at 7j. Juntie Strawberry Exhibition! Tbe PortUnd Horticultural Society Will hold an Exhibition of S t r awb erries, — AT — Mechanic*’ Library Itooiu, — OX — Thursday Eve’ng, June 30, At 71 o'clock. They c(Ter the following Premium*:— For best six varieties. #4 on “ best four vane ie*.g uO *4 oest single variety . 1 00 Doors open at 6 o’clock F. M Comp.*tiii n optn to ever> body in the country, and ail interested are invited to attend Per order. 0. B. bLChhll. bee'y. IP A. lit! —fOB 1 HZ — BENEFIT OF THE SOLDIERS. The “Little Acorns” Will hold > Fair at the NEW CITY HALL, Cn the Afternoon and Evening of Wednesday and Thursday, •/*«' 29th *• 80th. Th© proceeds will b« given for t -e relief of the Sick End Wounded bohJier- of our Army. KefrexhmeuM lor sale i*» th© beLSt* 4 hamber. Murfic by the Band of 17th IT. b. Imaniry. g*'-Tfcket«» ci.t« jaaetSdtd PKOHENADE 4 4».\4 bKT -rot Till BENEFIT of the SOLDIERS. A PROMENADE Cone»rt will te given bv the •*Liti*« Ac.stna," on the Evening ul the Eonrtii of Ju'v, at the NEW CITY HALL ! Refreshments for sale in the benate Chamber. Mas c by he Band of the 17th U. 8 Iufantry. Dancing to oommene© at 8| o'clock. Tickets 25 cents. June23ltd PV OPERA MOI SE ! ! LANCASTER HALL. SPRAGUE BLANCHARD’S MINSTRELS! OPEN EVERY EVENING. Aa Entire Change of Programme. LOVE, or the Rivals ! AdiaMonKieeata; Baaenrad 8,ala*n ctnta. J SPKAOUK. ( .. majlTtf U. BI.ANCUAKD, I ^WAKEB * ti,Ciloia : OLYMPIC CIRCUS iru*.-. •g*-ment of GOODWIN & WILDER. I f * TL- ino.t taaaslfui Fqu.a trlr-nnev. The most accomplished Ri ders, The most daring Acrobats, The flnest Stud of Horses, Th** most learned Pop* and lb- moot Comical Mon keys. ?a proofrf which k'fwri « 1*kU wm k V ilDer point wuh jwet priile t> the following array of, which include a moiety of thie AsrrsTfc 4'osclatc W. W. Nichols, the Or-»t Principal Trtck Buhr Mr. J. M. Cook the Pur pran Jealer and !'ratoon Kawetnar. Ir-ot Cook'* Hippo • Seal run, Ulk -Street, N. V M’lle Caroline, the Ac.*rmpl!<he(! Maltreaeo do t heraf, irem Nuen'i Crtmorae t.arden. New York. M’llo Elizabeth, f'r-m er I qa-«*rienn*. whooo t lessir 8ee»-ee do i trque fully entitled her rvome d'arli-te of La Rlcca D'Arena Miss Frank Nixon, the Ft rttieite Daneeuee. in her ora* eful and I.legaat IWee and Charming Acte Mr. John Allen, 'ho t de rated Neater oftho Cir _y _ le, and VS it Krtrsor.!inary. Mr. J. Burt, —' ll-e American Humorist and World # own Clown, Mons. Ferdinand, the Se-eatinnAl and Hiilmnir ■gam man. AM ImI thouyh not I The Snow Brothers Benjamin, William, and Henry, ibo Hyper Entail—I Acrobat*, with their world-w id# colobrated TROUPE OF ACTING DOGS WEGKKSTS, performance exceeds in intercut and novdty an > thing of tho hind over w«a in Aiuonca. The Triek liar ar, PEGASSUS. The Wonderful Pony, WONDER And Mrs. J. M. Nixon’s Wunderfill Performing Homo. GEN. SCOTT. Tho manic under tha direction of PhOfisSOk J SILLOWAY, Irotn the Academy of Music, ' 41 I j Tbo M for Ukf© (•!—i>ure in Announcing tb© on ga<< uicut N ■R. MAURICE SARDS, Th« Celebrated Triek Rider fro* the Circa i* Ha nna, Cub*, alto the KREMLIN MARABOUTS, ! Or I Ha Arab Nomadt of tho Deter!, who » I’l *rp**r I * Sy^rv Bight will be produced uudte the dlrotJou | of Mr Jam** Cook, ftom Artier'e, **• 1 Engl'th Ilitlorical Bqueatrian Dr»ioa "I ; via, or the Highway uitn't Ride to Tork, and the Death of Bonny Black Bcm I Will Sahiblt *t , Portland, Jane W Sc 99th, 1 Tuttdap t Wadatadap, Aftrracra t SrcMup. > 1 AdmUet**, 35 Cent*. Bruntwiok Ikared**.Jun. St: Bath Friday, J«lj I 1-, OardlMf Saturday, July 1. JaaeilloW AUCTION SALES. *•*• FATTEN, AUCTIONEER, M K»ebug* At. Beal Estate oa JPtnm fttreet. u 28:11 Jan®. n ball put twelve, e» r-f ’“e prembes, without reserve, one-halfof the nouee on the vouth-westerly side pf said street, neat her t»n. together with tho lard belonging to said nairbou-e being about thirty.tlu-eo leet on Plan k.'ivT: “d ! *:tudll‘* h»t k shout ally fitel; also on* *“d undivided garden lot a boat » befog the south taeterly half of the shove Tkta house Cornells An ished rcKsns, with a good clsteru in eailnr, trail oT k—.® w‘,h afre® P®««y on the building etc he beat office n the world, the Portland Mutual nor pertieiJers chii on the Auctioneer, husteraa reexamined from 3 to 4 o'clock any day pie.ions to House and Land on Atlantic It., At Anction. ON Tuc-sdey Jans 18th at 1 o'clock P. M., on the premises, we she’J sell at auction tho very desi rable House on Atlantic street. No 6. It le e two story wooden house, web barn and other out housed connected. There are too parlors, one dining room. :"*} ‘'tehees nod one hei room on tho lower Door: and eleven tiouhed rootm and line cloeets la the good cellar, abuutance hard and soft ww L ii d H*e bouse well ftnisbed. The location wle mioiii.^* n®l*hborhoo4 good. Hilo c ear— a © po Hive, icfBu eiiy, for (Aiticnlui plcAbc otll Junel MA,LKY * CO., Auction ease B. R. PATThN, AUCnoMkRB. M Exchange at. House and Land cop. Atlantic and r*>rc streets. OtinrImf^7wi.T0^®,l i P**‘ * °'®J«k- « “• .. Pr< ™• **•» D*'oW tt.« very dturibit hrwk llou.e together with t.« laud, situated e.Vbo.s House two story with kmmel,,, SIS^hhMXjT has every oonvenience. rwaagood siae.gSs, out, bard and soft wat-r, .,a i, one of the bottitC aatioiis In that nelebborboev. I ,,t abcntis»». 71 8uie positive, tt# owner hnv„. removed Vlr , £.‘ city Te, ins to ..It p.rcbnn * »T£mI« JiP on dd Aaotionter. J until Valuable Heal Estate at Anction In Cape Elizabeth, nets (be Fori ON Tuesday, Jane 2£ih, at 3'cloe r „ „ ,u premises, we shall sell a largtud Vslu.hZ Lot of Land la Cape tlis.both, in Ulr^Tia J .£2*1 irvra sue wq SHU HtST UK r,_. k.. j ed on the south by the rood lending to Li yr-h » by tills line from this rand running nbou sin hnn* dred nud Ally leettothe water line in 1' stand Hsr hor, and fronting on the Harbor about teokaaorad and twen<y-tiTa was. coearisg about is scosor lgo. *£® square feet, aad presenting a splescdlotttr Wharves, for a .skip Yard, tor manufaoarin, Btr. poses requiring w.tor connections, forUeaee i'.t. •nu aaauy other purposes It mao ushraces boat eight acres of Fla's, bounded on tbewes: by amat 650 feet of tbe above described -faet oa Use isus and east by the t oad to For t Preble ad a brook aid on the north by the water iinefu Us harbor. lacJuZ ingsotaedLO loet ot feosernmea' BreakwatO', ana is well calculated fora Dry Dock or a Wat Dock nr a Marine Railway. We shall sel tbe entire pionor ty in one lot. Any practical mill can eaeuy per cel re I he mans purposes th a is table property can ba eoavei tad into by a small outay of money aad enterprise. So near the city am eonrrated by a steam ferry every hair hour and s good sabstaatW bridge; with a large water front ia tba harbor and commanding as line water as can b found in It; tha > scareity ot wharf-room beginnloi even now to bo seriously felt; located opposite ad near the eity, In a good, honest and patriotic icwi where tha Usee rate lower than any town ia the cunt) —adapted to so many rnoaey making parposeswe feel eoahoeat in asserting there is not so ralnitle a proparty far improvement or in vestment in his market Wa partleulariy tnvite capitalist to tl» sale, w blab will ba podtivo- with clear title aad si am liberal. For plan of the property and any -articular* desired please call oa juneild d HENRY BA1UY CO., Auet'rt Auction Sale or Prnlu to Cat Tinker ia Cnondn—Ral Eatate im Grand Palls, N B. TH ERE will be sold at publimuctioB at tha oSea of Usury Hailey & Co., Exhange street, Port land. Maine, oa Thursday. Jua both, lMd, at 1# o'clock a. X. to c.oto a concert. Licenses Nos. 3 and t to cut titber h c., in Cana da, on the north-west bra- ch of he river 8t. John— where It is iatersecitd by tbe bondary line between Canada aad the titat* of Maier-and extending sp said river to its soaree, not to sieved, however, tea miles by Zj miles each side, or V iqnmre miles. Also, a certain parcel of Rea Estate situated at Grand Falls, ia tbs Coaaty pi T cions. aad at tba present time n-cap ed and tmroved by Fa. B. West. Esq., and formerly owns by George Young, containing tbree (3) acre* or m«e with Landings sa the same. Tor further particulars Icquie of the eacttaaaar or UEKbKY, FLE-llF K k CD.. I'OrtltDd, || may33dlawtoJnae76thendtojiBc30’ Valuable Real Estate W hart. Flaw, Ac-, Par dale. TtO close the eatate ofthe late Charles Jordan. wo . offer lor sale the Mowing described property Wharf end Flats, cowP'ieiag about uiauly thousand feet of lists, with a r ntage of one hundred twenty six feet on Ccinmwcial street, with the batMlngt the eon; lour ion on the westerly side of Commer cial street 22 by 140 each; a lot adjoining oa Park 1 street, 73 feet Cent, 33 feet deep; lot oa Park street 3< 1st SI, Sti re oa corner of Park and Tork street lot 25 bv 3s-. uaw collage hones 43 York street, let 31 by 96; a lot or land on State street 93 feet Iroat. containirg about tea thousand feet, with a collage borne In the rear; tjro and a half story modern built house 66 Yo; k atnet, containing 13 rooms, gas, fee. large lot. cottage bouse No. • Tyag struct, lot 44 bv 1.4; cottage hvu-e No. 11 Tyag streot, large lot; the above property «ill be sold oa easy terms, and all ns’previously disp sed or. will be sold at Aunitun ou f-tesdav, July 12th, St 11 o’clock iu the forenoon ou tho premises For particulars apply to tbesubu. rt> ers. CHARLES JORDAN. GARDNER JORDAN. Junr23dtd , edm aud a. fatten. : Commission Merchant & Anctloieer, Has removed to tha specious store IS Exchange Stre-1. four doors below Merchant's Exchange. Will receive consignments of Merchandise #1 every description, for public or private sale. Bales of Real Estate. Vessels, t argora. Stocks aad key ohaadise solicited ('ash advances made, with prompt sales aad returns. mchlS dip FOR SALE & TO LET. Genteel Residence lor Salas A tine two Istorv House, containing sieves i XX rooms nad abundeao* ot closets, tent rail, la I cated. la an excellent neighborhood, nbou -Urea minutes walk from the Pest Olhce. The bouse is 8a- m faked in good style, la abundantly supplied with hard and soft wafer, is heated by a furnace, aad gaa is carried to every room A small neat stable stands - ea the lot. This property Is In good condition, aad very desirable, and cannot tail to meet tha views at say parson deairing a comfortabl- and grates 1 rtsL i denes-. Terms of sale casv App.y t« PREMISS Loring. ^ Daily Prase Olhce f Portland. Jane 19. 1934. For Sale. i VtAK Turmr's Sbi * Yerd, Capa Elisabeth, a - x.u Urge two story dwelling bouse, nearly at w.sell arranged and euavenirat tor two lemlliee— Intsbed m good Sty le, with n large lot of land, aad with wa ter privilege, the above properly will ba sold at a (rest borgaia by applying to PEKLEY * RUSSELL. t _ Commercial Wharf Juba £2,1x54 ~-iJW For Male. A NUMBER of Hoasee and Lots is tbs soath psrt of tbeeity. Terms liberal. Inquire at *1 ' Brackett street. Jun-^ooiist* • At liano’a Kitchen W urehouse \ NO. 4 FREE 9T., PORTLiKD. JUST returned from Mew York with a large so* sort meat of BASKET8. both Tr&veliBg and Work. Abo a largo lot of RIRT) CAGES, Alt .Veie Pattern*. Aleo. fant of variou kind*; Wire Window Screen.—painted In colon and plain. A large Mock of all kinds of ;kitchex goods. At r»ual . Wooden '.Ware of all kind*. ChiIJrtm’t I Cmrr aijet, Toy. Ac. Ml Sold Chtapfhr War Tint June U.—d3w For Harpawell. TWO TRIPS DAI LT. i Su*dnt* cxcepud \ The «ah and fast Steamer “Clinton,” C. KELLEY, Afotier, ■aMaiw" Uavlug boon thoroughly repaired >. . b|f-and refitted lor light frelthtand pa« will commence her regular trip, to llerpewtdl, MONDAY . the Stall lost . leav. , in. Coelom Homo Wharf. at 8 3u A. H .aid 1 I* a. Leave llarpenell at 111 3u A. M and 6PM \ ou.hiug on the Mnth tide of 1 hebeagae Ulandeaeh , war fare etch way, Hary.well M ete, Chebeague AOote. 1 Kvcur Ion lickeli to flarp.wrll euil bock. 75 cent* ; Chib* ague lelaml and baok tsucte KOgd A dlURDIYANT. Agent., *3 Commercial itreet. June 18 —dtr ' ‘'The Best is the Cheapest.” tans — ■/ jrf !,y L'ue 01 IKHli *"* Lae Bogota Hats! I'OU WILL I.IKK IT. |Thc Beat to be found In the City. i* h H K \ i lftl Middle atreet. Jane 18—dtf For the Inland*. jgpww On and after June 13th the itenmer Vygjg^A£CAdCO will until Lurther nolle# ^^^^^^»le»ve llurnham'. wharf, fbr Peak's and Cushing*! It aud. at 3 .nit 10.10 A. M . and t and 3 30 P M. Returning will leaveCU'hiog'. Island at» Maud 1116 A M.. and 2 46 end 6 16 P7M. Ticket! 26 ceuti, down and baok; Children 16 ote Janet-dtf Boarding. A RESrECTtABLE. private, tlrit-claei Boarding a. House Just opened, being newly titled up. ut IT Free itteel. for gentlemen with or without their «MBUk! Suite oi ruomi tor fimillee. Jt>ae2»dlw«

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